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Suppression of family starting with L. Ron Hubbard’s family

Ok, here is the beginning of my promised series connecting the dots of C of M familicide policy to its author, David Miscavige. You will get the complete story when my book is published. For now, these facts will suffice.

In 1981 Pat Broeker helped get his then-pal David Miscavige assigned to the position of Special Project Ops. As such DM was responsible for attaining an All Clear, meaning deal with the couple dozen civil suits that named LRH as a defendant, so that LRH could come to the Int Base and complete what he considered his most important final task of this lifetime. That task, direct and produce the tech films so that T.R.s and Metering could be mastered – those skills that LRH had always said would guarantee a case gain. (In a later story – or in the book – I’ll fully connect the dots so that all can see the complete Black Dianetics nature of Golden Age of Tech and all other nifty curve balls DM entered into the line up instead)

Miscavige seized on the opportunity to keep LRH off the lines and hijack the church through the power derived as serving as gate keeper for all communications to and from LRH. Broeker was in league, until LRH died and DM decided there could only be one (Kergin from Highlander, anyone?)

“All communications” included from the outset communications from L. Ron Hubbard’s wife and long-time confidante Mary Sue, as well as the rest of LRH’s family.

DM used his ONLY line early on by setting up Mary Sue as the fall woman for the lack of an All Clear. Miscavige would later brag about the “courage” it took to get Mary Sue to step down in his “one on one” encounter with her. See SP Times 1998 article The Man Behind Scientology. What Miscavige did not tell the Times was this:

Mary Sue Hubbard did not relinquish control because of Miscavige’s superior persuasion skills. She demanded that she be able to communicate to her husband. Miscavige said “no.” And there was not a single thing Mary Sue could do about it. She was defeated by the severance of the line to her husband. DM possesses the evidence of this. That is because he had JB bug the hotel room where the meeting took place. JB sat outside in a van (ala French Connection) with headphones monitoring the operation as it was recorded for posterity (without Mary Sue’s consent) onto the reel to reel recording tape.

I know everything that went down. That is because by default I became Mary Sue’s church terminal. She was so ARC broken with Miscavige, and messengers by extension, she refused to communicate with anyone from the Special Project. That was a huge flap, because her assistance as a witness was required in the litigation. Being a relatively green, amiable guy (I once was believe it or not) and non Messenger, I was elected to repair the line. And I remained in comm with Mary Sue till the quiet, sad end of her life.

Shortly thereafter, Diana Hubbard Horwich attempted to stop DM in his massacre of the mission holders. Her associates were all declared, and when she attempted to communicate what was going on to her father, her comm was cut and she was shot.

Fast forward five years.

In January 1986 Suzette Hubbard was engaged to be married to then-Marketing Exec International Guy White. Suzette’s father L. Ron Hubbard died on January 24th that same year. Suzette and Guy put off their wedding date so as to take care of LRH’s final wishes and pay their respects. However, none of LRH’s family – including Suzette – were invited to attend his final days by Pat Broeker and David Miscavige. Nor were any of them invited to his funeral and the spreading of his ashes days later.

Suzette and Guy were married on March 8th 1986. Suzette immediately became pregnant and was ordered to the International base by Miscavige.
Guy White, who was already at the base, was assigned to the RPF in the summer of that same year. At the Happy Valley locale of the Int base RPF, he joined his brother-in-law Arthur Hubbard and the only other male figure in left the family, Jon Horwich (ex-husband of Diana Hubbard and father to their daughter – Roanne).

During Suzette’s pregnancy, DM ordered published an issue stating that no babies can be born to S.O. Members. Did you get that? He put that issue out while LRH’s daughter was pregnant and in the S.O.

Tyson Hubbard White was born 9 months and 1 day after his parents were married, 9 Dec 1986.

LRH’s grand son was given a hearty welcome by DM by assigning his mother, LRH’s daughter, to the post of laundress. Her duties included, among other things, literally handling David Miscavige’s dirty laundry.

Guy White received a Board of Review that ruled his assignment to the RPF was erroneous. However, rather than returning to his post as Marketing Exec in the Office of ED Int – as is required by LRH Flag Order – he was assigned to the post of Clapper in Cine Gold. The post of Marketing Exec International was then filled by David Miscavige’s brother Ronnie. Don’t get me wrong, Ronnie was a tremendous Marketing Exec Int, but so was Guy, and the fashion in which DM cast LRH policy aside in the case of Guy White bears telling.

Guy and Suzette took family time, an S.O. tradition, either one hour before or after dinner. Even though they had been put into some of the lowest posts conceivable on the base, they found it increasingly difficult to take that one hour to be with their young son.

Tyson was being taken care of based on a personal letter earlier written to John Horwich from LRH that laid out a program for his and Diana’s daughter, Roanne. LRH referred to it as “a big program for a little princess.” The LRH Household Unit was being run on a parallel program, The Prince Program, for Tyson.
Then, an issue ordered by DM was put out that canceled Family Time for all S.O. members.

Suzette vehemently protested the issue and challenged its validity. She was told that there was nothing that could be found written by LRH covering family time. Suzette responded stating that she LIVED IT, that her father spent a minimum of an hour a day with them at Saint Hill in addition to dinner time, that the church needs to find it. We did find ample documentation that LRH ordered and enforced family time for SO families. DM ordered the evidence withheld from Suzette.

Conditions did not change. Finally, Suzette left the base with Tyson and showed up at her mother’s house for refuge never to return to the SO.
Guy left the base some months later joining up with Suzette and Tyson.

Suzette and Guy raised two other children, a daughter Alysa Marie and a second son Connor Bryce.

Now, I am not saying any existing personality is of particular significance in all this, nor that even if he or she were it would have any bearing on the route out across the Bridge. However, I cannot help but find the interesting historical parallels with the biblical times Massacre of the Innocents. You can read about it here:


The media – even the best and strongest – have been backed off from exposing Miscavige. They took such a bludgeoning over the original Truth Rundown series and Anderson Cooper’s History of Violence, and continue to over at the BBC, that they have been coerced into laying off Miscavige. Not a knock on the fine gentlemen and gentlewomen who have gone through the C of M gauntlet over the past year. Quite the contrary, props to them.  But, we have our own media now.  And it reaches far more of those whom we’d like to reach than the largest and most prestigious of news agencies.

You want the truth?

Can you handle the truth?

You think you are entitled to the truth?

Then stayed tuned to this blog.

L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected.

And L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated.

And remember, 

“Truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails.” – L. Ron Hubbard