Daily Archives: April 23, 2010

Tonight’s report

The report you will read tonight is living proof of the validity of a very real concern that I expressed a year ago. It was the primary reason I granted an interview with the SP Times. They did not print my reason, perhaps concerned it was too inflammatory. I told CNN too; and they too were apparently afraid to run it. Fact of the matter is, I only gave the interviews at thoses times because I had learned to what depths DM’s house of horrors had slid since I had left. After speaking to Tom Devocht, Mike Rinder and other (whose names must still be protected) about what occured at Int after I had left, I was gravely concerned lives might be in danger. I told the Times and CNN, and I’ll tell you right now, I spoke in the hopes of preventing what I was concerned might deteriorate into a Jonestown situation. I predicted that, left to his own devices, DM could very well become homicidal (in fact already was, but it might grow to overcome any restraint he was able to muster from fully dramatizing it). I doubted that he would have the common decency to do himself in to protect others; but instead would go down in a hail of bullets in response to his own hail murdering as many “treasonous bastards” as he could take down.  In my view tonight’s report confirms my concerns.  Think about the Wild Animal Reaction Of The Missed Withhold. That is understandable, particularly when one knows – as I do and he does – what we are bringing to light over the next several months. Now, consider that DM planned out today’s events, with lengthy and meticulous briefings for days in advance.  Think about the mind that would so act . I’ve studied Koresh and Jones. They were Boy Scouts compared to Miscavige at similar stages in their careers.

Keep On Keeping On

Whatever all you all are doing in the Independent field, keep it up.  DM’s tone arm is rock slamming. Details tonight.