The Underground KSW Alliance

Despite my regular campaigning for people to stand up and be counted as Independents, I have to admit there is quite an undeground movement gaining momentum. If it weren’t for the energy contributions of one particular steller member of the underground I would have had to scale back operations drastically long ago. That person will remain unnamed at this time, but will never be forgotten.

I received some interesting comm from an Agent 99 (self styled handle) recently that is indicative of the theta undercurrents churning within the bot zones. It is similar to a number of comms I have received over the past several months. But this one also came with an insightful,  Data Series driven article from the spouse of 99. I think the package is worth sharing.

Hi Marty, Just wanted to let you know that the TA is certainly
moving. I’ve never commented on any of these sites, but I wanted to
tell you that recently there are 6 more of us (and many more I’m
sure) talking amongst ourselves about the major outpoints going on
with management. I know–obnosing and talking about it is forbidden
in our Church these last so many years. But amazingly, we’re slowly
becoming de-PTS enough from the group to actually reach out to one
another. And lo and behold…I’ve now seen people who would have
never in the past said anything bad about our Dear Leader DM (at
least not out loud) finally feel like speaking up and being frank.
And once the comm starts, one can spend hours downloading BPC from
years of pent up wrong indications, enforced realities, extortion
reg cycles and general WTF activities coming from above. And these
are public from Clear to the top of the bridge, from Cl IV to Cl
VIII auditors. All with similar experiences and concerns.
    So I thought I should let you know that there are more of us
reading than is probably evident. So please keep up the good work.
And please let Hadyn, Mike, Steve, Jeff and all your wonderful
bloggers know how much we enjoy reading everything. Turns out you
can’t keep truth a secret. Who knew?

Agent 99

Super Power vs. Super MEST

As a Data Series Evaluator I find a great many illogics to work
with in the recent Super Power promotion that arrived in my mailbox
the other day.

This specific promo piece brings to light a very critical set of
contrary facts.

On one hand, we have a planet in desperate and immediate need of
salvage and we have the LRH tech needed to fix it—Super Power. But
on the other hand, delivery of this LRH planetary solution has been
stopped for over 20 years in order reg donations for a very costly

Here’s the key issue: are we really in the business of saving this
planet or not?

The promo piece I’m specifically looking at is actually a “Join the
Sea Org” recruitment promotion using Super Power as the handle. The
headline says “Super Power…It’s Closer Than Ever!” Considering
that the official delivery of Super Power has not occurred in over
20 years, anything less than 20 more years would be technically
closer than ever. (Outpoint=dropped time.)

This is the kind of vague carrot dangling in front of faithful
parishioners that keeps them on the treadmill of donations and
biannual sec checks. It keeps them tuned in to event after event
after event being pumped up with carefully engineered tidbits
designed to make what little impact the Church is actually having
seem momentous, gargantuan, stupendous and a whole thesaurus full
of enough adjectives to cause dopeoff in all but Chairman Dave and
the biographer. (Thank goodness there are a lot of standing
ovations— or much needed wake-up calls.)

Then comes the really damning part of this promo. There are
statistics quoted including “every 12 seconds another child takes
drugs for the first time” and “628,000 violent crimes occur every
year in our schools.” There are many more of these covering
military spending, psych drugs taken by children every 12 seconds,
illegal drugs, poverty, enslavement (irony noted), child
pornography, illiteracy and human trafficking.

The promo says that “Super Power is LRH’s solution to a sick, dying
and dead society,” “It will enable Scientologists to create a new
world.” It also says “Super Power is the solution to everything you
see affecting society right now.” OK, that’s the bait.

But here comes the switch. It goes on to say “But to release the
Super Power rundowns, the Flag Mecca must open.”


Says who? Certainly not LRH. Since when did LRH ever require a
multi-million dollar MEST building to release his tech? No, this is
Chairman Dave’s plan and decision pure and simple. (Outpoint =
wrong source).

To drive the point home further, the promo quotes LRH, “It’s time
to get very busy and clear this planet,” and, “Super Power…it
puts world clearing within reach.”

OK, so LRH has given us a gift that puts world Clearing within
reach and he says it’s time to get very busy doing just that. So,
why hasn’t this tech been released? SO members are working nearly
round the clock and have been for years. Aren’t they busy working
on Clearing the planet? Why haven’t SO members and org staffs been
given Super Power and why hasn’t it rolled out to a willing and
committed public?

It was David Miscavige who determined that LRH’s notion of
gradients was so last century and coined his off-source patter
about “straight up and vertical.”

So, where is the straight up and vertical when it comes to Super
Power delivery? (Or does that concept only apply to reg targets for

When the majority of us came into Scientology there were no fancy
buildings but there was a lot of Theta. How come Super Power which
“will put Scientologists into a new realm of ability” is not being
delivered even if we have to audit people in bathrooms, empty hotel
rooms, rented halls or anywhere else? In over 20 years we could
have been delivering to thousands of org staff and gotten a lot of
public through the rundowns. (Outpoints = omitted delivery, added

The “Mecca” is apparently more important than putting world
Clearing within reach.

Remember the Expansion Formula where you remove barriers and
distractions? Well, this 20-year-plus “Mecca” is a big, expensive
distraction. It’s got statues, marble, NASA gear and, according to
Tommy Davis, “pinch me material.” (Outpoints = wrong target,
altered importance.)

Initial estimates of the building costs were $24 million, revised
later to $45 million and then up to $90 million. But the regging
continued and back in 2007 the total raised was estimated at $145
million! How much has been regged to add to that in the last three
years? Have we all gone mad?

If you want a reality check in terms of how off-purpose our Church
has gone, just do the math per the figures quoted in the promo.
While Dave was collecting millions from field Scientologists
(outpoint=wrong source) to build his Florida mini-Vatican (wrong
target) over the course of more than two decades (added time), the
numbers are staggering.

Really get this. Taking the promo at face value, in the last 20
years while our attention was diverted from Theta to MEST, 52
million more children took drugs for the first time, there were
over 12 million more violent crimes in schools and a whole lot more
that all adds up to the further decline of our planet. But these
aren’t just words and figures “that is to say” it’s real human
misery and degradation—nothing less. And all the while we’re
sitting on LRH’s solution!

And just how close to delivering Super Power is “closer than ever?”
The promo piece says that we need 700 more Sea Org members. You’d
need at minimum twice that number to net your 700 when you allow
for those who don’t make it or leave once they realize what they
really signed up for, and then there is the time required to fully
train this staff. We’ve had 20+ years, couldn’t a tech training
corps have been set up during that time? (Outpoints = omitted
delivery, added time.)

If you have in your hand planet-saving technology and you don’t get
it delivered as fast as you can, that’s simply an overt of
unparalleled magnitude. Some of the faithful who donated to Dave’s
“colossal and spectacular” (his words) “grand milestone without
equal” (his words) are dead now. Their milestone has become a

If withholding vital technology for over 20 years isn’t a stop on
planetary clearing, tell me what is.

What about Senior Policy that we always deliver what we promise?
Well, Chairman of the Board, you’ve been promising Super Power
since before a lot of current org staff were born. That’s one hell
of a commlag.

And what about point 5 of KSW: Applying the Technology?

When the senior terminal supposedly responsible for KSW is too busy
creating a publishing and real estate empire and crisscrossing the
globe making speech after speech to bother with actual delivery,
then he needs to be bypassed by those who will.


Dylan Wycliffe
Evaluation Section
KSW Alliance

187 responses to “The Underground KSW Alliance

  1. Great read. Thanks.

  2. WoW! That sure takes the fluff out of the puff!
    Thanks Dylan and Agent 99!
    And most of all thanks Marty! Theta does flow thanks to you and de-PTSing does occur!

  3. Go Dylan and Agent 99! More workers looking to bust DM!


  4. I can’t help but thinking…
    Where’s the beef?!

  5. War and Peace

    Dylan ~~

    Very well written. It does resonate.
    On that Super Power Building you mention,
    David Light the reg hovers in the PAC complex parking lots to vulture into student and pcs’ bank accounts.

    It is his full time job ~~ for years.
    “If you have the INTENTION and POSTULATE…..don’t worry, the money will follow…”

    He is actually banned from some HGCs in the PAC area as he is so enturbulative to those on lines and he has been known to create red tags at Exams in his money leeching ventures for the forever Super Power Building Donations.

  6. How are we to know that “Super Power” was, in fact, written/developed by/with LRH?

    When Power was big (late ’60s early ’70s), a Class VII student found LRH policies in a closet at ASHO which referenced confidential ClassVII data (you know who you are) which hadn’t been cancelled but which weren’t being applied.

    What’s up with that?

  7. Dylan & Agent 99

    Best damn eval I’ve seen in many a year. It takes just one promo priece, does a great data analysis, pulls all the strings and lays the truth bare.

    There is nothing else to I can say because this eval speaks, nay it screams, for itself!!

  8. @Dylan, “Have we all gone mad?” = One of DM’s primary goals put in question form.

    @Agent 99, This is so good to hear and terrific of you to share – letting all the other bands of revolutionaries know theirs isn’t the only freedom-fire being huddled ’round. 🙂


  9. Agent 99,

    I’m getting tired of saying the word Brilliant! But I have to say it again! This is exactly the kind of ammo we need in our “War On Slugs” (Those who slime LRH and his Tech).

    I have been mulling over how to approach some important people to me and made the jump and showed a copy of Linda McCarthy’s Doubt Formula, a well documented “on LRH” formula writeup. It really can’t be dead agented as any responsible Scientologist should be able to read another Scientologist’s Doubt Formula, no? Now this wonderful Data Analysis!

    I’m loading up my ordinance locker! I think the best tools we need are standardly done Evals, Why findings etc.

  10. Fantastic article. The word is spreading. I bet there are many of us who just don’t dare speak to certain people and we may all feel that way about one another. I think things are starting to turn. Even facebook cop Jojo Zawawe may be unable to stop the avalanche.

  11. Wow, Wow, awesome. Thanks Agent 99 and

  12. Nice post. Very nice.
    My understanding of LRH research is that he piloted every single one of the steps of Superpower. The pilots were not done with 145 million dollars worth of equipment and buildings to match. Your point about auditing in the bathrooms etc (how ’bout audting on the tennis courts) is apropos. Your whole post rocks.
    I do personally know of people who “do not post” or are “under the radar” that are riveted by the information that is being provided.
    They are out there………..
    And as an aside, how ’bout the Source Mag article that said they had a “state of the art ojectives co-audit room”. How state of the art can chairs and walls and bottles be? Just sayin’.
    As LRH said: “Let’s get busy, each and every one of us.”

  13. I first heard of superpower when I was on mission staff in the early 80’s. So it’s been well over 20 years of out delivery. I remember being very excited about it and was blown away that LRH wanted the staff to do it first.

    So, DM has made sure that didn’t happen. Then LRH wanted there to be a universe corp so staff could go up the bridge and damn if some of the orgs didn’t start making St. Hill size. Well, gotta stop that right away, enter in DM’s new world order of Ideal Org’s cross ordering LRH again. Throw in a few more deviations such as GAT and basics alterations to make sure no one comes out strong. Every advancement is followed with some DM arbitrary which makes it impossible to get the gains LRH intended.

    I couldn’t help but think about how many people would have been able to go clear and OT, or even become an auditor with the 145 million collected so far for superpower.

    If the staff had been allowed their enhancement time to go up the bridge (LRH’s bridge) we would be in a lot better position to handle the environment even without superpower. The MEST has nothing to do with it. Hasn’t it been almost 10 years since the Feshbach’s did it?

