The Citadel

DM has been attempting to export his “hole” to the outside world. He did it last year by sending nine “execs” to Clearwarter to scream into the faces of St Pete Times reporters. This year he exported the dog and pony show to NY and Atlanta to subject Anderson Cooper and the exec structure of CNN to it.  He sent virtual Hole squads to the streets of Clearwater Florida, Port Aransas and Ingleside Texas and to the Corpus Christi Airport.  We decided to reverse the flow and inject some theta into DM’s hole.  

JB and I went to the Int HQ base Saturday to collect JB’s passport and to penetrate the walls of the citadel with some ideas.  When we arrived we were hollered at by Security and a hired gun to leave the property.  Security called 911 with great fanfare, a DMesque show of force.  Shortly after our arrival  DM’s personal Steward, DM’s personal Chef, and DM’s personal driver were seen scampering from the Star of California ship to behind the eight foot wall that surrounds DM’s villa compound within the larger compound. DM was quite apparently hunkered in the bunker. For the next hour, DM proved  his recent propaganda videos to be accurate – not a single soul could be seen across the hundreds of acres of  neatly manicured “worker’s paradise.”

 I tried to reach DM through phoning his Assistant Lou’s cell phone, but apparently she was instructed by DM not to answer the phone while she was huddled around him with the rest of his personal staff in his walled Villa.

We also called the cell phone of the guard who has been watching former CO Gold (Lisa Allen Shroer) for the two years since her blow.  I instructed the guard to hand the phone to Lisa and she complied.  I told Lisa that JB and I were at the gate ready to escort her out safely. Apparently two years of black dianetics sec checking, isolation, constant electronic and human surveillance had taken its toll and she not so politely declined.  At least she knows she’s got friends when she comes to again.

We asked the D/Sheriff who responded whether he could see about having  JB’s passport handed over.  He gave it a shot. We were informed by the d/sheriff that Warren McShane of RTC was in possession of it, but that he was in Los Angeles. We informed the Sheriff that we’d go to LA and seek out McShane. The Sheriff spoke to McShane on the phone and McShane informed the Sheriff that he was afraid of JB and me and wanted an address to mail the passport to. JB informed the Sheriff that JB’s address IS the Int base, and has been for twenty-seven years. When the Sheriff became exasperated with the c of m tactics, he explained that he could not compel them to comply without a court order and was doing all he could to persuade them to be sensible. We thanked him for his efforts and told him that he was being used in a one of DM’s childish hide and seek games, and we’d pursue other avenues.

While DM’s forces frantically attempt to locate and apply force to us, JB and I are quite effortlessly continuing to disseminate ideas of freedom behind the carefully and expensively contructed walls of force. Seeds are being systematically, yet seemingly randomly,  planted around the world, behind the walls.  Many will inevitably be smothered with RTC herbicide. But, many too will continue to thrive and come to fruition. None will fully die.

Our strategy comes from LRH words that have been posted on this blog before. But, as the old saying goes, the rudiments sometimes bear repetition:

From PDC 10: Specific Parts of Self-determinism, Spacation by L Ron Hubbard:

People recognize that, and although you will see a tremendous tendency on the part of the slave to assume his chains and wear them, and wear more chains if possible, you always have a greater number who in the end will turn on the master.

The masters of the slaves die. They have always died in this universe and they always will, and so may too a universe die.

But the point we are making is simply that force was never any weapon with which to combat reason. And every time force has been applied to reason in this universe force as come the cropper, not reason.

Sooner or later the reason would go around and through because there’s on…force, you see, can’t go through sixteen-foot bastions and barricades. You have this enormous citadel sitting on the high crown of an untouchable mount. And it is garrisoned and provisioned and watered to withstand the siege of centuries. And its garrison is well-trained and well-armed. Not a signle shaft or a bolt or a lightening flash could go through that citadel.

But by the water carrier or some other means an idea can go through the wall of any citadel. When you ask, “what is the strength of this citadel?” you always have to ask “what is the loyalty of this garrison?” That is the other factor, and force was never able to win against it. It could win temporarily, oh, yes, but never completely. Now in a reaction against force, people quite often will assume a no responsibility for the whole universe. That’s going downscale against force.

Want to point out to you that there’s an up scale from force. A high one, and that goes up toward the reasonable thing to do. And people very often, who are trying to go up scale toward the reasonable thing to do, will find themselves caught with specious reasoning and will find themselves dropping down toward the weak thing to do.

Reason which is afraid of force, and reason which exists to keep force from hurting one is not reason. That, too, is a form of slavery. But reason which exists to go up from the level of force must first be able to confront force. Only then can such reason take responsibility for those things which reason alone can produce.

And so you find a society, just before it goes out, taking its last effort to escape force by being reasonable, but that reasonability consists normally of an assumption of slavery of one form or another – not an assumption of freedom. They will lay upon themselves various restrictions and…out of fear.

Now that man who is able to take responsibility for force, yet who does not employ force, is much more terrible than man who can apply force alone. And the man who applies force alone is, of course, much more terrible to a lower scale on the chart than those who can only cluster together in terror and hope that the mass of their numbers will restrain the hand of force.

You want to remember then you’re looking at harmonics, when you’re looking at this on a tone scale. You’ll find groups which cohese solely because they are terrified of force which may be applied to them. And in that cohesion they simply seek protection of the individual by the group.

That group almost never advances. Now that group which can be free in each and every individual matter is yet the only group that can act and reason and with cause. For a group to be cause it must consist of individuals who themselves are cause.

Catch us if you can.

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    Law enforcement and FBI take note – PLEASE. People are being held on that compound and physically and mentally abused. We will keep exposing it until something effective is done about the abuse and gross violations of human rights.


  2. becomingAware

    Thanks Marty for that LRH Quote.

    How low can the tone level of Int go?

  3. Marty , its not just those inside the walls are deaf and blind but those outside are as well.

    I have left some info on your previous blog, but some how ,it was rediculed by those who are either still influnced by bodies living inside the citadel or are still loyal to them.

    Its always TO BE OR NOT TO BE

  4. Thanks for attempting to get one more out. What a coward the dwarf is that he cannot confront you!

    Have you had any comm from anyone on where Heber is?

  5. pandorawake

    Good, I am glad the D Sheriff met you guys, cause he can at least go back to the station and tell the others that you and JB aren’t all that crazy and scary, haha.

    I imagine they walk on eggshells with INT because of the deep pockets legal funds extorted out of IAS members.

  6. Wow this is awesome! Thanks for the debrief! Jan

  7. pandorawake

    Yeah, what in the world would it take to actually get a warrant?

  8. Marty and JB,

    Who called the Sheriff, CoM or you guys? and was it hard to get him to help, or was he mostly on your side?

  9. brilliant !


  10. Tony DePhillips

    Great Post Marty.

    That reference is a good explanation of why people need to come out into the open. We cannot remain hidden in fear as that means the “force merchants” are winning. The more of us that come out and apply reason to the irrational SP’s the faster we will win IMHO.

    On another note: You know the LRH reference where he describes the Orgs as “islands of sanity” or some such? Well, I think it would be a fun game to see which area can take photos of the “people who are openly out”. Creating our own islands of sanity.

    We can have a competition on whose photos have the most people in them. Amy Scobee had a book party in the Seattle area and we had 17 people in that photo. That is the highest ever I think. Anyone care to take the challenge??


  11. Your willingness to show up and beard the “lions” in their den must be quite frustrating to those who have spread the word that you fear the “mighty wrath” of Dear Leader.

    DM will have at least a week of throat grabbing, face slapping rage before he can settle down and plan his next move.

    Then, of course, he will have to interrogate everyone you talked to and punish them appropriately.

    A tyrant’s work is never done and nobody really appreciates how hard he works maintaining that delicate balance of insanity and absolute power.

    I hope you have time to kick off your shoes and get in a little fishing before your next excursion to the gates of Hell.

    If you got the helpful officer’s name, we could all send his office commendatory e-mails. I would imagine they would appreciate the support even if they couldn’t acknowledge it.

    I would also imagine that holding on to JB’s passport will expose the CoS to even more unwelcome scrutiny. I’ll do my part to pass the story on.


    JB – I want to say congratulations on getting out and for sticking to your personal integrity. I greatly admire you for that and for anything you’re now doing to try to right the horrendous wrongs going on at the Int base. (Marty, it’s wonderful that you’re there for people to turn to – Lisa will know this if she gets the opportunity to escape again).


  13. Less Bribed politicians, Law enforcement and DA’s.

  14. pandorawake

    Security called 911 Concerned.

    I’m sure their tactic is to call 911 FIRST so they can be on the plantiff side of the coin.

  15. We just have to keep grinding.

  16. Hello Marty and JB, Great reference, I listened to the all tape and it was Great.

    Another LRH reference that is Apropos to the context of the Int Base staff such as Lisa Allen Shroer is:


    The number one trick of control used in this universe on a thetan is to make the thetan postulate that he himself can be damaged. One has to make him conceive that he is energy and that energy can be damaged by which he then has it proven to him that he can be damaged. One can only damage a person thoroughly and enormously by making this identification between a spirit and energy or mass.

    Any psychotherapy or practice of religion and philosophy or activity concerning the mind is doomed to failure and will not and cannot work if it is based on the premise that man is mass. The only reason Scientology works is because it disabuses him of this fact. It addresses the being and if we were going around fixing up bodies thinking that man is a body made up of neurons, automaticities, etc., we have said at once that it cannot work, because it is using and confirming this identification.

    That is the basic mis-identification necessary to damage a thetan or put him downscale. One just has to convince him that he is mass, energy and can be damaged and you have a foundation for a slave society.

    Edited from L. Ron Hubbard’s 18th ACC lecture No.6, dated July 22, 1957

  17. Great Confront JB and Marty, Holding someones Passport is a federal offence.

    If JB files a complaints you at least have a sherrif to confirm things.

    They can close their eyes for things but thay can’t ignore this.

  18. “Always atack, never defend”

  19. I’d say that unless it arrives overnight to an address JB gives, JB’s going to report to the state department that Int has stolen his passport. That could get some interesting TA.

    BTW, I completely admire the stones this trip required. Nicely done.

  20. Watching Eyes

    Why would Warren McShane be carrying JB’s passport? If I’m not mistaken it’s considered a form of identity theft and is a felony. How nice that McShane admitted this to the D/Sheriff.

    If you want to report this here’s the form:

    Click to access 79958.pdf

    You could even attach the police report from when McShane talked to the deputy.
    Then the law can issue a warrant out on McShane.

  21. From the documented evidence I have come across that is exactly true. If they can’t be bribed then they are blackmailed.
    Bribery; City of London
    Blackmail Folders; Turin Italy

    Just as a couple of offhand examples. There are so many new people coming to this blog daily some of this might be hard to believe at first.

  22. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, this is SO powerful. I think you now impersonate the Tone 45 for good (I have said it many times on this blog but I will keep repeating it, PDCs first lecture What is to be done in Course is the reference).

    The only thing that can penetrate anything is an IDEA. The most powerful thing there is. In another reference (sorry, I don’t know which one it is) LRH says about the water carrier. He talks about how one idea got a whole people to rule the world, and that was the idea of riding a horse and then that those riders were stopped by another IDEA and that was the idea of building up a citadel. And then he comes to mention the idea of the water carrier who goes in the citadel with poison in the water!!!

    No matter what, your IDEA of injecting Theta and Ideas of Freedom into the Citadel and Tone 45 communications etc. is a bright one. I see the Citadel full of holes now, getting as-ised, literally.

    We are no slaves, no Scientologist is a slave, much less the Sea Orgs members. We know so much that we cannot but free not just ourselves but also others. This is the only route out.

    And the Tone 45 is really a “catch us if you can”. You give Scientology its real meaning. It is called Freedom and power of choice. It is wonderful that there is a new game going on.

    Let’s bring the Citadel down with this ONE idea: You guys on the inside can be free and keep on your mission to free others. It can happen on the outside. Look at Mosey and how she absorbs Scientology. She even keeps her TR’s in!!! Amazing what this idea called “Scientology” can do in its pure form.

  23. rory medford

    cornered like a rat

  24. Yeah, corner the guy further and further… I am so thankful for your couragious actions.

    Isn’t the MV coming up soon? Don’t even want to picture the Hill 10 he might impose on the staff right now.

    So, yeah, Amy, I second your call to law enforcement and the FBI to take notice of the glaring signs of abuse and human rights violations.

  25. Interesting. Warren is now afraid of you. Yeah right. Fabricated defense. They kept my passport too when I left 8 years ago, but it’s still valid. Told me it was “lost”. Maybe next time I’m in the area I’ll try to retrieve it. It does have lots of nice little stamps in it, which have sentimental value.

  26. Very theta post of PDC 10 exerpt.

    Loved reading it.


  27. Wow Marty & JB, the most stunning thing for me is the omitted. It speaks volumes, real loud and very clear.

    Anyone who has ever had to listen to a Miscavige rant, tirade, bravado or his bluster can’t help but get the idea that he thinks himself the king of the world and the roughest, toughest S.O.B. in it. OK, but you two guys show up and … zero, nothing, not a murmur, nada, though he was clearly there because his personal staff were scurrying about the place. LOL, there was the Black Panther, sitting right at his very own gate. What did he do? He decided to pretend it wasn’t there and that nobody was home in DM-ville.

    There can be only one conclusion: in addition to being a coward he’s r … r … running s… s… sca…red.

    Great move you guys, sorry Lisa didn’t accept the offer.


  28. Just for the record I am an optimist. One has to create an overwhelming amount of movement into the direction one wants things to go and have pull-through and follow-through.

    You just have to become so big they can’t ignore you.

  29. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Booo Ya to my brothas! Most likely not but I suspect they were scampering from their being caught at the Ship overseeing yet another overboarding. You know I have many questions but that is too self serving. Love the work Daddy O’s! Mayby you could grab something of Sinar’s that he was forced to leave behind, and if you wouldn’t mind, my backpay still owed me. — Jackson

  30. I sent you a message on FB re: accomos.

  31. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Mr. Eyes: You have to understand. He really dosen’t have it on him. It is the Int Base Terminal with whom people Like Marty, JB, Mike, myself, Amy, Jeff etc.. would be told who has it. He is the current “Go To Guy” of Dave’s. Hell, if Marty was still there, you do understand it would of been Marty’s name they’d front with to blow law enforcement off. Dave’s trusted resources, and time is ticking for Warren too, are hsi fron guys but I don’t thik I have to explain this to you. — Jackson

  32. No I didn’t. Couldn’t find you. I gave E.C. a number for you to call in case. She said she would get it to you.

  33. Impartial English Girl

    Mr. Rathbun, you have mighty balls of steel! The weedy little eunuch DM must have been wetting himself, hehehe…

    You’ll succeed in the end.

  34. I love it. I imagine that word will get around the base as to who was present at the gate. 🙂

  35. Chris Black

    “For a group to be cause it must consist of individuals who themselves are cause.”

    So true. Good quote, Marty. Explains a lot of things.


  36. I wish for every Scientologist to send in reports to the Sherrtifs ofice. DM as a terminal is broken. Maybe the Sherrifs Office isn’t the most smooth working entity but Scientologists “harpooning” it has added weight instead of critics or anons. Although AnonOrange got them to take part of the Ultra-Barrier down.

    Together we can make a difference, never surrender.

  37. Ideas going through the Citadel.

    I now know of one current staff member at my org who has been told the truth about DM.

    I’ve gotta believe that there are many more like him, stuck in a big, fat GPM.

  38. Thought provoking

    Marty and JB, you made my day with this post!

  39. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Haydn, I know it’s been awhile since we have chatted (and you have to call me dude!) but I have to say what it is I have and do love about you. I love your conceptual understanding of what is happening – Lucy’s too for that matter. To everybody who read’s all that M, M, Haydn, Jimbo, Amy, Matt, Jeff, Steve, Sinar, Sudden Sarge, I , Shelly, Devo, Tom M, Mark, Janis, Jan etc…. etc.. – those of us here who clearly “Conceptually Understand” what has been going on, is going on and will go on is the beauty shinning from the backbone of our efforts. Not one LIE comes from our fingers or voices. We walked the walk. Saw what we saw and report it to you – the readers so you can see for yourselves what really happened, is happening and predictablly will happen. Dave HATES, HATES, HATES the fact that the number of “Loose Cannon’s” (as seen through his eyes only) are bigger in number on the outside than the inside. Suddenly Dave only needs 9 of his stubby fingers to count the number truseted amongst his nest. And Damm it again, one of the “Once very loyal and trusted Int Base Staff” has “pissed in my nest AGAIN! My friggin Italian Cotton shirt has PISS on it AGAIN… ” LOU…. get the hell in here! Lou: Yes sweety.. um.. Sir! “9 Fingers” Dave : Base Briefing — NOW! . Oh… and “9 Fingers” WHERE IS SHELLY YOUR WIFE AND WHERE IS HEBER! Thanks for your great work Haydn and thanks for listening to my verbage! — — Jackson

  40. Cured Robot

    Marty, you are so dangerous that people run in hiding from you, LOL. I mentioned this on a earlier blog but it bears mentioning again. Last week I had a meeting with a Hemet local and out of curiousity I mentioned an article that came out in the LA Times about beatings by the Church of Scientology in Hemet. She said she prays for them every time she drives by. She went on to say there use to a Dad picketing out front every day because his daughter died working there due to lack of sleep and food, he felt she was murdered due to lack of care. She went on to say that they don’t give proper medical care to their “Sea Corps”, she is not a Scn and I didn’t correct her on lack of wording as I was just doing general poking around to get a viewpoint from a local. So Hemet locals aren’t so dumb that they aren’t clued into what is going on there and the word is out.

  41. MarTEEE!!! What’s this I hear about you misbehaving again?!? Weren’t you told to stay in your own yard and mind your own business?! And look at who you and JB were hanging around with… Cowards and Bullies! That’s it, I’ve had it! GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!
    Love, Mom

  42. Watching Eyes

    I understand what their game is. But if McShane told the deputy he’s in possession of the passport then he just admitted to having it. Is the law going to care whether it’s in his pocket or an office drawer? No. Not if he admitted to having it.

    McShane may be the “go to guy”. But by telling the law he’s got the passport he just turned himself into the “fall guy”. Sounds like a canditate for a federal warrant.

    If he’s got a warrant out for him that will make one less lieutenant left to protect the dwarf.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Mom – ain’t misbehavin’

  44. froghopper

    Thanks for the Quote of LRH PDC IO. Marthyn
    Hopefully JB reports to the officials of a illegally profession of a passport, and get it back
    documentation is vital. obvioulsy all have been breifed not to appear show faces the question is what is he actually doing with the staff within the walls , and the major question is, What does it
    take to get a warrant. Help get he exposure please

  45. froghopper

    The passport if illegally in their possession get it back (sorry about the spelling error)

  46. Thanks to google maps you can get an EXACT snap shot of the entire Hemet base. AND the compound within a compound – AKA dms bunker.

    Go to — type in the “search maps” box 19625 Gilman Springs Road, Gilman Hot Springs, CA 92582.

    If you aren’t accustomed to google maps, take some time. It’s quite remarkable how EVERYTHING is there — you can see The Star of California Ship, the golf courses, the swimming pool, the large pond, the new berthing. Everything. (except people of course)

    Clicking on “satellite view” – you’ll see the whole compound – prison camp.

    While Marty continues to shine the light, we can help by exposing where the property is and looking at it often.

    With the postulate — OPEN THE GATES.


  47. We love you too Dude!

    Haydn & Lucy

  48. Virgil Samms

    Boo Ya, my brother Jackson!! As long as we shine the light the cockroaches will stay under the rug. The staff running from the Ship are roaches running from the bright light of Marty and JB.

    But why Lisa Schroer? Isn’t she part of the implant crew at the base? Why does she deserve freedom?? This must be some macabre strategy?


  49. Is it just me or have they stopped phoning the field?

    It may be considered too risky to contact the old public files because of what WE might say to staff.

    And with my latest ASHO Saint Hill mailing their was a request to send an email to confirm I had received the magazine.

    What would happen if every time we got a promo and it said to call a terminal to sign up or with questions if we all just started calling the staff up and telling them a little of what is going on? Wouldn’t they have to KR thaat and wouldn’t the data spread even faster?

    I feel inspired to do this soley in the spirit of help. Do you think they would start harassing me?

    I take care of my mother and it would be no good to be getting late night phone calls etc.

    Maybe I would need a seperate phone if I carried this out?

  50. Mike Rinder

    Jackson – ROTFLMFAO!

  51. He has to get out of that old shack every now and then and go look at DM’s nice buildings.

    Surely that is all it was. LOL.

  52. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    WE, I understand what you are saying but this is way simpler than that. 1st there is the attitude that Warren, Dave, Attorney’s etc all fully realize how simple it is to fly around the local law enforcement radar. Warren could simply say he was called on his cell phone while he was in LA standing outside of Tommy’s (Burger Joint) waiting for his chilli burger while walking Stacey Moxon’s pet squrriel and get away with it with NO LEGAL THREAT. — Jackson

  53. Posted on ESMB by FlunkedForLaughing

    “I sold my last 2 boxes of Scn materials yesterday. The lady who bought them had an interesting story. I wanted to share it with you.

    It turns out that 17 students that were at LA Org (not sure if Day or Fndn) left 3 weeks ago and are NOT going back. It was an entire group that was studying from Taiwan. They are going to study Scn together as Independent Scientologists. This is the same group that was studying at CCInt before 2006. They were getting trained up for the Kaohsiung Mission.

    The two main opinion leaders of the group, one of them OTV, did some research online. Some websites that helped them see what was really going on was Marty’s blog,, SP Times Truth Rundown, and videos by Helmut. They were tired of all the out tech by staff members, ineffective and wrong ethics actions, mandatory attendance at events, constant reging, staff members yelling at each other, The Golden Age of Altered Tech, and the constant suppression they felt in the environment. They were not “winning” on course and in life, according to her. They had written up KR’s that had gone nowhere. They could see that it wasn’t going to change.

    The two leaders of the group wanted to create a peaceful environment where they could be left alone and just study and practice Scn in a more user-friendly way. They wrote a letter to the other 15 as to what they discovered and where they were going. They let them make up their own minds about it. Sure enough, they all left together!

    FFL “

  54. Marty, great on taking the torch of truth right to the doorstep of DM’s bunker. I am sure he is panicked.

    My experiences with Lisa Allen were mostly very negative – she loved carrying out DM’s sadistic agenda as CO Gold and loved threatening and degrading staff and subjecting them to emotional and physical punishments. So part of me doesn’t care if she rots there. But then I remember a smart, funny lady from earlier years and I hope THAT Lisa finds her way out – both from the Base and from that hideous persona she adopted to survive there.

  55. Tom — I guess we go head to toe again —

    Doesn’t EVERYONE deserve freedom? (ultimately dm – although it’s doubtful we will be alive to see that happen)

    Will freedom be dished out to some and not to others?

    Good grief — I surely hope you were kidding.


  56. Marty and JB , great job guys. Bye bye DM!

  57. Jackson,
    Yeah dude, that’s what is hilarious really about all this, we’ve been through all this from the inside and here it is again. Only this time, it’s pretty clear the scramble to try and figure out what to do about ‘us’. I mean, what the hell is Danny D going to do when JB and Marty show up and ask for JB’s passport?!

    All the circuits blow! They have NO handling because they have NO sense to them. They can’t apply Scientology policy, too many arbitraries entered in and that body of work is long since fallen from their grasp. They can’t either apply just common sense, like, give him his passport.

    All this has me thinking. The ‘measures’ taken oh so many moons ago, from the early days at La Quinta, for security and in THOSE particular circumstances, carried forward to Gilman Hot Springs, and re-inforced with the fences, the motion sensors and the wide-ranging systems in place are ALL of them an anachronism. They are added inapplicable to today.

    All this fear of guys blowing. Why? What the hell could they say that has to be withheld with such force?

    All this ‘security’ when all that’s really needed is the actual LRH policy on the ‘files’. They do the work.

    I look at this epic struggle, DM actually constructing a bullet-proof bunker, and actually hiding in it (?). None of this stuff has anything to do with present time. Marty and JB walked up, and said ‘ my we please have his passport?’ and look at the response!

    If it weren’t for the fact that DM has reversed and perverted Scn into reversed, suppressive, psychiatric treatment, then this over the top, whacked, bonkers stuff would be as ludicrous as it actually is. Maybe it’s just too absurd and that absurdity outweighs the ‘seriousness’ with which it is taken.

    I mean, really, this is just hilarious. ‘May I please have my passport?’ and they call the police, hide in bunkers, run for cover where ever they can?!!!

  58. Chris,
    I’ll sneak one in here for yesterday’s post. VVWD!

    (I was in the Highlands over night, getting the cabin ready for summer.)


  59. Mark Fisher

    Marty, If you ever want reinforcements for a full frontal assault/visit, just say the word.

    I’m sure I could get Janis and some others to come with me and join you, JB, Mike, Amy, Mat, Jackson, Shelly and others who used to be there to help get the word over the fence that the water’s warmer on the outside.

    We could even bring an old school bus with us to load up all the detainees and ferry them to freedom.

    There is strength in numbers.

  60. I think it is illegle to take someone’s passport. Technically the passport is the property of the U.S. Government. They belong exclusively to the government that issued them, and as such can be confiscated only by the issuing government.

    Also, if you have been providing berthing for someone for over a certain amount of months, you have to give them 30 days notice in writing before you can kick them out on the street. It does not matter if it was just a bedroom or a bed. Technically, your friend can go back to his berthing space legally at the Int Base, and wait for his thirty day notice and live there meanwhile. As I understand, it is a bed and breakfast he has been furnished with, so also his meals would be included.

  61. If you don’t know your rights you don’t have any.

    I have no idea why Church volunteers feel they have the right to ask people for their passports or take them away from them. But they do not have that authority.

  62. Tom,
    Lisa was in the RPF with me. She was actually in the RPF’s RPF and thanks to my inimitable style, I got me and my twin assigned there too!

    She was pretty BI’s. Like way, way down the Tone Scale. So, as I recall, we worked to cheer her up. Had her complete some good work cycles you know, get the morale up. She started to come up tone.

    Well, we went along, that little group of RPF’S RPFers and since my twin and I were in fact skilled at the various trades called for by the renos at the base, we actually were assigned as the In Charges of several key projects. Those of you from that time recall all the brick paver work, around MCI (Massacre Canyon Inn, the cafeteria) and such. That was Paul and I, as RPF’s RPFers, running the RPF AND, the base crew on Saturdays! Hah!

    Lisa, Paul and I designed (that was mostly Paul I think) and built a custom cabinet for DM’s LPs and CDs. Built it from scratch and it was a wonderful piece of cabinetry. The three of us were outside Bldng 36, chipping away at the ground that had been compressed to the hardness of concrete, to lay the wiring for the roadside lamps, in the middle of the night, pounding at that ground cutting little one inch cubes away. Arrgghhh, that was tough.

