Daily Archives: December 13, 2009

What your donations buy in the UK

In terms of sheer incompetence I do not believe the OSA NW has ever sunk to a lower nadir.  This little photo narrative will help illustrate.

Here is their Sir Don Trump Wannabe masking his face with a mug while surveiling Mosey and I at breakfast:

Here is some of the fun the Donald missed in Oxford after we ditched him in London:

Next morning, Sir Don dodging the camera with his assistant Ivana the Ice Queen:

Some of the fun in London Don missed out on after we ditched him again:

The Donald storming off with his bag of electronic surveilance equipment when we decided the gig was up:

While we’ve only shared footage of the Poor Man’s Donald, he was one of an elaborate network of fools assigned to watch our every move.  In all, they missed entirely the most important business at hand.  They may come up with a shot or two of me downing bitters. But hey, when in Rome…