Combatting Disconnection

A most significant advance in the cause of disintegrating DISCONNECTION (Scientology Inc. brand shunning) was announced here late last week. For those who missed it during the flurry of breaking news, you can see it here, Fairmans’ Disarm Scientology Disconnection.

In the wake of that long bomb, Renata and Claudio Lugli advanced the ball further on a Italian national TV program.  (English subtitles included)  They also helped in our ongoing efforts to differentiate corporate Scientology from the subject of Scientology itself and the independent movement.

Karmic vortex*. Meet spiritual juggernaut.

*term coined by J. Swift, Karmic Vortex.   He posted this on 30 March 2008.  Though he had no way to know it through PMR (physical matter reality) channels, at the time he wrote that Mat Pesch and Amy were just connecting up with Mosey and me – the first Scientology-related connection I had made since leaving corporate Scientology, which led to everything else.

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  1. Karmic vortex. Meet spiritual juggernaut.


    Constant wonderfully uplifting and healing news.

    Thanks Marty

  2. Fantastic TV appearance Renata and Claudio! Thank you!

  3. one of those who see

    Thank you to all helping to end Evil Enforced Disconnection. Family and Friends reunited – beautiful. And for the rest of out here “under the radar” communicating, taking risks as much as we can – It would be really nice to be out from behind the Iron Curtain.

  4. The opposite of disconnection: COMMUNICATION.

    Something which Scientologists, at least, all the trained ones I’ve known, are really good at doing: communicating.

    So why doesn’t it happen? Organizational (3rd dynamic) Missed Witholds, underneath which lives: the Misunderstood Word.

    I would dearly love for my family at least to know a /few/ words in the Scientology technology, and some basic concepts. Why should I disconnect from them, if they’re willing to experience the world with me, as a family member, too? Communication is the key to keeping families and friends together, while moving up the Bridge.

    And we Scientologists must face it, families are under attack from all quarters, and whenever someone says “disconnect from your family, they are doing you harm”, you have the right to make the decision, yourself, if they are helping you or hurting you. Too often, with families already in Doubt conditions long before the fracas of disconnection occurs, things turn to Enemy too quick, too soon, and .. very much .. irrationally.

    On the MAA Hat in various cases I saw some good things happen with Disconnection, however, in the Orgs in the 70’s and 80’s. It was necessary, certainly, in some cases to say: you must disconnect from this person, 100%, and I can tell you where/when at the street level, Org body routes, fresh public right off the street: getting rid of their pimps and dealers.

    So, again, misapplied technology obscures the real value of a true description of vital processes in the quest for freedom. Disconnection is valid, but it is too readily wielded when other, base, conditions, pre-exist.

    (Kids running away to Scientology should be rewarded with new tools to return to the ruined scene, to Handle. Not Disconnect.)

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  6. Great to see this advance! Thank you.



  8. one of those who see

    Just watched the Luglis on the Italian Show. Bravo!!! What a wonderful host who really cares and Claudio and Renata, Grazie, Grazie, Grazie. And may Flavio decide he wants his freedom soon and come home.

  9. Imagine that! Just like a pc’s cog can change his/her whole life around
    to more survival in an instant so can the 3rd D change with enough
    realizations by the many and all it takes is either auditing, education
    or change of the environment (or a combination thereof).
    Religious activity without love is nothing. Mercy, compassion and love
    are the hallmarks of any real religion. It is interesting that the “Samaritan”
    was considered the dregs of the society at the time but he helped, when
    needed, while the 2 “religious” people avoided the man in need.
    Disconnection in 97 and a half percent of the time is just cruel and with
    the rest of the percentage understanding and help can also go a long

    Thanks Marty.

  10. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, summary – another couple of h / duty spikes into the
    casket of the now de-fanged Prince of Darkness. Getting
    even more difficult (make that impossible!) for the tuxedo
    clad dwarf vampire to morph himself enough in order to slither through the gap in the lid — not to mention the high
    improbability ( when re- morphed) of being able to sink fang-less gums into the necks of severely anemic, overly drained, living dead, scarce, “sheeple.”

    Woe, indeed!……… It used to “suck being Miscavige!!”
    Now,……… it’s becoming impossible for him to “suck!!”
    Only one thing left to do…get sucked into a karmic vortex!

