The $43,000 Bounty

As reported last month, the Marc and Claire Headley vs. Scientology Inc lawsuit dismissal was upheld on appeal, see Headley Case Dissmissal Upheld.  The case however is not over.

While using the litigation process to make things as painful financially for the Headley’s as possible, Scientology Inc lawyers very carefully racked up a ‘costs bill’ designed to ruin the Headleys.   A cost bill lists those costs associated with litigation (filing fees, deposition and hearing transcript orders, etc.) that a prevailing party may collect from the defeated party at the end of the case.

What some people do not know is that when the case was dismissed by the lower court in 2010, and while the Headleys were preparing their appeal, Scientology Inc took the unusual course of aggressively pursuing collection of their $40,000 plus cost bill from the Headleys.   The Headleys had to prepare and argue more costly motions to stay collection pending appeal.  The lower court denied their motion, but the court of appeal granted it – putting collection of costs on hold pending the appeal.

Now that the appeal has run its course, and Scientology Inc has prevailed, they have added costs associated with the appeal to their bill and threatened the Headleys with aggressive collection tactics should they not cough up $43,000  pronto.

If the Headleys did not pay within a reasonable time, Scientology Inc promised it would put liens on their property, perhaps even repossess their vehicles. With two small children, and a third one on the way, the church promised no quarter would be given.

When Marc asked for a grace period or a payment plan, he was sent the following proposal:

See the full story at the Village Voice.

When Marc told me about this I suggested that based on other recent Miscavige pay outs for information on me – including one in the high six figures – Marc should take the deal, but ask for six or seven figures himself.  Marc, being the man he is, would hear nothing of it.  He told Miscavige to take his offer and shove it.

Marc went out and sold anything of value he owned that wasn’t absolutely esssential for the surival of his family.  He scraped and I bet, though he’s not the kind of guy to ever admit it, borrowed enough to pay the cult on the barrelhead.

Though Marc clearly doesn’t see eye to eye with me on Scientology technology, there are bonds of brotherhood between former members of the cult that are a heck of a lot thicker than money.   When Marc made it clear he was going to get the money to pay the bill come hell or high water, I told him I was going to recommend to the contributors to the Indie Defense Fund that we forward the balance in the fund to him to defray the hardship.

Marc was the first to expose the house of horrors that David Miscavige created, the hole at Scientology Inc headquarters outside Hemet, California.  Many have validated me for having courage to stand and speak out about those same abuses.   However,  my decision was relatively easy compared to Marc’s and Claire’s.  They preceeded me (with very little knowledge of Scientology Inc critic destruction techniques) and in fact their actions in doing so tweeked my conscience to speak out in the first place.  Marc and Claire have also given their continuing support in many ways to refugees from Scientology Inc at every level.

I think Marc and Claire are worthy of and are entitled to our support.

There is an $8,500.00 balance in the Indie Defense Fund.  Virtually all of it was donated for the purpose of handling Scientology Inc.’s lawsuit against Debbie Cook.   In keeping with my policy on donated funds, I will give people whose money remains in the fund an opportunity to participate in decisions as to how it is expended.  It is my intention to provide Marc and Claire with the $8,500 dollars remaining to help handle the hardship caused by raising the funds necessary to pay the costs bill from the litigation.  If anyone who did not already receive a refund from the Debbie Cook case litigation – whose funds therefore are still in the Indies Defense Fund – does not agree with this intended disposition of the remaining funds, please write to me at   Tell Mosey how much you donated, when, and where to return the funds to.   Otherwise, my intention is to write a check for $8,500 to Marc and Claire.   The check will be written and sent on Monday 17 September.  So, if you have an objection write to us no later than  Sunday 16 September.

For those who want to contribute more directly to the Headleys, click here.

176 responses to “The $43,000 Bounty

  1. The CO$ is a bastard church! COS has 1.5 billion in reserves!

    I hope it with help sending even small amounts via paypal. Please verify the correct paypal address to send funds.

  2. Chris,
    Marc and Claire have their own fundraising site See:
    If you want to donate directly to them without using us as a via 🙂

  3. Marty, you are a straight shooting arrow, Sir. /hats off

  4. A most worthy use of our money.

  5. Thanks Marty for letting us know how our donation will be spent. The Headlys are a perfect destination for these funds.

  6. Marty, I would like to suggest that those Indies and anyone else who has the means to do so, up the ante and donate more. The bonds of brotherhood are indeed strong and Marc also played a large role in my own decision to speak out through When I was analyzing the scene to decide what to do in 2008, I was shocked to read the blow-by-blow of incidents such as the infamous “Musical Chairs” and many more human rights atrocities that Marc exposed under the name, Blown for Good. And all of it was accurate down in agonizing detail. I didn’t know who this person was, but I concluded now that the toothpaste had been squeezed clean out of the tube and all over the floor and was no way to ever get it back into the tube. I realized the solution was to use this motion per the old Dianetics Jingle from 1951, “Motion come in, use and win.” The way out would have to be the way through. Marc Headley and Clare have continued to show the utmost in bravery.

    Maybe more than any other person, Marc Headley and Claire set the stage for the open revolt against the tyranny of Miscavige crime that continues to play out online and in the media around the world.

    We are fighting a battle and Marc Headley fired the first shot.

    I know how hard Marc and Clare work to earn their way. They are worthy of support anytime, but especially in this time of need.

  7. Sabine Waterkamp

    This is disgusting!! They tried to silence and blackmail them. The Code of Honor applied by the Headleys! Good for them!

  8. You always hear “everyone has a price” I am very proud to read that the Hedley’s price is freedom and truth and that they are not willing to be paid to be silent! HIghest ARC for you both!!!

  9. There’s a comment on the Village Voice blog from Jason Beghe:

    “Moxon purposely made the costs of the case higher just to fuck the Headleys and cause them hardship. He is definitely one of the leading assholes on the planet.”

    So, unindicted co-conspirator Ken-Dick Moxon is back at it again. I think he gets his jollies from this kind of thing.

  10. Disgusting offer. Thats low.

  11. Matt Lauer is going to love that letter. Can’t wait until his next interview with you…or Marc. Heeee

  12. Marty — Perfect plan.

    Miscavige is getting more and more careless as the heat is turned up.

    Never would have seen anything like this in writing even a year ago. These sort of “rat out and spy” proposals were done verbally so there was no record of them.

  13. I find it hard to believe Bob Mangels signed that letter and then emailed it. What a doofus. Then again ….

    I sincerely hope this letter gets printed on the front pages of The Daily Journal and The Recorder.

    Come on, do it. It’s news now.

  14. Agreed! Where should we send the $, and how?

  15. You are doing a good thing.

  16. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    You got my vote.

  17. Couldn’t go to better people.

  18. You know, it occurred to me back when I was reading “Blown for Good” that it could possibly make a compelling screenplay. All the existential elements are there, and quite a number of emotional curves in both directions…..

    So to see the demand that all rights for the book be assigned to the alter-egos of the perpetrator is very telling.

    It could be the only movie role left that TC could possibly do, with any credibility.
    I’m in.

  19. The Headley’s legal dono site is on fire just in the last hour, with Jason Beghe kicking off with $1000 – as promised !

    I say send the Def Fund direct to their site just to watch the squirrels scurry a little more.

  20. I am going to buy Marc’s book today and hopefully get some others to do the same.

  21. Steve, wonderfully stated, as always.

    Marc and Claire are both close and dear friends of mine. Like most of the people I value as friends, they are often more interested in looking after others than purely protecting and forwarding their own interests. They also tend to be private about what they do for others, quietly doing what is right over gaining popularity or fame.

    A relatively unknown aspect of what they have done tirelessly, and the foundation for the creation of our friendship, is the humanitarian (non political or legal) aspect of the underground railroad … helping people leaving the SO get grounded and get jobs and build careers. I have often suspected that they were having better success than myself with much more limited resources. Even so I would estimate they have easily supported ExSO with at least $50,000 since coming out, whether in room and board, new shoes and pants for a job interview, cash, whatever. To me, doing this while starting a new family and fighting a legal war against the COS is a spectacular marker of character.

    I swore I would leave the blogs alone for a while, but just got a call from Claire, she was bawling, trying to pull herself together. She put up a donation page, and in an hour had over $2,000 in it … she was heart-wrenched that people would come so rapidly to help them, they have never asked for financial help before. Paying that money at this time created significant financial challenge, exactly as Marty insinuated. I can personally vouch for how much they have been willing to give others, how huge a part of their life giving is.

    Marty is absolutely correct, there is a bond between us that is impossible to define and break.

  22. Helluva post Marty. You’re a helluva guy. You are the only person I know who has the strength to continue to stand strong as the central figure in all these shitstorms. Thanks for being there for all of us.

  23. “When Marc told me about this I suggested that based on other recent Miscavige pay outs for information on me – including one in the high six figures – Marc should take the deal, but ask for six or seven figures himself. ”


  24. martyrathbun09

    Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  25. I vote YES! Kudos to Marc and Claire for standing up tall against the lurching monster.

  26. Told you I was never gone.

    I have made two–no… 3 phone calls….damn it. 4 ok FOUR phone calls EVER as it pertains to the Co$.

    Not that it matters and not that I should care. Most of you-if you care, know that i am not a scientologist nor have even met one that i am aware of.

    But, sometimes things get o crazy here in OKC that I feel I have to do something.
    1st time, I called Tobin & Childs. (Spoke to Tobin) told him how much I liked his work and wanted them to continue to fight the good fight !!!

    2nd call, was when Marty was arrested, when they found some YAHOO who had not heard of this mess and got them to file charges. Which were dropped immediately. I called the judges office (not threatening of course–i mean I’m NOT a Scientologist) I called her office and left a voice mail with references to the SBP and other items.

    3rd call was during the Debbie Cook trial, I almost went to SA to show support, but alas I have 18 month old at home & SA is about 4 hours away. But, I told Debbie Attorney the same thingI told Childs, keep it up. He and I spoke for 20 minutes while I was driving down i-35. That guy: Very very smart man, indeed and he donkey punched the CoS (they should try and hire the guy)

    My 4th call was today, I called the direct line that was listed for Robert —- well you can figure out who he is—hew is the litigation attorney for the Co$—the guy who is sending proposals to the Headleys. (Im sure you read what Marty posted)

    See I am a curious guy and after I looked up the attorney I went to his website, where he talked about his cases… The Hotel he has sued and he represented International Professionsal Services.

    So I had ONE answer for Robert—

    I was not rude or crude, I asked him to clarify he was the guy I am looking for and the guy who owned the website promoting his services.

    I aced if I could ask him one question: he answered of course.

    I asked him if he got the Headleys to sign over Mark Autobiography AND divulged all the info given to Martu and Mike. Would he then promote THAT on his website. Would he be happy to say he represents the Cos ?

    for the record he mumbled and hung up/

    Look we all have right to representation and we all have aright to work for whomever we want. I don’t begrudge him for making money and supporting his family. (although I don’t ever hear anyone saying that about the Nazis and their control–suddenly, in THAT case everyone should have taken a stand against a mad man)

    I just really wanted to know, if he wants to be known as the Scientology Litigator guy and will he promote that on his website?

    If he won’t do that?

    Why not?

    As always, I have questions and dumb statements but no real solution.

    Thanks as always for letting me write.

    The end is not coming fast enough.


    It is coming.

    Cheers and beers and its no ones business if you’re queer.

    Still belly up at the bar, six shots in and barely a burn. Need something stronger than Jager.

    Marty Mosey Mike

    keep up the good fight !!!!

  27. I leared that these filmstar stories help Scientolgy expanding. Large volume of new people enter Div 6 to be married to the richstest an most powerful movie star or another movie star. Anything that Tom Cruise touches turns into gold.

  28. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Splendid Idea, Marty. I could not think of a better use of the money. This letter shows the scumbag attitude of the church. I am doing to donate more directly to Headlyes site:

  29. I will be making a donation.

  30. martyrathbun09

    Great – I’m adding link to my post.

  31. +1 You are really an OK kind of guy…thanks. Wish that call had been recorded…lol

  32. Marc and Claire Headley are the very definition of human decency and at the same time, incredibly productive and utterly industrious. For years the Church hired greasy Private Investigators tailing his children… his children… on their way to school. Marc was the Pre Prod Director during the last several years of my tenure at the Int base and so, since I was over Scriptwriting, Marc was my senior. I know him well. I know what kind of person he is. When he first got to the Int base, he saw how crazy it was and actually protested it when no one else had the courage to do so. Claire did most of my crams following rejects from David Miscavige. There isn’t another human being I’ve ever known who was nicer than her. She’s it and there’s a reason she and Marc bonded and it wasn’t because they are polar opposites. They are good, decent people.

    Marc just TURNED DOWN A MILLION-PLUS DOLLARS to retain his honor, retain rights to his book, and his loyalty to Marty and the rest of us.

    Marty, where can people do something to ease the burden they have carried for all of us?

  33. I second that emotion.

  34. Donation made. Pretty cool payment system. They allow you to link Marc’s donation page to your Facebook page. Ya just gotta love the internet.

  35. Marty –

    Thanks! Really. I appreciate all the effort you have put in exposing what you know and helping people before and after they leave that insanity.

    Please know, that as always if you need anything, feel free to ask.

    To all those who are supporting us. THANKS!!!

    We are not done yet. In fact, I have quite a few more things on my list to do before I even start to slow down.

    Oh, and keep your eyes out for me over the few days on just about every major TV show that will have me.

    Marc Headley

  36. This is a beautiful post to read.

  37. dont forget to bring along that love letter from the law firm

  38. +1 Glad the Indies Defense fund is being used for Marc and Claire, also sent a separate donation to their site:

  39. Yes, this is a major hooey on legal eagle letterhead no less.
    From the perspective of non scientologists, this is going to make a lot of people ask who the heck is Marty Rathbun and why does he scare the COS so much.
    All you bitter defrocked apostates are sure pi$$in in Davey Misdwarf’s wheaties.

  40. Mark, I just sent you a message. You kick so much ass!!! Can not wait to meet you someday and get my autographed copy of BFG !!!
    Also, tell Claire, its her move on DRAWSOME.


  41. BMOC — it’s always a welcome sight to see you posting here.

  42. Thanks Mosey – it’s a doddle to donate this way – even accepts Amex! So I even earned 10 airmiles in the process (that should get me from Heathrow to Uxbridge no problem).

  43. Just sent a donation for your and Claire (and of course, I vote to send the monies left in the defense fund to the Headleys)

    Please be sure to let us know when when and which shows you’ll be appearing!!!

    And THANKS

  44. see Mosey’s post above – it’s quick and easy.

  45. And as if that wasn’t enough, Marc’s a hell of writer. Blown For Good was by far the most compelling and inspiring book I’d read for a long long time.

  46. Bed Man OKC, LOL! You’ve just gotta trust me on this one — you would scare the shit out of Bob Mangels if he ever met you. Doubtless, you already have.


  47. Marty, thank God you exist, my friend! Marc and Claire deserve all the support they can get and more – they have done much good to wake up people and have them see the truth about the Radical “Church” of Miscavige.

  48. Marc, You and Claire exhibit more integrity,courage and goodness than many people combined, self included. A favorite saying of mine is “Your character is your fate”. Bodes well for you both.
    I have a particular interest in making sure your children are not the adverse effect of these thugs and hope to have a surprise for you guys via a mutual friend. My daughter also wanted to know if you have a baby registry for the upcoming arrival. If not, please post one with things you will need. Amazon has a great one.
    Thanks for all your efforts!

