Daily Archives: June 10, 2010


THANKS to the folks who not only made JB’s and my work easier over the past two weeks, but who taught us lessons along the way.

THANKS to Mosey for chasing off DM’s vampire gnats from the home front all on your sweet lonesome and for keeping me centered and introducing me to the original Morpheus.

THANKS  to the Cowboy Poet and the Navajo Code Talker (and their wonderful spouses) for great hospitality and some Wild, Wild West tailshaking services.

Cowboy Poet with a greenhorn

Navajo Code Talker


THANKS to Claire and Marc and K1 and K2 for making your home our home, reminding us that it is all about family, friends and the mortar that holds them together, making life fun and indestructible (love/ARC). And THANKS also to Marc for reminding me not to take things too seriously.

THANKS to Jason and Angie and B1 and B2 for the respite on your ranch that teems with life and for reminding us that theta in its many forms and personalities is the universal healer.

THANKS to Tiziano and Jamie  for reminding us of the power of insouciance and the spirit of play.

Thanks to Mary Jo and Kathy B for making it through the Third Wall of Fire despite the C of M’s best efforts to prevent it, and for sharing so that we all might follow your leads.

THANKS to Gregory and Joanna for sharing your irrespressible, shining own selves.

Collectively, you all instilled a great deal of confidence that everything is going to come out all right in the end. That is because you demonstrated how much stronger, faster and higher toned our horizontal lines of affinity, reality and communication are in comparison to the enforced, entheta vertical lines of the monster that seeks to destroy us.  It became very evident that no matter what the force encountered, we cannot be stopped.

This is to all ya’ll: