Investigation Into The Death of Alexander Jentzsch

Der Spiegel magazine in Germany has published a feature article on the mysterious and heartbreaking case of Alexander Jentzsch:  Der Spiegel.  See the German to English translation at the end of this post.*

Karen De La Carriere and I – along with appropriate law enforcement agencies – are actively investigating the death of Alexander.  There are too many unanswered questions to let this matter rest.  Scientology Inc. has gone into full-scale cover-up mode in hiding the circumstances of Alexander’s untimely death.  It has taken the following extraordinary measures to keep the truth hidden:

a)   “OT VIII” Stan Gerson is a numbered OSA agent.  He is listed in the OSA spies list maintained by OSA and published on this blog,  Scientology spy network exposed.   On that list, under ‘production data’ Stan is listed as ‘spokesperson at events .’  He is also listed as “trusted” by OSA.   Gerson was directed by OSA Int to send out a creepy Public Relations email broadly about Alexander’s funeral event at Scientology Inc’s celebrity center.  The event and email were  a thinly veiled ‘proof of life’ photo op for the imprisoned president of church of Scientology International (and father of Alexander) Heber Jentzsch.  The email also attempted to cover-up the plethora of questionable circumstances surrounding Alexander’s untimely death.   The funeral event itself was an attempted P.R. handling after Karen publicized that Scientology Inc promised  her that no such event would occur.

b)   The LA County Coroner has been obstructed in his investigation by Scientology Inc arranging for the representation of the man, Jeffery Thomas Evans,  in whose home Alexander’s dead body was found deceased. The lawyer Scientology assigned to Evans was the same lawyer who was retained to prosecute and silence Scientology Inc escapee Daniel Montalvo.   See this video tape where private eyes, surveilling and attempting to intimidate Daniel, tell the identity of the lawyer that retained them,  Vicki Podberesky:

Podberesky is now serving as a cover-up buffer between the Coroner and Scientology Inc witnesses (and persons of interest in the investigation) to the death of Alexander.

c)  Scientology Inc. has brought their ace of dirty tricks out of mothballs to flank the cover up.  Dave Lubow who coordinated and laundered money for the 199-day overt harassment operation against me and my wife last year has not been seen or heard from for ten months since being run out of Ingleside on the Bay on a rail.   But Lubow has suddenly re-appeared on the scene attempting to intimidate investigators of Alexander’s death with creep-out ops.

Dave Lubow

The reason for this announcement here and now is to alert those fence sitters, under the radar folk, and others who might have information about Alexander’s final months that you can reach either me or Karen and have your identity protected and any chances of Scientology Inc. retaliation obliterated.

A gifted young man has been killed and Scientology Inc. is dead set on covering it up.  If you have any information about Alexander over the past year you may possess a critical link to solving this crime.

You must examine your conscience before deciding to remain silent.

You can reach Karen at

You can reach me at

Karen and Marty are investigating

*Der Spiegel translation:

The case of Alexander Jentzsch

Living and dying through Scientology

By Mona Botros

Alexander Jentzsch died at the age of 27 years, his last name is well known to people close to Scientology around the world.: His Father is the international spokesperson for the Scientology Organization, the mother a well know dissident of the church. The cult controlled Alexander’s life, the circumstances of his death are mysterious.

Karen de La Carriere at first did not realize what she was reading when she was casual going through her Facebook messages: “Do you know Alexander Jentzsch is dead?”

De La Carriere told us, at first she thought there was a confusion with the name. But this was not about her 75 year old former husband Heber Jentzsch, it was indeed Alexander, her son.

He became 27 years old and died in the beginning of July 2012. His death has a number: 2012-04365. This is the case number of the authorities in Los Angeles. There were no signs of physical violence, no indications for a suicide, so the coroner. A toxicology report is expected to provide more information about the cause of death.

The name Jentzsch is well known to people close to Scientology around the world. Since 1982 is Alexander’s father the international spokesperson of the Scientology organization. He was the public face of Scientology up to the early 90’s. His mother was personally recruited and trained by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard .

“He begged me to sign”

Scientology believes they already know what caused Alexander’s death. In an email broadcast a long term Church Scientologist and godfather of Alexander announced Alexander died from adverse reactions to prescription medications he was taking because of chronic back pain after a traffic accident. A surprising announcement, given the fact that medications are frowned upon in Scientology.

Alexander Jentzsch was a handsome boy with dark eyes. He was seen at galas events at the side of celebrities like John Travolta and Chick Chorea.

But his life was not glamorous at all. The family unit starts to disintegrate when Alexander was 3 years old. Karen falls into disgrace with Scientology leader David Miscavige, when she speaks her mind.  So David Miscavige orders the separation of Karen and Heber. The divorce follows in 1988. Alexander lives from now on with his mother, the father is ordered to pay $280 monthly alimony for his son.  “In Reality Heber never paid a dime. How could he, with an income of 12 dollar per week?”  says de la Carriere.

She fights to get herself and her son through. Although the parents have shared custody, Alexander almost never sees his father, as Heber represents Scientology around the globe. Alexander suffered his whole life from the separation of his father.

At the age of 8 Alexander is recruited into the Sea Org., the lite organization of Scientology.  The lure must have been irresistible for the young boy. “They told him he would be able to spend plenty of time with his father.”, remembers de la Carriere. “He begged me to sign”.  Alexander goes to a boarding school outside of Los Angeles.

“Any information is controlled”

3 Years later Alexander is transferred to the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater Florida the spiritual mecca of the cult. Scientologists from all over the world come to this place to participate in expensive courses. The boy has to clean toilets and scrub the floors among other things up to 12 hours a day, so says his mother.  An education?  None.

Soon something happens that will burden Alexander for the rest of his life and is only years later to become known.

A 40 year old female Scientologists and coworker rapes Alexander when he is 12 years old. Not once but repeatedly is Alexander raped. When Scientology internally became aware of the situation, there was a quick response. Within 24 hours Alexander is shipped to the West Coast, to prevent authorities in Florida to get access to the boy.

During grueling hour long interrogations the message is driven home to the boy: He is never to speak about this.  Only 14 years later de la Carrier learns about the rape of her son.  Church dropouts who were involved in the  cover-up, tell her what happened to Alexander. “I remember the moment I picked up Alexander from the airport and his inability to look me in the eyes”, says Karen. “I do not dare to imagine what they have done to him.”

The department of Scientology handling such situations is called “Office of Special Affairs” or OSA.  Their primary goal is to prevent any possible damage for Scientology.  The official task of OSA is public relations and legal affairs, but in reality it is kind of a private secret service.

Deported to Prison Camp

Mike Rinder knows the family Jentzsch. He worked closely with Heber Jentzsch, since Alexander was a toddler. He experienced how the President of the Church of Scientology increasingly fell out of favor with David Miscavige. “David Miscavige beat and humiliated Heber”, says Rinder. “DM could not stand the fact Heber was widely well liked and respected.” Miscavige gave less and less tasks to heber and at one point Heber was gone completely.  He was transferred to the international headquarter 2 hours drive east of Los Angeles. “There he got locked up in the hole”, reports the former OSA boss.

