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  1. WTF? Who is she talking to? Hate speech right on the t-shirt too…

  2. When is the city going to require a permit?

  3. martyrathbun09

    When someone dontates a couple mill to defend it from cult attack.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Tara, Anybody’s guess. They gotta get a handle on her, cause mark my words she’s headed for a full-blown type III break.

  5. Joanne is such a whiny whiner….. that voice. Ugh!

  6. Seriously, I agree Marty. She’s losing it quickly.

  7. Marty,
    I have to hand it to you…I would have gone ballistic with this gals 3P and natter, all ignoring your comm and yes, stalking you. Not a legal expert by any stretch of the imagination but have you thought about a restraining order? Obviously, DM is insane and losing it exponentially.
    What was coming out of this gal’s mouth was the exact opposite of who you are, what you are doing and what you have done to rescue LRH’s auditing tech from a lingering death. That being it’s current condition in the Church of Implants and False Data. All one has to do is read a success story from any of your pcs and know for sure what you CAN do that others could not AND that you are in the very tip top % of auditors that have or are auditing effectively with blow out wins for the pc. Period.

  8. Wow must be a new GAT drill of some kind like TR -40 no confront drill or complete and utter not is or something like that.

    Marty it looked like you were the only live terminal out there surrounded by the ‘Night of the Living Dead’.

    Scary dude.

  9. These guys are videoing themselves and won’t interview Marty, contrary to their official statements of doing a documentary, having dumped their neutral, IOB T-shirts. PoB’s new game is – “who dat bot”?

  10. Fascinating documentary they are shooting.

    Fly people in to drive a golf cart with cameras duct-taped to it in front of Marty’s house. When Marty comes out, ignore him utterly and keep “talking” (sounding like Bart Simpson — has Joanne been training as Nancy Cartwright’s understudy?) so they can get some very important footage of some highbrow conversation between themselves (that they could have shot on a soundstage at Gold).

    And who ever heard of a production company where the people have NO NAMES? And refuse to identify themselves? Is that creepy or what — be flown in the the express purpose of trying to intimidate and harass a man and his wife, and be too scared to even give their name. These are some BIG TIME OTs at cause over matter, energy, space and time. If these people are so effect, who is allowing them out to be caved in by Marty and Mosey, SPs extraordinaire?

    This is a feeble, pathetic joke.

    Marty, if you walked over and said “Boo” to these people they would probably start crying and run home to mommy….

  11. I guess their orders are to act like they are filming a “documentary” while stalking you. Probably some strategy that was worked out with smart attorneys or something.

    Be careful Marty. Whoever is running these guys is smart. He knows that if does the same thing over and over again he will eventually get different results.

  12. Marty starts with politely introducing himself, and even putting his hand out for a handshake. Then he asks for the guy’s name and Mr. X says: “I don’t have a name.” ……..

    Please. This is just pathetic. It’s just utterly pathetic.

    When they sent a goon to my door to talk to me I talked to them and I was decent. When they sent a goon to Mosey’s door she was decent and she talked to the snarky woman too.

    What planet do you morons come from?! You are the total opposite of anything that remotely represents Scientology. Get in present time.

  13. What piece of ‘tech’ are they applying here? These poor people are insane.

  14. I agree, they are there to provoke Marty, make him somehow blow up on them or even get violent and if possible arrested and then use the footage to make another creepy Gold productions video basically stating: “We told you so, he is a psychotic and loves violence and therefore was personally dismissed from staff by the almighty COB”.

    Really creepy, I truly admire Marty for holding his cool on them and winning.

  15. Robert Earle

    Marty I know you asked the question who are they. I think to find out who they are we might have to first move them up a few conditions . Like first if we could just somehow get them to find out where they are. It looks like just a simple confusion formula might be over their head so maybe the expanded confusion might work. The whole crew is a lot like the discriptions in the order vs disorder pl . Camera man trying to figure out how the camera works, others who’s hats would be to do the documentary having some kind of discusion while the main person for the documentary just walked right up to them and tried to say hello.and they are too busy to say hello or wear their hat. Pretty sorry crew Not a very successful hat turn over.

  16. Simply Revolting

    ‘The long gone from the graveyard of the long gone’,

  17. How lame! That lady Joanne is babbling on complete nonsense and really comes across as a crazy person. If they are doing a Documentary on Marty wouldn’t you think that they would let him know who they are and interview him instead of interviewing themselves. They really make their “Church” look crazy to anyone with the slightest sense. How unprofessional!!! Kind of like those videos that David Miscavige was promoting at Maiden Voyage, really painful to watch and completely childish and unprofessional. Looks like DM is losing the plot more and more every day!

  18. Well shit, that women Joanne is headed done a one way road the wrong way for certain! she is truly a mess and the goon with her, Mr. no name, well he’s got that right. This group is so far from what Scientology is about it is truly sick.

  19. Hi Marty,
    Again, I’m admiring your TR’s.

    I wonder what might happen if you started to have some LRH tape plays for these poor lost souls? Just take some tape excerpts that if they listened to several thousand times, a bit of truth might sink in…just hoping I guess.

    Say, something like this excerpt from What Scientology is Doing, from the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress:

    “Now, it does not immediately presuppose that because a person has a right to heal that he is able to heal. That doesn’t immediately follow, does it? But today we are at a level of understanding in Scientology sufficiently good that almost any human being alive could be put into possession of enough of that data to make anyone around him better and happier, including himself. And that is the goal toward which we are trying to win. And we are winning, using some of the artificial supports of the society which already exist. And one of those supports is organization.
    But I would be a very sad man to realize, after years of work, that we had created not a greater freedom in the society but a stronger and more powerful organization in place of existing organizations…
    …If you want to know what kind of a government you’d get after you revolted against a government, look at the government you revolted against. Things will be a little bit bullet-nicked, but that will be about the only difference.
    We could, at this time, put together an organization or a group in Scientology sufficiently strong, sufficiently powerful to run over everything it came to. This would be a fascinating thing to do. Be a game in itself. And then someday-me gone, other guys gone-all of a sudden there sits this thing, this organization. And somebody has to rise up and say, “Auditors of the world, unite; overthrow this monster!” And everybody would see it go down very plainly, you see. Down it’d go. Then they’d say, “Fine! Now we are free.” And they would get another handful of letters canceling their certificates.
    I try to look far enough in the future to forecast and predict what might be, so as to not do too many things wrong. You must allow me some percentage. And as I look into the future, I see that we are handling here, material of a potential control and command over mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many. And maybe in this I am simply being overly proud, conceited or optimistic. But I would never for a moment step back from the role of being conceited just to be approved of, or just to be wrong in a prediction. And I believe that prediction is right.
    And I believe that the freedom of the material which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information. And if we can do these things, we will win. But if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of an untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because it has always happened this way. But that’s no reason it has to keep on happening this way. I am not of an inevitable frame of mind.”

    You know, just keep playing it over and over and over and maybe in a year or two their natural comm lag might let a word or two register.

    Just a thought.


  20. martyrathbun09

    Ok, stop wracking your minds – I think the stumping gives the answer I suspected in the first place. Miscavige is now hiring actors to pretend to be Scientologists in front of my house, just as he does to fill the Great Hall at St Hill for the Annual IAS event. Pathetic.

  21. Marty, that no name guy I think is from the Bay Area. I am doing some checking. Probably John’s replacement . He reminds me of Steve Friend!

  22. Robert Earle

    Now if Cabbage head still used LRH policy we’d see
    John and Ed back here to do a proper hat turnover. However based on the implosion of CofM stats obviously no hat turnovers of successful personnel occur in his oranization as anyone who successfully ran a post was busted or declared. With the attendent straight down and vertical stats.

  23. Robert Earle

    excellent selection of material . Thanks Les

  24. Marty — that would make sense. They hired a washed up “reporter” to be the “face” of Freedom Magazine. Everywhere and in everything, Miscavige is operating out of fear of who may turn on him. He has had the major “stars” of his tech and dissemination films come out and publicly deride him (Jason Beghe, Larry Anderson, Dan Koon, Michael Fairman). What if one of the Ass Busters wakes up and turns on him?? (But then again, he cannot ever be sure one of the hired Non-Scientologists isnt going to spill the beans on what they are really doing)… Joanne Wheaton is the last holdout I guess (she seems to have the brains of Bart Simpson to match the voice).

  25. Yep, that was my guess that I posted on the last posting. So if we found out for certain, I’m cashing in on the prize from Mose. 😉

  26. If they don’t give their name, doesn’t that mean they are… ANONYMOUS!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. +1bizillion!

  28. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, this cat has become Bagwan Rajneesh – thinks there is nothing he can’t simply buy.

  29. There are people going on like this carrying signs in the French Quarter of New Orleans who have seriously lost all touch with reality! O. M. G.

  30. Freedom Fighter

    Yep, now that I’ve heard the voice, that’s Joanne Wheaton alright! She’s got quite the temper, that one. It’s no surprise she’s out doing DM’s dirty work.

  31. There’s something really creepy and suppressive about that. That was my biggest problem with Anonymous was the tactic a few, but not all used of antagonizing someone until they get a reaction and then using that reaction to attack and black PR.
    If I “legally” do everything I can think of to make you want to kill me and after months of it you flip out and shove me I play victim and have you arrested and sue you and use the footage to attack your reputation and on and on. What kind of preson would you have to be to do that to somebody? You would have to be a disease- cancer, an opportunistic suppressive disease trying to infect a host and destroy it.
    You would have to be a real SP to do that to a person.

    I wonder how these “OT’s” would handle the same turned around on themselves for months and years? Are they willing to experience what they dish out to another?

  32. Did I hear her say Marty is suppressive?
    Joanne you should be so lucky, to be suppressed by Marty Rathbun. Keep dreamin Babe!

  33. Another Layer

    Marty and Mosey,
    I loved it when you told no-name and Wheaton that you know they are basically good and you’d see that they come through this okay! THIS is Scientology in action.
    My heartfelt respect to you both.

  34. Cured Robot

    OMG the dumb bitch is accusing Marty of being a coward, who is the coward bitch? You guys couldn’t even confront Marty and instead stood around acting like 3rd graders talking badly about the guy while he’s standing there right front and center. No person deserves to be treated like that at least in this free country, go to the Taliban you’d fit right in with their mob mentality of injustice an terrorism. No decent Scn would act like that, makes me think DM is now hiring actors to do that because he’s running out of people not willing to have their name up, front and center and exposed as idiots. But some starving non Scn actors who are paid very well, will do whatever…

  35. Music! Thank you for posting that!

  36. theystolemychurch

    the “church” took away her Clear cert a few years ago…. after she attested to OT IV….

  37. yep out of work actors or out of work journo’s…..the way she was communicating,was so the so called reporter could understand…she was “dubbing in” her scio speak but the narrative was “wog speak”.
    when the celeb’s around the world watch this blog they must cringe at what DM is doing….!next time you see wheaton,tr3 “would you like some auditing”
    watch her go crazy…….

  38. theystolemychurch

    lol…. find out who they really are…… good one!

  39. martyrathbun09

    As out-tech as out-tech can possibly be.

  40. I agree. Joanne is just babbling on like a robot. Makes me wonder if she hasn’t been PDH’d.

  41. How about filing complaints on them for “stalking” or just plain old harrassment, or even “loitering”?

  42. Over and over and over again, these pathetic “squirrel busters” run the same track — kinda like runnin’ in a hamster wheel.

    They are living the very definition of insanity; they do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

    This program is just so pathetic and seemingly against that in which scientology claims it believes; self-determinism (what is true for you is true for you).

    This is the cult of Co$ at work.

    They’re in your hood, attesting to their belief that “all your soul belong to us.” (Crappy reference to an internet “meme.” — sorry :))

  43. This is some form of “ignore tech”, I’ve seen it used before on certain protesters.

    It’s an attempt not to grant Marty any beingness.

    You know, like he doesn’t exist.

  44. Ginger bread man

    Marty and Mosey I have to compliment with you for putting up with these insane people everyday.

  45. I.e. The city should collect the zombie squads, let real Scns ride through.

  46. scilonschools

    Fantastic work Mosey & Marty! , as been said before “True Good can confront true Evil (though distasteful at times, it is quite possible!), but not Vice Versa.
    It is so sad that DM’s cronies/slaves are so desperate to move beyond the third dimension, and yet they are losing the basic tools of sensitivity and perception that would allow them to do it.
    In fact they are walking/running so fast backward through the second dimension it is only a matter of time before they trip over their own laces and end up flat on their backsides sitting in the dust of the first dimension for eternity, the ABYSS!

  47. Tony DePhillips

    On their own, all of these robots would cave in a heart beat. ( they actually are already caved in) The only reason they can stand there acting like total asshole bots is because the cult is backing them.
    It must be hard to swallow for the IOB politicians that they can’t run their own city for fear of cult repurcussions.. What a sick nation we live in.

  48. Creepy, creepy, creepy.
    What an interesting documentary it will be. Zombie people nattering about a person that they refuse to talk to — even when he courtesly approaches and puts out a hand to introduce himself!
    I wonder how these people sleep t night?
    Freakin zombies.
    The church is dead. These people are truly representatives of it. Dead people. Dead beings. God forbid!

  49. I don’t think they know who they are themselves anymore.

  50. Actually, there is a lot to what is going on here. This is application of the blackest tech out. Think Nazi Germany, and Jews. Think apartheid South Africa, and blacks. And if you are not familiar with the “brown eyes, blue eyes” experiment, have a look here: http://www.neatorama.com/2009/03/27/jane-elliotts-blue-eyesbrown-eyes-experiment-on-racism/ This experiment reveals the psychological roots and philosophy underlying the manifestation of hateful discrimination.

    The hateful forced flow of trying to not-is Marty by ignoring his communication is from the same energy harmonic as racism. Marty belongs, in the eyes of the Miscavige Reverse Scientologist SS troupers, to the class of “demonized other”, to be discriminated against and treated in the same way the blue eyed kids were treated in the experiment referred to above.

    This short clip demonstrates, in a nutshell, the rock bottom that Miscaviges’ Church of Scientology has reached. Discrimination like this is of course, doomed to Fail, epically, as history teaches. This short clip also busts the myth that the Squibs are doing a documentary on Marty – why would they ignore the subject of their documentary when he comes up to speak to them?

    Fail, Miscavige. Epic Fail. Stick to bumble bees and Elvis. Really.

  51. LOL!
    If I were there, I’d schedule in a 15 min slot every day to brief their camera on the truth: all Davey’s lies, false stats, tearing down the Bridge, etc; all the things proven on this blog that they can’t know about. Any comment I’d take up as an origination, like the pc wakes up out of a deep coma. I’d make sure it was filmed both ways and posted…… so much fun!

    I’d read the creed out loud under their noses and evoke them to read the squirrel accusations whereupon I’d prove conclusively that Davey is not authorized by no one, let alone LRH, that he high jacked RTC and why he has no legal rights to the Tech. How he made RTC fail in its only goal: protecting the Tech. How he made the SO fail to expand Scientology through empty MEST, how he made the IAS fail, etc.

    If they don’t put it in their documentary, their excuse of making a documentary about Marty is proven false. It also proves that they’re there every day without any other reason than stalking and all the video’s can be used as evidence when their employer is sued.

  52. Impartial English Girl

    EVERYTHING about the behaviour of those blue-t-shirted nitwits, from their ludicrous attire to their speech patterns – even their mere body-language – positively screams “psychotic cult”.

    And the one, over-riding, thing which has just occurred to me through watching this? That, compared to this level of madness, Jim Jones and his “people’s church” are beginning to look positively sane. With all seriousness, and no disrespect to the tragic victims of either organisation, if I was given a choice – today – based on available evidence, between joining DM’s or Jim Jones’ cults, I firmly believe that Jazz-dog and I would be on the next plane to Guyana. Seriously. Although we’d probably hide out in the woods come White Night…

  53. Agree. It’s just not right.

  54. davemessenger

    Next time someone claims to be a reporter from “Freedom Magazine” ask for their press credentials, contact information for the owner of the magazine, how long they’ve been working for the magazine, etc. When they fail to answer, keep asking.

  55. Freedom Fighter

    Watching those guys ignore you like that, Marty, reminds me of Axiom 18:

    “The static, in practicing not-isness, brings about the persistence of unwanted existences, and so brings about unreality, which includes forgetfulness, unconsciousness, and other undesirable states.”

    If these guys just knew basic Tech and could apply it, they’d see that what they’re doing is putting themselves on the fast track down the dwindling spiral to unconsciousness, etc. Interesting thing is, I’ll bet they’re being coach to do things this way by DM. They don’t even realize that they’re being led off a spiritual cliff.

  56. ahhh, the good old days of being on lines AM, (after miscaviche) hopefully the poor girl makes her way to a good indy auditor and gets that cleaned up before she snaps. she’s a walking sawtooth wave, it’s hard to listen to.

  57. martyrathbun09

    Good point. At bottom Miscavige is racist, mysogenist, facist; and it is rubbing off on his cult members.

  58. Mosey and Marty are my heroes. Total failure on communication from the Squirrelly Squirrels.

  59. Keep posting the videos of the stalkers. Keep calling the cops. Those people are not living by The Code Of Honor or The Way To Happiness. Keep posting the videos of the stalkers. They are harassing you and staking you and they have no right and no justification. They have no valid justification. They are doing their pitifully infinitesimally teenie weak helpless acts in effort to solve (what is thought to be by them) a problem or problems of their own. It may not even be to score brownie points, but the guys stalking probably like Brownies, because girl scouts would be too mature for them. Keep posting the videos of the stalkers. Keep calling the cops. The world at large needs to see alleged Scientologists acting without conscience, acting out of true hatred, acting out of compulsion, acting out of fear, and most importantly acting on others’ determinism, instead of their own. It is un-Christian, it is un-Budhist, it is un-Jewish. It is un-religious. It is un-Scientologist and needs to be seen so that the world will have the evidence of the unadulterated and unmitigated hatred being unleashed on you. If those idiots seriously think they have some cahones, they should try that silly shit with the mafia. Maybe your stalkers are part of a terrorist cell. Call Homeland Security. NOT JOKING.

  60. Stalking, not “staking” lol. Sorry for the typo.

  61. ExIntStaffMember

    I’ve seen DM use “ignore tech” around Sea Org members to make the point that as far as he is concerned, they don’t exist. Further evidence that he is exporting The Hole to the streets.

  62. Does anyone know some born-again-Christians or Jehovas Witnesses that are willing to go stand next to these ass-clowns and read non-stop from the Bible or Watchtower. Or some people who normally stand outside Planned Parenthood come there, sit on their knees and pray for their lost souls.

    This Joanne-lady in her bizarre tirade at least twice used the word “individual” when talking about Marty. She’s managed to read a book or two and now she’s an intellectual and articulate, using big words. Oh, my.

  63. Doc "Smith"

    When I helped in our local Volunteer Minister tent, we would periodically get an extremist Christian who would go whacky and rail at us. I was told to totally ignore them as though they weren’t there and was shown an LRH reference that indicated that if you didn’t grant ANY beingness to someone you would disappear from their universe and they would just run down and leave, which did appear to work. We were also instructed to do the same when anonamous picketed the org ( pretty much every Saturday and often other days). I think this ignoring Marty is a combination of that and a ploy to piss him off.

  64. Channel 52 has some Breaking News… They are not just in Ingleside…

  65. Rule #33
    There are a very good rules to follow in this enjoyable Docudrama if you have never seen it, my personal favorite is, of course, Rule #33 🙂

  66. So… They come over to Marty and Mosey’s place to do some filming, supposedly “documenting” Marty, and when he comes out to talk to them, they completely ignore him. Didn’t one of the earlier crew say that they were just there to get some answers from Marty, and then they would go home? (of course that was neither the purpose nor truth of what they were doing) Now, the supposed “main character” in the “documentary” “isn’t important enough” to film. Curious.

    Ant the woman talking, Joanne Wheaton? what is she supposed to be doing? Is this supposed to appear as though she was “being interviewed” by the “camera man”? Where is the interviewer? And, supposing that that were the least bit plausible, why is she being “interviewed” when she is obviously (since she is wearing one of the matching t-shirts), part of the “crew”?

