The Indie 500 and the Tipping Point

Somehow Steve Hall came up with the idea, or knowingness, that when 500 people stood up, told the sociopath David Miscavige ‘no’ to his campaign to wipe Scientology from the face of earth, and vowed to take action to salvage Scientology a tipping point would be achieved.   A tipping point is a term of art defined as follows in Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point:

…the moment of critical mass, the threshhold, the boiling point.

(The Tipping Point – Little, Brown and Company)

In my view, the tipping point in the case of Independent Scientology is that point where the quantum of free theta (spirit, life force, elan vital) in the Scientology world outstrips the quantum of entheta (encysted and disturbed life force).  Of course, per Science of Survival by L. Ron Hubbard and his wonderful lectures on the book, free theta disenturbulates entheta and entheta enturbulates theta.   The goal and activity of the Scientologist becomes simplicity itself according to this theta/entheta balance construct.   That is, restore free theta to a being, a group, an environment, or an activity to the point where the quantum of theta is greater than the quantum of entheta.  If that can be accomplished the universe concerned by its own accord begins converting entheta to more free theta.

I don’t know why, but Steve’s estimation of effort along this line resonated as accurate to me.  That is, I have been in agreement with his 500 Independence announcements theory from the moment he uttered it.   So far the numbers have aligned with my own evaluation of the many other factors on so many fronts we have engaged in to save Scientology from Miscavige’s jaws of defeat.  That is, knowing a lot about various causes and effects over the past three years, knowing a lot about what is still in store, knowing about various overt and quiet underground railroad and delivery activities around the world, and having a perceptive and informative finger on the Scientology Inc. pulse, the Indie 500 list at is almost like an odometer accurately measuring progress.

To put it in practical terms let’s examine the numbers.  As of this morning 366 veteran Scientologists have stood, identified themselves, and spoken out.  By all the multitude of indicators gleaned by the multiple viewpoint system of data collection and analysis available to me, I am of the view that we are about 73.2% of the way home (366 divided by 500 equals .732).

Steve has been promoting the Indie 500 list for a couple years now.  I am making a pitch here for people to encourage others to stand up and be recognized as free thinking, responsible Scientologists by signing on.   Others who stand up after the 500 target is achieved will be recognized and be appreciated.  Knowing Steve, in keeping with LRH’s injunction to keep Scientology as the game where everyone wins, he’ll quickly and quietly turn it into the Indie 1000 list.  But, to me the first five hundred will always constitute a special group of individuals.  Call them pioneers.  Call them trailblazers.  Call them heroes.  I will recognize them as those fellow courgeous souls who stood up when it wasn’t so safe to do so.  I think we’ll all recognize one another as those who made it safer for the rest to step out into the sunshine.   Sure, there are  vicissitudes to come for some time into the future.  But, I have a feeling by the time we reach 500 none of those future challenges will require as much personal strength, sacrifice and courage as the ones the first 500 will have faced and overcome.   The point is, get on board with the Indie 500.  It is a group well worth being part of.  The Indie 500 will be remembered as the ones who had the wisdom and courage to realize that the harder evil comes, the harder it falls.

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  1. If you can figure out some way to get this Indie 500 data known to the Corporate Scientology community, to penetrate the concrete information bubble Miscavige has erected over Scns still “in”, then Scn Inc. might fall apart right there.
    Key to Miscavige maintaining his hold is strict information control on the current victims. Once those people see that more people are out than in, and those people are prospering and having wins, and they are not suppressives in league with the psychs, etc, then most will ask themselves why they are still staying with Scn Inc.
    It’s fear and information control that is keeping them in the group.

  2. I’m not sure if the Indie 500 got my post or not, so I’ll see if it can be checked by replying here. I acknowledge and support the statement in the Indie 500 link provided and would like to add my name to the list. I do NOT support David Miscaviage and the actions that have been engaged in within the COS at all. Thanks if you want to check to make sure my name is on the list. If name doesn’t make it, it’s ok in the Theta universe. : )

  3. Excuse me, I just noticed my actual name isn’t showing. It is, and has been, Sharon Sigmond. The Indie 500 did not confirm if my post went thru and I did not see it come up for moderation, inclusion, or otherwise. And so, if it is possible could someone advise me on this? Thank You.

  4. Bring on the tipping point!

  5. Perhaps Steve Hall will chime in here, but one thing I’ve noticed when posting to his site, is that you have to type in the code in the little security box for your comment to post. Also, if you want your name included on the list, follow Steve’s instructions to the letter. Makes it a whole lot easier for him.

    RBell Indie 500 # 276

  6. manipulative, ugly rubbish.

  7. Would it be alright for my name to be on the list, even though I’m not fond of labels and practice no religion currently? I certainly am about as “independent” as they come!

    Thanks, Amy

  8. martyrathbun09

    Steve is the decider on his list, but my vote is YES!

  9. Here are the instructions from Steve’s site, Amy:

    Send your name to Thoughtful (Steve Hall) at (copy and paste the address) and don’t forget details such as years in Scientology, training and process level, or years on staff.

  10. It was a brilliant idea and is a very accurate barometer of the growth and interconnectedness of the independent field.
    I am fully aware that I personally use what I learned in scientology training to organize and evaluate in my life. And by Steve’s definition, that would qualify me to be on the list. But I reject the label, and as much as i have wanted to sign on to the list and contribute in that way to the motion, I could not bring myself to do it. I am sure thousands of others fall into this group. And thats OK because its part of what makes the list so powerful a barometer. Only those who embrace the label sign on.
    I have posted here under my own name and declared my support. So I am not hidden. But it would just camoflague a hole in the total for supporters like me to sign on, as we will not be delivering or receiving auditing or training.
    But anyone who does call themselves a scientologist and sees auditing and training as part of their future, truly should take the opportunity to stand up for their practices. For those folks it would be an opportunity to empower themselves and their new group. No matter how one explains or justifies not doing so, it still leaves you with an incomplete lower condition and most likley an unhandled PTS situatuion. So do yourself a favor, get on the list, and continue moving up a little higher.

  11. As Ronnie said, you would go to this page on Steve’s site, and follow the instructions exactly. Steve may get your data but may not update the site more than twice a month or so, depending.

  12. Thanks for info Ronnie. I did put in the code, however as usually is the case with those type postings I usually see my post show up, even if for moderation. This time I didn’t. Guess I will find out sooner or later. 🙂

  13. My hunch would be “yes” as well!

  14. I applied for the indie 500 list.

  15. Hi Marty — I sent a “comment” to Steve to add me — although I should have added the caveat that if there is a label — I would fit better as buddhist, rather than independent scientologist. Or buddhist-scientologist. But as you say — it’s up to Steve.

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  17. Mine too! With knobs on….

  18. In reference to….


  19. Well, Marty. I had been sitting on the bench thinking the Indy 500 should be for those who paid the price in the world of Scientology. But after reading this, and seeing the postulate a little more clearly, I have thrown my hat into the ring. I’ll let the “powers that be” decide if I should be added in or not. But it is now out there.

    On a personal note, I’m proud to call you Friend. We spoke only briefly in the begining, and I’ve distanced myself due to the two very different games we each have in play. But I’ve been watching things here for a long time, and it just fills me with pride to know that THE IG Ethics… wore his hat. Did the right thing. Continues to do the right thing, despite the adversity you have seen, and the others have all seen. You are a man of integrity. I hope someday, if I ever grow up, I can return the favor and give back to the 3rd dynamic as much as you have. In the meantime, I’ll be over here in my little corner of the universe. 🙂 And dinner is still on my should you ever make it out this way!

  20. Hi Amy,
    Here is what Steve has posted at the top of the list:

    “ANYONE WHO USES ANY PART OF SCIENTOLOGY TECH, even if other parts are not true for you, is welcomed to be on this list. LRH said what’s true for you is what’s true for YOU. A person who blindly accepts everything is a robot not a Scientologist. Anyone who retains the right to their own integrity belongs on this list. Freezoners are naturally invited. Send your name to Thoughtful (Steve Hall) at (copy and paste the address) and don’t forget details such as years in Scientology, training and process level, or years on staff. ”

    You use the comm formula and the ARC Triangle better than 99% of the so-called scientologists in dave’s cult, therefore, you certainly deserve to be on the list IMHO.


  21. martyrathbun09

    Bravo! Thanks for joining in Bozz.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sinar. I changed ‘though’ to ‘because’, first word, last stanza before final refrain.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Well done, man.

  24. Amy, I’ve been wishing you’d sign up from the first day I created the list.

  25. I would love to be on that list, but cant right now, I am sure I am one of many. I feel that history will commend you all and I am going to miss it! But I wholeheartedly applaud what you are doing here for the sake of getting LRHs tech known and widely used without arbitraries, stops and outright lies.

  26. Hi Marty;

    I’m not sure if at 500 public Indies, the principle as described in the Theta Mest Theory will come about. I agree that the principle is valid, but the disentanglement of theta and mest is going to take an enormous amount of free theta. Just standing up and being counted isn’t freeing up a lot of theta. I agree that the balance between the enslaved and the free shifts in our favour each time someone of good will leaves, and at some point there will be more theta than entheta, but it won’t happen at 500, and it certainly won’t happen if there are only a few products being produced by the Indies.

    In my opinion, the ‘tipping point’ will come only when the Indies out produce the CofS; by producing and continuing to produce trained auditors and Clears in volume. Yes, when someone jumps the sinking ship, that counts towards the tipping point, but unless we are producing products from applying the tech, very little theta is being freed up. By ‘out produce’ the CofS, I don’t necessarily mean in numbers, but percentages A hundred people producing 10 products is out producing a 1000 people producing 50 products. 

    I’ve not seen anywhere any attempt to compile stats on how many Clears, Classed auditors, etc., are being produced in the Indie field. Until there is a stat, there is no real measurement of progress, other than the posters here and elsewhere, and on the 500 list, none of which, in my opinion, gives a true picture of where we and Scientology really stand.

    To see a tech success story would make me very happy.


  27. PS: At ITO, the FEBC classroom was divided up into teams. Each table of 8-10 students was their own team. I was the founder of the “Trailblazers” team. When I saw that word mentioned in your post, how could I not join in? There’s another Trailblazer out here to. OEC/FEBC? Mr. A.S.? Duty calls! Get on the list, man! “Definition of a Team! What is it?” I miss chinese drilling. LOL

  28. Makes sense. How can you move up the Tone Scale and be truly effective as an avowed and knowing enemy without declaring yourself as such. Trying to do it from the Tone Level of Hiding severely limits your effectiveness, witness Miscavige…

  29. “The harder they fall” … that’s an Elvis Presley song. Is there a sly reason why that is used several times here? There hasn’t been a formal declaration from her … .yet.

  30. I emailed Steve via the website and my name is up already! # 375! After reading Steve and Ariel’s post and website I am utterly convinced that this is the right thing to do.
    I love being a rebel!

  31. Thanks Simi. Steve sent me an email and so I’m on track. thanks much 😀

  32. Thanks Simi. I received an email from Steve so am on track now. 😀

  33. Thanks for letting us know that this REALLY, REALLY upsets you! What can we do to make you feel better?

  34. I was pretty fed up with trying to connect to anyone after I told the church “NO, I will not stop talking to those I myself want to talk to”, and then came out into the Freezone, For better or worse, the Freezone was all anyone had for terminals to communicate with that would even half way understand a Scientologist , before M&M and others started to leave.

    I just want to acknowledge Steve for presenting something that allows those of us who saw Scientology for what it was to make a statement in a “group”. One would have had to be in the higher ranking lineage to have their presence acknowledged, and we weren’t all in that rankage, so Steve’s Indie 500 allows us all to continue to have that connection some of us miss.

    And thanks Marty for keeping the comm lines in so all of us out here have the opportunity, if we want it, of knowing what’s happening.

  35. Hi Bob,

    I’m very new to this blog so I’m responding to your statement with little known about you. You said, “In my opinion, the ‘tipping point’ will come only when the Indies out produce the CofS; by producing and continuing to produce trained auditors and Clears in volume.”

    -Does it matter how many trained auditors the COS produces if they are out tech?
    -Does it matter how many Clears are made in volume, if they are later invalidated and made to do it again?
    -How many independents were made to do the puriff again or purchase altered tech?

    The COS can give you any stat you want because they can make it up. We all have seen that is true.

    -The tipping point is not producing–it’s product. My Independent auditor made 5 Clears last year and 3 OTs. I don’t know of a single Class V Org that has done the same. Do you?

  36. martyrathbun09

    We too have out-produced any Cl V org for two year running. I know of a growing number of others who have done the same. Thanks for reminding me – that Indie 500 list is a fairly accurate baramoter of INDEPENDENT FIELD STANDARD TECH DELIVERY RESULTS to boot.

  37. I agree that the balance between the enslaved and the free shifts in our favour each time someone of good will leaves, and at some point there will be more theta than entheta, but it won’t happen at 500…

    True, but for every person who elects to stand and be counted on the Indie 500 list, there are many times more who haven’t. In my own circle of local Indies, I think less than 20% have added their names, and I’m sure that’s true for every other circle. In that wise, I look at the Indie 500 as just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    Let’s also not forget the caliber of those who are among the current wave of pioneering Independents. As we’ve seen, some of the very best and brightest of the Scientology community are routinely declaring their independence from the corporation on this very website. The amount of horsepower and spiritual heft these individuals bring to the table, far outweighs the quality and quantity of what remains behind in the cult.

    You want to talk about the balance of theta to entheta? It’s happening before our very eyes. You bet, a tipping point is approaching, and it’s coming on fast.

  38. martyrathbun09

    reply to another also relevant here:
    We too have out-produced any Cl V org for two year running. I know of a growing number of others who have done the same. Thanks for reminding me – that Indie 500 list is a fairly accurate baramoter of INDEPENDENT FIELD STANDARD TECH DELIVERY RESULTS to boot.

  39. In my opinion, the ‘tipping point’ will come only when the Indies out produce the CofS; by producing and continuing to produce trained auditors and Clears in volume.

    It’s already happening, Bob. In my own local group, we’re producing Grade comps every week, and now have a regular study group going. We’ve even had several OT level completions this year, and more are coming. Myself and another local Indie are starting Solo I, and will soon join the list of OT completions. And we’re not unique by any means. This is going on in every Indie community.

  40. Especially when you factor in the fact that any “auditor” they make is a GAT robot “auditor” and the Grade chart “completions” were likely not “in session” and were more often than not run on blanket C/Ses or quickie Grades….

  41. Just curious, how many clears and trained auditors have you produced in the past couple of years? Or how many steps on the bridge (training or processing?

    We’ve completed 19 on various academy training levels, activated four new auditors, gotten 29 people debugged on clear cycles with 17 of them through solo and on to OT levels. We’ve also gotten 11 people through a drug rehab program including a full NED drug rundown to EP. I’ve gone through NED and Grad V and completed Solo NOTs and my wife has gone from stalled clear through NOTs.

    I’ve also delivered over 55 comm courses to new public in a non scn environment and dozens in our courseroom in a scientology environment.

    I think you are to a certain extent missing the point. The point is that there is such a thing as a THETA universe and it is being rehabilitated and one of the most vital points of that rehab is for real thetans to hold their location and maintain friendly relations with the environment and the public. The Indy 500 list is simply one place for people who want to, to stand up and be “counted.”

    It’s very theta.


  42. Hi, Marty!

    I sent Steve Hall an email asking for my name to be added to the Indie 500 List and gave him the specifics of my listing, if accepted. I appreciate all you’re doing to recover LRH’s Church from the usurper. I did not know of the Indie 500 List, but certainly wish to forward their motion all I can.

    My role as the primary caregiver for my 99 year-old ex mother-in-law continues to command more and more of my time as she becomes more senile. I do wish to write up my reason(s) for leaving the Int Base in 2003 and submit the write-up to the Indie 500. I would certainly want my write-up to be a credit to the group, so will do my best to make it accurate, truthful, sincere and express my viewpoints such that any can understand my reasons.

    All the best to you and yours and, again, thank you for all you’re doing.


    Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 19:08:17 +0000 To:

  43. Maybe a email missive to D. Cook’s email addresses can be sent out! Wow can you imagine the lookie loos to see if anyone they know is on the list, hahaha

  44. lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, rotflmao!!!!!!!

  45. The Indie 500 is quite a list. Not just a list of names. Look at who they are! Auditors. Scientology veterans. Sea Org members. Staff. Top OTs. Class XIIs. Commanding Officers. FSM of the Year. Power FSMs. Elite FSMs. Disseminator of the Year. Mission Holders. Executive Directors. Body Routers. RTC staff. WDC Members. IAS Patrons and Cornerstone Contributors. IAS Medal Winners. People who worked with LRH and knew him. A recipient of the “Award of Extreme Competence.” A recipient of the “Star of Trust.” A KhaKhan. OEC/FEBC. Data Series Evaluators. Translators. Scientology Pioneers. Singers. Actors from LRH’s films. The person who’s TRs serve as the model for all auditors in training (in addition to LRH). People who helped compile LRH HCOBs and HCO PLs. Missionares. Decorated war heros. Leaders in the business world. Artists. Musicians. Golden Era Musicians. Ethics specialists. The last living Class XII Case Supervisor personally trained by LRH and the ex-wife of the President of the Church. LRH’s chef. The man who was the public face of Scientology for 20 years. And the list goes on.

    That’s a hell of a list.

  46. Snowhite – oh how we’ve missed you! LOL, laughter is a rejection of outpoints and you give us so many to laugh at 🙂 🙂 🙂

  47. martyrathbun09


  48. martyrathbun09

    We’re proud to have you. I look forward to seeing your write up.

  49. Oh and when I say an Auditor is out tech I dont mean to imply that he does so on his own determinism. He is MADE to be out tech by COB and those who support him and choose Black Dianetics over freedom.

  50. martyrathbun09

    Sorry, I forgot to post the Birthday game winner this year. You continue to blow away any and all Scientology Inc. orgs!

  51. #324 Tom Gallagher

    #324 checking in.

    Actually, I feel remiss for having not signed up sooner. Never-the-less, yeah, I’m one of those independent ones. Thanks Steve, Marty, Mike, Karen, Tory, and on and on and on. You’ve all stood up for decency, truth and integrity. I don’t need no shackles on me either.

  52. #324 Tom Gallagher

    As a final comment, I find it ironic that big brother is such a small man.

  53. I reply to corporate Scn emails now with “Good Roads, Fair Weather” comments and the signature:

    Mark Patterson
    Independent Scientologist
    #364 on the Indy 500

    I think I will add a link to the list.

    So far, this had me unceremoniously removed from the CC list, but Pasadena, the Free Winds, and AO (of all places) has not figured it out yet.

  54. If you don’t know what products are being produced, you should get more involved. Indies are already far out-producing the Church, unless you are measuring in terms of “new SPs made” — the product of the Church of David Miscavige. Plus, it’s not just 500 “people.” It’s the top 500 movers and shakers of Scientology, a “Who’s Who” of Scientology. See my other post here. If the average number of years in Scientology was 18 for each person on this list, you are looking at a combined Scientology experience 6,750 years of study and experience with the subject.

  55. I emailed Steve using the email address he provided at the top of the list. Steve was very responsive! (Thanks, man!)

  56. The Seven Dwarfs

    Have you been reading Freedom Magazine again?!

  57. So true. I recommend anyone on the fence to review the list, review their stats, and then review what the church’s communications have been, and compare.

  58. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Thanks Steve. For creating this and for all you do. It seemed a sky high goal 3 years ago but now we’re so close 🙂 x

  59. Theo sismanides

    Yeah that’s impressive, really!

  60. That was a really nice validation Marty. Thanks. Proud as to be #30 on the list

  61. Glenn, I am so happy to hear from you. And your name has been added. In the Way to Happiness, LRH noted the power of setting a good example. That’s exactly what you did in 2003 when you left. I saw the insanity you were thrust into at the Int Base — imagine trying to wear the hat of Chaplain in Miscavige’s private witch pit. It was impossible. Thank you for having the integrity to set a good example to everyone else.

  62. I gotta say, it was with trepidation that I pushed the “Send” button on my email. You have heard this before from others, but there is a big difference between being “under the radar” – even sort-of under, as I was – and publicly taking the stand.

    In the past two weeks, a definite shift has happened in my universe, and that shift is that I am taking full ownership of Scientology. It is 100% mine. But that does not mean I am greedy. In actuality, it 100% belongs to anyone who takes it. It 100% belongs to each of us.

    The church has finagled itself into the position of, essentially, handing out rental slips to the tech, and putting barriers on Scientology. WISE businesses must “license” the tech. You must get sec-checked up the ying-yang to get a couple of drops of session. The church is trying to corner licenses to survive.

    The work is yours – if you take it. And the best way, I found, to make that known is to declare your independence. Thanks Marty for this venue, and thanks to Steve for setting up the Indy 500.

    Mark Patterson

  63. Great. I proudly stand next to every name on that list!

  64. Hello bros and sissis,
    It is not my bag to get all adminny so I hope y’all won’t just turn around like Yvonne would do and say Yes dear, go ahead and do it! That said here is my suggestion for someone that might like to do it…The Auditor used to be the place where if it wasn’t written there it wasn’t true. Wouldn’t it be grand if we had a blog that was the recipient of all stats that could be posted monthly. Auditing hrs, grades made, OT levels made, marriages, births etc.

  65. Loving that list….and it keeps on growing!

  66. Ha ha! Good one!

  67. No, Freedumb Magazine.

  68. Congrats, Sharon … you are on the list now! … as well as a bunch of other people newly added.

  69. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    What happened? You looked in the mirror again?

  70. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

  71. Thanks Ronnie,

    You’re me brudda’ and we think the same shit’s funny. I like pointing out ridiculous situations such as this because they fit the definition and literally are deserving of ridicule.

  72. Thanks again Simi. A Reach for those who are on that great list feels amazing. It’s been awhile. 😀

  73. Glenn — so happy to see you here. Your ex-mother-in-law is a lucky woman. You take care of her, your write up doesnt take precedence. Your presence alone is good enough my man. Because anyone who knows you knows also that your handshake, whether in person or in cyberspace, once given is all that’s needed for your 100% support.

  74. You’re very theta.

  75. Though it probably doesnt NEED to be said again, it deserves to be said again.

    Thankyou to my good friend Steve Hall.

    Marty once called you the hardest working man in the Independence Movement. I wholeheartedly second that motion.

    You set out on a given course and you don’t just talk, you DO.

    You earned an honored and important title: Official Starter of the Indy 500.

  76. Vicar,
    I feel as you do. I am very uncomfortable with the implied agreement that comes with accepting labels. I am quite content with what I accept and apply of what I learned in my Scientology days, and feel I have benefitted greatly. If someone were to ask me if I were a scientologist, I would still say No. You won’t find me quoting LRH, or telling anyone that they ought to buy or study LRH’s books. As a teacher, I apply study-tech on a daily basis, and teach my students to do the same but it never occurs to be to preface what I am doing with “LRH says…”. If you don’t know the fingering to F-sharp on your flute, look it up in the fingering chart! If you are confused by a rhythm, draw the basic structure and fill in the details and/or write in the counting… etc, etc.

    My purposes for signing on to the Indy 500 list have nothing to do with the label or with joining a group with a set of agreements. It has everything to do with making a public statement in my own name that I reject DM and the culture of the Church of Scientology, AND that I acknowledge I have gleaned benefits from my experiences and studies in Scientology that are part of my daily life regardless that I do not consciously equate my actions and habits with my previous association with Scientology.

    Having said that, I blushed at Marty’s grouping me together with a list of fearless heroes. I am no hero among this movement. After Marty’s essay I had a fleeting thought that I should ask to remove my name from the list out of embarrassment. But no, even though I am not among the heroes, I will never withdraw my name from the public declaration and support of the true heroes whose names appear on that list. In this instance, I am very proud to be a number.

    Nancy McPherson
    Indy 500 #359

  77. Scott, your previous statement hit the nail right on the freakin’ head. Pounded that sucker all the way in with one thwack! I’ve been trying to say the same thing for months now, but couldn’t do it without writing a dissertation. Ya dun good, son 😉

  78. As soon as I freaking hit the “Post Comment” button, I realized it is probably “Hear, Hear!”, and after a quick Google check, that’s correct. So…

    Hear, Hear!

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  80. Inspiring to witness. ARC Tim

  81. To me, the diversity of the list shows its strength. All walks of life, all levels of usage.

    Hell, I bet a few will vote for Obama, and some others will vote for Mitt, and still others wish Ron Paul got nominated… while still others look at this stuff happening in the States and wonder how we ever got to the moon!

  82. There’s no doubt about it. The cream of the crop have left (and are continuing to leave) Miscavige’s broken cult. And so the balance tips more and more toward the new paradigm of free and independent Scientology. Thanks for letting my people go, McRunt.

    #52 COLWELL

  84. So, I added a link to my official sig:

    Mark Patterson
    Independent Scientologist
    #364 on the Indie 500

    The short URL goes to the Indie 500! Ah, what fun.

  85. bob,
    Besides the delivery which is already happening in the Independent field (real tech, NOT the REVERSE Scientology – see LDW’s and other comments) there is also the freed theta due to the running out of the group engram, which I can perceive without any stat showing it.

  86. TroubleShooter

    You can officially welcome me (us) to the party. The email has been sent Steve.

  87. Amen to that. Steve Hall is to be commended for all of his hard work, and I do mean all of it. Same goes for you, Mike, as well as Marty, and countless other pioneer Independents, who told Miscavige to shove it, and didn’t allow him to stop them from wearing their chosen hats.

    Screw the runt and his pissant ’empire’. I signed up to help LRH, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

  88. LDW – incredible stats! But best of all is the theta produced to accomplish them!!!! LOVE!

  89. Gerhard Waterkamp

    A friend called me today, he got is notice being a certified SP as well. All the same template, a copy of a HCOPL with yellow highlighter marked. I am sure the staff in HCO is already dizzy from the constant exposure to highlighter fumes. All They produce these days are SPs, I am sure that is the statistic DM is referring to, when he boasts “unprecedented straight up vertical expansion in magnificient herculian fashion.” or similar.

  90. martyrathbun09


  91. It’d be awesome. You wanna do it? I’d love that and look forward to adding to that list too. 😀

  92. I’m just so damned honored to be a part of this group!

  93. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Break out the bubbly!

  94. TroubleShooter

    You mean “Hooray Gayle!” or “Hooray Gayle Smith!” or “It’s about f’n TIME!” ?? The radar is no longer in service…

  95. bob grant,

    > “I’ve not seen anywhere any attempt to compile stats on how many Clears, Classed auditors, etc., are being produced in the Indie field.”

    David LaCroix is working on this, as a part of Scientolipedia.

    Quote from Scientolipedia → Stats → auditing & training:
    “The system has the capability to generate real-time, updated-automatically, statistics for Field auditing and training. That programming is in progress and when complete, will present a true picture of Field activity for the first time.”

    > “To see a tech success story would make me very happy.”

    Scientolipedia has a whole (voluntarily) category. Scientolipedia → Success Stories:

    Quotes from Scientolipedia → Disclaimers:
    “”…”has no affiliation with the Church of Spiritual Technology, Church of Scientology International, Religious Technology Center nor ANY of their corporate subsidiaries or affiliates.”
    “Controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology, its management, David Miscavige and the activities of his criminal enforcement arm, the Sea Organization, are not topics for discussion or content on this site”

  96. Richard Royce,

    David LaCroix is working on this, as a part of Scientolipedia.

    Quote from Scientolipedia → Stats → auditing & training:
    “The system has the capability to generate real-time, updated-automatically, statistics for Field auditing and training. That programming is in progress and when complete, will present a true picture of Field activity for the first time.”

    After reviewing Scientolipedia, you might contact David LaCroix and write him your θ ideas.

    Quotes from Scientolipedia → Disclaimers:
    “”…”has no affiliation with the Church of Spiritual Technology, Church of Scientology International, Religious Technology Center nor ANY of their corporate subsidiaries or affiliates.”
    “Controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology, its management, David Miscavige and the activities of his criminal enforcement arm, the Sea Organization, are not topics for discussion or content on this site”

  97. That is incredible Les & Anita, you guys are awesome.

  98. I want to acknowledge (and I include myself) the theta contribution of those who, although, no longer follow Scientology’s path, lessened the degree of entheta present in the current organization by the fact of stoppingtheir empowerment ofit by ending their dedication, connection and contributions to it, by their resolute dedication to be achieving spiritual growth and be helping to make happen the ideal world we still dream about and sought to achieve through our involvement in Scientology, and by the strong desire that each of the independents do achieve and be experiencing the Scientology they want.

  99. Troubleshooter: Well Done!

  100. Damn! Shudda kept my mouth shut! OK Who wants to be part of my team? I need an IT and an admin.

  101. Look how far corporate Scientology has fallen in the last 3 years and how strong the independent field has grown. Huge PR flaps turned into back to back huge PR flaps which has now turned into overlapping multiple PR flaps. Corporate Scientology is literally imploding while the independent field is growing in leaps and bounds. The support of the Headleys this week really illustrated the growing strength. Nothing is going to change either trend….

  102. Well, thank you Mike and everyone. Everyone on that list did a brave thing by signing on. And of course the strategy came from Marty! He knew from the start that everyone would have to come out in the open to make it safe. The way out is the way through.

  103. I have something like that in the works as a matter of fact. 🙂

  104. Mark, you are one wise Grasshopper. That is a great lesson about Power — important to recognize when you have it by default: because everyone else abdicated their position. The Church of Davy Mcstabbitch abandoned not only their duty, but even their wits.

  105. Sam I saw you in that last interview you did — poised, intelligent, beautiful and well spoken.

  106. You are very special.

  107. Li'll bit of stuff

    Must have had a “good” blast of Supa “Power” to have
    had such amazing perception as this, Steve! Another
    abominable yeti comes staggering out of that ice age
    “church” of scientology inc. No wonder it’s “Snowhite!”

  108. I officially welcome you both to the party Gayle Smith and Kirk Radandt!! We miss you at home….

  109. You too Colwell!

  110. Marty,
    Great post. The list is now at 382! I believe the Juggernaut has started. Proud to be number 112! It’s very exciting to see all these people coming forward. Well done to one and all!

    DM, have you worked out your contingency plans yet? You might rethink your strategy. At this point you are sinking in quicksand which is up to your chin!

  111. No, we’re the ones who are proud. Congratulations, your name is on the list.

  112. Mark, that is seriously funny!

  113. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for your good grace, Amy. Lets see the vampire
    prize THAT nail out of his coffin!
    Calvin B. Duffield
    South Africa. Indie list # 301

  114. Gayle is incredible. She was (and still is) the Senior C/S Philly — Davey Boy’s home town — you know that’s got to hurt. DM took considerable pride being from Philly.

    By the way, as a general note, I stopped putting “ex” before anyone’s position as in “ex-SO,” etc. The “ex” is sort of an added-inapplicable apology. Why should anyone apologize? You should be proud of any contributions you made. And in some cases, the thetan never gave up the post. Meanwhile the CoS has abandoned every single post and went off to follow a squirrel. Add them all up and you come to… worse than zero.

  115. Richard Royce,
    I suggest you do a good review of Scientolipedia and get in comm. with David LaCroix (#104 on the Indie 500) before deciding if it’s worth or not to start your own project. Maybe, if you start this project, from the Indie group viewpoint, is Dev-T.

  116. David LaCroix is #104 on the Indie 500

  117. Gerhard,

    You’re killin’ me man! ” I am sure the staff in HCO is already dizzy from the constant exposure to highlighter fumes.”

  118. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dear Nancy, at the risk of uninvited evaluation here, your students are benefiting as a direct result of your involvement in the heuristic work of an earlier “teacher”
    which we have had the mutual pleasure of sharing. “Embarrassment” was a teeny weeny little item that got
    handled in one of his little introductory courses…….
    dunno if you remember “buttons” ??? Yeah? They got
    kind of flattened, (wiped out! Nancy baby!) If one really
    had a (yawn) sharpie fellow student who actually had
    their colloquial “hat” ON, when it ought to have been!

    Remember that li’ll course, Nancy? The Comm one?

    At least you’re proud to be a “number” (consolation prize!)
    tut..tut…(not to mention a she-ROCKET !! more tut..tut’s!)

    Calvin (Scientologist) (label) (adopted beingness!)aka
    Scio (knowingness) logos(study of…) etc,etc.(yawn…)

  119. My audience has a depth of understanding unparalleled in human history. That, combined with my depth of understanding of the subject at hand gives me the opportunity to be concise while still engendering a conceptual understanding in my target audience.

    Thanks for the great ack, Ronnie. I feel a kindred spirit in you that speaks to your love of mankind.

  120. Right Steve, and one becomes stupid pretty quickly when committing continuous Present-Time Overts based on a specious “greatest good” at the behest of David Misunderstood.

    Talk about “the blind leading the blind”. Sheesh!

  121. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, trite to say that worn out phrase “kudos” to you,
    yet again, but this is one of your more validatory posts,
    if it can be called that. Since the converting of entheta
    to theta, remains one of the primary aims of all Scn processes, this is akin to learning one’s ABC’s at a pre-
    primary school——it simply IS that fundamental, and
    absolutely essential, in navigating one’s course thru’
    the turbulent waters in today’s chaotic world.
    You, Mike, Steve, Amy, and this rapidly swelling group
    of FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE Scientologists are the shining
    beacons, who are standing bold and resolute to give
    direction to the fearful, confused and overwhelmed of
    this Scientology (and other) world.

    Thank you,

  122. I can’t wait to get my “Founding Member” IAIS (International Association of Independent Scientologists) card and status!

    I’m already a lifetime member but you know, you can always move up…

  123. There you go ….. ramblin about the Pope on a Box again. The Miscariage is very manipulative and unquestionably UGLY RUBBISH so looks like we are all in agreement again.

  124. Li'll bit of stuff

    Oh ! Please let me give a HUGE,huge VWD to Les
    & Anita, for your truly stellar accomplishments!!!
    You guys really are the very heart of what Ron left
    us as a LIVING legacy! You epitomize what life is
    really for…..creating a happier world without insanity!
    Thank you for what you DO!

  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    Classic RB ack’ing!

  126. Great Tango.
    What’s your name?

  127. Bitter defrocked apostates!! 🙂

  128. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hilarious Mark!

  129. Nice Luis, deaply well said.

  130. Li'll bit of stuff

    p.s. Nance, I’m absolutely okay with your preference!

  131. I’m sure I read on a Scn Inc website that you’d been awarded an Indie 500 patronius medal of valour? Maybe I got confused again…

  132. I spot friends and friendships on this thread and it makes me happy and proud.

  133. (#25 on the indie 500)

  134. Li'll bit of stuff

    scott. Simple,straight as an arrow. Bulls eye!!! Luv it.

  135. # 365 Cece Kruchko! I remember you! You were cool! (and probably still are! 🙂 )

  136. A little off topic, but in current news (when is Kirstie going independent?):

    Kirstie Alley defends Tom Cruise and Scientology

    The always candid Kirstie Alley opened up to “Entertainment Tonight” about Scientology and the recent, controversial Vanity Fair article (that claims Tom Cruise “auditioned” women as potential mates with the help of the Church of Scientology), explaining why she felt she needed to defend her friend.

    “I think whenever you have articles written that are third and fourth parties’ opinions – it’s like the game Gossip and you don’t get the truth – I think that a magazine of that caliber should have interviewed him, and then they would get the truth,” explained Kirstie, a noted Scientologist herself.

  137. +1

  138. hey Steve, did you get my e/m?

  139. Kirstie mentions the tabloids should ask Tom cruise before publishing their stories. Kirstie – they did and Tom won’t talk! Big suprize? NO! Inhibited Communication is one of the “abilities gained” in the Church of Miss Cabbage! Please wake up – stop defending this evil organization – Celebrities were not suppose to get “special treatment”. When I noticed that this policy was violated openly – I smelled a rat!

  140. Richard Lloyd-Roberts

    Point taken. I am going to start posting with my real name now anyway. Thanks for adding me to the list. Its nice to stop hiding behind screen names and I am declared anyway. I was posting as EXSO. I started replying to the church emails telling them I was a raving SP and they stopped mailing me and emailing me really fast. I think I might have saved a tree or two in the process.

  141. Yes, anytime we disturb the abominable Yeti, you know we are doing good haha.

  142. Hi, I can add that — but which one are you?

  143. TroubleShooter

    Thank you Transporter!

  144. TroubleShooter

    Thank you Marty Mike and Steve.

  145. And we also gotta give credit to DAN KOON. One morning in January or February of 2010 Dan and I were chatting on the phone. We were discussing Marty’s strategy of making it safe for everyone by getting everyone to come out into the open. Somehow the idea of a list of names came up and he made a pun — I think saying, “If you got 500 people on it by July, you could call it the Indie 500” and I said, “That’s a great idea!” and the Indie 500 was born that day.

    Dan was always a major thorn in DM’s side because with Dan’s flawless TRs coached into place by LRH, it was impossible to get him flustered — even for DM. Dan was a thorn then, and he’s even worse of a thorn now. Try as I may, I’ve also never been able to trip Dan up. I keep trying. He’s unflappable and just chuckles softly no matter what you say or do. Can you imagine how frustrating that must have been for a raging R/Ser like DM? Even the way Dan left the Int base was a hard bitch-slap in DM’s face. Dan started taking short rides every Sunday morning on his bike. And as soon as the guards got used to that, he just didn’t come back one morning.

    That said to DM, “Oh, think it’s tough to leave your private prison? No, it’s easy. I can do it on a bicycle.” Dan Koon as everyone knows, posted as Joe Howard who is the star of LRH’s Professional TRs film.

  146. UPDATE: All the staff of the Dror Center in Haifa, Israel just signed on en mass. We are up to 393. We could easily break 400 today.

  147. The other good thing about the Indie 500 is that it proves rather conclusively even to the unaided eye that it’s not “a small handful of bitter defrocked apostrophes” or even 9 unhappy semi colons without ponchos.

  148. Thumbs up!

  149. Hi Martin, no, I don’t believe I got an email from you.

  150. Okay, just found it. I rarely use that email address but when I went to Germany I started using my phone more for emails and it kept defaulting to that “from” address.

  151. +1
    Yes, let’s hear it for Steve Hall!

  152. He expects another 20 to 30 shortly.

  153. You guys are living proof that there is life – and a good life, at that – after the SO. I am sure there are people still in the SO who are scared shitless to leave, wondering how they would survive or do well. Well, life in the SO is a hell of a lot harder than life outside. Life on staff at any level is a hell of a lot harder. I was amazed when I started working in non-Scn companies. Vacation? Really? Real $? Really? Employment Laws? Really?

    I worked for The Software Works! back in the day when they regularly missed payroll (one time because the owner put it all in to the IAS). I did not know this was FREAKING ILLEGAL. I was considered “worker oriented” because I demanded my people get paid.

    There is one big difference between working in the SO and working at a gung-ho Scn company: In the SO, at least, you have a higher purpose. You are all in it together. In an Scn company, the ONLY goal is to get the owner up the bridge and up in IAS status. Oh, for the greater good, of course!
    /rant 😉

  154. Ronnie, Congrats on your local group! Where do you live?

  155. I like to be dramatic! 🙂
    Tony DePhillips
    Indie list #124

  156. Due to the fact I’m studying Solo 1, I don’t get here as often as I used to, but everytime I do, I feel the Theta, and especially today!

    Because when I left the CoMiscavage in 1998, it was not a reality that I’d ever continue on with the Bridge, but, thanks to my friend Carol Kramer, I was the recipient of the best auditing I’d recieved in the entire 21 years in the ‘Church’, from a/my/our Hero, Marty Rathbun. And, now thanks to him it is certainly a reality I’ll rehad my OT levels in the next year.

    See you and Mosey in Dec!

  157. Glenn, good to see you here. Wow, a huge chunk of our old mess in MCI is now free and clear of the insanity of Int/Gold. You, me, Carrie Cook to start with. All the best,

  158. What about the Spargos? I don’t have their contact info.

  159. Nothing more than rumor and innuendo at this point.

  160. Nothing more than rumor and innuendo at this point.

  161. Tony, Thanks for publishing the real story of how the Indie 500 came about. I won’t ask how many extras got run over by ox carts in the making of that movie. Just like the Indie 500, it was a little more risky for those at the front of the line.

  162. You added me already — #368 — Christine Baranay

    Thanks Steve.

  163. Hi Ronnie;

    It is heartening to see your response, and the responses of others, who have active groups.

    I’ve been steering MANY CofSers who are on the fence but who are quietly questioning things. The trauma they are in is significant, as we all know. I point out the various websites that answer their questions, TR 4 their concerns, their hesitations, and I do quite well at it. But, the proverbial ‘but’, there is one question every single one of them asks, that I have not been able to answer, and that is ‘What are the stats of the Independents?’.

    I look, but I cannot find.

    The best I can do is find where the groups are from mentions on various websites, but none that I can see actually put up stats. Obviously I’ve missed those that do, such as yours. If there was a central data base where this info was available, and continuously updated, then we’d really have something.

    One concern of those who I have counselled, oddly enough, is the apparent lack of organization; many groups, but no concerted or organized push; a wild west type of show where you pay your money and take your chances. We know about the difference in the tech between here and there, we have it, they don’t, but these persons are just learning about that, and they are concerned about getting standard LRH.

    These are not criticisms, but concerns that have been voiced to me by others, and my failed attempts to answer some of their concerns. A central data base of various groups, their stats, success stories, even if just in the form of links to those groups, I think would be a major achievement. I’d be willing to do it, although I don’t have a clue on how to go about it; start a website I guess, and have webpages for each group, contact info etc., and have them email in their data to be put on their page on the website, something like that.


  164. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, just had a review of your 2012 H/N/Year message and
    you closed with the words; ” I think it’s going to exceed every
    body’s expectations……it’s going to be a fabulous year! ”

    It simply IS!!! Starting with the broad realization that one is
    moving house—-to a BETTER neighborhood!

    From the frozen wastelands of an horrendous gulag of the
    “living dead” aka the “Morgue” of Scientology, one is now
    able to shift body, mind and soul to a lovely, warm and open
    community, that values true freedom above all other consider
    The Independent Scientologists, where life is again filled with purpose, friendships, fun and genuine help with good ol’ fashioned compassion and understanding.

    In 2 (two) words …..REAL Scientology! Being reconstituted
    in a safe, affordable and efficacious manner befitting today’s
    rapidly changing society, without the dictatorship of a sociopath
    (DM) in his kamikazi scorched earth practices, now in a full
    nose dive to his insane oblivion.

    Reformation is well underway, with the results of LIBERATED
    Scientologists leading the charge. THE Independents!

    Thank you one and all for being part of this enormously
    powerful, if informal, resurgence of the aims of LRH.
    Collectively, we make it all possible. Especially, Marty, Mosey,
    Mike, Steve, Les & Anita, Karen Delac,Trey, and the entire
    powerhouse group of auditors, c/s’s, admin,and business
    giants and entrepreneurs alike, teachers, actors, veterans,
    and even those still under the radar! (You’re next OUT, ok?)

    VERY exciting times indeed!

    Calvin B. Duffield
    Indie # 301

  165. Hi Les;

    It is a kind of success story to me to see that you are there producing, and you seem to be doing it in volume. That is quite incredible! I’m happily impressed! Seeing what you are doing is very encouraging.

    Could you send me your website so I can look at it, and refer others to it who ask me questions on Indie production?


  166. Li'll bit of stuff

    Welcome out Richard! The sunshine really is very
    empowering, drench yourself in both! You deserve it!

  167. The beauty of scientology is that one becomes more aware, more awake and less willing to be blind.

    I saw this on another blog – a buddhist blog – and thought about us — how we are all shedding the blinders and stepping out into the world in order to help ourselves and others. This blog and the Indie 500 is just the beginning of our future.
    “To what are we blind?

    We are blind to the private and secret thoughts of those closest to us. Blindness is not seeing your best friend’s suicidal behavior. It is the wife who chooses to turn her eyes away from her husband’s affair. It is the mother who does not see her daughter’s eating disorder, her son’s drug use. The child who never learns of his illegitimate half sibling.”

    To those who are still lurking and worried about what dm and his gang of miscreants will do: the time to stop being blind is now. The longer you are blind, the more painful the sunlight. Test it sometime. Go into a pitch black room/cave for a few days – step into the sunlight and your eyes WILL hurt.

    But, if you gradually start to let the light in, the shock/pain is less.


  168. Li'll bit of stuff

    Congrats, Gayle! radar & masks, such cumbersome
    additives, VWD on ditching them.

  169. Hi;

    It is true that as those members of the CofS who are in a loss and upset decide to start looking to get answers, the trauma will dissapate as they see the source and realize there is an alternative, the entangled theta and mest getting separated out. That is very clear even on this blog whenever there is a new Indie, and on the other websites as well; I ALWAYS feel more theta.

  170. Thanks!

    I just recently found that site. I’ll give it a closer look. If it has the webpages available for the various groups to post, that could be what I am looking for.

    Thanks again.

  171. Hi Steve;

    I agree with your comments, it is hard to discern the truth about anything in the CofS these days, and of course they don’t publish any stats, probably because they don’t really have any worth mentioning. This situation is clear to the CofSers who are quietly looking to find what the truth is, and they’ve all been trained to look at stats; that is why they want to see the stats of the Indies. I think with some of the responses here, those questions re the stats of the Indies may have an answer. I’m going to look at the websites of those here who are producing, and compile a data source for those who are looking.

  172. Not sure what you are referring to — the articles linked by Thetabop or other comments?

  173. Hi Richard;

    That suggestion is exactly what is needed and wanted.

  174. Tony, I love your drama!!!!!!! 😀 Indie List #108

  175. BTW: Last time Kirstie Alley was at Flag in Qual (when I was there). She kept saying no, no and no. At least 100 times. She finally walked off. Guess she was allowed to say no. I think she was uphappy with the service but tries to get through it somehow like the rest of us did. I sure wasn’t allowed to say no.

  176. martyrathbun09

    Yes, linked articles

  177. Hi Ronnie’
    I responded to you earlier but the post never arrived, I guess.

    I’m very encouraged to see that you have a group and are producing. Is there a website I can go look at?


  178. That was coffee (spat) over the keyboard funny.

  179. Here’s some mind blowing aspects of the power of the Indie 500 list and Marty’s original strategy that it is based on:

    Nearly 400 names now, many with hundreds of comm lines into the Church. By stepping into the light, we force the Church to “handle” each one of those communication lines to disconnect from us. Look at the cumulative effect. Let’s say each person has on average 50 friends in the Church. Think that’s a lot? Debbie Cook had 1,200. So 50 is a low number. By putting your name on this list the CoS has to tell each of those 50 people that you are “in bad.” Now do the math: 400 times 50, that’s 20,000 times the Church has to repeat it’s tired old line that “a handful of bitter apostrophies and two semicolons who lost their frocks.”

    A) Yeah, well if it’s a handful of people, how come able to reach out and touch 20,000 people?

    B) The CoS specializes in third partying people. So we are forcing them to do it and do it and do it, until by the sheer repetition of the overt they reveal themselves as the actual SP. At which point the spell is broken and so is disconnection.

    C) There’s a point where our group becomes larger and more attractive as friends, potential business contacts, and as a source of employment than the few clubbed seals still in the CoS swarmed over by ISA leaches.

    D) When I was a GAS (Guardian’s Activities Scientologist) in 1979, I went undercover in the Anti Religious Movement (ARM) with just one simple directive: “Break up the SP comm lines.” Then it was often done with Reverse Scientology. Today, we are accomplishing the same objective on DM’s SP group: We are breaking up their comm lines and we are using confront and truth instead of Reverse Scientology.

    Sucks to be out-gunned, out-maneuvered, out-smarted, out-muscled and out-strategized by your own staff whom you tried to terrorize but failed majestically. In short, it sucks to be Miscavige.

  180. I am glad you are all doing well and are out of the “corporation” but I have to say there are a plethora who are not fairing so well and look completely broken. After watching their youtube stories, it is just heartbreaking what their families and they, themselves, have gone through. The loss is incredible.

  181. You’re welcome!

    David LaCroix plan for the site is very ambitious. He has plans for adding more features and he is working on improving the site.

    If you find something missing, or something which could be improved, please get in comm. with him and write him your θ ideas.

  182. one of those who see

    This is so exciting! I need to stay under the radar. Some of you know why. But, just want to say a big Thank You to those who have put their name on the list. Steve wrote: “B) The CoS specializes in third partying people. So we are forcing them to do it and do it and do it, until by the sheer repetition of the overt they reveal themselves as the actual SP. At which point the spell is broken and so is disconnection.” I am adding my postulate to this! Just love Steve Hall! Brilliant, theta, aesthetic and articulate all rolled into one. Sorry Steve – had to go there.

    The Bridge is alive and well out here in the Indie Field. Wonderful, standard Auditing – for the PC- is happening even for those Under the Radar. Thank you to my Auditor who is on The List.

  183. Just added #400: Pat Shannon — Scn since 1975, widow of IAS Patron Bill Shannon, KTL/LOC, PRD, OT8, HSDC, various admin & ethics courses. Congratulations.


  185. Indie 500 list at 400 !

  186. Loving this Indy list we are at 400!!!!! Thanks Pat!!! Love you Carol XO !

  187. martyrathbun09

    Well done Pat! Thanks.

  188. Debbie Cook’s email list for her New Year’s blast was never in anybody’s possession but hers. Most likely it is now in Darth Midget’s possession as part of her secret settlement terms.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  189. Come on, let’s all be heroes.

  190. Awesome then Steve!!!!!! I find Scientoloipedia rather complex and I was thinking something SIMPLE would be nice. IMO

  191. the tipping point is the 100th monkey principle.i think it is a natural law. there are more people that left scientology in the last 40 years then there are people in.i dont what the number will be but at some point the current will come down and it will be all over. it will happen very quick when it does.
    thanks Steve for writing this and thank you Marty for posting it.
    roger weller #326 clear 2735

  192. For every one person naming themselves proudly on the Indie 500 list, there are 1000 and more out and done with the Church.

    3 categories now.
    “under the radar.”
    On the Fence : Secretly reading the Internet, in Doubt, dazed at the revelations, wondering what to do next.
    Under the Radar : In communication with Ex-Scientologists, Indies, Suppressive Persons secretly. Operating secretly while “in good standing.”
    Sideliners: A new word you will be hearing a lot more about. I was briefed on Sideliners by a prominent Clearwater scientologist “in good standing.”
    😆 😆 😆

    These are public who are done, done, done. They will never pay a penny more. They will never attend another event, they will never do another course, many have disconnected their phone to a new private tel no, fed up with 15 phone calls a day. “Sideliners” will not openly attack on the Internet, many have businesses and relatives embroiled in the Church but will contribute secretly to projects and the ending of the Toxic Disconnection policy.

    If the “Under the Radar,”
    ” On the Fence”
    and “Sideliners”
    signed the Indie 500 list , we would likely have 25,000 signatures in one week.

  193. martyrathbun09

    It was never in her possession ’cause she never had one. It is safe – and continually updated and expanding.

  194. Glad to do it. I’ve missed a lot of the blog for the past few days. Today Carol called and asked if I was on the Indie 500. I wasn’t. Carol said, “Well you have to be!” Five minutes later I was up. Friends. Ahh.

    Note to Miscavige: I promise you that if my husband were still alive he, Bill Shannon, would be on that list too. He died in 2007 and he was on to you way before then. How onto you was he? Back around 2004 Bill said this to me, “Wouldn’t it be something if it turns out Miscavige was a certain prominent figure from OT3?”

  195. martyrathbun09

    Man, was Bill on the money.

  196. How do you measure theta? There are a lot of ways to get a “true picture”…

    How do you quantify the amount of auditing time, how many commands, etc etc it takes until you reach EP of Suppressed Person RD? That magical final reach from the other person, seemingly from thin air…..

    This 500-name list is an estimate from Steve Hall, Marty figures its a good estimate. Sounds about right to me, but I’m not going to argue it – at some point there will simply be more theta than entheta, and it will be at the point where it stops being an uphill fight, and starts to be a downhill fight, creating its own momentum, etc.

    Another example of tipping point is stock market analysis, which uses zillions of different statistics to try and pinpoint the exact point where a stock will turn direction from down to up, and vice versa. A lot of people have tried to get statistical analysis and computer programs to help predict that sought-after point, to make their millions. But if anybody ever does it, then the market would die completely by a lot of winner-take-all activity because it is no longer a game. You can’t know about reaching the tipping point until you get there, or 2 seconds later when you see where it happened…..

    Your stats idea could still have merit, however how do you count stats in COS that are questionable – for example, how many auditors made? The way the stat has always been counted it is for any old auditor course, or retrain. It’s can be hard to calculate. How many releases? Stuff like that. Gets tricky with that and other factors. A book in college I read was called How to Lie with Statistics. A famous university went co-ed, and within the first year, 1/3 of the female students married a faculty member who then left the university. Wow. What a danger to keeping their important faculty, right? (therefore you must jump to conclusions and quickly end this co-ed thing. Only added info you were not given, there were only 3 female students that first year). For statistics you have to have enough, correctly defined, true statistics, enough of the right statistics, and adequate time to view them. Even then, there can be more to your analysis…

    There ARE other ways to assess things – other senses used. When you walk into a room, you say, wow, it feels like a whole ton of sunshine in here… or you might say wow it feels like ugly dark clouds. In my perception, that is the difference between the independent field and COS. I could not statisize it if my life depended on it, but there it is – true for me.

  197. He was. Bill was one of those people who had a photographic memory. He remembered everything he ever read. Unusual but true.
    One time about 10 years ago we got an Advance mag and after Bill read it he said that he’d seen one of the success stories before. The current success story only had initials for the writer’s name.
    Bill went back to his stack of old Advance mags and pulled out one from about 10 years before that. And there was the same exact success story but with the writer’s name: Heber Jentzsch. No joke.
    I guess when you’ve so totally squirreled the tech and nobody is having any major wins you’ve got no choice but to recycle the old stories. Way to go Miscavige. I bet you thought nobody would notice. Gotcha!

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  199. one of those who see

    Hi Karen,

  200. Pat — wish I had had the opportunity to make Bill’s acquaintance… But glad I got at least halp!

  201. Yes, it will be simple, but effective.

  202. Hi Matt. I’m in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area of Texas.

  203. Heya Calvin, you are such a sweetheart! 🙂 Oh yes, I remember those buttons; however, I could not find a better word, and I am not sure I completely agree with LRH’s assessment in each case. There is such a thing as appropriate modesty and decorum, which is what I meant to express when I wrote of embarrassment. Thanks for your kind acknowlegement, and also, thanks for giving me the impetus to publicly declare my independence.


  204. Y’know, Marty, I’m inclined to think we have already long passed the tipping point. It is really hard to imagine how DM’s Co$ will ever work their way into a positive light.


  205. Bob, there’s quite a lot of training and auditing going on in the Indie field, but a person won’t know about it if they’re only reading blogs, or if they’re not making a concerted effort to find and connect with other Independents in their area. A lot of connecting between Indies happens on Facebook. It’s better suited to instant communication and group formation, than just about any other medium I can think of.

    There are more Independent Scientology Facebook groups than I have time to participate in. Some are private/secret, and some are more public. Depends on the group and what their purpose is. If you’re already on Facebook, you can just do a search on ‘Scientology’, and you’ll find several groups right away. Get on the comm lines, and you’ll soon find other groups.

    Also, David LaCroix’s Scientolipedia page is hotlinked downthread. Go there, and you’ll find communication channels to loads of Independent auditors and some study groups.

    If you’re anywhere near a city that has a corporate org in it, there will definitely be an active Indie scene nearby.

  206. We don’t actually have a website, per se, but Robin Rhyne, Class V auditor has started the McKinney Life Improvement Center (sorry, I don’t have the web address for it). Here’s the URL to Robin’s Scientolipedia page:

  207. Thank you Mike!

  208. Well said, Calvin. Right on!

  209. OH YES!!!!! A plague upon Pharoah DM!

  210. Beautimous, Calvin! Now THIS is the true ideal of freedom of religion.


  211. hmm, not sure which one I/we fit: walked out of org in Feb, never going back, read/post everywhere, visited Marty, cut all comm lines or blocked them, removed myself from email lists….etc And DAMN HAPPY about it!

  212. 🙂

  213. Hi Pat, Welcome to the Indie 500! Kay Milasinovich Rowe here, I am #366.
    I knew you and Bill very well. Bill was my Comm Course Sup in 1975. Sorry to hear that he left us in 2007. An awesome being, very perceptive.
    All the best to you.
    Contact me if you like at:
    L, Kay

  214. Awesome Midge! Carol pulled me in out of the swamp somehow. LOL 😀

  215. Li'll bit of stuff

    Kidding, was I, Nance …..Naturally a correct time &
    place for everything! All points taken aboard on both
    fronts though. That’s two-way education, non?.
    Love the free spirit in you, your kids are blessed!
    You CAN safely pass on, though, that you were
    similarly blessed in having had a great teacher/s.
    (wink!) And you are most welcome for any cajoling
    it took, to really get you into the sunshine, sunshine!


  216. Li'll bit of stuff

    True for me too!
    p.s. O.O moving into the sunshine anytime soon?
    p.p.s It’s a lot safer these days, just FYI.

  217. Li'll bit of stuff

    #368 speaketh in volumes! Enjoyeth the health giving
    benefits afforded by stepping out into the sunshine,
    Christine! So good to dispense with old worn out masks
    and non-de-plumes, we carted around as “protection”
    Not to mention “empowering” ( being able to hold one’s
    position in space.)

    Love & ARC,
    Calvin #301

  218. Li'll bit of stuff

    So does the TRUTH about Miscavige, Steve!
    Its a veritable bulldozer, AND it’s turned around
    in classic reverse fashion for ol’ 180 dave!

    AND this is the part that really sucks (dave?)
    It’s headed, (wait for it, dave) straight back in
    YOUR direction, dave.

    AND, guess what, dave?

    You got it dave! It simply is UNSTOPPABLE!


  219. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Ron and Nance. I look around in the
    sunshine and see you shining brightly too!
    Stars in the night Sky? relics of a past era.
    I get more of a kick being with those living, breathing, creative stars with me right here
    in P/T! Stars such as YOU!

  220. Dear Steve,

    I’m sure you don’t know how high is my esteem for you. Obviously, I don’t need to explain why.

    As far as I have researched, Scientolipedia may be the best subsystem (taking into account its future development) to help the θ side of the Indie movement. Since you are developing a subsystem which will overlap some functionality of Scientolipedia, I would like to give you my insight about this subject.
    I’m sure you are aware about the issues I’m describing here, however a little discourse may help to improve the system.

    § System[*] definition (for this discussion):
    ¤ System composed by 2 subsystems: yours (“something like that in the works”) and Scientolipedia.

    § System optimality:
    ¤ Optimality criteria: Optimum for all and each dynamics[*1] of the Indie movement[*2], based on its short, medium, and large term success.
    [*1] Dynamics: As defined in Scn.
    [*2] Indie movement success: Extremely important, because, to my knowledge, Scn is the only workable tech (in this planet) leading out of the “matrix”.

    § System/Subsystems general analysis:
    ¤ Duplicate features between subsystems: It can be seen as Dev-T; however it is also redundancy, which is very important (if one subsystem goes down due to financial problems, etc., the other one keeps working).
    ¤ Subsystems coordination: Uncoordinated subsystems are Dev-T. Coordinated subsystems are optimum.
    ¤ Subsystems complexity: A complex (in this case meaning many features) subsystem is powerful; however, it may be not easy to use. A simple subsystem is less powerful; however, it may be easy to use.
    ¤ System architecture: A good hierarchical top down system may be very efficient; however, the “chain weakest point” is the top. If the top degrades; then, the whole system degrades (e.g.: the Co$).

    § (Sub)system(s) development:
    ¤ Subsystems coordination/integration: The optimum is to start doing it during design, before development and implementation, because doing it afterwards leads to “patching”[*], which degrades the subsystems.
    [*] A good technique to avoid the degrades due to patching, is called “refactoring”. However the whole design, development, and implementation cycle is shorter when coordination/integration is done starting in the early stages of the cycle.

    § Subsystems optimum coordination/integration:
    These are my suggestions:
    ¤ Nonhierarchical bottom up coordination.
    ¤ Missing features on one subsystem: good and (more than) enough switching links[*] to the additional features on the other subsystem.
    ¤ Common features on both subsystems: good and (more than) enough switching links[*] between same and related features in both subsystems.
    ¤ Easy switching[*] between subsystems.
    ¤ Subsystems user interface: Not extremely different.
    [*] Switching and switching links: Weblinks and access methods (includes data transfer).

    Love you (& Marty).

    P.S.: I have a university degree on system analysis and operation research.

  221. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Haven’t seen it in a while; but several months ago I saw that its author,Lecroix, dumped loads of ad hominen and false accusations against me on there. Don’t know whether he’s gotten honest and straight. In the meantime, I’m going with Steve Hall. He’s got a pedigree of truth seeking.

  222. So many things I don’t know. This implies that someone else sent out her New Year’s email blast for her. I don’t want to know.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

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  224. What a very nice post and acknowledgement, Marty. It really was quite moving. Steve, your extra input on who is on the list already really speaks volumes.

    Indie 500 – # 81

  225. Jean-François Genest

    Hi Glen and welcome aboard !
    My grandmother recently turned 100 on September 7th. She has senile moments as well. Not easy to live with. I find TR 3 and TR 4 to be MARVELOUS tools that LRH gave us for sure.

    Every time is visit her, i “run” her on Self-Analysis lists, in a conversation fashion, and it works great. Her memory improves, she gets happier and rises up the tone scale, and becomes more at cause over her daily little actions and routines.

    The first list of the Self-Analysis book is awesome:
    “Can you recall a time when:
    “1. You were happy.

    “16. You felt young.

    “21. Somebody thought you were important.

    “72. You lived well

    “75. You ate well.”

    🙂 Θ, JFG

  226. Greetings Anon #384

  227. Good to know it’s safe and being updated and expanding. However, I need to know how to get my name and email address off of it. I haven’t been a scientologist for over 15 years. Somehow I was added to it in error. I’ve recently started to receive emails that have gone out by someone using the list. I have asked twice in reply to the senders to please remove me from the list because I am the wrong public. I never heard back. Can you please help to remove my name and email address from it? I would appreciate that.

  228. martyrathbun09

    Yes, I’ll pass this on to Steve who I am sure will remove you immediately.

  229. martyrathbun09

    I checked with Steve and you are not on his list, at least by your name. You should simply write to him at the website and explain your problem.

  230. Cece Kruchko Smith

    And who are you?
    Yes, I’m a LRH worker bee. I’m at (or round abouts) PO Box 359, Acton CA 93510 or 213-880-3661 if my phone is within bounds.
    Every friend is worth millions!

  231. These are exciting times. We are making history.

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