Daily Archives: December 2, 2009

Where we are going

DM has sent agents close to me and close to Independent friends, clamoring to find out where we are going.  In myriad ways they try to discern our “strategy.”  It is quite apparent that until and unless someone comes up with an answer that resembles something DM would do (like compete to take over the monopoly, or exact revenge by any means necessary), the agents will continue to be sent in trying to get or even manufacture the answer he wants to hear. Yes, “manufacture.” He’s even had a “cell” contact me about leading an allegedly well organized group to execute a coup d’etat.  Somehow he can’t get it through his head that some folks really just want to free the technology from sinking out of sight with the ship.  I continue to find LRH references that capture my philosophy and that of my best friends. Here’s another:

“I try to look far enough in the future to forecast and predict what might be, so as to not do too many things wrong. You must allow me some percentage. And as I look into the future, I see that we are handling, here, material of a potential control and command over Mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many.  And maybe in this I am simply being overly proud, conceited or optomistic. But I would never for a moment step back from the role of being conceited just to be approved of or just to be wrong in a prediction. And I believe that prediction is right.

“And I believe that the freedom of the material which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information. And if we can do these things, we will win. But if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of the untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because it has always happened this way. But that’s no reason it has to keep happening this way. I am not of an inevitable frame of mind.

“I have no illusions about either the unimportance of Scientology or its importance. You see, it’d be very, very easy to get a swollen idea either way. It’d be a very simple thing, you know, to take a look at it and then take an opinion of it, independent of its actuality. Scientology, well understood, is a very powerful thing. Well used, it can do a great deal for the social order and for the individual. Poorly relayed, poorly communicated, monopolized or used exclusively for gain, it could be a very destructive thing.”

     While many want to argue about how and where and by whom Scientology may be used, many of us are out here moving ahead just using it the best way we know how to help improve conditions for ourselves and others.  Everyday we feel like we are doing more good with the subject and more good for our environments than we ever did during our years and decades behind the Wall. 

     Strategy?  To use Scientology to improve conditions by the best means we are individually equiped to do so with; and to help our fellows do the same.