The Octopus – My Main Man Jason Beghe Dishes


You know you’re bad, don’t you Jason?


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  1. And the winner for “Best Actor in a teaser that got us all hooked” is…Jason Beghe!
    Can’t wait!

  2. I appear to be the first to comment:

    One word: WOW


    Rinder email me

    Rath Mos

    Jager / Warm Beer

    Lets do this !

  3. Jason, you are my oak tree.

  4. Jay Man….We Love You!!

  5. Tony DePhillips

    Friggin hillarious!!!

  6. Oh! Jason! You bad bad boy you!

    That was funny, and left me wanting more.

  7. Man, that was funny!!! You are definitely a great actor.

  8. Heh….too funny. I wonder if it really was just a joke, or whether Jason is still too grossed out to talk about some things he knows about TC’s manwife.

  9. This man is a REAL actor.

    With the same conviction and word perfect duplication, Jason ran the exact same script to me several hours before Mark Bunker filmed him. I could not stop laughing.

    You da man Jason.

    You make me smile big wide smiles…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. You had me… definitely had me for a minute there, Jason! 🙂

  11. J – You are toooooo funny! Love ya, L

  12. As “The Master” says: “laughter is good.” Still giggling here, too! Off to bed 4 me….

  13. I was laughing so hard, I was crying. Beautiful!

  14. That was hilarious! 😀

  15. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Great clip, and I love it when Jason talks dirty. Just wish he had said “fuck” a few more times.

  16. Tory Christman

    Fantastic! I agree…you da man, Jason 🙂 🙂 I cannot wait for
    “Knowledge Report” to come out. I enjoyed “The Master” but this is
    going to be Soooooooooooo much more, and so much deeper.
    Yes, he IS a *real* Actor, I couldn’t agree with you more, Marty.
    Hugs to TonyO too. I see he’s there with you and Mosey. <3<3<3

  17. OMG, blushing. Jason did you say what I thought you said. 😉

  18. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hahahahah! Love you Jason 😀 x

  19. Jason, you had me going, good on ya! More, more…….

  20. Too F Funny! Thanks for the laughter! Wrapped around your finger on that one! Dangerous!

  21. Hilarious – was chuckling all the way on the school run. More Jason more!

  22. EnthralledObserver

    I was on the edge of my seat for more scientology goss… and ended up LMAO. Nicely done, Jason Beghe… nicely done!
    Now I’m certainly warmed up for the next bombshell…

  23. Looking forward to viewing this later… 🙂

  24. Jason,

    Thanks for the laughs (yep you had me for a minute) but I also owe you a belated thanks for being the owner of the voice that prompted me to look at, research and confirm my suspicions that all was not well with what I now recognize as a cult. It seems like yesterday when I heard a news sound bite mentioning your name, the fact that you were a trained Auditor and that there were former executives speaking out that prompted me to look and find this blog.

    A couple of years later I can happily say I have avoided wasting my time and advance payments on crap squirrel auditing & I`ve gotten all my money back .

    been lurking here for a while – it`s about time I checked in .

    Thanks Marty, Steve and all the people who have put up their stories here and thanks to my fellow Aussie Indies and others who helped me through the process.


    Michael ( Indy 500 # 342 )

  25. Mr. Beghe, your naive insinuations are most unfair. David Miscavige only had his hand in your pocket because he was searching for your wallet.
    …..As Jerry Seinfeld once said,
    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”. /:-o

  26. OMG I bit on that one hook, line, and sinker!!! What a way to wake up in the morning

  27. What a remarkable discovery of a new biological species – an octopus feeding himself with celebritiy meat :-O

  28. I was like- what hell????? JASON. YOU DESERVE TO BE THE NUMBER ONE ACTOR IN THE WORLD!!!!

    So hilarious, my husband had tears in his eyes from laughing so hard. You are the BEST- in more ways than one!

  29. Jason Beghe. You bad for sure!! Nice thing you did getting the Headleys going on raising the legal costs. Very cool for sure, too! 🙂

  30. Just in time for Halloween! Thanks, Jason… I’m all creeped out now. 😛 LOL Funny stuff!

  31. A good laugh to start the day!

  32. Now I’m roaring all over again!

  33. That’s Gold Espirtu…Gold!!!!

  34. Baahaahaa. I loved Jason, but my gosh I think you one upped him!

  35. Marty, please tell Tony O. we all miss him something fierce, but we are keeping the lights on over at the rodeo for now.

  36. Bwaaaahhh-haaahhh- haaah!

  37. Made my day!could not stop laughing.

  38. Maybe Davey was just dramatizing a past life where he was a proctologist.

  39. Check out what came up when I googled Tony Ortega:
    “Ad related to tony ortega
    Tony Ortega – The Truth |
    Comes Out!”

    AD??? What the hell???

    I assume it means DM/OSA has paid google to put this slander up on its search results….

    Church of Scientology… Sick and twisted.

    Oh and hahahaha I was hook-line-and-sinkers on that Jason Beghe vid!
    Love it!

  40. martyrathbun09

    Miscavige would be well advised to take these propaganda sites down now that they have cost Tony his job. I may post on this to clarify further.

  41. I wonder what DM has OSA running right now? What kind of handle could they get On this?

  42. Oh man, that was so funny — an octopus! The crazy thing… with everything we know about Mr. Unnatural, the story is believable. I doubt anyone said, “Oh, no way!” or even, “Huh?” Doesn’t say much for Dave’s reputation. An octopus! Hilarious.

  43. +1 me, too!

  44. Jason, thank you for the laughs!

  45. one of those who see


  46. That was funny! Jason looks great. I wish him the best.

  47. Jason, I loved it!!! you had me going, your good, real good : )

  48. PreferToBeAnon2

    They cost him his job? Please do clarify Marty!

  49. I hope you do post further. Tony has done a great deal to help unravel dm’s strangle hold on those still in as well what he’s done to empower those who are out or never in – into telling their stories.

    He deserves as much support, I believe, from this community as possible even if many might disagree with his take on LRH or Scientology. AND everyone should be reminded that his take comes from the existing church mentality – no matter how old it might be.

  50. Hey Mike # 342,
    Very cool. Your name reminds me of species 8472 on Star Trek Voyager.
    Yes, this video is a scream! Jason’s very overt communications helped me too, a couple years back so I have a ton of R on that! Well done on coming forward!

  51. But wait .. who’s that over there not seeing the funny side? Oh, hey Tom – it was a JOKE!

  52. Please do!

  53. Nothing like a good laugh to make one’s day 🙂

  54. So, my biggest mistake was reading the comments FIRST! I watched the video and had my W. T. F??? moment and then the light came on. Totally funny!!!!

  55. Well, here we are at recess again. I’m at the edge of the playground. Alone. Not surprising.

    I did not like this clip.

    I don’t care who the subject matter is. To lead with a very salacious comment just to yank back with a “just kidding!” is not very appealing to me. I’m not sure whose bromance interests me less, DM and Tom or Marty and Jason.

    I enjoy the thoughtful comments by the many intelligent and truth seeking individuals on this site. Why prime time is provided to the sound bites of a celebrity who doesn’t participate at this thoughtful level, and not to some of the more interesting characters I’ve bumped into here saddens me.

    So many parallels, it gives me pause. Celebrities treated with exalted status. Contrary opinions attacked. High school mentality where everyone laughs at the person being made fun of (deserved or not).

    Just saying.

    “Give evil nothing to oppose
    and it will disappear by itself.”
    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

  56. Tony DePhillips

  57. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Jason,
    I am impressed by the coloring of your video with the purple flowers in the back matching your shirt, very aesthetic. I hear dm wants another chance….

  58. That was very foolish to do. It only gives DM ammunition to say I am the butt of lies – very foolish. IMO.

  59. Jason deserves an Oscar

  60. Laughter…the best of medicines…I’m healed!

  61. tooo f u n n y………. 😀

  62. Ridicule …the worst of treatments…it really does suck to be Dave

  63. Yes, please clarify Marty.

  64. Oh, you bad boy! That was fun!


  65. This depiction (octopus) of DM is a good analogy, which fits the reality.

    However, since this is a site for true seekers, I bring forward this concern.

    If Jason Beghe acted it like a script, it raises the question: was it his real feeling when he was near DM? If not, he is just a lying in a documental video.
    Now each time I’ll look at any of his video I’ll be wondering: is he telling the truth or just a scripted lie?

  66. I like your quote from the tao te ching, and it is very true.

    However, the “reductio ad absurdum” principle didn’t lost in validity.
    Humor can set things straight.

    I really hope Jason discharged the loads of misapplication (within the Church) and that his new videos will present a different character.
    But I also hope he will make some good jokes like the one above.

  67. Clarification: I meant:
    Now each time I’ll look at any of his documental videos I’ll be wondering

  68. Solace,

    Calling Jason (and our laughs over it), “foolish” is quite foolish itself. Not to mention, low-toned and “serious”.

    You might’ve failed to notice that when people simply tell the truth about DM in a calm and honest fashion, he goes ape-shit-bananas and retaliates, big time.

    So you see it doesn’t matter what people do regarding DM. Anything we do other than kiss his ass and hand over our credit cards will make him furious.

    Allow us a little levity…..because that shit was funny! 🙂

  69. I understand where you are coming from. Should I consider myself “wrong” for thinking that Jason’s joke was very funny, and not at all inappropriate?

    I recall watching Executive Director International, Guillaume Leserve, lying through his teeth on Anderson Cooper’s show. After stating with his emphatic vehemence that David Miscavige never ever in a billion years laid a hand on anyone at Int base, wouldn’t it have been great if he cracked a big grin and said, “I’m just shitting you, dude. Of course the little creep beat the crap outta people.”

    A little insouciance and spirt of play keeps the game uptone and prevents seriousness and solidity.

  70. Oh my god, why does Miscavige keep doing this stuff? Will he just keep it up till the end? It’s as though he has no reality with reality.

    He’s going to keep punching himself in the face until his enemies (everyone) is dead? I don’t get the computation, but I think thats close.

  71. Tom Cruise leaving Scientology rumors are percolating on the net. Star Magazine article later this week. I know it’s only Star Magazine but a man can dream, can’t he?

  72. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Yes that was funny !
    Off Topic:
    I saw this video (the english translation is no more active, because of copyright) and really I don’t know what to say about it.
    Is LRH in India being sold as a new God or is it just their culture ?

  73. OMFG, Jason! You totally had me there – that was effing hilarious!
    Thanks for the giggle!


  74. The best comment of the day.

  75. Oh yes, good call. 🙂

    Jason is lying in a documented video. Now each time I’ll look at any of his video I’ll be wondering: is he telling the truth or just a scripted lie?

    It will be OK, I am sure if there is a next time he will also announce “just kidding” and you won’t mistake his jokes for sincerity.

    Like I said, Jason is a seriously good actor. It’s his profession.

    Just remember Mr. True Seeker (or is that just your “script”?) — sanity is the ability to recognize differences, similarities and identities.

  76. Whether he shows up for the IAS vulture-fest in a few weeks will be the acid test. Let’s see if he finds “work commitments” prevent him going.

  77. It was alright; nothing to fall on the floor laughing over. I’ve heard better. Wonder who is going to get the shit kicked out of him for this latest –

  78. Boy am I pleased I watched the video before I read the comments. Good joke, well delivered.

  79. mrinder,
    He didn’t say “just kidding”. He said “I’m just fucking around”.
    Looking in the there is not an entry for “fucking around” or “fuck around”.
    It looks like you are forgetting this is an international site, and lot of people don’t know the American slang.

  80. Site doesn’t work for me, database connection error. If it had it would have been published in England, defamation suit capital of the world (this is being changed btw).

  81. Hey Marty, Next Indepednence party, you need to take a pic with everyone having their arms around one another… then another picture from the back where everyone has their hand in someone elses back pocket!!! It’d be a riot!
    NOTHING but ARC!!! 😉

  82. Indie-saurus-rex


  83. Just to add to other comments this Lao Tsu quote is not one of his better ones, although there may be a context making it more sensible.

    On the face of it it seems he was thinking fighting is evil ergo don’t give evil anything to fight and then there will be no fighting ergo no evil.

    Doesn’t work that was of course. Evil will keep doing as evil wants until someone stops it and while it does people will suffer. Evil doesn’t need to be fought to be evil. At the extreme a paedo will keep molesting kids until stopped.

  84. Hilarious video. You had me! Loved it.

  85. Indie-saurus-rex

    Mike/Jason: Is that actually Mark Bunker filming? It sounds EXACTLY like Stephen Tobolowsky. Uncanny if it is indeed Mark doing the interview.

  86. Indie-saurus-rex

    Yep, me too. Jaw agape as I sat watching, over breakfast. Perfect comedic timing between Jason filming this and Marty posting it here. Bravo!

  87. Indie-saurus-rex

    @Just Saying:

    “When life becomes serious, a man becomes less cause and greater effect. If life gets really serious, his value drops to practically zero. Driving a car can become such serious business that one can wreck the car. Running a business can become so serious as to make it fail. There is a direct connection between insanity and seriousness. It is only when an individual progresses in life to a point where much seriousness is attached to things that he begins to have a hard time. The ancient Italian really knew what he was about when he considered that the only psychotherapy was laughter.” – LRH

  88. Freedom Fighter

    ROFLMAO!! Totally had me at first. Brilliant!

  89. I find it very realistic. After all TC is just about the greatest source of the most massive negative media attention for Davey; he really opened the flood gates but good; VVWD TC! Davey won’t be very happy with his bff and throwing friends under the bus is his favourite pastime. Then, TC is being reported to spend time with non Scientologist friends that for sure have a better perspective than anyone embedded in RCS thought stoppers. And being connected and communicating to friends that read the internet is a serious high crime. Then, he regards family of the greatest importance and his only real daughter Suri is incredibly dear to him and he knows he won’t have a family as long as he is around his bff. Of course he can’t openly speak out yet but his decompression lag might just have been started.

  90. Where attention goes, energy flows and results show. H.E.

  91. Literal is as literal does.

    BTW, anyone that got that far in the video and understood the english slang would certainly understand him saying he is fucking around and laughing.

    Step out from under the bridge and lighten up a bit…. It’s not hopeless for you to ever have fun in life.

  92. Martin — He will show up. He cannot afford not to. It’s the ONLY thing that is keeping him in power. He will be accompanied by a veritable army of security. Nobody will be allowed near him. There will be security precautions fitting the President of the US, and the heat and pressure to get people to attend the event will be higher than ever and the numbers attending from Bulgaria and Belarus and Latvia and other far flung locales will be straight up and vertical (because there arent enough people in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Greece and Hungary — where there are actually ORGS — to fill a tent).

  93. Marty, was it really DM who cost Tony his job? Those of us over at the Village Voice refugees group want to know.
    If so, it’s galling that Miscavige’s CO$ still has such influence.
    From your comment, should we infer that there may be some legal action taken about these propaganda sites?
    I’m all in for that. More legal action against DM. Let it fly.
    (I’m waiting for the class action suit from all the ex-Sea Org Members for pain, suffering and back wages…and the class action from all of you who put in money for services and had to leave without them.)
    Anyway, waiting on more Tony updates. His VV readers are waiting with bated breath.

  94. What a great video…….Jason, we loved it..

  95. observer, please do not make this serious. it was a joke. the intention is clear. Not necessary to say: “I am just kidding.” Loughter is a valid therapy. In the PDC, LRH defines loughter as rejection of out point. So, let us lough, and do not bring seriousness into it.

  96. Tears over here — that was too funny. Well played, well played.

  97. TC or DM?

  98. Jason..after watching a few videos of you–I would love to have a beer or two with you. You provide the most REAL communication I know. And I promise I’d keep my hands out of your back pockets

  99. Jason,
    You bad boy, go to my room.

  100. Hey, he ain’t bad, he’s good……real good! That was a masterclass and one I intend to be the effect of again whenever I fancy a good laugh. Thanks Jason!

  101. Just Saying,

    Thank you for your comment and sharing your viewpoint.

    I find your viewpoint on Jason’s participation very interesting, as I have quite a different viewpoint.

    I, like you, enjoy discussing the subject of Scientology; however, that is not the only purpose of this blog, and not the only thing that is discussed here. Because Jason doesn’t write on this blog as often as others, doesn’t mean that he hasn’t communicated at a “thoughtful level” in my opinion. Some people blog. Some make videos. If you don’t think that his position he asserts on his videos is thoughtful, then that is your opinion. I would just have to respectfully disagree.

    I am not a celebrity, and really no one special. While I have never met Jason personally, I have a great deal of respect and admiration for him. Not because he is a movie star, but because of his courage to communicate about things that many of us experienced, especially when it wasn’t safe to do so and at great personal sacrifice.

    I commend Jason for having the courage to speak out. His videos helped me, when I was personally dealing with my own issues with the church. It was helpful to me that someone shared their experience in a “no bullshit- tell it like it is” manner, and with no agenda. While I have never met him, he was a friend when I needed one. Someone else had experienced a similar things as I did, and had the courage to say what I couldn’t- “It’s you guys!” It helped me to heal.

    I thought that Jason’s video was funny, and it appears that many others here did as well. I am glad that Jason can laugh about his experience now. I’m glad that he continues to confront his experience, and can do so in a way that makes him smile, and others as well. We know how Miscavige handles such things. And sadly, it doesn’t makes himself or others smile. His actions don’t help others heal.

    Personally, I would much rather laugh than cry.

    No Case on Post

  102. +1000000

  103. martyrathbun09

    If I were Miscavige right now, I’d get those libelous websites on Tony down asap and lawyer up. Ray Jeffrey, and two other lawyers, two private investigators, and Tony Ortega spent the day at Casablanca yesterday. Miscavige is dot connecting like an old switchboard operator on crystal meth at the moment; as he should be.

  104. “his only real daughter Suri”

    Adoptive children and parents are writhing with this … seriously E.J. people who have adopted children do not think of those children as less real



    You are a perfect example of “What is Greatness” by LRH

  106. The Quote from the tao te ching is a fundamental truth.

    A problem is effort-counter-effort.
    If there is no effort at your end, the problem will seize to exist.

    “Give evil nothing to oppose
    and it will disappear by itself.”

    It’s “good streets and good weather” chinese style.

    However, there are other quotes from the tao-te-ching with advices how to react to a guy like Miscavige (junior).

  107. Hoo boy…. DM best get under the nearest rock, or fire up the G4. He don’t know what he’s fucking with .. LOL

  108. Damn, that’s powerful. Thanks for posting it.

  109. I actually meant TC – this was supposed to be a reply to Kevin above regarding the alleged news.

  110. Marty the Idiot, slime bag just doesn’t get it…he has to be right! bye bye DM!!

  111. Awesomely, wickedly, hilarious! Thanks Jason. LMAO

  112. Ah, Jason…..messing with us on a subject we would just LOVE to have the straight dough. Thanks for the humor!
    You are good, you are bad, you are good…………

  113. Done.

  114. Thanks Marty, I’m intrigued. Glad you’re taking care of our Tony over there. Tell him we miss him. And kudos on the PI thing! You could hear the collective applause from coast to coast when the news broke on that one!
    I like to think of myself as a compassionate person who lives by the Golden Rule, but there’s a limit for everyone. With Miscavige and the outrages of CO$, there is no coming back. I have no compassion for David Miscavige whatsoever. I think he’s evil incarnate and he will deserve everything that’s coming to him.
    Keep fighting, all of you! And Karen De La Carriere, you are showing the world how strong and unstoppable mothers can be!

  115. Marty — yeah, but he keeps on sticking his plugs in the wrong holes.

    Because he lives in the Court of His Royal Supremeness Miscavige, rather than the court of rationality, he constantly assumes facts not in evidence. He decides something is true and then everyone around him in the Bubble of Sycophants(r) agrees and applauds and tells him he is right. “Marty and Mike will never get together, they hate each other”. “Ray Jeffrey is too scared to take us on again”, “Tony Ortega and Marty hate each others’ guts, nothing will come of it.”

    And he is absolutely, 100% certain that his daydreaming meanderings are facts. And if it’s not seen by anyone else, its not because they are illusions, it is because those other people are too stupid to see it. Only he, with his keen intellect and superior intelligence, is capable of discerning these sort things.

    It’s a beautiful thing to watch him unravel in a self-destructive fireworks display of blindingly intense stupidity.

  116. That was hilarious! Did Jason ask for money back from the Co$? Did Larry Anderson ever get his money back? I really like Jason Beghe – he is a cool guy and his You Tube Videos were very sincere. He helped me see the truth and connect the dots and get out! (His videos on You Tube, that is).

  117. Oh Jason,

    Was that a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the BFF exit, stage right?

    An Octotpussy MissCabbage goodbye?

  118. 🙂 🙂

  119. Sorry Martin. Misunderstood you. I think chances are extremely thin that TC will be in the UK. With Jack Reacher scheduled for opening in December, he has to be careful over the next few months not to stir up even more controversy otherwise the movie release junket will be focused on his life and activities rather than the movie and there isnt a movie studio in the world that wants that.

  120. (ALERT: Don’t be left out — only 64 spots left in the Indy 500 — over at … of course you can always sign up after the 500 🙂

    Christine #368

  121. Tony DePhillips

    I thought this was a cool version of the song.

  122. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go IndieSaurus-Rex!! Perfect quote for the situation.

  123. BAHahahhaaaaa! I had that same thought, too. 🙂

  124. Poison Ivy
    Thank you.
    It is wonderful that Marc Headley, Claire Headley, Jason Beghe give a WHOLE NEW MEANING (inside joke, repeated phrase at INT events) to

    Here’ s Claire ~

  125. Nicely said. Thank you.

    And, Just Saying, I do respect your point of view.


  126. Just saying

    For a David Miscavige who’s every second word out of his mouth is Fu*k, C*^cks@*cker, C*nt, and a lot more, I consider this video Karma.

  127. FreedomFromYouin2006

    I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats! I’d watch it over and over again!

  128. What is deadlier than a shark?

  129. Indie-saurus-rex

    Now, time to get serious about not being serious! ;0)

  130. And the long hot summer is still not over…….this sounds like it will be a good story.

  131. Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at “hello.”

  132. BTW, Just Saying, even though we have different points of view regarding the humor of Jason’s video, you do not need to stand alone on the edge of the playground. I am happy to play with you at recess. Let’s go play on the teeter-totter, where polar opposites must balance and help each other in order to enjoy the thrill of playing. Neither has to change viewpoint in order to enjoy the game.


  133. PreferToBeAnon2

    Roger, Here is a link to the documentary with the English subtitles. It has been taken down in many places; however, this one is on a Russian site. Tiny Fists isn’t on the best of terms with them, eh?

  134. “Humor can set things straight.”

    I like that. Thank you, SKM.

    I’m not nearly as serious as you might think. But, alas, I still didn’t like the video clip. I totally get that I’m in a minority, which is fine. My lens is fairly unique. It’s all good. I never aspired to be popular. I merely have a point of view. That is all.

    Just saying.

    What is soft is strong. What is humor is sad.
    Yielding can overcome resistances.
    Gentleness may melt rigidity.
    I am water. I cannot break.
    I am a paradox.
    So are you.

  135. “It’s a beautiful thing to watch him unravel in a self-destructive fireworks display of blindingly intense stupidity.”

    At the first Indie Celebration we had to buy our own fireworks. This year, we got fireworks all summer long… pretty much all year long.

    And we didn’t even have to buy them at a roadside stand.

    DM is our fireworks.

  136. Ah, his joke *is* funny. Just because I didn’t like the video clip does not eclipse my understanding of the humor contained therein.

    If Jason were my friend and he shared this with me, privately, I would have laughed my ass off. The delivery was superb. The subject matter interesting and hilarious.

    You are not wrong.

    Neither am I.

    Just because I didn’t like the clip in the context it was delivered doesn’t necessarily make me solid. But you are free to think whatever you like to think about me.

    But I don’t believe I would ever tell you, nor believe you to be, wrong.

    Just saying

  137. “Evil will keep doing as evil wants until someone stops it and while it does people will suffer.”

    I agree.

    There is a thought that the more attention you pay to a subject, the more apparent power it generates. To me, DM is beneath ridiculing. Ridiculing him is almost like saying he matters. He matters not to me.

    As for Jason jumping back on the ex-Scn train… I dunno what to think about that. It just seems like it is the “in” thing to do right now.

    I guess I was decades before my time. Ha.

    Just saying.

  138. Yes? Your point? That I’m insane?

    That’s a pretty serious thing to infer, don’t you think?

    Here’s the thing, you and I may not agree on what is funny, but I suspect we both possess fairly healthy senses of humor. Kinda like when I went to see The Avengers. I was bored out of my mind and couldn’t wait to leave the theater. My friend honestly thought it was the best movie of all time.

    And yet, we’re still friends. Go figure. I guess we are okay with not being cookie cutters of each other.

    It’s probably why I like this forum even when I don’t agree with most of you guys. I’m okay with you having your point of view.

    Are you okay with me having mine?

    Just saying.

  139. nocaseonpost.

    That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    Just saying.

  140. Understood, Karen.

    I guess I’m just over him.

    I’d have to brush up on my “Science of Survival” study to properly articulate my take on the type of humor delivered in this post, but this is truly the bottom line:

    I’m. Just. Over. It (Him).

    Just saying.

  141. Jason, you’re so cute!

  142. Thank you, palehorse, that was kind of you to say out loud. I appreciate it.

    Back at you.

    Just saying.

  143. It is my postulate that Tom Cruise wakes up and sees the truth. He has been soooooo used by David Miscavige. His family has been destroyed AGAIN! I hope he gets out and goes PUBLIC. He is really going to mad when he finds out it was all “smoke and mirrors” and David Miscavige will throw him under the bus just like he threw his wife and family!
    The rumors….where there is smoke…there is usually FIRE! And the fire is getting pretty HOT these days!

