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Obstruction of Justice

Last year Silvia Kusada was told by a Flag MAA  that if she were to report her then 2D to law enforcement for the brutal battery he visited upon her she would be committing a suppressive act and could be declared.  The MAA was using the following published “suppressive acts” as authority:

Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard Scientology; and

Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist, including the nonpayment of bills or failure to refund, without first calling the matter to the attention of the International Justice Chief and receiving a reply.

Now, having de-pts’d ourselves from the C of M and the new DM meanings of LRH writings  they have forced people to accept, it is very plain to see the policies used to prevent people from exercising their civil and human rights to recourse to society’s justice apparatus simply do not state what church staff say they state.  Now consider this scenario. You are  beat unconsious by someone nearly twice your size. You go to the designated, authorized church representative for giving guidance and succor for such brutality. The church rep tells you authoritatively that you must look inward for how you might have caused the misguided thug to blow a fuse, and when you initially resist, you are told you could lose your lifetime investment in your religion – not to mention all your friends, family and business connections – should you pursue justice.  That might serve to obstruct your path to the pursuit of justice, don’t you agree?

Well, by the time Silvia heroicly fought through just such a soul searching (and internal appealing) nightmare and recognized in fact the church as an institution was aiding and abetting someone who was not only out ethics and criminal under the church’s own ethics codes but under the laws of the land, several months had passed. When she decided to take measures to protect future potential victims and press criminal charges against her assailant, the latter attempted to have the charges dismissed because of the nine month time lapse between the incident and the complaint. When Siliva explained the church’s dictates – at the behest of the assailant – asssailant’s attorney promised he would deliver a sworn statement by a church representative that states the church does not dissuade parishioners from seeking justice in the courts, but instead encourages them to.

Had Silvia told me about this on any other day I might not have posted anything about this. But, it just so happens that the woman I was auditing today was similarly bullied by church representatives  to not pursue her rights in court. As a result, she lost several years of custody and companionship of her children and forfeited hundreds of thousands of dollars that were rightfully and lawfully hers.

It also just so happens that the phone call I received just prior to Silvia’s was from a woman who was also  forced by church representatives to drop divorce proceedings and she too lost substantial time with her child that she was legally and ethically entitled to as a result.

It also just so happens that in all three of these cases that coincidentally consumed my  entire day and evening, the woman in the equation was attacked by the church, and intimidated from pursuing justice, on the basis that their spouses were either well-heeled and willing to direct much wealth to C of M reges and/or brown nosing, card carrying DM-bots.

If I can run into three in one days, it occured to me that there must be one hell of a lot more instances out there of similarly situated folks having their access to justice obstructed.

It also occured to me that we should not permit Silvia Kusada to be steam rolled like this.  If anyone has personal experiences of being ordered not to pursue justice as Silvia was, I urge you to contact Silvia and provide her with a statement so that she might effectively respond to the perjurious statement her assailant’s lawyer has promised to provide to the City Attorney in an effort to get charges dropped against him. If anyone has seen the movie Changeling, while not quite as dramatic, Silvia is being subjected to the same 50’sesque psych op of “nobody will ever believe you.”  Contact Silvia at

Finally, in response to the anticipated attack on the many church sponsored anti-Marty sites, I am not encouraging any attack upon Scientology. Read the opening paragraphs of this post.  The LRH policy DM-bots cite as authority for denying people access to the courts countenances nothing of the sort.  Yet, C of M routinely does so, each time underming LRH and the subject of Scientology that much more. And it does so in order to divert monies from deserving mothers and into DM’s slush funds.  And when someone questions the off-policy nature of such funds (as Silvia did – and which is the ONLY act on her part that made her persona non grata), under Miscavology, he or she may be beat, dragged, and strangled unconscious with no recourse to justice (not only Scientology justice, but the justice system afforded as a human and civil right of every human being).  The attack on Scientology is coming from within the church.

Ignoring injustice perpetuates oppression.

MOQ Corner

Blogger note: I’ve got a nickname for Jim Logan. It is MOQ (Master of Qual). It was inspired by his seemingly effortless ability to rapidly find the LRH tech and policy references that clarify a given situation or resolve a particular problem.  Well, Jim posted a comment today that I hijacked to convert into a post to give it the emphasis and discussion I think it deserves.  I’m thinking maybe we ought to hear from Jim periodically when he does a little research project that clarifies questions currently being pondered and debated on this blog. You think?

JUSTICE by Jim Logan

On a tape from the Briefing Course, 8 June 65, PTS Handling, LRH is giving the ‘music’ for the words he’s published in the Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letters beginning in March of that year, outlining the Justice Codes, what to do about PTS and SP particles impinging on the newly designed Organization Board. He’s outlining on this tape how to ‘play the piano’ with this data.

Anyway, an interesting point is brought up on how a management can go down the slide to becoming ’suppressive’ as he calls it. That is, that it ends up suppressing those it manages.

This is related to various comments that have come up on how it came to be so bad under DM.

In 1980, the top of the org board was undergoing stress. Lots of things to handle, including the Guardian’s Office scene and the end of that trial, corporate sort out and such. In 81, there was the Mission Holders conference at the Sandcastle in Clearwater. I was there for a lot of it because the band I was in rehearsed at the Sandcastle since nobody was staying there as the Air Conditioning had been shut off to save money and the place went into complete mold-ridden. Anyway, the conference was going on down there.

That conference had ‘assigned’ the new Watch Dog Committee, a lower condition, something like Confusion or the like. It was quite bold. Bill Franks was ED Int, and he had good comm lines to the Mission Holders so they had apparently, support from that quarter.

DM finally showed up and ran one of the meetings. A ‘confrontation’ between ‘INT’ and the ‘field’ it was. From that first conference, the die was cast. What to do about it? What to do about these uppity Mission Holders assigning the top of the org board conditions. What to do about the apparent ‘mutiny’? Indeed.

OK, this tape I’m on 8 June 65 PTS Handling says this: ” You mean you’re going to concentrate on this 20 (%) and you’re going to neglect the 80?”

In other words, get wrapped up in handling PTS/SP cases, and neglect the 80% that are doing just fine.

Further in the tape, he says: “Allright, our next approach to the situation is to bring it about where the individual can reach the 80 effectively without being entangle by the 20″. That is, the materials of the Justice Codes, PTS/SP, Dead File, and so on.

Further on: “The ordinary citizen never really has to be policed. But he is policed continuously because of the goofs of three or four criminals. Do you see?

” So it’s an ‘Everybody bears the burden of a couple of crooks’. Do you follow? And you’ll find that most of your arbitrary laws and savageness on the part of executives and officers and so forth, stems from the fact that they are unable to handle the couple that goofed, and if they have enough losses in handling these guys then they get savage toward everybody.”

“That’s how your governments turn into suppressive organizations and so forth, because they really can’t handle the criminal at all.

“Allright, so you get a broad punishment of everybody in sight!”

The Mission Holders conference and it’s milieu and circumstances, was the excuse DM used to re-implement ‘heavy ethics’ and it was on the reported basis of the initial purposes for the Justice Codes, handling the 20%. Add in the fact the guy had the SP characteristics himself, that is, he’s part of the smaller percent of the 20% (that has the tendency to WRONG TARGET) and with the color of ‘LRH policy’ behind him, and the apparent circumstances of ‘mutiny’ as it was called BY DM, and kabang. The reign of terror is in full swing.

Within a year of that first conference, ‘disconnection’ is back in full, enforced, with the Scientology Policy Directive 28, of 12 Aug 82, and in Sept 83, the SP Acts policy is revised, rewritten, and includes 7 new pages, along with the rewrite of various issues related to the subjects of PTS/SP and voila, the whole thing is ’sanctioned’. Mass declares, mass disconnections enforced.

The above quotes describe it becoming suppressive even for those who aren’t suppressive as executives to begin with. What we’ve seen is a real SP abusing valid LRH materials and punishing the lot of us, due to his inability to see any right target.

