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That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Something magical just hit the comments section. It comes from thousands and thousands of miles away. It comes from a woman who embodies everything we have been talking about for the past year. It comes from a woman who had every reason to keep her head low and live a life of bitter resentment.  I know that for a fact because I personally abused that woman verbally in a most cruel manner on several occassions back in the day when I wasn’t me.  We love you Lana, and I mean unconditionally. And if you quick shoot me a nice JPG portrait I’d love to put it up with this. Without further ado,

Thank you for the lovely LRH quote on force Marty.

It got me reflecting on why I come back to this blog over and over…

I only post on your blog occasionally, not because I do not agree and not because I do not wish to add my voice to the conversation, but because I only speak out when I feel that my contribution will somehow enhance the thread, or provide some more insight, or somehow give others some relief.

Since 2005 I have slowly started to gather back friends from past times. Persons, in the same postition as myself (declared SP for leaving the Int base or for no reason whatsoever). Persons who I worked with at Int. Persons, who I love the company of and who I have affinity for.

When I first made contact with them, I was full of bypassed-charge. I also had tons of questions. What happened when I left? How did it happen that way? Was there information that I had not been privy to (of course there always is) and I had wanted to somehow get to a point where I could end-cycle on the mess at Int. I wanted to stop the nightmares. I wanted to stop wondering about friends I had lost.

The conversations I have had over the last few years have been the best — and I thank each of you (including Marty) who listened as I wrote dissertations and lengthy emails about what had occurred and how things had been so wrong and off-policy.

This is where COMMUNITY comes in.

I did not always get the answers I was looking for, and sometimes responses were a long time coming — but each one let me rest a little easier and allow me to put my attention on to now and the future, rather than caught up in the past mis-emotion, problems and in-justices.

I feel very much part of this community.

I have felt that way for many, many months.

I have posted under the name of Solace, NOT because I am scared of the force or underhanded techniques of The Church, and NOT because I have connections that would be impinged upon by speaking out (I lost all those connections back in 2005), but because here, where I live, I have been rediscovering my OT abilities and I have been having unprecedented success in life. I simply had the idea that by communicating my collaboration with the community here, it might endanger my happiness on the homefront.

In reviewing this, particularly against the quote from LRH that Marty has posted, I can see that through communicating and affirming my affiliation with the Independent Scn Community, it will simply bolster my own ARC and my own power — and there really is no danger.

It seems the longer I stay disconnected from The Church of Scientology, the better life becomes and the more I rediscover the real me. By the time I had left I had been pounded down the tone scale and invalidated to the point where my own faith in myself, was at an all-time low.

I have been reversing that process over the last number of years and have been rediscovering how I can make my postulates stick, how I can use ARC to improve situations and how the only limiting factor is my own considerations (which I have been identifying and removing).

As a result, I would like to announce my independence.

My name is Lana Mitchell. I am an ex-Int base staff member of 10 years and a former Sea Org member of 15 years. I worked in CMO Int and then in RTC. I also worked for several years as a cook for DM, and his entourage and celebrity guests until 2003. Some of this journey was good. A lot of it was shockingly terrible.

I will not at this time include a long account of how I came to be declared. I am actually over it at this point and feel no need to rewrite it. It would also just enturbulate and upset those who read it — so what it the point?

What is important is the fact that I have confirmed for myself, in the last 5 years, the workability of LRH technology, I have confirmed for myself the power of my own postulates, and I have rediscovered that life is theta, exciting and a game.

I am currently living at home, in Australia, in a beautiful house my husband and I just built, with 2 lovely baby boys (one 4 years old and one 8 months old) who fill my daily life with theta and enthusiasm.

I am very happy here. and I am very happy to state that I am an Independent Scientologist and support this community.

If you wish to email me, you can do so at lana@backcreekcountry.com.au.

OSA — Hi Kirsten (and Vicki)– I am sure you already had me in your little black book, but if not, you can now add me in. It might be a little difficult however to have my phone tapped and have me followed around, as I am live on a large rural block with a driveway of over 1 km and the closest house is almost as far away. Also — we have several large dogs, so you might want to call first befor anyone comes visiting (hee hee!)

