Daily Archives: April 16, 2010

Clearwater retrospection

I just returned home after six days in Clearwater area.  The most glaring fact I observed was that DM is sparing no expense to put a lid on my best, good buddy Michael John Rinder.  I estimate, conservatively, that they are spending on the order of five thousand dollars a day solely on surveillance of Mike.  We had several cars on us at all times during daily trips throughout Pinellas county.  If it weren’t so potentially hazardous to innocent bystanders, it would be funny. They had a number of late model, tinted-window vehicles running stop signs, running red lights, crossing center islands, running the wrong way on one-way streets, and even had a guy going sixty miles an hour on top of the center island on U.S. 19 for some distance in pursuit.  They have infiltrated our cell phone carrier system to track us electronically.  We let them be in hopes of preserving some of the parishioners’  hard earned donations,  protecting the well-being of innocents, and throwing some interesting red herrings his way. Still, DM is so demanding of our every move his PI corps are putting the lives of Pinellas county citizens at risk each day.  With the amount of in-your-face tailing Mike is receiving, it is wonder to me that he remains so cool.

The Iceman

I, on the other hand, have received some emails from friends suggesting I cool my jets for a bit. After watching the video of our Wednesday Fort Harrison video, they suggested I take a long weekend.  I wasn’t in the best of moods.  The night before DM, in his inimitable style, while he knew I was far away in Clearwater, sent a couple goons to pay a visit to Mosey at our home in Texas.  Despite being alone she was quite a bit more dignified, composed and friendly than the Fort Harrison welcoming crew we met.

DM’s Texas mission again was fixated on finding out my “prices” for service.  Seems DM just can’t accept the reality that not everyone is a money-motivated, greed-driven power addict like himself.  Please get this through your thick head:  I don’t need a lot of money because, unlike you, I don’t want to control, surveil, oppress and suppress people.  In the meantime, I’m taking my friends’ advice.

Chillin' at the Shack