“Who Cares Bullshit” – Tom Cruise Rep

“Who cares bullshit” is what Tom Cruise’s press rep says to Sinar Parman’s noting that the multi-millionaire utterly stiffed him.  That was  after Tom’s bff David Miscavige promised his bff would pay Sinar for this five star week-long service.  Sinar catered not only Tom’s wedding but the entire several day wingding surrounding it at Telluride.   “Who cares bullshit” for the Scientology monk having to incur debt himself to service Cruise.

The story was recently carried in Business Insider, Business Insider on Sinar Parman.

When the Huffington Post picked up on it and asked Tom Cruise for a response, his rep (who obviously hasn’t been stiffed yet herself) responded, “You are asking about something that happened 20 years ago — I don’t know anything about this and need more time to find out. Any reason you need to post this who cares bullshit now?”

Not just David Miscavige, not just his bff Tom Cruise, but not even Tom’s lowly press rep can be bothered by such riff raff raising such “who cares bullshit.”

Huffington Post

It is not as if Sinar just came out of the clear blue.  Much of this story was published previously in the second most avidly read news source of David Miscavige, second behind Moving On Up A Little Higher, of course.   The Tampa Bay Times let the world know how Mr. Parman was treated nearly three years ago  – see, Chased by their Church.

Maybe a significant percentage of the readers of Huff Post might have considered it ‘who cares bullshit’ until Tom’s reps had to give yet another public display of the arrogance and disdain that is the world of his bff David Miscavige.

What a commentary on the lives of the rich and famous and the arrogant and infamous.

Do you think L. Ron Hubbard ever treated Sinar Parman with such disdain?  Do you think Ron ever forgot about Sinar Parman and his service?

I doubt it.



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  1. In light of Tom’s recent attempt to have all the other guests kicked out of a hotel, for his convenience, this “bullshit” remark isn’t surprising.

  2. “Who cares…”? Tell ya what, Ms. HighPoweredCelebRep. A lot of people care. More than you can possibly imagine. I dare say that Sinar Parman has more real friends in this universe than you’ve had in your entire boot licking life.

    And unlike you, who gets paid to publicly eat the shit your master excretes in public, Sinar actually earned the friends he’s got because he’s given selflessly of himself to help others, which is a helluva lot more than I can say for your pampered shit master.

  3. It’s really frustrating hearing things like this.
    It’s this kind of thinking that got me to resign from the cult in the first place.
    My idea was that Scientology was a benevolent organization that cared about people. It was tough and could confront , but ultimately it cared about the little guy. Especially those that were putting their shoulder to the wheel to help out the planet.
    I experienced first hand as an “Opinion leader” and/or “OT in the field” how much management or dm cared about me and my life… ZERO!!
    Then when I found out the dm was slapping people around that were veteran Scientologists and were donating their time and LIFE to HELP…boy oh boy…that got me spitting mad.
    This situation with Sinar is another example. Here is a good guy who cares and is trying to earn an honest buck and MR. top gun, punk ass cruise doesn’t have the ethics to pay the man what he’s owed??!!! What a two bit punk. At least he could look into it and get some comm to Sinar and give him some kind of an ack. But I guess mr. punk ass cruise, can’t talk to an “SP” so he can justify ripping people off because he is a low life couch jumper. End of rant.. Has the rant ended for you??

  4. Hell Yeah!! I read yours after I sent my rant and I’m glad I am not the only one who gets pissed over stuff like this.

  5. I can’t think of many people I’ve met in my life that are more sincere and earnest in their intent to help than Sinar Parman. That David Miscavige would betray the trust of such a man by callously making a disingenuous promise and then just as casually betraying it speaks volumes.

    Sinar routinely goes out of his way to make people happy. You can’t get away with inviting him to a party without inevitably enjoying some spectacular dish (or the entire meal!) that he has prepared.

    Sinar is also very active in the Indy movement. He cares for his comm lines and always helps others who have left the C of S and need a friend.

    I am proud to call him my brother.

  6. Heh! I knew it was only a matter of time before Tom agreed to let the CofS stand in as his rep.

    Well this isn’t throw down with Bobby Flay!

    This is throw down with Sinar Parman!

    TC and DM end up with egg on the their face!

    Who cares? DM’s SENIOR, President Obama cares!

  7. Amanda Lundberg, co-head of the entertainment marketing division of 42West, which represents Cruise, told HuffPost in an email that she was not aware of the actor’s stance on Parman’s claim. She wrote:

    “You are asking about something that happened 20 years ago — I don’t know anything about this and need more time to find out. Any reason you need to post this who cares bullshit now?”

    Judging by the contempt, callous disregard for what may have been a real injustice and the crass language…I guess Amanda is a member of the church of david miscavige?

  8. My guess is, no one ever mentioned to Cruise that Sinar had paid all of the catering for that affair out of his own pocket, on top of actually doing all the work. I’m sure he just assumed that his good buddy Dave was merely lavishing his usual red carpet treatment on him. Who cares where the money to do so came from? See: ‘What your donations buy.’

  9. This is slightly off-topic but I’m going to post it anyway.

    I just got the ASI Magazine, volume 11, issue I in my mail today. My sister, Gunhild Jacobs is featured as the “Mistress of Ceremonies”, featured with celebrities and judges and winners of the “Writers and Illustratorors of the Future”. I’m very happy to see that when you Google her name my thread on OCMB comes up as number 1, two year after I first posted it. I wanted to post an alternative to the hype that she wants to portray as her only story.

    Even though I support the effort to encourage young writers and illustrators, I also want anyone involved to be able to get the full picture and have a chance to understand what’s behind the curtain and see who the Wizard of Oz is in real life, in other words make an informed decision.

    To the best of my knowledge, Gunhild’s husband, Larry (Lawrence) Jacobs has been in the RPF since 2005. They have been on a list on the internet of people that David Miscavige have “ordered” to divorce. To the best of my knowledge Larry “f—ed up on Tom Cruise’s lines”, translation to English: he was made one of the “scape-goats”, when the incredibly arrogant, out-of-touch attempt made by TC and BFF POB in 2005 to take over the world utterly and totally failed. Larry has been a dedicated SO member for 35+ years. For years he toured the world, making videos for events, as per my estimation sleeping at most 6 hours a night on average, dealing with jet-lags without ever being able to get into a regular schedule. At some point Gunhild and Larry broke his parent’s hearts when they failed to show up for an all-expenses paid vacation with his parents because they had “more important things to do”, and to the best of my knowledge Larry’s mom died still heart-broken that they would not take the time to be with his elderly parents, if just for a few days.

    Gunhild and Larry Jacobs, I hope you find a way to support one another, grow old together, take the time it takes to clear your minds, find peace with what your lives mean to yourselves, each other, 3rd and 4th thru 8th dynamics and give yourselves the time to work out where you belong in the big scheme of things. You are welcome in our house any time you ring the door-bell. Our whole family love you.

  10. I once again failed to check the settings, my bad. This posting was made by Bodil, Paul’s wife.

  11. Hubris means extreme pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power. It was a crime in Ancient Greece, and is a repeating trope through history and fiction. “Pride goeth before a fall” is how it was expressed in Proverbs. Many leaders, both ancient and modern have exhibited these traits, before being dust binned by society.

    I recommend a listen to LRH’s SHSBC lecture titled “The Free Being”,
    In this lecture he points out that meat body societies can make a monkey out of an OT…literally. Here are a couple of excerpts:

    “I’m just pointing out that a long cycle of this universe is coming to an end…..the free, ferocious being versus the meat body society…..
    It’s not that you won’t be as powerful as you once were, oh no, but you won’t be so stupid…
    We have to continue to take our responsibility for our fellows….
    And we can’t continue to exist on an irresponsible line, of just forgetting and abandoning everybody and anybody, and leave them on the theta pole. So that…. because that kind of attitude breeds entrapment for all of us in the long run. We have to learn to take care of our own, as we will have made our own with our own lily-white e-meters.” -LRH

  12. Slavemaster McCruisemonster strikes again. This rotten apple really took offense when the National Enquirer printed a statement from an insider that Tom Cruise was a “monster.” Oh, no. He’s no fucking monster.

    It’s just that when you have hundreds of millions of dollars in your bank account and an even bigger sense of entitlement that is fed by slave labor preparing your meals, catering your wedding, decorating your an airplane hanger, tricking out your wife’s SUV… coupled with the fact that you are the only one who can help anyone at the scene of an accident, well, it’s… you know… you can’t really expect him to care about the who-cares bullshit slaves. With no conscience and no love, you got to get your jollies somehow, right? Certainly making someone with no money pay for your wedding — com’on, that’s stimulating!

    On the other hand, maybe Tom Cruise IS a monster. I mean it’s only a theory, sure, but just because his BFF is a raging sociopath, just because Tom is THE primary enabler of that raging sociopath, just because they see eye-to-eye on virtually everything, just because life is all about Tom, he’s no monster. Oh, no. And no one should utter that word in reference to Tom.

    Tom (monster) Cruise is a really caring (monster) man who tries so hard (monster) to give the world his best (monster) face. Tom (monster) is (monster) a (monster) kind (monster) and (monster) loving (monster) family (monster) man (monster) and (monster) a (monster) heck (monster) of (monster) a (monster) good (monster) breadwinner.

  13. This is one PR Rep who is about to become an ex-PR Rep. And THAT is something that is truly “Who cares?”…

    Having known Sinar since the late 70’s, for anyone who has never had the pleasure of meeting him — you NEVER forget his gentle and selfless kindness. Ever. Nor can you ever forget his astonishing skill as a world-class chef. It takes some kind of sense of entitlement to not thank him for what he gives. And I do not believe that even Tom Cruise is that much of a lowlife — I have to believe that he was told by Miscavige it was “all on him” and that Miscavige would be personally insulted if Tom raised a finger. And Miscavige DOES have that sense of entitlement, in spades, and a disdain for the “little people” (everyone else on the planet) that has to be seen to be believed.

  14. Startling linguistics note: in the indigenous American Indiesci language “tamh-crues” means “warm yellow piss” — “tamh” means warm, and “crues” means “flowing yellow urine.” I learned this curious fact by talking to some tribal members who are friends of mine. The tribe originated in Tejas (Texas) where I live and I am proud to call the native Indiesci friends — they are very literate. It’s a strange fact, but now every time I hear “Tom Cuise” which is phonetically similar to “tamh-crues,” I automatically think of “warm yellow piss.”

  15. Scott — I second every word of that.

  16. EnthralledObserver

    I imagine that Nicole Kidman would be horrified to learn of this. I live in hope that she might comment and rectify the situation because it’s highly unlikely that Tom Cruise has enough honour to do so even if his delicate, golden ears were to hear of the complaint. What a disgrace!

  17. OMG I am ROFLMFAO!!! That is hilarious! I promise not to look it up on Snopes. 😀

  18. Um, I am really kinda slow at getting subtleties. Are you trying to say that TC is a monster? I mean, really?


  19. Too funny!!! And now I will never be able to hear his name again without laffing. 🙂

  20. Hey Steve, thanks for mentioning the Indiesci tribe. Some don’t know it, but we’re all over Tejas these days. Heck, our folks have migrated to just about every state you can name. I hear tell that there’s even tribes in Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, South America – and some say there’s even Indiesci off planet! Tell you what, boy, we’re everwhar!

    ‘scuse me, but I gotta take a tamh-crues fer a minit.

  21. Amanda Lundberg

    So that’s the boot licking shit eater’s name, eh? Thanks.

  22. I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Sinar and I couldn’t agree with you more Scott.

  23. Tom probably paid, and DM pocketed the cash.

  24. I am proud to have Sinar as my close personal friend.
    A gentle soul, always there for others.
    An ASSET to this Forum and our community.

  25. $400,000 Birthday party on Freewinds
    but no payment for Sinar

    As is well known David Miscavige reigns supreme on all monies on all bank accounts and can order or sign off on anything regardless of FP (Financial Planning)
    When Aussie Lisa Schroer (Lisa Allen) announced it at INT Base, she actually said ” Cost is no matter, the costs would be taken care of”
    She added

    There is a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica (Los Angeles Suburb) that Mr Cruise LOVES.
    That Restaurant is to be AIRLIFTED out to FREEWINDS.

    The Chefs, the sushi, the whole place re-created at Freewinds.
    What is money ?
    The Regges can Reg MOAR !
    Eat, drink and be Merry for tomorrow you die !

  26. AND Tom says Thank YOU to the Birthday party crowd ( mostly Sea Org members ) who suffered all kinds of sleep deprivation to put this on.

  27. Mike, that is what I believe too. Thank you for always displaying a fair-minded, high-affinity approach. I think it is greatly preferable to shrill name-calling. Also preserves the notion of presumed innocence. Always enjoy your posts, as you are so consistently s-m-o-o-t-h.

  28. I read the Business Insider story and I can say I care about this.

    Of course Sinar is taking the opportunity to air his grievances but why not? IIRC LRH said something about never forgetting a debt.

    Besides this story shows the current abuses are far from just a recent phenomenon, they’ve being going on for more than 20 years.

  29. Can you imagine?
    “Is this all for ME? That makes perfect sense!”

  30. Mike and all my friends – Thanks very much for the kind words and warm support! I do agree with Mike that Miscavige must have told Cruise it was “all on him”.

    One thing I now remember is that sometime in 1994 or thereabouts after being recovered and extensively “handled”, Cruise came by to the Int Base with his chopper to have lunch with DM, which I served at the Clipper ship/pool area. I was then directed by DM to say “hi” to Cruise who was very surprised to see me and greeted me like old friends. It seemed to me like it was some kind of a freak parade showing that I had returned and all was well and I had repented my sins or something with no other reasons or causes..

  31. Big plus 1 from me.

  32. Tom Cruises eyes are shut. Open your eyes Tom!

  33. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Thank you for posting this story.

    In the Sea Org, Sinar Parman was the best of the best. Hands down, game winner, in ESPN’s Top 10 Play’s, top notch, classy, honest, creative loving and L O Y A L! LOYAL defines Sinar Parman.

    Actually the word PEACE comes to my mind when I think of him. A great man once said ” On the day in which we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on earth.” Well there was actually PEACE ON THE INT BASE and that was in the galley or wherever Sinar was and cooked.

    Sinar can take a Coleman stove, a butter knife, wire coat hanger and half a paper plate and present a 5 Star 7 course meal in the middle of Death Valley and it would be the most memorable meal you ever had. 7 Wonders of the world you’d think at the time, nope there are 8 and I was just served by him!

    I witnessed Sinar’s efforts time and time again. Not only was he the true behinds the scenes man at the few but fabulous SO Day and Christmas Party’s we had at the base, it was obvious Carl Von Phile, Ronnie, and the rest of the base cooks enjoyed riding on Sinar’s coat tails! Sinar set the standard for good meals at the base.

    I also witnessed Dave taking Sinar all for himself. Because of Sinar’s reputation and consistent excellent cooking, Dave took him away from the crew to use for his own. Dave, as you sit here and read this, I know you know WE all knew and you enjoyed getting away with it. Nonetheless though, Sinar STILL, stepped in on menu planning and hands on correcting the meal being prepared to ensure it was done right all the while making your 5, 6, 7, 8 I dunno, I forget meals for you each day.

    I am also pretty certain that since Sinar has left David Miscavige behind in his wake, Dave you have at least yelled once ” EVEN SINAR COULD COOK ME A DECENT FUCKING MEAL.!” Well, that’s right Dave he could but those days are over! You probably sweat each days meals and Sinar is the ONE person you wish was still there! Well, I can tell you first hand Dave you fucking betrayed a great great man. You will never have the level of service and LOYALTY of the likes of Sinar Parman again!

    In fact, Sinar wouldn’t even offer the corn from a fresh log you two bit prick.

    It is because Sinar Parman has a backbone, set of nugguts and a beautiful talent and heart do I enjoy calling him a very close and dear friend I would lay my life down for!

    Thank you Sinar for all you have done for ME!

