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Hey, some pretty magical stuff is happening here. Cowboy Poet posted a beautiful poem on Saturday – a special one for Father’s Day. DFB, a regular here, took just a couple of hours on Father’s Day, took the Cowboy’s words and put them to music.  Here it is. Damn, you all are good.


The Hero

I hope you do exceed your expectations
With the power to achieve,
your aims and goals.
That you’ll always reach,
whatever you go for.

Cause I believe in you
I DO believe in YOU.
My faith in you will always last.
I’m the father with a hero,
on my lap.

I know you’ll never leave a comrade,
when he’s down.
That your word will last forever,
honor bound.
That the counsel that you keep,
is yours til you grow old.
That you’ll wish upon a star
And be the hero,
that you are.

I believe you’ll stand alone,
and never shaken
When a trust is lost,
or when you’ve been forsaken.
That you’ll hitch your wagon,
back up to that star.
Cause you’re the hero in my lap,
That’s who you really are.

Cause I believe in you
I DO believe in YOU.
My faith in you,
will always last.
I’m the father with a hero,
on his lap.
Yeah, I’m the father with a hero,
on his lap.

JB – Going Mobile

babes chillin' on the bay

Well, we was simply chillin’ on the bay one day with Sam and other friends, when out of the blue I hear from a long, lost friend. You all have heard a bit about what followed and the fortuitous emergence of JB. To give you an unprecedented look into what escape along the underground railroad entails, and some fresh insight into happenings behind the wall, JB has graciously agreed to the  publication of one of the first emails he sent to me. You can see what it was like, in real time.

JB - 50 years ago


Hey Marty,
JB here.  Anyway, I just completed the most successful blow from the Int Base without anyone having a clue that it was going to happen and, aside from my pc and ethics folders, I got out with all my stuff, bank account emptied and phones and blackberry wiped clean and left with the batteries out and SIM cards destroyed and my vehicle full of gas courtesy of motorpool.
Let me fill you in a bit more as I feel that some of the marbles have settled a bit in my head now as more time goes by.  Firstly, please realize that I am extremely paranoid right now.  I am out all alone here and freaked that they might magically find me.  I am pretty familiar with all the lines and tricks they use to locate people, hell, I used to do it myself!  But I am pretty confident that I did a good job of leaving no clues or leads or ways of tracking me down electronically or otherwise.  But my paranoia even extends to hoping I am not writing to an OSA bullshit email set up on a clone website that I got to in an effort to get to yours! Or that they are hacked in to your site or even hushmail or your pc and are monitoring every communication that goes in and out from you. I‘m a bit vulnerable right now and haven‘t contacted anyone yet and fear looking up old friends as they are probably  tracking down and calling every name of old buddies from my life history.  I was never anywhere near as high in  terms of power as you or Mike were, but I have been DM’s “personal engineer” as he used to brag to people ( I hated that leash he put on me) 
Anyway…  back when I was Internal Security Officer in RTC and you came back from the ship and became my senior, I remember one comm cycle we had where you told me very sincerely to “only listen to LRH and don’t buy what other people might give you as their interpretations or their examples“.  You said to study and understand LRH and I wouldn’t go wrong.  I really took that advice to heart at that moment in that comm cycle. 

I remember, not too long after that, being in the courseroom in Qual, I don’t remember what course I was on, but I was reading An Essay on Management.  It blew me away.  It made so much sense and while reading it and really seeing LRH’s description  of punishment drive I had my first thoughts of how DM operated.  Man what a withheld thought! 

I had a square peg suddenly and it seems that the nature of theta is to reason out how it actually fits the round hole.  But the seed was planted.  I read a bit of entheta crap on my lines here and there over the next year on that post and I ended up expressing my “THOUGHTS” and ended up at HV on the RPF for 3 years.  I was the MAA out there ultimately and I heeded your advice and studied LRH profusely.  After all my RDDs and whatnot I ended up reading all the LRH books and just about the entirety of the tech vols.  I was incredulous.  This was awesome.  I fell in love with the auditors code and the better virtues of man and had phenomenal wins by really caring about people and helping them.  It became simple. The comparison was what I had seen back at the base over the prior years and the horriby failed attempts to “handle” people by putting them in tents and forcing them to admit they were SPs and then retraining them on the Criminon program and George Washington’s rules on good behaviour.  80 percent of them just ended up not getting handled or blowing.  Some standard tech, 100% results, huh? 

Another realization I had out at HV was that all these people that were so “fucked up” were a phenomenal work force.  Much to the contrary of DMs continuous rantings at the time (and still to this day) that RPFer were constant overt product makers without exception, all the work they did was generally far superior to the construction work and sets and props work that the miserable lot of Gold crew were producing in their oppressive environment.  It might have been the RPF but it had a special factor of a lot of people that were actually validated for their creativity (albeit only internally in the group of RPFers and some of the Sets, Props and Estates guys that we were constantly bailing out). 

I remember starting to formulate back then my conviction that man really WAS basically good and it was actually easy to help him get better.  My wins along this line were staggering.  I had a blast and completely ended up differentiating myself from the bullshit way things were done at the base.  “SRA’s”, “ripped his face off”, scrubbing dumpsters and toilets with toothbrushes and all the myriad other forms of RSing ev purp dramatization were so obvious to me as a means of destroying people rather than any sort of therapeutic help or MEST work to get someone out of his head.  I gained more in my three years out at HV in this de-PTSing enlightenment than I had gleaned in my whole SO career since 1977 (I think I joined around the same time as you).  So I came back to the base, supposedly to go back to RTC but no one dared post me for some reason.  I was put on full time “training”  I said fuck that and went to motorpool and started working. 

I realized within a week that nearly everyone on the base was around the Fear band on the tone scale.  This was wierd to me.  I decided that few people could be trusted as when down at that band they will gladly use you as a shield for any imagined bullets they perceive coming their way.  To put it another way, they will „throw you under the bus“. 

I ended up later going in a training pool for RTC and found that the plan was for me to become Estates Manager RTC.  But again, no one would post me.  They were scared to take any initiative cuz “COB might get upset” or something. 

The square peg started to get splinters and stuff for me, but I still managed to rationalize it and figure out how it fit the round hole.  So I just took over gradually as Estates Manager by getting involved in that great empty mausoleum, Building 50.  I got the place pretty perfect and snagged myself a couple juniors, Maggie and Brenden, and strived to be a good senior and help them improve and be more competent.  I think I set a pretty good example for them and probably tainted them (good!) with my slightly different views and observations that it was easy to make things better and help people and that it made no sense that all the people on the base were „all just a bunch of SPs“ and that what actually made sense was that there was something else wrong that was as yet unidentified (although I was building my own secret arsenal of observations that this unidentified factor was good old Dave himself) 

The square peg started to get barbed wire wrapped around it, but I was careful to not cross any line in my voiced “dissension” and get anyone alerted to me.  I still managed to figure out how I was somehow wrong and that this bristling square peg still fit the round hole very smoothly.
I started making a name for myself.  I started handling some screwed up MEST type cycles that were on Dave’s lines in all manner or fields.  Stuff for TC was big on the list.  I started noticing how effusive DM was with people who would directly help his MEST and money empire.  These were his best “friends”.  Nobody got the prolonged handshake and piercing howitzer gleam right in the eye “THANK YOU, REALLY” like those who forked over hundred of thousands of dollars.  The square peg started getting slathered with napalm.

Then the thing that really nailed it for me.  The Freewinds.  Those previously in charge made a disgusting OP mess of the mega 30 million dollar full renovation of the ship in preparation for the MV 2008.  50 to 80 people from Int, PAC and Flag piled in to somehow get it “done” and presentable in the last 2 weeks.  I was one of them.  It was a total bandaid sets and props job and the place was such a seething overspend and OP that a large part of it had to be fully ripped apart and redone.  I stayed on board for a whole 14 months “fixing” it.  I became somewhat of a hero.  How and what I did and the final product that was way beyond what was originally envisioned is its own long story.  But I basically took over the whole ship and ran it “my way” (LRH’s way of common sense and actually helping people). 

I spotted Sue Price as the “DM clone” she was and decided to depower her by de-PTSing her whole CMO from her.  I started to realize that the source of this ranting disgusting demoralizing SP op basis was DM himself and that she had “learned” this when she was at Int and brought it with her to the ship, and so had many other staff.  I saw that this was a disease spreading throughout the SO.  I had never experienced first hand anything other than the Int base and all the bullshit that it was somehow a peculiar place full of all the SPs you could imagine.  But I was out on the clear blue seas away from all that crap and I took the opportunity to “try” doing what made sense to me and had huge wins pulling it off and changing the lives of hundreds of staff with my example. 

Marty, they think I’m a god or something.  Its really something.  I can’t imagine DM black PRing me to them with any measure of success after they got to work with me for 14 months.  I imagine he will keep my blow “quiet”.  I came back to Int from the ship last September and noticed that all the photos and products I got on the ship were used by him to “stuff up the ass” of some people in the hole and elsewhere by showing them how effective he was with his „personal engineer“ doing it right.  I could tell by how disgustingly propitiative they were to me in their „congratulations“ they were giving me.  Good news was only useful to him if he could use it to show people how fucked up they were.  Pretty sick.  The square peg with splinters, barbed wire and napalm was now lit afire and I started to see that it really did not fit the round hole at all. 

When I returned to the base from the Freewinds last September,  I got pulled aside by Carol B in COB’s office and “briefed” that I was not to reassume my post as Estates Manager and to stay aloof from my two juniors and any of the other “crap” going on at the base.  I was put onto full time study on “the basics” and told that I had a couple projects coming up.  I rebelled and moved back into my old office and told my juniors that it was not covered in any policy that I was aware of that I could just willy nilly be taken off post.  I was perm posted and fully hatted and not replaced so I just kept my post, though I did let my juniors get on with it as they had stepped up to more responsibility in my absence and I was not going to knock them back.

Over the months I got sicker and sicker of the obvious downtone lackeys in the hole and the dozen or so of  them that were now the “Int” people that got moved into Building 50.  They were so beaten down and useless that I couldn’t fathom it.  I saw them being completely useless and didn’t know how they could live.  Something was very, very wrong.  I decided that I needed to start preparing for something.  I could tell by various comm cycles and indicators that I was being kept with some idea that I end up with COB and possibly a handful of other “trusted and loyal” people somewhere.  This terrified me.   NO way! 
And then I got a brand new iPhone for Xmas!  Wow! internet access at my fingertips.  I ventured to “look and not listen”.  I watched the series of AC360 shows and then looked further and saw your stuff and from there found your blog.  Holy crap!  I am NOT the only one who has seen this crap.  That settled it.  I had to get out.  I couldn’t do anything from inside that I could think of without getting incarcerated and hammered into submission.  I would have ended up taking off if that happened.  So I decided to take off without being “in trouble” while I had hundreds of people who saw me as a pretty sane cool dude who was in high ARC with all people he worked with and helped them.  I thought that would help get them thinking better than if I became just a “disaffected asshole like the rest of them”.  So poof…I blew.  They can‘t find me too easily.  I want to talk to you.  I am leery of getting tracked down until I can get some more firm ground and wherewithall under my feet.  There are some things I know that may be revealing and beneficial to you from my recent observations of his op against you and what has been happening in those circles.
A real painful part is the friends I left behind.  I got nobody out here!  I want to help them and see if I can pluck more of them out from this crap.  But mostly, I want to depower DM by getting his minions out from under him.
Enough for now. I will send this and await a reply.  I am very sincere about this.  I’m not shitting you.  Maybe DM has planted some false “leak” that I am his next secret infiltration attempt in order to keep you from contacting me or listening to me.  I wouldn’t put it past him. There is a lot of scheming going on.  Its a bit scary and lonely out here.  I want to do something.  I need to.  It is my duty.  Let me know, huh? 

Love you,  JB

JB at the shack. You can't take the kid out of the fisherman.

 Oh, yeah, he was influenced by listening to rebel music, which has now been adopted as the theme song of the underground railroad:

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Something magical just hit the comments section. It comes from thousands and thousands of miles away. It comes from a woman who embodies everything we have been talking about for the past year. It comes from a woman who had every reason to keep her head low and live a life of bitter resentment.  I know that for a fact because I personally abused that woman verbally in a most cruel manner on several occassions back in the day when I wasn’t me.  We love you Lana, and I mean unconditionally. And if you quick shoot me a nice JPG portrait I’d love to put it up with this. Without further ado,

Thank you for the lovely LRH quote on force Marty.

It got me reflecting on why I come back to this blog over and over…

I only post on your blog occasionally, not because I do not agree and not because I do not wish to add my voice to the conversation, but because I only speak out when I feel that my contribution will somehow enhance the thread, or provide some more insight, or somehow give others some relief.

Since 2005 I have slowly started to gather back friends from past times. Persons, in the same postition as myself (declared SP for leaving the Int base or for no reason whatsoever). Persons who I worked with at Int. Persons, who I love the company of and who I have affinity for.

When I first made contact with them, I was full of bypassed-charge. I also had tons of questions. What happened when I left? How did it happen that way? Was there information that I had not been privy to (of course there always is) and I had wanted to somehow get to a point where I could end-cycle on the mess at Int. I wanted to stop the nightmares. I wanted to stop wondering about friends I had lost.

The conversations I have had over the last few years have been the best — and I thank each of you (including Marty) who listened as I wrote dissertations and lengthy emails about what had occurred and how things had been so wrong and off-policy.

This is where COMMUNITY comes in.

I did not always get the answers I was looking for, and sometimes responses were a long time coming — but each one let me rest a little easier and allow me to put my attention on to now and the future, rather than caught up in the past mis-emotion, problems and in-justices.

I feel very much part of this community.

I have felt that way for many, many months.

I have posted under the name of Solace, NOT because I am scared of the force or underhanded techniques of The Church, and NOT because I have connections that would be impinged upon by speaking out (I lost all those connections back in 2005), but because here, where I live, I have been rediscovering my OT abilities and I have been having unprecedented success in life. I simply had the idea that by communicating my collaboration with the community here, it might endanger my happiness on the homefront.

In reviewing this, particularly against the quote from LRH that Marty has posted, I can see that through communicating and affirming my affiliation with the Independent Scn Community, it will simply bolster my own ARC and my own power — and there really is no danger.

It seems the longer I stay disconnected from The Church of Scientology, the better life becomes and the more I rediscover the real me. By the time I had left I had been pounded down the tone scale and invalidated to the point where my own faith in myself, was at an all-time low.

I have been reversing that process over the last number of years and have been rediscovering how I can make my postulates stick, how I can use ARC to improve situations and how the only limiting factor is my own considerations (which I have been identifying and removing).

As a result, I would like to announce my independence.

My name is Lana Mitchell. I am an ex-Int base staff member of 10 years and a former Sea Org member of 15 years. I worked in CMO Int and then in RTC. I also worked for several years as a cook for DM, and his entourage and celebrity guests until 2003. Some of this journey was good. A lot of it was shockingly terrible.

I will not at this time include a long account of how I came to be declared. I am actually over it at this point and feel no need to rewrite it. It would also just enturbulate and upset those who read it — so what it the point?

What is important is the fact that I have confirmed for myself, in the last 5 years, the workability of LRH technology, I have confirmed for myself the power of my own postulates, and I have rediscovered that life is theta, exciting and a game.

I am currently living at home, in Australia, in a beautiful house my husband and I just built, with 2 lovely baby boys (one 4 years old and one 8 months old) who fill my daily life with theta and enthusiasm.

I am very happy here. and I am very happy to state that I am an Independent Scientologist and support this community.

If you wish to email me, you can do so at

OSA — Hi Kirsten (and Vicki)– I am sure you already had me in your little black book, but if not, you can now add me in. It might be a little difficult however to have my phone tapped and have me followed around, as I am live on a large rural block with a driveway of over 1 km and the closest house is almost as far away. Also — we have several large dogs, so you might want to call first befor anyone comes visiting (hee hee!)


THANKS to the folks who not only made JB’s and my work easier over the past two weeks, but who taught us lessons along the way.

THANKS to Mosey for chasing off DM’s vampire gnats from the home front all on your sweet lonesome and for keeping me centered and introducing me to the original Morpheus.

THANKS  to the Cowboy Poet and the Navajo Code Talker (and their wonderful spouses) for great hospitality and some Wild, Wild West tailshaking services.

Cowboy Poet with a greenhorn

Navajo Code Talker


THANKS to Claire and Marc and K1 and K2 for making your home our home, reminding us that it is all about family, friends and the mortar that holds them together, making life fun and indestructible (love/ARC). And THANKS also to Marc for reminding me not to take things too seriously.

THANKS to Jason and Angie and B1 and B2 for the respite on your ranch that teems with life and for reminding us that theta in its many forms and personalities is the universal healer.

THANKS to Tiziano and Jamie  for reminding us of the power of insouciance and the spirit of play.