  11. Claudio and Renata!!!! Fantastic communication.

    From J Swift (four years ago):
    “Wogs — the very people that Scientology was supposed to salvage — are now protecting and defending Scientology! How can anyone claim to be a Scientologist anymore when the money goes to pay for Wog protection and Security? Is Scientology secretly paying Wogs to protect itself from knowing the Truth about itself? How did Wog PI’s and Attorneys become the last line of defense for Scientology? What happened?

    Scientology is transiting Terra Incognito inside of a Vast Whirlwind that it created and summoned by its own Evil Deeds.”

    How small must someone’s space be when “everyone” is missing one’s witholds? Dave? Tom? Karin? Tommy? Gotta answer that question,kids.

  12. So well communicated and you can see in the audience really got it.

    Thank you Claudio and Renata!

  13. Renata and Claudio, I just watched your TV interview. You both came across as extremely knowledgeable and credible. I’m certain your interview will create an effect that will get more Scientologists under the spell of DM to open their eyes and look at the facts. It will facilitate the current exodus from Scientology, help to bring down DM and restore sanity back to the Church of Scientology. I hope you see your son soon.

  14. So interesting that the only reference on disconnection and the most recent and thus most senior reference on disconnection states clearly that in cases of family, the church does NOT recommend disconnection but recommends that the family member handle. Corporate Scientology completely ignores this and DEMANDS that family member disconnect even though LRH insists that this should not be done. Disconnection is a very effective club, but only if done the way DM wants it done, not if done that way the LRH policy lays is out.

  15. Mother of Grendel

    Talking to a fellow “UTR” (under the radar) yesterday, speculating on why the Cof$ and Miscavige are pulling in so much bad press… Maybe because of enforced disconnection, dirty tricks (that took down a US President!), greed and lies?
    I sense the end is near…

  16. Absolutely smashing interview. Renata and Claudio, you really put a smile on my face. What I liked most was the ARC emanating from you. Even when you spoke of all the horrible things perpetrated by the Church of Miscavige, you were cool. No misemotion. Davey’s mouthpieces could learn from you.

    On the topic of disconnection, here’s some interesting info. In my org, there are OTs who are OPENLY connected to friends and family that have been declared. Some of these OTs even went off solo NOTs ages ago and told everybody about it. And guess what? Ethics doesn’t do a thing about them. Why? Because they are opinion leaders and dozens of Scientologists listen to them. If they were declared, a massive exodus would ensue.

    Of course this only applies to “important people”. If you are not an opinion leader, the usual ethics treatment is applied. They’re cowards. They only bully the “little people”.

  17. Bravo Renata and Claudio

  18. Nothing like starting a Texas style spiritual juggernaut. Fishing during the day. Fish fry in the evening. Drinking, dancing and darts down at the local bar at night!!!

  19. one of those who see

    Hi Lucy, Yes! And the host was appropriately horrified. I for one felt duplicated as to the horror of enforced disconnection and what wonderful people like the Luglis have had to endure.

  20. Disconnection is something people do naturally as they progress and begin to spot who on their lines is holding them back in life. It has positive uses. We have all used it at different times in our lives.
    As an enforced reality and knee jerk reaction which arcx’s everyone invoved, its simply suppressive. The church uses disconnection for group control and to punish. As a result, more and more scientologists are disconnecting from the church.
    Watching the church destroy its membership, reputation, and potential for good in the world has been quite a show. Its purpose has been undermined. Hope the final curtain falls soon and the last of those trapped wake up and escape. But in any event the game goes on, with or without them.

  21. To hell with Miscavige and disconnection, I want beauty advice from Renata!

  22. Claudio & Renata
    What an incredible theta interview tackling entheta subjects with typical Italian style, flair. compassion. Very impressive PR product!
    Thank you for so strongly supporting real Scientology!

  23. thetabob
    I noticed that too re certain OTs, considered Opinion Leaders, not getting declared. It is highly amusing….

  24. Renata and Claudio,
    the way you represented Scientology, the path, and the distinction you made from the Corporate Institution called “Church” was remarkable.
    Even the moderator thought you guys are awesome and Scientology a good thing.

    My respect to you and my postulates for reconnection with your son at tone 40.
    Miscavige, shame on you.

  25. I look forward to the coming day when all families and friends can reunite and they are free of cult blackmail.

  26. Interesting points of view Gern. Disconnection is never a valid handling however, except in [extreme] obvious murderous, slanderous, c l e a r l y abusive type situations. Miscavige as the classic example notwithstanding, disconnection, I suspect you agree, is way abused. As an Ethics Specialist, amongst other sordid tales of applicable experience, we could likely have a day long discussion on this topic.