  14. UnDisturbed

    I think you have hit a key point. The formal Church of Scn has no interest in ‘clearing the planet’. They may say they are, but their actions are directly contrary to that goal. So just what is the long-term goal of the current Church?

    To me the current Church has become insignificant. Besides juicy head-line stories about who is abusing whom in the Church, does the public have any real interest? I think not. And that fact is testament to how poorly the current management has run the Church. To have Scn become this insignificant to the general public is ultimately a betrayal of what LRH worked so hard to do. Instead of expanding, the Church is engaged in petty in-fighting with those who have left, and fighting to protect the current status of those in power. I would venture the actual current goal of the Church is to preserve the status-quo of upper Church management, at whatever cost.

  15. Virgil Samms

    Excellent eval Dylan! Good job.

    I agree with the swell Marty. Linda and I counted noses and in the month of May alone we had several hundred new posters, especially for Claire Reppen. These are people that never posted before May.

    I am still getting cards and letters and mail from people from all over the place and I can tell you were are tipping the scales in a big way and we need to keep it going.

    The more of us that come out the more kool aide drinkers we will de-PTS and get on side. It is that simple. It is a sacrifice, for sure, but hey, not being PTS is worth it. It is like 2 intensives of NOTS.

    So please, do what you can. Step forward. Let’s see those doubt formulas. And don’t forget, each and every doubt formula is like a whip across Daveys face. It really stings him.

    Love, Tom

  16. I´ve read it.

    Gonna have a big comm lag on this one for sure…

    Meanwhile; can someone REALLY help me understand why someone needs to be hidding in oder to get the job done?

    Some examples would do fine.

    Even better if they do not contain evidences of fear on losing a job or the necessity to agree with a SP group (CofS) and letting a son or family member and one in there in the name of the greatest good.

    …and other disgusting clear PTS indicators.

    I´m sure that the valid reasons for being low key do exist.

    Just need some enlightment to grasp it.



  17. Quicksilver

    In the ’60s & ’70s, new data/research was coming out almost daily and distributed across the planet. Some processes were also being slightly revised as more research was done.

    Not sure why these policies were in a closet … maybe the 3 basket system policy wasn’t out yet 😛

    Super Power started being promoted much later

  18. Well stated. Just thought I’d mention that Super Power is delivered in the FreeZone.
    Rey Robles delivers it. He was in on the Pilot of Super Power in the 70’s.
    I don’t know how valuable it is as to an answer to the planet’s difficulties, but it is certainly a useful rundown.
    After SuperPower I wrote the poem that is on my website re: Rey.
    But I do think the L’s were more effective all in all.
    It is difficult when one has had a lot of auditing on a lot of subjects to honestly evaluate which is better.
    I’ll still vote for OT III as the biggest one change in my this lifetime existence.

  19. Joe Howard

    As the RTRC Compiler who completed the pilot compilation of the Super Power issues in Oct. 1991 (which had been started by LRH and RTRC back in 1978), I want to add a few points to Dylan’s excellent analysis.

    Please, no one get any idea that Super Power supplants any part of the standard Bridge (except for substituting for Power Processing for someone who went Clear on NED). It does not replace the Grade Chart.

    Originally, LRH developed Super Power to make staff members more capable on their posts. Only a few of the rundowns were compiled and piloted in 1978 during the early days of Super Power. LRH got off onto other tech matters and developments such as TRs and KTL/LOC, FDSing, Product Debug and the Purif and RTRC went with him.

    The first full piloting of Super Power occurred in 1991/92 and the results on staff were truly phenomenal. The staff who took part changed significantly and became more productive on their posts.

    The promo being discussed seems to mislead that Super Power is the last piece needed to push Scientology over the top.

    The fact is that all the pieces needed to push Scientology over the top have been in existence since the mid-60s. It’s called the Class and Grad Chart. Super Power will make staff more capable of delivering the Bridge to parishioners and it will make individuals more capable in their lives.

    But with roadblocks firmly in place in the form of black PR about Scientology over the world rivaling the current Gulf oil volcano, a neutron bomb strategy to kill off the people while leaving the buildings untouched (beautiful image, Marty) and a laser-like destructive coup de grace to auditing gains in the form of an arbitrary definition of an F/N, all the Super Power in the world doesn’t stand a chance.

    By the way, those interested in more detail about Super Power can read an article on here:

    From the statement in the promo piece that 700 auditors are needed before the release of Super Power, all that means is about a 20% increase in the size of the Sea Org (no sweat) and get that 20% trained up as auditors (assuming they all stay in the SO and make it through the lineup) and then put them through Super Power themselves as pcs (yippee!) and then train them up as Super Power auditors on top of their Grad V training (I wonder what the attrition rate is given the technical arbitraries on tech lines these days) and then intern them as Super Power auditors.

    Piece of cake. Look for an announcement at this year’s Maiden Voyage anniversary celebration.

  20. Virgil Samms

    In the early nineties I was uplines and on all-hands Saturday I used to partake in all-hands cramming and catcing up on the backlog of crams on the execs.

    Superpower was being delivered to the Int staff. One had to finish KTL/LOC, their full hat and internship and then get onto Superpower. The guys up there were having spectacular wins on the Superpower steps and stats started going up. My usual cramming customers were getting fewer crams. It was a good scene.

    I left in 93 so I don’t know what happened to Superpower other than I am sure that the staff started being able to see better and you-know-who probably got scared and cancelled Superpower. “Can’t have all of that high confront going on around me” type of thing.

    ML Tom

  21. Quicksilver

    Yes, very unfortunate that the Universe Corps program did not continue.

    I did some folder work for the Universe Corp in England … the staff were ecstatic that not only had they made St Hill size again, but that they were finally going to get up the Bridge.

    After looking at many staff folders, it was evident that while LRH was on the lines, enhancement did occur and many folders contained many c/s’s written by Ron .

    After a point when Ron was off the line, the only folder data was the odd touch assist, word clearing and a very few Grade 0 or 1 EP when a staff member was grabbed by a student auditor – never the complete grade.

    There were also a few OT staff that did get to continue their OT V-VII.

    A sad state of affairs it was when this program was cancelled

  22. Thats pretty much my feelings when I got my promo in the mail. Those new recruits on the cover- it doesnt say they will be Superpower Auditors, just Sea Org.

    Seems like they have been “nearly complete” on the auditing rooms, or “Nearing the final stages of completion” on these areas for a long, long time. In 2000 they were “nearing completion” of the exterior facade and interior framing -I think.

    It’s like a lazy employee who starts sweeping when the boss man walks by.

    Who knows. Maybe soon the building will be done. I’m not sure what that would mean. A huge, fantastic, magnificent, mesty building.

    The last time I was at Flag I didnt feel comfortable. You can’t relax. It’s not like home or a nice place to be. You are constantly regged and harassed. The “Mecca” will be a 10x size version of this? Orgs are not comfortable places to be anymore.

  23. Lady Lancelot

    The comment about David Light made me chuckle softly and knowingly to myself. I still have not gotten over a reg cycle involving Mr. Light and it occured over 20 years ago.

  24. Kat,
    Another ‘kat’, well, OK, what in heaven’s name does that comment mean?

    Look, here’s the truth, LRH died in 1954. The rest of this is a doppleganger.

  25. Ne Obliviscaris

    To Marty, Jim, Haydn, War & Peace, et al.

    It’s not natter if it’s true, right? (LOL)

    The question the natterer never seems to ask himself is, “Who’s making it true?”

    Reporting the facts regarding any situation in the C of S is necessary to stop the SP at the top who by his actions is literally begging for someone to stop him.

    But to me, each time Marty salvages a being, we get a million times more benefit than any potential handling of a MEST organization like the C of S.

    I know. I can feel it each time some of that free theta is recovered.

    For the past 16 years, I’ve had my anchor points wrapped around my waist as a being. Every time I’d feel them pull, I’d just pull back that much harder, pulling them in closer with my left hand and keeping them cinched around my waist with my right.

    Every time I’d read about some new affront to my sensibilities as a scientologist, I’d think, “You wanna play that game? Fine. See if you can pull this generator off it’s foundation. All the while I’ll pull you in closer to me. See how you like that!”

    Then something changed. I found and instantly recognized someone I could trust (Marty). He was the first person I contacted outside of the church since leaving the S.O. I don’t have the superlatives to describe the beingness that Marty granted me.

    He then hooked me up with Jim Logan, the “Theta Encyclopedia Whole Track Cram Off” (there’s no other way to describe him as he ‘s obviously not human).

    Marty, I gotta tell ya’. Jimmie’s got to be one of the coolest guys on the planet. The first time we spoke, it was like we’d known each other forever. He set me straight in a hurry with no effort or ARC X’s.

    After that, I began to put my feelers out again, beyond my anchor points – which, much to my detriment had become enturbulated, entheta anti-Scientology anchor points.

    I discovered that what Marty is doing (salvaging beings) is working!

    Now it has become easier and easier for me to sense this expansion of theta.

    Last week, as an experiment, I let some of my anti-Scientology anchor points go out a little bit.

    What a relief! Nothing flew apart. Nothing snapped back or jerked me off of my foundation. I got some more space!

    And what do you know, the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, with it’s massive buildings and billion dollar power structure – became a lot less solid.

    This week, I’m taking my next step toward handling our situation. I plan to do this by handling me – something I originally set out to do in Scientology before I was so rudely (ahem) interrupted.

    What Marty and others who are delivering and receiving the tech are doing is the single most beneficial activity any of us can pursue, bar none.

    I know it’s fun to play cops and robbers, but let’s see if we can be skillful enough this time to NOT play out this drama to it’s ultimate, tragic end.

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I can hear it now, “Awww, what king of fun is that?”

    The truth is, I’ve forgotten. But I sure would like to see what kind of fun it is.


  26. Lady Lancelot

    I have a question about the Feshbachs. They did Super Power 10 years ago. Does anyone know if there has there been any follow-up with the Feshbachs?
    It is one thing to get a blow-out Success Story from someone who is completing an action. What matters to me is the follow-up. How is that person doing five years out, ten years out? What is their life like? How has it improved? In what ways?
    This kind of follow-up does not seem to be done. A science does follow-up. I’m just saying…

  27. Fantastic. My it is sooooo good to see the Data Series in application. I tell you what, earth has just got a bit saner with this evaluation of that promo pace. That’s POWER. Indeed, that’s SUPER POWER. Thank you!

  28. Lady Lancelot

    Thank you “Undisturbed”. Glad to hear someone say it. It is what I’ve been thinking. The Church has no intention of Clearing the Planet.
    The Super Power promo tells the tale. What real progress, progress that matters, has been made? Chaps my hide. But there you have it, plain as day.

  29. Quicksilver

    … and I thought it was ’53 – thanks for the correction, Jim 😛

  30. The thing with Superpower is it’s not the key to planetary clearing if the tech and policy has been dramatically altered. It’s safe to assume LRH was talking about it being the key to his “brand” of Scientology, where auditors are made as the priority etc.

    An analogy, assuming DM releases LRH’s version of the rundown, is DM is putting a better engine into a car which he took the wheels off of. Not going to go anywhere. He’s enforcing his squirreling with false SP declares so how does Superpower handle that?

    Superpower is a 32 year staledated order, instructions for it’s release put in an LRH ED from 78′, and if I remember right an LRH ED is enforceable for one year or until complied with. Mat? Feshback got it delivered so what gives? What did he get, all the rundowns involved in completed form?
    Nice work Dylan, I hope you write more.

  31. KSW alliance. I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT.
    I want to know more of this.

    Parts of KSW series keep popping into my mind.
    Even the first “note” paragraph of KSW1 sounds like it was written yesterday.

    I’m re-studying the KSW series tonight. I feel they are perhaps the most important key to our success. I’ve studied them many times and done the KSW course, but they read different now. From a different perspective.

    Perhaps a writeup of all the data compared against KSW series to clarify the outpoints.
    This would be part of a Doubt Formula writeup for me.

    KSW and Ethics/Justice, and just plain old application of Scientology- ARC, TR’s etc will help a lot in handling this situation. Victim, natter and whining might not. I think an incomplete or incorrect Doubt condition can cause natter-like behavior. In me anyway.

    I do like the sound of this KSW Alliance thing.

    Where do I sign up?

  32. As in Occam’s razor, the simplest explanation is usually the most accurate.

    In this case, the simplest explanation for WHY “super power” is not being applied leading to a realization of all the hopes that were promised in its name, is that there is not and never was any such thing as “super power” — it was an empty promise (a lie) which DM is milking for all the money he can get while he can still get it.

    Meanwhile, some of us out here are just going about our business, doing our little bit in whatever way we can to make a better world, despite the fact we don’t have such a grandiose tool. Sometimes the tools you already have are all you need. Just sayin.

  33. I’ll bet every St. Jill size org that had their universe corps pulled thinks that there are other orgs out there that do still have them. NONE of the St. Hill size orgs have the universe corps. Not web the SO orgs. The UC was broken up in ’02, and all members posted elsewhere. WTF??

  34. Pat,
    I’m with you on III. This, maybe the most ‘controversial’ of levels, completely and utterly changed every aspect of living for me. I’m so glad I studied as much as I could before I went at it. I’m pretty darn happy my CS watched over me too.

  35. And that’s why you are Joe Howard.

  36. My Playground.

    My Ball.

    My Rules.

    I’m sorry if you do not understand or can’t have this. We are ALL evolving, expanding and “Moving On Up A Little Higher”.

    Much Love!

  37. Ne,
    It is my privilege to do anything I can to aid a being ‘back to battery’. In you I am blessed to experience as much PV=IDnth degree as I’ve ever experienced.

    I am in awe at the ability I have proof-positive of as witnessed by the beings on this and several other vital sites.

    And I get to work with some of these beings 🙂

  38. Penny Krieger

    Agent 99 and Dylan,

    Thank you for excellent posts.

    Having been one of the “chosen ones” to hear the “World out of Comm Eval” back in the day, I was one of the first public on the planet to finish KTL. It was an amazing course, but that is not the point. I was intensely interested in Super Power and told that only those that had done, KTL & LOC, could receive it. In observation of the never ending story of the Super Power building, I eventually gave up on it ever being released. Your eval brought much clarity.

    Theoretically, LRH, having passed away in 1986, could easily be reappearing here soon.
    In my dreams, he arrives on the scene and there is no mistaking. He is who he is.
    Fearless and MAD. Well, well. Who is he mad at? Anyone care to take a guess?
    At this point, those with something to hide, will wonder, where can I run…?

    It’s a beautiful dream. Maybe it will occur.
    If not, there is too much theta in this group to resist.
    Anyone with two brains in their head can easily see that the juggernaut is in motion.

  39. Not only the “best damn eval” as T. Paine states, but factually the ONLY evaluation I’ve seen in years.
    Thank you Agent 99. Between the recent posts on the IAS and this — OMFG — this midget man is systematically stopping the free and clear delivery of LRH’s technology, while applying a carefully calculated smoke screen, all the while so that he can build up his reserves/war chest/fortune. This man is not only evil he is SICK and needs to be stopped. Thanks, Dylan, for having the ability to see the out-points through the implant/smoke screen. To have the ability to step back and discern them takes confront and is in fact a true ABILITY.


    Aren’t the Feshbachs the ones that started getting a lot of the OT’s to put there money on the stock market?

    Back when the prices were going up like 10% a month, lot’s of… Hmmm, not actually sure I can make this go right, I was thinking.

    Lot’s of new phrases came into play… “Got to be OT to go OT.

    Anyway, there was a new breed of OT came to town it seemed. Fast cars, shiny shoes and e-meters that were overpriced and sluggish.

    Oh well, I, and about ten million others could itsa all night about this.

    A few years ago I saw a write up from someone who had done super power, it must have been one of them. I remember it said it was like a disneyland ride! The entire write-up was beyond strange, it just didn’t capture the essence of what usually comes out of a success story. But, I thought it had been released so no need to invalidate one persons subjective experience.

    BUT, when I saw the implant chair in one of the promo magazines it really did make me wonder if those “big beings from another planet’ who wanted to attack SCN. that IAS was going on about must have won for sure.

    Dylan and Agent 99 welcome! I am so glad to have you here and THERE!

  41. Hello winsmexico,

    My wife Helllen Chen & OTVIII always tells me that we graduated when we do something well or somehow succeed on it. And on the other hand when I complain about my own stupidity in some area and my “why did I not know” type of eval she simply smiles and says: you will graduate on it one day honey and when you do you will know. It’s like an auditing process.
    (as you can see my life is wonderfull with no pressure)
    I do not do much worry about the ones who fly under the radar as they ARE at cause already.
    I assume they will not donate, will not accept C/S’s totally bogus, even to an untrained person, and no wrong ethics conditions etc.
    They just lay low, for an infinity amount of reasons.
    One day they will be ready and graduate.
    The most important part is that the church can NOT hurt them anymore!!
    In the mean time, as Marty rightly stated they are ,or can be very helpful in getting info.
    Keep in mind that they can also reach more people who have not yet realized the lies the church is putting them trough than you and I can from the outside.
    For instance in the last few month before my departure I spoke up at events of 25 people after the vice president of the church was giving his Chaos of Merchant speech (exactly like the Supper power Promo received by Agent 99) and told David Light (who by the way is a Flag Reg at the base since a couple of years) the reason I am not on my next Flag service is that I have NOT yet handled the insane and out ethics “Ethics officers and C/S’s” at Flag yet. This happened in front of at least 4 unsuspecting scientologist, who probably (hopefully) started wondering or will start wondering the next time some unreasonable and out-tech orders are given to them.
    DM (Mr. Mismanage) does reverse SCN – I can do reverse Black PR. or 3rd party – why not.
    Worked in world war II and everywhere else .
    It is kind of easy to spread “Black Pr” when you are in it as you have access to all scientologist.
    All one needs to do is to talk to someone casually and say:
    “Listen, I must be very wrong and not understand something, but am I the only guy who thinks that the Ideal Org Program is a scam and something LRH would never have doen? I mean …..”
    And trust you me (as Mr. Mismanage would say) the sparks a flying as they have BBC them self and are all too happy to let go of it .
    Oh my god – I almost wish I am back in the church to pull that stunt a few more time it was so much fun.
    Ok, maby I go to orgs where they do not recognize me –flash my Elite FSM pin to get instance audience and do it all over again.
    Good Idea – thanks Helmut 
    So, in my opinion, as long as they are not still following the balderdash offered anymore, they will be fine, and will eventually, when the time for them is right, make the change.
    Love Helmut

  42. Mike Hobson

    Rey Robles delivers something he *calls* “Super Power”.

    The ten dollar question is whether he delivers what *Ron Hubbard* called “Super Power”.

    Michael A. Hobson

  43. As LRH has quoted “If you want to debate me you must first define your terms.”

    Do you imply that anyone who has not posted a public announcement online formally resigning from the Church is in hiding? Surely you jest.

    I refer you to “The Art of War”.

    Do you imply that the only effective attack is an all-out full frontal attack? Surely not.

    There has been a quote on this blog that there comes a time when silence becomes Treason. I wholeheartedly agree. Do you believe that those still “under the radar” are being silent? I would strongly challenge that position, and in fact it would seem you missed a major point of Marty’s post.

    He begins with a perfect example of someone who is able to help Marty while at the same time not jepordizing his ability to continue providing that help by painting a target on his head unnecassarily. Who better to raise awareness of those with their head in the sand than people still “on the inside”?

  44. I can’t help but think that if ONLY every S.O. or Org or mission staff member was at minimum Clear, how different earth would be right now!

  45. Freetothink

    Gandiguy, I don’t know if you were around last summer but Mary Jo Levitt’s Treason assignment/KR is also a gem! Make sure you add it to your repertoire if it’s not already in.

  46. Joe Howard

    Pat, Super Power didn’t exist until 1991. There were about 3 or 4 of the rundowns piloted in 1978. Not to dimish any gains Rey might have had, but that was only a small part of the total rundown. See Tom’s comment below.


  48. I recall several times in the 80’s on Exec council when as an Org we needed a lot of GI for some hill ten or the other.
    Well,our solution was to do more of the usual …close that training package or sell more intensives.
    I will never forget the first time I heard a Reg explaining to the public that he needed to buy now because the Org needed the GI to pay urgent bills.What? Some enlightenment… and since when did LRH say to make the public handle the Org other than through FSMing and FieldAuditting!
    I wrote a KR of course. What happened? Well over the years into the 90’s and to PT it has become SOP worldwide. The IAS set the standard and Super Power project and Idle orgs are just continuations. At least that reg I wrote a KR on was selling the public an exchangeable product but even to me that was the beginning of a slippery slope which today is straight down and vertical.
    I look forward to the day someone shows me LRH policy where he says the public are to fundraise to purchase buildings.
    I never donated a dime as a public toward purchase of a building as it is off policy.Pretty simple actually.

  49. Freetothink

    Thanks for the data Pat! I didn’t realize that Super Power was being delivered. Congratulations on doing it. Beautiful poem!

    BTW, I’m OTV but for me I would vote KTL/LOC “as the biggest one change in my this lifetime existence”. But I haven’t done Super Power or the L’s

  50. Fellow Traveller

    Ne —
    I hear ya. Totally agree. 2 things:

    “He then hooked me up with Jim Logan, the “Theta Encyclopedia Whole Track Cram Off” (there’s no other way to describe him as he ‘s obviously not human). ”

    You are absolutely correct. He is not human. He is a cartoon character impersonating a human. Don’t mess with him because his universe is much more malleable than a human one. And I would take a bullet for him.

    “Awww, what kind of fun is that?”

    “All games are aberrative. SOME are FUN.” FOT LRH with MY emphasis.

    Thank you.

    Bruce Pratt

  51. Freetothink

    Brilliant! Glad to hear about the KSW Alliance.

  52. To me the current Church has become insignificant. Besides juicy head-line stories about who is abusing whom in the Church, does the public have any real interest? I think not. And that fact is testament to how poorly the current management has run the Church. To have Scn become this insignificant to the general public is ultimately a betrayal of what LRH worked so hard to do.

    So true. Haven’t heard anyone speak of Scientology in at least 5 years. Nothing in any news media, as if they didn’t exist. Most people have never heard of it.

    I believe it needs to go into complete non-existence in order to shake off Miscavige & his clowns.

    But the real issue is about copyrights really, which will take another 45 years to expire (and I doubt very much Davie-boy is gonna see the candles on his 96th birthday cake). If CST/RTC (by order of IRS) did not own/control them, CO$ could simply be ignored, as much of the existing field would move over to greener pastures. But as it stands, they can litigate anyone out of existence should their Scientology Service become popular.

    Perhaps at some future point, should the majority of Scientologists organize in the independent field, a court-challenge could be mustered. But, since the IRS Tax Statuses & applicable legislation is involved, its a rather complicated legal matter.

    If CO$ however continues to contract as it inevitably will, gradually depleting its resources, and far too many small Scientology pockets to the tune of tens of thousands come into existence, they may become legally unfeasible to pursue.

    In that case, the Free Zoners/Independents will come under the IRS Scope since many practitioners are cashing in under the table. Should these sums however be declared, CST/RTC may hunt them down for licensing fees. Its still gonna get ugly no matter which way the deck is cut.

    On a more positive note, many sites such as Wikipedia now refuse requests to remove private and copy-written materials, claiming them to be educational, and of benefit to the public interest.

    Superpower … DM’s Scientology Gong Show.

  53. Yell Fire
    “All that shit you gave us is just fertilizer.”

    Wow, I can feel the mass blowing from here!

  54. Floating Needle

    The Ethics Repair List is out in the Net. It doesn’t take 700 Auditors to deliver it. It takes ONE Auditor. You!

  55. Hola Amigo,

    Gracis por su pregunta. (Thanks for your question)

    as Marty stated; “I have to admit there is quite an undeground movement gaining momentum.” and …..”the theta undercurrents churning within the bot zones.”

    My choice is to get my friends and acquaintences over my 30 years in Scn back on track, following LRH green on white and red on white. That’s my game, that’s all.

    And the a..holes I just blow them off. That’s what the Pro TRs are for.

    Together we will hit it from all angles and pull off this mission.

  56. Very funny

    they put google ads on their ac360 story on your blog and are forwarding your cause. they pay money for to let the world know their overts and disseminate your actions.
    Anybody reading and looking at that stuff wants then to know the real truth !
    You should at least send them a thank you !

  57. I got the same promo piece and your eval summed up my feelings about it more accurately and precisely than I could . I seem to recall LRH saying that Super Power delivery would be starting soon, back when he announced it in the early 80’s. So it’s been more like 30 years!
    At the risk of appearing dull witted I must ask Jim Logan if he was being facetious when he said that LRH died in 1954. I have heard the doppelganger theories before but they usually suggest that the big change in LRH occurred in the late 60’s or early 70’s. Please clarify for the newbie here!

  58. froghopper

    I enjoyed the write up of Dylan Wycliffe quite clear and constructive. and yes there is many Indepts out there and its Great . but We need loads more to expose the situation of DM’s behaviour, to support the on going investigations and along side of that, the most important message is . We must keep Scientology Working and available. Thank you to all those Indepts that made and make that possible and do deliver along side this I wish to Acknowedge Capt Bill Robertson who was a Major player in the earlier split within the church for more than 10-15 years and got the Indepts movement Growing. There are loads of videos’ available throughout the web’s which support this ,eg : Indepts,Free Zone, Rons Org Network thats growing successful.I only wish we had more of Capt Bill Robertson around. However Hats off to Marthy for exposing the realities of the situation and the tactics of DM.Marthy needs support and along with all those that opened up and exposed the destructive situation manegment wise with the injustice and the twisted destructive Ethics going’s on. The answer is Keep Scientology working and remove DM, thats the mission I support.

  59. carabbotta

    it actually true a lot of people ( good standing) are looking your blog, i am one of them in
    my only question marty is for you and not in an antagonist way, not at all, im just asking since the first day; was not more easy to handle such stuff from inside?
    i mean here if the guy is so evil and many of you internally has seen this, what does take to make an internal revolution. internally. am i too naive to think in this way?
    sorry for my english, is not my mother language .

  60. When I read about the 700 new SO members, I almost dropped my coffee. Anybody who ever had anything to do with SO recruitment knows how impossible it is, especially these days. I still talk to SO recruiters here in Europe, and you have to realize the field is so worn out, they don’t have stats even close to what we had back in the day.

    Even when rules are being bent. I was shocked to find out that some SO-members in Copenhagen have spouses on the outside (unimagineable years ago) handling cycles that will take years and years to complete, if ever. Also, people are now being accepted with debts, hoping they will somehow handle this while on staff.

    Considering SO drop-out rates, you need approximately 3-4,000, if not more, new recruits to have 700 actually staying.

    With an ever shrinking field, that number is a joke. And the Dwarf knows that.

  61. Joe Pendleton

    “Chairman Dave” – I love it – his new “handle” – let’s all use it.

    Re: Super Power putting planet clearing within reach. Well……………..

    We already have in use a large amount of the most powerful spiritual data in the universe…….and we have ourselves (with a few exceptions) in Scientology a completely f***ed up third dynamic and WE are going to clear the planet with a new rundown (when very few beings on this planet will even consider entering a church of Scientology)!!!!!!!!

    C’mon! !!!! Let’s see if we can even handle our own group first, much less “the planet.” How about “clearing the Org”?

  62. Joe Pendleton

    And I’ll add that people who can’t even standardly apply “straight Scientology” are now going to deliver a powerful new rundown? Yeah, right!

    The Scientology “rich elites” will get their Super Power RD while Rome burns around them.

    Money, money, money. Mest, mest,mest.

  63. Floating Needle

    Since years I read texts from Howard Zinn, who died in January this year. In my eyes he is a great man and a truely social personality. The following are from his last book “A Power Governments Cannot Suppress”. Although he talks about the change of the society in a larger scope I feel these quotes are parallel to our issue.

    “In this world of war and injustice, how does a person manage to stay socially engaged, committed to the struggle, and remain healthy without burning out or becoming resigned or cynical?
    I am totally confident not that the world will get better, but that we should not give up the game before all the cards have been played. The metaphor is deliberate; life is a gamble. Not to play is to foreclose any chance of winning. To play, to act, is to create at least a possibility of changing the world.
    There is a tendency to think that what we see in the present moment will continue. We forget how often we have been astonished by the sudden crumbling of institutions, by extraordinary changes in people’s thoughts, by unexpected eruptions of rebellion against tyrannies, by the quick collapse of systems of power that seemed invincible.”
    “Revolutionary change does not come as one cataclysmic moment (beware of such moments!) but as an endless succession of surprises, moving zigzag toward a more decent society. We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can quietly become a power no government can suppress, a power that can transform the world.
    Even when we don’t “win,” there is fun and fulfillment in the fact that we have been involved, with other good people, in something worthwhile. We need hope. An optimist isn’t necessarily a blithe, slightly sappy whistler in the dark of our time. To be hopeful in bad times is not being foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of competition and cruelty but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness.
    What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places-and there are so many-where people have behaved magnificently, it energizes us to act, and raises at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction. And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.”

  64. Great News! Good to have you guys on our team. I’ve seen the article also on facebook!

  65. The legend about auditing on the tennis court is true! John Morshead inSouth Africa can be seen in the famous photo at St. Hill with loads of students co-auditing in the Chapel and LRH walking behind them.

    Anyways, John did a whole whack of his own co-audit on the tennis court. Straight from the horse’s mouth 🙂

  66. Are you familiar with battered-wife syndrome?

    It’s exactly the same phenomenon and is dealt with exactly the same way, using PTS tech.

    Just like with battered spouses, it really does work better when done one-on-one in person. Folks often need a little hand-holding and ARC for the first few steps.

  67. Theo Sismanides

    Joe you wrote:

    “But with roadblocks firmly in place in the form of black PR about Scientology over the world rivaling the current Gulf oil volcano, a neutron bomb strategy to kill off the people while leaving the buildings untouched (beautiful image, Marty) and a laser-like destructive coup de grace to auditing gains in the form of an arbitrary definition of an F/N, all the Super Power in the world doesn’t stand a chance.”

    Joe, I am honored to be in this blog with people like you. I always missed my teammates but now I find them here.

    Writing the above I would like to hear more from you and others on that “neutron bomb strategy to kill off the people while leaving the buildings untouched” and what you guys think about our 4th dynamic. Where is it going?

    Our theta endowement as we have so many highly trained people here and OTs is much more powerful than anything and anyone.

    All we need is to keep communicating and keep putting things into order. We are BIG for the first time. Marty, in my opinion, has managed to THINK BIGGER, ACT BIGGER, COLLECT BIGGER (oh, well that last one at least in terms of resources, people, comms, evaluations in this blog and not money, MEST but pure THETA) than anyone else in the history of the Freezone and Independents.

    It’s a bright day.

    I will comment on Dylan’s and Agent 99’s evaluation on a separate comment. But I have to say this: we are so RICH in resources because we are the closest there is to THETA on this Planet. Thank you all for this!

  68. Somehow to me – these write ups, the various comments on the blogs can be beautifully summed up by the profound words of Marcel Proust:

    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking a new landscape but in having new eyes.”

    May hope is that we all continue to view ourselves and others with a new pair of eyes and constantly encourage others to do the same.

    (btw – to those who post here but try to cast aspersions on LRH – this is the wrong blog. At best the behavior is bad manners. Analogous to throwing the part of the meal you don’t like at your host. Good manners, btw, are the tools used to smooth relations between people, between cultures, between groups. Learning the manners of a community is vital if you even hope to be heard.)


  69. Theo Sismanides

    Dylan and Agent 99,

    Thank you for this communication and evaluation. Indeed it is one of the best. Putting Super Power on the table after the IAS and Idle Orgs.

    We are very powerful in resources and your letter tells us exactly that. We ARE getting BIGGER.

    Our resources are endless, we are unstoppable, we have just started.

    Thank you so much for bringing forth the Super Power! Stay connected, stay to the side of Freedom. We have got to put sanity onto Planet Earth. This is a huge task. Up until yesterday there was no hope, now we are getting back together. But we will need more action to bring it off. More correct thinking that is more people who can think straight. And you are amongst those. thank you for joining.

  70. Yes! If Super Power really IS “the solution to world clearing” then where is the URGENCY? Why is it taking so long? Is the tag line a lie? Or is management just incompetent? (Or both?)

    If Super Power is, as the CoS promotes, so VITAL in bringing about a cleared planet, one could perhaps assume that it’s cost would be minimal to ensure as many benefit from it as possible. (Does anyone know if any prices have been mentioned yet?)

    The latest news (“Spring 2010”) is that the “Flag Mecca is barrelling forward to full completion.”

    – Over 270 auditing rooms have risen from level ground, while the 17 Mecca course rooms now stand in varying stages of full completion

    – The Mecca kitchen is in the final stretch.

    – The statuary is closing in on the finish with 67 pieces coming to life under the skilled hands of Mecca sculptors

    – And if that doesn’t sound colossal enough, add it all up and it’s 380,000 square feet, roughly equivalent to seven complete Ideal Orgs in a single building. And it will soon be servicing 1400 students at a sitting and hundreds of preclears in 14 HGCs.

  71. Hi Jim

    Would you be able to elaborate on this?

  72. Chairman of the Bored

    I hope I’m not missing something, but didn’t the evolution of research go something like this:

    0) LRH did an eval as to why orgs were not expanding

    1) As a result of the eval, LRH developed Super Power for staff so that they could expand their orgs

    2) LRH found auditors had trouble auditing Super Power and researched why;

    3) As a product of this research, LRH did another eval called “The World Out Of Comm” eval and developed the Key to Life

    4) LRH found people had trouble getting through Key to Life and did research to find out why

    5) LRH developed the Purification Rundown as a handling for drugs

    I’ve done both the KTL and Purif and they were great; probably two of the best things I did in Scientology. Hip hip!

  73. crashingupwards

    Thanks Dylan and agent 99. Nicely done eval and rich in understanding.

    So many things to say about it all. I agree with Pat Krenik about superpower being overplayed. Its one action in a stable of effective actions.

    The SO recruiters and marketting folks rolled everything into getting their stats up, from drugs and crime to superpower. In doing so they created a fantasy full of holes for a qualified evaluator to spot. And those holes are getting bigger and more numerous all the time for the public to recognize once they are pointed in the right direction.

    And whats with 6 month sec checks. Sounds like a control program and falls within the off policy action of inspection before the fact. Nasty state of affairs all around.

    I agree the public is talking. And many who are not fall in the tone level of unexpressed resentment. Not a good place to be. Many do not want to hear about abuses or be reminded of them. It bothers their concience as they feel unable to do anything about it and are stuck.

    Increasing the independent services available will hopefully allow them more freedom to choose and speak up.

  74. martyrathbun09

    WH, Thanks. Dumping on LRH is also the COWARDLY thing to do. It is quite easy to dump on the deceased. In his case doubly so, because the organizations entrusted with his legacy LOVE attacks on LRH. It diverts attention and serves as a DEFENSE for the SP who has hijacked the c of s and threatens to destroy LRH’s legacy. DM won’t raise an eyebrow when LRH gets attacked. He’ll spend 25K a day in an attempt to destroy Mike and I precisely because we aren’t q and aing away from the real target.

  75. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I recommend ZInn’s A People’s History of the USA, and Voices of the People’s History of the USA.

  76. Marty — absolutely. THE target is dm and his ology.

    Pure and simple.

    The rest is a completely different discussion. And certainly is something that can be discussed and worked through AFTER dinner, quietly in the parlor.

    At this point, we are only JUST sitting down to dinner.

    I appreciate everything you do as well as Mosey, Mike and the others.


  77. Thank you for this, FN!

  78. Chairman…:

    Actually point #5 as far as I know, was released prior to KTL. I was on one of the first missions sent from Flag to implement the Purif at one of the pilot orgs. The implementation was only on telex advices from LRH, at that time.

    KTL was available to staff and a few select public by 1982 – my ex and I started it in PAC then transferred to Flag — it was done in the CB building.

    In any case though, your concept is right — LRH would try something, see it couldn’t go in, find what was out, create a program to handle and just kept undercutting the gradient.

    As a society we fell WAY down from the public he had in the early 1950’s — they could read, for example.

    AND were not completely radiated (and chemically toxic) as we all became through the years.


  79. Terril Park

    A poster named “Flag 2005” on ESMB was a very successfull student for super power, having completed briefing course and interneship.
    He wrote several posts and one might say they
    amounted to a statement that Flag no longer has the ability to train auditors, less they are as smart and dedicated as is. One of his posts is below.

    The Superpower had 30+ trainees in 2002 and the number was about double in 2005.

    We got new recruits daily from public and orgs, even OOTs are snatched.

    Its a stat push that crumbles and creates a long term flap.

    People are just trying to protect their stats, avoid trouble and maybe get a libs day to run to the movies.

    Care is gone.. Now its an appearance.

    The tech is what is on paper and Flag could be such a wonderful place for staf and public.

    90% of new members routed out and so the building is not a rush..

    To place new people into such full on training kills them and we all loose.

    The Superpower building is a long way off. But I have no information for 3 years.

    Any news on stats would be great. Also news on my ex-wife if anyone knows..

    Flag cannot get staff to stay and that is suppressive.

    I actually was inside the computer system oneday trying to get the exact numbers of routed in and routed out. Just to have a graph with my write ups.

    This is what pushed me out.. I was looking at things that would be considered out PR if exposed, funny thing is we hide these outpoints from our own group.

    I always think the truth should be revieled.

    Beleive me some people move up the bridge and get wins and like it as public.

    I dont want them to contact me.

    Also please respect my privacy so if you know me keep my name private please.

  80. Welcome Dylan and Agent 99!

    Is the definition of “the basic overt act” still IN the Tech Dictionary? I ask because it seems to me that DM’s “artistry” is that of an overt product maker. In fact, I can’t think of a single PRODUCT that has come from his zone that actually exchanged and was needed and wanted since… I can’t think of one.

  81. I never liked Occam’s razor.
    I think the correct explanation is the most accurate, not the simplest.

    Why would that be the simplest explanation anyway? Simple is a subjective term.

  82. Thank you, more beings look and communicate more freely every day after reading the posts here.

  83. Jim,

    You fricking tease.

    Now I have to turn the frickin’ page to see whether the frickin’ bloke can escape the burning car that is heading over the cliff while his girlfriend who is tied to the tracks is about to be run over by a speeding locomotive.



    ps. Jim, we all died in 1954, erased the entire universe as a matter of fact, but we were so confused and lacking in havingness that we mocked it all back up just to have a problem.

  84. Quicksilver,

    Ummm, well yes, I am perfectly able to elaborate on this.

  85. I’ve got a buddy, formerly in CMO Int, that began Scientology by he and his friend doing objectives in a public library in NYC. He didn’t know a CofS even existed.

  86. Freedom Fighter

    Dan, your comment reminded me of an LRH lecture I listened to once — from the CL VIII course, I believe it was. It was addressed to Auditors and basically stated something to the effect that the Bridge out of here is mapped out. All one has to do is walk on that Bridge to get out of the trap. He goes on to strongly ask why on earth would you do anything else? The whole purpose of any of these other actions is to get the PC back on the route that will get them out of here — no more, no less.

    Sure wish I could find that lecture again. It’s one of my favorites. Would be good to have the exact quote here.

  87. Not entirely true First. I was in Milano Org just 2 years ago and personally spoke with several members of their Universe Corps team – so at least back then they had one. That said, Tampa Org, the first “St. Hill Sized” Idle Org never got theirs. The PR on the lines was “FLAG is our Universe Corps” So there DM altered LRH’s wishes. The reaction was mixed to say the least. The lower level staff basically got NOWHERE (with the exception of 1 or 2 staff members) while those on the OT levels did get some love once they were fully hatted. The staff auditing scene was not much better than at any other org. Plus staff auditors were usually busy handling all the sec checks and PTSes – so they were mostly too busy to do any actual bridge…

  88. Dan,

    I really appreciate your being there and communicating. Sometimes wading through the rumor swamp is a bit intimidating. All the “sightings” of monsters and horrors makes me leery of taking the next step. Where do I put my foot? What’s down there amongst the murk?

    Your raft of experience gives me a place to climb out for a while, rest a bit, get my bearings and resume my quest–a little less worried about the malformed creatures I’d heard about.

  89. earthmother

    Lady, me too. Although it was more recent. I was so enturbulated, I could hardly talk about it without foaming at the mouth! There aren’t many SO who give me the out and out creeps, but he tops the list. I feel he did his best to invalidate everything I was doing,(training to be a Class IV auditor) and that if I REALLY wanted to help, I would be donating as much as I could to Super Power. He, like so many regges, couldn’t seem to understand that my husband and I make ALL our financial decisions together.

  90. Freedom Fighter

    yo yo yo yo Here we come!

    Love this song! Thanks for posting, Victoria!

  91. Ne,

    Some posters I skip, some I read with great interest. When you wrote about contributing to the motion, I instantly knew you understood. That you hooked up with Jim just confirmed this.

    Unfortunately, you bastard, you’ve just increased my reading time. Christ! When will a poor boy every get a break!

  92. Joe Howard


    Yes, both Joe and Matt received Super Power at Gold in the mid-90s. Both had fabulous wins on it.
    Make no mistake, Super Power is tremendous stuff just like FPRD is tremendous stuff. But neither replaces the Bridge, which are the key factors common to everyone that need to be addressed.

  93. Bob (newbie),
    Read Data Series 10.

    Note: the term ‘reasonable’ is used in this issue. Now, many people seem to have a single meaning for this word. They apparently have taken the Admin Dictionary , and in particular one Flag Order meaning and excluded ALL other meanings.

    Word Clearing Series 54 Superliteracy and the Cleared Word describes conceptual understanding. One has to work with this data and get familiar with ‘conceptual understanding’ that is; conceptually understand it. Then do the same as one studies and reads words and symbols.

    ‘Reasonable’ in various contexts means rational, sensible, applying reason. In others, and in particular in contexts such as those in DS 10, it embraces ‘rationalize’ i.e., to create an excuse or more attractive explanation for (Webster’s Online Dictionary).

    Look at the definition of ‘logic’ given in the Tech Dict and quoting from 8-8008: “rationalism, for all logic is based upon the somewhat idiotic circumstance that a being that is immortal is trying to survive.”

    Logic is a concatenation of associations, some with the links being way, way far apart, some so gradient that before you know it you are off onto some tangent and come back to where you started. It is ‘circular’.

    Logic itself is ‘rationalism’, or something created that is more attractive than the idiotic circumstance that an immortal being is trying to survive. And boy, it is sooooo logical.

    But that’s not to say that using reason, and using logic is not valid now is it. Of course not. The entire game of life over 8 dynamics is ‘survive’! for f’s sake.

    There are plenty of lectures on the Logics and ‘logic’ that fully define what and how LRH is using various terms, including the material behind the specific meaning, in its context, of the term ‘reasonable’. One has to study the material and gain conceptual understanding. Not parse down single sentences to single words and single meanings that make no sense whatsoever. ‘No sense’ implies ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ and being ‘reasonable’ now don’t it.

    Additionally, and much to my dismay, Quicksilver has revealed the actual year for the doppleganger.

  94. FN,
    My needle IS floating with this marvelous quote.

  95. craig houchin


    Speaking as a former long-time public Scientologist, I will add that we were very excited to hear about the Universe Corps. Not only did we want the staff to get audited but, selfishly, we knew that the they and the orgs they ran would be better for it. Boy, that program died a quick death.

  96. Excellent article.

    One of the greatest Outpoints in Scientology Administrative policy is that there is no procedure for removing “the” senior executive from post. That policy was never written by LRH because it was never necessary as long as he was around.

    Since the staff of the church can’t remove “the” executive, albeit a self-appointed Suppressive Person, it’s up to the parishioners to do it.

    It’s nice for a few hundred people to chat on the internet (which is TOTALLY ignored and forbidden to be read by org staff). It’s quite another thing to get rid of the Napoleonic Midget without destroying what is left of the Church that is capable of delivering LRH technology.

    If, for one, and I’m sure many others as well, thinks it’s time to become more aggressive. Communicate directly to ALL other church members. Communicate directly to Org Staff.

    An outside organization of those of us who care must be mustered. We have the LRH Tech of organizations with which to form and operate such an organization.

    The initial goal of the group must me an all-out attack designed to remove the DM Cancer Cell from the official church. The policies on Dissemination apply.

    The second goal must be to salvage the Church, if possible OR start a new one.

    We don’t have another 20 years to “wait and see” what happens.

    Who among us is willing to serve?

  97. Moving Forward

    People can have many different reasons for not ‘being public’. My own is that it would create a bad situation for my child if I were to just open my mouth and get declared without trying to handle some family first.

    I also have an opportunity to talk with a few of my friends and see if I can get them to question some things.

    As Helmut said, it also presents opportunities to speak up and start asking questions. I recently got a call about my ‘freeloader’ debt and was finally able to talk straight about this. I went over the LRH definition of a freeloader with the person and said I’d never known an SO member who was actually a freeloader. I told him that I also felt that FL bills had been being used to keep ex-SO members off the Bridge.

    Those of us ‘on the down low’ aren’t necessarily hiding.

  98. My dad’s wife was a UC auditor. She was one of the most perceptive people I ever met.

    I don’t think I actually saw her more than once or twice but as a direct result of meeting her I got unstuck after no progress for 8 or 9 years.

  99. I think DM is terrified of releasing Super Power, as well as OT 9 and 10. He’s terrified it won’t go so well, and he’ll get the blame. Since he has blown off most of the staff capable of compiling these unreleased materials, his terror is well-founded. Thus, he erects formidable barriers that “have to be done before release of___”

    A giant damn building, still unfinished. (before Super Power)

    All orgs Saint Hill size (before OT 9 and 10)

  100. I can’t answer your questions regarding the Feshbach successes after superpower as I have been offline for the last four years. I do know they opened several missions after that but they are so heavily invested in DMs circle now that it’s hard to measure any true success they have going right now.

  101. Oops, should have been Bill, not Bob.

  102. Re: #4 and 5. As I recall, LRH identified that people who had taken LSD often had trouble with their auditing and going back track.

    In either late 1977 or early 1978, he piloted the “sweat out program” for those that had previously taken LSD. It involved a lot of running to create the sweating in the body to discharge the residual LSD.

    The purif was the answer to speeding that process up and LRH realized probably all PCs could benefit from having toxins, as well as drug residues, flushed from the body.

    But I don’t think the purif was a direct solution to slow or bogged students on KTL.

  103. Ne,

    Loved your post! Love that you are here with us!

  104. Moving Forward

    It’s interesting about the google ads that lead to the Freedom Mag site. The articles and videos on that site, along with the ‘DA’ websites on Marty, Mike et. al., are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Serious glutz PR. That latest video showing the ‘worker’s paradise’ was beyond bad.

    I originally found this site when a very close friend of mine (a Scientologist) asked me if I’d heard of any of this going on because I used to deal in this area (OSA stuff, not being more specific because I’m not ready to ‘out’ myself) and he wanted my take on it. I’ve been entirely out of the loop the last 2 years, so I hadn’t heard anything.

    I’ve never been afraid to look at negative things about Scientology even after I left staff and it was no longer part of my hat, so I looked up Marty and Jeff’s blogs. I checked out the SP Times series. It was altogether shocking, but there were too many people coming forward and saying the same thing to dismiss the allegations against DM.

    Knowing there would be ‘DA’ sites, I checked those out to see the other side of the story. I started reading the Freedom article, but it was so awful that I couldn’t finish it. All of the sites attacking Marty, Mike, Amy, Jeff and the others were frankly unbelievable.

    I had of course heard of Marty while I was in the SO, but I’d never met him and really didn’t know anything other than he had been an IG in RTC. However, I had met Mike Rinder on several occasions and also Amy and it was preposterous to me that they were SPs. I just knew it wasn’t the case.

    I had only ever met DM once, and that was just literally an introduction, so I didn’t have any personal experience with him. I’d never seen him outside events. But I’d had an odd nagging upset with him for some time. This is going to sound stupid and possibly trivial, but it always bothered me that he got up on stage and said to everyone that they finally had a script for Battlefield Earth that was true to the book. I’m a big fan of sci-fi and had always loved BE. Wonderful book. The movie didn’t even resemble it. Not even close. It was just awful. It trashed LRH’s reputation as a fiction author, and yet DM said it was true to the book. I wondered if we’d read the same book. And I knew Scientologists who claimed the movie was ‘great’ because I guess they thought they had to, because it was ‘LRH’. It was crazy to see this.

    Somehow I was able to see this about BE at the time, but I wasn’t able to see it about Scientology. Amazing to me how blind I was. Now I look back at events and am able to see that he did the same thing with LRH’s works on Scientology. I see the GAT for what it is now. I can see that he has perverted LRH’s works at every level.

  105. Dave Adams

    “Theoretically, LRH, having passed away in 1986, could easily be reappearing here soon.”

    In my opinion he did a complete hat write up, and passed it on to us.

    If we need him to be responsible and survive, then his work was a failure.

    I hope he is sipping pina coladas at target 2.

    The way out is the way through, and as ksw says, the path has been well marked.

  106. That was awesome! I especially appreciated the last paragraph. What a gem!

  107. Thanks Marty, that’s precisely what some “ex” don’t understand. Please, never Q&A with this strategy, we follow you on this line.

  108. Great post and eval – Agent 99 & Dylan.

    I would like to add my 2 cents to Joe’s posting-he can correct me anytime as it’s been over 20 years ago. I served LRH in 78 and 79 and one of the subjects he worked on is what is now known as “Superpower”. That name was coined in the 90’s as a more marketable term to describe what LRH called the Humongous rundown, I believe by Sue Koon (Joe’s ex, still at the Int base) who also came up with the “Key to Life” name of that course.

    LRH would often talk after having his meal and having his Kool and herb tea of what he was working on – there were many subjects such as Tech, photography, financial and state of planet earth, films for teaching auditors to audit which covered all the aspects such as sound, lighting, editing etc. It was such a wide spectrum of knowledge that he loved to talk about and teach/discuss.

    There was quite a lot “discovered” at this period such as TR 21/2, working with Joe Howard on the set, NED, revision of the Grade Chart, Dn Clear, NOTs, Solo Nots, Purif, KTL, LOC and much more.

    On the subject of the Humongous rundown LRH, that it could enable planetary clearing to occur. He had earlier at the precursor to the Int Base in La Quinta, Ca. in ’78 gotten in auditors from the Scn world to train up to deliver the rundown. The auditors were placed in one of the properties separate from the main one where films were being shot and where he lived. Through difficulties in training them, LRH did the WOOC (world out of comm) eval which resulted in the KTL and LOC courses. These auditors were the beginning of the the NWC – New World Corps which was in Pac for a number of years charged to deliver the rundown and where the Universe Corps sent to orgs reaching St Hill Size originated from. Not sure what became of these, but one of the “side effects” of Idle Org scene with current Mestology is the elimination of the Universe Corps which was LRH’s idea of enabling deserving staffs to get their OT levels. LRH really cared about staff and SO welfare and wanted them to get up the grade chart.

    It was labelled as the Humongous Rd as it consisted of 12 separate rundowns forming 1 “Humongous” as that was the slang in those days to describe big. His plan was to deliver it to staff first and there were actual sequences of which parts, divisions of the Org it would be applied to first to last. Staffs were supposed to get it first and then released to the public.

    Compilations and piloting didn’t occur until more than 10 years passed – in the 90’s. I know some of the completions of the pilot and these guys did become brighter and went up the org board, perhaps got in trouble because they were “different”. The Fechbachs got theirs for big time donations in the 90’s at the Int Base and Joe spoke in 2006, over a decade later, about it at the St. Pete Times:
    There were no gadgets, devices or machinery during this pilot stage for the rundown which the Feshbachs completed.

    In ’95 I was in a position to get some auditing with a Class 9 auditor who had delivered my OT IV last grade chart action, and I wanted to get my OT V. Executive C/Sing overrode my wishes and innate desires. I received Superpower instead, in it’s pilot rundown version of that time. After reaching almost halfway through, in mid rundown, my auditor failed to come to the room. Upon inquiry she apparently had some crams to do, which extended to several days, at which point was totally busted off of Auditing lines. She was the only Superpower pilot auditor at the Int base and was posted as an AO sup after a while. I was not told anything by any Tech terminals then or since and have been mid-Rd since. Had tons of hours holding the cans, until I left in 2001 by RTC terminals, but only on Sec Checks done FPRD style.

    It is an amazing rundown, which I’ve gotten less than half on, and there are many gains from it which I’ve now gotten used to which seem kinda ordinary now, but realize now and again that it’s kind of unusual.

    In the late 90’s, it was a quite a surprise to hear about the fund raising and eventual ground breaking for Superpower at Clearwater which I attended. I had no idea there were any Superpower auditors or that the pilot was being run at the Int base at all. It seemed to me that DM had a hidden data line to release it to public when no staff of any org had received it.

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen stuff on the web in the FZ labeled Superpower, but it didn’t appear to be the same rundown I got. That’s my 2 cents to Joe’s fine articles and posts.

  109. Very well stated Helmut.
    I have a very valid IMO reason for not announcing myself just yet.
    With several children currently winning bigtime on their co-audits it would be selfish of me to stand up right now and announce my doubt formula. I will wait until they are complete and discuss things with them helping them to attain their own insight.
    In the meantime I voice my dissagreements with the violation of Church policy regarding direct donations and will do my part to wake up the field as someone who is simply considered off-lines at the moment.

  110. Mark A. Baker

    In reference to the tone scale, in SOS, it states:

    [I]”The highest level of the scale contains the faculty of communicating completely and witholding nothing; also the ability to communicate with complete rational selectivity; also the ability to be conversationally creative and constructive.

    At this high level of the scale, the individual is able to listen to everything which is said and evaluate it rationally. He can listen to entheta communications without becoming severely enturbulated. He can receive ideas without making critical or derogatory comments. And, while receiving another person’s ideas, he can greatly aid that person’s thinking and talking.”[/I]

    John 8:32

    Nothing there about “natter”. 🙂

  111. Ne Obliviscaris


    Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” just picked up the # 1 song award on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time award.

    How does it feel?

    ML, Ne

  112. PlainOldThetan

    There’s a couple of things I think I need to add to this thread:

    (1) The independent network (or KSW network, or people-who-are-out network) expands by PERSONAL contact. Not even by posting stuff on the internet. This is the same formula employed by the Dissemination Drill (HCO PL 23 Oct 65). Watch what Synthia Fagen discoverd (, and it is my personal story too. I would not have realized I needed to be OUT without Old Auditor and Fellow Traveler…two guys I met in the late ’80s…and trusted. It was the personal contact that made it possible for me to look. That made it safe for me to look.

    In Synthia’s case, she did that with her husband.

    Once the Contact is made, the other steps of the Dissemination Drill can follow.

    (It must really irk DM that LRH tech can be used for this purpose.)

    (2) I had not realized thet the Universe Corps had been emasculated. This is part of the DM picture, though. If you remove “Saint Hill Sized” as a goal, then you don’t need to have a standing and operational Universe Corps. If there’s no Universe Corps, then those Sea Org members can be put on effort-filled days of phone sales. If “Saint Hill Sized” is no longer a goal, then THERE’S NO METRIC BY WHICH TO MEASURE THE SUCCESS OF AN ORG. All this opens the door to an Idyllic Org program, and results in no further persons up the Bridge.

    Brilliant…just Brilliant.

  113. martyrathbun09

    And it is being evaluated rationally. That’s what we do here. If you can too, fine.

  114. Virgil Samms

    I’m going to have to back up Roberto on this one. You see he doesn’t understand what the problem is.

    Back in September, shortly after Marty first came on line, Roberto jumped into it without hesitation. He announced he was in this game until the very end and would do whatever it took to bring Latin America with him. OSA freaked out because Roberto is high profile in LATAM so they sent their trolls rolled into his town and screwed with Roberto in a big way. He lost his entire family and all of his friends as a result of their viscious third party. No one helped him, he weathered it all alone. He had our prayers and wishes, but he was under attack and all by himself.

    Roberto came out okay. Not the way he wanted, but “anything for the cause”. Roberto is a hero in my book.

    And do you think Marty and Mike live the life? No man, their lives are not fun right now. They have private eyes following them where ever they go. Their phones are tapped, their computers have to have the best firewalls and security. Their garbage is gone through. They could be sued into oblivion for one misstep. And it is all for your freedom.

    So, no, don’t take Roberto or any of the other vets lightly. They paid big time and Roberto doesn’t understand why more don’t step forward. Please show him a little respect. He is a veteran of this campaign and has the battle scars to prove it.

    I am not trying to point out that there is a riff or anything because there is not. I am just simply pointing out Roberto has a bit of a beef and I understand it and telling you why he does.

    ML Tom

  115. martyrathbun09

    Virgil, I understand his and your concerns. I am the first proponent for standing and delivering. I am not coming off of that position either. I am posting what I did to demonstrate there are heavy undercurrents in action – and we are being listened to. I mentioned that some people have accomplished more in the underground than they could otherwise. I know of less than half a dozen in that category. So, if my posting of Agent 99’s material and how I presented came across as a change of position or a dis toward you all, I apologize. It wasn’t intended to be.

  116. Marty – off topic message to you.

    It’s impossible to ignore the majority feeling of distrust and animosity towards you on what you call “the natter boards” and amongst ex-scientologists and non-scientologists alike. It’s also impossible to ignore the pressure you and your family must be under from the Miscavigebots intent on carrying out their orders. You appear to be taking bullets from both sides.

    As someone born in Northern Ireland and whose parents and grandparents have suffered so much in “The Troubles” I should perhaps know better than to say this, but I do wish we could all respect each other’s beliefs and just unite to stop the abuses, diconnection etc.

    Don’t paint all of us with the same brush!

    The fact you are taking bullets from both sides means the rest of my comment is to offer you a virtual hug, a virtual cold drink of your choice and some virtual music and dancing. 🙂

  117. martyrathbun09

    Maggie, if you know much about your fellow country-person Michael Collins perhaps it will give some context. I guess some folks are destined to be shot at from both sides.

  118. Yeah, I know David, he’s a 1.1 for sure, IMHO.

  119. KatS,

    Actually, you’re 100% right in that LRH developed a rundown which he named the Humongous rundown consisting of 12 separate rundowns which he put together to handle various aspects of people’s cases such as misuse of Ethics to begin with, perceptions and so forth. It was named “Superpower” at the Int base much later as a better label for marketing purposes.

  120. Does anyone have a picture of that Super Power mock up the church put out in Scn. news? I’m talking about the big wrap around screen and the implant chair, and the full body spinning device. My 2-d just doesn’t believe me, and I can hardly believe it myself. Anyone know if this stufff really is part of Super Power? It looked really restimulative to me, scary actually.

  121. Quicksilver

    Geez … sorry, Jim

    I almost gave away the hidden date-a line

  122. Penny,

    Tis a beautiful dream and wish it were true. I’m sure many of my old friends share it too and that’s what keeps them hanging on at the Int base, despite being totally beaten down by the abuse, injustice, torture, suppression and eradication of their basic human rights.

    Fully agree with you, Dave.

  123. About two years ago Matt Feshback lost my money with his investments.

  124. Righto. With the decades of build up and anticipation, there is going to be one hell of a let down when it turns out to be just another great rundown and not a one-shot route to OT 15.

  125. Freedom Fighter,

    That would the LRH Class VIII tape entitled: Standard Tech Defined.

  126. From what I remember several issues on Super Power were released to the Orgs in ’78 or so. There were 8 or 10 separate rundowns, maybe more. Before they could be distributed they were recalled, to never be seen again.

  127. Quicksilver


    Yes, I too was excited that the staff would be finally getting some enhancement again – they are a great group at St.Hill.

    Even the guys & gals on the RPF were getting their enhancement time too … I donoed a meter for the RPF, as they only had 1 or 2 at the time, so they could get thru a bit quicker. Nice to see them slogging it down by the lake with smiles on their faces.

    Libs were pretty well mandatory for the rest of the staff which made East Grinstead a happening place on the weekend.

  128. becomingAware

    FN, I’d not heard of Howard Zinn until your post. Thank you for those quotes.

  129. Helmut,

    You said it;

    “Listen, I must be very wrong and not understand something, but am I the only guy who thinks that the Ideal Org Program is a scam and something LRH would never have doen? I mean …..”

    This is exactly what I do.

    After working on an OT committe member friend with this he stated that there is no way to reg the Org public anymore and couldn’t find references to support the actions and that if Managment wants the building the IAS or Manament will have to come up with the difference. He was not challenged, just the opposite agreement was developed among the OTC and even the ED reluctantly agreed.

    I’ll be monitoring the scene as this maybe a game changer.

  130. Helmut,

    I met you wife some time ago, I think we were on the same boat going ashore from the Freewinds.

    She’s a very nice and wise person.

  131. “How does life become totally painful? By total retreat. Total noninspection becomes total pain.
    But existence is basically composed of a very few truths onto which have hung a great many artificialities and which man has adorned with enormous numbers of lies. And man is prisoner of his own shadows.
    Now one of the things you can do with man is to get him to look up and find out that he can look through the shadows and look at the shadows and find out what they are.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  132. Boyd,

    LRH said to me in no uncertain terms that he put the rundown together in order to empower staffs so that planetary clearing can be achieved with the staffs though this rundown. It was and continues to be one of the LRH strategies for the Int Base laid out before he left.

    He did not state that it was designed for public, let alone the Feshbachs who had the highest bid for it at the time. The Int base is not a service org and was made that with the delivery of the rundown to the Feshbachs. That and the “no service” donations, glitzy building with statues, endless incompleteness, city fines, etc. are DM’s additives and bad PR.

  133. Mark A. Baker

    What is your view of those who continue to seek to occlude the actual history of the Co$ through avoidance, evasion, misinformation and continuance of policies of intentional deception?

  134. Bcat,

    Mestology loves to promote mest. The rundown is supposed to increase some of your 52 perceptions. Those gadgets are just R&D of complex mest in order to do some of the drills written up. I’ve seen posts on various other boards dubbing in and joking & degrading stuff as regards implants or tortures as a result of the Scn news article. Not one of these was on the pilot rundown done.

    I had heard that one drill included having 50 different essences or smells to improve one’s olfactory perceptions.

  135. Thanks Dan.

  136. I think your question may be common for someone just now really looking at the actual situation with the CofS.

    Marty has covered this by way of the “track” of this blog. Read the earliest posts he made and listen to/watch the Truth Rundown series from the St. Petersburg Times (see sidebar on this blog.)

    You (and anyone) should be able to understand why an “internal revolution” hasn’t happened. Which is not to say that it could never happen — the truth is reaching people that have never seen it before!

    Thank Marty, Mike, “TPayne” and the other courageous Indies for this happening at all.


  137. Quicksilver

  138. Moving Forward,

    I made some comments on Jeff’s blog under Synthia’s leaving post. It’s about loyalty versus courage.

  139. R&D ? Definition
    Research and discovery ?

  140. IF true, it would be the simplest explanation because it’s the most concise, direct, uncomplicated, factual (uncolored by opinions no matter how interesting) and provable explanation.

    Either it’s a fact, or it’s not. If it’s a fact, then it’s THE ONLY explanation that one needs in order to understand “why” Super Power” isn’t being offered or delivered.

    It can’t be delivered if it doesn’t exist.

    The original writer points out that official delivery of Super Power has not occurred in more than 20 years, and in exploring why this might be so, notes several “outpoints.”

    All very interesting outpoints, all easily observed by anyone who can and will observe, all observations that make lots of sense and are most likely true for most people.

    But when evaluations are undertaken, the “outpoint” most usually MISSED is “omitted datum,” because … well, because it’s ommitted, not there, non-existent, gone, blank, nowhere to be seen — whatever.

    You can easily prove me and my suspicion (that the primary reason Super Power isn’t being offered and delivered is because there is no such thing — it doesn’t exist) wrong by producing evidence which counters that suspicion, such as:

    1) an auditor who is trained and certified on the materials to deliver Super Power; or
    2) a student auditor who is in training to someday deliver Super Power and has actually seen and studied those materials; or
    3) a pc/pre-ot who has been audited on or (however it’s done) done the Super Power program, whether
    3a) within the Church or
    3b) outside Church sanctions in the independent field, or “FreeZone.”

    But the main point of my first post was that if you have to “have” Super Power before you can “do” anything about the problems of your area of the world, then you’re left waiting around in the “must have before can do” state — why wait?

    In my experience, it’s WORK — stepping up to the plate with the tools you have — not MAGIC that gets the job done.

  141. Once,
    Yo, you be good and shit. Tickle, tickle.

  142. Pingback: Top Posts —

  143. Mark,
    My view, though this is gratuitous, is they are poo-faces. Stinky, poo-faces.

  144. Dear Tom…

    Thanks for this.

    This is the last comment I will make in a long time.

    I only want to tell you that I appreciate this comment.

    A lot.

    I hope you can email me so I can explain you in detail some things I want to share with you about this subject.

    Marty has my mail.


    Roberto Sánchez Núñez
    Public Independent

  145. “But as it stands, they can litigate anyone out of existence should their Scientology Service become popular.”

    Foremost I don’t know of a law which differentiates between you supervising one co-audit in your living room and you running a 500 chair delivery center. As far as I understand it, as long as you don’t copy materials outside of “fair use” and you don’t call it Scientology, RTC is powerless no matter how many people you deliver to. And that’s the long and short of it. Do you have different info?

  146. Ok, I get your point about just getting it done with what you have and where you are at vs waiting for something to magically change you into a better person.

    Super Power doesnt turn you into Spiderman or give you lazer beam eyes to melt steel though.

    It’s just a big auditing rundown. It’s name isnt Super Power because it gives you super powers.
    I think it must have been been related in name to the Power Rundown. Sort of like medium size fries or super-size fries.

  147. I can’t vouch for David Mayo, but I was just watching a video from the 80s where he talks about a 20 page writeup LRH sent him with instructions on what he wanted Mayo to do as Sr CS Int after he died. He said LRH told him he would be back in 20-25 years. Again, I cant vouch for Mayo but it was interesting. I would love to see a copy of that writeup.

    25 years would be 2011 I think.

  148. I just wanted to ack what you said.
    I agree, although I dont know an exact course of action. Soon I think I will have to communicate to Scientologists friends and family to try to handle them. This will be tough I think. Until I sort of disappeared I had a good reputation at my org. I’ve though of communicating to the staff, ED and others. I dont know if just sending a doubt formula announcement is the best thing. I think being there and communicating has more impact and if you can maintain ARC it might really impinge. I’m mulling all this over right now.

  149. This is the last comment I will make in a long time

    why would you do that ??

    now it’s me who is asking 🙂

    Love Helmut

  150. I think the first thing I want to do is get moving and do my next step. I feel like I should have done my next bridge step many years ago and I have been led into a maze of incorrect other actions, sec checks, repairs, re-do’s, yada, yada.

  151. I left the CoM “under the radar” about six months ago, along with a family member (the only family member in the CoM). We haven’t made a public announcement yet as we’re in the process of getting a $100K refund, and don’t want to jeopardize that. Once we get the $$$, we plan on adding our names to the Indie 500 list, and publishing our doubt formulas.

    So that’s OUR reason for not speaking up with our real names.

  152. Marty: “And it is being evaluated rationally.”

    What a brilliant — and honest — answer Marty. Thank you!

    I love your blog for exactly this reason — it is a “safe island” in the enturbulation of the Internet. You don’t allow your blog to get mired down by those who love to attack LRH, and I greatly appreciate this blog for that. Thank you, thank you for keeping it that way.

    If/when I want to dig into the details of LRH’s life, I know there are plenty of places online to do so. And I do it at my own pace … and by looking at all sides, considering the particular circumstances, and not forgetting the forest for the trees.

  153. carobbotta: “was not more easy to handle such stuff from inside?”

    The short answer, carobbotta, is that DM has set things up so that if anyone questions his authority or “writes a KR on DM”, that person gets silenced (e.g. sent to the RPF, made powerless, etc.)

    DM is not able to get ethics in on himself, and has made “group justice” impossible; the only option at this point is to expose the truth about DM from the outside.

  154. LOL. That’s true. How about “clearing the staff” first … and THEN maybe we can get to work on those willing and interested in the world.

    Isn’t that exactly what LRH did with the staff in the 60s at the old St. Hill? (Before DM declared 97.5% of them SP.)

  155. Sinar,
    Thank you for that post. It is.

  156. “I’ve never been afraid to look at negative things … so I looked up Marty and Jeff’s blogs. I checked out the SP Times series. It was altogether shocking, but there were too many people coming forward and saying the same thing to dismiss the allegations against DM. ”

    Moving Forward, I had a very similar experience. I was out looking for the “new Scientology ads” that I heard about in an LA Times article, and they mentioned the SP Times article regarding Marty and Mike. Once I saw all the people coming forward, I knew there had to be some truth to this. I had always been a defender of the Church and even Miscavige online, but this degree and commonality of data about DM from so many, just could not be ignored. I left the CoM shortly thereafter and have been following Marty’s blog ever since. I’m also now working on getting a refund.

  157. I’m with Helmut!

  158. Roberto, please don’t go anywhere. You are very very appreciated here and your sacrifice was incredible. Your family will one day understand. I do hope you stay and continue to contribute to this blog.

  159. Good work, Moving Forward. The SO need to hear your doubts so they can countenance having their own.

  160. Maggie: “the majority feeling of distrust and animosity towards you”

    Personally, I don’t believe they make up the “majority” at all. The natterers always make themselves appear to be the “majority” by making shocking statements and emphasizing the unimportant, but the fact is, the true majority approach things much differently.

    If the natterers had their way, the US wouldn’t have a Bill of Rights, because many of the founding fathers (including Thomas Jefferson) owned slaves and therefore we must question their “real motives” and find evil where there is none.

    And Abraham Lincoln. Setaside the good he did. Let’s concentrate on the fact that he supported “indentured servitude” (a mild form of slavery) prior to his death. Doesn’t matter what else he did to abolish slavery. How DARE he support “indentured servitude”!?

    And Jesus. Don’t Christians know that he said: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s foes will be those of his own household.” [Matthew 10:34-36]. Clearly not a person of goodwill, but an evil despot (or so the natterers would have us believe).

    The natterers like to take a couple trees, and then confuse them for the forest. And on those trees, they hang their entire argument, forgetting that the REAL majority of us are more interested in the forest than the trees.

    I for one appreciate Marty, Mike, Amy, Steve, Jim, Haydn, Tom … and all the rest … for seeing the forest (and trees) for what they are, and staying focused on the matter at hand: the corrupt, self-appointed dictator of the CoM.

    Finally, ask yourself: what would the Church be like today if Heber or Yvonne Jentzch — using the same Scientology and LRH policies — had taken the helm in the early 1980s? I’d predict we’d have a far different Church of Scientology today than the one Miscavige has given us.

  161. Feshbach lost his entire fund in the ’08 crash. So much for Super Power. Personally I think it’s a myth.

    Feshbach’s daughter Jessica is Katie Holmes SO minder.

  162. Foremost I don’t know of a law which differentiates between you supervising one co-audit in your living room and you running a 500 chair delivery center. As far as I understand it, as long as you don’t copy materials outside of “fair use” and you don’t call it Scientology, RTC is powerless no matter how many people you deliver to. And that’s the long and short of it. Do you have different info?

    To the best of my understanding if you make copies of copywritten materials for the use of others, and you are charging others for the service these copyrighted materials are used for to provide that service, they are in a legal position to take action.

    I am not making any legal points here at all, but CO$ has successfully shut down commercial Scientology groups previously, esp. in this neck of the woods. I don’t what legal basis they used, but it was done successfully.

    Scientology is a Trademark under sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, but not limited to it, as “Fair Use” also applies to copyright Law.

    The following reference should shine some light on it:

    In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

    1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
    2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
    3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
    4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

  163. <3, Marty. Did you ever read any of those books about him we talked about?

  164. carabotta,
    The simple answer is when you are on a post and you attempt to do something you are in fact an individual. You’ve listened to RJ67, a single OT can’t make it. It takes a well trained/audited and experienced determined group of capable beings.

    How can one get that in the present scene within the scene? You can’t talk to someone and organize as that’s ‘mutiny’. You can’t write KRs, or get them written on the real outpoints as that’s a ‘power push’ (see my article on Scn Cult for the actual LRH meaning for this). On it goes.

    The original set up to maintain checks and balances is unfortunately in a shambles today.

    In order to handle the scene, when this current one is under control and resolved, there will have to be a sort out of this exact question you’ve proposed: How does one, within, deal with a corrupt top of the org board and not get shot doing it?

    LRH has suggested in several places (one removed by DM from the PDC tapes), that a being will just have to get ‘radical’. What does it take? You are witnessing it. Hopefully you’ll learn as much as we are while it’s occurring and a proper Eval will establish or re-establish group policy to detect and/or prevent this from happening in the future.

  165. Jim,

    “good” isn’t in my vocabulary. Well, it used to be, but I found it in the refrigerator covered with mold so I threw it out.

    However, since I live uphill, “shit” used to get a lot of use. Unfortunately, smell is non-directional, and I’ve given up rolling that stuff downhill because it just stinks up the place. Instead, I planted lilac, honeysuckle, roses and the like. Now, when I wake up with the windows open, I just take a deep breath and smile.

  166. Jim,


    “Stinky, poo-faces?”

    Bro, you’re going to get kicked out of Nova Scotia using language like that.

  167. Moving Forward

    Thanks for this, LO. I read elsewhere that DM got involved in the making of the movie (which I totally can believe), and so am guessing that the ‘notes’ mentioned came from him.

  168. Moving Forward

    It really was the numbers of people speaking up that did it. I’ve read a few accounts here and there which I previously dismissed as people making stuff up or exaggerating things.

    I remember reading Astra Woodcraft’s story in the news some years ago. I knew that some of the things she was saying were true (like the coerced abortions, this is something I dealt with personally and always had a major objection to), but I thought she was exaggerating about how hard it had been to leave. I knew some people had had overly long leaving cycles, but I’d never been on those lines and didn’t know what went down. I was in PAC most of the time and it wasn’t anything like Int or even what ILO became (I was at ILO for a while when it was FCB). I honestly had thought Int was some idyllic place. I was completely floored to find out that it was the 9th circle of hell.

  169. Moving Forward

    OnceUponaTime, I’ll check it out. I have to say that I’m not personally afraid of speaking out. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit outspoken about things I care about. I am, however, fiercely protective of my child and if I need to wait a short time for her sake, then I will.

    My announcement probably won’t make any waves in any case. I’m not an on-lines OT public who is an OL or anything. I’m an ex-SO ‘freeloader’ and so am probably already considered disaffected by many just because of that.

  170. Freedom Fighter

    Thanks, Haydn!

  171. “To the best of my understanding if you make copies of copywritten materials for the use of others, and you are charging others for the service these copyrighted materials are used for to provide that service, they are in a legal position to take action.”

    Yeah I understand, but if you charge whatever you want for training auditors in a large courseroom using the coursepacks, which you bought from the church, you’re still good to go as far as I know. Definitely the first amendment protects that.

    And by the law, there’s no difference between a co-audit in your living room and supervising a 500 man co-audit in a building as far as I know but I don’t have certainty.

    I’m not advocating drastically undercutting the church with the motivation of attracting their parishioners with cheap prices as I think if nothing else, PR-wise that would repel some who’d see it as a leeching activity when that’s not the point at all. The whole point would be to follow LRH policy and return to the usual on more than just pricing. DM has squirreled pricing policy by LRH and that’s covered on this blog.

    I think a pricing solution would be to charge what you believe the church should be charging based on LRH’s blue collar monthly wage datum, covered on the blog. And afterall, I wouldn’t want an org staff to have to moonlight either, I’d be realistic. We have to be able to succeed and set an example that church orgs can follow.

    Keep in mind within the finance series is a policy on accepting large humanitarian donations from people who haven’t specified it for a particular service, they simply want to help the org instead of keeping it in their bank account, and how you handle that. That policy should help a new org get up and running. I’ll see if I can find it.

    But a drop in prices per LRH policy is called for.

  172. I’d love to see that radical quote if you have it Jim, never heard of it but sounds interesting.

  173. Probably my first week in the Sea Org, at the Flag Land Base, like Dec 1975, we used to get shuttle bused to the closest laundromat to do our Saturday morning laundry.

    Including this Sat morning David Light. We missed the shuttle bus back to the Fort Harrison, I saw him miss it and I said, “We might as well walk back.” And I expected he would agree and walk back to the FH.

    He said instead, “Watch this!” And he flagged down a car, driving towards the Fort Harrison, and he talked the driver into giving us a ride.

    It was the very first car to even drive our way.

    I think he must have gotten a kick mentally out of doing this to people. Completely overpowering their own decision making.

  174. WH and Chairman,
    Correct. I actually ran the mission that built the first sauna. It was based on an LRH despatch. We named the mission “Project Speed Up Sweatout.” As I recall, the despatch started off with “I think I have figured out a way to speed up the sweatout program.” So the project built a sauna across from what was then the laundry room in the Fort Harrison. KTL was not yet being piloted at the level of FSO just yet. That came a year or two later.
    John McGinley was one of the first (he was LRH Pers Comm at the time, I believe-or in that office). He had grown up in Montana and lived in a house that was built of bricks from nuclear testing sites. Boy, did he turn red! Ah, memories………
    ml, Linda

  175. Margaret,

    I suggest you don’t “cherry pick” my comment to suit your own reply, for whatever reason that may be!

    RE-READ my original comment!

    With regard to the remainder or your reply – you do indeed seem to have a penchant for “cherry picking”.

  176. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Thanks for this comment in response to Roberto’s. Very nicely done.

    I for one would rather see more comm from Roberto rather than less. Either via Virgil or from Roberto directly. I find I have a lot of ARC for Roberto and would rather not have the comm line cut or reduced.

    Thank you for sharing with us Roberto. I hope to hear more from you. You sound like such a cool, “over the ramparts” type of thetan.

    I’m sitting her imagining what type of over the ramparts mess you might have gotten into (and remembering my own). See – remember the law of the omitted data – we will dream up crazy stuff here if you leave a vacuum! Ha! So hang with us and keep us in your life.


  177. Margaret,

    My original reply to you appears to have disappeared. I’m off to rehearsals now but the essence was this:

    I suggest you RE-READ my original comment. Please don’t cherry pick to suit your own reply for whatever reason that may be!

    As for the rest of your reply – you do indeed appear to have a penchant for “cherry picking”!

  178. Another Layer

    Great quote. Thanks, CD.

  179. Theo Sismanides

    Sinar, thanks a lot for this data. It’s good to know all those details. Sorry you were left mid the RD. The whole planet though ain’t gonna get THAT one as LRH put it there.

    Interesting what you are saying about no gadgets or other devices being there.

    This has made me curious to hear about some weird gadgets and stuff at the Super Power building.

    LRH had accumulated know how and he could just use it to the benefit of beings. It’s very englightening the way you picture him with his briefings/teachings/discussions. So much power in knowing how to know.

  180. Theo Sismanides

    yea, Jim, give us the “radical” quote. THis is very interesting.

  181. “I honestly had thought Int was some idyllic place.”

    Exactly, that was the image I had while on staff, and also 20 yrs later amongst my Scientology public friends. DM was the “calm collected one” who was keeping things orderly and stable.

    Boy were we wrong. When I started hearing about the SP Hall, and the treatment of SO members at Int, it suddenly made sense why things were so f***’ed up and irrational at the mid-level and lower SO orgs.

    The insanity and cruelty is coming from the top.

  182. Maggie: “I suggest you don’t “cherry pick” my comment to suit your own reply”

    Hi Maggie, I liked your overall reply. It was very nice.

    But I wasn’t commenting on the overall reply, I was commenting on that one line which seemed to assume that there was a “majority opinion” on something. And I disagreed with that.

    But I didn’t mean any offense to you, and because your overall reply was a good one, I probably should have kept the comment to myself.

  183. My fellow brothers and sisters, I love you all very much.

    Thank you for having and contributing to this compilation with your hopes, dreams, and LOGICAL evaluations of scenes.

    Lets continue to make ourselves stronger by increasing our Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control of our environment!

    Lets get more people to apply evaluation tech!

    Lets continue to make sure that we have the correct technology!


    WE WILL WIN!!!


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