When Veritas speaks…

Obviously, when I came to see Marty months ago it was a leap of trust, one which I evaluated against data, observations, my personal integrity, loyalty to LRH, and the Auditor’s Code. (initially asking myself ‘what the f am I doing?) (and I did get an answer to that question:).

I had held out hope for years that the corruption I observed first hand in the “Church” (and wrote up and tried every possible green on white way to handle) would be resolved.

Well… it has been. Out here. In the field.

When I routed in to the “Church” years ago to continue up from OT 3, I also purchased all the growing list of required hoops, i.e. more “required” eligibility sec checking and FPRD. Personally, I enjoyed that and had fabulous wins.

But, again: I was there to move onto OT IV and up the Bridge. It can be argued I was “closer” because of abilities and insight and knowledge gained. However, even beyond the tens of thousands of dollars of expense while awaiting some hidden Lord of Freedom to yet *again* deem whether I was “eligible” for Eternity. (I had already been through this numerous times and also for OT 3)

My theme song for that could very well have been: “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” …

I also did a L. And that was *amazing*.

The L was so awesome, with observable sweeping shifts in existence, that I decided I might do my other Ls before finishing the bridge. Insofar as direct spiritual insight and results of Theta being senior to MEST, the L had some OT wins. Besides, every time one goes to make it through OT, there are more hoops stacked.

Anyway, point is, there is always something else one can do in Scientology.

But the question is: is it *vital* and necessary to achieving OT?

I’m grateful Marty didn’t Q&A with any of that.

It’s the diff between vertical or horizontal progress. I don’t regret any auditing I’ve done. In a round about embellishing way, it could be argued it is all harmonic of OT.

Only with the wins I’ve had with auditing the OT levels as intended and as is laid out on the Bridge did it become flagrantly obvious by comparison…nothing else is a substitute!

Beyond the enormous expense (waste) of money and precious time within the “Church” , the real crime is the driving motive, the WHY behind the curlycue route to OT in Idle Orgs.

The delays and parked cases are no accidental circumstances. They are attacks.

Even the most well-meaning staff are blind to it.

And there is no other explanation why the delays, the dev T, the parked cases, the many people off lines, or the “flat” sounding “success” stories at attestations within the Walls of the Corporate Compound of Miscavige.

As unpretty as it is, it’s as plain as a steaming dog turd on a white rug

(which btw is way prettier by comparison to what is going on)

The third dynamic intention of the “Church” was not to “get me up & through the top of the Bridge.” Sure, I heard those words, but observed the game of bonkers regging to squeeze every dollar possible along the way, and observed “care” and respect fluctuate depending on the balance of people’s a$$sets.

These are just outpoints. They are not the why.

The “why” is not even the “Game” played that people are less important than Scientology.

This justifies strengthening the “church” at the expense of its members, under the umbrella justification and gross misunderstood that doing so, or sacrificing one’s self is the “greatest good for the greatest #”.

Even those are just symptom of the core disease.

The disease is the intention operating the “Church.” Here it is: the third dynamic “church” modus operandi stops people from going up and Out.

The wolf dressed up as Bo Beep leading the sheep.

The Bridge is about one thing: Moving up and through OT

So…you know how I often say “Marty, thank you for giving me back Scientology?”

I can add to that “Thank you for letting me HAVE Scientology.”

Scientology is not something to be dangled out just out of one’s reach, with occasional little brushes up against outstretched fingers.

It is yours. It is ours. It is there, in our hands, firmly, securely for the grasping.

We don’t have all day. There is no reason to wait or delay.

So now I have it again. No smoke & mirrors incense. No hocus pocus. No fear. No significance. Just the straight stuff.

There it is.

If there was one thing LRH wanted, what is it? It is for us to *have* this tech.

I’m looking here at the photo of LRH sitting with an E meter, captioned “Self portrait” in The Book of Case Remedies.

And when you have cleared the pc, until he can stand unaided and get right answers in the existence he or she is living in, you can again go for broke…

he describes going for the state of OT.

I’m struck by his description “Stand up *unaided*” in reference to the attainment of Clear.

Compare that to OT 8s within the “church needing to “get permission” to speak to a brother, as with Mike Rinder’s brother Andrew?

I’m also struck by LRHs description *Go for broke* talking about attaining OT. I see that intention in all his writings. GO FOR IT, A to B.

LRH wrote to us as colleagues and equals. In countless HCOBs, he shares results or research, what he decided to change, to share, as he bids us well on the adventure.

I personally accepted the gift and the responsibility. It begins with knowing what it is I see, and knowing the intergrity of my observation and conclusions.

I am aware of this: What I experienced and addressed in taking my next step went right to the root of things that can be considered a negative aspect of the human condition.

The “symptoms” of case can be dilly dallied with in a number of ways. But the “root” of a matter is just that.

If one’s universe is a garden, it’s the difference between pruning a weed (release) or ripping it out by the roots. (achievement of a new state).

When weeds are removed by the roots, symptoms and manifestations of case are Gone. Done. Handled.

Yes, I was ready! Yes, I had been ready for years. Yes, I wanted it. Yes, I was there in the orgs giving it my all to do it, and bringing in lots of other people, too.

My bottom line about Scientology is to uphold the sanctity of a promise I made to someone — LRH — who gave me the greatest gift of eons.

I did not make that promise blind. I made it based upon my personal observations, knowledge, experience and empirical results as a recipient and minister (CL IV) of Scientology.

The purpose of ethics is one thing: to get in the tech.

The purpose of the Tech is one thing: to get you up and OUT.

I’ve been true to myself, and I have been true to LRH and to my auditor on the matter.

Thank you for listening and for sharing your experiences on this road.

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  1. AlexMetheny

    Amazing and inspiring!!

    Thanks for sharing that with us Veritas.

    I have felt the same was about that song. It’s like how much broken glass do I have to crawl through before you think I am worthy??


  2. Jack Airey


    Your post leaves me breathless….

    I don’t want to say too much for fear of loosing this moment.

    Thank you for your clarity, your wisdom and most of all your truthfullness.

    Once again, I feel my self reaching for Scientology. Yes I’m floating so I must be exterior because a 6′ 5″ 285lb body does not float. At least not in this Universe.

    Much love to you and Marty.

  3. Mike Lemeron

    Thank you very much for this beautiful essay. The latin slogan from my high school was “Umbram fugat Veritas” – “Truth dispells darkness”. And that it does.

