Official Cult of the United States of America?

Uncle Sam Style Scientology

Uncle Sam Wants You Up The Bridge

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  1. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    The Cult pulls this crap the last quarter of the year – and they’ve been doing it for years. Another come-on to cough up those precious dollars for Uncle Slappy.

  2. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Why don’t they just keep it real and say, “Uncle Slappy wants your greenbacks!”

  3. Yes sir, POB, loathe of my life, I am running to sign over all my remaining assets to you. Got me a nice cardboard box to move into for the winter – right under a bridge – so I will fondly think of you and Moving Up The Bridge every day.

  4. “Think of the press ( media) as a great keyboard on which
    the government (religion) can play”
    Joseph Goebbels
    Hitlers Minister of Propaganda

  5. Cult members don’t realize how totally inappropriate this is for a spiritual or religious community.

    What’s really interesting and if we want to explore all the psychological significances of the image itself … is the Tone Level of Uncle Sam. Below 2.0? Of course he is. The image is angry, accusative, domineering, and even ‘fatherly’ (a la Freud) in some capacity with a hint of 1.1.

    The image is there to represent authority and how it moves social forces. The image, certainly not historically, and certainly not in this instance is there to reflect higher levels of self determinism and aesthetics as the cult claims corporate Scientology processing provides.

    The person (SO member -Div 2) who used this image as a marketing tool is so unconscious to the archetypal forces within her/him self that constantly dominate and invalidate as an internalized mechanism of SO life that putting this on a PUBLIC ADD seems totally normal and within the boundaries of ARC.

    I can’t believe someone in the SO is dumb enough to OK this as public dissemination material.

    whoa ….

  6. DM versus QM

    I believe that the movement of independent scientologists could not exist without the Internet, that is essential in terms of global reach and speed of communication.

    But the Internet could not exist without Computers.
    Computers could not exist without Quantum Mechanics.

    Thus it could be said that basically QM is the worst enemy of DM.

    The situation is not so robust as it may seem. Our satellites as well as our computers could be destroyed by a strong solar storm or by a supernova erupting nearby.

    We should be prepared for such an event, for example by putting spare computers and all our technical and scientific knowledge in lead vaults, etc. But that is another subject.

  7. O. M. Effin G! That’s disgusting!

  8. I think these should be duplicated ad infinitum and dropped by an aircraft on the IRS HQ and the Congress, Senate, White House (Oh just pick any bloated federal building and paper bomb them).

  9. Many people end up in “AMT Land” and get little to no deductions…. because of Alternative Minimum Tax…

  10. Gerhard Waterkamp

    That is right. Every crime, torture, fraud, bride audition and extortion the church committs is paid by up to 50% by US tax payers.
    I think it is time this is known ti them, maybe they ask their candidates in the next election on their position to it.

  11. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    7700 $ for 4 intensives is much cheaper than it was in 1982. This makes about 1925 $ per intensive.
    Competition price ?

  12. This is a REG tool! I fell for it once – never again!

  13. Yes, I saw that in my inbox. There are so many things wrong with this. This is outrageous!

    You are not paying some lower amount “out of pocket”. You pay the full amount, and if you can, you deduct some of it from your income, assuming you have any. In actual fact, the math may not even play out anywhere near this. This is basically fraud. There is no mention of consulting your tax advisor. There is no mention that results can vary.

    But the big outpoint is that this is a pitch. This is supposed to be a church.

    BTW, I noticed that Gary Jacobs is not listed on the team anymore. Anyone know how he is doing? He was a periodic roommate back in the day.


  14. Might have to pull the old vacuum tube powered Univacs out of mothballs. Or, hell, sliderules. My dad taught me how to use one when I was a kid. He lost me at “mantissa”.

  15. Except that that is not the price. It is a fraud to advertise a mythical hypothetical.

  16. You get an out ruds-PTP in the Church. You are trying to start the session, but you cant get in session because you hear the second hand on the clock ticking and you are doing the math on how much it costs per minute. The only way you get in session is if your auditor thinks he saw the needle go back and forth three times.

  17. The CO$ kind of reminds me of the traffic situation in Nigeria. It takes 12 hours to go 40 miles. Instead of regging
    they have: “Crowbar-wielding thieves were prowling the traffic jam, preying on captive motorists. “Don’t get out the car,” the driver warned.”

  18. Difficult times ask for drastic measures. Scientology Inc. is probably running out of money. More and more money is going to ‘other practices’: private eyes, lawyers, consiglieri’s, etc.
    What you resist, you become: total mest. Empty buildings, expensive cars, luxury appartments. Warehouses full of e-meters, course packs, books, that nobody will buy anymore.
    The evil octopus has sucked all life out of them.

  19. It might be offensive due to the originator but other than that the piece looks like it an effective marketing tactic. I like the layout enough that I’m considering stealing it for myself. Lester

  20. That was something I wondered about for years. How can you stay “in session” if you’re worrying the whole time about how much goddamn money it’s costing?

  21. Every now and then I don’t think I could get anymore pissed off. And then I see something like this. They need their tax exempt status removed NOW!

  22. Who the hell pays 50% in taxes? Even a gazillionaire like Romney only pays 13%, and if you’re one of his supposed 47% of whining freeloaders, this deal isn’t’ going to help you at all.

    Just to stir the pot a little more, I don’t think religion should be tax deductible at all. Actual charitable activities? Sure, whether done by a church or not. But religion? Keep the government out of it, completely.

  23. I was reading “The Cause Of Suppression” off the Scientology site as part of a class I am taking. I found this, 9. The Anti-Social Personality supports only destructive groups and rages against and attacks any constructive or betterment group. The more I read of this the more it seems to describe DM. Has he read this?

  24. Running Scientology inc as a “religious” franchise like the Coa Cola Company or Mcdonalds….

    This short You Tube clip apples to Scientology Inc to the T (except there’s a lot more brutality and abuse in Miscavology…)

  25. The phrasing is interesting too as “out of pocket” in UK English really means “2.Suffering from a financial loss: eg “even after our payment, he is still out of pocket”.” So, by actual meaning this flyer is saying “buy squirrel auditing at Scn Inc cult and you will suffer only financial loss” – which is fairly accurate.

