Learn to Evade Tax at the Scientology Chapel

Bruce Wiseman and Kevin Burke are corporate Scientology stalwarts.   They are the name partners of Wiseman & Burke the firm that makes money by handling the money of corporate Scientologists with big bucks.  Wiseman is the wise guy who puts out the creepy,  world-conspiracy paranoia tracts that justify so much corporate Scientologist unlawfulness (some under the handle John Truman Wolfe).   Incidentally, he rails about the bankers who produce nothing but make their money off of the labor and money of others; and guess what Wiseman and Burke does for a living?  He also appears on television and lobbies elected officials on behalf of Scientology Inc front group CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights).   Burke has covered Wiseman financially for years so that he could play out the Scientology Inc. demagogue gig full time.

Wiseman and Burke are opinion leaders in the corporate Scientology field, and are fully backed and sponsored by the David Miscavige administration.  Here are only two of many recent examples of church premises being used by the duo to ply their trades and pimp Miscavige causes:

Now, here’s the rub.   Scientologists who come to hear these guys are shielded by artful use of compartmentalization of information only possible under Miscavige’s repressive Disconnect policies (keeping people it the dark by severing all their ties to friends, family and business contacts should they discuss or forward any unauthorized information about those in good stead with Miscavige).



The upshot of all this is that the IRS-recognized, tax-exempt ‘church’ of Scientology is using their American taxpayer subsidized premises to sponsor and host seminars by folk who have been ordered by the State of California to cease and desist with their off-shore, TAX EVASION consultation services.

Some church.

David Miscavige’s kind of guys.

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  1. If there is to be a new movie made of the classic Charles Dickens book David Cooperfield – without a doubt Bruce Wiseman will win the part of
    Uriah Heep — hands down.

    “The character is notable for his cloying humility, obsequiousness, and insincerity, making frequent references to his own “‘humbleness”. His name has become synonymous with being a yes man. He is the central antagonist of the later part of the book.”

    Moreover, I’ve always pictured Uriah Heep as a cadaver like figure — overly pale and paper-thin skin.

    Wiseman has always looked just about ready to keel over with a puff of wind.

    Sorry — but he’s never been remotely close to one of my opinion leaders — much less someone I would give two cents to.


  2. Marty.
    If we look at the number of SUNSHINE rays illuminating the pitch dark horror that is the Church of David Miscavige, we can see a TRUE UP AND VERTICAL graph.
    It is a affluence trend! There is also an increasing acceleration to this trend and that is why the end of DM tyranny is VERY near.
    I postulated already that day as the Jan 18, 2013. That is 114 days and 9 hours away.

  3. The Church of Sleazeology.

    If you have a means of extricating funds, you are not only welcome in our Temple of the Moneylenders, we will open our arms, bring you in and promote your schemes.

    Down the road is the Magic Castle where magicians gather and swap stories and techniques.

    The crooks, shysters and rip-off artists gather at Conman Castle, located at 4810 Sunset Blvd, with branch offices located in “more than 167 nations”, with “more than 10 million” satisfied customers. The “world’s fastest growing” pretended church.

  4. No matter your eligibility, if you have enough money, you can go OT.

    You never cease to amaze Marty.

  5. Attention Mark Marty Rathbun
    Do you have a private email address?
    I would like to send to you a private email.

  6. I LOVE it!. I’m sitting here, drinking my coffee and reading along going “uh huh…uh huh…ok…” Then BAM, up comes the Cease and Desist from the State of CA. That is priceless. WHEN is mainstream media really going to get some good teeth on these shysters? And I’m not talking about Tom Cruise having wife auditions. Although, while juicy for US Magazine readers, there is so much more that is important.

  7. Mamma mia!!!
    Can only say this…..
    Where is the rabbit hole leading to????

  8. Once upon a time – a long time ago – Bruce used to be a good guy, a caring guy. Not just socially speaking, but genuinely. One wonders what happened to some of these folks to turn them into (following up on Christine’s cadaver analog) fascistic unobservant, unfeeling zombies who have no more awareness than the ones in “Walking Dead”. Otherwise, they too would have seen long ago that their Emperor David Miscavige was a complete fraud.

  9. Shouldn’t they be referred to as Wiseguy & Jerk?

  10. A large part of the problem is the AMOUNT OF MONEY people MUST generate in order to stay on top of the ladder. Wiseman and Burke are apparently financial wizards (ha) and therefore have to appear well heeled etc etc.

    My guess is that almost all of their clientele are scientologists — and when that happens to a business then they are locked into the structure because their livelihood depends on it. They cannot break ranks without losing all their income (prestige, friends, food, etc).

    I don’t envy those scientology business men who have sold their soul for the almighty dollar and desire to be at the top of the food chain.

    BTW — as a aside — Peter Gillhams Sr. (vitamin king and truly a leader in supplements) has recently sued the woman who bought his business for defrauding him (to woman is OT VIII – yet another stellar example of outrageous behavior) . Go Peter!!


  11. I wonder if the Prosperity and Finance seminar covers one of the most basic and key LRH finance references titled “How to Maintain Credit Standing and Solvency” ? The issues states such things as, “….Spend less than you make. … Make it before you have to spend it. … Gather bit by bit a cushion of cash to fall back on and don’t ever fall back on it. …Refuse to spend reserves. …”.
    You think?

  12. Typo — (the woman is OT VIII) —

    Probably clear but wanted to make sure that I was talking about the woman who Peter G. sold his business to … and the amount he was defrauded isn’t pennies — it’s 8 MILLION

    OFF topic,The harassment of my 86 year old mum,by the church of scientology
    here in australia,is a desgrace.I will fight till death to stop this.my mum lives in
    melboune,my mum keeps getting phone calls,by the church,asking about my 2 boys andrew and alex,and me.ABOUT 3 months a i was harassed at home,and
    by phone.what the church did not know,that i reported it to the police,the very first time i got a threat at home about 3 months ago,The police officer understood,the fair game policy letter,and placed me in the compter high alert.
    also a statement time,place,event,was gived,also gave the police ,my solicitors statement of storking dates.THE police tould me to install a camera in my yard.no i did not install the camera.im ready now to take this court,no matter wwhat.ALL THIS BECOURSE I REFUSED TO SIGN A GAG ORDER.
    Thankyou,Eric from brisbane,australia.

  14. Yes, indeed. Good old Wiseman and Burke.

    Marty, you have understated Wiseman’s literary endeavors as John Truman Wolfe. Not only is that his nom de plume, he makes no bones about it on his personal website: http://brucewiseman.net/ — compare that to his other website: http://brucewiseman.net/.

    A very important aspect of Wiseman and Burke’s business endeavors is bypassing the draconian strictures against Scientologists getting business prospects on org lines. Its worth a LOT of money to get past all the restrictions. These talks at the Church are their Div 6 actions.

    A big chunk of their business comes from this set of services:

    eg. from his website: “Wolfe draws on experience as a senior credit officer in two banks. He is also the co-founder of a Los Angeles based business management company, where, he oversaw the business and financial matters of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.”

    Cleverly written.

    Its all about positioning and PR. Smoke and mirrors. But he’s good at it and he has learned how to work the Church lines and stay in favor with the Miscavige crowd by getting onto control points that result in big money going to the Church for Ideal Org and IAS and clever explanations for the “attacks” made on the Church.

    What you may not know is that he really and truly believes he is telling the absolute truth and the sincerity along with the positioning outweighs any questionable gaps or inconsistencies in his so-called research and credentials. He shores up the Church’s whole “story” of being a much maligned victim of nefarious plots by secret conspiracies and government malignancies and gives it a patina of truthfulness. Bring on the expert! He’ll prove that the Church is simply fighting the hidden forces of darkness that threaten our very existence, forcing good men and women to have to set up offshore corporations in the name of protecting themselves from certain destruction.

    So, we can pretty much assume that at least some of the IAS and Ideal org slush funds are out of Panama?

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  16. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    I hope there are some good screenwriters in this group to take advantage of what’s coming down. “The Master” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, when you think of all the material here for some blockbuster screenplays.