“The hole”. 2 small office buildings retrofitted to function as a prison camp specifically for Scientology executives. This is where Heber Jentzsch lives since 2006 based on the description of Rinder under pitiful conditions.  Heber Jentzsch had no free access to his son Alexander. Mike Rinder knows what he is talking about. He saw the aging President of the Church, when he himself was locked up in the hole.

Scientology objected to Rinders descriptions: Jentzsch lives and works in the church facilities. “Due to his age he rarely is seen in public compared to the past”, a church lawyer wrote in a note to SPIEGEL ONLINE. Heber was “proud at 50 years continuous service and so are we.” Incidentally  Scientology does not want to make any further statements about the Jentzsch family or Alexander’s death.

Alexander was isolated in his last two years of life, not only from his father but also from his mother. She left the church in 2010 and is since then a member of the “Independent Scientologists” movement. This community still believes in Hubbard’s teachings and practiced his methods.

When de la Carriere became too critical of the organization, they declared her an enemy of Scientology. Henceforth, no Scientologist may be in contact with her, not even her own son. “Alexander called me and said that I should not call him anymore and do not send e-mails.”

Disconnection til death

In 2010 Alexander Jentzsch and his wife Andrea leave the Sea Org, but remain members of the church. Andrea is expecting a child and those are not wanted in the elite organization. The couple tries to build a new life in Texas but experience several setbacks. Andrea loses the child and Alexander gets fired from his job.  They are drifting apart; “Just before his death, he changed his status on Facebook.” His mother remembers.

Alexander returns to the west coast, alone and penniless. He can’t ask his mother, by now a successful art dealer, for help. He stays with his in-laws, which live in the northern part of Los Angeles. They tell the police later, that he went to bed in the morning of July 2nd. He wasn’t feeling well and was complaining about a fever. In the evening he is still lying there the same way.  Nobody calls a doctor. The next morning there is an emergency call to 911. Alexander is dead.

A couple of days later, somebody slips some pictures to the grieving mother, taken two weeks before his death. Alexander is laughing into the camera. “It looked like he was doing fine,” Karen says in despair. Why did the young man die?

Ed Winter, speaker of the Coroner’s office in Los Angeles, says that they found prescription drugs close to the body. And: “We have evidence that he was already dead for a while before the emergency call was made in the morning of July 3rd.” Die investigation continues, Alexander’s death remains a mystery.

On July 10th, there is a yacht going out to sea in Los Angeles. The sky is bright blue, the ocean quiet. There is a heat wave, the first of the summer. The thermometer is climbing up to 100 degrees. On board of the ship is the urn with Alexander’s ashes. When his remains are set free, there is no memorial.

Karen de la Carriere is organizing one three days later. She wasn’t allowed to bury her own son. “Scientology has intervened in the matter and enforced our separation even after Alexander’s death,” Karen tells. Even one last look at his body was denied by her daughter in law.

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  1. Marty and Karen,

    Your work is very important. Other than the fact Alex was your son, the Sea Org is notorious for taking brilliant young men and women and reducing them to nothing. This is all done under the guise of “clearing the planet”. However, the real intention is to supress and destroy.

    Carry on please!

  2. Alexander, Karen and Heber have been on my mind a great deal lately. I was wondering what happened to the invest …

    Glad to know Karen and you are still actively pursuing answers. Someone will come forward. It’s impossible to silence the world.


  3. Alexander got a raw deal to say the least before his death, and was desecrated postmortem. Those who are in the church now, and are actively supporting it, and who can somehow justify this insanity to themselves, are INSANE. Not just Mr. David Miscavige. I include Heber, all SO members, and all public who are shielding their eyes from the truth.

    I am upset that angry that the church has become what it is today. I wish it were not so. But a fact is a fact – the church has nothing to do with Scientology, and actively is using Scientology technology and policy (and derivatives invented by Mr. David Miscavige) to destroy.

    Understand – this is not because I believe some “bitter apostates” over the Church’s official line. This is because of WHAT MR. DAVID MISCAVIGE AND HIS CHURCH ARE ACTIVELY, PUBLICLY, DOING.

    The church can rant all day long about how Marty or Mark or Mike or Karen are “liars” – but that is moot. The Church is so insane now that its PUBLIC actions are enough to prove the case.

    Now they are covering up the death of Alexander. Covering up his life, too. The church is trying to make him into an un-person now that he is dead. They already abandoned him years ago – but no, now they have to sow salt into it and leave nothing but blowing sand where once stood a promising young man and heir to the true leader of the church.


    Karen – vaya con Dios. Get them. Let me know how I can help, if at all.


  4. The idea that Heber is really only rarely seen because of his advanced age is BS. Miscavige is actively trying to ruin what is left of his life. Heber is very much loved and there is no reason to deny him the affection of his many friends.

  5. There’s deceit in the air!

  6. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    I smell a whole nest of rats … I hope you figure this out. It sure stinks.

  7. The motive in a homicide investigation will lead straight to David Miscavige.
    It is littered all over the internet. Hate sites fair gaming Karen, her neighbors and business associates harassed with false reports and the Church’s own policy David has enforced on fair gaming. There is tons of evidence that Karen was stalked, is being stalked, and is being fair gamed by the Church. This is where they put themselves in a position of MOTIVE in a homicide investigation. Who makes the decisions about who is fair gamed and is over O.S.A.? David Miscavige. Very sloppy and messy.
    If the Church needs to knock off it’s practices of fair gaming, stalking and harassing people for any reason at all, it is that they demonstrate clear motive when something like this goes off the rails. All the O.S.A. staff that contributed to fair gaming and ruining Karen, contributed to this situation and to her son’s condition. He was FORCED by the Church is move into a LOWER CONDITION (enemy, treason) against his own mother. Suddenly against the backdrop of the the hate sites, private investigators stalking her, and home invasions her son comes up dead? The injustice recoiled on them. And it is still recoiling on them. Anyone who truly deserves to be fair gamed should be able to be fair gamed with the truth. If you do not have enough truth about someone to instill a little justice, and one has to invent lies, you are dabbling in injustice. I think this must be a burden to some extent on the current O.S.A. crews who contributed to this tragedy in any way. David may have opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate his last blow to Karen, but that was most overboard to any sentient human being. I am surprised people were not able to cross the line on that one. Maybe some of them have come to their senses. Nobody that contributed to her misery had the decency to knock on her front door. The fact that David Miscavige ordered people to spend years setting him up to be the only person with a motive in the event of a homicide investigation, illustrates how reckless he has become. He can manage the forces with in his compound. But there is a big planet beyond that compound with forces of it’s own that he can not manage at all. And I think he is somewhat not aware of that.

  8. Was there an autopsy done?

  9. Moderator – this guy is putting out false information on OT III, why did you let his comment through ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  10. martyrathbun09


  11. … It’s impossible to silence the world.

    It is also impossible to silence the independents.
    L, Ronn

  12. It is ironic that Alexander Jentzsch had a real button on

    He considered it a handicap in life, a real disadvantage, indeed an inferiority
    and he dubbed himself “the boy without a dad”
    While David Miscavige was sadistically making Heber Jentzsch steam clean engines from morning til night at INT Base and leashing out punishments at him, Heber was unable to speak to Alexander for long periods of time, including Christmas and Birthdays.

    This was THE Conduct as dramatized by Miscavige and his enablers that shattered my reality of what was RIGHT and what was WRONG in the Cult of Miscavology and changed my direction to my pathway.

    Alexander died orphaned.
    Heber had been in SP Hole for some 8 years.
    Heber and Alexander were together 11 times in the last 15 years and sometimes only for a 2 hour visit.
    Miscavige completely controls the lives of the Sea Org Managers at INT Base.
    Alexander was manipulated by OSA to be disconnected from me for speaking out about the Church.
    Alexander was not reading Marty’s site when I was posting as “War and Peace.”
    When Linda Hamel. CO OSA INT put it all together and they made an OSA page on War and Peace,.
    they had Alexander call me on the phone and ask me to go look at the hate page. There is no way Alexander would have known that I was “War and Peace.” The entire conversation we had was listened in to by OSA who later knew every word that was said, sent around the content of our last communication in one of their attempts to discredit me.

    Alexander dreaded that he would have no MOM. He knew it was coming. He called himself “The boy without a Dad” and he told his friends that it would be only a matter of time before the “Church” cut him off from his mom.

    So when he was doing pain killers, he was on his own.
    Scientology Inc who profess they have all the answers to fixing drug abuse did no intervention even though he was in direct communication with his handler at OSA “Donatella”.

    Jeffrey and Maureen Evans quickly told the Coroner that Alexander had a HISTORY of excessive self-medication. History ? And the Church did NOTHING ? He had served 16 years of his life in the Sea Org. his father Heber Jentzsch served 50 years and was strait jacketed by Miscavige to be in no position to help Alexander.
    Alexander was poisoned against me.
    He was on his own.
    Dead at 27.
    A true testament to the “Church” of Scientology and its successful technology.

  13. burnedbutnotbitter

    Marty, I just got caught up on your blog on the last three days (was watching DNC convention) and it is on FIRE!

  14. Precisely — dm would have to silence the world because independents are not in ONE place, on one continent etc etc

    Independents are everywhere. dm has no way of knowing who they are.


  15. Agreed, although I’d bet you can bet he’s lost sleep to find out. lol

  16. Claire Headley

    I sincerely hope that anyone who knows absolutely anything about the circumstances of Alexander’s death comes forward and speaks up. We’re talking about innocent lives lost, the deception and lies, albeit typical of COS/OSA, are truly criminal.
    As a mother of two, my heart shatters into millions of pieces every time I think of Karen’s loss. It is unbearable.
    And to think someone might actually know something that could help uncover the truth of what happened to Alexander???
    For myself, in all honesty, I was scared out of my mind of COS and OSA when I escaped from the Int base in January 2005. Even after my husband started posting as blownforgood, I was supportive and respectful of his actions, and petrified. The exact moment that changed was the day OSA sent Child Services to our house. I remember that moment as if it’s frozen in time. To this day, I can remember the thoughts that ran through my head as I closed the front door of our house after our “visit” in April 2008. My sons were 2 and 8 weeks old at the time. The Child Services representative was extremely apologetic and told us that they were required to make a house visit because of an anonymous tip. He told us they’d looked into the claim and it was clearly bogus, but that we needed to watch our backs since someone was clearly trying to make trouble for us. And yes, I subsequently gave his contact info to the FBI. Maybe I could not find out who called and what was said, but that didn’t mean the information was not available to others to document COS’ bullying tactics.
    It was at that exact moment that I realized just what an evil, deceptive, lying and bullying organization COS is and continues to be, and that my silence was only further empowering them to commit their crimes.
    I have no doubt the truth of what happened to Alexander will eventually come out. It always does. And for anyone who remained silent, they will have created their own personal hell.
    Good luck Karen! You have our undying love and support. Claire & Marc

  17. Karen’s words make me cry every time. In the past few months, my ire against the corporate cult of Scientology has been growing exponentially but I think it really turned the corner into rage when Karen told her story on VV. I don’t know why that struck such a chord with me, but it did. Karen, your son did not deserve what happened to him; and you as a mother deserved the opportunity to try and help your son when he needed it. Instead, you were prohibited from even attending his burial. These actions by the church are despicable. They go against all human decency and the violate most primal human taboos…as does the entire policy of disconnection.

    Someone on VV wrote that it may be the wrath of outraged Mom’s that causes Miscavige’s final undoing, and there may be some wisdom in that. I hope Marty’s call for witnesses tweaks someone’s conscience. SOMEONE out there knows what happened. Karen, you deserve answers, and you deserve justice. At the same time, I’ve been reading about another Scientology case, that of Kyle Brennan. There are just too many mysterious deaths connected with the cult. Marc Headley mentioned a few of them in passing in his book. I don’t like to take on the role of a conspiracy theorist, but it is just too convenient that such terrible things keep happening to those who could harm the church the most.

    As a total outsider, a non-Scientologist (but an informed cult watcher for over 2 decades), I pray that the fledgling indie movement always remembers to put love and family bonds first as it develops. After what so many of you have been through, I am dead certain no one here would ever want to see another suffer the same cruelties.

    Good luck Marty and Karen with your investigation. With all these OSA spies and bad guys on the case, you have an uphill battle against you. But nobody messes with a Mom.

  18. That’s all very sad.Peace be with you!

  19. Karen, no loss I can imagine must equal the loss of a mother’s child. And you have exemplified that so well with your caring and unwavering support and defense of your only son. Your pain, and Alexander’s injustice at the hands of a criminal group, cult, has been and is indeed heard loud and clear.

    You, Heber, and Alexander, rise now amongst the ruin, and slay the dragons of deceit and corruption.

  20. Marty and Karen —

    Thank you for opening this investigation into the death of Alexander Jentzsch! I was absolutely shocked when the news came out he had died and the revealed circumstances are extremely suspect. I wish I had some bit of data to share but I don’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t fully support the investigation. This is definitely a disaster that should not be made to “just go away.” It’s extremely important the facts of Alexander’s death as well as the surrounding circumstances be discovered and communicated. Thank you again.

  21. 20/20 9:00 EST Maureen Orth interviewed on her article in VF. FYI

  22. Another consequence and dirty deed from DM and his band of evil disciples, so far from what we know as Scientology and the way a Scientologist would handle such a terrible thing as the death of a mother’s son. Karen has been a pillar of strength in the face of odds that would flatten most others. Alexander, though I never knew him, was literally tortured by today’s corporate church. The real technology is hidden and buried by the evil emperor, and many fall victim to the blackness. This one was too close to home. We at GFC love you Karen, and we are right here.

  23. Dear Karen and Marty,

    I have been heartbroken over this tragic event which never should have happened. I know there are individuals out their who know pieces of hte puzzle, even if it is only a light bit of knowledge it is important, and will be added to others. This would create a door to get these tragedies stopped.

    While there is a mother grieving and fighting on the West Coast, there is another grieving and fighting on the East Coast. The case of Kyle Brennan is less well known, perhaps because Denise Miscavige (David’s twin sister) is smack dab in the middle of the events leading up to, during and after the death of this young non-scientologist.

    LOOK At THIS Please…. We are speaking of Deaths. Both of these deaths are young men with so much life in front of them.

    And both young men have connections and involvment that lead directly to DM…. As far as I am concerned there is a person (DM) who is out there living ‘free’ after getting away with the deaths of many.

    These two young men are the most striking. The years they had in front of them…..

    Please, anyone who knows something, please come forward.


  24. A Daniel Montalvo video

    Blowing a cult is a crime ? Labor laws ?

  25. They had to hire Vicki Podberesky. She was the only attorney available since no slime eels, tape worms or maggots were willing to take the job — they can’t stand being around Dave LaBlow. A mosquito nearly got the job, but he sucked a little blood out of Stan Gerson’s neck. Big mistake. It was so toxic, the mosquito burst into flames. So Vicki got the job. I found a picture of her.

  26. Good news from the Headley Family Legal Fund.

    $29,858.00 raised = 66% of $45,000.00 goal.

    Some interesting “donators”:

    “I really have been screwing up lately so I need to do something good for the first time in my life or else I will have to send myself to the hole, and I would not like that believe you me.”

    Shelly Miscavige:
    “Meet me at the back fence at 2am. Bring a ladder and a spare pantsuit.”

    Shelly Miscavige:
    “Please don’t tell my husband.”

  27. My heart continues to go out to Karen and I think of her and Alexander often. Marty and Karen are doing what is absolutely necessary here by continuing to publicize this horrendous event and all of the particulars about Alexander’s life as well as Karen’s and Heber’s at the hands of Miscavige andf the CoS, This complete story needs to be gotten out through every possible venue around the world on all media at every opportunity.

  28. Even on the Buddha’s path, this particular story is difficult to accept.
    The events of Alexander’s death are certainly in Pali called “Dukkha” which is translated as stress or suffering. I feel it myself as anger arises towards
    May miscavige be brought to justice for this crime!
    George M. White

  29. Thanks for sharing the cold hard facts. This is as evil as it gets. A real clear window into who David Miscavige really is. It’s the KIDS who suffer most, but Miscavige does not give a shit about that. It’s hard to believe that any Scientologist could still side with that guy. To be a member in good standing with the Church of Scientology today means you are in support of a raging, psychotic SP who has RUINED so many people’s lives. I just got declared about two months ago — I presume it was for my public pronouncements on this site and for adding my name to the INDIE 500 list. But they never told me what I did to get declared nor did they even bother to tell me. It was my ex-wife who called to say she could no longer speak to me as I had been ex-communicated. Funny when you consider the “church” still asserts there is no disconnection policy. I am SO GLAD I got declared. I want everybody to know how I feel about that little scumbag.

  30. With tears in my eyes… I am writing this post. I admire your incredible strength after your being so completely betrayed by the Church of Scientology. Their egregious lack of respect and concern for the lovely human being, Alexander Jentzsch, your son, and the broken agreements and forthright deception involved in the entire Sea Org experience, need to come to light. The torture chamber you were exposed to and that Heber has endured for many years must be exposed. What Alexander went through as a young SO member is heartbreaking. Your pushing forward with this investigation is courageous and I support it 100%. It doesn’t ad up, that is for sure. When I read today about a photo you saw of your son two weeks before his death and he looked alive and well, brings more questions to the table. Lies have been told, that is for sure.

    On the few occasions I was fortunate enough to speak to you I found you to be very compassionate, totally safe and someone I could trust completely.
    I am sure you were a very loving mother and again, please accept my deepest empathy for your loss. You are a stellar VIP in this fight against the cult thought, complete human rights violations and suppression of those that wanted to help. It is horrifying, disgusting and the truth must be brought to light! My cell is on my contact page of my site. If you need anything, please call me.

  31. The disconnection policy the Church uses against dissenters is stupid. More communication is always the answer to any disagreements or problems and I am certain this tragedy would not have happened in its absence. Anything that tears a family apart is an abomination.

    My commiseration to Karen and other family members.

  32. Good choices / Bad choices ?

    In the 70s, I would have said Alexander made a good choice – choosing two good type A people, “Go Getters” in the CoS, working to make the world a better place, as his parents.

    Instead he became a poster boy for “unintented consequences.”

    As Sartre or Ayn Rand might have said, “We are all responsible for our own condition(s).

    As a late folksinger sang, “There but for fortune go you or I.”

    Is there a moral to the story?

    I really don’t know.

    Eat dessert first.

    Have a dog, cat, or horse, who is your best friend.

    Keep your eyes open, beyond your group’s blinders. Don’t buy into everyone else’s truth. Get ready to run, when black clouds appear.

    Have contingency plans.

    Be willing to say, “I may be wrong” “I’m an asshole” ” I was wrong”

    Leaving, what a good idea!
    – -from Animal House

  33. Let’s clear up Steve’s writing, just in case somebody would like to sue him for libel, etc.

    Yes, he wrote “So Vicki got the job. I found a picture of her.” And, yes, there is a link to the deep-sea-lizard-fish21.jpg picture in his post. But, he did NOT wrote that the deep-sea-lizard-fish21.jpg was HER picture. Anybody saying that is a bitter defrocked liar.

  34. The death of Alex and the cruel/heartless treatment of his own mother, was a major turning point for me from :”loyal DM Churchie” to “Independent. So, in that regard I thank those who dealt this blow to Karen as it got a very good product in the end, me fully out, free to look, think and decide for myself and voice my viewpoint without fear of repercussion.

    However, with that said, it was still a tragedy that had me in grief for weeks.
    You see, Alex became a dear friend and confidant when I transferred from IASA to CLO WUS in April 2006.

    He had to be one of the kindest and most decent beings I ever had the honor and privilege of working with. The public adored him as he truly cared and was interested in them, not their money or making targets.

    During the most strenuous/high pressure times, when we were writhing in pain due to lack of sufficient rest, exercise, etc. he would lighten things up and get us all laughing, doing magic tricks and the like.

    Alex, you are loved and missed and I look forward to meeting you again up the track.

    L, Kay M. Rowe

  35. There is one word banging around in my universe with regards to the pygmy sociopathic pope and his hired low-life thugs: Despicable.

    Where there is no justice there will be no peace.

    F you miss scabage and the pony you rode in on. You will experience the wrath of justice.

  36. Karen,

    The reason I spoke out for the first time was to avoid this very tragedy. When you break up families, you destroy people. Usually both sides suffer and often never recover. THIS IS WHY!