    The oft named out-ethics or PTS – a’la disconnection on one’s street family, friends, business associates, bosses and/or contacts in gen… I’ve witnessed too often, Org EO’s, MAA’s, even Co’s & ED’s taking the heavy hand and enforcing disconnection or even dubbed-in and confusing at best handlings well before all the facts were known, sometimes no SP clearly named in actual fact, but a 2D not in line with the DofP or Reg’s plan or other Execs intention, including daily threats of Type A-J declares on the PC or Student, they were named “SP” for them. If they were any threat at all to the program to hand, (more often than not, spending more money) they were SP’s, and no time except right now to deal with it as commanded by the EO. No time to sort it out, or think straight about it all, just deal with it, now, or be A-J. Enforce, enforce, enforce. That is not near LRH Ethics tech.

  27. Congratulations Renata and Claudio.
    You did really well.
    Interesting that the host already knew about the the “Church’s” dirty tricks and revenge….
    ✩ ♥ ❀ ♫ ☺ ❀. ♥ ♪ ☼ ♪ ☼ !!

  28. Scientoblogger

    Bravo and thank you very much, Renata and Claudio ! This is a very good job ! Congratulations !

  29. Good one Calvin, but actually, all he can do now is suck… 🙂

  30. martyrathbun09

    Your insouciance knows no bounds 🙂

  31. martyrathbun09

    When are ya’ll coming back for more?

  32. Lugli video is excellent! Also this Karmic Vortex excerpt:

    “Scientology is undergoing Divine Judgment. The Cult is being pulled apart in a series of hyper-accelerating events that are happening faster than anyone can predict or control. The Karmic Vortex has a Life of its own. We have all been called to be Witnesses to this historic Judgment that is part of an even greater Shift in the World Energy that is happening.

    As Witnesses, we must continue to Tell the Truth and to watch, observe, and take care to record events as they happen around us.”

  33. Li'll bit of stuff

    AR, Not a pretty sight, to be sure! “toothless” sucking,
    only looks cute when babies do it.

  34. Thank you Claudio and Renata for speaking out! There are more and more people also waking up in Switzerland!

  35. Marty, I have been following and narrating the Karmic Vortex that is dismantling CoS since October 2005. There have now been 24 steps on the Cult’s Descent into Hell I have seen and posted about. As I see it, there is only one step remaining before the Cult ends in its present form.

    Here is what I have seen and narrated thus far:

    1. 10/2005: The Critics Have Reached Critical Mass
    2. 04/2006: We Are Witnessing the Destruction of Scientology
    3. 05/2006: Insurrection and the Underground Railroad in Scientology
    4. 01/2007: Scientology’s 2007 New Years Eve Event
    5. 07/2007: Miscavigology: The New Scientology
    6. 09/2007: The Beginning of the End for Scientology
    7. 09/2007: BFG and Little Bear Victor Have Begun the Quiet Revolution
    8. 11/2007: The Divergence Has Occurred
    9. 03/2008: We Have Entered the Edge of the Debris Field
    10. 03/2008: The Rebel Alliance Forms Within Scientology
    11. 04/2008: The Karmic Vortex: The Hyper-Acceleration of Events
    12. 05/2008: Why Does David Miscavige Refuse to Speak Publicly?
    13. 05/2009: The Concept of the “Org” is Dead
    14. 07/2009: The Karmic Vortex II
    15. 06/2009: Scientology’s Summer of Cognitive Dissonance
    16. 10/2009: Shadowmen LLC Exit Strategy
    17. 10/2009: The Organic Dissolution of the Church of Scientology
    18. 10/2009: The Collapse of the State of Operating Thetan
    19. 01/2010: The Scientology Diaspora
    20. 10/2010: The Great Awakening
    21. 10/2010: The Big Crack in the Scientology Snow Globe World
    22. 10/2010: The Third Tsunami
    23: 07/2011: The Corrupt Dictator and His Cult are Now Stagnant
    24.07/03/2102: The Death of Alexander Jentzsch


  36. LDW, as the Indies so clearly see and continue to communicate to Culture, David Miscavige presides over an ever-shrinking, self-created, Bardo hell world called the Church of Scientology.

    The Karmic Vortex is reducing David Miscavige to the point of absurdity and irrelevance. Indeed, it is a tremendous irony that Miscavige began to increasingly turn over the Church to “wog” attorneys and PI’s years ago because he was so incredibly threatened by actual Scientologists.

    Miscavige has himself unwittingly fed the Karmic Vortex that is taking him apart by getting rid of the actual Scientologists around him and substituting the Tech for Ideal Orgs. The Vortex is using the dictator and he does not see this as he is blind.

    A verse from The Message, a modern translation of the Bible, fits David Miscavige and his Cult perfectly:

    “It is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get your own way all the time: repetitive, loveless, cheap sex; a stinking accumulation of mental and emotional garbage; frenzied and joyless grabs for happiness; trinket gods; magic-show religion; paranoid loneliness; cutthroat competition; all-consuming-yet-never-satisfied wants; a brutal temper; an impotence to love or be loved; divided homes and divided lives; small-minded and lopsided pursuits; the vicious habit of depersonalizing everyone into a rival; uncontrolled and uncontrollable addictions; ugly parodies of community. I could go on.” — Galatians 5:19-21


  37. “Bully” is the exact right word. DM is just a bully. Like all bullies he tries to find and dominate weaker beings, as a dramatization of some other, earlier bully dominating him. Bullies all lost before, and are now trying very hard to stay in the winning valence of the bullies who pounded them. That’s why bullies fold up when confronted by someone willing and able to fight back. Bullies like to dish it out, but they can’t take it from others. Any pain coming back to them restimulates their being dominated by earlier bullies, and they collapse or run.

    The key elements in fighting bullies are (1) avoid their actual strengths, and (2) find and inflict pain on their weak points. One doesn’t have to be stronger, just have higher confront and inflict pain. That restimulates the losing valence in the bully, and he backs off, even when he logically could win the fight through superior overall strength.

    Alexander the Great was a master of this, and routinely defeated armies 10 times the size of his own, including that of Darius III, the slavemaster king of Persia, who in the end showed himself to be such a coward that he was killed by his own vassals while running from Alexander.

  38. Li'll bit of stuff

    one of those…I remember the frustration you speak of,
    only too well. All i can recommend is that you begin the
    process of visualizing being out in the open, fully and
    freely able to voice your name to the world, and being
    proud to speak on behalf of those who have lost their
    voice,or worse, their courage, through fear itself, or
    otherwise the fear of consequences. It starts with “that”
    bold decision; —-“I CAN DO THIS!!”
    The process is akin to diving into C-C-C-old water, more
    difficult the longer you leave it . simple advice…make a
    date with your day to stand in the sunshine, get busy
    with your declaration, then —-just GO for it.!! And to hell
    with the fall out! We’ll help you pick up the pieces! Okay?

    Calvin B. Duffield
    indie 5OO # no 301

  39. One by one family members will re-unite while one by one the C of S members will dismantle. Its happening right before our very eyes. The word is OUT in a BIG way that the C of S is not what it used to be as a matter of fact its dangerous in every way to be part of the group, financially, spiritually, mentally and apparently physically.

    People are OPENING their eyes and seeing what is happening! The support dwindles and the new people coming in is at a all time low and the old timers are just plain old fed up with the constant regging and out tech.

    Of course the die hards will die hard!

  40. J. Swift
    Did you cover ~~
    Debbie Cook mass email
    Debbie Cook trial videotaped in Court re SP hole
    and other atrocities
    Katie Holmes ambush divorce of Tom Cruise.
    Renata and Claudio emerging as spokesman for Italy
    Israel goes independent
    Vanity Fair article on TC auditioning wives
    Two PI’s name David Miscavige is Law Suit
    World Wide media on Scientology Inc verfiying
    Rupert Murdoch statement “creepy and evil”….

  41. Excellent interview Claudio and Renatta.
    You both have tons of ethics presence and looked very calm and rational. You stayed on point and clearly protected the philosophy and made very clear that DM is the problem.
    Thank you for having courage and conviction to speak out against the abuses.

  42. WoW!! I was up and down the tone scale while watching this incredible, phenomenal expose done by Renata and Claudio. Ecstatic over their OT intention to bring this into the public realm come hell or high water. Sad when they mentioned Flavio and the story of Alexander. As a mother I can duplicate that loss as I have had my own share, as well as duplicate Renata’s response on responsibility. VWD Renata and Claudio with your having the courage, faith and trust to bring the truth about that SP Miscavige and his ruination of Scientology to the public’s attention.

  43. A fitting selection and a nice translation.

  44. … and playing Pictionary until we nearly fell off our chairs from laughing so hard! We always have a great time with you and Mosey.

  45. Yes, definitely. Very much love and respect to Claudio and Renata.


  46. This just gets better & better. The dirty laundry of Miscavige surely is getting a good airing. The CofS is a sinking ship, king rat must have a suitcase packed by now.
    Brillant interview, loved seeing the images of Miscavige & Cruise on the big screen behind them as the truth rolled out smoothly, well done Italy!

  47. Looks interesting. Where are these articles so we can read them?

  48. I like this inspirational pumping.


  49. Another day……

    Another disaster………

    It sure must suck to be a known world-wide sawed-off computing psychotic sociopath, doesn’t it Dave.

    Boy-oh-boy. You really got that Power Formula ‘thingy’ screwed-up on steroids.

    Have another double, mister ecclesiastical leader.

    We all scoff meanwhile.

  50. Bravo! That was phenomenal.

  51. I look at this way. David seems to be on a mission to put an end the Church of Scientology. He has been too slow. Finally, he seems to be succeeding.

    It is a difficult mission.


  52. Very good! Bravo!

  53. Thank you Renata and Claudio for the incredible interview on national TV! It is as per usual on your artistic creations – fits like a glove,is most elegant & bellissima!

  54. Karen#1: Wow! What a list you made! And it only covers 2012 thus far.
    To answer your question, the Karmic Vortex encompasses everything. I have only listed events that stand out from my personal perspective.

    If anyone were omniscient and could list everything that has happened within the context of the Karmic Vortex in the past seven years, the list would be very long and have thousands and thousand of items.

    For this reason, I listed a meta-item:

    17. 10/2009: The Organic Dissolution of the Church of Scientology

    The Church is “made of people” and this is what David Miscavige is blind to.

    David Miscavige needs people to make a Church. Yet if all the people leave, blow, publicly speak out, are declared, become enemies, or are locked away forever in RPF then what does Miscavige have left except his “wog” PI’s and attorneys?

    This appears to be the EP of Miscavology: David Miscavige makes endless enemies and do he must continually order his wog attorneys to manage his wog PI’s so they can endlessly spy on his enemies.

    This is utter absurdity and yet it is it David Miscavige’s EP’s: Continually make enemies and then continually spy on them.

    This is COB’s policy of KME: Keep Making Enemies!


  55. VWD interview by the Lugli’s. If the CofM cares anything about the philosphy of Scientology they will knock off this practice of disconnection and reverse their disconnection orders and stop pretending that these do not exist. Also reinstate the LRH policy cancelling disconnection. This practice of DM alone is why thousands of people won’t have anything to do with Scientology – not realizing that it isn’t Scientology it’s David Miscavige – the most horrible religious leader of all time.

  56. +1


  57. martyrathbun09

    I might choose another 25 sub-parts entirely. But, that is insignificant as far as I am concerned. The cosmic vortex is a force unto itself. It is not caused by critics, disaffecteds, media, or independents. It is caused by the acts of the owner of the karma. It is bigger than any one of us an all of us, and none of us is capable of stopping or reversing it. It is not our karma.

  58. Wow, wonderful interview Claudio and Renata. You both were teriffic — calm, composed and in ARC. And you made a clear distinction between the philosophy and the organization/Miscavige, which I really think the interviewer and the audience got.


  59. Nothing personal, but do you have any idea how ridiculous this sounds to a non-Scientologist:

    “Also reinstate the LRH policy cancelling disconnection.”

    What you’re saying is that the church should put back in a policy that cancels one of Hubbard’s own previous policy. Left hand meet right hand.

    When you throw in all the other things from LRH like “Fair Game”, “Hard Sell”, “RPF”, “Freeloader”, “Raw Meat”, “Bodies in Pawn”, “Fifth Invader Force”, “Implant Station”, “Potential Trouble Sources”, etc., you can see scientology for what it really is. LRH meet Lancaster Dodd.

  60. I grew up with the word ‘karma’ in India. At that time I understood it to mean, ‘the actions one performs.’ But after Scientology I came up with a better definition of ‘karma’ for myself. Now I understand it as ‘cycles of action that one failed to complete.’ Because, these cycles have not been concluded, they bind a person and influence his fate.


