Daily Archives: December 4, 2009

Come Home For Christmas

Mosey and I extend an invitation to everyone who is anything short of a full family to come spend Christmas with us.  We recognize there are a lot of partial families out there with integral parts missing because of forced and coerced disconnection.  You are invited to share an environment imbued with the spirit of Christmas (that is where families share unconditional love and forgiveness).  On Xmas eve and Xmas day we’ll have lots of good food, music, games, fishing, canoeing and incomparable company lined up.

Because of limited space you’ll need to stay in a nearby hotel at night, but the rest of the days and nights our house is yours.  There is no expense beyond your lodging and transport. Everything else will be covered.

If you are interested and want to confirm and make arrangements email Mosey at gamequeen223@yahoo.com