  49. Well, no – you don’t GOTTA do it – but you do anyway. That’s why you are – like it or not – THE respected authority on all Scientology matters now. Just about the last place any one goes to for the real dope on Scientology is the “Church” and certainly not the Toxic Tosser. He’s redundant, just hasn’t quite realised it yet.

  50. You rock, Marc! Your face will be a welcome sight to all of us on any TV show, and I would venture to say that most all of them would compete for your attention. Cheers to you and Claire for all that you’ve done and continue to do. Eagerly awaiting the other “things on your list” that we are about to see and hear.

    I feel sure the midget cretin is not so eager.

    It sucks to be a midget and a cretin with a borderline IQ, no common sense, no ethics and no responsibility, who can’t even speak a coherent sentence. Even his lawyers laugh at him on their way to the bank.

  51. Love and respect to you, Claire and the family, and thanks for all you do.

  52. Here it is, courtesy of Sinar and Mosey.

  53. How many law firms does POB use now, anyway? The last post had a different law firm. Is he having to lawyer shop now because the firms he had are wise to him?

  54. For those whose geography of West London is not quite up to speed, you could throw a stone from Heathrow to Uxbridge. Indeed many probably have.

  55. Claire Headley

    I don’t often get the chance to pipe in here, two young kiddos, a third on the way, and work that I truly love, keeps me busy. 🙂 As Mike Laws mentioned in his post, I have had trouble keeping it together today. I am incredibly humbled by all of your kind words and by the incredible outpouring of support we have received. I do not consider myself an angry person. I love my life, my husband, my friends, and I love my freedom. But I will not lie, I was screamingly angry about recent events. Having grown up in Scientology’s cadet org, and then living 14 years at the Int base, I’m used to a tough life, and I’ve always been of the view to try and make the best of a bad situation. I often get much angrier and emotional hearing of other people’s experiences and suffering at the hands of scientology than I do my own. With that said, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our family greatly appreciates it. Thanks for everything you do here. Marty, thanks for posting this – your support and advice have been invaluable. As Marc said, whatever we can do to help, we will always be here. Claire

  56. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    You’d think that for Moxon, the death of his daughter at the Int Base would be a like a wake-up call. Apparently not. Karma, Ken-Dick!

  57. Love you Claire. And Marc and K1 and K2.

  58. Claire, Put up a gift registry for K3. Let’s make this a celebration! Thanks.

  59. I have just added an notice on the home page of for your legal defense fund.

  60. Just sent you a small donation on your site. Wish it could be more, but most of my buckos are tied up in the Cof$, financing the midget’s latest case of scotch, no doubt.

  61. What the beggar bucks buy! Suppression still on a man with kids to feed.First they took food from his mouth, now they are taking it from his kid’s mouth! What your donations buy! “See how injustice and bad faith ever recoil upon those who are guilty of them. ….” Napoleon Bonaparte “Injustice always recoils on those that deal in it.” L. Ron Hubbard

  62. martyrathbun09

    And K3

  63. My wife and I personally donated to the fund, posted your page to 575 facebook friends and 200 more on Twitter.

  64. martyrathbun09

    Ya’ll need to stop by in the Winter sometime when you need to thaw – so we can return some of your wonderful hospitality.

  65. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Marc. Just keep on truckin’.

  66. Yeah 🙂

  67. +1 Ditto!

  68. This exposes another outright lie by the CoS Miscavige via Karin Pouw document on their own website of Marc and Claire being paid by VF!

  69. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    In the past I used to write lengthy comments on this blog but since some days I’m just speechless at the ongoing action and the speed of particles flow.
    I don’t know what to say but I have great respect for Marty; Mike, Steve, BFG and all the people that that started this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Unbelievable !
    Some loose people with no assets are winning over a gargantuan monster by just using the truth and nothing else !
    What a lesson being teached !
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thank YOU !

  70. It was my pleasure to donate. That letter is precious. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  71. Just checked the Donations site and it is fantastic; made mine and it is absolutely fantastic how this is working out – Marc Headley will do just fine – I know it. Now lets see who shows that letter on TV first.

  72. Amen to that!

  73. Absolutely right.

  74. I would pay full price to see that movie. Not with TC in it of course. And I’m not talking matinee or Netflix :). My donation to the Headley’s has been made. I’m trying to find a few other things on so I can get free shipping on Marty’s book.

  75. I have just rec’d an O.K. from a former Gov official for a meet up / walk athon to begin on his property in Hemet. A 500 to 1000 person march from his property to the Int base fundraising for the Headley’s. If this suppression is not lifted from the Headleys in writing within 14 days, be prepared for “the march”, November 01 2012.

    All So Cal media guaranteed to arrive and report. A link will be provided for tshirts to buy and wear with phrases such as, “Piss off Jenny” “Excuse me?” “This is ONLY about David Miscavige” “Not one thin dime for David’s time” etc etc. All proceeds and/or profits to go to the Headley defense fund.

  76. Claire Headley

    We’d love to!! My boys just love Texas!! 🙂 Love to you and Mosey.

  77. Clair and Marc- I have a ton of never used baby clothes and toys, my youngest is three. I would be honored to send these to you.

    Contact me at maryangelanyc@

    I just want people to know that I have deep respect for the indie movement and it was Tom cruuse himself that originally got be interested and not in a good war to corp scientolgy years ago. I also have a friend who’s “in” and she’s on the fence.

