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Carol Kramer

Carol Kramer is our first End of Endless OT VII completion.

She is an incredible being.  Artistic, yet unbreakable; theta, yet unyielding.

My blood brother Jason Beghe has my eternal admiration for questioning GAT from the get go, and never compromising his reality despite endless ethics, sec checking and eval and inval to get him to introvert and bend. Similarly, Carol drew the line on GAT for OTs and endured twelve years in the wilderness cut off from most friends she made during her adult life.  Yet, when she welcomed me into her Arizona highlands home she was as bright as a lighthouse on alert. No rancor, no motivating, no self-invalididation. Just pure ARCU.

As I returned home flying over the Western Texas flat lands, contemplating the wood we chopped together these words came to mind: the way out is the way up.

Carol and her Rock of Gibraltar David

Hello to all. I am truly not the type of person who tends to talk about herself. I post as “NCT,” short for Navajo Code Talker – a name a very dear friend gave to me. My name is Carol Kramer. I am OT VII, Class IV, OEC, KTL and LOC trained. Most of my training was done in the Bay Area. I left there 6 years ago just to clear my head.

I was originally attracted to the tech in order to truly help people. I spent years on tour for Flag helping enlighten others on the L’s, which for me were truly fantastic. I experienced wonderful auditors and wonderful gains.

I spent years touring with some dedicated SO Members, and headed up a Flag office in the Bay Area. I truly had some great times and met some special people. I held the post of ED at the Baton Rouge Mission when the Mission Holder would go to the FSO or ship for services. I worked for the San Diego and Miami orgs and for field groups. I even did PR for the Church in Washington, DC.

Things changed for me when the GAT came out. I said to myself, “This is truly arbitrary.” Then to hear DM make the statement that the Why had been “the blind leading the blind,” my thought was, “The only blind person here is DM.” Anything I wrote up at the time went unhandled; never a response. I waited and watched. Then I observed changes that were not the sort of thing I got in for. I saw auditors and pcs go into a very dark place. The worst memory of all was seeing my beloved Class XII auditor, Claire Reppen, die. 

I knew this GAT business would not work for me. I remember thinking at the time that GAT was really just a marketing ploy: make a few non-LRH changes, repackage it, call it something new (GAT) and charge for it all over again. Hoping I was wrong about this, in 1998 I decided to try the Solo NOTs Certainty Course. To my horror, what I saw was that LRH’s tech had been thrown out and DM’s squirrel tech ushered in. If that weren’t bad enough, I saw people – from RTC staff all the way down to public – marching in lockstep to this “new brand” of Scientology. I finished the course, but did not go on to do any of the auditing. I quietly made my exit, and once again watched and waited.

Now I come to the level of Solo NOTs itself. Here is what I have observed – what is true for me:  Achieving the results of any auditing level or rundown takes what it takes. Since the arrival of GAT, I have observed a very long runway for those on Solo NOTs. No one has ever produced any LRH reference that states it takes ______ hours to complete the level. According to DM, the level took LRH 1000 hours to complete. Okay, well hey – it may have taken Ron 1000 hours of research and auditing to get through, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to take that long. After all – he was blazing the trail, and we’re using the end result of all his research work! Imagine being told you aren’t Clear because you didn’t audit as many hours of Dianetics as LRH did while trailblazing and refining it over twenty years and then being made to carry on with intensives of NED. I can only go with the datum LRH insisted on: What is true for you is what is true for you – not what someone else tells you is true. People are being run on this never-ending rundown for one purpose: money. This is not the LRH tech I signed up for. For all of you out there who feel stuck on the level, I say be true to yourselves. There is so much of life out here to experience. When the right indication is made, you will see the difference. Your world will open up. You will come to life and live beyond what you could ever imagine while stuck in this cycle.

Hooking up with this group – independent Scientologists – has been an awesome experience for me. I am me again. Marty Rathbun is such a being of character. Seeing his granting of beingness, knowledge of the tech, and genuine caring about mankind completes the true cycle for me.

I truly know that for me not to announce who I am and what I stand for would not be freedom. I’ve realized I couldn’t ever be free without standing up for what I know freedom truly means. Marty, I cannot thank you enough. You are welcome here anytime. What you offer is true Scientology.


Carol    kramerc@cableone.net