Thanks to Mary Jo and Kathy B for making it through the Third Wall of Fire despite the C of M’s best efforts to prevent it, and for sharing so that we all might follow your leads.

THANKS to Gregory and Joanna for sharing your irrespressible, shining own selves.

Collectively, you all instilled a great deal of confidence that everything is going to come out all right in the end. That is because you demonstrated how much stronger, faster and higher toned our horizontal lines of affinity, reality and communication are in comparison to the enforced, entheta vertical lines of the monster that seeks to destroy us.  It became very evident that no matter what the force encountered, we cannot be stopped.

This is to all ya’ll:

The Citadel

DM has been attempting to export his “hole” to the outside world. He did it last year by sending nine “execs” to Clearwarter to scream into the faces of St Pete Times reporters. This year he exported the dog and pony show to NY and Atlanta to subject Anderson Cooper and the exec structure of CNN to it.  He sent virtual Hole squads to the streets of Clearwater Florida, Port Aransas and Ingleside Texas and to the Corpus Christi Airport.  We decided to reverse the flow and inject some theta into DM’s hole.  

JB and I went to the Int HQ base Saturday to collect JB’s passport and to penetrate the walls of the citadel with some ideas.  When we arrived we were hollered at by Security and a hired gun to leave the property.  Security called 911 with great fanfare, a DMesque show of force.  Shortly after our arrival  DM’s personal Steward, DM’s personal Chef, and DM’s personal driver were seen scampering from the Star of California ship to behind the eight foot wall that surrounds DM’s villa compound within the larger compound. DM was quite apparently hunkered in the bunker. For the next hour, DM proved  his recent propaganda videos to be accurate – not a single soul could be seen across the hundreds of acres of  neatly manicured “worker’s paradise.”

 I tried to reach DM through phoning his Assistant Lou’s cell phone, but apparently she was instructed by DM not to answer the phone while she was huddled around him with the rest of his personal staff in his walled Villa.

We also called the cell phone of the guard who has been watching former CO Gold (Lisa Allen Shroer) for the two years since her blow.  I instructed the guard to hand the phone to Lisa and she complied.  I told Lisa that JB and I were at the gate ready to escort her out safely. Apparently two years of black dianetics sec checking, isolation, constant electronic and human surveillance had taken its toll and she not so politely declined.  At least she knows she’s got friends when she comes to again.

We asked the D/Sheriff who responded whether he could see about having  JB’s passport handed over.  He gave it a shot. We were informed by the d/sheriff that Warren McShane of RTC was in possession of it, but that he was in Los Angeles. We informed the Sheriff that we’d go to LA and seek out McShane. The Sheriff spoke to McShane on the phone and McShane informed the Sheriff that he was afraid of JB and me and wanted an address to mail the passport to. JB informed the Sheriff that JB’s address IS the Int base, and has been for twenty-seven years. When the Sheriff became exasperated with the c of m tactics, he explained that he could not compel them to comply without a court order and was doing all he could to persuade them to be sensible. We thanked him for his efforts and told him that he was being used in a one of DM’s childish hide and seek games, and we’d pursue other avenues.

While DM’s forces frantically attempt to locate and apply force to us, JB and I are quite effortlessly continuing to disseminate ideas of freedom behind the carefully and expensively contructed walls of force. Seeds are being systematically, yet seemingly randomly,  planted around the world, behind the walls.  Many will inevitably be smothered with RTC herbicide. But, many too will continue to thrive and come to fruition. None will fully die.

Our strategy comes from LRH words that have been posted on this blog before. But, as the old saying goes, the rudiments sometimes bear repetition:

From PDC 10: Specific Parts of Self-determinism, Spacation by L Ron Hubbard:

People recognize that, and although you will see a tremendous tendency on the part of the slave to assume his chains and wear them, and wear more chains if possible, you always have a greater number who in the end will turn on the master.

The masters of the slaves die. They have always died in this universe and they always will, and so may too a universe die.

But the point we are making is simply that force was never any weapon with which to combat reason. And every time force has been applied to reason in this universe force as come the cropper, not reason.

Sooner or later the reason would go around and through because there’s on…force, you see, can’t go through sixteen-foot bastions and barricades. You have this enormous citadel sitting on the high crown of an untouchable mount. And it is garrisoned and provisioned and watered to withstand the siege of centuries. And its garrison is well-trained and well-armed. Not a signle shaft or a bolt or a lightening flash could go through that citadel.

But by the water carrier or some other means an idea can go through the wall of any citadel. When you ask, “what is the strength of this citadel?” you always have to ask “what is the loyalty of this garrison?” That is the other factor, and force was never able to win against it. It could win temporarily, oh, yes, but never completely. Now in a reaction against force, people quite often will assume a no responsibility for the whole universe. That’s going downscale against force.

Want to point out to you that there’s an up scale from force. A high one, and that goes up toward the reasonable thing to do. And people very often, who are trying to go up scale toward the reasonable thing to do, will find themselves caught with specious reasoning and will find themselves dropping down toward the weak thing to do.

Reason which is afraid of force, and reason which exists to keep force from hurting one is not reason. That, too, is a form of slavery. But reason which exists to go up from the level of force must first be able to confront force. Only then can such reason take responsibility for those things which reason alone can produce.

And so you find a society, just before it goes out, taking its last effort to escape force by being reasonable, but that reasonability consists normally of an assumption of slavery of one form or another – not an assumption of freedom. They will lay upon themselves various restrictions and…out of fear.

Now that man who is able to take responsibility for force, yet who does not employ force, is much more terrible than man who can apply force alone. And the man who applies force alone is, of course, much more terrible to a lower scale on the chart than those who can only cluster together in terror and hope that the mass of their numbers will restrain the hand of force.

You want to remember then you’re looking at harmonics, when you’re looking at this on a tone scale. You’ll find groups which cohese solely because they are terrified of force which may be applied to them. And in that cohesion they simply seek protection of the individual by the group.

That group almost never advances. Now that group which can be free in each and every individual matter is yet the only group that can act and reason and with cause. For a group to be cause it must consist of individuals who themselves are cause.

Catch us if you can.

Black Dianetics at the top of the Bridge – more on IAS

If anyone has any doubt that DM has constructed a bridge to nowhere, he or she might want to spend a bit of time reading through the extensive trail of evidence Mary Jo Leavitt created which is lodged on the website.  I believe that is far better evidence than myself, MIke RInder, Amy, Jeff, Steve, et al could ever provide.  That is because the insanity of the conduct at the top means a lot less if doesn’t transmit out to effect the product of the organization. Mary Jo’s evidence effectively documents those effects. The new “EP” of OT VIII is now in fact, “knowing and willing effect of, and complicity with,  David Miscavige and his anti-LRH and anti-Scientology campaigns and programs.” 

You think I am overstating it?  Read just two of the knowledge reports that Mary Jo wrote when DM and his minions attempted to turn her into the brave new definition of OT VIII.  I have included them below. Now, please realize that very few of the OT VIIIs handled it like Mary Jo Leavitt did.  With a handful of exceptions, the OT VIIIs walked lock step down the integrity-shedding lemming leap demanded by Miscavige. Thank God Mary Jo held her ground and made a record of it.  Any bridge that leads to a state of other-determinism, particularly suppressive other-determinism, is a bridge to a dark, ugly place. 

You want to know what a real OT VIII looks and acts like? Get to know Mary Jo Leavitt.  



Mary Jo’s reports:

November 26, 2007 to RTC Reports Officer

Things that shouldn’t be IAS interview/Reg cycle Ted Bragin, Marion Vugger

I was in an IAS reg cycle last Saturday the 17th of November with Ted Bragin from the WUS Office.

I had been told I needed to get an appointment for a briefing and I was hesitant as I do not have the funds to donate now and I am also very busy with my OTA hat as the OTA IC of Latam. Last year, in 2006 MV I donated 150K and in one month completed a Patron Meritorious cycle: I went from 15 K on the IAS to 250K in 12 months and it was a very BIG deal for me, I got into debt big time. I was thrilled and proud to do it but had to follow that up with a lot of production. I am a single woman and while I do own my business it is not one that makes so much profit to allow for such sizeable donations. I basically got a second mortgage on my house to do it.

After course on Tuesday the 13th, I was approached by Claire Taylor (FCS LA Fdn.) and was told I had to have an interview with the IAS, that all the OTs in the field had to be interviewed. There was no reference or no reason given to me. This is a generality and it is an arbitrary that “all OTs have to be interviewed”. I don’t think an enforced interview is OK, especially when I am active and have donated so much. But I reluctantly agreed.

