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Cruise Missile or Scud?

For those of us who assumed Cruise was wisely distancing himself from Miscavige, I’ve got news.  DM is still deploying Tom’s lawyer Bert Fields as an attack dog.  After his failed attempts to shut me up Fields is now trying to shudder Amy Scobee into silence.  I have included a link to a letter recently sent from the august Mr. Fields directly to Amy.  TC 4.6.10 L-Amy Scobee

Now, I have some unsolicited advice for Fields (and by extension his nominal client Tom and his de facto client Dave):

Re drugs. Amy simply recounted a conversation wherein DM’s wife and Assistant Shelly Miscavige  told Amy that Tom was “so gung-ho” that he wanted to join the Sea Org but he didn’t qualify because of his previous drug history. Bert, you “doubt” Shelly ever said that? Then why not talk to the wife of your client’s best friend and find out? She is at the CST Mile High property near Lake Arrowhead California. She has been under constant surveillance by my former wife whom DM has turned in to a prison guard. But, I am sure Tom’s pal DM can get you brief visitation.

Re Break up with Nicole.  Amy doesn’t cover it in her book because  she did not have any first hand information about the circumstances of their break up.

Re Tom’s money being lost by Scientologists.  Amy covers her first-hand experience with Alan Hollander. He was sent to Amy to get him to join the Sea Org (even though he had huge pressing debts). DM had Alan immediately put in the bilges on the ship for punishment – for what reason, Amy did not know at that time. When Alan served his sentence and resurfaced, he told Amy he had been assigned to hard labor because he messed up on some investment for TC. She then was ordered to post him in CC Int. She complied, but he had to leave the Sea Org shortly thereafter because his debts were so bad and were not getting handled.  Bert, first check your facts with Hollander and your client. Then what you need to do is apply some “varying of the question” and ask DM about the Feshbachs. DM got Tom to invest a bundle with them as he had also done personally. The F brothers were making DM so much money personally from their short selling DM wanted to impress Tom with the caliber of his brand of OTs.  The Feschbachs lost  Tom’s and DM’s (new) investment money. In order to stay in with the in-crowd (perhaps so that their progeny might one day pimp for DM) they put their own money up to cover both Tom’s and DM’s losses.  It seems the more DM tries to muscle people, the more he refreshes my memory.

Re church paid staff working for Cruise. Amy did a project to hire Scientologists for TC’s household.  Amy went to Tom’s house and Jenny Gaynor (LRH Household Unit staff member) was there working for TC at the direction of Miscavige. Gaynor told Amy that Amy was replacing her on all the functions she was performing for Tom… (executive housekeeper, maid, cook).  Again Bert, why don’t you ask Jenny whether that is true, or DM, or Shelly, or perhaps even your nominal client?

It would appear to me that all you have accomplished for your client over the past year is to write letters that position Tom as being as  paranoid and aggressive as the cult leader he apparently follows.

Bert, I have some more fundamental advice for you.  You damage your client’s reputation more each day by aggressively pursuing DM’s agenda to bury TRUTH than by any TRUTH that Amy, or anyone else for that matter, might impart. 

As Mr Hubbard put it: truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails.

PS: Don’t bother bitching to Amy about this post. She simply forwarded the letter for informal advice, since I had dealt with you qua DM’s lawyer in the past. I decided to post this on my own initiative, because I find your cover up tactics (particularly after being put on notice so thoroughly by me) are deplorable.