Suppression of family starting with L. Ron Hubbard’s family

Ok, here is the beginning of my promised series connecting the dots of C of M familicide policy to its author, David Miscavige. You will get the complete story when my book is published. For now, these facts will suffice.

In 1981 Pat Broeker helped get his then-pal David Miscavige assigned to the position of Special Project Ops. As such DM was responsible for attaining an All Clear, meaning deal with the couple dozen civil suits that named LRH as a defendant, so that LRH could come to the Int Base and complete what he considered his most important final task of this lifetime. That task, direct and produce the tech films so that T.R.s and Metering could be mastered – those skills that LRH had always said would guarantee a case gain. (In a later story – or in the book – I’ll fully connect the dots so that all can see the complete Black Dianetics nature of Golden Age of Tech and all other nifty curve balls DM entered into the line up instead)

Miscavige seized on the opportunity to keep LRH off the lines and hijack the church through the power derived as serving as gate keeper for all communications to and from LRH. Broeker was in league, until LRH died and DM decided there could only be one (Kergin from Highlander, anyone?)

“All communications” included from the outset communications from L. Ron Hubbard’s wife and long-time confidante Mary Sue, as well as the rest of LRH’s family.

DM used his ONLY line early on by setting up Mary Sue as the fall woman for the lack of an All Clear. Miscavige would later brag about the “courage” it took to get Mary Sue to step down in his “one on one” encounter with her. See SP Times 1998 article The Man Behind Scientology. What Miscavige did not tell the Times was this:

Mary Sue Hubbard did not relinquish control because of Miscavige’s superior persuasion skills. She demanded that she be able to communicate to her husband. Miscavige said “no.” And there was not a single thing Mary Sue could do about it. She was defeated by the severance of the line to her husband. DM possesses the evidence of this. That is because he had JB bug the hotel room where the meeting took place. JB sat outside in a van (ala French Connection) with headphones monitoring the operation as it was recorded for posterity (without Mary Sue’s consent) onto the reel to reel recording tape.

I know everything that went down. That is because by default I became Mary Sue’s church terminal. She was so ARC broken with Miscavige, and messengers by extension, she refused to communicate with anyone from the Special Project. That was a huge flap, because her assistance as a witness was required in the litigation. Being a relatively green, amiable guy (I once was believe it or not) and non Messenger, I was elected to repair the line. And I remained in comm with Mary Sue till the quiet, sad end of her life.

Shortly thereafter, Diana Hubbard Horwich attempted to stop DM in his massacre of the mission holders. Her associates were all declared, and when she attempted to communicate what was going on to her father, her comm was cut and she was shot.

Fast forward five years.

In January 1986 Suzette Hubbard was engaged to be married to then-Marketing Exec International Guy White. Suzette’s father L. Ron Hubbard died on January 24th that same year. Suzette and Guy put off their wedding date so as to take care of LRH’s final wishes and pay their respects. However, none of LRH’s family – including Suzette – were invited to attend his final days by Pat Broeker and David Miscavige. Nor were any of them invited to his funeral and the spreading of his ashes days later.

Suzette and Guy were married on March 8th 1986. Suzette immediately became pregnant and was ordered to the International base by Miscavige.
Guy White, who was already at the base, was assigned to the RPF in the summer of that same year. At the Happy Valley locale of the Int base RPF, he joined his brother-in-law Arthur Hubbard and the only other male figure in left the family, Jon Horwich (ex-husband of Diana Hubbard and father to their daughter – Roanne).

During Suzette’s pregnancy, DM ordered published an issue stating that no babies can be born to S.O. Members. Did you get that? He put that issue out while LRH’s daughter was pregnant and in the S.O.

Tyson Hubbard White was born 9 months and 1 day after his parents were married, 9 Dec 1986.

LRH’s grand son was given a hearty welcome by DM by assigning his mother, LRH’s daughter, to the post of laundress. Her duties included, among other things, literally handling David Miscavige’s dirty laundry.

Guy White received a Board of Review that ruled his assignment to the RPF was erroneous. However, rather than returning to his post as Marketing Exec in the Office of ED Int – as is required by LRH Flag Order – he was assigned to the post of Clapper in Cine Gold. The post of Marketing Exec International was then filled by David Miscavige’s brother Ronnie. Don’t get me wrong, Ronnie was a tremendous Marketing Exec Int, but so was Guy, and the fashion in which DM cast LRH policy aside in the case of Guy White bears telling.

Guy and Suzette took family time, an S.O. tradition, either one hour before or after dinner. Even though they had been put into some of the lowest posts conceivable on the base, they found it increasingly difficult to take that one hour to be with their young son.

Tyson was being taken care of based on a personal letter earlier written to John Horwich from LRH that laid out a program for his and Diana’s daughter, Roanne. LRH referred to it as “a big program for a little princess.” The LRH Household Unit was being run on a parallel program, The Prince Program, for Tyson.
Then, an issue ordered by DM was put out that canceled Family Time for all S.O. members.

Suzette vehemently protested the issue and challenged its validity. She was told that there was nothing that could be found written by LRH covering family time. Suzette responded stating that she LIVED IT, that her father spent a minimum of an hour a day with them at Saint Hill in addition to dinner time, that the church needs to find it. We did find ample documentation that LRH ordered and enforced family time for SO families. DM ordered the evidence withheld from Suzette.

Conditions did not change. Finally, Suzette left the base with Tyson and showed up at her mother’s house for refuge never to return to the SO.
Guy left the base some months later joining up with Suzette and Tyson.

Suzette and Guy raised two other children, a daughter Alysa Marie and a second son Connor Bryce.

Now, I am not saying any existing personality is of particular significance in all this, nor that even if he or she were it would have any bearing on the route out across the Bridge. However, I cannot help but find the interesting historical parallels with the biblical times Massacre of the Innocents. You can read about it here:

The media – even the best and strongest – have been backed off from exposing Miscavige. They took such a bludgeoning over the original Truth Rundown series and Anderson Cooper’s History of Violence, and continue to over at the BBC, that they have been coerced into laying off Miscavige. Not a knock on the fine gentlemen and gentlewomen who have gone through the C of M gauntlet over the past year. Quite the contrary, props to them.  But, we have our own media now.  And it reaches far more of those whom we’d like to reach than the largest and most prestigious of news agencies.

You want the truth?

Can you handle the truth?

You think you are entitled to the truth?

Then stayed tuned to this blog.

L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected.

And L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated.

And remember, 

“Truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails.” – L. Ron Hubbard

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  1. Mareka James

    Wow, Marty. Just wow.

    Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Marty, Hubbard also knew there would always be a guy like you. And I am certain if he was looking for a place to start today, he would knock on your door.

    “You can’t start a fire, worrying about your little world falling apart”.


  3. Marty,

    Never expected to get OT VIII “Truth Revealed” but here it is….

    Looking forward for the expanded version in your upcoming book.


  4. My God..
    Thanks for the data. It makes perfect sense.

  5. Goob X Sea Oeg

    When is the book shipping, Marty?

  6. How utterly sad. I do not have tears enough.

  7. This is fascinating, Marty. I look forward to the entire series and your book as well. Thanks for getting the truth out.

  8. Thank you for this exact time-place-form-and-event, Marty.

    The sneaky, criminal way in which dm stole control of the church directly from LRH is the source of incredible confusion and upset to many people once they learn the facts, as you undoubtedly know.

    That he appears STILL to be getting away with it, 30 years later, is one of the biggest injustices in a sea of injustices, and it seems to be the beginning of a huge, third dynamic engram.

    The repercussions from miscavige’s theft of the church have ruined lives. Without making victims out of LRH’s family, I would say they, their lives and their legacy were treated like trash, in the same spiteful manner a vandal destroys the possessions of another which he could never hope to own himself.

    It’s so good to get the truth about how this happened. May some justice be gotten for the family as a result.

  9. Hi Marty.

    I just received this in my email – – It is meant to contain a tap of a telephone conversation between two people at Gold Base. Is it authentic? Do you recognise any of the voices? If anybody would know, it would definitely be you.


  10. Miscavige preventing the family from attending Hubbard’s funeral is just heinous. If the power-hungry little monster had done nothing else antisocial in his life (and what a different life that would have been), just that one act would be enough for him to be despised among civilized people.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Don’t recognize the woman. The man sounds an awful lot like Danny Dunnigan. Whoever created this recording committed a felony in California.

  12. Correcting my contact info for Marty. Sorry! IPhone!

  13. Is DM working ‘for’ or ‘with’ anyone?

    Who controls CST?

  14. To the OSA staff who read this:

    To continue on with the actions of protecting David Miscaviage is Treasonous to LRH. You can make the change now and be true to the Commadore.

  15. Food for thought. California Penal Code § 632 provides:

    “(a) Every person who, intentionally and without the consent of all parties to a confidential communication, by means of any electronic amplifying or recording device, eavesdrops upon or records the confidential communication, whether the communication is carried on among the parties in the presence of one another or by means of a telegraph, telephone, or other device, except a radio, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison, or by both that fine and imprisonment. If the person has previously been convicted of a violation of this section or Section 631, 632.5, 632.6, 632.7, or 636, the person shall be punished by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

    (b) The term “person” includes an individual, business association, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or other legal entity, and an individual acting or purporting to act for or on behalf of any government or subdivision thereof, whether federal, state, or local, but excludes an individual known by all parties to a confidential communication to be overhearing or recording the communication.

    (c) The term “confidential communication” includes any communication carried on in circumstances as may reasonably indicate that any party to the communication desires it to be confined to the parties thereto, but excludes a communication made in a public gathering or in any legislative, judicial, executive or administrative proceeding open to the public, or in any other circumstance in which the parties to the communication may reasonably expect that the communication may be overheard or recorded.

    (d) Except as proof in an action or prosecution for violation of this section, no evidence obtained as a result of eavesdropping upon or recording a confidential communication in violation of this section shall be admissible in any judicial, administrative, legislative, or other proceeding.

    (e) This section does not apply (1) to any public utility engaged in the business of providing communications services and facilities, or to the officers, employees or agents thereof, where the acts otherwise prohibited by this section are for the purpose of construction, maintenance, conduct or operation of the services and facilities of the public utility, or (2) to the use of any instrument, equipment, facility, or service furnished and used pursuant to the tariffs of a public utility, or (3) to any telephonic communication system used for communication exclusively within a state, county, city and county, or city correctional facility.

    (f) This section does not apply to the use of hearing aids and similar devices, by persons afflicted with impaired hearing, for the purpose of overcoming the impairment to permit the hearing of sounds ordinarily audible to the human ear.”


    The statute was first added in 1967.

  16. Virgil Samms

    Marty, you take my breath away. This is huge and right on target. This is where it all started, right there with MSH. What evilness to trea her like that. What evilness to treat Suzette like that.

    Thank you Marty. I didn’t know MSH at all, but I knew Suzette well and she’s a good being and an incredible exec. It is so bad to see her treated like this. So bad. So evil.

    ML Tom

  17. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Danny Dunnigan? He works at the guard shack doesn’t he?

    I received the mp3 via a mailing list, and I have no idea where the file originates from, who made it, or why it was made. All I was told was that it was recorded internally at Gold. I also have no idea what was bleeped out or why.

    If critics/disaffected church members have managed to intercept the internal telephone network at Gold, then this must be bad news for COB.

  18. Marty,
    Thank you for being there and for communicating, despite all attempts to prevent the truth from being told.
    What you write sickens me to the depths of my being, but I would rather know the truth, rather be part of those who act to turn over the rock and show what lies hidden, then to remain part of what has long ago become an actual true suppressive group forwarding the personal agenda of a raving psychotic.

    Thank you.


  19. Quicksilver

    What a travesty.

    No doubt that David Miscavige will go down as one of the most repressive men of all time.

    Even non-Scientiologists look at David Miscavige as an egotistical, maniacal madman who hijacked the beliefs of a people.

    What a legacy.

    To all Scientologists still on lines:

    Is this what you envisioned when you 1st entered the doors of a Church of Scientology?

    It’s time to speak up …. Personal Integrity is the name of the game.

    There is NO WAY LRH would stand for what is going on … why should you??

  20. Marty, I think you know how I feel about this.
    There is a lot I don’t and didn’t know. If you
    need anything from me please let me know.
    I’ll post something tomorrow.

  21. Hi Marty! I’ve a question regarding the Diamond Star Pin award, as stated in Personal Grooming course in FO3893 it means that person awarded can speak on behalf of LRH. As I understood DM got one. Can you shed light how it happened and who else have been awarded. Thanks.

  22. Thanks Marty. Im don’t post much here but I am a regular reader of your blog.

  23. This is for the all independents, Marty’s Shack and for families everywhere. A nice anthem, don’t you think?

  24. Virgil Samms

    Lucy, not only treasonous but OSA is ABETING the crimminality. When everything is said and done and DM is gone, there will be a reckoning. That you can be sure of. Those protecting Dear Leader will not get off the hook easily.


  25. Thought Provoking


    My sentiments exactly!

    Thank you, Marty.

  26. Wow, Marty, you’ve outdone yourself. Wow.

  27. “You will get the complete story when my book is published.”MR
    Right on mate! Looking forward to it!
    In my research I have encountered snippets of this, but just your above statements clarified so much for me!VVWD!!!
    Keep on kickin’ butt bro’.

  28. To the OSA staff who read this:

    Injustice always recoils on those who deal in it. That is what Hubbard told you up front.

    If you cannot see treason and call it you will become it. You will inherit it.

    If /when the Church closes down because you turned a blind eye to one noisy guy, you will all be without a Sea Org anyway.

    Where is there anywhere in writing an L.R.H. mention of “Chairman of the Board?” Have you ever seen a COB full hat? Is there even a COB mention in any L.R.H. reference? What is the stat of COB? Have you ever seen his graphs? What are you thinking???????????? It’s not out here you need to be looking, it’s right behind you!

    Look in the managment dictionary under the term “off the bridge” and see what Hubbard wrote about that.

    I DARE any one of you to act like a Sea Org Member for a minute ask DM if:

    1. He has a full hat.
    2. He has graphs.
    3. What condition he is applying to his post.
    4. If he is willing to get a sec check.
    5. When is the last time he was in session.
    6. When was the last time he was on course.
    7. If he will get an FP approval for his next expense.

    You go on and consider if you can act like a Sea Org Member to this guy.

    And if you cannot act like a Sea Org member to the guy in charge of the Sea Org, what kind of red flag is that?

    If you cannot act like a Scientologist to the guy in charge of the Sea org, what kind of red flag is that?

    And if you can’t, if you can’t act like a Sea Org Member, don’t expect us to acknowledge you as Sea org Members.

    And if you can’t act like a Sea org Member, find out who you really are.

  29. Watching Eyes

    This paragraph from your post made my skin crawl and nearly made me throw up.
    “LRH’s grand son was given a hearty welcome by DM by assigning his mother, LRH’s daughter, to the post of laundress. Her duties included, among other things, literally handling David Miscavige’s dirty laundry.”

    How degrading, disgusting and repulsive. To have to touch the dwarf’s dirty laundry is beyond beyond. Too bad she wasn’t able to wear gloves and a mask. At that tone level you just know he has BO. Has to. It’s an endocrine thing that kicks in at those lower tone levels.

    A pervert would get off on something like that. The root of this is probably in his early teens when he noticed girls NOT flocking to his side. I mean, who would find him attractive? Short, skinny, puny and no mucsles = no girls.

    Sorry for the rant.

  30. Ne Obliviscaris


    Your curation of the evidence in this investigation is impressive.

    At what point do you think that DM decided that the church was all a giant con game and that he was going to take over running it? How did he get the confidence to do such a thing? Who backed him up or counseled him regarding what he did to LRH’s family members? Did you ever get a sense of a significant change in him?

    I’m glad you’re doing this, it brings up a lot of questions. Questions that need answers. That whole period of time, the last minute will, etc. has got to be one of the most blatant and bald-faced illegitimate power-grabs of all time.

    The word “unbelievable” comes to mind. Your inside info gives us the details we need in order to believe it.

    I also know that you are also developing protocols for the establishment of an “independent” based, open-source model for the practice of Scientology where this type of tyranny could never happen again.

    I can think of no better man than you to lead us on this journey of discovery and redress.

    As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

    I salute you for having the courage and intelligence to do something about it.


  31. Thank you Marty.

  32. Thank you for sharing this Marty,
    truth has always a special healing power… you are doing a great job!

  33. Just another reason to string DM up. You have to keep doing this, Marty. You have to keep on reporting these things. Children are our future. They will keep what we have worked on moving. I believe that the idea of the SO not having children is a very stupid policy if you want a future for your religion. Even Constantine knew that, history speaks of it. Thank you for all your hard work, Marty. Please finish that book!



  34. Ah! Now we’re talkin’ and walkin’ that talkin’! Now we are getting into the good stuff, the things that will show where the truth lies.

    I love when a plan comes together.

    It is high time that LRH was given the respect he deserves, with at least the truth of what happened to him coming to light. This, in my view, is history in the making.

    The little Napoloen has just marched his troops into Waterloo. And on the other hill, is the modern day Wellington (Marty), getting ready to fire an opening salvo.

    I just live for truth.


  35. You want the truth?
    Can you handle the truth?
    You think you are entitled to the truth?

    Yes. Thank You Marty. The gift is priceless.

  36. It really is amazing to see just how psychotic dm is. I assure you he took pleasure in this breakdown of the Hubbard family, if you could call it pleasure. And the refusal to allow them to attend his memorial is beyond words- what kind of person does these things? I think he is in the 2 1/2 % of the 2 1/2%.

  37. To David Miscavige:
    From a great Canadian Artist of the 80’s.
    Can’t think of any more applicable words!!!!

    Too bad that you had to get caught,
    That’s not like you to lose face,
    So sad ,that you’re not as smart,
    As you thought you were in the first place.

    All your money…..
    no more than insulation,
    Oh to get away…to get away..
    I watched with fascination’

    Well a hideway…
    Such …imagination?
    Ah the 45… good bye!!
    I used with no hesitation

    Too bad too bad too bad….

  38. rory medford

    Who needs the media to get the truth out about DM and the C of M when u have this blog. Its just a matter of time before DM gets what’s due to him. Just a matter of time, every suppressive leader has gone down in ashes since the beginning of time. DM’s demise and removal is NO different. Be patient!!

  39. I learned of this travesty years ago, and it was such a slap in the face of LRH to do that to Suzette. Obviously, Suzette was the physical universe receipt point but I do believe it was directed at LRH as part of his take-over plan and his show of force. The story of what he did to MSH with Mithoff and crew at his side to cave her in is equally as sad.
    As a further personal note, my daughter as a senior exec was assigned the task of ironing Miscaviage’s underwear.
    His fall from “power” grows closer each day.

  40. Freedom Fighter

    Wow! So this is how it happened. Makes total sense. Nullify anyone and everyone who could possibly get in the way. That’s exactly what he’s done — starting with LRH’s family. Wow! This sickens me to the core.

    Thanks for posting this Marty. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

  41. Rory, A couple of weeks ago you made reference to some inside data you had re the clock winding down on dm. Is this still the case, from what you know?

  42. The female voice sounds like Charlotte Geisler, Erick Geisler’s ex-wife, who is still sitting on Reception at Gold. I’ve spoken with her several times in recent months. She’s been there for around 10 years. But then Danny has been sitting in the Guard Booth at Broadway for far longer than that. They say that when you’re about to die your life passes before your eyes. Danny’s is going to be a procession of cars passing along Highway 79.

  43. Patience sucks!

  44. Seeing the photo of LRH and Mary Sue and their children reminds me of the days I first found Scientology, and trained in the Academy, and joined to help. The most beautiful days ever, getting wins on the courses, on the Bridge, both as a pc and delivering them as an auditor.

    The rest of it made me cry. It is so wrong, so vile.

    “Truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails.” – L. Ron Hubbard

    And I am at its service.