  26. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    If somebody comes from Europe he has to pay the whole price ?
    How unfair !

  27. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC put Uncle Sam in session and he originated that he wants all of you to go up your Bridge to help build a better America. Only a nation full of card-carrying IAS members will make America sane.

    If Mormon Mitt Romney wins the White House he will be cavorting around the White House in his magical secret underwear ordering secrets attacks on the Church and Scientologists. We in RTC have it on good authority that Romney is connected to Big Pharma and wants to take a giant funnel and shove Psych drugs down the throats of schoolchildren.

    We in RTC also need you to help us keep our man Eric Holder in office so he can keep crushing the daily SP calls for the FBI to investigate the Church.

    These calls for investigations of COB RTC David Miscavige and the Church are pure nonsense generated by a tiny handful of bitter defrocked apostates, but they do keep we in RTC distracted as we have to fend them off by calling our wog attorneys to hire more wog PI’s to locate and shatter suppression.

    It really is not any business of the IRS if COB RTC David Miscavige wants to spend a few dollars keeping an eye on Pat Broeker for 25 years. This is all very religiously tax exempt religious activity because COB needs to hammer out of existence any possibility that he is not the legal and actual leader of the Scientology religion.

    Sure, none of you voted for COB RTC David Miscavige to be the leader of the Church of Scientology, but that is beside the point. The point is that you all signed up for the duration of the universe when you enrolled so shut up and donate to the IAS today.

  28. How about the reference that alludes to

    “the people around an SP get so restimulated and make many mistakes – they cannot detect the REAL SP”
    So public and staff are disconnecting from people they love thinking they are the WHY! No relief ever – you can disconnect from everyone on the planet but until you disconnect from the Church of Miscavology – you will constantly be making mistakes!

    This is the Scientology culture today!

    The staff are moved around constantly and no one knows where anyone is. That person went away to do a pilot – that one is gone on a project – that one went away to a secret location for training ad naseum. The public see other public and staff constantly moved around.

    Because no one can talk about it – no one knows what is going on. Now they have a new post to learn or the public is sold another course. Busy, busy, busy!

    It is like they are sheep running to the cliff and have no clue they are about to run right off!

    No one keeps the same post for long and public stop coming around – it is insane!

  29. Scientology is officially a joke to the world – posted by The Onion today:,29711/

  30. These comments may not be Ethical. It does not sound like bringing in Tax issues is for the Greatest Good.
    Posters here do not realize how casual words like this can DELAY the release of OT IX, OT X and OT XI.

    Think of the devastating WAIT those who paid up front will go through !
    Their money is gone and YOU might be creating further delays !


    OT IX and OT X cannot be released until all Orgs reach old St. Hill size.
    BUT pay now

    The Super Power Rundowns will not be available until all Scientologists have done the New Basics. $3000-$5000 to purchase them.
    But pay now

    All Previous Private Investigators disgruntled with the Church must have their cases settled via Ray Jeffrey.
    SUPER Power and OT IX, OT X and OT XI will be released.
    Pre-release donations always accepted, Please call 1-800 Get-Truth.
    Operators are standing by, have Visa, MC or AMEX ready.
    Super Power will change the civilization !

  31. Peggy you may be the sweetest Irish girl every in the way you posed your question.
    He has read it but he would never apply it to himself. He would have to be sane and insightful to consider that it might apply to him.

  32. Did anyone else notice that the face of Uncle Sam appears to have been changed slightly to resemble an older David Miscavige?

    Sort of the same face DM makes at the end of events where he points and says: “We want YOU to move up to your next IAS level!”

  33. Religion is not evil. Some people who claim to be religious are evil – but evil men often wear the mantle of goodness to avoid detection.

    Government is a necessary evil. Government is in no way a better institution than religion. Only governments can kill people without being punished – wars, death penalties. There is no religion (or corporation, for that matter) on Earth that can order someone dead legally. Governments can. Therefore, government is something to be watched like a hawk and kept within very specific bounds.

    If governments can tax or “legalize” religions, then people are no longer free to choose their religion without state permission.

    Notice what is happening as we speak: Pakistan is asking for the UN to adopt anti-blasphemy laws.

    This is evil – and it is a government action, not a religious one. These governments are asking for laws that make it a crime to speak ill of prophet “A”. That makes Prophet A the darling of the state – the state that can legally kill you. The followers of Prophet A cannot legally kill you. But the government can. Imagine the US government having the power to say that if you say anything bad about Obama or Billy Graham that you can be put to death. That is what these dictatorial governments want.

    I don’t give the slightest shit that donations to the church of Scientology are tax deductible. I care not one whit. I would rather err on the side of the churchies getting their deductions so that our religion stays free of government meddling.

    There are REAL CRIMES that Miscavige and his people are guilty of, crimes that cannot be wished away because of their church status. But regardless, DM is losing right now. He is losing. We really don’t need the government’s help to do this (we already know they are NOT helping).

    Removing tax exempt status will not correct what DM is doing. Only the removal of DM will do that (at least will start to do that.)


  34. What now the church are accountants and CPA’s? This is just more of the same that has been advertised for years! Sad part is some people will buy it!

  35. I tried to copy the image to send it via email to every congress men and women. I found the individual fax numbers, but couldn’t find the email numbers: I’m sure there is a source.

    Also, is there a place where you can send an email to every congress man and woman without having to do it one person at a time?

    I think such an email project with this image and a complaint that to the effect that ‘This doesn’t sound like a church, why the tax exemption?” may cause some of them to think about it and ask questions.


  36. Mark, it’s the power to grant a tax exemption that allows our government to control what is or is not a ‘legitimate’ religion, and that’s exactly why I think a tax preference for religion should be eliminated. And I did not mean to imply that this in itself would make an honest man of Miscavige, or that there was anything inherently evil about religion.

