Scientology Inc. Deforestation Efforts

David Miscavige’s deforestation efforts have become infamous to those encountering his life-draining organizations. Forrest Crane has provided me with photographs that graphically demonstrate the senseless destruction of our biosphere Scientology Inc persists in carrying out.

The gentleman in the photos in this post, Brad Mothershead, is a Purification Rundown completion and is mid Objectives.   In the year since he made contact with the Anchorage Mission of Scientology, he has received the stacks of promotion he is posing with in the mail from Scientology Inc.   He has been bombarded by unwanted, slick advertisting nearly daily.

Unfortunately, Brad is but one of hundreds of thousands who receive this onslaught day in and day out.

Save a tree, boycott Scientology Inc.

PS: Don’t worry about Brad.  He is scheduled to complete his Objectives and move up the bridge with Forrest, instead of remaining buried in paper with the deforestation specialists.

135 responses to “Scientology Inc. Deforestation Efforts

  1. Boy does this one hit home!

    I used to have to hide from the mailman when he came because I was so embarrassed about all the Scn junk mail invading and practically pouring out of my box, almost daily.

    If LRH were here right now, with the advent of the internet, you can bet your ass he would’ve re-written policy on dissemination, promo and marketing and channeled it into a purely digital format.


  2. Word Press keeps switching my name from Bryan to Muckelford (my avatar) and I can’t seem to figure out how to stop it.

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  4. Marty,

    Thanks for bringing this up. Scientology Inc. has no concept of an appropriate amount of communication. If you get in their files, your information will be attacked recently in pursuit of getting the “stats up” for some mail room guy sitting in the basement. They are completely ignorant of the concept of respecting a communication line.

    You also see this in how they apply the policy letter on “crush reg’ing”. Which is to say they don’t apply it at all. Maybe they use it as a floor mat in their entry ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already started that.

  5. plainoldthetan

    Go, Forrest, go!

    Thanks for providing the photographic substantiation of my observations of Church mail over at

  6. This mail represents only one year. He only started collecting it a year ago. Never been on lines anywhere else other than Anchorage.

  7. Yes, one of the best things that happened after getting declared was that I stopped receiving all those mailings!

    BTW, I love this quote from Mike Rinder in the Hollywood Reporter: “They don’t realize Tom Cruise is hanging out with someone who is the emotional equivalent of Jeffrey  Dahmer.” (referring to David Miscavige, of course).

  8. Hey Brad, good to see you here! This is criminal, I’m glad I got black listed, but it took more than an ask off multiple times, it took answering a few emails from various sectors of the planet I had never been to to screw off and wake the f*** up. Imagine that times hundreds of thousands – criminal waste.

  9. I agree with CoolHand: One of the best things about leaving CO$ was the 90% reduction in mail. Now, if they only sent one of each item to each person, that alone would cut down 40%. I got each item in 4 different versions of my name, in my husband’s name and even my dead parents’, not to mention the same thing from multiple sources. My pile would make Brad’s look like a drop in the bucket.

    And yes, 2briancox, it was just so somebody with zero understanding of communication and zero understanding of the PR tech could get a stat. There is absolutely no intention to communicate in any of the mail from CO$; it’s just a stat. Send out more, keep dupes on the list, keep the dead folks, never let the list get any smaller — that is the only concern.

    Communicate? Huh, what’s that got to do with it? Yeesh.

  10. Huge waste of money. Huge waste of paper. It all goes straight to the recycle bin. Sometimes I look at the pictures in the mags to see if there is anyone I know.

    If they stopped sending out all that junk, the post office would probably go under much faster than it is.

    The tons of repetitive and stupid emails are annoying too. But those mostly end up in my spam folder now, and at least they aren’t wasting paper.

  11. This is pursuant to Mr. MEST’s PR pronouncement:

    I, the “savior of Scientology” have busted opened the dissemination lines once and for all because none of the other incompetents that work for me would do it.

    And here is what I did that NOBODY else [in their right mind…] would do. I bought a huge empty building and filled it with oversized and outdated printing presses to churn out “promotion.”

    Now that’s handling the hell out of the problem!!!! (applause, standing ovation for me).

    I know the world has gone digital, but they’re stupid. I know better.

    You are damn well going to use those presses and flood all our EXISTING names with junk that nobody reads. Doesnt anyone except me study policy? That is the ON POLICY handling. And I am the protector of policy!!!(more applause for me).

    Cost is no object. (We have plenty of money and we can just beat people into giving us more).

    If we keep doing this, believe me, because I know these things — the public will be flooding in the door. And if that doesnt happen its because the suppressives in marketing cannot do a promo piece that gets people to buy anything.

    Do what Dave says and we all win! (more applause to me).

    Praise be to me.

  12. Bryan — “I used to have to hide from the mailman because I was so embarrassed…” LOL

  13. Would you say that is a bad indicator ? LOL

  14. What did LRH say about….detecting an SP if “ineffective dissemination” and stops any effective dissemination? Seems like there may be a clue here to one of the many “WHYS” behind… Idle Morgues?

  15. This abuse of the comm lines to the public is straight out of HCOPL “Essay on Management”, where LRH states: “Communication lines are severed in this fashion: … (c) by glutting the line with too much volume of traffic (too much material, too little meaning)”.
    Of course tho, if one were to point out the violation of policy as above, one would most likely be accused of finding fault with dissemination lines and trying to cut them.

  16. I sold a house and moved. The new owner called me and was really pissed off because the 17 pieces of daily mail from Scientology was still coming to the house! I felt so embarrassed that this Church of mine did such crazy things like this. Scientology makes Scientologists embarrassed that they are Scientologists. This is one reason why!

  17. Anon-onyourside

    Are these duplicate mailings? How is it possible for one organization to send so much mail to one individual in only one year? I am not naive, just confused. “Can the spam” regulates email, I guess there is no regulation of snail mail.

  18. When it comes to communication it’s all about volume to RCS. This is the type of comm you would expect from a robot – persistent and unthinking. The quality of the communication or reality never enters the equation. You see this on all of their comm lines.
    Telephone – we have not used a home landline like normal people do for a couple of decades. We never answer the phone directly, all calls are screened. Never did that before Scn.
    Mail – doesn’t matter where you are on the Bridge, you will still get offers to do the Purif or the Solo I course. Or, whether you have already bought five sets of the Basics or the ACCs, they want to sell them again. Or getting some event promo weeks after the event.
    Email – good God, don’t get me started. Twelve to fifteen emails a day. It’s just volume, volume, volume. Nothing is coordinated, no plan, just blah, blah, blah.
    The sad thing is, once they look at the real return on all this “outflow” and how low it is, they don’t step back and analyse what they did wrong – no, they will just assume it wasn’t enough!

  19. A pile of Cult Vomit courtesy of David Miscavige.

    All of this deforestation is necessary to maintain tax exemption. The marauding attack poodle David Miscavige must show parishioner dollars being spent in the public benefit. This large pile of fishwrap only serves to show that COB does something other than spend tens of millions of parishioner dollars on empty buildings and his obsessive program of spying on his countless enemies.

    David Miscavige likes to push the big lie on the public that Bridge Publications Int’t/New Era Publications have the largest digital printing factory in the world. This is demonstrably a lie.

    Freedom Magazine made these claims: “Bridge Publications and New Era Publications established as the world’s largest all-digital, on demand publishers, with combined capacity of 500,000 books per week (26 million per year) and 925,000 CDs per week (48 million per year)”

    Sorry, Dave. I don’t even know where to begin picking tese lies apart. The Jehovah’s Witnesses capacity can easily bury BPI/NEP as we read at a JW website:

    “The two new high-speed MAN Lithoman rotary web offset presses purchased for Wallkill are capable of producing magazines and book signatures (individual printed sections of a book) at a rate of 90,000 per hour. The new bindery equipment is capable of producing hardcover books and deluxe Bibles at a rate of 120 a minute…”

    These two main JW presses can produce 62,200,000 books per year. This is close to 2.5 more than BPI/NEP at 26,000,000 per year. Moreover, the two JW printing presses are just part of the much larger JW publishing system that operates five printing factories globally.

    It is worth noting that the JW’s took in $951,000,000 in 2008 in books, magazines, and pubs so people can see what DM is thinking: Printing presses = $$$. Of course, this assumes an audience for products offered by a Hysterically Violent Interior Decorator named David Miscavige. Aside from his captive audience, where is the Cult’s growth?

    That’s right: The libraries of the world also get Cult Vomit that they can in turn throw away or sell for $1.00 USD. Still, Dave can show disemmination, at least on paper, to the IRS. After the libraries of the world have been reached, COB will probably compete with the JW’s for their turf at laundromats, bus stations, and rest rooms.

    David Miscavige’s claim: “Bridge Publications and New Era Publications established as the world’s largest all-digital, on demand publishers, with combined capacity of 500,000 books per week (26 million per year) and 925,000 CDs per week (48 million per year)”

    Sony’s Capabilities: “The Sony DADC Global Network consists of 20 facilities, providing unmatched capabilities and flexibility in providing leading solutions and technology for optical media. Looking at Sony DADC’s locations shows the worldwide competence. Offering best global coverage, the global network produces 1.8 billion discs per year. Sony DADC is the perfect partner to the music, video, games, software and information industries for world-wide product releases.” ref:

    Scientology can produce 48 million CD’s per year. Sony alone can produce 1.8 billion CD’s per year of all types (CD, DVD, music, video games, etc). And that is just Sony. Warner’s Dark Knight sold 15 million DVD’s in 2008. That was just one movie and it would have consumed almost 1/3 of BPI/NEP’s CD production annual capacity.

    In the global scale of things, BPI/NEP’s CD production capacity of 48 million units is minuscule. And even then, CD’s are losing market share to truly digital content, e.g. iPod, Kindle, etc.

    On a side note, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and other religions produce their scriptures in braille for the blind and have sign language videos for the deaf.

    It is telling that The Church of Scientology does not produce sign language materials for the deaf or braille materials the blind. There are no deaf or blind Scientologists, for to be deaf and blind is to be PTS.

    Scientology is only willing to help the able, where able is defined as someone who hag money, poses no PR risks to Scientology, or is willing to work full time for slave wages. In 2012, this constitutes .0000001% of the global population.

    Everyone else gets junk mail!


  20. I kept forgetting my pw so just started signing in through Facebook, somehow that keeps it simple.

  21. Yes, I checked out the site. Spot on.

  22. NEW SUBJECT – Tom Cruise

    Irish Independent and Times of India both speculating / claiming that TC has left / is distancing himself from Scientology

  23. Our inlaws did the comm course in 1979. Since then they have not done anything on the bridge. Even though they told the Chuch several times not to send them any more mail, the onslaught of mail they get is just as bad. They even get Flag promo, NOTS promo, L’s promo, OT sections promo and last but not least IAS Promo. A few weeks ago father-in-law showed us a magazine sent t him by the IAS. It was slickand shiney and actually looked like it cost $10 to make. It was out of hand. They be killing trees sure enough.

    ML Tom

  24. This is a great example of ROTE application of policy. “It is the size, not the quality, of your Central Files that matters” (paraphrasing). Also, Letters Out = Income, so naturally, bombard the world with paper and watch the income soar!

  25. J. Swift, you got my attention on the following line;
    “There are no deaf or blind Scientologists, for to be deaf and blind is to be PTS.”
    The church is full of deaf and blind members acting as if they were anything but. Thats what cults contain. Thats your thought stopping in practice.
    And your example that other religions accomodate the handicaps of people in order to spreads their holy scripture is telling as well. CofS could not be bothered.

  26. Laughter!

  27. It’s not one organization. It’s the IAS, Flag, AOLA from what I can directly see on the pics, and various other groups.

  28. Kinda a like an annoying lover.

  29. Yes, I had to move with no forwarding address a couple of times to stop receiving it (although I am sure they are sending it to the old addresses). One of the spurs for my coming out (out of many) was when I got some mail from AO at my new address, an address I never gave out – and the usual calls from people on my cell that I stupidly gave out in confidence to some SO member ten years ago. (The calls were infrequent. I quoted Ron that I preferred comm in writing to my email address because phones are psychotic). I am not rude by nature, but when I see a 323 area code I know it is usually some SO member with a quota, and so I am not nice when I answer.

    So, being independent has almost stopped the emails and the “snail mail.” I even got in comm with a letter reg from the UK even after I sent my wonderful new “Indie 500” signature at the end of the email! Flunk for comm lag.

    But, this is a great example of deforestation. It is insane to waste this much, it has always been insane to waste this much. Mailings were bad 30 years ago, but naturally under Mr. David Miscavige, it has gotten a lot worse. Thanks for this great example, Marty and Forrest!

    Mark Patterson

  30. My parents, too. They have been out since 1979, too, and still get the mails from time to time.

  31. I was pretty successful at getting off all mailing and e-mail lists. I collected the e-mail addresses of all the orgs I was getting mail from and sent them all a straightforward e-mail asking off the lists. A few actually simply acked and said ok, but a few were persistent in trying to find out why and handle me. I kept TR3’ing, sometimes harshly, which worked for the rest, except one. It took more drastic measures of responding with their business reply envelopes with a weight inside. I think I sent three progressively heavier weights until the mail finally stopped. Now I just get a very occasional piece from my local org and the resistant one (bastards – nothing with a BRE ha ha).

  32. Actually I remember a blind guy at AO. He had his lower OT levels audited on him. Must’ve been rich somehow.

  33. No, they are not duplicate mailings.

  34. Remember the HCOB where Ron laments that this is an “Almost” Planet? Planes almost fly (the crash occasionally). Radio almost works (only good for limited geographic areas). The Church of Scientology is almost Scientology. They kinda follow some policies. They had a meter that someone called an auditor uses. They have people doing things called the “TRs” and “E-Meter Drills”. They kinda have confessionals, but they are sec checks with the threat of thetan revocation hanging over the person’s head. They have things called “OT VIIIs” except they are slaves and were odd head adornments.

    And they almost disseminate and almost promote. Except you get this cussing avalanche of ex-trees. Interesting, no?

  35. That would be “wear odd head adornments”, but I can see how John A could be the head adornment Mr. D. M. – he has him up is wazoo for sure!

  36. I used this reference many times to defend myself when every event advance man and reg who came thru Austin (and that was very frequent) wanted me to bombard the OT Committee email list (which I controlled). I stood my ground because I knew that it was only annoying and they were mostly being deleted. I wanted to show more respect to my fellow scns.

  37. After my resignation, I used their “postage paid” return envelopes to send copies of my resignation, articles from Marty’s and other’s blogs, Debbie Cook’s email, etc. Likewise, I cut and pasted the same into emails. It gave me pleasure to do so, especially the postage paid ones where I knew it was going to cost them at least a little bit. Like magic, all the emails and mailings have stopped. I miss the fun I had responding.

  38. At one time there was policy about not sharing a mailing list but they do ! When I started getting stuff from Europe I knew they were giving my name out to Scn groups across the planet. (Esp. if you ever donated to Orgs building funds)

  39. I used to just dump it into my recycling bin. When they started sending mail to my place of work, I finally took action. I borrowed letterhead from a friend who was a lawyer (with his permission) and sent a threatening letter demanding that they stop sending me any mail. I had to send this letter to more than 10+ different organizations – most I had never even visited. I gave them 3 weeks and then repeated the letters, this time with a “2nd notice” stamped and even more threatening. By the third letter, the mailings started to dwindle. By the 4th letter, it stopped. Years later, I still receive a mailing or two and now I just call the organization and demand to be taken off the mailing list. I’ve also discovered that they have email addresses now. I use an email account that I set up just for this type of purpose. Even with this effort, I will still receive calls to update my contact information, which I decline to do.

    The very worst mail I received was a letter asking me what happened just prior to my demand to be removed from the mailing list.

    What is with these people?

  40. She was on BBC 1 Breakfast this morning talking about how she ” getting rid of things in my life and changing a lot…” not mentioning Scn explicitly – not sure if those outside the UK will be able to view this…

  41. I’m happy to say most of the mail from COS and IAS has stopped in the last year. Getting refunds helped and demanding refunds on materials not received helped. Demanding an IAS refund dramatically slowed the mail. Posting on this blog didn’t make the mail stop. Demanding a Flag refund on accommodations certainly had an impact.
    I never gave anyone my e-mail so I get no com there.
    All in all I’m happy with the lack of com from the Church.
    I have been looking into a small claims suit for the remaining funds the church and IAS have not returned to me. This could be a great grass roots campaign as a lawyer can’t appear for the parties in a small claims action.

    Steve Stuart

  42. I hear say, that they use a service at $1,000 per month per user. They track you down in a variety of ways, even a UPS delivery could give them the data, and put your updated info back on ‘the list’.

