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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Concerned Citizen is a regular contributor to this blog.  CC suggested that today we post something concerning the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since Mike and I have spent the past 24 hours evading a network of PI’s attempting to usurp our human rights in a number of ways, CC’s request piqued my interest. I then did a rapid review of the 30 articles of the Declaration of Human Rights and  counted no less than 25 articles that Miscavige’s organization is regularly violating.  His use of celebrities and childen to front for his serial, institutional violations  is  intolerable and should be put to period.  CC’s submitted post follows:

I would like to contribute a post, since there was no post today and it is the 61st Anniversary of the Universal Declaration Human Rights.

You see, today across the world people are gathering to talk about the pressing issue of human rights, globally. Many important issues are discussed and put forth for great minds to formulate plans that will improve the lots of those whose human rights are violated in so many places around the world.

But the subject of the Church of Scientology’s international management and their abysmal record on human rights is hardly mentioned in any media. Since the Church is fond of promoting its laudable activities on behalf of human rights, even going as far as to re print the declaration, and since I know most Scientologist are genuinely concerned with human rights. And since it thinks itself, somehow as the only exempt body on earth, with the power to set these rights aside. I thought it appropriate to mention it.

Someone has to mention it. It has been recorded with meticulous time place form and event in thousands of pages within the group of blogs and sites here listed. I know many people will consider these stories the delirious hallucinations of a very sick group whose overts and crimes have driven them to dream up all this horrible stories.

I know they will think this, because I would normally dismiss all these allegations that exact same way, even after I myself was subjected to a lot of the humiliation, slander, and other violations well documented in the various pages of this blogs and sites. Make no mistake, everyone has experienced the occasion when his words or actions, were misunderstood, twisted, or mis-represented. It could very well happen. But this many times, by these many people? What are the odds of so many people’s stories matching so well?

Suffice it to say that today I’m a different person, today I see these people differently, everyone raising their voices and those perpetrating these un-thinkables. I’m aware of those whose hate and crimes drive them to fabrications, I can spot those a mile away. But I can also recognize that the large majority of people speaking up and protesting herein, are not sick with hatred and delusion, instead I see these people as people I failed; I and those still in and supporting the corrupt management after witnessing the decline, the abuse and standing by explaining it away.

Even anonymous, god help me, I see differently. I don’t agree with them in many things, but I see them as a group of people trying to force this formidable machine into compliance with the human rights it professes to cherish. I also know the majority of Scientologist are not aware of the abuses, of the treasonous disdain they are regarded with by the management. And would not in their right mind, and with the full information from which to derive the inevitable and truthful conclusion that these are not empty accusations, condone them.

It is possible to look at something and not see it, it is possible to hear something and not listen, and that is what is essentially occurring inside the Church. To all of you loyal Scientologist I say, I understand your reaction, and your anger when reading my words. I understand that without knowing me you will decide I’m so ridden with guilt, that I make all this up to assuage my agony. But when at last these abuses reach you, when you too come to realize these stories are true, we will be here to help you get back on your feet. In the mean time, let us all consider the value of Human rights and make a conscious decision not to ever again stand by while watching any of these rights being violated or set aside by anyone for any reason.

Here is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Here are the Church’s Youth for Human Rights videos explaining these rights. They are great videos, if only the church would follow its own advice and respect these rights they understand so well, they can explain them masterfully. How ironic


Here are the Churches own videos explaining these rights.