    Marty, thank you for loving LRH. That was the first thing I knew about you. I could say more now, but I’m deeply shaken by this post — not in a negative way …I have to let my holy whitehot rage formulate into more action.

  45. Perfect! Nicely said oracle.
    Although Treason could be shooting a bit too high.

  46. Oops that would be enemy. No matter – still too high.

  47. Today’s blog was one of the toughest to read for me. Guess it’s the confront of evil thing.

    I think if someone ‘on the fence’ doesn’t fall right off with this data then they may be too blind to see.

    For those still in: Doesn’t it seem a huge and glaring outpoint that Mary Sue’s death was not even remotely acknowledged by the Church she helped LRH build?? Please ask yourself “Why not?”


  48. DM is a perverted flea. The perverse “pleasure” he got from crushing Mary Sue and LRHs family is the same slimy perversion that history books document when a Nobody instigates a coup, then destroys art works and tortures the family of their target.

    Marty thank you for posting this beautiful photo of LRH and his family.

    Thank you for this post. It is a shocker but no surprise — it’s totally predictable per Science of Survival.

    L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected.

    And L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated.


  49. martyrathbun09

    V, understood on the shaken business. I am too. “Holy whitehot rage”; Holy smokes, that is descriptive.

  50. DM: Your days are numbered. The whole Scientology world will find out about your crimes and you will go down as the biggest squirrel in Scientology history. Are you ready to confront this?

  51. Not to mention that all real expansion happened while she was on the helm and the decline started when shorty took over…

  52. Roger,
    Send it back to the OSA terminal that sent it to you.

  53. After LRH had his first stroke, DM apparently ordered no heroic methods to save LRH’s life. LRH was not even taken to the hospital. Why? Why was he left to linger and die for several days with no hospital care or the care of the world’s best specialists?

    It would have been very easy to medievac LRH by helicopter 200 miles to UCLA once he had his first stroke. There he would have received the finest care in the world. A medical helicopter can fly at 120 knots and so we are only talking a ~90 minute trip by air to treat LRH in one of the top medical university hospitals in the world at UCLA.

    There were also excellent world-class hospitals in nearby Santa Barbara at 100 miles away. The great hospitals in San Francisco were only 200 away miles by air.

    LRH was only 90 minutes away by air from the finest medical care in the world and he didn’t get it.

    LRH was not served well, Mary Sue was isolated just like LRH.

    Marty, if you are heading where I think you are, DM may flee to Bulgravia.


  54. Marty,

    If ever there was ‘need to know’ information that needs to be made known broadly it is this, and ‘the rest of the story’, as well. Thank you for this.

    So, DM was displaying this disgusting amount of disrespect for life and interpersonal relationship, the fundamentals of the Scientology subject, from the get go.

    Dramatizing his own self loathing, projecting it out on and blaming everyone else, through every possible devious means, no one spared. Eeyeaacccckkkk!

    And it’s logical, albeit sinister and depraved, that he’d have to destroy the links between the Hubbard family members in order to get full control.

    Obviously, it’s one of the “successful actions” he’s been using, teaching, and enforcing ever since. No doubt a part of his own private DM-Basics collection.

    (barf. hack-spit) Excuse me!

  55. martyrathbun09

    J Swift, First DM had no say on what medical treatment LRH would get or not get. I have it on very good authority (Sarge) that LRH did not want medical treatment, and was capable enough to have asked for it if he did want it.

  56. becomingAware

    Thank you Marty. This thread you are on will get a lot of TA. Please continue.

  57. Marty,

    Thanks very much for filling in quite a lot of blanks for me. I do know and worked with all concerned and always wondered how come the old man never met his family after he went off the lines.

    It could have been easily arranged as in ’79 where LRH and MSH had dinner during one of the kids’ birthdays at Bonnie View at the Int base.

  58. Another Layer

    Marty, thank you so much for reporting on this travesty. It breaks my heart to finally learn how callously Mary Sue and the rest of LRH’s family were treated.

    After LRH died, there was no real information available about his family at a public level. There were random snatches of conversation that I overheard in my org’s hallways, and a cloud of unanswered questions. It was like having your eyes closed while waving your hand through an open window and trying to grab a passing bird.

    Meanwhile, the one person I knew who was in a position to have known something about Mary Sue, would say nothing, but was so shut down. And then there was that odd removal of the picture of LRH, and the sudden invisibility of the Broekers. So confusing. At the time I didn’t know who DM was, but I did know that a new broom was sweeping clean, and it was shocking.

    I look forward to the next installment (and I am definitely buying that book!).

  59. Bobo,

    My suspicions exactly, and have been for quite awhile.

    After about 6 – 7 months of almost continous daily reading of so many sites and posts, your point above is becoming more and more likely.

    What’s missing in all that I’ve read is “the earlier beginning” to DM’s track. That’s where the Data Series really needs to be applied.

    I have nothing but guesses, conjecture and suppositions about his past prior to taking over Special Ops. But I’m really convinced there is a whole armada of Sherman tanks running at idle.

    The data is there; it just needs to be discovered.

    My angst is bound up by the blitzkrieg-like speed, thoroughness and the continous shock and awe of his systematic destruction of ALL of the key components of the church’s infrastructure. Beginning with the cutting of the most vital comm line in Scientology. How was that for an opening salvo?

    And the key points of the rest of DM’s Orders of Battle are very well known by most of us.

    There is a level of intelligence, a thoroughness, a knowledge of the exact right targets to hit, in which sequence…I mean the magnitude of planning and the execution of these plans is brilliant to say the least. And not once have I read (and I’m sure I haven’t read everything) of any serious setback suffered by DM.

    Now for me to believe that this individual natively had/has what it takes to pull off, all by himself, the nullification of LRH, the obliteration of the mission network (and a lot of field auditors/CSs), routing out the deeply entrenched GO, and so on and so forth, until there is not the slightest chance of anyone stepping in his way, is just too much to accept.

    Setting aside that he’s just a prick of the highest order – look what’s been done. And he planned and executed it all by himself with a few enslaved chronies – please.

    I truly don’t believe we’re anywhere near the nexus of this catastrophe.

    But we’re a whole hell of lot closer thanks to some utterly brilliant, courageous, plain hard working folks out on the rim.

    As a comment, what truly sets DM and his crew apart from the rest of us is just one thing – a lack of concience. Without one he and they act and respond in ways that seem unfathomable to us. Take away concience and all that’s left is the beast.

  60. Leonore,

    So, in essence, David Miscavige, by severing the comm line of LRH and MSH, dismantled the Guardian’s Office, which was the ONE AUTONOMOUS unit that could have prevented this SP’s rise to power.

    I am grieved. How I remember the shocking morning muster when it was announced that the CMO (now we know that meant DM) was taking authority over the GO – and within a day of a joint CMO/GO party wherein certain CMO were noticeably aloof. How I remember the 24 hours in which GO staff resisted what we considered an off-line order. We only submitted when we received an instruction/despatch in MSH’s own hand. Now I find she was COERCED and tricked. I am sure she had no idea the consequence her despatch to us authorizing the “takeover” would reap. I am grieved doubly because I loved MSH, too, and she was not there to care for and love her husband at the end.

    Was DM really so bright that he saw WHO HE HAD TO GET RID OF to make the way clear for himself? OMG! That really puts DM into the category of a historically brilliant SP because he checkmated the very person, the very network that (despite some problems of the time as with the raid) would have backed him off his power position when these hideous CRIMINAL abuses and diversion of income and egregious tech degrades became apparent.

    (As re All Clear – let us keep in mind that some of those lawsuits were from blown CMO personnel – eg. Tanya Burden).

    With that, and other incidents, I predicted a VERY bad apple was in our midst, tearing apart loyal staff. I was not in a position to see or know all, and for 30 years I have wondered. However, I knew that as former GO, we were effectively “dead-agented” or “checkmated,” if you will.

    In 1993, when as a public person then I heard DM speaking in the IRS win video, taking credit for every win with the IRS, tarring and feathering the GO in the next breath (by intimation), making it seem then that he and he alone was responsible for the win – then I knew he was not good.

    Any present OSA staff who were former GO – especially WW or USGO, do not allow yourself to be denied ALL intelligence, and that means READ HERE and EVERYWHERE. The world has moved way beyond, and every kid reads the internet freely these days. If you are afraid to look yourself, you are prison.

    This takeover was treasonous.

    I SO want to know more, and it’s personal.



    This file should not have been released apparently. I have gotten into a lot of trouble for uploading it. I should have sent it to you in an email.

    Apologies to all concerned.

  62. Sorry, addressing the prior comm to myself, I meant to identify my message as from myself (as pseudonym, must be for now). I’m still shaking…



  63. Freedom Fighter

    “holy whitehot rage” . . . yes, that’s it. that’s exactly it.

    DM, this is for you:

  64. Damned right it will get a lot of TA!
    My TA is jacked right now.
    That goddamned little non-scientologist weasel has the temerity to pretend he is the saviour of mankind when single-handedly he has destroyed all that was good about the Church and bilked 100’s of millions out of parishioners to line his greedy little pockets.May he rot in hell for all eternity!
    If according to Christian prophecy there is to be an antichrist who fools the “true believers” in the end times then this little “small man syndrome” piece of shit is it!
    I need a drink.

  65. Marty,

    Even though what you revealed tonight was pretty rough stuff (I’m up to it) I experienced a renewed connection to LRH and especially his family. And that made me feel good. I think where I am is right where they would want me. Right here.

    Your post tonight will resonate far and wide! Thank you so much.

  66. Pink legs Baby, I like that.

  67. War and Peace

    Masterpiece posting Marty !
    You did it again.
    It is very comforting to know that DM knows if there is one person in the world that can take him out, it is you.
    And you are relentless in the pursuit of JUSTICE and ETHICS.

    even for Mary Sue….

  68. Marty, the press and the Church have blamed Mary Sue Hubbard for a good deal of the Church’s illegal activities in the 1960s and 70s. She was head of the Guardian’s Office and allegedly ordered the break-ins that eventually led to the conviction and jailing of several GO staffers. I remember hearing Heber Jentzsch forward the PR line that the Chuch’s illegal activities were the result of a bunch of bad apples who were convicted and then kicked out of the Church, and I assume MSH was among those.