Bennetta Slaughter

A number of comments about Bennetta have been made in response to the Final Purges Part 3 post.  There are a couple of truths and near truths touched on that I can shed some light on:

a)  Lisa McPherson did wind up on DM’s lines  because of the political clout Bennetta exercised on FSO lines. Precisely how she executed that I do not know.  Tom Devocht, Don Jason, and Debbie Cook might be able to fill those details in.  But, the result was that the Mother of all Squirrels put into motion the spin Lisa never recovered from  and was prevented from recovering from (covered in posts on this blog and St Pete Times interview videos at

b)  Bennetta resisted having Lisa stay at her home for her Introspection RD. However, she did not have to fight it ultimately because the decision to bring Lisa to the FH was made by FLB RTC Reps Rikki Jensen and Angie Trent.  One factor that lead to that decision was that they were concerned Lisa was PTS to Bennetta. Another factor was that Angie wanted to closely control the cycle. Since she had been reporting on Lisa’s auditing directly to DM for several months, she knew that if she did not handle and then report DM would have had her head upon news Lisa had gone type 3.

c)  Someone noted Bennetta is probably reporting to DM on Debbie Cook and her husband by virtue of being engaged in business dealings with them. I would say that is a virtual certainty since I am privy to strong evidence that Bennetta was attempting to befriend and spy on an even higher level former SO exec than Debbie just a few short months ago.

This is all further evidence of  the frailty of DM’s crumbling kingdom. For some time it has been largely held together by mutual out ruds covering for his continuous overts.

The Fall of Debbie Cook – the final purges part 3

Debbie Cook was cross ordered into oblivion by Miscavige

 By early 07 Debbie was being ferociously cross ordered by DM with “hey you” orders. Already saddled with setting up the “FLB Folo satellite offices”, directly handling the outside architect design firm for FSO and Oak Cove renos and Super Power construction, IAS crush evolutions here and there, and all marketing for the “Basics” release, DM would regularly order her into other random areas. “Comps is flapping”, he’d scream into the phone; Debbie would have to drop all she’d already been assigned and rush into unfamiliar turf. On other occasions she was ordered into video editing because event videos were “flapping.”

To top it off, DM was interspersing all this with orders to Debbie to solve the “man up of Int.”  That is right, the same “man up of Int” I spoke of in my June 21 St Pete Times interviews that led to the infamous Musical Chairs in Feb 2004. 3 ½ years later, still not done, or I should say “not allowed to be done by DM.” It was this very “man up of Int” failure that DM used as an excuse to bust his own wife and assign her to purgatory (subject of yet another upcoming series).

Throughout Debbie’s Int experience, she heard endless natter from DM about his “berthing” and how all of Int was conspiring to sabotage the construction of a seperate house for him. Debbie was shown the plans that were bouncing between DM and the Int Landlord office for the DM berthing house. The price tag: One Million Dollars. 

Debbie was subjected to DM phone calls from ASI that would regularly go on for an hour or two. One of those calls required she run around the base to handle some other flap, and invariably before a handle could be gotten on it, she’d get yanked into another “COB call” for another hour on some totally disrelated cycle.

What seemed to rattle Debbie worst was, intersperesed between all this, being forced to engage in DM’s sick tortures.  She seemed visibly upset when, for example, she had to lead dozens of former Int Execs (Holees) to the lake and conduct dunking exercises.

 At this time, the entirety of International Management was in the Hole. There was NO Int to work with or through. The entire RTC building (the 70 million dollar palace) was throughout this time – and through June 21 2009, thoroughly empty but for COB’s wing; perhaps 1/15th the total floor space of the cavernous monster.  To make things worse – DM was spending more time frolicking in LA than in his palace himself.