    I had an “active” scientology family write to me and thank me for helping them get out. They had all decided that “something was wrong” but none of them dared tell the other for fear that they would turn each other in. The whole family was miserable. For TWO YEARS, they ALL pretended to be on board until one day my book turned up at the house. Turned out the whole family had been sitting on the fence not knowing what the others were up to. The father had read the paperback version of my book and hid it. The mother had it on her iPad and the kids had both been reading stuff online. When my book turned up at the house, they practically had a party!

    They are all out now, they have a lot more free time & money on their hands, but still they are careful not to reveal themselves until they are unraveled from the remaining family and business connections that are still “in”.

    I have a lot of Scientologists contacting me from time to time. I tell them that there are more of their real friends on the outside, who are no longer in organized scientology. Certainly many more than are still “in”. Most don’t care what you’re up to as long as you stay in touch and come over for drinks or dinner or a football game every once in awhile. Why stress it?

    I tell them, “Live your life.” Who has all the time for the drama and bullshit? Get on with it. Leave the drama behind. You will do better in life and you will have more time & money and less stress in your life, which will in turn probably translate into more happiness, which can never hurt.

    If you take some tech away from that place that you feel is useful, good for you. If not, NO ONE CARES! NOT ONE PERSON ON THE OUTSIDE WILL JUDGE YOU. We don’t care. As long as you are happy, we don’t care how you got that way. We only try to get involved when you are NOT happy.

    I am sorry I never met Alexander. I might have convinced that boy to pick up the phone. I might have convinced his wife to rise above the drama and move on with their lives.

    As long as there are families broken up, we still have work to do.

    My sincerest condolences.

    Marc Headley

  37. This is despicable. Any REAL Scientologist whould be outraged by these actions. In fact, any REAL person would be outraged! This is totally and completely unacceptable!

    Since when does the church have the right to deny family from doing anything?

    A few months ago the largest award from a jury was given to a rape victim who as a young girl, was molested by a member of the Jehova Witnesses in their Fremont church back in 1995.
    Watchtower Society Ordered to Pay 40% of $28 Million Awarded to a Woman Who Was Raped as a Child by Member of the Church

    Strangling someone to death by cutting off their family ties is certainly far more serious. Justice willed be served on those who participated and continue to try to cover the facts.

    The number of unexplained deaths continue to rise around anything the “church” of Scientology has its hands in.

    If you’re a Scientologist in the “church” this would be a very good time to take a break, and distance yourself far enough away to figure out what’s really happening here… before you get sucked into to being an accomplice to these crimes.

    Karen and Marty – Godspeed.

  38. Thanks Kay. Thank you so much
    Would love some live communication on Alexander and your little stories.

  39. Update: Raised $30,695

    Some quotes from Marc & Claire Headley posted 52 mins ago:

    “We are only 1 day in and 66% there. How awesome is that. It seems we have had donors from all over the world and from all sides of this fight. Even a few real ones from the inside 🙂 “

    “If we can get past this drama I might even write the next book, which picks up right where the last one left off. Trust me, what they did AFTER we left is just as wild if not worse.”

  40. Thanks very much indeed Mark.
    You have always been there for me fellow warrior !

  41. Many thanks Oracle.
    Those hate sites drive media to my door.
    OSA can only guess at what media I am working with NOW !

  42. I appreciate your very kind sentiments Ronn S,

  43. Dearest Christine.
    Many many thanks.

  44. The outside free world, and even the ex members, have fond memories of Heber, but Alexander wasn’t allowed to associate with excommunicated Scientologists who loved and respected Heber, Alexander’s father.

    That Alexander was forced to disconnect from you Karen, is unbelievably heartless and cruel.

    How Sea Org children become communal orphans, boxed out of their parents’ lives, so they have no parents to turn to when they need them, is one of the biggest tragedies of Scientology.

    What a horrible learning curve the Scientology movement is going through.

    Scientology movement’s “Exchange by Dynamics” as regards to Sea Org children’s lives, is unbelievably immoral. and inhumane.

  45. Dear Karen
    I am glad that you are starting this investigation and bring to light all the horrible things that the suppressive of suppressives Miscavige is doing at the church and beyond. It is incredible that somebody like him uses Ron’s tech and his power to hurt and convert into slaves innocent people, asking them for sacrifices while promising eternity …such an old trick. I am with you in making sure that the dead of Alexander is not in vain and that this doesn’t happen again. I am postulating that you will know all that was behind the dead of your son, bring it to the awareness of the people and provoke the fall of DM and a new beginning of Scn where Ron’s tech is respected and followed

  46. I never had the opportunity to meet your son, even though I knew both you and Heber. He was adorable in that young picture! So sorry that his life was cut so short.

    Much Love, Pat

  47. Thank you CoodDude and BradHalsey.
    How easy it would have been for them to quiet and gently let me know about Alexander’s death and let me have a last look.
    Instead, they turned into a worldwide media event, portraying themselves as a Hate group.

  48. Besides MaBu, she isn’t that good looking in real life! And their is a giant sucking noise emanating from somewhere…….

  49. Anon-onyourside

    PoisonIvy: “As a total outsider, a non-Scientologist (but an informed cult watcher for over 2 decades)”. I too am a total outsider to CoS and the Indies, and I know a lot about cults, much of that knowledge from personal experience. There are other evil cults out there that lie, force 100 hour work weeks at no pay, force abortions and so. And they are imploding. Like CoS, these cults grew during the height of the upheaval of society in the 1960s nd 1970s. A whole generation, the baby boomers, were questioning everything and seeking answers. The cults provided answers, and promised meaning to life, promised that allying with the cult ( which was not considered a cult at that time) would allow the individual to save humanity. Slowly, these cults all devolved into personality cults around one strong, grandiose individual who drained the members of ideas, money and labor. Leaving the cult was not an option. After 10, 20, 30 years, these bright, young individuals were no longer young, had no job or credit history, and the need to have a meaningful life, the need to help humanity, had become an iron chain. If the individual tried to leave, they were promised they would live the life of the damned, every minute would be an agony as they realized how much of humanity will suffer because the individual left the cult. This “iron chain” is not understood by society. I see the questions on this blog and others that ask: “Why did they put up with the abuse? Why didn’t they just leave?” The judge in the Headley appeal wrongly opined that Marc and Claire could have left at any time. When the law and society understand that smart people can be slowly robbed of free will, so that leaving becomes a herculean task, then we will see different outcomes to cases like the Headleys. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of individuals who post on this blog, and others, who have achieved that Herculean task, who have left the CoS or other cults, despite the physical threats, the stalking, the “fair gaming,” and so on. What has to be understood is that the CoS and the other abusive cults are finished. In the 60s, 70s, even the 80s, the cults were able to grow and continue because they were cannibalizing those bright, young people that had joined to save humanity, and there was no Internet. As those bright, no longer young individuals escape, they are not being replaced. The new bright, young people check out the CoS, and DM, and other cults, online, and run as fast as they can in the other direction. DM can only cannibalize the CoS and it’s parishioners so much. The Internet is everywhere, phones, tablets, computers, even smart appliances like refridgerators. It is undeniable that a huge upheaval, like the rumblings before an earthquake, is happening in the CoS. Marty, Karen, Marc, Claire, Tony, and other brave people are forcing that rumbling, and I am ecstatic that it cannot be stopped. DM cannot stop it, no matter how many Elmer (or Elmette) Fuddles he hires as lawyers, PIs, PR spokespeople etc. And by forcing the explosion/implosion of the CoS, Marty, Karen, Marc, Claire, Tony, and other brave people, you are also freeing others in similarly evil cults. The headlines about CoS tyranny and bullying, the books you have written, your blogs, may finally cause the sea change in our culture that forces an end to these cults. My two cents.

