Pride and Joy

The name of the low-life rat who has been sending emails to Mosey acting like a friend who is concerned about her future well-being because of her connection with me is Andy Hutton.  Andy Hutton is a card carrying dm-bot OSA operative.  I have known it since last Fall, but consistent with my policy of not posting opinions and perceptions (not backed by physical evidence) that might harm someone prematurely judged,  I did not post until I had proof that will hold up in a court of law.

He used to work for RTC in the eighties.  He then was busted to OSA where he set up the Snow White computerized data bases.  He routed out in the early nineties.  He dumped his daughter at the Birmingham org to essentially be raised by Haydn and Lucy James.  Nonetheless, he recently willingly engaged in ops to covertly black PR the Jameses in the UK. 

 Hutton got into a heap of trouble because of a get-rich-quick, criminal rip off ponzi scheme he partnered in that wound up besmirching the church in the courts and the press.  OSA had him right by where his  nuts ought to have been, and Andy couldn’t follow fast enough saluting with both hands.

Andy got in comm with me last Fall.  Just like J Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO operatives who sought to frame civil rights groups in the sixties, Andy continually attempted to recruit me for operations designed to physically take over the church of Scientology and physically oust Miscavige.  When he would apparently not hear me tell him time and again that  I had no such designs and such would play right into DM’s hands, he persisted. And so, I ceased accepting communication from him. 

Someone who was pre-warned of my estimation of Andy’s status  as an OSA operative (but apparently fell for Andy’s sniveling, obsequious act), briefed Andy on where Mike Rinder, Mosey and I were staying in the UK last December.  Within 6 hours the following occured:

a. Anonymous harassment phone calls throughout the night  interrupted Mosey’s and my sleep. Incidentally, the callers all identified themselves as members of Anonymous – which Mosey can tell you I did not buy for a millisecond.

b. An op where Mike Rinder and I were pelted with eggs in a an out of the way street in London by “hooligans” in a brand new bmw, who descended upon us seconds after two obvious PI cars Mike and I had already made, suddenly dropped our tail.  

c. Gave OSA our coordinates so that the constant barrage of PI’s could follow us everywhere.

Andy, my friend, you got a whole lot of damage to make up before you will overcome your incessant missed withhold stammering, your chronic inability to sleep peacefully, and your daily panic attacks. 

DM, you have had it for messing with Mosey. I told you, but you didn’t listen. So, there are no more warnings coming your direction, boy.

To the OSA punks with their fingerprints on this, including but not limited to Bob Keenan (yes Dave, I have known all about Keenan’s amateur-hour antics at your direction for many months), Invest Aide and staff OSA INT, Invest Aide OSA UK, one last friendly word of advice, “you have precious little time to grow out of your juvenile delinquency.”

For those shocked by my tone, hey sometimes lower emotions are appropriate.  Another little fact might put the mood in context, all the email slimes (and other forms of harassment) Mosey has received were sent exclusively when I was out of town.  This is another in a long chain of actions that support my estimation that David Miscavige is the lowliest coward I’ve ever had the burden of knowing. 

On the brighter side, to Mosey, from one our favorite Texas native sons:

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  1. Stevie Ray. Oh yeah. That OT guitar gives me goosebumps every time. 🙂

  2. I love it when you get SUDDEN !!!!! We stand strong together ALWAYS!!!!!

  3. UnDisturbed

    Tell it like it is, Marty, tell it like it is!

  4. Perfect tone level.

    Perfect song.

    Perfect tribute to an amazing woman.

  5. Quicksilver

    Well said, Marty 🙂

  6. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Marty and Mosey!!

    That was some bad ass SRV!! I saw him perform right before he died. He does some mean Hendrix too!

  7. As I said in the earlier thread, gutless absolutely freaking gutless!
    Third parting the 2D is as cowardly as it gets and you have every right to use whatever tone level you want in dealing with these punks!

    On another note I thought I had all Stevie Rays CDs but that is the first time Ive heard the acoustic version. Thanks.

  8. Virgil Samms

    Andy Hutton. Why am I not surprised.

    He folded like a card table when he was Action Chf RTC and VAs confidant. He rolled over too quickly when Vicky got busted. If he would have had some guts then, she might have gotten rid of the midget.

    And Andy, I believe Marty when he says he has proof it was you sending the letters to Mosey. You a rat, punk.

    Hey, I like this sudden stuff! You may have something there Marty.


  9. Freedom Figther

    Marty, your tone is appropriate to the situation, IMO. When will these ass clowns realize that they are out of their league? Geesh!

  10. TheEmperorIsNaked


    And just right. 🙂

  11. Marty, You learned sudden good. I’m proud of you. I would have mixed in some much stronger words and probably broke something.

  12. Like they say in the church, we stand tall. Time to open a big can of Texas whupp-ass. Don’t these people believe in the overt motivator sequence?

  13. Cured Robot

    Damn, you’ve just tugged on my hearts strings, gotta love a man who can put up a song like that for his loved one!

    (Don’t mean to put a damper on it but the demonologist could never tug my hearts strings nor would I imagine he is capable of such love as witnessed by his “beloved’ wife is holed up somewhere under prison guard). He’s probably baffled why his failed attempt to break up our family didn’t work. Asshole.

    Sorry, Marty for that sour note, but the best to you and Mosey! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Marty,

    I remember some months ago now (pre-London), Andy Hutton came to visit in South Texas and you picked him up from the airport. We intentionally didn’t let him know I was staying at your house so it would be a surprise and we could gauge his reaction. And when he walked into your house the first thing he saw was me, supposedly an old friend. It was clear he was very surprised to see me but rather than it being a pleasant surprise his true feelings registered for an unguarded second in which I saw a grimace of pain and regret flash across his face while he looked down at his shoes rather than me. Then he recovered and it was all smiles and hugs, but too late.

    So it was no surprise that for the rest of that day every other question from Andy was “so what’s your strategy against DM?” while we played along and laughed about it. And we felt a little sorry for him at the time (only a little mind) — it was clear that DM, through his bitch Bob Keenan, had leverage over Andy and what they had on him was big enough to force him to be doing something he clearly didn’t want to do.

    But that was then and this is now, first London and now the cowardly email to Mosey.

    And it is clear to me too that this is Miscavige, his dirty little fingerprints are all over it. Keenan is absolutely and 100 percent DM’s bitch – has physically beaten people on orders from DM (ambush style only of course – no fair warning), does his dirty work in the UK quite independently of normal lines (DM’s op basis). It was Keenan that came up to Birmingham in late 2004 and delivered the insane message to Lucy and me from Miscavige that we were being kicked out of the org despite its years of continuous expansion

    And rather than wear his hat as LRH Personal PRO UK, in addition to being DM’s bitch, Keenan has for years now emulated Dear Leader very closely. Using means very similar to those employed by Miscavige to destroy Scientology management in the latter part of the 80s. Like Dear Leader, Keenan didn’t do a damn thing on his own post but sure complained a lot about everyone else — and left a huge trail of destruction in his wake.

    Keenan sat on the UK management council, sometimes as the most senior person because the CO CMO did not always attend, and needled and bombarded the council with bad news about Scientology org executives and direct orders until, angered by these false reports and orders, the council acted viciously and unjustly against the orgs.

    Sunderland Org, late 90s: the org was making steady progress and headway for once under the guidance of its ED (most of its history it had been small and failing). Keenan had the ED falsely labeled Type B (criminal) removed and booted out of the org; of course the org collapsed and has never come back up. Please note: when that removed ED got as far away from the UK as she could, she was willingly accepted as staff in a higher org.

    Manchester Org: In the wake of the McPherson case Keenan took the lead in getting rid of two Class VI tech terminals (only real tech terminals the org had) which made it impossible for the org to deliver. He then hammered away about the OEC/FEBC ED (only real trained executive) because he’d had the “audacity” to marry the LRH Communicator. With no tech delivery and under attack the ED leaves when his contract is up (around 2003). Manchester has been in a sorry state since and a real problem to management.

    Brighton Org: had a good, experienced ED, a friend of Lucy’s. But Keenan pushed hard until the ED Brighton was brought before a Committee of Evidence. Keenan repeated the trick and kept it up year after year. That’s 5 years – one Committee of Evidence for the ED per year for five years in a row. It only stopped because the ED said enough is enough and left staff. The org collapsed after that and has not come back up.

    London: In 2004 a CLO UK mission fired to London Org to get in some standard LRH actions. Being a coward Keenan was up DM’s butt as regards the Idle Org strategy and was a mini-me on the subject. So much so he used his position to hijack the mission into London. He dreamed up his own public division panels and ordered that London Org pay large sums to have these panels made and placed in the London org reception area and ordered that the org do no body-routing because per Keenan “the public should see these panels and just walk in” (totally contrary to LRH policy). Of course following Keenan’s orders and with no public inflow the org and mission did not do well and when DM came to town with his other mini-me (Jenny) and saw what they were doing he was insanely furious and ordered all those involved severely punished. Did Keenan own up or take responsibly? No way, he maneuvered by viciously attacking the people who had in fact followed his orders to the letter and anyone else upon whom he could deflect the blame including the CO FOLO who was not on the mission or even in charge of missions but who was busted and kicked out of FOLO UK by Bob Keenan himself as part of the smokescreen. And you had the crazy scenario of the London Missionaires being busted and severely punished because they followed Bob Keenan’s orders by a Committee of Evidence brought by Bob Keenan.

    I could go on but suffice to say that Messrs Keenan & Miscavige have destroyed Scientology in the UK.

    Andy Hutton has been working for Keenan for years. Andy briefed me on how he was working for Keenan on “projects” when I was still there.

    Anyway, I can handle Andy Hutton being a plant and DM’s little bitch boy, but that Andy Hutton/Bob Keenan/Miscavige email to Mosey has me spitting blood and makes me want to “come out swinging”. Unlike Bob Keenan though, I give fair warning.

    Haydn James

    PS. Andy, it’s not too late, come clean and stop working for these criminals, you’ve got nothing to lose and everthing to gain

  15. Andy Hutton? What ponzi scheme was he involved in? He seems to be a known “bad egg”
    from the Robin Scott saga back in ’85:(
    and appears to also have been programmed DOWN the grade chart as well: OT Debug service in 1977, Purif completion in 2005.

    Sounds like a potential RICO co-sonspirator.
    AND a No Gain Case. Hmmmmm…..does ANYONE in upper management get Case Gain?

  16. Interesting that they would try to frame us anons as harrassing you and Mr. Rinder. What do you suppose they’re trying to accomplish with this?
    Are they so brain dead that they are afraid you would join our ranks even though – in my view – our positions regarding LRH are not reconciliable, but they still try to prevent it by all means possible?

    Or is it rather for reasons of plausible deniability; you can be sure it’s them but in a court of law they could easily point the finger at us?

  17. Lucy James

    Andy Hutton and Bob Keeanan are lily-livered, pigeion hearted, yellow-bellied, no guts, DM-dogbots. (DM-dogbots are lower than DM-bots)

    These guys lack courage and are week-kneed.
    Stooping to such low degrading tacts, disgusting!

    How about a full frontal attack. Bring it on boys, but be upfront. Oh, I forgot, you are both thick as pig shit and can’t apply LRH policy so you are really the dumb leading the dumber.

    To train your cowardly dogs better DM, you need to go to

  18. Andy!

    That reminds me of another song by Frank Zappa, “Andy”, which asks the question, “Is there anything good inside of you?”

    Andy, this one’s for you (if my code is correct).


  19. Ne Obliviscaris


    Hey, you know, I hate whipped cream on my ice cream. I don’t want it on my ice cream. Doesn’t mean I don’t like whipped cream.

    Nuthin’ wrong with a little hate. It’s how we distance ourselves from things we really dislike.

    LRH said, “To hate alone is the road to disaster”. The key word here is ALONE.

    I know that you love Scientology. I also know that you hate seeing overts committed on good people .

    I too love Scientology, but by itself, without all of that fluffy shit and nuts on top.

    Did I just feel another shift to “Motion Toward”?

    I’m with ya’ on the cowardly harassment and targeting Mosey. Why can’t this jackass just confront you face to face? What a pussy.

    Couple of quotes:

    “Never fear to hurt another in a just cause”

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” – Jimi Hendrix.


  20. Give ’em hell, Marty!

  21. I think that not only are you entitled to take this tone, it’s entirely appropriate. It’s also something that dm can actually understand.

    I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now. NO sir.

  22. Marty,

    I can not thank you enough my big brother. My affinity for your and Mosey increases daily.

    I knew my dreams for the past 2 nights had some answers. I knew something was up. Thank you for posting the answer.

  23. Well done Marty. My admiration to you for standing so strong and being so smart. Also admire your loyalty to your lady.

    To the thief who is actually just a lowly common criminal:
    No where to run, no where to hide. If I were you, I’d start looking for an escape route! Maybe you should try the Taliban. They would welcome you with open arms as they specialize in PDH. [pain, drug, hypnosis] You’re almost there with the big boys!

  24. martyrathbun09

    Nothing like Lucy goin’ sudden all of the sudden.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sudden Sarge

  26. martyrathbun09

    Haydn, As per usual you’ve got the situation, and the players, pegged.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Tony, Little Wing, I dare say, better than the original in some ways. Can you email me about that last peformance? Thanks.

  28. Wallflower

    Hit’m… hit’m

    Sorry, I’ve been watching some military videos, but I agree that messing with with your woman (or any family member) is a call to arms. (also, been a fan of SRV long before he was famous and my fingers hurt trying to play Scuttle Buttin)

    CoM confront is immoral and insane. I’ll help if needed.

  29. Marty, very appropos.Mosey, you shine!xo

  30. Your tone is not shocking, Marty, it is correctly included. My best to Mosey. Who the hell is Bob Keenan?

  31. Tony DePhillips

    Hope this embeded

  32. Little Wing!

    This is for Mosey:

    Slightly off topic, I know…..

  33. Wallflower

    No violence implied in the “call to arms” statement.

  34. War and Peace


    He dumped his daughter at the Birmingham org to essentially be raised by Haydn and Lucy James. Nonetheless, he recently willingly engaged in ops to covertly black PR the Jameses in the UK.

    Sounds like Cookie Cutter Hollywood casting of a DM recruit for dirty tricks.
    Lives up to basic requirements for DM operative.
    Lie, Cheat, 3rd party, betray friends,cause a trail of destruction and flip flop in loyalties, attempt to interfere with husband and wife relationship ~~only true rattlesnakes are eligible to apply for DM dirty tricks as an enabler.

    The leopard does not change his spots….

  35. Tony DePhillips

    dog-Bot: lower level being to a normal Bot. (see Bots-types of) a dog Bot is a robot with a penchant for dog-like activities. This includes all things you have observed dogs doing. (Ya, that too!!) They need Masters and are dependent for food and care. On their own they wouldn’t make it in society.

    Thanks Lucy for the newly coined term being added to the Indie Dictionary.

  36. I lost another post to the ether, just as well, it was veering off to a darker place than I wanted to go.

    Mosey, woman to woman I want to tease you a little…oh you poor little thang, with Marty all standing up for you. Delicate as you are, it’s terible, ah feel a spell comin’ on…swoon,
    hee hee.

    There’s nothing blows my hair back more than a man that will actually BE one, and imo they are way too rare.

    So, lucky you…I’m envious;)

    I wish it was just some jerk but I realise it’s serious business and I honestly worry about you two. I am so glad you have eachother.

    DM for sure despises the internet because of the free communication and the element of the unkown.

    And while he sits up at night organising his files of all the tweets that mention him, there’s a nagging voice in the back of his mind asking, “What happens when thousands of OT’s have finally been given the data, that you’ve done everything in your power to hide from them, and it’s about YOU?

    DM might be starting to realise despite all his PI’s and secret blackmail folders (that aren’t even a secret anymore) that just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean that no one is out to get him, haha.

    Jus sayin’.

  37. Dr. Faust
    Perhaps,In part, this may help you understand this, is that as one of DM’s major tools is the old and classic divide and conquer strategy. ( as a quick aside the ultimate divide and conquer of his is the psychotic break he sets up within the individual SO member and outward to the rest of the church) If he can at all drive a wedge that weakens his perceived enemies that gets then to fight among themselves he will do anything he can to do it.
    Be wary of this tactic. His first visible major success with this was his destruction and collapse of the mission network and the splintering of scientology back in the early days. His clear intent from the beginning is to destroy Scientology, by any means and in any way he can overt or covert. In this you can begin to see one of his major tools, indie, against freezone, against, anon, against, com/cos. Every one fighting against each other. In short do not communicate, which is in direct opposition of what LRH presents as, communication as the universal solvent. DM’s divide and conquer strategy allows him breathing room and time to continue with and complete his SP plans.
    So as a parting thought let’s try to talk to each other rather than talking at each other in all these diverse zones as difficult as it might be at times, passion being what it is. Perhaps this understanding might just migrate to the other boards as well, and perhaps we can then recover the best of scientology at the same time, for every ones benefit.

  38. Pretty Lady

    Does any one know whats going on in Toronto.

    I am an EX-SO , OSA, better not to tell more about my self.

    According to my resources, OSA has undertaken a biggest survelliance activity in the North American history, almost half a million dollar has been spent over a period of one year.

    The interesting fact is that, all this revolve around a Chinese or Korean middle aged guy who is not even a scientologist.

    Initially, the local scientologist has been asked to contributed fund and resources to get this guy out of town , as it was considered very dangerous…… reason unknown.

    But dramatically, the situation reversed when the same guy became a HEVENLY DIETY, and scientologist (with big pockets) invited to see glimpse of him and in return provide fund for “his well being” .

    The person is well know in the north part of city’s billiard clubs and karaoke bars as pervert , racist etc..

    I will ask my resources to provide photo or clips of that guy (which is widely spread amongst the patrons of above mentioned clubs)

    Marty could you check with your sources about it , it sounds fun.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Captain Kangaroo

  40. What do you mean by heavenly deity? Can you give more specifics? Thanks

  41. War and Peace

    David Miscavige: Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center.
    David Miscavige is the current Ecclesiastical leader of the Church of
    Scientology and COB – Religious Technology Center.


    YOU can work for the LEADER at the HELM of the 21st century most explosively expanding Religion.
    Would you like to work for COB himself ????


    Ability to commit any dirty trick on Marty or Mike Rinder.
    Ability to harass, do slimy deeds, break the law.

    Commit felony invasion of privacy by being willing to secretly recording or listening to a conversations, without the consent of all parties, whether carried out orally or by wire or electronic means.
    Be WILLING to serve jail time even though a penalty of imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years or a fine not to exceed $10,000.00 is enforced in many states, (STUDY Anthony Pellicano, Private Investiagtor and his wire taps first) case history

    BE WILLING to divulge or distribute to any unauthorized person or authority the content or substance of any private message of Marty or Mike Rinder regardless of whether it is intercepted lawfully or unlawfully.

    BE WILLING to dive bomb and lunge as part of a group in Parking lots with or without video cameras.

    MUST have the ability to find out, through fair means or foul STRATEGY and SECRET plans of Marty and Mike.


    Other rewards based on production results of how deeply you TROLL.
    OT 9, 10, 11 and Super Power maybe rewarded for FREE if you are REALLY good.

  42. Nightmares Getting Less

    Prett Lady,

    Your post is interesting.

    I should advise that when you post such an alarming report as an ex OSACAN staff member that you cover your credentials better.

    Otherwise no one will respond to your requests for info.

    Seriously no pun intended.

  43. the oracle

    Seriously, I would have a restraining order issued on the Church. Anyone being stalked or harassed should do that. Maybe after a few hundred people have had restraining orders issued against the Church this terrorist activity will become all too obvious to the district attorneys and they will be more mindful of what they can expect.

  44. the oracle

    Meanwhile I am sure they would love it if someone reacted in a way they could motivate on. Please do not get sucked into these motivator flows anyone and trip up, that is what they would want. They are bullbaiting. There are laws against stalking and hazing, it is considered criminal. We are not criminals and we have rights. File complaints or law suits. Use what they are doing to bring them into the justice arena.

  45. Mr. B, I don’t think DM’s purpose is to destroy Scientology; rather it is to use Scientology to line his own pockets.

    I am one of the many who disagrees strongly with Marty, Mike, and the Independents, but while I have no problem voicing my strong opinions on my web site, it would never even occur to me to stoop so low as to mess with his personal life. It’s a ridiculous tactic and reminds me of the sort of thing a group of 8-year-olds would come up with. (Luckily, an 8-year-old could just as easily see through it.)

    Marty, Mike, I know we disagree on a lot, I know you sometimes lump me in with DM, but for what it’s worth, I stand with you on this one. The Church’s behavior towards you two is reprehensible and wrong. Good on you for shining the light of truth on them.


  46. Quicksilver

    Can you give ore info … I have a hard time understanding what you are saying


  47. CLAPTON IS GOD!!!!

    Off topic??? Naw… no way…. good, no great guitar playing is great guitar playing! Great link Tom! Thanks. Contributed to the “brighter side” tribute to Mosey from Marty in my book.

  48. Mike Hobson

    Not gonna happen. DM is just dying to get Marty into court by any means possible, as he can then use his fraudulently obtained IAS millions to bankrupt Marty through abuse of motion practice, abusive discovery, etc.

    All the dirty, underhanded tricks they normally use of which Marty and Mike are both well aware.

    Michael A. Hobson

  49. Absolutely brilliant!

  50. Virg can you tell me which Vicky you are talking about? Curious about this as I never did find out which way the wind blew with Vicki and Rick Aznaran.

  51. Can you just see the Board meetings planning these ops?

    OK…AHA! Let’s send them a pizza! AHA! Write to his lady and try to split them up… aHA! Let’s make some Twitter accounts and use LRH’s name but use it to slander and bully independent practitioners …

    David Miscavige’s “Church” leadership has escalated prank Pizza deliveries, phone harassment, stalking and egg-throwing to belly-crawling reptile poison letters (terribly written)

    As the overts increase, so does the stupidity. They’re like an ostrich that thinks it’s hiding because its head is in the sand.

    Another #FAIL! Another portrait of a petty, small, inane and insane megalomaniac’s abusive agenda.

    What happens if the Church of Miscavology Pizza Delivery squad turns on El Fuhrer and their robots defect?

    What a deranged little war.

    Stop harming good people, David Miscavige and minions.

  52. UnluckyPatron

    Marty, I don’t post comments often, but I like to think that when I do, it’s apropos to the circumstances. Due to the vicissitudes of recent history, you’re doing the right thing. Though no one may know who I am via this blog, I will, when I decide to declare myself publicly, be a very valuable asset to your cause.

    All I can say is that we’ve met before and we definitely had our affinity for rap music in common 🙂

    You and Mike are the two individuals giving all of us hope. All of us commenting on this blog have lost dear constituents to our lives and you and Mike are the ones giving us the belief that we can have the redemption we’ve so long sought and never received. If nothing else, just wake up knowing that.

    I’ve met DM before. I think I pissed him off as I’m a solid foot taller than him and I wouldn’t shake his hand. I’ve actually never dated a girl as short as him. And David M, if you’re reading this, I hope you know that no matter how big you purport and advertise yourself to be on a golden platform with royal backdrops, you’re still a 5 and a half foot man who goes to bed at night knowing you ruin lives. There’s a reason you stand 6 feet away from a Patron Meritorious in the awards picture – it’s because you’d look like their adopted son with cerebral palsy and a Napoleon complex if you stood right next to thema and everyone could see the Willow-impersonating, face-wrinkled, ugly midget that you are.

    There’s my two cents. It happens to be more valuable than all the money you’ve ever extorted from honest parishioners, dear hobbit.

  53. UnluckyPatron

    Also, I find this song to be the epitome of the mindset that I reached when I truly realized I did not need to experience the pain of the current COS:

    Insouciance is at the top of the Tone Scale. I feel the song exemplifies it perfectly.

  54. Lower tones?
    Toughness is HIGH on the scale!!
    My very best! Fidelio

  55. theystolemychurch

    This is just to funny! I laughed so hard I thought I was going to stroke out and drop my body….. what creative talent and a real release in humor… Thank you, thank you~ so funny and real talent!

    And here I was going to post something about how 1.1 dm is (so especially on the 2D)!

    This was so much more up-tone and FUNNY!

  56. the oracle

    Anyone can get a restraining order issued. It is for protection. It matters not how much money the other person has. Nobody here needs to be afraid of getting a restraining order, all you have to do is show cause. You cannot be bankrupted by requesting a restraining order. Men showing up at Marty’s home and scaring his wife after stalking him all day is plenty cause for a restraining order.

  57. T. Paine, that story makes me sad for Andy.
    I wish he would realise what he has to gain.

    You know the main thing that caused me to check out this blog is when I saw a youtube clip of Marty announcing some not so pretty overts on national TV I guess it was. Maybe it was the St. Pete Times and not TV, but my point is… I thought to myself; that guy has figured out the way to happiness. You try your best and when you make a mistake announce it to anyone that will listen. And don’t be doin shit you need to hide .

    And while you’re wiping the slate clean, try to get on national TV and confess some overts , haha.

    An attorney once told me, don’t ever say anything that you aren’t willing to explain to a judge. Not bad advise really, but fearful and other determined.
    The point is, what’s going on all around you might not seem right. So, it gets tricky.

    Words are the single most powerful tool man routinely uses against himself, it’s no wonder Ron started with the comm course. And word clearing.

    Anyway, some are gonna come flying out of int and other places. Some are going to get a Queens welcome, like Mary Joe:)… oh the fireworks she brought to the celebration! Others might have some amends to make, but we can do it. DM LOVES spreading the suspicion and mistrust. What he doesn’t get is tone levels are tools too, and when you aren’t stuck in one it feels better than tap dancing.every tone level is absolutely allowed. The tone levels are very useful to those who have no need to resist them.
    It’s getting three feet behind the game, well that’s what I call it anyway. And it’s fun to be free to get there with grit and pure self-determinism. Hell or high water, and we’ve got plenty of both right now!

    Andy could get out of there, and he could do some real scientology. When the conditions are done properly they are amazing.

    Signatures are only a symbol. I know people used to joke and make others pay for the signature. I think the conditions just became some bullshit thing you seemed to be doing all the time as some sort of punishment. It just got to the point that a large majority of the public knew it, made fun of it…sort of to bullbait the out points to the com line .

    But before long it was all but illegal to talk about Scientology, or ponder and discuss the tech. Communication became squirreling, that is unless you limited your communication to some scene from a Terry Gilium movie.

    Or if you were uptone and you’re grade one was in, you were a joker and degrader. What a crock of shite, we scattered to the winds by the thousands I guess. A LOT of people had their comm lines COMPLETELY DESTROYED by the church, mostly because we were all guilty of liking or even loving eachother.
    That had to be stopped, it was a lot of our power.

