ID the Benchwarmers Contest


It seems the Creed of the Church of Scientology worked like water on the wicked witches of the west.  “OT VIII”s Allender and Ed Bryan have not been seen since; apparently given the mushroom treatment by Miscavige.

Camera man Bart Parr was also subbed out today for another fellow.

Pictures of today’s subs are below.

The first ones to positively ID each one of them gets a special prize from Mosey and me. 

80 responses to “ID the Benchwarmers Contest

  1. one of those who see

    Paddle Boat and Golf Cart Stalkers, take off the IOB t -shirts and stop pretending to be friends of this little peaceful town. You are enturbulating the people and dev-ting their leaders. You have a MU on the word squirrel. Look and stop Listening to COB. This is a free country. If Marty is truly squirrel the public would stay away. Yet they continue to arrive at Casablanca. DM, himself had Marty auditing Tom Cruise and John Travolta to name a few. Why??? Because HE DUPLICATES AND CAN APPLY STANDARD TECH AND THEREFORE GETS RESULTS!
    I’m sure you all have lives and loved ones to return to. Please go so you can retain some dignity.

  2. None are familiar. At least they’ve gotten rid of the squirrel shirts.

  3. top of the vale

    The guy in the bottom picture looks like Howard Gross.

  4. I will take a stab….

    Picture 1 – Loser #1
    Picture 2- Loser #2 and #3
    Picture 3 – Loser #4

  5. I think it’s incrediblen that none of these people do their own investigations first before setting out after Marty and Mosey.
    They just believe whatever their told, no one bit of skepticism among them!
    Amazing that they are such robots. In the end, everyone of these people will get what they deserve. The entheta line is Miscavage – The theta line is Marty. We all know what happens when you try and cut a theta line, right? It blows up in your face – It’s a LAW.

  6. Don’t know — but what are they doing out in daylight?

  7. Maybe they are random people picked up off the street who’ve never even been members of the Church, and are being paid to ride around on a golf cart with baby blue shirts on…… Dave might just be getting that desperate that even his own followers aren’t doing his dirty work anymore.

  8. Tony DePhillips


  9. Tom Gallaagher

    Beavis and Butt-head?

  10. $cientology Watcher

    Rinder & Rathbun,
    You guys probably already know about this, but I thought I’d let you know just in case. Scientology’s Freedom rag has a ridiculous new video on YouTube that’s smearing the both of you, and some other people. Link:
    Anon may want to mirror it before it gets taken down, I already reported it to YouTube. The media may be interested in this video as well.

  11. Centurion, good answer!

  12. The guy in the third picture I have seen before searching my memory bank!
    John and Ed are probably spending lots of $$$$$$$$$ getting black dianetics.

  13. I dunno, but I LOVE the “Private Property – No Squirrel Busters” sign behind them! Whose is that?

  14. Don’t know any of them, though they look like very solid PoB Ethics bait benchwarmers just itching to perform and show off their very minor league pitiful attempts to be like Dave. Werewolves of Eu?

  15. Geez, suddenly all koolaid drinkers look alike to me! Is this racist?

  16. Chris Johnson

    No kidding, they look completely haggard, like people who have worked the graveyard shift for years and are cronically sleep deprived. That woman’s face is like a catcher’s mitt! And those are stress lines, not smile lines, right? And the deep sunken eyes on that fellow, scary!

    To me, one of the most interesting things about the candid pictures that get posted on this blog is seeing the stark reality of what life in an abusive cult does to the follower’s faces and posture. Is the exact opposite of the the healthy image that gets promoted in the slick promotional pieces.

  17. Man in 1st photo…Larry
    Man in 2nd photo…Moe
    Man in 3rd photo…Curly Joe
    Woman…not sure. 🙂

  18. Or they are waiting for the $25 donations to come in for their airfares home….

  19. one of those who see

    Lynne, you just cracked me up!!! Great way to end the work week!

  20. Sue-it looks they are making some pathetic attempt to “blend” in with the town in their local T-shirts.

  21. You’ll find their names in the credits of old movies. The Keystone Cops appeared in quite a few.

  22. I love a game, but unfortunately, I don’t recognize any of these people. I don’t think that is Howard Gross, but it’s been a while.