  37. Yes, that, what Brian said.

  38. Funny you should mention that. Curious, I googled it, and forgot that in the US “Out of pocket” can also mean “unreachable.” “Sorry, I can’t meet with you – I’ll be out of pocket tomorrow afternoon.” I’ve used it myself.

    The real US usage for “out of pocket” means expenses you pay on business trips, for which you would get reimbursed.

    There is no meaning of “out of pocket” that matches what is in this ad – except, as you mentioned, the UK one, meaning bereft of funds.

  39. Wow! So true! Just ordered the dvd, thanks.

  40. Laughter!

  41. It’s all cat puke to me.

  42. The government has the power to tax, not to grant tax exemptions. The onus should be on the government to prove the entity is NOT a religion, not the other way around. A religion is not a religion because the government says it is. To roll over and say “everything should be taxed” means that the government won. Nothing should be taxed, except what laws are specifically passed to do so. The power to tax is the power to destroy and is one step away from the power to kill.

    You and I can choose not to be involved with the Church of Scientology and be exempt from its rules, but we cannot choose to not be part of our country and exempt from ITS laws. Therefore, the government should be limited. It should not tax everything that walks.

  43. It’s election time. Congress people are playing it very safe, nobody will do anything risky. The false stats given to the gov. about Scn membership, are given for that reason, “our vote matters this much, 8 million members” or whatever.

    Thanks to the catastrophic mess in Waco Texas, the gov has gone from “charge on the cults” to, “what cult, I don’t see any cult”.

    Frankly, I think that is a good thing. I like it that people can form cults. These are just parallel universes. I was disgusted by the army tanks rolling through the Mormon village in Texas and taking people’s children away from them. The A.C.L.U. was so paranoid they went in there covertly and worked behind the scenes.

    Hubbard had his way of handling opposition but these systems are from another century. He was also keen on successful actions and people being in present time. Gandhi had successful actions. “Enlightenment”. Marty has been the most effective instrument we have in handling this mess. Enlightenment. One truth at a time. Person by person. Putting forth the truth, a bit at a time. One person waking up at a time.

    Not to say you can’t enlighten congress members. But to do that they would have to have a full picture of what is at risk and what Scientology can mean to a person , and for that, they would need to walk the bridge.

    Truly, the only ones that can be enlightened in this arena are Scientologists. And that is what Marty, and any of us who contribute, are doing. It will be us, who may be able to repair this. I see the Church does cycle through the Org Board and has been stuck in department 21 because of the criminal at the top. There will be no new phases of establishment, dissemination, wealth, knowledge, or any other rewards as long as the activity is stuck in department 21. And this is just a phase.

    But the longer the Church remains stuck there, the longer it isn’t helping anyone.

    If someone is reading this that has been with holding truth, or help, to sort out the Church, please come forward and lend a helping hand. Be the person you hoped to become when you signed up for your first service.

  44. Correction:

    1-800 Get-Truth is Marty’s number.

    Co$ number is 1-900-Get-Fckd
    Also accepted are check by phone, and all the credit cards listed here
    Don’t worry if your credit card is full. Co$’s customer service is awesome. They call your credit card(s) companie(s) to raise your credit limit.

  45. Working on quantum computers is still a few years away. Computing, the internet and IT is a binary system, not quantum mechanics.

  46. Continued to @Curiosus Computers at this point are very much Newtonian, not quantum mechanics. What could go haywire as a result of solar flare is satellites so no internet comm.

  47. Yep, the new “high priests”, whether DM, or any other “profit” motivated som-a-bitch.

  48. That poster looks like a Barnum & Bailey Circus advert.

  49. Karen,
    That’s no joke. DM had the entire base read up and report compliance to reading the Coca Cola marketing book!

  50. They just missed the large vertical creases on either side of his face but it does look as if they tried to capture speaking out of the right side of his mouth.

  51. Bitter Defrocked Apostate


  52. “Co$ number is 1-900-Get-Fckd”
    Priceless MaBu!!!!!

  53. Grasshopper, that is the very danger of not having a “separation of Church and State”, as in Iran, the past Grand Ayatollah(Supreme political Leader of Iran, as well as it’s supreme religious leader) called(fatwah), for the death of Salmon Rushdie, author of :”The Satanic Verses”, a novel which has been held to be “insulting to Islam”. There is in fact a bounty on his head, and the translator of the book was killed a few years back.

    In Iran the religion and the state are collapsed upon one another, and we see the oppressive totalitarian results. Sadly, these regimes are begging to die by the swords they live by.

  54. Does anyone recognize the names of the registrars listed? Because I don’t recognize any of them. All the old-timers are gone.

  55. I don’t want to change gears here too much, but I’ve been greatly saddened today about the tragic news about Johnny Lewis, middle child of Michael. I’ve met his parents and Johnny, too, when he was about 10 to 12 years old. Bright and sparkly. I’ve been caught up speculating in my mind if miscavige’s RCS didn’t play a part in this. His parents are top shelf kool-aid drinkers, last I heard. Then again, that was at least 14 years ago.

    This has made me feel very sad today….

  56. BACKFLASH. $$#% Thats right Parrot!
    Get the to the Rodeo and reciprocate OTVIII Or I am KR’ing you to Tiny Fists.

    We miss U.

  57. plainoldthetan

    Nobody seems to have commented on how many lies there are in the ad.

    Well, yeah, the 50% is a lie (you can only get the 50% tax deduction if you made scads of money that you can they claim the deduction against).

    Yeah, the $7700 is a lie because you have to buy so many intensives to get the sliding scale applied that you’re spending hordes of money on intensives.

    But I was thinking about this one:


    That’s the biggest crock in the whole promo piece!

    If you can wrap your wits around it, it’s a claim that 50% tax deduction = faster bridge progress.

    If you’ve been paying attention, that A does not equal that A does not equal that A does not equal that A does not equal that A does not equal ….

    When DM can ADD ARBITRARIES TO YOUR BRIDGE ON A WHIM, the amount of tax deductions don’t matter a whit.

    The only way UNCLE SAM could help speed your Bridge progress would be to arrange with foreign countries to freeze Scientology assets (hey, they did it for terrorists!), raid the Gold Base, arrest David Miscavige and his minions, and put real people in temporary charge of the Church of Scientology Inc that would restore standard tech and deliver, deliver, deliver at a 50% reduced rate over today’s rates.

  58. In the USA, Scientology services have been tax deductible or not tax deductible at different times. What changed was the government’s viewpoint on the organization. My viewpoint is that they should not have a viewpoint on it at all. If they are taxing enterprises that raise money, they should tax them all. The only deductions should come when the money is spent for charitable purposes.

  59. Donna Stilo is an offload from the Int Base and daughter of the sad sack who visited Marty’s house one time to “handle” Mosey (Anna Stilo).

    Kathy Johnston is mother of Greg Johnston who was in CMOInt for many years then INCOMM. She was a reg at LA Org for many years.

    Alex Swartz I think is the son of Fred and Gretchen Swartz. May be mistaken….

    Enid Byrne passed away some time ago of cancer I believe.

  60. Wait a minute. I just saw something in this poster – the org (AOLA) is regging for services. Is this real or is it a ruse?

    ML Tom

  61. I took the message in a whole ‘nother view.

    Since the rumored F.B.I. investigation I have seen the “US and Uncle Sam” alliance suggested through Church promo.

    At first glance it appears the Church is working with and connected to good old “Uncle Sam”.

    “Uncle Sam” is working with the Church to help people pay for their services.

    “Uncle Sam” supports David Miscavige.

  62. Hmmm,
    Eyes a bit red, a la vampire and it looks like a square wart on the right hand side…..yeah, highly, highly attractive indeed (NOT!)

  63. I agree – the government should not regulate churches in any way. This (especially) includes levying taxes on them.

    Ahmadinejad, however, is not dangerous because he is a Mullah. He is dangerous because he is the cussing president of Iran. Nothing changes if he stops being a mullah. Everything changes if he stops being the president.

  64. They do this BS every year and really come after you the last few weeks of December.

  65. one of those who see

    Off topic, but another tragedy hits a Scientology Family. Johnny Lewis is the Son of Michael Lewis. A lot of Johnny’s old Scientology friends are posting farewells on facebook today. Here is a link to the story:


  67. Anonymous Confused Person

    I need some help in understanding what this ad is actually saying — or, more precisely, what happens when you call the registrar to take up this offer. Is the idea that you donate a chunk of money to the Church for services, and then claim that as a charitable donation on your taxes, and thusly get a deduction on your taxes?

  68. GadZOOKS, you cracked me up!

    Hey, Marty, I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks! It’s from all the belly-laughing thanks to your blog. YAY!


  69. So here’s my question and it doesn’t really relate to this post but it’s been rolling around in my head for a couple of months now. Given how wacked Miscavich is and how blindly devoted good people can become to someone in the position of ecclesiastical power he holds, is it possible that he could lose his grip on reality entirely and provoke a kind of mass suicide like Jim Jones or mass murder like the Branch Davidians? Clearly he belongs in jail and I can’t believe in a country where the TSA now can force anybody to do just about anything and where there doesn’t appear to be respect for constitutional law (that religion thing has largely insulated him up to this point), if they ever came down on him like a hammer (the Feds I mean) would he step down or submit to control of any kind? And if now, how far off the rails would he go and who or how many would he take with him?

  70. Some years ago they had another “Uncle Sam” ad saying something like “Uncle Sam wants YOU to save on your Bridge”, and the Uncle Sam in the ad was a dead ringer for David Miscavige.

    If I still have one of those and can find it in my piles of old junk, I’ll see about scanning and posting it.

  71. Hmmm, let’s see… Rip off Dave tech at rip off prices, or Indie Scientologist Standard Tech at Exchange in Abundance prices.

    Hey Dave, take your corporate capitalist, “tax incentive intensives” and stick them up your ass. Nobody wants your product.

  72. Kathy was a reg at CC Int for a while too.

    One thing I noticed is that the tours registrar is new. I forget the name of the guys that used to do it but they were on post for many years. I know people change posts but the former tours reg was a staple. Enid did die of cancer. I was on post in div six when she passed. I liked her a lot.

  73. I think I created some confusion. Ahmadinejad is not a mullah. The actual ruler of Iran is the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, successor to the Ayatollah Khomeini, who was the one who issued the “fatwa” against Salman Rushdie.

    Ahmadinejad is the “President”)secular leader) of Iran, but the Ayatollahs are senior to him. They are the religious leaders of Iran and are above everyone. If Ahmadinejad stopped being President, it would make no difference at all as to who is running the country and how it is run.

    Ahmadinejad is not currently in Ayatollah Khamenei’s favor, but he did win the Presidency by a popular majority, so the Ayatollah keeps him

  74. Here are the old timers !

    Chief Reg, Enid Byrne (Died)
    Registrar, Steve Kemper (Left)
    Registrar, Tim Edwards
    Registrar, Kathy Johnston
    Registrar, Brittany Garrett (Left)
    Asst. Reg, Scott Keister (Left)
    Asst Reg, James Nishimuta
    Letter Reg, Colleen Shepard (Left)
    Advance Scheduling Registrar, Anne Zanier
    Public Officer, Renee McKinstry
    Field Control Sec, Deanna O’Neill
    FSM In charge, Josh Garfield
    Bridge Control Sec, David Pierson
    Public Services Sec, Lesley Van Eck
    Tours Registrar, Amir Geuron
    Dir Bridge Control, Richard Lloyd-Roberts

  75. Last time I saw Gary was in 2004/2005 when I was on Solo 1 at the AO. He was “coping” then and did not look well. The last time he called me (his post was call in) was about 3 years ago.

    On another subject: The thought that continually enters my mind is “How can these FSM’s still do this?” Are they blind? Pat Parody, Ty Dillard, WAKE UP!

    DM’s days are numbered, for sure. It’s only a matter of time. Of the many factors that I would like to pat Marty on the back for and say thank you, the one that will bring down David Misgavige is Marty’s willingness to grant beingness (give importance to and listen) and communicate with others that have a similar goal, but not his exact point of view. Tony Ortega, Jason, the Headleys, Tory, Amy Scobee, even Mark Bunker, all of which have contributed exponentially to exposing the abuses of the RCS.

    This promo piece is sickening.

  76. Enid did pass away from cancer. Ruthie at ASHO also passed away. My L11 reg, Grethen Swartz died a number of years ago.

  77. No they are not. Solid state devices (transistors etc) are based on quantum mechanics.

  78. Any relation to Geoffrey and Juliette Lewis?

  79. Don’t forget Mike Silverman.

  80. Michael Silverman. Booted out, declared after decades of service and bringing millions of dollars in, for some petty 2D stuff. I guess Scientology couldn’t handle that?

    David Sonnenfield, who married Jeannie Franks and headed back east.

  81. I feel for the parents. I can only imagine the burden placed on these people through this sad and unfortunate event.

  82. Lester Bland?

  83. I am sure the CofM milks this for all it is worth. Any donations to any religion are tax deductible and the more money you make the larger the deduction. I.E, if you file a joint tax return, any money you make OVER $388,350 the Feds tax you at 35%. Plus the State of CA taxes you at 10.3% on money earned OVER 1 million. So, the highest possible tax savings is 45.3, not the CofM’s lie of 50%. Conversely take a low income earner, any taxable income under $17,000 is taxed at 10%, and the state of CA taxes you at 2%. That a savings of 12%, compare that to their propaganda bullshit. But I’m sure they don’t point this out but use completely misguided info to snag the fish. So you donate $10,000 in a high tax bracket you will owe less $4,530 in taxes, but if you are in a low tax bracket you will owe less $1,200 in taxes. The regges being the uneduated vultures they are push the 50% savings which most parishioners will never get that kind of deduction as they just don’t make that kind of money! (These are 2012 brackets and change, IMO will go higher).

  84. I’m not really into celebrity watching and don’t know this guy. (Heck, I had never even heard of Jason Beghe before he declared his independence.) Was Johnny Lewis ever on lines, or had he ever been on lines with the COS? Had he been in comm with his parents and family in recent years? If not, why not?
    In any event, my condolences to his family. This must be devastating, no matter what the situation, kool-aid wise.

  85. ExSO AOLA
    FYI: Amir Geuron died of a heart attack a while back. I believe he WAS on tour when it happened.


  87. Solid state devices were invented as a result of understanding quantum mechanics, however they do not operate on quantum mechanics. Big distinction.

    Our computers are still mechanical, binary systems.

    Quantum computers are different from digital computers.

    Digital computers, which is what the world is on right now, are based on transistors. The invention of transistors and semi-conductors were a result of breakthroughs in quantum mechanics, yes, but they don’t operate making use of quantum mechanical phenomena.

    You may want to do some research on quantum computers if that interests you. Quantum computers makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena. Testing and development for consistent stability and reliability of qubit processing, entanglement (computers that operate employing direct quantum mechanics phenomena) are in progress.

  88. I thought Ideal Orgs were going to Clear the planet? Islands of sanity….

    Wait a minute – I just got promo that Souper Power was going to clear the planet! SP makes Planetary Clearing a reality! $230 million dollars and 20 plus years of that promise! Still begging for money – and now they need 850 staff members to man the Souper Power!

    But I was told the L’s were going to do the trick!

    I purchased my training package – was that it?

    Wait a second here – IAS is the item.

    No, maybe it was OT VIII! Go Oatee! Reverse the theta to entheta ratio!

    This clearly is the definition of fraud. Selling promises and making people pay in advance and never delivering what is promised!

    Scientology: The 21st Century MERCHANTS OF CHAOS AND FEAR!

    History will have a small blib about the regime and David Miscavige – the Dictator and how it collapsed in 2012!

  89. A friend of mine has been recently getting comm from Gary…I think he is still on call in.

  90. It would be an actual miracle to see Marty untie the Gordian Knot between the Cult of Scn and the IRS.

  91. Off topic, but of interest:

    “The truth about North Korea’s glittering ‘Hotel Of Doom’ built to symbolize country’s supremacy: There’s nothing but a derelict shell inside”

    “From the outside, its shiny windows and soaring towers make it look decidedly futuristic and luxurious. But after visitors walk through the doors of North Korea’s Ryugyong Hotel – which has taken twenty years to build – they see it is just a concrete shell.

    The interior of the 105-story, pyramid-shaped resembles a multi-storey car park, with its concrete floors and bare columns.”

    Does this remind anyone of a certain luxurious building across from the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater?

  92. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Son of Michael and Divona Lewis.

  93. Also, say you put 7000 on account charged to your credit card and it lessons what you have to pay in taxes… Well you now have a monthly payment plus interest. How does this add up to Uncle Sam helping you up The Bridge?

  94. Anonymous Confused Person

    And so, still confused, I have an add-on. I went to the IRS website and found the information on charitable contributions (here: A quote from same: “If your contribution entitles you to merchandise, goods, or services, including admission to a charity ball, banquet, theatrical performance, or sporting event, you can deduct only the amount that exceeds the fair market value of the benefit received.” What is the fair market value of these services? And how could one conceivably /save money/ this way, since you’d have to donate /more/ than the fair market value just to be able to begin to claim a deduction? (Interestingly enough, the rules also state that the organization has to provide a letter that gives the fair market value, for donations for services in excess of $250, if I’m reading that correctly. I would like to see such documentation from the Church.)

  95. One of the listed Tours Registrars is Angie LaClaire. She is the former Snr C/S from CC Int (she was a Class VIII auditor as well) but got RPFed by DM around 2006 for falsely attesting Clears at CC (apparently) including the circumstances that lead to Isaac Hayes death. Angie graduated the RPF around 2009 or 2010 and was posted as a Tours Registrar for AOLA which she has been doing since.

  96. Not sure , well, I am sure, I can’t get behind cursing anyone who is motivated for profit. The other side of profit, is loss. Hubbard ensured he profited, and tried to ensure others profited from knowing him or knowing about him.

    I think the sanest game is one in which everyone in the game profits. Not just one, or a few, while everyone else is set up for losses. And not where one or few profit at everyone else’s expense.

    Hubbard said, “Scientology is the game where everyone wins.” He didn’t say, “Scientology is the game where we curse those that profit.” He said, “Flourish and prosper”.

    Suppressives run can’t haves and must haves. Not can haves.

    This is David Miscavige saying “You can’t have ________ because we must have __________.

    You Can’t have Super Power because we must have a building, or 1000 staff, or….

    You can’t have OT8 because we must have a ship.

    You can’t have a win, because we must have you sec checked.

    You can’t have your auditor certs, because we must have you trained on GAOT.

    And all of the other can’t have / must have find fucking bullshit he runs on people.

    My wishes for everyone is to HAVE HAVE HAVE PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT!

    You do not owe it to anyone to lose in this game, or any other game.

  97. P.S. electrons in some transistors “tunnel”, which is a quantum process but the computer is classical boolean logic, not quantum logic.

  98. Mr. Rathbun {or should I say Mr. Bond, James Bond} [blush-smile} 🙂 It doesn’t surprise me all that much that you would say such a thing, and to be quite frank, I think Uncle Sam could probably do a much better job of it than the “good ole’ C of S” eh? Cheers! 🙂

  99. EnthralledObserver

    Just a quick aside that I just noticed… does anyone find it ironic that the acronym of Super Power is SP… same as Suppressive Person? Not well thought out, was it? Hmm…

    I find this advertisement repulsive…

  100. I worry about that too.

  101. Not all contributions are tax deductible. Anonymous Confused Person above has some good info on restrictions.

  102. You stated “No relief ever – you can disconnect from everyone on the planet but until you disconnect from the Church of Miscavology – you will constantly be making mistakes!”

    And in keeping with mistakes, look at the typos in the one ad — deductible spelled correctly in one place, wrong in another. Deduction spelled wrong. This is not good PR. The writers and proofers were either careless or uneducated. I suspect they were careless due to lack of sleep and insane quota demands to produce, produce, produce to get those weekly stats up.

  103. $25,652.00 for freaking ELIGIBILITY AND PREPS???? Jee-zus H. Christ, that’s not even for anything, like an OT level. That’s just to be “eligible” and “prepared” to spend $47,916 on NOTs. WTF are these idiots thinking? Do they have any idea that the median annual income is well under $50K? My f’ng God, man, these guys are completely off their rockers.

  104. Thank you, Curious, for the scientifically accurate clarification.

  105. You get in session by assigning your logical reason for worry to your case / bank / reactive mind. By dissociating from the validity of your concern, you get skilled in cutting off self-assertion, integrity, critical reasoning, and simple free speech. You become trapped and isolated, not being able to even voice your inner concerns, which you learn to tune out and ignore. You become a slave and a prisoner.

  106. Some of my views may be close to yours, Aeolus. But maybe I go even further. I actually agree that indoctrination of children into any religion should be considered a form of child abuse (note — I literally mean indoctrination into one religion, not merely exposing a child to the array of religious and spiritual beliefs in the world).

    I do agree that churches should not be tax-exempt other than when they donate goods and services.

    The whole gambit of calling Scientology a church so it could be tax exempt, and calling course and auditing fees “donations” so put me (and probably others off) in the 1970s, that it is still an issue for me.

    Look at it this way. A “church” that emphasizes word clearing and semantic accuracy is willing to bludgeon the square peg of “fees” into the round hole of “donations”? The same church is willing to squirrel around the definition of a donation in violation of its actual meaning? The fees vs. donations thing is such an obvious charade. All I can think is that COB RTC DM must have gotten some hell of delicious dirt on someone to ever get that IRS agreement to be tax exempt.

  107. Oops, sorry Aeolus — I didn’t mean to imply that you would agree that childhood indoctrination should be illegal, since I have not ideas on your views on that.

    What I meant to say was that I agree with the views of one Christopher HItchins on this matter.

  108. Jean-François Genest

    mantissa = from Latin: something added
    the numbers to the right of the decimal point (_ . →) in a logarithm

  109. Jean-François Genest

    So true Carol → unfortunately, lots of them WILL bite the bait hook and buy it.

  110. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    It doesn’t … you have just bought Uncle Slappy a bunch more cases of scotch (Macallans, if you please – none of that cheap rotgut for him).

  111. Right after I read this post, I walked to my mail box shaking my head all the way to get the mail. Inside was still another flyer from the “Church” that doesn’t get it…..
    This one was one of those REALLY EARLY Christmas promotions that I so hate no matter who is sending them. You know, the kind that advertise Holiday Season specials before we have even celebrated Thanksgiving….and in this case before Halloween. So this one was from AOLA and the headline on the ad said, “GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF TRUE FREEDOM. SPEND THE HOLIDAYS ACHIEVING TRUE SPIRITUAL FREEDOM.” I couldn’t help thinking, “Wait a minute, Give YOURSELF……?????
    …Maybe I have had this concept completely wrong all my life, but aren’t we supposed to give gifts to OTHERS during the holiday season??” Usurping good old Uncle Sam? No understanding of Christmas or Hanukkauk?
    Definitely, the “Church” that doesn’t get it.

  112. Spot on!
    That image alone restimulates fear and obedience in the kool-aides.
    Restimulative marketing that is.

  113. Sad, sad, sad about Johnny Lewis. I was his teacher in the 7th grade in a Scientology school. Seemed like a nice kid. Something obviously went terribly, terribly wrong.

  114. I think we can assume David Miscavige has not studied the volumes of Euclid. If you asked someone at the Int Base who was the author of math you would get a blank stare.

  115. The Board of Education is a cult too. Relax.

  116. Again, I think we can assume David Miscavige has not studied the volumes of Euclid. If you asked someone at the Int Base who was the author of math you would get a blank stare.

    Meanwhile new tax laws do not permit tax evasion in offshore banks. The Isle of Man included.

  117. You have a point here. Not to mention Kim Chee is far more nutritious than rice and beans. And even cheaper to make. The Koreans can usually make anything, out of nothing. Much different than taking the golden ball and turning it into a fucking marble.

  118. I put “profit” in quotation marks for the express purpose of communication of a particular irony. Profiting at the expense of others is a win-lose situation. The great god “profit”, with “high priests” as the vicars of this god, the 1% say, and on a “banker planet” those who hold those positions. I was alluding to a comment in the video and that is the context.

    Profiting where everybody wins is what you seem to be communicating. That’s a much more uptoned profiting, that’s the game of Scientology as I understand it.

  119. They were all promptly declared for dying. Considered a blow. Considered a ser fac.

    No, it wasn’t written but everybody thought it.

    Let’s face it, you can’t even use death as a decent excuse to walk away.

    If you stick around and get old they don’t like that either. C/O Bridge, David Light, several other vets stuck in back rooms on call in because they stuck around until they got old.

    The game where everybody loses and one person profits. Trademark Miscavige.

    No mercy.

    A study of history will reveal that masters come in threes.

    Yes, it is true.

    There was always the great one that managed to cause two others to rise up and carry the torch.

    Two other masters should have carried the torch for Scientology.

    Nobody else was allowed to rise up. In fact, people were slapped down left right and center.

    Please get up the bridge. Please get through your L’s. Call Marty. Call Trey. Keep on walking and don’t look back.

    Be the one that rises up and makes it to the finish line.

    Finish what you started. Go for blood. Do not wait for your miracle. It has been standing in front of you too long already. Where there is a will, there is a way. This place called Scientology has freedoms and barriers and road blocks just like any other game.

    If you really want to win in this game, get up the bridge.

    Not for certs or under duress or as someone’s whipping boy. As someone who bypassed normal habits and routines, and made it into something personal. Fuck the certs and applause and licensing committees. Just you, with your integrity, and another with Integrity, who can care about the people in front of them. That is all it takes. I have managed it while getting others up the bridge. It is very doable. Hit a wall? Shift gears that’s all. Not some stat or dollar value or paid comp herd value, or status, or even a convenience.

    All you really need is someone who cares about you.

    That is US.

  120. And if you have been slapped for reaching, do a contact assist. Reach again. What is clearing but a contact assist with bank? Got fucked up and bucked off the horse? Get back on. Keep reaching. Keep dreaming. Keep touching. Keep believing. Do the things your future self will thank you for. This ain’t about yesterday or last week or last year or last decade. This is about where you will be standing 1000 years from now. That is going to count when you are standing in that place.

  121. Consider this. MEST is a derogatory term in Scientology.

    Does the sun come late? Does the sun shift from hot to cold? Does the Earth go off rhythm? Do the stars lose their place in the sky? Does the moon blow? Which of these things has gone into treason?

    O.K., that is the mountain we have to climb.

  122. I noticed that a long time ago and it cracks me up consistently.
    DM probably did it on purpose!

  123. Grant Cardones wife been to a CofM fund raising event?

  124. Superiority does not come from being a Scientologist, but from doing something worthwhile.

  125. I wonder if the paid for the image rights? For a while Anonymous would check for copyrighted and trademark images and alert the copyright or trademark holder. Scored a couple of minor hits I believe.

  126. I wish for you to flourish and prosper. May the red carpet roll out for you.

  127. Hey, it’s your SALVATION and planetary clearing at stake here and you talk of mean annual income!? You know this will make you a better person and so you’ll be able to earn more money. All the OTVIII are rich so it must work. You want to be rich don’t you? Of course! You can take a second mortgage it’ll be worth it in the end. (Allergy warning: the previous paragraph may contain traces of satire. Produced in an environment containing sarcasm.)

  128. From Curiosus to Curious

    What I mean is: “Without quantum mechanics there would be no transistor, and hence no personal computer”


    I added hence no Internet, hence no Independent Scientologists.

  129. I’ve always wonder about that implication – MEST being a derogatory term. Isn’t MEST also our 6th dynamic? As much “mine” as any other dynamic?

  130. Thanks for that. He was well liked by the outer orgs. I think he was a pretty healthy guy. Just have been the pressure. The Enid story was a strange one. I am not sure what real medical attention she got from proper doctors. There was a rumor at the time the the SSO was incompetent and her death was untimely. I was personally shocked as she seemed fine to me. There were three deaths at aola when I was on staff. No one really got medical help as you were always deemed PTS not sick. I had horrible
    Back problems with no help.

  131. Funny, Ronnie but I get the same image with POB. Lots of hair and hair spray but its an empty shell inside…Helloooooooo, hellooooooo, helloooooo)

  132. FOTF 2012
    Very well said IMHO! +1000

  133. Yes the CO$ considers it derogatory unless it is one of the Idle Morgues and then it is called Theta. Talk about reverse Scientology ~!!!!!!!!!!

    The CO$ truly embodies the concept of FUBAR ……fck’d up beyond all recognition.

  134. If he had no money, he would have been in jail years ago.

    Billions in the bank can keep a criminal going for a long time, especially when they can hide their criminality behind “religious freedom”.

  135. Now a days all staff regges for ‘services’!

    Be of SERVICE to your church ; donate your time, donate your kids, donate your earnings, donate your thoughts, donate your free theta, donate your life and above all donate anything else you can get your grubby mitts on that does not possibly belong to you and donate that too so you can MOVE UP IN STATUS LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!

  136. So bizarre!

  137. ” What is the fair market value of these services?”

    Now that is a loaded question for sure! Arguably, any service delivered by the Corporate Church of $cientology would have a value measured with a negative number due to it potential liability to assist one in achieving a happy, healthy and productive life!

    Perhaps in the not too distant future you would be able to deduct any expense related to the CO$ as a medical expense due to incurred stress, anxiety and undue duress while attempting to life life! That is the least Uncle Sam could do to make up the damage done in recognizing a CULT cleverly disguised as a ‘Church’.

  138. Always love your posts

  139. methenandnow,
    Your comment:
    “is it possible that he could lose his grip on reality entirely and provoke a kind of mass suicide like Jim Jones or mass murder like the Branch Davidians?”

    In my opinion this possibility cannot be considered to be ZERO. Because of that, those of us aware of the situation must do what we each consider is most appropriate and effective to end this current CO$ cycle of action. We will bring this to an end hopefully before there is further tradegy as has been well documented here and related websites.

  140. And what makes you think they are thinking? I see no evidence of that.

  141. “Let’s say you’re about to hire somebody for a position in your company. Your corporation wants someone who’s fearless, charismatic, and full of new ideas. Candidate X is charming, smart, and has all the right answers to your questions. Problem solved, right? Maybe not.

    “We’d like to think that if we met someone who was completely without conscience — someone who was capable of doing anything at all if it served his or her purposes — we would recognize it. In popular culture, the image of the psychopath is of someone like Hannibal Lecter or the BTK Killer. But in reality, many psychopaths just want money, or power, or fame, or simply a nice car. Where do these psychopaths go?

    “Often, it’s to the corporate world.”

    “Snakes in Suits – When Psychopaths go to Work”

    Just saying.

  142. Marcy Pearlman-Sorensen

    I choose to think of it as a “going out of business” sale.

  143. Yep, ironically, the people most likely to be able to afford the upper bridge are the ones least able to take advantage of the tax deduction due to alternative minimum tax.

    There was a creative accountant in LA 25 years ago (before the IRS granted tax exempt status to the church) that found other ways for church members to deduct their bridge. For freeloader debts, it was simply a business expense written off as a contract breakage fee, as one example.

    A large number of this tax accountant’s clients wound up being audited.

    Anyway, I wonder if individual parishioners find other ways to deduct their bridge regardless of the AMT restriction these days. Particularly if they are encouraged to utilize the services of a Church “sanctioned” tax accountant whiz. With so much common agreement that the IRS is evil, practically fair game, I could see such activity being justified.

    It would follow that, provided the victor shares the spoils with the Church, dirty hands can miraculously be made clean with a simple monetary transaction.

    I can see that happening.

    Just saying.

  144. The house of cards will eventually crumble, with significant fall-out, when these seemingly “affluent” corporations fail (as we have been there done that ad infinitum already, the cyclic boom bust rhythm continues).

    It’s a pyramid scheme on a grand scale, this “banker planet” as you call it. After each cycle, the distance between the have and have-nots grows, and the world, as a whole, becomes more impoverished.

    If one gets nothing out of the philosophy of Scn except one thing, he would be well served with living by the simple adage,

    “Exchange in abundance.”

    Applied to money, love, help, trust… Well, life is good.

    Just saying.

  145. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    But the Board of Education doesn’t break up families, bankrupt people or do the array of sickening things that the Cult of Miscavige does.

  146. You are right – Here’s an interesting graphic from the BBC on how Iran is set up.

    Iran is a great example of mixing church and state, and I am, of course, against it.

    That said, making churches tax-exempt is not the same as mixing government with religion – in fact, it is the opposite, in my opinion.

  147. That’s good to know. Thanks!

  148. “Well, yeah, the 50% is a lie (you can only get the 50% tax deduction if you made scads of money that you can they claim the deduction against).”

    uh, the first glaring out-point is there is NO 50% tax bracket!

  149. Hey, I gave ASHO $20,000 for OT Preps and Eligibility, and all I got was my Clear state invalidated and six weeks of reverse Scientology ‘auditing’ on God-knows-what.

    I’m just glad I got out of there with a shred of sanity left.

  150. They been doing this for a very long time.

  151. Anonymous Confused Person

    Breppen has it — the point is, you CANNOT deduct donations to a church if you’ve received something in return, /unless/ you donated more than whatever that was was worth. For example, let’s say that your church runs a fundraiser by selling engraved brass leaves on a tree sculpture, and the leaves and engraving are worth, say, $40, but you pay $500. Since you paid over $250, you’re entitled to claim $460 as a donation, but you have to get a letter from your church that states what you donated, and what you got for it, and the fair market value of the thing you received in return.

    So, again: has anyone ever received such a letter from the Co$ that states the fair market value of their services for the purpose of deduction claims? If not, and if church terminals are instructing people to simply claim all of it as a charitable contribution, well, they’re advising people to break the law.

    On fair market value:

    If the services are worth $5000, and I donate $10000, I can only deduct $5000, which ends up saving me a small amount on my taxes. But — and I am not a tax lawyer here, nor am I particularly good at math — would you actually save $5000? I imagine would depend on your overall tax burden. So, in short, the percentage you save would be a factor of: the fair market value and your overall tax burden. So what the Co$ is saying, then, is that they are overcharging their services by 50%. Because you can save “up to 50%”, assuming that your tax burden was such that you actually did get back all of $x (where x was what you overpaid for a particular service).

    Naturally, the thing to remember is that your tax return is for EVERYTHING. So if you really broken it down into “I will calculate what percentage of my tax refund all of my deductions were as a ratio of deductions claimed : taxes paid”, your overpayment for a particular set of services is NOT going to be 50%.

    Again, not a tax person here, and also not particularly good at math. So if I’m wrong with this conclusion, please correct!

  152. Anonymous Confused Person

    Oops, I mean FOTF2012 has it. Sorry!

  153. Just thinking … one area where modern technology moves beyond Newtonian physics is GPS devices where relativity has to be taken into account. That’s not quantum though.

    Here’s a good Scientific American article on impact of quantum mechanics on modern technology:

    Without an understanding of quantum mechanics, we wouldn’t have things like lasers (unless we somehow chanced on the invention). But that doesn’t mean the laser itself operates on a quantum level.

    And this link to Discovery on 10 real-world applications of quantum mechanics is very interesting:

    Always willing to learn. As someone once put it, the first barrier to learning is believing you know it all already. Lots of wisdom in that.

  154. Pingback: Official Cult of the United States of America? « 31 Factors

  155. They just insist people dope their kids up with drugs so they can fit somewhere in the system. They are totally in the enforce band. They have their own agenda people “must think with or else”. Sure they break up families. Sure they suppress anyone they have to for compliance. DM is a typical wog.

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