  61. Bravissimo! Claudio, you radiate a calmness with the strength of a light house…complete relaxed granting of beingness. And Renata, I wanted to say that you talk too much, 🙂 but really you talk “just enough”. I had to laugh out loud at the “Alfred E. Nueman” photo of DM they projected behind you as you were talking….really! Thank you for all you are doing!

    I said early on that DM should never mess with motherhood….it will be his downfall.

  62. Brilliant, thanks.

  63. It was better my bitter defrocked way, please don’t put babies in the pic. Just sayin…

  64. And, to add insult to injury for big dave, this just in from the Washington Post:

    “NEW YORK — A niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige (mihs-CAYV’-ij) is planning a tell-all memoir about the church.

    Jenna Miscavige Hill has been a frequent critic of the Church of Scientology since publicly breaking with it in 2005. She has a deal with HarperCollins Publishers imprint William Morrow for “Beyond Belief: My Secret Life inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.”

    Morrow announced Monday the book will come out in January. It says the 28-year-old Hill will reveal “strange and disturbing” details about growing up in the church and will provide a firsthand account of Scientology’s “upper ranks.””

  65. We know it can’t help but get better… but omg.

  66. Watched the Lugli’s interview, my god, you guys were spot on fantastic. I don’t have a clue how Miscavige will be able to survive this… long hot summer.

  67. Good lord, that’s a powerful cog, Vinaire. Thank you!

  68. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Great show, Italian friends! As for fucking David Miscavige, his fucking “policies” and his fucking everything else, I am so fucking sick of him and it. Just go jump off a cliff already, muthafucka. Just thinking about you and all your shit makes me gag.

  69. “Nothing personal”, but you have no idea how funny your comments look to those of us who have actually experienced real Scientology. Here’s hoping that you one day get to experience it too. 🙂

  70. Claudio & Renata – I have listened to your video twice. You are so OT and what you have to say is so truthful and from the heart. LRH did cancel disconnection and one can hear it in his voice in RJ 68. The disconnection you have regarding your son unfortunately has nothing to do with suppression, PTS or anything. It is the suppressive control factor used by one, David Miscavage.

    I feel for you just as I felt for Karen and all parents who have had the personal live communication with their children cut. I know I would never have had the poise and presence to act as you have. To communicate the truth of the matter knowing that the false lies and evil intentions behind the curtain shall crumble before the face of truthful facts communicated.

    You were both so admirable is explaining the value of the technology and philosophy of Scientology. I believe LRH would approve of your presentation.

    Ability Issue 72 late april 1958

    How We Work on the Third Dynamic

    The activities of a barbarism one against another are punishment, revilement, contest for first dynamic supremacy with no thought of the rights of others.
    The barbarism solves political problems with brutality, crime with punishment and social ills with degradation.

    These are the brands of barbarism. Hate is deified above love, a deterrent to an action is better than a communication, the delusion is more palatable than the truth.

    If we place the government on our chart of human evaluation, we find a craven psychotic. What would you think of the sanity of a man who sits in his house all day every day loading guns for fear of some mythical enemy? What would you thiink of a person who used violence against the weak, the helpless, women and children? What would you think of someone who solved all his problems with threats of violence? You’d be right. Such a person would be insane. Just add up the characteristics of a government today, apply them as if done by an individual and make up your mind. Governments are insane. It is a big thought and one necessary to digest if you are not going to go around all your life snarling impotently against “government stupidity.” The insane aren’t always stupid but they are certainly insane.

    To cure a barbarism one must make men socially grow up. And that is done with individuals. One works with individual people, not with groups.
    We in Scientology have done a “power of growing up,” me and you both. We are strong in that we have the ability to make other people “grow up.” Our target is the individual if we wish to increase the group level of responsibility.


    The only barbaric one here is DM and his control over the corporations and activities of the Scientology organizations. That too shall wain and disappear.

    I appreciate and thank you for what you are doing and what you have done.

  71. Fantastic. Yet another pillar crumbles in Miscavige’s criminal empire. Can’t wait to read it.

  72. With that definition vinaire, Miscavige’s “Karmic Load” has to be astronomical!

  73. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nance, I stand corrected, but I believe you hold the
    record for the shortest comm lag in declarations!
    From….. prompting — to out!–in just ONE post space!
    Gave rise to that unavoidable moniker -“she – rocket!”