    Everyday here I see people f’ning, man it’s even more times than three in row I think! This blog is some of the best scientology I’ve seen in years.

    You know what that means DM? This time … it’s going to be d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t.

    At ease, go back to filing your tweets.

    Oaky, sorry guys…itsa, itsa says Victoria, haha.

  58. ” adopted son with cerebral palsy and a Napoleon complex Willow-impersonating, face-wrinkled, ugly midget that you are”

    Stop that, you unlucky patron… I was firmly notgoing to do any name calling tonight, that must be why yours set me straight into glee. Now I am really going to sleep, albiet it, laughing:)

  59. Marty, as I was reading your article I was thinking I needed to tell you about Keenan being BFF’s with Andy. However, as I read on I see you beat me to it. And now I see Haydn clarified the Keenan situation even further. And brilliantly at that. Keenan HATES the spotlight except when he is running around on UK base being The Man. When it comes to the media, he would rather get others to stand in front of the camera and do the talking, and the carefully explain to them what a shit job they just did. The Gutless Wonder would NEVER confront you directly, Marty. No, Mr. Slime would rather recruit his fellow slime Andy Hutton to covertly attempt to drive a wedge between you and your wife. I spit in his general direction.

  60. A very serious question, and one that does need to be answered. At what point, Marty, are you going to conceed that this foul harassment that you, your loved ones, and Mike Rinder are now experiencing (and which many, many others before you who departed the Co$ but not the Tech have experienced) – is an intrinsic part of LRH Tech?

  61. Felicitas Foster


    Hmm… with this tone you might be in DM’s band of reality – – – but maybe it is still too high to reach him?! 🙂

    Continue to take good care of Mosey, she deserves having somebody to stand up for her.


  62. Keenen sounds like a regular old SP. How many posts like this where Keenen and DM run around, because of their cowardice, and rip up orgs and deny case case to millions, is it going to take?
    It’s true that DM’s only leverage is blackmail and not duty, but another thing going on is the small minority fighting against the Independents are afraid of their own suppressive crimes being eventually exposed if real Scientology comes back. So they jump on board defending Miscavige. The future can be denied Scientology for Infinity, as long as their crimes stay hidden I guess.

    I wonder if the rest of OSA wants their name up here for all time like Andy. Of course this is all going to be archived forever, as in it’ll be on target 2, so it never happens again. Think about that, Andy will NEVER get over that completely. Unfortunately, people need to always see what happened, so names like ANDY and NEEL and PABLO, these names will never be forgotten like Judas. Pivotal moment, and these guys couldn’t handle it. I wonder if the rest of OSA thinks the squirreling isn’t going to be exposed? I mean how could you think DM is going to win this? We’re all going to go away or get tired of it? It’s the kind of thing where nothing can stop the truth from winning, so choose your side carefully OSA.

  63. Impartial English Girl

    I’m not shocked by your tone, Mr. R. In fact, I think it’s incredibly measured, calm and entirely appropriate.

    And your lady Mosey sticks by you through all this DM-madness. That’s love, right there. Something pure and wonderful, which DM will never know because he cannot understand it.

  64. The Wise Man

    Its true, some thing is going on Toronto for last few months, nearly all scientologist of Toronto were busy in kicking some one ass. But then there was a silence by OSA since April on that topic

  65. Interesting Marty that someone was trying to recruit you into a takeover attempt at ousting the dwarf that would have led to disaster. That same thing happened to me and I refused saying that I had no interest. I also said that the plan as presented was most ill advised and would get them on the losing ends of civil suits if not criminal actions for charges like extortion. I smelled a rat behind it and figured it was the person behind the one who was actually asking me about it.

    As for your “tone” for defending a loved one, I call it appropriate. Reps of organized scientology tried to hurt my daughter once. That I will not forget nor will I forgive as long as that hate-filled mode of operation or thought continues to thrive within organized scientology as run by little Davey.

    BTW I have always considered David Miscavige a coward and posted that a number of times in the past.

  66. Now Lucy James has gone, “SUDDEN”…see what you’ve started Sarge.

    Folks Lucy is maybe 99 lbs dripping wet and she is calling out the two bozo’s from the UK.

    This is sudden on steroids

  67. DM is disgusting, as you say Marty, a real low life. After hearing this, all your prvious posts and about his takeover of the church when LRH died it brings to mind how many thousands stood by and watched Hitler’s rise to power. Some of those in the hole allowed this to happen, watching on or having involvement. Let’s hope someone of them grows some cajones and delivers a punch between DM’s “sparkling blue eyes”. That’s all he’s good for and surely deserves.
    When I think of how niaive I was joining staff, all the weeks of being told “Sorry no pay this week” having 2 cadets with no food supplied by SO having to go to public school with little or no nutritious lunch, having to buy food out of my soon diminishing personal savings and run it down to school for them, heart beating that I had left the org unauthorized. When I think of the money he wastes on GOONS, cars, air flights, boats in the islands, violiating the confidentiallity of pre-ots. I want to alert other Scns, staff, SO members but they are under such heavy threat to not search the net. The Little Shit believes he is above the law, that he is some demi god or something. If you only knew my partner calls him the Dwarf, (apologies to any little people reading, this is an insult to them.
    He’ll probably come back a filthy cockroach next time with all these crimes and abuses.

    I hate the fact that I cannot warn my daughter of this pilfering of parishioners funds. My last advice to her before my disconnection was, ” Go up the Bridge, go OT that’s ALL that matters” Now I want to tell her, “Stop paying ANYTHING to this church because it will be wasted by the psychotic, megalomaniac at the top. AND Do your research”.

    The old disconnection that isn’t supposed to exist. Ha! What a joke that one is. I need to see her one last time to change my advice to her and let her know she will not inherit anything from my family whilst she is a member of the C of DM.

  68. Well, now I understand why the letter and garage sale and other harrassments aren’t going legal, thanks Mike Hobson, DM has unlimited financial assetts at his disposal, despite the manner in which he acquired them.(THEFT, the theft of objects is really an effort to steal a self. Objects represent selves to others. Thieves and what they steal cannot be understood by logic of their material needs. They steal tokens of selves and hope to assume thereby another self. HCOB 2 May 58)
    I am very glad Mike, Marty and Mosey are well trained to confront, predict and handle the onslaught of the dog-bot crap with the correct estimation of effort, giving back that individuals’ happiness to move again in a survival direction.

  69. Watching Eyes

    Loved your comment. I laughed out loud.

    Good for you for not shaking the dwarf’s hand. It was probably all clammy anyway and you would have come away having to dry yours off.

  70. Pretty Lady

    Well, let me give you more data , ITS HUGE, the guy is on 24 hours surveillance with atleast 6-8 agents , round the clock. The number jumps up during evening, when more then two dozens are keeping on eye on that GUY.

    The activity ,offcourse, couldn’t get unnoticed to local authorities, including Canadian FBI(RCMP) . They are also monitoring it very silently and getting “documented”(no need to tell the “excellent relationship enjoyed by the Church and the RCMP in early 90’s)

    I am trying to get the photo of that GUY or clip and post it on Youtube and provide link to this blog.

  71. I couldn’t listen to the song on this computer. I look forward to it calming, inspiring me soon.
    Cheers to Mosey.

  72. Marty,

    I think DM must authorize payment to fly ex Sea Org “executives” (Andy I recall was CO OSA Int for a brief period, and his wife, Francis Dourges (?) was various exec posts, she was temper tantrum prone to say the least, and he to me seemed more the docile spouse to her domineering nature) around to do these Ops.

    I think it is status and use of “church” money that ultimately gives people like Andy the green light.

    I wonder if they volunteered, and how that whole volunteer network, loose as it likely is.

    I imagine the emails and suggestions from these DM siding people sent to DM or RTC or whomever their contacts are, are pretty pitiful in wacky suggestions how to “deal” with you and Mike and independents.

    I think it comes down to funding this crap, and this is where the official movement’s money is being wasted.

    Cointelpro operations of pushing you to be something that they think is disparaging, which is what they used as their smearing line against you last year.

    This is a recurring pattern in Scientology history though.

    I ‘ve long wished Mike Rinder to at least speak about the incident with Gerry Armstrong, where a similar ploy of encouraging an insider coup against DM, back in 1982ish, the incident when Mike sat on the Griffith Park bench with Gerry.

    To me, I’d be glad to see ALL camps retire this type of ploy and intelligence stuff. It just doesn’t win the subject of Scientology support, it always backfires. People know in their hearts it is wrong to play spy games and to lure their “enemies” into plans that forward dirty PR labeling of those “enemies.”

    One huge huge advantage I see in the freezone and independents, is they don’t for a second play that game, and rather they expose it.

    Thanks for naming names and laying it out.


  73. crashingupwards

    Mosey, your great. Sorry you have to put up with this nonsense and pranks.

    I hope you respond to their e-mails with interesting ones of your own, somewhat more enlightening. I suppose any commline is useful to spread the truth.

    Marty and you have this blog and links to hundreds of others to expose their sickness whenever they show it through their harrassment. That is the best way to respond.

    The old saying is don’t get mad, get even. Thats easy to do with them. Every time they think they scored 2 points and are in the game, you fly down the court with the ball, slam dunk it, draw the foul and watch as the other side overreacks and gets a technical to boot. Each and every time.

    At the end of the game, the Church is near fatally damaged and drained of resources and people, while the large and growing numbers of Independents are marching to the beat of their various drummers.

    When your cause is just, your heart is pure, and your intention is not to hurt innocent people, you’ve got it all going for you. Keep it all in perspective and know you have thousands of supporters and well-wishers.

  74. Haydn
    Reading this post of yours I had a clear understanding of the harmonics involved with DM and what could be rightly termed his ‘ilk’.

    DM, or any SP/evil guys, have this particular attitude. It’s well known to most of us, it’s like that nasty German in Inglorious Basterds. It’s a valence familiar to mankind.

    It restimulates the same or similar ‘archetype’ in another. If that ‘archetype’ is resolved in the other, then it can, by the rules of ARC (the fact of comm itself carries with it some agreement and affinity, otherwise NO comm) bring out a comparable response. That would likely be short-lived and once out of the vicinity of the nasty, the other would not necessarily carry on that type of attitude.

    However, in some, the response is ‘lasting’. It restims something of comparable nature in them, a valence that they become and from there ‘view’ life. It’s a lie, they aren’t that valence basically, but have ‘become’. Unfortunately, being a lie, it means they have lost their own viewpoint and can’t thus, as-is.

    These are DM’s ‘ilk’. Those that resonate at that frequency. And it is, technically, ‘resonance’ very similar to physical resonance which can in say a sound system result in ‘feedback’. The attitude, restims the attitude which restims the attitude and pretty soon you have the scene where in unrestrained resonance, the place shatters.

    Keenan resonates with DM. Hutton resonates at the same level, he’s ‘out -of- valence’ (of course it’s all ‘out-of-valence’ fundamentally).

    I personally think that this experience, what we are looking at and going through with DM and the CofM, is our internship in the vast array of materials of Scn. It is an object lesson. It’s not a ‘doll drill’ anymore, but the pc, live and in the throes of dramatization. It’s the course we just studied, right there in front of us. Since it’s an internship, mistakes are going to occur in application, so, for each one, a cramming on the applicable materials and drill and back in session. Sooner or later we’re going to be ‘flubless’ at this whole thing.

    I for one know for the first time really, how the SP ‘becomes’ one and how that aberration contages to others, the mix of overts/withholds, ARCXs, PTPs and entanglement in the ‘archetype’ and the eventual collapse of the beings so affected.

    Effective isolation of this particular valence, the ‘evil’ one, and those so affected, a ‘quarantine’ in fact, and the rest of the people will go back to the business of making things better.

    ‘Quarantined’ those overwhelmed by what they’ve ‘become’, can be eased back to themselves, from which point of view they can as-is the thing.

    That should dispose of this scene roit some noice, wha’. And without sorrow, but certainty that it is getting handled for all concerned. That calls for joy. Even more so for those ‘out-of-valence’ for so long.

    (Note: Susan E, how’s that for a new view of that sentence in Chapter 27 of S.O.S.?)

  75. For Mosey,
    The attempt at alloying the affinity with Marty is crass. It’s very low-scale and thus repugnant to theta beings. Sort of like getting dog-poo on your shoe. Ucky stuff.

    The reversal of actual ARC that beings uptone are capable of to where its aim is destruction of survival entities. Again, ucky stuff.

    For what it’s worth, here’s what I see. You and Marty have postulated and are creating one of those wonderful, epic, sung about, written about, expressed in any number of aesthetic means about, romances. The vessel wherein is nurtured the future. It is creation in its finest sense.

    Thank you.

  76. martyrathbun09

    This ain’t no doll drill.

  77. martyrathbun09

    Karen, slightly edited. I think you’ll understand and agree. I hope.

  78. Marty, Marty, Marty, you’re being glib! You don’t know the history of David Miscavige and I do. You obviously haven’t read the new CoS website. At the site, we are are informed that DM was a boy wonder, a St. Hill pro auditor at age 12, who would later single-handedly save CoS! This is how DM is promoting himself:


    “Born in 1960, David Miscavige has been a Scientologist for most of his life and is still remembered as the 12-year-old prodigy who served as the youngest professional auditor at Saint Hill’s famed Hubbard Guidance Center in England.

    “He is further remembered for the fact that barely a year after entering the Scientology religious order, the Sea Organization, at the age of 16, he was among a handful of people selected to work directly with L. Ron Hubbard. After personal instruction from Mr. Hubbard, the 17-year-old David Miscavige served as his Director of Photography for the first Scientology training films.

    “Later, at Mr. Hubbard’s request, Mr. Miscavige served as the senior executive supervising ecclesiastical missions to Scientology Churches around the world. By the age of 18, David Miscavige had become the individual L. Ron Hubbard called upon to carry out the most important assignments. No Church executive in history ever received more direct communication from L. Ron Hubbard than Mr. Miscavige.

    “In 1983, L. Ron Hubbard described a heroic Church executive who cleaned the ranks of rogue staff attempting to seize control of Scientology while Mr. Hubbard was engaged in intensive research and absent from the Church. As Mr. Hubbard himself phrased it:

    “‘So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands. It all came out all right. Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did. My faith was justified.’”

    “That real Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard spoke of was David Miscavige….”


  79. martyrathbun09

    Larry, Definition of a criminal: one who cannot conceive of the consequences of his actions. DM cannot even conceive of what he creates when he attacks loved ones; loved ones to him translates into “potential leverage.”

  80. martyrathbun09


  81. OK – going to stay calm – not going to lose it – here goes.

    Bob Keenan:
    Assuming you are allowed to read this blog I find it devastating that you have turned into someone I no-longer recognize. We were friends once. I remember the young idealistic fireman who so desperately wanted to join the Sea Org and help. If you ever want to talk I’m still here for you.

    Andy Hutton:
    I would like you to know that our mutual friend (the one you played like a fiddle) defended you again and again, trusted you and refused to hear ill of you. Perhaps you think that person was stupid? You are wrong. That person is honorable and refused to allow his affinity to be alloyed. SHAME ON YOU!!! I understand now why you were so reluctant to meet with me. The offer to meet still stands should you have any shred of personal integrity left and be willing to confront me. You know how to find me.

    OSA UK staff:
    You know who and where we are. If you honestly think we are bad and SPs grow a pair and meet with us personally instead of hiding and playing your stupid covert games.

    Seriously?!!!! Thank you for going after Marty’s woman. There is nothing more stupid you could have done. History and art are scattered with examples of what happens when a real man (not that you would know about that) decides to protect what is rightfully his.
    Big mistake… huge.

    Marty and Mosey:
    Your love for each other, your example what what is right, honorable, loyal, and true is the standard by which anyone would be proud to aspire. My deepest love, respect and admiration to both of you… Eternally – and I mean that.

    Sam out.

  82. Easy to understand really- he loves no one- outside of his reality.

  83. Many things could be said about LRH, but definitely not that he was a coward. Many things can be Said about little Dave and this will also include YOU ARE A COWARD!!!! David Miscavige you are a slimy coward and you know it!

  84. Jim,

    Now that you bring it up, I see that this is one tough lesson to learn at the school of hard knocks, but a vital one and it has been learned! Boy has it been learned — never again will anyone of the Miscavige ilk (the destructive types) be allowed to mess with what we hold dear.

    Spot on Jim.


  85. … and you’ve always known it!

    (Sorry Notsaware, couldn’t help jumping in there)

  86. Nightmares Getting Less

    Unlucky Patron,

    Wow. Would love to hear more of your comments. This one was good.

  87. Yes, KB and A=A=A.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  88. You Are Forgiven Haydn.

  89. Mike Hobson

    You seem somewhat ignorant of the process.

    Restraining Orders are not given out just on the say-so of the alleged victim. There is ‘due process of law’ involved and that includes court hearings, discovery, etc.

    If a situation appears to involve immediate threat of bodily harm, then a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) might be issued pending the above due process.

    In short, there is no way to get a Restraining Order without a court fight.

    Michael A. Hobson

  90. Bob Keenan was part of that “command team” evolution of the ’90s and were briefed at the Int base. These teams handpicked and sent to run each continent.

    I think Bob is the sole survivor of that evolution with the Nortons and Craig Wilson moving on a long time ago, sent to the UK.

  91. Does anyone else get the big glossy mag “International Scientology News”?
    The latest one on the 60th Anniversary of Dianetics has some strange little anomalies in it.

    There is only one tiny pic of COB. I thought there were none and then I went back and found one on page 5. I dont have a ruler, but it’s like 3/4″ x 1/2″.

    A lot of the pictures are staged. I know this from experience. It’s not considered wrong or “fake”. It’s just wanting to “make the pic look good” or “make the academy look full for the mag” etc.
    They arent all fake, but most shots showing any amount of people in an academy, walking into an org, in the resteraunts at Flag, etc, are staged.

    I thought it was weird the first time I experienced it, but then I just accepted it as the way it is. I guess it’s not that bad on the scale of badness, but it’s a little misleading.

    Some of the pics in the mag even appear to be manipulated on the computer to add people. The page 26 shot of people walking into the ideal org in Washington DC for example. Also page 27 the front of Las Vegas org, people look placed by computer.

    Real shots they often crop real close to make it look full. See the shot of the Las Vegas org sunday service on page 27. Pretty soon it will just be a pic of the minister I guess. Those people are probably all staff.

    Page 29, shots of Flag, those people are all staff or outer org trainees.

    Theres more.

    This one seems really weird to me:

    People “on study” with no dictionaries. Pages 35, 32 (I see one), 31, etc. I guess it’s like in the release of the Basics event- the glossaries are THAT good.

    Page 31, Flag Mecca update. I remember @ 2001/2002 or so they kept promoting that they were nearing completion of the “stone facade” . Now, 2010 they are doing “final stone work on the facade”.

    Still no stats that I can see. Only that people are “showing up in force” for the Dianetics seminar. “In Louisiana, southern hospitality keeps them seminar-bound”; “Florida’s co-audit roster is growing”; etc, etc, etc. Cleverly worded but it’s still pages and pages of no stats made to appear as stats.

  92. Haydn,

    Couldn’t agree with you more.

    I have written about Captain Kangaroo before. The sad slide from his days of being a (fire)man to the shit-scared sycophant he is today is a wonder to behold. But he is just another cowed and ill associate of Dear Leader now being a low-life to save his own neck.

    Maybe someone will find out what happened to all the cash (yes, pound notes) he collected riding all over the UK on his motorcycle to secret rendezvous with his “boys.” It might begin to explain why he feels he has to stick to Dear Leader and try to maintain his favorite son status so he is above the reach of mere mortal ethics officers or sec checkers?

    One of the hallmarks of the highest level DM buttkissers is a trait DM has mastered. The ability to shift blame. Keenan always had someone else to blame for him having to come in and “save the day” (and when his actions made things worse, he would still find someone to shift the blame to).

    From brave fireman and army sharpshooter to sniveling sycophant. What a career. In the hands of Dear Leader, Scientology routinely makes the able into cripples.

    As for Andy Pandy — unfortunately, I believe he is the product of blackmail. Why else would he be so incompetent and make his actions so transaprent? Or maybe he is just incompetent. Or both?

    These guys live in their own private hell. Their false bravado only masks their fear and insecurity.

    But, I don’t feel sorry for them. They are all — Dear Leader, Captain Kangaroo and Andy Pandy — beneath contempt.

  93. You hit the nail, dead on!

    As another thought wasn’t it the PL on Financial Irregularities that stated that those who commit this are part of the walking dead – don’t remember verbatim? The set up of direct donations seems in that class.

  94. Best Bugs and Elmer show ever.

    ELMER: “Today I’m hunting Mawtys … ah-ah-ah-ah…”

  95. Ray Randolph

    Yes, OSA does things to achieve short-term goals, and thinking they’ve met them …. they move on and forget their transgressions.

    Those of us who were transgressed upon do not ever forget. There is a special place in my heart for certain members of OSA and one David Lubow. The (relatively small) things they did to me have not been forgotten. It’s been more than a decade, but I remember.

    I’m happy to remind them of this.

    When you’re on-top of the game, pushing people out of the picture left and right, kicking them in the ribs without even knowing their names… You should remember that they do know your name. That they won’t forget your name. And when you are down and reaching for a hand up…. don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the hand of a man with bruised ribs. A man who you may not recognize, but who certainly recognizes you.

    Reminds me of some pink floyd lyrics, “…and when you lose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown. And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone. And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around. So have a good drown as you go down all alone. Dragged down by the stone.”

  96. Marty,

    That they nattered about us in the UK is just so much… add your own long raspberry sound here … to Lucy and me. We were resolved to leave the UK alone. But that cowardly email to Mosey had us hopping mad and that was before we knew who had sent it.

    So in response we (Mr. and Mrs. T Paine) have decided, among other things, to write the “UK Scientology Chronicles” – the entire sordid history, in detail, of how Scientology was and still is being sabotaged in the UK by Miscavige, Keenan et al. What we posted on this blog was just a small taste and lacking in details. And I know there are many in the UK who would willingly give their input too so this will be a blockbuster for Brits.

    Miscavige, in messing with Mosey you’ve just opened up a new front for the exposure of truth and motivated us to work double time.

    Haydn & Lucy James

  97. Victoria,
    “tone levels are tools too, and when you aren’t stuck in one it feels better than tap dancing, every tone level is absolutely allowed.”

    Oh yeah!!!

  98. Chrissie and Shane

    We called that one!! Obviously, his wife is OT Committee Chairman UK!!!!!
    Congrats on “pulling the string!”

    Attempting to break up families, ruin marriages and children’s lives…. all under the name of “spiritual freedom” is fricken sickening!

    I hope that the c**t Kathy True from OSA is reading this – Don’t EVER try to f**k with my life again, I know about your recent program to break me and Shane up and my friendship with Sam, you are an evil disgusting woman!!!!

  99. “But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

    I think your luck, Dear Leader, Capt Kangaroo and Andy Pandy, has run out.

  100. Chrissie and Shane

    I sooooo agree Mosey!!!! It was very upsetting to hear what was going on. It just made us all pissed and want to stand together with you two and fight back!!!!!

  101. Actually Fu Dog, a ‘mind’ is a very good thing to waste. I think KB should waste a few, as in Give and Take, GITA, in 8-8008. He might get off that stuck computation.

  102. Ray,
    Me Da, a grand-son of Scotland, the Highlands, north of Inverness, told me when I came home after being declared ‘nothing more dangerous than a wounded tiger’.

    Tigers, I suppose like good Ethics Officers, aren’t expected to be ‘tamed’.

  103. Thank you for your response. I can understand where you are coming from on this. However, as I see it, and perhaps others, he has lined his wallet as a side benefit to his main task of destroying Scientology.
    Quite frankly this is precisely what in part DM wants, it will divert people away from his true actions, a classic case of misdirection, common as part of his classic use of warfare.
    Perhaps a reframing a popular phrase as “follow the money” , could be to ”follow the agenda”, or “follow the intent” might be useful.

  104. Go Haydn GO!!!!

  105. J.Swift,
    You have just served us all up a piece of poo pie quoting that website.

    No thank you, I’m full.

    p.s. I DO understand it was on the Menu, you didn’t put it there, and, well, good f!#@ing lord, there are those that are actually gonna scarf this down!!

  106. Bunkai,
    Aw you wewated to hohotai? Just cewious. The above is somewhat inscwutabow.

  107. Jim, God I love Elmer Fudd and your humor but please be careful with the gun thing. There
    are many more than DM watching. Red flags abound with stuff like that. Love you Bud!

  108. Mr. B, if DM wanted to destroy Scientology, why not just close the doors and make a public statement that the religion was a big scam, that LRH was a con man, and that his (DM’s) conscience wouldn’t let him rest until he came clean? That’s how I’d do it. Simple, quick, and he;d come out smelling like a rose.


  109. Chrissie and Shane

    Nice =)!!!!!!

  110. Ooooh s**t.
    Now Chrissie’s gettin’ sudden.
    Y’all in big trouble now!

  111. Jim
    Big hug and kiss.
    For telling it how it is and making me laugh at the same time.

  112. Reminiscent of the same tactics tried on Mayo and Armstrong in the mid 80’s. That playbook didn’t work then and won’t work now.

  113. Jack, I didn’t start sudden, I just defined it.
    Guess I did good cause I love it too.

  114. Hi Caliwog,
    Again I can understand where you are coming from. From my view point we may just have to agree to disagree. However let me try to present this from my view point, others here may of course see it differently.
    One, if DM where to do as you suggest, those of us who have actually used and benefited from correctly applied scientology would know he was full of S…T. His true colors would be fully know to us as a raving SP . Most importantly is that Scientology would go on with those of us who know better, we would no doubt go on without him. No. His plan is to so defile and degrade scientology so no one in their right mind would reach for it. He has been exceedingly good at it. The global enslavers who have his back come out on top in this way.

  115. Quicksilver

    Let’s have some info …

  116. Hadyn & Lucy
    Let us know what you need.

  117. Own it Sarge!
    It’s gonna stick no matter what because we were all so entertained and amused at your charming ‘sudden’ episode.

  118. Quicksilver

    Hmm … this gets more confusing by the minute

    1) What’s this Heavenly Deity thing?

    2) Who is this guy??

    3) Why is he being watched?

    4) Who is watching?

    5) What ‘activity’ couldn’t get unnoticed?

    6) Documenting what?

    7) What’s ‘chinese’ got to do with it?

    8) “Excellent relationship enjoyed by the church & the RCMP in the early ’90s” ??

