Tom Martiniano – Declaration of Independence


A lot of you know me. I have worked with Mike and Marty, Haydn and I worked hand-in-hand, Lucy, Tom DeVocht, Mariette and dozens of others who are on this blog.

I’ll give you a little of my history:

When LRH talked about the aims of Scientology – a world without war, without insanity, it really resonated with me. I was one of those 60’s hippies that were in the governments face regarding the illegal war in Vietnam. Much like today we tried to bring an end to that war that was wasting people by the thousands. The government finally figured out what to do with us war protesters; draft them – that was pretty ironic when you look back at it. So I got drafted and off I went to the killing fields. I spent an entire year in combat – Oct 68 to Oct 69. My company was finally wiped out from 110 men down to 33 left and the ones left were all wounded one way or another. On the third day of that battle (May 14 1969) I went down on my knees and made a deal with the “Big Man”: “Spare me and the rest of my friends and I will work endlessly to fix what ever causes man to be so evil to other men.”

The deal must have gone through because here I still am. When I found Scientology I knew I had found my miracle vessel for carrying out the deal. I was elated to say the least. So now I had to deliver on my deal. Off I went.

I worked endlessly just like most of you ex-Sea Org, and shoulder-to-shoulder with most of you. I loved having a new Band of Brothers (and Sisters) who gave their all, underwent harsher conditions than they haven’t experience for hundreds of lifetimes, yet remained dedicated to the task at hand – clearing the planet. It was a new war, but a real one and we were winning!

I trained up to be a Pro Word Clearer in1971 in Detroit org and I word cleared everything that didn’t move (upwards). I then became the Qual Sec and then the OES when LRH asked us to 5X the stats. We did. I believe we were St Hill Sized in 1974.

I was the OT III supervisor at AOLA 1977 to 1979. I joined the Sea Org in 1979 and was the Qual Sec AOLA. I lasted about one year because then I was sent on the Rollback Missions to USGO and GO WW. We found all sorts of squirreling going on and handled it. I then became C/S 5, which was an honor and I ended up at Flag. I was then sent on a RB mission into FLB where we found a plant or two and a whole lot of out ethics.

I then was sent on more missions to handle infiltration and then resurrection of management in the conts and it worked. We boomed EUS and then ANZO. I became the CO ANZO and rocked the place in 1984 with lots of affluences. I did about 100 missions between 1982 and 1996. Most of them were successful. Maybe one or two failed.

I was then posted at FCB as the DCO Production and then Sea Org Programs Chf where I tripled the size of that sector in 3 short years. Then I was the CO CEO, then CO ITO and then CO PAC RENOS. I was the project I/C for the Manor and the LRH Life Exhibition renovations. I was the mission I/C for the release of OT VIII and the original Maiden Voyage where Marty handed over the OT VIII materials and I turned them over to FSSO.

I then ended up at CMO Int as the Construction Management Ops CMOI. This is where I became up close and personal with DM. And I had a bad case of the heebie-jeebies during that whole time. He was Jeckel and Hyde. Some days he would be okay and other days he would be mad dog. When he was mad dog he would take it out on me.

In 1990 DM wrote the amnesty and allowed even the RPF a pardon. DM came to the Manor right after the event where he released the amnesty and found the RPF gone. “Where’s the RPF?” He asked. “You set them free” I answered. This pissed him off so much that he almost swung on me. He actually blamed me for the RPF being gone. Then he ordered me off of post right then and there. I actually stood up to him and told him I was SS IV and he cannot take me off of post without a committee of evidence. He had a hissy fit, stomped out and then had someone else from CMOI bust me a week later. This was the first time I really got a good glimpse of how crazy this dude is. But I also realized that when he is confronted he folds up like a card table.

My last day at Int was after I had a comm cycle with DM. He pissed me off more than anyone could. I blew Int directly after talking to him.

I ended up in PAC as the Cramming Officer. I left the Sea Org in 1997 after back-to-back heart attacks right in the middle of DMs “Heavy Ethics Mission” into PAC in 1996. I barely endured that mission with Jennifer DeVoct at the helm and DM running her but the thing that got me was when Jennifer warned: “You old timers – your days are numbered. We are going to replace you with young people.” I knew this was DM talking and I just went down hill from there. I knew LRH would never act this way towards us, so I decided I was out. I wrote a KR on the GAT, and the squirreling that was originated and perpetuated by RTC and on the New Era Management being implemented in a squirrel manner. Man I was busted in just a few short days.

I left the Sea Org in January 1997. It was horrible to leave. My dreams were dashed and the game of clearing the planet ended.

But now Marty has given us all hope. We have a lot of people who have joined Marty’s campaign. Some who want Scientology back, some who want the demise of Scientology, some who want reforms, others who want blood. But what most everyone wants, in my opinion, is that they want Scientology.

When I finished OT III I realized that I was free, out of jail. My next cognition was not so simple – I realized all of my brothers and sisters were still in jail and I needed to get them out. I actually felt that I had to go back into the prison and get them out while also looking like and going through the motions of being a prisoner. Then I had to remember that I was free and could walk out any time.

Now it’s the same; we have escaped suppression and entrapment by DM by getting out of the Sea Org and out here in the field, but we’re not all the way out until our brethrens are out. Remember, we made oaths to LRH and we are still the cream of the crop, the ones who cannot be sold a bill of goods to. We will get Scientology back and we will clear this planet. It’s RJ 67 folks and we are all part of the new game to defeat suppression, get ethics in and then clear this mud ball.

I’m happy to be connected with Mike, Marty, Haydn, Christie, Lucy, Sarge, Joe, Jim, Roberto and all the rest of you. It is my honor.

Tom Martiniano
Las Vegas, NV

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  1. OMG!!! Tom I’m so excited. Without giving my name here – let me say I stayed at your place in LA — you were on the road with that company – selling pens?

    I helped Karin get her bird BACK into the house when he escaped.

    I’m just thrilled to see you.

    With a big hug,

  2. Well, Hi Tom! Welcome to the Indys, Sovereigns, “Outies”, Ex’s, Nons, Anons, et al, whatever, amen and how sweet it is. Your message is clear, let’s not stop until there isn’t an “in” jail any longer.

    Scientology without barriers – what a concept.

  3. Virgil,
    Great to see you here! You’ve been having an impact and it’s only going to get better.
    How does that taste, DM?

  4. Tom! Thank you so much for joining us out in the light. This is HUGE. All my admiration and appreciation go to you.

  5. Doc "Smith"

    Great post. I am with you all the way. I am not SO qualled, which saved my wife from the route many SO member ended up on. I saw some of the wild stuff happenning at flag when we were there from 81-84 (Mayo, Franks, Gleason, Mission Holders conference) as I’m Amy’s stepdad, though I’m sure I have missing or false data on a lot of those folks. I also came into the church (like so many of us) not to handle myself, but to handle the planet, though I had major wins and changes all along the road. I would live to see the church returned to source and the postulate of helping pull the planet up by the bootstraps out of war, crime, hunger etc.. I don’t know if the SO can continue to exist in a high ARC form without a new structure that doesn’t include RPF, DPF, fair game and other punishment based sectors. I think most of us want the goals Ron postulated in the creed, whether as independents or a structured organisation, but there has to be a way to ensure no SP like DM can take over and betray us all. Thanks for all you’ve done so far.

    doc “Smith”

  6. Another upstat, competent OT is among our ranks. How awesome that is!

    Welcome, Tom. May you flourish and prosper with us in the independent field of dedicated Scientologists. We need you, and welcome you with open arms.

    Soveriegn Scientologist

  7. Hi Tom,

    Great to have you as part of the Independents!

    I’m helping to keep a list of all those individuals who personally witnessed or experienced Miscavige physically hit, strike, punch, etc. others or themselves? If you witnessed any of this (or experienced it), can you write-up the details?


    And thanks also for your great story. You sound like a very able being — looking forward to more of your comments!

  8. AlexMetheny

    Congratulations Tom!!

    What an impressive list of credentials. It’s great to have you on our side!!


  9. Tom, Welcome! ” He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”. Remember? Very well done brother,
    and much Love!

  10. Tom – This is AWESOME! 🙂 Glad to have you shining in the sunlight.

  11. Nothing but respect for you! Thank you for your service to both our country and to our planet!

    Much ARC! 🙂
    Idle Org

  12. Interesting. Are all the people involved with this site interested in returning to Scientology?

    It seems like there’s an irreconcilable gap between someone like Tom, who still believes in Scientology, and others who have broken with it and reject all of it.

  13. lulu belle

    Holy shit.


    Woven into the fabric of my Sea Org experience for many years.

    Not surprised to see you here, actually. You always were an up front, honest guy. You had a lot of respect from the people who knew you.

    Wonderful to see you.

  14. lou webber

    Welcome to the indies. Great post, great decision, great to have you amoung those who want to fix this mess.

  15. Very Well Done Tom!!!! one more and counting….

    Yes we need you here.

  16. And what a history, Tom!

    It’s no surprise to me that you made it through Hamburger Hill, Nam and DM’s vengeful fits. You have more honor and integrity than any ten men.

    It’s great to see you looking so well buddy.

  17. Welcome Tom! We will pull it out yet….it is wonderful to have you aboard.

    Re: this statement of yours: “My last day at Int was after I had a comm cycle with DM. He pissed me off more than anyone could. I blew Int directly after talking to him.”

    I think it might be edifying to others to get a time, place, form and event on that comm cycle, just so others can see how this guy operates…..SP’s can only RESTIMULATE, and DM seems like he likes to get under anyones skin and creep them out….and if that doesn’t work, reverse process them into confusion….

    I will give him this…he has taken “The Lord of the Flies” to a whole new level.

    Oh well, if it was going to be easy it would be done by now. Please stay in touch.

    – Tom Felts

  18. Virgil Samms

    WH – Thank you! And thanks for helping with the bird! Hugs back at you.

  19. Virgil Samms

    Marta, thank you very much.

    ML Tom

  20. Virgil Samms

    Joe, thanks. Now that I’m not held back, watch me now!!!

    ML Tom

  21. Virgil Samms

    Mary Jo;

    Thanks Luv. Talked to your other half today! We’re gonna have some good times!

    ML Tom

  22. Tom,

    Welcome. Your insight and wisdom has been an important part of the ongoing effort to restore sanity to the subject of Scientology as reflected in this blog. It is even more valuable now that everyone knows the credentials you bring to the party and can weight your comments accordingly.

    Hope we get to see one another face-to-face again soon.


  23. Virgil Samms

    Doc, thanks for all the good words. The whole point of what we are doing is to get Scientology back the way it was – the way LRH intended it. That’s what we are all about. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    ML Tom

  24. Virgil Samms

    Sarge my Bro. Love your stories. Need more.

    ML Tom

  25. Virgil Samms

    Idle Org; Thanks for the acks – both of them! Appreciated.

    ML Tom

  26. Hi Tom!

    Glad to have you as an Independent! KSW!


  27. Virgil Samms

    MJR, thanks for the words. I stand in awe of you Mike. We fought a few side-by-side and we will do it again. We will definitely see each other in the very near future. I got your six buddy.

    ML Tom

  28. Fellow Traveller

    Virgil / Tom

    Thank you.

    I don’t have words yet. I have a whole lot of emotion. Most of which I cannot handle.

    So, I hope to meet you on indie day and should some assistance prove prudent to make that happen, well, you just let me know.

    Again, thank you.

  29. Hello, Tom!

    I’m profoundly moved by your post! Thank you … for your dedication to duty, for your presence toward that future, our dearest dreams!

    I’m moved to tears again, out of pure JOY!

  30. Hi Tom,

    I know you from PAC Renos, I was one of the 150 RPFers in 1996-1997. That infamous mission with Jenny was living hell for the whole base.

    I really like your write up, I agree with you utterly “we made oaths to LRH and we are still the cream of the crop…. We will get Scientology back and we will clear this planet.” Amen.


  31. ODE TO JOY (Beethoven)

    “Joy, daughter of Elysium
    Thy magic reunites those
    Whom stern custom has parted;
    All men will become brothers
    Under thy gentle wing.
    Be embraced, Millions!
    This kiss for all the world!
    Brothers!, above the starry canopy
    A loving father must dwell.
    Joy, beautiful spark of Gods!
    Daughter of Elysium,
    Joy, beautiful spark of Gods! “

  32. Tom,

    Damn, great to see you and to think I avoided working with you a few years ago because I thought you were too much of a churchie!!! Great camo man!

    Glad to see you fit and well.

    Your old friend too.

  33. Tom,

    I have always enjoyed hearing how people got involved in Scientology. Yours was incredibly moving and your Scientology history is VERY impressive.

    I am so happy to see that you are here in this fight to regain Scientology in its original form.

    Thank you for coming out into the light, your posts have been most enjoyable.

  34. AfterwardDeified

    MK, what did you guys suffer through on that “mission?” It sounds horrible.

  35. Hey Tom,

    Thanks, I can tell it was your breed of Scn that made it so enhusiastic and welcoming when I first stepped into the Church and Flag in 80-81. You, Marty and Mike and so many others were so valiant to put up with so much so many years of trying to make it go right.
    I’m embarassed to some degree as I blew 45 minutes after finishing Product 2 and being assigned to post. A tech person assigned to Reg. What did they think? Attention all Ser Fac’s!
    But I’m here anew with that enhusiastic and welcoming group again.
    Thanks for being here.

  36. Virgil Samms

    Thanks to you all, you are very very kind.

    We will have Scientology back. We just need to take it back, that’s all. LRH said if you ask for something long enough, you will get it. So we keep asking: DM, turn the keys over. Now. Save yourself a lot of travail.

    ML Tom

  37. Virgil Samms

    Friend, that’s funny. I tried to tell you then, but you weren’t listening. I’m not a Churchie any more, but I am a Indie and full tilt at that.

    ML Tom

  38. rory medford

    1 by 1 we re-unite welcome back tom!!!

  39. Veritas, sigh
    You have done it again. The exactly perfect aesthetic expression to suit the current topic.
    I think you are amazing.


  40. NO to your question.

    No to your remark.

    There´s no irreconcilable gaps on aware people. And there are a lot of aware Anons, Non-Scn, Ex-Scn, Independents and Scientologists around here.

    The drop of water is not the sea.


  41. It´s the extra expanded and low measured new bizarre version of “THE Lord of the Flies”.

  42. Virgil/Tom,
    Good on you!
    I am really glad that I’m on your side and really honored to be your friend.
    Go kick some butt!

    Love, Eileen

  43. I’ve been with Tom Martiniano for just over two years and I still savor looking at him and saying to him with a touch of wonder: “Tom Martiniano”. And he just grins. It took us months to announce our independence (my announcement will post in two or three days). The actual delay was only due to family concerns. Tom’s love of Scientology is unimpeachable. He will not brook any nonsense when it comes to the application of points 1-10. The independent movement is fortified a thousand-fold with his announcement – because he will act. And when he acts, he gets the product. So Mark, Mosey, Mike, Chrissie, Haydn et al – let the games begin!
    Go, Tom, go!

  44. So Virgil Samms is Tom Martiniano.


    This place is full of celebrities.

    You never know who is on the other side of the line until the light shines!

    Your achievements are monumental and stepping out loud and clear will resonate on all the Scientology universe.

    I don´t know if all of us have noticed this.
    We have NOW in the independent field a team of veterans and long time upstat staffers that would equiparate with all the ones inside the Church of Miscavige.
    With the plus of no PTSness unhandled.

    In the very near future, when new people reaches for Scientology and makes his doubt handling between CofM and Independents…

    What do you think they are going to choose?

    No heavy ethics, no arbitraries, no IAS regging, no miserable staff pay.


    Let´s shine brothers.

    Shine even more.

    Shine for the benefit of those who need our light to turn on his soul.

  45. Freetothink

    Tom, thanks for your many years of dedication to the aims of Scientology. I see you’re still at it! DM has no chance with all you guys on board.

  46. War and Peace

    Greetings Tom,
    I have so enjoyed *meeting* you and *re-uniting*
    behind the scenes……
    You blaze a trail for me to follow and come out….once family issues handled, I will indeed.

    Your Jenny de Vocht in PAC episode will be a hit…now that she has been seen as the wife that knew every square inch….

    ML and High Fives and Bear Hugs

  47. Hey Martiniano! Great to hear from you and welcome to the land of Independence! I think I ran you on a few of those 100 missions. Thanks for your story. Lost track of where you went!

  48. Ramrod here! Good to hear from you Tom.

  49. Well, thats great and everything, but havent you heard the good news? The job is done.

    Scientology has a “trained army” of 200,000 VM’s from 170 nations who have “proved something can be done about it to 10,000,000 people”.

    Also- “There are now 44 million people who will tell you they have cut psychs from their christmas list”

    (yes, these are actual stats.)

    “There are now 500 million at-risk age groups running with The Truth About Drugs” (no that’s not a typo, they are running with it. This is a stat. Running with stuff. Don’t poke your eye out kids)

    Here’s a stat that will blow your mind, although it’s a bit much to write on the top of a graph:

    “Given that which eradicates drugs, criminality and human rights abuse will inevitably inspire others, combine it all and what we mean by Fourth Dynamic Salvage is a full 1.5 billion people now reached with our fourth dynamic campaigns.”

    I’m not sure what than means, but as you can see the planet is handled.

    These are the big stats from the 10×12 glossy mag “Scientology News”- a decade of triumphs as Scientology expands into 2010…

    It’s full of crafty double-speak apparently carefully crafted by Dan Sherman. It makes for some ok bathroom reading.

    Well, back to the topic. There is a steady flow of respectable scientologists, SO and otherwise who are pretty much saying the the same things. It’s getting harder to be doubtful about all this.

  50. Tom M,
    Nice to see you Macleod!

    Another Immortal on the lines. Man oh man, THIS is what I signed up for.

  51. Welcome Tom, I have enjoyed all of your posts.
    You bring a lot to the table. Nice to know you.

    Thank you for your service.

  52. Ahhhh…I remember you Tom. I thought I recognized the name. I lived out in Vegas around 2002-03 and worked for the same company that you did out of LA. You came over to my apartment that I lived in w/2 other Scn., Glenn and Liz. I made a seafood pasta dinner for a bunch of us as a celebration for Erica, who’s birthday it was, you didn’t eat as you had already eaten. You arrived with Raj, if I recall correctly, and you basically just laid back and chilled.

    Loved your post here. It was awesome to say the least, especially your getting out of ‘Nam alive and your decision to leave the insanity of DM. I still want to clear the planet…that’s why I joined the SO. It’s a new unit of time…


  53. Hi Tom!

    Wow, what a story! It’s exhilarating to see you join the ranks of Independents, not to mention to meet you.

    I was impressed with how thoroughly evil this comment by Jenny DeVoch was: ““You old timers – your days are numbered. We are going to replace you with young people.” Pure evil. We know the DeMon is evil, but Jenny certainly was in an evil valence when she said that, and clearly is still complicit in the evil doings.

    You mentioned the variety of people all working together to bring down DM’s regime. Most of us who really know Scn want Scn. And, in my opinion, most of those who don’t know Scn are in this battle to secure justice and respect for human rights.

    Anyhow, this room is filling up with the best and the brightest. And the place just got even brighter with your entrance. 🙂

  54. Dan,

    Can you clarify what Virgil has to do with Tom? Just so we can all keep things straight!

  55. Virgil Samms

    Jim, you’re up late! It is a quickening to be sure! just like in LRH’s BE we Scotts will rule the roost!

    Thank you Carol.

    Zana, I do remember. Thank you.

    Shannon, when I found out you and Hiro were declared, it handled 90% of my Q&A as to what group should I join. Both of you are the kindest, nicest and dedicated people I ever met. You two were what I expected of Sea Org members at Int. I mean it. To see either one of you kicked to the curb is just nonsense.

    W&P – as always, a kindrid spirit. I can’t wait your appearance. I think, with your care and intention, things will go easier for us.

    There is another one crossing over tomorrow. We need more and more crossing over to speak our intention to DM and his henchmen as OSA. Please, make the sacrifice and cross over. I did and it cost me my kids, but I am doing this for them and that’s the whole point.

    ML Tom

  56. Dear Tom/Virgil,

    Ah well…we’ve gone full circle here haven’t we? And how is your daughter doing? She was a PC and student of mine at Pasa.

    Marie and Pedro? Disconnected from me now…at least Marie is. Geesh…

    I’m very happy to find out who you “really” are. We obviously haevn’t seen eye to eye on numerous things. No importance. You’re free now and that IS the important thing.


  57. Dan,

    Never mind, I get it, having read more of the comments!

  58. Very cool, Darla. It sounds like you two are a great team! I’m looking forward to your announcement.

  59. DFB,

    Thanks for enlightening us. Gee, it sounds like the empire is really crumbling!

  60. Zana,

    That’s key — “it’s a new unit of time.” Maybe we should give a big “Start!”

  61. Virgil Samms

    BTW, my theme song. Enjoy.

  62. Virgil Samms

    BTW – my theme song.

  63. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Tom, it’s RJ 67, man, you said it all !! My hat is off to you for being sooooo S.O !! We’ll get it back or recreate it which could be better at the time. No more scedules, hahaha.

  64. Mockingbird6

    Regarding Fair Game: I Talked to an ex-SO the other day and mentioned fair game and they swore they’d seen it was canceled and insisted it never came back, etc. etc. Can someone give a reference?

  65. Hi Tom, Im very honored to have you on the same team! By the way your story sounds, you must have some Na’vi blood in your Time track. The bad guy on the movie Avatar explained “They are very hard to kill” It sounds just like you! My assistance is at your service if you happen to need any. ML Ignazio.

  66. Overdriver

    Great article, Tom!
    Thank you for sharing!

  67. Hi Tom
    Welcome officially 🙂
    Ex Sea Org used to be kind of a dirty word. I remember letting Gold shoot crews know with a shamed face that no, they couldn’t use me in their promo or films because I was ‘Ex SO’.
    Now thanks to you and many others here I can be proud of that status.
    Thank you. Revenimus.

  68. Good to meet you, Tom. Well done on standing up to the SP and thank you for contributions over the years. This community just keeps getting better and better.

  69. Hi Tom,

    That was a wonderful declaration of Independence. I really enoyed reading your story and I was really excited to see that you were in ANZO for a while. I will be sure to mention it to some of the people that I know were around at that time and hopefully get their TA moving a bit more……Lise

  70. Concerned Citizen

    My o my, Tom Martiniano the legend.
    Paiso would talk about you more than he’d like to admit it.

    I always wondered why I hadn’t read more about that 1996 Mission. in all my years and after having been trough a LOT, I have to sy it was close to the worse I have ever seen. The famous blitz, etc.

    Well, may be you’ll tell us about it, for now it is great that you are here. Boy o Boy, fisrt JB then Tom, people brace for impact!!!

  71. Mike Lemeron

    Hi, Tom! I was Gold Shoot Crew an chatted with you many times when I was at the HGB. We always had good comm. Super to see you around again. Loved your story. I left about a year after you did. Feels great to be amongst so many great people again.

  72. Beautiful answer Roberto. Scientology is an embrasive philosophy that brings people together. The Church is a divisive cult that drives people apart. Most “exes” value others for who they are, not what they do or don’t belong to.

  73. Stefan Tunedal

    Thank you for the music Veritas! Congratulations Tom!

  74. V, I Love You!

  75. Hello Tom,

    Serious question here from a non-scientologist so refrain from rolling on the floor laughing at me! 🙂

    When you say “clear the planet” – what happens to the people you don’t clear like me? Am I doomed to a perpetual state of unclear if I die a non-scientologist and consequently “unclear”?