  144. Too late … now “rumors” about him distancing him from Scientology are percolating in the media…the Scientology dating service all over the newpapers. He can’t be careful when his sister is in Scientology and managing his affairs – big mistake! But…people make lots of mistakes when they are connected to the real SP! They cannot detect the real SP either because they are so restimulated. Tom Cruise’s situation with Katie certainly fits that scene. Who is Tom’s SP?

  145. As Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob) would say, “That shit is the mad notes!”

  146. This is great Jason – funny clip. I’ve enjoyed listening to some of your interviews in the past and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this interview.

    I would’ve loved to see Bunker’s reaction to that.

  147. This isnt’t funny and very 1.1
    A comme ev on Jason Beghe is hereby called.

    His hollyness pob will issue an sp declare to each degraded being who enjoy and support this low tone degrader and joker!

    We are in the business of salvaging this sector of universe – this is a serious and deadly mission. Handle your SP and put you ethics in – you .. pts – you are compromising with your eternity!

    His holiness pob secretary # 12

  148. Indie-saurus-rex

    Sorry to verbal data LRH but it’s late where I am and I don’t feel like searching through his texts. Let me take some paraphrasing liberties and point out a few of LRH’s positions that I think relate this all of this:

    I love Hubbard’s take on “serious people” and “serious situations”. I have, in my life, found it to be bang-on.

    I also appreciate Hubbard’s take on “that which one resists, one becomes”, which leads, naturally, into his statement on “being able to experience anything”.

    I think these positions of LRH’s fit Jason’s video, his humour and overall, this thread.

    I also think that Jason has a license to be able to make these kind of jokes at the expense of David Miscavige. He lived through a personal and intimate hell, being connected to DM for many years. He has earned the right to have a little fun.

  149. Indie-saurus-rex

    @Observer 1776:

    If it’s American slang definitions you’re after, skip the “Free Dictionary” and head over to

    You’ll find explanations for “fuck around” and/or “fucking around”:

    1. US Slang phr: To mess with or to play around with. As in, “Don’t fuck around with me or I’ll kick your ass.”

    2. US Slang phr: Doing absolutely nothing productive. Wasting time. Not taking a task seriously. As in, “Some though he was running the country, but really he was just fucking around.”

    Or… as in, “DM is a touchy, feely, back-pocket octopus. Ha, ha, ha. Just fucking around.”


  150. ++++++++1

  151. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Just saying,
    You gave your opinion and we gave ours. Can’t you have us giving our opinon? Or is it a one way street? If you dish it out , you have to be able to take it too.

  152. …oH & I have to add that in confronting(looking down) DM I saw in his gleering* stone cold pale blue(psycho*) eyes I was missing a BIG with hold…..wanted to ask him….did U have LRH murdered!?!!…..THE BIGGEST(sic) SP I*ve experienced!! Forgiveness 1Luv*

  153. (((( ALL OF SCIENTOLOGY IS PTS TO DM!! ))) little dickee=way less than 1% & WE are MORE than 99% so Majority brings ETHICS in! 1Luv*

  154. Thanks, Christine. My son is very real.

  155. Thanks for that, I figured it would make sense in context. The problem with David Miscavige is that he lacks opposition in his environment and has done so for far too long.

  156. Unfortunately David Miscavige does matter but for all the wrong reasons. It’s nothing for him to feel proud of that we ridicule him. What it says is that you may matter but your vulnerable and increasingly impotent outside your shrinking realm.

    If no one ridiculed him it would be (in his mind) because we’re all scared. That’s the way bullies think.

  157. I share your opinion about this joke, but for different reasons. At first I thought it was my lack of understanding the english/american language (not my native tongue). But then I realized there was something ‘strange’ with it. When he ended with ‘just kidding’ I had a feeling of having been misled somehow. Though I saw the humor in it, it gave me a funny feeling, not really ‘funny’ so to speak.
    The image of Miscavige as an octopus, with his tentacles everywhere, is very expressive and ‘indicated’.
    Concluding, he used the image of an octopus to describe certain behaviour of Miscavige, and rightly so in my opinion, but then he said he was just kidding…!
    The image of the (evil) octopus will stay, kidding or no kidding.

  158. I share your point of view, 100%. You are not alone in thinking it was not an interesting video, much. I felt like I’d just watched ‘the Execs’ getting something funny off their chest about each other.

    Laughing, or joking about, someones sexuality .. this is exactly why the DM personality is disliked, or .. not?

    Sure, those who have been around DM a lot will line charge about this caricature of him (imho, Beghe is ‘being DM’, quite well..) ..

  159. Jason Beghe may be the gratest actor in the world, but he could never “be DM” — he is as far from “being DM” as you could be.

  160. I’m probably too late for this thread, but I find these Tao quotes the Just Saying is posting to be worthy of remark. Take this one on evil “Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself”.

    Well, that is extremely true to me. I’ve observed that myself in many cases. It comes back to all sorts of philosophy, and since I’m particularly interested in Scientology, I can express it with that.

    Good and bad are alike considerations (as is any manifested “evidence” of any universe created by the Static). They only have meaning relative to something, and in the case of this universe we are in, “survive” is a prime frame of reference. Rationality can be defined relative to “survive” and if you consider 8 Dynamics as a breakdown of the entire range of what can survive, you can evaluate a decision based on the greatest survival for the greatest number of Dynamics.

    But “survive” is merely the frame of reference for a particular set of considerations, which also considered “survive” in the first place. That is, “time”.

    Survival of an immortal being is a somewhat idiotic circumstance. All “logic” that is, “reason” is based on this somewhat idiotic circumstance. Evil is “bad” in terms of survival in this whole set of considerations for this particular agreed upon universe.

    Aside from the connotations of “evil” in this universe, the fact is that anything to persist follows mechanics. Those mechanics arising from considerations, and those considerations described in the Scientology Axioms, Factors, Qs as fundamental descriptions of this particular situation we find ourselves involved in – “life”.

    This is, by agreement, a “two terminal” set up, this universe we considered and agreed upon, by consideration.

    Any terminal, to generate any kind of flow, has to have another terminal, of different characteristic, differing speed of particle is a fundamental, and “polarized” terminals, those with more or less opposite traits, generate a nice flow.

    Omit a terminal, and no flow.

    Resistance is a separation of terminals, keeps them apart and permits a distance needed to flow across. No resistance and the terminals collapse, and not flow, but a fixed mass remains.