  4. When Veritas speaks, it is done with class, knowledge, integrity, passion, care and personal experience. It is spoken from heart which arrives in my heart. It is very poetic, filled with love.

    Thank you my beautiful soul. I truly love you for who you are and thank you for sharing your truth with us.

    I completely agree on everything you wrote.
    Thank you Marty for giving us back the real Scientology and bringing pure LRH back to our lives.

    I adore you Veritas!

  5. Freetothink

    Wow! This is beautiful Veritas!

  6. Veritas,

    I love the way you open yourself so completely, and hold there, sharing. Thank you.

  7. veritas,
    Speaking of having, we are sooooooo lucky, favored, blessed and many other things, to have you among us.

    I will sleep the rest of babes with your post above.


  8. “The purpose of ethics is one thing: to get in the tech.

    The purpose of the Tech is one thing: to get you up and OUT.”

    That says it all!

    One does not need to worry about arbitraries or how to get them removed. All one needs to do to rocket up the bridge is to get in session with your local Independent auditor.

  9. Veritas,

    Superb! Your word are so insiring, especially:

    ” Scientology is not something to be dangled out just out of one’s reach, with occasional little brushes up against outstretched fingers.

    It is yours. It is ours. It is there, in our hands, firmly, securely for the grasping.

    We don’t have all day. There is no reason to wait or delay.

    So now I have it again. No smoke & mirrors incense. No hocus pocus. No fear. No significance. Just the straight stuff.

    There it is. ”

    I’m rehabbed.


    Love you.

  10. I love you Veritas!

  11. Martin Gibson

    I agree completely.
    I have almost completed my purif and had no problems having and enjoying all the wins on the way. Waking up to a new volume of awareness, going down a road I’ve been down a hundred times and barely putting my attention out before I notice some “else” I’ve had never noticed before.
    I had the balls to C/S myself, but it was easy… easy as running self analysis… as the procedure is laid out so well and communicated so thoroughly (LRH’s care shining throughout) that I basically felt it was “pre”-c/s’d by LRH.
    I could “have” it.
    Incidently I came across a scale a few years ago when I was studying dissemination, it was what presessioning (help, control, comm, interest) had evolved into: the prehavingness scale. (factors that affect or cut the ability to have). Down the bottom of that scale there is a point “can’t have” I concluded that the church was quite stuck there on all flows and had even convinced me to run that on myself! (Technically thats called PTS I think).
    So I left… Not before I had FSMed people or paid for services that didnt get delivered, or finally had a correction list run on O/W’s that came up with 50 bypassed f/n’s on ethics cycles. Can’t have, can’t have, etc…
    I am able and willing to give and let others have wins, and have wins myself.
    Carpe Diem. (Seize the day).

  12. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Veritas,

    I love your post, I want that, I want it and so bad I do not know how to measure the want.

    I am so happy that you are getting it, that it is at last free of the complexities and cruel whims of a mad man’s agenda.

    Wins like yours and Moseys and Carol. They are my main stay, they are hope renewed, and they are what I have been waiting for.

    A few short years ago while in the SO, I decided adamantly, “I will make it up the bridge”. The position I was in said, you’ll never make it ( So are not actually making it up the Bridge, the auditing I did get was going nowhere and ex- SO are not exactly welcome on the Bridge, unless you have lots of $ for it and proper propitiation, and sometimes even that is not enough)

    But I had really decided I’ll make it, This is my chance, for the first time in my whole existence I have it I have the road out and I will make it. Logically It was impossible, you see? I was in a position that said,
    I was exasperated, even if I did manage to get some auditing, it was not me the auditor was processing, It was evaluative auditing and so no one had been auditing ME for years, they were auditing their perception of me, often based on someone else’s opinion. (KRS and notes to the C/S that did not come with copies to me and for which there was no recourse) I did not know how I would make it, but I knew I had to leave the SO if I was going to get there, and I did., I felt terrible, I felt like a traitor, like I’d let LRH and everyone else down. I remember walking down the street and not being able to look at people in the eyes, I had left the So, this person that never even heard of Scientology, might not get their chance because of that overt. (I thought)
    Well, here we are, I’m getting closer and closer to actually stepping on the road, I can actually feel it. It is difficult for someone who does not have reality on OT, on what that means to someone like me, what magnitude of suppression it is to bar the way, to make it impossible, to deny one their chance.

    So I appreciate this, and ever since I realized I could do the Bridge here unhindered and for real, I’ve been working towards being able to do that soonest. And I will soon visit Marty or may be Dan Koon or both.

    Thank you very much for sharing, for keeping that hope alive and for blazing the trail, and thank you Marty and co, for opening the door. I cannot stress it enough, this group is a veritable life line.

  13. Theo Sismanides

    Veritas you are always an asset to Scientology. That you are with us for some time now is an indicator of where true Scientology is.

    There is no “almost Scientology”. It’s either Scientology or it isn’t. For that same reason I am here too.

    We speak the truth.

    I am so glad you have taken the step up the Bridge. This is a big step for all of us.

    Thank you for being here and being interested.

  14. Thanks a lot for your beautiful essay. I do operate on that same exact principle. Do the Bridge!

  15. froghopper

    Very uplifting message Veritas I known exactly what your talking about in respect to staff, loyal to LRH I had my expereinces personally with LRH both at St Hill and at The ship,having done 22-23 years of staff borth in St Hill , Ao’s Flag
    My greatest experience was beginning Scientology and how I was asked by himself LRH”what do you think about auditing would you like some ” my gains from Grade o and my life changing experience for Grade Vand VA Power processing .I agree with your views very much so and its nice to see people’s response to yours it brings a smile to the face.

  16. The Veritas Show: THE TRUTH IS COMING!!!

  17. Veritas
    It can’t be bought.
    It can’t be gotten with threats or duress.
    It can’t be secured with medals, trophies, fluff PR, sculptured bodies, pressed uniforms, gold bars, coloured lanyards or expensive shoes!
    With truth, light and simplicity you have garnered from me that which David Miscavige and his cronies will never have. They may not care, but they should.
    From me to you something rare and precious and freely given only when EARNED.
    All my love.

  18. Veritas — this is so beautifully written. Your heart shines through.

    And as you can see from the responses, others are planning to have similar wins to yours!!


  19. Mosey
    The ‘package’ has been delivered 😉

  20. Veritas,

    I wish I had more time to properly answer your beautiful article. It’s very gratifying to see you having such wonderful wins. And, just as wonderful, I feel like we are groping our way towards becoming a true group. All the theta we ever sought in the church is right here at Marty’s Place, where we can communicate freely, without any duress, where we can have an uptone exchange of ideas about anything, where we can figure out together how to make Scientology work and to keep it working.

    Thanks for your cogent, poetic communication, Veritas.

    Much love,
    Tone 41

  21. V, Well, you did it again. Think I lost half my
    wit. (all I had). Thank you for your wonderful

  22. Dear Veritas,

    Thank you for sharing your wins and your viewpoint. It is so heartening to all of us who have been held off the Bridge by all the weird arbitraries. I have been held off the Bridge by so many different things, and after 20 years off the auditing side of the Bridge, I put together a 4 Intensive package at Flag, and got my burn notice a few weeks later, not able to use even one dollar towards auditing!

    Many years ago, there was a brief opportunity to get onto OT V without having to do the OT Drug Rundown. I was told that one could do the New OT IV NOTS style after getting onto NOTS. I jumped at the chance, because while doing the original OT IV, I bumped into phenomena that, to me had to be the NOTS case, and I was obsessed with knowing what NOTS was, as what I had experienced was “out of this world”. After I got onto New OT V, I realized that accidentally I had started auditing the NOTS case, without knowing what it was. Some very strange, miraculous, and out of this world things started happening while doing that on the old OT IV. Once on new OT V these same wonderful things happened, but with knowing and understanding what was occurring. I had miracles, and one time walked out of session, and could not feel the floor beneath my feet in the lobby of the Fort Harrison. I had to be very careful going down stairs, very carefully placing my feet so that I would not fall. It was incredible. A person with whom I had had a very bad situation, where we thought each other were SP’s, for years, walked up to me and said, “I just had an OT review, and I understand you are upset with me.” Iooked at her and could not even remember why I was ever upset with her, even though I had come to Flag with a file folder of KR’s on her! We hugged and agreed to have lunch some time, and that was the end of it! We remained great friends after that.

    I ran out of money, and the next time I ended up at Flag, and paid for some auditing, I was put onto the FPRD. I think that was the one of those wholesale C/S’s, where everybody had to have evil intentions. I ran it, and for the first time in my life, had very minor wins. I had a hard time finding all those evil purposes that I thought I must have, in order to be C/S’d for this action. I once again ran out of money, and came home and my life has been a disaster ever since. A few years later I went back and got the R-Factor, from the D of P, “You should never have been put on the FPRD, you were doing great on NOTS.” But my life was such a shambles it took me years to come up with the money, and then BAM, declare.

    To me the Church has evolved into a criminal, heartless, cruel, out-tech organization that I am now embarrassed to have been a part of, after 1981. Now that I know what it happening to staff at INT, not to mention the field of public who get endless out-tech SEC CHECKS while on OT VII, when they are supposed to be going OT, and who knows the case damage those SEC Checks do, (Rex Fowler is probably a good example) , I am so glad that there are auditors out there like Marty, who have the skill and willingness to deliver the Bridge the way it was meant to be. Without that, there would be no hope. So Veritas, thank you for sharing your wins and your viewpoint. At this point, it is priceless, because you give all of us, not just HOPE, but the KNOWINGNESS that the tech, used in caring hands, is still capable of delivering the life-changing, univers-altering wins that we all know LRH wanted for us! I can’t thank you enough for sharing, and Marty enough for delivering those wins, so that we can now know the Bridge is still alive and well and flourishing and prospering in Texas! Howdy Pardner!

  23. V,

    To me, you embody what a Scientologist should be and what real Scientology can create. It was truly a pleasure to meet you — you are a joy to be around and a shining example of the result of getting up the Bridge (though you clearly embarked on that journey as someone pretty special to begin with).

    Hope to see you again soon. And maybe next time the DMbots will be otherwise occupied…


  24. Theo Sismanides

    Veritas, since I know what you represent for us I want to share a very shocking thing that is happening today to Greece in this very post, though it looks irrelevant to our discussion. I hope all of you will understand me.

    Greece today has been SOLD to the IMF and the One Worlders.

    In a few hours the Parliament is going to vote for the IMF aid which means that Greece goes under the financial and political yoke of one worlders officially.

    For those who want to keep on dreaming that there is no conspiracy around this planet please re-tread your LRH and come to see the light.

    Veritas, since I am in deep sorrow right now I want to share this feeling with you as Veritas (=Truth).

    I don’t know what’s going to happen tmrw for my children and the children of the world.

    DM, I swear to God, all this lost Scientology tech… all those years of misleading and delays and falsehoods… I swear to God in the name of the freedom my country represents for this planet and in the name of the VERY name of the spirit, the Thetan, that Rod got from the Greek language and the Greek cultural tradition, that you DM, I swear you are going to pay for this Crime to Humanity and to Theta together with those One Worlders.

    Right this minute the socialist government (hear, hear) and the socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou just deleted (in just 2 seconds) from the party 3 members of the party who voted against the IMF “help”.

    I am sorry if this post does not belong here in this discussion but I believe we are not here to be theetie wheetie. We should know what is happening in the world and that the one worlders are moving on with their agenda. And they are moving fast.

    It’s a day of enslavement for Greece and for freedom of speech and a nation’s sovereignity.

  25. Me too. That was what I wanted to say, just that. 😀

  26. Great wins and accomplishments! I feel your sparks circling in universe!

    I ran across this person (ken robinson) and have listened to some of his speeches and read some of his excepts from books. He has a fascinating conclusion about creativity. When I was listening to some of his speech on TED, I thought about DM constant enforcement of no mistakes and looking for perfection.

    Enjoy (I have attached his website, and then his famous speech on TED)


  27. CC,

    I just get the feeling that more and more auditors who have left the church (and there are far, far more outside than in) will be digging out their materials, dusting off their meters and climbing back in the chair.

    And, others will learn to audit so they can help someone else “get their chance.”

    I suppose that now you see leaving was not the overt.

    Much love,


  28. Very well said! Very well noticed! Very well shared! Very well lived! Very well YOU!

  29. I love how this blog keeps going more and more uptone. Please keep posts like this coming.

  30. Veritas,

    Hey sweetheart. God, I love knowing you exist.

    I try to get in a session every day, but there are times, reading here what others are doing and thinking and feeling, I go so exterior that nothing would read anyway. So I spend that time exterior, just enjoying the theta beings who exist outside their bodies.