    Uhmmm … not likely

  119. Caliwog,

    You assume (apparently wrongly) that rational logic forms part of how DM thinks. Now, nothing could be further from the truth.

    There is no rational logic to an SP’s thought process. Any apparent logic gets so twisted up in a vast spaghetti sequence that to you and I it makes no sense at all. [If you know computer programming, it’s like trying to read Intercal or brainfuck. It’s not supposed to make sense but it is supposed to achieve some hidden end state.]

    DM is likely working on some computation that simplifies to “maximum twisted benefit for DM and maximum destruction for everything else”. The whole world and everything in it is his enemy; friends are not something he understands, he doesn’t even comprehend the notion of friendship. All he sees is the green Martians that are out to get him.

  120. Ahh yes, the oft claimed to be ‘Earlier Similar’. A couple of things on that though, the ‘assumed identities aren’t identical’. Differentiation is a key to accurate critical thought, n’est pas?

    Similarities or heaven forbid identities end in comparing those two and the present situation.

    Both D Mayo and G Armstrong had their very own ‘nasty deeds’ that neither assumed responsibility for.

    E.g., G Armstrong took what was tantamount to pc folder data, that is, just like any other pc folder, the contents of which are the shedding of aberration, and for which he as an auditor had given his word of honor to respect as entrusted to him and handed it over to a public forum.

    Nevermind that DM’s side of that sordid affair is equally culpable for this disgusting act.

    Gerry himself violated his own sacred trust and that very well may be the beginning of his slide into the very dark place he’s arrived.

    Code breaks don’t sit well with beings. Either side of the GPM played out in the above cases.

  121. Nom,
    Add to the above:

    Nevermind that DM’s side of that sordid affair is equally culpable for this disgusting act. That is NO justification for Gerry’s deeds. In fact, one might rightfully assume, what befell Gerry subsequently, he himself has a very real hand in.

  122. Sam,

  123. >His true colors would be fully know to us as a raving SP .

    And this would be a surprise to whom? 🙂

    Thanks for the explanation, Mr. B. I understand where you are coming from, and I think I can see it from your perspective.

    Splog, I appreciate your explanation, although I disagree with Hubbard’s definition of an SP (the rest of the world isn’t *that* crazy) and I honestly don’t think DM has put that much thought into it. I think he sees Scientology for what it is, and is just chasing the almighty dollar.

    Appreciate the exchange of ideas.


  124. Sarge,
    No worries mate, that was Dirty Harry Callahan. If any DM-dog-bot idiot ever took that to any body and tried to make something of it, well, all I can say is ‘Go ahead, make my day’.

    Ewmer, ouwt 🙂

  125. Joe Howard

    Just saw this superb advertisement for the IAS and DM’s rule over it: 18 minutes long but really makes the point about what is going on in true Black Dianetics style.

  126. I am with you, breathing exercises and Yogha helped me. I hope I was not too intruisive.

  127. Here in the UK we have longed to know the truth of what’s been happening here. Too many UK scientologists don’t care about the crimes being exposed because “it is all far away and doesn’t affect us”. But a scientologist with blinkers on is not a scientologist by definition. The sleepers must awaken.
    Write it all, Haydn! We want to hear it!

  128. Quicksilver

    KB … this type of crap is NOT LRH tech … it is a bunch of goofs, in fact, NOT applying Scientology.

    If you did a little reading, you might find that LRH did not condone illegal activities.

    Yes, there were & still are a number of staff (S.O. & Org.) around the planet that are trying to suppress others & actively push the stats down.

    You also need to differentiate between the ‘church’, and, Scientology … very different. The perpetrators of these crimes within the ‘church’ may think this is what LRH meant, but it is the exact opposite. It is NOT Scientology

  129. It was a compliment Jimbo.

    Do I have to spell it out for you?

  130. Sam, Thank you. I do love playing with words. I can be a little persnickity at times but just don’t want to cause a kerfluffle.

  131. Well OK. Thanks for posting the question, and answering, Marty. Appreciate that.

    The more I research, the more I conclude that it is part of LRH tech. Agree to disagree. What is important here is that you have shown incredible courage in exposing and speaking out, and you and your loved ones are being criminally harassed for doing that. Based on years of past history, and the reality of how easy it is for money to buy whatever is needed to protect psychopathic personalities, a strategic alliance with Anonymous would serve you well, I think.

    To the others who responded to my question – thank you for your evaluations of my viewpoint and question, but you can take your evaluations and place them where the sun don’t shine. I have the right to my own viewpoint, and to have a viewpoint which is different from yours.

    It is not wise to alienate protential allies, even when their beliefs are different.

  132. If I remember the cartoon correctly, Elmer was always hunting Bugs Buny, but he was sort of bumbling and clueless, while Bugs wasnt even affected by it. He was so many steps ahead of Elmer that there was no chance he would get got.

  133. Sarge, I will NEVER use that term again without thinking of YOU!

    Sam’s right — just own it.

    Just Me

  134. Virgil Samms

    Good God, Lucy and Chrissy gettin sudden!

    Furniture going to move around the room now.


  135. This Saturday morning, buried as I am with work, yet sneaking over here to see who’s just said what, I find myself wishing one day we could all spend a long weekend together – cooking in the kitchen, listening to music in the back yard, dancing, having good conversations in the corners.

    Wouldn’t that be fun! I wonder how big the house would have to be!

    Just me

  136. There is alsoo a Vicky at DC Org.

  137. Chris Black

    This is just so off-the-wall it defies logic as well as any sense of normalcy. It doesn’t surprise me, in an analytical way, but it still astounds me and affects my sensibilities on so many other levels.

    I can bristle with the best of you all as well, but I’m not going to right now. Instead, I’m going to introduce another tenor of tone here. I’m going to introduce the latest Clear, hot off the cans.

    M was in the SO for many years, left a few years ago after some years in the RPF. We cleaned up all the BPC on all her auditing and life that created and the inval on her purposes in the SO and in Scientology (that got nicely squashed along the way). Then we proceeded to really dig in and apply the tech that they were so reluctant to acknowledge and apply in the SO and on the RPF. And as a result of standard application of LRH tech, there’s one more bright and shiny Clear in the world with a bright and shiny universe to play in. I want to thank M for the opportunity to be of help and the privilege of being able to help her move on up a little higher.

    Thanks to the one who initiated this as well. You know who you are.

    Best wishes to all on their journeys to self.

    Chris Black
    Class VIII CCRD C/S

  138. Kathy Braceland

    I LOVE Stevie Ray! Just one more good thing about Texas….

  139. Just me, Thank you. And the complex would
    have to be huge. And I would have to stay over!

  140. Joe Howard

    Okay, I am hereby instituting a filter on this blog. Attached is a test. Watch it. Then answer the following question: Which character is the independent Scientologist and which is the DM-bot from the C of M?

  141. His true nature is/was being a fireman spiritually speaking. He betrayed himself.

  142. Biga Watts

    Mr. B.

    Above, you stated “His plan is to so defile and degrade scientology so no one in their right mind would reach for it. He has been exceedingly good at it. The global enslavers who have his back come out on top in this way.”

    Intriguing, I hope you’ll be writing more about this.

  143. Very Nice Chris keep it up.

  144. Chairman of the Bored

    I feel sorry for Andy, LOL. His wife “Francis” is a total bitch. I think she’s the only person from INCOMM who I actually dislike. She was very political, incompetent, and used to yell and scream and belittle anyone who has junior to her. I remember when she was comm-eved on her post as SuperCargo INCOMM, one of the “KR”s had to do with her yelling and screaming at a non-Scientology staff member at Shaw Health Clinic, to the point where she actually made this woman cry. She apparently was treating this woman as one of her juniors. The only time Francis was nice to me was when she was on the decks and wanted something from me.

  145. Greed and lust for Power and a craving for money will make him stick to his money making, enslavement apparatus.

    “conrolling and punishing bodies” and a lot of other things about anger, MEST and so on make him stick to the onley thing he knows that ENABLES him like the addict he is.

    DM’s addictions

    – Addicted to HIMSELF
    – Addicted to Money
    – Addicted to Power
    – Addicted to Sadism

    If onley he was just content drinking his precious scotch we could put him up on an Island somewhere with a life supply of Booze.

  146. Quicksilver

    Well Done, Chris!

  147. “potential leverage.” yes “means to an end”

  148. You are correct, Oracle.
    Money is not an issue for getting a restraining order. You file for one, the judge weighs the evidence and either approves or disapproves the order. The CoS cannot bleed someone bankrupt with a restraining order filing.

  149. Again David Mayo lol , David Mayo actually held the balance back in the day as I see it.

    “Gerry himself violated his own sacred trust and that very well may be the beginning of his slide into the very dark place he’s arrived.”

    Don’t worry , he is smiling and happy now.

  150. Thanks DFB. You too Jim. I know you are being loyal to a person you admire.

    “Trolls have layers.” – Shrek

  151. Joe Howard

    Couple corrections: DM was NOT the Director of Photography when the tech films began; he was part of the JVC Video Team along with Marc Yager. The Chief Cameraman was, if memory serves, Terri (Armstrong) Gamboa along with Don
    “Batman” Bateman.

    Next, no freaking way did DM receive near the comm from LRH that Ken Urquhart did as LRH Pers Comm for many years.

  152. pandorawake

    But asho uk is so cosy, whatever could possibly be wrong there?

    There’s even an invitation to write to the ED INT about wins or even difficulties. It says the ED INT CARES and I am appreciated.

    Maybe the ED INT is that Korean guy in Canada! It doesn’t say WHO it is. That couldn’t be because there isn’t one could it?

    And I scanned this little part of the magazine just so it could be clear to everyone… I hope they’ve added Blacks Law dictionarys alongside the tech dics cause I am not sure I understand all these words.

  153. Oracle
    With all due respect the last innumerable times I’ve been told in covert or other means not to fight back and that this is ‘motivatorish’ behavior I have been able to prove inconclusively that those persons forwarding this message to me were agents of OSA.
    If you don’t want to be accused of being a plant then stop behaving like one.
    I take serious umbrage to persons who attempt to tell me to keep still when someone is trying to piss on me.
    What is the price of Freedom? Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back.
    DO NOT run the line that we are ‘motivating’ when we attack to defend ourselves. That is covert shit to say we have overts and that’s the only reason we would react. Well I’m not dead yet and when threatened I value my life and my family enough that I would tend to fight back there and then. If you need a lawyer to defend you then you have failed to take the necessary action to defend yourself in the first place.
    If you had been through half of what some of the people here have you would not be telling them in this covert manner to basically ‘back off’
    I’m calling you on your crap – knock it off.

  154. Sinar, Craig Wilson was did not “move on.” He was disposed of by Miscavige in 2006 and several of us from UK base strongly believe Keenan had quite a bit to do with Third Partying him to RTC. What was his crime at the end of the day? Having doubts about DM and searching for info on what ex-Int staff were saying about Miscavige on the internet. I know he is out of the SO with an illness and I sincerely hope he decides to emerge to tell his story.

  155. Kathy Braceland

    Wonderful Chris! Yay!!!!!!!

  156. I’m pretty sure I got a message from one of these OSA plants this morning. These guys are ridiculous.

    He made out to be a nice ex-SO member wanting to get in comm and said things like “I never wanted to reach out to others before because I never felt “in tune” with anybody. But you are the lucky one.”


    Mose – You are an inspiration. Screw those putrid, grotesque ogre’s that think they even have a glimmer of a chance of coming between you and Marty. It will be a cold day in hell when that happens. All my love – Christie

  157. If I might add my two cents. It’s not just money he’s after, not by a long shot. I think DM is like the serial rapist or murderer whose intentions are pure evil. Such people cannot stop destroying others, and get no “pleasure” but when they’re carrying out their evil. If there were no Scientology, DM would be involved in some other heinous assault against humanity.

    As it were, he got into Scientology and started auditing at a young age. He discovered there are techniques to help people, but that they can also be twisted/reversed and used to manipulate, control and drive people crazy. And that if people believe strongly enough in something, and you withhold it from them, you can dominate and eventually possess almost utter control over another’s mind and actions. (I say “almost” because eventually many people crack and come to their senses.)

    That he lives a life of luxury and “fame” while doing it makes it all the more enjoyable, because 1) that luxury comes at the expense of others and 2) he can use it to further victimize and demoralize people who can’t have the same.

    He doesn’t want to destroy the organization or lose control over its tech, because it’s all he has to feed his black heart.

  158. Haydn PLEASE go for it!!!!! Sam and I have been “accused” of bringing the “US entheta” to the UK, whatever that is….. From our experience the Scientologist’s in the UK seem to think that stats are only down in the UK and that any “entheta” that is going on is strictly a US problem to be sorted out there and they will carry on.. it is really bizarre!!!!!

  159. LOL!!!! =)!!!!

  160. Sarge those are two of my favorite words – persnickity and kerfluffle!!!!

  161. Virg that is hilarious!!!! Ya we all know what happened the last time I got “sudden”….. watch out OSA!!!! I am pissed!! They could have left us alone and we would have been very happy to just move on with our lives but NO they had to have a friggin “program” to ATTEMPT to destroy my family and best friend…. NOT SMART!!!!!!!

  162. Ewwwwwww!!!!! Slime yuck!!!!!

  163. 12-year-old prodigy who served as the youngest professional auditor at Saint Hill’s famed Hubbard Guidance Center in England.

    Data missing. Prodigy how?
    Porfessional auditor? Again, how? Data missing, or yet another exaggeration of sorts?

    … cleaned the ranks of rogue staff attempting to seize control of Scientology

    So he seized it instead of them. Where are the facts they “attempting to seize” Scientology and what makes them rogue? How can one “seize” anything without having legal power to do so? Sounds more like data ill-cobbled together into an evaluation.

    In view of the senior RTC Exec beatings, general demising staff living conditions, 3rd. dynamic sec checks to locate yet another one of his SPs, it’s rather doubtful the above statement should be taken with little more than a grain of salt.

    L. Ron Hubbard saw to the formation of Religious Technology Center to hold the Scientology and Dianetics trademarks and to preserve, maintain and protect the Scientology religion. He appointed Mr. Miscavige a Trustee of that Church organization.

    A Trustee? Are there more? Where are the others? Why are they not in the bright lights of publicity too?

    Do legal documents exist to substantiate any of that?
    Where are they?

    So far, all I have seen is PR.

  164. Delete first post ^^^

    12-year-old prodigy who served as the youngest professional auditor at Saint Hill’s famed Hubbard Guidance Center in England.

    Data missing. Prodigy how?
    Porfessional auditor? Again, how? Data missing, or yet another exaggeration of sorts?

    … cleaned the ranks of rogue staff attempting to seize control of Scientology

    So he seized it instead of them. Where are the facts they “attempting to seize” Scientology and what makes them rogue? How can one “seize” anything without having legal power to do so? Sounds more like data ill-cobbled together into an evaluation.

    In view of the senior RTC Exec beatings, general demising staff living conditions, 3rd. dynamic sec checks to locate yet another one of his SPs, it’s rather doubtful the above statement should be taken with little more than a grain of salt.

    L. Ron Hubbard saw to the formation of Religious Technology Center to hold the Scientology and Dianetics trademarks and to preserve, maintain and protect the Scientology religion. He appointed Mr. Miscavige a Trustee of that Church organization.

    A Trustee? Are there more? Where are the others? Why are they not in the bright lights of publicity too?

    Do legal documents exist to substantiate any of that?
    Where are they?

    So far, all I have seen is PR.

  165. Jim, here is the deal: I have watched the CoS websites for a many years. They are one key barometer of DM’s insanity.

    Allow me to explain: Whenever she was feeling stressed, Tammy Faye Bakker use to apply extra heavy cosmetics to her face. Well, DM is a dramatizing interior decorator/drama queen just like Tammy Faye. Except whenever DM feels threatened, he has his people put up new pages at the CoS website are put up that heap praise on him.

    You can tell when DM is in one of his batshit crazy phases: The CoS tribute pages to him increase and his dramatic staging and the foam columns at his events get bigger and more lavish. When DM feels threatened, he hides behind symbols, staging, and has his boy Danny Sherman write extra puff pieces that heap praise on DM.

    DM is a psychotic. So are the little psychos who carry out his harassment and sleazy fair game attacks.DM and OSA use some of the worst scum-sucking headcases in the world to do their dirty work. The Old Guard has had to fight these people for decades. Calling these people out by name online as Marty is doing is the exact handling indicated.

    One thing Indies should be aware is someone who suddenly wants to be your new best friend. Also, be aware of people who claim they are journalists or are making a documentary. OSAbot’s are known to use friendship, money, and flattery or whatever it takes to establish phony ARC.


  166. crashingupwards

    LOL. Christie , thats funny. I appreciate the heads up about ever using that “in tune” line. LOL. “never wanted to reach out before”,lol. “Your the lucky one”,lol.


  167. Jack Airey

    I think Sam just had a ‘SUDDEN’ moment…delivered with such grace it almost got by me….

    What say you Sarge?

  168. Jack Airey

    Chris Black;

    Awsome news to hear you have helped an abused ex-SO member.

    Makes my day to hear this wonderful news.

    Do you also audit in a “Shack”?

  169. The plants are out in force and need watering. Anyone got a fire hose?

  170. Dear Sam, Chrissie and All,

    You can count on it.

    The only delay is Lucy and me trying to figure out where to start. We are so spoilt for choice. Do we start with how DM actually stole millions of pounds from UK Scientologists? Or how Scientology Orgs and missions have been kept down in the UK and the only reason it’s accepted by some Scientologists there is they bought DM’s false data — he treated it as if it were America, it isn’t, never was, never will be and LRH knew that way back in the 50s and explained how the UK goes and what to expect. But that has been messed with so badly by DM and his minions.

    But look out DM, the British are fiercely loyal right up to the point they realize they’ve been betrayed, then they are just plain fierce.

  171. Nightmares Getting Less

    I got 3 copies (waste of $) too. Like you said this one was 60 pages, it’s an improvement over the March 13th one which was 80 + pages.

    There was only one photo of DM, the previous ones had usually 6-8 and one photo of LRH.

    The pictures of the idle orgs with public walking in and out of are definitley doctored.

    More PR, PR, PR blah, blah.

  172. And in the US, DM has us thinking Scientology is booming somewhere else. Wherever you are, it’s expanding elsewhere.

  173. Mosey,

    I knew Andy Hutton back when he was in Action RTC under VA. Until Marty’s post today, I had forgotten the guy even existed. It sounds like he turned into a spineless leech.

    It turns my stomach that he had the privilege to even meet you, let alone harass you.

    What goes around comes around. He’ll get his.

  174. Nicely done Chris!!!!!

  175. Jack
    busted. Sigh. I was trying so hard to ‘keep my TRs in’ 😉

  176. AWESOME!!!!!!


    Now please, do not make the mistake of NOT MOVING QUICKLY Up through III and on to NOTs. If you are not trained, get trained and start auditng, because you will need those tools in spades on Solo.

    VWD Chris….thanks for keeping the lights on. You probably have more real products in your Cont now than the CoM does…..

    Oh, and yes. I’m up for a good British Tell-All.
    I can hardly wait……

  177. Jack, Ya gotta love Sams wit.

  178. Mark A. Baker

    Such conduct is utterly despicable and without justification. Always has been. Clear proof of an utter lack of integrity and criminal nature.

    What I don’t understand is exactly how is this different from the days when Marty was in charge?

  179. Maybe DM was afraid some form of “the Moonies” would take a cut out of his bussiness

  180. Chrissie and Shane,
    Thanks!!! They just can’t seem to think with that! We are strong and we stand TALL together!

  181. Thank you Carol

  182. “If you did a little reading, you might find that LRH did not condone illegal activities”

    Do not insult my Intelligence

  183. Dear Jim,

    Do no fear people will scarf the pro DM crap down, they won’t

    DM will undo, in person, upfront, and he has for years, ALL of the PR crap he gets his minions to pump out for him.

    People sense something is wrong with DM.

    I myself have immense faith in the common man to intuitively smell a rat.

    DM smells.

    People smell him as soon as they see him.

    No amount of coverup PR hide his smell.

    I met a host of freezone people a couple weeks ago, and they are “onlines” public also, technically, since official Scientology doesn’t know they are doing “freezone” service.

    Scientology is technically a religion and people in the US have the right to do it, so I don’t argue their rights. I don’t try to disabuse them of their religious choices, especially since I also benefit by the USA’s religious and freedoms of speech etc. So I live wtih Scientology.

    Jim, please do not worry. If Hubbard said anything prescient, it is his reassuring statements that it will “all turn out right.”

    And I’m so glad people here on this site can speak honestly and freely, and carry on, is my suggestion.

    DON’T WORRY about DM’s minor op “successes”. Those “op” successes are failures, since the only thing that “wins” would be the religious benefits of the subject.

    I myself think longer range, and I hope someday, the outside world someday takes the time to dissect the theory and practice.

    That’s a whole other discussion not on topic.

    Jim, you are an incredible good person, I concur with all who praise you.

    Thanks all who are free enough to speak their minds, and thanks again Marty for allowing COMMUNICATION freely.

    This site is probably the first in Scientology history, of a forum with so many people actually communicating freely, in this VOLUME!

    I am an atheist, hard core, but I love to see you all communicating.


  184. Hugs to you Karen!

  185. Jim,
    Thank you….for what it’s worth…that is something that they just can not understand, otherwise they would not be wasting their time and energy trying to turn me against him….

  186. Well done Sammie,
    Great TR’s !!
    Hugs and kisses

  187. Shelly
    No worries!

  188. Christie,
    AMEN sista!

  189. JS,

    The point is that if you post poo poo items here, then you need to show that it’s clearly poo, like the post by Joe Howard helped make clear.

    Otherwise, we’re left with the flavor of poo pie coating our discerning and sensitive palates. When you eat sushi, the preserved ginger is supposed to clean your palate so the palate is cleaned up and ready to experience the next different flavor, for example.

    Perhaps that’s what Jim was trying to tell you.

  190. I can speak only from my heart when I was a Scientologist. Fudd is the DM-bot?

    I try to give the group that seems to be morally better, my nod of approval.

    I give freezone and independents my nod as morally better than the unfortunate persons currently under the fad rules enforced with David Miscavige’s approval, within official Scientology.

    Nod to the freezoners and independents.

    I saw Fudd as official Scientology.

    Bugs I saw as the freezoners.

    I take you literally Dan, I’m a wooden ex member, completely wooden and literal.

    I’ll say it here publicly, Dan, you were my favorite superior in my Scientology Sea Org staffer history. Al Baker and Linda McCarthey were up there, but you Dan, being a complete perfectionist of LRH’s viewpoint and his writings, you having worked so many years in RTRC (LRH Tech Research and Comps), I want to thank you again Dan, for being a good “Joe” for those of us who were your juniors in years past!


  191. Can anyone tell me what the author of the article about DM on the Scn website is smoking? What he writes shows the author is full of crap and is
    taking his story from DM who is once again is alter-ising LRH. Note LRH says “Scientologists”
    the help prevent the take over, not “Scientologist” which is alter – is to mean DM forgetting about those that were there and saw what was going down, all the reports to LRH about the Mission Holders and “external influences” were from DM himself,
    who had captured the comm line to LRH and nothing could get through unless he allowed it.
    Something DM has always done well at – putting together a PR/bullshit report just like he does with his events – he did the same thing to LRH.

    DM was not hand picked by LRH, he happened to be at the right place at the right time when the CMO was manning up. Before LRH took off with Annie and Pat, DM was a junior watch messenger
    that had been trained to filter LRH’s traffic.

    Of important note, when DM forcefully took over the comm lines toLRH from Gale as CO CMO, she had just ordered David Mayo to sec check DM which is what helped result in Mayo becoming a target.

    Anyway, the truth is, DM was not to LRH what he is trying to claim. If LRH had known the truth, which no one could get to him, then history would have been different.

  192. That’s really great stuff Chris! Thanks!

  193. Got some stinky fertilizer, Sam…

  194. Dear Chairman re Bored,

    I too know Francis, having trained her when she came to Clearwater version of the Int Training Org, from her CLO UK Management Pgms Chief job.

    In a way Francis brought outside world cultural (engram restimulation in a Scientilogical viewpiont) influence to those around her in the Sea Org. She definitely had her screaming meemies moments.

    When she was busted to the Night Data Preservation Officer of INCOMM, around 1989, she hated the nighttime job in the INCOMM computer room, doing the computer “backups” (storing the church INCOMM computer traffic onto “backup” reel to reel computer tapes), and Francis and I switched posts. I was then “failing” as the Routing Forms Pjt person, and she was not doing well as the computer room nighttime janitor of “Data Preservation”.

    I became the INCOMM Computer Data Preservation Officer, and she became my post as Routing Forms bludgeon person to force the routing forms on the orgs, which she bludgeoned well for a short period, until her and Andy blew, together.

    Sea Org life is such a mix of one’s past (prior to Scientology) viewpoints and one’s accumulated Scientology viewpoints. I felt sympathetic that they chose to blow and leave the Sea Org, even then, which was 1990 or thereabouts.

    I’d say Francis also had her friendly moments, when she was cheerily turning over her post to me, and she and I (also Andy), went back some years, I having helped train them both at various times in their Sea Org careers.

    I support the free speech on this site, and I don’t mean to use LRH to stop people communicating, since I think the C of ARC is senior to the following, but I also think of the following wisely issued policy by LRH, of 13 December of 1978 (1999 edition of the OEC Vol 0, page 604):

    “An old poem which has been newly adapted as policy:

    There is so much bad in the best of us

    And so much good in the worst of us

    That it ill behooves any of us

    To talk about the rest of us.

    L. Ron Hubbard, Founder”

    Again, I think communication is the senior policy, and that is because people DO eventually sort thinks out, for themselves.

    It is the additional info one learns after one is told smearing lies, that undoes the smearing lies.
    The additional communication of information undoes past untruths and sorts things out.

    Communication, I’d praise anyone who keeps that activity alive.

    I’m for getting everyone up to being willing to speak their minds, and to continue to stay in touch and dialogue.

    Everyone inside and out of official Scientology I allow a communicating right to dialogue about
    Scientology’s future.

    Hopefully the existing members inside Scientology can be coaxed to speak freely as citizens, is one of my goals, and I hope this forum someday lets those inside cross the line and speak their minds here.

    thanks again Marty for letting people share views relating to Scientology principles.

    It’d be a different world were Francis to be NOT constrained by the rules she feels constrained by, and were Francis and Any to post here freely, without any coaching.

    In Francis’ favor, she is more likely the one to just show up here and blurt out her opinions, most likely in an invalidative way, but she at least has the core gumption to SPEAK!

