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Warning: Grab your vomit bags before viewing

This is pure, unadulterated David Miscavige.   He wants to make “ass kickers.”  Problem is real ass kickers, don’t go around bragging how they can kick ass.  Real ass kickers don’t physically and literally kick ass because they figuratively kick ass by virtue of their abilities to get the job done in a way that raises the tone of those in their environment. Every real ass kicker in Scientology has long since left the church of Miscavology. 

 As far as “winning is everything” – in my opinion, that implanted lesson may have served as the justification for more mass murder in this planet’s history than any other.   Another exhibit for the proposition that the church is dead.

Reconnection With Distant Relatives

You may have noticed I haven’t been too active on the blog for the past week.  I’ve been busy and will fill you in here on some of it.

If there is a single policy that can be identified as causing the most widespread harm to independent thought in Scientology it is “Disconnect.”   Its remedy is simple.  Don’t agree with it. Instead of continuing to be shackled by other-determined disconnection, simply and effortlessly reconnect.  As much weakening and uncertainty that other-determined disconnection brings, self-determined Reconnection brings comparable strength and certainty. I have had a week of it and found it beyond invigorating and productive.

We had a most inspiring week along the Underground Railroad of the Great Lakes region.

First, Monique and I spent a couple days with the irrepressible Sarge.

Old compadres at Lake Michigan

Sarge doing street performance; as entertaining as ever.

Sarge and I got to do some exploring along the original, historic Underground Railroad of Southern Michigan.  We viewed the caves where escaped slaves were hidden from bounty hunters on their way along the railroad to Canada.  This outing was inspiring and gave perspective  for our Underground Railroad planning for the region.  Around the Great Lakes our railroad  now has active stop-overs in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and Ontario. 

Checking out underground railroad cave along the St Joseph river

I was able to spend some quality time with my old comrade Jesse Prince.  Jesse was the last man to security check David Miscavige at LRH’s direction.  Jesse got his withholds and duly reported them to LRH.  Unfortunately, the report never made it because it went through Broeker who was implicated in Miscavige’s crimes. So, LRH was kept in the dark and the rest is our own dark history.  Because Jesse was unwilling to choose sides in the Broeker/Miscavige power struggle he was targeted for extinction by DM.  But, you can’t keep a good man down – and Jesse is a Phoenix if there ever was one. 

Distant Relatives

Jesse marked an interesting sort of tipping point. I calculated the number of years of RTC service that terminals available and connected to Miscavige have combined vs the number of years of RTC service that terminals connected with me in present time have.  Well, Jesse just tipped the balance in our favor.

Our own modern day Harriet Tubman made this underground railroad pilgramage possible.  Those who have done much alternate, common people oriented history study know this is about the highest compliment one could pay any one (for a quick synopsis see ).  Well, I’m paying it. Harriet, in keeping with the original’s expertise at Fabian tactics, will remain unnamed for the moment. 

I learned quite a bit from Sarge and Jesse and other brothers I met with along the way. 

If you are in the mood to invest a few minutes, you can listen the song below. It explains why I refer to Jesse and Sarge and Harriet and all of you as distant relatives.


You may have caught wind of some government action recently taken to ban certain Scientology publications in Russia.  Max Hauri, who formed the largest independent Scientology service facility in the world to my knowledge, wrote to me of the problem recently. I inquired of Max whether they needed money or other types of support. He said they did not need that. In fact, he said the best thing that Independents in other countries could do was to continue the work to differentiate Scientology the practice from the Church of Scientology the organization.   Max, who is intimately familiar with the local situation and its causes, is convinced it is the espionage and Machiavellian activies of Miscavige’s church that has brought about the current state of affairs in Russia.  I asked Max to put a little something together to explain the situation from his perspective. His article follows. While Max encourages us to pick up what we are doing stateside, I don’t think it will hurt for anyone with influence or reliable terminals in Russia to drop Max a line,

Max Hauri

The Shades of Night

During 1997 some Russians contacted us and wanted to know about the delivery of Scientology, independent of the church. So we went there and started to deliver from scratch – HQS and on up to the OT levels. I’ll keep it very short on that now, but it was an extremely intensive time and a lot of things happened of course, including visits of the FSB (i.e. KGB).

