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Marc Yager and the IAS

Back in the eighties Marc Yager, as WDC Chairman and Inspector General for Admin in RTC, had an additional hat of running the IAS.  Once some serious bread began to be made under the guidance of President IASA Janet Light, DM took it over from Yager with force. I well remember DM browbeating and severely invalidating Yager as being “incompetent” and “incapable” of making money, “even though you are a fucking Jew”, he said.  And Miscavige continued to do that by pointing to HIS then-running of the IAS vs Yager’s running of management – while the former was cross ordering and bankrupting the latter.

By 96 DM had decided that Yager was his why and who.  The entire base was briefed on what a criminal Yager was and how he had intentions to harm DM dating back to his earliest days of the SO.  The briefing was one bizarre, paranoid exaggeration after another. I know. I was Yager’s sec checker.  What I reported bore no resemblance to what DM announced. Please see Gary “Jackson” Morehead’s videos on the website wherein he talks about how Yager was treated by DM during his subsequent captivity in a self-made hut in a remote corner of the property. Regular beatings. Some severe.

I wound up getting Marc through a lot of FPRD, and kept tabs on him through his RPF program.  By the time Marc graduated, DM had killed off three CO CMO/WDC Chairmans. Despite Marc’s stated wish to stay off management lines (and clearly stay away from DM), DM grabbed Marc and put him right back into the frying pan as CO CMO/WDC Chairman.

It was not long before Yager was the recipient of regular beatings, and constant invalidation and hazing in front of all WDC members, all CMO INT, and Exec strata.  Recently, someone reminded me how it was that Yager had once again fallen out of grace so rapidly.

When Marc was fresh and clean off the RPF, he did an evaluation (perhaps the last one ever issued from Int) on international stats. He found as a why that IAS had severed orgs’ lines to their own publics, scavenging every last dollar the public had before they could be asked to donate for services. He noted that IAS was cross ordering management right down to org level.  Somehow, he got the eval out and into implementation – for perhaps a month or two. Several orgs reported “hallelujah!” and many orgs had their stats begin to rebound.

That was until Miscavige heard about it. Yager was severely rebuked in front of all of Int, his eval was cancelled, shortly after NO evals were allowed to be issued by Int (which is in effect to this day). Marc was treated like dirt by DM from that day forward.

So, I apologize to Marc Yager. I have called him a mouse with no spine on this blog. I take it back. Marc is an intelligent, caring guy. I did witness him being  turned into a mouse effectively by DM. However, he had something on the ball and he cared at one time.  I think with a few months of decompression down in these parts he could be rehabilitated into a very productive citizen one day.  Hell, with what he has been subjected to, he’s got a full year’s fishing and lodging pass waiting at the Shack.

Seattle Independents

Marie-Joe & Tony DePhillips with Marta

Tony and Marie-Joe DePhillips ARE two very dedicated Scientologists. I have included their declaration of Independence, and two write ups telling the story of each of them. I have also included two links at the end of the write ups.  I think this material should be read in full by anyone wanting to know how the church of Scientology currently treats quests for the truth even by some of its most steadfast supporters. Thank you Marie-Joe and Tony for holding your positions in space and for standing up and speaking out.

Declaration of Independence
Tony & Marie-Joe DePhillips
a.k.a. “Alex Metheny” & “Freetothink”


We have always loved the writings of L Ron Hubbard. One of my favorite LRH statements is from the lecture Differences Between Scientology & Other Philosophies: “ If it is true for you, it’s true. And if it’s not true for you, it still isn’t true. Not even if Ron told you is it true. It’s just not true, that’s all.“ ~ LRH

In addition to this as a foundation, the ARC triangle, the granting of beingness, the code of honor and not needing a license to survive, are just a few of the building blocks we’ve used to improve our lives. We have had many great wins in Scientology and know many well intentioned staff and public Scientologists.

How we got here:

Our personal story of shock, disbelief and declare will be added as an attachment for those who are interested. You will be able to see how we went from among the top opinion leaders and contributors in our area to SPs, in just a few months.

After reading The Truth Rundown and Geir Isene’s Doubt formula we were deeply troubled about what was going on in the church. These stories were believable to us because they aligned with many of our own observations and experiences. After trying to communicate about the things that were troubling us in the church, we started to get attacked as ourselves being the problem – for speaking out with any disagreement or questioning. It became very apparent that we did not have the right to say what we were observing in regards to our own church or its management. It also became very clear that we did not have the right to associate with people who the church had deemed were “BAD”. Evidently, we were supposed to give up the right to decide who we would or wouldn’t associate with. To us, these are fundamental rights of an American, fought and died for by many!

I have never been good at being bossed around. Some might think it’s a “button” (problem or character blemish) that I haven’t dealt with yet but, on the other hand, maybe it’s an ability that’s helped me retain my self-determinism and freedom of thought. We quickly realized that we had been PTS to the Church for many years, and applied handle or disconnect. When each attempt to handle was met with bigger and stronger messages to cease, desist, and “get handled” (including a Non-Enturbulation Order and ethics interviews), we decided to disconnect by officially resigning from the Church. Our resignation letter to the church pretty much sums it up:

IJC 13 January 2010
Seattle Org Day and Fdn HCO
Tony and Marie-Joe DePhillips
This is a letter to let you know that we have decided to resign from the Church of Scientology.
We have given this decision a lot of thought.

We have both been in Scientology for over twenty years. We have contributed about xxxK to the Ideal Org and over xxK to the IAS. We have spent in the neighborhood of xxxK on services from the Church and donated a decent amount of time participating as volunteers.

We have had some great wins.

Over the last few years however we have noticed more and more things that we do not like about how the church operates. Heavy ethics, make wrong, heavy regging etc. We have made attempts at correcting these things with reports with no result.

We have seen and heard of too many abuses, human rights violations, misuse of resources [people, money,…], and worst of all, too many LRH policies being violated. We can’t, in good conscience, continue to participate and support the church as it is being managed at this time.

After making our own observations and hearing the stories of Marty Rathbun, Geir Isene, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Mary-Jo Leavitt and many more Sea Org members, OT’s and highly trained auditors, we have made our decision.

We have always been told that these people on the internet were crazy SP’s. After hearing their stories we were not able to come to that conclusion. We were shocked to realize that many who had been painted to us as evil and suppressive were in fact whistleblowers trying to expose the abuses and violations.

We both have experienced excessive sec-checking and heavy ethics even when our contributions (money and time participating) were showing that we were stellar members of the public.

We love Scientology when it is applied with ARC and not with enforcement to get everyone to conform.

We came into Scientology to find our own self determinism and to have gains. Progressively over the years we feel that we have been forced overtly or covertly to “toe the line”, or follow “command intention”, without being able to use our own judgment or our own ethics. If you do not do what is “expected”, you are shunned/punished in various ways. When you assert your own independent thought and it doesn’t align with command intention you are quickly shown you are not a good group member.

In conclusion, we no longer feel confident in this Church’s ability to operate in a manner that we can be proud of and disseminate to others.

We hope that the Church of Scientology will get it’s ethics in and make the changes necessary for it to be a church we can once again be proud of.


Tony DePhillips Marie-Joe DePhillips

We heard the church lie about its not having a policy of enforcing disconnection – We’d already received many reports of our friends being told not to talk to us.

As someone once said “If they lie about this, what else will they lie about?”

Our conlusions:

After exhaustive research and communicating, we decided that the abuses did occur and that they were and are extensive and widespread. We also saw that the church was actively involved in creating their own enemies and seemed to take very little responsibility in remedying their wrongs. Furthermore, we wondered what kind of a leader would allow these things to continue to go unhandled and in fact seemingly encourage such activity.

We got into Scientology to become more at cause in life and to do better in life based on our own realities. We still feel that this is what LRH intended. We didn’t, and still don’t, believe or agree with everything that LRH ever uttered. But as he himself said, we don’t have to.

We believe that the church is being run in a fashion that, to us, is destructive overall, as well as destructive to our personal goals of being at cause over our own lives. The Grade Chart states that on OT 7 you will be cause over life. That may be possible, but not if the church refuses to let you be at cause over your own church!!

Also, first and foremost to us is the abuse of the Sea Org members. This to us is obscene. These people dedicate their lives to Scientology only to be treated as sub-humans. And when fed up with that treatment and wanting to leave, they are treated in an abhorrent fashion. These people are some of our best and brightest. This cannot stand. What gives DM the right to run roughshod over these people? Who anointed him to be above the law? The out-points are too many to be listed here, we’re sure you all have examples of your own.

We believe that everyone who stands up and throws off their shackles will make it that much easier for others to do so. That has been true for us. The others coming out before us have made it more real for us to take our stand.

We could not live with the idea that we were too scared or bullied into having to hide our god given rights to be here and communicate. Especially when it is the right thing to do!

So we hereby declare ourselves Independent Scientologists.

Independent: One who is independent in thinking, action, etc.

That is how we see ourselves. We do enjoy the Scientology philosophy by LRH, when we are practicing it as independent people, not having it forced down our throats.

Final thoughts:

We also very much appreciate LRH’s views on infinity valued logic. The idea of two-valued logic such as right-wrong, good-bad is too simplistic. The idea that any man or woman is infallible or perfect is not realistic. All men and women have good and bad in them, it is just a matter of degree. And the fact that we feel Mankind is basically good means that there can be salvation for all and no person has a monopoly on that. DM is not totally bad or totally good just like the rest of us. He is not above the law or above the Scientology justice system. DM IS NOT SCIENTOLOGY. We believe that it is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics that DM step down from his position as leader and that steps are taken to reform the church of Scientology so it reflects the values of this current culture and promotes ARC, tolerance and the values usually associated with spiritual goals. We have finally answered this question for ourselves: Does the end justify the means? For us the answer is NO!! Or another way of looking at it is: The means are the end. Scientology was supposed to give us a way of setting an example as good and honorable people. That is an end in itself. The way Scientology has been treating its own people is a disgrace and a degrade of Scientology, and has to be rejected.

Thanks for listening. Thank you all for what you are doing and will do in the future.

Much Love,

Tony DePhillips (Mid OTVII, Prov. Class IV Pre-GAT and Fully Hatted Ethics Officer)

Marie-Joe DePhillips (OT V,KTL/LOC, Level G SHSBC)

Church of Scientology’s Slippery Slope:
from Solo NOTs-IAS Patron-Ideal Org Humanitarians to Declared SPs

Tony’s Story: I got into Scientology in 1978, a confused Navy sailor. I joined staff in San Diego, married a Scientologist, subsequently divorced, and left staff in 1985 with a $12,000 debt to the church. I paid off that debt and moved up the Grade Chart through OT V in Los Angeles, just winning like mad through FPRD and PDC and right on up. I was a “Cadillac PC”.

And, all throughout, I was being a “good Scientologist”, deciding not to have children so I could get up the Bridge without distractions and living very modestly in order to pay for auditing. My wife, Marie-Joe, and I have spent hundreds of thousands on auditing. I spent close to $250k just on Solo NOTs, without completion.

I originally started Solo NOTs a couple of years prior to the “Golden Age of Tech”, costly even then in both dollars and time. From the time I arrived at Flag the customer service atmosphere was one of suspicion and distrust, right from the start. But, I let it go because I was at the Mecca of technical perfection and the “friendliest place on Earth” after all, so it must be “ok”.

After being on the level for about a year I was informed that I would have to retrain on everything at my expense. This was quite a shock. I’m not a wealthy man. It took me five years to regroup financially and get back onto the Solo NOTs level.

After seven intensives of sec checking prior to getting onto Solo NOTs the first time and another seven, plus the FPRD, the second time (plus the ever suspenseful wait for “eligibility”) I finally made it on again. Then 18 months into Solo NOTs round two, I was C/S’d for an advanced program of eight more intensives (five of which were sec checks).

Meanwhile, I wrote a KR on the Landlord Office regarding mismanagement of the local Ideal Org purchasing process, and in going over it with the local ED an argument ensued (I was going over my KR with him to ensure my facts were correct). He said “If you weren’t so critical and helped more we would be that much closer!” I had only donated about 30K at that point, so I guess I was down-stat. I retorted, “If I have to do whatever you want me to do to be your friend you can kiss my ass!!”

The local Org tried to issue a “non-enturbulation” order for that, but instead I got recalled to Flag at my own expense. I was upset, and when I got there I thought they would treat me as an OT and I would have a nice comm cycle and all would be good. It wasn’t. Silly me.

I was grilled for my crimes, on the meter, by the MAA. It was so frustrating I asked to get a sec check so at least I’d feel I was being heard. Those 25 hours of sec checking cost me about 14K and I felt like crap afterwards. I told Flag they could keep my Solo NOTs materials and left. To their credit, an auditing correction later handled the lingering upset.

I did a Liability formula for all of this and my wife and I donated another hefty chunk to the Ideal Org, bringing us to over $100,000 donated. My apologies, if this is boring – it certainly is therapeutic for me to write it.

Onto Solo NOTs again for the third time, after another grueling eligibility cycle (seven more intensives and the waiting “sweat out” period). The level was getting more and more solid for me. The gains I was getting on the solo auditing seemed to be negated by the sec checking and the feeling I was “bad” or a “slow case gain” or not “trusted’’.

I received PTS handlings when I didn’t feel PTS. I felt and said, “I don’t want to become what you want me to be. I want to be who I WANT TO BE!!” I have never been good at being bossed around. But it’s an ability that has helped me retain my self-determinism and freedom of thought.

I received ethics handlings on a report I wrote on DM speaking derogatorily about the U.S. President at an event, stating I thought his actions weren’t good PR for our Church or its leader. I caught flack for that! I guess they figured I had “crimes”.

This period seemed like a never ending blood bath of regging and stress. I had to live up to this state of OT being laid out for me. I had to be “helping” all the time, donating to this- that-and the other thing, buying books, going to every event…on and on and on. I started hating it. The IAS regges described the world as a nightmare, creating a very dangerous environment for all of us.

I know I’m describing what others have experienced and written. I am collaborating with you. I also witnessed it, lived it, experienced it. The more you do, the higher in the organization you get – even as public – the less respect and freedom there is if you don’t toe the line.

On my last visit to Flag, I decided if I didn’t finish it that trip, I would route off. I thought I could end off and remain friends. I figured that would be the worst case scenario. But I was nervous…why? Because of the previous heavy handed dealings I had. When, I found out that I wasn’t going to be allowed to attest, I just decided to turn in my materials, route off properly and go home in ARC with the group.

That was wishful thinking. It was off to Qual for a hefty attempt to convince me how abberated I was. Then ,to HCO where the MAA informed me that my auditor and Qual terminals were “enturbulated” by me. I said, ”They are enturbulated by me answering their questions??” Yes, that was indeed it, he confirmed, and threatened me with a Non-enturbulation order. I said, “You have to be joking!!” He wasn’t.

I wrote it up to RTC and no order was issued. But, needless to say, I wasn’t having much fun, or feelin’ the theta. The auditing was good but the other actions were painful. While I was trying to route off the Level I was informed by the Flag AO Tech Sec that if I left without my materials then all the people who’d worked with me there would be Comm Ev’d. I told her that wouldn’t be my overt but someone else’s. I held my position right up to leaving the Yachtsman motel to go to the airport. My Solo C/S, Mike, rolled up in a van with my Solo Nots D of P, Lill – Mike trying to persuade me to go home with my materials. I was in grief at this point. He told me he thought I was close to finishing the level and on hearing that, I decided to take the materials home.

Long story a little shorter (and this is abbreviated a lot!!) I sent my materials back a few months later after deciding that they couldn’t “handle” me, and that I wasn’t going to “go on hoping” while paying $7,500 per intensive for mostly sec checking and FPRD. This was the third & last time I took myself off Solo NOTs.

I continued doing volunteer work as Chaplain at the local Org, two nights a week, to good results. I let people talk and I called things as I saw them. Purely a help flow and NO REGGING…

Then, one weekend while scanning news articles, I ran across the St. Petersburg Times’ The Truth Rundown
– I read it all and watched all the videos. I was shocked!! Could this be true?? Marie-Joe and I spent hours filling the vacuum, looking at different web sites and blogs to fill the void.


I realized that I had been tricked. I was reading about, by and large, people who had been screwed over by the Church and then became enemies to it. These were not crazy SPs. These were primarily former members, “enemies” largely created by the Church!

I realized all the sec checking I had been getting was to help the church find these “enemies”. It hadn’t been for my benefit!!

By the way, I have had some great wins getting off overts and withholds. I am not rallying against that. I just think that it can get out of hand and be out tech and done for political reasons instead of for the betterment of the individual.

I was paying the price all along the way, for the CofS creating its own enemies and being afraid of its own creations. This endless sec checking was being done from fear, not because we needed or wanted it. C/S series 73 points this out nicely. There is a write-up on this subject by a woman named Virginia, that I think is definitive and awesome! I had to give her props on that!!

Realizing this, I thought I would be a good boy and report in to Flag about it. My former NOTs auditor said that I had a major out-ethics situation because I said that I believed the people in the Truth Rundown article. He had asked me a question and when I started to answer, he cut me off – to which I said “don’t ask me a question if you don’t want to hear my answer”. He replied, “I don’t want to hear that natter!!”

I realized then that I couldn’t talk to the group anymore.


I have been told at various times that I was PTS, and it’s come up in my programming. I have had many handlings on this topic but none of the items have indicated until now.

I have been PTS to my own Church! And, looking for the suppressive person behind the group, it would have to be its leader, DM. I was shocked at the tales of DM abusing his fellow team members. What gives him the right?? Where is it in writing that DM is above the justice of the group, not to mention the law? What makes him the unchallenged leader of our group?

I was PTS to this group and this leader because I was becoming more and more afraid to communicate about my concerns to them without retribution. I was becoming more afraid to state the out-ethics behaviors, as LRH said is our duty. I had come to feel that if I spoke up and stated what I saw that I would be attacked unjustly. It is not safe to communicate what you want without some kind of retribution, whether it is sec checking for political purposes, invalidation and evaluation from other members, ethics actions, withholding your ability to move up the Bridge, etc.

I was embarrassed to disseminate to my associates because I was no longer proud of how the group operates. Marie-Joe and I have been told that if you don’t disseminate you are PTS. Well it’s true! We have been PTS to our own church!!

I have experienced injustice for speaking up and saying what I believe. I have read about the many injustices on the internet that have occurred to good Sea Org members and good group members who could have, and were, very valuable to the group. I cannot just sit back and say this has nothing to do with me. No more.

We are not going to be afraid of the Church anymore.

I have tried to get at cause over this situation from the inside by writing reports, to no avail. I have been made wrong for bringing up out-points and situations that I see.

More recently, I’ve heard that prior to our written resignation, while volunteering at the Org, there was an interrogatory being conducted about me. I was not informed at the time. The “out-ethics” not ever discussed with me.

Things started to escalade when one day the Fundraising I/C sent us an email to attend an Event. You will find the whole exchange in a link below. Some might find it interesting since it lead us to being Dead Filed.

A report on me for forwarding Mary Jo Levitt’s KR to one of my friends, in combination with the email exchange, did the trick – a few days later a non-enturbulation order was issued on me.

Never once did I receive one phone call or communication from the Org about the non-enturbulation order.

I have since received unofficial word that our SP Declare has been issued.

How have we gone from Solo NOTs, IAS Patrons, and Humanitarians of the Ideal Org, to declared SPs?

It is because the group has gone off course and is following the dictates of a suppressive. I have been the effect of this for too long. I am disconnecting from that suppression and using the only ethics gradient I have left to put ethics in on the group.

How sad.

Did LRH ever envision that his own organization would be hijacked in this way? Was this LRH’s plan? Marie-Joe and I don‘t think so.

Nevertheless, we’re here now in this situation.

We have resigned from the current Church of Scientology. We will no longer consider ourselves a part of that group until we feel it has been sufficiently reformed.

We admire LRH’s auditing tech and many of his philosophic writings and are taking this action in our best efforts to create a better group.

Our sincere admiration for all the people who have helped Scientology make the world a better place and for those who have the guts to say what they see, despite its unpopularity.

Much Love,

Tony & Marie-Joe DePhillips

Marie-Joe’s Story
& Encounter w/the MAAs

I got in Scientology in the late 80’s. I’ve had many life changing wins. Many tools I learned in Scientology are now part of me and I can’t ever imagine not using them.

I spent the last four years serving as I/C (in-charge) of the files project, among other things, at my local Org. I did nearly 2000 hrs on the files project alone, while spending a lot of my own money for supplies and food for the volunteers. Within just a few months I went from being one of the most up stat Scientologists in my area to a declared SP. My crimes were standing up for my rights and the rights of others, pointing out violations of LRH policies and disconnecting from a suppressive source that I could no longer handle.

I agree with and can corroborate everything in Tony’s story. I would like to add a few comments.

For years I was given the impression that something was wrong with my husband, that most people were flying on OT VII and that Tony was one of the rare ones that was having a hard time with it. Many times I questioned how the Tech was used to handle him, and I also questioned Tony. Although Flag was allowing him on OTVII they were also treating him like he had lots of crimes (extensive Sec-checking). Although Tony is no angel, he’s a wonderful husband, a very hard worker and an extremely honest man. I was not seeing any crimes, but I often got introverted into thinking he might have hidden crimes, because of all the extensive sec-checking he was given and the resulting BPC.

I felt so betrayed by the Church when I found out that many were struggling on the Level and that the extensive sec-checking was out tech. I sincerely apologize for having doubted my husband and ever considering that he might be the problem.

As Tony mentioned, we were shocked with the Truth Rundown article. For many years, I worked on different social reform programs; Say no to drugs, World Literacy Crusade, Youth for Human Rights. I successfully used many of these tools to help others, but found myself constantly having to defend Scientology’s bad reputation and explain how it was not a cult.

In the last several months, I started realizing how it is actually, from my perspective, a cult. And that I had, in fact, been PTS. My whole world had been centered around Scientology. When I became aware of the abuses and stopped rationalizing all the out-points I was seeing, my universe started reeling. I so much wanted to handle it from inside the church, with reports and references. But, I rapidly realized it would not be possible. Even after our resignation, I spent hours with MAAs trying to sort things out. Here’s a brief description of what happened, to give you an idea of what to expect.

I met with the MAAs three times, a few hours each time. During the first two meetings I had asked them for stats of established Ideal Orgs. They showed me some of the stats of the newly opened Org in Rome, which were good, but as I pointed out to them it was not an established Ideal Org – it had just opened a few months before. These up statistics could easily have been from people flocking from all over Europe to visit the new Org. They also showed me the CGI from CC Nashville that had been opened 10 months earlier. Not bad (average 15k/week), but certainly not enough to sustain 100 staff with viable wages.

After the first few meetings, where they seem to be interested in my concerns and showed a certain willingness to resolve the issues I was bringing up, things definitely changed at the final meeting.   It was made clear that they were not there to assert that everything is perfect in the Church, but that they have certainty that any out-points were being or will be address and resolved.  They said that the sequence of actions would be for me to do a “standard” doubt condition and once I decide which side I’m on we could proceed with further steps.  Although they were nice they made it clear, from the references they showed me, that I had committed a suppressive act by resigning (HCOPL 17 March 1965 Issue IV – Organizational Suppressive Acts) and unless I “come to my senses & recant” I would be treated as such. 

Which pretty much means that I will have no contact person in the Church and can’t do any services until I first “come to my senses & recant”, then do A – E.  It also meant that, although they said they do not “enforce” disconnection, any parishioners that want to stay in “good standing” and continue going up the Bridge would have to cut communication with me.  But, it’s their “choice”, the Church will not “force” them.   If they want to give up their Bridge or to be in communication with me it’s “their choice”. 

It’s insane!  Especially if I respect my friends’ choice to be part of the Church and don’t try to convince them otherwise.  I asked them how someone stops being part of the Church if they choose to play another game.  Their answer was showing me a reference like “you can’t be half-in or half-out”.  If you’re in we treat you like you’re in if you’re out we treat you like you’re out.  I said many people have left the Church a long time ago but are not subject to this because they did not resign.  They admitted that my way of doing it was more honest but came with consequences.  My response was that for years I defended the Church not being a cult, but now I’m confronted with the fact that it has lots of the characteristics of a cult, especially since you can’t leave it without being considered “evil” even if you have no other “crime” than leaving.  They had no comments. 

“If a person or a group that has committed a suppressive act comes to his, her or their senses and recants, his, her or their only terminal is the International Justice Chief,…”  HCOPL 23 Dec 1965RB Revised 8 Jan 1991 (!!!!!) Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists

I asked if a CSW to declare me SP had been sent.  They said no.  They pointed out that whether I get declared or not I have still committed a suppressive act, so the reference still applies to me.  They pointed out that the reference doesn’t say “if a person has received a declare ” but “if a person … has committed a suppressive act”.  The MAA’s explained that no matter whether I think it’s not suppressive to resign, or whether anyone else agrees, it is a suppressive act since the policy (Organizational Suppressive Acts) states that it is.

They offered me a chance to do a “standard” doubt formula.  They said that by exposing myself to the internet I had put myself in a very narrow world, created by SPs that are taking specific situations in Scientology and making them a generality, and that the church wanted to give me the opportunity to come back to reality and look at the true data. I felt like telling them that I was looking at reality but that they were in their cocoon of ignorance.  I didn’t because I didn’t want to start invalidating them.   They wanted me to read Marty, Mike and Amy’s declares.  They said that a lot of the out-points had been created by Marty, Mike and Amy, and that’s why they had been kicked out.  They said the group was doing a lot better since they had left.  I told them I didn’t need to see their declares, because whether they are SPs or not doesn’t change what I have experienced and observed.  I told them 4 – 6 months earlier I was looking, inspecting and researching, but since I’m not in doubt anymore applying the doubt formula didn’t seem right to me.   In addition, I told them that from the references they just showed me the doubt formula is set up for me to either stay in the Church and conform or basically be “evil” if I choose to leave.  I told them I felt it’s an unfair way to look at resolving a doubt. 

Although I haven’t seen it yet, I heard that there is an SP declare now out on us.