    If you don’t oppose evil, don’t maintain a distance, and hold up “good” across from it, then it has no other terminal, and no flow, and thus “disappears”.

    It has no force, because it can’t find a terminal to discharge against.

    Evil itself is likely a Second Postulate in this sphere of Dynamics, with the top of the Chart of Attitudes, the Code of Honor, and “good” being the ethos of theta/thetans.

    It isn’t anybody personally. But it depends on the First Postulate of “good” to have any force, to be a second terminal to the first terminal of the postulate of “good”. And you have the needed requisite mechanics for persistence of “evil”. As-ising, looking at the First Postulate exactly, will remove that terminal, and the second one, “evil”, will disappear as it is only relative to the first one.

    No first, no second.

    I like Lao Tzu.

  161. The cynic in me thinks this is a) total guff, or b) total guff fed to the media to create “good PR” in the build up to the release of Jack Reacher. — Mike

  162. On “resistance”; if the “right” resistance is interposed between terminals, then you get a continued flow. Unfortunately, the resistance eventually breaks down and the terminals collapse, ending the flow. Unless of course, you can now “reverse” them, take what was one polarity in the first instance, and make it the opposite polarity now. Then you get another flow going. Sort of the “A/C” of life.

    In Scientology materials, from the early to mid-60s, this phenomena was discussed under the Goals Problem Mass theory, and the “switch around”, where a “terminal” (an identity the thetan was being), now switches/changes with the “opposition terminal” (an identity that opposed the “terminal” identity) and the thetan now is opposed to the former identity he had, and his own goal (for which the original identity/terminal he became was set up, to accomplish that goal.)

    If you “resist” you “become”, IF you can’t hold the resisting. And even if you can, to some degree the amount of attention to put the whole thing together (see the Qs on the def of “self-determinism”) sort of ends up in becoming the thing anyway. If you can then “unbecome” of course, that is, reassume your factual beingness, that of Nothing/Static, then you don’t get ensconced in all this MEST you create.

    There’s all sorts of fascinating ramifications to the posing of “two”.

  163. One other thing, lest it be mistaken, “worthy of remark” was not meant to be patronizing to anything or anyone else. I meant, for my OWN interest, I am enjoying the apropos quotes from the Tao, by Just Saying. That’s all. No dissing intended.

  164. martyrathbun09

    Or you can as-is the lot by letting go: there are two activities of a being which create and cause persistence of mass and energy, resistance and grasping.

  165. Jason, now you made Tom Cruise jealous. Loved you in the series “Californication” by the way.


  166. Jason had me laughing for about an hour with that video. All I had to do was think about it and it set me off again..hee hee. And then, Espiritu did it again with this comment… oh stop it please! My stomach hurts from laughing, HA HA HEEE 🙂 It is good to get a good belly laugh, thanks!

  167. What, Tony, a guy has to shut up because some people don’t agree with him? Seems to me like Just Saying said something, some other people responded, and he has continued the conversation. Maybe I missed a comment, but I didn’t see JS telling anyone to shut up. Kinda seems like that’s what you are suggesting JS should do. He (or she) has to hear someone’s response and say nothing, or go into agreement with it, or be judged as can’t-have-disagreement? Seems to me JS is quite excellent at tolerating and acknowledging other opinions, and handling disagreement. Seems to me that each successive comment JS has made in this thread shows further reflection. .

    Just Saying, I think your point is well-made, and I don’t take it as “seriousness”, but as a possibly wise perspective informed by years, worthy of consideration even by those who, like you, found Jason’s gag funny, as itself.

    Nobody has to shut up, or go into agreement with JS, or be “serious” ; that’s just a put down and not what he was seeking, as I read him.

  168. Nice, Nancy.

  169. Great point, Karen. Might not be that funny to me, but maybe exactly at DM’s reality level.

  170. Very interesting. Thanks for the link. Here’s hoping for Tom.

  171. Just Saying,

    How much more meaningful or insightful comm can you get than that above?

    Thanks Jim and Marty! That was awesome!

    No Case on Post

  172. It is so easy to see that a website has been put up by OSA, ordered by David Miscavige. It will be full of sexual innuendo, as little Davey’s mind is full of things like that 24/7. He is always accusing other people of something that has to do with sex, perversion and kids. All the time! DM’s disgusting, perverted mind is in the toilet every day, all day. He accuses others of his own overts. This guy really needs to be locked up in cell and the key tossed in the ocean! Sick man for sure!!

  173. I am sorry if my comment upsets some, but I am just so tired of these websites that are put up on DM’s order that are full of the most sick and perverted things. It does not matter who he is talking about, man or woman. He has OSA say the same things about every person he hates. I hope people start hitting them with libel suits from all sides. It is time to pull out the big guns!!

  174. Hi Bob,

    Just saying said the following:

    “It’s probably why I like this forum even when I don’t agree with most of you guys. I’m okay with you having your point of view.

    Are you okay with me having mine?”

    To me this inferred that because some other posters didn’t like what he/she said that we didn’t think it was ok for him/her to express their point of view. My only point was that Just saying said what he wanted and we said what we wanted. Why infer that we feel it’s not ok to to have a viewpoint. I felt it was more like Just me wanted to shut down any viewpoint that didn’t agree with hers/his.

  175. Consider this, we are only treating David Miscavige the way he treats others which is in keeping with the golden rule. 🙂

  176. Yes, grasping.
    And humor will help to let it go.

  177. Yep. This is addressed in the only HCOB I’ve ever seen personally that is addressed to “OT VIII”.

  178. This may be “desire” in the Four Noble Truths. In Scn, LRH refers to this as “havingness”, this “grasping” and not letting go. It’s a fundamental behind facsimiles, energy pictures, which tie one to the grosser forms of MEST, as described in a lecture The Background Music to Living, in the 9th ACC/Solution to Entrapment tape series.

  179. Everytime I see this (and many other pics of POB) I think of the tone scale pics. Guess they’ll cut and paste that pic next to 40.0 on the next reprint…mercy

  180. That was not my intention, Tony. The last thing I want is for you to shut down your viewpoint. I very much enjoy your posts.

    And I can see where you might take it that way. Honestly, in a written forum, so much of what we are communicating is lost and open to interpretation. I tend to interpret things based on my lens. Others interprest based on their lens’. Very natural, but can lead to unintentional misduplication.

    If we spoke live, I’m pretty sure it would be a lot easier. I hope that clears it up.

    Just saying.

  181. Interesting. I must noodle on this one. Thanks, Dean.

    Just saying.

