THANKS to the folks who not only made JB’s and my work easier over the past two weeks, but who taught us lessons along the way.

THANKS to Mosey for chasing off DM’s vampire gnats from the home front all on your sweet lonesome and for keeping me centered and introducing me to the original Morpheus.

THANKS  to the Cowboy Poet and the Navajo Code Talker (and their wonderful spouses) for great hospitality and some Wild, Wild West tailshaking services.

Cowboy Poet with a greenhorn

Navajo Code Talker


THANKS to Claire and Marc and K1 and K2 for making your home our home, reminding us that it is all about family, friends and the mortar that holds them together, making life fun and indestructible (love/ARC). And THANKS also to Marc for reminding me not to take things too seriously.

THANKS to Jason and Angie and B1 and B2 for the respite on your ranch that teems with life and for reminding us that theta in its many forms and personalities is the universal healer.

THANKS to Tiziano and Jamie  for reminding us of the power of insouciance and the spirit of play.

Thanks to Mary Jo and Kathy B for making it through the Third Wall of Fire despite the C of M’s best efforts to prevent it, and for sharing so that we all might follow your leads.

THANKS to Gregory and Joanna for sharing your irrespressible, shining own selves.

Collectively, you all instilled a great deal of confidence that everything is going to come out all right in the end. That is because you demonstrated how much stronger, faster and higher toned our horizontal lines of affinity, reality and communication are in comparison to the enforced, entheta vertical lines of the monster that seeks to destroy us.  It became very evident that no matter what the force encountered, we cannot be stopped.

This is to all ya’ll:

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  1. Thank you to you . 🙂

  2. Marty

    Mark and I are smilin ear to ear to ear to ear.

    Love and laughter to you all.

  3. The “Thank You’s” in return are equally ours.

    And not-stoppable it is.


  4. Sharing in the acknowledgement of these wonderful people we have grown to know and love
    Big hug to all of you (including Marty), for caring, leading, inspiring and making Scientology a fun game to play again.

  5. Marty , great ack, thanks. Anytime, any place.
    Love you for who you are and what you stand for.xxo


  6. And thanks to that Marty guy for taking charge where it was so very needed!

    Who better, really to do so?

    Boy, DM won’t like all of this theta!


  7. PS (because the thought just occurred to me)
    We need to add the charge of ‘hat dump’ to DM’s virtual on-line Comm-Ev.
    Whatever hat he touts he is supposedly wearing now we’re all having to take a piece of it to keep the show on the road.

  8. Aw Marty- you are so easy to love and care for! And yes, there is so much affinity in this group of ours, this group that grows daily and embraces our similarities as well as our differences! I love it. Do I want others to experience the wins I am having now, out of the CofS publicly and overtly? YES!!!!

  9. Impartial English Girl

    Mr. Rathbun: – Thank YOU. x

  10. Thought Provoking


    Thank YOU, for being the stable terminal for me as I transitioned from being a confused blown and declared staff member to an Independent Scientologist who now understands that the Scientology I knew still exists.

    To me, leaving staff meant that I failed to help LRH but I knew that I could not survive in an enturbulated environment and I knew that LRH would understand that I needed some destim time. I knew that I would eventually handle the situation but had never envisioned the handling would involve disconnecting from the church. In doing so, I am able to stay true to my purpose to ensure that Scientology is always available to any one who wants it and my integrity has been restored.

    Thank you for giving me back my comm line to other Scientologists. The amount of theta comm on this site has done more for my mental health than I ever expected and instantly repaired an ARCX that I’d had since leaving staff. When one has been a Scientologist for more than 30 years one tends to develop a special relationship with other Scientologists that can not be fulfilled anywhere else. It’s like being in a foreign country and finally finding some one else who speaks your language. I had been walking around in a foreign country when I found your blog resulting in a LFBD and down and down. YEAH! Feels good to be FNing again!

    And, thank you for letting me see that there is a better and brighter future for Scientology.

    I love all the people here and daily think about how grateful I am to all of you guys who have really stuck your neck out to pull this off!

  11. crashingupwards

    Marty, that was a perfect message.

    Forever young.

    To every person who made the commitment to help their fellows, may your dreams never die.

    Keep and cherish the memories, campaigns and dreams we all shared over the years.

    The best of what scientology contains will rise like a pheonix from the ashes and remain available for those who will reach for it.

    This is a special group of people. This is a pivotal era fueled by the same spirit which brought up together in the first place.

    This movement rekindles failed purposes, reunites old friends, and is exactly the type of activity LRH whould embrace.

    Forever young. Fighting for freedom. March on.

  12. Forever is a long time. I am looking forward to it. Your message filled me with joy, especially the message from JZ. Thank you Marty.

  13. pandorawake

    I agree ThoughtProvoking, and I am glad to see your VGI’s!

    Thank-you Marty, I feel happy for those coming out now mostly because of you and how you’ve rounded us up!

  14. Great picture of you and Jason fishing. I hope you are able to have some good fish without a side order of Quaker State these days.

    I would like to thank Jason for standing up to what he saw was mass injustice. He has a right to disagree with LRH and given the mistreatment and shoddy tech that he got, I think I would have soured on LRH too.

    Jason, I hope you got your improper L’s sorted out as I know it was a botched L10 that sent you into a personal hell in that respect. We met once, briefly, and I liked you right off.

    Marty, well done for you to validate those who assist you in this undertaking to restore the legacy of LRH and set man free with the tools that should never be monopolized by tyrants bent on financial gain alone.

    This year marks two revolutions, once for our country – with people seeing the marxism oozing from D.C. – and the second, with Beings seeing that their path to freedom was being perverted and taking a stand to prevent it from being lost forever to a madman and his blinid underlings.

    May FREEDOM and LIBERTY prevail, in all it’s aspects across all dynamics. And a pox upon the house of supression, wherever it resides.


  15. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Marty for being a true leader.

    You lead with integrity and ARC and allow others their own space and time.

    Thanks to all that have supported Marty, we all appreciate it out here.

    I’m enjoying being a part of group that is keeping the dream alive.


  16. Miscavige must be throwing-up right about now.


  17. Seems like a nice time/place to post this from an email from a friend that knows that one of my pups is on last legs. ..

    A Dog’s Purpose (from a 6-year-old).

    Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog’s owners, Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle.

    I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn’t do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home.

    As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience.

    The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker’s family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away.

    The little boy seemed to accept Belker’s transition without any difficulty or confusion. We sat together for a while after Belker’s death, wondering aloud about the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives. Shane, who had been listening quietly, piped up, ”I know why.”

    Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I’d never heard a more comforting explanation. It has changed the way I try and live.

    He said,”People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life — like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?”
    The Six-year-old continued,”Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.”

    Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly.

