Daily Archives: June 5, 2010

Pride and Joy

The name of the low-life rat who has been sending emails to Mosey acting like a friend who is concerned about her future well-being because of her connection with me is Andy Hutton.  Andy Hutton is a card carrying dm-bot OSA operative.  I have known it since last Fall, but consistent with my policy of not posting opinions and perceptions (not backed by physical evidence) that might harm someone prematurely judged,  I did not post until I had proof that will hold up in a court of law.

He used to work for RTC in the eighties.  He then was busted to OSA where he set up the Snow White computerized data bases.  He routed out in the early nineties.  He dumped his daughter at the Birmingham org to essentially be raised by Haydn and Lucy James.  Nonetheless, he recently willingly engaged in ops to covertly black PR the Jameses in the UK. 

 Hutton got into a heap of trouble because of a get-rich-quick, criminal rip off ponzi scheme he partnered in that wound up besmirching the church in the courts and the press.  OSA had him right by where his  nuts ought to have been, and Andy couldn’t follow fast enough saluting with both hands.

Andy got in comm with me last Fall.  Just like J Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO operatives who sought to frame civil rights groups in the sixties, Andy continually attempted to recruit me for operations designed to physically take over the church of Scientology and physically oust Miscavige.  When he would apparently not hear me tell him time and again that  I had no such designs and such would play right into DM’s hands, he persisted. And so, I ceased accepting communication from him. 

Someone who was pre-warned of my estimation of Andy’s status  as an OSA operative (but apparently fell for Andy’s sniveling, obsequious act), briefed Andy on where Mike Rinder, Mosey and I were staying in the UK last December.  Within 6 hours the following occured:

a. Anonymous harassment phone calls throughout the night  interrupted Mosey’s and my sleep. Incidentally, the callers all identified themselves as members of Anonymous – which Mosey can tell you I did not buy for a millisecond.

b. An op where Mike Rinder and I were pelted with eggs in a an out of the way street in London by “hooligans” in a brand new bmw, who descended upon us seconds after two obvious PI cars Mike and I had already made, suddenly dropped our tail.  

c. Gave OSA our coordinates so that the constant barrage of PI’s could follow us everywhere.

Andy, my friend, you got a whole lot of damage to make up before you will overcome your incessant missed withhold stammering, your chronic inability to sleep peacefully, and your daily panic attacks. 

DM, you have had it for messing with Mosey. I told you, but you didn’t listen. So, there are no more warnings coming your direction, boy.

To the OSA punks with their fingerprints on this, including but not limited to Bob Keenan (yes Dave, I have known all about Keenan’s amateur-hour antics at your direction for many months), Invest Aide and staff OSA INT, Invest Aide OSA UK, one last friendly word of advice, “you have precious little time to grow out of your juvenile delinquency.”

For those shocked by my tone, hey sometimes lower emotions are appropriate.  Another little fact might put the mood in context, all the email slimes (and other forms of harassment) Mosey has received were sent exclusively when I was out of town.  This is another in a long chain of actions that support my estimation that David Miscavige is the lowliest coward I’ve ever had the burden of knowing. 

On the brighter side, to Mosey, from one our favorite Texas native sons: