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Golden Age of Reduced Extortion Demands

From day one of the Independence movement, the church has used massive freeloader bills against former staff considering opting for independence.  Some people played the game and were corralled back into the pen.  Other more principled folk refused to accept any bill, insisting they were not freeloaders as defined by LRH, or simply expressing no interest in paying for standing or status in a corrupt organization.

Apparently the latter category of more principled people have proven to be more numerous than the church initially counted upon. Accordingly, the church is now overtly admitting that they have been holding inflated and off-policy freeloader bills over former staff members for years.  According to a recent email from the church a freeloader debt reduction project is now a full time undertaking.  In DM’s signature “arbitraries removed” style, the church is promoting that it didn’t quite dig LRH on the subject for all theses years. Independents – who have for months been advising former staff not to accept inflated, off-policy bills – have evidently brought about the “Golden Age of Reduced Extortion Demands.”

The church’s email offer follows:

From: “Patty Sims” <pattysims@scientology.net>

Date: November 30, 2009 Nov 30 3:26:38 AM

To: pattysims@scientology.net

It’s christmas and I have good news for you.

You may have heard already about it on the grape vine but I wanted to brief you up in PT on what is going on here at Management as regards to ex-Sea Org members which is very exciting.

With the advent of the Golden Age of Knowledge and since the release of The Basics, we’ve been getting in comm directly with the whole Scientology field to make sure everyone knew of the greatest recovery of lost Tech which took place and which is now changing people’s lives, right, left and center and has doubled the speed of
progress of Scientologist up the Bridge.

By doing so, we found that there were too many ex-SO in the field who were in need of assistance in getting back on lines and had been bugged on doing so.  I’m talking of a lot of people who have worked in the Sea Org and who did contribute to the expansion of Scientology in various ways and who for all sorts of reasons had not resolved their freeloader bill and had not returned to the bridge. Well this is the end of that. I first want to acknowledge you as one of those people who did come on board and did work towards the goals that LRH set out for us to achieve and making this universe a safe space for the Forth Dynamic Engram to be audited out and I want you to know that we’ve made a major breakthrough in resolving this matter.

We did a whole review of the situation and gathered newly all LRH references on the subject of ex-SO members and found the arbitraries which had grown over the years and which are now being removed.  Since then we have been executing a pilot program to review every individual’s billing and the original reasons for departure from the organization. As a result we have been able to assist hundreds of ex-SO in seriously reducing their original billing, thus handling their debts fully and getting them on-Source and on the study of the Basics and back on lines and moving up the Bridge.  THAT IS THE END PRODUCT OF OUR PROJECT HERE. Each person’s situation, contributions, longevity and services received, looked at individually and resolved.

There is quite some work that is put into this sort out for each person and I have just so much time in the day (and I’m getting through my own Basics and going in session too, you know).  I will help anyone who is willing to put some time and effort into getting their cycles sorted out. I will expect that once the sort out is done, then the cycle gets completed. I mean getting the greatly reduced bill paid off and getting one’s own full Basics books and lecture package to have one’s own KSW #1 fully in and to be well on your way to get any needed amends done (which includes helping others to get back on the Bridge with their Basics, too), completing your conditions and MOVING AGAIN ON THE BRIDGE. I’ve gotten a lot of people on the Basics courses and listening to their LRH Congress lectures since this whole program started and I really want this for everyone.

So it’s Christmas and I wanted all of you to know about this handling and I invite you to pass on the good news to others you know and  to write me back if you’re interested in getting your bill and situation reviewed and terminatedly handled.

Merry Christmas to all.

ML, Patty

Anyone who believes the church was prompted in this direction by the spirit of Christmas, or having only found out through the “advent of the Golden Age of Knowledge” is deluding himself.  Independents know only too well how this promotion follows on the heels of many a negotiated deal to steer former SO members back into the pen.

In either event, I recommend that anyone who has any doubt about ever returning to the church go ahead and make a deal. Negotiate as best you can and get the reduced figure put in writing. Whether you pay it or not is another matter entirely. But, at least you will not have a financial gun to your head during the process of sorting out where you are ultimately headed.  If the church attempts to add conditions, like turning on your friends, then you are going to have to make an ethical decision. Since Ethics is purely a personal matter, you should think long and hard about the effects that might have on your own spiritual well-being.

In the meantime, all you Independents who have been there helping out people in doubt, take a win and a bow.  You of all people should know that the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars saved by a lot of hard-working folks was a result of your selfless efforts to help.