    Remember, if a dog was the teacher you would learn things like:

    When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.

    Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.

    Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.

    Take naps.

    Stretch before rising.

    Run, romp, and play daily.

    Thrive on attention and let people touch you.

    Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.

    On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.

    On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.

    When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body.

    Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.

    Be loyal.

    Never pretend to be something you’re not.

    If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.

    When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently.


  18. Thought Provoking

    That was beautiful!

  19. Ne Obliviscaris


    Yall’s mugs is killin’ me.

    So many faces beaming with such love, beauty and depth of understanding. Mosey beaming through her beauty while holding in reserve her billion watt OT power…

    Marty’s gettin’ paid!

    Do you understand that DM?

    It is true that production is the basis of morale.

    As we can see by Marty’s example, the product of plus emotion is high morale.

    Your example proves that the products of minus emotion is avarice and sensation.

    So, with that being said, I just have one question for you, DM.

    Whas’ wrong with your bulb, holmes?

    Nuff’ said.

    Right on, Marty. Thank YOU!


  20. I forgot to mention to thank you for bringing what I believe is the truth and helping your fellowship to have a place to heal.

  21. Hey Thought Provoking, glad to hear things are going better. Your story is very similar to mine and like you I have a lot of people to thank.
    After completing my last contract in 02 I sort of drifted off keeping in touch with a couple of friends who were themselves off the bridge but not mainly I just travelled in the far North with my work and spent time with my family.
    Most of the calls I got from the Org were for Idle Org or IAs donos which i never made as I never agreed with off policy no exchange donos!
    I did buy the new book package and to be honest it is what lead me to finally pop in to my Org when i was in town about 3 months ago.
    It was great seeing all my old buddies as i got a tour of the org but I left with one huge outpoint kgnawing at me for weeks. I had not been to the Org for about 6 years and yet I knew everyone there except for a couple of public! I had heard all this great expansion news but where the H were all the new people?
    Only recently I searched the internet to find out if the Church really was expanding. After wading through both the Scientology site where I found the usual PR and the entheta sites where I found the usual BS I came across the Independant sites and ended up surfing and studying for an entire weekend, cancelling all non-urgent appointments. I cried,I laughed,I keyed in,I keyed out and finally in a state of “God I NEED a commline” I contacted “Joe Howard”. He was fantastic and I would publicly like to thank him for being such a stable terminal. Also my thanks to you Marty for providing such a great site,to my old buddy Chris Black for continuing to move people up the bridge and all the OT beings who populate this Blog.

    I think all Scientologists could be reminded of LRHs definition of Hard Sell which is (If memory serves):
    “Caring about the person.Not being reasonable with stops and barriers but getting him through the stops and barriers and onto the service which is going to rehabilitate him”
    Where did the caring go? And what happened to getting the person onto the appropriate service?
    We can at least use hardsell in the independant field to help wake up the rest of the good guys!

  22. Ne obliviscaris

    By the way,

    Pierre Ethier was busted back in the eighties for falsifying his auditing hours in order to win the Auditor of the Year award at Flag.

    Hey Pierre, how about you get off your high horse and tell us all about that before you brag about being “Auditor of the Year” so many times at Flag?

    I know what you’re doing now and it’s OK with me. I also know how arrogant you Frenchie’s can be.

    Thought you might need a little altitude adjustment. Don’t bust Marty’s chops, man.

    Throwin’ stones and all.

    Just sayin’


  23. So Marty,
    It sounds like you just had th trek of your life, but those of us not so involved, we’re waiting with bated breath for the details of what the hell this is all about 🙂

  24. What a nice acknowledgement. 🙂

  25. Marty, this reminds me of the day Exilda and I declared our independence on your site. I was never more sure about anything and I wrote it was an honor to declare our independence with you. It is also an honor being your friend and all those others you mention and that we have met. Thanks for being there and communicating.

  26. I notice “a life” being had in addition to being a scientologist. Something increasingly missing from the church experience of scientology.

    In my opinion the life is the more important activity, scientology the supporting thing on the side.


  27. Freetothink

    To Marty & all the other wonderful Independents, un gros MERCI!!!!!

    Hey, Ne obliviscaris, I don’t know much about Pierre Ethier but don’t put us all Frenchies in the same basket. Many of us are very humble & nice 🙂

  28. Axiom 38,
    Fargin’ H dude, what a great post! I’m so glad to see you back too. Thanks Danny K as well for being there and communicating so we can enjoy 38 special 🙂

  29. Sounds incredibly GREAT! The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!

  30. Ne,
    Yeah, take that Dave, yes, take those smiles, that happy, and to top it off, yes, Ne is bursting with life. HAH!!

  31. I can see it now,

    “Read Marty’s site, it’s a basic debug for all those BSPR rundowns you’ve been getting”, haha.

  32. Wow, that really made me smile:) Thank-You.

  33. Cent, that shit ain’t Marxism… but the rest of what you say is spot on.

  34. Tony DePhillips

    Does anybody know what happened to John Eastman who used to be the Senior C/S at Flag??

  35. cowboy poet

    You’re a wonderful person to experience and to be sure, the pleasure was all ours.

    You’re lookin good–lots of bloom to ya there, girl!

  36. I don’t know Pierre, but I like the, what you call “Frenchie arrogance”. Their culture is so beautiful and amazing. My French friends remind me of cats, graceful and finicky.

    They’re lovely.

  37. I truly want to thank you Marty for being an outlaw in the vein of Josey Wales one of the best This is the famous bounty hunter scene.I often think of it when I think of DM. Josey has a bounty on his head and is confronted by a bounty hunter where he delivers one of the best lines ever!

  38. Scratch that it didnt work!

  39. Theo Sismanides

    Dave Adams,

    I agree Life is a more important activity and scientology is not en end in itself.

    Thsi has guided me through to survival and will keep me going. The love of fellow man and the urge to help him.

    Our responsibilities are much higher now. We are free and independent.

    Thank you to all of you who made this new game for Life with a free Scientology. This is so awesome Game. The Game of Freedom of Thought v. the Slavery of Mind Control.

  40. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Very nice Wallflower. Enjoy every moment with your pup (apparently pretty lucky to have pulled you in).

  41. Thanks to you Marty for having lit my wake up Call! I’m now again just doing what I always wanted.

  42. Thought Provoking and Ax 38,

    Thanks for these posts that remind us of how wonderful and theta this group of Independent Scientologists is. We have a group that is fully free to practice the tech as we see fit, and to be in beautiful comm and ARC with each other, which iteself is an application of Scn basics.

    Yes, without this group most of us would be in a foreign land. We could have great friends and relationships, but we could never have the mutual R one needs to rise to the highest heights.

    It’s great to hear how both of you handled the ARCX, found your group again, and found certainty that the ability to practice Scn and to go up the Bridge could never be taken away from you. This is a great thing for all of us.

  43. Quicksilver

    Why continue this?

    Not necessary and definitely not Scientology

  44. Quicksilver

    Great pics, Great People!

    Thanks, Marty!

  45. Thankyou for posting this Wallflower.

  46. Wow! I love this so much I copied it to keep.
    Beautiful 🙂

  47. Hear hear.

  48. Marty, Thank you for your beautiful ack. You are truly an amazing soul. You are reuniting friends and families, applying the correct LRH Tech, helping people heal from all the pains and abuses they suffered by DM and his reverse Scientology/Dianetics, you truly care about other beings and mankind. THANK YOU my brother.
    We (me & family) are honored to have you as a true friend in our life.
    Thank you, Marty for allowing us all to freely communicate.
    Thanks to all you mentioned and everyone on this blog and around the world who support you.

    I love you all! 🙂

  49. This may seem non-sequitur, and probably is, but worth a mention anyway.

    Today in South Africa, once deeply didvided on racial grounds, the greatest party on the planet kicks off – literally. The World Cup is a festival of sport where people of every colour, religion and race participate and compete together; political and ethnic differences, while not forgotten, are at least cast aside for a few weeks in the name of playing games. North Korea v Portugal in a few days. Argentina v Greece, etc.

    England’s opening match tomorrow? v USA! It hasn’t gone unnoticed here that Obama has been ramping up the anti-British rhetoric in recent days (BP is actually an anglo-american company). Our answer will be for Rooney to curl one to the top corner to clinch a 2-1 win! Let’s party!

  50. What a wonderful acknowledgement to wonderful friends! I like to come here because whatever you say, you mean it, too. Not once have I pondered over possible hidden motives behind blog posts of yours.

    Thank you and Mosey. The big round clock on my desk ticks on Texas time; it helps me to keep up with you.

    Love, Kirsi

  51. Martin,

    I don’t think it’s non-sequitar.

    I am an American but I’m for England winning!

  52. It is non-sequiter 🙂 But I’ll join you in it!

    I sit here in my study in my little house in Joburg and the World Cup Opening Event thingamagic is gonna start about 10 minutes from now. And it’s only about 10 miles down the road. Every kid in the neighbourhood is running around with a vuvuzela trumpet[1] blowing them like mad; and until you’ve heard those things you have NO IDEA how much of a racket they make 🙂

    As soon as I hit the Submit button here, myself, my girlfriend, stepdaughter and my son (visiting from Cape Town for the weekend) are off to some friends to watch the whole thing on the telly, followed by the opening match – Bafana Bafana[2] vs Mexico. Thumbs crossed!

    [1] My mother works for the company that makes those bloody things. It took huge ingenuity to make the moulds and by god! do they make a racket when blown.
    [2] Bafana Bafana: The South African National Soccer Team’s pet name. It means “The Boys, The Boys” in one of the local lingos – no-one is sure which one as there are 11 lingos to choose from.

    But what the heck, it makes for a very interesting cosmopolitan life!

  53. Watching Eyes

    Anytime someone publicly trashes an Indie it plays right into the dwarf’s hand. Is that what you want?

  54. Wallflower, Sure has my squirrel story beat!
    That was just beautiful. Ain’t Love a wonderful

  55. Clarification:
    My comment of support (‘hear hear’) is for Ne’s comment not Quicksilver’s (order of posting is confusing).
    Ne said what needed to be said. And since when do you (Quicksilver) decide what is or isn’t Scientology? Isn’t that a personal viewpoint?
    Pierre took a pot shot at Marty which was totally unnecessary to the point he was trying to make (which appeared to me to be nothing more than an opportunity to blow his own trumpet). OK good, Pierre you’re amazing, now get on with it without the gratuitous swipe at Marty (who doesn’t appear to have the need to list his accolades in the C of M to gain support).
    My PERSONAL viewpoint is that what Ne did is absolutely Scientology. It’s about communicating not behaving.
    Should have said something yesterday when I saw Pierre’s post but now I’ve gotten sudden.

  56. And thank God for that!!!

    I am now me again, all I ever wanted.

  57. “Big tent” concepts have surfaced once again from many in this thread. Nice to see and read. I’ll add another which applies to any and all relationships, be they family, this Indie movement, politics… you name it….

    Freedom cannot be learned by tyranny of any kind, and the perfect equality of all cannot be recognized through the dominion of one mind over another.

  58. Bobster - a Hubbard Knight

    I’d like to compliment all those who post comments on this blog.

    I’ve have been reading it now for a couple of months since being referred to it. What I’ve noticed is that the tone and the degree of ARC of the posts has risen markedly. This is a good sign.

    Further to this, I’d like to recommend that those who feel inclined to do so (if you haven’t started already), get out your LRH basic lectures and the Congresses and start listening to them and reference them to the Tech Vols. (Check out some of the PABs.)

    I’ve been doing this now since about the same time I threw off the suppression. The case gain I’ve made in this time is remarkable. (Though I’m starting from a case state of OT V circa 1990 and Levels training.)

    It is us, as individuals, who hold our eternity in our hands.

    When we were a part of the Co$ we may have abandoned that responsibility, to some extent, to the idea that if we paid the money we could go up the Grade Chart and all would good. In PT the Grade Chart as LRH laid it out doesn’t exist inside the church. As such, you’re on your own. Unless you can find other Independents in your area and team up with them and work together.

    Before the shit hit the fan, I well remember the Theta that existed in the couple of orgs I’ve been associated with in my early days (circa late 70’s early 80’s – before Matt Henderson wrecked havoc in ANZO. Hello to the ANZOites.)

    Hopefully by teaning up with other Independents, we can re-experience this Theta and thrive on it, move forward and realize the goals we had originally.

    May the Tech be with you.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Sam, I love it when you talk like a beer commercial.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Wallflower, Fabulous story. Thanks.

  61. martyrathbun09

    Murray, Reminds me of that day too. The feelings are mutual.

  62. martyrathbun09

    Tony, He is in Estates (I think motorpool) Gold and has been for more than a decade.

  63. The only aspirations missing are: “I love my Marty, my Mosey and my Independents” 🙂

    Watch it — only 3 minutes and just perfect for how we feel — 🙂

  64. Actually she says it all in 49 seconds —


  65. Sam, Love it when you get Sudden. See it belongs to you too!

  66. Come on Rooney! Come on England!

    Sorry, can’t help it, it’s in the blood!


  67. Dear Kirsi, what an honor to service you!

  68. Yeah Bobster. I think I got suckered into that viewpoint- that I was “OT” if I donated to the IAS, Ideal Org, Library Campaign, Superpower Project, WTH, etc, etc. That was my fourth dynamic I guess. It was a bit irresponsible on my part.

    Also, that all I needed to do in this life was “get up the bridge”. That it didnt matter if I was stressed out all the time and had huge, supressive debts if I could just somehow do my OT levels and go out the top or some such thing. But even this really wasnt working. It was like a square peg in a round hole. The solution isnt to hammer harder.

    Thats what the COS feels like to me- a square peg. Theres too many out-points and barriers. You cant really dessiminate or go anywhere. I think it’s pretty impossible to have a viable ClassV org. That Class V orgs even exist anymore is a statement to the OTness of staff.

  69. Theo Sismanides

    Splog! Go Bafana, Bafana!!! Let’s celebrate for the World Cup!

    This is so good that you write from South Africa! It’s good to know. Best wishes to Bafana Bafana from Greece! And best wishes to Greece, hohoho!

  70. Wallflower,

    How beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  71. Thanks again Marty. The following is just a TR3 message to the following People:” little Dave, Lurie Belotte, Margaret Supak, Bob Anderson” All of you attempted to force on me your suppressive auditing to completely invalidate my case state. Here comes the ack for your kind service:” FUCK YOU!!”
    signed: Ignazio Tidu.

  72. I just read that because of the 19 “Ideal Orgs”
    1.5 million people have taken their first step on the bridge.

    Direct quote: “Want to know how 19 Ideal Orgs have helped 1.5 million people take their first step on The Bridge?”

    Yes. Yes I do. I would like to see the stats. To me a “first step on the bridge” means they did a service on the grade chart. Is that not what it means anymore?

    1.5 million = 78,947 for each org. Are any of these 78,947 people to be currently found at these ideal orgs? Are they in the CF? What “on the bridge” service did they do? Do they all show up for course? Whats the BIS?

  73. crashingupwards

    Watching Eyes.

    Your right.

    Trashing Indies plays into DM’s Hands.

    Pierre bashed Marty in his post/resume and your comment certainly could apply to that posting.

    But sometimes the record needs correcting if someones reputation or well-being is threatened. But we should correct the record as needed with the least amount of sarcasm, hubris, and emotion as possible. Its OK to come to the defense of an ally when he/she is for whatever reason not doing so.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it now, I think Marty should exercise as much editorial discretion as needed to defer attacks, resumes, 3rd party attempts, etc. But I suspect its hard with the volume of submissions and an overiding desire to be open and fair.

    And please let me say one last thing. Pierre, if your reading this, I want to apologize for my post yesterday. I could have and should have pointed out things to you with more ARC.

    You have done incredibly well for yourself and you do help others. As an auditor you are valuable, trusted and respected. I tip my hat to you. Those years you spent as a waiter and then auditor in the SO showed your desire and ability to serve others. You paid your dues and deserve some slack. We all have blinders on in some way, shape for form.

    But please remember, honor is something best recieved from others. And Honors received do not deserve or beget more honors. Only more giving. I hope you continue to give and serve. Your a fortunate man.

    Well done.

  74. Theo Sismanides

    Bafana, Bafana v. Mexico 1- 0 Go Splog!

  75. jason beghe

    YOU ARE WELCOME–anytime. And….
    Thank you, Marty & JB for staying with us.

    Thank you for the ack re the theta at our place. Here’s a little something to acknowledge you guys and return the flow:

    The morning after the night you guys slept here Angie’s horse trainer arrived to give her lesson. The first thing the trainer said after she’d settled onto the property was, “Wow. It feels really beautiful here today. Something’s different.” So, all the theta you were sensing may have been you…I’m just saying.


  76. thanks to you Marty

  77. south africa 1 mexico 0

  78. Idle, After my laughter subsided to your post, I was left with a cog. dm is the the epitome or poster boy for inverted dynamics- takes all his characteristics which are described so well in so many PL’s and B’s and brings it all together in one fell swoop.
    Marty, thank you for your deeds both in and out of the C of S. And thanks to you all for posting and continuing to open our eyes wider with clear vision. In ESTO Series 16, LRH describes a condition of being blind with one’s eyes wide open- probably another explanation for the tolerance given the dm regime within the church.

  79. Watching Eyes,
    This could also be construed in the manner that Once Upon a Time suggested in a thread a few weeks back. Granted, he is a bit of a twit, nonetheless he does seem to have a pretty good handle on syntax and his contributions are mildly amusing for the easily entertained. Be that as it may, the following is hopefully of a different strain.

    There are different cultures on earth and one man’s ‘f-off’ is another’s ‘I luv you’.

    For example, the Quebecer sometimes says ‘tabernacle’ (pronounced ‘tabernac’) and he means ‘chit goddamn” whereas a Mainer would say it (pronouncing it with a softer ‘r’ sound and,well, you’d have to hear it) and he’d mean he left his ‘scent hider’ capsules (stored in a small chamber, or tabernacle) at home and is now in the hunting blind and his buddy had New England Baked Beans for lunch and there’s no way to mask the humans in the tree.

    See, it’s all a matter of the customs and nuance of the various cultures.

    I have a ‘fishing buddy’, he’s Acadian, the same group that are the Cajun (that is a French pronunciation of Acadian, like worn down, I think it’s referred to as an ‘aphetic’) and he and I occasionally come upon ‘Jacques’, an older man that is originally from outside Paris, France.

    There is a well-ensconced gentleman’s protocol to Atlantic salmon fishing in the mainland Maritime provinces of Canada. Jacques is quite familiar with it. However, salmo salar, the ‘leaper’ is the pinnacle of game fish, and very often the prospect of hooking up with this mythical beast, overrides one’s manners. It has on more than one occasion done just that with Jacques.

    I have, with all the affinity apropos to my Gaulic cousin, used the phrase ‘suck me arse’ directly in reference to the said faux pas on the river.

    Jacques, in a style represented with the famous comedy troupe, Monty Python, has returned phrases, ephitets, and sobriquet that are equally colorful. And, with as haughty a French pride as any that a ‘henglish pig dog’ would see, he has taken his place, in the line to next fish the creatures. (He got back at the end of the queue).

    It all worked out and I chalked it up to that familiar phenomenon of ‘men talking and sqwacking’ like roosters, full of pride and letting other roosters know they have their own ‘pecking order’ and they sit on top of it, only easing up and allowing others to sit equally, but never above, for cooperation’s sake.

  80. ‘Dyin’ ain’t much of living, boy’.

  81. martyrathbun09

    “Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’ – paraphrase from Shawshank Redemption

  82. DFB,
    Well!!!! How did they do it?!!

  83. Martin,
    2-1? Are soccer (football) matches that high scoring? I had no idea. I think I speak for all Americans that our impression of soccer is a nil-nil tie settled by penalty kicks. One question: do you think if they got rid of the offsides rule that scoring would increase? One opinion: I doubt soccer will ever be accepted in America until there is as much scoring as in hockey or until immigration reform makes Mexico the 51st state in the union.

  84. mexico 1 south africa 1

  85. Marty, Your last two weeks with friends, auditing, nature has obviously given you a much needed break from the, sometimes, gruesome tasks that you have undertaken. Your theta comes shining through for all of us to bask in.
    If you ever need to get out and in touch with nature again. (anytime) You are always welcome to stay at our place out here in SW Colo. I’ll put you on a mule or a horse and we’ll get western in the best tradition of the West. It would be even better if Mosey could come too. What a beautiful person you are Mosey. Both inside and out.
    Marsha Pearlman-Sorensen

  86. Thank you Ignazio!

  87. Hey Jason,

    Just wanted to tell you that you are a life saver!

    Your video was the first thing I saw that aligned with my twenty years of total frustration in the church.

    Then, when I watched Marty and the others on the Truth Rundown a bit later, it restored my sanity.

    Thanks for being overt and helping us to understand.

    I think part of your legacy will be as the first real celebrity to speak out. That takes balls.

    Anyway, let’s see you in some blockbusters pretty soon, whaddaya say!

    And your pal, Duchonvy, is brilliant and funny as hell in Californication! What a show!!!

    With respect,

  88. Tony DePhillips

    Jim Logan,

    That was beautifully communicated.


  89. I say DM is presidiental material!

    “I know people just want standard tech, but… just send your cash.

    New objective fors OT VIII’s;

    “Hand me that wallet”, “Thank-You.”

  90. Tony DePhillips


    What will DM think of next??

  91. Marty, I need to say this. I never called Pat Broeker sir. I never called David Miscavige
    sir (never!). When I was in the RPF I was
    supposed to call everyone sir. Didn’t. I called
    LRH Sir, always! Marty, Sir, I Love You man.

  92. Tony,
    Merci…chit goddamn 🙂

  93. You have to go to the event to find out.

  94. Or rather- I suspect if you gave it some thought you would not have found out at the event. The answer given would probably be “by your donations” or some such thing.

    I guess they are counting intro services, stress test, OCA, public lectures, and who knows what else. Probably promo too. Maybe that includes anyone who may have read an ad or something.
    Who knows. Just another falsified, fraudulent “PR” stat.

  95. I would explain the offside rule but they’d be no one left awake by the time I’d finished. It’s there to stop attackers hanging round the goal mouth basically.

    I actually knida agree with you. If the goals were a bit wider hence more goals = more excitement. But Americans wouldn’t be satisfied unless each game had about 5 -600 goals per match anyway, plus cheerleaders and advert breaks every 5 minutes, some sparkly things, and a couple fat guys yelling their commentary at 1000 decibels.

  96. LOL. Ignazio, I duplicate you.

    And P.S. thanks again for the kick ass auditing you gave me, and for not falling asleep in those sessions.

  97. Sarge.,

    “I never called Pat Broeker sir” That is funny! And oddly enough, very true as I never did either, hadn’t thought about that.

  98. I thank you Mosey and Marty for being a safe haven for scientologists that blow the from church.

    I thank you for making scientologists in the church or on the fence to LOOK and SEE.

    These things I thank you for. CD

  99. Phew!

    Now THAT is an ack!

  100. Thank you Marty for reminding us that life is fun, family is necessary- where ever they may hail from- and that the tech works when properly applied.

    Keep up the great work.

  101. Your video was the first thing I saw that aligned with my twenty years of total frustration in the church.

    Yup, that’s what broke the camel’s back for me!

  102. The new 8-8008 per DM.

    * You travel from zero to infinity, albeit briefly,
    * then you are driven back down to zero,
    * then you are pushed below zero.

    This would be the new cycle for both trained auditors and pre-OTs.

    A simple perversion of the original 8-8008 concept and graph in the PDCs.

  103. UR welcome ur welcome ur welcome!

    It’s an honor to know you Marty and to have you as a friend.

  104. I am intrested to know please on this reading blog of Marthy’s .Who would know where is Peter Vodeging ? He was last known to be working in Entertainment section Clearwater Fort Harrison, He has been in the Sea Org about 26 years.He happens to be the father of My Daughter

    I also ask in several comment replies for a reliable email adress fopr Marthyn Rathburn as yet I got nothing.
    I ask again because I asked before and as yet got no replies.What actually is being done to support to get Diana Hubbard out of the hands of David Miscaviage as she would be the person to protect what ever means and so with that in mind. who can response to that.

    From the time I logged onto this sight I notice that most people would have had some work contact whilst Marthy or otherwise or when he was with the Camp of DM.Now that he has been out for some time and exposing the truths behind the prison camp and doing a good job as from readings of getting people to realise their is a world out there that is great , and for them scientology is still there outside.

    The Indepts Free Zone has been established 23 years ago, and its been working successfully and
    there are many areas for help outside the church both in the US, and Europe and Africa.

    Those networks are available and successfully in operation for 23 years or more, you can search on google heading under Indept Free Zone Europe , and Rons Org and backup videos and lectures available aswell .

    Any information contact
    Frog2hopper for leads.

    Reminder at the beginning of this comment I ask some questions about two people and an emal address for Marthyn Rathburn ,so any one with any relaible data please let me know.

  105. one of those who see

    Hey Sarge,
    Teared me up on that one. I’m sure that will mean alot to Marty.

  106. martyrathbun09

    Sarge, Thanks a whole lot buddy. But, don’t call me Sir, I work for a living.

  107. One, Meant every word!

  108. Pingback: All Around the World News

  109. Theo Sismanides

    Ha, ha, ha, Americans, always wanting a goal right now! Actually when I was in the US I had the cognition that Americans play sports with hands while Europeans and others play still with the feet!

    I mean it’s a matter of different attitude towards life. A game with the feet and a game with the hands.

    Just some random thougths of mine but I think this explains quite a lot about different attitudes of different continents.

    Definitely there is some minus randomity in soccer (at least in terms of scoring) and some plus randomity in NBA basketball which I can say is maybe too fast for me, at least (continuous scoring, continuous satisfaction of the goal…)

    Interesting difference there!

  110. one of those who see

    Hi Victoria,

    Laughing out loud- you wrote: New objective fors OT VIII’s;

    “Hand me that wallet”, “Thank-You.”

  111. 🙂 and 🙂 a,d 🙂

    I like it too!

  112. Another Layer

    That, plus Gier’s resignation, did it for me as well.

  113. Marty, Thank you and power to you. I salute you!

  114. for Mosey, with love

  115. @Jim Logan // June 11, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Merci…chit goddamn”

    You forgot to add the “Osti” there Jim.
    Thanks for the laugh of the day fellow maqritimer. Here is more of what Jim was talking about re french canadian acadian humour.

  116. Hi Theo,

    Thanks for the wishes, and the same for you. Here’s an extra something to warm your heart:

    My girlfriend, the mother of my step-daughter, is half Greek (the other half being English).

    Our circle of friends let her do the catering – in true Greek style, she always over-caters. By about double 🙂

  117. Cured Robot

    ROTFLMAO!!! Very very very cute! Love it!

  118. Martin,

    Let’s leave the footie as it is. For high-scoring games, we have rugby 🙂

    Incidentally, while we’re on the subject of sport. A lot of statements have been made by all kinds of importance-seeking people about why South Africa managed to pull itself out of the abyss against all odds.

    I can’t speak for what happened at a political level – I wasn’t there. But I can tell you what happened on the ground amongst ordinary folk, because that’s where I am.

    Once Mandela had been released from prison and people could see that the previous government meant him no harm and let him be, things calmed down and we all went back to work and got some products. And morale rose.

    But the one thing that brought ordinary people together and broke down barriers was sport. It makes sense – sport it truly a game. We saw it with the ’95 Rugby World Cup, again with winning CAF a few years later, the next Rugby World Cup, every Olympics, and … well the rest of the list is very very long.

    Another secret – WTH had squat to do with it. I don’t dispute that someone distributed booklets, but it certainly didn’t defuse an entire impending war. I have never met a single person in 20 years who ever received a WTH booklet

  119. Cane is being broadcast here. I like the way Jason played that role of the cop – loyalty to his friend but still a cop who must see that justice is done. It will be interesting to see how this series pans out towards the end.

    I only viewed Jason’s videos after I had made up my mind and come out; Marty and Jeff were the ones who did it for me. But Jason’s video would definitely have appealed to me if I’d seen it first – I kinda like that “fuck that bs, it’s all crap and I’m not scared to say so” approach.

  120. Froghopper: Marty’s email address is found at the bottom of his ” welcome” page . Go to the top of this page, look at the menu along the top and fine “welcome”
    I believe Peter has been in the Sea ORg longer than 26 years, when I first met him at flag he had just come from having been part of the early cine crew. Your daughter must be at least 34 or so.
    He had been married to one of the original messengers I believe, then came to Flag, remarried ,divorced and I have no idea about anything more recent than 1993.

    Is your daughter looking for him?

    Your post seems upset – no one has made less of the work of the free zone; I’m sure all the past work has helped contribute to what is going on today. However, it is the work of Marty, Mike,
    Jeff, Jason that is getting media attention as well as Internet attention.

    I might be completely wrong and misread your post but it strikes me as sheer folly for those who have chosen to leave the existing church, be it 25 years ago or yesterday to be the least bit divisive and want the limelight.

  121. Okay I have to comment on Joe Howard’s response and I agree whole heartedly!! Did you see the game between France and Uruguay!! 90 minutes of no scoring!

    Soccer (football) will never totally catch on in the USA for all reasons stated above. The other thing is the over acted “injuries” it is worse than or on the same level as WWE wrestling.

    But, I do also understand why the game is loved by so many. In its best moments it can be very exciting for sure. You could almost have the same argument for Baseball if you are not from the States. Baseball does have a lot more scoring though.

    However all that being said go USA!!

  122. After Jason I had typed but I’m using my new toy an iPad and don’t have it all figured out.

    No intention to slight anyone’s work ie Amy, Dave and CLaire, Tom deVocht and all those who have stepped out openly.

    With gratitude to everyone here!


  123. Don’t forget the stat analysis technique of “pulling it out of your a**”

    I suspect they are using that one a LOT.

  124. That does seem to be the latest process running through my local org and it’s OT Committee….

    This week, I logged into an old email account I haven’t used for 3 years; only spammers and three orgs (PTA, JBGN and JBG) were using it. 800 emails from orgs over nearly three years.

    3/4 of those mails were fundraising promo pieces, and the quality was terrible – a whole series that went on four weeks about Africa’s “big 5” game, twists on movie titles to turn them into games and for the last year it’s been showing big sporting matches on widescreen TVs followed by fundraisers.

    Most interesting is the personally composed newsletters from the ED PTA. I know this man well and think highly of him. For example, until Idle Orgs started PTA was the only org in AF to own it’s org premises. He just decided one day to stop paying rent and started searching for real premises. He found one, and got the CSW approved through Int Landlord despite hell and high water. This was a very realistic goal and served the org well. And yet, his org has made 0 Clears in 10 years, maybe even 15. A few Purifs in the last 2 years, about not more than 5 auditing comps up to Grade 1. One NED Comp, and a scattering of other bits and pieces. Very few auditor course comps other than retreads for those already trained previously.

    But by god there were hundreds of Basics comps.

    I want to ask him “The Basic program has been around for years now. You should be getting people through the whole thing by now if it’s so good and they should go on to become sterling auditors. And you should be doing it in volume by now as there has been enough time.”

    But it’s not happening by his very own newsletters. Gross outpoint!

    JBGN is worse. Every week they send an email titled “Auditing successes and wins!” and every week it’s empty. A big fat blank space where you would expect comps and success stories to be. Below that is the same statement every week “We have a courseroom to service you!”

    “WTF?” is the only response I can come up with.

    Fundraisers are now being openly promoted by PTA and scheduled well in advance and mailed to public as a calendar. Every single Saturday evening – the calendar block clearly says so. One DMSMH book sales event a month, most likely organized by Robbie Knott who has been doing it for years. Getting public to help sell books happens one quarter as often as fundraisers. Huh? How do they expect to get new public into the org then?

    Lastly, fundraiser events might not be working so well anymore. AF has a scheme now where public sign up for a debit order scheme. The orgs debit your bank account by a fixed amount every month once you sign up. Trouble is, these things can be devilishly difficult to stop and you get no assistance from the banks (it’s a crazy system).

    Perhaps I should have collated all this data and retained it. I didn’t, as I just couldn’t be arsed. So I picked out the salient facts and deleted the lot. Now it’s out of my universe.


  125. For you, fellow Maritimer,
    Kaaaalitce, Ots et Tabernac, chit goddam! (chalice, host and tabernacle, the ‘swearing’ being the use of Catholic items. Tabernac.)

    And thanks for Lucien 🙂

  126. Miss Sunshine,
    You are truely SPECIAL to me!
    Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant rays of love with me!
    Love Mosey

  127. Mathematics of DM
    1 person can be a vm, fsm, field auditor, ias member. local org member, cchr member. able member, naconon, crimonon supporter.
    As each entity is counting it’s member and reporting it up. You just have to add all the members you have.
    The equation is 1=15 or something like this.
    You get it ? A scientologist is not one Scientologist but 15. 🙂

  128. Windhorsegallery loved it!

  129. I met Pierre first time around the latter part of the 1970s. Like 1976-77ish, whenever he first joined Flag Land Base staff.

    Pierre has always been prideful, but so what?!

    He did f-ing make it through the OEC, and he did make it to Class 12, internships and all, plenty of videos, Bruce Hines can confirm/deny/agree on Pierre’s pridefulness all along the way, but again, the man, Pierre Ethier, did what very few have done, which is make it to Class 12, at the FSO, at Flag. Lots made if before him, or a handful, he’s agreed a little too much into the pecking order of things, I myself love it most when people just stick to whatever they think is best in Hubbard’s tech, and just DO IT!

    Pierre is f=ing DOING IT today.

    I agree, NO NEED TO KNOCK anything Marty or the group of ex Int Base Staff are trying to do in making Scientology available to those inside who feel no way out.

    Fine, I’m an atheist, for anyone new to who I am, but I do believe in people’s spiritual/religious rights, and I do believe that Marty and Mike Rinder, will have important impact on Scientology history, in a positive manner.

    I think Pierre puts his “money” where his mouth is, he delivers service, and as a well functioning Class 12, he delivered close to 30 – 40 THOUSAND hours of Flag auditing services.

    I hope he did mostly good auditing, and I do think his current customers/faithful Scientology preclears (I think preclears as patients, that’s me though), are happy with Pierre’s delivery.

    I met him recently again. Here in Pittsburgh.

    He’s got enough guts to just lay it out, where he’s going, who he C/Ses for, who he advises, and he’s a practitioner.

    Even though I am NOT a practitioner, I hope you ALL, live and let live, including Pierre NOT blasting Marty.

    Marty, I’ve stated on the critical blogs, is a late in life Scientologist, and by Scientologist I guess I mean practitioner in the auditing/therapy sense. Good for Marty!

    If people get spiritual benefit, good for all of you!

    I can’t knock any of you.

    I myself hope you all keep on going, do whatever you love doing, and you HAVE the tech in the internet.

    Wikileaks is back up.

    I hope Pierre comes a little down from his high horse, elitist status, and realizes he doesn’t HAVE to say condescending things.

    I love the way Ken Urquhart conducts himself the most, in the ex official Scientologist role.

    Pierre audits Kent.

    I wish you all well, and please, I agree, please do like Vaughn Young, deceased, I have tremendous respect for Vaughn, and LRH too, in the ASI advices had a lot of good wishes for Vuaghn; one of Vaughn’s most prescient pieces of advice was, I paraphrase, please everyone try to keep their “egos” in check, and do good things (my interpretation).

    I like, personally Marty, I also like Pierre, and think BOTH have a lot to offer for Scientology’s future.

    My hat is off to Pierre, for complying with LRH’s Sea Org “command intention” of getting to OEC AND Class 8. Pierre got to 12.

    And again, I agree, Pierre could do to put a cork in his ego sometimes, like the very much loved Vaughn Young also WISELY suggested.

    I love what you are doing here Marty, and thankyou Mosey for loving and helping Marty!

    Chuck Beatty

    Pierre did what LRH ordered for all Sea Org staff, which was the real deal “Command Intention” which is

  130. one of those who see

    This post and video is beautiful Marty. Just like you.

  131. Watching Eyes,
    You ARE right about the intent of DM and us fellas and gals out here.

    A while back the OSA program for Third Party was put up on the blog. That program is alive and dysfunctioning. Pierre’s email to an OSA operative, have been posted on an OSA website today, as a case in point.

    Our goddess, Minerva, in her trashy style, has played the card. ‘She’ is not a very good card player. Pierre, bless the big Quebecer that he is, is a target of DM’s 3P program. Unfortunately for DM, you have to have both sides of the tactic unaware of the 3P, else no continuous unresolving fighting.

    Pierre audits everyday pretty much, salvaging CofM Overt Products. His recent post here makes that clear. Yet, CofM, in its finite wisdom, uses Pierre as an ‘ace in the hole’ to denigrate the rest of us, and particularly Marty. Try and wrap your wits around this ‘strat’. Ouch, yes, that hoits.

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dumber, Minerva pulls out the stops.

    p.s. it’s a bit of trial, but Minerva wittingly or unwittingly reveals the think emanating from DM. Caveat, there are many poo-pies being served over there, purty darn smelly ones too.

  132. Hey Chuck,
    Jim here. I’ve been meaning to ask you something. You’ve asserted ‘I’m an athiest’ several times. I’ve a question for you. I’d like to know what you think of the Univesity of Virgina studies on Past Lives.

    Google it and you’ll see the one I’m talking about. There was a fascinating Larry King live show on a few months back on the subject as well. Even the resident CNN medical guy acks there is ‘something else going on’ than mere physiological circumstances. In other words, there are validated observations of something other than genetic passing on of ‘incidents’.

    I’m not portraying this as ‘theo-‘ or ‘God’, but something is there, even for the non-believer or ‘athiest’ that defies a materialistic paradigm.

    What say you (in less than 20 pages, nudge, wink)?

  133. He’s still in estates org at flag, talked to him 3 weeks ago. not sure what his post title is, but he sets up events. Flag’s No. is: 727 461-1282, just ask for him in Flag Crew.

  134. Dart Assassin

    WOW this place is really becoming supertheta, something good is going to happen- No doubt!

  135. OK, let me get this straight, DM is claiming that there have been 78,000 plus NEW people taking a Scientology service in each of 19 Ideal Orgs. (Omitted time, sorry.)

    Has this happened on THIS planet? I think it behoves us to have one of our numbers, those who are the ones within, go to this event, and find out whether this is THIS planet he’s talking about.

    Maybe they are very, very, very tiny people, so tiny in fact that when the door to an Ideal Org is opened they are rushed in to the vacuum of space and are caught up in static electricity on the video screeens and thusly are ‘serviced’, i.e., the video is playing, and because they are soooooo small, well nigh on what other ‘average size people’ would consider invisible, we have to believe that it is occurring.

    OK, this DOES make sense now. Whew!

  136. Heres the Josey Wales scene

  137. Tony DePhillips

    Nice Sentiments Chuck!

    We will get you back on the cans one of these days I will wager to say…You know you want it..


  138. Vic,

    What say you then? What would you call it?


  139. Well …Canada won the Gold medal in hockey at the 2010 winter Olympics so sporting wise its already been a fantasic year!
    I played hockey at a pretty high level (of course: I’m Canadian) and it has always been my first religion!
    My youngest is a soccer nut and its hard on the old man trying to help him out when in reality I don’t have a clue. I’ll watch some of it with him and try to sound entertained but it would be nice if they allowed body checking!
    GO SCOTLAND !!?????

  140. WH, That was great. I Love little girls. Hell, I
    Love kids period. Remind me to tell you a valentines story about my little friend Kimie.

  141. @Jim Logan
    U R Welcome. 😉
    French swearing is so much more expressive and colorful than the usual WTF etc.
    Hmmm why is it English swearing is most usually sexually related and french based on religious catholic sacred words??? Most be all that Catholic sex is for procreation thus all that suppression ends up in the swearing!
    Anyhoo enough of that and back to the serious stuff.

  142. Wallflower,

    Loved this so much I sent it on to my wife who disapproves of me “wasting my time” here.

  143. Cured Robot

    Sarge, it is a rare being in the SO that can get away with not saying Sir to those of “superior” status. This says a lot about you and your acknowledgement to Marty and even more his humble response. A breath of fresh air!

  144. I remember the first time a junior called me `sir`
    I looked over my shoulder to see who the H he was talking to!
    Sorry bud ,I said, call me by my first name!
    I`se just a north`rn rebel cowboy, lookin to restore a lil` sanity to this dirtball orb!

  145. LOL.
    Reminds me of an RTC missionaire who first recruited me to staff. He needed a replacemant for Gilles Piche. He was a Texan by the name of Anthony.
    Anybody know him.
    Anyway when I told him I wasn`t really sure about working for a church, his reply was“Hey, this ain`t no sissy F`ning Church!`
    LOL. I signed riight then!

  146. One t`ing about French Canadiens hey is dere passion!
    Have a few beer with one sometime and you will have a very memorable evening!
    Right, Jim Logan!

  147. Minerva’s blog is often downtone and many people don’t like this. But we will only win if we don’t do the same.

  148. Cool outdoor fireplace, Mosey!

    What is the original Morpheus? Software?

  149. LOL!!

  150. Hi Jim,

    Another one of my old bosses, loved you then, and you’re a good egg Jim, now! Crazy and serious, and “Games” I guess is where you would be on the Tone Scale, Jim.

    Okay, atheist I am, yea, can’t answer in less than 20 pages, that’s for sure.

    I love book length arguments, and so it’s not right to even go there.

    Okay, will follow up on the Past Lives Univ of Virginia research, and email you privately.

    I’m doing a sidecheck for another person’s book at present, and I have such a backlog of scholar’s papers, and chapters and books to still finish.

    And I love to read outside people, since the only way I get “sane” is reading other people’s “cognitions”, which I found a lot more interesting than my own, in a nutshell, for why auditing didn’t get me the buzz outside reading ALWAYS has for me.

    Love you Jim!

  151. * In reference to this sentence:

    “I also know how arrogant you Frenchie’s can be.”

    So, you actually KNOW that?

    → Condescending invalidation/evaluation with generality and diminutive

    → Critical degrading of a person’s origin and language

    → Generalizing that all those of French origin are arrogant

    → Making someone wrong to make yourself right

    Exactly the kind of remark and thought process of David Miscavidge and friends.

    * Thus, the question is,
    is THAT your idea of Scientology?

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    My idea of Scientology is different ↓

    [… that all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights.]

  152. Ne Obliviscaris

    To all you French Cats, (and others)

    I love French thetans. (Get it?)

    Racism, Nationalism and Sexism makes thetans be bodies. I don’t do that.

    Don’t take me too seriously. Take me sincerely.

    I love Pierre as I love you all. Does that prohibit me from getting mad at him? No.

    I’ve had some of the funnest times in my life with French thetans. Great people to laugh with, very facile and very clever. I love the “Frenchies”… as it were.

    Sorry if I harshed the vibe you had goin’, Marty.

    Just tryin’ to stick up for my Big Brudduh!


  153. martyrathbun09

    Ne, you’re cool.

  154. Mitsu Too: Having grown up near the Canadian border, and after watching your video you posted here, it felt like being home again. :} I understand and know that wicked sense of humor. ;}

  155. Cured Robot

    Love the Parisians, been there 4 times and soon a 5th. Great sense of humor and yes very clever, always get along great with them even w/ the language barrier, great laughs and good times, I never bought into the 3P. People are people no matter where you go and if you have good manners you will fit in and be treated with the same respect you grant them.

  156. Probably meant “people who walked by the idle org buildings” … just a minor grammatical error I’m sure.

  157. Interesting question, Jim.

    I don’t know Chuck’s answer, but I do know mine. I’m a hard-core atheist too, so how the hell do I subscribe to strong atheism and still be a Scientologist?

    Easy, they are two different things entirely. The “theist” in atheist derives from a word for god. “Atheist” in todays usage has to do with “do you believe in the concept of a god who created the universe, usually a god as depicted by the three major Abrahamic religions?” I answer no, that is a myth invented over the years and the concept of that god cannot possibly exist.

    The words “atheist” and “theist” may have meant something entirely different when they were first used, but today they mean what I describe above. It’s entirely possible to be an atheist and still know one is a thetan, just as it is completely possible to know horses well and also not believe in fables about unicorns.

  158. Ne Obliviscaris


    I burst out laughing when I read your response.

    Ahhh, the creation of a desired effect.


  159. Hi Magnolia. Thanks for bearing with me. I’t’s an honor to service my pcs!

  160. Dragonfly: Hey neighbour!
    I come from the people who invented the “poutine”, “sugar pies” and use to use lobsters to fertilize our fields before we discovered that people would pay good money for that stuff. LOL.
    Yes wicked sense of humour indeed. 😉

  161. Sounds good Chuck, on the separate email.

    Cheers. I suppose the question for my old colleague Chuck, had the understanding of any ‘theo’, i.e., some sort of Infinite, Supreme Beingness, and so on. Not necessarily the Theo of the Abramhaminic tradition.

    I enjoy my own knowing on the area too. I’ve never had a conflict in discussing it with others either of whatever creed.

  162. [I hoe this comment ends up in the right place. It’s an answer to Jim.

    And why do the “Reply” buttons stop appearing after 2 nested levels of reply?]


    Just to clarify what I said earlier, the topic of atheism vs theism in all variations has nothing whatsoever to do with the 8th dynamic.

    The Western concept of a god is something that by definition you (a person) cannot be. The 8th dynamic is something that that you are, have, or survive through. Quite the opposite of a belief in a named creator of the universe.


  163. Learn to love foreplay, Dan. 😉

  164. Marty, You and Mosey should take Marcy up on this. She has horses and Mules like you’ve never seen trained before. I know I used to ride them in my youth. In fact when I am done here in Tennessee I may make my way to her place.

  165. martyrathbun09

    Murray and Marcy, My favorite state. We get up there from time to time and look forward to seeing you.

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