    So much is going on outside the realms of our body’s perceptions. So much truth and understanding. So much delight.

    And though you and I have never met this lifetime, maybe that’s merely a technicality.

    So, I propose a toast. Let’s fill our glasses and raise them for all that is happening and is soon to happen. “To truth. To veritas. May we all discover ourselves and one another. And in that finding, we shall truly have cause for celebration.”

    Much love and admiration,


  31. CC
    It was devastating for me the Sea Org too.
    I was completely caved in thinking I had let LRH down and betrayed him. I thought the only help I could be the the Sea Org was to remove myself so I ‘wouldn’t cause any more trouble’.
    I actually didn’t recover fully until I snapped out of the PTSness just over a year ago.
    I don’t think I can thank Marty, Mike and Amy enough for pioneering the truth. How could we have as-ised any of this without it? I would have been running around stuck to the lies for…. maybe forever
    Thank you.
    I’m back (in many more ways than one) 🙂

  32. ‘Scuse the typos I’m typing on the run! LOL.

  33. V,

    Your writing was beautiful. Thank you so very much for sharing.

    To me, you are like a flower that opens up its petals for the rising sun. Once the petals are open, it’s easy to see how beautiful the flower is. The inner beauty of the flower flows through and is pleasant and breath-taking. It is true, proud, and ready to enjoy the light of the sun. It is what it is without pretending, without tethers, without complications that are unnecessary.

    Thank you for sharing your beauty.


  34. Anne Frank:

    “We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.”

  35. CC you will get your wins . You have paid your dues over and over and over. It is your time now.

    ML Carol

  36. Please bear with me on this. The concepts might apply here.

    If the accent is on ability, and I believe it should be, here is something to consider. Why all the goldenrod? Isn’t goldenrod an expression of failure?

    Absolutes are unattainable. One of Ron’s remarkable contributions was the numerous scales he provided. You read Science of Survival and you can understand where someone is on the scale of surviving. Ron had scales for all sorts of things.

    Goldenrod expresses a perceived position on the social scale. Unfortunately, goldenrod can be used to further anti-social agendas. A person who is very, very, very low on the social scale is anti-social; a person high on the social scale is pro-social.

    Just as all of us differ in ability and intelligence, we differ in the innate ability to care for others. The more social a personality, the greater his/her capacity to care for the well being of others. And the capacity to care for others is the key determinant of social capacity.

    And just as all the auditing in the world will not convert a Forrest Gump into an Einstein, all the auditing in the world will not transform a Hitler into a Mother Theresa.

    However, without getting all technical, here’s my point. Instead of wondering about our overts and whether or not we might be a bit suppressive here or there, why not focus on our sociability? Sociability is ability. And the accent is on ability.

    If two and a half percent of the population is anti-social then following the logic of the bell-shaped curve, another two and a half percent of the population might well be the exact opposite. And there doesn’t seem to be a term for this. We have suppressives, sociopaths, psychotics, anti-socials, criminals but what do we have for the opposite? Socio-saints?

    And though we have commendation chits for good works, what color do we assign for documenting purely social behavior? When someone is recognized as a socio-saint…?

    Now, I’ve done some rotten and horrendous things to my fellow beings but I’ve done a few good things, so I would be somewhere in the middle. My intellectual IQ isn’t too bad, but my social IQ is middling. Still, I’m learning.

    But, before I digress too much, maybe you see what I’m getting at.

    Much love,


    ps. veritas, sorry about the apparent distraction, but I think the concept applies here.

  37. Veritas , I am so very happy for you.

    ML Carol

  38. What I want to express can’t be said in English or any language — the symbols are only an approximation. And the fact that you see me and got the outpouring of my thoughts despite a few typos is proof that THETA is not the words, it is not any symbol that represents it …and we know it isn’t Flashy buildings.

    So I will respond to finding your amazing messages and say to you what is way too beautiful to possibly be contained in words.

    First…a word that comes to me often lately and I find pretty useful … WOW.

    Your messages have moved, humbled, and delighted me, to tears and waves of smiles …sometimes at the same time!

    So I have to admit I’ve been here reading and just…BEING… being here perceiving and marveling at the QUAlity (Qua the *whatness* that isn’t a thing) of each of you — each of you beautiful wonders. There’s so much to marvel over right here.

    So I’m immersing. And the wonder is over you. Over Life. Over the joys, truth, sorrows and triumphs of your roads, of our roads, and the wonder that we are all here. Over how close the truth is with the right tools. Over how worthwhile it is to be true, no matter what, to the belief in Life. Any suffering in doing so, as we’ve all surely been through, in the end will be a speck. The storms will pass. Truth is the only thing that never dies.

    “It is real, all the beauty you imagined.”
    You are it.

    Thank you so much.

    Now, if I can find my mouth, I’m getting another cup of coffee and coming back to be here some more.

  39. David LaCroix

    “People Get Ready”
    “…you don’t need no ticket…”
    A superstar in the making. Veritas and Chrystal have said it all.

  40. Theo — I think the singular most important thing you can do is NOT let your tone level slip into anything remotely feeling like revenge, pay back, hate.

    Without a doubt, LRH said there was a cabal that was destroying the world — the international bankers. Ron’s Journal (forget the # — 38?)

    This is clear.

    The next few years, according the many sources that I read are going to be very rocky. Very.

    HOWEVER, there ARE many positive forces (some walking on earth others operating purely on the 7th dynamic ) who are working overtime to try to mitigate the fallout from the dark side.

    But, we must each remain higher than 2.5 — in my opinion to add to the positive force. Not detract from it.

    Don’t despair.


  41. But to keep it REAL — I would take my family and LEAVE Athens as soon as possible …

    Take what is most valuable and get the heck out of these.

    Big cities are not going to be safe.

    I have friends who fled Rhodesia with their children and the clothes on their back …

    Be save


  42. Alex, yes. It really is Gross Out Tech. Also, it’s an inadvertent admission of lack of belief in the tech. Besides the fundamental purpose that Ethics and Tech are not for punishment, how bizarre is it to be completely invisible in a place that supposedly has the tech on obnosis, integrity processing, and humans Being!?

    One of the saddest things I’ve ever experienced is that veil of suspicion and uncertainty sown within the “church” walls, the “generality witch hunts” for SPs, the self doubts cast, a toxic soil in which no real friendship can grow, no real allegiance… It’s a travesty against one of the most noble things there is, true friendship.