Since Ted Bragin regged me before I agreed to get this briefing from him and asked him to please be brief as I had lots to do and did not want to sit there and tell someone how I did not have money. It is not OK to sit there and talk at length about debt, etc- it just brings one downtone and makes a postulate there.

I had set aside 1 hour for this and Ted was late (which was fine he was in another cycle) but when we started 20 minutes late I was anxious to get the cycle going. Ted made small talk, commenting about people who had made recent huge donations and told me I needed to be with that group of people, hang out with them. I said I had no time to hang out with new people, I was a bit puzzled at the comm. I asked him to please give me the briefing and he said it wasn’t a briefing, it was an interview, which he said was the new name for a reg cycle. I was BIs, I was told I was getting a briefing. It is not OK to lie about the purpose of a meeting, which was not what I agreed to do.

He then started to ask me about my finances and I said I did not want to discuss specifics or my debt, that I had expressed to him this. I did tell him I had no equity in the house. He became irate, that HE was the IAS and I had to disclose everything as I worked for the Church and per policy they needed to know. I asked him for a reference and he pulled out the Les Dane book and referred to the section on qualifying a prospect and said “This is LRH”. I protested this saying this was absolutely not LRH source and then asked him if then anything was mine, did I own anything? Did I have a say on my own finances and how I was going to handle them? It seemed so bizarre. Ted said I was now OT VIII and very self-determined but he “could show me what self-determinism was”. This was all done in a hostile tone. He went and got a staff member from the Flag office who is a trained Flag MAA and is on a mission here in LA, her name is Marion Vugger, and when I explained to her that I was not in agreement with the force of the cycle she told me I sounded disaffected! I am one of the most upstat and active OT Ambassadors and Scientologist on the planet, according to OT Operations Office Int who wrote this before my clearance for the ship to do OT VIII eligibility. Then Ted said, “you know I love you don’t you?” and when I said “no…” he said, “that is the first lie you say tonight, I would lie in front of you and give my life so that you and only you could go free” – it was all very melodramatic and introverting. What is one supposed to answer to that? Marion told me if I could not give money I needed to walk in and say to the IAS “what can I do for you”? I told her I was already very committed as an OTA and could not glibly say that as I would not be able to deliver. She did not answer that. I have to create income and am already very active helping the OTCs in Latam. Ted then said that we had to do it all. When I said I was already “doing it all” (I do not qual for the SO or staff and Ted knows this) he got angrier with me.

I was told I had to give “everything” to the IAS, that I work for the Church and that I had to be there on the same terms as the SO and that COB needed funds NOW. When I said I could not give what I didn’t have, that it would be out ethics, he got furious and said, “don’t you think LRH was out ethics when he almost broke his back researching the OT levels? He was out ethics on the first dynamic and on the second dynamic, he had a family, he was a husband, don’t you tell me you can’t be out ethics!”. He turned to Marion and she nodded in agreement! At that point I just remained quiet and decided I needed to not protest anymore to end the interview. I said I was working on creating more income; that I was with the program and understood what I was being told. At that point Ted told the MAA that I was more active than over 90 % of parishioners he knew and then told me I could leave. Marion left the room and Ted offered to walk me to my car. As we walked I chatted lightly and he asked me 3 times if I was OK. I was not showing any signs of not being OK, it was as if he was concerned that the cycle had been very rough and he wanted to be sure I was OK.

Ted looked very tired; I have never seen him this aggressive. I am not sure what references they are operating on but this type of treatment and comm. is unacceptable and the comment about LRH being out ethics and making it OK and even necessary to be out ethics to be an upstat IAS member, is completely unacceptable. I think this needs to be looked into.

This is true,

Mary Jo Leavitt

OT VIII, OTA IC Latam, Patron Meritorious, FSM


RTC Reports Officer Int

Mary Jo Leavitt, New OT VIII                   September 20,2009



PR Aide OSA Int

Legal Aide OSA Int

International Justice Chief

Snr I&R Chf HCO Int

Ted Bragan, IAS WUS

Tiana Lake Snr MAA CLO WUS

Cherie, Snr HAS CLO

Jon Lundeen, CO ASHO Fdn

Lon Kloeffer, Dir I&R CLO

Knowledge Report

Out tech (Out KSW), Abuse of Position

Snr I&R Chf HCO Int

Ted Bragan, IAS WUS

Tiana Lake Snr MAA CLO WUS

Cherie, Snr HAS CLO

Jon Lundeen, CO ASHO Fdn

Lon Kloeffer, Dir I&R CLO

Dear Sir,

This report is written and routed as above because of the potential liabilities such activities can bring about if perpetrated upon terminals less understanding than myself, liabilities that can have severe repercussions on PR and possibly legal lines.


Recently, two SO members entered my property by jumping the gate of my house without permission. I wrote a KR on the SO members who were from the CLO WUS ‐ and sent it to RTC, copy to MAA CLO WUS and the parties involved; it turned out one of those men was the Dir I&R CLO (Lon Kloeffer). See attached.

Two weeks went by and I went back on course at my agreed‐upon time. On the way out of course, on a Wednesday (August 5, 2009) I was approached in the parking lot by the D/ED of LAD (Mark) and asked if I could go to an IAS interview for a few minutes. I said I did not have time (which was the case), and besides these interviews are never a few minutes. I also said that I did not have any money to donate and the interviews were reg cycles, so I was going to pass. Mark then said to me it was not an option, that it was mandatory. I looked at him surprised and said, “Mandatory? Q1 is self determinism and we have power of choice!” I also said he could tell the people who had sent him that I was not going to an IAS briefing and to take me off their lists (for potential reg cycles). And then I left.

That night I received a call from the CLO Dir I&R (that went to my answering machine) saying I needed to come in to see the CLO Dir I&R immediately. My daughter Joanna, who is also my Communicator, called as soon as she got the message. She was told there was a KR written on me that required me to show up within 24 hours, because I was being summoned by HCO; yet they would not give further information on what it was about. It being a workday the next day, and I was flat‐out with work, Joanna arranged for me to go on Saturday tentatively and got OK from the Dir I&R to postpone the meeting until then. Joanna told the Dir I&R (who refused to give his name) that she would talk with me the next day and see if it was possible to go any earlier in the week. This was agreed and fine. It was late at night and I had already retired.

The next morning, Joanna gave me the message and I called the Dir I&R first thing; I got an answering machine so I left a message saying I wanted a copy of the report so I could see it before it was time to go to the CLO on Saturday (which was the earliest possible time I could go in). I had no idea what that could be about, all I could think of was the comm cycle about the IAS interview that previous afternoon.

Then around noon (approximately 3 hours after I left my message) a man in an SO Officer uniform showed up at the gate of my home/office. He identified himself as the D/CO of the Ethics Org now established in the CLO. Instead of giving me a copy of the KR, he handed me an “HCO Ethics Summons” (attached). He said I had 24 hours to report to the CLO yet would not tell me what this was about, only that it was very serious. I told him I could only think of the IAS comment the day before and that this was a violation of ethics gradients (Ref: HCO PL 29 APR 65 Issue III Ethics Review). He said ethics gradients did not apply in this situation (per policy, however, they only do not apply when an SP act is committed but I didn’t say anything.) We spent 45 minutes talking. I had pressing work and calls that had to be delayed‐ this was right in the middle of my production. I agreed to go to the CLO on Saturday at 10AM.

Joanna then originated that the HCO Summons claimed there had been repeated attempts to get in communication with me, yet she as the Communicator had only received one communication, the phone call the night before, and she had been specifically in comm on the cycle. She called the Snr HAS to get clarification as to what was meant by “repeated attempts to get in communication with no avail” and after a few phone calls it was determined to be a mistake, the Snr. HAS said there had been a misduplication and the HCO Summons was supposed to be withdrawn from my ethics file as it actually did not apply per se, because I was “in comm” and showing up on Saturday. It was understood that the appointment “would not be long” and would be under an hour. Joanna had scheduled important appointments previously for that day, but we were fitting in this appointment with the CLO; Joanna made sure it was agreed with the Snr. MAA CLO and the Dir I&R CLO that it would not take long.

On Saturday, August 8, 2009, I had to wait half an hour before the Snr. HAS came out to meet me. I reiterated that I only had a couple of hours set aside for this (a long time with my schedule). She was not pleased I had a limited amount of time and went to check with someone to see if it was OK. Then 15 minutes later another Sea Org member who identified herself as an HCO terminal said she was giving me an interview and I should follow her. As we walked across the street towards the canteen I asked her what this was about and I saw in her hand my KR regarding the SO members jumping the gate, and I said, “Oh, it’s about that? I’ll be happy to pick up the cans to tell you what happened.”