The subject I am writing about is actually KSW 1, having the correct technology. We were very lucky as the law and government structures were almost not existent so nobody cared about copyright. Or at least nobody did, or could do, anything against translating and disseminating the books, bulletins and tapes in Russian.

It was really great to see how Scientology expands if it is not suppressed.

First there was of course almost no bad reputation about Scientology extant but later on it started and became stronger and stronger.

Divide et Impera, in English Divide and Rule, or also known as Divide and Conquer. Machiavelli advised that a Captain should endeavor with every art to divide the forces of the enemy, either by making him suspicious of his men in whom he trusted, or by giving him cause that he has to separate his forces, and, because of this, become weaker.

Miscavige did just an “awfully good job” in that so that the press and mass media have endless stories about “how bad Scientology is”. Due to that it is factually very easy to convince any official that he or she has to do something about it.

Since I left the church, I know factually that all Scientologists are good and dedicated people, there is rarely an exception. Unfortunately there is one big exception.

Thanks to the aggressive work by Miscavige, in Germany you run into problems with an official every once in a while. A friend of mine wants to have his child in a nursery. He told me yesterday that he would have to sign a document that he is not doing Scientology, nor having any contact with it, nor having ever done etc. It is just discrimination. Those capable of reading German can see an example here, page 14 and 15:

So getting rid of the suppression of the church has priority. In other words Miscavige has to be stopped suppressing Scientologists and Scientology.

In Russia we run now into even more severe troubles. Hopefully we can handle it soon, lawyers are already evaluating the scene. A few months ago approximately four tape series had been found to be extremist and will be banned from distribution in Russia, and a few weeks ago almost all of the Scientology books too. Those who can read Cyrillic can see it here, nr. 632-660:

The punishment for disseminating those items ranges from a fine of 3,000 Rubles up to imprisonment.

We have clever and dedicated Scientologists in Russia, I hope they can do something about it, it is a serious threat.

I have to advise you strongly to support the activities of Marty and Mike, it is important that we improve the PR of Scientology from inside, it is devastating if Scientologists are leaving the church with all those horrible stories – which are, worst of all, so very true and often impossible to put into words at all.

The other advice I have to give to you, apply Scientology, deliver. You have the liberty, use it. You will realize what liberty is when you lose it – again.

Do not let it happen again.

The shades of night. Now we’ve got a period here of a very short space of time.”

“But it became terribly important to them to shut all the boundaries on knowledge. And you’ve seen those things, those curtains shutting down. And those were the shades of night falling.” PDC 21.


Max Hauri

Ron’s Org Committee Chairman

The next Great Technical Breakthrough

by Mike Rinder

Every time Dear Leader appears in public, he makes his next pronouncement about forthcoming technical breakthroughs/discoveries/wonders that will “soon” be available that will “open the floodgates to the Bridge,” “give you miraculous, never before heard of wins,” “speed your progress up the Bridge by a factor of 10,” “turn you into superman” or whatever other Dan Sherman hyperdrivel appears on the teleprompters before him.

This is a public warning.

At one of his upcoming Nuremberg Rally Style (TM) events, he is going to announce the greatest breakthrough since DMSMH – the new Mark VIII E-Meter.  He will loudly announce its virtues and explain that nobody could have really made case gain before the advent of this wondrous new meter, and that this is an advance more significant than any other accomplishment and has been dozens of years in the making and is only now available because of the progress in technology that have now made it possible to do what LRH wanted done with the E-Meter.

The technical advances of the Mark VIII are not the subject of this post. I leave that discussion to others. But one thing for sure, Dear Leader has sunk about $30 millon into this project — so whether it is bogus or not, he will pitch it as the most wonderful and necessary item in the world that every Scientologist MUST have (ever heard that before?).

The point here is Dear Leader’s dedicated worship of the almighty dollar.  The Mark Super VIII E-Meter has been manufactured and ready for release for at least 5 years.  Well Dave, if this is such a wondrous breakthrough, and is exactly what LRH wanted, why are the meters sitting in warehouses instead of in auditing rooms being used to achieve the stupendous case gain only available with the miracle meter?

 Because Dear Leader isn’t happy with the colors! 

This is not a joke.

Now, you might ask, what difference does the color make to either the Auditor or the pc/pre-OT — and you would of course also know the answer to that elementary question: Nada. You may recall the posting on this blog about DMTC’s candy-apple red motorcycles parked in front of the RTC building. That was one of the colors developed for the Mark VIII in Dear Leader’s never ending search for the perfect meter color. Man, you have to admire someone that puts that much care into every little detail (well, maybe not, if everyone is being denied the magnificent gains possible because the exact right colors are not being produced).  But there is another reason too for withholding this “vital technical breakthrough” (these will be his words, not mine). Dave has a Marketing Plan and the meter has to be released AFTER other items on his plan or the sales will not be maximized. No good releasing a new item and not maximizing the sales.  My God, the thought of missing a few bucks of revenue in the first week is enough to drive him to drink (or at least another drink).  So, all those auditors out there suffering with the antiquated Mark Super VII Quantum cannot use the wonders of the Mark VIII Hyper Drive Tone Arm Rocket Ship — because if Dear Leader released them now, there may be some that assault his highly tuned artistic sensibilities, and more importantly, there may be some sales missed.

While much of this post is dripping with sarcasm, the facts remain. The meter has been DONE for at least 5 years. Miscavige will proclaim it as a magnificent technical breakthrough that no auditor or solo auditor could possibly live without — yet he will not tell them they could have had it 5 years ago if it were not for him refusing to release it until he felt good and ready.

LRH never held back on any of his breakthroughs. Ever.

PS by Marty:

A word  on the breakthrough he’s holding back. It is no breakthough at all.  I piloted the first needle movement mechanism that came off the assembly line.  In 2003 DM had CO CST (yeah, DM uses CST, that exists solely to keep DM in check, as his new bright idea GI proto type expeditors) put the movement into a Mark Super VII shell to disguise it. I used it for several intensives on Tom Cruise.  I gave the obligatory “Yeah, it seems to be far more responsive”.  It was absolutely obligatory.  In fact, there wasn’t a blessed noticeable difference between the responsiveness in the needles of the Mark Super VII, and New Super Duper Delux Over The Top With Superlatives Mark VIII. Not any. So, Mike is perfrectly right to call the entire thing a marketing gimmick. DM used to consistently bandy about figures to brag to Int terminals how he was going to make $10 million in one event – two meters for every auditor, every solo auditor, and every other gullible public on board.

Welcome Declan Guider

by: Mike and Christie

As many of you will recall a few weeks back Chris and Valeksa Guider shared their story of leaving David Miscavige’s church and declared their independence. They joined many of us on Independence weekend and some of you had the good fortune to meet them.

We are very happy to announce that on Thursday, July 22nd, at 7:33 pm, they welcomed their first son Declan Charlton Guider into the world. The birth was a very theta experience. Declan is perfectly healthy, weighing 7 lbs 11 oz. He is a peaceful and beautiful boy who is very pleased with his choice of two loving and happy parents.


There Is No Such Thing As Disconnection

by: Christie Collbran

Mike, Haydn and I visited Sydney for several days, spoke to Bryan Seymour from Channel 7, were followed by private investigators on a regular basis and despite that had quite a nice time there.

On Friday we drove down to Melbourne, approximately a 10 hour trip with the specific intention of visiting Mike’s mother and brother. Mike’s mother is in her 80’s. He has not seen her for about 8 years. She is unable to travel all the way out to America for a visit, so this could have likely been Mike’s last chance to see his aging mother.

Even after Mike left the Sea Org and prior to speaking on the record with the St. Pete Times in the summer of last year he was in regular communication with his Mom. She wrote him letters telling him about her grandchildren, and her activities and chit chatting about nice things. He wrote her the same kind of letters back and they were having a very nice time being in communication. There was no talk about the church between them.

However after Mike spoke on the record to the St. Pete Times he received disconnection letters from his Scientologist family members, his Mom included. These were obviously letters they were told to write, many of them sounding strangely similar to each other ordering him to go contemplate a rock until he decided to change his ways.

It is my belief that his mother was very saddened by this and that she would have much rather remained in communication. Her disconnection letter was far less harsh than the others. Due to her age she had earlier stated herself that she will not be doing any more services this lifetime as she is OT VIII and could neither travel to Flag nor the Freewinds, and it was obvious that she was taking much pleasure in having the comm line with Mike.

This was a total perversion of PTS/SP technology. There was nothing suppressive about her comm line with her son and she was forced to cut the line due to the control designed by David Miscavige. She now lives in a retirement home/assisted living facility in Melbourne near her only other son, Andrew. If she refused to disconnect from Mike she would also lose the support of Andrew and the right to spend time with him and his children, and her great grandchildren as well. These are usually the most important things in the life of an elderly grandmother. So you can understand the tough position she has been put in.

On Saturday morning we headed out to the nursing home where Barbara Rinder has been staying. Having had a lot of PI activity during our trip so far, it was strikingly quiet that morning. I said to Mike that I feared the church had sent his mother away for the weekend, because if she had been in town we would have had a lot more noise already. When we got to the nursing home Mike and I went to the front desk. There was nobody there immediately and we met a very nice elderly woman named Frances who was also a resident of the nursing home.  She told us that she knew Barbara, and that Barbara had gone on a trip to Adelaide for nine days.

We did eventually speak to a receptionist and somebody who was in charge of the place who confirmed for us that Barbara was not there. They tried to whisk us away very rapidly as well, and it smelled as if they had been briefed to expect us.

It was clear that they knew we were coming. Mike Sutter and Marion Pouw had been sent to Australia a week before we arrived to try and shore up the local Scientologists from being influenced by the SPs that were about to arrive. No doubt part of their Mission was to ensure that Mike’s mother was not there so that she and her son could not be reunited one last time.

However, after the Receptionist had tried to send us on our way, Frances came out to our car and said “Don’t mind that woman. She likes to boss everybody around. Would you like me to show you where Barbara stays?“ Of course, we would!

We spent quite some time with Frances — she showed us where Barbara’s room was. There was a sign on the door with her name. A cleaning lady had been nearby cleaning and she let us see inside of the room. Mike pointed to a picture of his Dad that was on the desk, Barbara’s deceased husband. Seeing her room, speaking to one of her mates, knowing that she spent much of her time right where we were standing, but that Mike was unable to see her or speak to her brought me to tears and I stepped away for a moment to collect myself.

Mike is one of the most considerate, decent and loyal persons I have met. He deserves the right to see his own mother and she has the right to be in communication with him. David Miscavige has taken pleasure in ensuring that this does not happen. The whole thing was utterly suppressive and sick.

We decided to buy a card and some chocolates for Barbara and Frances. We took some pictures and chatted quite a bit with Frances who was a very sweet lady. I’m sure she will relay to Barbara how lovely her son Mike was, that she was fortunate enough to spend some time with him, and the other girl (myself) that came with him from the USA. She showed us pictures of her children and grandchildren and some of her accomplishments from her life. I took some pictures of her and Mike and Frances insisted that she get her camera and take some for her to keep as well. She was very happy to meet us and walked us to our car, waved goodbye and watched us drive away until she could no longer see us, waving the whole time.

She was very similar to how I imagined Barbara might be. Although we did not get to see Barbara, I know that the message will get through to her. Mike still loves her and always will. Her friend will be sure to let her know.

Francis, Mike & Christie outside the nursing home

After that we also went to Andrew’s house that was very close by, just to be sure. Nobody was there either and we assume that he took Barbara away. Mike left a card for Andrew in the mailbox as well.

This is just an example of thousands of similar instances of families being torn apart by the suppressive and evil works of David Miscavige and his church, and is why they must be brought to justice.

But we didn’t let him spoil our trip.

We left, had a delicious Australian lunch, and then met with the lovely Heather Grace, a regular here on Marty’s blog. We met at the zoo, found some koalas & kangaroos, and had dinner and drinks together. It was a wonderful time.

The following day we went to watch an Australian rules football game – otherwise known as “footy” and thoroughly enjoyed sitting next to two local and very vocal sports fans who were more fun than watching the game due to their constant banter back and forth (rooting for opposite teams) and the hilarious expressions they used.

Richmond Team Supporter: “What do you call a man with a rabbit stuck up his ass?”

North Melbourne Team Supporter: “I don’t know?”

Richmond Team Supporter: “You call him Warren…… here comes Warren!”  (Warren being the name of a player on the opposite team whom he was having a go at).

You gotta love the Australians.  We all did.

Mike Rinder on Today/Tonight

My man, it doesn’t get any more professional than that!

Part I:

Part II: