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Miscavige Meltdown and Tommy Two Tone

Tommy Two Tone knows only two tones and the gradations between them; 1.o and 2.0 (all within the lying band).  As such he will likely go all the way to the bunker with Little Adolf.  http://www.tampabay.com/news/article1090888.ece


by Mike Rinder  There have been many comments in response to my original posting, including a great deal of support and many good wishes from friends too numerous to count.  I wish to thank you all.  It would have been literally impossible to respond to each person individually.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office completed their report about the incident last Friday and it contains some interesting information.  Cathy Neal/Rubio/Rinder/Bernardini told the sheriffs that it was all just a big coincidence.  Apparently she just happened to be driving around Clearwater with her friends (my brother from Australia, daughter, her and Sue Wilhere from Los Angeles) and in a stroke of pure coincidence saw me and decided they wanted to make the point to me that I should be communicating to my family.  Strange though that she omitted to mention that Jenny Linson, Guillaume Lesevre, David Bloomberg and two PIs were also present?  Or that the doctor’s office is in a secluded glade and can’t be seen from the road and is at least 10 miles away from the closest Scientology facility. There was also no mention of the fact that my brother had said after the melee that he had seen me the day before? Another coincidence?   Also strange that she claimed to be upset about me not communicating to my family when she was screaming at me to “leave Benjamin (my son) alone” (because I had gone to the Fort Harrison the week before to attempt to see him). Also strange that she was the one who wrote to me on 4 July 2007 when I had communicated to the Church that I wanted to see her, responding “Fuck You” and that the divorce papers would be forthcoming (they were and she was the petitioner, with Jeanne Gavigan In House OSA attorney filing the divorce).

No doubt, there will be more spin control attempted on this matter as the St Pete Times are writing a story following the release of the Sheriff’s report.  Of course, the Church will have to come up with some sort of justification for the insanity.  Based on what is in the sheriff’s report, their response is predictable: claim that I caused the graze on Cathy’s arm (the sheriffs took reports from everyone and concluded that her injury came about as a result of “incidental contact”), that I broke my brother’s finger (being the crazed lunatic that I am, out searching the streets for my family members so I can corner them 7 on 1 and launch an attack) and that this was all just a “family matter” (with Jenny Linson leading the charge accompanied by 3 other non-family SO members from International Management there?).  DM only has one response:  never defend, always attack even when the facts are plainly contrary.  

It is a foregone conclusion that they are going to shoot themselves in the groin yet again as whatever they say is going to be reported by the SP Times, even if it isn’t believable.  But that will leave the door wide open for the BBC to prove them liars once again. DM cannot see beyond today.

If the real purpose was to talk to me, it really would have been so simple for my brother to just call me – as he wanted to do but didn’t have “permission.”  Or my daughter.  If they honestly wanted communication,  why send nasty letters from the IJC address telling me that I am the worst kind of SP, have no concept of Scientology, make no case gain and various other nasty things obviously written at the prompting of others. And coincidentally (there are a lot of coincidences?) the first series of letters arrived after Monique Yingling’s failed attempt to silence me in Denver where I told her that communicating with my family was EXTREMELY important to me, but I would not let it be used as a method of control over me.  No doubt DM saw this as a “weakness” and has been trying to exploit it ever since.  The second round came right after the BBC interview (which was filmed by Church PIs) where I expressed the same sentiment.  Perhaps I should give those letters to the media and let the world decide whether the C of M really has any concern for the unity and well-being of my family.  I haven’t done so up to now because I don’t think my family acted on their own but are trying to protect their lives and families by toeing the DM party line as they know the consequences of not doing so. The unmitigated hatred that is displayed in those letters is not the brother, sister, mother, daughter or even ex wife I know.  It’s sad to see people who I know to be kind, decent and caring lose all humanity. 

But this shall all come to pass.  DM cannot continue to run an empire based on lies and operating through fear.  The more drastic the responses, the closer it is to the end.  A cornered rat becomes most insane and lashes out the hardest when the coup de grace is about to be delivered.