Black Dianetics at the top of the Bridge – more on IAS

If anyone has any doubt that DM has constructed a bridge to nowhere, he or she might want to spend a bit of time reading through the extensive trail of evidence Mary Jo Leavitt created which is lodged on the website.  I believe that is far better evidence than myself, MIke RInder, Amy, Jeff, Steve, et al could ever provide.  That is because the insanity of the conduct at the top means a lot less if doesn’t transmit out to effect the product of the organization. Mary Jo’s evidence effectively documents those effects. The new “EP” of OT VIII is now in fact, “knowing and willing effect of, and complicity with,  David Miscavige and his anti-LRH and anti-Scientology campaigns and programs.” 

You think I am overstating it?  Read just two of the knowledge reports that Mary Jo wrote when DM and his minions attempted to turn her into the brave new definition of OT VIII.  I have included them below. Now, please realize that very few of the OT VIIIs handled it like Mary Jo Leavitt did.  With a handful of exceptions, the OT VIIIs walked lock step down the integrity-shedding lemming leap demanded by Miscavige. Thank God Mary Jo held her ground and made a record of it.  Any bridge that leads to a state of other-determinism, particularly suppressive other-determinism, is a bridge to a dark, ugly place. 

You want to know what a real OT VIII looks and acts like? Get to know Mary Jo Leavitt.  



Mary Jo’s reports:

November 26, 2007 to RTC Reports Officer

Things that shouldn’t be IAS interview/Reg cycle Ted Bragin, Marion Vugger

I was in an IAS reg cycle last Saturday the 17th of November with Ted Bragin from the WUS Office.

I had been told I needed to get an appointment for a briefing and I was hesitant as I do not have the funds to donate now and I am also very busy with my OTA hat as the OTA IC of Latam. Last year, in 2006 MV I donated 150K and in one month completed a Patron Meritorious cycle: I went from 15 K on the IAS to 250K in 12 months and it was a very BIG deal for me, I got into debt big time. I was thrilled and proud to do it but had to follow that up with a lot of production. I am a single woman and while I do own my business it is not one that makes so much profit to allow for such sizeable donations. I basically got a second mortgage on my house to do it.

After course on Tuesday the 13th, I was approached by Claire Taylor (FCS LA Fdn.) and was told I had to have an interview with the IAS, that all the OTs in the field had to be interviewed. There was no reference or no reason given to me. This is a generality and it is an arbitrary that “all OTs have to be interviewed”. I don’t think an enforced interview is OK, especially when I am active and have donated so much. But I reluctantly agreed.

Since Ted Bragin regged me before I agreed to get this briefing from him and asked him to please be brief as I had lots to do and did not want to sit there and tell someone how I did not have money. It is not OK to sit there and talk at length about debt, etc- it just brings one downtone and makes a postulate there.

I had set aside 1 hour for this and Ted was late (which was fine he was in another cycle) but when we started 20 minutes late I was anxious to get the cycle going. Ted made small talk, commenting about people who had made recent huge donations and told me I needed to be with that group of people, hang out with them. I said I had no time to hang out with new people, I was a bit puzzled at the comm. I asked him to please give me the briefing and he said it wasn’t a briefing, it was an interview, which he said was the new name for a reg cycle. I was BIs, I was told I was getting a briefing. It is not OK to lie about the purpose of a meeting, which was not what I agreed to do.

He then started to ask me about my finances and I said I did not want to discuss specifics or my debt, that I had expressed to him this. I did tell him I had no equity in the house. He became irate, that HE was the IAS and I had to disclose everything as I worked for the Church and per policy they needed to know. I asked him for a reference and he pulled out the Les Dane book and referred to the section on qualifying a prospect and said “This is LRH”. I protested this saying this was absolutely not LRH source and then asked him if then anything was mine, did I own anything? Did I have a say on my own finances and how I was going to handle them? It seemed so bizarre. Ted said I was now OT VIII and very self-determined but he “could show me what self-determinism was”. This was all done in a hostile tone. He went and got a staff member from the Flag office who is a trained Flag MAA and is on a mission here in LA, her name is Marion Vugger, and when I explained to her that I was not in agreement with the force of the cycle she told me I sounded disaffected! I am one of the most upstat and active OT Ambassadors and Scientologist on the planet, according to OT Operations Office Int who wrote this before my clearance for the ship to do OT VIII eligibility. Then Ted said, “you know I love you don’t you?” and when I said “no…” he said, “that is the first lie you say tonight, I would lie in front of you and give my life so that you and only you could go free” – it was all very melodramatic and introverting. What is one supposed to answer to that? Marion told me if I could not give money I needed to walk in and say to the IAS “what can I do for you”? I told her I was already very committed as an OTA and could not glibly say that as I would not be able to deliver. She did not answer that. I have to create income and am already very active helping the OTCs in Latam. Ted then said that we had to do it all. When I said I was already “doing it all” (I do not qual for the SO or staff and Ted knows this) he got angrier with me.

I was told I had to give “everything” to the IAS, that I work for the Church and that I had to be there on the same terms as the SO and that COB needed funds NOW. When I said I could not give what I didn’t have, that it would be out ethics, he got furious and said, “don’t you think LRH was out ethics when he almost broke his back researching the OT levels? He was out ethics on the first dynamic and on the second dynamic, he had a family, he was a husband, don’t you tell me you can’t be out ethics!”. He turned to Marion and she nodded in agreement! At that point I just remained quiet and decided I needed to not protest anymore to end the interview. I said I was working on creating more income; that I was with the program and understood what I was being told. At that point Ted told the MAA that I was more active than over 90 % of parishioners he knew and then told me I could leave. Marion left the room and Ted offered to walk me to my car. As we walked I chatted lightly and he asked me 3 times if I was OK. I was not showing any signs of not being OK, it was as if he was concerned that the cycle had been very rough and he wanted to be sure I was OK.

Ted looked very tired; I have never seen him this aggressive. I am not sure what references they are operating on but this type of treatment and comm. is unacceptable and the comment about LRH being out ethics and making it OK and even necessary to be out ethics to be an upstat IAS member, is completely unacceptable. I think this needs to be looked into.

This is true,

Mary Jo Leavitt

OT VIII, OTA IC Latam, Patron Meritorious, FSM


RTC Reports Officer Int

Mary Jo Leavitt, New OT VIII                   September 20,2009



PR Aide OSA Int

Legal Aide OSA Int

International Justice Chief

Snr I&R Chf HCO Int

Ted Bragan, IAS WUS

Tiana Lake Snr MAA CLO WUS

Cherie, Snr HAS CLO

Jon Lundeen, CO ASHO Fdn

Lon Kloeffer, Dir I&R CLO

Knowledge Report

Out tech (Out KSW), Abuse of Position

Snr I&R Chf HCO Int

Ted Bragan, IAS WUS

Tiana Lake Snr MAA CLO WUS

Cherie, Snr HAS CLO

Jon Lundeen, CO ASHO Fdn

Lon Kloeffer, Dir I&R CLO

Dear Sir,

This report is written and routed as above because of the potential liabilities such activities can bring about if perpetrated upon terminals less understanding than myself, liabilities that can have severe repercussions on PR and possibly legal lines.


Recently, two SO members entered my property by jumping the gate of my house without permission. I wrote a KR on the SO members who were from the CLO WUS ‐ and sent it to RTC, copy to MAA CLO WUS and the parties involved; it turned out one of those men was the Dir I&R CLO (Lon Kloeffer). See attached.

Two weeks went by and I went back on course at my agreed‐upon time. On the way out of course, on a Wednesday (August 5, 2009) I was approached in the parking lot by the D/ED of LAD (Mark) and asked if I could go to an IAS interview for a few minutes. I said I did not have time (which was the case), and besides these interviews are never a few minutes. I also said that I did not have any money to donate and the interviews were reg cycles, so I was going to pass. Mark then said to me it was not an option, that it was mandatory. I looked at him surprised and said, “Mandatory? Q1 is self determinism and we have power of choice!” I also said he could tell the people who had sent him that I was not going to an IAS briefing and to take me off their lists (for potential reg cycles). And then I left.

That night I received a call from the CLO Dir I&R (that went to my answering machine) saying I needed to come in to see the CLO Dir I&R immediately. My daughter Joanna, who is also my Communicator, called as soon as she got the message. She was told there was a KR written on me that required me to show up within 24 hours, because I was being summoned by HCO; yet they would not give further information on what it was about. It being a workday the next day, and I was flat‐out with work, Joanna arranged for me to go on Saturday tentatively and got OK from the Dir I&R to postpone the meeting until then. Joanna told the Dir I&R (who refused to give his name) that she would talk with me the next day and see if it was possible to go any earlier in the week. This was agreed and fine. It was late at night and I had already retired.

The next morning, Joanna gave me the message and I called the Dir I&R first thing; I got an answering machine so I left a message saying I wanted a copy of the report so I could see it before it was time to go to the CLO on Saturday (which was the earliest possible time I could go in). I had no idea what that could be about, all I could think of was the comm cycle about the IAS interview that previous afternoon.

Then around noon (approximately 3 hours after I left my message) a man in an SO Officer uniform showed up at the gate of my home/office. He identified himself as the D/CO of the Ethics Org now established in the CLO. Instead of giving me a copy of the KR, he handed me an “HCO Ethics Summons” (attached). He said I had 24 hours to report to the CLO yet would not tell me what this was about, only that it was very serious. I told him I could only think of the IAS comment the day before and that this was a violation of ethics gradients (Ref: HCO PL 29 APR 65 Issue III Ethics Review). He said ethics gradients did not apply in this situation (per policy, however, they only do not apply when an SP act is committed but I didn’t say anything.) We spent 45 minutes talking. I had pressing work and calls that had to be delayed‐ this was right in the middle of my production. I agreed to go to the CLO on Saturday at 10AM.

Joanna then originated that the HCO Summons claimed there had been repeated attempts to get in communication with me, yet she as the Communicator had only received one communication, the phone call the night before, and she had been specifically in comm on the cycle. She called the Snr HAS to get clarification as to what was meant by “repeated attempts to get in communication with no avail” and after a few phone calls it was determined to be a mistake, the Snr. HAS said there had been a misduplication and the HCO Summons was supposed to be withdrawn from my ethics file as it actually did not apply per se, because I was “in comm” and showing up on Saturday. It was understood that the appointment “would not be long” and would be under an hour. Joanna had scheduled important appointments previously for that day, but we were fitting in this appointment with the CLO; Joanna made sure it was agreed with the Snr. MAA CLO and the Dir I&R CLO that it would not take long.

On Saturday, August 8, 2009, I had to wait half an hour before the Snr. HAS came out to meet me. I reiterated that I only had a couple of hours set aside for this (a long time with my schedule). She was not pleased I had a limited amount of time and went to check with someone to see if it was OK. Then 15 minutes later another Sea Org member who identified herself as an HCO terminal said she was giving me an interview and I should follow her. As we walked across the street towards the canteen I asked her what this was about and I saw in her hand my KR regarding the SO members jumping the gate, and I said, “Oh, it’s about that? I’ll be happy to pick up the cans to tell you what happened.”

And on the cans, I did. After she was satisfied about my recounting of the episode, and I FNed throughout (she never indicated it, though; I could see her making big circles on the worksheet) she then showed me the “Knowledge Report” written by the Dir I&R CLO which was contrary to my KR. Every paragraph in that report was an alteration of the facts. I told the lady giving the interview that this was the case and that I never got a copy of this report and wanted to have it (Ref: HCO PL 1 May 1965 Iss I Staff Member Reports) and she assured me I would. She did not give me a copy, and (over a month and a half later, on the 28th of September) I finally received a copy from the Chief MAA FSSO. (See attached, and the False Report Report regarding it.)

After that the questions turned to the subject of the IAS. What did I think of it, how are my finances, do I have off‐shore accounts, any illegal activity with my business, any missing licenses or permits, who are my friends, do I have a 2D, a husband, a boyfriend (she really pressed on this one), what do I do on my spare time, am I connected to disaffected people?

I am an OT VIII with an incredible ethics record as an examination of my file shows. And yet the assumption of the interviewer and these questions was that I was out‐ethics and even criminal. I had to prove the contrary through my answers and while holding the cans (illegal use of auditing, Ref: HCO PL 18 Oct 1967 Iss III Policy and HCOB Alterations High Crime.) She also asked about my children‐ my son Greg, does he write a lot of reports? My answer‐ yes, I taught my kids well, to write reports of any Out‐ KSW or out‐tech. Greg has had a lot of trouble at LAD just staying on his Academy levels when he is pressured to do “Basics lineup”. What about my daughter, Joanna? All my answers were satisfactory to this terminal. I was FNing and in comm.

I asked her why this whole cycle was so heavy‐handed and she said the “field of OTs is very disaffected and very disenchanted and there is an investigation going on. We have found a lot of enemy line regarding the Ideal Org program and the Dir I&R often has doors slammed in his face. He thought you were acting in a disaffected fashion so he thought you needed to come in” – words to that effect. What confirms this is that this “False Report” he wrote was not acted on until two weeks after my report was written and delivered. But really, the reason for his report and “Ethics Summons” was the IAS interview and the 10 million dollars quota of parishioner money the CLO had to collect from us NOW.

When we were done I was told by the Snr HAS CLO that I needed to watch the MV4 event, the IAS event and then stay for another interview. Because of the way this was communicated, I asked if this was mandatory? The Snr. HAS CLO responded, “Yes! Absolutely, you need to do this now.” I said I had two previous appointments I could not reschedule so I would return around 5 PM.

I then saw the MV event and then it was time for the “interview” – Teddy, Jon Lundeen and Snr MAA CLO.

I made it clear I was handling debts as I had donated to the IAS 250 thousand dollars in the course of a year and was still heavily in debt (in addition, over the years I had donated 105K to SuperPower and approximately 60K to the Ideal Org program, and 20K to other programs such as the Library Campaign and Basics campaign). I shared that my business had not done as well this year but I was going up the conditions and my application of ethics tech was working and going well. Then they started with the doom and gloom that times were so bad and things were so desperate, I needed to go ahead and “do or die in the attempt” and other quotes from KSW1 completely out of context. Despite a rising emotion from my interviewers, I remained calm and told them I was not going to go into further debt and that I was not turning over my credit card. Teddy screamed at me saying I had a closed mind and was not allowing him to do his job, that I had to tell him my personal finance data (and then he referred to the Les Dane “Sales Techniques” as his source for that) and kept invalidating me, cutting my comm., saying he did not like how I grimaced, etc. When I could say something he would write it down and often he would leave the room to talk to someone else about these notes he was taking.

Then Jon Lundeen, whom I know well and who even trained me on being a Registrar when I was in the Sea Org at Flag, told me the IAS cycle was so important he was spending 90% of his post time wearing that hat. And the Snr MAA said she, too, was doing that, that she was in charge of the entire PAC Base IAS quota. They said this with pride! That they are off‐post and off‐hat 90% of the time!

At one point Jon and I were alone and he told me a story about his daughter stealing things as a youth in the SO and that he got a knock on the door in the middle of the night, a dreaded moment, where he was told he had to leave the SO unless he handled his daughter. He told me he was not about to give up the SO and his life in it, so he borrowed 30K to send her off to Delphi in Oregon. (As an afterthought he said he didn’t remember if he ever paid that debt) and that his daughter was shortly after that expelled from Delphi for her “stealing” (i.e. kleptomania). Her mother, Edie Lundeen, (Class XII) (finally) gave her some auditing and it quickly resolved and now his daughter is posted at Int. But the point of his story was that, in his words, COB had gotten that “knock on the door in the middle of the night” and we all had to do the impossible to raise this money; that any bad consequence for incurring more debt was not important. It really sounded like the end of the world. Jon was very agitated.

Teddy said we needed to complete establishing an AO in Latam and I said that was years away as each org in Latam had to become Ideal and as far as I knew they were not even solvent. I was bewildered that they would say this was such an urgent cycle, and expressed that to them. Teddy would write all this down on a paper and would not answer my questions. He then became angry and went for the full‐out make‐wrong and invalidation technique I had previously experienced from him (see my KR of an IAS interview with Teddy in 2007). I remained calm during the whole interview. They, instead, turned quite upset and were often screaming and turning red. And as they saw that this did not have an effect on me, it became worse, i.e. intensifying their misemotional outbursts.

As I persisted on my position that I was not going to donate, Lundeen screamed at to me that I was an out‐ethics OT to have taken so long to pay off the IAS donation and that to doubt my ability to handle a large debt was a gross out ethics! He shouted that LRH had expected the impossible from him and I was very able and the same was expected of me. I then said I had arrived there earlier in the day with two hours for the interview, but ended up remaining there most of the day and night, and the cycle had been over 6 hours long and I was now leaving. As I stood up they all started to scream and at that point the Snr Dir I &R (Lon) walked in, crossed his arms and stated in a menacing tone, “You are not participating and what is going to happen is you need to get a roll back right now. You have been spouting enemy line all night”. I said, “Not participating? You mean I am not turning over my credit card? Absolutely not. And I already had a one‐hour interview where I came out clean and I am not doing another. It is 10 PM!” He said, “We will give you some vitamins to put down your throat, it will be fine”. At that point I said, “I am leaving” and the Snr. MAA blocked the door. I told her she could not do that and motioned her to move. At that point the auditor who had interviewed me knocked on the door and told me to go with her. Everyone in the room was screaming at the same time and I gladly walked out with her.

Once we were outside, the HCO auditor said she could overhear that things were getting intense and out of hand in there so thought she’d knock to get me out. I thanked her and told her I was not doing another interview, I was going home. She said we should at least walk a bit so I told her we could walk to where my car was parked. She asked me more questions about my debt and when I told her I was 300K in debt, she asked if that was the mortgage and I said no, that is separate from mortgage. She asked me why I didn’t tell them this and I said these were my personal finances and it was nobody’s business. She told me we needed to do this second interview anyway, she was holding a piece of paper that contained all the “enemy line” I had said, and I told her anything I said I meant, it came from me and was very straight forward. She said she could not do it during the week but next Saturday and she would call me to schedule me. I acknowledged her though I did not intend on picking up the cans again for this cycle.

She never called and then on September 15th, 5 weeks later, the Dir I&R CLO and Snr. HAS CLO came to my house while I was out. They told my son that I had blown an ethics interview and needed to go to the CLO. They left a hand written note for me to call the Snr. HAS as soon as I got the note. I called and got a voice mail. I left a message. I said, “This is Mary Jo Leavitt, I got your note. I am not going in for your ethics interview. Do what you have to do. Do not come to my house anymore.”

I have not heard since.

Summary of outpoints and LRH references

‐Overt misapplication of ethics tech with the purpose of collecting funds with no exchange, under duress. Many references exist including HCO PL 7 Feb 1965 Keeping Scientology Working Series 1, HCO PL 7 Mar 1965RA Iss III Offenses and Penalties, HCOB 15 Sep 1981 The Criminal Mind, HCO PL 1 Apr 1981R Interviews (“An Ethics Officer never spends any time sitting and arguing with someone.”‐LRH),

HCO PL 24 Feb 1972 Injustice, HCO PL 1 Sep 1965 Iss VII Ethics Protection, HCO PL 30 Oct 1971 How Ethics Gets Harsh, and others including standard Finance policies.

‐ Use of positions of power and executive postings, use of CLO HCO to collect money for the IAS, under duress. Refs: HCO PL 2 Nov 1970 Iss III Responsibility (“The power of choice is still senior to responsibility.”‐LRH), HCO PL 15 Dec 1965 Iss I Ethics Chits (“No person may be penalized for issuing an ethics chit.”‐LRH), HCO PL 7 Dec 1969 Iss II The Ethics Officer, His Character (“The job of the E/O is to disconnect and depower the criminal and so protect the group.”‐LRH), HCO PL 11 May 1965 Issue I Ethics Officer Hat, and others including many Div III and Div VI policies.

‐ Abuse of an OT VIII, outright invalidation and nullification of an upstat member. Ref: HCO PL 4 Aug 1966, ETHICS, Clears, Invalidation Of, HCO PL 23 Dec 1965RB Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists. See also, HCO PL 2 November 1970 Issue III, “Responsibility” “The power of choice of an individual is considered as opposition and as an overt act. When in fact, “the power of choice is still senior to responsibility. What one does against his will operates as an overt act against oneself. But where one’s will to do has deteriorated to unwillingness to do anything, lack of will is itself an aberration… In the decline of any state into slavery, as in Greece, or into economic strangulation of the individual as in our modern western society, doingness is more and more enforced and willingness to do is less and less in evidence. At length, people are doing without being responsible.” –LRH.

This is the kind of behavior and actions that indeed breed disaffection, and result in bad PR for the Church of Scientology.

This is true,

Mary Jo Leavitt 

228 responses to “Black Dianetics at the top of the Bridge – more on IAS

  1. Man, they are getting to the “and gawd gave his only son” tactic at this point.

    I remain stuck at disgust… this too shall pass I suppose.

    Thank-you David Miscavige and your whole band of miscreants for helping me truly witness the difference between simple fraud and evil.

  2. Wow, unbelievable, but then again…

    I have been in similar IAS reg interviews, with at least one of the mentioned terminals. My last one was grueling and I vowed never again to endure such a cycle. Unfortunately it ended in an increase of my credit card debt. Though it was not a huge amount compared to my overall donos, it is one of the most regretted donos.

    Several years ago I had made the observation that the higher you go up the bridge, the more you are ‘expected’ to follow someone else’s orders. I thought WTF? That’s the reverse of how it should be.

    Anyhow, Mary Jo you rock! Thank you for writing your KRs and standing up to the suppression!


  3. Wow. Reading this gave me chills.
    How disgusting that they even dared to talk to you like that.
    I commend you, Mary Jo for having the cojones to stand up to these jerkoffs.
    If only more people would have the integrity to stand up to DM’s BS.

  4. War and Peace

    International ASSOCIATION of Scientologists.


    I would not offer you Spit.
    I would not offer you dog spit.

    War and Peace

  5. I was a Pro Reg, BLS, the whole 9-yards…no, Les Dane is not LRH and Les Dane was a sweet, kindly spirit who would NEVER be so vile and try to cave in the buyer. They were twisting Big League Sales to cave you in!
    I’m completely dumbfounded. That was psycho! How squashed and nasty and low-toned and crazy can they get? Damn! I’m really sorry for those left inside who are attacked by vultures in the name of LRH and even Les Dane!
    Mary Jo~ I hope you’ve regained all your wonderful life and energy since getting that suppression off your back!

  6. Joe Howard

    In the C/S Series, LRH cautions against making trouble for the pc. Too bad he never wrote a PL cautioning against making trouble for the parishioner. This is just criminal extortion. I hope any authorities investigating DM see these reports.
    Truly, truly disgusting.

  7. Mike Lemeron

    This is really a terrible tragedy. Mostly the tragedy is that the IAS has successfully bled the field dry – then grinding the best of the best into the dirt first. This is a DM tactic from the word go. He has done this type of thing for years across many areas. The best people would be “promoted” to the Int base due to their upstats. Then, a fairly short while later, they were busted, demoted and on the decks. I saw it happen for years. In other words, to DM a person is as good as they remain “useful” to him at the time or are in high enough stead that he can sadistically enjoy their social and personal destruction.
    Mary Jo you have been and are such a complete upstat. That is why you became a target. It is such a crime that this goes on.

  8. Reading this made me sick. I’m assuming Mary Jo got out?

    How many thousands of dollars do you need to hand over to Scientology before you realize you are in the grip of an evil cult?

    To donate hundreds of thousands of dollars…it boggles the mind.

  9. Oh, and beautiful photo too!!!

  10. Tony DePhillips

    Wow Mary-Jo!!

    That is exactly the kind of shit that made me get out of this nut house of a church.

    They are really nothing but bullys pretending to save the world.

    Your smooth handling is worthy of an award!!

    I hereby grant you the “Patron Saint of confronting stupidity and bullshit award!!”

    The pin is a solid gold circle the size of a softball and is encrusted with diamonds…

    Peace be with you!

  11. Virgil Samms

    I used to watch the Sopranos and their reg cycles were not as intimidating. The mafia actually showed some respect when they regged.

    Mary Jo, you are a true OT VIII. No doubt about it.

    ML Tom

  12. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Mary Jo,
    You are OT. Wow.

    Ted is interesting. I have had good cycles with him in the past, but a while ago I had a crazy one like this. It got rough. Unfortunately for Ted (I love how you call him Teddy), I had recently read the full finance series and was in a no-nonsense, done with the crazy financial overts for the greater cause mode. He got out of hand and someone else had to pick up the cycle. There was a similar walking out and coming back in action. And then later he did that “are you OK” thing with me too. Strange. I fear for him. He looks like he is about to blow a gasket or something. I still have a kinder, funnier, gentler Ted in my mind than what I saw last time. I hope he recovers (maybe some time at the Shack would help). 🙂

    Thank you so much for your courage and write up. You nail the real problem – the basic philosophy cannot be tossed out and expect anything else to work. The outpoints are incredible. And it is visible to the public, they don’t need to see beatings to have enough info to know something has to change.

    Big ack and virtual, over the internet, hug!

  13. Why is it that you put up with this type of foolishness? all these “IAS REG Cycles” and KR’s, briefings and interviews etc,etc,etc…its all so unnecessarily seems to me you are mucking up your life with all this ridiculous pomp when you should be enjoying life, IMHO…im sure you noticed I am not a sciontologist, but I am very interested and aware of what is happening in your church right now. I do wish and hope for the best for all “freezoners”, and for DMs early retirement.

  14. Thank you my beautiful friend,Mary Jo.
    You are a true definition of an OT. Your courage and high integrity has helped many on this blog to see the true intention of C of M and their crimes.

    Thank you for standing tall, beautiful and powerful as usual.
    I admire you my friend.

  15. I greatly admire Mary Jo Leavitt for courageously telling the truth, this although it cost her everything. People respect courage.

    The latest definition of OT from the CoS website says this about OT’s:

    ” An Operating Thetan (OT) is able to control matter, energy, space and time rather than being controlled by these things. As a result, an OT is able to be at cause over life.”

    This definition is not true in C of M. Mary Jo and so many other OT’s were controlled, invalidated, cursed, Black PR’d, and forced into heavy debt by IAS.

    IAS has made the State of OT a complete lie. Marty, you are correct in identifying the new EP of OT VIII as a lemming-like, humiliating acquiescence to DM. DM is not making OT’s these days. He is making bankrupt, introverted, compliant, scared people and he is calling them OT’s. In essence, OT VII and OT VIII have become the public equivalent of RPF.

    Critics such as myself respect the struggle and fight that Indies are waging against CoS. We share your fight against the insane, greedy, and abusive dictator David Miscavige. Our goal is to systematically dismantle CoS in its present form using all possible nonviolent means.

    Marty, keep doing what you are doing. Your blog is an important line of communication. I am always willing to talk to Independents about anything. I can be reached at


  16. The OT8’s at my org dont look so good. I wasnt aware until recently what pressure they are under. It’s like they are not free, they are slaves to COB. They have to get with the program or they risk not being invited for 9 and 10 right?

    I think thats probably what keeps a lot of people in line is a fear of losing your OT levels, or having to do heavy handed and expensive ethics handlings and sec checks.

    Donation events in my area are not doing well.
    I think IAS is relying more on the individual attack, but that mat ny be going well either. I know my last couple “reg-cycles” went badly. One with Bridgette really trying to guilt me and getting in my business, wanting all my credit cards, making me call and increase limits. Basically she looked really tired and she was going to have a problem with me if I didnt pay up.

    The last one I handled pretty well I think. I just heard and ack’ed them and said no. I couldnt do a donation then and I wasnt hiding anything and I just said no, with ARC and as good TR’s as I could muster. I generally have a lot of mental conflict and either enthusiastically go for it, reluctantly do it, or can’t overcome the barriers
    (sometimes use the barriers to get out of it).
    I’ve never had the balls to just say no to a heavy handed reg-cycle.

    I don’t think you can get “written up” for just saying no. I think what you get in trouble for is getting upset, or if there is enturbulence in the cycle and you dont donate. They can enturbulate the shit out of you, but you can’t complain about it or you’re out ethics.

  17. MJ, they messed with the wrong thetan!

  18. “I had donated to the IAS 250 thousand dollars in the course of a year and was still heavily in debt (in addition, over the years I had donated 105K to SuperPower and approximately 60K to the Ideal Org program, and 20K to other programs such as the Library Campaign and Basics campaign)”

    Followed by more extortion and intimidation, I´m in absolute shock. What a bunch of criminals to pressure you like that. All of the upper strata has to go!


  19. Redneck Thetan

    I am clearly new at this and have not experienced regging, thankfully, but what kind of church browbeats a person who has freely admitted to have given more than $350K in donations and seems to think she should give MORE?

    For many, many people, being able to give that amount of money to a faith is the equivalent of making it to some sort of financial Mecca. It means the giving up of many things and working your butt off for a purpose higher than you that will change things. That is something to be commended and thanked for. Not treated like an infidel because they can’t ethically give more or promise to without causing major financial upset. And not by creating possibly more financial upset by trying to keep them from doing their work as scheduled.