    Your Friend and Brother with Another Mother! — Jackson

  34. Well, essentially you’re talking about a bunch of criminals, and that is what they do. They steal your money. Miscavige’s “genius” is in the area of criminality. He IS truly a genius in coming up with ways to take more and more money from people without giving them ANYTHING of what they value in exchange (IAS, Idle Orgs, Super Power, forced sec checks and forced elig checks, forced accomodations, etc etc etc). And this is just another example. And it is why I have nothing but contempt for Tommy Davis’ actions, past and current. HE took a big buyout, but he propped up and enabled Miscavige to keep bankrupting the work-a-day Scientologist. Which is why he’s a criminal until he takes responsibility for his actions. Same with Cruise.

  35. Exactly, on all counts, Mike. And totally agreed on Sinar. Fantastic chef and fantastic friend.
    And here we have yet another PR flap hitting Tom Cruise. And guess who we find behind the curtain orchestrating every disaster while remaining utterly out of sight? None other than the original Master of Disaster Himself, the one and only COB RTC!
    You never heard any flaps surrounding TC before DM got his hooks into him, only stories about what a fantastic guy he was, working his ass off on the set to get the last shots in the can, good word and a smile for everybody, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum almost, but truly a good guy who deserved everything that stardom brought his way. Wonderful marriage to one of the preeminent actresses of the day. Since then it is one personal and professional disaster after the other, date coincident with DM getting him on his line with a hook that won’t let go. Like everything else about DM, his professed friendship for Tom Cruise is a shore story. I am positive that he is as bent on destroying TC as he is LRH. Someday I hope Paul Thomas Anderson makes a sequel entitled The Master of Disaster, starring Kenny Baker. (I tried to move a screenshot of Mr. Baker here but no go. Google him. He is most famous for playing R2D2.)

  36. Karen is unreal for me look how the money of people who want to go free was used in other things…I will never think LRH will allow this type of things..

    And YES I believe you….they will the reges to continuo suck more money from people.!

  37. “Arrogance comes before the fall” ( German proverb )

  38. You’ve got that right!

  39. Mike, my thought as well, that it was DM who really stiffed Sinar. Come on Tom, ante up….with 20 yrs interest added, for chris’sake!

  40. Yes. But why does Tom Cruise have so much trouble finding a wife?

  41. LRH says; HCO PL 14 March 1982 FINANCIAL IRREGULARITES page 98 OEC Vol. 3.
    ” One has no right to be an idiot about org funds, much less to waste or misuse them. Ignorance is no excuse at all. The data is all in Finance packs. Good sense itself should make one prudent.

    Let those who engage in financial irregularities go join the walking dead. They are sure no part of this team. They are buying no future. In fact they are burying themselves. If they knew what they were burying themselves in they’d faint.

    This is not a plea. I am just pointing out that org monies misdirected in this life could very well guarantee a very nasty next.

    Millions of criminals suffering in prisons share this in common with those who engage in financial irregularities-they too thought there were no consequences, But those criminals have it easy. They are only suffering this life.

    Anyone who has misdirected Scientology org monies will, of course try to brush it off in various ways-black PR, belittlement, seeking to make nothing of the crime. But it won’t brush brother, it won’t brush. THAT crime stood in the way of freedom. You better believe it.

    Whether one has any reality on Scientology or not-he will, once dead, oh yes, he will!

    This is not a threat or curse. This is about the most friendly advice anyone ever gave.

    L. Ron Hubbard

  42. Well if Miscavige think everyone else is the little people, but extension of the theory of the criminal mind, who’s the real Little Person?

  43. Not such a big deal, the times they are changing.

  44. Like many of the celebrity church members, Tom seems to have adopted the “see no evil, hear no evil & speak no evil” approach to the reality of the Sea Org. Even though it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, if DM says it’s a swan, than it must be a swan.

  45. David, we are just beyond your command. Oh boo hoo bad us! We did not accept you as a Guru. Fuck us suppressive people for not worshipping bodies. Long after your body has failed to breathe, you will have to confront me. Finally the tables are starting to turn.

  46. David you made “poor people” in Scientolgy. Stupid Mother fucker! Scientolgy is the game where everyone wins, NOT JUST DAVID MISCAVIGE! How fucking stupid is this man?

  47. That’s wonderful Ronnie! I have never heard of this tribe, looks like I’ve got some reading up to do. I am always happy to hear stories like this.