    I agree with the non- scientiolgist poster above. As a regular joe, just reading and reading about this I finally decided I have to do more. I too, left a message for mr. Tobin and I will do whatever it takes to expose the abuses, fraud, etc.

    Please let me know if there is a specific way I can help anyone – I’m on the east coast so you can email me at above address.

    Again, Marc and Clair – you have all my respect and support.

  78. Miscavige is so furious he actually let them release a letter like this – so that the “church” has no problem taking a home from a family with a baby on the way and their vehicles and anything else they can get his hands on. And this is fine with Tom Cruise also because they are “fair game”. Nice.

  79. Marty, you are the guardian angel of the independent field –
    Happily donated to Marc & Claire.

  80. Donation made – Check!

    Posted to Facebook – Check!

    Happy to help these fine people anytime.

  81. Hey Marty,
    You can send our money to the Headley’s gladly!!
    We appreciate what Mark and Claire have done and will also donate to thier fund in a new unit of time.

  82. Just had a back and forth with tony Ortega – told him to update story re Marc and Clair and what’s happening here and I also let him know about event for nov 1 – he’s on it

  83. I’ve been trying all day, since reading this post, to pin down what it reminds me of. A novel? A movie?

    Finally I’ve got it: “The Russia House” by John Le Carré (also a movie starring Sean Connery).

    For those who haven’t read or seen it, the story is an early post-Cold War mind-game involving a putative Russian defector who dangles a trove of nuclear secrets, with the stipulation that this is a one-time offer: he will give Western intelligence services (i.e. the CIA) any information he possesses, but they must present him with a list of questions that is complete and final, because he dares not expose himself to further risk.

    The trick is that the list — the questions themselves — are the true target of the operation. The list will reveal what the CIA really wants, what it suspects, what it desperately wishes to know, and — perhaps most importantly — what it’s afraid of.

    David Miscavige has just published his list. He has laid bare his fears and desires, neatly distilled into three discrete headings.

    1. Stop all “anti-Scientology activity”, including media and Internet postings.

    2. Bury “Blown for Good”.

    3. Bring me the head of Marty Rathbun. Along with his Rolodex.

    This is priceless intelligence, really. David Miscavige, with everything on the line, unilaterally tips his hand, divulging the things he’s most deeply afraid of. No one could possibly have forced him to do this. But the man is so deeply rattled, he did it himself.

  84. It was worth another donation to me to be able to leave a funny comment on their page. Try it…it’s great for a laugh!!!!

  85. Great post! By the way, tons of people are donating and suoer supportive to Claire and Marc over at village voice!

  86. He is just certifiable. Out of his mind with rage!

  87. OMG – Bring the letter.

  88. Wow, is this for real? If so, I’m so in!

  89. Oh, forgot, my dono is on its way!

  90. I made a donation in David Miscabbige’s name. He says he’s sorry.

  91. Too true. What a bunch of two bit thugs the RCS and their lawyers really are.
    My resolve to treat them as an enemy of mankind just got a hell of a lot stronger.

  92. Very well spoke Jason Beghe.
    You also deserve a lot of credit.
    Tony Ortega of Village Voice told me you were inspiration and turning point for his ongoing
    Scientology exposes.
    Good Job Jason.

  93. Marty, I really appreciate that you will send this money to Mark and Claire. I don’t think I am in any minority here. You’re a stand up guy, this really kinda proves it to me.
    Oh, I am burned up about that swing they had to sell.

  94. Helluva post Marty. You’re a helluva guy.

    Jason Beghe,

    So are you! Thank you for keeping your personal integrity in. This incident has literally put me in tears from both sadness and joy of all the compassion I’m seeing from independent Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, and from anonymous, a very strange mixture of emotion.

    My best wishes goes out to you in an ever growing and expanding acting career. (I’d love for you to be the one playing the next role of Jason Bourne, my favorite movie series of all time. :))

    “The Church of Scientology needs 40 grand like I need more hair on my back,” he [Jason] says. “I convinced Marc that people are going to want to help out. There’s no reason he should suffer further. The rest of us should share the burden. I’m putting the first grand in that thing.”

  95. They are already up over $10,000 and that doesn’t include the $8500 Marty said he throw in from his legal defence, which with the way it’s going, he may not need to.

  96. Claire and Marc,

    Both you have shown an absolutely stunning display of personal integrity. You sacrificed a comfortable life you likely could have had for doing the right thing. May you be blessed 10-fold of what your pay-off would have been.

    Thank you! Your story has had me literally in tears, both the sadness of it, the integrity in it, and the compassion from both you and Marc for the truth, and all the others who’ve shown compassion for both of you. It’s been quite spiritual for me.

  97. If you’re interested, this very short youtube audio describes the psychotic pygmy, POB, better than I’ve ever heard. It’s also in human terms.

    You betcha, it sucks to be a sawed-off sociopath with the bright lights of international media staring you in the face:

    Yet to my amazement, a few clubbed seals continue to clap to the COB bullshit. It makes me want to puke.

  98. Face it dave, you are both a failed SP and weird cult leader.

  99. Just got in and added my donation. The more we stick together the harder it becomes for the CO$ to screw everyone. This will make them sick to their gutss when they see the support for Marc and Claire.
    Good job on keeping your integrity.

