If they have nothing to hide…

Twenty DMbots descended upon Corpus Christi Texas on Wednesday.  They were despatched to recover a veteran DM insider who only days before blew from Int. The individual headed straight for my place. 

Mike Rinder flew in from Clearwater as reinforcement.  The three of us were able to repel the twenty.  DM has gotten so desperate for resources he sent CCHR execs, and CC public with his shrininking corps of  “trusted” SO members. It’s tough for them to be effective when all they are able to do is repeat the same tired lines they hear at events like DM is the almighty one who has never done anything wrong and only has the best interests of everyone at heart.  One little problem,  many of those who spout his PR bs weren’t there and haven’t experienced the “non-public” DM for themselves.  Others, like Tommy Two Tone,  just blantantly and obviously lie. It is like trying to persuade a concentration camp survivor that the Holocaust never existed.  

Further details will be forthcoming as they unfold.

Uneasy lies the head of the guilty.

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  1. I suppose it hasn’t occurred to DM that if his minions know where you live, they also know where to blow to.

  2. If this keeps up, Marty’s house will be the largest Ideal Org on the planet.

    Marty, you should fax your stats to Int every Thursday after 2. 🙂


  3. Marty

    Great news…hey, but I got to work today. Y0u’re a master of suspense. I hope that I’ll nevertheless will get out some products instaed of reading here.
    Who is it ?
    The speed that the actions are taking is just unbelievable. Real OPERATING THETANS !

    May this all be handled soon.
    Thanks for your work !

  4. What dm hasn’t yet figured out is that not everyone is like him.

    Every time he send out 20 people — at least 19 will start to have some SERIOUS doubts.

    I’m thrilled to hear someone recently from Int has left — the dike is breaking loose, and soon that front gate will be left open …

    Welcome to the newly freed. It’s a bright world out here – de-compression takes time but thanks to Marty and Mike and all the others — there are friends helping along the way.

    Hug your friend for me, please

  5. Not all the money in DM’s coffers can stop Justice from prevailing this time.

  6. This is a major tipping point.


  7. Marty, that Int escapee was fortunate that you and Mike were there.

    What an incredible story!

    I hope that you were able to get videos of the attempted recapture by the Goon Patrol.

    If not, maybe we should be donating for a security camera setup to capture incidents like this.

    With the CofS continuing its blatant criminality, you have the potential to acquire enough video to create your own YouTube channel.

    Terminal heartburn for cult executives and hope for future escapees… 🙂

  8. 20 DM bots? That’s scary. It must have looked something like this:

    Be strong.

  9. Wow !
    That’s really exciting.
    Just a little bit more of those actions and
    I’ll get onto all comlines in my country and raise hell.
    God bless you

  10. UnluckyPatron

    Call me a sadist, but I love the fact that this five and a half foot nazi is taking desperate measures to keep the few friends he has left.

    I keep wondering what it would be like to be that short, have my wife locked up in another country and have in my employ a few thousand weak minded minions while I tailor made a workable science into a cash cow….Weird.

    Any chance he’ll get arrested for his crimes? I believe that might be the quickest blow and reality check to the current Scientology public.

  11. DM sent 20 bots down to try to stop what’s happening? Kind of like trying to stick a cork in a volcano.

  12. Please tell me someone fired up a video camera and caught this craziness for posterity.

  13. War and Peace

    M and M ~~ you know how to play the game.
    Nothing like having hard-won experience.

    Good job on handling the 20 arriving at Corpus Christie.

    Again DM chooses to COMPLETE by pass OSA. For the last 25 years, a blow was followed by local BLOW DRILL or over to OSA to handle. But in recent months….

    Where is OSA staff ? Are they not trusted to do OSA type assignments ? Why are they being so bypassed with the likes of psycho Jenny De Vocht (Linsen) and now CCHR execs and CC public ????

    This is instant hatted Hey-You Org Board using folk who do not have a clue….

    There has to be a reason why veteran OSA staff are not being used or sent to handle.

    The ex wives were bad enough on CNN, then he sends Guillame Lesevre and David Bloomberg and now CCHR Execs CC public ????


  14. Ha!! Love that “like trying to persuade a concentration camp survivor that the Holocaust never existed.”

    So true! Tommy is capt. of the idiot brigade!!

    People coming right to you. Must be driving half pint crazy!

  15. This is exciting. I’ll stay up for the details. If it is another famous figure, it will make headlines.

  16. W00-hoo! Welcome to Freedom! Take a good long drink, get your anchor points back….and if you feel like it, tell us what its like on the inside.

    I must say that given the amount of noise on my lines from the DM apologists that the cognitive dissonance must be reaching a fever pitch internally. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.
    DMBots in lock step refusing to see or hear any evil….. Hill 10 much?

  17. “DM has gotten so desperate for resources he sent CCHR execs,”

    Citizins Comission for Human Rights. It is so twisted.

  18. I hope there are pix and videos. 🙂


  19. Hi All: This quote really speaks to me….in quite a profound way. I hope this harassment and lying and BS ends soon and that the pieces get picked up and repaired with as little damage to all those involved. I also hope and pray for truth, justice, love, understanding and peace to come to all Scientologists independent and those blinded by DM alike. We need MORE communication! Not less. That’s what THE man LRH himself said….So speak up and say how you feel. There’s no reason not to. Think for yourself, if you cannot do that, then you will never know true freedom. And more importantly, don’t be blinded or fooled into thinking that you are in fact thinking for yourself.

    t doesn’t really matter what religion anybody believes. If their life is working (and there are many different approaches to life that are working very well) then why not let them believe whatever they want to believe? It’s all working in the way that it is supposed to be. There are religions that you wouldn’t want anything to do with, that are perfect mechanisms for the people who are involved in them. And therefore, they are a very good thing.
    — Abraham
    Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Sunday, April 25th, 2004 #424

  20. Twenty DMbots descended upon Corpus Christi Texas on Wednesday.

    Twenty more parking lot thugs. From a “Church. ”

    This resource defines “harassment,” and cites it as a misdemeanor and possible felony.

    It is not necessary that the harasser intend for the conduct to produce feelings of fear or intimidation in the victim, only that the harasser has reason to know that the conduct would cause such feelings.

    The law which allows you to get a restraining order defines harassment as “repeated, intrusive or unwanted acts, words or gestures that are intended to adversely affect the safety, security or privacy of another, regardless of the relationship between the actor and the intended target.” (M.S. § 609.749, Subd. I).

    Could it be restraining order time?


  21. Criminal harassment:

    Criminal harassment is defined as “engag(ing) in intentional conduct which the actor [harasser] knows or has reason to know would cause the victim, under the circumstances, to feel frightened, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated; and causes this reaction on the part of the victim. (M.S. § 609.749, Subd. I). Such conduct can include following or pursuing you, returning to your property without your consent, making repeated phone calls, inducing you to make calls, causing your phone to repeatedly ring, repeatedly mailing or delivering unwanted letters, objects, or gifts to you.

  22. (‘gifts’ might include pizza) 😉

  23. I’ll probably propose an amnesty for us all. sometime in the future. If that’s alright with Ron.

  24. Any chance this mystery insider has usable Intel on the state of play inside? For example, something concrete on the financial situation?

    I ask because Anonymous feeds on infornation, and if you want DM out quicker, inside info (preferably with documents for confirmation) drastically improves our efficiency.

  25. crashing upwards

    Well Done. Glad you were successful. Hope whoever it is does well. I knew you were unavailable for some reason. Marty, you are going to put Corpus Christi back on the map. Seeking sanctuary in the body of christ. What an appropriate place to run to.

  26. Marty, it’s CRITICAL that this individual report any and all abuse he/she experienced to the FBI and any other relevant authorites as soon as possible.

    You might have this covered, but it must be said. If this person waits for months before reporting, the credibility is lower.

    If you want to end DM’s reign of terror, the authorities MUST be informed by the people that just escaped. No ifs or buts.

  27. Yeah!

    Another one is free!!!

    The fact that this person came straight to you means that the underground railroad is fully operational and those who want to travel it, know how to get on it.

    And to our latest guest, welcome. Rest and get to know life again…we look forward to meeting you when you are ready!


  28. Joe Pendleton

    Both high drama and high comedy, and I have to say, to quote Ron himself, “fashinating.”

  29. So did you call the police? As someone over at Why We Protest said, a gangbang kidnapping “recovery” IS illegal. At the very least it is harassment. Both at the very least should be documented by police reports.

  30. Watching Eyes

    Sounds to me like there’s a beacon of light beaming into Int. The problem for the Dwarf is that beacon is coming FROM Corpus Chrisiti. What’s he going to do now; confiscate all computers? Shut down the phone lines? He just might consider it…..unless this escapee is part of a set-up. Marty, I don’t envy you having to figure this one out.

    Regarding the 20 pod-people that arrived in town, have you made friends yet with your local Texas Ranger/Sheriff? It might be a good idea.

    Another thing: maybe it’s time you had a couple security guards.

  31. Wow. The end is truly near. Although what will come after that, I have no idea.

  32. Hmmmm….sounds like a made-for-TV reality series. Cannot believe the DM-bots could actually “think” these out-PR activities are helping the church. Brain-washing at its best.

  33. Twenty to recover one!? That speaks volumes all on its own.

    But hey – it’s all just part of what your donations buy. These days, anyway. Right in there with lots of fancy-but-empty buildings, a Beemer for the DeeMer, lavish birthday parties at sea, more PIs and lawyers than there are competent auditors and supervisors, zillions of copies of cool new books (far in excess of current or foreseeable demand) – all very spiritual.

    Hats off to the fence-jumper, and the safe haven crew, too.

  34. DM foot bullits….the gift that keeps on giving!!!

  35. Marty please post pics of the 20. Nothing shows the world the crazy dynamic of the senior heirarchy of the organization better than that. They just don’t get how bizarre that behavior looks to the average person.

    Good luck to the recently blown individual. I’m sure many look forward to hearing the details in the appropriate due course.

    Be careful out there everyone, things are heating up.

    And isn’t this just the best birthday present ever for dainty Dave?

  36. ahh
    Why are american people leaving their beds later than european do.
    America wake up !
    I wanna know what’s happening !

  37. plainoldthetan

    This is getting exciting. ex-CofMers forming their own “underground railroad”.

    “Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!”
    — Sherlock Holmes
    “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange”

  38. I think it is awesome that insiders who have blown have a safe haven to go to. Your message is out there even on the inside, this is huge! Jan

  39. To the person who blew: Welcome to freedom! Marty and Mike will take good care of you. I’m sure what you have been through is pretty scary, but there are many people here, including myself, that will be your friends and support you in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

    To Marty and Mike: Good job repelling these DMbots. It’s getting “curiouser and curiouser” what DM will do to stop someone from gaining freedom and eventually happiness. His downward spiral is out of control. I hope the people sent to retrieve the one who blew realize what they are doing is terribly wrong and for the wrong reasons. Thank you very much for helping someone who needs help. Good job!


    Factor 6 states that “The action of a dimension point is reaching and withdrawing.” In the beginning, these dimension points are what a thetan creates to extend in the process of creating life or his universe.
    When a being commits harmful acts against the agreed upon survival dynamics, he begins to obssessively withdraw himself, his perceptics and his A,R and C so that he can prohibit himself from committing more harmful acts. This is his innate and natural answer to his destruction of life, unknowingly. He does this by creating energy screens or barriers that then encase his beingness and his life. He bows out of life so he can protect it.
    When he takes the responsibility for these acts and gives up his withholding of them, he blows or erases this self-created “not-is” screen or barrier of energy and obssessive withdrawal, thus enabling him to reach and reestablish or rehabilitate his perceptics and A, R and C which reestablishes him as Cause or an operating thetan handling life by being cause over his mental image pictures, and thusly handling his life along the dynamics he had formerly harmed.
    Technology is basically the handling of life by an operating thetan but if his ethics are out and he has and is committing harmful acts against the survival dynamics, he then has to withdraw himself from the handling of life in order to strop himself from harming life. In this wise comes the truism that ethics has to be in before the tech can work, for a being stops the tech or stops his handling of life in order to protect it from himself and his harmful acts against it. This ethics technology and the responsibility in understanding and appying it frees him and his potential as an operating thetan to be cause over life. Overts stop life. A being stops life and livingness in order to save it but in so doing destroys himself and his ability to live. Therefore, no matter how noble, it all ends up down the drain because he destroys the one thing and only thing that can resolve the issue: HIMSELF!!
    This might well behoove those, who accuse the founder of this data and the data which is Scientology to be unethical, to understand and apply this data themselves.

  41. CCHR? CC Int? Sounds like Heber. I hope it is him!

  42. You and Mike need to have video cameras with you 24/7 now. Because you guys are target 1, you also need trusted people with you that can operate the cameras – it’s a better perspective if you’re in the shots with the OSA goons.

    Just a suggestion. There’s going to be more of this…

  43. What has been lost (or has never been there since the beggining) is the ability to actually LOOK.

    They do this because of many easons maybe but a main one is the basic trust of a human being on his leaders is been exploited in the name of the GGXG#D.

    In their eyes THEY are salvaging Scientology from the bunch of SP´s that we are.

    LOOK is something high on any scale and is something not everybody is up to.

    LOOK has no substitute.

    The mega ultra super bad PR of Scientology BECAUSE OF the Church of Scientology upper management. This has decades as a problem. Fueling the fire.

    The only future for Scientology would be to separate the subject from the church. IMHO

  44. Marty and Mike let us know what kind of help you need. This gets more and more insane. People cannot leave ….that should tell everyone something!

    Time to raid Int.

  45. Watching Eyes

    I have a suggestion. How about setting up a fundraising drive on this site to be used for your security?

    That “security” would include guards as needed, cameras for your home, a camera to keep in your cars, plane tickets to fly Mike in when needed etc. etc.

    Have the drive posted on the right of this page, above the calendar. That way it would show up on every page. Put in a Paypal link and you’re good to go. Everybody uses Paypal these days.

    You might be surprised how much comes in and how fast. Nobody wants you to take the brunt of this effort. People will want to help. Let them.

  46. Do you need reinforcements?

    We don’t want to see another Alamo down there!

    Just Me

  47. John Boice,
    Sweet Fancy Moses, thank you!

  48. Roberto,
    DM is the cancer. It has spread. Good thing we know how to distinguish the source and apply the fix.

  49. Congrats to whoever got their liberty back. Plenty of rest and decent food and time off is the recipe for de-compression. Thank you Marty and Mike for being there for us.

  50. More beings who will see the light!!!!!

  51. I just found this on the web. Stalking is a third-degree felony in Texas and here is more information on that:

    Texas Stalking Law

    The law on stalking can be found in Section 42.072 of the Texas penal code. (see link below)

    How is stalking proven?

    1. Intent of stalker: Stalker has the intent or the knowledge that his/her actions will instill fear of death or bodily injury to the victim or a member of the victim’s family or household. Threats can be explicit (e.g.-stating that he is going to kill the victim) or implied (e.g.-veiled threats, hurting the family pet). Threats have to be aimed at a specific person; they cannot be general threats. Threats may be conveyed by the stalker or by someone acting on behalf of the stalker.
    2. Conduct of stalker: Conduct has to occur on more than one occasion and be directed towards the victim and/or the victim’s family or household members. More than one police report is not required. The acts may include threatening contact by mail or by phone, or damaging the victim’s property.

    Penalty: Third Degree Felony- unless there is a prior conviction for stalking, in which case the penalty is upgraded to a 2nd degree felony.
    If You Are Being Stalked…

    NOTIFY THE LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PROSECUTOR’S OFFICES. All stalking incidents should be reported to the police. Request that each incident be documented. Request a copy of the report from your local law enforcement agency. Give police any written correspondence and report any phone threats. Put dates received on all correspondence from the stalker. Know the name of the law enforcement officer in each incident.

    KEEP A DIARY. Obtain the names and addresses of witnesses. Complete records are essential to the successful prosecution of stalking cases. Write a description of each incident.

    GET A PROTECTIVE ORDER if you are related to the stalker by blood or marriage, if you ever lived together, or if you have a child in common. To get a Pro Se Protective Order Packet call 800-777-3247. This packet will help you obtain a protective order barring the stalker from certain areas near your home, your work, or your child’s school. You can also review our Domestic Violence Protective Order Kit.

    RECORD TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS. Tell the stalker to stop calling and hang up. Screen your calls. Write down the time and date the stalker calls. Keep recorded messages and give them to law enforcement.

    TAKE PICTURES OF THE STALKER. Take pictures of the stalker if it can be done safely and write time, date, and place on the back of each picture.

    KEEP ALL CORRESPONDENCE. Make a copy of anything you receive from the stalker. Touching the letter as little as possible will preserve fingerprints.

    TELL EVERYONE. Give friends, co-workers, and neighbors a description of the stalker. Ask them to document each time the stalker is seen by them.



  52. They might start imposing a check on the internet the staff are viewing, anyone searching your blog might be put under investigation. Paranoia.

  53. Oh come on you guys, those twenty were just out for a Sunday drive… it was pure coincidence that they ended up in Corpus;)

    That’s practically right in the neighbourhood ….of, uhhhh nowhere.

  54. craig houchin

    Yes! Congratulations to the fence jumper!

    And congratulations to Marty and Mike for being such high-profile beacons of safety. The Int. inmates are beginning to realize that they are their own guards — and thus can be easily eluded. More will follow and that hole in the fence is just going to get bigger.

  55. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME!!!!!! Let’s hope!

  56. martyrathbun09

    Just me, thanks. This ain’t no Alamo. This is the battle of San Jacinto.

  57. I like how you’re thinking, Deirdre. Another person free is cause for celebration and I’m sure celebrating. Please tell that person they have love coming to them from southern hemisphere.

  58. My hat off to all of you and to the courageous soul who is now in your safekeeping.

  59. I lived in Houston for 2 years. What I LOVED about Texas was didn’t matter, rich, poor, ethnicity, each man/woman LOVED their state (AKA their country) and knew Texas history COLD.

    What dm has yet again FAILED to understand is —

    Don’t mess with Texas!

    I’m thinkin’ we just might be seeing the reincarnation of Sam Houston in play 🙂


  60. I don’t suppose it would do any good to ask who it is??


  61. Yeah Team Marty & Mike!! So glad to hear another got out. Gives new meaning to the term “Going Clear & Free”. Never would have thought it now means getting clear & free from Type 3 Misciviy.

    If you ever need any help I’m not far from San Jac and available anytime to give anykind of assistance day or night.

  62. What wonderful news! Well done to whomever escaped this time.

  63. Virgil Samms

    Man, I wish I could be the fly on the wall when these 20 return empty-handed. There could be a whole new instant hole in PAC!

    ML Virg

  64. WomanSetFree

    LOL!!!! ROFL 😉

  65. Right on gentlemen. Put the boots to em.

  66. Theo Sismanides

    John Boice, thank you for writing this up and explaining it so clearly for everyone to see. Really, really helpful insight.

  67. Theo Sismanides

    Since I was a kid I had special affinity for Texas and Arizona States. Haha. Must be something special there! Keep it up cowboy!!!

  68. Marty, fingers crossed that you guys got this videoed as it all went down!

  69. I sense something big here. 20 people to recover one? The dark lord is really scared about this one seeing Marty and speaking out.

    Scientology history is unfolding.


    And, uh, dm, you seem to have a hole in that
    20-foot cement wall with the razor wire on top and the armed guards and attack dogs… only problem is, who’s gonna fix it? Anyone who sees it is just going to slip through themselves to freedom.

    It tickles me so much that dm apparently thinks that the last “gang” attack on Mike went south because there weren’t enough bodies there!
    “Seven didn’t work? I’ll send 20!”

    And were the CCHR and CC terminals he sent to do his dirty work the escapee’s version of “family?” Hmmm. With all due respect for the privacy and decompression needs of the brave individual who just escaped a nightmare, WHO
    GOT OUT?!!

  71. O.K., for the mystery guest:

  72. Have video camera. Will travel. ~ Steve

  73. Dave (1.5 pitbull) Miscarriage is so predictable.
    I know that Sun Tzu´s “Art of war” is on the OSA checksheet.
    If Dave (1.5 pitbull) Miscarriage has studied it, he is too stupid (because of his overts) to understand and apply Sun Tzu’s techniques.
    Very good for us ….

  74. It is so typical of DM to just grab anyone to do anything. He has no concept of organization. He has a small circle of people who are his current “trusted” minions, and he just gets them to do everything. Of course, anyone who has worked with him knows that that “trusted” status is the kiss of death – he can turn on you in a heartbeat and you become the target.

    All my best wishes to your new guest. That person has many friends.

    Stay safe. Record everything.

  75. Hello Marty and Mike, I think the proper wording for Int Execs or Staffs leaving the place “Int” would be “Disconnecting from Int” rather saying “blew from Int”.

    Let’s not play anymore into DM’s and DMbots game of labeling people as they wish. Let’s use our own labels or LRH standard Ethics Tech and stop granting them the Beingness related to that matter.

  76. Kathy Braceland

    THE GREAT ESCAPE! This is absolutely wonderful news!

    It’s good to know there’s a buzz on the inside that this person knew where to go and be safe. Wow Marty and Mike…I love your wide open arms help. Wow….

  77. TO BE POSTED or NOT.

    NOTE: Let’s hope that this one is not a new strategy from DM to infiltrate you guys. By inserting a spy (rat) who would report to DM all your actions.

    The track is full of it.

    I could be completely Parano, but it is always good to have a large rear-view mirror.

  78. Well done for the newcomer and for these who took care of him/her. Looking forward for the next torpedo for DM’s sinking rotten ship!

  79. thecountesskrak

    Hummm…I wonder where Snow White is these days… too busy now to be enlightening us with their presence

  80. David Miscavige turns the big FIVE-O on Friday!

    And now for a little song:

    “Slappy Birthday to you,
    You’re running a zoo,
    Slappy Birthday dear leader,
    We’re not done yet with you!

  81. A thinking person viewing life from different angles. I like that and what a brilliant view of what is true. A toast to you!

  82. You’ve all been graciously avoiding speculation, and I truly respect that, but I can’t help myself. I hope with all my heart it was Catherine Fraser. I hope she heard herself on Anderson Cooper’s stage uttering lies about a good man who remains her kindest supporter. I hope the light came on and she asked herself, what the hell am I doing here?

    I like Catherine Fraser and if this wasn’t her time to leap, I hope it’s soon. Congratulations to the latest one out. May your life be filled with the joy of reconnection to friends and loved ones.

  83. Yes, every escape is a “CDI:” a Causative Disconnection from Int.

  84. If Marty was such a threat to the staff why are they running away to his place for safety? That doesn’t add up. Maybe that is why twenty people are parked on his front yard?

  85. Centurion, that is very funny and yet it is true: Marty’s house will become the largest Org on the planet. Talk about out create! Marty has a blog, a meter, and a house and yet he is out creating DM and his Idle Org’s, his FLB, his printing factory, and his PI’s! This is something Scientologists inside of CoS need to consider: Why are the Independents out creating CoS? Why is the mass and agreement out here and not in CoS?

    A 20 person DM goon squad is unprecedented. DM’s goon squads do not realize what they look like to the public. CoS insists “We are not a Cult!” Yet, they spare no expense to fly 20 shrieking people to South Texas to chase down yet another poor person who has had to escape the brutality of Sea Org.

    Sending out 20 people to chase down someone who has had to run for their life sure makes David Miscavige and his insane clown posse look like they have a lot to hide.

  86. Crazy. Good to hear another one escaped.

    You guys need to buy a few of these ASAP.


    They start recording within 2 seconds of pushing the power button.

  87. And anyone who takes his bribes has lost the Game.

  88. Well done for being a safe heaven. It is poetic that the refugeee finds shelter and nurissment in a place called Corpus Christy.

  89. They are the “In Real Life” version of internet trolls.

  90. Not weak minded but suckered in minions.

  91. Chrissie, Shane and Sam

    So, Marty, you got a nice pressie for DM’s birthday tomorrow?

  92. Connected:

    I totally agree with you on this one. Any label the CofM dishes out is hereby canceled.

  93. My heart is filled with joy hearing about one more person saved from the abuse of DM. Well done and congratulations on securing your freedom.

  94. They long ago starting imposing a check on the internet the staff are viewing. Most SO members have no access to the internet at all, and the majority of those who do are too terrified to look and see what evil lurks on the scary, scary internet.

    I don’t think I ever even used the internet until 2003 and I had ask somebody “so how do you use this internet thing?”. Unfortunately these SO members are living in a cave world.

  95. Hey Marty, any way you could video (in front of your yard) those DMbots (rats) and put it on Youtube?

  96. Do you have any pictures/video/provable ID of these twenty people? Documentation is always good. You might know who they are but it would be good to have docs if these same people are harassing other people as well.

  97. Marty, please clue us in on how the Int staff member knew about your place and how to get there. I mean, is there a little map up on the staff notice board that says “Anyone who wants to blow is welcome at Marty’s, and this is where he lives”. Or perhaps this person already made a visit to your place when he/she was working as a DM bot?

    As regards the 20 DM bots, you should tell them “Anyone who wants to blow can stay and we’ll provide you a safe haven. Anyone who wants to harrass us, please leave immediately. If you don’t leave you’ll be arrested. Have a nice day.”

  98. What a nice cult-leader DM is providing his own birthday gifts.

  99. To Mike Rinder and Christie,

    I just wanted to say congratulations to you both on the new relationship!! You two make a nice couple.

    The deadly duo, who are both in power on speaking to the media!! Wow, what a combo!


  100. I believe, per record the full name was San Jacinto Massacre Canyon.

  101. you must be kidding stargate fan, not the childrapists and murderers (even by proxy or neglect) and sadistical torturers I hope.

  102. BTW, I can hear Tommy Two Tone now, “Oh no, we don’t try to capture people if they blow, all staff are volunteers and are free to come and go as they please. You see those fences at the Int base with razor wire? You see those motion detectors? You see that gate that can only be opened by security? That’s to keep people out, not keep people in. Now excuse, I have an Idle Morgue opening I need to go to.”

  103. To the newcomer: Welcome to the open field. You are free from suppression. If you were SO, it is the smartest thing you have done. You were not contributing for your own security in your golden years. SO members make 36 cents an hour, and their severance pay is $500.00.
    You would not be taken care of in your golden age years as nobody is in the SO. You would be abandoned as an old shoe, while your leader has a high-life style with donated money from parishoners, with personal trainer, shirts of $500.00, golf course, BMW, motorcycle, trips all over the world paid with your sweat. I do not know who is a DM insider, but if you are public is also a blessing that you left. The “Church” is no longer practicing Scientology. Now, it is heavy reg., Ideal Orgs bought that are rented back so public pays again for the rental. Every thing there is a scam. No matter what you were doing in Scientology, I am glad you are out. God bless you. I know the transition is very confusing, and heartbreaking, but be assured that you can make.
    I made, and I went almost crazy when I realized that I had been betrayed by my own “church”. That every thing stable that I had believed was a charade, and in the aftermath, I lost members of my family, who I adored. Even with all those burdens, I survived with the moral support of others that had left prior to me, and so can you, who have this great group.

  104. Did the fact that the Ultra Barrier 7 inch spikes are gone from the fences help his escape? I’d love to know. Thanks.

  105. sort snicker hardy har har har! We could fall into glee together.

    Happy berths day to you.
    One extra berth space
    cause _____ blew.

    Happy berthspace
    Mr. Chairman of the Board.
    Another book review!

  106. OK, in keeping with the madness, I’ve worked out the method.

    It starts with the 4 ‘Disparate’ Housewives. How did that number come up? Simple, take DM’s height of 5 and minus 1. Why minus 1? Because DM ‘wasn’t/can’t be there’ of course. Multipy 4 by 2 = 8. Minus 1 (DM) and you have the Ad Hoc Comm Ev of Mike Rinder in CW which was 7. Mulitpy 7 by 3 = 21 and minus 1 (DM) and you now have the 20 chasing down to Corpus Christie.

    The ‘minus 1’ of DM is, as an alternate theory to ‘HE WASN’T THERE’ asserted by the original 4, could also be because he really isn’t there, thetan-wise and he himself is asserting this in a plea for ‘help!!! I’m completely bonkers, I feel like nobody likes me and I’m going to jam this cactus in my arse if you don’t do something’. Anyway, just an alternate theory.

    So, following the formula, I’d say we take 20 and muliply by now the next number 4, and arrive at 80, minus 1 = 79.

    I predict the next group to arrive at a single independent’s position, ‘coincidentally’, is going to be 79!

    Now, I’ve got to write a cheque to send away for DM’s B-day.

  107. Well stated, J. Swift.

    I have to admit I also had myself laughing at the idea of Marty faxing his stats to Int, and then having some newbie actually report them to DM. Oh, that picture just makes me grin.

    These 20 street thugs reminded me of a line from a movie. “Twenty dwarves took turns doing handstands on the carpet. Twenty dwarves……twenty dwarves…….twenty dwarves………..”

    I’ll let Marty name the movie, if he should care to. Hint: it’s about another crim who thought he could do anything he wanted to, and in the end paid the price for his arrogance.

    Can’t wait to see who the new member of the independent field is.

    Centurion (did a handstand on the carpet – assist needed)

  108. one of those who see

    “If this keeps up, Marty’s house will be the largest Ideal Org on the planet.

    Marty, you should fax your stats to Int every Thursday after 2.”

    Centurion, your comment is a riot!!! LOL!!!

    It is no small thing for people to know there is a safe space to go to. Obviously, the word has gotten “in!”

  109. Why send puplic and CCHR execs? Miscavige must be afraid to send people from Int. as they’ll blow as well.

  110. Pissed Wizard


    First let me say Ive been following the goings on for some time, and brother, Ive got to admire your gall. Not many would have the nuts to call out that lunatic and persist at it. I was in the SO for about 10 years and managed to get out before it went completely suppressive. You will be hearing more from me.
    Be cool and take care.


  111. LOL LOL!!

  112. Dear DM,

    For your 50th on friday:

    Slappy birthday to you,
    You’re the size of my shoe,
    You just lost another person,
    Here comes Waterloo!

  113. Yes
    I am thinking the same, can be a dm spy
    be careful guys

  114. Centurian
    Didn’t you know the DM birthday game ends tomorrow? We should all send our stats in!
    Hey DM would you like to know how many people I’ve communicated with since you first tried to cut my comm lines? I’ll give you a clue – I’m REALLY upstat. How about the rest of you? I’m sure DM would really like to get some mass on what real stats are.

  115. Bob if Marty gets overwhelmed by refugees maybe you and other scientologist can offer to piytch in.

  116. Concerned Citizen

    May be it is coming up in the weekly meter checks that since they know Marty et all are telling the truth, they secretly begun to plan a escape or to wish they were there? Public who blindly adore him and have only ever seen the benevolent side of this guy will not necessarily feel that way. Plus if they want to get on to their next service, they cannot be found to read any unfriendly media, if they happen to, they better believe the church’s version. And many do since they have never seen the truth.

  117. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha, you guys are amazing!

  118. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha, I love you guys!

  119. Yes, this crossed my mind too.

  120. That another one has escaped the Int Base is terrific news. I’m guessing they are high-profile given the number sent to retrieve them.

    But this is starting to get serious. When I spoke to you, you said that you had previously had very little hassle at your home when you were there. For so many DMbots to now arrive en masse suggests that Miscavige is getting very desperate. It seems that things are starting to come to a head and I’m tempted to believe that J. Swift’s ‘Karmic Vortex’ is really starting to spin up now.

    I hope you had a video camera at the ready? I also hope you have additional reinforcements available. Based on the increasingly ludicrous and aggressive actions taken by the minions of Miscavige over the past few weeks, I have a feeling that things could get nasty rather quickly. I’m sure you don’t need to be told this, but please take whatever steps you need to ensure your and Monique’s safety.

    We may not be able to be there in person, but please know that you have our support.


  121. Theo Sismanides

    I can’t keep myself from laughing, I am going to sleep on those poems, Idle Org and the rest: hilarious, absolutely hilarious… hahaha

  122. Slappy birthday to you
    I’ll send you some glue
    so when you’re done ranting
    You can fix your hairdo

  123. Hey Marty, tape a big “IN SESSION” sign on the front door and lock it!

  124. Impartial English Girl

    Unless the newly liberated friend IS little Tommy D…

  125. By the time DM falls and the church and it’s staff needs to be taken of, there will be a mountain of ethics paperwork to deal with if you want to go that route. It will serve little purpose though, and the good effects from it will far outweigh the downsides. The man hours alone that it will take is prohibitive and will be better spent doing other work.

    A viable solution is indeed a General Amnesty. But a Scientology Amnesty doesn’t affect the society’s rules at all – they are still intact. With an Amnesty, the slate is wiped clean regarding matters internal to the church, freeing everyone up to get on with the job at hand.

    Murderers, thieves, rapists – the cops are still going to want to know all about them, and the church (by it’s own rules) must co-operate with the cops. So serious crimes still get dealt with, not by the org staffs, but by the cops and the courts.

    There is precedent for this – there have been a few general amnesties over the years.

  126. Welcome Stranger, new found Friend!

    I agree about security cameras on your property, Marty, and personal cameras on hand 24/7.

    Here’s a little comic relief:


    And here’s a version with lyrics, maybe Cowboy Poet could rework the lyrics a little to make it our theme song?


  127. It is wrong to stop anyone who wants to leave by any one OSA or DM or anyone.

  128. “It’s good to know there’s a buzz on the inside that this person knew where to go and be safe. ”

    That’s what I was thinking.

    How did he KNOW?

    Chuck Beatty tried to do this same thing with the 1-800-XSO number. Don’t know how effective that was.

    But it’s very encouraging that this person IMMEDIATELY FOUND YOU.

  129. Think about how many people in Scn were exposed to M&M recently, and I’m just talking face-to-face contact:

    1) Anderson Cooper
    2) Flag episode
    3) This one

    Including all the handlers and observers, that’s, what, at least 50 people?

    They’ll remember that when they leave.

  130. Now that you expand the acronym, I finally catch the irony.

    Someone leaves on their own determinism, and the CCHR are there to do what, exactly? Take away that self-determinism?

  131. Another veteran DM insider left with lots of first hand data from inside! Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!! 🙂

    He/she is definitely on the bright side. Thank you, Marty and Mike for being there for these great ex-SOs. They definitely need your courage and support.

    Marty, YOU are amazing!!!!!!!! 🙂

    XOXOXOXO to you all

  132. Impartial English Girl

    I’m a long-time lurker/interested-party reader on the dark side of Scientology. I have my reasons for being interested, but struggle to explain them.

    I hope that, if your newly-liberated friend isn’t Mr. Jentzsch, that he will be out soon – and that, whoever it was that bravely turned to you for refuge, will be OK.

    What I really wanted to say to you Mr. Rathbun – and to Mr. Rinder and all your colleagues who seek to expose the lies and miseries (as well as, to some extent, those journalists like Anderson Cooper and my fellow-countryman John Sweeney) is that how much I appreciate your selfless bravery. I wonder if you have heard the “Starfish” story? I expect you have, but in case you haven’t, here it is:


    One day, two men were walking along a lengthy beach. All along the shoreline, hundreds and hundreds of starfish had been washed up and left stranded by the tide. It was a hot day and the starfish were dying in the sun.

    Every so often, the younger man picked up one of the starfish and threw it into the ocean.

    The older man watched for a while, and then said “What are you doing?”
    The younger man replied “Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”
    “Yes,” the older man said, “but why are you even bothering? There are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish! What’s the point? It won’t make a difference!”
    The younger man bent down, picked up another starfish,
    and threw it back into the surf. Then, looking at the older man, he said,
    “It made a difference to that one.”

    I wanted to say that you ARE making a difference. Your brave endeavours ARE worth so much to the human race as a whole.

    I apologise if this sounds trite or patronising – that is not my intention.

    Your honesty and your work on this blog will be remembered and valued for all time. Your posting of today equates you with the likes of Oskar Schindler. Good luck to you and god bless.

    Keep the faith. Your name and your work will never be forgotten.

    R x

  133. John, I think that getting them to legally stop slows things down. The more drama, the more effect.

    Why get cops to stop an avalanche?

    The biggest danger I see isn’t DM but rebooted, dangerous DM MEMEs.

    MEME’s own brains. It’s not the other way around.

  134. They certainly are two cats who know how to keep their cool.

    Miss and Mr. Cool congrats.

  135. Wow! Are the Int Base spikes gone?

  136. Concerned Citizen

    Yes we should observe the day as a national day of mourning

  137. Concerned Citizen

    her kids are a major reason she’ll stick around

  138. Jim,

    Looking into DMs reasoning, has been known to cause insanity. So please just stick to the tech, we need you man.

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  140. Well done, Marty! 20 to one, and they still couldn’t do it. Please stau vigilant.

    I guess taking celebrities like the Duffs, and involving them in this sordid affair is doing something different, but such celebrities have traditionally been kept away from the dark nether regions of the church.

    If you take nice clean white socks and wash them with the filthy dirty laundry, those socks ain’t gonna be so spiffy anymore…

  141. Have they been removed?

  142. My guess is that family members were sent from CCHR and CC to help “recover” this individual to yank on his/her heart strings as why would he pull in people so off hat.

  143. Yes Jim. He is. It HAS spread big time!

    But I was asking myself if is he the basic-basic on the chain.

    Where all this madness began?


    (By) Who(s)?

    Sort of a D/L and R3RA on it.

    What would be the use of these answers?

    Maybe just a big jawdropping realization that our Dante’s Monster is just a shadow of our fears and lack of courage to stop a lunatic.

    Lack of courage to give a big fat total tr2 kick in the b++ls stating totally “no more”. You know, as a way to stop his drama. (Just kidding)

    One time, many years ago an SO missionary tried to use verbal violence and intimidation on one of my staff dudes. He recieve from me his proper ack and knock that of at the spot.

    As far as I have readed there are some others prior items on hte chain like Starkey on the Apollo.

    I would like to know your viewpoint on this.

  144. Bravo, Marty and Mike!

    This is the perfect observation for the situation: “It is like trying to persuade a concentration camp survivor that the Holocaust never existed.”

    I think one of our key targets is to make people leaving from Int, or from anywhere else in the SO, aware that we are all out here and ready to support them and help them. And, of course, making them aware of Marty’s and Mike’s actions and readiness is of senior importance.

    We are winning because truth and justice are on our side. DM is losing because SPs can’t last long once they are exposed and their suppressive actions are promoted far and wide. SP’s can’t weather the internet!

  145. Yes, the spikes have been removed. A report was made to OSHA and they were ordered to remove them.


  146. Wonderful observation, Centurian. How very true!

  147. “I believe that might be the quickest blow and reality check to the current Scientology public.”

    I agree that DM’s arrest would have extremely high SRA value!

  148. Well put, ARCX. What kind of workshop was that?

  149. Sure! And in my opinion, it’s also arrest time. I mean, why not? It would be the best bad PR we could get for DM. 🙂

  150. That this is what just happened, and what also happened to Mike in CW, seems to me beyond any concept of reasonable doubt by any half-coherent person.

  151. “Time to raid Int.” — What a concept!

  152. Wow, VWD to the fence jumper. It takes a lot of courage to do it knowing the minute you do so, you will be chased like rabbit or an escaped convict. And then to make it all the way down to Corpus Christi. Again, VWD. My hat is off to you for doing this and for your statement to the others still there, who hopefully will listen and get the strength to start LOOKING for themselves and being TRUE to what they actually SEE.
    Thanks Marty, Mosey & Mike for having a safe haven for one to go to.
    Hey, now that I look at it, one good thing that has occurred is Int is now back into the business of firing out Missions! (Don’t look too closely that they are completely off LRH-FO with too many people, meshed up command channels, no MOs, no briefings, no I/C and Msn 2nd…or anything resembling something even close to standard.) But, hey, this could be a step-up. — Joking aside, 20 people is more than desperate! What is below desperation and how low does DM’s scale go?

  153. She never really saw her first kid, who grew up on the island the Freewinds staff had their kids tucked away on. They were only permitted to see their children if their stats were up (injustice on the kids, how nice). I think they got to see them once a month for a few hours at the most, if their stats were up. That is when she was working for the IAS, the kid grew up there . Did she have more children after she split with Deputy Captain? I don’t think so and I don’t think she is connected actually with the child that was raised by other people. The father is not in the Sea Org any more. I doubt the daughter is even working in the same org., but she would be in her early thirties now. Cathy was a nice person, but not one to question the status quo. She will not be a person to stand up and walk out.

  154. Mike Lemeron

    I fully agree with you, WH. I definitely see this as a trend of things to come.

  155. Marty,

    You live in Texas, get yourself a gun. If it was me, I would get the latest and greatest varient of the Colt 1911 .45 semi auto pistol. Keep it very visible, strapped on your waste and holstered in gun leather that will allow you to present the weapon in an instant.

    I seriously doubt that you will have to ever draw the weapon out of its holster, at worst you may have to lean on it from time to time. That jesture of leaning on your .45 will communicate far better than words and in a language that these miscreants understand and understand well.

    Of course, you want to be well trained and a good shot, in the event that these flakes give you a reason to “make your day”.


  156. Of course. If this person left INT, then INT is in a major lockdown, so he would be forced to send people from other areas and he sent more because they are not “hatted” and grooved in on such capers, so more force to balance the less intelligence, right?

    Good news about the spikes being taken out.

  157. During the American Revolution, one of the major reasons why the rag tag troops of the newly formed country were able to beat out seasoned troops is: one side was fighting for their king, the other for their freedom, their land and homes.

    Those 20 dmbots would not go so far as to do real violence, it is not their fight. That is why 3 could face them down successfully, no slight intended on the courage and resourcefulness it required to do just that.

    Looking forward to the unveiling.


  158. The large spike have been removed several months ago, following Cal OSHA’s orders. However there still exists small (2 inch) flat black painted spikes on the inside of the black wrought iron fence. You cannot see those from the highway, but I came up close and took pictures. I notified Cal OSHA they are still there, but they don’t seem to want to act on it.
    It could be that Cal OSHA was a little intimidated by Scientology’s response through their law firm “Loeb, Cliff, Lester” of Riverside.
    I don’t believe there was an OSHA onsite inspection of the other items of the original complaint.
    If you know of more OSHA violations, please contact: (You can do so anonymously)
    Mr. Andy Morita
    District Manager
    San Bernardina DOSH
    464 West 4th Street, Suite 332
    San Bernardino, CA 92401
    Tel: (909) 383-4321
    Fax: (909) 383-6789

  159. Chuck Beatty

    Marty and Mike,

    Please invite the St. Pete Times reporters to come interview this new defector also.

    The quicker the freshest info on DM and Int Base life reaches the public, the BETTER to fix that mess!

    I hope media like the St. Pete Times interview this person.

    Thanks for being a safe landing zone!

    Chuck Beatty

  160. SK,

    You brought up a good point. People trying to leave the church are treated like escaped criminals with a full manhunt until they are caught. The only difference between a Scientologist who has decided to disconnect from INT and a criminal is that the criminal gets announced broadly on television to aide in the recapture. Now that puts “free to leave” in its true perspective.

  161. Only organized crime could reasonably be expected to after their own if they left “The Family”. Not sure if extreme suicide-inducing harrassment is any better than a bullet.

    I agree on a public level Miscavige is done.

    But as long as he can hold the grip on the PR shield within, he’ll keep hanging on until he’s pretty much forced out. Once he loses power, he becomes fair game, retribution from all those that have been wronged; and he’ll use some of the Billions the IAS has stashed away to simply disappear into thin air, never to be heard from again.

    But the dominoes are most definitely falling …

    Too many have had to deny Scientology to themselves and others by staying away, tired being told where to go and who to see to incessantly have their pocketbooks looted. I have never known any other group that had so many defaulted and unpaid debts to each other and their own families as the result of “Hill 10 IAS Lootings”.

    I mean, if Scientology is constantly running that close to the edge, it is constantly doing something wrong, so best to just put it out of their misery and shut the show down, and let someone else handle it.

  162. Chuck Beatty

    Yea! Clever use of ARC/tech will protect!

  163. First asignment : not to let Miscavige get away with it.

  164. Maria well said, sorry for your loss.

  165. Good Show Sir, KKS

  166. I think Marty will keep it a secret hush hush.

  167. Pingback: Escapee from the Cult of Scientology heads for Corpus Christi

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