Ok, for those DM apologists who live in the fantasy world insisting he is not stark staring mad, please consider this. Debbie’s promo was the only thing that made it for the originally planned release of the basics at the May 9th event. Because she was the only one, and there was no actual product to show, the release had to be postponed. Ultimately, DM “busted” Debbie because he said he didn’t like the Basics promo she directed production on. Yet, the very promo Debbie got busted for producing is the same promo the little lunatic used to promote his Basics.

On DM’s orders, Debbie was carted off to the Hole. That is International Management HQ offices of CMO INT and Exec Strata Int, specifically in the WDC conference room of the two double wide trailers that constituted Int HQ offices.  By the time Debbie got there, all the windows and all the doors were barred shut. It was a literal prison.

Sarge’s LRH recollections – Part 1


 It began when I was living in Michigan in the spring of 1975 and I saw an ad in a magazine for ‘Fundamentals of Thought’. I sent for the book, loved it and sent for more books. Then began a phone reg cycle that led to a weekend trip to FCDC (Founding Church of Scientology, Washington D.C.) in May 75. At the time I was 30 years old and my life was going well. I had a good job, a new house, new corvette convertible, lots of friends, my family loved me and I had women knocking my door down (so, I exaggerate once in a while). Just ‘stuff’. I was bored. I needed adventure. Well, I sure got it.

During my first weekend at FCDC I did intro course, Life repair (which didn’t take long) and I was blown away. I bought the bridge! I flew home, quit my job, put my house up for sale, ARC broke everyone, packed up the vette and was back at FCDC as a full time public by the end of the week. Wow, did I make things go right!

 Initially, I was disappointed when I found out there were other Orgs and that LRH wasn’t at FCDC. I really wanted to meet him. Regardless, I burned the midnight oil at FCDC and had comp after comp. I became a Dianetic auditor and CS, did drug rundown, grades 1-4 (floating TAs) ARC straightwire, XDN and was a class four auditor and CS. My OCA’s were all redlined and my needle floated all the time. Life was good! I spent two days touring all the Missions in Connecticut with a mission holder I’d met. I was going to work for him for a while, then open my own missions in Mich. I wanted to bring Scientology to my family and friends. During this time the CO of FCDC, Greg Wilhere, was trying very hard to get me on staff. Sorry Greg. I was interning in the “ivory Tower’ as a CS when Sandy Wilhere (SO Rep) paid me nightly visits trying to get me to join the SO. How can you not love Sandy. She was persistent and found my buttons: ‘LRH needs your help. He’s setting up a hotel and needs you to help him.’ The help LRH button worked.

 I signed a billion year contract and left the next day for the FOLO in New York. This was Nov. 75. I was then flown to Clearwater where the Fort Harrison was just purchased. I was assigned to the renos crew and was again disappointed as there was no sign of LRH. I did renos for a while and became friends with Marcus Swanson. We then were assigned to the security force and I was made HAS. I worked for Wayne Marple (great guy). I was then assigned as a security guard at the Duneden complex. Finally! LRH was there. I was blown away but very nervous. Please Steve don’t mess this up. Well, I did.

 LRH was bigger than life. He went for a walk with a messenger about my second day on duty. The complex at Duneden was a long row of apartment buildings, mostly empty. The complex was at the very end. There was a two story building with apartments and garages where all the berthing and offices were and across from it was a one story building used for storage. Most of the other buildings were vacant. I was told to protect the complex. Well, when LRH went for his walk, I stayed around the complex. LRH walked with the messenger up to a recreation building, spent a little while, came back to the complex and looked a little upset. They went inside without as much as a nod.

Disappointed again.

 Then the messenger came out and told me LRH was upset that I didn’t follow him out to the rec building. That’s when I first met my wonderful friend Lois Jory. She was so nice and we became friends. From then on I followed LRH like a shadow. The next day when he came out for his walk he asked my name and was very friendly. Over the next few months I became a fixture around there. I met everyone. Great group of OTs. LRH always stopped to talk on his walks. Life was good again.