I appreciate all that came forward before me and hope many others will follow. I will continue to listen, encourage and defend any whistleblowers that come forward. I will create new friends and I will flourish and prosper.

Now, Free To Think more than ever, Marie-Joe DePhillips.




The Underground KSW Alliance

Despite my regular campaigning for people to stand up and be counted as Independents, I have to admit there is quite an undeground movement gaining momentum. If it weren’t for the energy contributions of one particular steller member of the underground I would have had to scale back operations drastically long ago. That person will remain unnamed at this time, but will never be forgotten.

I received some interesting comm from an Agent 99 (self styled handle) recently that is indicative of the theta undercurrents churning within the bot zones. It is similar to a number of comms I have received over the past several months. But this one also came with an insightful,  Data Series driven article from the spouse of 99. I think the package is worth sharing.

Hi Marty, Just wanted to let you know that the TA is certainly
moving. I’ve never commented on any of these sites, but I wanted to
tell you that recently there are 6 more of us (and many more I’m
sure) talking amongst ourselves about the major outpoints going on
with management. I know–obnosing and talking about it is forbidden
in our Church these last so many years. But amazingly, we’re slowly
becoming de-PTS enough from the group to actually reach out to one
another. And lo and behold…I’ve now seen people who would have
never in the past said anything bad about our Dear Leader DM (at
least not out loud) finally feel like speaking up and being frank.
And once the comm starts, one can spend hours downloading BPC from
years of pent up wrong indications, enforced realities, extortion
reg cycles and general WTF activities coming from above. And these
are public from Clear to the top of the bridge, from Cl IV to Cl
VIII auditors. All with similar experiences and concerns.
    So I thought I should let you know that there are more of us
reading than is probably evident. So please keep up the good work.
And please let Hadyn, Mike, Steve, Jeff and all your wonderful
bloggers know how much we enjoy reading everything. Turns out you
can’t keep truth a secret. Who knew?

Agent 99

Super Power vs. Super MEST

As a Data Series Evaluator I find a great many illogics to work
with in the recent Super Power promotion that arrived in my mailbox
the other day.

This specific promo piece brings to light a very critical set of
contrary facts.

On one hand, we have a planet in desperate and immediate need of
salvage and we have the LRH tech needed to fix it—Super Power. But
on the other hand, delivery of this LRH planetary solution has been
stopped for over 20 years in order reg donations for a very costly

Here’s the key issue: are we really in the business of saving this
planet or not?

The promo piece I’m specifically looking at is actually a “Join the
Sea Org” recruitment promotion using Super Power as the handle. The
headline says “Super Power…It’s Closer Than Ever!” Considering
that the official delivery of Super Power has not occurred in over
20 years, anything less than 20 more years would be technically
closer than ever. (Outpoint=dropped time.)

This is the kind of vague carrot dangling in front of faithful
parishioners that keeps them on the treadmill of donations and
biannual sec checks. It keeps them tuned in to event after event
after event being pumped up with carefully engineered tidbits
designed to make what little impact the Church is actually having
seem momentous, gargantuan, stupendous and a whole thesaurus full
of enough adjectives to cause dopeoff in all but Chairman Dave and
the biographer. (Thank goodness there are a lot of standing
ovations— or much needed wake-up calls.)

Then comes the really damning part of this promo. There are
statistics quoted including “every 12 seconds another child takes
drugs for the first time” and “628,000 violent crimes occur every
year in our schools.” There are many more of these covering
military spending, psych drugs taken by children every 12 seconds,
illegal drugs, poverty, enslavement (irony noted), child
pornography, illiteracy and human trafficking.

The promo says that “Super Power is LRH’s solution to a sick, dying
and dead society,” “It will enable Scientologists to create a new
world.” It also says “Super Power is the solution to everything you
see affecting society right now.” OK, that’s the bait.

But here comes the switch. It goes on to say “But to release the
Super Power rundowns, the Flag Mecca must open.”


Says who? Certainly not LRH. Since when did LRH ever require a
multi-million dollar MEST building to release his tech? No, this is
Chairman Dave’s plan and decision pure and simple. (Outpoint =
wrong source).

To drive the point home further, the promo quotes LRH, “It’s time
to get very busy and clear this planet,” and, “Super Power…it
puts world clearing within reach.”

OK, so LRH has given us a gift that puts world Clearing within
reach and he says it’s time to get very busy doing just that. So,
why hasn’t this tech been released? SO members are working nearly
round the clock and have been for years. Aren’t they busy working
on Clearing the planet? Why haven’t SO members and org staffs been
given Super Power and why hasn’t it rolled out to a willing and
committed public?

It was David Miscavige who determined that LRH’s notion of
gradients was so last century and coined his off-source patter
about “straight up and vertical.”

So, where is the straight up and vertical when it comes to Super
Power delivery? (Or does that concept only apply to reg targets for

When the majority of us came into Scientology there were no fancy
buildings but there was a lot of Theta. How come Super Power which
“will put Scientologists into a new realm of ability” is not being
delivered even if we have to audit people in bathrooms, empty hotel
rooms, rented halls or anywhere else? In over 20 years we could
have been delivering to thousands of org staff and gotten a lot of
public through the rundowns. (Outpoints = omitted delivery, added

The “Mecca” is apparently more important than putting world
Clearing within reach.

Remember the Expansion Formula where you remove barriers and
distractions? Well, this 20-year-plus “Mecca” is a big, expensive
distraction. It’s got statues, marble, NASA gear and, according to
Tommy Davis, “pinch me material.” (Outpoints = wrong target,
altered importance.)

Initial estimates of the building costs were $24 million, revised
later to $45 million and then up to $90 million. But the regging
continued and back in 2007 the total raised was estimated at $145
million! How much has been regged to add to that in the last three
years? Have we all gone mad?

If you want a reality check in terms of how off-purpose our Church
has gone, just do the math per the figures quoted in the promo.
While Dave was collecting millions from field Scientologists
(outpoint=wrong source) to build his Florida mini-Vatican (wrong
target) over the course of more than two decades (added time), the
numbers are staggering.

Really get this. Taking the promo at face value, in the last 20
years while our attention was diverted from Theta to MEST, 52
million more children took drugs for the first time, there were
over 12 million more violent crimes in schools and a whole lot more
that all adds up to the further decline of our planet. But these
aren’t just words and figures “that is to say” it’s real human
misery and degradation—nothing less. And all the while we’re
sitting on LRH’s solution!

And just how close to delivering Super Power is “closer than ever?”
The promo piece says that we need 700 more Sea Org members. You’d
need at minimum twice that number to net your 700 when you allow
for those who don’t make it or leave once they realize what they
really signed up for, and then there is the time required to fully
train this staff. We’ve had 20+ years, couldn’t a tech training
corps have been set up during that time? (Outpoints = omitted
delivery, added time.)

If you have in your hand planet-saving technology and you don’t get
it delivered as fast as you can, that’s simply an overt of
unparalleled magnitude. Some of the faithful who donated to Dave’s
“colossal and spectacular” (his words) “grand milestone without
equal” (his words) are dead now. Their milestone has become a

If withholding vital technology for over 20 years isn’t a stop on
planetary clearing, tell me what is.

What about Senior Policy that we always deliver what we promise?
Well, Chairman of the Board, you’ve been promising Super Power
since before a lot of current org staff were born. That’s one hell
of a commlag.

And what about point 5 of KSW: Applying the Technology?

When the senior terminal supposedly responsible for KSW is too busy
creating a publishing and real estate empire and crisscrossing the
globe making speech after speech to bother with actual delivery,
then he needs to be bypassed by those who will.


Dylan Wycliffe
Evaluation Section
KSW Alliance

IAS – an intentional fraud?

You may not realize it, but the Internal Revenue Service was onto the IAS way back in 91-93 during the tax exemption negotiations. But, under Miscavige’s leadership, we got them right off of it.  In our own defense, neither Mike nor I, nor anyone else with the possible exception of Monique Yingling, really knew what DM’s ultimate designs for the IAS were. The IRS was intensely interested in the IAS on the issue of “excessive reserves.”  Stockpiling “excessive reserves” is one indicia of commercialism. 

The IRS was considering taking IAS reserves into account when examining Church of Scientology International’s (and RTC by extension) reserves. It seemed to them that if DM and co in Hemet were controlling IAS, then its then-fledgling, but already substantial, reserves ought to be considered CSI’s.  If IAS membership – and thus donations – were required as a condition precedent in order to take services in a church of Scientology, then clearly IAS – and what it did with its significant sums of money – would come under a tremendous level of scrutiny.

The IRS  came up with independent evidence to support their concerns. Read the church’s response:

You have called our attention to an advertisement in issue 75 of SOURCE magazine containing statements to the effect that IAS membership is required in order for a parishioner to participate in religious services. These statements are erroneous. There is no Church policy or directive which sets foth such a requirement, nor has there ever been such a Church policy or directive.  The relevant Church policies approving IAS as the official membership organization, previously furnished to you, contain no such requirement. Neither HASI nor any other membership system in the United States has ever required membership as a condition of participating in religious services at a Scientology church.

Following your letter, we investigated to determine how this advertisement came to appear in the issue of SOURCE magazine you cited. We believe the error was caused by the misunderstanding of a SOURCE magazine editor newly appointed early in 1991. She mistakenly used from issue 74 of SOURCE an old, rejected advertisement that contained the misstatement, apparently not realizing that it had been expressly rejected for publication…

…We are taking steps to ensure that all future advertisement and other statements regarding IAS membership made by Church organizations correctly state the facts of the matter as described above. Keeping certificates in force was and continues to be a benefit of IAS membership; requiring membership in the IAS in order to participate in religious services never has been valid and membership in the IAS was and remains wholly voluntary…

Now, you want to know sensitive this area that the IRS was probing was to DM?   Judge for yourself based on the content and tone of the final two paragraphs of the church’s answer:

Finally, we would appreciate being informed of how you received issue 75 of SOURCE and why you did not simply bring it to our attention in the first instance. The wording and tone of this and other questions here, as well as in earlier questions, is disconcerting. The simplest, most straight-forward method for the Service to address legitimate concerns is to inform us of the precise character and source of your concerns as they arise, or at least to bring them up in person when we meet. Instead, we receive what appear to be trick questions that assume the truth of the information the service has received from third parties.

Questions that directly or implicitly assume untruthfulness are contrary to the general spirit of cooperation and candor that we have developed over the past eighteen months. Much of the disinformation about Scientology is spread by individuals and groups who have personal and financial disputes with Scientology. The credibility of information from such sources is at best suspect, but if we do not know where the Service is getting its information, we cannot give the Service context within which to evaluate the credibility of such sources, who certainly do not willingly divulge their motivations to the Service.  It is particularly troublesome to us that significant elements within the Service will automatically assume that heretics and apostates are truthful while Scientologists and Scientology organizations are not.

Seems to me that if DM and company continued to require IAS memberships and/or enhancement of statuses within the IAS, in order for folks to be deemed eligible for continuing church services – he might be in a heap of trouble.  If he carried that out without explicit, written policies – but instead verbally so as to cover his ass – it might even smack of fraud. 

For what it is worth, Mike and I have no “personal or financial disputes with Scientology.”  And we have never fit under this description, “certainly do not willingly divulge their motivations.”  In fact, we have repeatedly stated, and demonstrated that we live by, our motivations as doing what we can to salvage SCIENTOLOGY from DM’s greedy death grip.

I’m not saying  these facts are of any use to you all who have been coerced into abandoning your homes, retirement accounts, and college funds.

I’m just sayin.

Abolish the IAS

Much talk has been had of the Who.  But, the Data Series teaches us we need to operate on WHYs.  I am rather convinced DM’s donations-for-no-exchange operation is a major one. And while the Idle Orgs has been a recent mother of a money vaccum, the original and grandaddy of all Condition One exchange rip offs has been the IAS.

By way of background, you might want to take a look at a June 09 St Pete Times interview segment where I spoke of the twenty year stat slide. (Scientology on the decline? segment).  Since that interview, at least a dozen former Int staff have confirmed the  facts I covered there.  International church stats have been on a downward trend, unbroken, since summer 1990.

I covered in past posts how IAS was an off-policy, off-Source solution to a problem (defense) that L Ron Hubbard represented long-ago was to be covered by the donations one pays for services.  Even under DM’s reasoning to Scientology managers for maintaining an IAS – i.e. to survive the war with the IRS – the fund was moot after October, 1993 when tax exemption was attained (incidentally, despite propaganda to the contrary, the IAS was useless as teets on  a bull in attaining exemption; in fact it was an impediment). Yet, since IRS exemption IAS has extorted hundreds of millions of dollars under the tight-fisted, dictatorial control of DM.

Now, here are some hard figures that I believe sheds light on the ‘date coincidence’ for the beginning of the international stat decline.

These come from the figures we supplied to the IRS during the exemption process. We gave lists of the top paid fundraisers for the years 89, 90, and 91.

The total FSM commissions paid to the top ten FSMs internationally are listed below. They are broken down by commissions paid for services donations vs. commissions paid for IAS donations (no service).

(percentages means, the percentage of total fsm commissions that type of fsming constitutes for that year – of the top ten)


services:  914,027.40  (55%)  IAS:  746,167.29 (45%)  Total:  1,660,194.69


 services: 981,424.20 (56%)  IAS: 777,748.94 (44%)   Total:  1,759,173.10


services: 698,567.60 (31%) IAS: 1,562,905.30 (69%) Total:  2,261,472.90

         It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to extrapolate where it went from there. What with DM subjugating orgs as servants of IAS,  TV actors jettisoning their careers to go where the real money was (e.g. Pomerantz and Roberts), IAS donations being touted as the means to attain eligibility for OT levels and the means to get out of lower conditions.  I would venture that donations for services are  not even in the double digit percentile when compared to IAS at this point.

Handling: Abolish the IAS and refund the donations.  Prepare to deliver to meet the guaranteed demand of tens of thousands of public who for the first time are able to afford Scientology services.

Exhibit A in support: The following report from the former ED and Snr CS of the Birmingham Org:

Hell Marty, stand well back you really lit the fuse when you brought up the IAS.

In addition to their other crimes, the IAS is and always has been a huge burden on the backs of orgs and there is absolutely no doubt they have seniority over and rule the roost when it comes to Scientology orgs and management, in fact they run the whole shooting match. Run it right into the ground.

Not only do the IAS extract untold sums from Scientology public, they extract huge sums from struggling orgs to pay the costs of their events while commandeering org staff as free labor – all the more “profit” for them.

Every year they hold the big international IAS event at St Hill. And every year the St. Hill Orgs go broke because the IAS make them pay the costs of the over the top, lavish event (hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Most every year as part of the “extravaganza” there is an international org ED’s conference (except when DM cancels it as a make wrong at some perceived slight – talk about hissy fits). Anyway, every year at that conference Org executives from around the world stand up and complain to ED Int about the IAS, their tactics, the demands they put on orgs, frequency of their events, on and on. And despite overwhelming evidence that the IAS is the biggest distraction to and external influence on the backs of our orgs ED Int did absolutely nothing. After a number of these conferences it became clear that there was nothing ED Int could do about it.

Around 2002 UK management execs invited Lucy and me down to an IAS event being put on by the London Orgs because Miscavige was now beating the drum for his idle org “strategy” and somebody had to foot the bill. It was held in a fancy London hotel, paid for by the London orgs of course. But despite the opulent surroundings and fancy food it was a bomb. Clearly the public had had enough and for once they weren’t coughing up the money.

Lucy and I witnessed furious IAS Execs rip into UK management execs who in turn put pressure on the London Org execs about this “flap”. The result? They sabotaged the orgs by regging the staff! The staff of the London orgs were themselves pressured and regged hard to take out loans, extend credit cards and go into deep financial trouble, which they did. It was incredibly sad to see, they were going to be moonlighting for the rest of their lives and to hell with LRH policy about when Day and Foundation staff train. The IAS had just demonstrated that they had the power to get management and org executives to crash their own orgs.

On the broader scale the IAS has crashed Scientology.

Black designer T-shirts, clarification


I believe that you guys accusing me of playing low ground with DM missed the point entirely. I am calling him out on calling the kettle black. DM walks around in muscle shirts all the freaking time. Ask Jeff Hawkins and Steve Hall. He even has his black uniform shirt tailored to show off his biceps, goes down to Int, settles into his chair with all Int around a big conference table, puts his hands dramatically behind his head and flexes his biceps which his sleaves are tailored to squeeze to make look bigger. Then he routinely tears into hours long rants accusing International Executives of the most graphic homosexual activity. If they do not acknowledge his originations – such as a regular one like “why are you stuttering, what’s the matter, you got Guillaume’s jizz in your throat?” – with the affirmative, “yes, Sir”, you’ve got a 75/25 percent chance of being beaten to a pulp. Ask Mike Rinder, Jeff, Steve, Tom Devocht, Amy Scobee – or anyone who was there – whether I am making this stuff up.

Now on the other side of the coin; I want to tell you about Cooper’s “hissy fit” that DM’s freedom accuses him of. DM and his phalanxes of 800-1000 dollar an hour lawyers pummeled Anderson and his producer Ismael Estrada and their Executive Produce David Doss with several months of outright and despicable harassment. When Cooper opted not to be DM’s bitch, they went to Atlanta to CNN HQ. They brought the Hole with them. A dozen screaming mimi’s with 250 pages of perjured outright lying affidavits. They went to the Mother corporation Time Warner and played the “remember the 90’s suit when we cost you 7 million dollars and got your insurance coverage cancelled suit? Well, we’ll bankrupt your ass this time” card, while also playing the “look at the all the advertising bucks we bring to AOL, etc” (Time/Warner/AOL, etc. Anybody?).

Now DM had the entire process shut down. And Anderson Cooper, god bless his soul, rather than throwing a “hissy fit”, simply and in his inimitable, T.R.s-in style said “no!” And Estrada and Doss backed him up. Jobs were threatened. And they stood strong. Why? They had no dog in the fight. They had a nine month investigation that demonstrated lives were at risk. And they were damn right. And they were forced to compromise on the final product. But they would not be silenced.

And that is the “hissy fit” from the “male model.”  The same guy Dennis Clark, and other DM-bots, are being a lot more explicit about in email campaigns and in covert black propaganda ops being run by OSA.

Anderson Cooper is more of a man than David Miscavige could ever hope to be if he ever g0t up to the point of even hoping to be.  The same goes for Tom Cruise, whom DM routinely uses (including his most powerful talent Agency CAA) to put political and financial pressure on those who might muss a hair on Dave’s carefully coifed head.

Am I calling DM a “hissy fit” throwing creep who acts and lives like a diva male model?

You are goddamn right I am.

And if that results in ARC breaking a lot of folk and losing a lot of readership, so be it.

Ask Paul Haggis if I give a damn about somebody’s sexual preferences.

I do give a damn about a man on the verge of getting away with hundreds upon hundreds of aggravated felony assault and batteries, in the name of L Ron Hubbard no less.

And I will see that justice is done.

And tonight’s post was part of a larger, long term program that I believe will achieve it. I apologize for not providing more context earlier.

Thank you for letting me vent.

I’m out.

Black Designer T-shirts, for crying out loud!

Some of you may have seen the docudrama David Miscavige produced attacking Anderson Cooper, AC 360, CNN and a number of CNN producers and executives.  Miscavige has been working on that gem nearly full time for the past seven weeks.  Electronic remote-control helicopters and large cranes were hired to take those idyllic shots of what he calls a “workers paradise.”  The org formed by LRH to advance technical standards and promote Scientology, Golden Era Productions, has been on the project full time since the series aired too.

I have only one thing to say in response to this obscene waste of parishioner donations and hard-working staff time.  You will notice that the master implanter chose one anchor to keep coming back to throughout the piece. That was shots of Anderson Cooper in a black t-shirt, along with snide 1.1 voice overs commenting upon Cooper’s attire.

Those images all lead to the carefully orchastrated crescendo where the conclusion was posited that more than subtlely challenged Mr. Cooper’s manhood. To wit, the narrator gravely states that Mr Cooper had served to “blur the line between anchorman and male model.”  That loaded evaluation all based on an occasion where Mr Cooper chose to wear a black t-shirt during news coverage.

Now, let us take a look at who is calling the kettle black.

Please examine the the photo below of David Miscavige literally embraced by Tom Cruise, both wearing their omnipresent black designer silk muscle shirts.  It just so happens that Tom has that photo positioned in such a manner that he gets to look at it just about every day. You can enlarge it and look real close.

Now, if wearing a designer black t-shirt means all Miscavige implies it does about Mr. Cooper, what does it say about Miscavige himself?  

Mike Rinder’s Open Letter To His Family

Preface: When DM sent six people out to Denver (including Tommy and DM’s personal attorney Yingling) a year ago in an effort to silence Mike – an event I witnessed from start to finish – Mike made it crystal clear that he did not want his family subjected to the indignity of acting as pawns for DM in an effort to “handle” Mike.  Like clockwork, the master of Black Dianetics launched a year-long ongoing campaign to use Mike’s family as something much worse (in my opinion) than pawns.  Perhaps publication of this letter will help to bring about the cessation of DM’s relentless, sadist, familycidic (my made up term) behavior.  – Marty

Dear Andrew, Taryn & Cathy,

You made a big issue out of my failure to respond to your letters, so I am responding herewith to the letters each of you sent.  

I note that Jude sent me a letter when I was living in Denver – but didn’t send another in the second round after I moved near where she lives, and Benjamin didn’t send me a letter at all.  I guess the Church is worried that I may respond in person by paying her or Benjamin a visit and it sort of blows the “You have disconnected from your family and refuse to communicate to them” line when I show up and they are unwilling to talk to me (as when I went to the Fort Harrison and requested to see Benjamin).

I also note your letters were coordinated, all coming from the address of the International Justice Chief.  You put notes saying you want me to respond to that address because you are “following LRH policy.”  How so?  If I am an SP, my only terminal is IJC.  No policy says IJC is your postal service. And if you are following what the Church now claims is LRH policy – then these letters are disconnection letters. Or are you trying to “handle” me and get yourself to gentle cause?  Which is it? Handle or disconnect? Somehow you seem to be demanding that I communicate with you?  But only if it is supervised? I really don’t know, what policy it is that you are applying?

I also respond here to the letters you sent to the St Petersburg Times.  Those letters attempted to spin the encounter at the doctors into a “family dispute” that occurred because you just “happened” to see me driving into her parking lot (This story doesn’t quite square with “we are routing this from IJC as we are following LRH policy” – is this a family matter or a church matter?).  Odd though that none of you mentioned the 4 people from “International Management” or the 2 PIs that accompanied you on this “family dispute resolution”?  And you failed to mention that you had been following me for at least a day prior to showing up at the doctor’s office (Andrew, you said “I saw you yesterday and you looked terrible” – the only time I had left home that day was to ride my bike half a mile to the beach with Christie and Shane so I guess you were staked out next to the park in one of the SUVs with blacked out windows?).   You also told the SP Times that you were here visiting Jude and Benjamin – yet you said to me twice “You have no idea what I had to go through to be able to talk to you, Mike.”  And where were Benjamin and Jude if you were here visiting them and just happened to be out driving around?  And why did you have two rental cars for you, Taryn and Cathy when neither Taryn nor Cathy drives? 

But, like with everything in the church today, I do understand the position you are in and what you are required to do, and I bear you no ill will. In fact, Andrew and Taryn, as you will recall, I told you from the outset, and repeated a number of times, that I would happily talk to you without the screaming audience present. 

And by the by Andrew, I guess you hadn’t experienced the raving madwoman insanity of Jenny Linson before.  I challenge you to honestly ask yourself: “Is this really one of the most senior executives in Scientology?” Yes, unfortunately.  But in truth she is just a wind-up doll that spouts the words that David Miscavige tells her to scream and is otherwise incapable of original thought. That is why she is one of his most trusted pit bulls he sends out to make a fool of herself and Scientology on CNN and then again when she led the screaming in the “family dispute resolution” (though I thank God she is not family). 

Finally on the SP Times letters, it would be a good idea to remember the episode was recorded by the BBC.  Don’t fall into the trap of lying on behalf of the church to the media.  It never works out in the long run.

Sadly, I don’t believe you will read this letter, as it would be “spreading black PR” for you to see it.  Possibly you will be shown some edited version. That’s why I put it on the internet so perhaps there is a chance that at least you Andrew can read the entire letter.   You should.

If you had really intended for me to respond to your letters I would have suggested a different approach that didn’t include saying the following: “You are not even a Scientologist, so stop pretending.”  “Maybe you should check out of this game and go sit on a rock for a few million years, way out of the way.”  “Overwhelmed, implanted, evil-purp beings like you…”  “We will continue to flourish and prosper despite your feeble efforts to make yourself, and the bunch of fruitcakes you hang out with, right.”  “The American Psychiatric Association is in the phone book. Why don’t you give them a call. You are 95% in their camp by now anyway.”  “Go contemplate at a rock for a long time and destimulate.” “You could not actually have a soul.  It could only be rock solid blackness…” “You think you can fake out other people, taking advantage of the fact they don’t actually know you weren’t a Scientologist, having never studied or practiced the Religion you are now so viciously attacking.” “You continue to prove that you really don’t care about anyone and have no personal desires for betterment and never did.” And that’s just a few comments from 12 type-written pages of similar stuff.  I take it you were following what someone told you was the way to “handle” SPs?  Whoever it was gave you some really bad advice because it only served to make me more determined to do whatever is needed to end the insanity that has pervaded Scientology which includes turning family members against one another.

Your letters gave me the distinct impression that the only thing you would want to hear from me was “I am sorry I have been so stupid, I am reporting back to the bilges/Hole/tent on the golf course and I will write up steps A-E 5 times through”  But, that isn’t going to happen, so why respond?

The foundation for that impression was the letter I received from Cathy when I reached out to her after I first left. I asked her to call me or come and visit.  Her response, and I quote: “Fuck off. That is the last thing I would want to do. PS: I’ll send the divorce papers and brief the kids.”   Cathy, what is it with the divorce? OSA lawyers put the papers together for you as the petitioner, I signed them, and they were filed and assigned a case number in Los Angeles Superior Court (BD476191) on Nov 19, 2007.  It’s a formality to have an uncontested divorce with no mutual property and no child custody go through the court process.  Yet, now, when it is convenient (i.e. in dealing with the media?) you claim you are still my wife, though you use some other name – Bernardini — neither your maiden nor earlier married names?  What is this about?  Based on your communication at the outset, the letters you have sent and your screaming tirades when you “happened to see me,” including your command to “stay away from Benjamin” I would hazard a guess that you don’t want to be married to me (nor by the way do I want to be married to you).  Apparently you don’t even want to sully yourself by using my name. So, why scream “He is my husband” at the doctor?   Did you (or OSA) do something to prevent your divorce petition from being finalized?  Is this another good tactical move to combat “the SP”? 

And while on this subject – Monique Yingling told the St Petersburg Times that I had refused to see you in Denver.  She claimed that you were there to inform me about the situation with Benjamin and that I did not want to talk to you.  Just so you know, and I have a recording of this meeting, she never told me you were in Denver and never told me there was any information I needed to know about Benjamin. And you didn’t try to call me, even though you reportedly flew to Denver to see me (I take it you weren’t there skiing?). Monique called me on my cell phone. Why didn’t you?  You even have my email address – so does Linda Hamel and others in OSA.  When Monique called me and said she was in town and wanted to see me, I arranged to see her. I would have done the same with you (though Tommy came all the way to Denver and stated he was there to see me too – but when I tried to call him to arrange a time and place, Monique wouldn’t let him talk to me).  

So the record is clear, it was only after the 6 man team came to Denver to try and handle me and I told Monique she should go back to LA and deal with the rot that was destroying Scientology from within that you all decided to write to me.  This was two years after I had left the SO.  I had sent Xmas cards to everyone and the only person who responded was Barbara – until she too was told she could not communicate to me and sent me an “IJC” letter. Her cards and letters were nice, telling me I will always be her son regardless of anything and good roads, fair weather chat about dogs and kids and mundane matters.  Mine were similar in response as I had no intention of creating any further upset for her. I was simply letting her know I was OK and wasn’t living in poverty under a bridge or dying of leukemia because I thought she would worry.  I didn’t “suppress” her or give her a bunch of entheta.  Andrew, I am sure you have seen those cards and letters by now – she even sent me photos of James and his wife and child, so proud to be a great-grandma.  Barbara said she was too old to travel to the Freewinds or Flag again, so she had “nothing to lose” by communicating with me but was very worried that Andrew and Pat would find out. But that was too good to last – after all, her being in contact with me was “preventing her Bridge progress” – NOT – she told me she was on the Academy levels at the org and doing great auditing others, of course, she couldn’t do OT IX and X as they don’t exist.  So, the letters that you then sent to me, along with the less than subtle effort to buy my silence by Monique, solidified my conviction that I could not ignore the destruction of Scientology at the hands of David Miscavige.

The problem is that none of you know what is really going on.  You have been fed a lot of information that contains enough grains of truth to be believable, and yet is perverted to create a very false picture.

You have no doubt been given all sorts of DA packs and materials about me.  Don’t you think it’s a little odd that there are such materials about everyone?  Isn’t it starting to set off alarm bells that every person who ever speaks out about what they have seen has “confessions” about how terrible they were and how they were all trying to destroy COB?  You’ve written similar things Cathy, I have seen them with my own eyes.  They are only not used because you continue to toe the line.  But your confessions are just like everyone else’s – you admit you have tried to impede and overworked poor COB because unless you do that you won’t get out of the trouble you are in.  I did at least 10 “A through Es” during the time I was either CO CMO Int, WDC OSA, CO OSA Int or in the Hole (that is probably more than you have done, Cathy, but I know for certain you did at least two A-E write ups because you were an SP along with everyone else in the Hole and they admit to terrible crimes and intentions towards Miscavige and Scientology). Now, it is impossible that every single person in International Management is out to destroy David Miscavige and Scientology.  But if you look in every person’s files, you will find the same sort of “confessions”.  He proclaims loudly and repeatedly that this is the “op” of Int Management and nobody is going to get anywhere until they admit to it.  There are ready made “confessions” to “D/A” every person at the Int Base.  It’s designed that way. And no prizes for guessing what LRH says about someone who claims everyone else is an SP.

And just as an aside: Didn’t it ever strike you as just the tiniest bit strange that I was the International Church Spokesperson while I had been declared by David Miscavige, not once, but at least 5 times. And that I was doing this after those “confessions” that are published in Freedom Mag or handed out in D/A packs.  I would come out of the Hole or the bilges or OGH or the lake at St Hill as a total SP (according to DM), put on a suit or tuxedo and be the church spokesman or a speaker at one of the phony Int events? Is that standard Scientology policy at work?

The majority of the sensational “entheta” about David Miscavige concerns his physical and mental abuse of people.  I know that in the circumstances you are in, you will swear under oath that black is white in order to protect him and his acts.  But Cathy, you have seen it. Don’t pretend you haven’t.  You just believe it is acceptable behavior because of all the “wonderful things” he does.  But those two data don’t add up – savior of Scientology and vicious tyrant.  And if it really is OK in your mind that he acts the way he does – why is everyone lying about it?  Why not come out and say “Yes, he does beat people and he mentally abuses them, but we all think it is OK because he does so much good for Scientology”.   Don’t kid yourself that it is just because “wogs” wouldn’t understand how it is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.  No, 97.5% of Scientologists would be horrified if the church admitted the truth and the flow of funds would dry up.  That’s DM’s dirty little secret. Scientology is supposed to be about the truth. Not covering up what goes on behind closed doors.  That internal rot is a symptom of the decay of the church because it no longer represents truth.

 Taryn, I don’t know for a fact if you have personally witnessed Miscavige wailing on someone, but if not, I am sure you have heard from plenty of people who have seen Gary Wiese being hit by him, and probably also Guillaume, Heber, Yager, Mithoff.  Henning Benndorf saw it hundreds of times and Miscavige told Henning to hit people on his behalf.  Henning was in SFX a lot.  When I asked you whether it was OK for Miscavige to hit people, your response to me was “I never saw him hit you.”  Probably true. But it was not a response to the question I asked.

Andrew, I know you haven’t seen this sort of insane behavior.  Nor have you witnessed the mental abuse.  You know I was in the bilges for more than a month with Guillaume, Heber and Yager at the same time Barb was on the Ship completing OT VIII. I had to be kept out of her sight in case it enturbulated her. When she attested, I was brought out of the bilges for an hour to get cleaned up and sit with her in the Heritage restaurant while someone stood guard at the door to ensure I didn’t do something funny.  It’s odd, I was so happy for her, but it was such a strange situation, it was difficult to not let my true feelings (“What the fuck is happening here?”) show through.  But that’s the weird shit that goes on. You can ask Barb about it.  I am sure she will remember. I had people go ahead of me to ensure she wasn’t in any passageway if I ever went out of the bilges. I know she thought it odd that I had been on the ship for a month after MV and she hadn’t seen me.

But honestly, Miscavige’s insane treatment of SO members isn’t the most major departure from the ideal scene.  It is just a manifestation of his aberration and the true crimes that he is engaged in.

I asked you Andrew if you knew what inurement was.  Hopefully by now you have had the good sense to look it up. Miscavige is guilty a hundred times over. And that could bring about the demise of the Church.  He knows it, but he thinks he is above the law (as well as policy) and can outsmart anyone.  He can’t.  But more importantly, he is in direct violation of very strict LRH policy. You have probably been convinced that “COB” deserves everything he has and more.  Dozens of cars. Private jets. Lavish quarters.  Expensive meals. Outrageous gifts. Cooks and maids and servants and typists and secretaries and chiropractors and hairdressers and makeup men.  The problem is, LRH didn’t have that. And LRH made his money by writing his own books. DM hasn’t done anything other than illegally assumed control of the Church and is reaping the rewards, not of his work, but by taking what LRH created. The $1500 per day for a scuba boat to sit next to the Freewinds, the lavish meals and expensive cars are paid for by the donations of good Scientologists like you.  Just one day of that $1500 per day boat charter would probably pay someone’s monthly mortgage that they took out in order to increase their IAS Honor Status.  The money spent on having 4 PIs follow me full time would buy 2000 copies of Dianetics every day that could be handed out to people for free.  Did LRH waste money like that? No way. And if you look at the article, What our Fees Buy you will see what he has to say about this.

You have been convinced that the Ideal Orgs strategy is a wonderful, on Source program.  It isn’t. It is propaganda by redefinition of words.  The LRH game for orgs was to expand beyond the size of Old St Hill and with that done get the staff to OT.  You don’t hear about this anymore, and the Universe Corps is a faded memory. THAT was LRH.  “Ideal Orgs” is DM.  This is what LRH says about the subject:

” We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some HE (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going. Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.

