Steve and Ariel Spargo Declare Independence

To:  All Scientologists

From: Steve and Ariel Spargo

Date:   10 Sept 2012

Subject:       Resignation From Church of Scientology


Earlier this year I woke up to the fact that our Church management has over time departed wildly from LRH policy and HCOB’s and that the entire spirit and survival of the movement is under threat

Ariel and I believe that the Church of Scientology has become a totalitarian activity dominated by RTC, where parishioners ignore policies like Safeguarding Technology and Keeping Scientology Working in the interest of avoiding trouble.  There is no freedom within the Church to discuss whether or not a particular program adheres to policy.  Current programs have serious flaws and will not take the Church where we want it to go.

Unquestioning acceptance and money are now the priorities in Scientology and we don’t like it.

It’s obvious that management feel free to alter successful LRH programs and come up with travesties  like GAT.  It feels like fingernails on a blackboard when my friends cheerfully say “Yes, but GAT 2 is going to fix that.”  They are right back where I was for most of the last 35 years.  I had an excuse for everything.

I have never thought it necessary to say this before. But I require my Church to be motivated by the Aims of Scientology and to adhere to LRH policy and tech.  That has always been the condition of my support.

In view of the major departures we are witnessing, and the antipathy towards doing anything about it, I and my wife Ariel have decided to withdraw our support and resign from the Church.

What Now?

Although we no longer support the Church of Scientology, my wife and I are Scientologists and wish to continue practising our religion.  However we know that the Church will now call us “squirrels” and say we are not allowed to practise Scientology without their permission.

In the past, I have been completely taken in by the Church appearing to strongly support Human Rights.  Now I know it was just a public relations sham.  In fact, there is no freedom of religion in Scientology.   It’s completely authoritarian.

I would rather let bygones be bygones and leave the Church to its own devices.  Live and let live.

But we all know that the Church routinely uses legal action, infiltration and public attacks to insist dissenting Scientologists either give up practising their religion or forge an alliance with Scientology critics.  For Ariel and I, it’s a choice we should not be forced to make.

Ron always said that wisdom was for anyone who reached for it and that there should be no monopoly on the subject.  This is just one more point where the current Church management disagrees with Ron.

To Church management we have only one thing left to say.  Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Steve and Ariel Spargo
Independent Scientologists

PS:  I have published my review of the Church at

183 responses to “Steve and Ariel Spargo Declare Independence

  1. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Marvelous news !
    Thank you for your departure, your integrity, and for continuing to practice TRUE Scientology.
    Θ Happy freedom to you both !

  2. “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. Perfect. Well done Steve and Ariel. I met yet another lurker who has all but withdrawn complete support this very morning. The ARC X tours must be mighty busy these days, if they can still be bothered to do them. I know for a fact that the number of ACTIVE on lines public in the EG field is tiny compared to the “disaffected” and those who have just quietly slipped away…

  3. Hey Steve and Ariel, (My jaw just hit the floor!)
    Well done for standing up and speaking out. You are some of the last people I expected to see around here ~lol

    This just absolutely shows the Church has bitten off far more than it can chew. I can hear Miscavige choking on it 😉

    I am sure that everything will be hunky dory now that you have freed your hearts and are standing up for the truth. Feels great don’t it?


    Phil de Fontenay

  4. Steve and Ariel, Welcome to the land of the free!!! awesome write-up and read the entire post to the link you posted wow, you hit the nail on the head. Do you have any idea whatever happened to Shane Brockdorff, I believe years ago he was Senior CS of ANZO? thanks Carol.

  5. What is GAT?

  6. “Live and let live”. Those are the exact words I used when I pleaded with Church officials that I wanted to remain in ARC with the “Church” though I no longer wished to remain a member. “Live and let live” is simply not in the Church’s DNA so they expelled me on Christmas Eve 2010. My Sea Org kid’s presents were never opened as they were not allowed to come over for Christmas. SIx weeks later my kids were not allowed to attend my Mom’s 80th birthday party which took place five minutes from Flag. Relatives from all over the country were in attendance. The Church was totally aware that the party was to take place when they declared me. Church officials simply do not give a rat’s ass about the collateral damage they inflict – even on an 80 year old woman who loves her grandchildren more than you can know. That was nearly two years ago. My son came to his senses and left and is now with me. My daughter is still in. She has not communicated to her grandmother in nearly a year. This is pure evil. You will find the amount of suppression that comes off your dynamics will act as heavy duty shock absorbers against any bumps in the road you may encounter. Good luck with your new life.

  7. Mother of Grendel

    I love your message and I love the simple, pure way you’ve delivered it. Thank you.

    When one thinks about either the purpose of a Church (spiritual support and guidance) or of the Church of Scientology (provide tools for improving conditions for self and others), its clear that the Church of David Miscavige provides neither. Even without the laundry list of evils that have been done in the name of “CoB” or “command intention,” it is obvious that the Church of Miscavige is a failure and a fraud.

    It is also obvious that real Scientology and the values of Scientology are very much alive and well with the Spargos, the thousands who opened their hearts and wallets to the Headleys, and the Indies who “just say no” to Miscavige’s corruption and greed.

  8. Hi Steve and Ariel. I’m very glad to see you,ve made the right decision. I’ve written a little comment on your Blog too. Let me know if you need any assistance.

  9. I believe: Golden Age of Tech. See under Categories e.g. ‘tech’.
    Somebody else to explain it in a few words?

  10. Steve and Ariel,

    Hello and welcome! The following comes to mind:

    “So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
    And we never even know we have the key.” – The Eagles, from the lyrics to
    “Already Gone”

  11. Welcome to our family here.

  12. ‘GAT 2 will fix that”??? Then of course, there will be a 3 and a 4….The way dm has setup his scam ,if it weren’t so evil, would be laughable.
    Steve and Ariel welcome to sanity and where you don’t have to spend a fortune for suppresion and lies.

  13. I think what might be going on here is that people who are able, intelligent and able to see things for what they are, are leaving the church. It’s a bad trend for the Church. I don’t think the Church uses graphs and stat analyis anymore, but if they did it would look pretty bad.

  14. GAT was a complex system of levers and pulleys that was intended to put a damper on training. Few understood much of it, but some tried to “glib” their way through it.

  15. Steve & Ariel – I just read everything on your site and it is amazing. What a tremendous job! Thank you. It is bound to help many others see the truth of what is really happening.
    It’s wonderful to have you both among the independents!

  16. Awesome news! Great write-up. The straps are off. You are now free to walk about your religion ;).

  17. Hi Carol. He still is the Snr C/S. He is or was just in South Africa where he comes 3-5 times a year. On the issue of the recent Tom Cruise/Katie split the line he was pushing was that “Rathbun went to Katie’s family and poisoned them on Scn so of course who would Katie believe? Tom or her family?” So he’s very much around pushing the party line.

  18. Stands for “Golden Age of Tech.” It is DM’s way to try to turn educating yourself on Scientology into a series of “If-Then” rote procedures.

  19. The Church of Scientology these days hates kids unless they are safely in the SO. Kids have no money, and distract their parents from total dedication to making Mr. David Miscavige rich.

    The Sea Org is suppressive. This is the only place for kids in Scn, since while they don’t have money, they have the idealism and vitality of youth, which is, of course, what SPs feed on.

    I sincerely hope your daughter figures it out. They way things are going, things might be being figured out for her.

    Mark Patterson

  20. thanks Mantis, that is sad about Shane. He was a fun great guy at one point and after the GAT I saw him change before my eyes. I was at Flag in the Sandcastle and my attention was pulled over to where he was standing and his space was “black”. I saw a complete robotic solider standing there in full uniform and I knew. I never went back to Flag after that trip.

  21. By the way, read your blog – wow! Worse than I thought. Very well done on documenting the madness. You are so right on the Laws of L&N. And the sec checks. The church is not practicing Scientology. It is the worst sort of fraud.


  22. Great write-up, I read the link on the expansion of your story and was appalled by the gross out tech at AOSH Anzo you wrote about. I encourage everyone to read this.

    I am so glad I don’t audit in the Church of Miscavige anymore, I would be a complete basket case.

  23. Amazing how Miscavige assigns me cause of more things than I have the time or energy to accomplish.

  24. Welcome out of the insanity and good for you for going viral. How about 10,000 e-mails out to every Scientologist! Your story is excellent – and very spot on! Thank you for coming out!

  25. Gotta love that “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”! What a hoot! Welcome out!

  26. I also just read your review – its an amazing must-read, with a flash of humour every now and then. I did LOL! I was also once a pc at AOSH ANZO and have a lot of reality on what you write about. Interesting that Melbourne Day won the Birthday Game on an emergency trend.There must be a new stat – Big Ribbon Getting Cut = a gazillion points!

    I was also interested in what you said about sec checks. Very invalidative. Very damaging.

    There is so much in your review – its very impressive.

    I also really get that your sense of purpose is unwavering and your knowledge of the tech and policy is sharp. The RCS has lost yet ANOTHER of the good ones. No worries mate, that’s our gain :). May you both flourish and prosper!

  27. Marty: That is the current condition of the Church of Miscavige – always blaming – absolutely no responsibility!

    The world is picking the right target blames Scientology/Miscavology for being criminal – not you – it is Miscavige running things – and he is running them right into the ground! Hip Hip Hooray! Anyone who was in and exposed to the brutal treatment may have made mistakes while in – but most of them get out. You got out Marty – and good for you! You are doing a good job exposing the truth about the Church of Miss Cabbage!

  28. Welcome out of the COM 🙂

  29. The write up makes so much sense – I kept feeling “not duplicated” because I was exposing the criminal activities – and of course, was simply ignored. Either I pay the piper or everyone ignores. I chose to do my own research and due to the Scientologist’s postings on the internet – came to the truth once and for all. I am doing fantastic! All of my dynamics are lining up, flourishing and prospering and improving conditions every day!

    One cannot have any friends or family in the Co$. You can’t have a house, a family, any money, any time. It is grind away working for the Organization and give everything you have for absolutely nothing but brutal treatment and it drives people crazy! Glad to be out too!! I hope more people leave before they go nuts!

  30. Marty, lol. DM can’t see he is his own WHO!

  31. Was just going to say the same thing, Marty. That’s so telling. Pooooor church/TC doesn’t stand a chance against the might of Rathbun! Brockdorf’s statement is also an admission that it was Katie’s viewpoint about Scientology (or more properly – the RCS) that was the cause of the split. You would think they would shut up. Lots of people get divorced for a myriad of reasons – but that comment of Shane Brockdorf’s really confirms the cause of the split.

  32. We are hopeful. Thanks.

  33. To clarify my badly written post – “Poor church / TC doesn’t stand a chance against the might of Rathbun” is their victimy complaint.

  34. Steve, I followed the link in the above article and read your entire write-up of outpoints with the church. All I can say is that the quality of these write-ups by Independent Scientologists just keeps getting better and better. I thought I’d read some stellar write-ups before, but yours is by far, the most extensive and detailed that I’ve seen yet.

    Bravo for such a well done job. Not only did you ably cover many of the outpoints which have been detailed in other write-ups (including my own), but you brought the microscope to bear on a great many others which I’ve never seen covered before. Outstanding!

    Not only did you name the outpoints, then quote the pertinent LRH policy that is being violated, you also fleshed out your own reasoned conclusions about these departures and failures, as well as provided lots of personal anecdotes detailing your own experiences with these crimes. Completeness!

    To top it all off, you then provided a list of suggested handlings to reverse the disastrous course the corporate church is on. Perfection!

    It’s my opinion that the current troubles with our church would end tomorrow, if every staff member and public Scientologist read your write-up. It’s a masterful evaluation of the current scene.

  35. GAT is a “better” and missing training technology, that David Miscavige figured out (made up). L. Ron Hubbard didn’t have the intelligence to figure what David did. Hubbard’s “old” study and training technology resulted in the “blind (Hubbard) leading the blind”, according to David Miscavige.

    Later, it was discovered by thinking Scientologists that GAT is a con invented by David Miscavige to extend the runway of becoming an Auditor, while at the same time turning them into rote, robotoid Auditors, unable to think for themselves, which in turn damages the case of the Pre-Clear as the Auditor isn’t really there with the PC. An Auditor is trained to misread the emeter, waiting and waiting for 3-swing floating needles.

    GAT is what is called a “squirrel” technology because it is a pretended technology that doesn’t work. As a result, it’s been discovered by thinking Scientologists that David Miscavige is the biggest squirrel in the history of the Scientology religion. Perhaps you could call him the “Paul of Christianity” (who squirreled Christianity), but much worse, and far more abusive than Paul.

  36. Brilliant write up. Exellent data analysis on the blog. More and more corroboration of the fact that david miscavige is indeed a true blue SP.

    I hope you will continue to audit freely in the independent field.

    Oh, and davey, if you’re reading this, you might be interested to know that in the past week two mission holders have secretly left your suppressive clutches and are plotting their escape from your implant station. The stat of “david miscavige’s lies exposed,” is straight up and vertical.

  37. martyrathbun09

    I had indication that for many months DM was self listing: who is responsible for my condition? He was bouncing back and forth on whether Jason Beghe prompted me to stand up to Miscavige or I prompted Jason likewise; adding Marc Headley, Mat Pesh, Amy, et al to the list. I told Jason that he’s gonna keep on listing till he accepts the only item an auditor is required not to ignore: ME (meaning DM) – ref: HCOB L&N LISTS – THE ITEM ‘ME’. I guess it’ll be a cold day in hell by the time he finally gets his item.

  38. What is the ratio of independents to Miscavige followers? My impression is that most of the high ranking people (OTVII or higher) have left?

  39. martyrathbun09

    Another two I know of are their ways too.

  40. Steve and Ariel, great job on your write up.
    The Church is just a mass of black reactive energy, glad you are out of it.
    Best of luck for your future.

  41. Steve and Ariel,
    Welcome to the Indies. Many thanks for the very thorough data analysis which is very informative as to what the current situation consists of and suggested handlings.

  42. Xenu, there’s a misapplication that I did not realize until after I left the church: the idea that OTVII’s or execs are high above others, to be respected, worshiped, etc. It’s part of that “we are better than them guys” attitude that we took on while in the church. Thankfully I’ve gotten over a lot of that. And the OT VII’s and VIII’s that remain are the ones who’ve given up their right to think for themselves and run their own lives, so even the old viewpoint is inapplicable with them.

  43. I like to call it “THE GOLDEN AGE OF TREASON!”

  44. Simply Revolting


    I was very pleased to see your declaration.

    In my very first days in Scientology as a public, I was very impressed by you as a staff member on Foundation lines. I remember talking to you, and found your comm very interesting and inspiring in those days, the ones when you talk about Scientology and then have to go round touching the walls before you go out to get the bus/train home.

    I have also learned of the other ANZO terminals I admired who were on staff, such as David Graham, Billy and Genny Gray, Carmel Underwood, all out over the years. People who could really produce good products. People that any group cannot afford to loose…

    Yet, still the Church continues its full dive, leaning gleefully on the joystick…

    Good to see your picture, you have really weathered well.

    Glad to see your wife Ariel left with you!

    Well, the best auditors and C/Ses are here; my only advice is to make use of them!

  45. Don’t you just love them upstats!

    The lame shall walk and the blind shall see. Just takes a bit of confronting.

  46. I guess that a precise count would be difficult at this point, given the varying degrees of “outness” and whatnot.

    That said, one of David Miscavige’s more amazing accomplishments in just the past week was to devise a mechanism for gauging (roughly, at least) the relative size, strength and commitment of the Independent field. His effort to buy out the Headleys gave everyone a chance to publicly stand up and be counted. The fact that you could donate anonymously made it possible for people to get involved who might otherwise have remained silent. And the fact that money was involved gave the whole thing some real heft — as opposed to, say, another online petition.

    I’d say, “Thank you Dave” .. but I’m just not feelin it.

  47. In my opinion that would be difficult to figure.
    I can say that I doubt that most of the so-called “high ranking people” have left, as many of my “peers” – OT VII & VIII are CLUELESS!

  48. Steve & Ariel – this is one of the best, thought out, well written analysis that I have read – the blog is superb! Well done.

  49. Welcome Steve and Ariel!!
    Very nice write-up!! I have read alot of it and plan to read the rest as it’s always interesting to hear what the cult is up to these days.
    It is so amazing that people can work SO hard to get up the Bridge only to be tortured by people who really don’t know what they are doing with the tech. And people pay so dearly for all of this, it is such a trap!!
    Welcome to your freedom and I am sure you will get some real tech very soon outside of the insane asylum.

  50. Steve and Ariel!!!
    Warm warm welcome.
    Steve has been a household name in Sydney in the Scientology community.
    If there was a naming ceremony, a wedding, a funeral, Steve was the minister,
    This resignation has had significant IMPACT.
    These Aussies from Down Under have to be admired ! I love ’em !

  51. Or, go to the site:
    where you can put in your question or item e.g. ‘golden age of tech’.

  52. You are his Nemesis Marty and I congratulate you! YOU ROCK!

  53. Steve and Ariel,

    Excellent write up! Welcome to the land of the free and home of the brave! Wow, it’s really gotten even worse than before. Those that stay are risking their sanity and their lives. It’s total suppression in the false name of help. CRIMINAL is right. Loved your, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!” Perfect.

    Very well done on coming forward with a bang!

  54. Great write up! Amazing how someone will just go on with a BI’s client and think they are doing the “right thing”. That defies the laws of common sense. Sorry about all of the losses you were set up for and I am glad they did not drive you insane. There is a long history of governments failing and the population beneath them going into a bit of anarchy. But the people then start taking responsibility for one another and actually come upscale and a better civilization results. You are coming into the Independent Movement at a good time. A time when people are looking out for one another and fixing up what/who did not work and it’s becoming a very clean effort. You will come to find you will survive only too well with out the madness the CofS has become. Sec checked because you did not want to join the Sea Org at your own expense illustrates how far down the CDEI scale the Church has drifted. What has the recruiter missed on you? That you are aware of CONDITIONS which IS right at CLEAR on the awareness characteristics! From having the purpose to clear the planet to convincing clears that they are not clear when they are, is exactly how perverted David Miscavige has made this thing we call the Church of Scientology.
    I am glad you have separated yourself from that black magic!

  55. I’m always so impressed at the brilliance of so many Scn’s from around the world who post here and now this very thorough spot on eval. Steve your grasp of LRH tech is awe inspiring. Welcome Steve & Ariel to the sunshine!

  56. DM has NO concept of personal responsibility for whats happening to SCN!!He is deaf, dumb and blind to anything but pushing his own policies and agenda. END OF STORY!

  57. He will follow a very simliar path HiItler, Saddam and whats that other guys name who took part in 911? LOL

  58. plainoldthetan

    I want to echo your comment, Ronnie. I read the whole spargo page with today’s posts on it and all I can see in there is stuff I agree with. They’re my observations, too. So the R corner of the triangle goes up. And actuality becomes REALITY. No matter what Miscavige says in his fancy 6-times-a-year time wasting production wasting distractive Hollywood Academy Award style events. Even the real Pope just comes out on his balcony or says a sermon at Easter or Christmas Mass. No spotlights, no glitter, no projected videos. Yet the Catholic Church maintains a massive parishioner base. The Mormons are growing despite having NONE of the Miscavige-style glitter. And Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church has a weekly service with 42,000 attendees…more than all of Scientology!

  59. Steve, An interesting tech story of my own. Up until a few months after the Maiden Voyage OT8 was described as “freedom from amnesia on the whole track”. This was what was on all of the promo and this is what people paid 40 grand a pop for. ” Freedom from amnesia on the whole track. ” This is what was promised to everyone who chipped in and paid for David’s ship. David obtained millions, billions, of dollars selling people OT8 which would bring them “Freedom from Amnesia On The whole track”. You haven’t seen that promo around for over 25 years right? All traces of that promise vanished very quickly all at once did you notice that? About six weeks after the Maiden Voyage an OT8 showed up at the Sandcastle for auditing. I asked to a LOT of tech people, “Why is an OT8 on a meter? If he has freedom from amnesia on the whole track why would you need to put him on a meter? I mean, couldn’t he just tell you whatever it is you wanted to know?”
    POOOF! Every piece of promo with that E.P. for OT8 VANISHED!
    The C of S used to have it’s grade chart on line. Life Repair had been removed. Now the on line grade chart has been removed. I look at this and David has so much as promised a grade chart up to OTXV!
    He still owes thousands of people OT9 and 10 that have paid for it and it has not been delivered. He still owes thousands of people Super Power and he has not delivered it. Have you considered the HIDDEN DEBT he has created for the Church through non delivery of paid services?

  60. If PC’s would just bring their own simulators and drill packs to session everything would be fine.

  61. Steve and Ariel,

    What an awesome and thorough write up at your blog.

    One friend has been trying for months and months and months to get an RTC pass for her internship. Another friend gave up on trying to get a pass on his TRs and just quit.

    It’s wonderful to be out from under that suppression.

  62. Steve, your blog is very thorough and very well presented. Anyone reading it from start to finish would get a very clear picture of the current reality of the RCS. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I’ll be sure to send others to your blog. Flourish and prosper!

  63. Steve and Ariel – how is Yoshi doing? He is / was the Solo course sup. One of my favourite people ever. Would love to know how he is doing.

  64. Steve and Ariel,
    From your words and your picture it appears that two more great people have seen he light. Wishing you the best.

  65. Free of the cult

    This is a very good day – seeing Steve Spargo announce his resignation.

    I hope this will act as a wake up call to others here in Australia.

    Things must be getting very tough for the cult of miscavige here in ANZO.

    Yesterday I received an item in my letter box. As it turned out, it was not an envelope as such but a couple of golden sheets of paper all sticky-taped up. The address seems to be written in a child’s handwriting.

    What is interesting about it, is that the address used my full name. This is something that I never gave the church. However it is something that can be obtained from the Australian electoral roles. The church used to have my former address and must have spent a lot of time cross referencing electoral roles to match my full name with my current address.

    The substance of this letter from CLO ANZO is:

    “Some years ago you did some services with us here at the Church of Scientology in Sydney. I work in the Management of the Church in Australia and was wanting to get in touch with you to update you on an event that happened in the Church in 2007. This is a Monumental Event that has changed Scientology for ever!!

    And as someone who did services with us you totally deserve to know what happened.

    So enclosed is a DVD for you. This DVD will show you exactly what happened.

    I hope this Event answers any questions you may have had before.”

    The DVD they sent was miscavige’s announcement of the release of the basics.

  66. Why does Tom Cruise like Miscavige so much?

  67. …actuality becomes REALITY. No matter what Miscavige says in his fancy 6-times-a-year time wasting production wasting distractive Hollywood Academy Award style events.

    Yep. All the smoke and mirrors and Hollywood special effects in the world, can’t change the real facts of what’s occurring in the church. Reports/evals like Steve’s put the lie to all the false advertising and shameless image making. When people truly inform themselves of the real scene, and put their personal integrity hats on, the differences between what’s promoted and what’s real, are quite horrifying. That’s the point at which a person withdraws their support.

    Miscavige has systematically destroyed everything that thousands of dedicated staff and parishioners built over many decades of hard work. I’ve run out of superlatives to describe the extent, depth, and breadth of evil that that man has committed against mankind.

    The only upside, is that he’s freed the tech to take root in a million new places, and has assured his own downfall. I can’t help but think that he’ll topple soon. He’s already run off most of the true upstats and power terminals from the group, and more are leaving every week. No group can survive such an unrelenting exodus of its best and brightest for long. At some point, all you have left are PTSes, DBs, and criminals. And then the walls cave in.

  68. Very well stated!

  69. Absolutely stunning and outstanding write-up of out-points of the Miscavigites and the Church of Miscavigism on your blog. Thank you! You are opening a lot of eyes, I’m sure.

    I agreed with everything. I just have one tiny point of contention of fact, though it’s nothing of comparable magnitude to your message, for sure:

    “It’s also another fact that people don’t go to libraries any more.”

    Perhaps that’s true where you live, but my local library is a happening place, with around 50+ people in it at any given time, in a town of 50,000. I go there myself at least once or twice a week.

    Here’s what really bothers me about the Church of Scientology’s Library program in my area: In the entire Douglas County, population of 292,000 people with 7 very good libraries, there is not even ONE copy of Self Analysis, which is the best example of practical application of tech and self betterment one can do at home.

    Perhaps worse, in all 7 libraries, there is only 1 copy of Fundamentals of Thought, 1 copy of Problems of Work, 1 copy of DMSMH, and1 copy of Dianetics 55. That’s it! (All published in 2009, so they’re all squirrel issues)

    Just 4 Scientology BOOKS for a population of 292,000 people!

    That’s only .57% of an LRH book per Library. Stinkin’ pathetic! What an F’ing scam of David Miscavige! What an outrage!

  70. Anon-onyourside

    Am I wrong to conclude that GAT and GAT2 were introduced in order to get more money from parishioners? From all the posts on this blog that I have read, it seems that DM is only motivated by money. If you wanted to turn a religious organization into a cash machine run by unquestioning yes men/women, wouldn’t you force out any thinking leaders, rewrite the theology on your terms, make money the only important result, and hide the money in real estate all over the world? If DM doesn’t care that the membership is dwindling, the only question left is what is his goal? Historically, when the above happens to non-religious corporations, the end result is the corporation is dismantled. Is that the goal here?

  71. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Welcome 🙂
    Enjoy the sweet taste of freedom x

  72. Marty please stay humble. You have very nice Anons standing behind you. I love you without reservation.

    The Internet loves you in spite of your love of Scientology.

    Why ? Because you stick to your convictions.


  73. Marty, a person that does not take responsibility assigns cause to others. The dwarf is the ultimate in no responsibility.

  74. What’s to understand? It is designed to make everybody glib.

  75. Gerhard Waterkamp

    DM has a solution ofr the hidden debt. Anybody who wants his money back gets declared and send a sleazy letter explaining because they are declared now, they cannot be refunded. Problems solved. The guy is a genius.

  76. These days the people that come back from OT 8 look robotic, caved in, small. Many of them are becoming ill shortly after.

    Are they doing anything different lately?

  77. Steve and Ariel,

    Spot on.

  78. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Welcome to a better place. Your thorough write up was right on. Thanks for putting it together and all the best to down under.

  79. And everything above OT 8 is “confidential, not yet release.” In other words waiting for dm to figure out his next con.

  80. martyrathbun09

    I think it stems from a cannibal instict of Miscavige’s. Since he took the reins he has turned Scientology orgs into parasite operations that feed off the same captive public. He is on a kick of denying Scientology to new people. They feed on their old public, come up with some other scheme so that they can feed on them again, then come repeat, over and over.

  81. Thanks for the write-up, I checked your link, and that’s a lot of outpoints you noted. Lot of time went into documenting all of that. Well Done! One of the BIG things that gets me is the 6-month sec check on OT 7. How is it possible that any person on that level could not feel anything other than the harmonic of INVALIDATION by someone insisting that they be sec checked for NOTHING!!!??? God Damn! That in itself is not just an invalidation of the person, but an invalidation of the whole LEVEL! They actually invalidate their own product, don’t you see? “We suspect that while you are on OT 7 you are still doing bad things.” To which I would reply, “It’s OT 7 for God’s Sake, at what point are you jackasses going to just TRUST that Case Gain results in being Ethical?” It’s so blatantly wrong, just another ponzi scheme of sorts, and it’s like you say – a “no auditing” situation. That ALL goes back to DAVID MISCAVIGE, that is his personal (deviant) touch, you can be sure. He only cares about money, he sure as hell don’t care about you or me. He’s really a hideous little creature, inasmuch as he pretends to be the complete opposite of who he really is. And as you say, looking for outpoints inside that place these days is like looking for someone wearing a bathing suit at the beach! All you see if you open your eyes is just outpoints all over that damn place! It’s so bad you want to say to them, “Is there anything AT ALL you guys do around here that is NOT a complete 100% deviation from LRH policy?” Anyway, thanks again for your public announcement, you certainly did the right thing by saying goodbye. I cannot believe more Scientologists are not doing the same, it’s quite pathetic of them not to.

  82. Thanks for posting this notice and the link to Steve’s page.

  83. Thought for the day:

    “The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression.” – W. E. B. Du Bois”

  84. Steve and Ariel: Welcome. Every day I find myself closer to LRH’s tech and legacy because of write ups such as yours and the others that have been shared here and elsewhere.

    It’s really becoming quite a group — this connection through cyber-space as well as the new and old friendships formed OUT of corporate scientology.


  85. The simulator was mentioned earlier on this page. Could someone clue me on what improvement, if any, the simulator made in training, or was it another con?

  86. Thanks Phil. It’s great to hear from you again. We look forward to seeing you some time.

    I actually would have liked to be among the first people out here. But you beat me to the punch. Well done mate.


  87. He has present time problems that he can not solve. He has with holds he will never tell. He has overts people know about , even people that are not Scientologists and have never met him! It would take an army of CLASS Xll’s, OEC FEBC grads a few decades and a dream P.R. team to pull him out of it. And I don’t think he is up to fear of worsening yet. That is a 911 situation right there. The simple SP declare some people are picking up right now looks like heaven compared to where David sitting.

  88. Actually, I found a discussion of simulators posted previously on this blog:

  89. Dear Steve,
    I am most of the way through your Review of the Church. It is long, but I find it VERY complete. I have not found one outpoint in anything you have concluded or observed. Your review is an excellent summary of the scene complete with real life examples. Thank you! These observations and experiences cannot help but look “familiar” to anyone connected to the COS.

    Here is something else that may interest you regarding the quotes you gave from HCOB 23 Dec 71RB – The No—Interference Area Clarified and Re-Enforced……. it gets even worse, if that is possible.
    The reason it does is because, apparently, LRH never even SAW this issue. According to the heading of this issue, it was “revised” in 1990 after LRH dropped his body. If you can find a set of “old” tech vols, take a look at the “old” issue of the same title which LRH DID approve. It is even more strict regarding the no-interference area, very clear as to what you pointed out in your review and does not have nearly as many “exceptions”.

    Again thank you for the very complete report on the out tech and off policy being practiced these days by the COS courtesy of Miscavige and the RTC.

  90. Steve, Ariel, welcome to the freedom of discovering, applying and knowing Scientology as we originally cognited on.

    Loved your -extensive- research – write-up on your blog. If you’re truly a Scientologist, you can’t get tired of this shit! 🙂

  91. At this point, the six month check and most other “sec checking” in the Church seem to me to be nothing but a control mechanism.
    It’s essentially telling someone they are a piece of shit and maybe, just maybe if they really get on board with command intention and dont ask any questions or have critical thoughts about Miscavige or his Church. maybe we will let you have your spiritual eternity. But you are at any time, potentially a criminal, out ethics liar so we will have to put you on the machine and check you over every six months, at your expense of course.
    What a valuable service.

  92. You know, it seemed cool at first, before you use it. Drills done with it are like most GAT drills where most people are just glad to “get through it”. I don’t think they have much connection to auditing. How is one untrained student going to demonstrate reads to another student?
    I think the simulators actually train you to read the meter instead of audit the PC.

  93. Tom Cruise is impressed with the gifts Miscavige gives him.

    “brings tears to [your]his eyes”

  94. “It’s OT 7 for God’s Sake, at what point are you jackasses going to just TRUST that Case Gain results in being Ethical?”

    Exactly, Brad.

    The problem is, sociopaths don’t trust anybody. The reason is because they know THEY themselves can’t be trusted. Their thinking is YOU are the same way as them. They “know” all people are dishonest, like them.

  95. “there is no freedom of religion in Scientology. It’s completely authoritarian”…..I like your phrase because is completely truth.

  96. Welcome Steve and Ariel. Thank you for this great write-up. It truthfully illustrates the current scene within Radical Scientology. I am happy you are free of that suppression. Enjoy your freedom.

  97. Atta girl, Chris for putting your first name in your identity! May your journey OUT give you strength and courage!


  98. My postulates for happiness and continued success!

    All the best,


  99. I read your long writeup and thought it was one of the best yet. I liked that it seemed truly your own, from your own experience and inspection. Thank you.

  100. Awesome!!!

    So happy to see more sydneyites out and about.

  101. Wow. I and Ariel are overwhelmed with the amount of feedback we are getting. I will respond to this in a few hours after I have finished work.
    Thankyou to everyone for making me so welcome in the land of Independent Scientology!
    Steve Spargo

  102. Steve and Ariel, Welcome and very nice picture. Freedom looks great on you both!

  103. Steve, your blog is a fascinating read and you make some great observations on it. I started reading it this morning on a work break and literally could not stop!

  104. Sooooooooooo true, Marty, so VERY true! I remember years ago, in the 1990’s when most of us were still “in”…someone wrote up an KR that David Miscavige was “Intentionally changing the tech, and thus was declared SP”. OSA thought that was *very* funny. Amazing how things come back, over and over…until one FINALLY does accept the true responsibility. Let’s just LOOK at this one week. They “Offer” Headleys their bogus offer, and in under 4 days, the ENTIRE bill is paid off. How? Mostly by friends and many peeps they’ve never even met. Steve and Ariel—welcome to the “real” world of freedom. Congratulations on your decision and also for speaking out. Please, soon, do keep telling more of your story! My love to you ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  105. “Earlier this year I woke up to the fact that our Church management has over time departed wildly from LRH policy and HCOB’s and that the entire spirit and survival of the movement is under threat.” “It’s obvious that management feel free to alter successful LRH programs and come up with travesties like GAT.”

    Well, it’s “certainly” not David Miscavige who could be doing anything wrong in management, how could he? Because according to him, in his sworn affidavit, he and RTC are not involved in church management whatsoever. He said so 3 times, below;

    “RTC is not part of Church management, nor is it involved in the daily affairs of various Church of Scientology organizations or missions.”

    “In fact, a major reason for its [RTC] formation was to have such a Church organization that performed these functions in a capacity entirely separate from the actual management of the various Churches and Missions of Scientology. Not only is RTC not involved in the management of the international hierarchy of Scientology churches, but its very existence and performance of its true functions depends on the fact that it is not part of Church management.”

    “Neither RTC nor I has any corporate authority over any Scientology church, including CSI. CSI is the Mother Church of the Scientology religion and has been since its inception in 1981. As such, CSI is responsible for the activities commensurate with such a role, including the ecclesiastical management of Churches, dissemination and propagation of the faith and defense of its activities, including external and legal affairs.”

    – Declaration of David Miscavige, Church of Scientology International vs. Steven Fishman & Uwe Geertz, Case No. CV 91-6426 (HLH (Tx), U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Riverside County, February 8th, 1994

  106. Stay in comm with her. Mail her cards and copies of family pictures, like once a month and all special occasions.. Let her think of her second dynamic. Know she sees outpoints. Let her know how much you care.

  107. Steve – I have read your entire site. I wish to thank you for providing it for all of us to read – and for being thorough in reviewing/evaluating the existing scene. No mere reaction but a thorough analysis. Welcome to the world of free and independent beings. Where what you find to be true us what is true for you.

  108. That is wrong. It is interesting how suppressive the Church is willing to get once they decide SOMEONE ELSE is suppressive, as if issuing the SP declare re stimulates their DEDEX case. Throwing it out there somehow recoils like a black magic spell.

    Once when someone got declared I wrote a commendation on them. Well, I figured, if you had something good to say about someone and forgot, now is the time to mention it when they are in hot water. There is no policy anywhere stopping anyone from writing a commendation on another person at any time. Never. But I had a CMO squad down on my ass in under 48 hours.

    “Didn’t you know _____ got declared?”
    “..mmm, yes I heard about that.”
    “And You wrote a commendation?” Voice rising and eyes glaring in shock and disbelief.
    “Yes I did.”
    “You wrote a commendation on someone we declared?” Jaw drops.
    “I wasn’t suppressed by _____ . In fact I was helped. I always try to write commendations on people that have helped me. There is a policy about that. If someone else was suppressed by __________ it was not me.”
    “When we declare someone it is because they are suppressing everyone in the Church or the Church.”
    “Well I am not a Church and I was not suppressed by _______, I have had a pts rundown we could not find an item. Do I look suppressed to you? I don’t feel suppressed. I have never felt suppressed. I have done the pts sp detection course. How could I possibly be suppressed? I don’t see the Church suppressed. If the Church was suppressed they would not be able to help people overcome spot and handle suppression. We’re you suppressed by ______?”

    Comm lag.

    She turned and walked out and her CMO flock followed not looking at me.

    I guess it a first for her.

  109. Is Co$dm really collapsing now?

  110. I continue to read each entry, Marty, and the comments. I applaud everyone’s bravery! Might I ask a question here that I wish you might speculate about……with all the negative exposure of David Miscavige’s totalitarian and cruel reign, what will it take ultimately for Scientologists to evict him and re-instate LRH teachings? What needs to happen next?

  111. Theo Sismanides

    Steve & Ariel, welcome to the Indies! When true Scientologists join, leaving the church we become stronger and stronger. This is why I am so happy here in Greece because I see my 3D and 4D building up but in an… independent way… welcome and congratulations for your decision.

  112. Well done! Love your blog. The post on Auditing Quality and the invalidative HCO Sec Checks, great analysis! Thanks a lot!

  113. It is true. Two of my OT friends were physically limping this year. That is all I can say. I don’t want to degrade the tech. I

  114. “It’s obvious that management feel free to alter successful LRH programs and come up with travesties like GAT. It feels like fingernails on a blackboard when my friends cheerfully say “Yes, but GAT 2 is going to fix that.” They are right back where I was for most of the last 35 years. I had an excuse for everything”

    10 OUT OF10 FOR PERCEPTION ON GAT,and what GAT2 (I presume GAT3,4 & 5 are already on the drawing board !!) may bring only makes me SHUDDER!!

  115. Marty, as seen in the Co$:

    Marty, as seen by the Indies:

    Marty, as seen by himself:

  116. Hey Steve,
    Your writeup was excellent. Congratulations to both you and Ariel on this new phase in your life. Love and Best Wishes, Dave.

  117. Thanks Jean.

  118. I’ve got to be honest Martin. I had such high hopes for that Church. We’ve got to create something in its place.

  119. Yes, Shane is the NOTS C/S. Or at least earlier this year he was.

  120. The Church replaced successful training lineups developed by our Founder in 1978 with something called Golden Age of Technology. You might have picked up that I don’t think they improved on the original. Sorry for the jargon.

  121. Kevin, I can’t tell you how much I loathe that disconnection policy. I’m sorry you have had so much trouble with it.

  122. No worries. I wrote what I know to be the truth. The Church does not reflect the true spirity of SCientology.

  123. Thanks Tom. I’m glad to be out.

  124. glad to be here. thanks.

  125. thanks a lot ingrid.

  126. When the D/ED of Melbourne Org pulled up the 12month trend on GI, WDAHs etc, she was as surprised as I was. So I’m guessing you are correct that stat analysis has fallen out of the hat pack.

  127. Thankyou Cynthia. It wasn’t fun. It was certainly no fun for Ariel. I was so distracted and I felt the ground opening up beneath me as I found situation after situation. For two months I felt horrified and sick at what I was finding. Then I reached out to the internet and found some people who could discuss the issues without writing a KR.

  128. Yeah, thanks Grasshopper.

  129. Yes, appalled is a good word. They ran into these held-down 7’s and just couldn’t think their way through it. I was trying to work out what they were thinking but just couldn’t work it out.

  130. Thankyou for your kind words Picanin. I do have a strong sense of purpose but I confess, I’m not sure how much we can pull out of the fire at this late stage. I hope it’s a lot.

  131. Yes, amen to that. It was amazing how we were all taken in by it.

  132. Thanks for the compliments Ronnie. Perhaps what you say about getting everyone to read it is true. But I know a number of pretty smart people who read it and didn’t quite see it the same way.

    I read tons of stuff on the internet and it was like water off a duck’s back. I guess the beginning of my awakening was when they abused my wife and threw her off the Bridge with all their ethics confusions. I was never the same after that.

  133. Don’t make me envious. I love that whole community spirit thing, parishioners coming together to share common values, have a cup of tea and a chat. That’s what makes a religion tick.

  134. Thanks for that. But I have my own comment on that. In the form of a question:
    What’s the biggest outpoint?
    A. One crazy SP running the show.
    B. 8,000 guys running round doing what he says and happy about it.

  135. Simply Revolting eh? I’m trying to work out who you could be. Anyway, thanks for the kind comments. And I must say, nobody is happier than I about Ariel leaving with me!

  136. thanks mate. I appreciate you saying that.

  137. Thanks Oracle. But I will put in a plug for training here. I recognized when things went astray and refused to run them pretty quickly. Others have not been so fortunate.

  138. No I hadn’t considered that stuff actually. I forgot about all those prepayments. I’m curious about the ep of OT 8 now. Need to check that out. Thanks.

  139. Yes it is spring here and I am hoping to get some sunshine soon.

  140. Have to say I know that story. I did about two years of TR 0 on three TR’s courses and that was before GAT. Never really cottoned on to the fact that I had out-Int and I was never going to be comfortable until that got fixed. But I know well the feeling of being on course for a year or so without getting through. Horrible.

  141. I’m sorry but I don’t know. I did see him around a bit when I was in the AO. But no news about him. Sorry.

  142. Well, the things that turn up in your letterbox.

  143. Yes, you picked up that I am not too educated on libraries. Sorry about the generality.

  144. Hi Brad. As I said in my writeup, that’s the one that got me too. Every now and then something happens in your auditing that really cements a fundamental for you. One of those times was a correction I did on this guy from Canberra. He was outrageously rebellious, critical and manifesting all sorts of objectionable behaviour. A big problem to everyone. So he’d been writing up OW’s for ages and he comes to me for ruds on his writeups. He read on False (has anyone ever said you had an overt when you didn’t?) and the emeter practically fell off the table as he went crazy cogniting on how this had happened to him. He walks off a changed, happy man.
    So I’ve always been very wary of the danger of assuming someone is “out-ethics” and needs to be sec-checkked.

  145. thankyou for that espiritu. But I have to say, I am sure there is a lot more that I didn’t see. I hope someone else will write that up for us.


  146. no worries.

  147. Tom Cruise is the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet, and he has been completely conned by Miscavige, an actual professional con-artist. Just like in the movies, with entire buildings stuffed with bit-players, spies, people literally rehearsing the lines they may say to him, and with violence and misery kept secret. Like any human, he has obviously contributed to the mess, but I believe he has been kept studiously unaware of Miscavige’s many crimes. He quite obviously believes that Miscavige is a great and LRH-appointed leader and feels privileged to be his friend.

    That makes Tom Cruise just like most of the rest of us. I was gullible to a fault, and as a “good Scientologist” rarely read negative articles after my early years, having already decided that they were full of lies. If Tom has now read of Miscavige publicly violating the sanctity of his confessional folders, he might not even believe it yet, instead chalking it up to suppressive 3rd-party.

    I’m hoping he’s waking up right now, but if he still likes Miscavige today it’s because he still believes the scam.

  148. You have set a wonderful example for the rest of us, Steve, and I know the future is very bright for you and Ariel. I look forward to that day our paths cross again.
    The planet is ours. Let’s move in!

  149. Dear Steve and Ariel,
    Very well done for waking up, i wish the both of you all the best for today, tomorrow and the future. Is that the great ocean road i see behind the two of you ? the twelve apostles, i use to rock fish there it’s a beautiful place. Is Mickfay still in the sea org ? back in 88 in melbourne org 99% percent of the people that i know are not there anymore and they havent done any services since the change over because they were disatisfied with the services given. A friend of mine type 3 had a psychotic break while in session i tried to help him but the org in sydney didnt want to know about his case until he comes up with the money to handle his case, thats when staff started to leave, except for me i was still asleep. Today i do see the light at the end of the tunnel, i still believe that things will be good again some how some way.
    Thankyou Eric Alexandrou Brisbane Australia

  150. It is not the tech causing it, but rather the lack of it.

  151. Hi Steve and Ariel I am in Taiwan and you guys can contact me any time. Please write me email at

  152. GAT was designed to invalidate LRH and all past auditors and auditing, and impede the training of future auditors. It ws very successful in that goal.

  153. Welcome out Steve and Ariel! I remember you, Steve, from when I was the CO ANZO (1984). Good luck in the future.

    Tom M

  154. “a dream P.R. team”, thats funny. But even they could not do it. First, they would not be using lies. Once the lies stop, the freefall we can see will become unbearable for those inside. Those anchor points built of lies, their false security, is all that allows them to keep some space and function. This ends badly for DM and team. Just a question of when.

  155. A very warm welcome from Denver Co, Steve and Ariel :). Great write-up. OSA is not going to be happy!!!

  156. Usage of libraries (for reading books) has dropped dramatically over the last 15 years. However, “free internet usage” in libraries is at an all-time high. 🙂

    Here’s a wikipedia article on it: which references several studies.

    Common sense would dictate that if someone in the 15 to 65 crowd would want to know what “scientology” is, they’d use google and/or wikipedia to find out.

  157. Kingpin OT Level IX – Cause over Miscavige

  158. Perhaps what you say about getting everyone to read it is true. But I know a number of pretty smart people who read it and didn’t quite see it the same way.

    Well, people do have the ability to not-is what’s right in front of their faces. We see it all the time in life.

    While I was in the process of climbing over the fence, I discussed Debbie Cook’s email and Luis Garcia’s write-up with a good buddy of mine who’s been on OT VII for years and years. You wouldn’t believe the analytical contortions and loop dee loops he went through, trying to explain it all away. His flat-out rejection of point blank reality was incredible to watch. It was as though we were standing in a rain storm, me with an umbrella, pointing out to him that he was soaking wet, and that he ought to take cover. Him – standing there telling me, “No no, it’s not what it looks like.”

    I had the same sort of conversation with my brother, who I’d sent my own point-by-point write-up to. There’s no way that he hadn’t observed all of the same outpoints I had, and he couldn’t deny that those outpoints clearly violate the related LRH tech and policy I quoted — but he did. When confronted with the fact that the management of his beloved church had gone into lower conditions, he blinked. He simply could not confront it, and chose instead to suppress his own knowingness to remain loyal to a group that no longer exists.

    I still have hope that those with permanently affixed blinders will eventually come upscale enough to Look for themselves. I suppose some will, and some never will. It’s hard to duplicate the reality of someone who’s been shown the facts, and yet rejects them out of hand. I just know that there aren’t enough blinkered sheeples in Scientology to support the empire, should everyone else leave. And they are. One by one.

  159. Oracle…’re great. I completlely dig you!

  160. Very well done! Success and happiness are so much easier to come by these days! Good luck to you both.

  161. “Usage of libraries (for reading books) has dropped dramatically over the last 15 years.”

    Perhaps this is a demographic thing. One wouldn’t ever know the usage of libraries for checking out books to read dropped dramatically would be true at my Library, anyway. The 3 automated book checkout machines are in constant use when I’m there. Usually, I have to wait in line.

    IMO, our Libraries with hard-copy books are one of the most, if not the most, vital cultural establishments of education for civilizations. The lack of use would be indicative of declining literacy. Libraries are one of my biggest joys and wonders of the world. (They’ve saved me a ton of money, too! :)) I consider them sacred.

  162. Brad,
    There has been a YT on that subject of 6 months checks put up several years ago, but no one in the CoS is allowed to watch it. Perhaps that is why sec checks are needed, and a weapon to keep the trained seals in line.

  163. +1

    That’s a very uncomfortable question, no matter how you look at it.

  164. If Tom Cruise was a nice guy, he wouldn’t manipulate women into his bed with the help of his church. That’s not a religious issue, that’s a character fault.

    Loved him in Days of Thunder though…

  165. Thanks for that. I’m glad you like it.

  166. I havent’ speculated too much about this in my report. I worked out all sorts of scenarios to account for what is happening at ground level and the one that fitted the best was that someone was singlehanding the Church and not paying too much attention to LRH policy. But time will tell.

  167. Thanks Dave. Thanks for your support at a trying time.

  168. Hi Eric. Yes, the 12 Apostles. Beautiful. Wish I was there now. I don’t know much about Melbourne org. But I hope you are right that things are going to turn out ok.

  169. Hi Tom. Thanks for remembering me. I remember those days well. There were so many experienced, trained people around I felt I could depend upon.

  170. Of course, my post about it couldn’t have been David Miscavige causing the suppression, because David said himself, in a legal document, that he had nothing to do with management, was tongue in cheek.

    From my own research, David Miscavige is clearly the source SP causing the majority PTS within corporate Scientology, staff and public.

    Perhaps corporate Scientologists should have it pointed out to them that David Miscavige has hijacked the hat of management, putting management in danger, and SHOULD NOT be managing the church for the very reasons he himself said here in his very own words:

    “Not only is RTC not involved in the management of the international hierarchy of Scientology churches, but its very existence and performance of its true functions depends on the fact that it is NOT [Caps mine] part of Church management.”

    The very fact that Miscavige IS managing the church PROVES he’s not upholding his hat in RTC, and is squirreling his very hat by putting his paws into management. He even emphasizes that RTC’s very existence and performance counts on the fact it’s NOT part of church management.

    (Corporate Scientologists don’t know this? They should!)

    OR, he outright lied to the court in this legal document about the function of RTC which then should put him into legal trouble.

    It would seem to me either of these scenarios is grounds for his termination of the very high post he holds … or at the very LEAST, grounds for full internal ethics investigation on David Miscavige.

    Of course, when you have corporate Scientologists in such fear of their dictator, this will likely never happen until somebody grows some stones from within. It seems by the very fact they’re in FEAR would be indicative to them something is wrong, and they would apply Scientology to that indicator.

    However, I don’t see much hope for that happening. As Marty says, the church is dead. I sadly believe that’s true. David Miscavige killed it.

  171. Love love love the write-up on your blog! So straight, clear, and to the point. Thank you very much.

  172. Steve wrote “the biggest criticism was that I should have sent it to HCO and not told anyone else about it”
    = most of us have quietly written to many terminals up-lines for years thinking someone was home …. no one is.

  173. Yes, they are obsessed with this particular point. Every Scientologist has had this drummed into them. Even now, they have my sister-in-law sending me emails begging me to put my report into KR format and put it on standard lines. I’m guessing, but I think if I did then a bulletin would go out to everyone saying “Relax. Steve has put it all on standard lines and now everyone can relax and be assured it will get sorted out. Nobody has to worry about whether the Church is on-policy or not any more.”
    I don’t know. It’s all a puzzle how people can get so screwed up.

  174. Steve & Ariel,

    Congratulations! Your write-up is fantastic and I truly enjoyed it. Welcome to the party!

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