  43. The Church is insane.

  44. Lol!!
    I have been saying for awhile now that the correct estimation of effort that it takes to get off the mailing list is to get declared an SP. This was one of many positive benefits from telling dm he and his “organization” that they can go to hell! 🙂

  45. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    I used to get an average of 80 items per month. If they have 10 Millions members as they claim this would make about 1 billion of items they send off. And if one assumes that 1 item costs 1$ for production and shipment it would be 1 Billion $ they need for their bulk mail per year.
    But, as they only got 40 000 members and they send them 40n Millions of items they waste only 40 millions $ per year !
    I once made a Survey by staffs and public to find out what they do with this junk, 100% told me they throw it away !

  46. I remember that guy too.

  47. And even after my declare, I still get mail. In fact, although I live in Seattle, Portland just sent me some bullshit about making it the first “Ideal City”. And I’ve been declared for a good little while now. And I’m a MAJOR fucking SP, second only to our local kingpin, Tony DePhillips. I tip my hat to you, sir.

    It’s so unreal to me that these poor bastards are still fund-raising and having bat-shit crazy “events” in present time. Gawd!!!


  48. My wife and I used to get 4-10 copies of EACH promo item. This is because they had our names in central files in about 4-10 different versions. Tony DePhillips, Anthony DePhillips, Anthony J. DePhillips, Marie-Joe Roy, Marie Joe DePhillips, De Phillips versus DePhillips, DePhillips versus Dephillips.
    It was maddening….
    They did start to clean it up a couple of years ago but not clean enough for my liking.

  49. Since 1989, we received over 10,000 scientology letters and brochures at the three houses which we own. Since being declared, I am very happy to report that the scientology mail has vanished. It is great to be free.
    Now, if only we could quickly receive a check in the mail for the $6,017 refund due from Flag, we would enter an even higher level.
    By the way, my wife opened up a photo of me taken on the Freewinds in 1988 after completion of OT8. You could sense the ‘theta’ even in the photo.
    Mr. Miscavige you are an idiot for changing the OT8 level.

    George M. White
    May all trees be well and happy!

  50. Tony, I agree, it takes a lot of tr3, calls, letters, sending it all back, calling the US post office and then getting declared to stop this shit. The funny thing is now they are using a different name Zach Arnot with my P.O. Box address so it gets put into my box!!! I am reporting them to the “go green patrol”!! lol. I’m telling you anything for a stat (number of pieces of promo out)! No concerns about who or even what it is going to.

  51. Chainsaw Dave just loves trees, really loves them & likes to share them planet wide. I feel really sorry for the people who bought my house a couple of years ago, there was always incoming mail from the RCS, from at least 3 continents.

  52. Apparently the only thing Corporate Scientology is clearing these days is forests.

    Cut those freeloading trees down boys, we’ve got Basics sets to promote!

  53. This kind of onslaught is very very creepy with an air of desperation about it.

  54. One sure method to boicott the Inc. is to get declared.
    This is a very good reason for becoming a Suppressive Person.
    Maybe the BEST reason….
    I did experienced a reduction of about 95% of the incoming promotions.
    Be sure you really think about it very well, because you can suffer some withdrawal symptoms in the very beginning….
    Yes, because what will you be using in the toilet ?!??!??
    You will need to resort to regular toilet paper and also “what are you going to use in winter to light up the fire?”.
    Things like this need to be considered before fully disconnecting from this marvellous source of paper … that can be used in SEVERAL ways.
    Or we can all send it back to the sender and tell them to roll it and after shove it all up… straight up and of course… VERTICAL….

  55. “… and various other groups” being the key point. Apparently, last decade or so, all official Scientology Churches, Missions, AO’s, Saint Hills, FLAG, FSSO, possibly (probably) other affiliations such as Narconon, Able, etc., all have access to the same CENTRAL FILE. Which is in direct violation of LRH policy on central files of Orgs. Somebody can help me with the reference, I don’t have the OEC’s to hand.

  56. Anon-onyourside

    I am sure you have tried everything to get the mail to stop. The FTC takes complaints about overly aggressive junk mailers, but I don’t think they will intervene if it is religious mail (although since, in my experience the Federal Trade Comm. does follow through, it might be worth it it to go their website and try that route). Other than that, refusing the mail and putting back in the mail at the Post Office would certainly alert the Post Office that these mailers are problems. I pity the poor mail handler if someone put a whole year’s worth of mail, marked ‘refused,’ in the Post Office at one time! It certainly is an incredible waste of money. Not only does it cost a lot to print high color glossy material, it costs money to sort, label, mail, deliver to the Post Office etc. Add to that, the cost of handling returned mail, and it makes me wonder, Why? Is there absolutely no accountability?

  57. See my earlier post, if you really want off, reply to several emails with f*** off and wake up and start applying LRH standard policy. I realize that won’t work very well if you’re under the radar, but it does work. I got tired of asking nicely, multiple times to no avail. No emails now, none, no mail, none, as of June 2012.

  58. It’s an amazing relief.

  59. Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender. Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991, with the majority of the murders occurring between 1987 and 1991. Wikipedia (Had to look it up as in those years no news or world events was known by the denizens of the Int or any SO Base).

  60. I agree with everything… except the toilet paper bit. I value my arse more than that.

  61. Go, Ronn, go. Love it.

  62. I don’t always agree with some of your reactions, but 99% of the time you make me laugh out loud and usually with the first sentence. Great way with words. You should write some short stories, or even a bio for that matter. Please write a bio. Many will buy it. I will for sure. Reading Headleys right now and his sense of humour is all encompassing while telling about the obscene regime under DM. So thank you.