  182. In addition to these two actions, which are either one “resisting”, resisting going away or coming toward, there is another mechanism that causes persistence of mass – the “stuck flow”, described in the 9th ACC (and iterated in specific Advanced Materials).

    The “unacknowledged” thought, becomes solid. This is agreed upon, this mechanic, and a being can become cause over his agreements/considerations and so not adverse effect of this device. In the meantime, Dianetics 55 and the application of the agreed upon Axioms of communication, can “run out” solidity. Eventually, you can even run out the Axioms, but then what would you do for fun?

  183. Nah Jim, You are not too late. Thanks – you make alot of sense.

  184. Ah, you just explained to me why I think, had Jason been my friend and told me this joke in private, I would have laughed my ass off. I think there are many on this forum that have had that high level exposure and experience and this clip likely resonates more with them than us regular folk. Humor is so dependent on context and audience.

    I only “met” DM once, decades ago, if you could call it that since I was on the decks at the time and I’m pretty sure he didn’t even know I existed. Lucky me. 🙂

    I’ve never met Jason, but he seems like a good guy with a boyish sense of humor. In “being DM” you mean he’s an excellent actor, I would agree. I do think he is an excellent actor.

    Just saying.

  185. “Survival of an immortal being is a somewhat idiotic circumstance.”
    “It [evil] isn’t anybody personally.”

    (I had to read your post a couple of times, Jim, but well worth it.)

    Just saying.

  186. Nancy. I like the way you think!

    “Let’s go play on the teeter-totter, where polar opposites must balance and help each other in order to enjoy the thrill of playing.”

    Happy to hang with you on the playground any day.
    Thank you.
    Just saying.

  187. Stuck flows are created by resisting or grasping; take your pick.

  188. Really? Shoot me a copy.

  189. ooh good, it’s jason……….ok………..ok…….errrm ok………….errrrrrm…………..whaaa?……………WTF??!!?!?!………..bwahahahaaa!!!!! love it! 🙂

  190. That was truly funny. And actually when he said “hand in the back pocket” I exclaimed in my head, “I knew it!” lol, no disrespect to gay people, I wouldn’t want to group them with Miscavige.

  191. Either way, you have to have “thunk” something “out there”, to grasp or resist. Theory in the 9th ACC/Dn 55 is that the thought, out there, unacknowledged and still having the flow of creation go there, gives one something to grasp or resist.

    Perception itself, requires a resist, stopping your attention on something, and grasping that something to perceive it. Looking is perception (with any of various means/senses of “looking”). You have to “stop” on something to see it.

    But, at this basic level, mock ups, grasping/resisting thereof, it is a sort “chicken-egg” situation, and when it all starts, there isn’t any time anyway so “sequence” is redundant.

  192. It’s in the pack of NOTs you sent me. HCOB 1 Oct 69, WHY THETANS MOCK UP. In that context he’s referring to situations, holding them off, or refusing to let them go. Same “stuff”, i.e., MEST thingies.

  193. martyrathbun09

    Objects arise in consciousness. They persist and effect through resistance and grasping.

  194. martyrathbun09

    I don’t see it covered in that reference. In fact that bulletin puts the being at effect by reckoning the causation of the mechanism of ‘mocking up’ (a completely different phenomena to resisting and grasping) to an outside agency.

  195. Your comment

    “As for Jason jumping back on the ex-Scn train… I dunno what to think about that. It just seems like it is the “in” thing to do right now.”

    really annoyed me and did a disservice to Mr. Beghe. Just because he rarely posts on this blog does not mean he’s jumped the “ex-Scn train.” Just from reading prior posts on this blog you’ll find he has been very actively involved – the Montalvo case comes to mind as well as his kick-off donation to the Headley’s. I would guess there’s much more that he hasn’t publicized. I’d further speculate that Mr. Beghe has caused more effect than you or I just spouting our opinions from our comfy computer chairs.

  196. But, how did the thing he was either holding off, or grasping (the physical universe situation, the energy in time and space) for which he took a picture/created a facsimile get there? By a creation flow that got stuck, in the first place. No creation by the being, no “stuck flow” (because the original thought was not acknowledged) and there is nothing to resist or grasp, and so no picture of that resisting or grasping.

    The “need” for acknowledgement is the issue. The completion of the agreed upon comm formula. But, it all comes back to the being’s consideration so he’s effect of his own cause. It sits cause squarely on the being.

    Late on the line is grasping and or resisting. You have to have a something to grasp or resist.

    That issue covers both, grasping at a situation to hold on to it, and resisting a situation that appears to push one off of a considered position in space.

  197. Yes, we agree, and I’m sure we’ve both observed it for ourselves, “objects arise in consciousness”. The being creates something. Persistence is achieved and thus grasping and resisting of that persisting can occur.

  198. martyrathbun09

    It really isn’t that complex, in my opinion. Scientology is contradictory on ‘resistance’ and almost non-existent on ‘letting go.’

  199. I see your point “Just Saying”. I like your thought processes. I may not fully agree with your assesment, but I completely understand that you have a respect for this dialog between thinking people and it seems this teenage boyish humor doesn’t fit.

    What does surprise me is the ad hominem verbiage some here have aimed your way. Keep up the good work thinking outside the closed thought club box. I love the rogue intellectual. You can’t help yourself: Bravo!

  200. One more thought: It could be considered that the use of homo sexual content as a dig toward DM presupposes something not right about being gay.

    Ah, but that is another topic all together, isn’t it ladies and gentlemen? Another time, another blog, another time out at the playground.


  201. BTW, I did laugh at the vid.

  202. I seem to recall the theory of Expanded GITA addressed “letting go” but thoroughly.

  203. Perhaps, but is TC really that bright? He is goos at portraying intelligent characters, but judging from his public appearances he has the critical thinking abilities of a parrot.

    Still, we can hope!


  204. Hey, Califa

    I, too, donated to the Headleys. $2,000. Go to 351-360 of 560 donations. I believe this was double what Jason donated. And I read Marc’s book. I don’t think Jason has. I was also in the SO. I don’t think Jason was.

    Does that buy me any privilege?

    I sure hope not.

    Net, net. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. I would never accuse you of spouting opinions from your comfy computer chair unless I actually saw you doing same.

    It does seem popular to jump on the train. That does seem like a trend to me. I may have to write a book myself. (not).

    Just saying.

  205. “But, it all comes back to the being’s consideration so he’s effect of his own cause. It sits cause squarely on the being.” JL

    “But, at this basic level, mock ups, grasping/resisting thereof, it is a sort “chicken-egg” situation, and when it all starts, there isn’t any time anyway so “sequence” is redundant.” JL

    “Objects arise in consciousness. They persist and effect through resistance and grasping.” MR

    “Persistence is achieved and thus grasping and resisting of that persisting can occur.” JL

    Good points to ponder, gentlemen. Thank you ever so much. Truly.


    Just saying.

  206. Hi, Tessa.

    I understand how you feel and your reaction to the video. I guess I have a visceral dislike for this type of humor. I pondered on it a bit, and concluded that this type of humor is typically used by people in a tone level that I would ascertain far below Jason.

    For Jason to deliver this type of humor is somewhat disconcerting to me. But I get it now. It’s a parody. I perceive him to be pretty high-toned and a well-intentioned guy. I think he nailed the deliver of the parody so well, that, in doing so, it really gave me pause.

    Again, I’m not a fan of this type of humor. But I’m beginning to get where he is coming from.

    It’s like this. When I encounter an evil being (a la DM), sometimes I just want to snap him into PT by BEING HIM to a certain extent. Sweetie, I can do evil like nobody’s business, when I put my mind to it.

    This, I believe, is covered in the mood drills or related materials. You remember the drill where you go out in the world and match somebody’s tone and watch them pop out of it? Then you go up a level, and down a level and see the result?

    The best and most instant, amazing results, to me, have always been matching the tone. Totally amazing results. Consistent and predictable, yet blows my mind each and every time.

    If this was Jason’s intent, nicely done.

    Just saying.

  207. Brian, really? Do you know me that well?

    Good grief, honestly, totally spot on.

    “You can’t help yourself.” That is so true of me. I would do a small edit on the contraction. I like, “I cannot help myself.” a little better.

    The key to understanding me, is understanding that I’m not offering it as a justification or explanation.

    I’m offering it as an earnest and genuine expression of my love for you. I cannot help myself. I live to debate. I debate to live. I love each and every one of your opinions, each and every one of your thoughts.

    Even (perhaps especially) those of you who violently disagree with me. You teach me so much. I am forever grateful.

    But, damn, Brian, you hit the nail on the head.

    Spooky. 🙂

    Just saying.

  208. I am not gay. I could never go downtown on a girl. But how could one not admire the beauty that is the female form? Coupled with a intense affinity for a being wrapped in such an exquisite vessel, I can see how one could be a gay woman. And you don’t really have to blunt your second dynamic. There are many modern ways to bear children and have a family.

    So, the body is merely hamburger. But pretty cool hamburger. Hamburger that allows you to interact with the physical world and experience sex which can be a whole lot of fun. Perhaps that is why were are attracted to these human forms in the first place. They allow us to experience these things.

    So, I can’t speak from experience, but I have no problem with gay beings. I know LRH did, but I don’t really see eye-to-eye with him on several issues. It doesn’t lessen my admiration for him, nor my respect for the stuff I do agree with on, but he’s not my master.

    I am.

    Just saying.

  209. I’ve seen DM dish up dirt like this on others plenty of times, and I’ll warrant that a reason for the line-charge among the DM-PTS of us, is that its simply Jason running out the engram on another Flow ..

  210. Just Saying, indeed, creative argumentation is my sport of choice. I have come to love and appreciate two intelligent people hashing out issues. It is the practice of being even minded, not taking things personally, being open to being wrong, open to being right, open to being authentic and truly sharing something sacred with other human beings. Especially during delicate issues.

    I am not gay either, but have many gay friends.

    Maybe one day Marty you can address the “quarantine” gays from society issue.

    Thank you Quentin Hubbard for being a pioneer. Thank you Quentin for staying as long as you did while being in an enviRONment that considered you a blight on the planet. I saw you numerous times at events and thought you were beautiful!

  211. Speaking of spooky: sometimes I see us all in a common pool of life. Thoughts are like splashes in the pool that we all make. If the mind is calm and soul awareness in the fore, we recieve each others ripples. It’s a subtle art, it’s a natural state. It is the result of spiritual practice, but it is not a goal.

    When spiritual power becomes the goal and not freedom, liberation, knowledge etc., it’s easy to become a spiritual ass hole. A bad name for the path.

  212. I always liked Jason. When he defected, I took a tiny, scared look at anything on the internet about why he was so adamant.
    Do more comedy!

  213. Beautiful quote, Just Saying!

    “Give evil nothing to oppose
    and it will disappear by itself.”
    ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

    For whatever it’s worth I didn’t find the video hilarious, possibly mildly amusing — and I’m okay with my opinion and your opinion and those who line charge (a copious release of laughter from spotting outpoints) from it

    Jim Logan, thanks for those great references. They exemplify what I appreciate about Scientology at its finest: a presentation of observations about the woof & warp (how/why) something works.

    Common slogans in today’s society such as “Let go, let God” and “Let it go” (even when used as a make-wrong as in “Can’t you let it go man?!?!” or “Give it s rest!!”) have a semblance to truth but they don’t break down the process.

    breaking down the constituent parts of something may *appear* complex at first, until one gets to the bottom of it — if that bottom is an axiom, then it’s mine forever to apply at will to whatever!

    The comm formula is one example. One can say it is complex to break down Origination Point, Acknowledgement, Confirmation it’s been heard, etc. etc. But those components allow one to trouble shoot life’s “feedback”….for example, WHY someone is not just “letting go.” Could be No acknowledgement,. Could be a motivator. Could be an engram.

    For me, Scientology really does cover “letting go” in ultimate sense! Not with opinions, eval and slogans, or positive affirmations, but with as-siness and Understanding and things to apply to life.

    I can yank a nail out of a wall with my hands, or I can get pliers or a hammer. I like the pliers and hammers of Scientology! I can know that my conscious “makes all objects” …and Truth always rings true, but the difference I personally have found with Scientology and all the Truth out there are the little road maps! They’re brilliant and I love it! I love physics and science too for the same reason. You can’t “fluff” empirical procedure.

  214. I am not a Scientologist but I pay attention. Hysterical and well played Jason! Its so nice to watch you guys in action…..all of you. I read every post and most replies when I have time. Please see this through. A lot of folks on the outside are rooting for you.

  215. IGood spot indie-saurus- it ACTUALLY WAS Tobolowsky!! Nah, I’m just fuckin around.

  216. Mgreene.

    *That* was funny. 🙂

    Just saying.

  217. ah,where is your sense of fun,it was obvious it was a damn good joke as demonstrated by his increasing outlandish behaviour,dont worry yourself with trusting him,hes honest,and i would be more concerned if he didnt reveal his sense of humour,this makes him more rounded as an individual. relax,hes on your side! namaste

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