  100. When I first became aware of an upheaval within the c of s, I thought the SO guys screwed it all up & they should fix it. Now, I think it’s time for all of us to come together, all of us who are involved in this upheaval in any way & exert our power. Whether you are an independent scientologist or an interested party……we can stand for what’s right & true. We can stand against lying & the false pr of the c of s. Mark & Claire are my good friends. They are indeed very loving, caring, hard working people. They are the kind of friends anyone would want. I am very lucky to be in their lives & of course the boys!

  101. Spot on. I wonder though, on number 1. Does he really care about anti-scientology activity, or is he only concerned about anti-david miscavige activity or anti-tom cruise activity which implicates david miscavige?

  102. Understand one point, you piece of shit, Dave………

    You are the target of universal ridicule.

  103. I just read the letter from COB to Vanity Fair and Graydon Carter. Was it really written by a lawyer? Because who indents paragraphs on a business letter?

  104. Pingback: Miscavige Still Lying About the Headleys | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  105. It is 12,500 (give or take a few) – absolutely incredible. By the way Scientology is on the networks again tonight – You don’t even have to look for them anymore – tonight – Katie after the VF article. She is all over the place and it is not stopping.

  106. Marty, I am pleased to know that whatever is left of the small contribution I made to the Debbie Cook fund will be forwarded to the brave Headley family. I appreciate the link that has been provided and have used that to forward additional funds to them. I sincerely hope that between us all we can recover every last cent that the Cof$ bastards took from the Headleys and their small children. Marc (and yourself of course!) is a Man’s Man for standing up to the tiny tyrant and his billion dollar legal machine with integrity fully intact.

  107. This reminds me of the last scene from the movie “Its a wonderful Life”. The good guy, swindled and cheated by the bad guy, gets bailed out by a lot of folks who appreciate who he is and what he has done. I keep watching the website for the Headley Fund and see the money and well wishes rolling in. I hope the Headleys get 10X the amount of the court costs. But the riches they are getting goes beyond the dollars. Its a huge acknowledgement of who they are. I am happy for them.

  108. I want to leave one final comment on the subject. When I left the Int base in 2004, I was also forced to leave a marriage of 16 years and a family of close friends within marketing whom I had worked with closely for 17 years.
    Before I came to my senses and disconnected from the Miscavige and his supporters I was still catching colds 2 or 3 times a year (not any more). In 2006 I got really sick — strep throat. I was too sick to even get out of bed to eat. But the day before I became ill, I had met a lady who — when she heard I was sick — came right over to my home and took care of me for a week, bringing me soup, vitamins, etc. It was amazing. Where did she come from? Well, eventually I figured it out.

    But I learned there is a greater family that exists. Beyond the bounds of marriage, and even beyond the bounds of personal friendships, lies the Family of Man.

    This is a real family and the more you help your own human brothers and sisters, the more they come alive in your life. Help is the key and you must outflow to inflow.

    I realized I no longer needed to worry about what might happen to me one day. Wherever I go, I know now I am safe within the family of man. It’s a real family. And they are amazing.

    A suppressive person like David Miscavige is utterly blind to all this because they cannot experience love. Marc and Claire lost many family members when they left the Church. But they gained the Family of Man.

  109. Back in the Battle of San Antonio I sent a check directly to Debbie Cook. I got a nice thank you but when she settled, I didn’t ask for my money back and she didn’t offer. However, if she’s now comfortably retired to a Caribbean island courtesy of the Runt in a Tux, I think the Headleys and their kids could make much better use of those funds and I’d like to get that transfer in motion.

    Does anyone here have current contact info for Debbie?

  110. Here we all are, @ this time, in this place together. LRH stirred the pot with a lot for us all to think about. DM is an imposter. Let’s set the record straight & all stand together for the truth. We stand tall? How bout’ We Stand Up!

  111. No, change that to ” We stand together”!

  112. This may be the most beautiful post I’ve read here. Which is saying a whole lot.

    Thank you.

  113. Claire and Mark ~ as a husband and father with four young kids at home, I am taking this development particularly hard. I hardly know where to begin, because I relate to what you’re going through, so intensely. I almost cannot imagine the fury I’d feel if my family were being attacked like this, by that corrupt organization and their hired vultures.

    Just the juxtaposition of one small family standing for truth against the dark forces of a degraded, multi-billion dollar corporation, is enough to make a person’s blood boil. $43,000 is a rounding error on Miscavige’s books, but taking that amount of money from a single small family could easily break them. But he knows that, which is why you got that letter from his hired blood sucker.

    To add pure evil on top of that heinous demand, he offers you a way out – if you’ll just forsake your personal honor and integrity and crawl away quietly, he’ll remove the threat. The blood boils over just looking at such a monstrous act.

    Even more maddening, is the fact that he’s too chickenshit to attack you personally, or confront you to your face. No, he destroys people through his intermediaries, while hiding behind his razor fence. He’s too cowardly to talk to any reporter, or show his face in public. He won’t be a man, and face his accusers. Hell, he won’t even face the robot sheeples who support him.

    What an utterly pathetic excuse for a human being.

    Kudos to you both for holding your ground and keeping your TRs in, as well as your personal honor and integrity. He has no defense against those.