And on the cans, I did. After she was satisfied about my recounting of the episode, and I FNed throughout (she never indicated it, though; I could see her making big circles on the worksheet) she then showed me the “Knowledge Report” written by the Dir I&R CLO which was contrary to my KR. Every paragraph in that report was an alteration of the facts. I told the lady giving the interview that this was the case and that I never got a copy of this report and wanted to have it (Ref: HCO PL 1 May 1965 Iss I Staff Member Reports) and she assured me I would. She did not give me a copy, and (over a month and a half later, on the 28th of September) I finally received a copy from the Chief MAA FSSO. (See attached, and the False Report Report regarding it.)

After that the questions turned to the subject of the IAS. What did I think of it, how are my finances, do I have off‐shore accounts, any illegal activity with my business, any missing licenses or permits, who are my friends, do I have a 2D, a husband, a boyfriend (she really pressed on this one), what do I do on my spare time, am I connected to disaffected people?

I am an OT VIII with an incredible ethics record as an examination of my file shows. And yet the assumption of the interviewer and these questions was that I was out‐ethics and even criminal. I had to prove the contrary through my answers and while holding the cans (illegal use of auditing, Ref: HCO PL 18 Oct 1967 Iss III Policy and HCOB Alterations High Crime.) She also asked about my children‐ my son Greg, does he write a lot of reports? My answer‐ yes, I taught my kids well, to write reports of any Out‐ KSW or out‐tech. Greg has had a lot of trouble at LAD just staying on his Academy levels when he is pressured to do “Basics lineup”. What about my daughter, Joanna? All my answers were satisfactory to this terminal. I was FNing and in comm.

I asked her why this whole cycle was so heavy‐handed and she said the “field of OTs is very disaffected and very disenchanted and there is an investigation going on. We have found a lot of enemy line regarding the Ideal Org program and the Dir I&R often has doors slammed in his face. He thought you were acting in a disaffected fashion so he thought you needed to come in” – words to that effect. What confirms this is that this “False Report” he wrote was not acted on until two weeks after my report was written and delivered. But really, the reason for his report and “Ethics Summons” was the IAS interview and the 10 million dollars quota of parishioner money the CLO had to collect from us NOW.

When we were done I was told by the Snr HAS CLO that I needed to watch the MV4 event, the IAS event and then stay for another interview. Because of the way this was communicated, I asked if this was mandatory? The Snr. HAS CLO responded, “Yes! Absolutely, you need to do this now.” I said I had two previous appointments I could not reschedule so I would return around 5 PM.

I then saw the MV event and then it was time for the “interview” – Teddy, Jon Lundeen and Snr MAA CLO.

I made it clear I was handling debts as I had donated to the IAS 250 thousand dollars in the course of a year and was still heavily in debt (in addition, over the years I had donated 105K to SuperPower and approximately 60K to the Ideal Org program, and 20K to other programs such as the Library Campaign and Basics campaign). I shared that my business had not done as well this year but I was going up the conditions and my application of ethics tech was working and going well. Then they started with the doom and gloom that times were so bad and things were so desperate, I needed to go ahead and “do or die in the attempt” and other quotes from KSW1 completely out of context. Despite a rising emotion from my interviewers, I remained calm and told them I was not going to go into further debt and that I was not turning over my credit card. Teddy screamed at me saying I had a closed mind and was not allowing him to do his job, that I had to tell him my personal finance data (and then he referred to the Les Dane “Sales Techniques” as his source for that) and kept invalidating me, cutting my comm., saying he did not like how I grimaced, etc. When I could say something he would write it down and often he would leave the room to talk to someone else about these notes he was taking.

Then Jon Lundeen, whom I know well and who even trained me on being a Registrar when I was in the Sea Org at Flag, told me the IAS cycle was so important he was spending 90% of his post time wearing that hat. And the Snr MAA said she, too, was doing that, that she was in charge of the entire PAC Base IAS quota. They said this with pride! That they are off‐post and off‐hat 90% of the time!

At one point Jon and I were alone and he told me a story about his daughter stealing things as a youth in the SO and that he got a knock on the door in the middle of the night, a dreaded moment, where he was told he had to leave the SO unless he handled his daughter. He told me he was not about to give up the SO and his life in it, so he borrowed 30K to send her off to Delphi in Oregon. (As an afterthought he said he didn’t remember if he ever paid that debt) and that his daughter was shortly after that expelled from Delphi for her “stealing” (i.e. kleptomania). Her mother, Edie Lundeen, (Class XII) (finally) gave her some auditing and it quickly resolved and now his daughter is posted at Int. But the point of his story was that, in his words, COB had gotten that “knock on the door in the middle of the night” and we all had to do the impossible to raise this money; that any bad consequence for incurring more debt was not important. It really sounded like the end of the world. Jon was very agitated.

Teddy said we needed to complete establishing an AO in Latam and I said that was years away as each org in Latam had to become Ideal and as far as I knew they were not even solvent. I was bewildered that they would say this was such an urgent cycle, and expressed that to them. Teddy would write all this down on a paper and would not answer my questions. He then became angry and went for the full‐out make‐wrong and invalidation technique I had previously experienced from him (see my KR of an IAS interview with Teddy in 2007). I remained calm during the whole interview. They, instead, turned quite upset and were often screaming and turning red. And as they saw that this did not have an effect on me, it became worse, i.e. intensifying their misemotional outbursts.

As I persisted on my position that I was not going to donate, Lundeen screamed at to me that I was an out‐ethics OT to have taken so long to pay off the IAS donation and that to doubt my ability to handle a large debt was a gross out ethics! He shouted that LRH had expected the impossible from him and I was very able and the same was expected of me. I then said I had arrived there earlier in the day with two hours for the interview, but ended up remaining there most of the day and night, and the cycle had been over 6 hours long and I was now leaving. As I stood up they all started to scream and at that point the Snr Dir I &R (Lon) walked in, crossed his arms and stated in a menacing tone, “You are not participating and what is going to happen is you need to get a roll back right now. You have been spouting enemy line all night”. I said, “Not participating? You mean I am not turning over my credit card? Absolutely not. And I already had a one‐hour interview where I came out clean and I am not doing another. It is 10 PM!” He said, “We will give you some vitamins to put down your throat, it will be fine”. At that point I said, “I am leaving” and the Snr. MAA blocked the door. I told her she could not do that and motioned her to move. At that point the auditor who had interviewed me knocked on the door and told me to go with her. Everyone in the room was screaming at the same time and I gladly walked out with her.

Once we were outside, the HCO auditor said she could overhear that things were getting intense and out of hand in there so thought she’d knock to get me out. I thanked her and told her I was not doing another interview, I was going home. She said we should at least walk a bit so I told her we could walk to where my car was parked. She asked me more questions about my debt and when I told her I was 300K in debt, she asked if that was the mortgage and I said no, that is separate from mortgage. She asked me why I didn’t tell them this and I said these were my personal finances and it was nobody’s business. She told me we needed to do this second interview anyway, she was holding a piece of paper that contained all the “enemy line” I had said, and I told her anything I said I meant, it came from me and was very straight forward. She said she could not do it during the week but next Saturday and she would call me to schedule me. I acknowledged her though I did not intend on picking up the cans again for this cycle.

She never called and then on September 15th, 5 weeks later, the Dir I&R CLO and Snr. HAS CLO came to my house while I was out. They told my son that I had blown an ethics interview and needed to go to the CLO. They left a hand written note for me to call the Snr. HAS as soon as I got the note. I called and got a voice mail. I left a message. I said, “This is Mary Jo Leavitt, I got your note. I am not going in for your ethics interview. Do what you have to do. Do not come to my house anymore.”

I have not heard since.

Summary of outpoints and LRH references

‐Overt misapplication of ethics tech with the purpose of collecting funds with no exchange, under duress. Many references exist including HCO PL 7 Feb 1965 Keeping Scientology Working Series 1, HCO PL 7 Mar 1965RA Iss III Offenses and Penalties, HCOB 15 Sep 1981 The Criminal Mind, HCO PL 1 Apr 1981R Interviews (“An Ethics Officer never spends any time sitting and arguing with someone.”‐LRH),

HCO PL 24 Feb 1972 Injustice, HCO PL 1 Sep 1965 Iss VII Ethics Protection, HCO PL 30 Oct 1971 How Ethics Gets Harsh, and others including standard Finance policies.

‐ Use of positions of power and executive postings, use of CLO HCO to collect money for the IAS, under duress. Refs: HCO PL 2 Nov 1970 Iss III Responsibility (“The power of choice is still senior to responsibility.”‐LRH), HCO PL 15 Dec 1965 Iss I Ethics Chits (“No person may be penalized for issuing an ethics chit.”‐LRH), HCO PL 7 Dec 1969 Iss II The Ethics Officer, His Character (“The job of the E/O is to disconnect and depower the criminal and so protect the group.”‐LRH), HCO PL 11 May 1965 Issue I Ethics Officer Hat, and others including many Div III and Div VI policies.

‐ Abuse of an OT VIII, outright invalidation and nullification of an upstat member. Ref: HCO PL 4 Aug 1966, ETHICS, Clears, Invalidation Of, HCO PL 23 Dec 1965RB Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists. See also, HCO PL 2 November 1970 Issue III, “Responsibility” “The power of choice of an individual is considered as opposition and as an overt act. When in fact, “the power of choice is still senior to responsibility. What one does against his will operates as an overt act against oneself. But where one’s will to do has deteriorated to unwillingness to do anything, lack of will is itself an aberration… In the decline of any state into slavery, as in Greece, or into economic strangulation of the individual as in our modern western society, doingness is more and more enforced and willingness to do is less and less in evidence. At length, people are doing without being responsible.” –LRH.

This is the kind of behavior and actions that indeed breed disaffection, and result in bad PR for the Church of Scientology.

This is true,

Mary Jo Leavitt 

Seattle Independents

Marie-Joe & Tony DePhillips with Marta

Tony and Marie-Joe DePhillips ARE two very dedicated Scientologists. I have included their declaration of Independence, and two write ups telling the story of each of them. I have also included two links at the end of the write ups.  I think this material should be read in full by anyone wanting to know how the church of Scientology currently treats quests for the truth even by some of its most steadfast supporters. Thank you Marie-Joe and Tony for holding your positions in space and for standing up and speaking out.

Declaration of Independence
Tony & Marie-Joe DePhillips
a.k.a. “Alex Metheny” & “Freetothink”


We have always loved the writings of L Ron Hubbard. One of my favorite LRH statements is from the lecture Differences Between Scientology & Other Philosophies: “ If it is true for you, it’s true. And if it’s not true for you, it still isn’t true. Not even if Ron told you is it true. It’s just not true, that’s all.“ ~ LRH

In addition to this as a foundation, the ARC triangle, the granting of beingness, the code of honor and not needing a license to survive, are just a few of the building blocks we’ve used to improve our lives. We have had many great wins in Scientology and know many well intentioned staff and public Scientologists.

How we got here:

Our personal story of shock, disbelief and declare will be added as an attachment for those who are interested. You will be able to see how we went from among the top opinion leaders and contributors in our area to SPs, in just a few months.

After reading The Truth Rundown and Geir Isene’s Doubt formula we were deeply troubled about what was going on in the church. These stories were believable to us because they aligned with many of our own observations and experiences. After trying to communicate about the things that were troubling us in the church, we started to get attacked as ourselves being the problem – for speaking out with any disagreement or questioning. It became very apparent that we did not have the right to say what we were observing in regards to our own church or its management. It also became very clear that we did not have the right to associate with people who the church had deemed were “BAD”. Evidently, we were supposed to give up the right to decide who we would or wouldn’t associate with. To us, these are fundamental rights of an American, fought and died for by many!

I have never been good at being bossed around. Some might think it’s a “button” (problem or character blemish) that I haven’t dealt with yet but, on the other hand, maybe it’s an ability that’s helped me retain my self-determinism and freedom of thought. We quickly realized that we had been PTS to the Church for many years, and applied handle or disconnect. When each attempt to handle was met with bigger and stronger messages to cease, desist, and “get handled” (including a Non-Enturbulation Order and ethics interviews), we decided to disconnect by officially resigning from the Church. Our resignation letter to the church pretty much sums it up:

IJC 13 January 2010
Seattle Org Day and Fdn HCO
Tony and Marie-Joe DePhillips
This is a letter to let you know that we have decided to resign from the Church of Scientology.
We have given this decision a lot of thought.

We have both been in Scientology for over twenty years. We have contributed about xxxK to the Ideal Org and over xxK to the IAS. We have spent in the neighborhood of xxxK on services from the Church and donated a decent amount of time participating as volunteers.

We have had some great wins.

Over the last few years however we have noticed more and more things that we do not like about how the church operates. Heavy ethics, make wrong, heavy regging etc. We have made attempts at correcting these things with reports with no result.

We have seen and heard of too many abuses, human rights violations, misuse of resources [people, money,…], and worst of all, too many LRH policies being violated. We can’t, in good conscience, continue to participate and support the church as it is being managed at this time.

After making our own observations and hearing the stories of Marty Rathbun, Geir Isene, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Mary-Jo Leavitt and many more Sea Org members, OT’s and highly trained auditors, we have made our decision.

We have always been told that these people on the internet were crazy SP’s. After hearing their stories we were not able to come to that conclusion. We were shocked to realize that many who had been painted to us as evil and suppressive were in fact whistleblowers trying to expose the abuses and violations.

We both have experienced excessive sec-checking and heavy ethics even when our contributions (money and time participating) were showing that we were stellar members of the public.

We love Scientology when it is applied with ARC and not with enforcement to get everyone to conform.

We came into Scientology to find our own self determinism and to have gains. Progressively over the years we feel that we have been forced overtly or covertly to “toe the line”, or follow “command intention”, without being able to use our own judgment or our own ethics. If you do not do what is “expected”, you are shunned/punished in various ways. When you assert your own independent thought and it doesn’t align with command intention you are quickly shown you are not a good group member.

In conclusion, we no longer feel confident in this Church’s ability to operate in a manner that we can be proud of and disseminate to others.

We hope that the Church of Scientology will get it’s ethics in and make the changes necessary for it to be a church we can once again be proud of.


Tony DePhillips Marie-Joe DePhillips

We heard the church lie about its not having a policy of enforcing disconnection – We’d already received many reports of our friends being told not to talk to us.

As someone once said “If they lie about this, what else will they lie about?”

Our conlusions:

After exhaustive research and communicating, we decided that the abuses did occur and that they were and are extensive and widespread. We also saw that the church was actively involved in creating their own enemies and seemed to take very little responsibility in remedying their wrongs. Furthermore, we wondered what kind of a leader would allow these things to continue to go unhandled and in fact seemingly encourage such activity.

We got into Scientology to become more at cause in life and to do better in life based on our own realities. We still feel that this is what LRH intended. We didn’t, and still don’t, believe or agree with everything that LRH ever uttered. But as he himself said, we don’t have to.

We believe that the church is being run in a fashion that, to us, is destructive overall, as well as destructive to our personal goals of being at cause over our own lives. The Grade Chart states that on OT 7 you will be cause over life. That may be possible, but not if the church refuses to let you be at cause over your own church!!

Also, first and foremost to us is the abuse of the Sea Org members. This to us is obscene. These people dedicate their lives to Scientology only to be treated as sub-humans. And when fed up with that treatment and wanting to leave, they are treated in an abhorrent fashion. These people are some of our best and brightest. This cannot stand. What gives DM the right to run roughshod over these people? Who anointed him to be above the law? The out-points are too many to be listed here, we’re sure you all have examples of your own.

We believe that everyone who stands up and throws off their shackles will make it that much easier for others to do so. That has been true for us. The others coming out before us have made it more real for us to take our stand.

We could not live with the idea that we were too scared or bullied into having to hide our god given rights to be here and communicate. Especially when it is the right thing to do!

So we hereby declare ourselves Independent Scientologists.

Independent: One who is independent in thinking, action, etc.

That is how we see ourselves. We do enjoy the Scientology philosophy by LRH, when we are practicing it as independent people, not having it forced down our throats.

Final thoughts:

We also very much appreciate LRH’s views on infinity valued logic. The idea of two-valued logic such as right-wrong, good-bad is too simplistic. The idea that any man or woman is infallible or perfect is not realistic. All men and women have good and bad in them, it is just a matter of degree. And the fact that we feel Mankind is basically good means that there can be salvation for all and no person has a monopoly on that. DM is not totally bad or totally good just like the rest of us. He is not above the law or above the Scientology justice system. DM IS NOT SCIENTOLOGY. We believe that it is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics that DM step down from his position as leader and that steps are taken to reform the church of Scientology so it reflects the values of this current culture and promotes ARC, tolerance and the values usually associated with spiritual goals. We have finally answered this question for ourselves: Does the end justify the means? For us the answer is NO!! Or another way of looking at it is: The means are the end. Scientology was supposed to give us a way of setting an example as good and honorable people. That is an end in itself. The way Scientology has been treating its own people is a disgrace and a degrade of Scientology, and has to be rejected.

Thanks for listening. Thank you all for what you are doing and will do in the future.

Much Love,

Tony DePhillips (Mid OTVII, Prov. Class IV Pre-GAT and Fully Hatted Ethics Officer)

Marie-Joe DePhillips (OT V,KTL/LOC, Level G SHSBC)

Church of Scientology’s Slippery Slope:
from Solo NOTs-IAS Patron-Ideal Org Humanitarians to Declared SPs

Tony’s Story: I got into Scientology in 1978, a confused Navy sailor. I joined staff in San Diego, married a Scientologist, subsequently divorced, and left staff in 1985 with a $12,000 debt to the church. I paid off that debt and moved up the Grade Chart through OT V in Los Angeles, just winning like mad through FPRD and PDC and right on up. I was a “Cadillac PC”.

And, all throughout, I was being a “good Scientologist”, deciding not to have children so I could get up the Bridge without distractions and living very modestly in order to pay for auditing. My wife, Marie-Joe, and I have spent hundreds of thousands on auditing. I spent close to $250k just on Solo NOTs, without completion.

I originally started Solo NOTs a couple of years prior to the “Golden Age of Tech”, costly even then in both dollars and time. From the time I arrived at Flag the customer service atmosphere was one of suspicion and distrust, right from the start. But, I let it go because I was at the Mecca of technical perfection and the “friendliest place on Earth” after all, so it must be “ok”.

After being on the level for about a year I was informed that I would have to retrain on everything at my expense. This was quite a shock. I’m not a wealthy man. It took me five years to regroup financially and get back onto the Solo NOTs level.

After seven intensives of sec checking prior to getting onto Solo NOTs the first time and another seven, plus the FPRD, the second time (plus the ever suspenseful wait for “eligibility”) I finally made it on again. Then 18 months into Solo NOTs round two, I was C/S’d for an advanced program of eight more intensives (five of which were sec checks).

Meanwhile, I wrote a KR on the Landlord Office regarding mismanagement of the local Ideal Org purchasing process, and in going over it with the local ED an argument ensued (I was going over my KR with him to ensure my facts were correct). He said “If you weren’t so critical and helped more we would be that much closer!” I had only donated about 30K at that point, so I guess I was down-stat. I retorted, “If I have to do whatever you want me to do to be your friend you can kiss my ass!!”

The local Org tried to issue a “non-enturbulation” order for that, but instead I got recalled to Flag at my own expense. I was upset, and when I got there I thought they would treat me as an OT and I would have a nice comm cycle and all would be good. It wasn’t. Silly me.

I was grilled for my crimes, on the meter, by the MAA. It was so frustrating I asked to get a sec check so at least I’d feel I was being heard. Those 25 hours of sec checking cost me about 14K and I felt like crap afterwards. I told Flag they could keep my Solo NOTs materials and left. To their credit, an auditing correction later handled the lingering upset.

I did a Liability formula for all of this and my wife and I donated another hefty chunk to the Ideal Org, bringing us to over $100,000 donated. My apologies, if this is boring – it certainly is therapeutic for me to write it.

Onto Solo NOTs again for the third time, after another grueling eligibility cycle (seven more intensives and the waiting “sweat out” period). The level was getting more and more solid for me. The gains I was getting on the solo auditing seemed to be negated by the sec checking and the feeling I was “bad” or a “slow case gain” or not “trusted’’.

I received PTS handlings when I didn’t feel PTS. I felt and said, “I don’t want to become what you want me to be. I want to be who I WANT TO BE!!” I have never been good at being bossed around. But it’s an ability that has helped me retain my self-determinism and freedom of thought.

I received ethics handlings on a report I wrote on DM speaking derogatorily about the U.S. President at an event, stating I thought his actions weren’t good PR for our Church or its leader. I caught flack for that! I guess they figured I had “crimes”.

This period seemed like a never ending blood bath of regging and stress. I had to live up to this state of OT being laid out for me. I had to be “helping” all the time, donating to this- that-and the other thing, buying books, going to every event…on and on and on. I started hating it. The IAS regges described the world as a nightmare, creating a very dangerous environment for all of us.

I know I’m describing what others have experienced and written. I am collaborating with you. I also witnessed it, lived it, experienced it. The more you do, the higher in the organization you get – even as public – the less respect and freedom there is if you don’t toe the line.

On my last visit to Flag, I decided if I didn’t finish it that trip, I would route off. I thought I could end off and remain friends. I figured that would be the worst case scenario. But I was nervous…why? Because of the previous heavy handed dealings I had. When, I found out that I wasn’t going to be allowed to attest, I just decided to turn in my materials, route off properly and go home in ARC with the group.

That was wishful thinking. It was off to Qual for a hefty attempt to convince me how abberated I was. Then ,to HCO where the MAA informed me that my auditor and Qual terminals were “enturbulated” by me. I said, ”They are enturbulated by me answering their questions??” Yes, that was indeed it, he confirmed, and threatened me with a Non-enturbulation order. I said, “You have to be joking!!” He wasn’t.

I wrote it up to RTC and no order was issued. But, needless to say, I wasn’t having much fun, or feelin’ the theta. The auditing was good but the other actions were painful. While I was trying to route off the Level I was informed by the Flag AO Tech Sec that if I left without my materials then all the people who’d worked with me there would be Comm Ev’d. I told her that wouldn’t be my overt but someone else’s. I held my position right up to leaving the Yachtsman motel to go to the airport. My Solo C/S, Mike, rolled up in a van with my Solo Nots D of P, Lill – Mike trying to persuade me to go home with my materials. I was in grief at this point. He told me he thought I was close to finishing the level and on hearing that, I decided to take the materials home.

Long story a little shorter (and this is abbreviated a lot!!) I sent my materials back a few months later after deciding that they couldn’t “handle” me, and that I wasn’t going to “go on hoping” while paying $7,500 per intensive for mostly sec checking and FPRD. This was the third & last time I took myself off Solo NOTs.

I continued doing volunteer work as Chaplain at the local Org, two nights a week, to good results. I let people talk and I called things as I saw them. Purely a help flow and NO REGGING…

Then, one weekend while scanning news articles, I ran across the St. Petersburg Times’ The Truth Rundown
– I read it all and watched all the videos. I was shocked!! Could this be true?? Marie-Joe and I spent hours filling the vacuum, looking at different web sites and blogs to fill the void.


I realized that I had been tricked. I was reading about, by and large, people who had been screwed over by the Church and then became enemies to it. These were not crazy SPs. These were primarily former members, “enemies” largely created by the Church!

I realized all the sec checking I had been getting was to help the church find these “enemies”. It hadn’t been for my benefit!!

By the way, I have had some great wins getting off overts and withholds. I am not rallying against that. I just think that it can get out of hand and be out tech and done for political reasons instead of for the betterment of the individual.

I was paying the price all along the way, for the CofS creating its own enemies and being afraid of its own creations. This endless sec checking was being done from fear, not because we needed or wanted it. C/S series 73 points this out nicely. There is a write-up on this subject by a woman named Virginia, that I think is definitive and awesome! I had to give her props on that!!

Realizing this, I thought I would be a good boy and report in to Flag about it. My former NOTs auditor said that I had a major out-ethics situation because I said that I believed the people in the Truth Rundown article. He had asked me a question and when I started to answer, he cut me off – to which I said “don’t ask me a question if you don’t want to hear my answer”. He replied, “I don’t want to hear that natter!!”

I realized then that I couldn’t talk to the group anymore.


I have been told at various times that I was PTS, and it’s come up in my programming. I have had many handlings on this topic but none of the items have indicated until now.

I have been PTS to my own Church! And, looking for the suppressive person behind the group, it would have to be its leader, DM. I was shocked at the tales of DM abusing his fellow team members. What gives him the right?? Where is it in writing that DM is above the justice of the group, not to mention the law? What makes him the unchallenged leader of our group?

I was PTS to this group and this leader because I was becoming more and more afraid to communicate about my concerns to them without retribution. I was becoming more afraid to state the out-ethics behaviors, as LRH said is our duty. I had come to feel that if I spoke up and stated what I saw that I would be attacked unjustly. It is not safe to communicate what you want without some kind of retribution, whether it is sec checking for political purposes, invalidation and evaluation from other members, ethics actions, withholding your ability to move up the Bridge, etc.