  50. Alexander,

    I only spoke to you a couple of times, for a couple of hours. But in those hours you showed me that you were a being of unshakable certainty and integrity.

    Alas, you trusted that those in your circle were beings of good will – as you are. And a life full of joy, adventure and promise was cut tragically short…

    Hurry back Alexander! You’re true group awaits…

  51. Kaymilarowe… You thank them??
    I’m sorry, but I am having a hard time with that.
    My heart goes out to Karen. I hope the investigation brings the answers and closure that we are all hoping for.
    Love and peace to you Karen.

  52. Anon-onyourside

    One more thing, to those who may have suggested otherwise, the independent Scientology movement is not a cult. It is composed of people like Marty and others who have fought to leave the CoS and will bring it down. Hurtful comments against Marty and the Indies only help the CoS and DM. As I said before, I am not a Scientologist, but I know about cults, and I know a good, righteous fight when I see it, and the fight against the CoS is a good and righteous fight!

  53. I hope it’s Nancy Grace. The Jenny Linson twin on this side of the fence.

  54. Hello Bela, I am so sorry. Let me clarify. I was so utterly disgusted with the utter disregard for Karen’s feelings as the mother of Alex, who I absolutely cherished as a friend, that this tipped the scales. I really took the blinders off at that moment and started looking in earnest, and here I am now- out from the yoke of the suppressive Church of DM.

    I feel for Karen, I want justice, I want her to get full closure. And I will do everything in my power to bring down DM, who is at the very base of this suppressive activity.

    L, Kay Rowe

  55. Karen,
    You have all my respect for your bravery to deal with this and all my concern for the last days of your son’s life.

    Message to any fence-sitter that knows something about Alexander’s death: Tear down this wall of silence!

  56. Very wise words Marc.

  57. Karen and Marty, we’re behind you all the way. The heavy handed, ‘we know best” always justified actions of the Church must be stopped as soon as possible. Let us know of any way we can help.

    Mark Elliott

  58. Karen & Marty,
    I can’t think of a better Indie investigator team than you two!
    I wish you strength to go to the very end until the truth is revealed in this case, thus allowing closure and justice procedures as needed for those you found to be involved.

  59. Dear Karen,

    I can’t begin to imagine what you have endured and are going through with the loss of your only son. No parent should ever have to survive their children. It is heart-breaking. I am relieved however, to see that you are not rolling over and becoming a victim. Your determination to find the truth of what happened to your son will, in the end, bring you the understanding and peace you so much deserve.

    Thank you, Marty, for keeping this alive. It deserves our continued attention.



  60. Karen,
    Can i take this space to tell you I love you?

    (LRH will never forget this tragedy. I believe he is with us to the end; and he knows.)

    How is this possible many may thing. It’s very simple: Life never ends.

  61. I didn’t know Alexander that well. I saw him host a couple of Idle Org regg events. I wanted to think that the guy was an asshole like most Sea Org members that would drift through regging all of us for money. The funny thing is that I couldn’t help but like him and admire his intelligence and charisma.
    I am very sorry that things turned out this way for you Karen. You deserved better and so did he.
    I do believe in the whole track. I do believe that this will all work out one day.
    One day in the future dm will be seen as the disgusting little piss ant that he is all over the planet. He will be openly disgraced as he should be.
    His poison will be nullified and true healing will begin. Actually, I think the healing is already happening.
    I thank you and Marty and all the others out in society who are fighting this fight to rid dm of any control he has over ruining people’s lives. He is a cancer that needs to be burned out.

  62. Why give her a hard time Bela? She is just making the point that whatever they did helped to wake her up is all. Jeez!

  63. Thank you Penny.
    I receive agonized Email from other parents disconnected from their children by Scientology Inc. Hoping that the ethics gradient of DISCONNECTION will bring the parents to their senses !
    How did it come to all this ?…………

  64. Oh my. The long hot summer will continue to be a long hot Autumn.

    Talking of Autumn, Mr David Miscavige will get quite the British welcome if he’s managed to stay out of law enforcement arms by the time of the IAS event. Hutton did me a big favour ‘cos last year’s jolly is NOTHING compared to what’s planned this year.Apparently us UK & Ireland SPs have been so busy we’ve been promoted to DBs. Straight up and vertical. We’ll be promoted further to anti religious extemists before you can say “statute of limitations”.

    Meantime the Headleys have raised more than TWO THIRDS of the funds needed within a DAY!!! And without a crush-sell reg in sight!

  65. Thank you Chuck.
    It seems there is always a *REWARD* for having served 35 years !
    You know it all too well…..

  66. Undying love and support right back atcha for Marc and Claire Headley.
    I am delighted at the world wide support on the Fund Raising.
    I am waiting for these to donate ~~

    Gold Security Guard at Gate 🙄
    RTC MAA 🙄
    IJC and CJC 🙄
    OSA INT Invest 🙄
    PI David Lubow 🙄

  67. You are a source of inspiration to many, and along with Karen set an example to us all.

  68. Thank you PoisonIvy for your kind words.
    The love and bond for family is meaningless in Scientology Inc.
    You would have to experience it to know what I am saying.

  69. TheWidowDenk
    Thank you kindly.
    Always a player.
    Rachel has a knack of saying the right thing at the right time.

  70. Many thanks Roy,
    Fellow Apollo Crew member and special friend.

  71. Sage words, Anon. “This “iron chain” is not understood by society”. Very true.

  72. My dearest Nancy.
    Fellow traveller on the Road less Travelled.
    Dictionary definition of “comrade.”
    One who has shared the same Ordeal.
    Perhaps your Ordeal was even worse.
    Nancy had to the RPF (gulag) when she was 5 months pregnant !
    That is an Ordeal.

  73. Thoughtful.
    It is so cool that you brought this humor into a grim and sobering subject.
    Thank you.
    Great communication today as well.:!:

  74. Many many thanks Joe Pendleton and George White.
    I have felt your support right through it all.

  75. Thanks so much for the Email. Thanks so much for sharing re Alexander.
    Thanks for the back channel communication. We have not met but I like you already ! 😆

  76. Well said Marc. My copy of your book has been through many hands in the East Grinstead fieldl! I am in touch with dozens locally who at the very least have withdrawn all support and merely pretend to stay on board.

  77. Thank you Steve.
    Thank you for taking a standard and emerging into a new Life
    where you hold to your values and principles.
    All bloggers, we will be hearing much more of Steve presently !

  78. Thank you Tom
    Thanks for all the good input into this blog.

  79. Thank you Marc.
    I am thrilled at the support for you and Claire.
    It is world wide and so deserved.
    I see some donors have a sense of humor.
    David Miscavige ! Shelly Miscavige ! Golden Error Musicians !
    You may not know this, but I received repeated requests for your book “Blown for Good” by Hemet Sheriffs Department and Riverside Sheriffs.
    Curious as to what went on behind that tight security and electric fences, they wanted to read up on it.
    So like a good little activist, I would return to, buy more copies and send them on to Law Enforcement.
    So your book was more widely read than you thought !
    No wonder they wanted your book ! Good luck on that objective…..
    I have marveled at your sense of humor even when it was grim.
    When James Byrne newly arrived to implement new draconian punishments and throw people in the bacteria infested lake of dead birds and fish, I absolutely hooted at your comment ~~ “Oh boy things are looking up !” 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Congratulations on having this spell binding book in the top 10 on Amazon (Scientology category) for the last 4 years straight.
    Product Details
    Blown for Good – Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology (BFG Paperback) by Marc Morgan Headley (2010)
    High Fives to you and Claire.
    Invite me to the Baby Shower, I will fly to Colorado just for you. 🙄

  80. Thank you kindly Brett

  81. Thank you Javier.
    Thank you for your thoughtful comments.
    I look forward to some special quality time with you.

  82. Dear Pat,
    An auditor since the the 1950s.
    Bless your heart.

  83. Dear Scott,
    I remember well you telling me all about this 2 hour conversation 1 and 1/2 years ago.
    Telling you much he loved me, through the enforced disconnection
    gave me a whole new viewpoint of how much OSA manipulated it all against his will.
    Thank you for that. A Big thank you.

  84. The current state of the COS reminds me so much of Orwell’s 1984, especially the Ministry of Love.

  85. I want to come too — (to the baby shower) — I want to see Karen, I want to meet these fabulous Headley’s and I have a best friend from 7th grade who isn’t doing well (whose son in law is creating high drama for her and denying her her grandchildren). BTW — he ISN”T a scientologist and never has been but there is lunatics and mean/nasty people sadly everywhere.

    So — coming to see you and stay with my friend is perfect. I warned her yesterday that if she didn’t “buck up” I was going to come to Denver to shake her a bit — she sounds nearly suicidal — something I don’t mess with.

    So please Claire — invite me … I received an email from you for the donation of yesterday so I will contact you.


  86. Thank you for that Kay. I am enraged by this whole Alexander issue and others that have been lost through the criminal actions of the Church….and I am sorry your personal loss of Alexander as well. Guess I just got caught up in that word “thank” …sorry bout that.

  87. you’re right Tony…see my comm to Kay above

  88. I am grateful to be your comrade… and yes the Road Less Traveled. Thank you for your strength. Yes when it comes to our sons, nothing stops us. I’ll never forget my feelings (and strength) when Chris and I were taken underguard and our son was taken from us. We were lucky to be able to escape and find him… Nothing and noone could have stopped me. I am joined with you in your strength to get justice for Alexander. Such a beautiful, vibrant and life filled young man.
    Bless you,

  89. Another tragic example of a loss that could have been avoided by the church, and another in a long list of tragedies that they will never take responsibility for.

  90. Karen;
    This situation is so evil it is almost unconfrontable. If LRH were on the lines he would have ordered an immediate B of I on what happened and who did what, the comm evs would have been issued, the SP declares – to the real perps would have been handed down – all within a few weeks. He would have personally sent you his condolances with a giant bouquet of flowers and would have sent a Sea Org mission to help assauge our grief. LRH knew who his friends and important people were.
    David (Soltan Gris) is always too busy covering up his own leavings to do anything sensible.
    Karen, the SP will be down soon and we will all rejoice.

    ML Tom

  91. sorry, the above was me, Tom M.

  92. Sweetheart, they picked the wrong mama bear when they messed with your beloved cub. Love you,


  93. {gasp} poor, cute little lizard-fishy-thingy. You know, that fishy might lawyer up and sue you for slander.


  94. Karen,
    I sat down for some time and tried to imagine what I would really feel like had one of our children been the victim of this travesty.
    It took some confronting.
    I seriously doubt that I would have retained my sanity, dignity or composure anywhere near as well as you have. You have both my sincere condolences and my pledge to help if I am able.

    I was thinking about revenge. And the old line that “revenge is a double edged sword.” I concluded that the best revenge is real justice.

    I pray that justice will be done.


  95. Quite correct, Tom M. Don’t expect an investigation by the current corporate “church” or any compassionate handling. After Dr Denk’s departure in November 2004, I requested an investigation, especially since he had been attacked in writing on his deathbed by his partner. Not o.n.e. word in response to my request. Yes, it would have been far different with LRH on the lines.

  96. Kenneth Urquhart

    I support you, Karen, in standing up for your rights as a being and as a human being, particularly in restoring dignity and respect to your departed son’s life and passing, inasmuch as enemies of Life have seemed to reduce his dignity and respect-worthiness in the eyes of the world. In the hearts of all of us, whether we knew him or not, we see that he was made to suffer unjustly and unnaturally, but we also see that his inherent dignity and his worthiness of respect has never been diminished, nor ever will be.
    Whatever retribution your natural outrage will bring down on the perpetrators’ heads, it will be nothing compared to the states they will find themselves in when next they are looking for bodies — a problem Alexander will not have, thanks to his own integrity and to his underlying connection with you.
    Love to you, Karen.

  97. Are the discussions about the OT levels forbidden here?

    Is there a netiquette for this blog?

  98. Alexander,

    I remember you as a young boy

    You ran on the playground
    Dirt smeared on your cheeks
    Spinning fast in circles
    Pretending to be prince or a king

    Looking up to the sky
    The bright light filtered down
    Not a care for the future
    And not a worry to be found

    My memories of you will last forever.

  99. Karen and Marty,

    Stick with it. I think your instincts are spot on and there’s a beating heart under the floorboards. Let’s make sure DM hears it loud and clear without let up.

    Injustice torks my hide, but injustice to good and caring people makes me furious! Keep the pressure going!

  100. martyrathbun09

    Yes, we don’t talk about the details here – many under the radar and on the fence find it safe to come here because of that.

  101. Marty – Good of you and true to form to help in bringing the slime to justice. Karen #1 – I have no words to express how I feel. DM’s destruction of the 2nd dynamic is second only to his destruction of Scientology.

    David Lingenfelter

  102. Karen, the loss of your son is something no mother should go through, but especially in the way you did. I know Alexander is free now – the only thing I might take solace in.