  114. Anon-onyourside

    Your post is right on the mark! Can Miscavige get any more ridiculous? I am sure the pressure on the lawyer to write that letter was horrendous (Miscavige must have screamed). You guys have nailed Miscavige’s psyche, that letter is now the story and Miscavige didn’t/couldn’t/was constitutionally unable to see it coming. Internet? What internet? Thank you Marc and Claire, your courage and your story is helping many others.

  115. That is a truly beautiful story for a truly beautiful day.

    So many people care deeply about these CoS injustices, even if they’ve never stepped foot inside an org.

    The sunshine bounding around the world wide web lately has been magic.

  116. BAHAHAHAAAAA!! I love that Marty made that suggestion, and love even more than the Headleys said no-effing-way to any idea of being bought off at any price.


  117. Clear as a Ronnie Bell

    This sums up Miscavige perfectly:

    he’s too chickenshit to attack you personally, or confront you to your face. No, he destroys people through his intermediaries, while hiding behind his razor fence. He’s too cowardly to talk to any reporter, or show his face in public. He won’t be a man, and face his accusers.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  118. I just re-read Blown for Good book, by Marc, pages 217-227 regarding the musical chairs game Miscaviage inflicted on Int Mgmt terminals. It’s incredibly evil and shows how totally mentally sick Dave is, which I’ve known for some time but to revisit the degradation that these people went thru is horrific. It’s why there are Nazi Memorials for the Jews so that we never forget the atrocities and that’s what this book does for you. If you didn’t know, you now do and it serves as a reminder to those who may choose to forget that part of their existence. The degradation and human suffering are still occurring as the “sicko” is still running the show, albeit maybe some of it has been toned down due to all the whistle blowing, but he is very imaginative as to the pain he can inflict (thrives on it), just re-read those pages. I can see why Miscaviage wanted his attorney’s to get the rights to the book as it is riveting and incredibly detailed and entertaining at the same time. If you haven’t bought it, its definitely worth every penny.

  119. Oh, yes!!! A baby registry link would be awesome! Do share!

  120. Pages 229-231 details other horrid punishment dished out by Dave M, here is a small quote:
    “I arrived at the aeration pond. It was at least as big as a football field, maybe even bigger. It was at least twelve feet deep and the bottom two feet was the solid waste that needed to be removed. There were a hundred or so crew working there. All were in T-shirts and shorts or jeans. A few here and there had small white painter’s masks on, but for the most part, people were unmasked and breathing the dust clouds that filled the air. Most crew were in the middle of the dry ponds picking up sold waste and filling small five gallon pain buckets that would then be passed out in a long line and dumped in piles outside the pond.” Marc Headley
    AND THEY WERE REQUIRED TO REMOVE THIS HUMAN SHIT WITH THEIR BARE HANDS!! The books gives a lot more details. This must never be forgotten, I suggest besides donating to this defense fund also buying his book.


  122. OMG! That is priceless!

  123. You can order it at

  124. Marc,
    It was your story of “Musical Chairs”, with which I finally broke through the thought-stopping and started to search on the “forbidden” Internet what led me among others to Marty’s and Steve’s sites. Another ex-SO member showed it to me after he had tried to no avail to get me to LOOK.
    Your description of the sadism and atrocities perpetrated on the Int staff by Miscavige got me to wake up – kind of shocked me into reality – about all what was/is really going on and what sadistic and suppressive person DM really is. And of course I read your book in which you were describing so excellently what was going on behind the scene and the insanity and suppression you witnessed.
    I admire you and Claire for your strength and integrity and that you didn’t break to the suppression and the attempt to silence you. I thank you and Claire so much for speaking out and for all what you are doing!
    I was giving to the defense fund and will gladly contribute some more.
    We will now pay….. but in the future Miscavige will pay much more for his effort to suppress your family, and he will receive the repercussions of all his doings! He just cannot learn but “has to be right” (and stupid).
    Looking forward to: ”the other things on your list” and really like that you don’t “slow down”.

  125. Thank you, Steve. Very beautiful!

    Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and
    rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

  126. He’s told so many lies that his mind is completely jumbled up, therefore the mistakes which will keep on coming… which is why they don’t do any live interviews anymore as they are afraid to be caught with their pants down!

  127. Thank you for kicking this off, Jason. Thank you, Marty & everyone here, everyone who is standing up to this evil man and his cult and saying with their dollars, “This is NOT right. We will NOT stand for this outrage anymore.” Reading the “blackmail” letter to the Headley’s from the CO$ attorneys made me so angry I could only sputter for an hour. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything more despicable. David Miscavige makes a dad sell his kids’ swing set for crying out loud! Just to twist his evil knife into family…whose life he has already made hell.
    Yet the Headley’s keep their dignity and stand strong.
    I am proud to give to their fund…it’s a beautiful thing, like the ending of “It’s a Wonderful Life” over there, with everyone from here and from my pals at VV donating their hearts away.
    But to tell you the truth, I think Tom Cruise should take out his wallet and pay the whole damn bill. And sign the check with his burlwood pen.

  128. Sniff.

  129. A good article, Marty. A good choice regarding the funds. Well done.

  130. Ronnie, I love your posts. I want to see what happens after you read, “The Sociopath Next Door.” I think it’s going to be amazing and we are going to have some incredible conversations on this blog and in person.