  74. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yup, babies are way too cute! NOW, as for a bitter AND defrocked AR, that is definitely something we
    better not put in the pic. Waaaay too scary for most
    here to confront….

  75. Boy, hasn’t the tide changed. Hope you can swim against the current Davey. The tipping point is fast approaching where it will be most unfashionable to be associated with you in any form. Money didn’t help Sultan Gris nor will it save you, it’s only a matter of time.

  76. Renata and Claudio,

    What a great interview and excellent communication! You came across as very decent and credible. I am sure this interview will also be used in future broadcasts. Your explanation about the difference of Scientology and of the Church under DM’s dictatorship was effortless and superb. And the point of the suppression and cruelty of your family with “disconnection” could clearly be seen. – Karola

  77. Agent Orange; a group engram that killed 400.000 Vietnamese people and maimed half a million kids, LRH issued hundreds of policy each year and later cancelled only a very small percentage due to proper evaluation afterwards. He himself cancelled fair game and disconnection as a requirement. For your enlightenment, look up the words you use and their context if you want to see Scientology for what it really is.

  78. Wonderful, thanks TC for opening up all the mainstream media!

  79. Li'll bit of stuff

    Truth be told, vinaire — lot’s of time ‘pumping’ heavy iron
    in the gym, eventually turned into my full time career, as a commercial gym owner, personal trainer and diet consultant.
    I’m still involved to this day, though more as a part-time adviser in training for strength and power. The other aspect of it is, I sculpt and manufacture inspirational physique trophies
    for the South African bodybuilding competition calender. As you well know, comprehensive know-how is essential for success in any profession and I count it as my privilege to help those trying to make inroads to better health through proper nutrition, supplementation, and sensible training principles / programs, always in accordance with one’s realistic goals and
    physical potential / limitations and age, of course!
    Career wise, I have now been in the home improvements game
    for over 23 years, (still pushing MEST around, I guess? )
    just my 2c, perhaps worth sharing.

  80. Karmic Vortex! Thank you, J. Swift! I had never read your description before. What a great way to look at and appreciate what is occurring. It is the reverse vector of that “giant sucking sound” one hears when one is contacted by the COS and then the altered tech one too often experiences there……the code breaks, the broken promises, the enforced disconnections, the brazen disrespect for and ignorance LRH’s Tech & policies on a daily basis. And I think you are right that Miscavige will never see it coming. He is nearing a black hole which he cannot see in his state of spiritual deadness. He has passed the point of no return. It is he, himself, who is truly the Blind leading the blinded.
    I just really love and appreciate people like you, Marty & Mosey, Mike, Karen, Pierre, Steve Logan, Les & Anita, Debbie, Sarge, including everyone-I am-leaving-out-because-the-list-is-just-too-long who have stood up for what is right and who honor LRH’s true legacy.
    You are stars in a brand new, big, beautiful, Clear sky.

  81. More power to you, my friend!


  82. It is a two-edged sword.


  83. Astronomical load transforms into a vortex that rapidly snowballs with terrible suction power.

  84. You are a big bang theorist also?

  85. Very interesting. I’ve looked at karma as unhandled conditions, but not as incomplete cycles. Hmm.

  86. Maybe this winter. Xmas? We’ll see….

  87. Li'll bit of stuff

    Amy, nice update! I gotta send you some much deserved
    congrats on a really fab job in getting yourself into such
    great shape! The discipline involved, is not for the weak willed, as the high drop out rate can attest. Sticking with
    the program, albeit with selective variety relieves the
    onset/s of inevitable boredom/s, frustration/s & other
    inevitable retrogression/s. At the end of the day, KEEPING
    the body feeling energetic & looking great just has so
    many advantages over the alternative! My earlier career
    as a gym owner/ personal trainer /diet consultant, still
    keeps me disciplined , fit and involved to this day, and
    keeps one “young” into advanced age, for sure!
    Here’s to you keeping up the disciplined lifestyle, Amy!


  88. Mat, this year we can’t do Xmas – but Winter is nice here.

  89. Bravo!! Claudio and Renata you captured the essence of madness in just 15 minutes. What a powerful message! Thank you!

  90. Li'll bit of stuff

    With added inputs such as yours, vinaire, we are assured of continued expansion in our pool of
    Indie Theta — all the richer for it’s diversity!

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    Very interesting, AR—reminds me of that quote by the ol’ man; ” It could be said that the only entrapment there is…is the waiting one does for an answer.”—Dianetics ’55

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