Daily Archives: August 30, 2009

Get up, Stand up*, Stand up for your rights!


The title of this post is  taken from an old Bob Marley classic.  I am getting a lot of emails from around the world from Scientologists who are on lines; and this song keeps popping into my head when I type my replies.  The more truth that is getting out to the world about what is really going on with Miscavology, it seems the more desperate the crush push for money out of existing public is becoming.  There are missions out in a number of cities that are using coercion and threat to force people to empty retirement savings accounts, get 2nd mortgages on homes and resort to a plethora of unusual and dishonest solutions to pay more money to the Church.

Even the FSO has been turned into a 1,000 man/woman reg machine. Apparently,  no one is immune.   How was ‘the friendliest place on earth’ turned into one of the most dangerous?  First, long-time Captain Debbie Cook was taken out by Miscavige some time ago, put into the prison camp (the Hole, or SP Hall) and replaced by a two decade Registrar veteran, Harvey Jaques. One public told me he recently waited with forty other people  for almost two hours for Harvey to show up  for a “Captain’s briefing” to some select public.   Harvey never showed, because “he was in the middle of a Reg cycle.”

I am posting below the reply I recently sent to a plea for help and advice from an unnamed man in an unnamed city. He lamented how he – a highly trained and high case level individual – cannot continue to submit himself to the degradation of being thrown on a meter and denigrated for not coughing up more money – money demanded for no exchange, no service. Money that he cannot afford to part with for the well being of his family. I am posting this because of the heartfelt descriptions of the moral anguish people have described that they go through while determining to take the plunge and reach out to open a line of communication with me.  Several have stated they tune into this blog, then suppress reaching out because of the consequences to them and their families should they do so. For all you who are watching and listening, but you can’t communicate your concerns, I’m posting this reply to the fellow described, because I was sincere when I wrote that what he described was  “all too typical”.


“Thank you very much for sharing this story with me. It is all too typical. What took me so long to act? (speaking out) It took a long time for me to honestly sort out what was right from what was imposed on me as being right.  As far as what you should do – I would suggest holding your position in space – a definition of power. Write up every off policy and out tech move they make on you. If they order you for another squirrel metered “interview” ask for the LRH reference that authorizes that kind of nonsense. And when they don’t produce it – which they cannot – then refuse, using LRH as your authority. Write that up too. Send me copies of what you write up. As your family is recruited to put pressure on you by the org, genuinely communicate with each member – at their reality level of course – how you are acting in an on Source, on policy manner. I try to abide by the Code of Honor – your integrity is more important than your immediate life. When I do what is right my life seems to get more meaningful and I get stronger. I believe it will for you too. Do not compromise with your own reality. Stay strong.”

*Incidentally, I highly recommend Get up, Stand Up; it as if the great Rastaman wrote the song for the times we live in.