    By way of background on me – I protest against the abuses, disconnection policy, fair game etc, within the Church of Scientology in its present form and NOT the pure beliefs of Scientologists or their right to practice those beliefs as Miscavige would have you all believe. I’m not a hater so please don’t think I am.

  76. “Please, make the sacrifice and cross over. I did and it cost me my kids, but I am doing this for them and that’s the whole point.”

    Tom, that is integrity, man. All you “under the radars” and lurkers – this is how to do it.

    Welcome to you. We never met but your track record and products speak for themselves. Thank you for standing up loud and proud!

  77. Tom, Welcome to the bright side of the road!! It is a pleasure to meet you. Hope we get to meet in person.
    Love Mosey

  78. Tom, I can remember coming home in July ’69. While routing out we were told we not to wear our uniforms if we went to San Francisco because there was trouble with war protesters.
    I wanted to see SF but decided not to go. I was
    proud of my stripes and my ribbons. I earned them. I folded my uniform in my duffle bag
    and never put it on again.

  79. Tom – a Combat Vietnam Vet – survived with 32 others — WHY? Because Tom refused the order of his senior to charge; knowing it would kill them all.

    Instead he lead all 32 out of that hell to safety.

    And dm THINKS he’s going to win this battle?

    Delusion runs deep.

    I don’t know Tom well – just met a couple of times; however, his stories, his kindness to his fellow Vietnam Vets as well as to me was inspiring.

    I’m so delighted to know you are well, have a lovely sane girlfriend, old and new friends and haven’t lost your incredible desire to free beings from their suffering.


  80. Hello Tom, welcome aboard. Thank you so much for your beautiful post! Very moving, and so wonderfully inspiring! Can’t wait to hear more from you. You sound like an incredible being.

  81. Maggie — I’ll pipe in as I’m now a non-scientologist …

    Clearing the planet doesn’t mean every single person must become a scientologist and then get auditing up to “Clear” —

    Instead it means that there is a concerted effort to help mankind improve conditions in their life. Step up from despair and poverty, sickness and criminality, war and insanity.

    Many will become scientologists, but others will become buddhists, atheists, activists etc.– all with a common goal – to help their fellow man WHILE helping themselves (by pursuing a path that speaks to their heart).

    You are hardly doomed Maggie — I’d venture to say you are one of us :), which is >>

    A loosely held community with a common goal — freeing others and oneself from suffering, from bias, and recognizing the joy inherent in LIFE!!!


  82. Dear Tom,

    “Spare me and the rest of my friends and I will work endlessly to fix whatever causes man to be so evil to other men.”

    The moment I read that tears sprang to my eyes and I am crying over my computer as I write this. I don’t know if I have ever heard such beautiful words that detail how I feel about man’s inhumanity to man. That was my purpose eons of years ago on the whole track and is my purpose now, except mine is more along the lines of “I will disseminate LRH data so that man knows there is a solution to the problem of man being so evil to other men.” I love to disseminate LRH material and do so in present time.

    Also, my father served three tours in Viet Nam. He did this at the end of a long military career, having marched with Patton in the woods and the snow to Bastonne as a young man in WWII. His last tour in Viet Nam was on a hill in Da Nang where he was being shot at 24 hours a day. He only got 1 – 3 hours of sleep a night, and when he came home, he would go to sleep at ten and be back up at 1:00 A.M. It took many months before he could sleep a full night.

    I got into Scientology in 1971 after staying up for a few days and nights reading DMSMH. I walked into my nearest org on September 30,1971 and commuted daily for many months doing training and processing. I was an original OT IV by the end of 1973. I may have run into you at flag as I was at the famous Mission Holder’s Conference at Flag, in 1981 I believe. That is where I got my first big outpoint– DM bragging about “busting” Mary Sue Hubbard. (I will never forgive DM for what he has done to the Hubbard family.) Then Bill Franks saying he was held at gunpoint, and then a WDC member saying, yes, he was held at gunpoint, after they flew her in the next day. I got to meet and talk to Norman Starkey, (Mission All Clear), David Mayo, Bill Franks and others. Wow! I did not know what to do with all this data, so I just parked it in a box “Weird data that I don’t know what to do with”, but never forgot it. Only recently, in the last few years has that data started to make sense, when I started reading court testimonial affidavits about what actually happened with LRH and the Sea Org and Scientology. Thank God LRH was able to do his research and find a way “to fix whatever causes man to be so evil to other men”. We have the data, and DeMonology can’t take that away from us. Thank you for your years of service to the cause, and for your continued service to Keeping Scientology Working. I know in my heart that you will never stop until man’s inhumanity to man is terminatedly handled.

    My very best to you and your loved ones, and for enduring to the pain of disconnection from those you love in order to fulfill your purpose. I have felt that pain, being only recently back in comm with my son, who has disconencted from me 4 times! Hopefully soon, enforced disconnection and other harmful practices that are not Scientology will be wiped off the face of the earth, and truth, in the end, will prevail.

    All my love, Lady Minn


  84. Postulate this, OT that, there’s no such thing as clear. Please abandon this delusion.

  85. We’ve noticed.

    In finance one moves toward “critical mass” or the point where your investments are outproducing your contributions. It’s the snowball effect: at some point you no longer have to push because the mass of the snowball just begins to move downhill on its own.

    As with the snowball analogy, as we move forward, we’re picking up the “snow” in front of us. We’re picking up past members and new members, members dropping from the church and joining from the field, all forming this critical mass that has great potential.

    However, sometimes the snowball hits a tree and sometimes the market collapses making it necessary to start again. But what the hell!

    That’s where the analogy ends. Because we can all reform very quickly. Unlike money or snow, we are the resource. You, me and everyone else here. The more experience we gain, the faster we reform and the more potently.

    Isn’t it cool?

    So, Viva la Snowball!

    Much love,


  86. DFB,

    Wow. A chance to use the word “gobbledygook” in a sentence.

  87. Virgil Samms

    Maggie, your question is an excellent question.

    Clearing the planet means deleting the reactive mind in people.

    If you don’t want that, then fine. Scientology, really, is only for those who want it. We’re not forcing it on anyone.

    What will happen is that you will be living amongst people who don’t have a reactive mind. That would be okay, wouldn’t it?

    ML Tom

  88. Virgil Samms

    Sarge, be proud of your stripes and ribbons. You really did earn them.

    I learned one important lesson over there – that friendship can be fleeting unless you take care of your friends. And you and I did take care of them. I used to look at someone and see BIs in him and panic. I would see death and I would talk to the person, get him to tell me what is going on so that he doesn’t die. If you’re good you can get him to talk and possibly save his life. I’m sure you been there Sarge.

    What better “basic training” for what we are about to undertake, eh?

    Your Brother


  89. Congratulations, Tom. The welcome you have received here among your old friends is truly heartwarming. I particularly liked your comment, “but we’re not all the way out until our brethrens are out.” I’m so glad this is your number one priority.

    If you have the opportunity to see the movie currently out entitled Oceans, wow…it’s amazing how beautiful this old mudball really is.

  90. Virgil Samms

    Lady Minn;

    Thank you for the wonderful post! Your words woke me up this morning. My hat is off to your father for his tours. Sounds like a good man.

    A lot of weird stuff has gone down in the Church and all we have to do is fix it. People pointing guns at each other, creating the “hole” and abusing civil rights, screaming and punishing is all from the reactive mind. It is all our fault that we are here because we didn’t clear the planet when we had the chance. Well, now we do have the chance and we need to take advantage of this window of opportunity and get rid of the reactive mind once and for all.

    Let’s do it.

    You are a lovely Thetan, Lady


  91. Lady Minn,

    Hearing stories from those who have been there certainly is a treat. Even the war stories enlighten.

    When you wrote, “and other harmful practices that are not Scientology will be wiped off the face of the earth,” I had to pause. The value of Scientology is in its description of truth and its ability to help an individual discover that truth.

    Truth trumps subject.

    DM exemplifies using the subject to trump truth.