    I do want to share a belated wonderful discovery, since stats has been a recent topic. This may be of use to many of you with families, old-timers who are scared to look at anything. You could even print it and hand it out! It could be handed out to the Golf-art Trio whose names might even be mentioned in the cited articles – REAL stat comparisons with real people and real names attached to those stats, names many of us recognize and know!!

    Go to friends of lrh site (linked on Marty’s site). When there, with the menu button or link at the bottom of the page go to “Whatever Happened to Training” topic. Continue clicking through to subtopic “Training Stats.” See real publications articles from the late 60s, 70s listing by org the NAMES of major training completions. OMG! I know LOTS of those people, and how fun to see their names again. I’m not saying if my name is on one of the lists :-). There are also very nice graphs showing real numbers of major training completions THEN VS. NOW. This doesn’t even include the missions who were similarly churning out products. LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN!

    You can “print” and save the article as a pdf – all LRH, all Scientology publication, and hand it to those who need to be enlightened. You can keep a pdf copy as defensive/offensive ammo (in case the website every goes down). You can’t call actual Scientology publications docs squirrel!

    If you weren’t in Scientology so long ago, you will want to SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES what real org stats should look like and DID look like.

    Have fun.

  23. That would be the “Golf-cart Trio” who look of a vintage to relate to these stat comparisons.

  24. Freedom Fighter.

    The woman kind of looks like the person who owns the Franklin House and a couple of other public berthing facilities in L.A. (Los Feliz). Joanne something. Not sure, though.

  25. Barney Rubble

    I got a tip from a reliable source that Allender was scheduled for a vacation in Cabo around now.

  26. How much IAS money are these bozos getting for this ridiculousness?

  27. They look better than the last ones. John Allender reminded me of the preacher in the movie “Hawaii” based on on the James Mitchner book. A fanatical , angry, enforcer.

  28. Joanne Wheaton is the woman. I have liked her very much at various times. She’s VERY short. Google her name with Scientology at the end and you will see other pics. Danny Wheaton used to be her husband. Tell her I said “hi” and to chill

  29. dear “one of those who see” “Please go so you can retain some dignity.”

    Dear Squirrel Busters, Please stay and continue your antics. You have given chuckles and guffaws to many of us indies with a sense of humor, at your expense! You look so ridiculous and sometimes it is just painful to watch the videos of you making such fools of yourselves. You know how you hurt for someone else when they really do something stupid and don’t know that they are doing it? I only wish Rosa Rosa Danna were still alive as she would be able to do justice to your antics on Saturday Night Live. What the heck is wrong with comedians these days. this material is priceless. Couldn’t be written any better. the cameras on the heads should NOT be stopped. Please bring it back! Maybe Adam Sandler could do your material justice. “Hey, I can’t hear you I have a banana sticking out of my ear” Or I’m a guy with a camera sticking out of his forehead now gimmie some candy! I loved that bit you did with the listing paddle boat! It would have been just a little funnier if you took on some water and maybe sunk! That would have been an I Love Lucy gag. You know I am getting a little bored with your lack of creativity though so PLEASE BRING ON SOMETHING NEW! Maybe you could have some of the Bumble Bees from the MV fundraiser buzzing around with cameras stuck on your noses or something.

  30. Interesting. Maybe you should repeat the handling, bringing the their own Creed and highlighting the applicable section.

  31. Lynne I agree with you. They are all starting to look the same. Stupid blue t-shirts and hats, ugly ass faces. Jan

  32. mrinder, LOL

  33. Carol-John and Ed are spending alot of money to end up like Dennis-Their final reward.

  34. Dear Squirrel Busters, That was a FLUNK cancelling the shirts. Guys please bring the shirts back! They were so painfully funny, embarrassment, feeling empathy for you, like when you have a booger on your nose and no one tells you! It was great fun for the media too! There is actually great art in playing stupid. Look at Rosa Dana Banana’s descriptions of her “I hate that” punchlines. a ball of sweat building up on someones nose etc. What about Buster Keaton and Charlie. Chaplin. I’m reminded of roadrunner. So keep working at it, you will get it right someday and meanwhile you are providing lots of material for the stand up comedians and late night talk guys. I can see John Allienders face with the camera stuck on his head featured on a late night’s Stupid Stuff section! Maybe a caption “church of S official seeks God or something?” Or “has the E-meter been re built to aid third eye investigations into Heresy?”

  35. I know… about placing a big-ass banner with the creed, right on your front lawn, Marty. I’d kick in the first $25 toward that one!

  36. Same here. That guy in the third pic does look really familiar. I don’t think I “know” him, but his face is familiar. I think he might have been, or is a SO member at Flag of some sort, maybe an auditor?

  37. Maybe DM encouraged them to shop locally to gain some local good will. Good luck with that.

  38. They must’ve been in a hurry to get those shirts on. They still have the distinctive wrinkles from how they were folded in the package.

  39. The guy with the camera looks like a transvestite whom I audited at ASHO a few years back. I cannot say his name because it is supposed to be kept confidential. The man with the lady are possibly cross dressers and swingers whom I audited at ASHO. She loved cooking vegetables and frequently would hold her hand, as if it were a knife, ready to chop the broccoli. The man with skin cancer all over his face, in the last picture, was very very flatulent and had bleeding hemmorhoids, as I recall. He called the “hem rods” and used to like to try tying rubber bands around them, trying to squeeze the life out of the vericose veins of his flaming butthole. DM may have helped him with the ligatures, but I am not certain on that. I could be wrong about all this, but at the age of 82, some things are not as sharp as they once were. I do like donuts, though.

  40. I am sure the Flag MAA knows all these people, and what level they are trying to get onto by doing this disgusting and humiliating “work”.

    This is supposed to be a Church. These are Church members. How horrid.

    I don’t think these people will cry and run home to mommy. They are trying to get seen so that daddy will take them back.

  41. Hey Leonore,

    Thanks for the great tip regarding the FRIENDS OF LRH website! Don’t know how I ever missed this one…I LOVE the stats! Even saw my name under the Washington, D.C. completions from the early 70s. God, that was a long time ago…

    Also just read the “What Happened to Friends of LRH” article they wrote. Very well written, but more important, they come up with some LRH quotes I have NEVER seen before, all on the subject of SOURCE. They prove that practically EVERYTHING Miscavige has done as the “leader of the Scientology religion” (self-appointed, of course) is FORBIDDEN by LRH policy.

    A few examples of relevant LRH quotes that I personally loved from this website:

    “Knock out all but LRH bylines on photos or articles, as the public gets too dispersed.”

    “The public has proven they buy my material. I worked for thirty years and twenty million published words in 100 publications to earn my right to a byline. We therefore do not use my byline so somebody who has not earned one can have a free ride… All magazines are my communication lines, never an organization’s.”

    “You can center public attention on no more than one name in any given activity.”

    Then they show reprints of Scientology Today and Freedom Magazine. Miscavige has full-page pictures of himself in every issue! Along with “articles” by Miscavige right alongside the articles by LRH!

    If you haven’t seen this article, I STRONGLY recommend it:

    Then go to Topic (page) 4. You’ll see the sources of all the policy references I gave above, along with all the photos I mentioned.

    All in all, a fantastic website! This made my weekend.

    Thanks, Leonore.

  42. Freedom Fighter

    Yes! Joanne Wheaton. Thanks! She’s the one who owns the Franklin House.

  43. Robert Earle

    what a beautiful story BJ lol

  44. Yes – especially enlightening was the Class VI class of 1976 (which was not even complete, since I helped my auditor make Class VI and she is not on the list).

    There’s a lot of good names on that list. One of them married my wife and I. Lots of good names on the Class VIII list too… Hell, lots of good names. Where are they?

  45. Wow. I’m all for joking around, but the first sentence in BJ’s post implies that an auditor is revealing information from auditing sessions. Second sentence, the same (although “chopping brocolli” was a charming reference to that old Saturday Night Live skit :)). Both of these statements, inferring revealing confidences, are associated with actual photos of the folks this person is insinuating he or she audited.

    The rest of it was gross and hateful, and is something this observer, who never was a scientologist, would have expected to read on one of the disgusting Co$ sites put up to denigrate Marty, Mosey, Mike, Amy, et al. In fact, it may even be worse than what I’ve read on those sites.

    Marty or Mosey, if you choose not to publish my comment, I understand. But I just had to say something about it. This post does nothing to promote the cause of the Indies and is terribly ugly. Not “theta” and not even joking — degrading, yes. In a big way.

  46. Tony Dephillips

    I liked your humor Billy Jack.
    I know you never audited them and it was all in fun.
    Let’s not get too serious…
    Or, you can if you like.

  47. askldfjasldkfjasd

    Thanks for providing me with squirrel buster entertainment. May I ask why you disabled comments in your Youtube Videos?

  48. I’m here. Michelle Page (Matlock)

  49. “Lemme ‘splain it to you, Lucy.” You see, there are people who have been in session and later were no longer “in good standing” and very personal and confidential confessions were revealed and used against them. This has been part of the tactics used in something called “fair game”, which is from an ostensibly cancelled writing. I may not have been an auditor at ASHO and I may be only 12 years old. That is not the point. The truth is that I have never told the truth and I never will. Lastly, if your concept of “hateful” is what and how I wrote the post, then you have never really seen “hateful”. Hateful is being chased in the dark by motorcycles and being deprived of sleep for days on end. I believe it was Mark Headley who may have written something about that. Gross disgusting humor may act as a slap in the face, but it was NOT your face for which it was intended.

  50. After members of the Church of Scientology finish their activities at Mark Rathbun’s house for the day, the question then always remains WHY? Why did they even do these things for? By breaking the law on video WHO went Clear, OT or became an auditor? HOW did L. Ron Hubbard’s very, very decent modest discoveries become more popular and applied in the world? That statistic on all of those question is always ZERO but the David Miscavige pays these people to do just that, ABSOLUTE ZERO good for themselves and their fellow man in the name of a church, NOT a technology, that is putting itself out of business faster than it is getting new members.

  51. You are not sure who the woman is. Clarification in order here then. She IS SOMEONE that needs to pull her head out of her anus more frequently than once a week to star in these videos because everything she talks in them sounds like real nasty crap.

  52. martyrathbun09

    Don’t have time to moderate and it most people I care to provide a forum to comment here; that comment section tends accumulate lewd filth.

  53. Yes you are!! Nice to see you too 🙂

  54. Indeed, if that’s the successful action 🙂 There are ways to do this ‘n step it up big time!

  55. I am absolutely fascinated by the current Co$ and David Mismanage. I have no idea if Marty really wants to “Take over the church” but I do think he is trying to do good. After following the Co$ for the last 6 years or so. I have followed Marty and Mike and seeing their pictures on literature or in videos. Now, of course they have woken up and got the hell out and I commend them for fighting fire with fire. I am assuming Mike R is writing a book and that is why he has not let a lot of things slip (and i do not blame him, sell it and recoup as much as you can) Plus, Mike and Marty “Know where the bodies are buried” Mike was there for the IRS sham and Id love to sit and really read or listen to that story.

    Marty you have been given another chance to right your wrongs. I know that you know what you are up against. And just like that arrogant D-bag Chris Hansen who took to the airwaves looking for sensationalism, he has now reaped what he has sowed, by being caught on tape cheating on his wife.

    My point is that if you are going to put yourself out there, you better not give people ANY ammo. I know you had a small incident with drinking one night. I dont know what happened or if it got blown out of control. I only know that IT IS an incident. Period. Do not give them any more of these.

    I think you mean a lot to a lot of people that are here on this website. A lot of people who are followers rather than leaders. Do not betray that trust, as you have in the past. (Maybe you did because of the culture of C0$. But you can not have any more excuses.)

    I have never met a Co$ member that I’m aware of, except online. But I have followed its story for years and really followed it seriously the last 6 years. It has just about destroyed itself, and i think it WILL do that sooner rather than later and the current squirrell buster idiots have given US ammo against the “church”.

    Again, Marty, I remind and bessech you, dont give THEM ammo. Hold yourself high but keep your head low, like the buddah. The higher you are….. i know you know the rest.

    Ill be watching and reading and I come to your blog every single day until i find another post. So I know its doing well and it means something.

    Keep banging away with Mosey and hey Mosey, practice your speeches, I hear the fear in your voice, which I understand, but If i am picking up on it, then they are when they go over the videos, they know you are shaking and scared. Bow up to them more and show confidence and they will. Fade. Away.

    These people are chicken shits with no sense of sel;f direction. BE firm and fair and show them you will not be rattled.

    Sorry to get off on a rant here………………

    Anyone can email me at

  56. Lawrence,
    “modest discoveries” . Oh my.

  57. I like this! I’d kick in for it, too. Then it would be in any video taken from their side.

  58. benmanokc

    And you are really saying this for Mike and Marty’s own good.. right?
    Oh my…

    Eric S


    I think your six years of study is very questionable based on the contents of your post. Maybe a troll reading OSA’s dead agent pack for half an hour would send a post like that.


  60. I agree he was a very talented and gifted person. Dianetics and Scientology will not be all that he will ever research and discover . He did say once somewhere that there were a billion things he would like to know that he still doesn’t. I am excited and anticipating those things. I certainly hope you are as well. Sorry for the delay in responding however, I was in New York City on business and damn it, I went past the org and there were no Anons protesting. One of them I know really well and was kind of hoping…but it is 100 degrees outside.

  61. The org in New York City by the way was dead. And I mean dead. I don’t know what the usual is for the place to look like because I do not frequent that area of town a lot but, the place is being redone again. The whole front of the New York Org from the nameplate on the first floor all the way to the top floor was covered in meshed scaffolding for some kind or renovation.

  62. Bernie, good boy, if you are the same Bernie that gave my web site such a good review that it reverberated through the Anonymous community in New York and got some important information to people that truly need it to confront the evil in the Church of Scientology in New York. Trolls, what are they, I don’t know yet, so I hate to attack them, I just hate to have to call someone a troll personally.

  63. Not meaning you of course, meaning the person you referred to.

  64. Jeez bedmanokc, why don’t you just come right on out and ask Marty if he has stopped drinking yet? And by the way, how’s your supply of Scotch holding out? Hair of the dog, yes? Wouldn’t want those hands to start shaking over the keyboard, right?

  65. That’s awesome, Michelle!

  66. Newly Out,
    You are most welcome! There is much on that website that can help.
    I do think it would be appropriate also to thank Marty for providing the convenient links and opportunities to discuss.

  67. What I am saying is this, I have looked into a lot of Scientology material. Enough to know I want to see the current church dismantled, which it is doing just fine itself, I have also seen with my own eyes, Mike Rinider say the same lies I see Tommy Davis saying, now of course Mike has changed his tune and is anti current church. I have also seen video of Mark saying he did ythe same thing David Mismanage has done. As in hitting and punishing people. People who were his friends. It is obvious the man jcan lead Jane follow. I am only hoping that Marty HAS made huge changes and is truly trying to better the people who are following him. I do not want him to become another David Mismanage. He has shown the same characteristics, I think Marty would even admit that. I love what he has done, I would love to be there next to his house kand fight these losers beside him. I visit his blog more than any other Scientology website, I click on here about a dozen times ja day to seem updates. I am Following closely and I am glad this site exists.

    I only want Marty to have learned from his past and NOT forget it.

    He can hold his head high right now and he can fight fire with fire because he knows what this church is capable of. So my advise to him is do not give them any ammo to use against you. Keep doing what you’re doing but dont get too full or too ahead of yourself.

    Hope this clears it up.

    Bed Man

  68. I want to clarify my point. I am not looking to grind on Marty for a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. I am pointing out, that he had an -incident- where alcohol was invloved, am I right? Now that doesn’t make him bad and I’m not insisting it does. I am simply saying that when you are who he is and what he is doing and what he represents, you must be on the look out, you must not put yourself in situations where things like that happen. I’m not saying Marty can’t drink, I’m not saying he did anything wrong. Let’s just say that what I read about that night, which by the way, I only read about the drinking night when Marty mentioned it to the newspaper people that interviewed him. But let’s jus say for a second thath marty did nothing wrong. It doesn’t matter, when you have a holes jlike David Mismanage and his tools following you and here they might make a mountain out of a molehill. The a holes see what marty means to people Jane anything they cyan use against him to discredit him they will use, we all know that. That is all I was suggesting is joint give them a reason. If you put yourself out there like he has, for lack of a better word, but Marty better be cleaner than a Priests sheets.

    Hope that clears things up. And that it is ok to show a little conostructive criticism and advice. I mean I hope this blog hasn’t become the current church of $scientology.

  69. martyrathbun09

    Your last dig in the last sentence directed toward others is fairly creepy and suspect; quite like the attitude and utterances of the 5 to 6 people who surveil me an attempt to provoke me 24/7/365. Keep it up and I’ll let you go commune with them on their forum.