    Don’t worry if official Scientologists speak claptrap. That they speak, and if a few can be coaxed to speak without coordinated “coaching” would be a huge advance for them!!!!!

    I’d love to hear Francis vent here, personally, and I hope people would see the positive in that!

    I’m a firm believer in the “More communication, not less….” principle.

    Just ignore the idiocies in that communication, like it says in Problems of Work.

    Take up any positive.

    Francis Hutton, if you’re reading this, skip the script and speak your heart! (And if you and Andy are already posting here, or influencing those posting here, fine by me. Just be normal citizen and use your name next time, is all I urge of you to rise to that level of normal citizenry.)

    Best, Chuck

  195. Pingback: Top Posts —

  196. Trying to fool Mosey and frame Anonymous? Oh, yeah you can see OSA coming from 30 miles away these days! Trying to hack email, facebook, youtube accounts, and threatening people will only validate the necessity of change. Harassing Mosey, now that’s really impotent.

  197. Quicksilver

    “Do not insult my Intelligence”

    What intelligence?? Maybe my post went under the wrong name.

    I was answering KB ‘s “is an intrinsic part of LRH Tech?”

    You gotta Tech reference?

  198. Bigga Watts,
    Thank you for your interest. I will share my understanding of the scene, as I see it, as time and circumstance allow. There is a fair amount that could be communicated on that subject alone. I will point, but you and everyone else will have to do the looking, and come to your own conclusions. Simple invitation, no demand that you see it my way. As you might suspect, I have done my own, and came to mine. But in a nut shell, that concept I presented, pretty much sums it up.

  199. I wonder what only one photo means? I can’t recall one of these mags with only one tiny photo of COB in it.

    I do notice that things change in the Church from time to time, but it’s always PR motivated.

    If something is a “PR flap” it might get changed slightly

  200. Freedom Fighter

    Wahooo!!! VVWD!! That’s so awesome!! Congrats! 🙂

  201. Joe Doakes

    While it’s embarassing to see what the church has been reduced to, it’s also deplorable. I’m sorry you guys have to deal with this. It just goes to show how pathetic and petty DM really is. I’m almost ashamed for him…

    On that note Marty, I think if you were to remain all rosy about everything, it would be a big out point. If someone slaps you in the face I don’t think the proper tone level response is a smile in return…

  202. It means that he is listening to the dissent, and “reacting” to it….now, if a doubter says “DM is positioning himself as Source” they can point to the latest mag (in true 1984 style) and say “See, what are you talking about?” Then, if you bring up an prior mag to show them they will say that is old, outdated, and you need to get in present time.

    Ministry of Truth in action.

    I don’t know what he is going to do about the line of him being a Queen though….might be interesting.

  203. Chris Black

    Well, since you asked, Tom…

    In the past two months, my personal auditing cycles have resulted in four review/repair programs, a Grade II completion, a Joburg, a Grade IV completion, and one fabulous Clear and Sunshine RD. And this is part-time.

    There’s also a group I C/S for (thus, a team effort). Over the past two months we have produced five attests to wins/gains in auditing; two repair program completions; four M1WC completions; two Objectives completions; seven (7) ARC SW completions; two Grade Zero completions; two Grade One completions, two Grade Two completions; and one Clay Table Processing completion. This in addition to normal Qual and Ethics cycles (PTS, MLO, W/Cing, etc.). Plus I’m training a Class IV auditor and a Class IV C/S (who is now C/Sing on practical).

    Not too shabby, hey? 🙂

  204. Bigga Watts,
    I might add one bit of nut shell addendum to the above. Once scientology is destroyed and its memory defiled and buried, the global enslavers will extract scientology and use it as a weapon to enslave and control mankind in the most vile and oppressive way. As just a small sense of what that might be, what that might look like, look at the int. base or ask Marty.
    LRH wrote about it, this very thing. Anyone here care to share that reference, I do not have it immediately at hand.

  205. Yeah you’re abolutely right Mike, Keenan shared that trait with DM — expensive tastes at the expense of the Scientology public (donations). Whenever he came up to Birmingham he stayed in expensive hotels, ate expensive meals and was forever “collecting” donations for his “projects”. It was the same with him elsewhere too. Yet UK managment staff were always on short rations and little pay.

    When I was back at management in LA in 2006, because I’d come from the UK a finance staff member tried to gain my assistance in making sense out of Keenan’s receipts, wondering why a meal would cost Bob Keenan five to ten times more than any other Sea Org member. My asnwer was: “it shouldn’t”.

  206. In The News Tom Cruise Appears in Political Ad for Nevada’s GOP Senate Race

    Well just when you thought things weren’t going to get any more strange! At least until Monday

    Seems to be, being picked up … but that’s the nature of the internet.

  207. Nightmares Getting Less

    Joe and Janice,

    Re: Dave’s Author on the Biogrophy on the Scn website, “what was he smoking reference”,exactly.

    The author and Dave were and are still smoking a very addictive drug called Vanity laced with side effect called Stalin freekazoid. Warning, the long term affects may last 60 some odd years.

    (Stalin date of death 1953).

  208. Doc "Smith"

    Those are awesome products, Chris.
    As someone posted yesterday, moving people up and blowing charge is the best action for a future sane world.

  209. TheEmperorIsNaked

    I understand on the anger, frustration, etc. My guess is you were trying to make the world a better place. I think most of us were and just did not realize the cancer that had affected the overall organization from the top. But personally I am not sad I got involved even though I do feel duped too. I’d have probably wasted my life anyway and I still feel I have gained a lot and that the story is not over yet. 🙂

    Thanks for you comm and keep it coming. This is a good blog for it and we’ll send you virtual hugs back. 😉

  210. Concerned Citizen

    When a bone breaks and heals, it becomes stronger at the break, that kind of effect here too.

  211. TheEmperorIsNaked

    The place to start is screwing up the tech. The TA seems to really move on articles about GAT, F/N redefinition, CCRD uncertainity, blanket C/Sing, etc.

    Thetans get more pissed about that than mere money matters.

  212. Pretty Lady you are right, some thing very BIG is going on at Toronto. I checked with my contacts,Scientologists ( from outside Toronto and off course very rich) are flocking to Toronto to get the glimpse of that GUY and in return contributing to the FUND established by Toronto Org .
    According to my contacts, the GUY is the recarnation of very high spritual being, some thing like BUDHA, well I am NOT implying that he is recarnation of LRH, however, it cannot be dismissed at this point.

  213. I know there is nothing in the confinements of the Tech that states anything. That does not exlude the other though.

    “is an intrinsic part of LRH Tech?” I see, if one confines it to the Tech and what is written you are absolutely right. But your statemement of not condoning was very broad.

    “If you did a little reading (of the Tech), you might find (nothing written) that LRH did not condone illegal activities.

    Yes you are absolutely right given these parameters.

  214. Chairman of the Bored

    Chuck Beatty – Very simply stated, you never had to work for Francis. She punished upstats. Also, I never knew her as “Night Data Preservation Officer”. After she was busted from SuperCargo INCOMMin ’89, they (Brian Patrick and Pascal Julienne) put her on post as Middle Mgmt Overseer, the person from INCOMM who was supposed to kick butt in the FCB, a task she was better suited for. They then, due to a lack of qualified personnel, soon promoted Francis to Chief Officer INCOMM, even though she hadn’t even established herself as the overseer. This is Brian’s and Pascal’s overt, in my opinion. Francis was even more unqualified for this post than she was for SuperCargo as the dumb bitch knew nothing about computers. I remember her struggling to word clear “byte” in INCOMM’s course room. Do you know what’s like to be managed by someone who’s not only technically unqualified, but has a bad temper as well? It’s people like Francis Hutton who made the Sea Org a lot more difficult and unpleasant than it had to be.

  215. Theo Sismanides

    Mosey, you are an example of what a person can do when he/she finds him/herself close to Scientology.

    Of course not everyone would act like you. But somehow you got a 2D who has quite some backtrack in Scientology and you now experience a whole lot of things happening, good and bad.

    What I am amazed with is your ability to absorb things and spit out the bad ones and keep the good. Scientology can greatly help one in that and you are a stellar example of that.

  216. Theo Sismanides

    Chris Black,


    For the rest of us. We need to create a Theta Site where all the Auditing activity is published and things that are happening. If we all focus on ONE site it is going to be good. There are already such sites. We need to unite forces and support ONE such site.

  217. Good morning Marty,
    Good morning MOQ,

    Sorry if I’m changing the subject on this thread but I just read the essay from Jeff. I like his writing, he is so logic.
    But sometimes I think he wants to reinvent the wheel.
    As many things he is writing about already has been expressed by philosophers of the 18 century (ref. Will Durant) and LRh covered the subject already somewhere.
    He is talking about in his newest Essay about cognitive dissonnance and elaborates about it.
    I think this subject is totally covered in the theory about false data from Lrh.
    What Lrh found out is that people that are pts or out-ethics are prone to false data, so they can justify their weird life conditions.
    So for DM it was was very easy. Suppress the people around you and then feed them false data, as they are then in a state of mind where they’ll buy any nonsense and adjust their mind to it.
    Could you please elaborate more on that. I’m a simple mind and perhaps I missed something about cognitive dissonance that Lrh didn’t cover ?

    Have a good day !



  218. The newest idea how to produce stats (not products) from an Email by IAS:
    “the Honor Roll game is being extended to include all Memberships and Honor Statuses that a Field Disseminator helps to make possible. This means, that you are able to count every membership or status done since the formation of the IAS in 1984″.
    How desperate their are inventing stats.
    For months the vm I/c used to call us each thursday before 02:00 o’clock and asking the same question:
    ” Did you apply Scientology tech this week ?”
    my same answer:
    ” I’m a Scientologist and I apply Tech daily,why do you call at all, don’t call anymore just count me every week as I’m a Scientologist and this is a silly question to ask a Scientologist”
    “Once I told him he could also count our granddaugter as she was applying arc with her beutiful smile”
    He never asked for any product but persevered with high arc.
    Once I asked him if there are Scientologists that aren’t applying the tech as a normal thing in their life. I was stunned by his answer, you can’t how many Scientologists say no to my Question ???????
    This was quite confusing. It seemed to me his stat was how many calls he made to ask this question ???? What a product, sorry, stat he got.

  219. A suggestion if I may: Do it in chapters. Leave the editing and polish to the end\review cycle.
    You could even start a web site, or post them periodically to the sister Indy sites.

    Get off the Q and A and START! 😉

    Your audience is waiting.

  220. Not bad, not bad.

    It’s amazing what can be accomplished with LRH tech without the burden of parasitic and artless “management”.

    Rock on…

  221. And they call THIS a church?

    It gets more ludicrous and offensive by the day.

    I think your response, Marty, is on point. Just keep shining the light of truth. Cockroaches always scurry to dark hidden corners when the lights are turned on.

    I love this quote from HH Dalai Lama – not hard to see how dm and his ilk are utterly preoccupied with the self.

    “My call for a spiritual revolution is not a call for a religious revolution, nor for a way of life that is otherworldly – still less to something magical or mysterious.

    It is a call for a radical reorientation away from our habitual preoccupation with self, a call to turn toward the wider community of beings with whom we are connected, and for conduct which recognizes others’ interests alongside our own.”

    Now THAT to me is an attitude of a church OR one could posit, the attitude of this blog and several others, and independents.


  222. It seems we are basically handling the “winning valence” in various degrees of restim.

    I thought, on several occassions that Mission Earth was the practice drill concept and as soon as I figured out what was really going on we had started on the final practical in an existing environment.

    I like your isolate and rehabilitate concept. Very “Great” in viewpoint.

  223. I’ll suggest one step simpler…he’s got a reactive mind.

  224. Theo Sismanides

    Caliwog, are you acquainted with the tone scale? Do you know what is a 1.1 (covert hostility) and how such a person acts? A chronic 1.1 (chronically in covert hostility, if you can picture this) cannot but hide his hostility.

    It looks like DM’s SOCIETY tone level is 1.1 and further down. He is never aggressive when in SOCIETY. He is aggressive with his own staff (1.5 – 2.0)

    We know he is out to destroy Scientology because we have not just studied, but breathed and lived the subject of Scientology.

    Also you cannot get money if you have no control over people. And Scientology was never about controlling people. On the contrary it is about people having control of their lives.

  225. Joe Howard

    Hey, Chuck. Thanks for the kind words. You pass, by the way!

  226. Thought Provoking aka Karen

    As more and more people enter the blogs it is bound to happen that posting names will begin to be duplicated when using a first name.

    So, for clarification purposes I am going back to my original posting name “Thought Provoking”.

    Welcome to the blogs, Karen. There is hope for the future and for your daughter too. I think your original postulate of telling her to get up the bridge was correct and only needs a slight modification as to where to find it. More and more people inside are finding a way to look at the internet, perhaps one day she will too.

  227. I love it when you simply take the High Road and
    state the facts. It’s much more damaging.

  228. Thought Provoking

    Thank you Sinar for raising my KRC on sushi. I always wondered why some people never ate the ginger as I’ve always loved it. And to think, it actually had a purpose.

    Poo pie s just one of those things you know is distasteful so best avoided from the start. LOL

  229. Thought provoking


    I generally don’t voice my opinions about people on public forums and although I don’t consider it a polite thing to do, I am doing so now for my own personal reasons. Some may think me critical and unfair in doing so…to each his own.

    It is quite normak for a person to go through various tone levels and shifting realities as one is learning the truth. I have no complaints on this occurring with anyone.

    For months I have read your posts and watched you waffle in the wind about your observations. At times you are confused and befuddled and other times you have decided you are becoming aware and getting it all. Then you go to the steps of letting your wife in on it and swing back into doubt after talking to her. She had some valid points, you know. Now you are back to curious and befuddled. It seems your awareness has not changed at all, you are still as confused as the first time you posted.

    You have aired all of this out in a blow by blow accounting on a public blog. You are a distraction. You are one of those guys who, at a lecture, asks questions for the benefit of the others in the crowd. Questions you either already know the answers to or have no interest in at all but somehow it makes you look important and interested. You are a true example of pantie waist dilletant!

    Although I have met people like you in Orgs, your constant figure figure does no one any good. I suspect you really are a plant as Sam has already suggested. Be that a fact or not, I’m tired of the daily dissection of whether or not it is right to be in doubt about DM in you posts.

    There is a much more important purpose for this blog than what you are using it for. So, I’m calling you out on making this blog your personal figure figure listening board.

  230. Quicksilver

    So, let me get this straight …

    We have OSA pumping in about 1/2 a million dollars to follow, along with the RCMP, a dangerous, perverted, racially twisted, karaoke singing, reincarnated Chinese/Korean heavenly deity, and then ask for donations to get him out of town, only to make an about face and have rich Toronto Scientologists paying money to get a glimpse of this guy.

    Man, now *that’s* an Op!!

  231. Thought provoking

    Yeah!!! UK Truth Rundown, coming soon!

    “The place to start is screwing up the tech. The TA seems to really move on articles about GAT, F/N redefinition, CCRD uncertainity, blanket C/Sing, etc.”

    And, dont for get the IAS!!!!!

  232. Quicksilver

    Well, I set my spies to work across the nation … finally got a pic … whew!

  233. Thought provoking

    Just Me,

    I think about it a lot. Having the virtual connection has been incredible. Putting the theta into the MEST universe would be like whipped cream with cherries on top.

    It is a future I’d like to create. I know it exists…I had it once before…in the ’70s.

  234. Thought provoking

    Congratulations to M on reaching the state of Clear! It keeps getting better and better from here!

    Thank you to Chris and all who have the tech and are applying it. Great wins on those stats for you and your group!

  235. Theo Sismanides

    Jim, this write up of your’s is so spot on. Especially that we are facing a situation which has been looked into rather thoroughly and there is an internship we are doing on it.

    Also the archetype you mention there. This is a very interesting word and concept behind that word.

    We have to see what can be done as part of that application.

    I am very much following what some wise people (not exaggerating) are saying here. You are amongst them.

    Since this site has come to life it has given life (theta) to so many of us. Just through the ARC.

    However, we should be able to listen to what the people say. My wife for example, Olga, for some time now has been more and more anxious and worried about the one worlders taking over the planet. I don’t have to mention the numerous things that are currently going on on this planet. And she mentions we are not even discussing them.

    So, we can really move even higher. Really I see we are winning. We shouldn’t relax but do even more.

  236. Actually, I have a different take on this fascinating mystery. My take is based purely on instinct, given that the same new people are the ones all all hot and bothered and releasing only fuzzy hints.

    I think it’s bullshit.

    Just Me

  237. LO,
    All orgs were/are caught up in this. Two of the weekly Div 6 stats that are part of the OIC cable are “Number of people helped” and “Active Volunteer Ministers”.
    I forget exactly how # of people helped was counted, but it has/had to do with the VM tent which was supposed to help people that came in it. Not hard to push that stat so long as you got the oversized tents up.
    Active VMs require a lot of chase up (thus the phone calls)–if someone has completed the VM Course, they are supposed to report in weekly to the org that they did something based on the chapters in the book. They don’t ususally report, so the a div 6er chases up the stat (and it can be anyting like a word cleared, or using the ARC triangle. Stat push pure and simple.
    Also, FYI after the VM tents were launched, the Lead VM of the org would get hammered for leads on ‘who did they help that could be interviewed; which VIPs were helped in your area that we could get footage on?’…ad nauseum. This drove the VMs so off-purpose, and sabotage of the essence of VMing was destroyed for the sake of the silver screen.

  238. Tony DePhillips

    That is awesome Chris!!
    Thanks for doing what you are doing!!

  239. “Not hard to push that stat so long as you got the oversized tents up.”

    Central Planning/ the Soviet economic system

    “Or consider a nail factory. If it were told to produce as many nails as possible, it would produce only small nails. If told to produce as large a weight as possible, it would produce only very large nails.”

  240. Thought provoking

    Bingo, Just Me.

    Me thinks someone (hmmm…OSA) just threw us a misdirector.

  241. Bugs Bunny is the independent! Nothing fazes Bugs Bunny!

    DM is Wily E. Coyote, so I guess the bots must be Elmer?

  242. Ex In Staff Member

    Janis, I hope to God that some day you will find the time to write the BOOK on what really happened in this period of our history.

  243. Theo Sismanides

    Just Me, it wouldn’t be Just You at this occasion! It would Just Be All of Us!! Hohoho! Great postulate!

  244. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  245. Theo,

    Funny, you made a joke! It’d be Just You and Just Me and Just Everybody.

    Just Me

  246. Fellow Traveller

    Amen, Jim. You gave an incredible sermon from the tower. And I definitely ain’t referring to the twin (or trio of) towers of the current Cof$.

    “Since it’s an internship, mistakes are going to occur in application, so, for each one, a cramming on the applicable materials and drill and back in session. Sooner or later we’re going to be ‘flubless’ at this whole thing. ” What no guilded age of perfection? No guilded age of total acceptance of authority? It is ok to fail and get some correction? I must be headed in the right direction.

    Where is an amen bench when you need one?

    Bruce Pratt

  247. Thanks, Dan, I enjoyed re-watching it. It reminds me how much I love Jason Beghe.

    For anyone new to the video, be aware that the creator has taken absolute creative licence with the audio of Tommy Davis and David Miscavige.

  248. Fellow Traveller

    Mr & Mrs Paine —
    Why not start just like you did here — “the where do we start?” as the opening.

    I would be hooked from just the questions.
    (There is also a technical fact that occasionally the question is the right gradient for someone to begin to look. And I think Socrates was a genius of his day.) IMHO — a variety of SM on DM – Socratic Method on Diminutive Man.

    Bruce Pratt

  249. Sarge you enrich my vocabulaire. I Learned many new oldish English words here.

    Main Entry: ker·fuf·fle
    Pronunciation: \kər-ˈfə-fəl\
    Main Entry: per·snick·e·ty
    Pronunciation: \pər-ˈsni-kə-tē\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: alteration of pernickety
    Date: 1915
    1 a : fussy about small details : fastidious b : having the characteristics of a snob
    2 : requiring great precision

    — per·snick·e·ti·ness \-nəs\ noun

    Function: noun
    Etymology: alteration of carfuffle, from Scots car- (probably from Scottish Gaelic cearr wrong, awkward) + fuffle to become disheveled
    Date: 1946
    chiefly British : disturbance, fuss

  250. Gaiagnostic

    Boyd H.

    Oh yea! That the person to save was always somewhere else on the planet, not right in front of you. That your “freedom” would come later, at some undefined time in the future, after the Ideal Org, after someone else (who?) over there (where?) was salvaged (wha?) What about you or me right here now attaining the freedoms available through LRH tech, no waiting?

    While on staff I observe that staff are not going up the bridge — ESTO says shut up, enemy line! I observe that with the cost of the bridge a fair number of our parishoners have no chance of making it — shut up, enemy line! I observe that many people in the field are ARC broken — oh well, fuck em, they’re out ethics.


  251. Thought Provoking I’ll grant that maybe you’re seeing something I’m not because I’m not an expert at spotting people like that, but I don’t see an enemy line in DFB’s post about “no dictionaries” etc. Seems like good points to me.

  252. IMO Jeff is trying to answer the question “why did you stay and take all the abuse” in a way that anyone can understand. He’s not trying to reinvent the wheel. He’s trying to impart understanding on a subject that many many people have questions about, and aren’t going to go look up an LRH reference to find out.

    Just because LRH covered a subject doesn’t mean that nobody else can. No disrespect meant, it’s just a fact.


  253. Sorry, you directed the question at Marty and Jim. I didn’t mean to hijack.

  254. Who else would say cowobewate?

  255. OK, I’m confused. There were several comments regarding Tom Cruise and an Enquirer article including a response from you, Marty. Why was that deleted? It’s disappeared! I’m disappointed!! Cruise has been DM’s greatest disseminator and you promised to lay some ethics on him for his cooperation with DM. We KNOW he’s still a DM-bot, Marty. I hope you’re not removing stuff because big bad Bert Fields has sent you a letter! And a certainly hope you’re not backing off DM’s best buddy, Marty.

  256. martyrathbun09

    Charly, haven’t a clue what you are referring to.

  257. Charly: The National Enquirer is not the most thrustworthy source of information Irt would be helpfull if you either providfe a link or a date of publishing.

  258. Thought, I think you’re not getting that DFB is being sarcastic, making fun of the bs, not promoting it. sometimes that kind of humor doesn’t translate well in the writtten word. I went back many posts and can’t find a single promotion for miscavige, quite the opposite, pointing ou tthe outpoints.

  259. Chris Black

    Hehehe. Nope. But it would be nice! Especially if there was a cool Gulf breeze. 🙂

    Yeh, even when I was training I audited SO at ASHO and AO and Int whenever I could. Made some Clears and debugged some OTs. It was always very rewarding seeing them move on the Bridge that they worked so hard at defending and keeping there despite the Nameless One’s CI on it, so that me and others could cross it. Too bad it’s been so subverted.

  260. Chris Black

    Thanks, everyone. As Doc and Thought Provoking say, it’s a win for all of us, and it’s because of all of us. A lot of this wouldn’t be if it weren’t for Marty and Mike and the many others in their crew. And it also wouldn’t be without the many standard ausitors, C/Ses and others who have open eyes and are still doing their jobs. I’m just glad to be part of the effort to keep things alive despite the Nameless One’s best efforts to ditch LRH’s life’s work.

  261. DM got some Project Blue Beam tech to go with his LRAD sound weapons?

    I suspected Jesus or Space Aliens but a Korean Kareoke singer?

    BTW, North or South Korea?

    At any rate, regardless of what it is…SEND MONEY, lots!


  262. “Charly, haven’t a clue what you are referring to”

    Oh Wow Marty. I’m truly disappointed. After getting out and counting on you to be truthful and honest, unlike DM, you do this? I’m sure others saw it as well. To just outright lie is a tremendous disappointment to me and to backtrack on the ethics issue is even more upsetting. Here you are presenting yourself as the good guy and you’re lying?? I’m really hurt.

    I can even remember what you said. The discussion was about Cruise speaking in the third person and going a little nuts on the set of his latest movie. Someone provided a link to the Enquirer and someone else, like Cat Daddy, said the Enquirer was not the most trustworthy. You clearly stated that in your experience with the celebrities you worked with, there is always truth to those articles. Then it disappeared…..

    I’m sure someone else remembers it as well. If as independents a Scientology based on L.Rons work rather than DM’s perversion of that work is going to be created, then shouldn’t the man standing the tallest to create it atleast be honest and trustworthy?? I think he should. Perhaps you were threatened by Cruise’s people, but the fact that you’re backing down on this as well as backing down on hitting DM’s best pal, who is in essence supporting his lifestyle and his abuses, with the ethics he deserves….then lying about it, is disconcerting and sad.

    This will probably be censored just as that was. I was so hopeful and I really believed you bringing hope to the Independents like myself. To find out that you’re no better than the rest hurts like hell. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

  263. Mike Hobson


    Try using Search This Site:

    The comments you are looking for were on a previous article.

    Michael A. Hobson

  264. Charly,

    Suggestion: look before you accuse. It makes relationships go better. As Mike said, it’s in a different article. It’s still there.

  265. I just ment you should do more research yourself on the subject.

    Try multiple sourches.

  266. My sincerest apologies to Marty and the other members of the board including Cat Daddy. Thank you to Mike Hobson for being kind despite my idiocy.

    I did look Shelly. Multiple times. And I still didn’t see it. Obviously, if I had I would have never commented the way I did. When Marty said he hadn’t a clue, it compounded my error even further. I was disappointed and upset by what a perceived as another disappointment in a long history of disappointments with Scientology.

    Again, My sincere apologies to Marty and everyone else concerned. If I could remove my comments I would.

  267. one of those who see

    Chris!!! Very well done!!!!!!!!!!! The best news!!!

  268. Charly,

    I am sorry if my response came across as unkind. I was taken aback, and I tend to be a defensive sort of person, probably too much so. I do see how you could become upset due to earlier and repeated disappointments with the subject.

    I am reading The Shack and it’s helping me to rethink how I deal with relationships. There’s no doubt I have a ways to go!

    I have never tried to use the “Site Search” tool, but what I do find very workable is searching within the comments of a specific article. (click on “comments”, then hit “ctrl f” and type in what you’re looking for. On my pc, the search fields show up at the bottom of the screen.)

  269. P.S. I just tried it, and it appears that when you “search this site” it searches the original article text but not the comments. At least on the examples I tried. – S

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  271. I LOVE IT TOO!!!! That was the completely appropriate level!!! Correct estimation all the way!!!

  272. Heh heh .. I remember her word-clearing ‘byte’. Man was she a pain in the ass ..

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