    On the bus ride home, Lisa would laugh loudly as we all sang ‘ Joey, Joey, Joey the bush kangaroooooo!’

    She apparently has a reputation now as somewhat of a nasty. (That’s euphemistic).

    I remember her differently. A being having a very tough time in their life, and one who worked through that and in that RPF’s RPF, she came up and as a happier person, with real morale and self-confidence regained, she was part of our team, fully.

    I have a soft spot for her from those days. I know someone I consider to be much nearer the real being underneath whatever she got into later on. I think that being is still there, and I’d love to see that twinkle in her Aussie eye again.

  63. one of those who see

    Gary Moorehead said: “Not one LIE comes from our fingers or voices. We walked the walk. Saw what we saw and report it to you – the readers so you can see for yourselves what really happened, is happening and predictablly will happen.”

    Wonderfully stated Gary!

    Regarding the lies coming from the Church:

    From HCOB 31 Dec 1978RA
    issue II
    Revised 26 July 1986
    Outline of PTS Handling

    HOw to Handle False Data and Lies

    In some cases antagonism stems from false data or outright lies that the antagonistic person has heard or read. The handling for this is based on the datum that truth must exist before lies, and truth blows the lie away as it is later on the chain.

    The handling for a person who has false data on Scientology is to fill in any vacuum of missing data with factual data about Scientology and to prove any lies, rumors and false data encountered to be false.

    Any lies are disproven by documenting the truth….

    The truth blows the lie away. And the source of the lie is rendered unbelievable and any other utterances by that source will then be discarded.

  64. Mike Hobson

    My take is this:

    DM probably reckons that Marty and J.B. somehow breached his security and knew he was present at the base at that time.

    I’d say he figured the whole thing was an attempt to get him on video administering one of his infamous S.R.A’s – which the Scientology membership absolutely must never see.

    Michael “The Sneakster” Hobson

  65. It’s not volunteers, it’s HCO staff who take them away and keep them.

  66. Marty and JB,

    I admire and appreciate you. Ultimately, showing up at the gates of the Citadel is the utter refusal to accept delivery of insanity, wrong conditions, and name-calling.

    What a beautiful thing! To be able to stand there, knowing one’s self, knowing one’s life, knowing one’s goals, intentions, soul, work — and regard the twisted, writhing manipulations of criminal abuse posing as self-righteousness.

    And that is exactly what the”Church” has become.

    You are giants.

    Each of us has walked that road, to taking our very self back. insidiousness of what had tricked us for so long was based on the trust we gave. We gave out hearts, our service, to an idea.

    “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

  67. THAT is awesome.

  68. Jeff, I knew her before DM came to the base and she is not the same person at all. The real Lisa is smart, funny, competent and not nasty at all.

    Will the real Lisa Allen please stand up?

  69. Oracle,

    I don’t see much of a usable angle on the passport issue directly. Here’s how it goes:

    JB surrendered his passport voluntarily. It’s common enough on ships where passports are kept in a safe so they don’t fall overboard. Same with S.O. members – CofS could argue that staff don’t all have secure facilities so HCO keeps the passports for them – much like putting them in a safe deposit box at a bank.

    Poof! There goes the confiscation argument.

    Then they could say JB left the premises by himself, and left his passport behind. It was sent to L.A., or Texas, or Outer Mongolia, or any other place CofS can dream up a reason for believing he went to. And then the paperwork is mislaid, and they need a week to find stuff, and then some clown in Ext Comm send it back to Int Base when it should have gone to HCO PAC….

    Poof! There goes the “willful obstruction” argument…

    Nah, that’s not a decent tactic from a legal standpoint.

    But watching DM spin and chase his tail when JB just shows up at the front door and asks nicely for it back? THAT is priceless!

    Marty, JB, well done on this one 🙂
    You guys have balls – big rocking steel ones!

  70. Its a Cult thing to do. It alsoo screams Human-Traficking.

  71. Chris Black

    Thanks. 🙂

    I’m still planning on coming down there to “set a spell” at that cabin, Jimbo. I know the beer’s good down there. Alls I gotta do is sneak out in the night, quiet like….shhhhs, don’ wake da wabbits!

    See you soon,

  72. Chris Black

    It most certanly IS awesome! Very theta, all of them.

  73. The illegal confiscation and holding of Passports — as is being done with JBs passport — by the corporate “Church” is not an isolated incident.

    Before I connected all the dots, one of my former pcs, who bought the full bridge at Flag after I delivered his grades for an org, contacted me with concern and despair — said his passport had been confiscated as one of the obstacles/coercions to keep him from leaving during crush reg cycles for more “donations”.

    I’m trying to locate the person now. I wish I had been more help back then, it’s been a few years.

    Am I mistalen or does t that happen regularly, the “church” confiscation of passports?

  74. Chris Black

    “EVERYTHING is there — you can see The Star of California Ship, the golf courses, the swimming pool, the large pond, the new berthing. Everything. (except people of course).”

    That’s because they’re all playing golf on the Golden Era Golf Course, just across the road from Country Club Drive.

    Quick! Someone pinch me. I’ve woken up in a Jack Benny skit!

  75. No. All Sea Org staff are volunteers that rec’v a token allowance. As there is no set dependable or promised pay beyond what will be alloted at whim, they are all VOLUNTEERS.

    Now, they have all signed a Sea Org contract however, all of those contracts have been made null and void by the Church’s failure to perform on their side, what was promised at signing. Such as laundry, medical, holiday, training processing etc etc written or verbal or even implied.

    Because the Church has failed to perform there are no valid Sea Org contgracts in place . The staff are volunteers every way you look at it.

  76. Marty,

    Sounds to me like JB is yet another trouble maker and a bad influence on you. You’re usually such an angel.

    I think you need to introvert some and figure out what it is you are doing to pull in so many rebels.

  77. You assume JB surrendered his passport voluntarily. I haven’t seen him report that.

    I saw mant staff ordered to surrender their passports ON LAND NOT on a ship and they did so relunctantly because they did not have any other choice. I have heard of people not being their passports when they ask for them, and for this to be used to keep foriegn recruits grounded. There is no excuse to demand passports from volunteers. I was asked for my passport and I said “No.” Don’t think this is a minor issue of no consequense. It is an very important matter and ullustrates the hallucinatory authority these volunteers think they have because someone dressed them in a uniform and gave them some title.

  78. The MV is reschedule to the end of this month, this is what I heard.

  79. And the truth is staff are REQUIRED to surrender their passports on land right here in U.S.A. as part of staff culture and therefore religious practice. splog.

  80. I think that the wrong impression is knowingly created and given to law enforcement by the “Chuchch” — the alibi that problems are “internal spats” by “disgruntled” people.

    Many examples of this: Recently, DM using Mike Rinder’s ex to stalk him, then assault him out of the blue in a parking lot — she followed him into a doctor’s office where he sought refuge, screaming “I’m his wife!” in the doctor’s office. Fortunately, that doctor was smart enough to observe the highly irregular conduct and spoke out publicly.

    It’s pretended “familiarity.”

    Many abusers use the false impression of “familiarity” against their targets. Law enforcement “discounted” one of serial killer/sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims cries for help, thinking it was a “lover’s spat.” The boy became another death of the serial killer.

    I’m pointing this case out to draw a parallel between the type of “reasonableness” than can occur when law enforcement witnesses or hears complaints. The perpetrator often acts like “Oh he’/she is juts upset with me.” The “Churchh” creates the false impression that there is an “intimate” rapport, an “inside” upset.

    This is not the case, however. There are human rights violations, criminal abuse and clever cover up taking place under the guise of “help”. The “religion” part of Scientology that actually helps people is altered and misapplied.

    We are not “part of” that institution posing as a “Church.” They have no rights on people just because someone worked there, embraces Scientology, was fooled, took a course — it is a false mind game illusion, one of many perpetrated on the public and law enforcement by the “church.”

  81. Very well done Marty and J.B. This is what I call courage.

    DM = true coward.

  82. That’s interesting that JB could legally go back for 30 days. Maybe some ex Int staff could go back and get documentation on what’s happening there. Unpleasant prospect, I know but if it would furthur the cause then maybe someone would be willing, especially if there were several going back, as that would be safer. Just an idea.

  83. Why not just apply for a new passport? I hope your not refering to a SCN passport which is just a piece of crap.

  84. IF Marty’s friend went to the Int base for his passport, also he might not have known it had been moved to another city and was in the hands of someone unknown to him to be having his passport. Sorry, that is straight up theft. And if Marty’s friend contacted the police to report the passport as stolen and given them the location of Wareen in L.A., and they found the passport there with several hundred other passports with a Church volunteer how bad can than get I ask you? You guys in the Church better give those people back their passports! Fast too! Who started that ritual???

  85. Many years ago at an event in 1991, DM said that Scientology was not HIS Scientology, it was OUR Scientology.

    Thanks, Dave, for acknowledging that it belongs to us, not you. We are taking it back now. By the way, the people who are protecting you are only doing so out of fear, not duty. I don’t think that will last.

  86. This is it. It’s the key.

    It’s one of if not THE solution.

  87. Hmm. I wonder if iPads could be made into a sort of necklace/lanyard thingy that could play YouTube movies while people stand around with both hands free …

    Running things like “the Truth Rundown.”

    Turns people into walking TVs.
    And those freaking newfangled batteries go for HOURs and HOURS …

  88. The thing is force as you say, and a mest idea of OT.

    Theta is light, but incredibly powerful as well. Force can be used, but not over used ref Ethics Presence PL.

    Coping with sits like this depends upon a stable data. Its all in the Axioms.

    If you have a criminal complaint on DM – not the Church – you should make it.

  89. @theoracle — actually, you’re only a volunteer if you have full self-determinism over the hours, nature, and no expectation of any pay, then you are a volunteer.

    “If there is evidence that you expected some payment (even if it is in the form of food or shelter) or your non-profit employer coerced you into calling yourself a “volunteer,” you may well actually be an employee who has the right to minimum wage.”

    Quotation from:

    Note that most people working in a religious institution are not exempt, and not even most Sea Org would be exempt.

    See the commentary here:

  90. You can’t just get a new passport if there’s already one issued in your name (unless you are a very heavy traveler and have approval for two passports, which does happen). You have to report it lost or stolen, pay not-insignificant amount of money, and wait.

    In this case, suppose it was JB’s only valid photo ID?

  91. Virgil Samms

    Jackson, I’m with you on frontal assault. And we have a place to stay nearby where we can stage from. Let me know and we can roll.

    ML Tom

  92. Does anyone know here, you are not to give up your passport to anyone or any government for save keeping. Do not volunteer your passport. Reject it, and demand to see the law, more that likely they will make a copy and return your original documents and passport. Start standing up for your rights or loose them, to other corporations and organizations. This includes churches. The only time you are required to relinquish you pass port is by demand of the country’s issuing state department; ie, the united States of America if you are an American.

  93. Bunkai, I’ve been looking for something very much like that for my iPad so I can read books while I walk. 🙂

  94. V,

    It depends – at the Freewinds, the Port Captain holds your passport due to what I understand is dealing with Port authorities/visas. That was the place tightest with passports.

    At the Int base, you’re supposed to turn in your passport after going overseas to the Legal off/Port Capt, but never did as it seems was traveling a lot and always kept it with me. Perhaps, things are tighter these days.

    There were a lot of shoot crew who also went out a bit and kept theirs at the time. No one asks at the UK or other Clearwater.

  95. And if Marty’s friend contacted the police to report the passport as stolen and given them the location of Wareen in L.A., and they found the passport there with several hundred other passports with a Church volunteer how bad can that get I ask you?

    And do you know why?

    Because that IS BAD. That is SO WRONG!

  96. A couple years ago, before you came out Marty, Gordon Melton suggested all you ex Int Base staffers ought to go to Hemet and hold a press conference.

    Why not have an ex Int Base staff party/convention, on Sea Org day, at Hemet, and do drive bys of the Int Base in a bus with big signs inviting those inside to get on the bus to freedom, or something like that.

  97. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.


    484. (a) Every person who shall feloniously steal, take, carry,
    lead, or drive away the personal property of another, or who shall
    fraudulently appropriate property which has been entrusted to him or
    her, or who shall knowingly and designedly, by any false or
    fraudulent representation or pretense, defraud any other person of
    money, labor or real or personal property, or who causes or procures
    others to report falsely of his or her wealth or mercantile character
    and by thus imposing upon any person, obtains credit and thereby
    fraudulently gets or obtains possession of money, or property or
    obtains the labor or service of another, is guilty of theft.


    236. False imprisonment is the unlawful violation of the personal
    liberty of another.

    236.1. (a) Any person who deprives or violates the personal liberty
    of another with the intent to effect or maintain a felony violation
    of Section 266, 266h, 266i, 267, 311.4, or 518, or to obtain forced
    labor or services, is guilty of human trafficking.
    (b) Except as provided in subdivision (c), a violation of this
    section is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for three,
    four, or five years.
    (c) A violation of this section where the victim of the
    trafficking was under 18 years of age at the time of the commission
    of the offense is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for
    four, six, or eight years.
    (d) (1) For purposes of this section, unlawful deprivation or
    violation of the personal liberty of another includes substantial and
    sustained restriction of another’s liberty accomplished through
    fraud, deceit, coercion, violence, duress, menace, or threat of
    unlawful injury to the victim or to another person, under
    circumstances where the person receiving or apprehending the threat
    reasonably believes that it is likely that the person making the
    threat would carry it out.
    (2) Duress includes knowingly destroying, concealing, removing,
    confiscating, or possessing any actual or purported passport or
    immigration document of the victim.
    (e) For purposes of this section, “forced labor or services” means
    labor or services that are performed or provided by a person and are
    obtained or maintained through force, fraud, or coercion, or
    equivalent conduct that would reasonably overbear the will of the
    (f) The Legislature finds that the definition of human trafficking
    in this section is equivalent to the federal definition of a severe
    form of trafficking found in Section 7102(8) of Title 22 of the
    United States Code.


  98. Well done !!!

    Staying right in their faces amid hordes of DM P.I.s really leaves an unmistakable statement that his intimidation tactics have next to ZERO effect.

  99. That’s hilarious Jackson!

    Wasn’t it you who drilled these guys on intruder drills? Duck, cover and hide? Dunitagain must’ve called that drill for two guys who want a passport & it’s well learned, from 20 years ago.

    One thing JB and Marty did – they probably ruined poor Dave’s lunch that he was going to have in the pool area on a nice sunny Saturday, after seeing his Chiro Stephan Price (part of his entourage to Freewinds, Florida & UK events.)

  100. That’s a thought, Jackson. Maybe I’ll go get it next Saturday!

  101. War and Peace

    DM has been attempting to export his “hole” to the outside world. He did it last year by sending nine “execs” to Clearwater to scream into the faces of St Pete Times reporters. This year he exported the dog and pony show to NY and Atlanta to subject Anderson Cooper and the exec structure of CNN to it. He sent virtual Hole squads to the streets of Clearwater Florida, Port Aransas and Ingleside Texas and to the Corpus Christi Airport.

    End of Quote.

    The maniacal attacks from the SP Hole Squads
    SCREAM at CNN, St Pete Times reporters,
    and so on.

    Direct from the Leader at the helm of the most explosively growing “Religion” of the 21st century.

    DM knows how to make friends and influence them ….

  102. This comment is off topic and may not be welcomed here, but I think it needs saying.

    The “Guide Book To Materials of Dianetics & Scientology” and the accompanying “Materials Guide Chart” is an awesome achievement by David Miscavige.

    Whatever his apparently horrendous behavioral flaws are with his staff, the man has clearly created great products for the CoS. When (or if) he gets ousted from his position, there will be much Scientologists will have to grudgingly admit they owe a debt of gratitude to DM for.

    Just sayin’.

  103. martyrathbun09

    Derek, are you joking. A clerk could have done that in 1982 when all the material was available if not STOPPED by Miscavige. He got all the lectures on CD – fifteen years after the technology was available. Delayed it by 15 years. And edited it to boot. Dude, you have some reading on this blog to do – or I might just think you are trolling. Just sayin.

  104. It makes you wonder who is really doing all the expansion for the church? The leader who hides behind fences and won’t speak with the press about his unprecedented expansion or to personally promote the fantastic leadership skills that he has shown during his Tenure!

    Who really is the man behind the Iron Curtain??

  105. Isn’t theft of a passport a fedral offense? The taking and not returning a passport would seem to be theft by definition. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to press charges against the person who took the passport and did not return it?

  106. Looks like I spoke too soon! You had it covered (theft of the passport)

  107. I was bummed out that my brand new PDC lectures I got with the Basics was still the edited version. What is wrong with the original data as given by LRH? What else are they cutting from the lectures? How can it be restored?

  108. Correct,

    NEVER surrender your passport unless required by law.

    I hear that they require you to surrender your passport when you go to the Freewinds. Ha!

    I will never step foot on that slave ship, but if I ever did, they would be hard pressed to get my passort out of my hands.

    Now, as for the matter at hand here….just have JB report his passport lost or stolen, and get a replacement through whatever embassy is appropriate.

    Sovereign Scientologist

  109. Marty,
    You are so right. Let’s also point out that putting the material out on CS is dated. By now he should be putting them out on Ipods, MP3s and such. No one needs a room full of books. If he was up with the times he would do internet subscriptions. I would like to have the ACCs but I don’t have the room!

  110. Joe Howard

    After your rehabbed her, it didn’t last. She went very, very heavily into the artificial valence of “the ideal Sea Org member,” as envisioned by a female who has had no training and very little case gain, ergo, next to zero understanding of what Scientology is about. The enormous shadow cast by DM’s absolute power was too terrifying to a mind this much un-self-determined and she opted for the safe solution, namely to assume that valence as thoroughly as she could. That became her stable datum and it must have held back one hell of a lot of confusion because she was IN IT, man, she was IN IT full throttle.

    And as such, she won’t find a lot of sympathy here from those who saw her operate as CO Gold, CO Musical Chairs and CO Hole. Pity maybe but not sympathy.

  111. Wow Deirdre, I don’t think I could walk and read at the same time!

    I just think that such a display will soon be used at various demonstration events for various causes – not just the Scientology reformation.

    It just makes sense.

    Video without a table, screen, TV or power supply … BUT FEET!

    Not being PUSHY or RUDE just politely standing with a video running on a chest …

    In strategic places. . .

  112. Wow! The RTC building is MUCH bigger than the picture from the front suggests. I wonder how many stories deep it is too.

  113. Marty,

    I’m no troll. In fact I held back comments until now and just read the comments to the last few blog entries. When I was made aware of the new materials that were being released, I can only speak from honesty, I was impressed with what I saw.

    As for what DM did or didn’t do with the materials, I don’t have the benefit of insider knowledge. Admittedly, I have not read this blog in it’s entirety, but I have watched the briefings and have enjoyed the “sales presentation” done by DM.

    From what I have observed and read (from other sources), the CoS is at a serious crossroad. If DM is ousted he may take a considerable chunk with him in the form of real estate and copyrighted material. If this is done the damage to Dianetics and Scientology could halt any progress for far more than 15 years if all the material LRH created is kept out of circulation while various factions vie for control of these resources.

    Feedback would be appreciated but certainly not necessary. In the meanwhile, I’ll just refrain from further comment and go about the long task of reading the entire blog and avoid any more unintentional “foot bullets”.

  114. Derek,
    You must be kidding. A brochure! You’re talking about a brochure!

    This is a list of books and tapes! It’s something L.L. Bean puts out twice a year. A CATALOG.

    Yes, well, that sure offsets the ‘behavioral flaws’.

    Holy freakin’ frijoles dude, that is funny as hell.

  115. becomingAware

    You are right! I used to get 3 or 4 calls a week trying to sell me something and it all went away early this year. I had just asked them a few questions about the church and . . .

  116. You do not understand the law.

  117. Cowboy Poet

    Gotta love your style, Marty. It’s definitely driving with the engine light on!

    Engine Light On

    There never was a hand
    that’d ever been beat.
    By the widow who watches,
    while for the loser she weeps.
    For every merchant king,
    there’s a bum on the street.
    With neither gettin’ the other,
    back up on his feet.

    There’s a piece of us all,
    that wants to stay in our place.
    Slidin’ through life,
    leavin’ hardly a trace.
    For others amongst us,
    that’s not very damned real.
    It’s like sayin’ those mountains
    never had any appeal.

    So if you’re taking no chances,
    Better rethink your course.
    For it’s your life to live,
    And you are its Source.
    Now put your foot to the metal
    And get right along.
    Til you’re drivin’ through the desert
    And your engine light’s on.

    The soldier holds a child
    For a moment’s reprieve.
    But the battle waits for no one;
    it was already conceived.
    By the few who would say,
    it just can’t be true.
    That life can mean more
    when created by you.

    Like a runaway freight train
    that’s jumped off its tracks.
    Careening along,
    I aint lookin’ back.
    Now I know I’ve headed,
    down the road that I’ve gone.
    Feels like I’m drivin’ through the desert
    With my engine light on.
    With my engine light on.
    Yeah, got that engine light on.

    Oh, you’ll be runnin’ on empty,
    but your spirit is long.
    You’ll be drivin’ through the desert
    with your engine light on.
    Yeah with your engine light on.

    Now I know we’ve headed,
    down the road that we’ve gone.
    Looks like we’re drivin’ through the desert,
    With our engine light on.
    Yeah—we’ve got that engine light on.
    Got that engine light on.

  118. Wait, there’s more. All of you posting here, all of the independent beings observing ‘behavioral flaws’ in DM’s, well whatever it is, everybody HOLD THE PHONE!

    DM has given the world the Materials Grade Chart, and…hold that phone tighter, IT’S FREE!!!

    You get one from Bridge Publications FREE with any order!!

    Pack it all up men and women, we have the brochure. It’s all been a big mistake. Dave gave us the catalog.

    Ooops. Sorry Dave.

  119. Joe Howard

    Hey, Derek,

    If this is Derek Cusworth, hi, and good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.

    To clarify one thing you are giving DM credit for, that guide chart was actually written primarily by Jeff Hawkins and myself and designed by Carrie Cook, all of us now happily out and declared. True, DM gave the okay for everything and took all the credit, but the actual work was done by many others including Russ Greilich on lectures (still in) , Jon Horwich on book editing (out), Lisa Huber on book design (out), Jim Johnson and Leanne Potter on glossaries (in), Rikard Rodin on art (in), Sterling Tompkins on CD design (out), Henning Bendork on art direction (in), Jeff (out) and me (out) on copy and a host of others. DM never gives credit to anyone, or only very, very rarely and only in the most oblique manner possible. Not that anyone even gives a rat’s ass about that except it is such a lie when DM claims he does all the work. Make no mistake the guy CAN work when he wants to but that isn’t very often and it’s usually accompanied by extreme make wrong of others.

    And you’re right, it is a fabulous product despite any curves thrown in by DM. Not to mention Russ Bellin’s idiotic proposal to put the lectures on CDs at the exact point in time when the iPod was first coming and you could have had all the lectures resting comfortably in your pocket. All this LRH tech could have been made available for next to nothing. But no. Dave has to spend a goddam fortune on CD case design and install a CD manufacturing plant. Mest, mest, and more mest. To get money, money and more money. At the expense of dissemination, dissemination and more dissemination.

    Welcome to Marty’s blog, Derek, where many diverse opinions are freely expressed and where independent Scientologists go to the the news of the day. Have fun reading.


    PS. By the way, the name Golden Age of Knowledge was mine, offered to COB in the Building 50 conference room as an off hand verbal CSW and he loved it.

  120. Joe Howard

    Oops, I meant “get the news of the day.”

  121. Mike Lemeron

    Confiscating passports is illegal. On a ship it is different than on land. A passport is a federal document, not to leave the possession of the person it is issued to. Warren McShane is committing a crime by having JB’s passport – on a federal level.

  122. Mike Lemeron

    I think they’re good for 10 yrs. I just got a replacement one and reported mine had been taken from me at the base.

  123. Interesting point. Did he literally STOP it in the 80’s?

    It did seem like quite an accomplishment getting the basic lectures and ACCs released. However, when I mentioned the new “Basics. To a non-SCN friend (familiar with org board though) his first comment was “That seems like a huge failure of Div 5) Ha! Here I was mentioning it as an ACCOMPLISHMENT of Div 5, and he sees it right away for the apparent failure the “new” basics implies.

    Really? The basic materials of SCN were miss edited, mis-transcribed, mis-printed, and no one ever found out about it until now? What Qual Div?

    If the Church truly cared about Source being in the hands of all the public for the lowest cost possible they would sell you an iPod with all the basics and ACCs already on it (like they did with the classic fiction series) for a fraction of the retail cost of the CDs and for NONE of the manufactering costs. It would also save the cost (to orgs) of THOUSANDS of tabletop cd players and their silver cert expense.

    I remember when DM first briefed the maiden voyage attendees about the new materials guide chart and mentioned the SPs who had been releasing ACC lectures under the banner of “OT Lectures” and how that contributed to the “misprogramming” of public up the materials guide chart. I remember thinking “Dude, are you pretending like you didn’t know about this??? You’ve been COB this whole freaking time. You have personally announced the release of these OT lectures at events along with Snr CS INT and CO CMO INT. You’re gonna pass the buck on this one to a low level CMU staff member???”

  124. Derek seriously, this is one of the lowest of the lows of DM’s time, you couldn’t be more wrong about this. Read about the continual arbitrary “priorities” which cut across what translations unit int was trying to accomplish with an orderly progression of materials, covered by Theo and Misha on Also Steve Hall talks about how easy it would have been to release everything in english versions long ago and how DM delayed this for no reason besides insanity. All DM has DONE is delay the release of materials with the excuse of “perfection”, and showing high quality A/V production lines at Int. “Perfection” would have been releasing everything available 30 years ago.

    “Whatever his apparently horrendous behavioral flaws are with his staff, the man has clearly created great products for the CoS.”

    Great products like crashing the stats since he took full corporate control, illegally, in 1990? Like seriously? And what’s with behavior flaws with his staff being the only objection? Eliminating IMEC and WDC and declaring 98% of long term Saint Hill staff and declaring over 2000 Scientologists by 1982 alone isn’t a behavior flaw. But what about destroying 60% of Int GI through the mission network raping and never lifting a finger to fix that in 28 years? What about Ideal orgs and the reg machine squirreling, F/N squirreling, no auditors made, twisting and fucking up everything he touches! He’s a computing psychotic and you judge people by their actions, not your mystical “understanding” of his “soul” or whatever you’ve got going. Haven’t you studied anything on these websites? I’ve seen your name enough times to know you’ve have time to study, jesus christ! He’s gotta be stopped by any means.

    “grudgingly admit they owe a debt of gratitude to DM” I can’t believe this I want to throw up. “You’re not even wrong.”

    I can’t even list all his high crimes he’s such a fuck up, you’ll just have to start researching yourself. No one has the mental capacity to remember the whole list of his high crimes and spit them out in one sitting.

  125. Great job Marty and JB!
    DM is total effect right now and moving downward fast!

  126. Derek, you need so waking up to do, because you are still part of DM’s false PR machine and buying into his BS.
    Or may be you are a troll. hmm…

  127. martyrathbun09

    Dererk, Thanks. First, please see Joe Howard’s comment on this thread. Now, critical is his comment on digital download technology. Read up on Open Source. Scientology technology is all available Open Source. DM and his church is obsolete, at best. At worst, and in reality, read the blog.

  128. Scientologists will have to grudgingly admit they owe a debt of gratitude to DM for.

    Considering I could have avoided a bankruptcy by not having attended IAS events in the late 80’s, the grudge, if there is one, would be on the other side of the flow.

    When I was made aware of the new materials that were being released, I can only speak from honesty, I was impressed with what I saw.

    Eyecandy. All LRH Tech I have is pre-1984 … 1982-84 is a grey squirrel zone for me.

    I have watched the briefings and have enjoyed the “sales presentation” done by DM.

    Merely entertainment at its very best. Might even be more enjoyable if they didn’t lock the doors.

    If DM is ousted he may take a considerable chunk with him in the form of real estate …

    He may do that anyways, but amassing even more buildings first.

    His front-end Sturmstaffel IAS thinks parishioners should disclose their complete financal picture to the Church, but he will not respond to requests to see books. One-way street of greed. That’s where all the big lies fall out of the bag.

    If this is done the damage to Dianetics and Scientology could halt any progress for far more than 15 years if all the material LRH created is kept out of circulation while various factions vie for control of these resources.

    Except for OT9 and above, its already all out there available on the net.

  129. Dan,
    I missed that whole episode. I can understand she went into a valence at some point. By the sounds of what Marty describes as her present scene, that didn’t fly for her.

    I’ve been on the late 53 tapes and the relation of the Factors to all sorts of things. I can finally relate the concepts of space, a viewpoint putting out points to view, and that being the steps of beingness in this particular universe. When those points (dimension points/anchor points/attention units, same things) are ‘pushed in’, like by having DM ranting an inch from your face, then what happens to the person’s space is it is collapsed. What occupies it? Well, that SP does. With no space of their own left, they ‘assume’ what IS there and that’s the SP valence. A valence is just a beingness and that’s just a viewpoint of dimension. It’s not the person’s any longer, he has taken on the viewpoint of the one who collapses the person’s space. He is being ‘told’ what to see, from that valence that has overwhelmed his own. The overwhelm is mechanical and relates to the Factors.

    Again, ‘how an SP becomes one’ is much clearer to me. I can see how Lisa herself would have lost her own point of view of dimension as her anchor points were caved in and took on that which was there now, occupying that space.

    Since she hasn’t her own viewpoint, she can’t as-is.

    When she regains it, well, we’ll have the being back among the social personalities.

    When she’s back, I sure hope this time she studies and audits. She apparently didn’t after that RPF’s RPF cycle. Hell, you gotta work at this stuff. Put in the time and effort. There isn’t any ‘one shot clear’.

    Hey, by the way, Paul and I graduated that time, the whole RPF pgm, FROM the RPF’s RPF. Nobody seemed to notice and we sure didn’t say anything 🙂

  130. Derek, what’s that tune you’re singing while you work? It’s faint but sounds like an Xmas carol, I can just make it out, it goes something like:

    “Deck the blog with DM’s bullshit
    troll a loll,
    troll a loll,
    la, la, laaaa …”

  131. Derek….

    If DM is ousted he may take a considerable chunk with him in the form of real estate and copyrighted material.

    Impossible. The material abounds aplenty.

    If this is done the damage to Dianetics and Scientology could halt any progress for far more than 15 years if all the material LRH created is kept out of circulation while various factions vie for control of these resources.

    Impossible. The materials are in circulation and being applied.

    Sounds so blackmailish anyway. And proprietary …and scientology does *not* belong to David Miscavige. That puts it on the level of a secret ingredients recipe for a soft drink or something.

    Derek, you’re believing DMs PR about himself, and it is all about himself, what *he* has done for Scientology and Dianetics. Laughable. What he has done is alienated the world.

  132. Nightmares Getting Less


    Hello. Comrade from arounf 1985 or so.

    Not a troll well if so, are you willing to sit down in front of a gang bang “metered interview”?

    Doubt it.

    Your willingness to admit that you”haven’t researched the blogs” blew your cover.

    My God, get a life. Goodbye.

  133. I see from the rest of the comments on this one from Derek, I’ve missed the point. It’s the release of the data, not just the catalog, that’s being discussed. Whew!

    What Marty and Joe said. That covers it.

  134. The Church is trying to “reposition” Sea Org Members as “volunteers” to get around California Labor laws regarding minimum wage and overtime. Sea Org Members are completely dependent on the Church for their welfare, and in fact are forbidden from taking any other form of work. So they are employees in the full sense of the word, not “volunteers” as the Church claims. I am not a lawyer – this is my opinion based on my own study of the relevant labor laws and my experience as a Sea Org Member. There will no doubt be much back and forth in the courts over this. But frankly, it rankles me to have spent 35 years as an employee of the Church, only to be now labeled as a “volunteer,” like someone who spends an hour a month at a soup kitchen.

  135. What Body said too.

  136. Excellent news.

  137. I means Boyd. I think ‘m I dsypeptslic tonort.

  138. Well Heather, enlighten me.

  139. earthmother

    Cowboy Poet,
    This is fantastic! I can imagine it set to music. You have a wonderful gift with words. Thank you.

  140. Excuse me Jeff, the only people there are people that volunteer to be there. That includes HCO staff.

  141. What a pity! I just hope DM sleeps well since then. In the meantime I TR3 my message to him “You are a COWARD totally gutless and fucking Coward!”

  142. I”m waiting for you explain how I am confused.

  143. they still have mine… everyone at the int base had their passports taken.

  144. ubiquitous

    From HCO P/L 1 Oct 67
    AKH Series15 USE OF ORGS

    “There are two uses (violently opposed to each other) to which Scientology Orgs can be put. They are:
    1. To forward the advance of self and all dynamics toward total survival.
    2. To use the great power and control of an Org over others to defend oneself.
    When a decent being goes to work in an org, he uses (1)
    When a suppressive goes to work in an Org, he uses (2)
    When you get in Ethics the decent one raises his necessity level and measures up. The suppressive type blows (leaves).
    It is of vital interest to all of us that we have Orgs that serve to increase survival on all dynamics. And that we prevent orgs being used as means to oppress others. The answer, oddly enough is to GET IN ETHICS exactly on policy and correctly. And we will advance.”

    For those still unsure. Is DM using 1 or 2?
    Yet more LRH SP data that seems to apply.

  145. I know it’s a lot to ask, but did you manage to get any video of the op?

    Anyway, you and JB have some COJONES!

  146. Marty and JB, God, wish I could have been there with you guys. I had a thought about
    passports. My passport was stolen from an RV
    when I was a ‘Rover’. I’m sure it was Pat.
    When he disappeared in Europe I think he was
    using my passport. Could be wrong but man
    the outpoints sure got me thinking. Love,
    Sudden Sarge

  147. Rathbone's Army


  148. I think I may still have Kenny Seybold’s order telling me to report back to post in Security. Maybe I should go and resume duties!

  149. Chrissie and Sam

    We are not ex-Int but ex-SO and we will join you! There is definitely strength in numbers!!!

    Sam and Chrissie

  150. Ex Int Staff Member

    JB, it has probably already been said, but please get a copy of the report that the deputy would have written regarding his efforts to recover your passport. Certainly that report will name Warren McShane as having stated he has your passport. Then take that report to the FBI and lodge a complaint against Warren McShane for the illegal theft of your passport. Include in that complaint the fact that there is an institutional practice in C of M to confiscate passports from Sea Org members so they cannot escape. Once you have that deputy’s report in your hands, you have hard documentation in your possession that C of M is indulging in human trafficking. All my best to you.

  151. you may wonder why officials like the FBI do nothing?
    Read the story about “colonia dignidad chile” .

  152. Watching Eyes

    The dwarf can take all the real estate for all I care. If that’s what it takes for him to leave, fine, take it & be gone. People don’t need a grand building in order to deliver the tech.
    As far as him taking copyrighted material, if it’s the material he squirreled then he can take that too. Nobody wants his garbage anyway.

  153. My post should be read in the narrowest possible sense – in that if JB (or any other single individual) makes a hue and cry about their passport, that there are so many delaying tactics that CofS could use it wouldn’t be worth it.

    Sending DM scurrying into his lair like a rat – now that’s a worthy product 🙂

    There’s something else that I didn’t touch on and that is documenting many such cases to establish a pattern of behaviour. I imagine the US State Dept won’t be too interested in single isolated cases, but if you can prove that retaining passports and not surrendering them on demand is being done sytematically, well that might piss the State Dept of a LOT.

  154. If the Church as an entity has done something criminal please do file a criminal complaint on it, just make sure the name David Miscavige is mentioned.

    The Cash of the church is under DMs control. Any drain on it is welcome.

  155. When I was at FSO in 1996, all the passports were collected in and held somewhere.

    My passport was not released to me until the training evolution finished in May that year – almost two months after the visa waiver I was on ran out. No one was interested in details such as I was now in the country illegally – all any exec at the FSO cared about was the upcoming GAT release.

    This caused problems when I tried to return to the US some years later, and anytime I wish to return in the future, I shall have to apply for a visa, even if it is only for a few days. Normally, UK citizens can stay on a visa waiver in the US for up to three months.

    I have thought about writing to the US Embassy in London, asking them to forward the letter to the relevant authorities. It probably won’t change my legal status any, with regard to US Immigration, but if any investigation of the Church does take place with regard to what they do with passports, then my statement will be on record.

    Are there any legal people on here? Do you think I should send the letter?

  156. As a note on Joe Howard’s response to “Derek”.

    Had you actually been there you would have seen what went down. To be honest all this design and work done on the lectures was done about 20 times over because Dave was too busy to actually finalize what he wanted and changed his mind like Gollum changed personalities (ironic that he labled Guillaume as Gollum overt doth speak louldy in …).

    Had staff been left to their own devices all of this could have been done in half the time and for half the price. Without destroying all semblance of organization and good staff members while he was at it.

    Every time little dave had a whim we had to stay up all night and make full design mock ups and submit to him!! Then every once in a while he would look at the mock ups in a different location with different lighting and write some crap about how the color has changed even though we are printing the items on a $40,000 color printed calibrated to NASA specs!

    So in summary to even say dave was the person behind this is absurd. He contributed in the way of ideas but was seeing dollars the whole time!!

    If you are Derek Cusworth than I know you and you are not that stupid and you know what goes down. You experienced all of this on the BV project.

    In the nicest way possible look at this whole scenario again and try to imagine it the way it really went down.

    The staff that did work on this and contributed, Dan Koon, Jeff Hawkins, Carrie Cook, Cynthia Coleman, Rikard Rodin, Greg Hughes Jnr. and Sterling Tompkins to name a few and there were more. Were and are good honest hardworking people. In some cases there were broken several times during this evolution made to work with no sleep or in Rikard’s case made to work over Christmas with a fever and no sleep.

    Oh yeah that includes Khallihiki Kannisto who was a joy to work with. I unfortunately can not say the same about Lisa his senior she was a bitch with a capital B though every now and then she could be nice.

    That’s all I have to say!


  157. Man, Cowboy Poet, that’s great stuff.

    Now I want to hear the music it’s sung to!

    Just Me

  158. Congratulations on a job well done, Marty and JB.

    I would, if I were you JB, go to the Department of State and tell them exactly who has your passport and that they are not giving it back. You can also file the report with your local police who will contact the proper authorities, too. Don’t play around with the CoM. Let them know you are driving your own car.

    On other topics, I find it amusing that DM stayed holed up in his citadel. I find it very telling of the amount of balls DM fails to have. It is obvious that he has none and lives in fear of anything Marty does because he does it right and true.

    I wish that more people who are coming out of Int and Gold go to the police to report abuses at the hands of DMbots. Is there any way to get a class action suit going? Is there any way we could pool resources to sue the church for it’s abuses personally? I know Marc Headley had something going legally against the church, but are there others? Can they pool together and would a class action suit make their cases stronger? Just curious.

    Keep up the good work, Marty. Don’t let them have any small wins!


  159. In hindsight the basics seem like a huge arbitrary inserted right at the beginning of the bridge.

    Now people have to do a full back study, minus any practical application of the full back development of Scientology from day one.

    It’s interesting and does improve ones knowledge of scientology, but to spend so much tome and money on this before you do anything else seems way off. I dont think LRH would approve.

    It was promoted at one point as opening up the lower end of the bridge. I dont see it. It’s been three years. Lets see the stats

  160. AnonOrange


    Thank you and JB for having the courage of standing up to DM in this most direct fashion. I have personally seen what effect protesting Gold Base has and I wish a lot more people would have the courage to go there. Don’t go alone and bring cameras.

    Attempting to get JB’s passport (and failing) may seem like an ordinary activity to most people, but it is very clever from the standpoint of having a basis for a subpoena. You can now get the feds involved.

    On a local level, the Riverside County Sheriff is Mr. Stanley Sniff and his is very aware of what goes on at Gold Base. I met with him several times and gave him Marc Headely’s book several months ago.

    I met him again to give him Amy Scobee’s book, tabbed on each page that involved criminality by DM. The book included a personal note to Sheriff Sniff from Amy. He also got a DVD which has everything necessary to support a full investigation of Gold Base.
    I like Sheriff Sniff and he promised me a PERSONAL investigation of Gold Base right after Tuesday’s elections.
    Please contact him:

    Hey Marty, if you’re still in town, please attend the Riverside Board of Supervisors meeting with me on Tuesday June 8. I have a really cute presentation for Jeff Stone. I’m sure you could really do some good by talking at the BoS. The internet will be watching too!


  161. Theo Sismanides

    Bunkai and Deirdre,

    Speaking of iPads I wanted to say that we can take advantage of that technology. We could build up some app that can be a hit based on the technology.

    for example on the iphone some company have put there the Scientology Glossary. I do have an i phone (not an iPad since it is not in Greece yet) and I am thinking of abandoning the paper publications and get involved into the i phone and the iPad. I actually started creating with my wife a guide for Mykonos on the iPhone and the iPad.

    I have a magazine called Theta MAG
    and it’s in Greek and it has to do with fashion up to now (was called “MAG” and then we added “Theta” to it). We have published some articles to it about some things on philosophy, but mainly it’s for fashion so that we can have clients and sponsors.

    All I am saying is that we could do a publication on the iPad or iPhone for many things regarding Theta. And it would be in english of course. And we could all sponsor it and it could be some real publications or magazine and it would be a big success.

    That’s just for those on the iPhone and iPad. By the way there are 75.000.000 users of the iPhone and more than 2.000.000 of the iPad.

  162. Virgil Samms

    Cowboy Poet – Wonderful poem. I can relate to that one, I’ve been driving with the engine light on for a long time now. Beginning to think it will never get fixed.

    Thanks for those words buddy.

    ML Tom

  163. I wonder if there is anything in the labor laws about religious staff. I’m drawing a blank on what it’s called, but other religions have staff who are paid less than minimum wage. Monks, nuns, etc. “Members of a religious order”… Something like that.

  164. DFB,

    DM seems to have a gigantic MU on what a gradient is, he’s canceling them all over the place.

    “Straight up and vertical!” Huh, whazzat? I know that time is the basic aberration and that added inapplicable time is an outpoint.

    But orgs do not just instantly get to St Hill Size overnight. If you have no auditors, it’s going to take siz months at least to get some through the Levels and interneships, and that’s with a pro Sup who knows his business and students who know their’s.

    The entire Basics do not bust open the lower end of the Bridge. DMSMH does that, and Jeff can (and has) laid out in detail how it was doing exactly that 20+ years ago. Besides, the right place to study all that stuff is on the Briefing Course. So why was it all moved to step 1?

    Donate massively to the IAS! Geez, talk about an out-gradient. There’s only so many hours in a day and only so much cash the average Joe can earn. I’m an average Joe and in my country I’m in the upper 50% of the middle class earnings-wise, I’m a very competent technician in my field and probably exactly the kind of Joe that is best suited for The Bridge at this stage of the game. Some years ago I was hearing comments along the lines of how we should aspire to donate $1million to the IAS. For fucks sakes, that’s 20 YEARS wages for me. And I have no ambition to become a gazillionaire. It’s all out-gradient.

    I don’t buy the CofS BS that gradients don’t apply and I must “just postulate it”. If that were true and if most folk could reasonably be expected to 20X their earnings just like that, then it must be equally true that I can skip the auditing gradients too and move from my Grades straight onto OTIII. Or, what the hell, skip that one too, it’s just a gradient – go onto VIII.

    But nobody in their right mind would take that seriously, right? The clincher is in the definition of outpoints – added inapplicable data or time.

    The way this universe works, it DOES need some time for things to settle into new patterns, it’s not instantaneous. Thought is like that, MEST is not.

    So while typing this, I had a little cognition. DM is pushing these weird insane non-gradients so that everyone will have a huge loss on them, giving him reason to dump on them from whatever dizzy height his platform shoes take him to today.

  165. Theo Sismanides


    There is a CBO where LRH says “Come off of the perfectionism, this thing can be perfectionized until it’s never released” ! (it would be great if we had those CBOs LRH issued, quite some stuff there).

    Now Derek probably has not read that CBO and has not been so involved to be able to think with the data as some here can and we don’t buy the glamorous covers and other blinding gestures of DM.

    That DM “cannot think with the data” and never could or actually never WOULD, and the only thing he could do was to become sudden, blame others and pretend “he didn’t know” is a HUGE outpoint.

    The guy is at least glib. LRH was vast and meticulous about what he was involved in.

    Actually DM is contrary to LRH and for some mysterious reason we have all bought it for some time. LRH’s “Come off of the perfectionism” even on translations has become “Perfectionize the thing or else…”

    I agree with you and Marty on the delay. We have experienced this big time on translations, too with RTC rejecting every missing insignificant comma there.

    But what I wanted to stress for Derek(s) is that Perfectionism is counter-LRH and counter-Scientology. Workability is pro-LRH and pro-Scientology.

    And you are right, it’s been such a “too long a runway” that we have all been burnt out on taking off. A thousand times to move on up a little higher and a little higher each time, like here. Come off of DM’s Perfectionism, Derek.

  166. Kathy Braceland

    Good one!

    Gee Marty…they didn’t call the cops on me. I just got screamed at, videotaped and escorted off the property.

  167. Awesome, Cowboy. Gave me the inspiration to fight another day, some dragon at my door I just can’t seem to slay.

  168. Theo Sismanides


    You wrote:
    Then every once in a while he would look at the mock ups in a different location with different lighting and write some crap about how the color has changed even though we are printing the items on a $40,000 color printed calibrated to NASA specs!

    Now this is not just Perfectionism, this is Something Else! Have to find the term. DMionism, maybe? Oh, no, no, no, there is a better term and it’s called… Suppression. I found it. Umfff!

  169. Derek,

    “Feedback would be appreciated”… Are you looking for agreement from anyone here? Not happening.

    “The greatest enemy of the E/O is the reasonable person. there are no good reasons for any outness except:
    a. Natural catastrophes (such as earthquakes, lightning etc.)
    b. suppressive Persons
    c. Persons who are PTS to Suppressive Persons.
    When an exec starts to explain the “reasons” for low stats instead of working to get high stats he is being reasonable.
    When Joe Blow has just smashed his fifth typewriter and the Dissem Sec starts to explain how he’s just a good boy gone a bit ARC breaky, she is being “reasonable.” He’s either an SP or he’s PTS to someone.
    The explanation is the answer to the E/O’s who, not the Dissem Sec’s why.
    The ECs of three orgs are at violent war with each other. Somebody explains how reasonable this is. Their E/Os had better meet quietly and find out who is an SP and who is PTS in that battle royal and act.
    Reasonableness is suppressive since it lets oppression continue without action being taken.
    Suppressive reasonableness is a common trait. IT comes from the inability to confront evil.
    Evil takes a bit of confronting.
    People who want desperately to “have no trouble” often won’t confront and handle trouble.
    murder is murder. It occurs. A murder is not a frightened wish it had not occurred. It occurred. Somebody did it. there’s the body…” – LRH

    Just sayin’

    And by the way. I give credit to LRH for source materials, not DM. Anyone can regurgitate LRH and pretend to be source – suggest you research Suppressive Acts and find out where this activity is covered for yourself. I’ve done more than enough spoon feeding for a mere troll (and not even a clever one) already.

    PS. TROLL!



  170. “What greater brutality can be inflicted on anyone than to erase or deny the spiritual awareness, identity, ability and memory that is the essence of oneself?”

    — from the book, Alien Interview

  171. My friend she is ex SO member told me that after all the seck checks and in order to get back her passport and IDs she has to sign all the legal papers and waiver and sign a paper that she is not going to attack scientology, then they gave her back her passport and documents.
    Is this coercion o what

    And another Ex SO friend she asked many times for her passport and after she left they told her they had lost her passport.

  172. I used to have a job doing hand painted denim jackets. I’d do a prototype, the boss would okay it…we’d start pumping them out and when he got back from lunch,(consisting of several snorts of high quality cocaine) he’d have a fit, shut the line down with some complaint about how the colours looked “anemic.”

    Maybe it isn’t just the scotch DM partakes of?

  173. DFB,

    Glad you realized that DM is violating the Grade Chart with the basics – this was discussed many times earlier on this blog.

    Also, realize that the way DM implemented this was very abusive with unreal targets and resulting in quite a bit of Policies, financial irregularities and “creative financing” as a result, destroying orgs and staffs.


    You mention footbullets.

    One thing to observe is that Pro DM = Pro footbullets, not by opinion of those posting on this blog, but by facts. Read up on the LRH Data Series Policies!

    Derek, did you know that MSH was edited out on the new version of CD’s? Have you actually availed yourself of this great “new materials”?

    Perhaps copyrighted new materials might not be what you want?

  174. Geez Sargio,

    That was sudden. Pat doesn’t look like you at all, unless he got a Mission Impossible type of kit!

  175. CP,

    You outdid yourself – best so far!

  176. You will find that free will or the ability to decide is key to many religions or theraphy’s

  177. I tried to play cowboy guitar, but it sounds more like Dylan.

  178. That the church willingly holds onto anything of someone who has walked away is a bit bizarre to me. Maybe folders, I could see, but a passport?

    Reminds me of an ancient implanter trick that carried over into between lives: holding some valued anchor points of a thetan in “hock.” Sometimes, they would hold an entire body. Anything to keep the thetan attached.

    As long as you controlled an anchor point, you could use it to exert some control. The anchor point would serve as a terminal through which communications could be sent. After all, the anchor point remains an anchor point because you’ve got attention stuck on it–knowingly or unknowingly. You’re still mocking it up and connected.

    The other issue is havingness. A person dies and his relatives fight over his socks, plates, razors, whatever he owned. The object became a substitute havingness. Maybe the church under DM is that low on havingness.

    Maybe low havingness explains the compulsive mock up of “ideal orgs.” The whole things is a weird dramatization of compensating for reduced havingness.

    Here’s an image: the CofM converts all ideal orgs into museums, filled with memorabilia from former members who are long gone. A robot, similar to a roomba darts from display to display, its voice echoing, hollow, in the empty room. Two homeless people sit on the inside stairway watching the machine perform its hourly ritual.

    “Sure wish they’d heat this place,” the gaunt man sniffles, his voice weak from going without food for three days.

    “Why bother,” she replies and rearranges the threadbare blanket covering their heads. “No one’s been here for years.”

    “What about us?” he protests.

    She looks at him for a long time before memories of better times steal her attention. From the past, she answers, “Like I said, nobody’s been here for years.”

  179. “The only way you can be successful on a post or win at it is to be at cause over it.”

    Hubbard quote

  180. Concerned Citizen

    Hey, by the way, Paul and I graduated that time, the whole RPF pgm, FROM the RPF’s RPF. Nobody seemed to notice and we sure didn’t say anything .

    WOW! the spirit of play! Just goes to show how theta is senior to… well everything.

    I agree with Jim. Though she might be dramatizing whatever valance, and that goes for everyone there, the being is still there and still worthwile.

    Scientology is there to help all who reach for it. She might have to a thourough ethics cycle but still, her trap is the same trap as everyone elses’s (the bank) and no one can be denied their chance

    Why so many people are upset with DM is exactly that through alteration he is denying people that chance, and also by presuming to be some sort of god with the authority to dictate who goes free and who does not. No one has that right, LRH never himself assumed that authority, even if a person was declared, LRH put the A to E steps together to give them that chance.

    I also agree with Dan, she will not find sympathy, no one is required to give her sympathy and she has not earned. Marty’s action of offering her that chance (since she aparently reached for freedom recently) does not preclude her needing to apply her conditions and right the wrongs she might have commited. But didn’t we all do things we regret?

    If she can re evaluate things and re gain her view point, we all win. That is what Scientology is about

  181. “The way out is the way through”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  182. “Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  183. “A person is either the effect of his environment or is able to have an effect upon his environment.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  184. “Single men and determined groups have been the only makers of space in which man could walk free.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  185. “To be happy, one only must be able to confront, which is to say, experience, those things that are. Unhappiness is only this: the inability to confront that which is.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  186. “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  187. 🙂 “the CofM converts all ideal orgs into museums, filled with memorabilia from former members who are long gone.”

  188. Theo Sismanides

    Sorry, this is a bit off subject but I wanted more people to see it. I posted it also on the pertinent thread on African – Americans .

    Dedicated to African-Americans for their good fight for Freedom.

  189. It is called blackmail and siging under duress renders the papers null in void.

    I REALLY want to see them make a case out of it. Oh Hi David Miscavige why don’t you take a seat over here.

  190. Sinar, I was younger then and Pat kept trying to grow a moustache like mine but couldn’t. We
    were close enough back then. He was very 007
    and we did some birth cert documents etc.
    Always very covert. All he did was smile when I
    told him my passport was stolen. You know I’m
    crazy but I’m not convinced yet.

  191. Theo Sismanides

    I forgot to say it’s from my nephew Robin Skouteris who does re-mixes!

  192. A little self realization. I really do have horse
    sence. I keep running back into the burning

  193. This doesn’t negate anything thing I have said or make anything I have said untrue.

    The statement that I do not understand the law is a false report though. I understand a lot about the law. I will leave it at that.

  194. Once,

  195. Joe Howard,

    I am not Derek Cusworth. I don’t know this person or even met him. I’ve noticed his name was mentioned a couple of times and I wanted to clarify that I am not this Derek so that if you do meet him again you aren’t unfairly judging him for comments he never made!

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. As always, this blog and the comments (pro and con) are fascinating to read. I meant what I said I am no troll.

    Here is the Urban Dictionary definition:

    Trolling is trying to get a rise out of someone. Forcing them to respond to you, either through wisecrackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. However, trolling statements are never true or are ever meant to be construed as such. Nearly all trolled statements are meant to be funny to some people, so it does have some social/entertainment value.

    “Trolling” isn’t simply “harmful statements”. Intentionally insulting/libelous statements are “flaming”.

    Just as bad as trolling is “Feeding the Trolls”. This is when people say stuff that they know will prompt someone to respond with a trolled reply and/or replying to comments that are blatantly from a troll. This is especially true when a troll first makes his comment/reply, and (usually many) people respond, either trying to correct the troll, or express anger at the statement. At that point, the trolling was successful and has been fed. When encouraged by success and feeding, trolls often return.

    In World of Warcraft, there are occasionally people that blurt out in world chat, “You get your mount at level 40 and costs 100 gold.” then immediately signs off.

    This information is outdated by over a year; but MANY people respond for at least 10-15 minutes afterwards with either corrections or calling that player a ‘dummy’, or something similar insulting their intelligence.

    Trolling and subsequent feeding. Perfect example.


    I can assure you, that’s not me. If the “Moving Up a Little Higher” Mark Rathbun Blog community feels differently, there is really nothing I can do about that. I had already written that I would start reading earlier blog entries to come up to speed and refrain from further comment and that was my intention before I read the flame responses (which are pretty amusing, I hope they weren’t written with maliciousness and I think there weren’t . The tone level from many of the commentators strike me as pretty high, overall), I just had to respond to them.

  196. Jackson,

    I was a public Scientologist and am totally with you and all the ex-SOs on this.

    I have seen and experienced all DM’s high crimes and abuses.
    Trust me, many public are aware of this and are leaving.
    Truth will be revealed and DM is experiencing the emotional pain as we speak. We all make sure he gets what he deserves.

  197. Once UponaTime,

    Your post cuts harrowingly close to the bone. I shuddered along as I read it. And your prophecy at the end has an uncanny ring of truth.

  198. This is worth checking out: Tom Cruise working hard on his PR. New movie will be out shortly.

  199. Another Layer


    Interesting observation! The week of the LA Org reopening, there were 30+ calls on voicemail; previously, the average had been 10-15 from various PAC orgs and missions. Since then, I’ve averaged 1-2 per week.

  200. DFB ! ! ! ! ! !

    I’m in an airport lounge right now practically dancing to your creation!

    This is sooooo wonderful.

    Cowboy Poet, did you imagine when you posted this sometime in the last 24 hours that someone would take it and run with it like this?

    I LOVE the Internet. And I love this group! And DFB, you rock, dude!

    Just Me

  201. >It was promoted at one point as opening up the lower end of the bridge. I dont see it. It’s been three years. Lets see the stats

    When I started (’97), the route seemed so simple. STCC –> HQS –> Purif. Or DMSMH –> HDS –> HDA –> Student Hat. Our mission was, more often than not, pretty busy. The flow of new public was good. Studying was fun, practical and there was always a good vibe. ALL the staff I had any contact with were incredibly uptone, very theta. Lots of laughter. Even reg cycles were fun. THAT, to me, was an “ideal org”.

    Most completions I see listed now (for one Class V at least) seem to be for the Basics, and a good % of these (still) seem to be staff members. (In this org’s most recent publication there was only 1x STCC completion and only 1x HDA. WTF!?)

  202. Mooooom,

    Davey stole JB’s passport and won’t giv it back….and, and he his hiding in his bunker again with THAT GIRL!


  203. Good point, OUT.

    There’s no consideration or beingness granted as to Ex’s.

    Had a PC which was a completely personal computer, cheaply bought at a computer show and kept up myself. I used it for menu planning, noting down recipes and new ideas as well and printing menus on my own printer. Nothing confidential in it, mostly my own intellectual properly.

    I worked at the Canteen on my own personal time in order to get bonuses to finance items for my post like the computer, custom Chef’s jackets, knives, latest cookbooks and magazines to get new ideas. Much of this wasn’t returned. I’m sure the low havingness people left are using my personal library and tools to try to get their products.

    This PC was given to me with the hard drives ripped out of it and thus practically worthless.

  204. Thanks CD!

    It’s great news – Joe and others will be happy to hear that!

  205. Sarge,

    Realize that once the barn burns down, you and I don’t have to muck the stalls any more.. 😉 My two bit horse sense left.

  206. Sarge,

    Might be easier with those various IDs you guys were messing around with, rather than ID theft or disguises.

  207. one of those who see

    Marty, JB

    VWD for getting ideas behind walls!

    Any news of Heber and Ray? I thought it interesting that neither of them ended up on Anderson Cooper.

  208. Another Layer

    Poetry in motion!!! ;D Thank you.

  209. Another Layer

    Wow! I had not seen this reference–perfectly describes how the orgs are being used.

  210. Can not harm more people is the least.

  211. “I tried to reach DM through phoning his Assistant Lou’s cell phone, but apparently she was instructed by DM not to answer the phone while she was huddled around him with the rest of his personal staff in his walled Villa.”

    Started wondering what would happen if DM did pick up. “Save your breath Marty. I read your blog daily. I know I’ve been a bad boy. Let’s face it. I’ve become accustomed to this lifestyle. You could too. There’s plenty to share. How about taking the post of COBI, COB for Independents. You only have to kick back 15% to me the rest you collect you can have. That’s pretty good since I’ve done all the work.”


    After 911 Thich Nhat Hanh gave his response. He said he gather some good listeners to meet with bin Laden and then ask him what made him so angry that he would destroy so many lives.

    The point seems to be to make it possible for the being to come out. Can the being who gives life to the DM persona come out and be self reflective. Not sure that is your intent or that it is likely though it would be a helluva miracle. I’m happy if I can be self reflective once in a while.


  212. In human trafficking cases here in the US, one of the key components which is used to charge/convict is whether or not an employer takes a person’s passport. Does the Sea Org also hold driver’s licenses? That is also illegal, and again points to involuntary servitude.

  213. Pingback: Top Posts —

  214. [audio src="" /]

    I asked Rick Cruzen if he did the music for this RJ, he said yes.

    I really loved the melody, one of my favorite pieces of Scientology music.

    Wikileaks is priceless.

  215. This is a great quote, very stoic. Where did you find it?

  216. That was beautiful DFB

  217. Bunkai

    Now that is come creative thinking.

  218. Joe Howard

    Fantastic news. A ton of stuff is there.

  219. Freedom Fighter

    Just finished listening to RJ-36 for the first time . . . goosebumps . . .

    Thanks for the link, CD.

  220. You can moderatw it out but that is anonorange

    maybe it derails to much

  221. Concerned Citizen

    Passposrts, drivers licences, any other important legal documents and if you are in the RPF, Jewlery, music systems, anything of value.

    Also, if you are perceived to be a risk ( blow or call for help) you are given your very own babysitter 24/7

    Someone I knew was on the phone getting ready to call the police to come escort her out, it was like someone has said “free coffe and donnuts” may be 15 people rallied around to talk her out of this, in seconds.

  222. Hey, thanks guys.
    I’ve been itching to do something musically here. Cowboy Poets lyrics inspired me.

    I’ll work on it some more, but I should wait and see what Cowboy Poet thinks. In my experience lyricists can have an idea of how they want a song to sound and they can get mad if you just do something without their input- “No, no, no, it’s supposed to be HEAVY METAL!”. 🙂

  223. Theo Sismanides

    Hey, great DFB! This is so cool! A cowboy poet and now a cowboy singer! I miss the US guys! Thank you DFB!

  224. Just curios about a few things from anyone who has worked in DM’s office.

    1. Does he have his stats on a graph on the wall or where they can be seen?

    2.What are his stats?

    3. What is his VFP and has anyone seen a COB Hat Pack? I mean, is there a COB Hat with a checksheet? Is so did Hubbard write it?

    4. Has anyone ever seen him using ethics conditions on his post?

    5. Does he use any managment tech for himself like product debugs, post purpose clearing etc etc?

    Thanks in advance for the information.

  225. Never heard of anyone’s DL being held, many people drive – once they have done “Car School” course done in Qual.

  226. Theo Sismanides

    Derek, noted and thank you.

    As far as I am concerned I can talk with people and keep on talking until I understand where they are really coming from.

    Standard Tech is one thing and Perfectionism is another.

    Did you know that for 5 years in the Translations Unit we had books and courses which were never released because of minor, minor things that were coming up in back translations when RTC were reviewing those back translations (from our language back to English so that they could see what we had translated)?

    It was all perfectionism. And the very HCOBs LRH has written (Translation Series) about translations are not being followed anymore and for a very, very long time now and DM had his chance to prove he was pro-LRH and pro-Standard Tech if I can use the term. Back in 1999 he did a whole “research” on translations and he couldn’t find those HCOBs much less follow them. Perfectionism? No. Suppressiveness in this case. This is the word.

    Sorry, you stepped on our toes because we have been beaten to death and still stood up and fight for Scientology and the Sea Org.

    So, Miscavige has done more harm than good by a long ways. And I believe there is some weird stuff as how he gets to be in his position, still. Me and my wife have our own thoughts and it might surprise us all, though we should know better. After all we all know about Implanting. I do not want to get reasonable again in any other life time. This Perfectionism is part of Implanting, though a minor aspect of it.

    My wife Olga once stated in the Independents page on Facebook:

    Those who tolerate anything whatever in the C of M, thinking that this way they will be “saved”, are two conditions below confusion. They are in “Sleepingness” and the step of the formula is “wake up”. When they do, they have one more condition before confusion. It is called “Sheepingness” and the formula is “find out who your shepherd is” (previously called “find out who you are working for”).

    The game is covert, totally, completely on this planet. It’s like Mission Earth type of thing. The Apparatus is fully operational.

  227. I got a big kick out of the Freedom Magazine vids attacking AC and the M’s.

    As an outsider tho’, I couldn’t help but be wildly curious.. what were the lodgings they were trying to pass off as staff lodging actually used for? Upper execs? (are there any of those left in the wake of the destruction?) Visiting celebs? (The plush loft style lounge with the Fox news playing on the TV and bedroom) Any insight to sate my curiosity appreciated.

    I already assume that the staff certainly aren’t using the baseball diamond / golf courses etc. recreationally, but I extend that assumption to the gorgeous lounges shown … Unwittingly the emptiness in the video to show off the pretty MESTYness of the facilities reflects the reality of empty lounges that barely anyone uses?

    So these spaces just sit there, looking beautiful and empty… empty lawns getting watered in the middle of the socal desert.. Very practical.

    And lounges and lodgings that look beautiful on the surface but are devoid of any personality, warmth or life…

  228. Once, Vivid and engaging writing.

  229. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Thanks Mr/Mrs. Truth. It constantly saddens me how far “down the line” 9 Fingers actions have been actually witnessed. I hated to know what was enforced at the base was driven down to middle management and beyond. Example of this was the Team Share System. I felt that just because we endured that system and all that went with it, good and bad, just to make themselves look good Int Execs instituted that and others things down the line. Just proves that Davey’s had a hunger to spread and “poppy cock strut” his ego around. Thanks for listening TRUTH! — Jackson

  230. Derek,
    Sounds good to me. Pitch in when you’re up to speed. Hold your own, even push it, and you’ll do fine.

  231. Sarge,
    He could use it only on a Rising Scale process, to try and obtain those profound good looks you waste at will.

  232. Sinar,
    Now that is funny. I remember yous fellas on the farm, I got to cram some of you on ‘alfalfa’ and the best growing soil.

  233. I’ve noticed Tom Cruise is trying to make a comeback right now.

    He did the “fat-suit” dance on the MTV Movie Awards and got a huge laugh.

    He is promoting his new film with Cameron Diaz.

    And he’s on the cover of Esquire magazine, all smiles.

    I just wonder how long it will take for DM to bring him down a few notches?

    And shame on Cruise for supporting this human rights abuser!

    So there!

  234. Tony DePhillips

    That was actually very funny Once upon a time!!

    What a mock up and I can actually see it happening!

  235. I just think this “wake up” is a long time coming.

    There is no L.R.H. reference on COB. A.K.A. “Chairman Of The Board”.

    There is no Hat pack or checksheet for “COB”.

    There is no definition for it in the managment dictionary.

    There is no stat for it.

    There is no post title with this name by L.R.H..

    I have not been able to find one L.R.H. reference for “Chairman of the Board.”

    Yet, we included this arbitrary into our lives and pushed some title non Scientology and handed him the keys to the city.

    And we envision ourselves as intelligent.

    This is like a comedy.

    There is no “Chairman Of The Board.” in the Scientology arena mocked up by L.R.H..

    There is no post hat for this or a stat mentioned anywhere.

    Even in the “revolt in the desert” people do not seem to notice the most obvious outpoints.

    There was a willingness in departure long long ago.

    There is nothing Scientology or Sea Org about David Miscavige, he is not only not here on the same terms as any Sea Org Member, he is not here on the same terms as any Scientologist!

    And he holds more power and money than all of us put together.

    That is how fragile this moment is. This movement. It can be shape shifted with a million people standing up to applaud beyond reason.

    L.R.H. did mention a brief moment in time for us.

    I do not think he was lying.

    He also said this is the game where everyone wins.

    I think he assumed people would get themselves up the bridge.

    He was right about me.

    I hope the others here are doing what they intended to do the day they first signed up for a course, and getting a better state of mind and future for themselves.

    I have the greatest respect for Marty, for the lives he has changed as an auditor. Honestly Jesus Christ did not have so much magic under his belt. And to other auditors, all of them.

    This adventure began as a way of mercy on the people we cared about and loved.