    Do you have knowledge that would indicate that this isn’t the truth?

    BTW, if memory serves me correctly, the Church under DM has stated that LRH had no knowledge of these illegal events. But if MSH was LRH’s confidant, and if they were still close, then that would indicate that LRH was indeed fully aware of the crimes of the GO. A very slippery slope, indeed.


  69. Great article, exactly what’s needed. Any chance a copy of that tape somehow made it’s way out of Gold?

  70. It’s a wonder that DM didn’t edit out all the praise LRH gives MSH throughout so many lectures.

    That LRH’s family was not invited to participate in his memorial is beyond amazing.

  71. Marty, perhaps Sarge and others could help clear up some issues about LRH’s death. The full story about LRH’s death needs to be made public. The Palladium event where LRH’s death was announced was full of falsehoods.

    In terms of medical care decisions, a stroke victim is mentally impaired to a greater or lesser extent. A stroke victim is not mentally capable of making his or her own health care decisions.

    Why was Mary Sue not informed and allowed to make health care decisions for her husband?
    DM had the power to make that happen if he controlled the LRH comm line.

    DM and/or Pat’s apparent refusal to inform Mary Sue that Ron had had a stroke is a staggering evidence of familycide.

    It is documented that Dr. Denk administered Vistaril to LRH. Why did Dr. Denk, LRH’s personal physician not order LRH to be hospitalized?

    If DM was not in a position to order LRH to be taken to a hospital, then surely Earle Cooley or Norman Starkey were. Someone had to be in charge of LRH’s health after he was incapacitated by his first stroke.

    One assumes that Earle Cooley was in L.A. being advised of events at Creston as the stricken founder of the Scientology religion lay dying in his Bluebird motorhome.

    The full truth about LRH’s last days are cloaked in mystery, but the basic facts are known.

    I hope that certain people come out of hiding due to this thread. If there was ever a time for them to emerge, it is now.


  72. Concerned Citizen

    I have neveer before in my life experience the anger that I am now experiencing. It made me sick to my stomach, literally. I was unable to finnish reading, sorry Marty I will soon. I’m going to take a gopod walk. this is actually try #2

    I know this is necesary and I’m glad I know. But I just feel murederous right now and David is so lucky he is not around me.

    I’m very angry, I’m just seething in anger. Thanks for helping me confront this

  73. Marty,
    This is incredible. The earlier beginning. I’ve got to move through this from that earlier beginning. This is just incredible. I don’t know what else to say right now.

  74. DM.

  75. Confusion!

  76. Put the issue, with the author as covered at the bottom, in your next post. That’s the written words. OK?

    There is entirely too much lie involved with this man, too many ‘understoods’, too many myths.

    It’s over.

  77. DM ordered published an issue stating that no babies can be born to S.O.

    Then, an issue ordered by DM was put out that canceled Family Time for all S.O. members.

    DM destroys people, severs their relationships, cuts their communication lines, wrecks lives …

    LRH really got tripped up good trusting this psycho.

    Unfortunately we don’t have enough info what went on between LRH & DM, or any schemes DM might have had that would dupe LRH. Everything we’ve been told came from DM. If LRH intended for DM to be his mini-me, he should have made some sort of irrefutable public statement to that effect.

    Perhaps some legal paperwork exists somewhere? I find it hard to believe LRH would trust 1 single 20-something punk with unlimited power. Doesn’t add up. Doesn’t make sense that LRH only relied on the reports of one single shyster as the basis for his own investigations of any given scene.

    It seems to me, in the absence of LRH, there should be a board (public, not in secret) which implements LRH policies. And I have seen nothing yet to make me believe DM rose above the bank, in fact I think he’s quite insane. When DM has the power to play musical chairs with the Watchdog committee, then none actually exists that functions as intended. That would be pure corruption at the top.

    And why do we never hear anything from CST personal which supposedly holds all the power and DM is a member of.

  78. Am I to understand that the John Sweeney BBC expose with Mike is not going to air??? Is that what you meant? What threats could cause them to nix that?

  79. I did the RPF with Guy White. We did the running program together and I always got along well with him.

    I also know Suzette well, and still think highly of her.

    I did not know much of this back story. Thanks Marty for telling the story. Look forward to the book.

  80. Marty,

    This telling of LRH’s family and how DerManiacal tore it apart feels like he sucked the very life out of Scientology!

    So many things that have been said on your blog.

    So many truths that finally make sense.

    The “outpoints” that I’ve observed since I started my journey (Nov 78 at Santa Barbara’s Org), have been finally verified by all of the witnesses here (yourself as a very appreciated person-who-saw-it-happen anchor point, and all of the other, IMO, true theta beings that have spoken up for our very salvation on this prison-planet).

    Thank you Marty


    P.S. Would autograph your book for me? 🙂

  81. Hello Marty,

    Pleas put it on record that I am advance ordering a copy of your book!

    Now fellow Loyal Officers we need to work out how to get all of this information to those that bought the DM method. That is, those who want the truth but believe totally the PR that only the current Church has it and anyone not with the Church are. Let’s get our tools working. A correct Why opens the door to handling. Anyone figured that one out? Each of us is connected to a network still in. That’s a lot of comm lines. Biggest barrier I found is unwillingness to hear the data. “Got to go now”!. Etc. Some have vested interests in the existing scene financially as in wanting to audit and not trusting the “outside”. Been PRed to death!

    Just like the original OT committees before they got taken over by the Church, we met and discussed solutions. It might be of value to work on this one as that would be a slow on handling DM. If enough field said no…..

  82. “Being a relatively green, amiable guy (I once was believe it or not)”….. Marty Rathbun.

    Oh I believe it bud! Any Stevie Ray Vaughn lovin’ Texan with a sweetheart like Mosey standing beside him and willing to stand up to all the slings and arrows is definitely high toned and full of ARC no matter that they got involved in situations which drove them down the scale for a while.
    I am no saint by a country mile but always try to do whats right and you strike me as a similar dude.
    Did a lot of good but did some shit you wished you could take back. Welcome to the human race bro’. Now we just need to get the rest of Scientology to step back and admit the same.
    The only shame belongs to DM and his “robots” who haven’t figured that out yet!!!

  83. LRH wrote the following in HCO Bulletin of 9 December 1971, PTS RUNDOWN:

    “Earlier discovery and development of the PTS theory is extensively covered.

    “The recent wrap-up came about through my OT research in November 1971.

    “The principal breakthrough was realizing one should NOT invalidate having known certain people before.

    “This is similar to the past life discovery in 1950. Some people thinking this was ‘unpopular’ frowned on it. Some others were only famous characters so flagrantly that past lives were easily invalidated. But people who don’t go past track in Dianetics don’t recover. Even running them as ‘imaginary’ as in Science of Survival advices suddenly breaks through for a stalled Dianetic Case.

    “In this same way with young men and girls using ‘I knew you when you were’ for 2D advantage tended to invalidate having known certain individuals before this life.

    “But now it turns out that the ONLY PTS situation that is serious and lasting and can cause a rollercoaster comes from having known the person before this life.” — L. RON HUBBARD

    As regards David Miscavige, I believe it is an understatement of magnitude to say he is a great deal more evil than most people can fathom.

  84. Well, Marty now you’ve really gone and done it. Being there and communicating the real story. You and Sarge together could fill in most of the gaps. This will end up blowing so much charge that it will reawaken the dead! “and now the rest of the story”………………………………………………….

  85. Virgil Samms

    I’ll let Bruce Cockburn say what I need to say.

  86. Kathy Braceland

    What a great photo of a great family.

    I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Quentin Hubbard in Georgetown, 1977. He spoke so fondly of his mom and dad and shared a few stories of wonderful times he had with them while growing up. It was all very warm and loving. That was one happy family.

  87. I know Tom Cruise can’t handle the truth. Pity his interrogative skills and confront of evil only exist in the movies.

  88. I am a long time lurker, ex scientologist, and have a sincere question: Why was LRH out of communication with his close family members in the first place? Why did he not see MSH and his daughters just as a matter of course? Something is not right about that, in my opinion. Does anyone know the answer? It is so very sad…

  89. Look I have supported you but now in my opinion you went overboard by attacking LRH and his family no matter how you spin it. Chill out dude.

  90. Tony DePhillips


    I don’t think anyone has even come close to your wearing the hat of IG Ethics.

    Thanks for wearing your hat!!


  91. Nightmares Getting Less


    Please, keep this thread going, and please then mention of the Hubbard family and no less.

    Seriously, this is the most important blog posted ever.

  92. Thank you so much Marty for this early part of the 3D engram. I really think there will be a world wide landslide of blowing charge! This is too awesome!

  93. Marty,

    I am too mad to comment directly about this blog so this is an indirect statement on the whole sorry matter.

    In 1998 as I sat in Birmingham Org with at least some knowledge of actions taken against families and unborn children in the Sea Org I felt a sense of deep sadness about the whole affair. A song released at the time resonated with me greatly and I listened to it over and over again in an attempt to extricate myself. I think my family thought it strange but it seemed to provide relief.

    It is a song dedicated to heroes.

    In the late 1930s the fascists (Franco) tried to come to power in Spain backed by the Nazis. The rebels fighting the oppression appealed to Britain and France to buy arms from them so they could stop Franco who was using German Nazi planes to bomb their towns killing many children. Britain and France were scared and refused but individuals in those countries and others took up arms and flocked to Spain to fight of their own accord, including one George Orwell of 1984 fame, in fact he was wounded. But without resources it failed and fascists came to full power in Spain and within a few years (WWII) France was overrun and children were dying in the heavy London bombing.

    For me the song still resonates today because it optimizes the fighting spirit of those in our ranks willing to stand up and be counted in this matter and especially the brave women. And it is about an era out of which LRH developed Dianetics and Scientology to tackle man’s inhumanity to man.

    The band is the Manic Street Preachers (Welsh boys), the title of the song is the main line used by the rebel leader in his failed appeal to the governments of Britain and France:


    Here it is.