  17. Mother of Grendel

    Well, whatever financial irregs they’re encouraging, it’s not enough to save Miscavige’s Ideal Morgues… in the past week there have been news stories about 3 Ideal Morgues sitting empty and falling into disrepair – Birmingham UK, Chicago and now the new AO in Canada. How many more buildings have been purchased and are quickly becoming eyesores and safety hazards to the community? The ponzi scheme of shifting money and staff from one “new” org to the next is falling apart – there’s just not enough money to do up all these buildings and pay all the PIs on Miscavige’s private payroll. And shutting up his niece is going to cost a pretty penny, too. Poor poor Davie – his buildings are falling down!

  18. Mother of Grendel

    I would assume that the slush funds are in safe off-shore accounts in countries that don’t have extradition treaties with the US.

  19. OK, now that’s pretty wild. The Trust Instruments of L. Ron Hubbard specify that CST, and RTC have to attain 501 (c) 3 status. Dave and Co., go about gaining this in 1993. Part of that agreement to have 501 ( c ) 3 status, is that there is established a “compliance” committee within the various Cs of Scientology, and an intrusive committee it is, policing every Scientologist and their own personal taxes, to enforce compliance to the IRS Tax Code. In other words, the CofS becomes a via for the tax guy. AND, no Scientologist can receive any service without his taxes in order. (Is this a violation of the “excessive entanglement” prohibited by law? Another question for another time perhaps.)

    Over the years, the cozy comfort of the Agreement with the IRS, and the ever straying David Miscavige from “compliance” to the dicey position of “excess benefits” in his fiduciary position, and the made up “ecclesiastical leader” thingie, has possibly eroded to the present situation of violation of the various points to comport with, of the word and spirit of section 501 (c) 3, of the IRS Code.

    Now, today, Marty exposes some more seamy underbelly, and calls in question, apparently, the issue of 501 (c) 3 rights of the “church”.

    Another oddity, the alter ego of John Truman Wolfe, and articles exposing another “seamy underbelly”, that of the possible violations of the Constitution of the United States, the International Settlement Bank, and agreements the President of the United States is alleged to have signed in 2009, and the spectre of a global situation of International Bankers running this whole earth show, or pretty close to it, in terms of sovereign nations and the interweaving of the economic structures of supposed sovereign nations, under the one united theme the “World Bank”.

    Is there in fact, as expressed by many others, not just Wolfe, but say Foster Gamble in his Thrive video, to mention just one, indeed a global situation of a “bank dominated world”? The world takeover of the “fractional reserve” system and an aloof financial system funnelling money and power to a select 1%?

    Or, how about the oddity of a cease and desist order, in line with the IRS’s efforts to know all about “offshore” accounts of every single citizen (including going so far as to require any “dual citizen” living abroad, in countries with “tax treaties” with the United States to file a US Tax in addition to any they may file in that other country, under penalty of serious prison/financial sanctions should they not. And, under the possibility of not only “double taxing”, but in effect making OTHER countries merely new satellite states, in spite of their sovereign status, which situation is being confronted in Canada by ongoing efforts of the Federal Finance Minister.)

    So here you have a Scientologist company, Wiseman and Burke, providing a service for those with these “out of IRS reach till now” monies, and apparently aiding and abetting those who would protest the incursion of the “tax man” into their business or just not so interested in having the “tax man” all over them, a la Revolt in the Stars say.

    And now an expose of that by Marty, himself a key figure in the attainment of 501 (c) 3 status, in accordance with the Trust Instruments of L. Ron Hubbard and the intention he had for the Corporate structures of the various Churches of Scientology.

    The currents, and undercurrents and cross –currents of this whole scene are amazing.

    We live on a “banker planet” at this point, or if not fully, then we’re approaching that very soon.

    The “tax man” is who he is.

    David Miscavige is an SP, of whole track proportion and must be confronted and dealt with.

    What heady times these are, for those who can play this game, and for those played.

  20. Total non sequitur alert: Forrest Crane, your hushmail box is full. I can’t send you my reply. Alert over.

  21. Follow the money. Getting closer to where the DeMon stashes his cash. Need to freeze those accounts when the time comes to throw the DeMon out of the real Scientology movement.

  22. The truth will be so far from your wildest thoughts and imagination.

    I donated to the Freewinds for something, It was for books to VIPs.
    Used a credit card and within a shot time later recieved an urgent call from my credit card company that someone was using my card in Panama !!!!
    Some Banana Bank that reeked of flaming offshore scam. The flap on my lines was so volitile I was sure it would go to Securities and exchange .
    Never again, I am sorry.

  23. Awesome, that ought to make for interesting reading! Bet Uncle Davey is going ballistic.

  24. Marty,

    This is very true and unfortunate.

    I worked for several years for Bruce and Kevin. I respected Bruce and I was looking forward to him waking up and challenging the filthy corruption of the Church, I still think Bruce is better than this sheepish, and pandering beigness that he trapped himself into.

    Bruce and his wife are also victims of David Miscavige Disconnection policy, as their own daughter Kendra publicly left Scientology years ago.


    Wiseman & Burke, were also blind, deaf and dumb to detect the Reed Slatking scam for their own clients. At the time, that was the largest Ponzi scheme in US history, close to $590M.


    They were heavily involved in promoting this get rich quick scheme to Scientologist, so they in turn, could funnel these funds into the biggest scam of all,The Church of Scientology.

    Bruce and Kevin had ample warnings by a non-scientology CPA working for them, as the Reed-Slatkin indicators of potential fraud were fairly obvious to pick up for anyone who cared to look into it.

    In the best Cultist way, they used the fact that the CPA was not a scientologist to find all kind of “ethics situations” and “unacceptable behavior,” and got rid of him. Very sad indeed. That was one of the final clues for me that Scientolgy was corrupted inside out.

    Bruce, you are better than this. Kick the beast and recover you integrity.


  25. This is really interesting Marty. So after all the crap I used to hear about OSA nosing into members personal taxes, they get caught pulling this crap. Amazing!

    I wonder how long they’ve got until they lose their precious tax-exempt status.

  26. I knew both Bruce Wiseman and Kevin Burke long before they started their business together, and watched their evolution over the years. I observed them to be hard working, and “good Scientologists” as I thought of that label at the time. However, they had some major outpoints that led me to not trust them, even when I was guzzling kool-aid myself.

    (a) While a little better than average, neither one is really of the high intelligence one would want in a financial advisor.

    (b) Kevin entered Scientology through Narconon after having a major drug problem. I have no reason to believe this wasn’t completely handled, but it was still a red flag to me that it had occurred in the first place.

    (c) While mediating a business deal between one of his clients and another Scientologist I knew, Bruce seemed unable to see the other person’s actually quite valid point of view, and used PR spin-doctoring techniques rather than impartial analysis, to try skew the deal unfairly in favor of his client.

    (d) On at least several occasions, Bruce and Kevin regged some of their clients to invest in deals put together by other clients of theirs, in which Bruce and Kevin participated financially. This is a violation of Registered Investment Advisor rules against self-dealing.

    My general impression of their operation was that it depended heavily on the naive trust Scientologists placed in other Scientologists. Bruce and Kevin certainly were nowhere near as guilty of abusing this as Reed Slatkin was. But I felt that in a purely wog environment they would have been exposed as not really having their act together as investment professionals. They weren’t seriously incompetent, but they always seemed to me to be trading on PR more than actual professional expertise.

  27. I have a different take on what is wrong with the Scientology, Inc. application of tax policy. Certainly, they are corrupt in the administration of their policy on taxes and ethics when it comes to picking and choosing who they apply it to, while carefully evaluating each parishioner’s contributions to their coffers.

    But the policy they have is itself corrupt, because they have signed a deal with the devil and become a tax collecting arm of the IRS. If you aren’t donating impressive amounts of cash to the IAS, then you will be hounded and interrogated and denied “salvation” if you do not pay up. This is because ex-IRS agents (non-Scientologists) sit at the helm of the “Church of Spiritual Technology”.

    The reason this bothers me so much is that my spiritual journey in Scientology was denied. Not because I owed taxes. But because, after a year of losing money in business and later an illness (that I have since overcome), I didn’t really want to deal with filing a return on a year which I didn’t owe ANYTHING to the IRS. Plus, not making much money at the time, I was of no use to Scientology Inc. anyway. So, I just ignored it for 12 years. When I decided I wanted to continue with Scientology (because I was finally making very good money again, which means I’m worthy of their help, pfff), I went in to Corporate Scientology to see if I could continue. I figured they would be fair with my tax situation. But no, they insisted that I go back and file that return. Now, the IRS does NOT audit anything back 7 years, and they certainly won’t consider you a criminal if you don’t owe anything anyway.

    But I called the IRS. Of course, they had no record of me having made any money 12 years ago. And after an hour of finally being transferred to their legal department to see what I should do, I was practically laughed at by their agent. “Why exactly are you trying to do this?” she asked. “Well, I am a member of the Church of Scientology and they won’t let me do services unless I do this.”

    “Ooooooooh…,” she replied. I finally decided that this was ridiculous. I was not going to let them act as a tax collector for something the IRS wasn’t even interested in. I decided to see if it was possible to do Scientology without them. And boy did that open a can of worms for me… But that’s a whole other story. I think we all know what you find out once you get out.

    Point is: NO CHURCH should be a tax collection arm of the IRS when dealing with their public. It’s a sick and twisted relationship. Well, there sure are a lot of those kinds of relationships within Co$.

  28. Music to my ears.

    I’ve met Bruce Wiseman a few times and have also read his newsletter a bunch over the years. He is without a doubt the most smug, sanctimonious, self-congratulatory little twit I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing. (Then again, I’ve never met Tom Cruise.) I think about 57% of his sentences begin with “I’ve been telling you for 3 years now that…” or “I tried to warn you over and over again about…” or “My inside sources have been telling me of an impending disaster with…” Some of his predictions come true, others don’t, but his track record for investing has been pretty unremarkable overall.

    Personally I’ve done much, much better with my “wog” adviser, even though he doesn’t have the direct comm line to God that Wiseman clearly has.

    Unfortunately this valence has become increasingly popular over the past few decades in the House that Davie built. Too bad. What a difference one high school dropout-cum -power-crazed two bit dictator makes!

  29. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    There is one here in Portland Oregon. They sold the first building as it turned out it was “too small”, 7 Stories, never renovated or occupied so bought another one which to this day sits empty and un-renovated.

    I could be off a few years but this has been this way for at least 6 years.

    — Jackson

  30. Unfortunately, that attitude has become the hallmark of a “Scientologist”. I cover the reasons in my book What Is Wrong With Scientology?

  31. Mother of Grendel

    Oh – and the SP building being “re-renovated!”

  32. Bruce has that attitude down to a science.

  33. DWD (Down with Dave)

    Marty my dear (and Mike R as well) While I applaud you for what you have done (a standing ovation in fact) YOU hold the keys to Miscaviage’s cell. Contact an attorney (I know you already know of several who are friendly to the cause), cut a deal with the govt (this is at the federal level) and EXPOSE DM’s CRIMES. I realize you have been trying to do this to some extent, but I believe you are holding back everything you know for fear of self incrimination. Cut a deal. Rememeber – this “some church” was your church not too long ago.

  34. Actually I describe much of the C of $ as “Baking a Fake Cake
    with Fake Frosting on top” Examples are too numerous for one Blog.
    But one example is Reed Slakin Bank in Austria that was an 800 number that connected to a European Tone dialer in his office in Santa Barbara
    and a secretary with a heavy British accent answers the phone. The Fake cake was his money making plan ,the fake frosting was the 800 number, Europen tone dialer and British secretary making you assume you talking to someone in a Bank in Austria. Miscavige is possibly the best at this making Ponzi look like a mouse.

  35. This reminds me of when, back in the day, I was told I was not allowed on the Base of the Flag Scam Base due to having unfiled income taxes, which was a “crime” according to the freakin’ holier than thou Flag MAA’s.

  36. Handled. Thanks for letting me know.


  37. One would think that the Reed Slatkin debacle/fraud would have been enough of a wake-up call for Wiseman to have his California licenses in order. Unbelievable.

  38. EA,
    Perfect description!!!

    ” He is without a doubt the most smug, sanctimonious, self-congratulatory little twit I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing. ”

    I think Matt Feshback also matches your description to a tee! Let’s bring em down.

  39. Brian Cox,
    What “ex-IRS agents” “sit at the helm” of CST?

  40. All too often I’ve learned to be very wary when doing business with corporate Scientologists. Myself, I’ve not been directly burned, meaning I eventually got a bad debt sorted out. But all too often I’ve heard of others getting burned, not getting paid back for helping people out. it’s ironic the ethic level of corporate Scientologists when it comes to finances and paying people back who loan them money. Then of course there’s the other irony of not being able to take legal action but relying on the MAA who all too often lately have other fish to fry.

    Last year in the middle of a potential business deal I decided to not follow through once I considered the problem of recourse.

  41. DWD,
    Your opinion below
    “I believe you are holding back everything you know for fear of self incrimination.”

    is full of shit …. along with deception! You don’t actually REALIZE anything having just crawled out from under a rock at the OSA headquarters. Go join Brucie and Kurty with your haughty attitude.

  42. Thank you for saying that! Good perspective.

  43. When I saw this CNN interview (Anderson Cooper) with Bruce Wiseman a few years ago, it was obvious to me that Wiseman was drinking the extremist all-or-nothing CCHR kool-aid. He was unable to rationally address Anderson Cooper’s excellent point that “not all psychiatry is about electro-shock and drugging people”.

    To me, this whole “EVERYTHING about psychiatry is evil and bad” approach from CCHR and the CoS goes to the heart of what is wrong with today’s Scientology Inc. And frankly, it started in the 80s and 90s under Miscavige’s tutelage, and has only gotten worse.

    It’s this extremist unthinking view that keeps Scientology Inc. looking like a cult.

  44. Good going Jenna! Can’t wait to read it. What’s DM going to do, sue you? Not likely. Then he’d risk getting deposed himself and we know that day will never come.
    Tell it all! It’ll be very cleansing for you, in addition to the good it will do in helping others steer clear of a very rotten “church”.

  45. martyrathbun09

    Anderson: Pass! on TR 4.

  46. Marty: Honest to God, I will set up books on street corners and sell your books in semi – loads to help you – get the attorney’s lined up to help people get their money back .

    There will be a great exodus from the Church of Miscavige very soon if it isn’t already happening – and they want their money back – you can help (already have 🙂 but keep going!!

    If there is anything more you can do on that front – please feel free. You will have all of our support. You too Mike Rinder! Thank you both for what you have already done. You have weakened the Church of Miscavige – now lets all finish the job!!! You have done very well indeed!

  47. Eric,

    You did very well not to sign the gag order and not to give way to the suppression! And it is certainly good that you stay at cause and reported it all to the police.
    Can’t you get the police to arrange for a confidential telephone number for your mom and you, so that the harassed stops immediately? That should be possible in your situation.
    I wish you and your family all the best and a more peaceful future!


  48. should be: harassment stops…

  49. Wondering how you arrived at that date, if you’d care to share?

  50. Google – Church of Spiritual Technology —

  51. Or Dumb and Dumber?

  52. Maria, both websites that you linked to are the same site. Is there a second one as well?

  53. Anderson: Impressive indeed. I couldn’t have done that – I wanted to reach across through the computer screen and slap him silly …

    Damn … some buddhist 🙂

  54. Oh, that’s brilliant – that pompous ass isn’t even a legal financial advisor. I remember being at a party some time ago, and His Bruceness was there, with his little fawning crowd of acolytes around him who were listening to him bray about the Bilderburgers and all that shit. Oh, they were just gobbling up all that “great data” from Bruce’s “research.” I thought to myself, “you idiots.”

    I was at the next table, within earshot, and I just couldn’t stand hearing all that utter garbage. I had to move farther away so I couldn’t overhear him anymore.

    Wiseman is such a tool. This doc, especially being so recent, has been a long time coming. The guy’s not even licensed! Ha!

  55. This also reminds me of when, back in the day, some WISE-ass staff member told me I wasn’t “eligible” to be a WISE consultant because I was too “out ethics” from having filed bankruptcy. Anyone willing to take a stab at why I had to file for bankruptcy?

  56. “What do you need to know as an IAS member?” – Wow, sorry I couldn’t make that event! Hope I don’t find them camping out in my living room to tell me in person what I missed.

  57. Jim, it’s disinformation. The Save Scientology web site has full documentation of the corporate structure of Scientology, how it is supposed to run in accordance to the Corporate Charter and Bylaws of CST, RTC and CSI and how it *actually* runs.

    David Miscavige runs Scientology. Period.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist


  58. Margaret,
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. This crap about the “evil Psychs”, as the sole cause of everybody’s problems, is pushed around by the cult like a mental enema.

    They are demining the actual importance of LRH’s warning into an unreal generality.

    To begin with, if you go past a hundred years or so, you will find the main religions of the planet, as the supreme authorities over the mind, soul and life of man. Ninety percent of the people had enough trouble with keeping food in their belly, let alone have any time to be influenced by the intellectual writings of psychologist or psychiatrist.

    This is pure crap; the eight hundred pounds gorilla in the room is your religion, stupid!


  59. All you are doing is forwarding the same nasty Black PR message that OSA starting putting out almost immediately after Mark “Marty” Rathbun first appeared on the Internet in 2009 or so.

    “Marty can put David Miscavige in prison, but won’t.” (or any variation thereof) is nothing a carefully crafted PR message with the intended purpose of keeping Darth Midget’s enemies from allying themselves with Marty.

    You pushing that message makes you either an OSA minion or an OSA dupe, Mr. Pseudonym.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  60. Bruce was warned about Slatkin, more than once and by more than one professional person. He was also warned about his Panama scheme. He always “knew best”.

  61. The kicker in that statement is that “going OT” has nothing to do with the amount of money you “have”, ultimately.
    “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” – Matthew 19:24

  62. There’s also Sherman Lenske.

    SaveScientology.com is serving a very good purpose. But all of it’s documents are text only. No signatures. No official stamps.

    I don’t know that these docs I’m presenting are authentic. Could be Photoshopped I suppose. But they give more information and more detail. At first glance I trust them more than html or pdf’s that contain only text.

  63. Lyman was/is a scientologist.

    Meade Emory is not.

  64. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    This story shows what kind of culture in the C:O.S is present.
    It’s all about “Money”
    It started in the eighties when the prices where rising on a monthly basis. Many normal Scientologists feared they’ll not be able to go up the bridge when they don’t have enough money. What ensued was all kinds of weirds Ideas about making very fast lots of money. All kind of business shemes emerged and ways of manipulating credits and getting money for no exchange.
    This subject alone would fill dozens of books until all stories are told. The common mantra was: ” If you can’t afford the bridge as you’re not making enough money you are not an able person and are a downstat “.
    This culture rather introverted Scientologists and cut them off of the wins available and as soon they had some wins they were gone when they confronted their own financial situation.
    I used to make a Joke about OT 8s that they got rid of their bank but are not really free as they are slaves to their bank .

    Many people really weren’t in Session because of their financial sits. Many !

    We see the result of it today.

    This culture of running after money is one of the Major why’s of the failure of the COS.

    Wasn’t it LRH that wrote ” The solution to inflation” and wasn’t it the management that then as it being a successful action kept going on rising the prizes ?

  65. Christine, I saw that yesterday and Rosser Cole is involved (seems appropriate!). In watching all of this for me it is so overdue and Karma is such a beautiful thing!

  66. dmisacrim,
    Will you please change the disgusting picture on your Gravatar global profile. Maybe you think DM’s picture is funny, but I almost vomit.

  67. one of those who see

    Love LRH. Simplicity.

  68. Marty,

    I apologize for posting this is the wrong spot. You could delete it. I’ll repost it above.

  69. There’s also Sherman Lenske.

    SaveScientology.com is serving a very good purpose. But all of it’s documents are text only. No signatures. No official stamps.

    I don’t know that these docs I’m presenting are authentic. Could be Photoshopped I suppose. But they give more information and more detail. At first glance I trust them more than html or pdf’s that contain only text. I always wonder why people remove data from forms and then claim it is evidence. The docs I’m presenting certainly didn’t do that.

  70. Wheedleman & Bilk

  71. You’re right! Sorry about that: http://johntrumanwolfe.com/

  72. Margaret, agree totally. Simple, he alway “knew best”. Exactly!!!!

  73. The 13th Antisocial Characteristic: Disagreement With Management.

    (lovingly ripped off from a good friend)

  74. That made me laugh out loud!

  75. Meade Emory?!
    You are some 30 years out of date.

    Lyman Spurlock?! You’re kidding. Lyman? ( I’ll bite my tongue on the speculation as to his blood color. Well, a little, ouch, OK, I did. A little.)

    (For Mike H. Yes, I know, but I wanted to see if Brian did. I think he needs to do a li’l more looking, stead of listening.)

  76. Well to the Shermans Tank of course!

  77. MRinder +1
    Crooked, Criminal, Extortion, Money grabbing, Hate and disconnection, Thuggery, cognitive dissonance with the word “Religion.”
    Both Kevin Burke and Bruce Wilson are trusted OSA Assets. Burke was poking around for OSA asking key questions to someone only recently feigning friendship when they had not even spoken for years.
    Here’s a recent image of Bruce Wiseman
    [audio src="http://www.cchrint.org/podcasts/?p=episode&name=2012-07-30_watchdog_radio_episode_150_with_bruce_wiseman.m4a" /]

  78. Wow. Very interesting information.

  79. For fast comm.: no more fax, phone call, e-mail or telepathy.
    The fastest way to communicate with a friend or acquaintance is posting on Marty’s blog. 🙂

  80. This isn’t so much an “opinion pushed around by the cult”, but verbatim quotes from LRH:

    “There’s only one remedy for crime – get rid of the psychs! They are causing it!” [HCOB of 6 May 1982, “The Cause of Crime”]

    “Under the false data of the psychs (who have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe) both pain and sex are gaining ground in this society and, coupled with robbery which is a hooded companion of both, may very soon make the land a true jungle of crime.”
    “Psychs… destroyed every great civilization to date and are hard at work on this one. [HCOB 26 Aug. 1982 “Pain and Sex”]

    “The psychs should not be let to get away with ‘treatment’ which amounts to criminal acts, mayhem and murder. They are not above the law… They should be handled like any other criminals. They are at best dramatizing psychotics and dangerous, but more dangerous to the society at large than the psychotics they keep in their offices and looney bins because they lie and are treacherous.” [HCOB of 6 May 1982 “The Cause of Crime”]

    So, where is the extremism really coming from???

  81. You mean the Matt Feshbach who delivers prosperity conventions on the Freewinds after losing most of his investors principal?


  82. Wow, Jenna, A book deal. Fantastic for you. Should be interesting reading about life at HV with Leslie Epstein as the unqualified teacher!

  83. Can’t stop to read now to see if this is already covered. See the Federal Case of Neil Brown who was doing this scam in the 90’s and went on to bigger things until he wronged people who could complain and wound up in Federal Prison… will try to find references later but gotta run this very minute!

  84. Down with Dave: what you say could be true. I don’t know. But I do know that I had the same thought at a certain time.
    I don’t think OSA is clever enough to have come up with this as a ‘PR’ attack.
    I appreciate though that we can express this thought here.
    I give Mr. Rathbun the benefit of the doubt. Seeing all that he does in making right that what Miscavige makes wrong.
    I remenber reading ‘What is greatness’ for the first time. I never forget.

  85. Diogenes, I don’t think it’s appropriate to include data about Kevin Burke’s drug case. That’s the kind of tactic OSA uses! We’re “moving on up a little higher” on this blog.

  86. “The psychs should not be let to get away with ‘treatment’ which amounts to criminal acts, mayhem and murder. They are not above the law… They should be handled like any other criminals. ” – LRH

    This means, criminal psychs are not above the law.
    If you know the history of psychiatry, you know that they very often did get away with many crimes.

    After all, what’s true for you is true for you.
    It’s true for me that psychiatry, generally, should concentrate more on results as in making money.
    The same is true for the “church”.

    Motivation is the key.
    There are even good psychs. (I don’t mean David Miscavige.)
    But as long as psychiatry is sponsored by pharma industry there is little hope for an overall change in this field.

    The target are abuses, crimes, idividuals, not generalities.
    That was the primary target of CCHR.

  87. Jim,

    I am researching information that I wouldn’t let myself look at while a member of the Co$. And I lean toward information which gives itself more support as you see on the site I referred to.

    But I’m certainly no longer buying anything that I only heard through official channels of the Co$. If they say David Mayo is an SP that altered and destroyed tech, I want outside corroboration.

    I am very welcome to being wrong and I am willing to look at anything.

    I will even change my mind if I can see something that seems well supported. But not because you are incredulous.

  88. Found this on the internet with regards to the Wiseman and Burke team.
    Scroll down to Debbie Roger (Leake) . Title is VP of SALES. Debbie used to be a reg at Stevens Creek org and used to be married to Jim Leake, son is Chris Leake (who used to be married to Hubbard’s granddaughter). For me this just gives me total certainty on this entire scam. When this whole thing unfolds watch out!

    The Cast
    of Characters:

    GT Finn
    Phil Jepsen
    Mike Campbell
    Neil Byrne
    Joe Yazbeck
    Peter Cucinotta
    Debbie Rodger
    Samantha Loehwing

    Elizabeth Currier
    Sandra Everett
    Richard Bishop
    Steven Hayes
    Bruce Wiseman


  89. I strongly feel that while we should not expect the government and its three brunches to be our salvation, we should nevertheless use it as a weapon.

    I would recommend one of you Californians file a formal complaint with the CA State Attorney.

  90. I got burnt every time I did business with one of those. When the take advantage of you they hide behind the Co$, and it is more than happy to provide them protection.

  91. So, where is the extremism really coming from???

    From the extremists that can’t think for themselves.

  92. Maybe he will finally pop a vain.

  93. They are not dumb. It is the people paying to listen to their mambo jumbo who are.

  94. Wiseguy flunks on TR 0.

  95. Hi everyone, I cant really comment on Bruce Wiseman as I dont know much about him, but I’m sure what you all say is true. As a bit of a side note though, this world conspiracy issue aint no bullshit people. The illuminati, bilderburgers etc are really tightening their grip on us all. You need to really dig into it and look into the right places to bring this into view, because it is very sneekily hidden from us. Check it out before dismissing it as crap. I’m not trying to be a smarty pants or anything but this is THE biggest immediate problem we all have at the moment. If they pull their little plan off and we dont stop this, their will be no scientology, human rights or freedom for anyone. Take a look at this link http://www.prisonplanet.com and get familiar with it, then check this stuff out further. Make your own mind up.
    Great job your doing Marty by the way. I admire your spirit!

  96. Jim,
    Interesting and very delicately presented.

    I wouldn’t want to deal personally with Bruce W. as a financial adviser due to him having blinders on as a Koolaid drinker, highly dislike his chosen or enforced hat as the Scientology ‘Facebook Police” and wonder what really happens with the donos that his wife Barbara gets on http://www.earthorganization.org, So the man has overts (what’s new) and some substantial ones that may and likely will do him in on a business and personal level. There is no doubt that he got his positioning ‘right’ with the Co$ to get customers.
    in his book ‘CRISIS BY DESIGN’, Bruce’s alter ego John Truman Wolfe DOES remove a heavy veil of unknown and mystery, connects the dots and sheds a lot of light on how the US financial crisis got to where it is at now. Instead of just blaming ‘the economy’ he gives names, time, place and event. Not as drastic as Jeckel & Hyde I see J.T.Wolfe performing a good role.
    At the risk of getting ostracized here and keeping the above in mind I enjoyed and appreciated his data, offering sane, legal financial advice in these unstable times.

  97. What I get out of thsoe quote is that LRH is recommending the entire subject and profession of psychiatry be abolished, not just persecuting a few criminal “psychs” for their crimes. However, there are millions of people who claim they have been helped by psychiatry. Wasn’t DIanetics itself derived from Freudian psychoanalysis (Hubbard himself said he learned from a student of Sigmund Freud)? If so, how can all of psychiaty be bad? Perhaps you or someone else could clarify.

  98. Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber………………

    Or was that tc and dm……….

    oh my!!!!!

  99. Brian,
    I understand. The savescientology.com site has the dox. In fact, the same dox exist on the other site you looked at (the wild one about IRS taking over via Meade Emory).

    The corporate papers are the same. Compare them, you’ll see.

    Mr. Emory hasn’t been a Special Director for ages. In fact, the entire Board has been virtually unmocked by David Miscavige. You’ll note on the recent court case that Sherman Lenske is working for RTC, NOT his hat entrusted for CST. He’s either dumped the hat to nobody, or he’s got a conflict of interest. Either way, he feeds at DM’s trough, betraying his trust to L. Ron Hubbard.

    The savescientology.com site is the “up to date” data on what has occurred to the structure LRH intended be in place. It’s gone. DM is the sole fascist dictating Pope on a Box (an applebox).

    He is the SP unmocking things, not “ex-IRS agents”.


  100. In more succinct language…
    Are you gonna give me somethin’ worth lookin’ at? Or are you just gonna roll yer’ eyes and scoff? =D

  101. Please post a link to the web page you’re referring to. The “internet” is quite large.

  102. Crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

  103. If you know the history of psychiatry, you know that they very often did get away with many crimes.

    SKM, this was part of my point. The field of psychiatry did reform itself considerably through the 70s and 80s. It may still have more work to do, but Bruce Wiseman is/was so stuck on “the party line” that he couldn’t even acknowledge this fact (of reform), and admit that not ALL of psychiatry is bad.

    If he could have acknowledged both the reforms and the fact that not all of psychiatry is “physically harmful”, then I wouldn’t have any problem with this. But Wiseman is so clearly avoiding the obvious and simply parroting what he thinks he’s supposed to say as a “Scientology Inc” member, that he ends up coming across as an unthinking robot.

    Remember this from the Code of a Scientologist?

    “To keep the public and the press accurately informed concerning the field of mental health.”

    Is it being accurate to pretend that ALL of psychiatry is about drugging and ECT? No, but in Wiseman’s mind, he knows that his master at RTC would never approve of actually acknowledging this fact. And so Wiseman comes across as an extremist robot.

  104. Since when did Churches be the IRS “collector” when this Church has blood dripping from it’s slimy fingers? It is a total criminal organization! Calling the kettle black – they don’t pay taxes, have the staff work ungodly hours for free – trap everyone by money on account and family, blackmail, and legal suits!
    I would imagine the IRS is going to get hungry and would love to make this Church change it’s status and pay taxes.
    Where does your donations go? Well, we are finding out now, aren’t we!

  105. Just in case somebody misinterpreted my above comment: the joke was a praise of Marty’s blog popularity.

  106. Birds of a feather flock together… I’m disgusted, hello, WTF, can’t belief that shit and imagine I paid Bruce $250 in 2008 for some advice on buying some precious metals. I am not an RIA however am licensed to sell securities but not charge for advice — over the years various clients have offered to pay me for advice, I say NO NO NO, I don’t have that license and would get in severe trouble. To flaunt the law like this is unbelievable and makes you wonder what the hell else he is doing???? I wonder what his fines were, going to have to do some more digging… I’ve always had a problem with that stupid newsletter he sends out with his self aggrandisement of his supposed spectacular story that I never read as it is unbelievably boring. Sorry Bruce, but get your head out of your ass and Miscavige’s ass. Criminal minds think alike, that must be why Wiseman can’t see what Miscavige has done…

  107. lol

    … omg Mabu. made me laugh

  108. Carol,
    Omitted is the link. Perhaps you were referring to this one? http://www.slatkinfraud.com/wwc/people_wiseman.htm

  109. “A” for effort Agent Orange. It seems simple enough to connect those dots.

    In time, little by little, it will be ok to know. Safe to know.

    When is it safe to know these things? What agreements, once made in the past with fervor, instigate against the direct perception of the causal relation you state with actual quotes.

    When will it be ok to know? Without justification against the obvious.

    In my working through conditions after leaving the Sea Org in 1976, I went from door to door collecting signitures and showing pictures of Nazis while telling my citizens that Nazis are the source of psychiatry. 1976! This was an action given my by my church in 1976.

    When will it be ok to know?

  110. I guess some still have a ways to let go of the bad habits engrained into the membrane by the CofM’s OSA!

  111. Just a thought, maybe people who disconnect from their own children for merely expressing a differing opinion; who also engage in supporting mega scam artists; who use suppressive generalities; who use a church for personal financial gain…maybe they aren’t really “nice”. Maybe they are just really clever, charming and convincing 1.1s.

    In the old days we used to call them con artists. They artfully gain your confidence while separating you from your money.

  112. CommunicatorIC

    In the interest of completeness, it appears the Desist and Refrain Order was withdrawn in October 2011:

    Click to access Wiseman&Burke_WDR.pdf

    Click to access 1011.pdf

    Hat Tip (HT) – ESMB: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?28718-Bruce-Wiseman-former-President-CCHR-hiding-cash-for-the-Church-of-Scientology&p=731432&viewfull=1#post731432

    There is speculation on ESMB that, “he’s doing all this in the Cayman Islands. There is nothing the state of CA or even the USA can do about these activities, unless they are transacted in the USA.

    Perhaps the SEC is looking into things to see if, indeed, the activities are being done in CA or any other state.”

    The ESMB speculation is posted in case anyone here has data or the desire and means to follow-up.

  113. DEAR KA,

  114. Christine-This is very interesting about Peter-Has he completely retired?

  115. Stevens Creek? Wasn’t that the home of our dear friend, the poster-boy OT VIII hisself, John Allender? He being the Treas Sec who would pass a plate to collect cash so as to “flow power” to the ED? I could be wrong, but it all rings a distant bell deep in my memory banks.

  116. The extremism is coming from psychs like David Miscavige. Whatever LRH meant by the term and whoever he associated with the term, David Miscavige fits the description of a psych’s beingness to a “T”.

    Did LRH mean all psychiatrists are “psychs”? I simply can’t see that, he seems to have been too intelligent to generalize that badly. But I don’t know. I do know that the characteristics of “psychs” he referred to are the characteristics of an “implanter” and Miscavige does fit this. Thus it is not the possession of a psychiatric degree that actually identifies a “psych”.

    I think what he meant by “psych” in reference to the psychiatric profession, in the absence of someone who knew LRH and heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, will never really be known to us.

    There is no doubt that there are suppressive psychiatrists, and that the profession overall is pretty suppressive in it’s goals, but is each and every psychiatrist necessarily a suppressive person at his core? I think not. But again, I haven’t met them all.

  117. I’m thinking we all need to be reminded of his ugly mug, but then again maybe not – I think we all are fully aware of his toxicity and puke-inducingness. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll change the Gravatar at that. I’m thinking maybe an image of PT Barnum, but that would be an insult to Barnum.

  118. That’s him Howard! My first meet up with him was at Flag about the Super Power project. I kept thinking that he must have some secret script that he was reading which was pasted to the inside of his eyelids because they were drooping so much. Then he told me that he had received Super Power auditing so that explained it!

    Haughty, No ARC and Holier than Thou are what comes to mind. Wonder how that SP is working out for him now?

  119. Jimmy,

    Question: What do you give a shark/banker when he gets indigestion?

  120. It is true when they have money.I worked a little bit with Majid Tabibzadeh and tried writing some KRs on some pretty egregious stuff he did and boy was he protected. BTW, he is another financial opinion leader and I have gotten promo on his seminars. It can actually be dangerous to write up one of the Co$s golden boys as you can get into trouble.

  121. Kevin’s having been a druggie was no secret, and is plenty relevant. I liked him, but there was something unreal about him. My basic observation of both Kevin and Bruce was that they just weren’t very aware beings, despite their posturing, and that that explained all their other outpoints.

  122. This is not on topic, but I’ve been wanting to post it for a couple of days now.

    It was 62 years ago Sunday that LRH gave the lectures on Dianetics that are on the CDs.

    A real joy to listen to him again.

  123. correct!

  124. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    A lot of shit that we see on this site makes us want to vomit, so join the club!

  125. Sinar, it is, you are the BEST, thanks.

  126. Tony DePhillips

    This is off topic but important data.

    Kay Rowe is staying with a friend of mine who was declared an SP by the cult. She came out as an “Indie” a couple of weeks ago.
    This friend who is a reliable source says that Kay has backslided again and is back in comm with OSA apparently to make ammends. He said that she said that annonymous had used some of her writings on an anti LRH site and she apparently couldn’t have this.
    I know that she has been in comm with several Indies and recently moved here to Seattle and said this is where she had alot of friends and that she liked the area. Truth is, most of us haven’t even seen or talked to her in years, so this seemed rather odd.
    I have suspected her of being an OSA bot but was dissuaded after she “came out”.
    She has apparently flip flopped about three times now, that I know of.
    About one day ago she sent me an email saying that one of her church friends had cancer and she needed to help them and would be out of comm with us for awhile.
    I felt this data needed to be known.

  127. Hmmm…..I know four of those people personally. I have fond memories of at least one of them. I’ll withhold judgement until I see the full story.

  128. You are absolutley right.
    The guy looks like a brainwashed moron.
    Cooper has more presence as him and all the “scientologists” and their wifes who showed up the other time at his show.

  129. OK, so perhaps you have proven LRH guilty of generalizing and exaggerating. Well done. But (I refer not to your comment here, AO) let’s not forget that LRH and CCHR were right about the criminality of some psychiatrists, psychosurgeons, etc. That DM may use “psychs” as a boogeyman to scam for the IAS, does not erase the brutality of using psychopharmaceuticals as a panacea, turning thousands (conservatively) into ticking time-bombs, at risk any moment of blowing away their entire family or half of an office or school. Then they lock the16-year-old (for example) away forever, for something he never would have done, were it not for the drugs he didn’t have a choice not to take. (Yes, I believe in holding a person responsible for his actions, but if they are not volitional there should be a difference.) Without LRH and the GO, this may never have been exposed. Of course not every individual psychiatrist is an evil person. I believe Hubbard was referring more to the institution of psychiatry, and to the very real psycho-judicial complex, which feeds raw meat to the prison-industrial complex. There are great harms there, and this must not be forgotten, in our zeal to reform or to destroy the ultra-corrupted CofS.

    In the quote cited, “The psychs should not be let to get away with ‘treatment’ which amounts to criminal acts, mayhem and murder,” notice that Hubbard was not necessarily talking about all treatment, but that “which amounts to criminal acts, mayhem and murder.” Certainly he is right that such acts should be prosecuted. A good start would be the drug companies who have conspired to poison the minds of a few generations.

    (Obligatory note: Yes, I realize that many have sometimes found great relief with medications. So have I. But I am not talking about that, but about the fraud of such official orthodoxies. Individual patients, their families, and society as a whole deserve the truth that a prescription for SSRIs may be akin to a prescription for Russian Roulette.)

  130. “What I get out of thsoe quote is that LRH is recommending the entire subject and profession of psychiatry be abolished, not just persecuting a few criminal “psychs” for their crimes. “
    It’s your good right to stick to your self created truth.

    I recieved a slightly different message from the text.
    But maybe it’s just me.
    Or maybe my definition of “psych” is different from the one you’re using.

  131. You know my views Tony. LRH once said in a Flag Order “rank has its privileges, rank has its respsonsibilities.” I subscribed to a service that gives me detailed breakdowns on the regions, and even cities, of who regularly partiticpates in Moving on Up A Little Higher. Washington is the number 5 ranked state/province in the world in terms of regular visitor to this blog. Seattle the is the number 14 city in the world. Vancouver B.C. is number 17 – from my analysis largely due to the work of the Seattle corps. Whether you all realize it or not, these figures make your region and city – and you and your lovely wife quite frankly – a primary target of OSA. That might give you more reality on why I have given as little attention to certain enturbulation emanating from your base – in actuality, the enturbulation was imported by the Dark Star. That which you give undue attention to commands command over you. We love you all in Seattle – a lot. Move on.

  132. “the eight hundred pounds gorilla in the room is your religion, stupid!”

    That. Cracked. Me. Up.

    Just saying.

    “Not-knowing is true knowledge.
    Presuming to know is a disease.
    First realize that you are sick;
    then you can move toward health.”
    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

  133. Hi Ingrid

  134. Ingrid. Is this the cat that is now employing Greg and Debbie Hughs? If you’ve written some stuff I’d love to see it – howdoesitfeel@hushmail.com

  135. Not withdrawn as to Wiseman individually. If I had the time or the inclination I’d investigate further, and I guarantee you these two birds lied their way out of the the partnership portion. But the post and its fact still stand on their own.

  136. More than a stat
    It’s the same old, same old story of those ABOVE the law and the rest of humanity that respect or try to respect the law. To trace back and look WHO made the law helps.

  137. I will not validate nor invalidate your choice of avatar, dmisacrim, but I will say that I enjoy a CONSISTENT avatar so, when I scroll, I can readily ascertain the ones I will read first.

    Net, net, if you like your avatar, stick with it. Nobody should be made to apologize for their individual take on humor or expression. I don’t like DM, but images of him have no impact on me.

    Just saying.

  138. Conan,
    Well then maybe you would like to take a good look at what is happening in courts these days with the influence of psychology and psychiatry or compare a dictionary from 100 years ago with a current one on key words like “mind”, “spirit”, “soul” to get a good reality on their influence in society.

  139. Sorry to hear Peter is burdened with such madness. I wish him the best in a victory.

  140. Thank you. Good differentiation. Your insight and differentiation have been forwarded to the ESMB thread.

  141. Thank you Tony.

  142. EnthralledObserver

    This reminded me of a question I’d been wanting to pose for a while: on wikipedia (I believe it was) they have stated DM’s net worth at 50M – my question is, how on earth can a man who was supposed to have earned on average $50 per week worth even 1 Million, let alone 50? Can anyone explain this to me?
    A bit off topic, I know, but money related still…
    I’ll go check my source for the $50M too… I’m sure that’s what my eyes saw.

  143. Outstanding post, Bob. Thank you.

  144. “Psychs destroyed every civilization to date”………

    How can anyone see this statement as reasonable? He’s talking about an absolute evil over an infinite past up to the present.

    Is possible that this unreasonable statement can take on dangerously inspired actions from those who grant Ron “wisest man in the cosmos” status?

    Words are words. What was said was said. “What I think Ron meant” may soften the hard edge of meaning that the words express. But what he said, he said. The cosmology of the absolute evil of psychs is church doctrine.

    Nut job Miscavige may be doing his own spin on it. But church doctrine is clear on psychs. It’s ok to know source.

  145. Greta,

    It’s not the pointing out of specific items (such as the ones you list) that are the problem. It’s the generalizing across ALL of psychiatry that weakens the argument, and makes one an easy target for being labeled non-credible.

    Personally, I’m still blown away by the fact that psychiatric drugs, in the last few years, have been allowed to be advertised direct-to-consumer in the United States. To me, it’s mind boggling. But that is a specific abuse (among several others) that should be exposed and opposed for what it is.

    There is a big difference between trying to “reform psychiatry as we know it” and trying to “wipe out ALL of psychiatry and psychiatrists everywhere”. Scientology used to be about the former. In the last three decades, its become about the latter.

  146. When kay came out again and was lost on one facebooks page I had PM’d a few people worried if she was really out and they said give her some time to see where she stands. Seems like she be too caught in the bad spiders web.

  147. PS her newer newest FB page is also now inactive.

  148. Bob, It is a very good point you make.

    Any individual psychiatrist may not be himself or herself a “suppressive person” per the Bulletin on the Anti-social Personality, but psychiatry as a whole can definitely be considered a “suppressive group”, just as the CoS at this time can be considered a suppressive group or at the very least PTS to one or more suppressive groups such as the IAS, Flag, and RTC.

    Thus when LRH referred to “the psychs”, that is what he was talking

    In fact, the wholesale use of drugs to “treat” various so-called “disorders”
    impacts more than that individuals 1st dynamic.

    For example, common “side effects” of SSRIs prescribed for “depression” are erectile disfunction and/or inorgasmia. This is clearly suppression of the 2nd dynamic. The “solution” psychiatrists present is the prescription of drugs like Viagra, Cialis, etc. which have their own dangers.

    Pharmaceuticals are a cash cow for many psychiatrists because they are required by law to monitor people they prescribe the drugs to, monthly or even weekly. They get paid by insurance for these 15 – minute appointments. It is a built in “residual income” for the majority of psychiatrists in the U.S. and it can be a considerable amount for one who writes a lot of prescriptions, as each15-minute appointment pays between $50 and $100, depending on your region/market. Imagine scheduling 3 15-minute appointments for 3 hours each day. Do the math. That’s some easy money for asking “How ya doing with your meds?” and asking a few other questions to insure none of the major
    side-effects are showing up.

    The commonality of this practice of overprescribing then getting paid for it alone qualifies psychiatry as a suppressive group in my book.

  149. AO,

    I doubt “millions of people” claim they have been helped by psychiatry. I think this is a wholesale exaggeration. Psychiatry is the default option for people seeking help in living their lives, who run afoul of the law, of some social norms, who feel troubled or trouble others in some way.
    Possibly any intervention is considered to be better than none at all?

    But more importantly, Freud was not a psychiatrist, and psychoanalysis is not psychiatry. Psychiatry in the US and around the world mostly abandoned a psychoanalytic approach to people’s “problems” back in the 1970s-1980s in favor of what they call “biopsychiatry”, which is the thesis that most or all “psychiatric problems” are basically caused by physical states of “chemical imbalance” in the body or brain, and are best treated by pharmaceuticals. The “mind” is not considered significant.

    Psychiatry’s diagnostic manuals have been re-written to reflect the new orientation, for some years now.

    As far as psychiatry “reforming itself” back in the 1970s and 1980s, not really . Psychiatry was forced to reform to some extent largely by the activism of CCHR and many other groups of “psychiatric consumers” and “psychiatric survivors” members of which testified before government bodies pushing for reforms. Many such groups still exist and continue to be active because they are still needed. They are needed because in a few words, “Psychiatry lies about it’s treatments.”

    For a wealth of information about psychiatry from people who have actually experienced it as “consumers”(recipients of psychiatric “care”), just Google for “psychiatric survivors” and “ECT survivors”.

  150. Brian, I remember those days too. However, keep in mind that psychiatry in any totalitarian or despotic state is likely to become a political tool of the regime it lives under, and this has in fact been the case many times.

    Nazis did not originate psychiatry but certainly put their stamp on it, gave it a valence to assume, if you will.

    I don’t doubt “Nazi psychiatry” was a suppressive endeavor. So was “Soviet psychiatry” in the Soviet Union. There, psychiatry was used against political dissidents. The diagnostic categories used by Soviet psychiatrists included various kinds of “Political deviance” and were “treated” by heavy doses of mind-numbing drugs like Thorazine, as well
    as other damaging treatments.

    Same with Cuba under Castro. Cuba has always been touted as very progressive in providing medical care to it’s citizens, but the dark side of this is that political deviance was considered a disease there also, and people who actively disagreed with the Castro regime were treated by strong measures such as lobotomy.

    So there is “Cuban Psychiatry” for you.

    My point is that the CCHR materials about “Nazi psychiatry” may not have been all wrong. But it may be putting the cart before the horse to say that Nazis were the source of psychiatry. The Nazis may well have been the source of a particularly bad brand of psychiatry.

    A related area of medical endeavor related to Nazism is the “Eugenics movement”, an institutionalization and physical dramatization of essentially racist views which tended towards supporting genocidal ideas.

  151. Let me now present the apparently radical and extreme notion that perhaps “psychiatry” as we know it really ought to be abolished?

    Just as the CoS as we know it ought to be abolished? Perhaps Psychiatry, like the Church of Scientology, is dead?

    Perhaps both ought to be replaced by more humane and humanistic practices?

    I think so.

  152. In support of the above, let me present an example. This is about a “school” for “developmentally disabled” people. Human beings.

    It is an example of fields which, like Miscavige’s Church, simply fail to police themselves and fail to adhere to any positive standard that I can recognize. In this case, psychology and psychiatry.

    At this “school” or “therapy center”, stun guns similar in power to electric cattle prods are used on the residents as part of their “therapy”.

    Read on, and view the video featuring Anderson Cooper, please:

    This speaks to what at least some psychologists and psychiatrists
    are up to these days. Yet this is tolerated and apparently condoned by the professional associations of both psychology and psychiatry.


    This is a “school” for developmentally and/or emotionally disadvantaged(“mentally ill”) folks in
    Massachusetts. It operates entirely on principles of “behaviorism”, a school of psychology. From wikipedia, here is some information about the JRC:

    “The center was founded as the Behavior Research Institute in 1971 by Matthew L. Israel, a psychologist who trained with B. F. Skinner.
    In 1994 the center changed its name to the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center
    “to honor the memory of the judge [who] helped to preserve [the] program from extinction at the hands of
    state licensing officials in the 1980’s.” It has 900 employees and annual revenues exceeding $56 million,charging $220,000 a year for each student.
    The Judge Rotenberg Center treatment goals include a near-zero rejection/expulsion policy, active treatment with a behavioral approach directed exclusively towards normalization, frequent use of behavioral rewards and punishment, video monitoring of staff and the option to use aversives, the most controversial of which is the use of electric shocks. The final item provoked considerable controversy and led to calls from several disability rights groups to call for human protection from Aversion therapy approaches.”