    I am not a man neither a soldier. I am not brave, only curious. Maybe a little naughty. But I am very f*&^%ing intelligent. I hope the best for all of you in taking care of yourselves because you are the angels on this stage.

    We are already kind, responsible, generous beings.

    All the satisfaction in the world for you, can be found in your own space.

    I am not political so if I walk away from marketplace and the senators there and the clicks with the royalty, and walk amongst the high magic and low magic with the same familiarity,…forgive me for being “open minded”.

    I look at the Church now and it is not a place of refuge. The “abbracadabbra” has been a long time in the making.

    I battled survivors guilt when I left the Sea Org for a long time and then I let it go. You have to let people figure out things for themselves. I never permitted myself to be abused or loose and even that generated some resentment. No, I never agreed to loose in Scientology, only win. We all entered in with the idea to win.

    I went into the Sea Org only to know. So, I was fraud myself.

    The Sea Org is not my people. I confess. I am a spectator in every sense of the word. But “KNOW” is not too shabby on that know to mystery scale.

    I am only a student, and a forwarder of knowledge, because I like others to know too.

    I knew all along Hubbard never made a term “Chairman Of The Board” or any mention of it anywhere.

    I am only aginst the sadism. Even sharing my thoughts on this blog I have bumped into people taking joy in taking a slap at me.

    I agree with what Marty is taking a stand against, the injustice, the illusions, the black magic, the abbracadabbra.

    And I agree with this episode of protest where people finally come forward and reject the bait and switch.

    But didn’t anyone notice there is no mention of “Chairman Of The Board” anywhere in any L.R.H. words uttered?? Ever?? No post hat, no checksheet,… Hubbard himself was not “Chairman Of The Board”. Ever, Anywhere.

    That is how easy it is to loose something in this world. A phrase goes by and nobody notices because it sound familiar.

    And I am just saying this because I hope most of you get up the bridge and have a better life where everyone wins, because this time is very temporary, but forever is a long long time.

    And although I am just a gypsy on the side of the road, and do not mean suggest I am anything more, I am not too weary to hope for the justice and future Marty is fighting for. Especially as people wander off giving up in herds. Hey,, that we cling to promise is a successful action.

    Meanwhile, let’s be freinds.

  236. A quote that enlightened my day and so I wanted to share it:

    “I tell you the only unethical thing I have ever been able to discover is for an individual to deny himself. And if an individual thoroughly enough denies himself, believe me, he’s unethical because he’ll wind up by denying himself and everybody else and everything across the eight dynamics, pang! So that’s real unethical—also immoral.

    “And you’ll find out the downgrade of everybody was when he denied his own strength, truth and power. And so you have to solve that. But it’s a solution that comes rather easily.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

  237. “I tell you the only unethical thing I have ever been able to discover is for an individual to deny himself. And if an individual thoroughly enough denies himself, believe me, he’s unethical because he’ll wind up by denying himself and everybody else and everything across the eight dynamics, pang! So that’s real unethical—also immoral.

    “And you’ll find out the downgrade of everybody was when he denied his own strength, truth and power. And so you have to solve that. But it’s a solution that comes rather easily.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard

  238. The iPhone that came out yesterday has a new video calling feature called “Facetime.” You can bring people face to face with loved ones from around the globe.

    This could allow disconnected members to see ex family members on the fly.

    “Oh you think your disconnected mom doesn’t care about our beliefs? Um … here … she has something to say about that.”

    “Hello dear… is it really YOU?”

  239. dm has a Citadel AND a Mecca — wow!! Whatta guy.

    A friend gave me the most disturbing Sea Org recruitment packet yesterday.

    Urging others to join The Mecca – where already 225 others recently have joined.

    The MOST disturbing part of this promo piece was this:

    The flyer, on the outside says:


    Open to:
    “… the history of Dianetics and Scientology is marked by milestones of major importance —

    the release of Dianetics;

    the formation of the Sea Org;

    the move ashore from the Flagship Apollo;

    the end of our 40-year war for tax exemption and recognition as a worldwide religion;


    (caps are mine … outrageous)

    Today, yet another milestone of EPIC IMPORTANCE is on the horizon.

    It occupies 380 thousand square feet, equal to seven Saint Hill size Ideal Orgs …”


    What is so incredibly astonishing to me — although I shouldn’t be surprised — but still I am —

    Is that dm marks the milestones that are “his” (40 year tax exemption, The Basics, GAT) — as equal to those of LRH.

    And then TOPS it off with the EPICALLY IMPORTANT milestone of a big garish building.

    AND furthermore — this packet has another flyer which calls the Flag Land Base — the Mecca.

    The Mecca?

    Does dm have one clue about the difficulty Muslims have currently with their image because of a small faction of extremist within their faith?

    Mecca = Muslim to almost everyone.

    Take a survey — ask — what first comes to mind with Mecca?

    It won’t be — a place regarded as a center for a specific group.

    Yes — he’s lost it. But, that implies he once had it.



  240. Bobo It is from: A New Slant on Life page 174, a little towards the bottom.

  241. Chris Black

    “Yes — he’s lost it. But, that implies he once had it.”

    LOL. Perfect application of the Data Series!

    Good post, Windhorse.

  242. Q: “How low can the tone level of Int go?”


    – 1.5 = Controling Bodies

    – 3.0 = Owning Bodies

    – 6.0 = Sacrifice
    – 8.0 = Hiding ( DM ? )
    – 10.0 = Being Objects
    – 20.0 = Being Nothing
    – 30.0 = Can’t Hide
    ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
    – 40.0 = Total Failiure

  243. Dallas Texas Passport Agency
    Earle Cabell Federal Building
    1100 Commerce St, Suite 1120
    Dallas, TX 75242
    Hours: 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m., Local Time, M-F, excluding Federal holidays.

  244. Off-Topic Comment

    Be careful about posting on Minerva’s anti-Marty blog! After I left a few comments questioning the logic of the articles there, I went back and found at least one article finally approved after Minerva COMPLETELY changed the text of my comment!

    If you see comments left by me on Minerva’s blog, they were written by Minerva. That is PROOF about how dishonest they are over there.

  245. Great idea.
    Report, report, report.
    It is written on one of the covers that the passport is PROPERTY of the U.S. Federal Government.

  246. Alexander Keith’s Ales are quite delicious.

  247. The fact of requesting the passport at the Compound, and getting the request denied, actually set the ball rolling in their camp. They now continue to contribute to the overt & withold, and become more and more at effect as a result. The same goes for an ex-member’s personal belongings.

    I agree to reporting the passport stolen. In this day-and-age, the Dept. of Homeland Security will take notice.
    Then apply for a new one.

  248. ♫ TeleTubbies ♫
    ♫ TeleTubbies ♫

  249. Well done IANAL !
    Guilty, guilty, guilty, …

  250. that is a nice one I like to ad.

    “Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world, must first become a friend to himself.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  251. your doublepost is a challenge.

    “When you can be your own best audience and when your applause is the best applause you know of, you’re in good shape.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  252. Theo, many of the LRH Central Bureau Orders and FO’s make things crystal clear in a unique way, I wish these were available to quote from too, it would make our job that much easier. FO STAFF COORDINATION comes to mind but there’s many more where he gets right to the point. That being said, if there’s anyone wondering, THERE IS NO HIDDEN DATA LINE. Nothing I’ve ever seen conflicts with HCO PL’s and HCOB’s, the senior policies, and I’ve read a fair share. I used to take the old FO packs and read them on QM.

    Also I read earlier your wife is concerned about the NWO. There’s new info on this from the newest Bilderberger meeting which just ended. For the first time there’s very good news and they’re running into severe roadblocks because people are waking up. The timetable for a locked down police control grid and a worldwide economic fallout has been pushed back by at least a decade or five I’d say. These guys aren’t omnipotent, they’ve just had the upper hand for a while. That doesn’t help immediately with what you’re going through in Greece I’m sure, but in the long run it means more time has been bought to turn things around inside Scientology and beyond. They are running scared. If there’s food shortages or anything like that happening in greece I can suggest some cheap storable food options (to be eaten now if needed – much cheaper than the grocery store and healthier – non GMO), as well as a good water filter. Email me if you want, I don’t know if thing are back to normal or it’s getting worse, I haven’t been following the news. It’s a way to de-PTS yourself from the economy.

  253. Mary McConnell

    Has JB considered contacting the embassy of his country of origin for some assistance? That’s usually what people do when they have passport problems. Perhaps the embassy then can contact the sheriff dept and make it an official demand of sorts- even going through Homeland Security for assistance if necessary.

    It is illegal on federal level to hold someone’s passpost like that. Local sheriff’s cannot enforce federal laws unless in coordination with federal agencies. Consider contacting the embassy.

  254. Thanks for sharing that.

  255. Oracle, there’s also another point: in a traditional corporation, the board is not involved in the day-to-day activities of running the company. That’s the CEO’s job. Or, in this case, ED Int’s.

  256. Self Analysi page 13 on the top.

  257. When I was leaving the base, I asked for my passport and Matt Butler told me it was “lost”. Possibly I should ask for a letter stating such, so I can take it in to get a new one. I wish I had known all this way back when. I appreciate all the info you all are posting on this.

  258. Another Layer


    I’m blown away! I love the poem, and your music just adds that much more dimension! Very cool.

  259. BD,

    Lounges shown were “green rooms” talent lounges for studios – film and music which only are for VIPs. Some of the “grounds” shots are of LRH’s mansion ($30M) garden which is off limits to most as well as waterfalls of the DM/RTC area including stairs of the atrium, conference room, of the building which $70M was spent on. Pool area is restricted to DM and VIP use daily, used for scheduled tours.

    Most of the discussion covered at:


  260. Thanks, so true.

  261. Dierdre, A circumstance of volunteering can take on many forms or any forms agreed upon by two parties.

    I considered myself a volunteer when I worded within the Sea Org.

    HOWEVER, there was a contract between myslef and that group, written verbal and implied.

    The issue that does not get confronted on these legal issues is the Sea Org’s failure to perform on these verbal, written and implied contracts.

    I did have a contract and I performed. The Sea org did not perform. This is aside from any volunteer work. The Sea Org breeched it’s conract with me making it null and void.

    HOWEVER, for every day they kept me there because I peformed, they are now obligated to perform for every day I did.

    And, I have every right to force them to perform if they do not honor their committments to me, through legal venues.

    Anyone who has been in the Sea org knows you are expected to perform far more than you were led to believe and the Church never feels any obligation to give you exchange beyond some shelter and enough food to keep you alive.

    There is a bait and switch right from the beginning.

    That does not matter. You were promised medical, shelter, laundry, 2 1/2 hours a day of study, and envirnment pledged to uphold the policies of L. Ron Hubbard, your bridge, your auditing, your training, sane living conditions, justice, improved conditions, a safe space, and on and on and on.

    For whatever part of that you did not receive, you can obtain it by demand or for something comparable to you in value if you work out another settlement. YES, the Church has obligations to perform. Just because they do not and will not does not mean they are not supposed to.

  262. Yes, you can get a passport if one has already been issued to you. I have done it three times I ought to know. If your passport is lost or stolen and you are traveling abroad you can go to any U.S. Embassy and obtain a new one. Although after the third time they make it a very temporary one. All you have to do in the U.S. is go to the passport in your city to get yours replaced if it has been lost or stolen.

  263. It costs a few bucks and you can get one in 24 hours.

    Holding onto someone’s passport and refusing to surrender it to the holder is passport theft.

    That is an issue that should be reported to the Passport Office when applyinh for a new one.

    He can just say Mcshane or whoever he was took it and refused to give it back and show them the police report.

  264. Chuck,

    Thanks for the link – I remember this, heard it many times!

    Luigi who is RAV and I put together the recording gear together, including a Stellavox recorder which DM got to Pat to record LRH.

    Luigi mixed and edited it and I ran off cassette copies on Nakamichis to send to each org – this was sometime in 82-3.

  265. Twarn’t me Jimbo!

    Nevah had to grow that green stuff! Made a horse pasture and facilities and had to larn all about caring for, transporting, riding and all that.

    Where in the SO would you do that? Sarge and I had to take care of the old man’s horses.

  266. Mary,

    JB was born and grew up in the bay area. Seems to me folks are tryin to deny him the fun of tryin to get his real passport!

  267. I’m a little lost around this reply thingie, but thanks Sinar if you see this. Steve Cook’s post was exactly what I was looking for. (Could the “new” staff berthing really be that nice?)

    I try to backtrack and keep up with the comments as they get added to, but ye are a wordy bunch. 🙂 🙂

    It’s nice to see your name btw, in that “heard your name in stories and now here you are in the flesh and blood” kind of way. Cheers, and thanks again for the references

  268. cowboy poet

    You’re my man! I love it!
    I knew this was gonna happen. Gotta love those postulates.
    I wanted to put out a line to someone who could do the melody and here we are.
    Let’s hook up. I’ve got lots more as I’m sure you do. My son is a lead guitarist in a rock and roll band and he lifts some things from me once in a while…as soon as I’m back home, I’ll post “Corruption”.
    And you know who that’s all about.
    You all will love it!
    But I don’t write for rock and roll.
    You have the touch I’m looking for, DFB.
    I’ve got some contacts that the dust can be blown off of and have always wanted to collaborate with someone who had the melody touch.
    Let’s have some fun and make some money!
    Contact me at

  269. cowboy poet

    Damn, you’re good. If I inspire you, I’m very humbled.
    I can see where after the mutual inspiration occurs that I need to sharpen up the knife a bit and slice it a little closer to the bone so it contributes more to your creation.
    I’ll do that and have it ready to fire off to you.

  270. wew nice info

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