  48. Someday, when the puppeteers strings have all been cut and Cruise crashes to the stage floor and wakes up, I do believe TC would make this right, not that Sinar has that as any part of his motivation. In the meantime, this story itslef is another example of one more puppet string being cut, one more advance on the road to TC eventually waking up. He has been played and steered so well, its taking time. He is just another Kool-aid drinker. But his Kool-aid has been spiked with fame, indulgence and love-bombing. He’s fucked.

  49. re Amanda Lundberg: Here’s her page on 42 West’s site:
    After looking at her photo, the tone of her comment doesn’t surprise me. She looks like she was weaned on a lemon.

  50. @ Sinar: Holy wow….DM trotting you out to TC after that all went down is actually a very important part of this story! Thanks so much for sharing. I empathize with you and this entire situation. Sounds like you have some wonderful friends, and that you are indeed a great guy. Man, we reap what we sew, don’t we? 20 years ago….could you have imagined where you and DM are both now?

  51. Bodil — Please feel free to contact me via email through Marty. I can probably help you out. Rachel

  52. Nice writing, Sinar, and I’m glad you have told this story. I, among many others, I see, am very happy to call you my friend! L, Rachel

  53. Arguably Cruise’ position is far worse than Tommy’s as at least he can say he was under extreme duress. But with TC there now is mounting evidence not just that he has been selectively blind to abuses at Int base and elsewhere, but actually complicit. I hope more details will emerge to clarify one way or another, but I would say it sucks to be Cruise right now. He’s missed too many opportunities already to stop guzzling the KoolAid for it to be an oversight or accidental.

  54. Yes Ronnie, Somehow I knew this little bit of history would not be lost on you. The Indiesci were a happy tribe with a colorful and broad vocabulary that borrowed from a wide range of indigenous sources. Their rituals were quite elaborate, especially their annual southern pilgrimage to a location on the Texas gulf coast, which if I remember correctly, was near present day Corpus Christie. By flickering campfire, ancient battle stories were exchanged late into the evening with the warriors sometimes acting out their roles while the great Indiesci Chief and his beautiful princess wife laughed uproariously. Most of these stories dealt with the Indiesci’s battles against the their blood enemy Shortipantiis Pohpusanabokus. The great celebration ended in a traditional way with all the male warriors taking a tamh-crues into the sizzling campfire to extinguish the flames. It was a symbolic gesture really, expressing disdain.

    It is sad that some have little appreciation for such historical anecdotes. And thus the old stories pass like birds over their heads. But the smart ones who were trained well in the arts of listening, the message will not be lost on them.

  55. She must have been coached by Jenny Linson (refer to my earlier post that Jenny was the perfect, perhaps only, woman that Miscavige should now hook Cruise up with).

  56. Pat, “weaned on a lemon”, totally agree!!

  57. They are pulling your leg…. 🙂
    American Indie-Scientologist = Indiesci

  58. Yep, the boy can’t put the bottle down!! 🙂

  59. Sinar, you are loved by many. DM took all the credit for your abilities. I personally would send them both ( DM and TC) a bill fat bill!!! : )

  60. Slightly off topic, but this morning Tony Ortega announced he’s leaving the Village Voice to write a book about Scientology. For a certain undersized misanthrope in Hemet, the hits just keep on coming!

  61. Do not listen to he that speaks with forked tongue!

  62. Sinar was my first Indie friend and has remained one , unfailing from the beginning. It was a pleasure to meet you my friend albeit on such a sad day. Peace.

  63. That was my first thought, too.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  64. … and more than likely tamh-crues’ed on a few times.

  65. Mr. Cruise, Mr. Miscavige:
    What don’t you understand about:
    “Black karma brings black result”
    Sinar Parman needs to be made whole by you.

    May all foodservice people to the rich be well paid and happy!

    George M. White

  66. Whole heartedly agree!

  67. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    As previously pointed out on this blog, TC is too busy “ruthlessly putting ethics in on himself” to be bothered with any of this.

  68. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Very off topic but interesting: Tony Ortega is leaving the Village Voice:

  69. It’s amazing what you can learn from this blog! Fascinating.

  70. Now that he is a defrocked also, he almost feels like family.

  71. Laughter!

  72. Yep …..a BLACK ONE!

  73. Scott, I have personally witnessed the things you say about Sinar, first hand, both personally and observing his help to other Indies and the movement itself.