  103. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wonderful and insightful contribution here Anon-o, and
    your purposeful interest is much appreciated. You have succeeded in broadening the truth! Please keep it up!

  104. Li'll bit of stuff

    Telling it just like it is,Tony. Nice job too!

  105. Theo Sismanides

    Karen, all of my support in finding the truth about the death of your beloved son, Alexander.

    This team shows some guts that in difficult times make us stronger. I personally cannot stand the way SO children are treated and deprived of so many things. It never had to be this way, it was NOT MEANT to be this way. Another big arbitrary.

  106. Update: Raised $ 34,170 = 76%

    Some quotes from Marc Headley posted 3 hours:

    “We are 75% there!”

    “The outpouring of support has been crazy. We have received donations from 15 different countries and from just anybody and everybody! I have seen some VERY old friends come out of the woodwork to donate.”

    “I am writing the second book. That has been decided. The outline is already completed & we now have the ISBN and title, “The Greatest Good”. It will be the second of my “Good” books. It will mostly center around the Fair Game stuff and how much we went through after leaving. It will also include details on the FBI investigation that no one has ever heard.”

  107. On Sep 7, 2012, at 2:33 PM, wrote:

    It is startling how much Alexander resembles Heber, even at this age. My daughter, Meghan, (used to be Richards – now Robinson) knew him well. She took exception with the statement that he was not educated. She said that he had a photographic memory and was one of the smartest people she knew. I didn’t point out to her that smart and educated are not the same thing. She is a child of Scientology and a 12 year S.O. veteran, so I didn’t bother. Karen, I sincerely hope that some justice will come of this situation. This is one of the most tragic stories of our generation. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    Personal Regards;

    Dave Richards

  108. Ooops!, I meant: Some quotes from Marc Headley posted 3 hours ago

  109. one of those who see

    Agreed! Truth is, if Heber came out to speak @ an event he would get a standing ovation lasting a very long time. Miscavige would be totally upstaged. Sad thing is that most of the young crowd there would turn to their parents or older staff members and ask: Who is that? Such an injuustce is being done to a man who dedicated his life to Scientology and LRH

  110. Can’t see any difference.

  111. Pat is one of the most underestimated people I have ever known. She attended so many of Hubbard’s lectures he awarded her the S.H.S.B.C.!
    She was one of the first CLASS Vl auditors on the planet. She was there when the tech was being invented! Raised eleven children and has dedicated decades to helping others. Everything you would hope to find in a Scientologist flows from Pat Krenik.

  112. Karen,

    Though I did not know Alexander personally, I do know you, and again I’m truly sorry that you’ve had to go through this. Words can’t really convey my feelings. I hope that the wreaths that I made for his service are as Alexander should be now – FREE of bindings and able to go on to what is next for him. My heart goes out to you and Heber.

    Hugs and affinity your way always.

    Karry Campbell

  113. “David may have opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate his last blow to Karen…..”
    Perhaps he did. Perhaps he is taking an evil intentioned “win”. Perhaps he thinks that this blow knocked the life out of Alexander’s mother.
    If so, it would only show that he has no concept of what LIFE is.

    From what I have heard, David Miscavige is under the impression that he is “exterior to” or “above” the Overt-Motivator Sequence (Karma). He doesn’t understand that this is a natural law of the spiritual universe. He also does not really understand that he is Superman. And that every time he commits any overt, let alone one of this magnitude, he throws an invisible brick. And since he is Superman, this brick will fly all the way around the Earth until, when he is least expecting it, WHAM! Right in the back of his weirdly coiffed head. There is no escape unless one can REALLY fly. And if one could really fly, one would not be throwing bricks, now would one?
    Nope, this one ain’t even close to being over. When it is, the universe will speak directly to David Miscavige. And when it does, It may speak these simple words:
    “I’ll be your huckleberry………”

  114. Karen, remember that you helped many when you audited in the Church. Those were the beings you “served”, not the organization. I’m sure they are all very happy that you were there to help them and most if not all are here to support you in this terrible event.

  115. Well said my friend. I have known some people that think they have “handled” the overt motivator sequence on a certain level. The only way to really handle it is to treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. From where I view, Matter Energy Space and Time are also conditions of existence. These conditions are alive and inside of them there is a harmony that happens called “consequences”. The disturbances in this Scientology arena are consequences. Miscavige is “in charge” of the formal structure and he himself has not made it up the bridge on either side and he has been parked away from exploring Scientology himself for decades. He did not make it and I don’t think he will. The people that survive are the people that can treat others as they themselves would want to be treated. That does not come from fear of consequences. That comes from intelligence about forces and conditions. And seeing yourself in others and taking responsibility for other self. This is a game where everyone remains needy and dependent and those conditions must be admitted. Others wants and needs must be addressed as real concerns. If the simple farmers who spend their days with hands in the soil vanished tomorrow, civilization at the Int base would perish. David’s life as it is today, and those around him are consequence. You don’t “rise above” that in this universe. You have to own it. It comes back to you like a dog come home at dinner time.

  116. Some people don’t consider this but Hubbard was very needy and dependent. The amount of people he needed was severe. Scattered all over the planet. An army. He needed people to audit, look, speak for him, feed him, run messages for him, report to him, disseminate for him, judge for him, collect for him, fight for him, clean for him, shop for him, cook for him, research for him, edit for him, publish for him, teach for him, answer for him, and even pretend to be him. His wants and needs were MUTUAL wants and needs. He wanted people to be happier, well, intelligent, competent, winning and successful for the most part. His needs and wants were there needs and wants too.

    This is where the big divide comes between Miscavige and Hubbard.

  117. Sorry, I meant His needs and wants were their needs and wants too.

  118. I for one do appreciate that, Marty. Thank you.

  119. Maybe it was already mentioned, but is there any way to make a contribution to help defray expenses for private investigations done to aid the police investigation of Alexander’s death? If so, I would like to contribute.

  120. The Sea Org will overlook a Sea Org Member sent for an abortion to kill another human being but not tolerate a public watching porn on television according to recent Flag public. A Sea Org member killing their own child is not even assigned a condition of treason but a public watching porn is dragged all around the Flag Land Base in lower conditions obtaining signatures.

    The staff under David Miscavige are being trucked in Vans for abortions on tax payers behalf while the MAA’s at the base are bitch slapping OT’s for watching T.V..

    Lynn Irons, I heard you got sucked into your current situation as E.D. Miami Org because of 2d enthusiasm. How many abortions have you been responsible for? You raised children while David Miscavige killed them! Stop acting stupid!

    The Headley’s have raised more in the last five days in the fight against injustice from David Miscavige than 95% of the class lV Orgs have raised for Scientology.

    If that isn’t the bottom line I don’t know what is.

  121. Can somebody tell me why Miscavige hasn’t been reported to the police yet? All you people who have been beaten by him only have to file a police report and an investigation will start. Too easy?

  122. I remember seeing Karen holding Alex at the Fountain Building when he was just a baby. That’s all I personally knew of him, but it is very sad to see it end this way 27 years later. Free Heber.

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