    What you said makes perfect sense in wiping out harmful practices that are being used within Scientology to cause harm. Enforced disconnection. Fair game. Endless sec checks. Make wrongs. Etc. Yet, a person so inclined could interpret your statement to mean, “anything that isn’t Scientology must be wiped out so that we will be blessed with a purely world that practices only Scientology.”

    Like I said, I understand what you meant. And I love reading your posts. I’m just overly sensitive and constantly vigilant about statements that can be easily misinterpreted and misused. It happened to LRH. It happens to others.

    Much love,


  92. Maggie,
    I’m sure I’m not the only one going to answer you here but I’ll give you my undestanding, well, a summary anyway, of the ‘clear the planet’ question.

    You have a mind, it’s that terra incognita a ‘half inch back of your forehead’. DMSMH is the Owners Manual. That book describes the single source of human aberration, and it is confrontable and more importantly, understandable.

    From that spring board, this entire movement has taken shape, this ‘clear the planet’. What it means is that when beings are free from that single source of aberration, the Reactive Mind, then they invariably act in a pro-survival way. That survival computation embraces all aspects of life, not just one, themselves, or another, the group for instance.

    When beings operate for optimum survival of life, the dynamics as a breakdown of the various categories of life’s forward thrust for survival at a high level, then you see a thriving, positive, embracive culture.

    Imagine for instance, the wacko ratio of 1% of the world’s population, controls and ‘owns’ 95% of the wealth, and this ‘aristocracy’ has little to no compassion for the poverty and struggle of the remaining populations. THAT is not pro-survival for all aspects of life here on earth.

    A ‘cleared planet’ would resolve that and consider the morale and healthy contribution of the the vast bulk of humanity.

    The Scientology movement is composed of individuals who seek resolution of the issues of unwanted emotions, thoughts, repressions, angers, fears and destructive impulses that affect the cultures of the world adversely. It does this by effective handling of the Reactive Mind of individuals and from there to seek a sort of ‘make/break point’ of recovered life and survival impulses that embrace all aspects of life.

    You, surviving across your dynamics and living at or close to your potential, that is an aim of a ‘cleared planet’, whether or not you personally are ‘clear’ or a Scientologist.

    Heck, you knowing how to do whatever it is you do, well, and any person able to reach out and live their lives and flourish and prosper, and you winning and those about you doing the same, that’s a ‘cleared planet’. Cleared of those things which impede the natural ethics and sanity of every being here.


  93. HCOPL 21 Oct 68 Cancellation of Fair Game:

    “The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This [policy letter] does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.”

  94. Tom,

    Cua Viet, Quang Tri, then on to Da Nang and China Beach. Who would have thought swimming at white-sand beaches littered with human feces and concertino wire could be a vacation?

    Or that sleeping to the sound of one-five-fives and one-oh-fives going off all night could be “restful.”

    Or that lying with leeches, waiting for the Hefners to stroll by for a surprise party could be…

    All a matter of perspective, uh?

    C4? Cook a meal or…

    Much love,


  95. Tom Tobin, if you are reading today’s thread, that, from Dave up there, that is ‘wog’, i.e. not even trying. Actually, going in reverse…so that would be ‘gow’. Hey, a new term!

  96. Tom,

    Quite amusing actually. One of the most fascinating thing about the current circumstances is the paranoia, suppressed and cut communication in and around the church … people feel they can only say things to others that won’t get them in trouble if reported back to mother church …

    I probably have 50 acquaintances that feel just as we do, but maintain the facade of “good scientologists” because they are afraid of disconnection from family, friends, or business harm/financial damages. Some of these guys are considered top DM Churchies.

    When I am with a group of “DM Churchies” today, I know that at least half of them are mentally or emotionally out, just holding a pretense … quite humorous actually. An interesting game is to figure out who is on which side of the fence personally. A lot are incredibly good at keeping their true feelings hidden. In this instance, DMs perverted paranoia of “enemies are everywhere” is justified.

    Give me a call if you still have my info or ask Marty, you didn’t provide any contact information above and the old numbers I have for you don’t work any more.

    Your old friend too.

  97. Great to see you anouncing your independance Tom Martiniano.

  98. “I barely endured that mission with Jennifer DeVoct at the helm and DM running her but the thing that got me was when Jennifer warned: “You old timers – your days are numbered. We are going to replace you with young people.”

    That’s the Jenny I remember! Well, good thing you moved on. The Captains of that ship have become obsessed with real estate and genetics. They live like sentenced criminals behind barb wire out in the desert. I am glad you are not part of that group.

    Once you start getting up through the OT levels GROUPS take on a different meaning anyway. Hubbard says in one bulletin there is a scale on groups. At the top is “associated terminals” and just under that it says “grouped terminals”. A departure from being part of “grouped terminals” and moving towards “associated terminals” is actually coming upscale! Terril Park has the exact reference, I forgot it.

    If you want to send me an email addy I will let you know of any meet ups I find out about in Las Vegas:

    Cheers and welcome to the endless possibilities before you.

    Thank you for all the work you have done.

    You have made the world a better place!

    Love, T.O.

  99. Tom, good to see your smiling face and hear that you are thriving. I remember DM’s campaign to degrade and remove all the “old timers” and replace them with young people who are under his control. Good on you for speaking up and sticking to your guns.

  100. Tom, I’m praying it won’t be long before your kids join you.

    ❤ H

  101. Give it up, Dave. Your communication is plain rude.

  102. Oooooh, I am looking forward to that! Front row seat! We are going to play again together!

  103. I love this! Thank you Michael!

  104. Tom,

    It’s lovely to see your photograph and to learn about your exciting history. It will also be nice to know who’s talking when I see a post from “Virgil.”

    Clearly, you are among many old friends who love you. I second the wishes of others here who hope your children will soon be out with you.

    Just Me

  105. Dear Once Upon A Time,

    Yes, you were correct in ascribing my comments to the practices used in the name of Scientology that are used harmfully, such as enforced disconnection, RPF’s used as torture chambers, enforced abortions, etc. etc. And yes, you are right that we need to be vigilant about our comments, as they can be musunderstood. Thank you for YOUR vigilance in clarifying my statement in case there are others who misunderstood my intent.

    My love, Lady Minn

  106. Lucy James

    Tom it’s great to see you! Shoulder to shoulder we wil tackle DM’s suppression and put things as LRH intended!

  107. Maggie,

    Not to worry too much.

    I’m not a Scientologist and for the most part I haven’t met anything here but friends.

    Even when I studied the subject and became proficient in its practice I was not prone to considering myself a “Scientologist.” It’s just a word.

    I’m a cherry picker. I pick the best from whatever I find. I pick ideas from Christianity, Buddhism, yoga, physics, biology, philosophy, wherever.

    What I found in Scientology: I kept filling up my buckets and had to keep getting new buckets. Had to make pies and jams and preserves and give it all away because I couldn’t eat it all. And every time I got hungry I could go back to the trees and find plenty of ripe fruit for eating.

    But, cherry picking analogy aside, I remain outside, keeping vigil– just as others act as allies but remain exterior so that we can keep watch.

    So don’t get the feeling that all of us here are just waiting to reestablish an organization fraught with abuse. Probably the common denominator of those here is an awareness of abuse and the need to nurture others rather than control and enslave.

    We are all capable of learning from mistakes. And those of us here have learned.

    (Well, except the trolls and dm bots who are bent on perpetuating ignorance and abuse.)

    But, what the hell, Maggie, lighten up and have some barbecue smoked in cherry wood. You don’t have to be a Scientologist to study the material and use what appeals to you. And you don’t have sit on the wall because you’re afraid the party will get out of hand. Sure, some of us are going to get a little drunk, and some of us are going to make asses of ourselves, and some of us are going to sing til our voices fail and dance until our legs collapse. Parties are for letting loose and having some fun.

    And, in the morning, we’ll all get up, stretch, grin…

    and clean up the mess.

    Say, Jim, any of that cherry pie left? I’m hungry. And I don’t give a damn if it is breakfast. Christ my head hurts!

    Where’s the broom? Ahhh, man.

    Much love,


  108. Friend,

    You offer a fascinating description of “life inside the CoM” as one of necessary pretense and passive aggression.

    In fact, your description reminded me of WWII France society divided among the Vichy regime, the French Resistance, and many citizens in between those two camps, just trying to survive until the war was over.

    Here’s a question should you (or others) care to respond: What proportion of people still in the Church do you think are firmly in the DM camp (forking over donations, doing services, reporting on old friends, etc.) vs. those who are silently resisting and trying to stay under the radar until the war is over?

    Just Me

  109. Yes, it was a real DM strategy and we felt the impact of it in Europe too.

  110. carabbotta

    oh nice,
    finally all the disaffected are together!

    Well Done

  111. Once Upon a Time,
    It’s VERY cool.

    We be chillin’.

  112. Tom,

    I am so glad to have met you on this blog. You are a great additional power to Marty, Mike and many super beings on this blog.

    Thank you so much for being there and helping us to handle this planet with the pure LRH tech.

  113. Jim the Puck, always so funny!

  114. Tom, I was in the CMO in CW in the 80’s and then CST for the late 80’s. I’m in Las vegas as well. It is good to hear your out and I’m sorry you lost your kids. I lost my father and uncle to the church. I would love to mby get together over a cup and chat it up? Vegas feels so far away from everything going on right now. I would love to pitch in and do my part to get this thing pushed through to a done. Let me know.

    Cheers DG.

  115. Hi Tom, Boy do I remember this mission in 96 from J de Vocht! It was so insane. I was on the PAC RPF then and you were running some of us if I remember right. We had 3 times 10 minutes for beans and rice a day, no cigarettes, no “canteen privilege” (which means no soap and basics). She even had some pillows and old carpets taken out of our rooms as “luxury items”. Also if you had 2 towels, one was gone! Then someone wrote it up so she RPFed the RPF I/C for “blackPRing her mission” claiming she had not ordered any of it. The poor guy would have never come up with anything like this. She also sent the whole Tech unit back on decks because they were “not getting graduates”. Yet there were about 8 CSWs up lines that no one was looking at for many months, as usual. Our tech unit had a lot of good experienced techies. I remember that instead of being C/Sed by guys like Kevin True and Pam Weiseman I ended up being C/Sed by Peter Stumbke. I loved Peter but he had no idea what he was doing. He only knew invest tech, so each day you had to go back to a chain that was long gone, evil purpose and all, and get some detail that he thought should have been gotten. TAs soared sky high throughout the co-audit.
    At the time, I took advantage of my small size and was always doing sparky stuff or HVAC stuff in ceilings, to avoid Jenny’s deck inspections. Ceilings were the only place you could just work in peace.
    The R’s R was made to sand nuts and bolts in the boiler room. It was so humid that you had to do it all over again the next day. Just to sink their morale another notch.
    When the mission was over and we returned to “normal meals” people were running stuff like having eaten out of the garbage bags, or “stolen a sugar packet” — and no, in that context it was not a “paper clip” overt. You would have gotten killed!
    I am laughing now as I write all this, but I wasn’t then. I could go on for pages.
    I knew you disapeared at the time, so many others did as well… Anyway, very nice to see you here. You haven’t aged a bit in these 14 years!

  116. Martin,

    Just wanted to give you my viewpoint on your comment ” All you “under the radars” and lurkers – this is how you do it.”

    This group IMO is an all inclusive representation of of those desiring a change/restoration/adherence to the beneficial aspects.

    Some here are really big fish, Whales so to speak, and making themselves known creates a hugh positive effects and thank you so very much.

    Yet some of us, as myself plant seeds on a daily basis and shine lights of truth in the crevases and corners from within. At some point with the seeds from within and the sunshine outside together will bring a great harvest.

    So please lets be all inclusive, we need each and everyone to in on this.


  117. Joe Howard

    Tom, you must know it won’t cost you your kids for long. DM’s charade will one day have played itself out and people will be free to reunite, speak their minds, discuss, argue and, oh, yes–make case gain.

  118. Terril Park

    The Oracle says:-

    “Once you start getting up through the OT levels GROUPS take on a different meaning anyway. Hubbard says in one bulletin there is a scale on groups. At the top is “associated terminals” and just under that it says “grouped terminals”. A departure from being part of “grouped terminals” and moving towards “associated terminals” is actually coming upscale! Terril Park has the exact reference, I forgot it.”

    This is from Org series 23.

    “There is a scale concerning Lines and Terminals.

    Handling flows and correctly changing particles.

    “Any organization and any individual staff member thereof is
    somewhere on this scale.

    “The trick of the scale is the awareness factor. At a position on the
    scale, the being or org is NOT AWARE of the scale levels above him.”

    Some ex SO may have some reality on the lower parts of scale.

    I like the top of the scale. Associated terminals.

    I think its the case that most posting on this blog come under that. But I think one should also look further for associated terminals.

    The Freezone is whether or not one likes it a set of associated terminals with the independants.
    At least potentially so.

    Looking further, one might consider those,
    critics and anon included, who wish to handle the abuses of COS are also associated terminals.

    The policy was originally for those of one group. COS.

    One could maybe consider this in ralation to a wider group?

  119. Not quite there crakatootoo. There’s more arriving daily. Heck, you’re here aren’t ya?

  120. Marty,

    I know this has come up before but I have no idea what has developed. Most of us I’m pretty sure would love to contribute to your efforts because they reflect our own intentions. Flying to Florida or Vegas or Los Angeles is not cheap. Especially on short notice.

    And maintaining this blog must be a lot of work. And must cost something in terms of time and effort and payments.

    Point is, it’s time to set up a not-for-profit or charitable trust for MovingOnUp with the same religious status and rights enjoyed by the CofM.

    I don’t know much at all about these things. I know you have members in your audience who do.

    I also know that many of us have been out a long time and have funds to contribute as we haven’t been stripped bare by the money grabbing.

    I suspect that you don’t want to be viewed in the same light as DM, always looking for contributions.

    But, tough shit.

    It’s our movement too. And we want to contribute. And you and Mike and others are the ones getting on planes, featuring blogs, etc.

    By “we” I mean me and the mouse in my pocket. I don’t know what anyone else thinks. Do you, Twitch?


    Much love,


    ps. Mosey, smack that lug with a frying pan if he won’t listen. Humility only gets us so far.

  121. chockabunga, by the way, if you really get that ‘disaffected’ down you’ll come close to the master, Mike Sutter.

    He lays his head back, his eyes roll and you see the whites and he sort of hisses ‘disssssafecteeeeeedddd’. Give ‘er a go. Better still, ask Mike about me and Paul G. He’ll surely give ya somethin’ you can emulate.


  122. martyrathbun09

    Michael, Thanks. There are some things in the works. I said from the outset function (which we have been doing naturally) will monitor structure. I’m working on some structure which I will be ready to announce soon (very carefully worked out to forward and realize our function).

  123. Thank you Jim and WH for taking the time to reply!

    I love visiting this blog. There’s an exceptional group of people here.

    Michael – I’m 25 -LOL! I’m light dude!!!! I’m inquisitive! I like your fruit picking analogy but not entirely sure why you’re directing that whole “……waiting to re-establish an organization fraught with abuse” scenario at me. I’m well aware that that is something lurking in the back of the minds of some Anons but not all and not me!!! I was merely asking Tom about “clearing the planet” but whatever! Enjoy your party there cowboy! 🙂

  124. Virgil Samms


    Email me at

    ML Tom

  125. chuntowapat, there’s more…I think you may just qualify for my new term, ‘gow’. Yep, actually going in reverse of not even trying. A ‘gow’.

    I’m dissssssafecteeeeedddd!!!!

    Blame me Black Irish Ma. Damn that twinkle in her mischievous eyes!

  126. martyrathbun09

    Tom, was mine too – during my first three years on the outside in the wildnerness. However, Ronnie Van Zandt’s brother does not, and cannot, do justice to Ronnie’s masterpiece.

  127. martyrathbun09

    Nor can the imposters on the guitars.

