Linda McCarthy – declaration of independence


Linda McCarthy. Talk about the power of truth. You gotta read the whole thing.

May 10, 2010
Doubt Formula:

1. Inform oneself honestly of the actual intentions and activities
of that group, project or org, brushing aside all bias and rumor.

The intentions and activities of the group of people that are
running the C of S are to follow the orders of a person who elected
himself to be the Chairman of the Board of the C of S – namely
David Miscavige. They, as a result have created a hierarchy that
dictates off Source activities (all inclusive of ethics, tech and
admin) and have thus have caused a contraction of Scientology.
While it is understood that the people under Miscavige didn’t start
out with this intention, nor with those activities, stats prove
that they are now fully engaged and are part and parcel to the
problem. At the top of this “management” is David Miscavige.

To wit:

High prices from Mission to CL V Org, to AOSHs, AOs, FSO and
  -Introductory services are cheap (this is about the only service
that is affordable) After that, the prices for training and
auditing become exorbitant and out of reach for your average every
day citizen. If one does make it to the top of the Bridge, prices
at the FSO will bankrupt your non-wealthy public person. There are
a number of public who “sent their (OT VII) materials back” due to
not being able to afford the “6-month refresher”. I don’t have the
actual number, but do know of specifics. Point being, the masses
cannot afford Scientology at any echelon. The intention is to make
it difficult for the masses to acquire Scientology. Probably to
weed out the “less able” as defined by the arrogant upper crust.
The prices bar broad participation in Scientology.
Hammering the public for donations to IAS, ASI, Superpower
Building, Book Campaigns, and Ideal Org Buildings.
  -These 5 mentioned are the 5 off the top of my head. The IAS was
formed as the Church was in peril. That was apparently handled with
the IRS threat put to rest in 1993 (17 years ago). Hundreds of
millions of dollars have been raised, and more continues to be
regged on a daily basis to handle never-ending imminent disasters.
The disasters being communicated about actually create a dangerous
environment for Scientologists. Countless events are held at local
mission and org level (or at people’s houses or businesses) to
raise money needed to stomp out psychiatry, to save France, or to
save Germany, or, or, or.  Hundreds of millions. But psychiatry is
alive and well and has visibly accomplished many of their targets
(get your hands on the booklet Brainwashing and you’ll see). They
have effectively infiltrated the fabric of the U.S. A nearly
obscene amount of money has been raised to handle the anti-Scn
activities in Europe, but these still rage today. The PR of
Scientology in the U.S. is horrible, despite millions upon millions
being raised to improve public opinion and awareness through ad
campaigns and booklets: VM booklets, drug booklets TWTH, CCHR
booklets etc. A tremendous amount of money is extorted from public
Scientologists to fund tv commercials that somehow are never seen.
Ideal Org Building fundraising is at the forefront of the marching
orders to Cl V orgs. The finding and purchasing of Ideal Org
Buildings is the antithesis of LRH intention as fully summarily
covered in HCO PL 23 Sept 70 Quarters,Policy Regarding,Historical
(in OEC Vol VII). Despite this, orgs are being hammered to 1. find
a building (and it must be 40,000 square feet minimum to be
considered), and 2. fundraise so it can be purchased.. This calls
for c-o-n-t-i-n-u-a-l events so the millions can be raised. These
events MUST be held on a repeating basis. When public go to the
FSO, they earmark how much money they are going to donate while
they are there – because they are not going to make it out of there
without donating. I know of a lady kept up until 4 am until she
agreed to turn over 50,000 in donation to the IAS (and broke the
agreement with her husband to consult him before dishing out
money). She was distraught, as she is not a wealthy woman, is in
her late 50s and does not have any kind of nest egg. The 50,000 was
from a house sale that was for seeing her through OT VII. She was
at the FSO to “bring SOLO NOTS home, and she left without her
materials even though she passed all the requirements. She was, in
effect, shoved right off the bridge.  The intention is to distract
the orgs from delivery, to get every thin dime from the public, and
to use the acquisition of these buildings to prove that Scientology
is booming when it’s not. Superpower – Superpower has been ready
for release for over a decade (maybe 2?). The intention is to
stockpile money and stop the release of Superpower.
Book Campaigns are constantly regged for. Since I have been out of
the S.O, I have more calls to purchase books (new releases as well
as donations for libraries) than I have for getting my F/L debt
paid off or for getting back on the Bridge. After I routed out, I
got a call from the I&R CLO and an FSC reg, who had a well-laid
plan to get thousands of dollars in credit with 0% interest so I
could get 4 full sets of Basics (books and lectures). This totaled
12,000.00.00 and it included about 30,000.00 for my F/L debt. I
fell for it and did it. The Basics materials are in my garage and
my credit cards are maxed and my credit ruined. I earnestly tried
to get the basics sold, but the field is inundated with these
materials with numerous public also storing them in the garage. My
bad, and I’m paying the price. While in charge of a Cl V org, there
were repeated visits from (Bridge Publications and GOLD) projects
who were fund raising for book campaigns and bright ideas – all
with a guarantee that the campaign would “handle the city” or
“drive public in on the org”.  The intention is to amass vast
quantities of money with no exchange to “fund” off-source bright
ideas that are a distraction of org production.
Blocking flows of public up the Bridge.
  -This is covered above with the high prices and by distracting
them with donate, donate, donate, but also by directing OT
Ambassadors to reach into their field and send them to FSO for
Objectives and Grades. Objectives and Grades are done at mission
and Cl V org level and they should be directed to flood their own
org with public, not send them elsewhere. With the release of the
basic books and lectures, the runway to becoming an auditor has
lengthened just that much, as they are now prerequisites. The
intention is to empty out the Cl V orgs, and if they don’t empty
out, then inhibit them from making auditors..
Altering tech and policy.
  -I was most recently posted at the Cl V org level (garrison
mission out of CLO WUS).
The outpoints in the running of the mission itself and the managing
of the org were wild and various. The biggest and most destructive
3 were 1. no evaluation. An evaluation was asked for repeatedly and
management was provided with HUNDREDS of pages of data. No joy, so
sent the package to ED INT. He responded quite thoughtfully and
helpfully, and I executed his direction. But the org needed an eval
and nothing relayed to every echelon resulted in getting the org
evaluated ( 6 YEARS), but instead 2. constant orders to find a new
building. The city was scouted and nothing could be found that was
either big enough nor affordable.  Two real estate agents burned
out. The main guy in charge of this from the CLO came to the org to
help on at least 5 occasions, and didn’t find anything either. That
notwithstanding, repeated events were ordered to be held to
fundraise the money for a new building. In 5 years, about $190,000
for a new building was raised. The public did not like the entire
concept and wouldn’t donate. Out of that paltry amount of money
(which the public faithfully donated to get a new building) an
order came down to spend over 8,000.00 of it for a Congress
Lectures display that would boom the org.  3. is the “direction” to
put on events. These are New Years, LRH Birthday, May 9th, Summer
of events (MV Anniversary – which are all 4 weekends of July,
Auditor’s Day, IAS Anniversary. Usually a large event is expected
for a viewing of the CC Int Gala which is in, I believe Sept.  The
push and comm. on this is relentless and HUGE “because  each event
is like no other”. The hype that this is the solution to expansion
that you are looking for is communicated in a new unit of time with
each event. Each event will literally (a very commonly used adverb)
change the public involvement and will boom your org. What changed
in 2005 or 6, is that no events can be held in your org (unless you
were in an Ideal org building). It has to be at an outside venue
AND the venue would get approved only if it was very upstat (you
have to send pictures) and only if the room held 3X your highest
ever event attendance. This is a waste time and of money. The
entire staff have to be run on event call in and org funds have to
be spent on these venues.  Because this particular org was somewhat
nearby the PAC Base, we were frequently ordered to attend the live
event in PAC – which the public hated, and the attendance was
horrible – but our measly 40 or so public that did go filled a few
more seats at the live (filmed) event. One time I deliberately
cross-ordered having the event in an outside venue and I was
investigated by the org’s DSA and told I couldn’t emcee the event
because I was out-ethics.
Another management squirrel operating basis is to operate on
“Patterns”. For instance, Buffalo org was purchased, and made into
an Ideal Org. There were sequences to pulling that off. So this
becomes a pattern.  So there are telexes and directions for you to
do in your org that copy the “Buffalo Pattern” (for instance).  Or
in one org, someone got lucky and told the Lead (public) VM that he
was now the Volunteer Minister I/C (a staff post), and that person
agreed. So that becomes the solution in every org: just walk up to
your Field VM IC and tell him/her that he/she is now on staff.
Useless.  The other mismanagement was the relentless demand that
you get 20 recruits (in one week) and send them all to FSO for
training as supervisors and auditors. If it wasn’t in your BP, then
it got added by your Programs Chief with a face-rip on not having
included it. The Snr C/S of the org was pounded for compliance to
this order as well by her senior – the Snr C/S of the Cont..
There are daily calls from Bridge to make your GBS quota – pushing
mainly the selling of Congresses and Basics. An org had to purchase
an $8,000.00 interactive display from Gold when the Congresses were
released. The payment for this was okay’d to be fundraised, and
when that didn’t pan out, it was okay’d to come from the money
setaside for the purchase of the new Ideal Org Building. $8,000.00
down the drain.
These are the key points that were utter distractions to running
the org or getting in public to sell and deliver to (Reason for
Orgs). The intention is to eradicate standard management as covered
by LRH is Management CBOs (Central Bureaux Orders).
“Highest Ever” statistics have been re-defined so they are NOT
highest ever – they are highest ever for the year. So when highest
ever is mentioned at an event, it’s not the truth.
It’s a major outpoint that Objectives and Grades are being
delivered in so few hours at the FSO. If GAT auditors are perfect
everywhere, then what is different about the tech at the FSO?
Also, not just altering, but removing: HCO PL “Policy on Sec EDs
and Hats” (try 2 or 3 OEC Vol Os ago) and where is HCO PL
“Planetary Dissemination”? These LRH issues have been removed from
recent re-issues of the OEC volumes. Other notable alterations have
been noted by others and are verifiable by comparing earlier tapes
with current CDs.
The Comm Course which boomed Scientology in the 70s is gone.
The Primary Rundown is gone and LRH says it is a vital prerequisite
to major training (ref Tech Vol X pg 84-87) HCO B 4 April 1972R
PRIMARY RUNDOWN (REVISED): “It is up to the Course Supervisor to
hold this line in. His students will not prosper if their study is
begun without a Primary Rundown.  It is a high crime to omit this
vital step.”.
And 10 years after LRH is gone, there is a new definition for what
an F/N is: 3 swings of the needle.
The Intention is to just spin everyone, and once they’re spinning,
jam in a bunch of arbitraries so they stick (anyone who’s run FPRD
knows how’s how this works.)

Misapplying ethics and justice:
  -The brutality mentioned in numerous and various sites describes
this fully. For me (as a Cl V org garrison mission ED), I couldn’t
get a supervisor comm. ev’d who was (by public interrog) guilty of
gross, gross, gross out tech, who had tried (in the courseroom) to
interest a public in a product he was selling on his moonlight job,
but I was comm. ev’d at the end of my Garrison Mission for being
disaffected.  This violates an LRH handling for “returning vets” to
do a returning vets program which gets them cleaned up and put on
post back in management. I was not ethics’d when things were going
to shit, but was ethics’d when the person I had recruited to
replace me finally arrived. With the org not expanding and
struggling, a mission was sent by the CLO to RB “why the golden age
of tech is not going in”.
It’s also noted that an S.O. member who was I/C of an IAS Branch
Office was reported on by me to be abusive to staff – both mentally
and physically and got physical with his own wife – to a point the
wife and one of the staffers were suicidal “Sorry Upstat”  was the
reply. The intention is to create robots who comply to the beat of
the chief drummer.
Mismanaging and no-managing orgs
  — see above
Misappropriating funds
  –See above examples of how a Cl V org is directed. I have no
doubts that IAS and Superpower money has been misappropriated
simply by being very familiar with the amount of money raised
compared to the “no product.” Again, the intention is to amass huge
quantities of monies to be spent at the whim of the powers elite.

2. Examine the statistics of the individual, group, project or org.

Cl V org stats are declining over a very long period of time – like
20 years.
The Ideal Orgs that have been made are NOT full of public. Staff
are gotten from different cities and different orgs to man up the
newest Ideal Org. Geographical musical chairs.
Psychiatry is succeeding.
Education is abysmal.
There is no one on superpower. The building isn’t done.
Numerous OT VIIIs have left the church.
Former RTC and senior execs have left the church. Old-timers or
someone with a physical condition are simply offloaded.
Huge sums of money (mainly for IAS) are accumulating.
People leaving the S.O., or dismissed from the S.O. are at an all
time high.
The PR of Scientology is abysmal in the public mind
The “Golden Age of Tech” touts that the tech will be perfect
everywhere, but orgs are being instructed (via OT Ambassadors) to
send their field to Flag. I suppose where “real tech” can be
Releases, Clears and Auditors are on a 20 years decline.
Obscene amounts of money have been spent on buildings and quarters
for RTC and Miscavige.

3. Decide on the basis of “the greatest good for the greatest
number of dynamics” whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or
suppressed or helped.

I would like to help it, but that door is closed due to the
Chairman of the Board. So the current management (and more
specifically the instigator: David Miscavage) has to be attacked.

4. Evaluate oneself or one’s own group, project or org as to
intentions and objectives.

The intentions and objectives of my own group are to deliver
Scientology is a safe environment with on-Source application of
tech and policy to the result of the person moving up the Bridge
with such rave results, he gets everyone he knows to “come get it
too.” This describes a field group, mission, Cl V org as it was
back in the 70s – when LRH was on the line and org staff ran their
orgs with minimal management interference.
Further, it is to be part of a 3D that operates on-Source so a true
3rd dynamic can be realized and we can get on with clearing the
planet without distractions (that are brought about by aberrated,
out-ethics, off-Source behavior by those in charge). Our eternity
depends on this. The objective is an On-Source Scientology where
ethics, tech and admin   (includes management tech) are applied by
the book – so that the benefits of Scientology can be realized on
this earth.

5. Evaluate one’s own or one’s group, project or org’s statistics.

Non-e for me personally. And I don’t specifically know the
statistics of the group I have decided to join. We are “in the Div
6 Phase” at this point wherein new adherents are being invited to
join the group of Independent Scientologists – this stat appears
very much to be on the increase. Just the blog where one learns and
decides has over 1 million hits. So it is growing – ie upstat.

6. Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward
the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce
the fact publicly to both sides.

I hereby join the group of Independent Scientologists. And to make
it crystal clear: It is a group of people that ARE Scientologists,
who abide by tech and policy and won’t tolerate off-Source
activities. I am joining the group that recognizes that David
Miscavige is wrecking the C of S and thus is the group that is
eager to right the wrongs and get Scientology back on the rails.

NB. Here are the bullet points of why Miscavige has to step down/be
•    Sabotage of CL V orgs by: eradicating on-Source Management.
•    Getting rid of/removing those who know Management Tech
•    Ordering CL V org OT Committees to send org public to FSO for
Objs & Grades
•    Commanding back-to-back international events that feature him and
how He is saving and/or expanding Scientology
•    Commanding continual events that drain the pockets of on-line
public for: new 40,000 sf buildings, superpower building, book
campaigns, IAS disasters
•    Not releasing superpower
•    Waste/extravagance with parishioner donations, and monies sent to
Int by CL V orgs and missions, and god knows who else.
•    Depriving CL V Org staff adequate pay through a “finance  system”
that chokes them.
•    Being privy to, enforcing or suggesting abortions
•    Hijacking the heart and soul of Scientology by: dissing LRH tech
by redefining training and enforcing a “Golden Age” (of tech);
creating ethics arbitraries where parishioners cannot express their
feelings or opinions
•    Reinstituting disconnection and ripping apart friends and family
thus creating horrific ARC Xs and PR for Scientology – MAKING
enemies for Scn.
•    Setting himself up as Source by defining what an F/N is; by
deleting data from tapes, books, technical bulletins and policies.
•    Redefining HIGHEST EVER without informing the public so highest
ever if for the year, not for ever. When relayed at int events, the
public are then made to believe in the “expansion”.
•    Ruining the movie Battlefield Earth.
•    Degrading capable Int Execs by: declaring them SP; locking them
down and physically and mentally abusing them until they toe his
•    Creating a hidden data line
•    Squirreling Ethics
•    Squirreling Tech
•    Squirreling admin – including Management Tech
•    Joking and Degrading
•    Revealing details of confessions protected by priest/penitent
•    Monopolizing the LRH biographer’s time, thus sabotaging the
anticipated publication of the LRH biography.
•    Not delivering the broadly announced Scientology dictionary
•    And he hit Heber……

So after all is said and done, examined, digested and confronted, I
hereby declare my self an Independent Scientologist. I am not
resigning from “the Church”.  “Resigning” has too many distasteful
connotations. Being an Independent Scientologist does not. It
provides the freedom of thought and movement that is at the core of


In 1972, someone asked if I wanted to do a Communications Course.
In we walked, and I sat down for an OT TRO and went exterior after
an hour or so. Then 2 hour blinkless TR O. I was IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then HQS (the big flap was running out of chairs). Then PRD and I
was asked if I was interested in working there. My verbatim
response was: “I could work here?!!!!” And so I did for nearly 3
years. My idea was that as soon as everyone (I was thinking only of
United States at that time) even heard of Scientology, we’d have
totally 100% made it – simply because Scientology was so logical
and true, that as soon as anyone heard of it – well, they’d do it.
Staff was the joy of joys. I ended up as the Dissemination
Secretary. I built it to an 18 man Dissemination Division. Going to
post everyday was like doing what you wanted to do. There were 5
FEBCs heading the org that were all trained on the Apollo under LRH
– with L-10 under their belts.  Sweet.  The CLO even sent an
observation mission to find out how we were doing it. We had a look-
alike contest to see who looked the most like our Programs Chief.
It was just fun and games and we were booming with 80 students in
the Academy at one time doing nothing but Student Hat/PRD, Acad
levels 0-IV and HSDC. The internship was full. We had a build a
second HGC because the HGC hit over 600 hours (pre-purif – because
it didn’t exist at that time). LRH policy says that when your hours
hit 600, you need a second HGC – so we built one. There were 2 Cl
VIIIs with 2 more I/T at ASHO. A couple of the staff went to AO and
did through OT III.
    Then someone asked if I would join the Sea Org. Of course!! What
else would one do?
At first, it was just a hoot. It’s 1976 and so much of what was
still alive was LRH. He had a fleet of vans that were purchased for
the sole purpose of taking the staff to the beach or the local CW
malls to shop on their days off. You didn’t CSW for your liberty
(every second Sat if your stats were up). You just told your senior
the “tomorrow is my libs day, so I won’t be in”.  “Okay” would be
the reply. 3 week leave were a little tougher, but in my first 5
years in the S.O,
I ran a mission to acquire additional berthing for the staff and
nursery because there were a lot more staff and there was a bit of
a baby boom happening. I supervised outer org and was very highly
commended by LRH 3 times (a very highly commended cleans your
ethics file and you get a campaign bar for it)
And over the years, the freedoms, granting of beingness, the right
to originate, the liberties, the staff “perks” began to erode. The
pay, the food, the time off, the freedom to create your post – bit
by bit, these things eroded/  It just stopped being fun.
Fast forward 30 years or so. Libs are a nightmare to get. 3 week
leaves are almost unheard of. There are 10-16 people per dorm.
Musters are 3 Xs per day and are ordinarily entheta. Staff are
micro-managed.  There are no babies and women who become pregnant
either abort or are offloaded (the idea to send them to CL V orgs
for 6 years is no more – they are offloaded with a freeloader
debt). My own son was staff for 13 years and is a Purif completion.
He’s out along with his wife. They now have 2 young beautiful and
vibrant children. But, I’ve declared my independence. She or he
have alerted all my friends on Facebook that I have resigned. I
love my son with every fiber of my being, but he’s disconnected
from me and is hard at work severing all my “still in” friends. The
day after this happened, my in-box was full of “Linda, is this
Let the games begin.  Truth, in the end will prevail, and it will
all be set right. This chapter will close, and Book II will begin
with Scientology re-instated as it was meant to be.

      Linda McCarthy
      39 year Scientologist (3 years CL V org, 32 S.O.)
      OT V, HPCSC, Level II auditor

263 responses to “Linda McCarthy – declaration of independence

  1. Chris Black

    Welcome home, Linda, welcome home.

    Chris Black
    Class VIII C/S, OT VII

  2. Hey Linda,

    How are you? 412-260-1170, I live in Pittsburgh, and would love to see you write a book!

    You’d be one of my picks, were I to have to man up Exec Strata.

    Nice to hear from you after all these years!

    I was your junior, Asst Flag Bu Exec College Course Sup, under Al Baker and you, and for a time when Greg Wilhere was busted to be the Aide in the FB over the admin training that then became the Int Training Org.

    Yea, what ever happened to all that supposed ethics protection.

    Jesus Linda! You definitely have to write a hell of a lot more.

    If the Sea Org were ever to be salvaged, YOU definitely would be part of that team to do so.

    Also Tom Martiniano, sheesh!

    You guys are coming out of the woodworks!

    Good for you, THANKs for opening up and voicing some history and sense into things!

    Chuck Beatty
    ex FBEC Course Sup, 1977-1979, then I went on as you know.

    412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me after 9pm east coast time)

  3. I really admire your dedication and service to Scientology. Your doubt writeup is fantastic. I’m sorry about your son, but this is only a temporary situation. These blind church-bots don’t get that they can’t break a relationship that goes back the track. Besides, in the near future all so-called “declared suppressives” will be un-declared when true ethics and justice goes into the church. Well done for joining the group that will be putting the ethics in.

  4. Virgil Samms

    There you go! There’s my other half! Don’t get fooled by how cute she is – she’s a sleeper folks. One tough cookie. After all – she can keep me in line!

    So there you go. We are both out. The dynamic duo! Watch out now.

    ML Tom

  5. Go Linda!

    We are happy to see your Doubt Formula!
    Welcome to the amazing world of independent Scientology where you can ask any question you want and you can expect to get answers.

    If there is anything I can do to assist you through your transition to life outside the church, please let me know. I created a website for the purpose of assisting new arrivals to acclimate themselves to life outside the walls of the church. The topics are tagged by level of confront required to assimilate them.

    Welcome to your new life!

    David St Lawrence
    Old Auditor

  6. Congratulations!!!! welcome to the indies.
    Your doubt condition say it all.
    One more is out and counting…….

  7. Jack Airey


    While I was reading your KR my eyeballs were exploding. Outpoint after outpoint after outpoint.

    Welcome to your new group. If Tom wears BIG BOOTS and you wear BIG BOOTS…..I have to believe you two can kick some ass.

    LOL; Jack

  8. Freedom Fighter

    Great Doubt Formula, Linda. I love it!

    Declaration of Independence – yes, resignation – hell no!! This is our Church, dammit! Kick the bad hats out and take back/re-instate what LRH left us, I say!

    I know a lot of people here are soured on the idea of the Church ever being resurrected and others, still, doubt whether or not it ever could be — and rightfully so. Heck, I have my own doubts about whether or not the Church could or should be salvaged, but the idea of resigning leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Why the hell should I be the one to leave? DM and his loyal supporters who won’t reform when given the chance need to go — not us!

    Withdraw support from an oppressive, squirrel regime — absolutely! Do everything in one’s power to expose the crimes, awaken the sheeple, and bring the perps to justice — definitely! As you say:

    Truth, in the end will prevail, and it will all be set right. This chapter will close, and Book II will begin with Scientology re-instated as it was meant to be.

  9. AlexMetheny

    My jaw just fell and hit the floor!!

    Talk about right indications!! LFBD–floating TA..


  10. It’s absolutely great to see you again Linda!

    Tom is right — I too remember you as one tough cookie and a phenomenal management terminal to boot, but with a smile, you were always smiling or laughing, I remember that too.

    Having read your post I’m smiling right back at ya!

  11. Phenomenal write-up Linda. Welcome Dynamic Duo!!!!!
    We are strong in Purpose, Policy, Knowledge, Experience and Independence — and we will win — as only truth prevails.
    I have chills knowing the two of you are aboard!!!!
    Love, Shannon

  12. Linda,

    Thannkyou for a fabulous “coming out.” Specifics like this, detailed without hype are clearly the truth and make it easier for others to see beyond the Miscavige smokescreen of lies that he is “saving Scientology” and “doing what LRH wanted.”

    Sorry to hear about Travis. But that will change. As more and more stand up to be counted in the growing ranks of real Scientologists, the control mechanisms of Miscavige and his castle of sand will be washed away and families will be reunited and Scientology will be restored once again to an activity that brings joy and happiness rather than pressure and financial distress.

    Hope to see you and Tom in the near future.

    Thanks for stepping up to the plate despite the personal cost to you. But I do know that the price is worth paying as it won’t be for long and there is nothing more important than recovering the subject of Scientology from the clutches of hell.


  13. Linda,
    What an amazing, detailed and thorough write-up. I’m so happy to have you on our team. I routed out of the Sea Org with your son and his wife. I’m sorry to hear that he has disconnected. As I said to my mother when she was disconnecting from me… “this to shall come to pass”. The truth prevails and you are a very strong and courageous person.
    All my love and respect,

  14. はいどら

    The last bit you wrote about your son disconnecting with you–you are taking it like an OT. Very well done! 🙂

  15. Wow, Wow, Wow, WOW!!

    The independent field of Scientology just keeps on booming.

    I sincerely believe if this planet is to be cleared, it will be because of the independent field. It surely will not get cleared by missapplication of tech in the “church of”.

    Linda, you are so welcomed, and so needed. I can assure you, no dedicated independent Scientologist will ever insist you get anything but 100% LRH tech across the board.

    You are free from the world of Mestsavage’s squirrely whirly implant station.

    Fantastic formula! So honest, sincere and complete.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  16. Linda,

    As I was reading your doubt formula it struck me that “going public” with it was your “effective blow despite personal danger.”
    I welcome you to this group, perhaps one of the first truly “OT groups” on a self-determined basis. Working on a co-operative basis we can apply creative intelligence to change conditions in this world for the better…….sometimes it just takes a while for the physical universe to catch up. Oh, and we don’t even need any shiny bright MEST to do so. Imagine that!


  17. What a great write up! It covers it all so well!

    I know Travis and I am sure he’ll get back in comm with you. I think Anne is worried about her extensive connections or has MUs to be that quick on hitting the disconnect button. Truth in the end will prevail as you say.

  18. Here’s a thought I’ve had for @ 15 years or so. I’ve never told anybody or pondered it too much. It’s just something that popped up one day, but there was something about it that stuck with me.

    The only way to stop or impede Scientology after LRH left, given all the powerful OT’s that were part of the group would be to do it covertly. To keep it looking like everything was ok while slowly steering it off course.
    How does that saying go? Keep your enemies close? Well, if Scientology is your enemy why not go in from the inside, take it over and gently alter it and steer it of course.

    All that theta energy was then absorbed or redirected off target. By doing something like that you are essentially putting your enemy in a prison of their own creation. But maybe now some are figuring it out.

    I wonder what they will do now in response if the independent movement gains steam and the press and governments start attacking?

  19. Doc "Smith"

    That was a fabulous write-up. It’s great to have you and Tom out here pitching. The postulate of a cleared planet is a strong one. Shoulder to shoulder we can still do it!!

  20. Wow. You write good, my friend.
    That was one impressive “coming out”, in true Linder style.

    I am so honored to be your friend. Truth will prevail and we will get our loved ones and friends back.

    Much love,
    Eileen (she who must be acked… 🙂 )

  21. Wow, this is chok full of fresh info.
    When they implemented whatever engram this is the CofM is running they fired this story line up all at once.
    The biggest event ever! No REALLY.

    I am now 100% convinced that this has become “Welcome to Scientology, have a nice day.”

    What a nightmare for you… welcome to the next gradient in this mess.
    Quite a write-up, that would have made my brain hurt;) Excellent and exact.

  22. Linda, it’s so great to see you posting here. Do you remember the last time we spoke? We met on State Street in Santa Barbara, just outside the Org. You were on garrison mission there and I had just left the Int Base and was living in Santa Barbara. I will always remember how nice you were to me even though I told you I had left the Church. I said to myself, now there is a true friend. I wish you and Tom all the best.

  23. As Ron said ,there is a difrence beetwen observing something and doing something about it.
    you did not just observe – but acted!

    And that is good for all of us.
    Your newfound freedoom andyour new “mission” will feel as good as it feld when you first got into it.

    I know it will, as my wife Hellen and I have gotten this wonderfull feeling back the day after we made our anouncement !

    Helping is STILL possiple – oh yeah !!

    Welcome – you are needed and wanted 🙂

    Love Helmut

  24. Freedom Fighter

    Speaking of disconnection, the Facebook Police are at it again:

    From: Jenna []
    Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 10:25 AM
    To: TheRazzLine
    Subject: more data on friends

    Hi! I’ve been getting more than my usual amount of “friend requests” on Facebook from people I don’t know. I appreciate someone wanting to be friends and I enjoy having comm. lines universally. However, I have that already with TheRazzline AND I know that they’re geminately pro survival toward my church.

    Just because someone has quotes from our churches founder on their home page or that they are pro Dianetics, does not mean they are pro survival toward our church. I had one such person who has quotes on their page but are not pro survival toward our church but belong to the group that is destructive toward my church.

    On another note I know some Facebook members don’t check their FB very often and that’s fine. However to stay aware of what gets put on your home page or news feed by friends or messages you might get, you can set it up to receive messages forwarded to your regular email so you can stay on top of it, if you don’t already have this. It’s another way to be responsible for comm. lines.

    Thanks again to all of you who are responding to this quest for keeping our lines clean on FB!


    Darn those pesky parishoners who try to communicate standard ethics/tech/admin to their friends on Facebook. How dare they put such “destructive” communication on the comm lines. They must be stopped! (rolling eyes). No such thing as disconnection, eh Tommy Boy? Yeah, right.

  25. Linda,

    Well, your write-up was long, but at least it was depressing!

    Seriously, my favorite part of your story was the bit about how somewhere sometime some guy ran up to a VM and said, “You’re It!” and the VM said, “OK!” And then “You’re It!” became a standard program all across the land. And everyone lived happily ever after. NOT!

    I felt exhausted after reading that long list of b.s. you put up with in the Church. I’m so glad you never have to do that silliness again. Ever.


    Just Me

  26. WOW! Very well done!
    If every Scientologist that is “staying under the radar” due to being blackmailed and manipulated with disconnection were to stand up and speak out, like you, the whole supressive facade will come tumbling down within weeks if not days.
    To stay quiet and do nothing is a cowardly overt.
    I think this is even more applicable to ex-S.O. opinion leaders that have witnessed DMs suppression first hand and could be very effective whistle blowers, like – Debbie Cook. Sorry girl and I’m sorry you are sick. Stop agreeing to be effect.

  27. Linda, I remember that beautiful smile! I first met you at Flag in 81 I think, and felt you were one of the most theta beings I’d ever met. That hasn’t changed and I am definitely in your fan club. If you want to see a photo of me look at the photos on Amy Publishing web site, or in her book. Fortunately we had a happy ending and are reunited. My whole heart wishes the same for you, and soon.
    Kick ass and have fun doing it.

  28. Thank you for the fantastic write-up, Linda! Reading it: What a great way to start the day for me.

  29. Linda McCarthy!

    You know how when you think of someone from your past who though you may not have known them well, left a strong impression? And how some overriding characteristic of theirs comes to mind when you think of them? For me when I saw your name and smiling face it is simply “ARC”. Wow! You do that well!

    I don’t even remember your post at the FLB in ’79 when you and David were there and I worked for him in Qual for awhile. You were one of several “impressive” thetans there. Caring people like Dottie Bivins, Mona Braun, Bridget Kelleher and your David come to mind.
    I didn’t know you well and my SO career was relatively short – not even 2 years — I still regret that I blew as it couldn’t have made David’s life easier!

    I last really remember you at the Portland Crusade in ’85. I don’t know if it was really the watershed event it was cracked up to be but the sense of Purpose was unbelievable!

    My Scn journey has been quite full of ups and downs — in since ’74 but off the Bridge almost half of that time.

    Finally I made it go right and trained from St Hat thru permanent Cl VI (and the non-Clear route at that.) I know my tech – even if it was GAT. My pc’s were quite happy to have a non-robotic auditor. I refused to let that happen. Sadly, seeing what’s going on from afar since I walked away 2 years ago I can only say that out tech is really being PROMOTED! This “Grades at Flag in only ___ Intensives!!!” is so wrong in its effect on every Cl V org on the planet and in what it says about their delivery. I mean shouldn’t they have a bunch of perfect GAT auditors 14 years after the GAT release? And what about “Tech Degrades”?? Hello…! Yes, it is all about the money. And MIS-management. Scientology’s contraction is surely not due to the “psychs and SPs” of earth.

    Thanks for your well thought out Doubt formula Linda. Anyone in who reads it should find it easy to see the truth.

    I’ve decided to sign my name to this – maybe someone who knows me but who’s on the fence, though willing to face the truth, will jump to the Independent side. It’s where there IS a chance to do what LRH would be proud of. If he could see the artifice within the Church I know HE’D be on this side of the fence!

    To Freedom!

    Gary Moore

  30. Mark Fisher

    Hi Linda! It has been many years since I last saw you. Welcome.

    I always loved working with David. He was a true friend and allie to me in the early 80s when we were getting all the evaluations done for the Scientology orgs.

    Good luck to you and your family.

  31. Linda!!! There you are! I had heard “thru the grapevine” that you just might be making this announcement. And you did it so eloquently too. Beautiful! Hard hitting and the truth. Everything you wrote I experienced myself either at Flag or on staff at Pasadena.

    We worked together for many years. Sherry Many(Katz)> I remember well those CC days you described.

    I hope Bobbi and Marty read your write up. I’ve failed to get them to see the truth. But your formula just might jog them out of their fog.

    I’d love to be in touch.

    Love ya,

  32. Linda,

    It’s a a joy and honor to meet you. WOW.
    Thank you for writing all that up. Reading through the outpoints was a mega charge-blowing right why catharsis.

    I loved reading your experiences of when the orgs were alive with the spirit and purpose of Scientology!

    Your power exudes from this communication, and I admire your production, with 3 very highly commendeds from LRH!!

    Welcome! The vastness of theta sighs with relief! There’s lots to be done, and there is nothing like true purpose and fun to powercharge that.

    With love and admiration! I’m with you! —>

    The intentions and objectives of my own group are to deliver
    Scientology is a safe environment with on-Source application of
    tech and policy to the result of the person moving up the Bridge
    with such rave results, he gets everyone he knows to “come get it
    too.” This describes a field group, mission, Cl V org as it was
    back in the 70s – when LRH was on the line and org staff ran their
    orgs with minimal management interference.
    Further, it is to be part of a 3D that operates on-Source so a true
    3rd dynamic can be realized and we can get on with clearing the
    planet without distractions (that are brought about by aberrated,
    out-ethics, off-Source behavior by those in charge). Our eternity
    depends on this. The objective is an On-Source Scientology where
    ethics, tech and admin (includes management tech) are applied by
    the book – so that the benefits of Scientology can be realized on
    this earth.

  33. Lady Lancelot

    He hit Heber. Jeeezzzz. Will the nightmare never end! Thank you for your service. I am looking forward to your book

  34. I agree with every sentence. We’re tracking exactly, and it feels very good. You and Tom posting over the last couple days is helping things a lot.

  35. Theo Sismanides

    Linda, every morning I am opening up my computer and go to the Independents’ blog. Today it was you there!

    I feel now more at ease, more certain and more happy.

    Your write-up is full of reasoning and theta. And it kicks ass.

    We are becoming stronger every day and you are a power house, your doubt formula says it all.

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out. There is nothing more powerful than Theta. And that theta does not have to be theetie wheetie. It can kick ass and that’s what I perceive out of you.

    With all the experience, theta endowment and resources we now have and keep piling up everyday it is imperative that we do form that Cyber Org, that type of structure, a light one to move on much much higher.

    I am so, so happy Linda and Tom as you two know each other well and are the Dynamic Duo!

    Let the games begin as you said. We are players here not pawns or broken pieces. We know and follow the rules of the game. And the game has been sabotaged. Let’s re-create it and let’s put that fun into it. If it’s not fun it’s not Scientology. I already start feeling that fun!

    Thanks again.

  36. P.S. It’s truly sad about your son. I was recently reading a first hand experience by someone’s mother who grew up in Nazi Germany, and it was chilling to read tactics used against children, grooming them to “report on” their parents — all done through the mechanism of appealing to their sense they were connected to something noble and bigger than any personal values 😦 It happens to the best people.

    The truth always does win out … it’s the only thing that never dies. (And love is a truth).

  37. Dear Linda,

    Wow! What an amazing write up! You said it all.

    What an amazing dynamic duo you and Tom are!
    Thank you both for being there and flowing power to the Independent Scientology group.

    I love you girl!

  38. VWD on your excellent Doubt Formula. As a Scientologists I was always willing out of at least courtesy to read another Scientologist’s Conditions Formula. The bright idea occurred to me of what I can do to help even though my ID is hidden for family and friend reasons. Since I am feeling safe enough to communicate here, it would be no stretch for me to create an even newer email name, (Marty, help me here, you mentioned in the past an email server that was totally safe). Once this new name is made copy this Doubt Formula and sent it to every Scientologist you have in your email address book. In the subject just put Please Read My Doubt formula or something like that. Or just Doubt Formula. By the time one gets into it a bit their eyes will be opened. The biggest problem I have observed among Churchies is the unwillingness to look at data from HCO Declares. This would be even more effective if they were sent out as soon as it was written as there wouldn’t be time to get a BPI on the Declare. Marty you may not want to publish this as it it may be a good idea that needs coordination out of the eyes of OSA.

  39. Concerned Citizen


    Thanks for the factual specifics description of what you saw. We need more of that to get people on the fence ( many are ) to decide with factual data.

    Isn’t good to know there is a network of the baddest, most kick ass OTs to pull this off?
    Well, LRH did the imposible- May be, just may be we will to.

    Three cheers for that

  40. ~ O’er the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave~

  41. Linda
    100% on source, standardly applied, honest ethics condition.
    LFBD to see real Scientologists taking responsibility and honestly applying real Scientology as LRH intended.
    I know what it costs to lose family and friends to the blackmailers and hostage holders. I’m also sure that ‘IT WILL ALL COME OUT ALL RIGHT’ and am learning this daily.
    Welcome to the sunshine.

  42. Thanks for standing up for what’s right.

  43. Wow! What a write-up!! Amazing.

    I feel like a battery on charge, reading and communicating on this blog. After yours and Tom’s posts, Linda, I feel like I am about to explode!! :o))

    Thank you so much, Linda, and welcome aboard.

  44. David

    Your site has been hacked – get hold of AVG or similar urgently. The bug file is:

    which is a JS/Redir coming from and can be a real pain to remove. Its probably a variant of the JS/Redir.MR!tr drive-by download exploit (also known as Gumblar, Zlkon, or GENO) and consists of several stages. In the first stage, an obfuscated script is injected to compromise websites via cross-site scripting. Users picking up the virus will find themselves redirected to sites with downloadable components with PDF or SWF files which have all sorts of other functionalities including Collab.collectEmailInfo() and util.printf() for phishing, ID grabbing and/or passing overly long arguments to the affected functions creating a stack overload.

    Let me know how you get on.

  45. Linda , it is great to have you here!
    Your son will also see at one point the truth – I´m quite sure of it.
    Enjoy your freedom !

    love Anna

  46. Hello to u all . . Im an ex scientologist . Who is still afraid to come out, so plz do not ask for much detail. I am not that brave. . However i wud like to say that from day 1 wen gat tech was offered as a better nd faster way to move ppl up the bridge. . I felt a warnin alarm go off in my head. Dont touch that stuff. . I thought there was somethin wrong wid me. Y was i so opposed to this ? Cos i had read ksw nd maybe i was still new to the subject but i knew this gat stuff was all wrong. Wat puzzled me was how scientologist the world over cud study stuff based on the works of LRH lol all our materials these days say based on the works of LRH. . I want the real deal not some whipped up egg yokes . I got sent out the org cos i did not have £10.000 to pay for auditin. . I was on an ethics cycle. I completed my full O/W’S PASSED MY METER CHECK . Nd wanted to do my conditions. I was sent to the ed my gud friend of many years . Nd she did a reg cycle on me. I explained to her i cud not violate my biz account nd give her that cash. . Told her to wait after i done my conditions . With this another staff member came in nd started goin off the rails insultin me nd my daughter who was absent at the time. I was so shocked nd confused. . Im quite a bull myself nd dont permit ppl to push me around. So i retaliated nd told this flag staff member to take a hike. . So she kicked me out of my org. She is new. . Im veteran but there is no place for us ole timers eh. . Now all my friends in the org want me back lol the so nd org staff beggin me to come back for years. But my ser fac too big lol well na its just that this doll is still around nd there is no change , she is like a small MISCAVIAGE. She has driven all the ole timers from the org. The fact these ppl can donate no more means they must go now the org is empty nd the ideal org just standin there doin nada. No public. . Nd dont bother to bring in new public cos they be asked wat is their financials . If it dont look healthy they just ignore em thanx optimus prime

  47. Sometimes a song gets into my head and I can’t shake it …

    Well — this time it’s a name and face — Linda McCarthy? Linda McCarthy?

    The problem with age (gleep) is that sometimes the name, face and memories just don’t congeal that well. And lingering back in those cobwebs of my mind — are memories.

    I was at the Flag Land Base from 1977-1980 and I KNOW we’ve talked – at least a bit …

    Anyway — I’m thrilled for you that you’ve stepped forward so boldly in spite of the temporary loss of your son … and you are with such a kind man. I met him only 10 years ago so thankfully I DO remember 🙂

    Have fun.

  48. i must admit that partially i agree with the above lady..
    Scary, but true to some degree..
    Im thinking a lot

  49. Marty

    Dunno if I’ve been banned or whether my ability to reply directly to comments has been revoked but I couldn’t get my reply stick. So, would you please let David St Lawrence know that his site has been hacked. The specific file concerned is “oo.php” which is coming from and is a JS/Redir. He will see it in his script files which will have had the following code inserted:

    script src=””/script

    I’ve taken out the greater-than and less-than symbols to get through your own blockers but its not difficult to guess where they go. It is probably a variant of the JS/Redir.MR!tr drive-by download exploit also known as Gumblar, Zlkon, or GENO, consisting of several stages. In the first stage, an obfuscated script is injected to compromise websites via cross-site scripting. Ultimately, visitors to the site will be redirected to a website hosting downloadable components such as PDF and SWF files. These files contain exploits which eventually download a malicious Win32 executable. It targets the vulnerabilities in the Collab.collectEmailInfo() and util.printf() calls by passing overly long arguments to the affected functions.

    Not much fun and tricky to eliminate. I would suggest starting with getting AVG and going from there.

  50. Perfect and detailed write-up; very courageous. Thank you, It is an honour to be in such hallowed company. Reading your words, so much of it could have been written about my area (UK). It is exactly the same outpoints across the boards, and the fact that any resilient and dedicated staff do get some great products is in spite of management, not because of it.

    The fact that OT VIIs are handing their materials back speaks volumes. An “under the radar” friend told me about these “highest evers” too and I simply asked him, how many Clears is the Org making per week? How many Releases? Does it even remotely compare to the +/- 20 Clears per week LRH was making when he was running St Hill at its peak? Of course not. I doubt the Foundation is even making 150 WDAHs a week which it was when I was running it in 1986.

    Anyway, shine on you crazy diamond(s), 2010 is turning out to be the best year ever. Indie stats are booming, that’s obvious. No expensive multi-media events needed to prove that!

  51. OK — now I KNOW my mind is slipping — I was at CC in those early years and definitely would have known you — did you have a different last name? Or was the Org you described perhaps LA Org?


  52. Mat — I must respectfully disagree.

    We, you, cannot possible KNOW the mind of another. Not really.

    Yes it would be awesome if Debbie were she to come forward; however, considering that she has ZERO credentials outside of Scientology – the likelihood of her earning a decent living are slim to none.

    No one is going to hire a management consultant without impressive degrees and clients in the outside world.

    Her choices would be reduced to minimum wage jobs or possibly somewhat better however with health issues, that becomes challenging.

    I feel saying to those of us who are remaining under the radar and quiet guilty of being cowardly overtmakers – is just more divisive-ness AND moreover is NO guarantee that everyone will step forward.

    I feel confident that everyone here who posts, everyone who lurks are so thankful for your courage and willingness to step forward. You and others are indeed heros to me.

    However, since I now work hard to march to my own drum and heart — no amount of push from you is going to change that.

    Also — to assume that we, the silent ones are doing nothing is simply a form of arrogance. Assumptions never are a good thing and you just can’t possible know.

    It just might be what we do behind the scenes quietly that causes the building to topple.

    Moreover — until many more are out — asking everyone to come forward is just creating more visible targets for dm. And at this point, his coffers far outweigh ours.

    Sorry to vent — but geesch — let’s not become what we have left.


  53. Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much for speaking out. Your write up was filled with such truth.

    I’m sure your son will come around.

  54. Linda! It’s great to hear from you and know you and Tom are doing well.

    Your detailed write up shows the route the current C of S under DM has taken and it is a sad and unfortunate tale. I’m sure as independents we can put things right.

    We are going to have to meet up!

  55. Welcome to our growing group Linda!It is great to meet you!
    Love Mosey

  56. Linda,

    what a beautiful story told by Jeff. Given the pressure within the Sea Org these days this is an ultimate test passed with flying colours.

    Thank you and Tom for speaking out and wish yee both and your son the very best.

  57. Well, weeeHaaa! That was some beautiful kick ass, girl! Welcome, and what a pleasure to read your write up. It was a rehab, then fury rekindled, then hope inspired!

  58. I was on staff for a long time and an doing ok now. I wsnt SO, but similar effect- I didnt go to college or have a resume or anything. Even if you do have those things I think the best thing to do is work for yourself. Thats what I’m doing. Just figure out something to do and do it. I think Debbie Cook is a bigger being than to work at McDonalds. Or she could do that and probably be the regional manager in a month…

  59. Linda,
    Well hello there pumpkin. I can say that from this distance!

    Imagine, after these decades, here we are back on top of this game with new vigor and the broad look.

    I started my Qual career in the one gmoore above remarks about. Dave and I as the Cramming Unit, doing the Evaluators, with Mark Fisher at their helm, and the whole gamut of staff and situations from tech to telexes.

    Now, here we are, present time and with a view and experience that is invaluable.

    I read your write-up last night, just before going to sleep and this morning, in that inter area between the body sleeping and waking, where it seems all the Genetic Entity circuits, the running-continuous agreement with the rhythm of time and all the ‘stuff’ of living in this universe hasn’t kicked in for its routine, was quiet and there was just me and I saw something was gone today.

    It is a good ‘gone’ too. Gone is the counter, the opposing, of DM’s dwindling spiral for Scientology. I could put anchor points (attention) out widely and there was nothing to stop them. Neither my own copy of the counter-intention of DM’s group bank, or indeed, the actual CI of those from that ‘camp’.

    This morning it is real to me that we, as a True Group of associated terminals have moved over a make/break point of free theta. That free life energy has taken a giant step up with you getting through this Doubt condition. What an amazing thing to witness and be a part of.

    Nice to see you again too!!!


  60. To give everyone a little background on what Jenna is talking about “the razz line”. In the 90’s Jenna ….. (can’t remember her last name) put together a group email chain that she was the moderator of. You could ask to get on the group email system and then she would forward anything from that people sent to her to forward out to the group. It was anything from looking for an apartment, to promoting yourself, to political viewpoints, etc.. it was just a free flowing style of communications that anyone could be a part of. then Jenna decided she wanted to join the SO and turned over the comm line to Ray McKay who formed took it and formalized what they called the “Razzline”. It to was the same setup, you could send him an email and then he would forward it to the group email list. It became a very popular email group. I am sure the number of emails subscribers were in the hundreds, because somedays there were a lot of emails being fowarded by the razz line. Not sure why it came up on anyone’s radar at pac base from WISE. But ray was told that it was off policy what he was doing. He was using scientology comm lines to further people’s personal agenda. It got really weird, and whoever was accusing him of soliciting scientologists to personal gain. What was totally missed was that we personally found out about the email chain not from being on course, it was just a free flowing comm line that people with similar viewpoints and ARC shared. It would be like forming a mom’s group and setting up an email chat system. It was utterly ridiculous what was happening. So the upshot is that Ray had to form an official “the razzline” website like a message board that people could post to, but it was highly sensored and the comm line became weird. We opted out after the whole comm line blew apart, however Ray and Jenna I am sure are still paranoid about everything because it was a major flap for them. I also think this happened to theta exchange, and other type of internet groups that were popping up that scientologists could share. Just more of the same type of suppression and cut comm lines.

  61. I always bounce back

    Thanks for being so specific and detailed in your formula. Things I had observed are better and better understood in these contexts. It explains a lot what happened during the past years. There is a lot more that did not make any sense but that starts making sense now.

    I do understand your sorrow regarding your son but I have experienced there is nothing like the connection between mother and sons. I keep my fingers crossed that it will not take too long until you are reunited.

    I totally agree that Scn as LRH has designed it is a lot of fun and should attrackt a lot of people. It is the friendliest space you can mock up. If we unite – as we do now – the Indies can make it happen that the truth will be recognized and that we can achieve the objectives LRH has laid out. It might be our last chance.

    If you ever need a helping hand, please drop me a line.

    Thanks again and let’s have a lot of success and a bright and happy future.

  62. WH,

    There is a great deal of truth in what you say, the potential power the church wields over careers and connections to family and friends is real, someone could come out from under the radar, make their point and get hit.

    But Matt speaks truth. If a large number of people came out from under the radar it would speed up this process without a doubt.

    And ex Sea Org opinion leaders do have a greater responsibility, there’s no getting away from that, it’s just KRC, someone who can assert some influence (control) over thousands of people by a public statement because of their status and the knowledge they possess has more responsibility by natural law. This definitely applies to Debbie Cook.

    DM runs on the Sea Org that a person should be slavishly devoted to him within some kind of inverted 3rd dynamic monastic lifestyle while all their other dynamics go up in smoke. It’s claptrap, there are 8 dynamics. By the same token, an Independent Scientologist can’t just operate on one or two dynamics; they should look at the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and act accordingly.

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that if church abuse had eneded we wouldn’t even be having this discussion because the problem of church retribution would no longer exist and all Indies, all employers, all family and friends would be reunited..

  63. Hi Sharon, I really liked this you wrote. I have been looking at this reaction you had to GAT. I had the same.
    I believe this is how I know something about myself, something about where I have been and what I have been doing through time, and this is also how I will know something about who is in front of me. The production record and the person’s reaction towards off-source is the clue, I think. Those two things will tell me what I need to know.

  64. Linda, WOW!!! Another huge Thetan! I know
    this took courage but I also know there is no
    fear. My heart soars yet again. Very well done.
    Much Love.

  65. Linda andTom,
    Congratulations and a warm welcome to you both. Your write ups are moving and very powerful.
    Tom, you bravely served all of us during your military career. You did this under the most horrendous conditions (physically, politically and socially) that our soldiers have ever faced. Albeit inadequte, I personally extend my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to you for the enormous sacrifice you made on all our behalf. Once again, you are bravely confronting and fighting against a tremoudous injustice. I know you are well-supported by many other knowledgable and courageous souls in this effort. Together, you will succeed.

    Linda, your message is wonderfully written. The story is strong and very compelling. You included so many specific details covering the obligatory “who, what, when, where” necessary for a well-executed factual documentation. You also woven into this “factual write-up” the emotional toll that you experienced as a result of the described conditions. I sensed your intense frustration and disappointment as you watched the situation deteriorate. It must have been very disheartening for you after you have dedicated so much to the cause. You too are brave for taking these steps and standing resolute against the current injustices. I hope that you and your son reunite soon. Once he understands the truth he will be proud of you.

    Keep writing down the facts and documenting your memories of what happened while it is current in your minds. A fresh recollection of the facts may be helpful to you in the future.

    Best to you,

    PS to Tom – You wrote “But I also realized that when he is confronted he folds up like a card table.”
    Is this why he will not allow interviews and/or openly discuss what is happening? He is not brave enough to stand up to confrontation so he sends others to do it for him?

  66. Ms Pattycake

    Excellent write-up, Linda!

    Even tho I no longer believe in the Hubbard stuff, your writeup was so well-expressed that I found myself rootin’ fer you and the Indies and your idea to start Church of Scientology version 2.0.

    Woo hoo!

  67. Wow Linda!! This blew me away!

    You have always been such a professional and with such a deep level of caring! This write up is a reflection of that. I am so glad you are out in the sunshine and can openly hook up with friends old and new and receive all the love and support you deserve! And for sure you are a HUGE asset to this group!

    Thank you too for taking care of Tom. You guys are an inspiration in many ways.

    All my love to you!

  68. Hi, Linda:
    You have said what I had seen in Flag, but you gave me reasons behind it that I did not know. Very accurate.
    Warmest welcome to you.

  69. Haydn — while I agree in part , I might also add that there are some of us who stopped supporting dm and his abuses many years before those who are now vocal left the Sea Org. Therefore they were somewhat responsible for the current mess, having stayed way too long …

    Those of us who left many years earlier stopped giving an ounce of support by way of money or time.

    I’m not yet completely convinced that dm doesn’t have masters — those in the banking cartel.

    BUT even if he is just a screaming genius SP, I feel it’s important not to make oblique demands on those who visit this blog.

    Offer support to those who ask through private emails to help them come forward, but to place a blanket cloud of “shame on you for being cowardly” — well, that is just more abuse — and seeds for future “power over” others.

    Which hopefully we have each been working on.

    Let’s get the job done NOW … sorry, smacks to me a bit of the ‘ole — roll over everyone else’s dynamics to suit ones own.

    Yet, all in all I’d say things are moving along well.

    I admire Marty, Mike, Amy, Jeff and the others for taking the heated flak they are now enduring. But, I’m sure none of them thought it was going to be a rose garden … and therefore they were somewhat prepared for what is transpiring.

    If nothing else, Haydn, we can agree to disagree.


  70. Thanks for speaking out with your name Gary. Each person who does it means a lot to the future of Scientology.

  71. caloboota,
    Mate, don’t ‘think’, OBSERVE! Trust your self to do so and do so, then trust what you personally observe.

  72. BLiP,
    Well done on all that stuff. Wow, I love to see competence demonstrated.

  73. Hi Gandiguy,

    If you just want to send a single mail w/o need for response:

    If you just want to receive a single mail:

    For a viable shadow identity mail account:

    best wishes from SP country,

  74. Welcome Linda!

    Great write up!

    Good on you for standing for what you believe in!


  75. Great write up! My attention stuck on, “Ruining the movie Battlefield Earth”. Sounds like another story… It just jumped off the page in my face, as it wasnt like a ‘staff thing’ like abortions. Was that DM disguised in the movie? I thought I spotted the midget. Terrible actor.

    I am sorry about your son and grandkids. Same here, with a daughter. The way things are going, I am sure they will come around. That is what I am hoping for. That they cognite.

  76. Dave Adams

    “Yes it would be awesome if Debbie were she to come forward; however, considering that she has ZERO credentials outside of Scientology – the likelihood of her earning a decent living are slim to none.”

    My observation is that ex-so people seem to land on their feet quite well, and have no problems earning a decent living. They have a work ethic that puts others to shame, and other “skills” to boot.

    She seems to be running a upstat looking company, and probably using her “undocumented in the outside world” skills to good effect.

    Perhaps she is just a bit more fabian than others.

    I find comments on how Debbie should live her life distasteful. Even if well meant, it is too much like the other-determinism pushed by the church on its members.

  77. plainoldthetan

    Linda: welcome to the party, pal!

    I liked hearing the parts where DM has “redefined” things like “highest ever” for purely “PR” purposes. This is DM in his best George Orwell 1984 Newspeak valence.


  78. Andy Dufrane

    Excellent post Linda.

    As MJR mentioned in an earlier copmment, it’s vital to provide specifics on what’s gone wrong in the church. This is something I know people still in the church really need in order to do their doubt formulas.

    For me, the real clincher was the data I got from Marty has a link to this site on his home page and I’ve used it successfully now on four people who were skeptical, but willing to look: and two more who seem to be coming around slowly.

    Again, thanks for a great doubt formula!

  79. Linda, what a genuine way to declare your Independance.

  80. Dear Linda welcome within the real friends of LRH

  81. Dave,

    Given that DM rose to power because a number of people were not responsible enough to speak up (including me) I hope we are now not going to keep that trend going. There is a huge difference between expressing an opinion on this blog and the leverage DM uses.

    But I would agree that talking about a specific individual goes beyond the unwritten rules and I would not normally do it but I believe Debbie Cook is a unique case and when the full truth and facts come out as to her situation, as they surely will in time, I believe you will agree.


    Not even sure we really disagree, I think there is value in both positions.

  82. jim cherkas

    “stats prove
    that they are now fully engaged and are part and parcel to the
    problem. At the top of this “management” is David Miscavige.”

    I cant see you saying anything about the stats as there are no stats to examine! Individual org stats dont prove anything either. You talk about doubt but are certain of what no one knows as there is no proof. Stats going down what proof empty buildings? That just doesnt really prove anything does it?
    BTW only FSO money is used for national tv commercials.

  83. Virgil Samms

    I agree with Haydn and agree with Matt to a degree. I don’t think bad of anyone who has not come out.

    But I do want to tell you that it will help we who have stepped forward a lot. I know you have family, jobs and all sorts of stuff in place that would become enturbulated if you stepped out into the light. However, the reason you can’t step out into the light are the reasons you need to. You see, DM still has a stranglehold on you and to that degree you are PTS (connected to an SP).

    I feel released since I wrote up my declare and that is because I stepped away from the connection to the SP and I also joined a group that wants to do something about it.

    So, excuse me for putting this in military terms, but we cannot fight the fight without soldiers. We need an army and we need it now! Then we can end this bullshit right now instead of dragging it out.

    We are sacrificing but it is not that big a deal. The future of mankind is at stake. It is that important. Please help by signing up. Step into the light of truth, it is great here!

    ML Tom

  84. Linda,

    I observed everything you said to be true-it is def. true to me.

    Furthermore, I thought being declared meant I relinquished the right to my Religion, though I committed no crime and always helped my public to the best of my abilities without thought to “stat” or pressures from seniors like, “why do you spend so much time helping so-and-so, he has no money and is just a waste of time and org resources!”
    I thought I signed up for this gig in order to Help people…

    Anyway, I think it would be cool to somehow set up a meeting in different cities, depending on where we each reside, so we can meet, talk, feel some sense of solidarity, help each other with conditions, etc. Each could use his particular expertise to help the group. I don’t have it all worked out yet, but maybe others here can take the idea and help me run with it. Just even having somewhere to go to be with other like-minded comrades for an hour or so, tell your story, feel like a real group. Are we there yet? Is it too soon to form up like that? We may get harrassed, but who cares! I’m in the LA area and I know there must be tons of other Indies in other cities who may be longing for this type of meeting ground too.

    We can keep it simple. I’m not great with the organizing so if anyone would like to run with this, post your ideas or we can maybe set up a special email to get us all connected and set up the meetings, etc.

    Just an idea……


  85. I agree with WindHorseGallery. With respect, Matt’s post is devisive. How many recruiters and reg’s tried to tell us what was best for our dynamics.

  86. Hi Chuck!
    Yeah, we were awesome supervisors: you, Al, Glenn, Ray and me. That is factually one of my fondest memories of working in the S.O. We rocked.
    I’ve followed your posts over the months. You’re pretty frickin smart:)
    I’ve jotted down your number for use.
    Linda (nee Darla)

  87. Bryon, David, mina bobi, Jack
    Thank you, thank you. This is like 10 Christmases and 10 birthdays in one.
    Yes, let’s kick some ass. How fun will that be?

  88. Freedom Fighter,
    Thanks. Yeah, thre are a lot of “I think we should…” out there. After all is said and done, every person on earth with a reactive bank wants to get rid of it. It is our task to make it easy for them to do just that. Those that don’t want to – okay — they’ll benefit with a sane world regardless..

  89. martyrathbun09

    In defense of Mat, “there comes a time when silence is betrayal” – MLK

  90. Hi, Linda!
    I were a great Supervisor! I’d go to CTO WUS because YOU were there.
    Interesting how we can think here now and how we couldn’t think there (in S.O.)

  91. Martin Padfield

    Veritas, if you haven’t done so I would urge you to watch The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, as the ultimate “demo” on a human level of where extremism in any form leads to. It had a profound effect on me.

    If Mat, Boyd myself and others keep beating the drum of “Stand up and be counted”, it’s not to antagonise or be judgemental, it is surely about avoiding a human catstrophe that becomes more likely as time goes on. When Marty warns of a potential Jonestown he of all people knows whereof he speaks.

  92. Now THAT’S a doubt formula!

    Thanks Linda, for your service.
    And thanks for educating me that much more with this wonderful, comprehensive write up!

  93. Alex
    Thank you. Never thought that effect would be created, but you made my day.

  94. Freedom Fighter

    Thanks for adding the background information, Lucy. My guess is her latest e-mail will drive even more people to us as they search the internet for who the “Independent Scientologists” are and find that we’re quite the opposite of what she asserts. 🙂

    From: Jenna []
    Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 9:31 AM
    To: The Razzline
    Subject: friends

    Those of you who receive “friend” invites from Facebook have your criteria of how you choose to accept a friend or not. I know people who only accept those they know, some accept those they don’t know but have same religion or because they’re friends of friends.

    When deciding whether to accept someone as a “friend,” please consider the group called “Independent Scientologists” is a group that is infringing on the name Scientology and is anti Scientology.

    There are millions of people on this planet who are pro Scientology so this is but a small group.


  95. Haydn,
    After I posted this, I went to bed and felt a tremendous calmness – a result of a good sub-product completed. Now the acks are coming in and it’s pretty darn moving. I think I felt your smile, ’cause I thought of you before I finally hit that REM state. Smiling or laughing…more of that now at long last.

  96. Per the above “debate” between Mat, Haydn and WH, I would state that Debbie Cook is in a very unique position, with a lot of respect and power in the Scn world.

    If she knows that abuse, torture, torment, insidious tech alteration, etc, are going on in p/t, and that it will continue to scar all the new 14- year-old SO recruits signing up in p/t, as well as all the rest of us good folks, then, with all due respect, there is no question that Debbie needs to come forward.

    It’s not a matter of “forcing” her or stomping on her dynamics. It’s a question of “Why haven’t we heard from her yet?” Families are being literally destroyed and we need all the truly major OL’s we can get, speaking out, despite personal danger.

    Marty is correct in quoting MLK regarding this issue: “There comes a time when silence is betrayal”


  97. Hi Mike,
    Wonderful to hear from you. Although we never worked “together”, you are on my track, and the points where we had comm are all free points on that track.
    Thanks for your encouraging words re Travis. The decision to make myself known was in no small part due to the certainty that I was actually doing this for him and his future — and that it wouldn’t be long before we’d be able to re-unite.
    Yes, see you soon

  98. Chrissie,
    Thanks you so much. Travis, Anne, (+ Brendan and Cody) are very special to me, and I know that what I am doing will enable them to partake in the real Scn.

  99. Thank you so much Christie,
    Travis and Anne (+Brandan and Cody) will all make it in the very near future with real Scn.

  100. Jim you haven’t seen stats? What about friendsoflrh? What about all the writeups on stats? What about the writeups proving DM false reports stats using his own figures from his website?

  101. SK,Centurion, Tom Exilo,
    Well do I feel duplicated and acknowledged or what??
    Thank you.

  102. You cannot organize yourself, there are too much different opinions and intentions between you. The Nettiquette might make it smooth here, but if you ever met all together, trying to make an Org, it would end up in a big desastrous fight, with you alone participating, without anyone interfering! And you KNOW it! Most of you are SPs! And they KNOW it! What Linda says is all Bullshit! Your nonexistend “application” of LRH Tech is the really wild stuff! Here everything and everyone is accepted instantly, no matter how abstruse their ideas are. You are critisizing the Church and DM like programmed Robots. Can`t you see you got it all wrong? No! Of course not, because you are blind. And evil. I don`t like you. The Scientology Church is convincing, you are not.

  103. Tom,

    I make my decision to be “under the radar” not because of any “threat” or “blackmail”.