    No, of course it doesn’t make any sense. These guys seem to be operating in such a delusional world that they have little or no grasp on REALITY. Top that off with them being run by a psychotic “camera boy”, movie producer wannabe.

    I find it quite interesting that anyone would ever consider that this was a “winning strategy.” It was a “drill”. They would almost certainly have discussed and drilled this tactic. They seem to be desperately trying to find a way to keep Marty’s TRs and the truth form impinging.

    Good luck with that.

    Eric S

  67. Cowboy Poet

    “The sad thing is that the Miscavige valence they have adopted does not permit self inspection or evaluation of any type (right out of HCO PL The Anti Social Personality); except from the SP whose valence they have adopted.”

    A perceptive connection of dots there, Marty. Answers that question, doesn’t it?
    Thanks, Smarty Pants!
    And good afternoon to you!

  68. Ralph Hilton

    They could be reincarnations of the Spanish inquisitors. Staking is perhaps a bit less socially acceptable nowadays.

  69. Joanne? That is her name, Well she sounds scared not certain. What really make me wonder is the way they stand there and TALK about him and he comes out to say hi and rudely ignored by being told “I don’t have a name” when he asks one of them their name. David Miscavige sent those people to the “electric chair” down there in Texas, because that is NO answer when someone asks you your name and you are doing a documentary about them. I have no doubts they will fail. The joy is video taping the whole failure, step by step, as it happened.

  70. I did this once to guy from the church, but he was stalking me for 20 years. Showing up in restaurants impersonating people I was supposed to confuse him for, following me in his car leering at me, sending me letters and return addressing them from someone else, sending me Fair Game flyers, stealing things from my folders at the org and bringing them home etc. etc. I did file a harassment complaint on him and he has never come back here since. Then, for the sad part, his mission made $35.00 in one whole year. After I threatened to sue him, a Miscavige squad went down to the mission and beat him up for causing the INT finance people to have to go there and charge him on a per day pay basis to be there. Why didn’t he just come right out and tell them “The mission is doing poorly because it’s not really a mission, you see, I set it up to press Lawrence’s buttons over what he’s missing”. What kind of lunatic looks forward to getting the crap beat out of them on a regular basis by INT Finance Police as a high note to being a mission holder like that? I saw them too (the INT people) one day without planning on doing so when I happened to go past there. They were standing out in front of the place dressed like the “Men In Black”. I don’t know if David Miscavige was in the neighborhood or not because the airport is just a few minutes from there, he could have been, because both his and the other mission were closed right about the same time, two missions in one visit, shut down, and the New York Org is dead. But like I said the mission’s never did any business any way so there was no one to transfer to the Org. Total waste of everbody’s time and money. The local community never even got to find out what the mission was all about and L. Ron Hubbard had his home and first auditing center just 4 and 1 block away respectively from the failed mission. The man hates me and we never even really met. He got all the data he had about me from the Org because I have not even been inside of an Org or mission in over 10 years!
    If Marty wants to file a complaint that is his choice but for a person of his former statute in the church it should be for more than harassment or it could be potentially. Trespassing, libel, slander, harassment, stalking. These are not stupid charges. And incidentally, Marty is not a church or mission or anybody with a sign in front of his house that says “Auditing Delivered Here” so how would they even know whatever he and his wife might be doing unless they were spying or prying outside of their own interests? When I took that guy to court, the situation he was party to with the church on me never resolved but his presence on the scene was vanquished for good and still is. If I was in the church and he came near me and spoke to me he can be subject to arrest for violating the order to stay away from me. So, let’s see how good that feels for the “Church of Scientology”. You what they say, if you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with.

  71. How crazy though. They are parked in his front yard and following advices to ignore him. How crazy and ignorant can a person get? What a GPM. “We are stalking you and ignoring you at the same time”. Who the hell C/Sed that party?

  72. Evidence that David Miscavage’s staff are perfectly aware of what stalking is, and what they are doing at Marty’s place. They admit it is “stalking” when it is being done to them.

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