  131. Yes Vicar, Mark’s and Claire’s story is right out of a Frank Capra movie.

  132. Boris Boris Boris

    It is precisely this kind of situation for which the chapter 7 bankruptcy laws were designed.

  133. That walk will be an unattainable goal for several people so I have been asked to work out the fundraiser in the L.A. area where it is possible for everyone to get there and to keep it to five miles or less. I will make sure the distance is a comfortable one and with more than one start up place within the walk so everyone can participate comfortably.

  134. Love that you’re a NO BS kind of guy Bed Man!

  135. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  136. Karma – she’s a bitch, but she can beautiful too…

  137. Hugs to you Marty

  138. That is so very funny !

  139. Thanks, Steve and Mike. I appreciate the acks.

    I just thank my lucky stars that you guys beat a path for so many of the rest of us to follow. Many of us would still be living under a black sea of lies, false data, and outright suppression, if the brave Indies who came before us, hadn’t stepped up begun telling their stories to the world. You provided the missing puzzle pieces for the rest of us, who never came close to enduring what you all did under Miscavige. Finding the truth of what’s become of our church is what made it possible for us to re-assert our personal honor and integrity.

    For that, you and the Headleys have our everlasting gratitude.

    I’ll make a note to get that book and read it. I’ll bet it explains much about the little dictator.

  140. Just made my happy donation. Peace to all.

  141. Pingback: Stop the Silence: Scientology vs. the Headleys

  142. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I really like you, Steve! And I´m happy to be part of your family!

  143. you’re the best michael, hows that baby boy?

  144. +1

  145. Thank you Richard Grant. I’m going to read that book again.

    Spot-on post.

  146. LOL! That last sentence just made my day!
    That’s apart from seeing how quickly the brother- and sisterhood is coming to the financial rescue. This is awesome.

  147. Oh yeah, I donated of course!

  148. “To add pure evil on top of that heinous demand, he offers you a way out – if you’ll just forsake your personal honor and integrity and crawl away quietly, he’ll remove the threat. The blood boils over just looking at such a monstrous act”.

    That’s how we got trapped – the way out – Scientology – became: you just gotta do this little thing here, and that little thing here (all violating personal honor and integrity) until finally – what do you know? How did I become owned by Miscavige? It’s incremental gradients – supposedly so small you don’t notice. I remember. Then when you get asked to commit bigger crimes, well, you are already committed – already chose – the wrong side!

  149. Plus 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 etc

  150. Point well made and taken. I should have put that phrase in quotation marks.

    “Anti-Scientology” seems lately to be his favored euphemism for “threatening to David Miscavige”. Its a lie, but I admit it’s a bit of a relief. The previous term, “apostate”, makes me feel like I’m trapped in an Umberto Eco novel with very poor lighting.

  151. Well this gives me a different viewpoint of people who was in the church. I know I seen it before but not to this extent. People in the church would not lift a finger in most times to donate to help another being out. I had run ins with others that are out of the church that continue to this day so I kind of painted many with the same brush and I am happy I see this. There is hope after all.

  152. Tory Christman

    Thank you Mike, and Marty and Mosey! So well said, and isn’t this just THE greatest example of ALL of us coming together to help such wonderful people! Now it’s literally almost done. Tick Tock, Tick Tock ….Time IS on ***our** side 🙂 Yes, let’s wrap this one UP. Oh—-I cannot tell you all how happy this makes me, hour by hour 🙂 🙂 I cannot think of two more worthy people to have this kind of support than Claire and Marc and their family. Turns out Marty and gang donated $6K….so….. That leaves $3,645 left. How about this? If we don’t have it ALL by Saturday PM…100 people chip in $37 and that’ll do it. . How about if we make it our SP Sunday Service? LOL>>>>That works. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ PS: If 200 people chip in (If it’s not all in by Sat PM)–it’s only $18.25 each 🙂

  153. Thanks for bringing this to the light, I am glad to see my money go to such a worthy cause.

  154. Just thought I’d let everyone know that the Headly family has now reached $37,000 in donations. With the $8500 that will be sent on the 17th, they have now exceeded the $43,000 needed to cover the bounty. Wow!

  155. Thank you for the update! This is good news!

  156. Been gone a week and this is the first I’ve heard of this. Of course contributing I want to go on record to offer my thanks to you Marty and all the other Independent Scientologists who are contributing or even offer support by reposting. I anticipate continued flack from those who are like I was and unable to zoom out and truly take in the big picture, the human picture. I’m humbled to be involved with such unconditional love and support. Thank you all.

  157. The Link to the donation site is no longer valid. Is it because the goal was reached?

  158. Steve, We at VV are having the same problem. I let Claire know and send her images of the error screen. I will also let her know you guys are having issues.

  159. We are also getting an error when trying to get into Marc’s “blown for good” site.

  160. We think we narrowed it down. It appears to be because of the Go Daddy Anon Hack.

  161. Tory Christman

    $39,506.00 ! Monday 6:30 PM PST, USA 🙂 WOOOF. 🙂

  162. the ironic thing is when i was reading this ace book,i kept envisioning tom cruise as mark,weird.

  163. love strength and happiness to you clair,marc and family.x

  164. ah brilliant,just brilliant

  165. thats so brilliant!!!! peed my pants laughing

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