 I hadn’t completed my bridge purchase at FCDC and needed money. Someone told me to petition Mary Sue for a refund, I did and got my money within a week. I always loved Mary Sue. She was a special lady. I then asked for a couple weeks leave to go back to FCDC to pick up my mest left there. While at FCDC I saw some old friends and was asked if I had met LRH and I said yes I was a security guard for him. I was very proud of that. While there I saw some people I recognized but couldn’t place. Upon arrival back at Duneden I sure found out who they were.

 They were messengers Claire and David Rousseau, who apparently reported on me for out security. The G.O. assigned me to my first lower condition. I felt destroyed. But, I worked with the ethics officer and had my liability formula signed by all. LRH, Mary Sue, included. Wow! I didn’t know it at the time but I had gone back to FCDC just when LRH went to DC with Claire and David.

 I then got on LRHs good side. We were being surveiled by the the Saint Petersburg Times wanting a story about LRH . I was on duty one day when I saw a car pull up by one of the empty buildings. A man got out of the car, saw me and went into the courtyard of a building and started walking through toward our complex. I headed him off and told him he was trespassing. He said he was from the SP Times and wanted to interview LRH. He was a nice guy so I told him I sure would like to meet him too, but this is a United Churches property and I’m here to protect their privacy. I watched him like a hawk till he left, then reported the incident to the G.O. LRH loved the story and I got my first very well done. What a kick! LRH left soon after and I went on warehouse duty in Tampa.  Then came WHQ.

DM’s standard tech – The Fowler case

I’ve been kept abreast of a curious murder case being investigated in Denver. I had no intent of doing anything with it particularly. Until I’d received a number of emails and calls from  friends complaining of the lies they have been told about me – both verbally by DM-bots, and on any one of the number of sites OSA has set up about me. DM-bots have recently taken to forging comments on my blog in the names of my friends (Dan Koon and Tom Felts) attempting to paste up the tripe they post on their own unread blogs.  The lies are so legion – and NONE by any named SOURCE –  it would be tantamount to entering an unproductive quagmire trying to disprove all of the negatives.  But, I’ve chosen one that ought to  be addressed because it doesn’t limit the attack to me, but seeks to degrade my pc’s and friends.

DM-bots have put in writing that three of my pcs have since auditing with me broken up with their long-term 2Ds.  In fact, the story of the only person whom I have audited that subsequently broke up with her 2D  sheds some light on just how depraved DM’s lies can be.  The woman came to me because her husband expressed his intention to join the ranks of Scientology haters.  On the one hand, she had already decided she’d never support DM’s horror story, and on the other she was not about to go after Scientology and LRH. Thus she came to me.  If you ask her I think you will find that she considers I lended a hand in her valient struggle to walk the LRH Code of Honor walk despite every invitation to do otherwise.  I am proud of every person who has ever had the strength and courage to hold the cans across the table from me after eschewing DM’s increasingly fascist regime.  Incidentally, I have probably saved the C of M a half dozen lawsuits from people who have sought help from me in walking on rather than walking in to DM’s GPM nightmare. In any event, I don’t use security bonds nor suggest, let alone threaten, anyone to not talk freely about their experience with me. If I commit a real overt, there is nothing preventing the victim to yell  about it from the highest hill.

I make it no secret that I audit, or help through other means, anybody who reaches. Anyone. I don’t sec check them to find out whether they are worthy of help, or may one day become a liability to me. I’ve audited  at least four extensive previous psycho-therapy/psychologist cases, at least one suicidal individual, and even some walking in with  fears in their minds whether it was safe to pick up the cans in any circumstances so deep was their anguish about their previous extensive intensives with the C of M.  I never had anyone sign a waiver, disclaimer, nor pay a single red cent  for the privilege of going in session. I’ve handled every one exactly per the statement of how I operate on the Welcome page of this blog.

It is also no secret by now that I have gotten a number of people ont0 the OT levels whom DM’s RTC has harrassed off of them through endless sec checking, security handlings, ethics handlings, and outright blackmail and extortion for never ending “donations.”  For the most part I have found they were people who just would not buckle to the machine’s bent on making people pledge allegiance to the little tyrant before being “invited” to the levels or being allowed to continue.

So, back to the curious case in Denver. Take a look at this recent article in the Denver Post detailing what is known so far about one of those people DM’s RTC has not only embraced for the levels, but who was actively auditing  OT VII under DM-bot C/Ses,

 When I have stated in the past that DM’s Reverse Scientology machine is dedicated to making not only staff, but even public, in his image, I was not exaggerating or using hyperbole. Note the parallel between Mr. Fowler’s handling of his ex-employee and the way Tommy and DM handled Larry Anderson.  The guy needs to sign a gag order to get what is rightfully his?  And when he apparently objects, he is literally terminated?  Believe me, Mr. Fowler is not the only “OT” C of M public who has adopted DM’s ways in a big way.

Bottom line: My public are those who resist the DM implant. They are the ones who cannot get eligibility or who are constantly harrassed and stopped on their ways to OT. They are the ones DM’s RTC – who are  the ultimately adjudicators of who passses “go” and who goes to jail – find reprehensible. They are the rebels and artists.  Two of the three categories of beings LRH said were put on this beautiful prison planet.  The third category DM, you don’t have to worry about losing them.  They tend to steer clear of people like me,  I tend not to ask them to participate. Though, at the end of the day, if they did show up, I’d do everything in my power to help them. 

Larry Anderson (Mr. Orientation) blown off by DM’s Basics

The face of the Orientation film has left the Church

See the St Petersburg Times article detailing Larry Anderson’s parting from the Church,  Please note how DM’s Basics release created Larry’s departure.  Please also note how Davis conditioned the repayment of unused fees upon muzzling Larry (caught on audio tape – and provided on the SPT website) in gross violation of longstanding LRH policy.  While Larry is apparently not wanting to have anything to do with the subject these days, he made it clear to me that he is no enemy of ours.

The church of disaster capitalism?

On September 12th 2001 DM called several Int Execs to his LA office on the eleventh floor of the HGB.  He had them “working with” he and Dan Sherman on his now-infamous issue “Wake Up Call.”  For days he tortured the execs with his inimitable “conference” style. He gets a draft from Dan in his personal office down the hall from the conference room where the execs are confined. He takes his sweet time, maybe watching a ball game, the news, or playing with his stereo for a couple hours. He then storms into the conference room and tears into whichever exec whose facial expression doesn’t sit right with him. Real vulgar dress downs. Nobody dare orginate anything because anybody who does gets annihilated by DM. Then DM throws a half hour tantrum or two about how nobody originates anything. This goes on for days, until DM and Dan have DM’s issue.

During the entire cycle, the only concern expressed by Miscavige about 911 was how it would be exploited to the corporate church’s benefit. Not once, not one single time, did he express the slightest concern about the victims of the crime, their families, or even for what it meant for the security of the country. Pure single-minded greed.  He wanted first to position himself as the save-the-day-hero, second to milk the catastrophe for as much PR as possible, and third relished the “fact” that the Church always does well when conditions are bad in society.

I never thought I’d see the day when such self serving exploitation of the misery of others would hit a lower ebb. Well, DM has now proven me naive once again. I invite you all to read the letter below being sent to Scientology public around the world from the Pubs orgs.  Please also read the response that one alert and aware Scientologists wrote back to Bridge Publication Inc in reply to it. It is now not enough to merely exploit the downtrodden for PR, the misery of others must be converted into a quick buck (actually lots of bucks).

DM has now driven the church into the ranks of what author Naomi Klein calls  the Disaster Capitalists, probably the lowest order of suppressive person this world has so far produced. You can get a primer on what Disaster Capitalism is all about in Klein’s article in the Nation at this link:

If you are intrigued by the subject and want to learn more I highly recommend Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine.

If you get the book realize while reading that the Dr Ewen Cameron, whom Klein credits with developing the mind control torture techniques used by Disaster Capitalists, is the same Dr. Ewen Cameron who was one of the first monkeys with “credentials” to launch sustained attacks on LRH’s Dianetics as “nothing but bunk.”

Gee Dave, strange bedfellows.

But you don’t need an extensive study in history and politics to see what the Scientologist who received this letter saw; letter and response follow:

Hello _______!

As you know just several days ago there was a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti.

As a direct result of this catastrophe tens of thousands of people
have died and an entire nation has gone into total chaos.

The Church of Scientology has started to ship out dozens of Volunteer
Ministers to give aid to the tens of thousands that need it. Similar
to the situation when 911 hit the USA, we need to get as much
Scientology technology into the hands of the Haitian people.

As we steadily increase the number of VMs being sent, so must we also
increase the amount of Scientology tech into the hands of people.

Right now we (Bridge Publications Inc.) are requesting that every
single Scientologist lend a hand in this. We will be shipping
thousands upon thousands of Scientology Handbook booklets and other
various basic Scientology tools to the VMs on site. They in turn will
distribute these to the public on the ground while hatting them on
how to use the tech.

All donations for fully tax deductible.

I am asking you for a donation to this cause. The minimum donation
being asked is $500. Any one making a donation of $3,000 or more will
receive a very special commendation that will go directly into their
ethics file.

To make a donation, call directly to (323) 899-1034, or email me back
your information.

You can also make your $500 donation on-line here:

Thank you in advance for your support!

Patrick Howson
Mail Order Manager
Bridge Publications Inc.
(323) 888-1034

I hate to say it, but this feels like opportunism.  These people need
food, shelter and emergency supplies.  How are they going to read a
booklet if they are DEAD?  To take the money that could be helping
them to survive and siphon it off into books – well, I view it as
revolting.  I can’t just sit back and say nothing about this.  It’s
blatently unethical.  There is no “greatest good for the greatest
number of dynamics” being calculated here.  Maybe your stats will be
up for the next few weeks, but did that put food in a dying child’s
mouth or dress his wounds?  Please look at Albert Maslow’s famous
Hierarchy of Needs.  I don’t think giving out booklets would be at the
top of the list.

    1) Physiological: hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, etc.;

    2) Safety/security: out of danger;

    3) Belongingness and Love: affiliate with others, be accepted; and

    4) Esteem: to achieve, be competent, gain approval and recognition.

    5) Cognitive: to know, to understand, and explore;

    6) Aesthetic: symmetry, order, and beauty;

    7) Self-actualization <>: to
    find self-fulfillment and realize one’s potential; and

     8) Self-transcendence
    <>: to connect to
    something beyond the ego or to help others find self-fulfillment
    and realize their potential.
    Patrick – think about what you are doing and confront the ACTUAL
    situation that is going on here.  If you pulled over to a car
    accident and saw a dying person behind the wheel, would you hand
    him a “Cause of Suppression” booklet?  No, I didn’t think so.

What is an Independent?

A number of people have asked what distinguishes an Independent from other Scientologists who have left the corrupt institution but still find worth in LRH tech.   San Diego Independent Murray Pearlman just supplied the best answer I’ve seen yet.  The explanation contains no words.  Watch it all the way through, the Independent doesn’t come in till the last minute.  We also just  happened to receive this update from Chrissie Pearlman in a comment on this blog  “If anyone was wondering about Shane and I. We are together and doing alright. Still heavy attacks on me and our relationship but we are holding strong and happy together. =)”  Hurray for the Pearlmans! (and Sudden Sam too)

Instant Hat for an Independent Scientologist:

Tiziano Lugli breaks free


I REMEMBER by Tiziano Lugli

 I remember when Scientology was fun…when Scientologists were actually UP TONE!

When staff members were eager to get on their posts and produce the VFPs of their Hats, not to be turned into 24/7 All Hands Regging Particles.

I remember when CC Int used to be fun. When there were not cliques of celebs and big donors, not A-B-C-D lister. Where you would have a friendly environment where people where actual friends.

Chick mixing it up with Tiziano

 When Tom Davis was an upstat, uptone, funny and energetic guy, when he used to hang out with us, and even go to the movies…

Tommy with Tiziano back in the day

…with all the new upcoming talents, small and big celebs alike, and I remember when Kirstie used to be skinny too, back when we were friends.

Tiziano with Kirsti back in the day

I remember when you knew that when you’d get off your o/ws in session on FPRD they wouldn’t use them against you in case you leave in the future.

I remember when going to the Freewinds and Flag was a peaceful, relaxing and pure theta experience.

I remember when the Fort Harrison was NOT a 5 star Hotel with an alleged 5 star service, but was FULL all of the time, instead of empty as it is now.

Tiziano with mom Renata and dad Claudio at Flag

Tiziano with mom Renata and dad Claudio at Flag


I remember when you could talk freely about the tech with friends, questions you had, share your wins and rely on your friends for advice without getting into “ethics trouble”.

I remember when it was all about OT phenomena and Theta wins and not just mere lousy MEST and money wins.

I remember waking up and wanting nothing else but to go on course, having the excitement to KNOW the next part on the checksheet, where pure understanding and application was the only goal of our Supervisors, not just a machine to shove you through a course in record time to show how DM’s new line up is 10 times faster.

I remember when Scientology would actually raise your IQ and make you more able at challenging knowledge.  When it made Lions out of people, not scared and wounded sheep.


I remember when you used to finish a drill and be really happy about it knowing that you REALLY got it, instead of already feeling invalidated because you would have to re-do it 5 more times by the Golden Age of Tech new checksheet.

I would dare ANYONE even only after a week of passing the test, to tell me 20 Tone Levels and their respective arbitrary number that goes with it, or how about the thirteenth law of L&N, or how about ALL of the manifestations in order of the Misunderstood Word. I remember when full conceptual understanding was senior to verbatim patterns.

I remember when you could take some new friend who had newly found admiration for you and was interested in your wins, and you would tell them, “yeah, it’s Scientology” and they were able to come into the org, and meet upstat and uptone people, get greeted as Beings, not as Div Six particles. They were able to walk in and out freely, without the Div 6 Regs overwhelming them and making them into nothing, so that they could at least sell them something, and have a fake statistic to report to their seniors.

Tiziano with wife Jamie

I remember when Sea Org Members were there for the products they’d create, they were friendly…and when the stats were not the goal, they were simply a by-product of their good work.

When an SO member was not just another obstacle you try to pass at an event or at session/course break trying to reg you in every which way they could – buy this, the new books, the new lectures, come to the seminar where we’re gonna sell you something, there’s an IAS special briefing JUST for you, we gotta get you active on Human Rights, Criminon, Narconon, you gotta take a post in a mission – and when everything was said and done (and you were still broke) – do you qualify for the Sea Org?  I need you to come see a special slide show…

The Church of Scientology we once knew is DEAD.

What was once lost can be found again, and what was once great can be greater… and we surely do come back.

At the top there is the biggest traitor of the freedom it proclaims it instills and with nearly a billion dollars in the bank, the torch of the IAS is now and forever dead.

In this church of conformity the pretence of “we disagree” remains just a lousy sales pitch to make the few rebels for freedom enslave themselves to the degree that they NEVER agreed.

Never ‘play’ with your own integrity in the hope of some future freedom…it just never works out that way.
Be TRUE to yourself, in EVERY step of the way…whichever way that is.
You can’t scream to calm somebody down. You can’t fight a war for peace. You can’t hate to preserve love and you cannot enslave the people if you’re trying to free beings.
I was never a slave. 

Tiziano Lugli

Jamie’s address:

Tiziano and his wife Jamie Sorrentini are two charming, theta people. They are also intelligent and creative.  Since both of them received a heavy dose of Reverse Scientology in the C of M, they began to look for answers.  In retaliation for merely visiting with me they were subjected to an intensive and vicious campaign to cut all of their communication lines.  Being the resilient, insouciant beings they are, they are persevering quite beautifully. Stay tuned to for their full story which will be posted later today, it is a barn burner. I’ll post the link here when it is up.