“What is important is how much service you can give the world and how much you can get done and how much better you can make things. These are important things. These are all that are important. A bank account never measured the worth of a man. His ability to help measured his worth and that’s all. A bank account can assist one to help but where it ceases to do that it becomes useless.”  L. Ron Hubbard, 31 December 1960 lecture, The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology.

But even more important than this is the perversion of fundamental Scientology.  PTS/SP tech is being squirreled with disconnection used as a means of controlling people rather than a last resort tool to help someone de-PTS and lead a happier life.  It’s so bad, the Church spokesman doesn’t even know what to say any more – he says one time that there is no such thing as disconnection and then tries to go back on it and say it “isn’t enforced” and then tries to say it’s like the Catholic religion.  I mean, guys, why not come out and say what really happens. There isn’t a Scientologist in the world that doesn’t know how it goes. If what is being done IS standard Scientology – why not just come out and admit it? 

And there are many other examples, including 6 month sec checks on OT VII, redefining F/N’s, a training line up that makes robot auditors.  You will, of course, reject this out of hand.  But look at the long term international stats – they don’t lie.  And I know they suck as I have been into many orgs in the last 6 months and every single one of them is empty. From London to NY to Tampa to Dallas to Brighton to Orlando to Miami to Denver to Kansas City.  And I have received first hand reports from people who have been into numerous other orgs.  And while the propaganda line is “new orgs opening” in truth it is only new buildings opening.  There hasn’t been a new org opened in recent history.

Here are some articles I suggest you read. They won’t take you long. And if you can truly think for yourself then you can make up your own mind.  But I would hazard a guess that you a) will never be informed that they even exist, b) if you do hear of them you will be told not to read them because they are all lies or c) you will reject them out of hand as you have already been conditioned to believe that the internet only contains entheta intended to destroy you and Scientology.  But, just imagine if LRH had lived his life that way. Afraid to look or see because someone told him it was all bad.  He would never have discovered the reactive mind. Or anything else for that matter.  What happened to the idea that Scientology teaches you to find answers for yourself?  Here are the urls for the articles.  There are literally thousands of others written by all manner of people.

So, you now have a response and you can decide what you want to do. I am more than happy to communicate with you – any time you want. Though I am not willing to have the communication controlled by the Church.  If you can’t have a comm cycle without being supervised by someone in the church then I don’t know what freedom you feel you have achieved.

And remember, it is so very easy to dismiss everything that is said that doesn’t match the party line because there is a built in justification:  they’re an SP, they didn’t really make any case gain (even though they may have attested to every level including OT VIII), they are not really a Scientologist, it is just their own overts etc etc.  Some won’t confront reality until it is “acceptable” – i.e. that enough others have decided that this is reality so it is OK to go along. They can’t “think for themselves” and observe what they see.  But that is what Scientology teaches you. And if all you can do is think according to the dictates of others, you are not truly free.  I hope you can look and not brush off the outpoints you observe.  And start to think for yourselves.  Don’t wait until it has become “fashionable” – that is not the manner of a real Scientologist. 

I wish you all happiness. I know how hard it is to find inside the cocoon.  It is inevitable DM’s house of cards built on a quicksand of lies will fall.  It’s only a matter of time and how much more destruction occurs before his reign comes to an end.



Miscavige’s annihilation of Tom Cruise (part one)

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

In a letter to the St Petersburg Times dated 20 June, 2009 David Miscavige promised to deliver evidence that would cause the annihilation of Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht and I.  Nearly a year, and several million dollars  in investigator fees later, Mr. Miscavige has failed to deliver on that promise. Instead, he has been busily carrying on with the insidious, and devilishly effective, annihilation of his “friend” Tom Cruise.

First, some truths from a prominent and powerful man Miscavige has also been attempting to annihilate post-humously for a couple decades now:

Now let’s say you want to stop something You want to stop something — give it things. Give it lots of matter. And the more matter you give it, the slower it will operate. And you want to stop it dead in its tracks, just empty the dump trucks on it. It’ll stop. Just give it things. Give it things that it considers quite desirable — gold watches and … and Cadillacs and mink coats and … The more you give on this, why, the uh…more upsetting it is to this person. And they…they KNOW they want to have these things, they know that, because that’s right, it says right there on Agreement One: “I want to have the MEST universe.” And it…they say they want things — but the more they get of them, the unhappier they get.

And if you want to just get rid of somebody, just completely, start giving them a lot of presents. You’ll  just…you’ll just — bye-bye. You have to exaggerate it quite a bit, but if you were handy at making things so that every…every 15 or 20 minutes, why, they could receive another present, they…they would either run away utterly or die in their tracks.

That’s one of the biggest mistakes that..that women make — or men make — in interpersonal relationships. There’s good and adequate reason for that, by the way…

…And that’s completely contrary to the way the MEST universe is supposed to run. You’re told very carefully, “Now look: if you’re a success, you get an awful lot of stuff. And you have all these things. And you can have these big beautiful homes and you can have all this way, and you can have all that way, and you can be very happy then.”  And actually you can persist in that…you can persist in that delusion, because it’s a completely backwards modus operandi and it doesn’t fit and it won’t work out that way at all. You could persist in that to kid yourself in order to keep yourself in action. But the second you cease to know it’s a pretense, you get in the trap of it.

You actually have to be in a position like this sometimes to have a superfluidity of MEST to find out what it does to you. It’s just fabulous what a lot of MEST can do to you. It makes an awful “MEST” out of you.

Now, these things are then related. And where you see these things cropping up as manias, where you see havingness mounting up and the MEST stacking up all over the place and getting higher and higher and higher, and that is more or less your object and modus operandi, you’re going to get a stop, and where you get stops, you’re going to get destruction. And where you get destruction and stop and so forth, there’s going to be more matter there. 

– L. Ron Hubbard, PDC lecture “Cycles of Action”

Now, back to the photo that speaks a thousand words, the three motorcycles beautifully arrayed in front of Miscavige’s $70 million palace.  The Harley in the middle is Dave’s. The two bikes flanking it are Tom’s. What are they doing posing in front of Dave’s palace?

Well, Dave had Sea Org craftsmen and craftswomen spend fifty to seventy-five hours fully disassembling his own motorbike and giving it a custom paint job of a quality perhaps unattainable (and at least prohibitively expensive) by outside labor.  When Tom saw Dave’s bike he was so impressed it gave Dave a bright idea in forwarding his calculated plan to corrupt, stop and destroy Tom.  Dave summonsed his underpaid and over-worked Sea Org labor crew to put in another fifty to seventy-five hours on each of  Tom’s two bikes. 

One-hundred and fifty to two-hundred and twenty-five hours of skilled, albeit slave, labor later – voila, another in a series of untold MEST gifts heaped upon a man who once really did have everything, but who under Dave’s program, would soon have too much.

PS: in the event anyone doubts these are Tom’s bikes:

All that glitters is not gold

I intercepted this comment from Sarge today. It is too important not to be it’s own post in my view. Here it is:

Marty, Great to see you again buddy, but you just set ole Sarge off again. Jim you shine again! Gonna get sudden. I have never seen anything more disgusting to me than the way Pat Broeker and DM spent money that did not belong to them. Pat was the biggest’ hobby horser’ I ever saw and DM had his head up Pat’s ass. They were the bobsey twins with gold and diamond everything.

Just before I went to Creston Pat and DM ran a money thing on me. I was taken to Beverly Hills to a fancy restaurant, the valet parked the Van. Why? We had a very expensive meal. I was supposed to be impressed. Wasn’t. Then I was told to pull a twenty dollar bill out of my wallet and burn it in the ash tray. They both laughed at me because they said I was too frugal and needed to learn that money was not a problem and to buy nothing but the best. To me that was waste. I know if it were up to them I would not have been on those lines as I was too honest. Had it not been for LRH I would not have been at Creston.

 In contrast LRH had all the money in the world and wouldn’t spend a dime on himself unless his stats were up. Let me give you an example. While we were up at Creston, one day LRH said to me enthusiastically, “Sarge, my stats are up. I think it’s time we got some vehicles for the ranch.” I had been driving around the 160 acre property and to town in an old beat up Chevy pick up truck. It was called Kris Kringle because it was painted with green and red primer. LRH said he had done some research and found that the most reliable, and economical vehicles he could find were Subarus. He even researched out how to get the best price on them. He directed me to go out and purchase a Subaru station wagon for off-property business and a 4wd Subaru Brat for his use around the ranch. I found the best deal in Orange county Cal. I bought both vehicles and towed the Brat with the wagon back to Creston. The old man was overjoyed. He loved the Brat. It was black and the wagon was silver.And that was LRH’s fleet. And he drove around the ranch in that little Subaru and lived in his RV on that ranch till the day he died.