    This is part of a whole thing that I both revere in public Scientologists and can’t yet understand – how you or did you do it all? I assume many are business owners or retirees and don’t have to worry about vacation time, and perhaps money saved for decades. But it seems like people managed to always stay on course despite vacation day limits, and you always seem to have been able to come up with funds. The power of postulates? Learning, slowly.

    But if the Church is going with the tack that they should aim for the middle-class, for minorities, and for those who possibly need the tech most of all, there has to be an understanding that the world DOES work on a schedule where things have to be planned, and that paychecks cannot be expected to be stretched into impossibility.

    Unless there is a way to sit down with a $50K-per-year family of four and give them a practical plan for the parents to go Clear without endangering jobs or depriving themselves or their kids, it’s going to be hard to see those parents being able to go up the Bridge and then teach the kids how to follow them. And that basic method of dissemination is practically the American Protestant model, with them substituting tithing with services.

    Forgive me for the rant and maybe going off topic. It’s just a big question I’ve had that kind of blew up when thinking about Mary Jo’s experience. I’m a single woman too, and I can’t imagine the feeling of having another person probing all aspects of her life to get her to do more than pretty much any single woman I know could ever do. I’m personally in awe that she wrote her KR’s so relatively uptone.

  20. Joe Pendleton

    If this story seems at all unbelievable to you (and it does sound surreal – she is an OT8, who has already donated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS), I’ll share this with you briefly. I also had an interview with Lon (after others had failed to seperate me from my wallet/credit cards). He screamed and threatened to have me expelled if I didn’t tell him how much money I had in my bank account. I told him I didn’t wish to give or receive communication in that area of my life. I thought his head was gonna blow off. When I told him I thought I had the right to apply The Code of Honor to my life, he screamed at the top of his voice ‘SHUT UP – THAT’S ENEMY LINE!” (!!!???!!!). This young man is seriously (and I mean it) brainwashed. He seemed somewhat insane. But I knew he was simply “doing the drill” and the above KRs of course confirm that it is one of their “group values” to engage in this type of extortion.

    This all is akin to a strange mix of Stalinism combined with Organized Crime/Mafia with a sprinkling of demented used car salesma thrown in – (yeah, Lundeen – this guy WILL eventually be peddling old Volvos and VWs some day).

    And if you DARE decide to excercise any self determinism as a being (which is only the main goal of Scientology in much of the Basics by the way), you are “labeled” – “disaffected”, etc – this effectively communicates your lower state of beingness to the rest of the group, thus invalidating any of the actual meaning of your independent communication (no one will listen you see because the response will be – “she’s disaffected”) and this for a being who has had the wherewithal and resources (AS a being) to make it to OT8 AND donate hundreds of thousands to the IAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, “donate everything you have.” How about Lundeen donating everything he has. Oh, I forgot – he probably doesn’t have anything. He and Chairman Dave have never actually had to exchange REAL VFPs to make an actual living in their life. (I’m sure Chairman Dave has a nice bank account though)

    BUT this will not stop until people say no and simply refuse to go to the interviews no matter what the threat. Or just hide out (and believe me, some are doing all of the above).

  21. becomingAware

    Mary Jo – VWD for holding your position is space during the high pressure and out-tech cycles they put you through. Tough Lady!

    As Deep Throat urged the reporters – FOLLOW THE MONEY. The crimes will be found. I am of the belief that the biggest ones have not yet been exposed and his MWH phenomena is destroing the Church.

  22. Ted Bragan really knows how to turn on the make-wrong full force.
    (And incidentally Howard and Michael really know how to simply LIE to get the goods.)
    I’ve experienced similar, though thank God not as intense as this horror. But I guess they treat preclears more gently.
    I really admire your thorough write-up of this ongoing extortion within the CofM.
    I hope you are truly flourishing once again since reclaiming your self-determinism.


  23. 3 times during reading that I wanted to blow. Could not confront this. As EO had to clean up similar cycles in mid 80. Reading those reports is like auditing to me. But I cannot confront it till now. Honestly. I mean the EVIL Intention behind the story and the being behind that intention.

  24. MJ
    You were a guiding light and inspiration to me back in those dark days when I was still working through my Doubt Formula. I would say you were responsible for that last tiny tip of the scales that I needed to pull myself out fully.
    I thank you for that. Seems so long ago and now I wonder at how I could ever have been unsure.
    You rock X a million.

  25. I am weary of people emailing to me and asking me to tell my story. But the book has gone too long now and embraces “the past” I have distanced myself from. So, I just want to say this for those embracing confusion because your stablle datumns may be shaken. It’s always going to be annd what Scientology accustromed you to, CHANGE and violating your reality on a gradient. And this is where out faith steps forward. Come on this is an ever motion situation not one where anyone is going to be able to lay down and get spoon fed for awhile.
    Like your food lodging clothes and whatever, you are going to have to stand up and fight for this thing. Sorry if you though it was a government istitution you could just file benfits with it. And it’s all about a love of many things.
    It’s alright it’s alright…

  26. Excuse the typos just too tired.

  27. Insane. Do not ever buy into that kind of stuff. Let’s Clear the planet. Lower prices, more dissemination. However, I find it hard to talk about Scientology when stories like this prosper everywhere. How could I ever bring anybody into this? The current Church IS its own worst enemy.

    I’m starting to suspect Miscavige suffers from Asperger’s syndrome.

  28. Mary Jo, you sparkling, lucid, power beauty. Thank you for all you are and all you see! Woooo!! you take “Being There” to levels I love to behold — it’s like standing in the middle of a wonderful wind storm that gently and fiercely sweeps away all that doesn’t belong to Theta! You’re beautiful in every way. I’m with you:)… ♥

  29. Tony, exactly –>

    They are really nothing nothing but bullys pretending to save the world.

    and definitely Mary Jo –>

    Your smooth handling is worthy of an award!!

  30. This is just disgusting to say the list. And you Dave who read every line of this blog, will pay for this…. don’t worry, every crime of yours is recorded you’ll end like Adolf.

  31. Very impressive, Mary Jo. ❤

  32. Mary Jo’s KRs reach the parts that other KRs simply don’t reach. They go deeper and have more impact than anything else known…

    Reading about the IAS “briefings” brought back that sick feeling from so many similar interviews. As soon as you hear the words “IAS briefing” you know the rest of the day is going to go badly. The IAS is the world’s richest natural resource of guilt pressure. I’m in Sales and if I used a fraction of the type of tactics used routinely by IAS I would arrested and charged with extortion or demanding money with menaces. The real mystery is why I tolerated it for so long.

  33. Pirate's wife

    Mary Jo, much thanks for your write up. When I was doing my research, surfing secretly at midnight while my husband was asleep. Your KR impressed me and got me really listen to my heart. I saw what an OT really is and understood why there’s none in my area.

    I am not a native English speaker and I struggled all the way to go in, stay in and to get out of the church. It’s a lot of effort involved for me to study English materials and get fully duplicated. But, I made it.

    I have to thanks Marty, Mike, Steve, Maxico amiogo Robert, the old auditor and many other people I cannot count them all one by one here. Thanks you guys make the way out of the cult clear and possible. I am still recovering form the cult damage and doing my write up prepare to come out. Please excuse my poor English and slow writing. We will be on the bright side soon.

  34. I used to know Jon and Edie Lundeen about 20 years ago when I studied the OEC at Flag. VERY lovely people.
    I am devastated to hear to which level they have sunk in the meanwhile and I second Mike Lemeron in his observation that the very very very best get it the worst by DM no matter in which area.

    Mary Jo, your KRs rock, ALL of them! Thank you.

  35. I am awaiting the day when DM is taking advantage of his intimate knowledge of LRH’s last weeks and days to besmirch the ol’ man in order to defend himself and justify his felonies. Would fit in the mindset of a rat which is ultimately cornered.

  36. Chairman of the Bored

    This is attempted extortion. This reminds me of the “gimme the f*ckin money” scene from Goodfellas:

  37. I second that gold circle award.

    I also consider the display of despair in this gang who “handled” you. Tried to imagine what it would be like to be pushed into doing such a reg cycle and I saw this cold hand around their necks.

  38. Watching Eyes

    I’ll start by saying how lovely your photograph is. And now I’m at a loss for words which is not something that happens very often.

    I assume they’ve declared or expelled you? If so, good! You don’t belong in such a group. DM’s group doesn’t want people like you. Anyone who can think for themselves is a threat to the dwarf and must be squashed. Only pod-people are welcome.

    If anyone is still in doubt about where DM has taken this “church” all they need to do is read your reports.

    I can no longer even refer to the CofM as a church. Their non-profit status needs to be revoked and one person in particular sent to the pokey.

  39. Mary Jo;

    Thanks for your indepth & sane KR about this evil IAS cycle. You wear some big boots girl. This tatic is not new. In the late 1970’s or early 1980’s I was asked to come to a briefing at the AO in Los Angeles.

    Two guys whose names I do not remember took me to a small room and closed the door. At the time I was a very sucessful employer in the LA area and pretty much could write a check for the bridge. Most of my money was tied up in company business but these guys would not take no for an answer.

    The meeting esclated to a point where I was threatened with bodily harm. I was told the door was locked and I would not be permitted to leave until I wrote a very large check for training and services.

    I was not as diplomatic at Mary Jo, because I am an ex jock, Iris and have been in a street fight or two.

    I told these two assholes that I was ending this meeting and I would knock the door down and if either one of these goons got in my way they would instantly exteriorize from their dead bodies.

    I will tell you being 6’5″ with a booming voice and in your face TR’s they backed off and the door was unlocked. I’m not positive but I think the smaller of the two wet his pants.

    I never returned to the church until 1989. When you piss off an Irishman it takes a little time for us to calm down.

    These tatics over the years somehow have become systemic and before our very eyes we are witnessing a decaying dying church. There are many who have OT certs, but very few who are willing to step up and call bullshit.

    My hope is this group will somehow find or create a solution so those who want pure LRH tech can do so in a safe place. I’m not getting any younger and I would like to see this problem solved during this lifetime.

  40. Ex Int Staff Member

    Seems to me that your money should be refunded and if that is not forthcoming, these criminals should be sued because that’s what all of this is – criminal activity.

  41. “you’ll end like Adolf”
    Where is the diminutive dictator anyway? Probably already in his bunker (Freewinds?) hiding like a whipped dog with his tail between his legs. He knows the end is coming.
    The biggest similarity between Hitler and DM is typical of over inflated bullies; they don’t know what to do when people fight back.

  42. Mary Jo thanks for your write up, you are brave.
    Are you going to ask the IAS for a refund????

  43. Sadly Mary Jo is not alone in being in debt well over 300K.

    I know of an OTVIII who wasn’t as strong as Mary Jo and had a total meltdown – psychotic break brought on in part by being over 300K in debt for IAS etc., and her business was failing to boot.

    Scientologists THINK that its NORMAL to be in debt like this FOR their church.

    It’s NOT NORMAL. Everyone I’ve mentioned the IAS extortion racket to, outside of scientology, is utterly appalled.

    I, again, applaud Marty’s earlier post about abolishing the IAS AND PAYING BACK the money to those who donated.

    Well done Mary Jo. Others have failed to stand up to this police state, and are now by default part of the police.

    Jon Lundeen knows better.

    BTW — wasn’t there a policy about “Horrible Regging?”(not the actual title) Something along the line of NOT ever regging by telling people they would die, their leg would fall off, etc etc if they didn’t buy? I used to wonder HOW the hell can they do this BAD NEWS GIG with the IAS when it so completely violates this policy.

  44. Mary Jo,
    Well done. Very, very, very well done.

    The assault on rationality in DM’s madhouse is pretty hard to confront. It brings on rejection of the illogic. You laugh at illogical incongruities.

    How about; Les Dane = Source = DM = Scientology. I think Sue Wilhere needs to expand her viewpoint as she only encompasses DM = Scientology.

    How about; ‘Yes, you MUST do what we say, we OWN you, YOU are MEST, it says right here in Mien Kampf, which is actually DM’s kampf, but nevermind that, that isn’t what we’re here for, we’re here to save the world, rather, to take the savings of the world and…did you hear that? That was somebody knocking at the door! Who’s there? Are you a psych? Arrghhhh, do you have any money?’

    There’s a marvelous Essay on Authoritarianism from Jan 51, in Tech Vol I. Here’s some snips:

    A scale;
    Theta greater than MEST
    MEST greater than Theta

    “Authoritarianism—or authority—exists in ratio to the amount a curtain is lowered across ARC lines. An authoritarianist responds to this law by bringing authority to himself by lowering curtains across these lines. Authoritarianism also exists in ratio to the amount of theta which can be given a reversed polarity. Thus the authoritarianist perverts affinity by pretended affection, or by “examples” of how much hate there is that either enforces him or he is “holding back”. He perverts reality by altering situations into greater desperateness than they contain or by reversing a
    desperate situation into something he declares to be calm or of no importance. He additionally perverts reality by interjecting data about disagreements where no disagreement exists. This is how authority is accumulated and held. But it is a perilous holding since it creates, by contagion, more enMEST and entheta and ordinarily ends in
    the death of the authoritarianist or other destruction to him.”

    Like Mary Jo and others have been saying, DM’s house is a nuthouse. It’s gone down that scale to the ‘psychotic’ level. It is authoritarianism with that manifestation’s complete reversals.

  45. So, the E/P of the Bridge to Total Freedom is that everything you own now belongs to them? What insanity! Mary Jo, I respect and admire your courage in standing up to this and most of all, in going public to be an example for the rest of us. Well done!

  46. There is something I would like to share with everyone. May I humble suggest that we move a little bit away from our abbreviated and in some cases full knowledge reports and a somewhat effect perspective and towards a little gentle cause. A little action taking.
    In furtherance of this may I suggest that we wear the hat as scientologist. Not indi, not freezone, or anything else. Think of it this way, It is poor form to try to audit grade one or grade two, particularly if you are significantly out grade zero. Perhaps another way to look at it is if you failed to maintain your hat in and as a scientologist (or staff, or SO for that matter) how well do you think you will handle an alter is of that very same hat.

    Another point, any of you that have received a declare, that is so blatantly false, should realize that it is an illegal order. IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY FORCE, IT IS AN ILLEGAL ORDER WITH NO AUTHORITY. Not only do you ignore it you have a DUTY too. I would dare say that the only com eve that should take place are those who signed their names on such orders. I can see how we have been in effect taken out one by one, and in some cases perhaps with our tail between our legs. LOOK IN A NEW UNIT OF TIME. This is PT. We, on the outside are more likely to be in significant greater numbers. If, and a big if, we all started to wear our hats as scientologists, studying what needs to be, from our own reason. We can impact and impinge on the current scene with considerable force. Could be a fun game. Turning things around, salvaging out seriously PTS brethren. Removing the big SP. Revealing his trail of destruction.
    Remember this little short phrase?
    As far as personal enhancement is vitally important to all of us, and cleaning ourselves up, is. NONE of us will get very far without getting in ETHICS on ourselves and others. Let me also insert, that we will not make use of CoM DM squirrel tech, but LRH CoS tech, using compassion and caring. With the possible special case exemption of DM.

    Here are some LRH to help get the ball rolling.
    HCO PL 22 July 1982 (Vol 0 p 555) KNOWLEDGE REPORTS
    Among the things covered in it I thought I would highlight something on the bottom of the first page.
    “ To live at all, one has to exert some control over his equals as well as his juniors and (believe it or not) his superiors.” Then later on the last page:
    Another reference for your consideration: HCOB 2 May 1985 Responsibility, definition of(tech vol XIII p 16)

    HCOPL 24 FEB. 1972 INJUSTICE (VOL O P521)
    THERE HAVE BEEN FLAGRANT VIOLATIONS OF ALL THESE THINGS. A CO and LRH Comm were once ripped off and sent home by being told it was “an LRH order,” which it was not. They did not stay on post and do the normal things like “let’s see it in writing, signed,” Or “we must query Flag” or “We request a Comm Ev.” By NOT staying on post, by letting themselves be ripped off, by not using ANY recourse, they were actually guilty of desertion of post. They caught it from all sides BY NOT USING THEIR RIGHTS.

    Another related one is HCOPL 20 APRIL 1969 Issue II (Vol O P572)
    Hopefully all the above references will be an inspiration to you and that you find others that will help you on the road to the purpose you once so fervently sought.
    Respectfully tendered to scientologist everywhere.

  47. Marty, PLEASE reset the font size on this posting. We’ve got both our computers up to the highest font we can set it at and we can just barely read it. Have a heart for us old guys, PLEASE!

  48. I just love this! It’s exactly what I wish I would have done to the assholes. Thanks for making my day a little lighter. When people are… well, assholes, you just gotta label ’em.

  49. DFB

    I must be a bit slow, because it only just occurred to me now, reading your comment, that the entire point of using this style of regging is to get you upset so that you are then easier to control, easier to “squeeze.” It’s not just pressure. It’s a pointed, deliberate and intentional upset caused to in order to get the upper hand.

    Those doing the regging maybe terribly stressed themselves, on edge, pressured beyond belief from above, but the attempt to control through enturbulation or restimulation, which is the classic suppressive means of control, is quite purposeful.

    I’m probably stating the obvious, but it suddenly became so clear. Thanks for your comment.

  50. Virgil Samms

    Not to mention that LRH busted all of the Boston regges including the likes of David Light, for “crush regging” and outlawed “crush regging”. MOQ where is that reference?

    WH – yes, there is the HCO PL 2 May 1957 DISSEMINATION (Pg 146 OEC Vol II) where LRH says:

    “Here and now the dissemination policy of Scientlogy becomes: ‘You can survive with Scientology.’

    “And by you, we don’t mean the third. We mean the first dynamic.

    “Radiation third dynamic is out. Politics are out. We’ve skidded every time we’ve hit the third. Today people are pitching on the first and we better pitch on that level or we won’t be around either.

    “That’s the way it is.

    “I know, when you want to make a total effect nothing short of the big bang will do. Our success is made out of little bangs – effects people can have.

    “They can’t confront that bomb. They can barely confront their own mind when we tell them to do so. ”

    While I was researching that, I found this little gem in OEC Vol II. It has no title,but is HCO PL 27 September 1957, pg 401.

    “It has come to my attention that we have several times dismayed people on training or processing on their first contact with Scientology by quoting them high prices for training and processing.

    “Anyone doing this mistakes our basic mission, which is not the charging of high prices, but the dissemination of Scientology to the end goal of bringing a newer and better culture to Earth.”

    ML Tom

  51. Anonymous For Now

    QUESTION – How does one obtain a refund from the IAS? Where do you send the comm?

  52. Great Value

    Marty, although I have high affinity for you, I have to say the Tone of this blog no longer seems to be moving on up a little higher. Rather, I increasingly find myself feeling bogged down lately after reading your blog, because it seems to have descended into a daily “What DM did wrong today” KR.

    I am weary of reading heartbreaking stories of mistreatment and swindling. It makes me sad, and I don’t want to feel sad every day. No one should, except perhaps masochists.

    Such horror stories have been all over the net long before this blog existed already. The idea that CoS mistreats its members and regs them until penniless is old news. Endlessly recounting these footbullets doesn’t get us anyplace that we haven’t already been for years now.

    I’m looking for a new game to play, one that doesn’t even involve granting DMology beingness on the board. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. B – talking about Effect is not being at Cause.

  53. Wonderful to hear from you, Pirate’s Wife. I look forward to reading your story.

    (And your English is perfectly fine.)

  54. The above responses are indicative of the truth that needs to be revealed, I noticed the “Donate” button in the tool bar today it must be new and since this work is very important to me, of course I’ll donate

  55. curiousone

    Usually I am just a lurker here, very interested in what is going on with the “church” of scientology. It started with a paper for my school sociology class, and has become almost an obsession. The reason I comment today is this: is it impossible to be a member of the cofm if you are not wealthy? Someone like me, who lives well below middle class income would never be able to donate, or pay for materials, so what, I’m just SOL? This is something I have wondered about for a while now, and this post seems the perfect time to ask.

  56. Doc "Smith"

    Mary Jo, What incredible KRs.

    I met Teddy Bragin on the Freewinds in 2004. I had gone to the ship to attend an IHELP field auditor convention, and had been talked into helping on a renovations cycle for new berthing for an IAS staff member (double stateroom). Teddy had gotten into some trouble, and was working on the renos crew. I didn’t know him and that he was an IAS reg, and he was a high ARC, humble, likeable guy who worked hard. I went back to the ship the next year, to help on another renos cycle, and when Teddy’s name came up in an IAS interview, I was told he was one of the top IAS regges in the world. When I saw him that trip he was arrogant and intense, a totally different guy. I was shocked.

    Teddy, drop the valance and go back to being yourself.

  57. Joe Howard

    Though implied in the above posts, I’ll say it: the “registration” tactics being employed are indicative that things are drying up for the IAS, DM, et al. The public is catching on that the church is primarily about a condition 1 level of exchange (rip off). Scientology was routinely at a level 3 or even level 4 condition of exchange when they traded auditing and training for money. Now it’s money for nothing. The tactics being employed simply prove that the public is slowing beginning to wise up. And that’s good news.

  58. Mike Hobson


    DM possesses no such “intimate knowledge” of Ron Hubbard’s last days as he was never at Creston Ranch until well after Hubbard’s death.

    However, we have people posting on this blog who actually *were* there and *do* possess such “intimate knowledge”.

    Michael A. Hobson

  59. Dear Mary Jo,

    Your KR’s were very impressive. A PAC terminal was telling me how he was so happy about making the “quota” apparently set for them by COB. It is amazing to me that so many top level Ethics terminals would be involved in so much invalidative and enturbulative regging. It is hard to believe that such an upstat as yourself would be treated this way. I can certainly understand why you would leave the Church. Seeing your reports makes me feel better, as you took the on-Policy actions to attempt to correct the situation. They must not have corrected or you would not have left the Church.

    This has been very revealing, as I wondered how they made the quota. I think it was $10,000,000? But anyway, now I know how they made their “quota”. By the way, I attended a Les Dane seminar at Flag many years ago, before he died, and even won $20 bucks at the seminar for correctly figuring out first where the word “Sell” was on the cover of his book. I held up my hand and said your name backwards, and he came over and handed me the crisp $20. I have been in sales all of my life, and I learned a lot from him. I don’t think in a hundred million years he would ever conduct a sales interview the way you were handled. Not only were you handled with out LRH tech, you were handled with “out-Les Dane-tech!

    Marty thanks for publishing these, as this gives a very revealing picture of what happens to the most upstat of the upstat public.

    Lady Minn

  60. Mary Jo Leavitt you beautiful woman, I hope Marty’s reposting of your Knowledge Report will open yet more eyes of ones still in the Church.

    I hope seriously you get every last penny back from DM’s personal wallet (IAS) you can do so much more positive things with it, if not for yourself than for others or just simple invest it in your bussiness. (or visit Europe).

    Many are caved in and have debts they never can get out anymore.

    With admiration(I hope that is not a bad word in Scientology) CD.

    You are a powerfull Woman

  61. >she said the “field of OTs is very disaffected and very disenchanted and there is an investigation going on. We have found a lot of enemy line regarding the Ideal Org program and the Dir I&R often has doors slammed in his face.”

    It seems clear that no genuine investigation will result in any effective result. It’s also apparent that any feedback that questions the validity of the IAS or it’s actions, or those of DM and his elite, will be dismissed as natter or “enemy line”. Any attempt to rectify or correct any outpoint, anything off-policy, or out-tech, will at some point be quashed. That certainly seems to be the case for many posting here. And those who have persisted in efforts to right observable wrongs end up being threatened, silenced or declared.

    Current management is either unwilling or unable to apply KSW and adhere to LRH policy. If this wasn’t the case, why WOULD so many be disaffected? And this is where your investigation should start. Right here.

  62. Wow. I hope others read that who are still in the CoM. I’m sure the money is needed because DM needs a new motorcycle for SO members to paint.

    Will this ever end?


  63. Too funny!

  64. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  65. Cured Robot

    Gross, gross, gross, gross. CofM is making disaffected’s. BTW, MJ you are absolutely glowing!

  66. martyrathbun09

    Great Value, Hi. I don’t like it either. Unfortunately, a lot of people’s lives are being ruined by the counter policies of the man. The email and phone traffic I receive is overwhelming. I am trying to get back to the future and consider all this a speed bump. But sometimes you gotta deal with what is in front of you.

  67. craig houchin

    Parishioners as Cattle

    Right after I read MJ’s KRs and a number of the comments here, I came across this news article. The comparisons were shocking and apropos.


    “This week an undercover video was released showing employees at Conklin Dairy, a dairy farm in Ohio, beating cows with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks, and violently punching, throwing and kicking young calves. Then the workers bragged about torturing the helpless animals.”

    “While the cruelty uncovered at Conklin Dairy is particularly sadistic, Baur says that it’s a logical extension of an industry attitude which sees animals as mere units of production rather than sentient beings.”
    “It’s an industry where abuse has become normal.”

    Replace “animals” with “Scientologists” and “Conklin Dairy” and “industry” with “Church of Scientology” and re-read the above. I think you will agree that the resulting statement would sound a lot like many others on this blog.

    If you don’t think that the reges brag about the success of their “beating down” of parishioners, think again. Scientology public are “mere units of production”, not “sentient beings.”

    It looks as though the Bridge has become one long shute to spiritual slaughter.

  68. I think it’s probably survival of the fittest in a sense. IAS reges that bring in the cash are upstat so whatever methods they use are inconsequential. You think it’s a meaningful breifing and that what they say is significant, but they have really just learned to push peoples buttons to get money. They push whatever puttons they need to and whatever tol they have in their arsenal.

  69. earthmother

    I was thinking the same thing!

  70. Stats can be reversed on the IAS and statistics be created of money won back.

    Reg it right back. Reverse the Flow.

    David Miscavige is an Drug- Addict, His drug of choiche is money.

  71. Seems like someone hasnt been wearing a hat for a long time and you’ve picked it up. The Church sort of cut this comm line a long time ago.

    You can’t write reports and have them actually arrive. They are just taken as evidence of your disaffection.

    On reports to RTC I receive a robotic response, probably automatic: “We have received your report on (whatever I put in subject line)”.

  72. Watching Eyes

    to the blog Moderator,

    Can you go in and increase the size of the font for Marty’s intro on this posting? It’s so tiny it’s very hard to read.


  73. Great Value. You can celebrate this woman’s integrity. Look at her picture and I know you will feel better.

  74. Tony DePhillips

    It is right out of Science of Survival. Subjects method of handling others. Domination by nullification. Below 2.0 for sure.

  75. Jack,
    You are now my second 6’5″ Irish friend. You’s fellas are handy to have around, b’y. (That’s Maritimer for ‘boy’, b’y. Yes, wha’. )

  76. My Gawd, you are an awesome being. Your support of all that you contributed to is stellar.
    Your intentions are so very honorable.
    This so-called handling is obscene. What a travesty.

    I love you MaryJo!

  77. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Pirate’s wife!

    Good to hear you and your husband are on the way out! Can’t wait to hear your stories.

  78. MaryJo the above comment is from me Carol not MaryJo. I somehow typed your name in the box. Love you for what you stand for.

  79. I have to say “Lurk moar”, Look in these two “threads” on Marty’s blog for answers. If you have more questions after that do not hesitate to answer. (alsoo”Google is your friend”)

  80. TheMuffinMan

    Did anyone else notice the “Ethics Org” mentioned in Mary Jo’s KR? WTF? Has anyone heard of this so-called “Org”?

    I would hazard a guess that it’s a Police organization aimed at stomping on people who try and express truth and their own opinions (“Enemy Lines”), with an additional purpose as the Church’s new strong-arm to squeeze every last bit of copper out of its slaves (oops! I mean parishioners).

  81. earthmother

    I advise you to stay far far away from the church until (and if) it can be reformed.
    I am curious myself…if you have been lurking here long enough, and reading about the corruption,and abuse, why in the world would you want to have anything to do with the church? It’s the Hotel California…”you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”

  82. Dear Mr. B

    Very nice post. I liked it. There is here a session going on and lots of people are reporting of what was done to them and others and blow charge.

    Also there are lots of realisations about of having been pts to the middle class formed by DM. How true and relieving are those cognitions, sharing the stories with other people, seeing that one wasn’t the only one, getting rid of all the invals, evals etc. and finally being able to extrovert and losing those emotions of guilt and shame.
    Also the different clarifications and clear reportings of what the sits are and the appropiate why’s that could lead to resolve the sits as following:
    – endless clear certainty rundowns
    – Ias being a Stop
    – Basics being a stop
    – Ot IV to be audited with Nots Tech
    – Refresher on OT7s invalidating OTs
    – No standard Training but Gat
    – F/N redefined
    – People being Pts to the Church

    I think above (anybody can add more to it) is the product of one year of Marty’s blog and lots of people getting free of it and wanting to change something.

    But somehow I’m not yet very happy about it.

    When Marty started his blog, I thought we gonna go very fast into action as a team as there are for sure as much as over 100 Sea-Org members with dozens of years of experience and lots of OT’s and highly trained auditors which also have lots of experience.

    Perhaps there are things I don’t know or perhaps the whole truth isn’t out yet. I can imagine that there is still some entheta or mystery somewhere that when the truth about it is told it burns like a wildfire and suddenly the whole field goes into action.
    Honestly I don’t know.
    Perhaps this running session here should go into the direction of what WE have DONE in all those years and what our OMMISSIONS were in those years and take responsibility for it and so become cause over the WHOLE situation.
    As LRH says somewhere you audit the pc that is pts and suddenly the sp stops the suppression and gets / is handled. DM just walking away going to Bulgravia or doing whatever.

    We all have been part of the group for 30 and more years and also do share part of the responsibilty of what it became at the end. 28 years ago when I witnessed the Nazilike Finance Police, I should have said what I think and would propably also have gotten a verbal SP declare, but today I know that lots of other people would also have said NO and perhaps David M. would never have rised to power if we all had KSW in.

    How can one handle such a past ethics condition ?

    Another aspect of it, st that when you concentrate onto handle stops you get stops or what you fight you become.

    Nearly any revolution was followed by a new regime.

    When I started in Scientology we always had a solution to any problem and were just moving forward fearing no obstacle as we knew we could do it (the solutions were always found by studying) and had lots of fun.

    Now I can’t develop this kind of spirit. Is it because I’m older and one does one develop this kind of spirit in young age or is there something still missing ? Something we have not confronted yet ?
    I do not have the answer to it. Perhaps somebody else ?
    Propably the answer to my question will be a simple one.
    Could it just be, that DM mislleaded Lrh, Killed him and took over for his own lust of power or that of others. And that there is no more than that to the whole story.

    Amen !



  83. Maybe you can zoom in on it.

  84. Sorry for the typos, but I hope you’ll get what I wanted to say.

  85. Another Layer

    Hi Ash,

    Yes, Mary Jo did. Please see an earlier entry to this blog, “New OT VIII Mary Jo Leavitt Blows the Whistle
    October 12, 2009.” Very inspiring!

  86. “In essence, OT VII and OT VIII have become the public equivalent of RPF. ”

    Not just the VII’s and VII’s. My experience has been that IAS considers every public person a part of the “all or nothing workforce”, or should be. This attitude and rsultant behaviors and practices have gotten increasingly worse – and they were BAD in 2002-3 when Larry and I buckled to give to Patron level. Extortion, pure and simple.

    And with the Big-Dawg IAS setting the example of how to get-it-done, the attitudes and practices have spilled over into every other part of the organizational culture – from HCO (I&Rs, etc regging & selling books) thru Tech (DofPs regging & selling books), on and on.

    The culture is thick, heavily layed-in and long term.

    I think the dismantling of the CoS in its present form may be a “square one” worthy of consideration by any of us interested in the healthy future use of scientology tech and philosopy.

  87. If you would allow me to offer just ONE suggestion Perhaps filling the vacuum I may have created in this last post, as to what we all could do, I believe we all have some bright ideas, it is not necessary to do just one thing, there are several that could go on simultaneously. Some are such that I WANT known to DM, to know what they are. Some of you may have noticed the posts I have made on the “Marc Yager and the IAS” post concerning Diana, as the only really true commodores messenger. (Perhaps reposting here in context and continuity may be in order). I for one would like to know if she is dead or nearly so at the command of DM. If we were to start a campaign of letter writing to scientology celebrities or other opinion leaders, that they see her face to face and report back her state of health and spiritual well being. Reporting here the letters sent and the responses holding the celebrities feet to the fire of ethics, we just might see some change. The demand should be that she be seen live, in person at events roving as an ambassador meeting and greeting. It would have a chance to give a resurgence of the field, that would simultaneously deflate the importance of DM. He will love this. If she is dead or nearly so the fact that he has had a hand in the obliteration out of existence the entire Hubbard family will no doubt go to making her a martyr, however grim that may be. On the other hand if she is alive we may force DM to show her around as being fine. To require him to share the stage with him. Who do you think will get the greatest applause. Diminishing DM in the process. We can then leverage that and boot DM out. With some other bright ideas that I or others may come up with we just might impinge, sharing this on other top level sites like this one. Check the previous posts on this line, see what you all think.
    This for you still in the SO, consider this. With the understanding of Diana as the true and ultimate commodores’ messenger standing in front of you and she where to “suggest” something tech or policy on a scale of 1 to 10 compared to an opposing “suggestion” from DM where would you put it. If DM were to verbally or physically threaten or attempt such concerning Diana or to get another to do the same. Would you not immediately stand at the side of Diana and defend her. AT ALL COSTS.
    Do more than just think about it.

  88. Mary Jo,
    Well said, well confronted.
    This is DMs world of disposable beings.
    Use ’em up and dispose of them; wring ’em dry and discard ’em;
    get ’em to toe the line and sacrifice themselves to death, then KR them for dying because it’s out-ethics and out-PR.
    And the lower echelons of CLO and even ASHO (Lundeen) are infected with the totalitarian mindset.
    Get your money back. It only went to DM anyway.
    Love you,

  89. While I was a reg. and had good auditors at my disposal – I learned that people that were arcx or had heavy bpc were difficult to handle, or it took lots of time to handle them – I just got them into free auditing til they were shinning again and then I had no problem to get them into action. In fact I didn’t have anything to do then, just ask: “what do want to do now ? I only got positive answers.

    A proposal:
    I think that Tony & Marie-Joe DePhillips would be a very nice chaplain and EO team. Just a feeling. Why don’t you post them as such if they are willing ?
    You would have a Chaplain Master (CM) and a Master of Ethics (ME).
    Propably you are also wearing lots of other hats that you could give to others, so that you could work on your main duty as a Goalmaker which is most important.



  90. you are much more able than you believe. This you can find out when reding books from LRH and apply them to your life.
    You are still very young and you have the whole world at your disposal. Take it and do not listen to those that will tell you you can’t.

    This is what is teached to any Scientologist, whatever class he is in. Suddenly people can move mountains when they thought that they were poor souls.

  91. LOL about fonts !

  92. Mary Jo,

    Jim couldn’t put it in better words of my own sentiments, ditto. Really admire your integrity and cojones.

    It seems to me that DM’s Direct Donation gigs effectively at least doubled parishioner’s costs in doing the full bridge, which is already cost prohibitive to most and available only to the top percentiles of society.

    It also seems that if 90% of the Staff responsible for delivering Church Services’s time is spent on coercing IAS direct donations, DM IRS agreement is being violated.

  93. Watching Eyes

    Ahhh, looks great now. 🙂

  94. Good point Joe,

    Wondering how many OTs are going to show up the IAS Patron’s Ball at the MV this month?

  95. Cured Robot

    hit the View buttom then hit Text Size which will allow you to increase the text size.

  96. Thank you for the feedback, do not worry about the typo, I know about that experience.
    I understand what you are saying, and if I may, yes we should continue to share and communicate all that went down, it is valuable data. But, and in my mind a big one, is that we also need, as the current vernacular is, to “multitask”.

  97. Asperger’s syndrome. First I know someone that has that. Second it is a form of Autism. Third The Church of Scientology does not belief autism exists.

    Davis miscavige does NOT have Aspeger’syndrom if you acknowledge that it exists.

    You are refering to his unwillingness to listen I imagine. ?

    Psychopath yes (Anti Social Personality and Sociopath are actually just other names for the same thing).

    David Miscavige Introverness stems from something else.

    “sperger syndrome or Asperger’s syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder, and people with it therefore show significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical use of language are frequently reported.”

  98. Just a quick message to DM and his henchmen. If Diana were to have an unfortunate accident where you can shed some of your crocodile tears, recounting some unfortunate plane crash, auto accident, or unfortunate illness, if I were in your place I would make sure she didn’t so much as trip and fell and skinned her knee. Remember some of us out here are not as gullible as you may wish us to be.
    There is not a rock or cow dung pile you can hid under on any planet were you can escape justice.

  99. curiousone,
    CofM, pretty tough. You can see how tough from the data presented over the past week or so.

    Others, Indies, and just plain old Scientologists wanting to help. Easy.

  100. Mockingbird6

    I got written up for saying no on a reg cycle to one of DM’s bots–wasn’t an IAS cycle but the sum being asked for was large. The KR was truly idiotic and lied about what I had said, but it was annoying all the same.

    So what I am saying is, yes, you can get a KR for saying no, just as easily as for blowing up, so why not enjoy yourself and tell them to piss off?

  101. A couple of years ago I was speaking to an old friend who had escaped from the Int base. I asked
    him about an incident I had heard of regarding his wife having gone insane at a certain point while in CMO INT. He explained to me that the entire group had been driven insane but because his wife had been a buffer between Miscavige and the group, she had been effected even more.

    For me the truth of this was evident in the CNN interviews. The mental state of these “top Sea Org executives” was alarming. It was in extreme contrast to the calmness and attitude of those who had disconnected from the “church”.

    I think what we are seeing is the contagion of aberation flowing down through the Sea Org and into the field. Like in the Sea Org, the suppressive insanity enters at the top and works its way down through the field.

    I think the Sea Org is far to insane and sick to be salvaged in any way. The staff and public have two choices:

    Stay connected and lose their sanity, integrity, money, friends, family, etc


    Disconnect and heal.

  102. MM,
    Oh yeah, I noticed it.

  103. @curiousone,

    Yeah, you pretty much have it right. Membership in the official CofS is something that will bleed you dry – it will demand all your time, money, friends and more.

    The CofS no longer has anything to do with the subject of Scientology, for they certainly don’t practice it much. If the subject interests you, study and use it by all means. Inside the Cof S isn’t the only way to do it, you can get books from the library, hook up with any independents near you, or just hang out here and lurk as long as you want. Price? How much is bw where you live? 🙂

    SOL? Nope, that don’t apply to you. It’s those still on the inside that are SOL.

  104. Mary Jo,

    Thank you for your courage in standing up to this insanity.

    It’s behavoir like this on the part of the church that makes the general public dismiss Scientology as a lunatic cult.

    The damage done is hard to fathom.

    BB Sox

  105. Great Value,

    Your concern is well understood.

    But some of these GOD awful truths do discharge BPC and confusions and may even restore a sense of what should be the ideal scene.

    So if your are looking for an ideal scene to be created I suggest just one thing.


    And I’ll be the first to support it.

  106. Marta,
    You can see this attitude expressed by Tom C in the viral video. It’s pure DM. I’d think dismantling him would go a long way to dismantling the attitude. That’s the right target.

    Again, DM has taken a sentence and by corruption and exaggeration to the nth degree, made it utterly insane.

  107. Freetothink

    Mary-Jo, you never cease to amaze me. You set such a great example for all of us. I wish I could say that what you reported didn’t suprise me but it did. Don’t get me wrong, I believe every word you say but althoughI knew things were bad I just didn’t realized they were that bad.

    The last few times at went to ASHO I was ambushed twice. Once at AO & once at ASHO. My stories are nothing compare to yours so I won’t even bother relating them. I can just attest that things had gotten very bad.

    In the last few year I have observed that the more you do the more is demanded of you. The more you try to handle things through the proper lines as oppose to just silently withdrawing, the more you get attacked. The intensity with which they went at you shows me just how much you must have been contributing & how valuable you were.

    Mary-Jo I can just imagine how great you must feel knowing that non of your hard earned $ will ever go to them anymore. Yeah!!!!!!! Your future now belongs to you! Flourish & prosper!

    Big virtual hug, to Mary-Jo from Marie-Joe 🙂

  108. Jim, I LOVE your posts! That is awesome data! Thanks 🙂

  109. Does anyone have DM’s cell #?

    I have a $15,000 bottle of 50 year old scotch I would like to give him for his retirement.

    I just need to verify that he is retiring.

  110. I too remember Ted from the early days (for me).

    I remember being in awe of him and his purpose level (and I was full blown 90+ hours a week CL V staff member 🙂

    I’m glad that I’ve not had any dealings with him of late – I like to remember the best in people and know that he is wildly PTS to someone… Hope he spots his terminal soon and revert back to that great thetan that he can be.

    Thank you Mary Jo for your great write ups!

    You inspire me to write more of my stories – well, not stories per se, but rather backlogged KRs that can now actually be useful for the forward advancement of Scientology.

  111. Chrissie and Shane

    We LOVE You!!!!!!! Gorgeous photo!! We miss you!!

    Lv, Us =)

  112. LRH on DM’s new unworkable finance system:

    Admin Know-How Series 6

    “The difference between good management and poor management can be the loss or gain of the entire organization, Financial planning is a vital part of management. Good financial estimations and the ability to figure out, without vast accounting, the way things are in an org is an ability which is vital to good management.
    The manager, given a few vital facts, who then needs an accountant to tell him how things are, is of course incompetent.

    ….Bad management is therefore detectable on these points:
    1. The bills-cash ratio will be high in bills and low in cash.
    2. There is an effort to borrow money rather than earn it.
    3. There is a heavy effort to sell assets rather than make money.
    4. There is more effort to collect debts, particularly from seniors, than to make new
    5. There will be an effort to be supported.
    6. There will be low affinity in the org for the org and its public.
    7. There will be protest and flash-back at efforts to get them solvent.
    8. There will be noncompliance with orders of senior management.”

    Point #5 is my main point,
    “There will be an effort to be supported.”

    The new unworkable finance system is full of efforts to support the org and Int management. It used to be about paying for services to support the org but now it’s about “Support us.”
    Now Scientology must be supported because we won’t make it by exchanging for products. Orgs will fill up with quality in alone, per HCO PL QUALITY COUNTS, amongst others. DM doesn’t have to know how to make orgs expand because he doesn’t live and die by tech quality, like LRH the manager did. DM has an out. He’s not concerned that GAT didn’t work because he’s got people fixated on “efforts to support” the ideal org fundraising etc., with the unstated idea that if we can get through this support phase, we can get back to the usual later; or maybe it’s permanent, who knows besides DM?

    “2. There is an effort to borrow money rather than earn it.”

    Nowadays it’s not borrowing money, but taking non-exchange money from public. But, “…rather than earn it” is definitely “in”. LRH wants orgs to earn their money and a bad management thinks otherwise. See the whole management series to see that this is all LRH emphasizes throughout – exchange.

    “3. There is a heavy effort to sell assets rather than make money.”

    There is a heavy effort to sell books and lectures to in-house public rather than make money. The Basics corrections doesn’t excuse violating the LRH reference forbidding emphasizing on selling these materials to in-house public – the public are going to buy them anyways, and it could have been at their own pace without ripping 1/3 of the SO off post for months. The Independent’s can probably be thanked for the lack of crush reg for the new ACC’s. That’s lots more money potentially going towards someone’s bridge instead, and that change will continue.

    “7. There will be protest and flash-back at efforts to get them solvent.”

    Try getting the external influences off org lines and see how fast you get SP declared.

  113. As a public person, you can’t get very far unless you have money. You will be told that you can ‘co-audit’ your way up the Bridge, i.e. just do the training (still expensive) and then find a partner to trade auditing with…but it just doesn’t happen. Plus the upper levels are not co-audited. You could join staff but the sad truth is that staff members get very little auditing or training.