The only way out is through – Community


Ralph and Jim and others exchanged some ideas about community on this blog recently.  When we came up with the idea of  creating Independence communities and community, I posted some ideas, after long, careful evaluation – knowing the nature of the beast – about how  ultimately creation of community was our greatest strength and most effective means to free the subject of Scientology.  I suggest that while the beast is mustering all the force it can to extinguish our postulates and dreams, community is more important than ever. Believe me, it is going to get more desperate and ugly in the coming months.  I think it is high time we determine to reach out to others,  congregate, strengthen our bonds and protect one another’s backs.   Listening to PDC 23 ARC, FORCE, BE/DO/HAVE prompted this message. Here are some applicable excerpts:

Force begets force, and he who lives by the sword will die by one. I promise you!  But, funny thing is, you have to be able to have enough force to use an unlimited quantity of  force, before you can pass over into a higher band of ethics. One cannot retreat from and cower back from force, under any pretext whatsoever, and still have a beingness above the level of this universe.

When you stop and think right now, perhaps, of being hit in the face, in the MEST body, with a hundred thousand KW lightning bolt, it is possibly not a comfortable thought, But I assure that that is a small amount of juice, compared to what you as a thetan can take. You ought to be able to pick your teeth with a million KW lightning bolt, theta wise.

If you have ever seen the mercy of the very strong, compared to the sympathy and fear of the very weak, if you’ve ever watched these two things, you will see the mockery of bottom scale trying to echo the top of the scale. A person has to be very, very strong before he can be ethical and completely merciful of his own free will. At the bottom of the scale a person has been forced to be, and everything affects him. He has been an effect of this and an effect of that, and so on. He’s still carrying along with some of his capability; there’s still theta there at the bottom of the scale, but not much of it. He has crossed over, you might say, crossed over the span of force on the band, successfully. But bluntly, nobody ever crawled out of this universe through the bottom of the hole. Nobody ever got out that way. That’s a grave. The only way out is through.

You have to be able to conquer the full use and control of any factor of the first dynamic, and having conquered that the full use, control of the factor of the second dynamic, and the third and so forth. You have to be willing and capable, and in full control of those dynamics, before you are free of them. Because always lingering in the back of your  mind, no matter how esoteric you may think your ambitions may be, always lingering in the back of the mind is something you can’t do; which is always a disability.

The capability of a thetan is not simply force. You take every saint on the calendar as represented as having a big bright aura. What do you think that aura was representing?  That was representing something very interesting. Raw energy.

Now whether or not these boys could weild energy or not, I don’t know. But they certainly represented them that way, and have continued to do so ever since. Tell you something interesting: Right there. Force. You want to be able to heal somebody at a distance, you have to have the capability of charring them into charcoal at a distance. And don’t mistake that one either, because the ability to produce force is the ability to make  a strong postulate. And the ability to make a strong postulate alone is capable of controlling the health and beingness of others.

So all force is, is the shabbiest shadow of what can be done. But unless you can make a postulate strong enough to handle force, it is highly unlikely that you can make a postulate strong enough to pervade all through the beingnesses which you would like to help. Tells you a lot about force. This is a force universe. And don’t EVER make a mistake about that. And if it was the only universe there was, God help all of us!  It is a force universe. It’s built on trickery, and it’s built on force…

…The strong man who uses force, fort main, as his sole criteria of existence is nothing but a brute. He is nothing but a brute. Nevertheless, the strong man who is able to make something in this universe must be able to protect it. ‘Cause this universe doesn’t care. He looks around, no matter what he does for anybody, no matter how much he tries to help, or anything else, in this universe with MEST force on the loose, and relatively uncontrolled, it makes no difference whatsoever. It is that remorselessness, that crushing capability, without discernment as to a finer quality, that breaks him at last.

He think in this unverse there ought to be such things as love, and goodness, and he thinks these things ought to repay. And you find somebody working himself to the bone, trying to be a good guy. Trying to be a straight guy and so on. What do you find all around him? You’ll find pitfalls waiting for his tiniest error. And he will go crashing down.

And who will push him?  The people he helped most. It’s a great universe. It is debased and degraded, really, that the better capabilities of  theta, the better capabilities of beingness, almost can’t exist in this universe. They are here in the flimsiest possible form…

…Theta’s greatest potentialities happen to be the ability to agree, which makes for groups. The ability to have affinity, to love and appreciate, and to feel sensation. And that is affinity. And the ability to communicate. And that’s communication. And the communications which are here in this universe are done through MEST. And these three manifestations are in action in this universe, in the form of MEST. But it is theta, handling MEST in a peculiar way, that gives us ARC. And the MEST handles to give us three conditions of energy, which become Affinity, Reality, Communication…

– L Ron Hubbard