Daily Archives: April 8, 2010


I’ve been around the great state of Arizona this week. I have had the privilege of meeting and auditing a number of very high quality folk from the mountains to the desert. 

I was hosted by none other than the Cowboy Poet. It turns out he really is a cowboy, in addition to alot of other interesting things. Dean Thomas is an OT and man’s man (definition: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Man’s+man). He has done a lot of good things for Scientology over the years in his own intelligent and big think ways. Not the flash-in-the-pan antics that garner phony IAS videos and trinkets.  It is a godsend to have Dean on our team.

Chillin' with the Cowboy Poet

Dean took me staight to LRH’s historic 1952-1954 home by Camel Back Mountain.  He arranged for the CMO PAC LRH PPRO tour guide to give me a personal tour.  It was a wonderful experience to occupy the space where LRH first worked with exteriorization processes among many other tech milestones.

LRH's Phoenix home

Meanwhile back in Texas, DM repeated his pattern of stepping up harassment directly upon Mosey exclusively when I am out of town.  In addition to anonymous hang up phone calls, she received an anonymous email beseaching her to seperate from me. The email cited a number of suppressive traits quotes from LRH writings. Fortunately Mosey is so well versed in LRH that she immediately recognized the entire thing as a description of DM and a study in the criminal mind. Here is the real kicker. The email contained clues which Mosey and I pieced together to identify yet another spy DM has attempted to send in on our lives.  DM’s cowardice and stupidity are bccoming more evident by the day, which is a great inverse-ratio indicator of just how effective we have been of late.

With Dean riding shotgun independence is secure in Arizona; and will soon likely be throughout the southwest in my estimation. Dean will be weighing in here shortly with his view of things.