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An Open Letter to Office of Special Affairs (OSA)


This letter is directed to OSA executives and staff – at Int, Cont and DSA levels –  for a number of reasons.

You all are most familiar with Il Dulce’s penchant for stage managing himself into stardom on the backs of others’ efforts.

You all are more in tune with the outside world and what is really going on than anyone else in the management structure of the church. With that privilege comes responsibility.

You all have to work for a living while the other members of management do nothing but Reg, stat push, or wither in confinement.  Il Dulce has confined leaders of your network –  Heber and Kurt Weiland  – and would do the same to you in a heartbeat if his future cushy survival did not depend on your network. You know the pattern: when life is hot for the little dictator, he puts on the charm with those upon whom his survival depends. The moment the heat is off, you all go back to being a “pack of ex-GO, Mary Sue infested, criminal scum….”

 You also try to operate on the Data Series and the LRH intelligence orders the Data Series is based on. Of any one in the church you can spot a situation, a why and a who. For this reason there are no more informed staff than you on where this train is headed. You are aware that we have gone past the tipping point.

Because it is beyond doubt who is fighting to save the legacy of LRH (the technology of Scientology) and who is dead set on usurping it, sundering it, and replacing it with his own, any support you give Il Dulce is an overt against LRH and every man, woman and child on this planet.

Do not (as DM loves to accuse others but does incessantly himself) buy your own bullshit.  We know the hype that is bandied about there concerning us. Let us assure you that what you are being told is possible as to our fates, in fact,  is a virtual fait accompli with respect to  Miscavige.    

You know for a fact we are completely capable of keeping anyone of you under the radar should you decide to do the right thing. As we assume you are by now aware, every spotting of JB since he left was deliberately set up. When you lose him for weeks on end, that is by design. If you don’t realize that, then perhaps you all have become far more duped than we even imagined. We – as DM likes to fantasize about his own N.W.s – are virtually everywhere.

Our timing is not arbitrary. We are rapidly approaching the point where continued support of Il Duce takes on far graver implications for you.  That is not because we are going to do anything about it. It is because overts from this point forward will be very difficult to wash your hands of.  And that is because, by this time – setting aside the hard core justifications that keep you running – you know in your heart of hearts who are the friends of L. Ron Hubbard and his legacy.

There have been recent allusions to the fact that things are going to get uglier over the next few months. That is because we know the pressure you are under already, and can predict just how insane they will become knowing what is in store for the future.  That right there is telling; wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predict the future, to be able to exercise a causation role in the way it unfolds?  We are making the future. Miscavige is desperately clinging to the past.

Because of events that will happen over the next few weeks, now is the time to honestly complete your doubt formula. After approximately mid-July it will become increasingly difficult for you to find your way to the just, honest, and right side of history.  After that date, the insane orders you have received to date will look like models of sanity by comparison.  And your complicity will become your liability.

If you consider this message a tad too explicit and in-your-face, realize it is done primarily to let you know that you are not alone. Perhaps this metaphorical work of art will help you follow:

Remember: You’re not alone.

Marty and Mike