Update From David Miscavige’s Bunker

Now that we’ve had a look at the outside with The Tipping Point and the Indie 500, would you like to take a look at the inside to see how Scientology Inc. is faring at the top?   Let’s go straight to inside of David Miscavige’s bunker to see what the world looks like to him.  Things have taken a definite turn for the worse since we last updated on his inner circle, October 2011 Miscavige Bunker Report.

For those who have not followed this blog for long, a little history is in order.   In June 2009, the then-St Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times) published the first installment  (number of subsequent ones followed) of a series appropriately titled The Truth Rundown.

In those articles Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht, Mike Rinder and I spoke out about the sorry, straight facts demonstrating that David Miscavige had gone stark-staring mad to the degree that the very future of Scientology itself was seriously threatened.

When Miscavige directed Scientology Inc. to counter the truth with wheelbarrows full of ad hominen attacks directed at the four of us who spoke out, the Times followed up on several former Int base staff who had informed them that every word Amy, Tom, Mike and I spoke was true.   The Times issued the second installment of The Truth Rundown which documented fifteen (15) more brave souls, all former Scientology International Headquarters staff, corroborating and expanding upon the original story, Part II of the Truth Rundown.

Though I publicly warned Miscavige that if he continued to lie, that which he lied about would become his future, Miscavige continued to take not one ounce of responsibility and had then spokesperson Tommy Davis appear on several national television broadcasts denying what by then the world could see was patent truth.   Miscavige had Tommy imprisoned and punished for so loyally following his own directions.

My prediction about Miscavige’s future came to be.  We continue to see the fall out every week in the national and international media and on this blog.

In order to continue to protect his lies, Miscavige instituted a policy of paying large sums of money to staff who could further corroborate his crimes and having them sign extremely restrictive non-disclosure agreements.

And while by criminal cover-up design we don’t hear much from them, Miscavige’s inner circle has been steadily departing him.  They are leaving him more individuated and alone clinging to his bff Tom Cruise in his $75,000,000 virtual bunker.

In the past year alone, seven significant insiders have left the couple behind.

First, Tommy Davis himself blew with his wife Jessica.   He, being a weaker one, however, returned to ‘route out’.  He took the blood money and signed away his rights to communicate the extraordinary measures Miscavige has taken to cover up his crimes against humanity.  Tommy knew me personally and that is one reason why he came across so unbelievable in the eyes of the general public when he attacked me.  He knew damn well he was lying through his teeth on Miscavige’s behalf.   Knowing Tommy, and what motivates him, it may be a while before we hear from him.  He strenuously asserts complete loyalty to Miscavige; but we know from his equally strenuous public assertions over the past couple years on behalf of Miscavige, he doesn’t always mean what he says.  This we do know, Miscavige has lost a once competent and sometimes effective lieutenant.

For two years a four-person RTC (Religious Technology Center) mission was operated directly by Miscavige attempting to keep public from reading the truth about Miscavige on this blog.   It consisted of Mike Sutter, Marion Pouw, Hansuili Stahli and, perhaps the most competent and valuable of the group  – though little known – fourth member Lara Dolan.   Lara was the mind of the operation, responsible for correlating all of the information collected by the other three and by OSA to evaluate and pinpoint how to cause diminishment of my influence.

There was a little problem with Lara.  I had trained her in counter-espionage in the nineties when she was a sixteen year old,  class VI auditor brand new to the Sea Org and RTC.   While I most certainly ingrained a toughness that caused some abuses over the years, she knew by observation that I was always most fundamentally interested in and dedicated to the truth.  She also knew that everything that I have uttered publicly in the past three years is the unadulterated truth.   At a certain point in the past year her conscience got to her, and Lara blew.   Miscavige reacted by disbanding the mission and resorting to other even more ineffective – though one could hardly imagine anything more ineffective than that mission – means of dealing with what he considers his most dangerous enemy.  While Lara has remained quiet to date, she is intelligent enough to figure out that her non-disclosure agreement is handleable (just as we handled it with Debbie Cook Baumgarten).   And she is brave and conscientious enough to ultimately do the right thing – just as she did when she walked from Miscavige’s terror network.

Serena McElveen was a teenager too when she came into RTC.  Unfortunately for her, she rapidly moved straight into the office of David Miscavige in the nineties.  She worked in his secretarial and compliance office for a decade.   She saw first hand what a psychotic and ruthless mess Miscavige was.   It was sad to watch her struggle to mock up a cruel demeanor – it just wasn’t in her nature. Finally, she could stomach no more and departed.  She too has remained silent but is making wonderful progress on her decompression from the Nazi-like atmosphere she grew up in.

Earlier this year, the grandaughter of L. Ron Hubbard, Roanne, blew from the Int base.  She is the second to last of the Hubbards to leave (only Diana remains).  Roanne is as smart as they come.  She is also as resiliant as they come.  A real Hubbard.  She is not bound by non-disclosure agreements.  In spite of unlawful and unconscionable means Miscavige has employed to put her neck back in the yoke, she has thus far successfully resisted.   I believe her motivation is to remain free, strengthen herself, and use her multiple talents to one day do what she can to restore the legacy of her grandfather.    I will back her up 100% of the way.

Finally, Miscavige’s father, Ron Sr., and his wife Becky, escaped from the Int base earlier this year.  While David Miscavige habitually abused Ron physically and mentally to keep him in line, he also occasionally confided in him.  Ron has a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of the base and the inner workings of David’s mind.   Ron and Becky too resisted months of pressure and bizarre attempts to break and control them.   At bottom, Ron is an old-school, L. Ron Hubbard kind of a Scientologist.   He – like Steve Hall – would always find time (quite miraculously given the Int base culture and schedule) to listen to LRH’s OT lectures and he could hardly be restrained from talking about them and sharing their wisdom with fellow staff.  In fact, that drove David Miscavige nuts – he often referred to Ron as a “theetie-wheetie PDC guy” (PDC= Philadelphia Doctorate Lectures – which LRH said till the day he died was the most accurate and complete exposition on what constitutes OT).    Ron is a free being.  I look forward to the day when he and Becky visit Casablanca and we can sit by the bay discussing the PDC.

Now, given these developments, imagine being in the skull of David Miscavige.   Not only does he have to compute 24/7/365 his own lies – trying to keep his every lying utterance consistent with every past lying one (and they are legion); he has got to also keep attention units spread across the world attempting to continually dam the truth from emitting from so many others.

At the end of the day,  whatever happens to Tommy, Jessica, Lara, Serena, Roanne,  Ron Sr. and Becky – I am just happy for each of them that they have escaped the living hell that is the synthetic, enforced loyalty to a died-in-the-wool 2 1/2 percenter (suppressive person, anti-social personality, sociopath, psychopath).

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  1. Looks like Dave’s inner circle became a house of cards. Who’s left, the lawyers?

  2. Looks like DM’s small and isolated sand castle is quickly eroding away. Soon he’ll stand naked to the world.

  3. Claire Headley

    I am so happy they escaped.

    Particularly, I have thought of Lara and Serena often. On my last day in RTC in early September 2004 (I was sent to the Int hole for refusing to divorce Marc – a repeated demand over the course of 4 years, DM told me personally he’d come up with this “new personnel policy” for RTC in mid 2000, Marty perhaps you remember that RTC conference room meeting – and how ironic this new policy was later “blamed” on none other than you and me…) Right, I’d implement a personnel policy for RTC that would require me to divorce my husband of 12 years at the time? How stupid can one get? DM is seriously running short of lies at this point. I almost choked when I heard this.

    Anyhow I digress, long story short, on this last day, I received a phone call from Shelly Miscavige. She asked me who was the best sec checker, Lara Dolan or Chelsea Graves. She told me she was asking because she needed to send an RTC sec checker down to LA to sec check Tom Cruise’s personal staff to find out who was “leaking” information to the media.

    It was a tough question for me at the time. But ultimately I based my answer on what I knew of these two girls. At the time Lara was in love with someone in Gold. And knowing this was the reason for my own “demise” in RTC and what was landing me in the Int hole, I answered Chelsea, as a result of which Chelsea went to LA and remained in RTC, and Lara moved to Int (along with the rest of AVC – a whole other story).

    So all of that to say I’m really happy they got out.

    There are many others still to come, most of whom are often in my thoughts.

    With love,


  4. I’m hoping all of them come out of the woodwork and feel the support that’s out here for them. ❤

  5. #324 Tom Gallagher


    is this a Magnum Opus or perhaps an initial salvo?
    In either case, Wow!

  6. Thanks for the update Marty. Can’t wait for these people to open up. Espescialy Roanne and Ron Sr.

  7. Claire Headley

    PS. Not to be added to comments – but Serena’s last name is spelled McElveen. Lv C

  8. These are really good news. It is not an easy feat to come into posession of all of this information be it not because of the good and loyal bond to inseders and multiple sources of information all operating to keep you up to date. Thumbs up for that!

    Mike Rinder likes to say “It sucks to be Miscavige” and I say “words no truer have ever been spoken”

  9. Good luck to all of them. The fact that Tommy is out tells volumes, even if he was bought off.

    I know it takes a while to decompress from the madness. I look forward to their contributions when and if they are ready!

  10. Gerhard Waterkamp

    “In order to continue to protect his lies, Miscavige instituted a policy of paying large sums of money to staff who could further corroborate his crimes.”
    Interestingly the US taxpayer is paying a good chunk of this money. Money to cover up crimes is clearly is misappropriation of tax deductible parishioner donations. And as we know this is just the tip of the iceberg of the misappropriations. Together with “other business income” from IAS, Ideal Org and Super Power Expansion project an audit could lead to the recovery of hundreds of millions of tax dollars for the US taxpayer over the years.
    Besides individual freedom there is nothing more part of the American DNA than a true and honest disgust for taxes. People in the US may not care too much about abuses or criminal behavior, but if they realize they are paying for it with their taxes, so their hard earned dollar go to these jerks to pay off people covering up crimes. I guess you can get their attention.
    I think everybody talking to media in the US should make clear how the US taxpayer is paying for this nonsense. Maybe that will get the attention of some politicians.

  11. God bless you, Marty Rathbun. You have my wholehearted support.

  12. He’s still got his small stable of celebs like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and (more so) his wife. I also see Kirsty Alley has being using the opportunity to get herself in the news as defending the church of scientology and Tom. Mind you the celebs are kinda useful because the celebrity interest helps focus the spotlight sometimes. 🙂

  13. David Miscavige never told us a Lie in his life. If every Scientologist just would do what the man says, we would be through with planetary clearing by now! Do the basics first! All of them, so you know what we`re talking about ! Afterwards get clear and Ot. then do the Superpower rundowns as soon as available! And fucking donate to the IAS! Donate to the ideal org project! Why going on being so complicated? It`s so simple! What the hell is it, you wanna do with money instead? there`s no other fish to fry now!

  14. Great article Marty. There is also further attrition of his inner circle. Alon Barram. He was for many years part of DM’s closest entourage. He’s not around anymore. Clearly he got sick of the insanity but I am not sure if he left the SO or just departed the inner circle of hell and is now working as a gardener or some such.

  15. Great update Marty. That huge stone RTC bunker has perhaps more echoes and a lot less life in it now and only the big black mass remains in it! It is awesome that 7 more have their freedom and can now really flourish and prosper, my best to all of them (though I only knew 3 of them) as they now have a chance to move on up higher! I would love to discuss the PDC with Ron Snr again as it is one of my favorite series over some good food and libation!

  16. The truth destimulates. Thanks for this destimulation Marty!

  17. Not long before they hit the road. Hell to put the COS on your resume stops any expansion for that law firm!

  18. Ailon was a good friend and we roomed at the Int Base and CW together. He was busted from the Office some years ago, but I have no idea of his current whereabouts – so he didn’t make it to the recent 1 year update of this thread. His relationship and marriage was cancelled as DM disapproved of it. She was last seen at ASI doing mest work.

  19. You are making a good point. One that the IRS should pay close attention to.

  20. So why are the Barrams still supporting dm? What is the matter with them?

  21. Anon-onyourside

    I hope that journalists covering this understand that it takes enormous courage to escape the brutal cult of the CoS, and double, quadruple, that courage to publicly write about the CoS after leaving. It is becoming clearer and clearer that DM is living in terror because he has no way of dealing with this kind of courage.

  22. Looking at the big picture of all that is going on, my heart goes out to the good Scientology public. They know the tech works. They know that there are some problems with the orgs (how could they not?). But they trust LRH’s policy to avoid reading entheta. They have bought into DM’s lies, in my opinion because they don’t want it to be true that he’s lying. That might mean to them that there would then be nowhere to do Scientology.

    I have too many old friends in that category to not wonder…how do I reach them?

  23. It never ceases to amaze me how the mind of a psychotic really works. You could say David Miscavige is just getting more and more desperate, but no he is fully aware of what he is doing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s actually getting a kick out of it. We know he is loving every minute of it, while his “church” and his bunker is imploding.

    The problem is as Marty points out is that people are literally dying over there at the Int Base. If anyone has not seen the 1978 movie “Midnight Express” this is a perfect example of what is going on with the Int Base Staff. And it is a true story, about an American who was imprisoned in a Turkish prison, and escaped. While a very difficult movie to watch, it will give one reality of what it really is like in “the hole”.

    I am also glad to hear the update news, Marty of these important people escaping. This is all so interesting.

  24. Indie-saurus-rex

    Absolutely fantastic post Marty. Great stuff.

  25. It’s easy to see why Miscavige canceled liberties and LOAs years ago at the Int base. Given the opportunity to get outside the razor wired fences most of the staff would not return. Even his most trusted flying monkeys
    head for the hills when given the chance.

    I really don’t think it will be long before the Int staff have tracking chips put in them and house arrest ankle brackets. The fences, paid security guards, confiscated passports, etc just aren’t good enough.

    Miscavige is scared shitless. I remember Marty saying that the first question Miscavige asked every day (almost a decade ago) was if anyone had blown (escaped). The guy is responsible for all of Scientology and his first concern is Int staff escaping!!! That says it all.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Kool Aid’s a hell of a drug.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Good point Gerhard.

  28. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Claire – somebody added the comment while I was out – now, I’ll fix it.

  29. I share in the happiness that these individuals managed to ESCAPE the suppression.

    It is a measure of their strength of character (though I feel Jessica is more of the driving force than Tommy) — the NEXT measure will be how soon they take action to help free others from the prison they are in.

    Eventually everyone’s conscience (responsibility level) starts to eat away at them. They know what THEY went through and cannot stand the thought that their friends and family are still experiencing it.

    Sooner or later these people come to realize that it doesnt matter how much money they were given or how many pages of legal documents they signed — those things do NOT trump personal integrity. And that is the lesson Miscavige hasn’t learned — and he will keep being burned as a result. He thinks money and lawyers buy safety and security. And it always ends up blowing up in his face, as every dictator comes to realize in their sorry end days — whether they banked on lawyers, payoffs, prison camps or guns to buy their security. They don’t trump the will of good people.

    No truer words were ever written than “Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life. Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body” and, along with most everything LRH wrote, Miscavige does not believe this to be true. Yet people with strong characters ALWAYS inherently know this is true. In fact, I believe it is the essence of strong character.

    These seven have already proven they will only go so far.

    Knowing they are out there, and that there are more coming, is driving Miscavige into ever more insane public displays of self-immolation.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  30. I can’t even begin to imagine the pressure being brought to bear on LRH’s grandaughter and Ron Sr to come back and sign their lives away. Is it 5 million, 10 million, 15 million, 20 million, how far will the little monster go to keep them shut up? What would I do if I were in their shoes? Would the money prevail? I’d like to think that integrity would prevail. Especially in the case of Roanne for the sake of her legendary Grandfather, if she truly gets what DM has done to destroy his legacy, there is no amount of money worth that, I give her all my postulates for the strength needed to endure. Me thinks she has an ace in the hole — if the monster attacks her — the public uproar will be huge and the uprising against him will be legendary. Wishful thinking….

  31. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this story. You may have, in an indirect way, helped Lara on her way. Miscavige is the world’s most accomplished victim – seems everything he does is because he was victimized by someone else – always a phantom who is no longer around to correct the record and most always a false accusation to begin with – as in this case. Reminds me of a little verse from the Tao:
    Failure is an opportunity; If you blame others, there is no end to the blame.

  32. martyrathbun09

    …and pathologists. And only the finest and most expensive by the way.

  33. Hilarious. Nobody could possibly be this stupid. Whoever it is is just pulling our legs.

  34. Claire — “There are many others still to come, most of whom are often in my thoughts.”


    There are a lot I think about, but none more so than Taryn and Benjamin. I have their pictures on my desk. I will not stop until I know they are no longer prisoners.

  35. Ok, is this the real Snow White? The real one was so much more vicious, you’d have to read prior blog postings to know what I mean.

  36. Marty — boy, is that spot on.

    When I hear all the things that you (or I) were supposedly responsible for, it is amazing.

    The interesting thing about the victim card is how much beingness and power it grants to those who are assigned blame. You, according to Miscavige, single-handedly ran everything in Scientology. But his story starts to leak like an old sieve in short order. If YOU were responsible for all the bad, how come it keeps going even though you are not there any more? It is what is one of the things that is driving him insane — your unkillability. He HAS to keep “Dead Agenting” you — telling people you were the one who implemented crush regging, gang bang sec checking, insane booksales quotas, no sleep etc etc etc. He REALLY wants you to go away. And the more he throws at you, the more unkillable you become (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger — Kelly Clarkson) and the bigger and nastier his nightmare.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  37. This has to be a joke. Nobody is this stupid….

  38. You are AMAZING Marty!!
    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  39. I’ve noticed that a lot of the people don’t finally “get” what is really happening until finally the guns turn on them. Suddenly, they are looking down the long, cold, dark barrel of the Howitzer with Madman Miscavige madly squeezing the trigger and then they have a bognition: “It was never everyone else, it was Miscavige. Now, I get it.”

    I actually liked Lara. She was pretty sane, even when executing insane orders. I had a fair number of dealings with her since anyone smart, productive and on purpose is going to spend most of the day, any day, in front of a firing squad.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Yeah – it doesn’t help his d/aing tactics when all the abuses he blames on others accelerate under his absolute control. By the way I think Clarkson got that from Friedrich Nietzsche.

  41. All my best to the latest escapees. I look forward to hearing what they have to say when they are ready.

  42. Thank you Marty for the update on folks that have escaped over the last year or so, Roanne, Ron Sr, Becky, etc. It is really nice to hear that they are out of the hell hole and DM’s insanity. There are many, many more, I still think of often and have fond memories of, I would love to see out and about soon. 🙂

  43. Death by a thousnd cuts-blows!

  44. Thanks for the update Marty and I am also glad these people made it out. Ron Sr and I were friends for a long time while I was in the Sea Org. I am glad he gets to spend his later years in freedom.

    What I find hard to understand is why people like Greg Wilhere, Lyman Spurlock, Mike Sutter and Hansueli Stahli are still doing DM’s bidding after all these years.

    I knew all of these people very well and they were intelligent and able Sea Org members and executives. They were in fact my friends. They are by no means stupid. Greg and Lyman even worked with or for LRH directly.

    When they see the list of capable and competent people that DM has shit canned over the years and look over that list, don’t they see the destruction that has been done? Looking over Steve Hall’s summation of the Indie 500 list and their achievements over the years in Scientology, how can any sane, intelligent person who really knows what is going on behind the scenes continue to help DM?

    Any thoughts on the matter? Deep down I know these guys are good people who were led astray.

    Maybe it just will take more time.

  45. So, is Tommy now disconnected from Anne Archer?

  46. martyrathbun09


  47. Marty — yeah, was being silly. I never considered Kelly Clarkson to be one of the great thinkers in history… Though Jeremy Clarkson, that’s another matter.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Kool Aid’s a hell of a drug.

  49. Mike -beautifully written

  50. I too liked Lara. Oh how she struggled with orders on what she was to come up with when sec checking someone, and not compromising her integrity as an auditor. Her problem was that she actually cared about the person in front of her. Eventually, she couldnt continue to commit the overt of caving people in on the other side of the emeter, as they desperately tried to come up with something to satisfy Miscavige’s dictates, rather than satisfying the auditing command and meter. The only other RTC person who I knew cared about me when she was ordered to sec check me was Claire. I never minded going in with Claire. And that was rare amongst the RTC robots. Hopefully Lara will follow Claire’s example beyond her auditor beingness and escaping the insane asylum.

  51. Now that’s some 100% proof Kool-Aid talking right there, boy. Dayum!

  52. Excellent Gerhard.
    Every Tax payer subsidizes Scientology Inc while it uses
    Police, Fire, 911, Medical for free and a host of other US Tax payer services.
    In the 80s we were coached to tell Children’s Hospital how we were INDIGENT so that all the services given to Sea org kids were given free of charge.

  53. eww… not a pretty sight.

  54. Mike – I, too, share in the happiness of their escape. I also know that no staff member has risen that far up the ladder and put in that many years of their life without the original intent to help bring sanity and a better life to the people of earth. All who have left must sooner or later confront not only what happened to them – but also the magnitude and ramifications of the denial of the technologies available to help their fellow human beings.

    I know most who read this blog have already looked at this. Those remaining silent need to look deep and know that within them is the answer. The truth is there and they have seen it. No matter how distasteful at some time it must be fully viewed.

    We all, at one time or another, have taken the red pill. We don’t have to continually wash it down with kool-aide. One can only hide from the truth for a finite period of time. I appreciate that they have left and no longer directly contribute to the abomination being daily carried out. What is occurring is NOT scientology and not what LRH wrote about.

    No offense to those who have woken up. The following video is a good representation of what must be done. Once the road to truth has been stepped upon, one’s end point in the journey can not be merely ignored.

  55. +1,000,000

  56. ROFL! You said it, bro!

  57. Oh wait…. you were serious????

  58. The EP of Miscavige’s out-tech: replacing the course sups & auditors with lawyers & pathologists. Sure sounds like the end. I mean, where does he go from here?

  59. martyrathbun09

    Undertakers, I guess.

  60. Marty — Funny, I just went to check the VV and there is a report there from someone who stood across the street from the second “Grand Opening” of the Fraser Mansion in DC. POB was there, so you know this is going to be included in his next event (I just watched the MV Events and will provide a summation of them here soon — the lies are getting bigger and bigger, half the “new Ideal Orgs” were in fact “re-openings” of formerly “Grand Opened” Ideal Orgs which in turn were not new orgs at all…).

    But apropos of what I commented on above is this report, apparently the trickle down to the lowest levels of clubbed seals is complete. You will be most interested to know that you are now responsible for Lisa McPherson’s death…. It’s a “Marty thing” OMG.

    Here is a little section of her rather humorous report of hearing the little man mumble tonight:

    I was trying to concentrate on what he was saying so that I could faithfully report to you VVers, when a VERY handsome man approached me. He started a conversation about the coffee I was drinking (was it better than Starbucks?, etc.). He was obviously working the event, but he was also trying to engage me. Yes, I am single and wasn’t looking half bad tonight. I think he thought I was attending the event. I informed him that I was a wog and that he really didn’t want to talk to me (I was afraid I would let out a tirade); he insisted.

    He said that he used to be on staff and was a member since the 70s. I told him I wasn’t a fan and started in on the abuses. Everything that I wanted to say ended up as a knot in my stomach. His only response was that auditing worked for him and “what is true for him, was true.” I urged him to take a broader look and to read more. He said that, “all organizations have problems.” I brought up Lisa McPherson and he said that was “a Marty thing.” I tried to discuss disconnection, but he started quoting LRH.

  61. Do you own these shirts? It’s good to have them for the Indies. 🙂

  62. martyrathbun09

    Now that Ron Sr. is gone he’s gonna announce that I’m his daddy!

  63. Marty,

    Most or all of these folks will ultimately do the right thing.

    Sure as shit, most or all of them are reading this blog.

    Good post. For many intelligent reasons.

  64. Oh yeah, yeah, the blame game. When I got told all of the OT8’s had to be called and told they had to go back on to OTVll, I asked, “Why?”

    “David Mayo.” Came the reply. DM and Ray Mithoff were there I guess doing a test drive on how this would go over with the staff?

    “David Mayo! He has been off lines for seven years! Do you mean to say nobody opened his desk drawers or fixed what he supposedly broke in seven years?” Was all I could ask. “Where is the fucking golden rod on this flap? Are you guys for real? I’m not even buying this and I am supposed to be selling it someone else?” O.K., I kind of went out of control when I realized they were trying to scam me. The volume went up and up but, I never saw anyone get out of the Sea Org quicker than I did. Within a few hours they were happy to let me go, no strings attached. They might as well have walked in and said, “Everything you have done for the last six years is a fu$*&^g overt product.” In fact, that is what they were telling me.

    People asked about me after I left and I have heard the stories the staff told them. Turns out most of the “friends” I had in the Sea Org were an overt product too!

    I have read the blame they have worked to shift on to Marty, Mike, and countless others.

    Not only does Int Managment deny everything to the media, they deny it to the people that work their asses off (The other Sea Org and Org and Mission Staff) to feed the cancerous burden Int Management has become.

    This is one reason why I try to encourage people NOT to attack the staff and public outside of the Int Base. They have been scammed too. DUH! They are in the same boat as the public. They are in the same boat we were. They have been lied to also. This is one reason why I have protested ANON protesting at class lV Orgs and hazing the staff. Wrong target. They are the kids of the parent Int Base staff.

    Are these people really going to be sandwiched in between two forms of suppression?

    They are just another brick in the wall DM has put between himself and the world. And by harassing them as the target, the harasser becomes another brick too.

  65. Marty,

    Thanks for the update. Well, I am so glad that Jessica is out. She has a special place in my heart. She knows what all we shared together. I do hope she reads this and contacts me. I will always help her out.

    I have some fun memories of Tommy (being 007) when he was still at CCI and all the bullets he dodged. Pull through Tommy and set yourself free.

    I have a totally different memory of Lara Dolan. I was friends with her father and I got her into the Sea Org back in the day. She was totally theta bunch of energy in a small body at that time and I can only wish her the best.

    We are flourishing and prospering and doing well. We are helping others with Scientology where and when we can. We are getting up the Bridge. Life is good.


  66. Dear Marty,
    I thank my lucky stars for this Blog.

  67. VV, MV, VV’ers. What is that? But aside from my MU this is all fascinating.

  68. Gerhard Waterkamp

    I hope I can do the math soon getting some newer figures. Any donation for services, IAS and other Bollocks is tax deductable for the donor. With federal income tax rates anywhere between 10 and 35% and annual “revenue” of the church in the hundreds of millions the US taxpayer directly subsidizes this insanity with a number of hundreds of millions per year. That does not even count all the free services the church gets and the taxes the church does not pay.
    If any body has some recent figures about income and donations to the church would be great to post it here or email me. There should be an analysis of the tax impact (damage) caused by the church, sounds like fun to compile.

  69. Ahh, a little clip from the Dave Chappelle show. I miss that show!

    Rick James, bitch!

  70. Well said, Mike. 100% truth.

  71. VV = Village Voice
    MV = Maiden Voyage

  72. I could be wrong, but my understanding of the law is that these “money for silence” contracts can’t be enforced if the silence is to cover up violations of the law. So, potentially the people who took bribes to keep quiet could be deposed as part of some lawsuit, and they’d have to talk or face perjury charges themselves.

  73. Yeah I guess so, he’s already announced you own him!

  74. Fantastic report, Marty. This is your milieu. That you are equally accomplished in other disciplines speaks to your astounding abilities as an OT.

    LRH says that a being is least able in the areas that he has the most un-handled Overts in. Your ability to confront and handle this mess is evidence that you are pure of heart in your intent.

    Thank you, bro. History shall not forget what you have done for us all.

  75. Thank you for the update. I don’t personally know any of them, but just knowing their posts and who they are, I know they must have been more than dedicated to LRH and it saddened me to think of them under such massive suppression. What a relief that they’ve gotten out and are free now. I wish them peace now in destimulating from that terrible experience.

  76. Mike, I can tell you when the basics sells start with his new books was completely insane, he have one his dogs in Flag his D/IG running all base just for sells, was insane, he only ask for numbers, don’t care about people the questions was “how much GBS you have?” probably Marty remember him. When Sandy Dodwell and Sonya Jacques have a war because of GI was insane.. Not sleep, they he create the boopcam program or something like that, even old people was putting into this, People need to be there to experience the terror that was going on inside FSO, and all of this happen when Marty Rathbun was not more in the Sea Org, I left the Corporate Scn in 2011.

    Marty thanks for the information on Bob, now I am understand what happen with him and why he always travel together checking for buildings and also make sense what happen with his ex-wife probably Elizabeth Wright who I believes still the Calling I/C for the Div4 FSO.

    Regarding Tommy, just short story about him, i believe he is a good guy, he was one time in Dept 5 he was send there because of flap, he was doing like a letter reg job, basically. I wish the guy have his integrity to speak the truth.

  77. Mother of Grendel

    Wasn’t Lara’s Mother ED at one of the LA Orgs? Did she disconnect?

  78. I guess Tommy is no longer a big dog running in the tall grass?

  79. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always. – Mahatma Gandhi”

    Mike, the anecdote you related from our roving “spy” PreferToBeAnon over at VV made me – a simple outsider looking in – suddenly understand what you guys are up against, with the seemingly deliberate blindness of the Scientology public. In her account, PTBA said she followed two dressed ladies out of the DC event, listening to them extol the excellence of COB and his presentation. I’ve seen videos of the man speaking, and I had to say, “Whaaaa?” That, and the bland, rote responses of the man who approached her during the event, regarding the fact that “all organizations have their problems”, and that Lisa McPherson was “a Marty thing”…it really hits home when you indirectly “witness” the mind control in action.

    I do hope these recent escapees will come to their senses and whether or not they become exes or indies or something in between, they decide speak out about the abuses they witnessed. As someone who pays a lot of taxes, I’m personally not to happy about the fact (as mentioned by another commenter above) that Mr. Miscavige gets to use tax free dollars to bribe, blackmail and silence those who know about his crimes.

    Those of us on the outside and journalists like Tony O DO realize the extreme courage it takes, both to leave and to speak out against injustice. But the more people who do speak out, the less power DM will have. With every voice, he weakens. This madness has got to come to an end. Like Gandhi says, “Think of it. Always.”

  80. Thanks for the latest Bunker Report, Marty. Never having been in that suppressive environment, I have struggled to fully understand how Scientologists could have put up with Miscavige’s insanity. You have put a human face on the situation. I beginning to see that Miscavige, having insinuated himself legally into a position of power, then has used that position to wreak havoc upon anyone who was loyal to the organization which LRH constructed to forward the religion. Ultimately, the only power Miscavige has ever had over anyone comes from his legal position and the loyalty that others have to the SUBJECT (or religion).

    Ironically, to my understanding, LRH himself had very little if any legal power within the organization, and yet his word was pretty much law to Scientologists. Still is. All of Ron’s power came from the admiration he generated by his good works.

  81. Mixed reports on the Anonymous protests. Quite a few people say it was the protestors that were like the catalyst to them “waking up” to their own inner doubts.

    There’s a general understanding that the staff are victims too, it’s been mentioned a few times on the Anonymous forums at least and there’s often debates about the many tactics people employ. All of the many key characters have supporters and people who disagree with their brand of protesting.

    As far as whether or not to protest, what else can be done to keep those still in aware of the fact others disagree with what’s happening and what they’re supporting?

  82. It is simple mathematics the ANONS struggle with. “WE have got to kill off Katie Holmes at her premier to be effective”. “We have got to kill off Tom Cruise at the Jewish Board of Guardians Event” …For real? These people can not separate situations and values. That is a real and present math problem. “I got fucked over by DM but I can not take him on so let me go bury one of his underlings at the New York Org.” They struggle with the same math problems DM has. It amps the noise and resolves none of the problems. Not that that has no value when things have sunk so low, eventually when people are pushed up against a wall, they resort to injustice. Anon has become a mirror image of DM. Sadistic, no mercy, generalities, destroy destroy destroy as the group motto. We have a situation when the original suppressor arrives, when others copy them it is a snowball. They are all on the same purpose. Destroy destroy desrtoy.

  83. Hey Agustin!!! que gusto verte porque aqui hermano…remember the all times….hahaha….I agree with Mike…”it sucks to be Miscavige”.
    Hey body…send me an email to landivarcristian@hushmail.com

  84. Pasadena and then was ripped off to be the ED of the Dallas “Ideal” Org. No data re their relationship. Her Mom is Mary.

  85. “I believe her motivation is to remain free, strengthen herself, and use her multiple talents to one day do what she can to restore the legacy of her grandfather. I will back her up 100% of the way.”

    I am with you 100% of the way on this.

    Roanne, I hope you read this blog. I remember when you were a young lady, and I’d enjoy our little chats now and then as I ran into you around the studio. I have the photos of my wedding, with you as the flower girl. Your grandfather’s work is what it purports to be. I hope some day soon, you and I can sit down and have another chat, from a different vantage point.

    Ron Miscavige, you were the best man at my wedding. We had a good run in Music. Bumping heads, but still, a good run. What happened in the past, mistakes made, are in the past. I hope you and I can one day sit and reminisce, and get to know each other in a new unit of time, with the future ours to create as we will.

    Well done to you both.

  86. Davey is.

  87. Li'll bit of stuff

    Kinda “boxed-in” prediction, Marty!
    I would like to add—maggots to that!

  88. Li'll bit of stuff

    Even more galling under a microscope,
    (necessary in determining gender of said
    subject, p/h) since under-development in height
    and intelligence, not the ONLY “short” changed
    commodity fueling der “fuhrer” und his 4th reich!

  89. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yeah, accurate summation, TO. More focused am I
    upon the creative plethora that abounds in our choice
    of playing field/s. Like the adding of your name to the
    Indie 500 list. Tipping point added to! VWD, Cat!

  90. An interesting perspective. There can be no doubt Anonymous is capable of incredible acts of aggression, one need only look to the Arab Spring campaigns for examples, but I believe you’re talking more metaphorically in this instance.

    I understand that you feel Anonymous is victimising individuals such as Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and random or specific persons at the New York org because they cannot get to David Miscavige directly.

    That’s certainly a valid view; David Miscavige is rarely around to protest, although he has been protested at every opportunity – mostly Idle Org openings and re-openings and anniversary re-dedications and so on.

    As far as the Katie Holmes protests at her premier a lot of debate took place. There were those who felt it inappropriate while others felt it important to try to “reach out” to Katie. Anonymous is not a democracy though and so those who felt protest was worth while protested and what happened is probably still on YouTube.

    At no point though was the desire to prevent Katie Holmes premier being a success; pretty much everyone felt Katie just needed to “wake up”. “Free Katie” was the main thrust of the protest, painting her as the victim however she may have felt about that role. Whether this played any part in her decision making is speculative.

    As to other instances of protesting as I can certainly see your point; myself and others have criticised the actions of others we felt got a little too personal.

    The target though was and still is the abusive practises of the church of scientology, not David Miscavige specifically, so all church of scientology venues and events were and still are viable targets.

    I prefer more general protesting and less personal targetted engagement. IMHO protesters may call to, shout at, individuals but in no way should they persistently engage them; they should be able to walk away from the protest area unhounded. I’ve seen some examples where this didn’t happen and I’ve seen protestors get in to trouble for it. Notably Angry Gay Pope doggardly following some woman who was subsequently able to take out a restraining order against him.

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    This is really combustible fuel to throw into the
    cauldron of taxpayer dissent indeed, Gerhard!

    A somewhat neglected, but hardly innocuous
    “lever”, that needs to be pulled hard to unleash
    a volcanic eruption of seismic proportions into
    the devious dealings of li’ll davey the demented
    demon “dick-tator.”


  92. Li'll bit of stuff

    Bleep! Mission accomplished1 (whizzz,Klunk!)
    Awaiting further instructions(whirrr! whirr!)
    Awaiting further instr..(grind, grind!)
    Awaiting fur…(ssssgraww…!)

  93. We see you, Miscavige (junior).

  94. Is it “Ailon” or is it “Elan”?


    I’m curious, because Elan has been in/out of the SO. Was he back in?

    (BTW, he’s supposed to be building CHUG ..)

  95. Another thing they can do is move out of the US. These ‘agreements’ aren’t enforceable in Europe, where they take a view of such things with much derision in the court ..

  96. I used to rule the world
    Seas would rise when I gave the word
    Now in the morning I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own

    I used to roll the dice
    Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
    Listen as the crowd would sing
    “Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!”

  97. Thanks for the comprehensive update. As long as these reports are true – which they demonstratively are – they are extremely valuable. There’s no such thing as “too much truth”.

  98. “demonstrably are…”

  99. LOL! “David Miscavige never told us a Lie in his life.” Of course, he has been telling “Lies” paragraph by paragraph so you can’t spot “a Lie” in between. Never ever. Also, why donate to the I A(m) a(S)shole? Idle Org Pjt? The simplicity is go independent, period. Instant declare gotten and free from all kinds of harassment and intimidation. BTW, I don’t fry fish, yet I like fresh salmon and tuna. What are your fishes to be fried? I pity them.

  100. martyrathbun09

    He never was, but he can be one now.

  101. A few years ago, after much consideration, I realized that I wished for every single staff and executive of the Int base — to be free from the suppression of DM.

    I, like every staff member there, have had good, bad and ugly experiences at Int. Not counting DM, there are some execs and staff that I had nasty, if not engramic relationships with. Just as I am sure for a number of staff there, I was nasty and engramic to them in my various roles as an RTC staff member.

    To sit back, reflect on what I did to others, and what others did to myself, and end cycle on it – takes a lot. It is not an easy task.

    I worked directly with Serena for several years before she was promoted up to work directly in Miscavige’s office. An intelligent and caring individual, Serena would lose sleep as the Reports Officer RTC, working to resolve and deal with the many issues that were reported on a daily basis from around the planet. I am really happy she is now free from the suppression.

    I worked directly with Lara for years as well. Unfortunately, Lara was my executioner several times — both in my removal from RTC, and also in my offload from the Int base. I also had my own experiences with the RTC mission with Pouw, Sutter, et.al. I hope that some day, now Lara is out, we can actually talk again. Much time has passed now, and I wish her the best. I am really happy that she is away from that place and from DM.

    I send my love to Ron Snr, Becky and of course to Roanne. I am so happy for them and they are welcome to contact me, if they ever feel the urge, on lana@hushmail.com.

  102. As much as the money must seem attractive for a long-term SO member, particularly those with nothing or no one to fall back on out in the real world, I really hope these good people speak out and help free their friends still left inside. If the response to the Headley’s situation is anything to go by (who in just one week are only a couple of grand short of $45,000 in donations) there are a whole lot of caring, compassionate people out here willing to help if needed.

    “What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know…and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity. …And not necessarily maintaining a skeptical attitude, a critical attitude or an open mind…but certainly maintaining sufficient personal integrity and sufficient personal belief and confidence in self and courage that we can observe what we observe and say what we have observed.” — LRH, from Personal Integrity

  103. Love that song.

  104. Roanne was such a beautiful girl! (I’m saying based on her picture).
    I wish the best for her!

  105. How those still part of the current Scientology regime cannot see the insanity will always baffle me. If you’re reading this, and I know you are, step back and take a look at and please reach out and help those caught in the labyrinth of lies and deceit. Love you fellow man, as LRH would have or just as important if not more as LRH is no God, as any decent caring human being would.

  106. Marty,
    do you know by chance where Malia Mc Elveen, Serena’s mother, is? Is she still in the SO (she was once my senior on the Ship)? – Karola

  107. Theo Sismanides

    Defunking the beast… that’s some great news Marty. You are one of a hell of an Intelligence guy! that’s quite some info on RTC! Lol! I am having such a ball here in Greece sitting in front of my computer and hearing that all those people who once would perform all this out-Tech in the name of the Beast are now… free. Thanks Marty for that free and insouciant approach to things… that’s high on the Scale.. Tone 45! (another theetie – weetie PDC guy)!!!

  108. KA, I don’t know where she is.

  109. That’s my beautiful daughter in the forefront. PROUD MOM!!!

  110. Pingback: Update From David Miscavige’s Bunker « 31 Factors

  111. Hi Mark, You should read “The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout. in addition to that, my observation is that forced complicity plays a large part. DM orders people to do things — such as out tech interviews on the meter, out tech auditing, squirrel ethics handlings, enforcing wrong conditions on people, etc., and the repeated commission of such overts is what blinds and seals their fate. The more overts they commit, the blinder they get, and the more addicted they are to an SP. Supporting this is data from LRH about how people become PTS to an SP — by committing overts on them. Failing to protect others from an SP, and allowing that SP to harm others, is an overt act on both the SP and on his victims. They commit to many overts and the next thing is they buy in to the whole alternate universe reality that white is black and black is white (delusion). They sink down into delusion and from that point on they are minions.

  112. OK, Marty, that comment got me really laughing …

  113. It would be great if Tommy started posting here anonymously at first. I would think he needs about two years of destim time. Then his road to redemption could start with an apology to John Sweeney.

  114. Sinar: Were you the personal chef of DM and did you route out or blow? Have you posted your story? Did they try to pay you off? Thanks for your posts! You were amongst the chaos and the information really helps!

  115. As a public – it was total hell trying to “be” a Scientologist in the current environment. It is helpful to know what is was like for the staff. Thank you all for telling your stories and it helps to forgive each individual too – because human beings are being abused inside and out of the Co$. Miscavige is the dictator and he is too far gone. He is totally psychotic so people still in the Co$ lives blow up daily – just crazy stuff happens to them. It is frightening! They need to leave!

    The emotions of staff are the opposite of what they should be. There is no communication – just circuits “got it, okay good” pepper every sentence. It is like telling a minister that your father just died – and he says “okay, good”…now about that donation!

    People are losing their houses and filing bk. Suicides, cancer are the “new normal”. The staff completely have no reality. The public have no reality on what is like for the staff and it is horrible. Abuse, human trafficking, slave labor, force, threats of punishment, the hole – the lies. The internet and everyone who posts of their experiences helps put the pieces together on why SCIENTOLOGY IS SO WEIRD and INSANE!

  116. Ailon. Young, clean kid. Deserves to have a happy life. As do they all, even Serena who used to make my life in Marketing miserable just about the time the busses were set to go home to berthing for the night. I rarely made them.

  117. Getting sprung form the Base and Bunker requires an INDIVIDUAL tipping point, theta/entheta, cognition. Kind of like a step in processing or completing your clearances for a promotion form Int to Independent. Those who haven’t yet made the grade, but capable of having the cognition, are the ones stuck at the Base and Bunker. Examples are Mark’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ cognition and Marty’s decision to remove himself from the scene; even Atlas requires a place to stand to move the world.

  118. I forget, do you USAians have the phrase “who’s ya daddy?’ A taunt thrown by a winner against the loser in less gentlemanly competative sports. (Possibly archaic, I’m becoming increasingly chronologically challenged) 🙂

  119. I checked the Indie 500 list on Monday: there were 366 names.
    I checked right now: 410 names!
    What an amazing effect a single post had in just 2 days!

  120. Hi Gern, Roy meant Ailon. Elan is out of the SO for years. He met his wife (Vered) about 6.5 years ago at Dror Center in Haifa when she was staff. I replaced Vered when she was preparing to leave Israel and live with Elan in CW. My wife was a very very close friend with Vered for many years and brought her to Dror for auditing after she lost her previous husband. Now that Dror Center became independent Vered became very active at trying to destroy us under OSA guidance. She was sent to Israel right after Dani and Tami (Dror’s founders) were declared. Vered used her close acquaintance with us and with our public to dead agent Dani and Tami and to try to persuade as many friends of us as possible to disconnect from us. Elan was fully supporting this and helped her as much as he could. They are fully obedient to the corporate and will not change their mind easily.
    Any further information about Ailon to anyone? if he is out and free-minded, he might be the last chance to wake up this family who has several “branches” around the world.

  121. Hi, “Truth is Free…” I hope you have been able to find an independent auditor outside of the COS. I have-and my gains have been enormous. I think it would have taken be another 200K to audit the level I am on now. It’s a great adventure.

  122. Marty’s blog is pretty powerful and DM has tried 33 times to get some of this Mojo with a big fat fail.

    Also, Funding for the Headleys went very well with them very close to their target due to mention and support on this blog! http://www.gofundme.com/15lfi4

  123. Any word on the status of Mike Sutter, Marion Pouw or Hansuili Stahli?
    I met them some time ago but things have been really quiet now for some time.

  124. Wonderful Tao quote, thanks Marty!

  125. At this rate the DeMon will be TOAST in 2012.

  126. Marty,
    While being at ‘fixing names’…. it is Hansueli Staehli. I don’t have the German keyboard for the ‘Umlaut’, the 2 dots on the ‘a’ in Stahli.

  127. martyrathbun09


  128. martyrathbun09

    Anybody got an SOS published after 2006?

  129. plainoldthetan

    Marty: Was Lara Dolan the daughter of Paul and Meri Dolan? The Meri that was last year the ED of Dallas Idle Org Foundation? If Lara blew, is Mommy still in good standing? I can’t help but envision that the Lara Dolan story could have morphed into the Suri Cruise story but for Katie Holmes’ coming to her senses.

  130. plainoldthetan

    As dangerous as this question sounds, you’re not representing Scientology Inc, so I’ll answer it by saying my Basics edition is dated 2007. Of course, I also have a fourth printing dated October 1951 and two others from the ’80s. I didn’t “turn in” my “previous editions. It makes it easier to figure out what Miscavige changed.

    Oh, yeah. My 2007 printing has never been opened, either.

  131. I googled “Who’s your daddy?”

    Results: “Who’s your daddy? is a slang expression that, in one use, takes the form of a rhetorical question. It is commonly used as a boastful claim of dominance over the intended listener. The phrase itself stands out as a noteworthy lyric from the 1968 song “Time of the Season”, by The Zombies: “What’s your name? Who’s your daddy? Is he rich like me?” “

  132. Ok, I’m on the Insy 500 list now. (I have a 27 hour comm lag, but it’s getting better with auditing. It used to be 42).

    I’m just pulling these numbers our of the air, but theres got to be atleast 10 people who would like to be on the list but cant for every one on the list, and I bet 100 who have “quietly slipped away”.

  133. I meant “Indy 500 list”. Insy don’t sound right.

  134. 2012 – the time spirituality comes back to Scientology.

  135. Diogenes,
    Good point! This should be followed up legally to see what can be done.
    It looks similar to LRH’s policy that in case of blackmail one SHOULD communicate the matter and there is NO punishment for the matter that the blackmail is about.

  136. I have a 2007 edition.

  137. Well I am glad they’ve all managed to set themselves free.

  138. I get your point, Gerhard, but the outpoint is not that the church is tax-exempt. The outpoint is that Mr. David Miscavige is doing bad things with the money. I would hate to have the church be stripped of its tax exempt status (and, by extension all indies who practice Scientology). Better would be the removal of Mr. David Miscavige and allow the church to try to regroup.


  139. He never told a lie in his life, and no girlfriend of anyone has ever insulted him ever in his life!

  140. martyrathbun09

    Ok, i’m sending a hushmail to you.

  141. Is Meri no longer the ED Dallas?

  142. Tut tut DM. Everything is Held Down, even his Pillow. The Sword he attempts to wield is Tread Upon. Is he in a state of Collapse? One would have to know Collapse to be sure. This must cause great Upset and a feeling of being Threatened. The very Corners of his estate have been injured. Is he in Confusion, Mixed Up?

    What to do? Damn if it isn’t just like a rats head or an ox neck. The Mountains and the Sea do change.

    An excellent piece of work Marty. I’m still laughing. He is so out maneuvered. Even when you tell him what you’re going to do he still steps in it. LOL.

    You have the Body of a Rock and DM is unable to comprehend it.

  143. I believe that your 10 for 1 ratio is correct. We have around 60 people on our lines and only 7 who have signed up. Various reasons for the rest. Some are brand new and had no prior experience with Co$, some just don’t care about any of it except their next course or session, some have connections and aren’t ready to blow them yet.
    I suggest, but never enforce public disclosure.

  144. Corroboration is king in the court of public opinion.

    So many people verifying facts has made it totally clear that Mike and Marty and Steve and Amy and Marc and Clair et al. are telling the truth.
    So much corroboration has made it abundantly clear that miscavige is fully psychotic and is a liar.

    Blanket rebuttals are futile. Miscavige has been assimilated by the borg of his own creation. His own universe blackens with every new lie he tells. He doesn’t even really have any “missed witholds” anymore. We all know. He’s just too deep into his own case to recognize that the game is over.

  145. Thank you TWD. Being on my mobile makes one lazy with Google; my excuse and I’m sticking too it. Should have know Google is my friend.

  146. Hi Steve and thank you. I had such an awful time during my last auditing in Scientology …. the C/S and the auditor seemed to be making me wrong and Scientology right. I had tons of auditing over a problem Scientology created and did nothing about. The NEW NORMAL in Scientology.

    It was over the crimes being committed and nothing being done about it…and I believe it was “something similar I had done because they kept asking me if I had a similar overt of my own”. I told them even if I did – let’s not take the attention off of the fact that this is a church and I am watching crimes being done and nothing is being done about it. I found a time in my past that I told my friend if she did not do something for me, I would not be her friend (the similar crime of extortion) and they told me my needle floated and that was it. I still was upset about the crimes being committed in Scientology so I never went back.

    I really have no interest in ever getting any auditing again. It was not helping me after a while – the needle floated when I felt like crap and it did not when it should have. Too much craziness and left me in bad shape. It took many months to unravel myself from that mind fu#$ing that occurred. I lost faith in the meter and the tech during that long and expensive time period and I never want to take any chances again for a mind fu@#ing. So I have found other things to do that help me with life.

    I am doing really well now – so thank you for your kind and thoughtful gesture.

  147. Adding to the fray: “The Master” movie is coming out. Grab the pop corn and watch C$$ handle the PR flap. Or not. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/movie-review-master-article-1.1158823

  148. Is it possible that the demand for thousands of hours of extra auditiing, and the exposure to all that electricity at close range, is a contributing factor to increased numbers of cancer? Electricity has been proven to be a cause in certain kinds of brain cancer with excessive cel phone use, and doctors advise keeping cel phones away from the body, not in pockets. ????

  149. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Religious activities are tax exempt. Criminal activities are not. One very famous guy thought otherwise and practiced tax exemption on criminal activities and found it out the hard way. His name was Al Capone.
    I disagree respectfully, there is no re-group. If there was a chance for that, there would have been a mutiny within the church by now. The core of the church is so damaged that they are beyond the point of no return. Once a corporate culture flips to thuggery and criminality it is easier to rebuild than to fix.
    Tax exemptions are not granted to a “religion” but religious organizations meaning legal entities. These legal entities have to use the moneys obtained they obtained for the benefit of society, – so the broad bright idea on tax exemptions. The same way tax exemptions are not revoked from “religion” but legal entities that do not follow the law to collect and use money for the benefit of society.
    There is no doubt, based on the actual behavior of numerous legal entities that make up the core of the corporate church of Scientology, the law was broken and the tax exempt status has to be revoked for those entities. That does not mean, that different legal entities that practice Scientology and adhere to the law and spend money indeed for religious purposes and the benefit of society, should not be tax exempt. Of course it should be tax exempt, because Scientology practiced to the spiritual betterment and improvement of an individual does benefit the society.
    Any organization that uses Scientology in its form of black Dianetics with the practice to control, harm and extract wealth from people, is not working to the benefit of the individual or society, but is a criminal endeavor with no right to tax exemptions.
    Protecting the corporate churches tax exempt status is like supplying Al Capone the bullets.

  150. Azul — my bet is on “not”.

    But this is actually a massive PR opportunity that could be cashed in on. But Miscavige is stuck as a victim — everyone is trying to do him in, including Paul Thomas Anderson who is engaged in a conspiracy against him.

    Yet Anderson and the stars of the film have said that this film was inspired by the life of L. Ron Hubbard. Now, that is quite something. A popular movie with a biog name director and actors is made and it is inspired by the life of L. Ron Hubbard. If Miscavige wasn’t so intent on destroying LRH’s reputation by trying to pretend he was something just above Jesus but slightly below God, he would be able to turn the interest this movie is generating into people finding out about the real life of the person who inspired it. But instead, his ham-fisted response is going to convince people that he is a cult leader, following in the footsteps of LRH and that because they are fighting it SO hard, there MUST be some truth to whatever BAD is in the movie about the character based on LRH and the subject he founds.

    Miscavige believes he is the master of PR (as he is the master of all he surveys, touches or thinks about) — in fact, he is J. Warbler Madman personified. And he couldnt see anything like this is a PR “opportunity” only “another bigoted assault.”

    What a maroon he is.

  151. Les,
    You’re right. If David Miscavige HAD killed his grandmother and WAS being asked on the e-meter, it probably would NOT read.
    NO reality on that being an overt…..

  152. Yes, and contrast DM’s response to the LDS Church, which is buying ads in the playbills for the musical “The Book of Mormon.” What a difference!

  153. Glad to hear all the good news of those who were able to get out this past year. Sending them all lots of theta, with plenty of time for laughter and decompression.

  154. Gosh, we need a “like” button!!! 😀

  155. “But this is actually a massive PR opportunity that could be cashed in on.”

    I totally agree Mike. And it isn’t even apparently that bad against LRH … so the job would be even easier.

    Count on the Macvictim to completely blow it.

  156. Truth,

    I happy to know you are well now and sorry to discover that you had an Aditor that cared more about a meter read than you. I also know that calling a floating needle an F/N while a PC is upset doesn’t make it a F/N.

    If you go over General Incidents in Self Analysis for a few minutes a day you might find some more relief. And if you are ever up to it, you can get some auditing over the phone or Internet, after all, it’s just listening and being duplicated.

  157. Jim Logan, I love your posts. Your steady loyalty to your friends and especially to LRH and his real legacy, the Technology of Scientology and Dianetics, is an inspiration and a continual good example for all Scientologists. I appreciate your service to mankind.
    Whenever I hear the following song I think of those of us whose have a personal mission to preserve and disseminate LRH’s Tech:

    (From the Movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”)
    As I went down in the river to pray
    Studying about that good old way
    And who shall wear the starry crown
    Good Lord, show me the way

    O sisters let’s go down
    Let’s go down, come on down
    O sisters let’s go down
    Down in the river to pray

    As I went down in the river to pray
    Studying about that good old way
    And who shall wear the robe and crown
    Good Lord, show me the way

    O brothers let’s go down
    Let’s go down, come on down
    Come on brothers let’s go down
    Down in the river to pray

    As I went down in the river to pray
    Studying about that good old way
    And who shall wear the starry crown
    Good Lord, show me the way

    O fathers let’s go down
    Let’s go down, come on down
    O fathers let’s go down
    Down in the river to pray

    As I went down in the river to pray
    Studying about that good old way
    And who shall wear the robe and crown
    Good Lord, show me the way

    O mothers let’s go down, come on down
    Don’t you want to go down
    Come on mothers let’s go down
    Down in the river to pray

    As I went down in the river to pray
    Studying about that good old way
    And who shall wear the starry crown
    Good Lord, show me the way

    O sinners let’s go down
    Let’s go down, come on down
    O sinners let’s go down
    Down in the river to pray

    As I went down in the river to pray
    Studying about that good old way
    And who shall wear the robe and crown
    Good Lord, show me the way

  158. This is the end product of the CofM squirreling…there are so many like you out here in varying degrees: many who now condemn Scientology altogether; many who just gave up never to be seen or heard from again; many who are engaging in other practices; many just sitting on the fence and finally many who have found the way to an Auditor who delivers standard tech. Someone very close to me was just like you – gave up on ever getting auditing again, let alone delivering it for 15 years! Since I had managed to escape the squirreling before the CofM could do it to me, when I was finally freed in March 2012 from the CofM, I found a standard auditor and engaged in it and as a result of my wins, this person decided to engage again and the wins are being had once again, its a beautiful thing to behold. There is nothing more precision than an emeter accurately used to help the Auditor guide you thru the labyrinth. There is no other practice out there that has this tool when effectively used produces great results, but it can also be used as a tool to mess you up, as the CofM has done, its sad, really sad. If you got auditing before it was squirreled by the CofM, just try to remember how good those wins were and that possibly it can happen again, don’t give up hope. Betsy

  159. And when you guys get together, the beer’s on me…

  160. I was appalled by the RTC mindset, that evolved over the years.

    But because I knew most of the people before they went into that asshole RTC valence, I never held it against them.

    I sort of just waited, for them to drop out of it, whenever I was near them.

    And inevitably, everyone can’t keep up that asshole valence.

    Being a course sup, I saw most way earlier in their “rise” up the Sea Org food chain, and most were bright and bushy tailed, and then later, when the RTC people ended up on the RPF, those I saw there, they came out of that asshole valence crap also.

    So, no worries!

    Time heals!

  161. Marty, I have been very quiet for a while now (fairly busy for a change) but wanted you to know I love my daily blog visit – it is a constant education. Thanks for being there and communicating…
    You have demonstrated supreme patience through all of your travails.

  162. Mystery — Aaaargh !!!

  163. ROFL! You make me giggle! 😀

  164. Increased exposure to electricity? From what? Certainly not the e-meter. The e-meter runs off a small battery that has just enough juice to run the needle on the dial. I dare say a preclear puts out more electrical horsepower than an e-meter, in most sessions.

  165. A trumpet player was best man at your wedding? Dayam, Jim. You gotta raise your standards! -iii<


  166. ED Idle Org Dallas has been OT VIII (NOT FEBC-trained like her predecessor) Mary Valerius. Her husband is D/ED. This has been the case as far as I know, since 2009 inauguration.

  167. Would be good to meet up with you, Roanne, and Ron Sr. again sometime.

  168. Scn does not have many celebs 1 o 2 ! (John and Kirstie are has beens) T How many celebs in the world … like 10s of thousands over the last few decades, that are in other religions, quietly.

  169. I think when they have an upset, tell them about friendsofLRH.org and your favorite sites or reports. Show them and ask them what they think … give them time to digest

  170. No libs or LOA’s, is that not against labor laws in all states.

  171. I share your postulate my friend.

  172. Sorry, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Katie Holmes conundrum was already well addressed and I would just add that the proof is in the pudding. She did, after all, run.

    There was no protest at the TC event, so you may want to get you may want to get your facts straight on that one. While people felt TC didn’t deserve to be honored there (and I’m one of them), it was also perceived that any protests would be misinterpreted.
    It would be great if protests could be held directly in front of DM; unfortunately, that possibility doesn’t exist. Hell, he even got the county of Riverside to ban protests at Int. Base so he wouldn’t have to deal with them.

    I think, however, you falsely absolve individuals at the street level. After all, individual orgs are responsible for many abuses, from squirreling tech (and therefore perpetuating fraud) to disconnection and breaking up families and spying on and harassing critics. As has been noted here many times, DM’s sickness has permeated the Church as a whole, to the point where the man and the institution are impossible to separate.
    By your logic, no effective protest in history should ever have taken place. Only the White House should have been the location of protests during the Vietnam War, since Richard Nixon alone had the power to end it. The fine people of Selma, Alabama should have been spared the bother of Dr. King and the civil rights marches, since only lawmakers had the power to change things.

    Sorry, protests belong in the public arena, even if some people feel inconvenienced by them. Silence equals complicity. So you should go on not protesting the abuses of the Church and enjoy the comfort of your lofty perch where you can look down on those of us trying to let people know that their Church has been hijacked.

  173. Nah they’re “voluntary religious workers” they don’t need no labor laws interfering with their “religious work”, that would be “unconstitutional” because the constitution says the state can apply no law to religions. (Allergy warning: the previous statement may contain traces of sarcasm, although apparently a statement of fact).

  174. Thanks for this update, Marty. This is the first time I have read your blog, and it answered some questions I have had for a long time.

  175. Are you SURE Tommy Davis blew?I’m shocked as he was such an intense, defensive cog in the wheel. What is he doing now and did his wife blow too? WOuld love to have details!

  176. I as well thank you for the update on what is happening. I wish all those who have recently “freed” themselves well.

  177. Meri Valerius was once Meri Dolan. I was also wondering if Lara Dolan is her daughter.

  178. Brilliant post, Marty. Good on these people regaining their freedom. Now they must continue their journey… for their own sake. We are all here to back them up and will welcome them with open arms when they decide to do the right thing.

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