    With reference to your analogy:

    “So, excuse me for putting this in military terms, but we cannot fight the fight without soldiers. We need an army and we need it now! Then we can end this bullshit right now instead of dragging it out. ”

    some of us are working “Special Ops” to some degree beyond the borders creating Safe Points for our future success of LRH’s Scn.

    Not being a High Profile Scn’ist and 30 years of friends & acquaintences I find it best FOR ME to help this cause from within. I come and go at the Org and am known as that pain in the ass that always refers the HCOB’s and HCOPL’s. Since taking that stance others have begun to refer back to source.

    With that said let’s be all inclusive.

    This group is made up of those with all sort of expeniences and levels of contributions which are of all of value.

    And thanks so much for yours and Linda’s contribution.

  104. I worked for a company whose website has recently been struck by this same exploit. Is there some way I can contact you as we need to take care of this problem as soon as possible.

  105. DFB,
    You managed here, to state the midget’s strategy. Nicely put. Most importantly, it’s up to us to just simply get Scn back on the rails so “the people” can have it and go free.
    Thanks for your ack and thoughts, they speak sooth.

  106. ack back at ya.

  107. Dear Windhorsegallery,
    While I respect a persons right to speak out or not speak out I will say this. One can always find reasons to stay silent:
    “zero credentials = slim to no chance of making a decent living” (proved wrong by almost every long term S.O. member who left).
    “we would become visible targets”
    “his coffers far out weight ours”
    Sorry – sounds like self defeating bullshit to me.
    Do you know why children around the world don’t goose step to school every morning? Because their forefathers had balls and were willing to put their butts on the line.
    DM has done far too much damage for far too long. Its enough. MANY people have taken actions (big and small) over the last 25 years
    to expose and stop Miscavige and it hasn’t even slowed him down. At this time there are enough major players available and with the power of the internet, a win could be gotten.
    I don’t think DM will give up his position unless there is an overwhelming and OPEN demand for it from the field. It can’t be 20 people speaking out for every 2,000 “staying under the radar”.
    I called out Debbie Cook specifically for a reason.
    She is one of the best known and respected terminals in Scientology.
    She went to Int, she was sent to the “hole”, she witnessed and experienced the abuse first hand,
    she was lucky enought to have literally escaped.
    She took money and made “a deal with the devil”.
    She is on facebook communicating with scores of Scientology “friends” and is not warning them of the situation, which to me is a continueing betrayal. For me she isn’t a “non player”, she is protecting and covering for DM by her actions and no action.
    I guess the way Tom Cruise would describe it is –

  108. Doc “Smith”, Victoria,
    Shucks…. Thank you so very much.
    Onward and upward.

  109. “Let’s get the job done NOW … sorry, smacks to me a bit of the ‘ole — roll over everyone else’s dynamics to suit ones own.”

    WH, sorry, the reality is if people don’t wake up and put their lives on hold to go public because it’s the greatest good, we’ll all lose BIG TIME. And it needs to happen RIGHT NOW. FORCE is the answer for those who are fully aware but flaking out.

    The why for the church problems isn’t the line “win or die in the attempt”. Who cares if Debbie works at McDonalds? At least she’d keep her integrity. She’s just being completely out ethics right now and there’s nothing else that needs to be said about it. If you’re not stating your name for good reason then what’s the problem? Don’t worry about it and keep your own council.

  110. Jeff,
    What a hoot, and as my niece used to say: “Whodathunkit?”
    Yeah, it was quite a suprise to see you that day and listen to what you had to say.
    In the S.O., when someone routed out, the response from the majority of people was “what an a-hole” or “good riddance” or whatever. I never saw the point in that. I wasn’t happy about it usually, but whothe hell am I to judge? I couldn’t get into it with them, but all I could think is they had very personal reasons and it was likely hell for them to do it. So pour salt in the wound? No. Barbara Dews actually said something to me once that just was such a simple, but powerful thing. She too said she didn’t harbor animosity toward “ex-SO” because “this lifestyle isn’t for everyone.” Too simple. But it was just an unaberrated truth.
    Anyway, nice to hear from you. Now my picture will be in the Rogue’s Gallery along with yours (yes, their is a pic of you in the DSAs book).

  111. Dora, that 8c got you up the bridge though didn’t it? This side needs the right to use 8c too.

  112. Helmut, Freedom Fighter,
    Thank for your comm, acks, input, etc.
    God, it’s just too funny. I just looked at my FB sight. I’m down to 103. About 60 hours ago, I was 220.
    It’s good to laugh, isn’t it? So when I want to chuckle, I look at my profile and look at those descending numbers. Good lord, there are a lot of Bots out there.
    It’s just more incentive to get to work.

  113. Mat — I was trying rather feebly it seems to point out that Debbie Cooks silence is her choice. I was not privy to what you stated that she took money for her silence.

    That is unconscionable to me but doesn’t surprise me for a moment. Debbie always hob-nobbed with the monied crowd, was kinder and more sociable to those who were well favored.

    Her first husband – Alan Buchanan at one time Staff Captain (when she married him, right out of high school — see the trend — status?) – became disaffected early on (1979) when he saw how the GO had dismantled Canada — she divorced him faster than you can say divorce and BURIED her marriage to him.

    So — Debbie might be the opinion leader of many but not to me. And perhaps not of some others.

    Be that as it may — my point was and continues to be — regardless how you and others might choose to dice and slice my well intended comments is simply this:

    I believe, there are MANY more people who have left scientology who never plan to become scientologists again but are happy that the exposure is being done. Who support what you are doing and who behind the scenes are doing what they can. Those people can and do add energy and support. Or you might say — THETA.

    However, if this independent movement is actually a movement welcoming to only those who plan to BE scientologists — well — then it’s time to state that clearly.

    I had perhaps falsely felt this was a place for all of us with GOOD intentions towards our fellow man to meet and grow.

    There are those of us who feel that scientology isn’t THE ONLY way mankind can be helped.


  114. Troll shields….up!

  115. Troll.

  116. Theo Sismanides

    “Here everything and everyone is accepted instantly, no matter how abstruse their ideas are. ”

    That’s you Snowhite though I think there is a new Snowhite writing better English. Hmmm? Makes me wonder. No typos, what’s happening?

    But anyway even you are accepted, Snowhite, because we are moving Higher and higher. Hahaha.

    We were going to take you up, but I don’t think you can have that less gravity, up here. Boy, you better stay behind, down where you are, where it is heavy and safe for you. Keep digging your black heart out, you are fully caved in, though!

    “The Scientology Church is convincing… ” so, “I am going to join the Scientology Church, bla bla, bla”. You sound like a public trying to decide, which side to go when you are IN big time with all the rest. You can’t go out Snowhite. You are totally caved in. I am so sorry your poor soul is never going to see the light again. You have it all poisoned. Is it to a point of no return? How more SP can you get? You are not touching my eternity sucker. You know why? Because now there is hundreds seeing the Product of the church: Snowhite, that’s you. A poisonous person. Ten years ago you could touch me, not anymore. Hundreds see what you are and how you have become. And your words of venom fall back on you and make your filthy heart even filthier. The poison is dripping from your mouth.

    As far as the Org is concerned, you blind idiot, it has been formed, it’s RIGHT HERE talking to you, and taking action around the globe. I am so impressed no others come to defend you here, but as said you are now ONE of the FEW, the very FEW remaining idiots. The tides are turning.

    What a punk!

  117. Krautfag,
    Sorry dude, SP’s don’t have ‘best wishes’. You are offering genuine help. NOT SP. Too bad. Just a ‘fag’.

    Hell’s bells, and you anonymous whine about ‘wog’!

  118. Ms Pattycake,
    Woohoo indeed!

    $50 and a box of chocolates says I can turn that wandering doubt into a whole new view.

    Hmmmmm? Well, there it is. You know where to find me when you’re ready. I’ll be around.

  119. Boyd,
    I don’t think ‘Jim’ sees himself in a mirror. In fact, ‘Jim’ sounds jus’ like Snowhat. As in, ‘what wall?’

  120. VaD,
    Theta-MEST theory. Remember?

  121. what are you talking snowhite ??!!
    she is not totally right but partially true.
    i can confirm 50 % of what she said, and i am a scientologist in good standing with the church.
    In a very good standing actually .

  122. SNOWHAT!!!
    Hey, pull my finger. Seriously, pull my finger.

  123. I agree with Mat,
    maybe she will start recovering if she speaks out.

  124. Virgil Samms

    Well, Snowwhite, we, unlike you, use Scientology.

    Let’s see here: “You cannot organize yourself, there are too much different opinions and intentions between you.” That is a generality.

    “Here everything and everyone is accepted instantly, no matter how abtruse their ideas are.” Yes, it is true – and without 6 intensives of sec checking. Kind of pisses you off doesn’t it? Sure we accept people at face value. LRH says all men are basically good. That’s our starting point.

    “You are critisizing the Church and DM like programmed Robots. Can`t you see you got it all wrong? No! Of course not, because you are blind. And evil. I don`t like you.” Well we like you. But you see it is you that is a robot because you don’t have one specific argument – only generalities. But we still like you and we’re willing to audit out all of that hatred that is going to be the end of you.

    You see, your post is 1.5 on the tone scale, let me show you some real Scientology here: Pg 169 Science of Survival: “At 1.5 we achieve the ultimate reversal in facts; any white fact will be turned into a black fact; here we have blatant and destructive lying.” That’s LRH. Refute that.

    Actually Snowwhite, I think you are real close to being and Indy. You’re hatred shows that you lost the concept of Scientology long ago. Join us and learn how to be theta again. That will lead to happyness.


  125. Just Me, Mat P, Amy’s Mom, Stefan
    Some blasts from the past, some new friends. My whole world is expanding.
    I’m lovin’ it. Thank you so much.

  126. gsmoore,
    Such a brief acquaitance we had, but for ARC resons, I totally remember you. You were in Qual in the buidling across from the WB. Probably worked with Logan, no?
    VWD on your bridge progress..
    We’re in for the good fight – it’ll be hell, but it’ll be fun.

  127. Hey Mark,
    Thanks. Totally remember you. See ya soon.

  128. Okay, either you are an anon troll, then you are doing a piss poor job. lrn2socialengineer, idiot.

    Or on the other hand you could be a genuine clam/osabot. Either way, and tho I shouldnt be helping too much here, this one is just for you:

    Happy SPing

  129. Hey Snowhite,

    Glad you communicated, it would be amazing if you could stand some back and forth communication though.

    Email me, and let’s talk.

    I’m for minimally trying to fix the most biggest wrongs in official Scientology.

    That you consider these people, and me as well, “SPs” I suggest you take a listen to LRH tape called “About Rhodesia.”

    Listen to that tape, and see if you can find the couple sentences where LRH chastises the audience about what REAL SPs are like, compared to the “SPs” that were being labeled at that time, in 1966.

    What do you say to that! Re-listen to that LRH tape, will you, and then email me.

    Another relevant tape, relating to Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige, is the LRH lecture from 1959, called “Individuation.”

    Listen to that one also, if you can slip into a nearby org, and ask them if you can listen to these two tapes, using the org’s Qual Library, which is there for parishioners to use in this type of instance.

    Chuck Beatty

  130. Sherry and Windhorse,
    Sherry, I really don’t recall where our timetracks met up. Not CC. I really don’t think it was as late as 90–96 (when I worked in the IAS Office), and you came to help, but maybeit was.
    The CL V org I was describing was Santa Barbara. I was there from 2001-2007.
    Anyway, good to be here as you both know.

  131. As I said in an earlier reply, it’s good to laugh. So I laugh at my decreasing facebook friends list, and I laugh at Snowhite. So thank you for the brief respite. Back to work….

  132. Oh, please, Boyd!

    Force never got ME anywhere.

    If you need force to make stuff work for you, then go for it. Just don’t try it on me. I will guarantee you it will not work.

    And, by the way, somebody else’s force is not what got me up the bridge. It was something altogether different than that.

    Something you might consider considering is the concept that your truth is NOT necessarily everybody’s truth.

    Just Me

  133. Mina,

    See my reply above to Boyd.

    Let’s please stop with the evaluating for others whose circumstances you know nothing about and whose goals you may or may not share.

    Just Me

  134. Just Me,

    I couldn’t have said it better.

  135. L O L !

    Funny and silly and right vibe, Jim.


    Just Me

  136. Chuck,
    I’ll tell you what, after reading this post I think I could give you a really big, large, total bear hug.

    You nasty SP you.

  137. I’m with you WH. Excellent point.

  138. War and Peace

    Chuck ~~

    It is so decent of you to be willing to talk to the likes of Snow White off this site.

    I do not believe in feeding the TROLLS but appreciate your willingness for dialogue with no matter who….

  139. War and Peace

    Linda McCarthy

    32 years Sea Org
    39 Year Scientologist.

    You always were pure gold to the Church.
    What a Top Notch Doubt Formula.

    Our years within paralleled……I had a very good comm line for a very long time with David

    Want to be in comm…will connect via TOM.

    much love,
    War and Peace

  140. OK Snowwhite you got my attention! What actual data are you basing your comments on? So far I just see you invalidating what Linda and others said without putting any substance there. Are you familiar with Dead Agent Tech? Where is your “truth” showing up the opponant’s “lie”?
    All you have done is name call. You haven’t brought at least this person to understanding.

  141. Mike Hobson

    Mat Pesch:

    I’m not trying to be adversarial, but what is the source of this allegation that Debbie Cook was bought off to remain silent ?

    Are you an eyewitness to this ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  142. Tom,
    You da man!

  143. Pingback: Top Posts —

  144. QuietDisobedience

    Just because you don’t see what people are doing doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing. How do you know that Debbie is or isn’t doing the same things that we all are? She could be posting on here for all we know. And she might not be. She could also be taking some time to get her wits about her and her body fixed up. I can only imagine what she went through and how beat up she was mentally and physically.

    Yes, there are some people who would shake the rafters if they went public. Just as there are others who would not and have their own reasons for not going public at this time. You have to consider the fact that many Scn work for fellow Scn so if they “came out” so to speak, would find themselves jobless. Or they’d lose everything they’ve known their entire lives, friends, family, spouses, etc. They shouldn’t haphazardly go into this. I believe everyone will do it when the time is right for them. It’s a personal choice that affects all of their dynamics and they should not be bullied or made wrong for not declaring their independence. Everything we are about as Scientologists is free will and helping each other expand on our dynamics. Not pointing fingers or attacking each other. We should be banding together and focusing our efforts to make the biggest impact. Some will be able to tell the world their name and their reasons for leaving Scn, others will do it under a pseudonym for now.

    A very good example of why it’s not a bad idea to have people under the radar is because they would be able to find out current happenings in the Church, help others see the light, etc. Just look at the Underground Railroad or safe houses in Europe that shielded many soldiers and citizens from capture in WW II. If those people had publicly declared they thought slavery was wrong or that Jews should not be persecuted, they would have been killed. By remaining quiet, they helped in big and small ways and helped forward the movement. As do we all.

  145. ♠ Snow White, my favorite Drag Queen Troll! ♠

    Your spelling is, as you say, “desastrous”. Oh-là-là!
    → Or should I say “OSA-là-là ?

    Unfortunately for you, your concept of True Scientology is, as you say, “nonexistend”. :))

    Thank you very much for the laughter you provide, and the additional replies that your comments [added inapplicables] always generate.

    Keep that up. → Thou might get flushed …

    Wonderful write up by Linda up there ↑ isn’t it?
    I am SOOOO glad it makes you cringe.

    We are FABIAN Snow White. FABIAN ! (he he he!) FABIAN.

    | “2. In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.” – LRH, The Factors

    | “Q1. The common denominator of all life impulses is self-determinism.”

    |” Q2. Self-determinism may be defined as the location of matter and energy in space and time, as well as a creation of time and space in which to locate matter and energy.” – LRH, The Prelogics

    Independants actually APPLY and USE Scientology & Dianetics. As can be DEMONSTRATED 🙂

    Yours TRUELY,

  146. Just Me,
    I’ve told this story before but I’ll repeat myself here.

    I was amblin’ back from doing my laundry one sunny day in CW back in early seventy-six. I was singing some tune and I looked up and saw this long, copper Cadillac. The window was rolled down and a thick forearm was hanging out. I looked up and saw long sideburns and a flow of red hair, Ray Ban Wayfarers and a smile as big as the Caddy.

    I smiled back.

    And that look, of total joy, insouciance and being, in the midst of what Russell Miller says he was supposed to be feeling at that time!

    Well, let me tell you, if that is somebody under stress then I wanna be somebody like that. Of course, wit my own l’il panache. Can’t help but be yourself when all is said and done, right?

    Yeeeeehaaaaa, and a bucksaw.

  147. Linda ←

    Very nice declaration & debrief ! VWD!
    Thank you for joining the Independent Scientologists. We welcome you with open arms.
    Your Θ shines across the galaxy !

    Thank you for your dedicated service to Mankind, eventhough it does not get appreciated and acknowledged in the C of DM.

    Welcome “ashore” Shipmate !

  148. Linda,

    What a wonderful doubt formula!

    I read Brainwashing in 1979 and it had a very profound affect on me. I think to some degree it was why I had bought all of the IAS PR because I believed Scientology could revert the conditions named in the booklet. What I didn’t realize was the IAS events promoted activities/campaigns that were soon intentionally abandoned after collecting the targeted funds. The simple truth is probably more along the lines of getting enough people up the bridge to create a saner planet, lessening the need for psychiatry. I think that is one of the reasons for having the goal be a cleared planet.

    You and I have a similar viewpoint on Scientology and being a part of this group…it really is just so logical to want to see it expand.

    Despite the fact that your son has chosen to cut your comm lines, those who know you well will have an additional question of doubt in their universe and perhaps explore the truth for themselves. I think as more and more people are independently deciding to disconnect from the church, more will question their allegiance to it. There is just too much theta and integrity emanating from the independents, it is just too darn attractive, just like it was in the old days.

  149. I´m done.

    Unforgiven by Snowhite.

    Where did you leave the other 6 midgets?

  150. Dart Assassin

    Real truth Linda, you say it so well!
    Hope you like this song for you.

  151. Sno,
    Listen to this. It’s not the original Meters version, but I defy anybody not to dig this tune. If you can’t, then you are as pink-ass cracker as Josef Stalin. That ain’t good.

  152. Exactly!

  153. Oh please you! My truth is the highest truth.

  154. Snowite: While it is true that the people on this blog are an unorganized group of free thinking people and would probably fail if formed into one big org, I don’t think anyone here has the intention to do so.

    The purpose of this group is to expose the crimes that have been comitted by dear leader and his henchmen. Show the out-tech and get Scientology back on source and thus bring about a reform and resurgence.

    In other words, put ethics in on the top of the org board to save the Tech.

  155. I had to say s/g here:
    I do not know you , but I would like to tell you that no one needs any impressive degree or cert’s, or endorsement from anyone to be able to make a great leaving.
    Whether that is as a consultant or as a business person.
    Who is talking about being hired by someone? Why would a SCN who is trained resort to such a degrading thing anyhow?
    Believe you me; Debbi does NOT need any connection. Don’t you know that marketing, the knowledge of marketing IS the tech of making connections?
    If am harsh here it is because I want to make sure you get the idea that SCN ACTUALLY WORKS and that one needs no permission for anything from anyone.
    It is in fact a lot easier to make a million than to have a $ 15 an hr job. If you SCN that is or if you are confident from nature.
    I suggest whoever you are you change YOU thinking – it might help to make some money and trough away “supposed to do’s” and or have better postulates at least.
    Debbi, has all the knowledge she needs to be in any business she likes to be in.
    And whether she does it by telling loudly that she was in the church but no more or not is not important,– what counts is that she does what suits her.
    Good luck Debbi 

    Love Helmut

  156. I feel insulted by proxy by the mere suggestion Snowhite could be of anon descent. He or she is all yours.

    Snowhite is from the Anti Marty, OSA for toddlers Board.

  157. Proof or it didn’t happen

  158. Hey Mat…

    Peace Bro.
    I hope you know who I am.
    I do know who you are.

    Nobody wants to listen that his beingness is one of a coward type.

    A lot will defend themselves telling big storyes about how important it is to be under the radar and how they are helping big time.

    It´s a little bit like the PTS phenomena where you have a very high percentage of PTS and lot of them are false or pretended ones. By those trained on PTS/SP tech you get my point.

    We have here a situation where one or two on a hundred have very valid reasons to remain under the radar and the rest just are justifying THE FACT.


    They feel invalidated, misunderstood and other odd spins.
    This is not helping to the independent movement they say.
    We are forcing them to go public.
    Violating his pan-determinism.

    For me the naked truth is: I respect is someone wants to give his name or only a nickname.
    I admire courage and guts in any form or expression.
    I exist.
    I count.
    I don´t have any valid reason to remain under the radar.

    I understand your frustration or any way you wish to call it Mat.
    I have been there.

    I urge you to read AKH series HCO PL “Alter is and degraded beings” in a new unit of time to get a full grasp of this.


    Peace to all and don´t hate me for being handsome!!!!!!


  159. to hell with the abbreviations—
    You are priceless.

  160. No Dora.


  161. Windhorse…

    I hear you and thanks!

  162. Linda…




    A hug…

    And a kiss…

    And another hug…

    And finally a big, big kiss.

    A Powerpuff little girl it seems. Courage and guts.


    Some of this days I will take a jet and I will go to visit you!!!

    Don´t let a small voice confuse you.

    What you have done.
    What all of you public independents are doing WILL finally salvage scientology.
    Not because I say so.
    It´s because is the only valid and honorable way of achieving a high level and correct order of magnitude change by now.

    I really, really sorry about your family.
    I´m there.
    I´m still there in a lot of senses and with a lot of loved ones.
    But this will make a change! Is making a change.

    Mucho gusto comadre y Viva México C*bro*es!!
    100 years of revolution.
    200 years of independence.

    And finally a hug!!!


  163. Matt,

    I agree with you. It’s basically taking responsibility. Debbie knows this.

  164. Welcome here Linda. And what a thorough Doubt Formula. Excellent job!


    On a separate topic…

    Has anyone else noticed that, just today, Bob Adams — the former NFL tightend from the 70s and thus celebrity Scientologist — is now being called (or calling himself) the “Church of Scientology spokesman”? Check out:

    Do you think it’s official? Bob Adams being groomed for Tommy Davis’ spot?

  165. Her chances of earning a decent livins are slim to none? I know I choose some questionable battles sometimes, but should I assume from your statement that you have no real admin training? I earned six figures my second year out of the SO consulting NON-Scientology companies in the use of LRH admin tech. I have no high school diploma. And I am NOT OEC/FEBC. The guys with the fancy degrees know they didn’t learn how to APPLY anything in school or learn how to actually manage. They know they didn’t REALLY learn anything until they got their first real job or started their first business. All they REALLY respect are results and competence. Debbie could make millions with her abilities. For you to say that an FEBC with as much actual experience and proven stats as she has couldn’t do better than minimum wage…I’m sorry, that’s just offensive and ignorant. I know college grads who can’t do better than minimum wage and I know competent people, both in SCN and out of SCN, who have made MILLIONS without diplomas. There might be various opinions about why Debbie is not speaking our. I myself don’t understand it really. But I think everyone on this blog respects the hell out of Debbie a competent administrator and an exec. No need to put her in the same category as an illiterate urbanite flipping burgers to scrape by. Jesus.

  166. Dear WH,
    I did get your point that each person has their own situation and a person can’t be pressured or embarassed into speaking out. I totally agree.

    I just wanted to make the point that in order to create a change it is vital for as many individuals as possible to stand up and be counted. I think we agree again.

    Sane people can’t stand to watch abuse, suppression and human right violations. There is a lot of support from Scientologists and non Scientologists alike. I was amazed when 9,000 non Scientologists protested in cities around the world. Also when Tommy Davis told the New York Daily News that the church planned to sue Amy Scobee for speaking out and the lawyer of Tom Cruise threatened to sue Amy regarding her book “Scientology -Abuse At The Top” an amazing thing happened. Four seperate legal firms interested in human rights contacted Amy to say they would represent her for free. Also dozens of Scientologists and non-Scientologists wrote to tell their stories and willingness to corroberate what she wrote in her book.

    Truth, honesty and good people willing to stand up for it, in their own way, will win out in the end.


  167. Chuck,

    About Rhodesia is one of my all time favorites!!

    The ending was especially theta, when LRH goes back to St Hill and he is greeted by the staff in the longest ovation I have ever heard on tape…it just went on and on and the incredible theta and admiration between the staff and LRH…WOW, I go exterior just recalling it.

  168. AlexMetheny

    I agree Idle Org!!

  169. There’s not much I can do from this end, Andrew.

    Its been around for about a year now – any half competent domain admin or sysop will be able to get rid of it from the servers. For home users get Firefox and keep your AVG (or similar) updated. Those happy to poke about “under the hood” and tweak registry keys etc can use ComboFix, HiJackThis plus Kaspersky Online Scanner. A quick Google will locate those.

  170. WH, Your words have been wise and I agree with your representation of what is likely the generic situation for many of the folks who are “under the radar”. With each having their own personal description or why.
    Scientology, both the good and the bad, has been a learning experience for us all. For me, I know that Scn provides things that are not available elsewhere, but that does not make it the only source of help to mankind.
    To use some LRH data, I suggest HCO PL “Group Sanity”, particularly the first point on ” Hiring”. It is all about inclusion and one point being “Exclusion of others is the basic cause of war and insanity.” Pretty strong words.
    Wish you the best and stick around- I always look forward to your messages.

  171. Marty mentioned it in an earlier article, I think it was titled something like “FSO, The final purges part 3”, or “part 4”.

  172. Mat, I think that what got things going on this was your statement of ” cowardly overt”. I launched a missile on that one that did not make it past the moderator. WH provided a much finer and refined response anyway.
    I think you might be surprised gladly on how many people are doing something on the QT; it is a groundswell.
    And your comm about the legal firms coming to Amy’s aid; how cool is that?
    Re Debbie, I agree she would have a major impact and could make it safer for others to show their cards.
    When this subject came up a few months ago, I referred to the fact that stats are up on the movement, so don’t change anything. Maybe not fast enough for those that have already bared their chests to the arrows, but I am helping in ways that are not visible to you. And I do thank you for what you have done and your courageous wife as well.

  173. Roberto,
    Bewieve me, I understand the stress of being ridiculously good-looking. I don’t hate you for it.

  174. Freedom Fighter

    Hey guys and gals, I have an idea: how about we leave the evaluations at the door and just grant people beingness whether they are out of the closet or not. I’d venture to say that my reason for not coming out yet is one that none of you have thought of (at least I’ve not seen it voiced here), and I can tell you that nothing anyone says here is going to make me do anything until I’m ready. I have only myself to answer to in the end and if I can live with what I’m doing, so should you.

    That said, I’m not sitting on my laurels here either. QuietDisobedience, I felt your comment about the Underground Railroad and those who helped the Jews during WWII was spot-on. I, too, was in the military and have an accute understanding of the fact that it takes people on the front lines, people behind the lines, and people in the rear to win a war.

    So, instead of playing into the hands of our enemy and fighting each other, I say let’s stay focused on the mountain so to speak.

  175. Clear “conceptual understanding”, clay demo it and reread the formula. If still perplexed, go see Jim for full sort-out. (Jim, You have routing forms, right?)

  176. The Computer Guy

    To clean up the computer you should also download the free version of Malwarebytes which is located at Download it, install it and then run a full scan. To find out what vulnerabilities you have, you can download Secunia PSI (it is free) and patch anything it tells you to patch.

  177. theystolemychurch

    I have been a Scientologist since since 1975 and I am still. I am an oldtimer!

    Having been on staff, worked with the SO (not in it – but with it) and having raised children in Scientology ~ I am “in hiding”.

    I have been in doubt since my visits to Flag to receive auditing. That was the only org that I felt Act 1 was truly out in my sessions…. and I had many of them there, too. I also had soooo many Auditors there that my F****** head was spinning….. I guess it was the many red tags from the new squirrel F/N at Exams…… I have had lifetimes that were shorter than the time that I sat there – in that chair waiting for the examiner to call the F/N….. what can I say… is that natter?

    When I could finally F/N I got away as FAST as I could, because I knew something was REALLY WRONG.

    I really admire Mike Rinder. I have from the day I met him. When I found out he had left I really knew things had gone South and then when I saw the things he said here, I knew I had to come out of the closet.

    I have one more dear friend that I have to disconnect from personally (face to face) before I can come all the way out…. but at least I am going to be able to take my children with me. You see I also raised them in and with Scientology, but also to think “outside the box” and to question “Authority” and even though they have done time on staff, they came through it with those deep seated ideas in tact (a win as their Mother).

    So I guess I am writing this because I am so grateful that you all are here and doing this… having to lose my religion “all the way” would be horrible as compared to just losing my Church…. Thanks you guys and thank you Linda for a really complete doubt formula… and the comment about Heber… NEVER should have hit HEBER!!!

    And Snowshit – go screw yourself, find a life and screw it up for yourselffff….. by the way I know who you are and I know what you are doing….. think about that for a while!

  178. Hi Linda! I read everything you wrote. Sorry of course, for the dissapointments. These are all temporary as I am sure you know, now that you have made a shift from the suppression.

    Scientology is a subjective exploration. Everything real and tangible is not Scientology.

    Scientology is an exploration of self, others, and magic.

    Everything you hoped to find and experience, is still right there.


    By L. Ron Hubbard

    The men of reason
    Nurtured light
    To save a battered

    The men of anger
    Scrambled high
    To kill all things
    Of worth

    The men of anger
    Raged and fought
    And out of anger

    That spot of light
    Upon yon cliff
    Has often guttered low–

    But men of reason
    Try again–
    A thousand eons

  179. WP,
    Thank you. What an ack to say someone was pure gold to the Church. I blush, and thank you again.
    Yes, we’ll be in comm.
    ML, Linda

  180. LOVE this one from Scientology-cult!!!!!

  181. This is the Independents Poem I wrote:

    The Independents

    Cheers to masquerades, unusual parades. Explorers, visionaries, and men’s tirades!
    Cheers to my friends, here’s to my enemies! Here’s to all the magic and alchemy!

    We might have slept, unheard and unseen.
    But we woke with our wands
    to enchantment and dreams.

    We rushed over angels, captured as soldiers.
    We drank of the magic
    and then hung the Chancellors!

  182. There’s some really healthy discussion here – with disagreement, but without disrespect. Enjoy it, folks, even when it’s uncomfortable.

    Also, Jim Logan, you cracked me up, man.

  183. Margaret,

    Bob Adam, the Spokesman? Interesting! Hmmm….

    I met him at a party before he joined the Sea org, he was posted at OSA. The church is using his ex-NFL “celeb” status to make him a front line spokesman.
    I am not sure if he is replacing Tommy boy. I won’t be surprise if Tommy is sent to RPF or some sort of “correction” brainwashing since has been a very bad PR for the church in his recent interviews.

  184. Mat,

    After reading your post and subsequent responses I walked away from the computer, made more coffee and said chill now Kirsi. Unpopular rant is about to come.

    I am 100% with you and that should sufficiently state my views on the issue concerning Debbie Cook especially.

  185. Hi Linda,

    Yup..I know about SB as I came up to see you with Bobbi and Marty. And definitely it was also IAS as I was the Membership Comm I/C for 5 years and always there.

    But if not CC, then it was early on somewhere that I don’t recall. I was in the SO for 5 yrs at CC.

    Great to have you hear.


  186. Mike Hobson

    It’s “Reverse Indulgences – the Final Purges part 6” and Marty actually said this:

    “An OSA team came in and delivered DM’s life ring for Debbie and Wayne to avoid declares and lost hope of ever using or seeing Scientology at any time in the future. Some “bullet-proof” termination contracts were drafted by OSA attorneys. The contracts called for heavy monetary fines should Debbie and Wayne ever disclose the seriatum violations of State and Federal criminal laws they had witnessed and were subjected to. In order to make the contracts “binding”, they were given modest severance pay in exchange for their non-disclosure promises.”

    and also *this*:

    “Believe me, she got chump’s change. So did the other subjects of “contract tech.”

    and also *THIS*:

    “At the same time, recognize that Debbie, Wayne and others similarly situated are suffering from an intentionally created in terrorum effect. That terror is the knowledge that for all practical purposes they do have their backs against the wall because Miscavige WILL spend however many millions he has to ruin his opponent.”

    So, in the absence of any other evidence, Mr. Pesch’s assertion of Debbie Cook having been “bought off” is seriously and severely twisted false light defamation and grossly unfair in my opinion.

    Michael A. Hobson


  188. Mat,

    Totally agreed! Debbie could help a lot of good people if she spoke out.

    I certainly wish she would. It would probably help her heal if she is indeed ill. IMHO.

    p.s. Great to meet you and Amy!!!

  189. Linda I am blown away by your very in detail formula, VWD!

    I am confident that your full family will get together again, latest when the 3rd party is removed.

    And thank you for your care of our mutual friend out there, she has nothing but rave comments to say what you have done.

    Hope to see you soon,

    Love, Kirsi

  190. one of those who see

    Hi Linda! Thank you for
    taking the time to write your
    thorough write up. And thank
    you for working so hard all
    these years to bring Scientolgy
    to the people. We are a truly
    amazing group of people-The
    Scientologists. And it’s funny,
    I didn’t see that so much in
    a long time while onlines. But,
    I see it so clearly here. We can
    do it. With such higly trained
    people, we can sort out what is
    Standard. And we can get Scientolgy
    back on purpose. Creating a safe
    Environment where we can Make
    Auditors fast and Get the charge
    off the Case! The result of Real
    Scientology being applied will
    be Scientology well thoght of
    I have had a rough time trying
    to get up the bridge. My last
    Cycle in one the higher orgs
    being just rediculus. Yes,
    That’s the correct word. But,
    I feel now like I did 28 years
    ago. All of the negative gone.
    It’s a new day. Enjoy your new
    day! The amount of postulates
    here regarding your son’s
    Reconnection, well I’m sure
    That will handle quickly as well.

  191. Hi Linda!

    I’ve been super busy the past few days and I haven’t yet been able to read your Doubt Formula. It looks terrific and I do plan to read the whole thing very soon. But meanwhile, I wanted to say hello and to welcome you to the group (even though I guess you’ve been here as “Darla” for a while). It’s a key out to share this wornderful group with people like you. I look forward to meeting you in person!

  192. Mat,

    That is truly awesome about Amy getting so much unsolicited suppport. Again showing that the truth IS the way out and the conditions do work, IF we apply them. Life might present challenges but with knowledge, we can make the world a better place.

  193. DM really did a number on her. I reread this. Thank you beebercat.

    45 Days In The Hole – final purges part 4

  194. Roberto,

    You are at it again!

    Your words of truth can sometimes have a sting to them, but I would much rather experience that than live in deceit.

    I think you hit every button I experienced. And, why I took one step up a little higher and walked out of the suppression, taking back my integrity and beingness. I am definitely not a hiding type of person. It really was that for me, I have felt SO much more relaxed, certain and in valence since doing so.

  195. Helmut,

    You bring up a very important point. We are thetans with an incredible amount of knowledge and ability. As long as we are in valence, we will do fine.

    I make twice the amount of money as others who do the same work. Why? Because I operate off condition 4 exchange, I know what I’m worth and demand it. I seek out those who I can mutually be of benefit to.

    Despite any economic scene, there will always be people around who appreciate quality and pay for it. There is no need to degrade oneself.

  196. There really are so many wonderful people out there. This post gave me a real surge of joy. I’m so glad Amy (and you, by extension) have been supported by so many. Four legal firms, huh? Beautiful.

  197. Lady L, Boyd, Theo, Truth,
    Why do I feel like I’m getting a session?
    I guess it’s the perfect TR 2.
    Thank you.

  198. Dear Mike,
    I respect you challenging the information. Unfortunately the time is wrong to expose my sources of information. This point will need to be covered fully at a future date.

  199. how fun it is to rejoice seeing.

  200. I remember you . It was awesome to me that you hung in there learning English while studying. You worked!
    I love supervising because I love people.

  201. C’mon–thell me the truth: you contacted these guys and told them to write this for me, right??

  202. Winsmexico,
    Acks don’t get better than this.
    Love back at ya.
    We’re doing it.

  203. Slowwit,

    What kind of a group are we? One of the strongest ever formed I’d say. Where it’s true some of us want to build it back up and some want to tear it all down, depending on how much we’ve seen, how much we know and how wounded we’ve been and where we are in the healing process, we are all welcome.

    We are here to help:
    Help get the truth out,
    Help to heal the wounded,
    Help to reunite friends and families,
    Help to expose suppression and support human rights… Not so different than the goals that led us into Scientology and the SO in the first place, hm?

    We have a great respect for each other, whether we’re charging into “No Mans Land”, or are behind the bunkers covering their backs, or at home supporting the troops. Some of our supporters are “WOGS”, never having been in Scientology, but recognizing what this group stands for and how vital that is. We salute them all.

  204. yeah, the F/N thing is beyond bizarre. I routed out through the RPF in 2007. I’ve NEVER been red-taggy, or had problems at exams since 1972. But on the RPF, the examiner had to come to me (the OT co-audit space is a short walking distance to the examiner). They had to climb hurdles to get to me just to give me an exam and the examiner probably ended up with vertigo while her bead bounced from the needle dial to my face 50 times. Another CL IX auditor told me the way she got around “no F/N” is just to keep talking. Tricks of the trade….

  205. I have been reading this blog for a while now along with a few others. I thought I would put in my two cents as someone who went BACK on staff a few years ago for various reasons.

    My quick history is that I am an OT, trained supe and auditor since 1973, past life Clear (1948) and LRH was my auditor and trained me personally.

    I was on staff in the 70’s and it was a complete horror story. All I will say about that is I know what it is like to be physically hurt and have your entire group turn on you and to be labeled an SP. No Comm Ev, just a verbal declaration.

    I have had 3 attempts on my life. Reference is “Responsibility of Leaders” regarding being in the most dangerous position – right next to Power. If you are connected of Power (i.e. LRH) you will be attacked. It is a natural law. You can’t take it personally, even though it IS personal.

    Fast forward to present time. I found a group that is pure theta and I realized that someone needed to be there for the public and treat them kindly and with great care and ARC. My course room is packed with old-timers who won’t go into an Org. There is very little call-in, we are small but my course room is cute, we don’t wear uniforms, we don’t fund raise and most of us are trained, OT and have been around a long time. We handle the public person in front of us based on what they need and want.

    I have “failed students” from Orgs and Flag who are flourishing and prospering under standard supervision from myself and others who are getting through their courses with only Method 3, spot checks (we don’t have a meter in the course room because, well, damn, none of us have received and “OK” from the powers above to operate one) and tons and tons of hugs, high 5’s and praise.

    I love my students and they love me and the group. They are safe with us. They talk to me, I listen, I show them references and word has gotten out and more are arriving. I am getting calls from others, asking if they can just come study in our course room even though they have paid at an Org. We don’t care if they are our paid public or not. All are welcomed.

    For those that are not currently on lines, believe me when I tell you this – the OT’s out here are naturally organizing and none of us are afraid. If you think fear is something that motivates an OT, please show me the reference. What motivates us is intelligence, care and love of LRH and the staff.

    I will stay for as long as I can, continue to write up what I believe needs to be written up and I will hold the doors open for as long as I can and give all of you a safe space to have your comm cycle with LRH and take out anyone or anything that attempts to get in the way of that. Anyone got a problem with that? If so, come talk to me – I dare you.

    In closing, I have just two things to say:

    To LRH – I love you. I am right here. I got your back.

    To DM – I don’t love you. I am right here. Watch your back.

    Thanks for reading and now it’s time for some roll call!

  206. I am not interested in talking to you, or with you, or begin a discussion. I am here only to try to confuse you. But let me tell you: You obviously think if all the Scientologists would only know about you, and your “informations” they would agree. Perhaps you are angry, because in Orgs no one ever mention you or your activities, and so you are still in nonexistence. – You better thank god for it! If DM is ever to decide to inform the Publics about what you are doing, 10 Million Scientologists would come over you, to get you. But you are too little, a small group without any importance.

    The truth is: A simple Public from Germany, total alone, with no orders from anybody, but with his self determinism, never been in any official position, or managment, but aware of your suppressive activities, is confronting you since months, without stepping back a single atom wide, although I am reading almost everything here. I am reasonable man! You should have convince me long ago! Instead I see every day more and more suppression, and you are geting desperate, because you`re sinking deeper and deeper into the mud. It´s terrible to see that! But I`m afraid I have no compassion for you. The door should always be a little bit open, but in your case, I would allow an exception, if I had something to say.

  207. Mat,
    Too right!

    Debbie, get Bennetta off your lines and you will start feeling stronger immediately. She reports to dm, you know. When you disconnect from an SP, that includes all his connections, you know that, so why haven’t you done it?
    Wayne, make sure she does it. You’ve been loving, guarding and trying to protect her all these years. You promised me personally, way back when, that you would always do that. Don’t let her down now. Make a FULL disconnect from the sp source.

    Much Love, Eileen

  208. gsmoore/Gary,
    As I was reading through your posting I got the idea that it may be YOU! From my recalls, you went through some unpleasant incidents yourself during your training. Please contact me, there are many questions that I have.


  209. The Computer Guy,
    I have McAfee and just checked my security system, it says no real time virus detection since Feb 10, but there are 5 sites with ? that are listed as computer connections that McAfee says are unknown. Can you tell me what they might be?
    you can email me direct if you’d like rather than post answer here, which is way off subject…LOL!

  210. Jim Logan,

    Don’t recall if we ever met, probably in passing, but I just wanted to say, I love you. I love your posts. I love your sane postings that make right indications and blow charge. I love your total certainty of what you know. And, I love your compassion, unending, for others. Thank you.

  211. Fantastic! Another coming out celebration coming soon. Good for handling what you needed to handle, talk soon.

  212. Dear Marty,
    You couldn’t answer a simple, straight-up question that was asked of you respectfully and without rhetoric?
    That, my friend, speaks volumes as to your commitment to communication, your “ethics”, and your general character.
    Sorry if I enturbulated you.

  213. martyrathbun09

    Huh? If DM can’t enturbulate me nobody can; and he can’t.

  214. Mike Hobson

    Excuse me, “Hmm(?)(!)”.

    Please link to the exact context you are complaining about, else your comment is just negative PR *rhetoric*.

    Michael A. Hobson

  215. I’m disaffected now.
    Darla is Linda, and Virgil Samms is Tom… on Bridge to Nowhere thread of Jeff’s blog.
    Jim Logan was there, too. (Jim, was your question to me, or was it just another beauutiful thoought of yours about Theta vs. MEST theory?)

    Thanks for clarifying your entities, folks.

    To you, I’m just VaD.
    (I’m not hiding. I’m not looking to become an emperor or a “bright spot” on the blog”. I just speak my mind. Mosey, let me do it!

  216. Right on, Goddess!!!

  217. Dear Linda,

    Brilliant and Courageous, as always. Very Well Done to you for remaining a Loyal Officer. What else could one expect? 🙂

    Your reference to HCOPL 15 April 82, PLANETARY DISSEMINATION, having been removed from the OEC Vols is correct. In the Management Series CD there is a note saying that the PL (Marketing Series 19 and Finance Series) is “Limited Distribution” only, and is therefore not included.

    As a Fully Hatted FBO for 8 years, I can tell you I’ve read the issue a hundred times. There is no more vital PL for expansion than this.

    I can also say that it is being uniformly ignored and unilaterally violated by DM and all the rest of the S.O. staff who should be applying it.

    It appears that the entire S.O. is guilty of the same Suppressive Acts that D.M. perpetrates daily.

    Do no seek to find for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for me and thee….

  218. Dart Assassin

    No Linda, but Iam glad it reached you!

  219. Totally. What would piss DM off more, having more people stepping out posting openly or knowing how many people are with Marty but still fully connected to all “his” people? There’s value there too. That’s for sure.

  220. I think you read a lot into a blog exchange. If you were not so self important it wouldn’t offend you so much that a question posted here was overlooked. How is that someone else’s fault? Where’s your TR3? And why don’t you just get your ser facs handled so it’s not an issue?

  221. You beauty! If there is a perfect being…well…

  222. lulu belle

    “I believe, there are MANY more people who have left scientology who never plan to become scientologists again but are happy that the exposure is being done. Who support what you are doing and who behind the scenes are doing what they can. Those people can and do add energy and support. Or you might say — THETA.

    However, if this independent movement is actually a movement welcoming to only those who plan to BE scientologists — well — then it’s time to state that clearly.

    I had perhaps falsely felt this was a place for all of us with GOOD intentions towards our fellow man to meet and grow.

    There are those of us who feel that scientology isn’t THE ONLY way mankind can be helped.”

    I’m glad you said this.

    Where exactly do you stand on this, Marty?

  223. “theystolemychurch,” I totally got what you said about “losing my religion”. You know, when I first got out, I was still disseminating, getting people to buy and read Dianetics, etc. But then the question arose of where I would send these public, since they would say I was their “FSM”, but I’m an “SP”-that wouldn’t really work, would it? And it dawned on me that the thing I loved to do, being a true Div 6’er, help people with Scn and then get them onto their own path, well, I couldn’t do that.

    My brother, who is also an ex-SO and who has other friends like he- Ex SO, who never had any SCN applied to them to know that it actually works and who now have a great distaste for SCN as a result-would shake their heads at the absurd irony-there I was still using and promoting Scn, though considered an “enemy” and SP declared, while they, who want nothing to do with the church, and would never dream of disseminating to anyone, can still be friends with other Scn’s.

    I too felt like I was losing my religion til this site and the work I know is being done in the field now. I realize, it is MY religion-no one can take that away from me, even if they can take away my friends and connections-those people are not real friends and connections anyway. Scn and Dianetics cannot be monopolized. We can all apply the tech at will. Even if you don’t want to BE a “Scientologist”, you can still use the tech, too.

    So I am very happy and very grateful. I am not an enemy of this tech. I am an enemy of tyranny, misapplication of ethics and tech, as well as those people who take pleasure, yes, PLEASURE, (I witnessed this too many times), in degrading others around them in the name of “Scientology.” This is NOT Scientology.

    I am a friend of anyone who has the true intention of helping- Buddhist, Hindu, Yogi, Christian-whatever.

    That’s where I stand.

    Linda! Thanks for blowing some charge and confusion out of the way by voicing Truth and for inspiring me to look at my conditions as well-you Rock!

  224. You’re exactly right, Amy’s Mom! Thanks for telling Snow Job the truth.

  225. martyrathbun09

    Lulu Belle, Read my blog and you’ll know exactly where I stand.

  226. Goddess,

    Well, it sounds like you have one of the few really good courserooms in the country, and one of the few that’s producing great products. How well done!

    I would very much like to know what kind of a group this courseroom represents. Apparently it’s not in an org, so is it in a mission? If not, what kind of group is it part of?

    Your experience in the 70’s is interesting. Was that in an org? My 70’s experience was quite different. I was on lines at a mission, and that mission was extremely theta and uptone. There was no suppression on the public’s lines. A lot of Scientology was applied, and it was applied very well. The mission was a place where Scientologists wantede to hang out, even when they weren’t on services.

    That all changed in ’82/’83, when the Mission Holder was declared. The mission became an org, and the org eventually closed. Good product, huh?

    Anyhow, I’d love to know what kind of organization you’re on staff at, and how you’re able to keep everything so theta and standard.

  227. Mitch,

    I don’t know if you’ve posted here before, but, if not, welcome to the group. You’ve found your friends, for sure. Here in our virtual group Scn can be applied with a truly theta purpose, without arbitraries, and without any suppression. Welcome indeed!

  228. theystolemychurch,

    No, of course that’s not natter! You’re giving us a report and you’re telling us what happened. That is never natter, it’s the truth.

    Remember that in a multiple viewpoint system it’s important to get accurate reports, whether they are reporting pluspoints or outpoints. Reporting outpoints is not natter, except in DM’s twisted head!

    It sounds like you raised your children with the right philosophy! Well done on that. And before you disconnect from your churchie friend, maybe you can show hin or her articles from this blog and get him or her to read the comments. Maybe your friend will come with you!

    Anyhow, you’ve found your group! There’s no need ever to give up your religion, of course. The church is expendable; it’s just an institution that has become corrupt and twisted. But no one can ever touch the truth and the tech LRH gave us.

  229. Freedom Fighter

    Right on, Amy’s Mom!!

  230. Freedom Fighter

    Goddess, wahooo!!!

  231. Thank you for this and you’re very welcom. I’m in a room in front of my computer with music in the background – and there is not a dry eye in the room. You are a real friend of the tech. Yee-hah!!

  232. Just a note about leaving and making a living. Since my entire education and life from age 20-33 were full full full time CofS done in some unknown off style mostly, and the only things real to me were those things I knew as an auditor ~ it made for me being a great communicator, great mother, a fantastic person to go out with, but it gave me absolutely no advantage in getting a job. I couldn’t go out and field audit because I wasn’t connected to the church. I felt I couldn’t really go out and use admin tech or I’d be squirreling there too. The internet was there in 1998 but not like it is today ~ no references at your fingertips. I had no one else in my life who’d ever done one service. It took me a long time to peel off my own straight jacket and learn how to live, to gain ARC and KRC with non-Scientologists. Learn how to BE, DO and HAVE in a whole new way. All the mock-ups I had of the future I had to reformulate in this new life.
    I managed and I’m proud of many things I’ve accomplished since then ~ all the things I’ve wanted to, but I am still finding tiny bits of that straight jacket stuck to my ass. To even freely think I can audit and not have the Gestapo at my door is foreign. Freeing but kind of scary at the same time. I never had figured out how to fulfill my hat in life to be a Class VIII without the CofS. I’d quit thinking about it.
    Now I think about it and because of the people here, I can envision that future again.
    Linda~thank you for your write-up and for who you are too. Knowing about you and others does give me safe terminals so that I can open up my little “only-me” world over here. That only-me world is pretty lonely sometimes and shaky and like I wrote to Tom, you’ve made it much more stable ~ not so wobbly! Thank you!

  233. And just where is Tightey Whitey on the Bridge? Hum? Sorry to remind you, Snowy, you’re not making it like this.

  234. WoW you are a Goddess! So cool to hear of your courseroom and how you treat the most important Scientologists on the planet…old timers! Hugs2You bigtime!

  235. Just got to watch this video! Love it!

  236. Good for you, glad for your friends and students.

    The truth is, we are all just friends of Hubbard’s.

    The identities mocked up on top of that are alter is and synthetic.

  237. Thanks guys! Glad you liked my posting.

    Before I respond, I would like to say something about myself and why I am on this website. If after reading it, if it’s OK for me to continue posting that would be great.

    If not, I will absolutely respect that and leave y’all alone.

    My little area of the East Coast is secure. Most of my friends are on staff at the Org and in the Sea Org. A few of my Sea Org friends are at Int Mgmt. I am very good friends with the local ED of the Org.

    Think of me as Switzerland. I am neutral and would like to pop in once in a while, talk about my chocolates and watches and then pop out.

    I pass no judgment on anyone here or elsewhere. I am truly sorry for what so many of you have gone through and I hope that my comm will help to let you know that all is not lost.

    Please do not think that the staff are unaware or stupid. I keep everything off their lines, I give them references and when they have had a really bad day, I take them out and get them drunk. OK, sorry, I lied on that last point but you get what I am saying.

    They are bright, wonderful, hard working and confused. They are where I was 30 years ago and I totally duplicate and understand. They are my friends, my comrades and I will not leave.

    All I do is TR3 KSW. I never target a Who, per the Data Series. I have no personal upset with DM as I don’t know him. I disagree with some of the programs being run and I write it up and carry on.

    I am not GAT supe trained and I have refused to do it. All I ask is “What is the LRH reference?” or “Have my certs been cancelled and HCO neglected to tell me?” and that pretty much ends the comm cycle right there. I am more than willing to follow LRH on the High Crimes reference and handle the updates in Qual. So far, no one has ordered me to do that, which is an outpoint, but we will just leave that alone, shall we?

    Yes, I work at a Mission and it’s wonderful. The Mission Holder pretty much has given up on me – I mean this in a very good way – and he will come into the course room and see 3 students he has never seen before. He will pull me aside and ask “Are these more friends of yours that you dragged in here?” and I’ll bat my blue eyes, admit it and he smiles and walks away. Now mind you, they aren’t paid public and no one cares.

    If I have a stat crash, the execs come in to HELP! They start doing call-in for us, make sure our tone is still high and push all us supes back onto the floor to help more. The basic handling when my stats crash is “Well, well done Barb and the rest of you for clearing out the course room (snide smile thrown in) and I am sure you will handle it, right?” and he walks away. And, yeah, we handle it.

    On many occasions it has been Wednesday night, I really need the comp and the student is so close to finishing and the stats are down and I look and see he’s not a product. Nope, not liking what I am seeing so I won’t comp him. I tell him “You know, you just look like crap. It’s late, I’m tired, you’re tired, so let’s call it a night and pick this up next week, OK?”

    They smile (some have cried) and he comes back next week and we see where we are at.

    I tell my Senior “I didn’t comp Joe Blow because I didn’t like his indicators” and he says “No problem. Just take good care of him and let me know if you need some help” and life goes on.

    We apply “Responsibility of Leaders” to the letter. Don’t know nuthin ‘bout pink legs.

    There is much good going on out here in the field. I just thought you guys might want to know that.

  238. No a Krautfag Jim , wich means I think a German person. As you are a Scientology person, a Scifag not to be confused with a Scififag.

    When you use the term fag as stand alone you mean somebody is engaged obnoxious behavior or you are friends and you use it as a term of endearment.

    The person Heather talked about was a Gayfag who said to be a FagFag because he felt save and knew he would be accepted for the person he is without Homophobial faggotry.

    “You are being a big fag” means for example “stop your obnoxious behavior.”

    There was a South park episode where Harley Davison riders were branded Faggots for being loud and obnoxious.

  239. martyrathbun09

    Cat Daddy, thanks for the clarification. I’m nixing comments that use that terminology from here on out.

  240. Marty, understood.

  241. Tone 41,

    Thank you so much!


  242. Linda!!! Come and give me a hug! I am almost in tears seeing you and Tom out. I am so darn happy! Great to see you are out and well. I would love to get in touch. Contact me if you want to dominicnobrien at Do you know of any others that are out that I might have missed?
    A bug hug and loads of love,
    P.S. Did you see the Channel 4 video which Marty was so nice to mention on his block? I think you would like to see it if you have not already.

  243. martyrathbun09

    Hey Dominic, you are star, man.

  244. If I may be so bold as to evaluate what you’ve written…

    Sounds to me like a true OT demonstrating competence so surely and well that the chance of you going effect to a bunch of SP rot is nil. I think “crap” just stays out of your space! Your Condition 4 exchange is admirable.

    Nicely done. THAT is Scientology at its best!

  245. Devil-May-Care

    Hey Linda,

    Were in the SO at the PAC Base? Weren’t you the supervisor at the Continental Training Org?

    Thought you looked like her.

  246. For now, here’s a virtual hug. Man, it’s good to hear from you.
    Tom was was watching the video and I was in the other room, and he screams:
    “Linda, C’mere. Here’s Dominic!!” So I run in there and there’s this guy with longish hair, and I’m a little Q&A and right about that time this guy says something to you during a BB and you bend over laughing. “Omigod! It IS Dominic,” I say. Love your laugh (I think it’s your signature), love your TRs, love you. So thinks for the hug. I noted your email address and I’ll shoot someting off to you. Gianni is out of the SO, and is a daddy now. Doing Scn Italian translation-don’t know much else. He deleted me from Facebook without asking me about what he was alerted to, so…..
    Watch for an email from me and Tom.
    And Dominic, your video was so godamn good. I shed a tear, I did. I know your life is rich if this is what you do.

  247. Goddess

    I certainly want you to keep posting, and I would be very surprised if there’s anyone else around who doesn’t want you here!

    I don’t have any disagreement with what you’re doing. You are experiencing Scn as it’s supposed to be, the way it was in the mission I was part of in the late 70’s. Everything in “my” mission back then was theta and uptone. Purpose was always senior to policy, and helping people to really make it always came first. It sounds like that’s your experience now, which is great.

    Many of us, however, can’t support a church that commits continuous suppressive acts, which the C of M does. Clearly that’s not happening in your mission, so it’s good to see that Scientology can still be delivered standardly somewhere in the C of M network.

    I respect you for acting on the data you have availalble and for continuing to apply Scn with love, respect, and only the intention to help. Please stick around!

  248. Sure, and I hope to see more of you around here. 🙂

  249. Tone 41 – Thanks very much. Trust me, every day is difficult and every day I have to check my integrity. Though the Mission Holder won’t allow me to make announcements to the students after course for fund raising events at the local Org because the last one I said “Ladies and gentlemen, there will be an Ideal Org event at such and such time. Just another reason for you not to pay for your Bridge. Be sure to turn in your points before you leave.”

    It got deathly quiet in the course room. So, it has become “Don’t ask and don’t tell” and we move on. I sometimes feel like I am in the armed forces and gay. LOL

    We are reading the blogs. It’s a guilty pleasure of ours and we are addicted. Many of us have our fingers crossed for all of you and ourselves.

    I don’t know how all of this will end up or what I will do. I have opinions, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised is it’s the Missions that survive. We are on a different network (SMI) and are not allowed to be touched or handled by any one other than SMI. LRH is very clear about leaving us alone, so for now we are OK. Besides, SMI is very theta and easy to deal with and very caring. Simple programs to run – books sold, promo out, first service starts, etc. You know, the things you can do in your sleep.

  250. Thank you Darla! That is very sweet of you to say!

    I truly hope everything goes well for you. God knows you deserve it.

  251. Thank you Freedom Fighter.

    Keep fighting, ya hear?

  252. Tara, it’s the least I can do.

    Besides, they are just as cranky as I am, so there is much reality! LOL

  253. Theoracle, that’s what I think too. It really is all about being friend and granting of beingness.

  254. gsmoore, well, that is one of the nicest evals I’ve ever had. Thanks!

    Any of you supes know that if you can’t stop a student cold and turn them into a pillar of salt with just one look, you need to find another post.

    You also know how to walk into a room or any space and own it. You just lock in all your anchor points and handle the space and the particles in it.

    So, someone says some off-policy thing, you stop them in their tracks with “the look”, tilt your head and furrow your eyebrow and say “Huh?” No need to get upset. They usually run away at that point.

    I am going to get a T-shirt that says “Do I LOOK like easy prey?”

  255. Thank you Karen!

  256. Goddess,

    “. I sometimes feel like I am in the armed forces and gay. LOL”

    That’s a hoot!

    I think the scene you describe can only exist these days at a mission. You might be right that only the missions will survive.

    Meanwhile, keep putting sanity and theta there. What you’re doing is very sane. Keep reading the blogs and keep contributing!

  257. Virgil Samms

    Goddess – you’re a hoot.

    I’m an old supervisor and I like your attitude. I used to stop them with the look.

    I especially like your line: “Many of us have our fingers crossed for all of you and ourselves.”

    This line handled so much in my universe. We really need people to keep delivering Scientology and keeping the dream alive. It really backsus up and lets us know that it still works.

    And it also lets us know that there are a lot more friends that we are totally unaware of that are way under the radar.

    Thanks for being there.

    ML Tom

  258. Dear Linda,

    I wrote you a long comment and lost it due to a sever apparently timing me out. It happened just as I pushed the submit button.

    So I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your very concise Doubt formula write-up which was very informative and covered so many points and was a good summary of what so many of us have observed.

    I have a question about the people who have turned in their OT VII materials due to not being able to afford their six-month check. Are they getting in “ethics trouble” for this? Also, could you give me a range of the number of pre-OT’s you know have done this, like 2 or 3, or 10 or 15? I always wondered what would happen to someone if for some reason they could not attend their six-month check, let’s say having to take care of a sick, elderly parent, or a child. I know people at Flag who would have to wait for weeks for their six month check, very frustrated over running out of time and accommodations s money. I have been incomplete on OT V for many years, and would see this during trips to Flag, especially the last one in 2001. It made me feel like I’d have to have hundreds of thousands in the bank before I coulde afford to be on OT VII.

    I was also very interested in your comments on running a Class V Org as a garrion missionaire. I was on staff for two brief periods, the last time as an Exec Esto. I observed that there were lots of programs, and it would appear that staff would look over the programs and do what they could do, bit and piece, just to be able to say they were working on them for the Flag Rep. I remember thinking how overwhelming it was to have so many different programs, and how could staff get their jobs done, and especially with all the events. I also felt badly for Class V orgs as they seem to do all the work to get people stably on the Bridge, and then some high-powered FSM talks to them and gets a big commission for sending them to other orgs, or IAS or Super Power regges get them to donate for service never received. I felt like it took the staff months or years to get these people made into real Scientologists, and everyone else would reap the benefit. I myself was an FSM and had an intense desire to be a top FSM, but it just seemed that Class V org staff were taken advantage of in this regard.

    Also, I spent a couple of years in the dictionsary, on the PRD, and although I never finished, what I did do was invaluable to me. I didn’t realize that this is no longer done. Thank you for that data. What an incredible drop out (omitted datum) of the study tech.

    I would very much like to comm some more, but have to go for now. Very well done on making your decision, despite the disconnection from your son and his wife and grandchildren. I personally know how painful that is, and wish you the very best on getting back in comm with them.

    All my love,
    Lady Minn

  259. Hmm(?)(!)

    Your made up “Hmm(?)(!)” name defines you and your personality, DUMB and CONFUSE. Just like your “dear leader” DM.

    Marty is a bigger being than you can even think.

  260. Tom,

    Then ya know what I’m a talking ‘bout….

    Yes, of course it works and I know y’all know that. Don’t need to preach to the choir.

    I will stay as long as I can see that it is greater good.

    Plan B is me on the back of a Harley with a really good looking man, a gin and tonic in one hand, pack of smokes in the other and refusing to wear a helmet.

    We all know that’s what I’m gonna do, right? To hell with the frickin radar. LOL

  261. Linda: What amazing clarity! My wish for some time now is that those within the COS would see for themselves what is going on, and I am overjoyed to see that you can some others can see and actually have left the enemy camp.

    Enjoy now Scientology as it was meant to be.

  262. Lady Minn,
    Well, I outdid you in the delayed response.
    Thanks for your ack!. I actually started that doubt formula Oct 09!
    To answer some of your questions:
    I only know personally of 2 people that turned their materilas in. Did they get in ethics trouble? Only to a point: recovery efforts were the focus. But it required a trip to FSO which would have included sec checking, cramming, personal auditing (not solo) and every recovery action known to man or beast (pun intended). So they didn’t do it, as it would have ended up costing between 10 and 20 Gs (I figure that conservatively). One of them was the wife of an OT VIII. The wife was auditing on Solo NOTS and didn’t want to do it anymore. So she sent everything back and he LET her! I guess he wasn’t too passionate about OT VII comp and OT VIII – at least not enough to want it for his wife of over 40 years.
    I don’t remember where on the blog it is, but a Solo NOTs D of P (from a European country) gave a rundown of the status of the 5,000+ public proported to be”on” Solo NOTS. He broke it down into how many are auditing, how many are bugged, how many are disaffected, how many are too ill to audit, even deceased. Quite revealing.
    I’m not dissing SOLO NOTS as a level. Properly deliverd and C/S’d, I have no doubts it does what it says (I have an idea of it as I am OT V). But the expense of it prohibits people from making it. 6-7 years of out tech … well, good luck. I know of one lady who has been auditing for 13 years, non-stop. And another guy who has been on it 11 years. His wife is trying to get on, but he used all of her money on account to keep going. At one point, he thought he was done, but spent months there and received EIGHTEEN INTENSIVES of auditing and came back home with his materials. And just as an aside, it is called review auditing to avoid paying out FSMC on those intensives. I know of a couple that are auditing and the nightmare of going every six months is
    b-r-u-t-a-l. They are not wealthy and are now so upside down, it’s tragic.
    On the CL V org thing: yeah, the programs are the antithesis of help. I arrived at an 11 man org. The first day I got there, there were 86 telexes. The nudges on programs and computer gernerated chits were the bulk of it. But the programs being run into the org (and ignored) were for posts that were not manned. Like Dir Comm, SSO, Chaplain, VM I/C. and on and on. One good thing about being on mission, is you can just telex your programs chief and tell her to get rid of all these things because the org is “under Action Bureau”. So she did knock it off, but they built up again, and were just ignored.
    On the FSM thing: you just need to watch it like a hawk, and get the agreement of the person you are selecting to go to turn in your selection slip. The sharks are out there, so in order for you to get the FSMC for your org, you have to police it. I had a near war with a public FSM, but the org won in the end even after she flapped it to
    management. It’s just another distraction.
    If you’d like to email me, I’m at

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