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Free Heber

The Heber we knew!

I know that I speak for a lot of similarly minded folk when I say that Heber Jentzsch is one of the most special  people I have met and worked with.  Mike Rinder feels the same way. Mike has written an article describing what became of Heber at the hands of Miscavige. I was witness to much of the pre-hole history he recounts. I was gone by the time Heber was jailed by Miscavige and Mike recounts that sad history. For those who knew Heber this will hurt. Sometimes, truth does hurt. But, at the end of the day, it is truth that will set us free. This particular bit of truth has motivated me to dedicate a portion of every day from here on out to freeing Heber until that is accomplished.  If some internal personnel with a conscience comes across this, please communicate to Heber that my house is his – we’ve got a room for him on the water, in a place where he can sing to his heart’s content and reconnect to the thousands who love him.


 by Mike Rinder

After watching the AC 360 series many have wondered: “Where is Heber?”  His absence  was magnified by who Miscavige did send forth as cannon fodder to respond to his crimes:  four obviously rehearsed ex-wives who made fools of themselves by repeating lines given to them by Miscavige and received unanimous derision on the AC 360 blog;  “Teflon” Tommy Davis who has been caught in more lies than Baghdad Bob and looks more and more like (dare I say this, after he made such a big point about me selling cars for a living) a sleazy used car salesman;  and a bored, disinterested looking NON Scientologist tax attorney there to field the “tough” questions about Scientology tech and policy that Tommy couldn’t handle.  As everyone knows,  Heber is far more accomplished, competent and likeable than any of Miscavige’s new puppets.

So, where is Heber? Why isn’t he out there representing the C of M?

The answer is simple:  Miscavige hates Heber.  He has said many times that Heber portrays the wrong image of “his” Church.  Heber is too old (but not too old to send to the Hole….).  Heber doesn’t feel the need to dress like a window mannequin for Barney’s.   Heber is “stupid”.  And Heber knows too much.  Unlike Teflon Tommy,  who was never at Int, Heber has not only witnessed Miscavige brand physical and mental abuse ™, he has experienced it firsthand.  Miscavige cannot afford to put Heber front and center because he might just tell the truth.  And I know how that goes – me having to lie to the BBC about Miscavige beating people was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I walked out while in London.   (So much for me being removed from all positions of authority and kicked out by Miscavige when he found out all the terrible things I had done – I was the International Spokesperson for the Church and on the Board of CSI when I blew.  It is true, I didn’t have a post – but then again NOBODY in management did, and it appears to be that way still as Guillaume Lesevre was presented at the “Barnum and Bailey” March 13th spectacle  as “from International Management”  rather than “ED International” because he hasn’t been on post for at least 5 years!).

Heber bore the brunt of much of Miscavige’s ire over the years.  I have seen Miscavige strike Heber on at least 10 occasions.  Miscavige had dolls made in the likeness of Heber (and me).  These were very elaborate reproductions that looked like ventriloquists dolls.  Miscavige would make Heber sit with the doll on his lap and Miscavige would address himself to the doll instead of talking to Heber directly.  This was to demonstrate the “fact” that Miscavige thought Heber “wooden” and “unresponsive.”  (Anyone who knows Heber can attest to how ridiculous this is).  It is all part of Miscavige’s Joking & Degrading and constant denigration of people around him, especially those he considered were some form of threat (and Heber’s popularity with staff and public was a very real threat in Miscavige’s eyes).

The dolls were even flown to the UK for the IAS event where Heber endured endless cruel bullbaiting at the hands of Miscavige.  I only saw Heber snap once, when after hours of Miscavige brand taunting and belittling ™, Miscavige squirted Heber’s face and glasses with contact lense fluid and then blew powdered coffee creamer into his face. This is the level of behavior of the so called “leader” of Scientology.  

But that wasn’t all that happened at IAS event time.  Heber, along with myself and Guillaume Lesevre were assigned to MEST work.   It was surreal, donning a tuxedo to do an international event and then a boilersuit to do MEST work in the woods next to the Saint Hill Manor lake.  And then being thrown fully clothed in the lake (in November).  Miscavige then decided it wasn’t good enough to be “hidden” by the lake and moving us to do MEST work next to the Stables where all Saint Hill staff walked to eat their meals.  It was there that Heber slipped on a log, fell and quite badly injured himself.  Of course, Miscavige blamed that on Heber’s “out ethics”.  (And just a final note on the UK, not really on topic – Guillaume Lesevre and I were assigned to clean the toilets and sweep the halls in AOSHUK , watched over by Security Guards – plenty of public witnessed this).  

Heber is banned by Miscavige from making any public appearances and isn’t allowed  to be in Int events any longer.   So, he has become a “non-person” and is kept out of sight at the Int base.

Heber was the first person from outside the Int base to be sentenced to the Hole.  He was there when I left in March 2007, and for all I know, is still there. I do know NOBODY has heard from him for years.  And while he was in the Hole, regardless of his years of service and his progressing age, he was treated like everyone else:  living in the CMO Int trailer along with 100 others, sleeping on the floor, eating standing up in an office with no tables and chairs and only leaving for 20 minutes once a day for a communal shower in the garage  (unless DM was around, in which case some days there were no showers as nobody wanted to risk DM seeing the SPs in the Hole being frog-marched by security to the garage because it would “enturbulate”  him – though he demanded daily reports to keep track of “juicy” admissions coerced out of people).   Heber was stood in front of the 100 people and “forced” to confess (an activity which I am ashamed to say I took part in) and then derided about his Mormon upbringing and his relationships with other religious leaders (he was labeled a squirrel).  Heber never complained though he was the most senior person in the Hole and the living conditions took a greater toll on him than anyone.

And like everyone else, he was not allowed to communicate with anyone outside the Hole at all.  Not even his own family.  And that for Heber was perhaps the hardest thing to endure.  Anyone who knows Heber knows above all else his high communication level and how many friends he has made over many years.  He is loved by so many because it is impossible to know him and not see the goodness in his heart and his real concern for the well-being of others.  I believe the cutting of his comm lines was the greatest penalty Miscavige could impose on him.

And I must also note that while virtually every prominent executive left in Scientology has put their name on perjured declarations saying that all that has been exposed about Miscavige’s reign of terror ™ is lies, there has been no word from Heber.  When you stoop to the bottom of the rotten barrel to trot out ex-wives to respond to allegations of mental and physical abuse by Miscavige, isn’t it odd that the person with perhaps the most credibility with Scientologists and with the media ISNT heard from?

So, why is he still there?  Well, read the excellent blog by “Back to Life” recently posted on Scientology-cult which incisively explains the circumstances and mindset that keeps good people chained inside a bad scene. And beyond that, Heber is getting extra-special attention.  Because of his popularity and credibility, he has to be kept out of sight.  Imagine the nightmare for Miscavige if Heber was ever freed and able to speak his mind? 

That is why you don’t see Heber. 

And yes, something DOES need to be done about it.  He is 76 years old, has served LRH and Scientology with distinction and dedication for many decades and in the winter of his body’s life should be living a peaceful existence, pursuing activities that give him pleasure.

So, if you have an opportunity, ask Scientologists, the media, law enforcement or anyone else who may have an interest:  “Where is Heber Jentzsch, the President CSI?”


Jesus Christ and the Resurrection

On Easter Sunday Christians acknowledge the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

While I am not a Christian, I drew quite a bit of inspiration from reading historical accounts of the life of Jesus. I also regained faith in humanity by witnessing  seflless acts of kindness and care by stangers during my darkest days of groping through the valley of the shadow of death. They were what I consider real Christians, mostly common folk who to some degree or another tried to emulate the example of Christ.  In honor of Jesus the man, I want to share some passages from one  historical text I read, Will Durant’s The Story of Civilization, Part III, Caeser and Christ:

He taught with the simplicity required by his audiences, with interesting stories that insinuated his lessons into the understanding, with pungent aphorisms rather than with reasoned argument, and with similes and metaphors as brilliant as any in literature.  The parable form that he used was customary in the East, and some of his fetching analogies had come down to him, perhaps unconsciously, from the prophets, the psalmists, and the rabbis; nevertheless, the directness of his speech, the vivid colors of his imagery, the warm sincerity of his nature lifted his utterances to the most inspired poetry. Some of his sayings are obscure, some seem at first sight unjust, some are sharp with sarcasm and bitterness; nearly all of them are models of brevity, clarity, and force…

…What did he mean by the Kingdom?  A supernatural heaven?  Apparently not, for the apostles and the early Christians unanimously expected an earthly kingdom. This was the Jewish tradition that Christ inherited; and he taught his followers to pray to the Father, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Only after that hope had faded did the Gospel of John make Jesus say, “My Kingdom is not of this world.”  Did he mean a spiritual condition, or a material utopia? At times he spoke of the Kingdom as a state of soul reached by the pure and sinless – “the Kingdom of God is within you”…

…Christ obviously scorned the man whose chief purpose in life is to amass money and luxuries. He promised hunger and woe to the rich and filled, and comforted the poor with Beatitudes that pledged them the Kingdom…

…The revolution he sought was a far deeper one, without which reforms could only be superficial and transitory. If he could cleanse the human heart of selfish desire, cruelty, and lust, utopia would come of itself, and all those institutions that rise out of human greed and violence, and the consequent need for law, would disappear. Since this would be the profoundest of all revolutions, beside which all others would be mere coups d’etat of class ousting class and exploiting in its turn, Christ was in this spiritual sense the greatest revolutionary in history…

…It was an ethic limited in purpose but universal in its scope, for it applied the conception of brotherhood and the Golden Rule to foreigners and enemies as well as neighbors and friends. It visioned a time when men would worship God not in temples but ‘in spirit and truth’ in every deed rather than in passing words…

…He brought religion back from ritual to righteousness and condemned conspicuous prayers, showy charities, and ornate funerals…

Whether or not you believe in his sanctity, or even in his existence, the lessons of Jesus as researched and written by Durant certainly seem applicable to the world and situation we face today.

This Easter happens to fall on the anniversary date of the Resurrection of another man we’ve regularly acknowledged on this blog, Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King.

I’d like to acknowledge Easter Sunday/Resurrection Day with Rev King’s favorite Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, encouraging us to do what all teachers and seekers of spiritual betterment preach: