Daily Archives: December 5, 2009

Get ready, ’cause here I come

Because OSA is in the know as to my travel plans, I think it is appropriate that all Independents also know. I’ll be in the UK from this coming Monday until the following Tuesday, the 15th. When I travel – or anyone else on OSA’s flight surveillance list – the church knows about it in advance. That is because of their institutional practice of invasion of privacy through improper use of the airline reservation computer network. That is why you only ever hear Private Investigator stories from me after I have traveled by airline. They don’t have the cojones to come near my home.

The OSA network is frantically scurrying across the United Kingdom in preparation for my arrival. Tommy Davis is even venturing over the big pond to hunker down in defense. DM’s inimitable anti-Data Series think predicts that Mike Rinder and I are up to all sorts of mischievousnous that we are not up to. It is remarkable how much power they have granted us. But once again, their over-reaching paranoia has already pushed a number of erstwhile Loyalists out of their own camp.

If anyone in those parts who did not know about my trip wants to get together, get hold of my man Martin Padfield (contact information under Independent Scientologists section of this blog) to coordinate. Maybe a bunch of us can spend a convivial evening together in celebration of the holidays and independence. That I am sure will go a long way in sending further red herrings DM’s way. You all might even get your picture in “Freedom” with some inane caption. Ultimately, it will do wonders for your ethics presence.

My sincerest advice to my old comrades in the OSA network – from Sun Tzu:
There are roads one does not follow.
There are armies one does not strike.
There are cities one does not attack.
There are grounds one does not contest.
There are commands of the sovereign one does not accept.