  128. martyrathbun09

    btw, Linda needs to get me her JPG photo soon. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated. Send to

  129. Oh God, one more critical thing chapapotpie, you have to get your uvula wiggling to get the right sound, along with the hiss.

    It’s mostly at the end ‘disssssafecteeeeddddd’, right there on the e’s and d sound, get that uvula a shakin’. Practice. Come back when you get it, ppppaaaaallllleeeeeaaaasssse 🙂

  130. “Some ex SO may have some reality on the lower parts of scale.”



  131. Theo Sismanides

    That’s great Marty! We are here!

  132. Virgil Samms

    Marty – I like Simple Man because that’s what I aspire to. Nothing going to be simple about any us for a long time ahead. Or is it that we have been becoming simple? Hmmm.

    I agree on the bands replacements. Always been the trouble with Skynnard; they were snuffed out way short of their peak. Still love them, tho.

    Photo was resent.

    ML Tom

  133. Hello Mosey,

    This is off topic so profuse apologies to Tom.

    How rude of me to not say hello before. I’ve only just realised who you are! Duhhhhhh!!! And Yes! My head is in my ass most of the time so you don’t need to say it! Well actually, it’s because my job posts me overseas for the majority of my time and this blog is farily new to me but the “head up the ass” excuse is acceptable! Peace and love to you Mosey. 🙂

  134. martyrathbun09

    Tom, thanks. Truth is simple, lies are complex.

  135. OnceUponATime and any other like-minded folks:
    There is something now that you could help with financially, please contact me It has to do with someone that I think you would want to help in order to move things forward, and that will back up Marty and Mike. et al, in a big way.

  136. Paul Copercini

    Great to see you,
    My desire is to make sure the tech is used with every individual and every group and secure the Ultimate Win. I’m with everyone who wants this and confronts this big game.

  137. Michael,
    Plenty o’ pie. Lots of cherries in the orchard too. More pie on the way I figure.

  138. “It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind.” –Voltaire

    The word “patriot” here is, sadly, interchangeable with the word “Scientologist” per the warped view of Miscavology “Church”.

  139. Yes, we are! Marty I salute you!

    hug plus salute is a hulute?!

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  141. Tom;

    Thanks for the history. You SO people are really special folks. I just want to thank you and all other SO in or out for all you have and are doing to help mankind get out of the swamp.

    This last six months has been one mayor eye opener for me. Not a week goes by that I’m not amazed by this group’s actions.

    I always enjoyed the video where LRH talks about putting on the “BIG BOOTS”.

    I often wondered if there were any thetans who could put on these boots.

    Now I know where the “BIG BOOT’S” people hang out and it’s not in any COS.

    Welcome Tom and from your history I assume your wear a size 16.

  142. I blew during that mission.

    In hindsight, I am thankful she was such a psychotic evil bitch that I felt I had no choice.

  143. I remember waking up one morning to find my little troublemaking 12 year old cadet org PC had become a commadores messnger!

    She said a girl had come in from INT and picked her out. The girl had a camera and a box full of beautiful clothes and all the make up you could ever dream of. The girl dressed her all up and made her feel SO beautiful.She took loads of pictures of my little PC and told her she would send them uplines.

    They moved my PC to another building there in Hollywood, somewhere in the LA org if I recall correctly. They took her nice warm down comforter away and gave her a sheet to sleep under. After a couple of days of freezing she started to whine. Soon after that she found out that she didn’t qualify to go to INT.

    Long story short, my PC started to try to reg me for the Sea Org, (since I was only a lowly public a the time) she told me how “degraded and “pitiful” and namby pamby I was for not joining.

    Wow, I was gobsmacked, where was my real PC and what had they done with her?
    Man, you can’t make this stuff up.

    She did get to stay in the CMO for a while where they issued her a uniform with a tight black skirt that barely covered her bottom. Ahhh, my conservative tone level so she said made me disapprove.

    Deary me.

  144. You’re a good mentsch Tom Martiniano.

    I was your subordinate a couple times over the years.

    I remember when you were SO Pgms Chief, you did evals, you seemed to really care.

    Some people, and you are one of those, care.

    You definitely were a caring manager, and NOT at all the cutthroat coldhearted politically fad following bastard Sea Org manager.

    Thanks for trying your best in the Sea Org Tom!

    I appreciated working under and next to you.

    If I had the magic wand, I’d tap you for Executive Strata ALSO.

    You would be one person who understood that old CBO called “Flag’s Relative Importances.”

    Chuck Beatty
    412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me after 9pm east coast time)

  145. Agreed. here here.

    If there were a “Learning Machine” like in Battlefield Earth, those that want to contemplate what to do with the Sea Org, I wish each could wear the helmut and do the Sea Org Briefing Course (that never got compiled), and think about it all.

    LRH wrote so much, and there are so many ways to stop people from being fully hatted in it all.

    I think it’s up to the character of those willing to go fix, or restart, but restarting omits what LRH wrote, and NOT to at least review what he wrote, leaves those who want to restart from scratch open later on, to several generations down the road those who DO spend the time reviewing all the admin stuff LRH wrote.

    Again, to get ALLSIR out in the public domain, I think is square zero for anything about organizational structures of running a Scientology setup.

    One of the INCOMM staffers leaked the ALLSIR tapes into the public domain, although I don’t think the material actually leaked, the INCOMM staffer, the one for whom the big RTC Mission in 1995 too place, he was sec checked for 2 years, didn’t leave the complex, and another 3 years of auditing, and all the details of what he did isn’t known, but he did make tapes of all the SIR libraries from the Int Computers, and did take those tapes out seperately to the normal tapes that Security INCOMM took to the church controlled security site.

    Can we have a “convention” and those who want to meet and discuss the ins and outs of what really LRH would do?

    In a heart beat I’d undeclare about 40,000 people.

    In 1995 the ex Sea Org list was over 25,000 names!

    I used to download it at ASI and give it to the ASI legal guy, Ryland Hawkins, so Ryland could “vet” the guests invited to the ASI pulp fiction reading events. Ex Sea Org was OVER 25,000 names, in 1995.

    It must be 40,000 or thereabouts, today.

    412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me after 9pm east coast time)

  146. Maggie,

    Just inquisitive? I love you already.

    Sometimes I try to reply to exactly what someone says. Sometimes I try to reply to a broader concern. Sometimes I just do what I want for no other reason than I felt like it. And I guess the reply to you was a mix of the three.

    And yes, I was replying to the individuals who are deeply concerned that Marty is really trying to depose DM so that he can take over the church and begin Scientology 3.0 with all the harsh policies and abuses intact. Of which you are aware. And of which you are not a member.

    And no, I don’t think you’re a hater. And no I didn’t necessarily mean for you personally to lighten up.

    Give me some unpoetic license, girlfriend.

    As for being a cowboy, I’d probably fall off a horse, land on my head and stagger away even more daft than I am.

    But I’d recover.

    And though I really don’t drink, I’d be glad to make you a cherry pie–discreetly purchased from a local bakery. Ah, there’s just so much I need to learn. Where is the time for it all?

    Much love,


  147. Jim,


    Yum, yum.

    Let’s go get buckets. Lots of buckets. Hand them out and have a picking party.

    And I get the feeling we’ll need one for Maggie.

  148. Veritas,

    Wouldn’t it have been fun to know Voltaire? He used to say he was so clear because like a shallow stream, he wasn’t very deep. What a hoot!

    I think he would have loved studying Scientology.

  149. I am so glad that you remember Tom. You really would have loved the seafood pasta! ;}…My uncle did 2 tours of ‘Nam, and came home with 2 Purple Hearts. He’s never been truly social since then. Likes to hunt. My X2D was a ‘Nam Vet as well. Did the whole “Wall” thing with him, even after I got him into SCN. Talk about a wall of mass. He did enjoy Scn. prior to dropping his body….Love Skynyrd! Ultimate favorite suthern rock band..I bet I listen to them almost everyday.

    Tone 41-I vehemently agree!!


  150. So cool, Michael. Thanks!

  151. Standing by, Marty.


  152. Tom, thank you so much for sharing your story – you had me at Virgil : )

    I am so moved by your account of the events in your life and I realize these were “just” broad strokes! May your kids rejoin you soon and much success with your next move!

    Love, Kirsi

  153. You’re a riot, Jim. Thanks for cracking me up, I needed that tonight!

  154. Tom, very warm welcome ! What affinity comes from your smile .
    This group is really a strong one and gets stronger and stronger.
    Thank you for being here .

  155. Thank you Maggie, and Welcome!!!!

  156. Virgil Samms

    Thank you Kirsi. Lovely words from a lovely thetan.

    Thank you Anna.

    Chuck, you amaze me sometimes.

    Jack, you inspire me.

    And Mosey. I think if it were not for you, we would not have this. I think. Marty may back me up on this. I will see you soon.

    And to all the rest – my love.


  157. These are the days of street power coming in the fold. The Ivory Towers rock and sway from space particles driven by street people. Obama won the election with internet donations from street people. The power is in the streets these days. The Church of Scientology was built on the backs of body routers and mission holders.
    The formal corperation CofS has disconnected from that power long ago. They scurry about as militia when the ser fac of “class” stands like an old dress in the window of a thrift shop. We walk in the comfort of the streets where the sun shines and all people stand on common ground, in the midst of all possible magic. We all belong in this magic. And we will stand behind you Marty and help you with whatever we can. And we will rise up from the ashes as an impossible
    magic to harness. Yeah…I like all of that!

  158. Furthermore, I would just like to indicate that Marty attracts not the “disaffected”. But the emotionally fit. This is an amazing video about “seeing it as it is”, a quality Marty exudes.

    Making the future more compelling than today:

  159. Underestimating the “old timers” is just another set back for the Church.

  160. The thing about her and James Byrnes, is that they displayed the behavior of Marines invading the island of Saipan. And here we were, in a Church, a bunch of volunteers in sunny Florida or Los Angeles. The behavior was so non sequitur it made you realize the pretense was beyond you. And then you could snap out of the theatre. Yes, they had the same effect on me and I know were helpful in getting many people to wake up and walk away. But there was another side of Jenny that was HUGE in her political ambitions. Rank meant everything to her. I recall the Int Execs coming to the FSO in 1992 for an inspection. She ran around with her posse and drilled every staff member on how to behave and even what to say while they were on the base. Get this, it was “good roads fair weather”.

  161. I don’t like cherries or pie but I love to dance! I can dance all night long and I always win a competitions!! Save a dance for me? 🙂

  162. Theo Sismanides

    Tom, to be honest I hadn’t read your story fully, I guess that morning two days ago I was not in the best of moods.

    So coming back now and reading the whole thing…. I am out of words, especially after your first paragraphs.

    The deal is now to be delivered. What we are doing is so important to Mankind but to ourselves too.

    No SPs can come in here anymore and say their “bleep” things. No SPs can tell us “what is” Scientology. It is what it is.

    The fact that it’s being changed is a big danger but at least we are pointing it out. And LRH said that before we go we should whisper it to our sons and grandsons that the Tech was free. You and I and all the rest of us, Tom, are not just whispering now. We are standing up against the suppression.

    It’s definitely RJ 67. The Bankers and the one worlders have their agenda. LRH knew that a long time ago. What we are going to do now is pull off a miracle. But we need MORE STABLE DATA here. We need some fixed point of agreement around which all this thing is going to turn from now on. This is what LRH did with his tech. He created the stable data and then he put in policy and the orgs as more stable data to keep the stable data there.

    We just need that stable data in a new unit of time. It does not have to be a big thing, it has to be brilliant, haha.

    And my only guess is the org board. I have been saying this. And the admin tech. And the Internet of course and our homes and our computers.

    Anyway, it’s been an honor to be in the Sea Org with people like you. Now we are together again in a new field of action.

  163. Tom just one thing: no Zone Plan application in my country please.

  164. Maggie,

    Truth is, I love Bing & Mt Rainier cherries (sweet), but dislike cherry pie (sour).

    When I went to college, three professional companies asked me to join them. Though I was untrained, I had the grace, body and leaping ability. (Once I kicked a playground basketball rim–it was really only 9’8″ not 10′ but what the heck; it was still an ego boost. And gives you an idea of how high I could go.) Each company said they could train me to dance, but couldn’t train someone to leap that high.

    But I was in my mid twenties and knew a dancer’s career was short. Ah, such is life.

    God, I love dancers. Just love them. Dance, for me, epitomizes what life is about. It can be so visceral, so cerebral, so spiritual.

    So, that you win dance competitions is…is…uh, is…(dare I say it?)…is just the “cherry” on top.

    Go, I’m sorry. I just had to do that.

    But, I really am impressed that you are a dancer and dance well. You have my utmost admiration.

    Much love,


  165. onley in name it got revoked not in practice according to that reference.

  166. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Dear Tom:

    Thanks you for sharing your story, your experiences, your curriculum vitae if you will, etc. I only know you from seeing you around over the years when and if in PAC; that and from mutual friends — fellow SO members. You always struck me as a smart, thoughtful and interested individual. From reading your story, above, I am certain that you are.

    For my part, it is their loss, Tom, not having the likes of your shoulder to the wheel. An organization cannot be build upon marionettes, sheep, puppets, enablers, and so on. Those sort of characters may seem useful to a creep to have around to do one’s bidding, but it’s just an apparency.

    I am glad to know you are around and doing okay.

    Be well, brother. The world needs people like you.

  167. ROTFLMAO soooo apropos!

  168. aside: I’ve put an auditing room into my house plan so I can make some swamp Clears down here!

  169. WoW Tom! I’m glad you made it. Heart attacks ~ not good for the body!
    I look forward to working with you (and all y’all here). What you communicated brings stability to my universe.

  170. Lulu Bell your description of her is delicious.

  171. “they issued her a uniform with a tight black skirt that barely covered her bottom.”

    Maybe I am going to hurt somebodies feeling but My Pedo Alarm goes of

  172. Man Tom!!!!
    You make my day. So nice to see you and see that you are alright. I would love to get in touch. Did you see the Channel 4 video which Marty was so nice to mention on his block? I think you would love it. I would love to touch base sometime next year, even if just for a coffee. I am in Europe now but I am looking at coming for a visit sometime. Do you know if Gianny (ex CO CTO) is still in, gritting his teeth, or if he is out? Get in touch if you want: dominicnobrien at

  173. Michael – you undoubtedly make me laugh. 🙂

    Ballet teaches you discipline! Control over body AND mind. A dancer’s life can indeed be short.

    I purchased my first property at 20. I’m a shrewd investor- not bad going for just a dancer eh?!

    Much love back at ya!

  174. Maggie,

    Girlfriend, we both know you’re far more than “just a dancer.” Your panache shines through. A bit bold. A bit saucy. Self-confident without being overbearing.

    “Possessing a lyrical swagger, the roll of hips, so innocent, so promising. Eyes so direct. Proud of posture. The passionate movement pauses. Fingers glide, tentatively, smoldering. Foreheads pressed together, hands clasped; they embrace the music again.” Quote; unquote.

    Very interesting young woman. Very. Perhaps a kindred spirit. Hope you post here some more. I have so little time that I seldom can do more than scan through a few comments and dash off a few thoughts.

    Unfortunately for the other posters, my mind is a chatterbox and my fingers are quick. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

    Hmm. Just glanced out the windows to the back deck and saw something interesting: a squirrel, a chipmunk, and a dove are all nose to nose doing only God knows what. Chatting? Eating seeds fallen from the bird feeders? We certainly have had a wide range of birds visit this year. Ever see an Indigo Bunting? A Northern Parula?

    And much love right back at you, girl.

  175. Tom,
    I’m hoping you remember me. We were good friends, when you were at the Detroit Org. We were room mates at Bev Soroka’s Higland Park Apartment(with Andy Jajuga). I tried to locate you a few years back. I left the Church, years ago, but never left the technology. I’d like to renew our comm. Bob G.

  176. Pingback: Book Review: Vietnam – The Teenage Wasteland by Tom Martiniano. | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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