  114. That was excerpts from the HCO PL, not the whole PL, forgot to add.

  115. >is it impossible to be a member of the cofm if you are not wealthy? Someone like me, who lives well below middle class income would never be able to donate, or pay for materials.

    Curiousone, you don’t need to “join” anything, or be a “member” of any organisation to study/apply Scientology.

    Grab a book such as Self Analysis or Handbook for Preclears (both very practical) and you’ll be well on your way. Get the new Dianetics DVD, watch it with a friend or colleague, and start!

    Scientology was designed and developed to make the able more able. Study it, use it, and see how you get on.

  116. Great Value, gotta talk to others about it per the ethics gradients.

  117. I’ll drink to that.

  118. That’s a couple doozies Tom.

  119. It’s appalling. The treatment of the cattle is the perfect metaphor for the treatment of the public by certain church terminals.

    I cannot believe it has come to this, and yet people are still showing up for interviews, briefings, events.

    One would think that this cannot go on much longer. It just can’t.

  120. Theo Sismanides

    J. Swift, the new definition of OT is:

    To be cause over the IAS 🙂

  121. Theo Sismanides

    Mary Jo,

    I read the whole of your report and write up. This is so insane and so suppressive.

    As I said you give a new definition to OT:

    One who is Cause over the IAS.

    No kidding! This is so bad for Scientology that OTs, real OTs like you, need to put them into place. I think the whole revolt will start from OTs against the IAS. It’s so crazy it should stop right there.

  122. Another Layer


    Thanks for the great references! They are balm to my soul.

  123. When the curtains come down on all of this, guys like the two reg’s mentioned above will have a double dose of “oh fuck”.

    First, they will have to go through the shock and horror of losing their stable datum (Scientology/DM).

    Next, they’ll have to face the fact of massive overts on all the people like Mary Jo they screwed over, bankrupted, wrote false reports about and in some cases, drove practically insane.


    Why aren’t more OT’s stepping up around the globe? It’s gotta happen soon…

  124. Mockingbird6

    The idea that the more you do the more they want is not new.

    I was told by a reg that standard regging technology taken from the wog world includes this fact: the people who gave big in the first place are the ones who will give big again.

    This is why the reges hit you up again, because you gave. The answer is to say no and keep saying it. They eventually find bigger sheep to fleece and go there instead.


  125. Go grab an auditor, they abound in the field. I’m sure you could get some free sessions.

  126. I suppose eventually the purposes of the communication on this site will become more defined. People will get all their bpc off and it will become more about news and organization?

    I liked the video briefing you did.

  127. Better than disconnection, I say get kicked out for KRing and knocking out the arbitraries. Force a comm-ev’s so you can be fully heard. If you get injustice, report all about it on this website where thousands of Scientologists will listen.

    A year ago this meant no-effect martyrdom, now you’ll get some effect. Next year, because so many people will be aware, it’ll cause a bigger effect. Cornering DM by himself, PRwise, will seem more and more attainable.

    Plus there’s the whole other part which hasn’t happened yet of delivering in new orgs in the field, especially making auditors. That’ll speed things up a lot. People need to be emboldened to speak out by having a backup plan.

  128. Impartial English Girl

    I used to work in a famous English boys’ private school and looked out for boys with dyslexia/ Asperger’s/etc., who needed extra time or provision in their exams. In England, there’s a saying, which means “get your act together”, “get on with it”, “get with the programme”, etc., which is “pull your socks up!”. Often, the Asperger’s boys, on hearing this, would unwittingly misinterpret and LITERALLY bend down to pull up their socks.

    I’m not sure if DM has Asperger’s, as sufferers of that condition are often highly intelligent.

    Personally, I think he’s just a corrupt, insane, little weasel on a power and money trip which is now spiralling out of his control.

  129. Curiousone,

    I suggest you start with Self Analysis. You learn a bit about the mind and the you use the processes listed in the book. This can be a completely solo activity. Some libraries carry this but it can be found very inexpensively through the internet. I picked one up online for a couple bucks.

    If you have a friend who is also interested, then you can audit Dianetics on each other. The simplest way is to use the How to Video which can be rented from Netflix. This may also be available at a library as well. To gain a better grasp of the reactive mind read all of Dianetics. It will assist you in your auditing so that you get the greatest gain possible.

    Both of these are a way for one to experience the benefits of auditing for very little expense. They are designed for a newcomer into the subject to be able to read and then apply the data.

    Good luck and feel free to ask questions along the way. There are many people here who would be glad to help.

  130. Impartial English Girl

    He doesn’t deserve the coward’s quick get-out that Adolf treated himself to.

    DM should be held accountable and publicly judged and vilified for his manifold atrocities.

  131. Anonymous for now

    Lady Minn: My first experience at Flag was attending a Les Dane Seminar as a staff member from an outer org. He was such a theta guy he spoke so highly of LRH. I envy you for winning the $20!

    It is just disgusting to see how the IAS reggs perverted this reg tech.

    I have my own beef with the IAS – when my dad passed away two IAS Regs regged my mom relentlessly to donate the life insurance money and my Dad’s pension to the IAS. This was after she had 2nd mortgaged the house for her L’s. They used the button “you are guaranteeing Scientology will always be here for your husband” What a line of BULL!

    When I read how IAS sponsored DM a trip to Scotland – I wondered if he brought Paddy Cuttingham (IAS Reg) along for the tour.. Just sickening

    I just found this blog about a month ago. Well, it was after seeing Tommy Two Face lie about disconnection on CNN that got me looking into things.

    Marry Jo: Thanks for sticking up for all the OT’s and those who have been victimized by the IAS Regging. I admire your integrity.


    DM really does seem like he might be trying to make an escape plan. Maybe he’s got reservations with these people.

    Don’t know if they are really libertarian, I doubt it. More like a group of crooks with so many overts they’re gone type three.

    Dave would fit right in.

    Mary Jo, I hope you get your money back!

  133. @earthmother
    I guess I didn’t use my words very well. I didn’t mean that I wanted to join or be a part of the church in any way, I do NOT. I was just using myself as an example. It appears that the church is an elitest group, only available for those who can afford it, and people like me of limited income who DO want to be a part of the church are what, turned away as soon as it’s discovered they can’t pay? Has it always been this way?

  134. Scientology is not an evil cult. It’s pure magic and SP took it over and run it now. Scientology as of LRH rocks and rocks and rocks.

  135. Scientology isn’t foolishness. Those who studied Scientology know what I am talking about. LRH did a miracle with Scientology tech as it can change anybody’s life to the better. You can’t put a price on true happiness and wisdom and a better world but its not in the sense of LRH to make to so expensive that most people can’t get it.

  136. “Big League Sales”….nonsense. This isn’t sales of any sort; it’s classic extortion. Give…or you will be in ethics trouble. Come to the mandatory interview…or you will be in the ethics trouble. You will be labeled “disaffected.”

    All of a sudden your eternity is on the block. By not caving in you are walking a fine line that could by implication lead to a declare and disconnection.

    It’s no more a “sale” than it would be had they put a gun to your head and said “You wanna make a gift or what?”

    I wonder if you could make a legal argument that the monies given were made under duress, and that you might be able to recover those “gifts.”

    More importantly, when are all the independents going to find a way to get their message and experiences in front of those still in? These blogs and the articles are passive devices. Some will never find their way here. Surely you can push your message in front of those still contending with this nonsense, if only for them to consider it. Help them find their self-determinism. There was a story, here or on another blog, where a critic’s sign said simply “It is OK to have doubts.” That sign began the process for one now out person. Surely you former members could do even a better job getting such messages across.

    Right now, someone is caving in to the pressure and going further into debt helping fund DM’s lifestyle. I will cheer, and even join you if you’d like, when you show up at Big Blue with your signs, telling your friends how there is hope for them to escape the morass in which they have become mired. They need you to help show them the way.

  137. My IAS contract says that the donations are not refundable. It’s not like paying for auditing or training. Once you donated, you donated. But I am sure angry as hell having donated for DM’s designer shirts. I don’t mind donating for the goals of Scientology but why for DM’s excessive lifestyle?

  138. Mr. B
    I agree with you
    And Yes I want to see Diana!!! (I saw her at the FH in the early 80s)
    I did not know she was in the SO still, is she in the RPF??? How is She doing? is She all right????
    Why She is not Speaking at the events?

  139. Scientology under LRH was for anyone. Fees for auditing and training were low. If you have a limited income, you can change your life already by reading Scientology books. You can do co-auditing with a friend. Won’t cost you a dime.

    You won’t learn real Scientology from the natter boards. These posters are clueless why we continue to be Scientologists. The secret is that we did gasp LRH’s research while they don’t.

    If you want auditing, Marty may help you too without taking all you got.

    C of S claims that they provide free services, incl. auditing but I never checked it out. I was always very wealthy. 😉

    LRH said: any auditing is better than none. If you got good auditing, you understand us Scientologists. WE LOVE IT.

  140. Good advice, Jack.

  141. The amount of rent escalation is written in the agreement, lease must meet or exceed the expected increase in the level of expenditure in the coming years, the landlord is otherwise going to lose money

  142. Terril Park

    ” I was told I had to give “everything” to the IAS, that I work for the Church and that I had to be there on the same terms as the SO and that COB needed funds NOW.”

    This is naked greed and extortion.

    Why the fuck should that asshole
    ” need funds!”

    My suggestion is that you relay these documents to the Senator Xenophon enquiry.

    I shall mention them in my own submission of the secret plan to bust up the FZ in Russia and
    Europe, and the fact that COS are fundamentalist religious bigots.

  143. Marty,

    I submitted some FLAG stats but it appears they were not allowed to be published. True? How come?

    I believe it is important to also look at stats on this blog so people can comment on them.

    Shoot me an email please if you prefer to explain your views in private.

  144. Marta, I agree with you. There is a culture within today’s church that is completely bass-akward from the ideal scene. Even with the madman-in-charge removed, it is still a highly abberrated
    third dynamic at this point.

  145. Great Value, I too agree that theta is better but
    please don’t be hard on Marty. There are a lot
    of people either on the fence or watching but
    haven’t cognited yet. Marty needs to reach all
    these people. Its important. Maybe I’ll write a very theta story to break up the current trend.
    With help from a friend.

  146. Hi Karen,

    I agree.

    LRH said himself that the best start is reading Scientology books with an non-biased mind. Once a person understood the basic of Scientology by having applied the many many basics, he can take the study to another level by getting auditing and becoming an auditor.

    Its the adventure of a lifetime.

  147. “These blogs and the articles are passive devices. Some will never find their way here.”

    Brendon, you underestimate the numbers being reached by these “passive” blogs. And I mean numbers still in the Church.

  148. martyrathbun09

    8-8008, First, those are not stats. That is text from a Flag promo piece. I’ve already seen it. But you did not provide that context. So, I question your motives here. Second, people come here for relief from the relentless onslaught of propaganda they are overwhelmed with fueled by the millions upon millions they have given to the church. I am not DM’s PR propaganda agency. Any other questions 8-8008?

  149. Geuss what: The Church is a lieing.

  150. Nightmares Getting Less

    Once again Mary Jo comes through with outstanding KR’s (notice there is NO opinions, just facts). God, even HCO PL quotes!

    With all due respect to the Int beatings and brainwashing, and that has a hell of a lot of antenna’s being raised. It is this absolute bullshit written in her KR’s, that will wake up the heavy Kool Aid drinkers, esp the OT’s.

    It’s been awhile, since I was in the SO, but these SO Members to act as psychotic as this only tells me that will commit every overt in the book to satisify the extremely vast appetite of dear leader. They are so entrenched into that trap, that they actually think they are doing a good deed, by their rape and pillaging acts. It also tells me thing have gotten a lot worse. Joe Howard was right in his comment that it’s a level of desperation. And take note this was 9 months ago, I wonder what level it’s gotten to now?

    There is another term for this wild dramo= OUT OF VALENCE.

    Mary Jo, you’re the kind of person I’d like to be down in the ditches with.

  151. Great Value
    What are you doing to handle this?
    Leave Marty be. He’s doing what he feels is right in his own way and for many (including me) it blows charge.
    What’s the view like from the cheap seats? Sorry this makes me angry. Don’t be judgemental where someone else is taking full responsibility. If you’re looking for a new game to play, start your own blog.

  152. Tony DePhillips

    My opinion on what is going on with the church is that it is comparable to a nuclear holocaust.

    What I see us doing here is that we are bypassing the church at putting in ethics on the church and we are overwhelmed with PTSness created by the CofM.

    A few people such as Marty, Amy Scobee, Matt Pesch, Mike Rinder, Jeff Hawkins etc. are taking a lot of responsibility at handling the church’s ethics.

    I think that some sort of loose Organization needs to be put in to smooth out the production and so people know where things are heading.

    An AdminScale would probably be a good thing for one of the top terminals in the Reformation movement to do.

    I see the purpose of this blog to be the following:
    To put ethics/justice in on the church and specifically DM. Secondarily to assist people PTS to the church to get de-PTS’d. And then to get the tech in and this could be done concurrently.

    Organization: One idea I have for this is that each area/city create it’s own loose group. Someone who has de-PTS’s enough start getting in comm with others in their area and help them get more and more cause over their situations.

    Those that are loosely called “I/C’s” could make themselves known to Marty and other I/C’s so they could share successfull actions.

    Another person could be the I/C on getting people to tech delivery centers so people who were ready for auditing or training could get some.

    This all being done as a bypass of the CofS until or if the church is ever reformed.

    A legal section could and should be created by someone so people could utilize it as needed to help them get at cause over financial PTSness caused by the church.

    This is my loose idea and I am sure it could be improved upon by someone who specializes in organizing. Which is not my forte.

    IMHO the reason Marty HAS to keep up this data stream of attrocities committed by the CofM is that this blog has the purpose of WAKING PEOPLE UP and de-PTSing them. Some of you HAVE woken up and don’t need the details anymore, so you could go to the next step of getting some tech or doing something else that improves your scene.


  153. Great Value check out Marty’s Blog roll at the right of this page and those have links to other Scientologist pages, Foums and blogs. Take your pick.

    Keep what works and get rid of what holds you back



    It is okay to have doubts.

    It is okay to have questions.

    It is okay to look.

    If you’ve seen the recent story on Tony and Marie-Jo DePhillips, you undoubtedly know that something is awfully wrong in Seattle, not to mention the rest of the world.

    They are heroes! Not SP’s. And you know this.

    There is life and a Bridge on the outside.

  155. Great Value: Don’t get sad, get mad.

  156. Mary Jo –

    These write-ups are amazing. Even though most of us have been exposed to “crush regging”, your story takes the cake! If someone who had never been exposed to Scientology read this, they would likely gasp so hard they would fall back in their chair. Looking at it from the viewpoint of an outsider makes human rights violations stand out distinctly. Such incidents are not just horrifying to the Scientology world, but more so to the world at large!

    I am so proud to call you my friend! Love you and your family. Thanks for doing this – for all of us.

  157. OSA is trying to show Flag good news but continually unwilling to show the disasterous Class V sector and missions. Flag can be milked for a long time. It’s not hard when I have promo in my inbox from FSC wus saying “Do your grades at Flag”. “Go Clear at Flag”. This has never happened before in Scientology. Gee I wonder why this push now? Maybe because actually expanding Scientology, ie, getting the Class V sector stats up, is impossible with DM’s programs, so think short term and rape the orgs to defend yourself from getting exposed – get everyone to Flag! Use the “Mecca of tech perfection” theta line of LRH to mess with orgs.

    See my writeup going over Class V sector stats as of Nov 09′ on for one, also truth rundown videos. I have certainty because I confirmed myself. There’s lots of attests to the Class V sector situation on this blog from people from Int too. Also see Minerva’s article on Flag where someone objects to Flag expanding because they live there. They say it’s deader than ever. Miverva has nothing to say to counter that.

    I don’t know the Flag stats but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re up because of the push on orgs. But also see the false reports of books sold on DM’s own website. This guy isn’t above outright lying on the internet.

    Remember, he’s including basics completions in the Paid Comps stat too! So anything goes!

  158. Good for you, Mary Jo. I admire how much you attempted to let the IAS regs behave and act decently, and yet, all they did was get even deeper into their banks.

    Interesting. The more they attempted and failed to create this effect on you (for you to go out-ethics and give them a lot of money for no return exchange) the more mis-emotional and banky they became.

    These types of cycles are so counterproductive for their purposes, yet they continue to do them. Perhaps they are trying to blow people off to protect those people from their own criminal regging for the IAS?

    I had ONE such cycle in the mid-80s with Darcy Hollingsworth and that chain smoking broad that was his reg partner and later 2D. Total entheta, and kept me away from IAS regs since.

  159. Johnny d

    You will be mad like us if you had donated 300,000.00 to IAS ( to DM) like I did.

    But I am out and I am enjoying my life ,I am very happy now but I am going to ask for an IAS refund.

  160. Sarge, you are a very theta and uptone being.
    What “Great Value” is experiencing is actually normal. She/he is learning to confront the truth behind all the PRs going on for the last over 2 decades by DM.

    She/he is moving up the the tone scale and experiencing different emotions. We all have been and still are going through it.

    BTW, I always love reading your beautifu/theta stories with LRH.

  161. “I was told I had to give “everything” to the IAS, that I work for the Church and that I had to be there on the same terms as the SO and that COB needed funds NOW.”

    Wonder if he knew how true these words were…COB needed funds NOW, not some cause or current emergency, but COB.

    I’m glad Marty posted this as I hadn’t a chance to read it before.

    My appreciation for you has jumped ten fold. Such a clean reporting of accounts, clearly not CI or disaffected at least not UNTIL they chased you away. Talk about killing off the cream of the crop.

    You took the OTA position on fully, more than many other OTA’s I’ve run into. I look forward to the future Independent activities knowing that you are out here helping to make things go right.

    Marty’s Blog, along with others, has been a source of respite for many who have experienced the darker side of the church and as a result there is more free theta connected to the subject of Scientology than has been in a very long time.

    Your contributions, Mary Jo, have also been far reaching and I have heard numerous accountings of your KRs being a turning point for other OTs who are in doubt. Thank you for your many contributions to getting the truth out!

  162. Pingback: Top Posts —

  163. Jules Drool

    Once COB is gone, hopefully this type of gang-bang regging will come to an end. And then Miscaviage can go back to where he belongs –

    Back in the tree with the other elves making cookies.


    Possibly $15.00 for 100 +++ hours.

    There are approximately 1800 auditing commands in SELF ANALYSIS.

    You just can’t go through it without some major change for the better. Try it.

  165. Hi Marty,
    Quick question while the discussion is on font size and such, and having a good laugh, I have to ask.
    There appears to be an itty-bitty, teeny- tiny happy face at the very top of your page to the right in the margin about equal to the line separating the very top title and headings. Is it a personal inside joke. Care to let us in on it. Or does it not show up on your end.

  166. Jeff-

    Don’t get me wrong — the blogs are great. And yes, I personally know for a fact how they are read by members who still consider themselves Scientologists first (including one who two years ago would not believe the stories I relayed about the beatings by DM who now basically says “he’s insane and must go;” he reads Marty’s blog all the time). And maybe in the long run the blogs will be enough…I just think the independents could help things move faster and impinge on even more people if they were more than just “passive” as I used it in the current context. I’d love to see Marty and Mike and Mary Jo outside at an event reconnecting with old friends face to face. Because there are still many who just plain won’t look at the internet.

  167. Boyd, I think you’re absolutely right about this.

    Flag may well be on its last production spurt before both its lower bridge and upper bridge pipelines from the field completely dry up. And clearly, the IAS income stream is exhausted.

    Soon even Flag will have no money for toilet paper, auditing worksheets, or heat on winter days.

    And then DM will have to fly commercial. Gads! Maybe even coach….


    Just Me

  168. L. R. H. in Clearing Procedure, 1957:

    “The work was free. Keep it so.”

    Therefore, although we have no such stature as the Great Philosophies, I charge you with this – look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original work, not offshoots.

    If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.

    I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.

    You won’t always be here.

    But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons – “The work was free. Keep it so.””

    L. Ron Hubbard

  169. Watching Eyes

    Once the dwarf is gone this style of extorting money will end too. It’s criminal and will stop.

    The real question is what happens with the staff who took part in this.

  170. Hi Mr B, I was sent your posting by one of the many readers of this site asking for my input
    on what you had to say.

    I agree with you that it would be great to see Diana back on the front lines. She was/is a great emissary of her father. However, the fact remains that she is greatly loved by many and that is a danger to DM’s ego. He will continue to suppress her as long as there are people that consider her of higher value than he.

    By the way, Diana was never a Commodore’s Messenger. The original messengers were
    myself, my sister Terri, Annie and Suzette (Diana’s younger sister) who was later replaced by Claire Popham.

    As for what the IAS regges are doing, this would never have been tolerated by LRH and is a gross violation his policies. This is much worst than the days of postulate checks and what used to be called “crush regging” in the old days.

    With the IAS regging, to fill DMs personal war chest, it explains why DM will not allow WDC and the Exec Ints to do their jobs, but keeps them in the hole or operating on a “hey you” org board. If WDC, the Int Execs and management all the way down the the org level were allowed to do their jobs, the IAS regges would have been kicked out of the orgs as counter intention to moving public onto training and progressing up the bridge.

    This activity has its similarities to when DM had the Financial Police in destroying the mission network and it took myself with Marc Yagers support to stand up and demand the Finance Police get out of the missions. This same thing would happen if someone had an actual post with a title and responsiblities.

    Even that DM has RTC Reps in service orgs
    cross ordering the COs/EDs is again an act DM is taking to ensure his IAS regges continue with their criminal acts of destroying the bridge that the IAS is supposed to protect.

    The problem is, those that have remained on the inside, are PTS to the real SP of Scientology. The SPs are not those that have left. Even the public that are continuing to suppport the IAS with their donations are obviously PTS and are not about to get much case gain until the true PTS situation is confronted and the SP removed from all lines.


  171. And I Love Truth!

  172. Great Value,

    I respectfully, but strongly, disagree with the substance of your post. I strongly agree with Marty posting such data.

    The simple truth is that for years official “Church of Scientology” Scientologists have been non-confront with respect to the acts and practices of the Church of Scientology. You can’t handle something if you can’t, or won’t, confr0nt it.

    I think we have had enough of “good roads, fair weather” for awhile.

    And while it is true that “[s]uch horror stories have been all over the net long before this blog existed,” and “[t]he idea that CoS mistreats its members and regs them until penniless is old news,” it is not “old news” to official “Church of Scientology” Scientologists. The sad truth is that such Scientologists were instructed, at the threat of getting into Ethics trouble, not to read or look at the Internet because it contained “entheta.” Anything critical of the Church of Scientology as it now operates was “entheta” or “enemy lines” that was to be ignored. The long presence of data on the net did not do many Scientologists any good because they were instructed not to confront it, and they followed that instruction.

    By placing that data here, Marty is introducing many Independent Scientologists and other newly “out” Scientologists with data they did not previously know or did not previously confront. He is doing so in a safe, trusted environment where his motives and purpose are not questioned, and therefore cannot be “dead agented.”

    Many Independent Scientologists and people who are newly out of the COS will read here who will not read WWP (the home of Anonymous) or even ESMB (the Ex Scientologist Message Board). Moreover, many Independent Scientologists and people who are newly out of the COS will *believe* what they read here who will not *believe* what they read on WWP or ESMB.

    — Kha Khan

  173. Hello Great Value,

    LRH state in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book:

    Evil takes a bit of confronting.

    People who want desperately to “have no trouble” often won’t confront and handle trouble.

    Murder is murder. It occurs. A murder is not a frightened wish it had not occurred. It occurred. Somebody did it. There’s the body.

    Psychiatrists, for instance, have two major types in their ranks, both psychopathic. One is a theetie-weetie who thinks all criminals are
    poor abused things and the other is himself a criminal psychopath who turns criminals loose on the society just to get even with people for his own fancied wrongs. Tracing several major crimes, it can be found that the violent criminal was in the hands of a psychiatrist earlier and told him his intentions, yet was let loose on society. Such a criminal-a rapist, a murderer- can’t be helped by psychiatry. But that isn’t the point. Decent people died and some died horribly. That doesn’t make a very safe environment, does it? LRH

    “The lowest confront there is, is the confront of evil. When a living being is out of his own valence and in the valence of a thoroughly bad, even if imaginary, image, you get an SP. An SP is a no-confront case because, not being in his own valence, he has no viewpoint from which to erase anything. That is all an SP is.”

    “The jungle that we’re living in is saturated with crime. It even extends up to a criminal government. It’s on TV and in the movies that it is all right. But actually, as each man and woman knows deep and well, it isn’t. One cannot live
    a happy or even a contented life or even one worth living when one is committing crimes. Even those very well hidden. The stolen loot is worthless, the pain a man causes lives on deep in his own soul.”

    “So don’t be naive. Hidden crime is far more common than one would suppose. One has only to look at the tramp get-ups of the people on the street to know that criminal acts are falsely looked upon too often as all right.”


    Well Marie Jo, Marty, Mike and all do need to confront evil. Someone has to, if not there will be nothing left of our Scientology.

    Me Just saying!

  174. Now that is indeed an OT8…someone who knows that they have a mind and universe of their own, and still can contribute to sanity and a better world without needing to spend themselves into oblivion to prove that they care.

    And, I will tell you this. That question about “do you have offshore accounts”…that makes my blood boil. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING??? IS THE IRS RUNNING THE CHURCH??? It is not illegal to have an offshore account. GOD___M that makes my blood boil.

    Oh, I tell you. It is good I am not in the church of anymore. I would absolutely come unglued at such a question. Totally offline, and totally not germain to anything spiritual. That in an IRS implant dramatization if I ever did experience one.

    And, to any church of goon reading this:

    Excuse me while I open another offshore account.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  175. Freedom Fighter

    Mary Jo, VWD for standing up to this b.s. You exemplify what I envisioned an OT to be when I first got in Scientology and was enlightened on the state. This KR, like your earlier one that someone sent me months ago, are spot on.

    I remember when I read your earlier KR. It keyed me out for the first time in quite a while. I knew, then, that I was not alone in this universe and in my perception that things were very off the rails. It was only the leavity of the situation that tempered my excitement.

    Thanks for writing this and thanks, Marty, for posting it here.

  176. Freedom Fighter

    Um . . . I think I meant to say “gravity” not “leavity”. 🙂

  177. as a note:

    It is matter of wearing your Ethics Officer hat as part of your org board in life.

  178. martyrathbun09

    Janis, Thanks. I remember well having to do an “ethics cycle” on your husband in the late eighties when – as a CMO INT executive – he raised concerns about what IAS was becoming and where it might lead. Well, his stated concerns are like prophesy at this point.

  179. For the one who may not know the Four Category of Exchanges here it is from LRH:

    We could isolate four conditions of exchange.

    1. First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the “exchange” condition
    of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.

    2. Second is the condition of partial exchange. The group takes in orders or money for goods and then delivers part of it or a corrupted version of what was ordered. This is called short-changing or “running into debt” in that more and more is owed, in service or goods, by the group.

    3. The third condition is the exchange known, legally and in business practice, as “fair exchange.” One takes in orders and money and delivers exactly what has been ordered. Most successful businesses and activities work on the basis of “fair exchange.”

    4. The fourth condition of exchange is not common but could be called exchange in abundance. Here one does not give two for one or free service but gives something more valuable than money was received for.
    Example: The group has diamonds for sale; an average diamond is ordered; the group delivers a blue-white diamond above average. Also it
    delivers it promptly and with courtesy.

    Now, believe it or not, org income and staff pay depend upon which of the above four exchanges is in practice by (a) the org or group, or (b) the staff member in the group.

    HCO POLICY LETTER OF 10 SEPTEMBER 1982 Finance Series 36

  180. Freedom Fighter

    Yee haw!! Love it!

  181. Pirates Wife,

    🙂 See you and Pirate (?) on the bright side soon!

  182. Dude! Same sh*t, different day.

  183. one of those who see

    Very Well Done on taking responsiblity and writing the KRs. And thank you for posting them here. It is so important to have the documentation of these outpoints.
    Even though you are obviously a very OT strong being. No one should have to experience this and no one should have to put up with this tremendous Dev-T! You are obviously a very productive member of society and your time and your products should be respected!!

    I want to commend you on your knowlege of policy and your willingness to hat the terminals you had to deal with.

    Love this: “I looked at him surprised and said, “Mandatory? Q1 is self determinism and we have power of choice!” I could just hug you!!!

    I look forward to the time when:

    Our property is respected

    That Ethics and Justice policy is correctly applied, including the most basic thing of a person being able to see their KR before seeing the MAA. AND the person’s statistics being taken FULLY into account.

    There are no more blocking of doorways!! there policy on the “Ethics Org??” Anyone know?

    I look at this as a good sign:
    “I asked her why this whole cycle was so heavy‐handed and she said the “field of OTs is very disaffected and very disenchanted and there is an investigation going on. We have found a lot of enemy line regarding the Ideal Org program and the Dir I&R often has doors slammed in his face.”

    Looks like more people are waking up.

    Not sure if you all knew, but Ted is a muscian. Trombone player, I think. Don’t have details, but I think he used to play professionally in NYC.
    Maybe he needs a little Jam Session. Jim, you available?

  184. “Be the change you want to see….” Gandhi

    18 OCTOBER 1995 states:

    ” ‘The reason orgs exist is TO SELL AND DELIVER MATERIALS AND
    And that is the reason posts and orgs exist: to change the course of all things past
    and send the whole of existence back upward from its long plunge.” – LRH (Ref: HCO PL
    31 Jan 83, THE REASON FOR ORGS)


    This means no business may set up workspace in an org or contact org public to sell other
    services or goods other than Scientology’and Dianetics Services or Bookstore items.”

    The above means that the IAS should not be at all in orgs.

  186. Freedom Fighter

    Wow! Great references. Just goes to illustrate, once again, that DM and his crew are practicing Reverse (Black) Scientology. LRH says turn right, DM says turn left. LRH says go up, DM says go down. It’s all right there in green-on-white and red-on-white for anyone who dares look (at the pre-altered versions).

  187. Janis –

    Your viewpoint (as an original Commodore’s Messenger) is much appreciated. The fascinating things you must have seen, done and been a part of…!!
    Bet you could write a book! :o)


  188. Freedom Fighter

    I noticed that too. WTF?

  189. Mat,

    “I think the Sea Org is far to insane and sick to be salvaged in any way.”

    Well worded and I couldn’t agree more. Not to mention the outdated heirarchial command and control management style.

  190. Events used to have actual stats for Flag and all the other orgs. Now the events just have anecdotal (Some PC are reporting a 50% increase in gains..), or nebulous (billions have been reached with fouth dynamic campains…) .

    They no longer show actual delivery stats or any real stats even for Flag that I’ve seen. The closest thing I heard in a while was something like “Grades delivery up 20% over last year) or something like that. But I dont know what that means. They twist the words around. Same week last year? Last year total?

  191. Tony,

    Awesome, thank you. All of that sounds good to me.

  192. Hi Marty! You listened! Thank you, thank you for the large font. You’re a Sweetheart!!

    Love, Mom

  193. Mike Hobson


    This post is advertising spam.

    Michael A. Hobson

  194. Hi Janis,
    Thank you for your input. I am sorry for the miscommunication. I did not mean to say that Diana was actually “posted” as a CMO. I am glad you shard the facts of who was. I understand from the information I have that she has held other posts over her career in scientology. Perhaps if I reframe it to more clearly present what I am trying to get across. Perhaps if you can think of Diana as a “Honorary” CMO it might better convey my intent. In my mind, and perhaps arguably, I see Diana as the closest thing we currently have to an actual, direct, theta line to LRH. With that thought in mind, I believe it carries such altitude, authority, and command, as to make her without a doubt, senior to any actual “posted” cmo or any other post on or off the org board, imho.

  195. Quicksilver


    You’re a jewel Mary Jo … and tough as nails!

    Well done!

  196. martyrathbun09

    No, Mom, you are a sweetheart!

  197. Good one. There are quite a few clearly worded LRH HCOPL and HCOBS that are very much contrary to what the current COS is doing.

    I need all this stuff in a pack or something. A DVD and a pack.

  198. theystolemychurch

    Marty is really a Mopheus and only offers the green one or the blue one…. don’t ask him to choose.

    You ~ just choose.

    Can’t confront the true, go back to that church that has become a cult.

    What is going on here is thetans blowing charge and telling their story(ies)…… get over it and get on with it!

    Frankly, I would like to hear about where I can get services in the field?!?! Any takers for advice on that?

  199. Brendon, I know of quite a few including myself reaching a lot on facebook.

  200. This was the first policy they pulled out back in the 80’s to shut down loads of small scn artists, selling their music or jewelry, trying to make a dime to get up the bridge. They targeted the artists HARD.

  201. Marty,
    Thank you for your sharp eye. 8-8008 should know that most of us are more than fed up with fake stats and distorted, unverifiable flashy graphs with deliberately insufficient, numberless labeling. Even grade school kids are taught to recognize misrepresented graphs and stats, so most people with at least a half-way education just wince.

    I wonder if exec staff at the CofM could even produce accurate long term un-doctored graphs of gross divisional statistics any more.

  202. High on Life

    Keep expose The Truth. It’s dePTS’ing to read. People need the data. People in the church have little clue what is going on! But I’m sure they know something is wrong… I’m blowing charge here big time.

  203. TheEmperorIsNaked


    How about definately. 🙂

  204. DFB, that is a GREAT idea! A “mini-documentary” style exposé on all off-policy and out–tech activity, fully referenced and communicated in an appropriate manner. This could then be hosted online and also distributed far and wide as a DVD perhaps.

  205. Mat,

    thank you. Observed the same with the CNN interviews.

    And the contagion flowing down till into every corner of the field can be experienced with every contact one has voluntarily or enforcedly. I do not see any way the SO will reform since the mindset is in its DNA.

  206. I was hesitant as I do not have the funds to donate now and I am also very busy with my OTA hat as the OTA IC of Latam.

    A Being who has accepted being accountable to the IAS illustrated by rationalizations and explanations when none are necessary = PTSness

    Last year, in 2006 MV I donated 150K and in one month completed a Patron Meritorious cycle: I went from 15 K on the IAS to 250K in 12 months and it was a very BIG deal for me, I got into debt big time. I was thrilled and proud to do it but had to follow that up with a lot of production. I am a single woman and while I do own my business it is not one that makes so much profit to allow for such sizeable donations. I basically got a second mortgage on my house to do it.

    They don’t want assess your contributions, they want your money. When you whine, they know you are still eating out of their hands, stuck playing their game.

    I had to have an interview with the IAS, that all the OTs in the field had to be interviewed.

    “Had” to be interviewed? Bots submit to interviews, not OTs.

    This is a generality and it is an arbitrary that all OTs have to be interviewed.

    The only thing arbitrary is the IAS.

    I don’t think an enforced interview is OK, especially when I am active and have donated so much.

    You are making an argument for which no agreement from anyone is required.
    Just “No” to the IAS. (Its a Ronnie Reagan kinda deal)

    It is not OK to sit there and talk at length about debt, etc- it just brings one downtone and makes a postulate there.

    Your excuses don’t get his stats up. You’re nothing more than a resource.

    I did tell him I had no equity in the house.

    Its none of anyone’s business what you have – period.

    He became irate, that HE was the IAS and I had to disclose everything as I worked for the Church and per policy they needed to know.

    See, COB & IAS condition the CO$ field to make themselves answerable about their finances. And if you tell them off, as any normal person would, you get into trouble. That complete PTSness.

    Buh-byes CO$, hello Freezone.

  207. Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments, virtual hugs, affection and your support! I appreciate this more than you’ll ever know.

    How wonderful to have such an abundance of people as friends and allies that truly understand the scene. This “Church” is the loneliest place in the world: on all flows communication is rejected, muzzled, altered, suppressed, avoided, misunderstood – and on and on. So to have a forum like this where one’s communication and intentions are duplicated is an amazing thing. So thank you Marty and all of you for giving me that.

    And if to boot that comm. is of service and fulfills the original intention to help…. Well then I’ve hit the jackpot!

    I will attempt to answer some of the questions brought up above-
    Yes, I am flourishing and prospering – I am doing the BEST I have ever experienced, in every area of my life. The photo above was taken by Joanna a few weeks ago. So that tells you how I am doing – 🙂
    Yes, I intend to get my money back.
    I never got responses from my KRs when sent to RTC – only occasional “we have received and are looking into it” and later “It has been resolved and let us know if it hasn’t” (!). But it became apparent there was nobody home in RTC. I sent a huge KR to COB regarding the scene in Latam and there was NO answer.
    Declared? Well, in good reverse Scn fashion I have never gotten a copy and it has never been made public – it has been rumored and apparently versions of one have been shown to public in back rooms away from others. My daughter was told I wasn’t when she called IJC to demand a copy after someone in an org told her I was declared. Many here in the US and in Latam do not know that I have resigned and protested against management. It would be a huge flap as they knew how dedicated I was. So feel free to name-drop, if the person knows me they will be very surprised and may want to find out more.

    And my opinion is that KRs are VERY valuable and must be exposed and properly duplicated. It is not only a healing process but it is testimony and evidence. Evil has to be confronted otherwise there is “suppressive reasonableness”. The coin does not stand on edge for that one. IMHO.

    Mary Jo


    Referring to Les Daines’ book “Big League Sales Closing Techniques” as “LRH tech” is like referring to the BP oil spill in the Gulf as “natural habitat lubricant enrichment”.

  209. Mary Jo,
    you are a God sent! A beacon to me.
    Love, Fidelio

  210. Chris Baer

    Mary Jo-
    Thank you so much for putting this out – it is obviously vitally important. While what happened in your situation is truly outrageous, is cannot be surprising given what I have heard that has been happening in the 24 years since I left. I am just now starting to reconnect to LRH and the Scientology that I knew and loved when I first got involved in 1972. Your words, viewpoint and the beingness that comes through is so refreshing, though I wish you did not have to endure so much off-source comm, tactics and entheta. And Les Dane – yes, I regged public on to basic and beginning courses for the better part of 15 years and we drilled Les Dane. But for someone at that level to indicate that Les Dane is LRH tech, let alone try to invalidate someone into submission, well, I am repeating myself. Your use of LRH policy to bring these abuses to light is courageous and so highly commendable.

  211. Chris Baer

    Good question! What is the “Ethics Org”? I don’t recall any policy on that. And blocking doorways…this is so far removed from KSW.

  212. one of those who see

    Hi Chris,
    Would love to hear your story. Especially your views on what happened in the early 80’s. I got into Scientology in the 80’s and have bits and pieces of info from that time. If you have already posted it, please let me know where.
    So happy about you are reconnecting. I hope we connect to lots more people from that time. You’re like our older brothers and sisters. And you went through the earlier group engram.

  213. I look forward to meeting you Fidelio! 🙂

  214. LOL, that is a good one Old Cuff!

  215. Hi Chris,
    Thanks so much for writing in! And I appreciate your support. I came in just after you left, so we experienced different Scientologies!
    I too was at a Les Dane workshop at Flag in early 84 and trained as a reg early in my Scn career. I do know that tech and it was very subtle the way the IAS started to be “above the law” and “exceptions to policy are made because we are at war/being attacked/it’s an emergency”.

    Then it added the hat of being the “grant-giver” for all these social betterment campaigns and it turns out that was a complete LIE! It paid for enough to create the photo op and provide footage for events. But even that, as in the case of the VM’s, I recently heard of a public VM that personally paid for the smaller, more practical tent and for the van for her Org. The IAS provided all orgs with ridiculously huge tents that were very difficult to use in regular community venues.
    And it goes on and on. Like the IAS office being in the routing form at Flag and you canNOT complete the routing form and leave unless you have an “interview” i.e. give money.
    I too would like to hear more about your story –

  216. Kathy Braceland

    Mary Jo,

    Your write ups are awesome! They’re factual, truthful and to the point. You are a giant that has graced this earth. You are definitely OT.

    OT Formula = Cause


  217. Kathy, I love you my sis! 🙂

  218. Exactly Tara,
    Can you imagine Les dane using those tactics to sell a car.
    If this Ted guy thinks that Les Dane is LRH then he needs a huge cram because he violated every datum that exists in BLS !

  219. If this is some new org created by DM you can be guaranteed they will closely resemble the SS.

  220. For word clearing purposes, what is OTA short for?

  221. wow .. very nice post
    I was greatly assisted on his information
    Thank you very much

  222. OTA = OT AMBASSADOR – a status and “post” invented by Miscavage.

  223. Hello everyone, I ran into a LRH reference which describe very well the mechanics on how the staffs were trying to put pressure on and control Marie Jo:

    “The number one trick of control used in this universe on a thetan is to make the thetan
    postulate that he himself can be damaged. One has to make him conceive that he is energy and
    that energy can be damaged by which he then has it proven to him that he can be damaged. One can only damage a person thoroughly and enormously by making this identification between a spirit and energy or mass.”

    “Any psychotherapy or practice of religion and philosophy or activity concerning the mind is doomed to failure and will not and cannot work if it is based on the premise that man is mass. The only reason Scientology works is because it disabuses him of this fact. It addresses the being and if we were going around fixing up bodies thinking that man is a body made up of neurons, automaticities, etc., we have said at once that it cannot work, because it is using and confirming this identification.”

    “That is the basic mis-identification necessary to damage a thetan or put him downscale. One just has to convince him that he is mass, energy and can be damaged and you have a foundation for a slave society.”

  224. Pingback: Mental Manipulation « Leaving Scientology


  226. Yes, I intend to get my money back.

    I hope you’ll try to recover every dime from the IAS for misrepresentation of purpose, lack of transparency and fraud. I don’t know if they’ll refund to the 6-figure tune, but it sure would be major win if some legal precedent along that line in the future could be set.

    How about a Class-Action suit to recover ill-coerced IAS donations from everyone ever declared by the Church?

    Then they’ll finally have to open up the books to the membership to substantiate the tall tales told at IAS “responsibility-extortion” events.

    Regardless how many billions DM has stashed away for defence, there are enough of us who in a shoulder-to-shoulder effort could put an end to all the inflicted financial duress to protect and safeguard the unwitting who have become PTS victims of a greedy cult.

    In view of the continually declining stats, I believe DM knows its all over and its just the final run to slide into home plate to amass as much realty and holdings as possible until the Trademarks and Copyrights expire 46 years from now. And then there’ll be an announcement that we ‘failed to get out of the trap and missed this brief breath in eternity’ and everybody can go home now. He, and his holdings will just slowly fade away into the background, perhaps even lease buildings to Independents.

    Its not just DM, but the other background players amassing fortunes too through fraud and deception. That’s why its so crucial they open the books so we can be 100% sure we are not being taken for a ride under false pretenses.

    I believe in less than 10 years the majority of Scientologists will be serviced by Independents/Freezoners. No IAS extortions, fear of family severances, beatings, political declares, squalid living conditions, outrageous pricing, etc. … and no DM altered Scientology.

    He can be stopped !!!

  227. By the way, you can’t actually continually persist in requesting the IAS show the books without being accused of being “entheta”, peddling the “enemy line”, getting a “non-enturb” and even be “SP declared”, and at that point its deemed you are no longer entitled to any communications from anyone other than through IJC channels. And they ain’t gonna respond to anything other than A-J.

    The fraud is self-protecting.

    Hence, its only possible to make such a request from the outside only, by means of pressure.

  228. Thank you Marty for some Excellent reporting.

    Could you see to to it that pictures of Ted Bragin appear on the Internet

    Much Obliged

    *tips hat*

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