  63. Post directed at Mike Rinder.

  64. I got into Scn in the late 70’s with a friend. He didn’t continue on in Scn but he died about 25 yrs later. At his funeral his widow came up to me to ask me if I could get the org to stop sending promo to their address. After all that time he had still received promo from the org and his widow was so sick of it she approached me at his funeral, all he did was a comm course.

  65. I remember there was an email address you could send a stop mail request to the addresso I/C or whatever the post was, so you could stop the onslaught of paper waste.

    Perhaps someone who knows it can post it here so we can start opting out.

  66. plainoldthetan

    In Brad’s case there may not be duplicates. But other individuals have reported…and documented…getting multiple mailings of the same promo to the same address from the church.

  67. I was on your mailing list and actually read and enjoyed what you sent out.
    I liked to hear what old friends were doing.
    I couldn’t respond though or I would get bombarded with unwanted calls.

  68. plainoldthetan

    I remember a woman named Carrie who was on the BC at ASHO who was for all practical purposes blind. She wasn’t treated as though everyone had decided she was PTS.

  69. Exited–That is too funny!

  70. I know the man. He got a big insurance settlement from the construction accident that caused his blindness. Once all that cash had been sucked into the Church, that was the end of his Bridge progress. Now he is blind and broke.

  71. Boy, we could add every person in the phone book to our company’s central files but it would just be clutter because very few individuals want circuit boards to be assembled. It would get in the way of real marketing to companies who need our service.
    I know the theory is that “every person needs Scientology,” but in truth, some of them will not KNOW they need it for at least a few lifetimes. And the church will still be sending them mail at their old body address, LOL.

  72. Yvonne, good call!

  73. When I was FSO staff, it was a not-so-unusual flap that someone would take the postage paid return envelope that is enclosed with most promo and put something in it that weighed a pound or so and mail it back to the FSO who had to then pay for it. We didn’t know who did it, but we would get huge bills from the post office. Seemed evil at the time, but not so now…..

  74. Even though I’m declared, I now get mail with variant spellings of my name, as though someone needed a stat and decided to throw in an altered name that would get through the filters.

  75. Not only do I get multiple copies in different versions of my name, when some new neighbors moved in across the street who happen to have the same last name as me, they started getting calls and mail too. They’re not related to me at all and they had never had contact with anything connected to Scientology. It was really out-PR and actually kinda spooky, so I ran interference for them and after about 6 months was finally able to get them off the lists.

  76. Please forward me all of your Co$ junk mail.
    I have lots of birds.
    I also have a huge fire pit 🙂

  77. Sinar,

    He was a monster of astonishing cruelty and with no remorse. He also tortured his victims and performed “brain operations” on them while still alive and then chopped up their bodies and put them in his freezer and would snack on them periodically. From Wikipedia:

    When one of the officers checked the bedroom, he saw the photographs of mangled bodies and called for his partner to arrest Dahmer.[39] As one officer subdued Dahmer, the other opened the refrigerator and found a human head. Further searching of the apartment revealed three more severed heads, multiple photographs of murdered victims and human remains, severed hands and penises, and photographs of dismembered victims and human remains in his refrigerator.
    The story of Dahmer’s arrest and the inventory in his apartment quickly gained notoriety: several corpses were stored in acid-filled vats, and implements for the construction of an altar of candles and human skulls were found in his closet. Accusations soon surfaced that Dahmer had practiced necrophilia and cannibalism. Seven skulls were found in the apartment. A human heart was found in the freezer.

  78. I agree Solace. I would really like to see a Rinder Bio.
    I would scoop that up in a hot minute.
    I adore Marc’s sense of humor as well.
    Might as well laugh your way through it all.

  79. Stevie D. On what grounds did you approach the IAS and what were your demands? Please advise. VERY interested to hear! Tks.

  80. one of those who see

    Applause!!!! LOL!! Perfecto!!

  81. The United States Postal Service will *NOT* allow abuse of prepaid return postage per their own code of postal regulations. All such articles are simply disposed of and all that is accomplished is the waste of postal workers time and the extra burden for the route carriers who pick up these things.

  82. I got the OC org to stop calling our house about events once I engaged in casual conversation about David Miscavige beating people. Maybe that would work on these mailings by mailing back articles i.e., I have Debbie Cook’s email to OSA saved, in which ripped into OSA about the biggest cover-up in Scientology history and discloses how Miscavige made Nelson lick the bathroom floor clean for objecting to the beatings in the hole and other atrocities. That should get you dead filed lickety split!

  83. I guess they have to do something with that printing plant in East L.A.

    After moving twice with no forwarding address, I didn’t hear from them in years. Two years ago, they found me – I started getting a bunch of stuff from Flag (never been there – only on-lines in Boston for two years). I pestered them twice and got it to stop – only for it to start again. Now, whenever I get anything, I scan it and send it to my still-in-and-disconnected-from-me brother along with a nice newsy e-mail about life and my family. It stopped right quick after a couple of e-mails like that.

    I wonder if they are sending mailings to all of the 10,000,000 members around the world . . . .


  84. Mike – you nailed it. When I was in I thought this “marketing” was just insane. How NOT to market effectively and waste money. But don’t give provide toilet paper in the Class 5 Org’s – make the staff write up purchase orders for TP – then never approve it and hope the public will donate a roll or two. Just insane!

  85. Reasons to get your very own SP Declare:

    1) All the mail from all sources stops after a few months.
    2) Emails cease as well.
    3) You won’t get any further calls from any org, especially if you use this one line: “I won’t have anything further to do with the C of $ until David Miscavige is forcibly removed and jailed.” No caller will discuss this with you or invite you to give your reasons. They simply hang up and never call again, after gasping in horror.
    4) But the best of all is that you won’t get any more visits from SO regges or recruiters! Or IAS freaks knocking at your door at midnight.

    The sense of peace and relief is truly amazing, once you realize how much the C of $ has owned your life!

  86. Please forgive me for going so far off topic, but is there any merit to these new reports of TC parting ways with Scientology Inc? It seems like every one of these reports stems from the same vague statement by an unnamed “inside source.” Do any of you real insiders know anything about this? Would such a separation even be possible at this point? (Again, sorry for off topic).

  87. You go Yvonne! That is a VERY WELL DONE!!

  88. Getting declared an SP is the EP in Scientology. There are many wins to have and Tony just shared one small benefit!

  89. I shred the promo and use it to start fires in my fireplace.

  90. Come to think of it, the Church does feel a little bit like a former spouse.
    I guess it was a marriage.

  91. Martin – for those that can’t see it on BBC (as I could not). The first song always hits home for me. Here tis:

  92. “And I’m a MAJOR fucking SP” Laughter!

    Once I heard about a friend who had been declared and I picked up the phone to call him. He was really really caved in as the wife had taken the kid. I guess he was drinking too because he went on for about an hour and a half. He said that, “I’m a major fucking SP!” His wife actually bought it on through Kr’s and whatever. It was just 2d stuff, nothing that would make someone an S.P.. I knew this guy and I knew he didn’t like to be pushed around, that’s all there was to it. Finally he let out a sigh and I could hear him him sob. When he stopped and it was quiet for a minute I said, “WELL, Hey David, YOU CAN SUPPRESS ME ANYTIME!”

    There was this comm lag for about five seconds and then he roared with laughter!

    That was it you know, he just blew the charge on it.

    Then we nattered for an hour about his wife and the Org. “Let’s commit more overts ” I said.

    ROAR! We finally went into glee.

    A proud man is a lovely man.
    Cheers to you David Simon!

  93. This worked for me :

    Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 12:05:50 +0200
    Subject: mailing list
    This is my second, or third, request to be
    taken off your mailing list.
    I do not want any mail from your
    That is very clear and uncomplicated.
    If necessary I’ll write to COB, and that will
    be just one more detail
    that he’ll have to handle himself.
    I know he is very busy bypassing most of
    the org board already, so let’s
    give the poor guy a break on this.
    Phil Bruemmer
    Suppressive Person

  94. Marty: I thought you might want to let people know about the recent death of Johnny Lewis, 28 year old son of Michael and Divona Lewis, both OT8. and long time field auditors and FSMs. It is possible that there are people on this blog who knew Johnny and would wish to offer their condolences, and I find the timing odd following as it does on the heels of Alex J.s death.

  95. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Apparently in some parts of the world, such as Sweden, people are not used to incessant phone calls from the “church,” and there was a news report in 2010 about a Swedish family calling the police due to harassment by call-in terminals at the now-defunct “ideal morgue” in Malmo.

  96. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    My bad: it was in 2009.

  97. Help me out here folks, if you can.There was a guy in Las Vegas, Nevada who was in a wheelchair. Don’t remember the circumstances of why, but he was quite active selling books, basics and vitamins (I think the vitamins were a side item or something though…not directly related to all else). This was in the eighties. Does anyone remember him?

  98. Oh, not to worry. Dave just built these two huuuuuuge print shops, all ultra-modern and he bragged about how cheaply he buys paper by the ton. Now it’s REALLY cheap to print anything so we can send out more promo and print a lot more books too! Not that the book prices were decreased as a result, oh no, of course they weren’t, because that would help dissemination, but who cares about that! We are making more profit. Oh, never mind that sales of eBooks have already surpassed sales of paper books and the entire LRH library would fit on a $69 Kindle… that surely wouldn’t work for Dave, because just imagine the next time when he heroically discovers that all the books are really messed up and need to be reissued – how would he resell them to all of the billions of Scientologists if all it was was a downloadable update? We NEED to print more books to make a profit! Let’s the presses roll, I want to see highest evers, every day!

  99. Statpush, do like I did, and post your Declaration of Independence on Marty’s and Steve’s sites. You won’t believe how fast the volume of dead tree mail from the corporation decreases.

  100. Yeah, lots of speculation and no one willing to go on the record with their eye witness testimony. Bunch of hearsay as far as I’m concerned.

    I will say, however, that TC’s been wounded by what verifiable data has come out. The latest Hollywood Reporter article about his and DM’s “bromance”, is devastating. The press isn’t pulling any punches now.

  101. ” There are no deaf or blind Scientologists, for to be deaf and blind is to be PTS. Scientology is only willing to help the able.”

    Not sure if this is true these days, but if so I guess that would leave out Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, and other “un-able”.people just to mention three stellar examples.

  102. A wet blanket as usual. Do you ever tire of making others wrong?

  103. Bitter Defrocked Apostate


  104. is there any merit to these new reports of TC parting ways with Scientology Inc?

    I’d say yes, and no.

    No, there’s no substantial evidence that TC is planning to publicly (or even privately) split with the corporation. All of these stories are based upon unsubstantiated rumor, quoting unnamed “sources”. Uh-huh.

    Then again, think about it. If you’re TC, you must feel like the accumulated and straight down and vertical pr of the church is landing squarely on your own head. Not only that, you’ve probably read some of this stuff, and have had a moment of clarity or two. How can you not notice that every one of your 2-D relationships has failed, and that some way or another, DM has always been right there in the middle of it? Connect dots much, Tom?

    When even the Hollywood Reporter begins fearlessly spreading rumors of your impending split with corporate Scientology, you’ve got to notice that you’re eyeball deep in negative pr, and that you’ve got to do something about it, or suffer the continuing (and worsening) consequences.

    For crying out loud, Tom, you’ve lost at least TWO families over this crap!

    Who knows what the guy will do about it? He’s been falling for DM’s okey-doke for this long. Maybe he’s so stupefied that he’s truly lost the ability to come to his senses. Maybe not. We’ll see, but I don’t expect much out of him. I don’t think he’s man enough to own up to the part he’s played in empowering this monster.

  105. Try:
    Note: We love LRH and will always be a Scientologist.

    We ‘had’ not looked at internet because it is said to be ‘entheta’.
    After too many bad ‘trips’ to Flag and experiences we had to look.

    There are thousand of stories on youtube alone.
    Read, watch, listen and at least know what is happening.
    Seems COS has been infiltrated and the tech sabotaged.
    ———————————————————————— See COB vs LRH See change in Corporate COS structure
    A book. One of many on Amazon. Also see Blown for Good and Inside Scientology. 15 High ranking COS execs speak out Debbie Cooks Email, Former Captain FSO Former Inspector General Marty Rathbun, Updated almost daily, see also sidebar
    Entire Missions and Wise groups have recently left the Church. Standard tech ‘is’ available with Indie Scientologists. Youtube general Scientology Steve Halls sight of KR’s and Videos.

    (PS – I don’t go to ex-scn sites for obvious reasons)

  106. Brilliant positioning Mike, BRILLIANT (because it’s also utterly true).

  107. 100% correct exited. This trash is not marketing.

    Did you see the story from JB about Miscavige when they went fishing together? They put the hook in the water and sat back to relax. Miscavige started to shake with fury and said, “That’s it? You just WAIT for the fish?!? I feel like jumping in and jamming that fishhook down their throats!” End of fishing trip.

    This is David Miscavige’s concept: marketing = fishing: JAM IT DOWN THEIR THROATS!

    Some people think I’m being facetious. No, I’m being clinical. JAM IT DOWN THEIR THROATS is his handling for life, problems, people, marketing, anything.

  108. That’s hilarious!

  109. I live in the Bay Area and got a lot of mail from the Stevens Creek org when I bought my house here 8 years ago. I am not a Scientologist. In order to make the mail stop, I wrote on a letter that I marked Return to Sender that the previous owner dropped her body and went to be with Xenu. (She hadn’t, instead having retired to rural Oregon.) I never got another letter from them.

  110. Thanks Maria. Tragic common denominator in this incident with Alexander Jentzsch and Rex Fowler. My question is how many more people have to die before the authorities DO SOMETHING?

  111. I could never understand why people got so upset about mail they got. Calls would come in to the org from people demanding to get off the mailing list and threatening to go to the media. I’d be like “jeez, it’s just some post. If you don’t want it throw it away.” Now being on the other side I realise it is the violation of the comm formula that infuriates so much. You say I don’t want it and you get no ack, no understanding and no action on your request – just more mail. No one cares.

  112. Gee Forest,
    Me wants more mail to my house from Corporate Scientology, MULTIPLIED!
    Mailman needs the exercise – He’s been getting soft on us this past year. Plan; Mocking up Dave to send a never ending stream of the highest quality junk – FREE of CHARGE ‘thus causing the Mailman to work harder and get back in shape. ‘Good job Dave.
    Forrest, My personal goal is to outdo your haul by 10x in One Month,
    Everybody join me; call/write and get on the best mailing list ever!
    (Let’s let Dave think He’s growing!).

  113. Even after the 100s of postings I have done.
    Even as loud as I am on the Internet.
    Even with an SP declare
    ~~~I just received a letter from Lauri Webster asking for money for Super Power building.
    Scientology Inc regged $178 million for the construction of one building and still asking for more !
    And writing and using paper and postage to Declared SPs !
    I did tell this story before…
    I took a person to Celebrity Center in Los Angeles some 10 years ago. Not a Scientologist, but he was interested in a Purif. He like the idea of some good exercise, a sauna, vitamins etc. He paid his $1500 which it was back then,
    Before he started, he had an interview where it was discovered that he had a sinus headache a couple of times a year.
    PTS ! PTS ! the CS said.. Mandatory PTS/SP course to be bought, paid for and done before the Purif.
    He felt this was bait and switch.
    He exited without doing the Purif and never returned.
    Suspicious that they would inundate him with mail, he only gave a PO Box # and not his home address at the time of the Reg cycle.
    For the next several years in spite of multiple letters
    to STOP…they deluged him with mail. Deluged.
    From Freewinds, from Flag accommodations, from WISE, from CCHR INT, from Flag, from every entity, even ones he had no relevance to such as recruit letters from ASHO and LA Day and he realized his PO box address had been given out to one and all.
    Eventually he closed down the PO box and no longer paid fees.
    Now the Mom and Pop shop renting the PO boxes are very angry with him because they are STILL deluged with Scientology mail ~~ but he is not paying PO Box fees. They have a stack 3′ high and are demanding funds !
    They have even threatened to sue in Small claims court.
    And the mail comes in relentlessly. They WILL NOT dead file him !
    😆 😆 😆

  114. Because my house is heated by an open fireplace connected to a boiler and radiators i find the promo the miscavige cult sends me to be useful for starting the fire . Please continue sending me the free material to start the fire . Thank you very much .

  115. Help save the planet…drive a Prius, recycle, be declared!

  116. When I moved last year, I didn’t leave any forwarding address. As a result, I no longer receive mail from the RCS. Problem solved.

    I still receive around 4000 emails per year though. Most of them land in my spam basket. 2 or 3% of these emails are about my next step on the bridge from tech terminals or regges. 20% are “PR” (LRH quote of the week type emails) and the remaining 78% are requests for money (IAS, Super Power, idle morgues, books, lectures, you name it). They don’t give a flying fig about your spiritual advancement. They’re only interested in your gelt.

    Be scared, Davey, be very scared. The day will come when the trees will be pissed at you. They will march on your MEST empire and destroy it. It’s called the Ent Phenomena.

  117. Just had to apologize to my postmistress yesterday after weeks away, for all this co$ junk mail which will not stop, even despite letters about duplicate mailings, and talking to people on the phone. Plus, I now receive mail from more orgs than I had ever set foot in, and some from decades ago. It seems so desperate. Is this just a robotic attempt at “outflow determines inflow”, false stat generator, etc.? Has anyone calculated about how much parishioners money is being wasted on all this? (and of course the environmental impact as pointed out, cannot be small) I’m big on recycling, but this all goes in the garbage, because I don’t want people to associate Scientology with the organization if they happen to pick up a piece of promo in the recycling bin.

  118. It’s not just snail mail. I had an email address that I’ve all since abandoned. Somehow their Int CF project distributed my email to half a dozen orgs in the WUS, plus all the main ones like SH, Flag, etc. Places I’ve never been to or purchased anything from. So yeah, now I get snail mail from many places and an email box which is pretty much abandoned because I am spammed with about 15 items a day – oh and that’s not counting the stuff that gets filtered to the spam folder before I even log into the box.

  119. I think I saw where he was in Alaska. All is not a total lose. I don’t think they are using rainforest trees but he can find a friend that has a fireplace and donate needed fuel for the Winter. ARC Bill

  120. Giving the Church a vacuum is not a good idea. Moving without a forwarding address only seems to increase their interest and the unethical lengths they will go to get your new address. Or they will ship all that crap to your work. Neither is a good outcome.

    Anyway, until you can get off their mailing list for good, through an SP declare or valiant efforts with addresso, following some of the advice above might be a good way to vent (like using their postage paid return envelopes to ship them some current news on abuses and the like. You never know who will open that letter. Whose mind you are about to blow wide open, hopefully…)

    You would never get this type of physical [mail] onslaught from a real 501(c) [Not-For-Profit] organization.

    Real Not-For-Profits prefer to spend their time and money on actually helping people.

    Just saying.

  121. Ronnie, I got off most lists by sending a letter of resignation from each org that sent me mail. I missed Tampa org, and even though I’ve been on the Indie 500 for a couple years, and have posted here with my real name for nearly that long I still get promo from Tampa, though all the orgs I sent resig. letters to stopped. Maybe Tampa will be notified now.

    Mark Elliott
    Amy Scobee Pesch’s step-dad

  122. I wanted to let you know that no way is this a new phenomenon. I first did the comm course in ’76, and bought a Dn book at the local org. I then went back to college in another part of the state. When I came home at Thanksgiving ( 2 1/2 months) there was a large grocery bag full of promo from not only the org, but the AO and ASHO, covered inside and out with (to me not to mention my parents) MUs like NED, NOTS, OT, and outlandish claims of what I could achieve in Scn. Not only did my parents not understand any of this, but they continued to receive a deluge for many years until I had to have a PTS handling to get it stopped.

    Mark Elliott

  123. BPI might well be the largest all-digital ON DEMAND publisher. Those others you mentioned are doing mass production of identical items, which is different from publishing on demand. See

  124. Li'll bit of stuff

    muckelford, gotcha! Hell, the same embarrassing sentiments were manifesting for us! Solved it by just using a post office box number. Just sent an
    employee to collect mail daily, and sift through
    the voluminous promo for the legit. stuff & just
    bagged the junk mail for hand over to the paper
    waste people to re-cycle. Just my aid in the
    process. BTW, it’s the ONLY way I can see anything
    positive emerging from demented david’s products!

  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    btn, it’s true then! Great minds DO think alike!
    Calvin –the closet nuts eater( aka declared squirrel )

  126. I finally got taken off the multiple mailing lists I was on, under two different names, mind you, because they had my name misspelled.

    What I did was fill in one of the Super Power Sea Org Survey pieces telling them I would never join the sea org and would never go back to the church because I am their enemy and I speak out publicly against it and if they don’t take me off all the mailing lists ( and I listed each org I was getting mail from – about 10 of them) as I have asked for many years for them to do, I would sue them for harassment. That was last year and I’ve not received a piece of mail since.

    My mailman thanked me for finally putting an end to the waste..

  127. As a new public, when all the different mailings started to come through, I asked at the Org, “Instead of all these newsletters from different groups, why can’t there just be one Scientology newsletter which I receive as a member? Then it wouldn’t be such a waste.” I received some sort of brushoff reply. I was still too new, at that stage, to be accused of “criticising dissemination” or whatever.

    I also suggested that instead of these glossy magazines, which must cost a fortune, why not print on plain paper or even newsprint? I was given some story about how magazines had to be “upstat”. What a waste.

  128. Truly, truly amazing (aka shocking). And sending this volume of printed material crosses over into the realm of harassment. I found some stats:

    1 ton of uncoated virgin (non-recycled) printing and office paper uses 24 trees

    1 ton of 100% virgin (non-recycled) newsprint uses 12 trees

    A “pallet” of copier paper (20-lb. sheet weight, or 20#) contains 40 cartons and weighs 1 ton. Therefore,

    1 carton (10 reams) of 100% virgin copier paper uses .6 trees

    1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets

    1 ream (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree (and those add up quickly!)

    1 ton of coated, higher-end virgin magazine paper (used for magazines like National Geographic and many others) uses a little more than 15 trees (15.36)

    1 ton of coated, lower-end virgin magazine paper (used for newsmagazines and most catalogs) uses nearly 8 trees (7.68)


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