I was embarrassed to disseminate to my associates because I was no longer proud of how the group operates. Marie-Joe and I have been told that if you don’t disseminate you are PTS. Well it’s true! We have been PTS to our own church!!

I have experienced injustice for speaking up and saying what I believe. I have read about the many injustices on the internet that have occurred to good Sea Org members and good group members who could have, and were, very valuable to the group. I cannot just sit back and say this has nothing to do with me. No more.

We are not going to be afraid of the Church anymore.

I have tried to get at cause over this situation from the inside by writing reports, to no avail. I have been made wrong for bringing up out-points and situations that I see.

More recently, I’ve heard that prior to our written resignation, while volunteering at the Org, there was an interrogatory being conducted about me. I was not informed at the time. The “out-ethics” not ever discussed with me.

Things started to escalade when one day the Fundraising I/C sent us an email to attend an Event. You will find the whole exchange in a link below. Some might find it interesting since it lead us to being Dead Filed.

A report on me for forwarding Mary Jo Levitt’s KR to one of my friends, in combination with the email exchange, did the trick – a few days later a non-enturbulation order was issued on me.

Never once did I receive one phone call or communication from the Org about the non-enturbulation order.

I have since received unofficial word that our SP Declare has been issued.

How have we gone from Solo NOTs, IAS Patrons, and Humanitarians of the Ideal Org, to declared SPs?

It is because the group has gone off course and is following the dictates of a suppressive. I have been the effect of this for too long. I am disconnecting from that suppression and using the only ethics gradient I have left to put ethics in on the group.

How sad.

Did LRH ever envision that his own organization would be hijacked in this way? Was this LRH’s plan? Marie-Joe and I don‘t think so.

Nevertheless, we’re here now in this situation.

We have resigned from the current Church of Scientology. We will no longer consider ourselves a part of that group until we feel it has been sufficiently reformed.

We admire LRH’s auditing tech and many of his philosophic writings and are taking this action in our best efforts to create a better group.

Our sincere admiration for all the people who have helped Scientology make the world a better place and for those who have the guts to say what they see, despite its unpopularity.

Much Love,

Tony & Marie-Joe DePhillips

Marie-Joe’s Story
& Encounter w/the MAAs

I got in Scientology in the late 80’s. I’ve had many life changing wins. Many tools I learned in Scientology are now part of me and I can’t ever imagine not using them.

I spent the last four years serving as I/C (in-charge) of the files project, among other things, at my local Org. I did nearly 2000 hrs on the files project alone, while spending a lot of my own money for supplies and food for the volunteers. Within just a few months I went from being one of the most up stat Scientologists in my area to a declared SP. My crimes were standing up for my rights and the rights of others, pointing out violations of LRH policies and disconnecting from a suppressive source that I could no longer handle.

I agree with and can corroborate everything in Tony’s story. I would like to add a few comments.

For years I was given the impression that something was wrong with my husband, that most people were flying on OT VII and that Tony was one of the rare ones that was having a hard time with it. Many times I questioned how the Tech was used to handle him, and I also questioned Tony. Although Flag was allowing him on OTVII they were also treating him like he had lots of crimes (extensive Sec-checking). Although Tony is no angel, he’s a wonderful husband, a very hard worker and an extremely honest man. I was not seeing any crimes, but I often got introverted into thinking he might have hidden crimes, because of all the extensive sec-checking he was given and the resulting BPC.

I felt so betrayed by the Church when I found out that many were struggling on the Level and that the extensive sec-checking was out tech. I sincerely apologize for having doubted my husband and ever considering that he might be the problem.

As Tony mentioned, we were shocked with the Truth Rundown article. For many years, I worked on different social reform programs; Say no to drugs, World Literacy Crusade, Youth for Human Rights. I successfully used many of these tools to help others, but found myself constantly having to defend Scientology’s bad reputation and explain how it was not a cult.

In the last several months, I started realizing how it is actually, from my perspective, a cult. And that I had, in fact, been PTS. My whole world had been centered around Scientology. When I became aware of the abuses and stopped rationalizing all the out-points I was seeing, my universe started reeling. I so much wanted to handle it from inside the church, with reports and references. But, I rapidly realized it would not be possible. Even after our resignation, I spent hours with MAAs trying to sort things out. Here’s a brief description of what happened, to give you an idea of what to expect.

I met with the MAAs three times, a few hours each time. During the first two meetings I had asked them for stats of established Ideal Orgs. They showed me some of the stats of the newly opened Org in Rome, which were good, but as I pointed out to them it was not an established Ideal Org – it had just opened a few months before. These up statistics could easily have been from people flocking from all over Europe to visit the new Org. They also showed me the CGI from CC Nashville that had been opened 10 months earlier. Not bad (average 15k/week), but certainly not enough to sustain 100 staff with viable wages.

After the first few meetings, where they seem to be interested in my concerns and showed a certain willingness to resolve the issues I was bringing up, things definitely changed at the final meeting.   It was made clear that they were not there to assert that everything is perfect in the Church, but that they have certainty that any out-points were being or will be address and resolved.  They said that the sequence of actions would be for me to do a “standard” doubt condition and once I decide which side I’m on we could proceed with further steps.  Although they were nice they made it clear, from the references they showed me, that I had committed a suppressive act by resigning (HCOPL 17 March 1965 Issue IV – Organizational Suppressive Acts) and unless I “come to my senses & recant” I would be treated as such. 

Which pretty much means that I will have no contact person in the Church and can’t do any services until I first “come to my senses & recant”, then do A – E.  It also meant that, although they said they do not “enforce” disconnection, any parishioners that want to stay in “good standing” and continue going up the Bridge would have to cut communication with me.  But, it’s their “choice”, the Church will not “force” them.   If they want to give up their Bridge or to be in communication with me it’s “their choice”. 

It’s insane!  Especially if I respect my friends’ choice to be part of the Church and don’t try to convince them otherwise.  I asked them how someone stops being part of the Church if they choose to play another game.  Their answer was showing me a reference like “you can’t be half-in or half-out”.  If you’re in we treat you like you’re in if you’re out we treat you like you’re out.  I said many people have left the Church a long time ago but are not subject to this because they did not resign.  They admitted that my way of doing it was more honest but came with consequences.  My response was that for years I defended the Church not being a cult, but now I’m confronted with the fact that it has lots of the characteristics of a cult, especially since you can’t leave it without being considered “evil” even if you have no other “crime” than leaving.  They had no comments. 

“If a person or a group that has committed a suppressive act comes to his, her or their senses and recants, his, her or their only terminal is the International Justice Chief,…”  HCOPL 23 Dec 1965RB Revised 8 Jan 1991 (!!!!!) Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists

I asked if a CSW to declare me SP had been sent.  They said no.  They pointed out that whether I get declared or not I have still committed a suppressive act, so the reference still applies to me.  They pointed out that the reference doesn’t say “if a person has received a declare ” but “if a person … has committed a suppressive act”.  The MAA’s explained that no matter whether I think it’s not suppressive to resign, or whether anyone else agrees, it is a suppressive act since the policy (Organizational Suppressive Acts) states that it is.

They offered me a chance to do a “standard” doubt formula.  They said that by exposing myself to the internet I had put myself in a very narrow world, created by SPs that are taking specific situations in Scientology and making them a generality, and that the church wanted to give me the opportunity to come back to reality and look at the true data. I felt like telling them that I was looking at reality but that they were in their cocoon of ignorance.  I didn’t because I didn’t want to start invalidating them.   They wanted me to read Marty, Mike and Amy’s declares.  They said that a lot of the out-points had been created by Marty, Mike and Amy, and that’s why they had been kicked out.  They said the group was doing a lot better since they had left.  I told them I didn’t need to see their declares, because whether they are SPs or not doesn’t change what I have experienced and observed.  I told them 4 – 6 months earlier I was looking, inspecting and researching, but since I’m not in doubt anymore applying the doubt formula didn’t seem right to me.   In addition, I told them that from the references they just showed me the doubt formula is set up for me to either stay in the Church and conform or basically be “evil” if I choose to leave.  I told them I felt it’s an unfair way to look at resolving a doubt. 

Although I haven’t seen it yet, I heard that there is an SP declare now out on us.

I appreciate all that came forward before me and hope many others will follow. I will continue to listen, encourage and defend any whistleblowers that come forward. I will create new friends and I will flourish and prosper.

Now, Free To Think more than ever, Marie-Joe DePhillips.