  70. Lawrence,

    No, I’m not that Bernie, but it looks like he did a good deed for you. If you post the link I’ll see if I can pick up a few tips! 🙂


  71. Marty, I am a 36 year old man in OKC. If you look up Bed Man OKC in google, you will find my business. This is me. I am not a spy or anything other than a guy who is semi obssessed with watching the church crash in upon itself. I follow almost anything I can.

    I don’t know how much help i would have been, but after wtching what these david Mismanage a– holes have been doing to you, if i didn’t have a 4 month old son and business to run, I would love to be there in person, standing up for you and between these retards.

    Bed Man: Mattress Outlet

    7615 N May OKC 73112

    405 879-BEDS
    405 879-2337

    I am also on Facebook if you type bed man okc

    This is Me Mike Brown aka BEd Man, in commercials and on billboards.

    I have never that i know of ever met someone who is a Co$ members, but i have followed it for years and even more so, since Tom Cruise went crazy and after watching you and AMy and Mike defect. I tell my poor wife, who cares less about how crazy this Co$ is and what they do to people. It angers me, but I know I cant really do a damn thing.

    I have asked YOU before on here, if there is anything I can do. If you tell me there is a protest somewhere in Oklahoma, ill be there.

    So it bothers me that of all the times i have asked you questions or made comments to you personally on here, that my last comment is the first time you’ve chosen to respond.

    I check this blog a dozen times a day, hell it is 1 am here and I am posting THIS. I do not have another website I go to more than this one currently, other than FARK.COM or checking my emails.

    In no way was I taking a shot at anyone. I was not happy when I offered constructive criticism, nothing perosnal, nothing attacking, just criticism, I was bothered that people on here responded to me as if I don’t have a right to have an opinion or offer praise or criticism. It seems to me that is what you and everyone else here have a problem with as it pertains to the current Co$.

    So again, if i worded things incorrectly, it was not my intent.

    I want to feel free to post and comment here when I feel i have something to add. If you feel it would be better for me to offer nothing ever again, please just tell me and I will be very happy simply viewing the blog and nothing more.

    All the best and continued success and keep up the fight and don’t ever give in to these people, after all your years in the church, you KNOW how they will come at you, so don’t let them ever bait you or give them ammo to use against you.

    Cheers and beers.

    Bed MAn Mike in OKC

  72. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, I got all that and appreciate it. Did you understand why the sentence and its implications was offensive to the good portion of the readership?

  73. I do understand Marty and thank you for taking the time to respond.
    I obviously meant no harm, but what I said was not my place to say. I personally have never in life, felt oppression from someone who acts like a dictator or had a demented person trying to control my thoughts and actions. So it was incorrect for me to equate what someone said to me or about me on this blog. I truly can not imagine going through, some of the things I have read about.

    It was pretty silly actually, to compare the two.

    I will continue to follow daily.

    Anytime you see bedmanokc, just know you have someone completely outside of the church, that supports what you are doing and truly wants to see you succeed where it appears all others have failed.

    Bed Man anxiously awaiting the book I know you will write someday and just like I requested from Amy S, I will look forward to getting a personalized autographed copy.

    Cheers and Beers

    Bed Man Mike in OKC

  74. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot Mike.

  75. If you can pick up a few tips Bernie, remember they are on the house!
    I kept a diary of what I did in Scientology and webbed it here:

    I took the hit counter down after it reached over 60,000 visits a few years ago. I am not sure if people were looking for a cohesive explanation of what church services were all about or to grab goodies for their own sites, but in any case it was very validating to get the visits and the e-mail.

  76. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sucking on DM’s Voodoo Sangria. They look like the undead. No. Really!

  77. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Mwahahahahahaha!!! Good eye, JM! I love his hat. Doesn’t it say “Squirrel Bustiers”? (hmmm… shapely rodents? Must be a new product line for davey and TC’s thong shop.)

    Me too. 🙂

  78. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! “I do like donuts, though.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  79. Hi Mike (Bedman OKC),
    I get you now! Rock on.

  80. I too appreciate your response, Bedman. Thank you. Even if you are “only” with us in spirit, that is actually what counts the most. And you may have other opportunities to help, down the road.

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