    The most insidious part is the level at which it’s intentionally done with the “Church” as a control operation, to make money and to control others (keep them down). The irony is that the most good-hearted souls fall for it.

    And the good news is, we’re wise to it now. The next time a High Priest Dorkus MalorKus tries to cast my sins in stone, I will know his business is not heaven.

  43. Freedom Fighter

    Jack, this is exactly how I felt reading this. Pure theta for sure.

  44. Jack, That was wonderful, so wonderful I have been being with this message and smiling. Thank you. And let’s carry Marty around for some cheering and confetti! ✩ ☆   ★* ◈ ☆ ★  ★◈☆. *  *  ★  ✩ ★ ☆ ☺

  45. I very much enjoy reading this blog and posts here.

    Your choice of words is remarkable. It gives plain clearly visible images (like the one – “dog turd on a white rug”).

    All this ndependent movement helps me – once again – realize that the world is the nice place to be and have fun in.
    Let’s have it – full blast. 🙂

  46. A wonderful slogan, Mike. Yes, it does!

    I remember as a child vowing that truth was too big a price to pay for the luxury of not feeling pain now and then, and the irony is the truth not only sets us free but ultimately makes us right, because it’s Life’s closest cousin and we are life.

  47. Truth, Thank you so very much for the life you bestow and grant and love and ARE.

    ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty—’ (John Keats)

  48. Freetothink, It really is. I’m glad to know my communication was able to be of service to it.

  49. Marta, What an insight. I’d never thought about it but that is what I do. Thank you for perceiving me and all you do. The company is really lovely.

  50. Jim, That was truly lovely. You couldn’t have made me any happier than to let me know you rested sweeter as a result of my being.

    I have immense respect and admiration for you, your dedication to wisdom of Life, your respect and comprehension of the Tech as a tool to that end, your responsibility level in having (owning/protecting/applying) it … and your sense of play☆* … proving along with me that dolphins are the only natural enemy of the shark. ☺

  51. Awesome, Karen. And awesome Karen! I’m so with you, and that’s one of the things I love about you. Why mess around?! I love your capacity to twirl in theta AND *go for it* A to B. ♥

  52. because,
    There it is! ✩!!

  53. WOW. Love is a verb ☺
    all this *life* here, You! Beyond wonderful. I love you Mary Jo! ∞

  54. Thank you dearly, ✩ Christie! I love you, too.

  55. War and Peace

    Absolutely awesome and eloquently spoken
    Veritas ~ you are an ASSET to this blog.

    War and Peace

  56. Concerned Citizen,
    First, may I thank you for your dedication to the SO? Because I thank you from the core of all I love, which in a word can be summed up as Life.

    Yes, I do see how that was for you. Thank you for describing it. I understand all you said, and I also had personal experience of being invisible, which — as I said to Alex in my first comment above, is hugely ludicrous to happen in a place that is supposedly training people in perception.

    What a horrible position to be put in, an enforced violation of duty of sorts, in order to survive. That should never, ever have happened, not when you are serving Life and a technology that serves it.

    Concerned Citizen, I take it very personally that this happened. I look at it going on within the “Church” and call it as I squarely see it: a must have/can’t have *enforced* reality. True evil likes nothing better than to force good beings into positions of committing perceived “wrong” as a solution …it’s their ticket to control and oppression. It’s beyond hideous.

    This world is filled with illusions and inversions…and my personal opinion is that sometimes the ones who *appear* to be off post, are really ON post.

    I observe Marty, for example, to be on post — that’s my opinion.

    I completely get how it was for you. And is it okay if I want the bridge for you as much as you want it? Because I do. And I would bet my life on it that others here do, too.

    Thank you for your sense of honor. It was beautiful to behold.

  57. Thank you, Theo!

    Good point –>

    There is no “almost Scientology”. It’s either Scientology or it isn’t. For that same reason I am here too.

  58. Hello froghopper, It’s an honor and pleasure to meet you here and I love your smile over people experiencing knowledge that not only can a human life’s sufferings can be unraveled, but that potential is glorious to explore and develop.

  59. Dear Sam,

    You humble me with this gift. I will always endeavor to be worthy of this treasure you bestow on me.

    “I thought when so dubbed by her,
    how sure I’d find my way
    If I had goodly masters
    who would not let me stray.

    I wished to dub as Masters
    Love, Truth, Serenity.
    They’d feed and house and teach me
    with total sovereignty.”

  60. WH,
    You just made my day better!

  61. Theo,
    I hear your anguish and outrage. I’m reading up on the details going on. I share your concern for the future as you wonder the type of world that will be here for your children.

    Is your physical location near the protests?

    Money is for sure being leveraged throughout the world as a new “god” — usurping decency and heart. Arm your children with knowledge of self, life and timeless values. All forms, governments, even planets and suns eventually pass. Money is a human invention that’s been corrupted because it doesn’t necessarily represent value and production anymore.

    Greece is a marvelous civilization and country. I was there a couple of years ago, ran a foot race on the original Olympics field. I have a replica of the Phaistos Diskhere right here. I loved the system of cultures, building 2 level houses to take care of family/aging parents. And the Golden Age of Greece will live forever through the truth it imparted.

    Every way we liberate life, through creations, delivery, art, awareness does and will foil any system that violates life. You are the power of life. And Life can work in mysterious ways bringing help in ways unimagined 😉

    That’s my 2 cents for now and I’ll read up more on what’s happening there. I don’t mean to say platitudes here, but it’s not one to say that empowering true life (which cannot be faked or bought) is the greatest wealth and protection.

  62. Lucy, That’s one of my favorite TED lectures, the Sir Ken Robinson talk about education killing creativity. Really excellent. I enjoy his humor also.

    I particularly like his awareness of the vast diversity in intelligences and talents. Brilliance doesn’t all look the same, shows up with a vast variety of skills. Soo cool! Beings are unique and it’s what I love and marvel over about Life…so many diverse amazing manifestations. (and NO…brilliant people don’t all wear tweed jackets and glasses! lol) Really brilliant, one I recommend also!

  63. Tone 41, Your comm fully arrived and it means a lot to me. Thank you for your good company.

  64. Into the Mystic

  65. Once upon a Time,
    I join you in your toast. The sharing of this information is significant and should be celebrated. The popular toast / latin phrase “In Vino Veritas” is especially fitting in for this post.