    Notice this “school” charges $220,000/year per inmate, for the privilege of having them tortured and shocked with instruments similar to electric cattle prods, which are much more powerful than police stun guns.

    For those who like to think of “psychology” and “psychiatry” as all-benign subjects that, unlike “scientology” do not pose any dangers to the public, here is the entire Wikipedia article on this “therapy

    It seems to me, looking at this center as an example, one could easily conclude that “Psychiatry and psychology are DANGEROUS!”


  153. Thanks.
    Great post, Bob.

    I said it before. When LRH says, psychs “who have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe”, than I don’t think he is particularily refering to the “profession”, as it is not that old.
    A “psych” has certain characteristics.

    He will seek to inhibit your natural sense for ethics (will enforce morals, artificial standards).
    He will deny your (true)spiritual nature.
    He will destroy any means which would guide you to enlightenment (spiritual awakening, growth, strenght).
    He will seek to convince you, that you’re nothing else than a machine, body, a circuit (preparation to make you accessible for implantation).

    A psych is the very opposite to an auditor.

    DM is a classic “psych”.

  154. What? (and I notice, you notice “shark/banker”).

  155. Certainly iamvalkov psychiatry has its dark side.

    But branding something as absolutely evil and cause of all crime on the whole track and in the present is a dangerous doctrine.

    In religion or politics when a leader brands a person, group etc absolute evil status it serves as a justification for violence against that entity from it’s followers.

    Ron’s statements in OT materials and in broad public documents are such statements. Beyond a doubt.

  156. I am with you on that. Being on that list only tells me you have some money, your capable of handling money, or your capable of talking others out of their money. It does not make you a bad person. Just a corporate scientologist who has not, or will not, look. For the record, thats an old list. I doubt they all are still drinking the kool-aid. I know some of them as well. They may not add their names to the indie 500 list, but i would wager that their checkbooks and plastic have been put beyond the reach of any church related activity.

  157. The creation of an absolute enemy is what causes men and women of good conscience to act in indecent ways and loose the luster of decency.

  158. Thanks Tony. The truth is not going to change. So Kay really has only one direction to go. But it seems she is easily distracted. Good luck to her.

  159. DWD (Down with Dave)

    Hi Newcomer – I am sorry I was not aware that what I said was a “tactic” previously used by OSA….though I can’t imagine how advising Marty to go to the FBI and strike a deal with them would be advantageous to the Co$. But, in order to prove I am not an OSAbot, I will say something no OSA/Sea Org person would dare say. This is my own personal wall of fire – David Miscaviage has a tiny weenie

  160. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.
    Josph Goebbels

  161. Excellent analysis, Roger.

    Only correction: if I am not mistaken, the monthly price increases started in Nov. 1976, upon the issuance of an LRH ED entitled “The Solution to Inflation”.

    IMO it was the beginning of the end of Scientology, at least as those of us who were “in” at that time had experienced it.

    It was the beginning of the end of the era when people of average means could afford to go up both sides of the bridge.

    It was, interestingly, also coincident with the beginnings of what one might call the “donations” era – meaning, donations from rich people with nothing given in exchange, at the time not even a Grand Title such as Patronious Maximus Dilectus. Those would come later, once the IAS appeared on the scene in 1984, to take full advantage of the newly discovered gullible but wealthy clapping seal contingent.

    I believe the “Solution to Inflation” was probably intended as a short-term action, to adjust Scientology “prices” for the inflation which had been running in double-digits for some years.

    At 5% increase PER MONTH, it would not have taken long for Scn prices to catch up with inflation.

    I am speculating, but I think what happened was that the gimmick of “pay now and avoid the next increase” was so successful at bringing in gobs of new money each month, that no one, including LRH perhaps, wanted to stop the gravy train.

    So it went on and on and on . . . .

    It could also be argued that this was the era where Scientologists began to separate out into two groups: 1) those who disagreed with the price increases with all their bizarre consequences, but who either kept quiet or left; and 2) those who, rather than confront the harm that was being done to their religion, instead chose to rationalize the insane pricing policies and even worse, to contribute to their destructive motion.

  162. “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” ~ Thomas Payne

  163. Brian, you are right. LRH himself said in lecture that he could have elected any one of a number of groups as “enemy” but somewhat arbitrarily chose to cast “psychs” in that role. At least partly because he had himself been one somewhere back on his own track.

    But having worked in psychiatry myself, I do think they will do. See some of my posts just upstream as to why I think psychiatry is just as “dead” as the CoS and perhaps both ought to be done away with.

  164. Marty,

    These two may be money motivated, unscrupulous pigs, but, it is simply not possible to out lie, out cheat, or out steal the IRS.

    The income tax in all its different variations, all within Title 26, are excise taxes … taxes on privileged activities, and only measured by the income or net profit derived FROM the taxed activity. HOWEVER … the codes are written in an exceedingly convoluted fasion as to disguise that. The nature of the tax doesn’t become apparent until you use the definitions provided in law dictionaries or the code itself, and even then the reading is highly convoluted and deliberately misleading. The US Supreme Court said that the tax is an excise. The IRS knows it is an excise. But the IRS does everything in its power to disguise that fact, because, if the exact nature of the tax was known to people, they could avoid the tax by not incurring liability for it in the first place.

    Furthermore … corporate Amerika is totally in bed with the IRS on this. They refuse to do business with people, by policy, for refusing to use an SSN, even when and where no SSN is required by law but use of one incurs liability. This applies to most employment, banking, brokerages, etc.

    The combination of the IRS, the misinformation/disinformation about the tax, and the cooperation of corporate Amerika, the way I see it, gives people the right to deal with the IRS however they see fit.

    Bottom line … the Cof$, these two pigs, and the IRS all deserve each other. A fitting outcome would be to put them all in a dark room, give them all ax handles, and tell them there are no rules except that only one gets to walk out. And the one who walks out gets dealt with by all his victims at once.


  165. Iamvalkov, I am know fan of psychs. I’m no fan of our over drugged society. It is degrading.
    My only point is the creation of an absolute evil and the dangerous results. Psychs being the downfall of every civilization is a piece of church dogma that sets the stage for the culture of justified violence.

    It is also a hopelessly unreasonable proposition.

  166. You have a way with words….

  167. Brian, I definitely cannot disagree with you about the dangers of creating an “absolute evil” that way. It is after all, essentially what the Nazis did vis-a-vis Jews. Demonized them. Demonizing anyone is not a good thing, and usually has bad consequences like persecution and violence.

    Whatever LRH saw looking back on his whole track, I have not seen for myself. And it is not something I would accept as an article of faith and belief.

    Anything I post about psychiatry, it is because I have seen it or researched it myself. I do try to point out some of the downside of psychiatry because sometimes people start thinking “Well, scientologists are against psychiatry, that must mean psychiatry is good.” That’s not true, it can be called a logical fallacy.

  168. Iamvalkov, I appreciate your views and integrity to your own knowledge.

    With true authentic undertsanding and respect for our actual knowing, not based on “must know or get in trouble”, this movement of Independents can be a light in the buffet table of human understanding.

    Respected by reasonable people who reject the uninspected fundamentalism of blind belief masquerading as scientific absolutism.

  169. Excellent, excellent posts Valkov!

  170. Looks like renovation *might* be moving forward, as there has been lots of permitting activity in August 2012 and even one this month. This is at the new location (320 SW Oak), called the Sherlock building. Check it:

    http://preview.tinyurl.KOM/9ak6d74 (replace KOM with com)

    And if you look at the CO$ website, they have the PDX opening slated for 2012/13. I’d say 2013 is more likely since they are just getting around to getting permits. There’s an article dated 9/26/12 by Reed Jackson in the Daily Journal of Commerce about this but you have to be a paid subscriber to access it and I’m not. Boo!

  171. Reed Slatkin couldn’t be bothered to get properly licensed, either.

  172. Looks like it was withdrawn in Oct 2011. Both original and withdrawal notices were removed from state corp site but here is the cache of withdrawal notice: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:AlhEkNpnjIUJ:www.corp.ca.gov/ENF/pdf/2011/Wiseman%26Burke_WDR.pdf+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

    Wonder how he got out of that

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