    When I first started speaking out against the horriific practice of Disconnection on this blog, and then later made my announcement of Independence on my son’s birhday, (due to being upset that I didn’t know where he was or if he was O.K)., Sinar got in touch with me and made me feel very welcome and supported. He was a real morale booster.

    Later at the Indie 4th of July weekend in Texas, the second one, I saw him prepare meals for all the folks who came early and were pitching in to set things up. His food was deliciously prepared, and he just jumped in and did it, making sure we were all well fed. Later, I saw him admonish Sarge to eat when he noticed that Sarge, ( a long-term friend from the International Base) wasn’t eating. I thought his care and concern for his old friend was remarkable.

    So, I want to publicly thank Sinar for all he has done for me personally and for the group. He is a true group member who contributes in every way that he can, and he deserves the very best from all of his friends, including Tom Cruise. I have a feeling that Tom Cruise will make this right, when he finds out about it; at least this is my postulate for Sinar and for Tom. If that does not happen, then I will join in with the male warriors, as a female warrior, around the campfire taking a “tamh-crues” until the fire is extinquished, after watching the great Indiescie Chief and his beautiful princess wife laugh uproariously, making my liquid contribution of the expressed disdain!

  74. Make no mistake, Tony Ortega, for all the help he has been, has no skin in the game of Scientology. He would no sooner see if anything in Scientology has any slightest applicability to himself personally than . . . than . . . oh, hell, David Miscavige. In other words, zero. That said, I hope his book continues to further a higher purpose than “celebrity” and a royalty check.

  75. Great getting this story out Sinar.

    There is more to the story of that wedding in Telluride.

    I was there as a photograher along with my assistant, Jeff Baker. We were, of course, gratis servants courtesy of POB. While we were given complimentary ski lift tickets, we were required to purchase expensive wedding gifts out of our meager $25 a week. Mine was a crystal bowl costing me about 6 weeks pay.

    I was also tasked with securing the services of celebrity photographer Dick Zimmerman who attended and shot the wedding, as well. He is the guy that took the famous Michael Jackson Thriller Album cover shot.

    Dick was expecting to be paid but Miscavige ordered me to tell him he would contribute his services for free (like a good Scientologist). I was stuck in the middle, not feeling right about telling Dick no pay, so when Dick presented a bill for $10,000, the shit hit the fan. I was on the decks and was forced to write a voluminous apology to “Mr. Cruise.”

    I understand Dick was in the shits for a while, but don’t have too many details about that. Perhaps someone should ask him.

    There are tons of stories like this where SO members and Scientologists provided free service to Cruise to make Miscavige look good.


  76. My two cents. Even if DM said it was all on him. Is DM independently wealthy. He is the head of the church. He supposedly does not have money does he? He is supposed to be saving the planet. So where is he getting the money to pay for the monumental cost of catering for five days a celebrity wedding? This is money that is supposed to be “saving the planet”. And why does not Mr. Cruise wonder why DM has hand made shoes, Patek Phillippe watches, etc. etc. and bikes that Mr. Cruise liked so much that he wanted the same. If one is genuinely interested in spreading the authority on everything, one does not need to have expensive taste. One does not make it impossible to get this information without paying exorbitant fees. If it is that good, it stands and works on its own. I think Mr. Cruise overlooks quite a bit and does not care quite a lot. The severity of disconnection has not touched him – he gets to see Suri – This man is in it up to his eyeballs. He chooses NOT to see. There are too many people to keep quiet for one NOT to notice or even take some time to find out the “other side”. And let’s not forget, he likes being called “Sir”!

  77. Arrogant creeps – who cares? Anybody with half a conscious, that’s who!
    The Business Insider article was perfect for boiling it down to basics – all that work and they didn’t even get paid! Criminal exchange.

  78. @ Ted: Please keep telling your story. (stories) to all who will listen. It is very important!

  79. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, Han! Will definitely remember that!

  80. Looks like Tom’s not read The Way to Happiness.

    Someone ought to get Tom Cruise to Method 9 The Way to Happiness.

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