  66. Concerned Citizen

    You know? Funny you should say that because I was thinking that very thing. In fact I am planning to work out a way to extricate my family from the claws of the Church. There have been some setbacks but progress, too. Then we’ll get some repair and back on the Bridge, and the last leg of my plan, is to dust of my “non valid” pre GAT auditor certs and visit Logan to get up to snuff. May be Marty or Dan can help me with a little C/S Series 50 first.
    Since I learned about Scientology, there was only one thing I wanted more than OT and that was to be an auditor.

    There is a ref where LRH says


    “Every now and again somebody tries to get me to say what I think of auditors. They want me to become hypercritical, I guess, so as to match the asker’s tone. Well, I better make a public utterance after all this time.”

    “I think of auditors in a rather intense way. As I know more auditors than anybody else and have a better basis for judgment, on this subject I can be for once an authority.”

    “My opinion of auditors in general is fairly well known to several people.”

    “I think of an Auditor as a person with enough guts to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. This quality is rare and this quality is courageous in the extreme.”

    “It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession. I think of an auditor as having INITIATIVE. He is able to grasp or make a mockup and put it into action.”

    “Auditors survive better than other people.
    If this world has any faintest chance of surviving it will be not because I write, but because auditors can and will think and do.
    “I think our auditors came from beings lately arrived on Earth who, seeing where it was going, decided to band together to send it elsewhere.”

    It still is one of my favorite references ever.
    I think back to my PCs and remember the feeling every time they had a WIN. Anyone who has audited knows what I mean, just nothing compares and I know an auditor will do whatever it takes to keep right on auditing. So I quite agree with you.

    Now Marty here is a bright bright example, as are all other gutsy FFA, Ron’s Org and independents. I say they will get the job done regardless of DM and nothing is better cause for celebration than that.

    Leaving the So wasn’t just not an overt, but in fact the best decision i made since joining it.

    (The So that LRH created was a group i would never dessert, one I would defend with every ounze of my being, the group I left that now bears that name, is beyond dead and since I’m still alive, I had to leave and I knew it, though I was not clear on the rightness of the decision)

  67. Concerned Citizen

    Thank you Sam for duplicating, I love your view points and I really feel we share great many points of reality. I join you in thanking everyone. It was Steve’s post on the bridge that really handled my PTSness. But I could have never assimilated that article without all the other truth garnered from Marty and friends
    Don’t worry about typos, I’m terrible sometimes.

  68. Concerned Citizen

    Thank you Carol, for the wins I know can be had, even for the ones I’ve had so far, it is all worth it. I accept your theta postulate and thank you for it too.

  69. Concerned Citizen

    I feel so duplicated, and validated.

    It is not only ok, but hugely appreciated. As it is obvious in my story, I truly believe in the power of postulates. Yours adds to mine and it is all the more powerful.

    I completely see the inversions phenomena all around, the good guys look like the bad guys, and vice versa. It is the game we play and why our tech is so valuable.

    I truly admire you, your clarity and understanding. And I feel so lucky and honored that these caliber of people are my friends. No better group on earth.

  70. Concerned Citizen

    Once upon a time,

    Great post. LRH made the exact same observation in an FO called- if memory serves me right, “validation”and he created commendations.

  71. crahing upwards

    Veritas. Fantastic write up. Honest, sincere, clear, just.
    Your writing this up is a strong show of support to the independent field.
    Gurdgieff had a saying that you cannot sit between two stools. In other words, you cannot embrace the future while holding onto the past. We only need to learn from the past.
    Your inspirational testimony should encourage many to embrace the future.
    It certainly gave me pause.

  72. Purr. 🙂

  73. It’s RJ 67 and when I tried to order a copy of it from Bridge it was not available, that speaks louder than words of the attack by DM on the truth to be told.

  74. Lady Minn, I cringe at the Out Tech and abuse as I read what you were put through. I can think of no greater betrayal of trust, none, than the alter-is, abuse and other-intentions of the “Church.”

    I am so glad that there are auditors out there like Marty, who have the skill and willingness to deliver the Bridge the way it was meant to be.

    Me, too! That is all Scientology is about. Howdy Pardner! 🙂

  75. Mike,

    Thank you for this lovely message. It was likewise a joy for me, and an honor to meet you.

    The ground shakes when you and Marty walk into town and it was awesome to see theta champions operating in the power band.

    There was a day I used the word “Scientologist” proudly, until it became associated with an abusive dishonesty and fanaticism I could no longer recognize.

    One of the great things about sanity going is recognition of differences and similarities, and you and Marty are to thank for the world beginning to realize what, in fact, a Scientologist is… as individual as there are people, using a technology to improve conditions in life. What speaks louder than results?

    Those DMbots … poor chaps. Do they know to whom they are pawns? They’ve managed to call attention of some concerned higher authorities onto themselves. And, you know, they did such a good job skulking around, it’s no wonder they eventually welcome getting higher pay and working for better employers when given the opportunity;)

    Ciao and arrivederci!

  76. Sarge, you make my YEAR when you say hello. 🙂 I know why LRH loved you so.

  77. The Oracle, Bryon, Carol, Martin Gibson…thank you for your acknowledgments and sharing your experiences. I cherish you and our community.

  78. Michael,
    Your contributions are stellar and I always enjoy you lucid thoughts. I admire the ability of loving and admiring others unabashedly. Part of justice is indeed the recognition and protection of those who live in action the sanctity of life and we do need a word for it.

    I was interested to read in the post about what LRH thought of Auditors that he speculated many were late arrivals who came to do something about it. Such people have also been called angels or saints, however a common misunderstanding about angels or saints is that are goody goodies and/or exempt from some human shortcomings.

    A being is neither good nor bad but is a creator, of either or both (after moral codes and mutual co-actions are established). But the most divine and wonderful sense is to love and assist Life. It happens naturally with Understanding.

    So what’s a good word? Sociolight? lol

  79. David LaCroix, Beautiful!

  80. Michael , you have me twinkling now, with mirth.

    So much is going on outside the realms of our body’s perceptions. So much truth and understanding. So much delight.

    And though you and I have never met this lifetime, maybe that’s merely a technicality.

    So, I propose a toast. Let’s fill our glasses and raise them for all that is happening and is soon to happen. “To truth. To veritas. May we all discover ourselves and one another. And in that finding, we shall truly have cause for celebration.”

    Indeed!! Cheers!!

  81. Dear ❀Meisha,

    You expression is exquisitely beautiful. Thank you for bringing your beauty here. I needed that as much as my body needs oxygen.

  82. War and Peace, I’m thrilled to know this, and to think that I am an asset to this Blog which, along with people in this community, is one of the greatest assets in my life. Thank you for your kindness. ML

  83. Hello VaD. lol I’m happy to know that. I’m with you. Let’s have it – full blast! 😀

  84. Crashing Upwards,

    If there is *anything* unethical or not sane about my decision to apply Scientology in my life, then I’ll eat 100 hats.

    I choose to apply it sans the arbitraries, degradation and crime that is part and parcel of the “Church”.

    It came down to that for me after I gave the “Church” 15 years to set things right. I would have died before violating KSW. Then I put more info together and realized I was violating KSW by accepting the bogus charades of the organization that poses as Scientology (even though, yes, there is some delivery occurring, enough for the pretense).

    My last vestiges of hope evaporated with the chilling realization that there was no warmth, no care, no genuine fondness from persons who had been my friends. They were in fear. It would be just fine with the so-called “Church” staff to “waste” me, just like they waste persons within the walls, justifying it as greatest good” (huge MisU).

    That’s not okay. I know LRH would not have accepted that.

    There is no sanctity in the organization anymore. What made it holy was the sanctity of the auditing room, of the Auditors Code, of the Code of a Scientologist.

    When I saw powers and free theta get hit, verbally or other ways, in attempts to control and minimize (usually for the purpose of extracting money or work), I looked for every possible why to explain it— including myself and my own perceptions. I looked everywhere before daring to examine the real one — which was too incredible to comprehend (especially because it is mixed in with the wonders of the Tech)

    Only the right why resolves a situation and produces results.

    The right why is that the technology of Scientology is being used by the current corporate “Church” entity for the exact opposite of its purported purpose.

    I do like your idea of embracing the future, and that begins with now.

    I would like to see people who are not embracing themselves do so.

    It’s pretty simple. There is nothing wrong with practicing Scientology.

    “Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world, must first become a friend to himself.” — L. Ron Hubbard

  85. V,

    You are the Poet Laureate of Scientology.

    Artists, like auditors, have a special and sacred role in society. You imbue the environment with theta and raise the tone of those who have the good fortune to come in contact with you.

    Thankyou. As the Visa commercials say, “It’s priceless.”


  86. V, Heard this song today. Thought of you.
    Last verse. By the Beatles:
    “bright are the stars that shine
    dark is the sky
    I know this love of mine
    will never die
    and I love her “

  87. “Thank you for listening and for sharing your experiences on this road.”

    Veritas thank you for being yourself

  88. CC,

    Reading your post made me think. Hmmm. In this modern age, how does one study the tech? If you are a good student, much of the training can be accomplished on your own. The difficult part starts with drilling the material. You just have to have a twin. You have to have someone sit in as the “pc.” And it’s better to have several people sit in as “pc’s” so you have a wider experience of possibilities before going into session.

    But, twinning can become a source of hidden data lines. And, despite what a couple of people can accomplish, we all need an exterior viewpoint to oversee what we are doing and offer correction with proper reference. (another potential source of hidden data lines.)

    With the internet, you can set up cameras and have someone oversee your work, someone check out your TRs and auditor drills. A Class 8 living in Los Angeles can oversee the work of auditors training in Poodunk, Timbuktu, Keowok, and Greasy Spoon.

    I won’t mention names of the obvious candidates who read this blog, but there are some highly trained people looking in here.

    Training can become relatively inexpensive. Job opportunities will open up. An economy based on these services will expand. And more job opportunities will open.

    A lot of trained individuals outside the church have reached retirement age and would probably jump at the chance to put in a few hours a week volunteering.

    And the network would fabian, leaving nothing of consequence to attack. At least fabian at this stage. One would simply have to adhere to copyright laws.

    But this is all for people brighter than me to work out. I just had a few quick ideas on how to help auditors brush up on their skills.

    And another thing about auditors: didn’t LRH write or say that auditors were senior to OTs because it took an auditor to make an OT?

    Much love,


  89. veritas,

    I love your phrasing: “as individual as there are people. Using the technology to improve conditions.” Having been around a long, long, long time I shudder when any group works towards the homogenization of the soul. We are all different.

    Trying to knock off the edges so we fit only works for a while. We die. The edges grow back with a vengeance–and more distorted and recalcitrant.

    I certainly hope we get it right this time.

    Much love,


  90. veritas,

    Given the weight-conscious age in which we live, “sociolight” might just fit the bill. We could advertise along the lines of: “getting a fat head from too much admiration? Try sociolight! 82% less love in every serving! Guaranteed to to keep your ego thin or your self esteem back. Try our sociolight “compliment” starter kit free for 14 days!!! That’s right, free! If we can’t get you back in your head by then, boy are you fucked up.”

  91. veritas,

    Yea, I know what Ron was talking about when he referenced “late arrivals.” One of the things that bothered me about Sea Org was the dilution of standards. Maybe not “standards” as the expectations were always high, but the implementation of those standards; and the quality of “material” used to meet those standards was frustrating.

    I’ve heard of the “Loyal Officers.” I don’t know if that’s the group I belonged to, but the concept holds. These beings were not picked or recruited. Though training is always part of any group or organization, these beings were not “trained” to be what they were. There are some things that you just cannot train. And any “Loyal Officer” will know what I mean immediately.

    Every being has a quality; it’s as distinct as that which a bloodhound follows. And that quality is immutable.

    Though I have often been accused of being a snob, arrogant and elitist, I am more a realist. (or ARCist, if you will.) You can love and admire someone while recognizing their ability and limitation. Not everyone can be the quarterback. And putting an inept player in a key position only hurts your chances of winning.

    Though every individual’s contributions will help, I believe the class of beings that qualify as “loyal officers” will be the only ones capable of pulling this off. These are the pivotal beings who will change the course of lives here on Earth and beyond.

    I completely duplicate your experience with angels and saints. One of the things that baffles me is the “logic” that because LRH was such a shit he couldn’t have created a brilliant and workable tech to save souls.

    Life is life. From top to bottom. And if you can’t grasp the totality of life, you have missed something. The ONLY person capable of COMPLETELY understanding life would be one capable of being both a devil and a saint. Top to bottom. From the very best to the very worst. Otherwise your understanding would be incomplete–thus flawed.

    Since this is late in the thread, it might go unread. But, it was meant for you, veritas. I don’t know a lot of people who would grasp what I just wrote.

    Sometimes I’m surprised by what receives comment and what doesn’t. One person or other will write something profound and brilliant and obvious and receive no feedback. And someone else will write something idiotic and get a gang response. I keep probing, testing the market, trying to understand the reality here. It’s such a multi-layered, individual and group reality operating through so many dimensions. Very interesting.


    Much love,


  92. Theo Sismanides

    WH, your words are good advice. Thank you.

    I’d rathere give an excerpt from RJ 67 and remind everybody that those guys have an undergoing agenda for a long long time now.

    Start of excerpt:

    “The organization, under the direction of Mary Sue, employed – and actually had employed earlier than I returned from southern Africa – employed several professional intelligence agents who had long and successful professional backgrounds, and they looked into this matter for us, and the results of their activities – although still in progress – have told us all that we needed to know with regard to any enemy we had on this planet.

    Our enemies on this planet are less than twelve men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains, and they are, oddly enough, directors in all the mental health groups in the world which have sprung up. Now these chaps are very interesting fellows: They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds; illegitimate children; government graft; a very unsavory lot.

    And they apparently, sometime in the rather distant past, had determined on a course of action.

    (note by Theo: note this above point as well as below).

    Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet, they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission.

    The rest of their apparent program was to use mental health – which is to say, psychiatric electric shock and prefrontal lobotomy – to remove from their path any political dissenters. They were the people behind the Siberia bill, which almost passed the House of Representatives in the United States, and did pass, if I remember rightly, the Senate, which gave the power to any governor in — of any state in the United States simply to pick up anyone on the street and send him to Alaska. We defeated this Siberia bill and many other mental health quote-unquote “acts” of this character, but never really before knew from whom they were coming.

    Anyway, these fellows have gotten nearly every government in the world to owe them considerable quantities of money, through various chicaneries, and they control of course income tax, government finance — Wilson, for instance, the current premier of England, is totally involved with these fellows, and talks about nothing else, actually. They organized these mental health groups which sprang up simultaneously all over the world, and anything that has mental health in it – in its name – or mental hygiene, or other things of that character, such names as that are all part of the organization which stems from these less than a dozen really men.

    Now this is very interesting because we, innocently, moved forward in 1950 and came straight across this very very broad plot. If there was a cure to mental illness, then people would say you had better send him to an auditor and would begin to ask questions if someone was electric-shocked or given a prefrontal lobotomy, for as only by electric-shocking and prefrontal lobotomies could they effectively remove their political enemies or objectors.

    Now of course these fellows are very suppressive indeed, and they are actually quite miserable.”

    End of excerpt.

    Who are those guys today. Not the IMF, not the International Banks? Well, definitely yes.

    I tell you the fact that we have an otherwise socialistic called government voted in on elections 6 months ago and they invite the IMF (actually Papandreou did) means a lot.

    The fact that he attends the Bilderberg meetings (5 times) together with other politicians and businessmen of Greece, means a lot.

    Let’s not be reasonable to this.

    Actually we can fail by not expanding our sphere of influence.

    So, auditors audit, C/Ses can C/S, people can train at home or with others, people can communicate with each other and managers manage and move those particles on the lines.

    And people investigate and find out who are our enemies except for DM. We have our own organization now. We actually have the resources. It can be done.

  93. Theo Sismanides

    Veritas, do not worry a bit about me. Thank you for your interest and agony. There is no need for such though since I can tell you that Athens is an OK place to be.

    One wants to go to the demonstrations so he knows he might be involved in some stupid things.

    And the demonstrations are peaceful. Then come the guys in masks, our Anonymous guys, haha, and spread violence and throw molotof (self made) bombs.

    So, it’s more like reading Mission Earth type of scenario than anything else. It’s actually something to laugh about the way it’s portrayed on TV and media.

    You came here and you know how it is. And two years ago it’s not that long ago.

    The terrible thing is that those bankers/enslavers are putting now their claws officially on Greece. And our politicians like most leading guys in the world are corrupt and part of their groups.

    Do not think that they forgot Scientology. It’s so much contained by DM that they are OK now. You will see them when we start moving ahead.

    But in order for this to happen all of the people here need to pitch in and start getting a field of specialty, any in the beginning so that we get some data some actions, some valuable final products in regards to flows and moving higher as spiritual beings.

    Thanks again for your kind words. As I said do not worry a bit. Athens is still one of the best and safest places.

  94. Once Upon a Time,

    Michael, I read your post and completely agree with your thoughts on loyal officers.

    Since leaving the church four years ago I have had the opportunity to experience a bit of life being top to bottom and I think it made me a better person for doing so. It certainly gave me a better understanding of LRH’s ability to grant beingness to many different types of people. I discovered that I needed to be able to confront a lot more than I ever did within the protected boundries of the church if I really had the intention of freeing people. It was quite eye opening and it was a time of adventure for me.

    As far as the variances in poster response, there could be several factors in why profound ones don’t seem to get the acknowledgement that they should, for me it is simply volume of postings. As DM’s exposure continues to build up we will see even more postings, which is actually great because more people are looking.

    I have been following this blog since last October and have found that there are certain posters that are very real to me and I always make sure to read what they have to say, even if I don’t have time to reply. Your posts are ones I read all the time. Keep posting, even if it seems a bit late. I know quite a few posters click the “follow-up comments” box and do read latent posts. I believe that Veritas is one of those so she should be posting a reply soon.

  95. Michael,

    Your post to CC is spot on and all of these things do need to be confronted to get the independent movement really rolling.

    So far, most of it has been in the form of ideas and suggestions such as the ones you mentioned.

    The good news is that some of those auditors are starting to come out of the woodwork and are beginning to coordinate what needs to be done to start auditing again.

    The postulate has been made and the doingness is in progress.

  96. Eve Broughton

    I think the world of non-Scientologists is really wanting to know of what real value is blackmail of a celebrity to the leadership levels of Scientology. Its been a real eyeopener reading the dozens of posts of the ex-members. What really could be that valuable in Toms personal information that the world at large doesnt already suspect.
    I attended Landmark. That was ENOUGH for me – I dont need personal leadership and group identity.

  97. Veritas ~ You made so many points of clarity. The funk and confusion is very convoluted and you pulled out the true data so well.
    You deserve to get up the Bridge to total OT like LRH intended it. So do I. I can’t imagine anyone (except maybe tightey whitey) could do ANYTHING even remotely close enough to being SO bad they don’t deserve that.
    It blows sooooo much charge for me personally to read and duplicate what you say here.
    Again, thank you!

  98. Actually we set the Truth free every waking moment.

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