    Warning – some of photographs are heavy.

  94. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Male voice….. The unforgettable DANNY DUNNITAGAIN. You can hear him trying to speak through all those teeth of his. Dan, I do not believe this to be Charloette. She was Danish or some such and the voice I hear is closer to Liz Ingber. Could be someone newer to the base. I suspect this recording may of been from pre 1990 before the new NEC System was installed. The NEC System eliminated completly the cross over (random crossing of phone lines) that existed so often on th OLD PBX system that was located in the Rancho’s. The only way to enter into a call to a surprising destination was through the executive override feature. Anyway this info is getting too much off the topic of the post at hand. Sorry folks. — Jackson

  95. Diana was shot; This is a slang for being taken off post, put into heavy ethics etc. Is this what you mean Marty?
    Diana was so beautiful and graceful, she was an exquisite pianist.

    I got her album Life and Times as soon as it came out. I never met her but always thought of her as the epitome of elegance.

    Suzzette well that is another story. My little PC met her and Suzzette just loved her immediately. Suzzette was bubbly and didn’t strike me as the kind of child that could be held back. Pure hoodlum, haha. She made quite the impression on all who crossed her path.

    Mary Sue, such a matriarchal role model for all of us. And it didn’t escape our attention when she took the hit.

    This is painful but I am ready for the truth, all of us are, even the ones that don’t know it yet.

  96. Thanks! I knew it! I know it!
    Props to YOU!

  97. Ewwww…iron his underwear?!

  98. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Marty, This brings back so much from my early stages at the base. I felt honored at the time to be invited by Su$$ett and Guy to come visit and say Hi to Roanne. She was initially raised in the Lower Lodge where what is now the Cine Library. Let’s not forget Arch’s blow around this time from the RPF as that was one of the very first “recoveries” I worked on and bore witness to the ammount of effort and resources were poured into his recovery. It happened during the bosuns party if memory serves me correct. Roanne used to come up to the Beaulah Booth when I was up there and hang with me, look through my binoculars, run to alarms etc with me. Just before Roanne married one of my guards, she told me how much she loved hanging with me when younger and was a highlight of her childhood. She TRUELY was and IS the only SO member to have spent her entire LIFE at the INT BASE… Wow! Loved and STILL lover her to death! Thanks again Marty and thank for listening. I think I’ve been rambling too much as of late on this blog…. Sorry Y’all

  99. And now that I’ve read the replies….nobody mentioned what your post screamed to me~DM didn’t want LRH coming back anywhere near the SO…period!
    But I believe he has from what you say. Too late DaveyDooDoo.


  101. This is heartbreaking.

    This is heart stopping.

    dm has no place to hide. Wherever he goes, there he is. His own grave won’t even stop the pain of his evil deeds.


  102. Theo Sismanides

    Marty thanks, it is good to have the truth revealed and know such specifics. We are all waiting for your book which is going to restore truth.

    I would like you as much as you can to keep writing all this stuff so that it is there! Everything now is there! We have our OWN media now.

    Do we know where Suzette Hubbard is?

    That would be something and we could contact her.

    Also I am happy Suzette and Diana tried to do something.

    We are now stronger than ever. We have the truth of the story.

    It’s unacceptable anymore that DM is the leader of Scientology. He is NOT.

    It’s up to us to take him down, with a thud.

    No more mistakes, no more wrong directions. As a matter of fact everybody would want right direction. We have all committed mistakes, others big and others smaller.

    This is not a time just to write history. It’s a time to own up to our responsibility and take back Scientology to where it belongs.

    I think we should find Suzette Hubbard.

  103. Thanks Marty, this is priceless information to rehabilitate the Old Man’s Family.

  104. It is called “sick pleasure”

  105. Well said, oracle.

    OSA: WTF??!! Who ever is left in there desperately washing DMs bloody laundry, the stains won´t come off and the whole world can see them. You don´t , for you feel so important handling such expensive clothes. Your Prediction should be along the lines of finding a garmet suitable for jail. Your condoning DMs crimes is DISGUSTING.

    Kirsi Ojamo
    Independent Scientologist

  106. Impartial English Girl

    Wow – that level of heinousness… DM is a teeny-weeny Pol Pot.

    And thank you for another interesting post – I always wondered what happened with Mrs. Hubbard and, even more so, how DM came to power over and above the Hubbard children.

    Your book will be an amazing read. But I do worry – are you safe? I hope CoM doesn’t go too far in order to try and stop you. It would be an insane ploy but, as we know, we are not talking about a rational man in DM.

    I can only imagine the utter anguish that Mrs. Hubbard must have felt, being denied access to her dying husband. It’s appalling – human beings are stomped on at the beginning of their lives (the abortion issue) and at the end – all by one deluded little weasel. DM does realise that HE is human, doesn’t he? One day HE will be (unless… well… anyway…) elderly, frail and infirm and reliant on the goodwill of others to help him eat, dress, keep clean and go to the toilet. Except they won’t. Because, in the way of ALL things, when DM is no longer physically able to hold the puppet-strings, I can guarantee that there will be a whole host of little DM clones waiting quietly for their chance to do to him exactly what he did to the Hubbard family and assume the throne for themselves.

  107. Hi. Since you are mentioning some of Ron’s family, do you have any information on Katie?

    I really want to talk to Katie. I considered her a friend at one time.

    Pat Krenik

  108. Yes, Marty. Truth is wanted however painful it may be to digest. Thank you for what you do.

  109. Just when I thought I knew the full extent of DM’s evil, there’s more. The scope of his suppressiveness is astounding. DM truly is the little Hitler of our times.

    Keep it up, Marty. One of these days you’ll have DM against the ropes for good. Every Scientologist needs to know the whole story.

  110. Very nicely put. However the right question for them would be: “Find out where you are” Being that the correct formula for the confusion condition. The enemy formula is way above it and a wrong condition for any OSA operative.

  111. martyrathbun09

    The editorial assigned the correct causation point.

  112. martyrathbun09

    Ramblin’ man. Keep ramblin’.

  113. martyrathbun09

    Victoria. Yes, on Diana. And agreed on Suzette and Mary Sue.

  114. martyrathbun09

    An observer pegged the femaile voice as Bronwyn Olafson – who was Gold reception for quite a time. I think he is right.

  115. martyrathbun09

    Haydn, Wow.

  116. Even distant from the sad shenanigans at top level Sea Org “management”, I personally found the C of S intolerable a full 20 years ago. It is very likely the SO will never recover the respect it once had.

    “The organization is the shadow of The Man”. In this case, “The Man” is David Miscavige. It didn’t take more than few overheard BELLOWINGS from this little freak for me to make up my mind way back in 1984.

    What took the rest of you so long? I just don’t get the “Added Time” factor. You all could have snapped his neck like a twig, literally/figuratively, instead you let this demented gnome slap you around like girly-girls.

    Anyway, welcome (belatedly) to the party. I suspect the reason you took so long to declare against DM is that he had mastered the bizarre and irate valence of “LRH in his dotage”. So – if he ACTED like LRH was seen to act, then it must be “OK”.

    The mistake was LRH acted the way he did in the late 70s because his mishandled case had enough BPC to sink a battleship. Think how far HE was audited past Clear!

    If more people had known LRH as a MAN (instead of a Godhead), this hero-worship would not have been misplaced onto David Miscavige.

  117. Watching Eyes

    They sure did. And I loved the smack-down of Tommy Davis in this para:

    “Davis told the Times that the policy that now prohibits having children “evolved out of respect for families and deference to children.” That’s the height of hypocrisy, coming from an organization that recruits children into its labor force, requires them to sign billion-year contracts, separates them from their families and subjects them to 18-hour workdays.”

  118. martyrathbun09

    Archer, you are right on. I am going to expand upon this theme soon.

  119. martyrathbun09

    Ax38, thanks man.

  120. Marty- thank God you are going to tell all. I remember being with Suzette in the laundrY room when I was at INT doing my CMO EPF. I so enjoyed our conversations – she was elated that she was having a baby. We talked about babies, raising them, diets, baby clothes, how she looked forward to being a mother. I was so happy for her. And secretly prayed that she would be allowed to raise her child in the Sea Org and be spared the angst and profound sense of loss that I experienced by being ordered away from my own child.

    It is abhorrent that DM forbade LRH’s own family from being at his funeral. Having experienced a similar situaion in my own life, I know how devastating this must have been to all of them. What he did to break the spirit of that family is unforgiveable and is an undeniable demonstration of his utter contempt and disregard for human life and for values.

    Can’t wait to get your book. It may just be our “Book 1”!

  121. martyrathbun09

    We shall see. They have delayed it months.

  122. martyrathbun09

    Foremost, you said “he shold have some sort of irrefutable public statement to that effect.” I would amend that to say, “he WOULD have…” CST is DM’s bitch. They don’t retain their directorships if they are not in good standing with the “mother church” CSI which DM controls utterly.

  123. I would invite anyone who hasn’t read my post
    ‘Trust’ to do so. Just type ‘Trust’ in the search box. I wrote this a few months ago late one
    night after getting ‘sudden’.

  124. martyrathbun09

    Kingair, I think hit the nail right on the head with your observation about “conscience” and lack thereof.

  125. martyrathbun09

    You know better than most that there were a lot of extenuating circumstances. At least one commenter noted that LRH had to have had some agreement there for the family split off to be effectuated – and of course there is a degree of truth to that. But, something JB told me with a lot of sincerity gelled the story the way I have been rolling it out. That is, JB said he fondly remembered the last BV meeting as a tremendous pleasure moment for LRH. He drove LRH home that night and his description of LRH’s mood at having spent the evening with family was so expansive as to be very memorable. Does that jibe with your recollection?

  126. martyrathbun09

    OT VII, from the perspective your own happy future, you should not ask what took others so long, but intead ask “why didn’t you do anything at the time, since you apparently were so all knowing?”

  127. To J. Swift — taking a leap here but I would say that LRH prepared BEFOREhand his wishes regarding life-support, heroic medical procedures etc.

    A living will — as well as a medical power of attorney. My guess is Gene Denk had the med. power of attorney.

    LRH would NEVER want to be in a position to be in a medical hospital helpless, full of needles and who knows what else. Never.


  128. Touche Marty.

    I like how you changed his/her name to “OT VII” rather than OT VIII since it wasn’t out when he/she left.


  129. J. Swift,

    Speaking from experience, “medical care” is sometimes oxymoronic. My late father had several strokes. He was an MD at a major teaching hospital, and he knew what the score was. After his first (mild) stroke, he completed a medical directive that emphatically stated no life support, no resuscitation, etc. His reasoning for this was two-fold: 1) Quality of life issues; 2) overly burdensome costs. He survived for a number of years after that, but had successive incidents that greatly diminished his quality of life, and essesentially left him bed-ridden for the last several years of his life. He was miserable, as he felt he was a non-productive burden. He would have preferred to die. I tell you this, as I think it is presumptous to infer anything at this point about that particular incident without all the information. That the will was changed the day before his death is a huge out-point, and may indicate that elder-abuse needs to be added to Miscavige’s already long list of crimes.

  130. Apologies for the length.

    To those who question the family life of the Hubbards and by default LRH: –

    I knew Diana fairly well. She invited me to tea at the Manor (their home in East Grinstead), we had dinner together in London, and a few other times. (during the brief time she was out of the SO) and I knew her when we were on staff together during the late ’70s.

    She adored her family, spoke fondly of her father and their family time together every evening PLUS their ritual of movies on the old 16″ millimeter film projector every Saturday night. How MSH would ALWAYS read to Archie (Arthur) before bedtime and always tuck him in.

    Liken them to a “Royal Family” — Prince Charles didn’t spend much time with his mum and dad.

    The children of MSH and LRH were raised with great love but I feel with an eye to leading the church.

    Suzette was a darling who I would play word games with – while routing my dispatches etc through AVC when top management was still there in the “Lerner” building. And smart as a whip. Clearly someone who could become quite a wonderful leader.

    Arthur I knew after he left the SO but before LRHs death – he never was remotely angry at his family. He was the angst filled artist type but certainly could have found a home within the Sea Org if things had been different!

    For me it is impossible to judge LRH’s life vis a vis his family and family time to anything I am familiar with.

    I haven’t built a world-wide organization. Heck, I haven’t even built a company.

    But the love he had for his family, the dedication and honor he felt towards MSH are evidenced by the very fact that MSH was tricked into thinking she would be harming him were she to stay on the lines.

    A woman remotely scorned would NEVER go quietly.

    Thank you Marty for putting out more dots so more of us can connect them.


  131. JSwift,
    For a moment, consider what LRH actually did in that life. He starts at some point on a road to unravel the mystery of the human mind. He didn’t emerge as L. Ron Hubbard, fully-fledged as an enlightened being with all answers to every question. He entered on a path that philosophers, religionists, scientists and great thinkers and brave men had made some progress upon. Much of that progress was very costly to them personally. Immanual Kant attempted in his time to lay a scientific foundation comparable to Isaac Newton’s in mechanics, for ‘reason’. If you’ve ever fought your way through the Introduction to that critique, you’ll see for yourself what complications, dead-ends, twisting double-backs, and pitfalls waited for any serious endeavor to unlock the nature of being. That’s not including one’s reputation, personal foibles, and their own lives coming under criticism and scrutiny and scathing rebukes.

    What lay ahead for that man, from his early forays, was a lifetime of toll on that body. I know this from my own work to accomplish some measure of spiritual awakening and awareness. I’ve experienced only some of what he did in say an ‘out-list’, running Dianetics after Clear, missed reads on a correction, overrun, jumped chains, mis-ownership, wrong source, and the gamut of items that one encounters, even on a taped path.

    In my own journey to awareness I have had to consider myself, ‘what else is there’. Is life in a human body the only way to live? The only means of contact or experience? Is this universe the only universe? Can the frailty of the human body, the narrow tolerance band it imposes, remain as the limit for what a being is capable of?

    I can’t speak for LRH and his personal decision to bring that life to a close. I was told by one who was there, Annie Tidman, that it was a self-determined decision, fully aware and very much ‘compos mentis’.

    Perhaps, when your own time comes, you may gain an insight on your own questions and your own immortality. I have.

  132. Thought Provoking

    The commenters on the Salon comments seem to be pretty good overall.

    Obviously Cof S has taken over the Times but I threw one in their deluge hoping the truth gets seen by someone.

  133. Thought Provoking


    Thanks for the theta stories of Roanne.

    The truth has been a bit rough the last couple of days and hearing that Suzzette managed to emulate enough theta despite the horrific degradation, to have such a bright a beautiful child really makes me happy.

  134. WH, actually I changed it because there is no possible way the person honestly did OT VIII – couldn’t have. (Marty from Mosey’s computer)

  135. The diamond star pin can be seen prominently in many DM photos. Did he simply award this to himself? I really want to know the how and when. This little pin is a big deal.

  136. Hi Jim! It happened that I have that FO not in english. In english I have only name: “The Diamond Star Pin” Flag Order 3893R,
    original dated 7 aug 1986, revised 17 feb 1989, signed by Int Officers Council and AVC. The issue quotes LRH on that award where he describes that the award means.
    I never read that DM got one, but on photos where in uniform he has star that does fit the description, so I’ve assumed he got.
    In the net I found only this ref on the page you can find copyright on the issue in French and German so I didn’t mock up it (use search by “3893R”).

  137. This is a quick note to all you still on staff in the SO tasked with your intel of this site.
    Look up this reference.
    HCOPL 13 January 1979 ORDERS, ILLEGAL AND CROSS (Vol 0 p 145)
    Make particular note to the “A SMALL PLAY” on the last page (p 148)
    In fact this vol. has all kinds of useful information, has any of you really read any of it. After all, it is all part of your basic training, right.

  138. Hey Marty,

    I can confirm the majority of what you have to say here either from my personal seeing or it, to conversations with family members.
    You have not mentioned that in the LRH Biog the family is COMPLETELY LEFT OUT. There is one picture in the short version out now that shows Suzette with her dad, and she is facing her horse and her dad is facing they camera. I think they called her”another person” or something like that.
    DM has made it so that the family never existed…

    This is major and always has been. Thanks for beginning a dialogue.

  139. FF, ever since I first heard that song, I saw DM in it too.

  140. This reading was heart breaking it really is
    I was aware myself at that time of this going on but man power was limited but having been briefed By Capt Bill Roberston as Capt Bill Roberston was very good friends with Mary Sue they were freinds and got on very well and had many conversations, and worked together.

    I knew the family whilst they were at the Hill and the children growing up also when they were at the Ship, and after at the Base and Hemet.

    Once back then in those Days I had been working in CIC at the Royal Scotsman and use to talk to Susie as LRH called her daily, and brought her the GO telexes, along with The org stats from the Orgs for LRH it was a joy to work with Mary sue and LRH even then He was tough as old nails , he had a mission , either you survive or you did not and got suggested to leave. I stay until I confirmed through sources he was dead.
    Its very very true the whole engram starts with the Hubbard Family, especially Susie ,thats why I am saying a lot .Please speak out. Please . and help get up to date data that can be reliable to find out the physically condition and mental state is of Diana . WHO KNOWS THIS ?? Please share its vital.

    I am greatful I was able to have my personal experiences with them, and kept some of LRH letters to me, along side the preserved signature on his photo I asked him to sign and Mission into Time book.

    Lumamoth comments 15th of June and The Orcacle hit the nail on the head.

    You Miscaviage do not deserve to every take up another Body or position in any spirit healing of any kind and god help if it so happen with that kind of Valence.

    I received a letter from Marysue during late 80’s where once in a letter asked her what the hell was DM sitting in your position you should be in she was heavily controlled by the Church back then under DM’s wing, she replied something like “Support to the RTC at this time” is vital )I am afraid I did not buy the view she said , all I could say was ( They got her nailed down ) and was extremly sad and upset for a long time over that .

    Speak out ! Bill Robertson had spoken of this years ago and private people did there own missions towards the controlled camp even then the only problem was back then we did not have media enough or the support to get the Inplanter out of there back then.

    Marthyn has hit this one on the nail and this is where it began and full consentration and efforts must be done to get Diana in safe hands .

    We own it to LRH .

  141. Back to P.T. LRH & MSH are both happy together now. They droped by me at a most inappropiate moment about two to three weeks ago. amuseing. I got a “we love you too”

  142. The female voice is Bronwyn.

  143. What about the family members”Asked” or “told” while still in shock over losing their dad, to sign away all their rights to LRH’s royalties, each met with individually, unable to speak with another family member, and without the advice of their own counsel. That was a lot of money, they were still in grief over the death of their father/husband and had not even been told he had been sick, nonetheless dying. And then not to be attending your own Fathers’ Funderal… How do you think that made them feel.

  144. Leonore – its interesting that you bring up Tanya Burden’s law suit against LRH, which by the way, was full of falsehood. but it reminded me
    of a time when I pulled out an old photo I had taken of DM and Tanya hugging, as they used to date each other, so as a joke, another messenger sent it annonomously to DM at ASI – we thought he would have a good laugh about it – boy, were we wrong! After some yelling and screaming, DM personally drove to Int with a team of ASI executives to investigate and find out who sent it from CMO- DM was demonstrating a full blown missed-withhold phenomenon. Though I
    was left alone for having supplied the photo, poor Julie got assigned liability for having sent it!

  145. Sarge,
    I read Trust again. It is a fact that DM worked hard to keep Annie and I from ever being together. At that time, in my naivete, I didn’t get why. I wasn’t really aware of nor interested in the ‘politics’ that occurred at the Ranch and among DM, Pat, and who ever else was involved.

    We managed to overcome DM’s efforts to keep us apart, for a time anyway. Eventually, witnessing the circumstances at the base, I became much more aware of something very, very wrong and that it was emanating from ‘Dept 21’, as DM liked to call himself and his immediate circle. It was then that Annie and I, albeit cautiously, began to discuss some of the issues arising before and since LRH left at the Ranch and with the All Clear Unit, and then ASI. Annie herself started to ‘wake up’ it seemed to me.

    She began to regain her own point of view, some fire and one day originated to me how she’d helped DM remove Dede from CO CMO I, and how ‘pissed’ LRH was about it when he found out. Annie realized that act preceded her own ‘motivator’ as she called it herself, for her own acquiescing to DM on taking her off the post LRH personally gave her, IG RTC, before he left. That was the post he intended her to have, as the senior post in that org. NOT DM, and LRH had nothing to do with the post DM invented; COB RTC.

    Again, I didn’t understand alot of this, its real significance at that time and was only beginning myself to discover what had happened to result in the circumstances we were in at the Base, with DM as ‘Dept 21’ and things not right. Not right at all.

    I began, with circumspection and respect, as Annie did have BPC on the area, to talk about what happened at the Ranch. It wasn’t so much the specifics for me, but rather an overall sort of sense that I gained from these talks about what I construed personally was LRH’s intention and what he faced with his departure in terms of ‘turning over his hat’.

    Yes, specifically, he never intended nor stated in any place, or to anyone, that DM was to assume control of the entire structure or that there was to be any such post as ‘COB’ or any such beingness as ‘ecclesiatical leader of the Scientology Religion’. That much Annie made perfectly clear.

    The structure he intended is described in the Articles and Bylaws of CST, RTC and CSI and the org board extant at that time, with all the policy and administrative materials to operate it and even refine it according to the basic KRC gained.

    But, beyond that, what I gathered was that LRH realized fully that ‘the baby diaper days’ for the rest of us, as beings responsible for our dynamics, had come to an end. Sooner or later, we would have to pick up the boots and put them on. He needed to carry on the work he began on the route, the Bridge.

    I concluded that, like it says in Responsibilities of Leaders, the moving off a point of Power, the delegation of power to perhaps lesser able beings, that he knew and trusted that there were those who would rise to the occassion, study HARD, and audit regularly and work to take the reins for the next stages in our movement.

    It was and is my sense that he knew it was time to move off the point of power and he did. Pat and DM weren’t able to ‘hoodwink’ so much as LRH trusted his work and those who would follow to know that work and use it to carry on to the goals and purposes of the work.

    We have all learned much along the way and it is real to me today, many of us have reached to the point where we can indeed handle the power assigned.

    Surely we have faced one of our biggest challenges, the usurpation by a factual SP of the Church. I for one won’t be nearly as slow on the draw next time, should this ever arise again. I guarantee it.

  146. TD’s “outlet” is laughable and pathetic, helpless and beyond contempt.
    No comment.

  147. David LaCroix

    I already started a wiki project regarding detainees like Heber. These chronicles of the takeover, LRH’s bio, and tech resources can all be created by the community. The wiki is the answer as to how we get everyone’s story documented while we still have first hand reporters.
    please respond to
    P.S. Heber’s 75th birthday is July11

  148. LRH issued them and DM took them all away – except for his own of course. (Marty on Mosey’s computer)

  149. You might want to recheck recent releases to their originals as rumour has it you might find the many mentions of MSH or the kids have been edited out.

  150. Mockingbird6

    Excuse me but LRH DID “stand for” what went on, right when it was happening!

    This is a point it is very hard for me to reconcile.

    He had the tech to spot a suppressive person and yet he either did not spot DM or else he did not spot the thousands that DM got declared suppressive.

    He allowed his comm lines to his wife and daughter to be destroyed.

    If he had been following his own policies he would have bypassed somewhere on the line and found out what was going on.

    This is one of the biggest disappointments for me about LRH, the man who did so much for me personally this lifetime.

  151. HEAR HEAR!

  152. This has been on my mind too. Did LRH ask to see Mary Sue and the kids? Or did he not?

  153. Verit, who are you talking to?

  154. Or is your suggestion to be patient a confirmation of what was stated earlier?

  155. Well, I hope then, though, that they (BBC, CNN, St. Pete Times and others) METICULOUSLY take on record WHAT the threats are/were, the “Church” dishes out to make them be careful about mentioning DM and focus at him. These are without ANY slightest doubt valuable strings to be pulled by them – and knowing what LRH teaches us will produce with absolute certainty General Sherman tanks, every well-intentioned journalist can win the Pulitzer with plus will beat any billion $ reserves DM might spend to threaten them into silence.

  156. WH,
    Thank you immensely for the truth you’ve described in this perfect length post. It can’t help but go to dispelling the lies that have been put there. It confirms the photo above. It is.

  157. Please, I understand the sanctity of the end of life. My own mother died a terrible death. Her end of life directive was to withhold medical care. Her death was one of the most brutal experiences of my life. I had to sign the papers to take her off life support after she slipped into a coma following failed lung surgery. LRH was certainly entitled to die any way he chose. Nevertheless, Robert Vaughn Young stated tat
    Dr. Denk left LRH for a gambling trip to Las Vegas with DM and others in the days before LRH died. Why did Dr. Denk leave his post?

    My questions include LRH’s his will being changed after his second stroke the day before his death and the falsehoods at The Palladium event. Here is some of the data concerning LRH’s death of which Indies may not be aware:

    1. LRH had a second stroke and died shortly thereafter, but not before signing a new will. In the last will, changes were made that favored CoS, and by extension those who ran CoS, over LRH’s family. How is an elderly, post-stroke man on the verge of death mentally capable of changing his will? Neither Earle Cooley nor Norman Starkey were present. Therefore, we ask who exactly presented the new will to LRH for his thumbprint? These are the people who signed the last will as witnesses:


    LRH’s final will was dated 23 January 1986. LRH died the next day.

    2. Which of LRH’s lawyers wrote the new will and transported it to the ranch? Why did they leave? Why was LRH executor Norman Starkey not present at the ranch? Norman was incredibly loyal to LRH and had worked for him since the 1960’s. Starkey had captained the Apollo.

    3. Why was Ray Mithoff at the ranch?

    4. The final LRH will is here:

    5. Robert Vaughn Young on LRH’s death: “Just days before Hubbard’s death, his personal physician, Scientologist Gene Denk, left for a gambling vacation in Las Vegas with some of Hubbard’s top aides, including Gamboa, Miscavige and wife, and the Aznarans. By the time he returned, there was nothing he could do. Hubbard died, and the battle for control of his legacy, which had been simmering for years, took centre stage.

    “LRH left behind a vast corporate empire, including millions of dollars worth of copyrights and trademarks, as well as a personal fortune rumoured to be in the hundreds of millions. Rumour, though, is all that is available – the vast portion of Hubbard’s riches were buried far inside the CoS ledgers, safe from the prying eyes of the IRS, which had been threatening an audit of Hubbard for years, right up until his death. But even leaving aside his personal fortune, Hubbard’s legacy was rich – and there was no shortage of people eager to take a cut. ”


  158. A wonderful tribute to Mary Sue can be found here

  159. Boy, Tom, if that doesn’t sum up the feelings of many of us, I don’t know what would. Thanks.

  160. martyrathbun09

    Stay tuned

  161. rory medford

    It really is the pin on the tail of the donkey. That pin is exactly where it belongs on the donkeys ass.
    In due time he will be pinned to the wall

  162. rory medford


  163. At some point would appreciate R factor

  164. Jim, My god man you say things so well. Thank
    you for saying this. Love you bud.

  165. Marty;

    While reading this blog, I remembered something relayed to me some 30 odd years ago. I’m curious if you know anything about it.

    According to my friend, who was tight with David Mayo, David Mayo was auditing either Pat Broker or DM, I forget whom, and was getting significant evil ints on LRH. David was in good comm with LRH, obviously, and LRH always responded quickly to any comm with Mayo.

    When Mayo sent his ‘KRs’ to LRH regarding the evil ints, the comm line between LRH and Mayo evaporated. Apparently, the terminal who was to handle sending these KRs up to LRH was the same terminal who had the evil ints on LRH.

    Shortly after that, Mayo was toasted.

    I don’t know if this is true or not, but it came directly from Mayo via my bud to me.

    Anyone else heard of something like this?

  166. It’s another cat out of the bag situation bee, it’s probably been downloaded thousands of times the couple of hours it was up.

    I don’t see the importance of it unless it is current, and if so well that’s different!

  167. Please boycott TC´s next movie.

  168. As for extenuating circumstances – while there may have been others – LRH was a hairs-breath away from being arrested by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division.

    This wasn’t something I learned by rumor or innuendo but something I learned by reading IRS weekly updates – which I received through a special subscription service and needed as comptroller of my ex’s company.

    When LRH died so suddently – he, in essence, outfoxed the predators, coming after him. They were building a case.

    (Marty – If you feel this isn’t appropriate for this blog – please feel free not to publish)


  169. Well, remember the little computer generated false reality that was presented in response to the CNN report?

    Notice computer generated graphic “realities” are being used more and more to generate lies and propaganda.

    It showed little Daveys airplane flying to London to meet with government officials several times that year?

    And who controls the BBC?

    To assume this is a money issue is silly. The city of London has more money than God.

    If those who control the governments seriously wanted to take DM down it would have happened years ago.

    Hell, he and his little invisible friends are some of their favourite boys.

    Good merchants of chaos are hard to come by and DM is one of their top earners!

  170. Dear Notsaware,

    The correct formula for a GROUP in Confusion is FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE.

    ML, LM

  171. rory medford

    yes lookin in its still the case

  172. Mareka James


    Wow! I remember how you often listened to this song. I just had no idea the meaning it held for you at the time. It now has a much deeper meaning and depth for me.

    Very fitting, thanks.

    P.S Orwell’s non-fiction book Homage to Catalonia details his experience fighting in the Spanish Civil War if anyone wants to read it.

  173. Jim, Again, thank you and again well said. You
    are a true friend of LRH and all of us.

  174. Man if that question offends you Verit, you’d go nuts five minutes in my head.

    I’ve found my most profound truths in life by a willingness to ask ANY question, to consider any possibility on the road back to knowingness.

    Truth alwas has been stranger than fiction.

    Daveys web of lie has that dead flat ring from day one. There was NO mistaking it. Was it hard to even imagine what many of us knew?

    You bet it was.

    Davey and his cabal had that covered too, systematically drive them onto bitter apathy. I can vouche that is the highest tone ever if you’re looking for total inaction from a being.

  175. Marty,
    OK, to the subject at hand, the suppression of the Second Dynamic, starting with LRH’s family. Wow, these last couple of days have sure ‘run the TA into the process’ and now it’s time to run some out. With some certainty and saying it is. (Itsa).

    Beginning very early in research and discovery LRH found that ‘creation’ and it’s dichotomous mate ‘destruction’ were very hot buttons. Push them and boy did you get action.

    Michael (Once Upon a Time) the other day mentioned the actual fact of many OT process types from the early period. Creative Processing, the subject of the PDC tapes, ran into eventually a difficulty known later on as the Step Six (of Scientology Clear Procedure (1957)) ‘problem’; the Step Six problem.

    Creation it became apparent was a primary target for those who would seek to adversely affect thetans.

    Creation is a primary ability of a thetan. It is manifest in the Dynamics as described in Scientology in the 2D.

    The 2D, as manifested in living today, can be a very aberrated area. It is because it has been a primary target for those who seek to stop the primary abilitiy of thetans – creativity.

    This universe was meant to be conserved. No further creation and no possible destruction. It is expressed in the Law of the Conservation of Energy, a physical manifestation of the intention to have this game be ‘forever’.

    If one were to ensure the perpetuity of the MEST universe, to the end of slim possibility of either new creation or destruction of it, and its eventual dominance, then THE target would be that urge native to beings to create. It would be in this culture at this time, the 2D.

    What is the product of the love created and shared by a man and a woman in this life? The creation of a new life – a child.

    Considering the track, the ‘whole track’, of attempts at stifling, twisting, reversing and denying that creative impulse as manifested in the severity of charge and tangle that is the ‘2D’ on earth, it now becomes plainly evident, flagrantly evident, that the target that DM chose, the obvious target when the track is considered, would be and is the Second Dynamic.

    DM began before LRH left, and with all the ‘justification’ that those circumstances with the GO and the Mission Holder’s conferences and other circumstances provided, he made his moves on LRH’s family. He hit Diana. He hit MSH. Then, with LRH gone, he hit Suzette. (I won’t speculate on the timing of Suzette’s hit and what significance that may hold, beyond the remarks made by the Opening Piece and the ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ and the parallels in DM’s mind. His fears, his dramatizations, his nightmare.)

    After LRH left, he began his overt destruction of the 2D, specifically stated to be aimed AT that dynamic. Why such a target? Because it is THE target on the track and has the maximal amount of restim possible in the vast majority of beings on this planet. It is the heart of the ability of theta. It is the most tangled of the dynamics, the fullest joy, and the lowest degradation. That dichotomy is purposed. That dichotomy is the essence of the persistence of this MEST universe.

    Create – destroy. DM has hit the 2D to destroy creation. He has hit it to prevent destruction of his master, MEST. He has hit it to collapse theta’s creative ability and followed through with the perversion of the fundamentals of the route to recovery of that ability – auditing – and the definitions of an Instant Read and a Floating Needle. Along with these critical meanings, has gone the GAT travesty of robotic ‘TRs’ and machine like ‘auditors’, belying the Axiom of postulates and live communication, not being MEST and being senior to MEST can accomplish change in MEST without, yes WITHOUT, bringing about a persistence in MEST, ‘thus auditing can occur’.

    A so-called MEST being, one who has become the effect and is no longer aware of or capable as new cause, acts to perpetuate MEST. Persistence of MEST. Thus auditing as described in Scn Axiom 51, is counter to that purpose.

    The last few days, beginning with Tom T and Joe C and those brave women speaking out, and now this posting here on the attack of LRH’s family by this SP, has I think revealed finally the mechanics DM used to restimulate so many, and begin his assault on the rest of the Dynamics.

    It has certainly brought to the fore in myself, the residual charge that exists on my own experience with alienation of affections, destruction of marriage and the coercion of abortion under David Miscavige.

    He used what was already there. What he himself is compelled to do. What has been the target all along. He used Creation to Destroy.

    Thankfully there are enough now that have risen above those early attempts and those dichotomies, those GPMs, and DM’s calling them back into play, and today are free to out-create any such attempt to use our creation and creative ability to destroy again.

  176. Theoracle- nicely put. OSA and the hidden money are the whys on DM’s continuance in his position. Kill the money-kill the power-and poof- away goes another SP.

  177. Excellent expose, Marty! Looking forward to more.

    I was an exec in the SO during the 70s. I had kids, as did many other staff. We had daily family time, every day. We often had all day Saturday off to spend with our kids too! (also to do CSP, laundry, as the SO didn’t provide uniforms during those years.)

    I also ran a project directed by LRH to establish an academy or school for the S.O. Cadets. This is very thoroughly covered by LRH Flag Orders. The kids were each given posts and expected to be acknowledged as adults. He treated his own kids as Thetans, not babies, and communicated with them just like with anyone else.

    The essence of the Second Dynamic is covered in Science of Survival. No 2D = No Mankind. What could be more simple?

  178. Bobo,
    Read the Gang of Five report on Scn Cult. It has some more data for you.

  179. As much as I have a distaste for dm, I have to concede that he is beyond ordinary in being diabolical. It will be his epitaph, but he is “good” at what he does.
    As for your disappointment, might be a good time to pose the question for whom the bell tolls? It tolls for thee. I certainly didn’t do anything to arrest the takeover, and I had the overwhelming thought we had been taken over when I saw the first comm Ev on a wide swath of long-term execs. So, for me, my disappointment is in me.
    And on a side note, I think getting old in a meat body takes its own toll on a person’s abilities. Sucks, but it’s true.

  180. MotherNature

    Well written and informative. Looking forward to more info. …after reading this article I begin to see the possibility, that if the goal was to begin to separate and destroy families and to divide people (and thus make them more vulnerable and maleable for a takeover by a ‘dictator’)…could it be that any type of legislation that was in support of the preservation of familes would therefore have been viewed as a threat too? Just asking…

  181. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant analysis Jim

  182. Marty,

    That recollection of JBs does jibe with mine.

    At the time, Gerry Armstrong was in charge of the Household Unit at the base and he sneaked me in and out of LRH’s house. We were living perhaps 6-7 miles away in Hemet at the time at another location with a small crew which most did not know about, due to security considerations. MSH was living in LA as she was undergoing the trial. Paco, the steward served dinner and it went very well with Arthur and Suzette there. LRH was beaming and had a great time with his family. He thanked and complimented us for serving the meal after they finished and was leaving. That was the last time I recall of his being with his family and having direct comm with them.

    He and MSH had corresponded regularly via letters, but this line was monitored & controlled by Snr Messengers. After Feb ’80, only Pat and Annie handled all security and communication aspects.

  183. These concentration camps look like the Int Base.

    How convenient.!/group.php?gid=24839675003&ref=search

  184. For anyone on the Int Base reading this, don’t you think you ought you to make your way out of there while you still have a chance?

  185. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, Thanks for sharing you experience. I appreciate it.

  186. Mike Hobson


    Please write more clearly.

    Whom do you reckon is attacking LRH and his family on this thread ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  187. I doubt you know much about P.T., ASGARD.

  188. Yeah, I guess “Find out where you are” would be the most appropriate.

  189. this is Bronwyn 1,000% for sure. Her maiden name Was Bolger she is the daugeter of Bruce and Eli Bolger and is a 2nd Generation Scientologist. Her current post is Gold Reception. I spoke with her about a month ago. She is still drinking the Kool aid.

  190. Since I brought up the subject of fascism in an earlier post, I’d like to point out that Miscavige follows a tried and true formula of the fascists – if you stigmatize your targets enough, those around you will tolerate what actions you take next.

    The Jews were heavily stigmatized by the Nazis long before they took murderous steps. They started by blaming them for the economic situation in the country and went from there. Then to actions which stigmatized them such as in 1933 when notices were placed on park benches saying Jews were not allowed to sit there. We all know where it ended some years later.

    Miscavige heavily stigmatized the Guardian’s Office and Mary Sue by association and would tolerate nothing said in their defense to the point where his actions were tolerated, even cheered. The fact that Mary Sue was first and foremost a Sea Org officer (The Controller) and not a member of the GO seems to have been missed by many while Miscavige carried out what can only be described as a coup masquerading as something else.

    Though I skip a great many of his victims/targets in between, some years later pregnant women and couples were first heavily stigmatized before action was taken against them. The closer to DM the greater the effect of his stigmatization, to the point where even wanting to have a child was considered “worker oriented”, a disparaging term which means the person would willingly act to damage the organization. This term was used in writing by Marc Yager to deny a women promotion because she wanted to have a child back in the 1980s. But that was a mild term compared with what else was used to describe couples who wanted to have children, then came the destructive acts.

    There is much evidence that what Jim Logan is saying is true, attacks on families (LRH’s being the first against the wall when Miscavige’s revolution came) was a prime way he undermined many fine executives and Scientology as a whole. But Miscavige got to these execs first through stigmatization including that of LRH’s family. Respect shown to any member of the Hubbard family was slapped down with disdain and I often heard “they are not some sacred cow you know” snarled, the words almost spat at me because I referred to them with some affection. And I found out for the first time yesterday that that same phrase was also used on my wife when she spoke well of LRH’s family.

  191. You have got to give DM credit for one thing, he managed to round up the best and the brightest and he got them to build their own prison and agree to live in it.

    That was an amazing accomplishment.

  192. When I was staff @ CST the CO CST was in constant contact with COB. the PR line is that “LRH Archives” is funded by ASI and that there is a board of trusties that run CST. I was the Estates Sec for CST and ran all of the construction projects. I finished up the LRH house at the Rim FOrest site as well as the LRH house at the N.M site. The Rim forest site has a storage vault and a state of teh art production building for archivinf the LRH Tech. WHile I was Estates Sec my Weekly reports were hand routed to COCST (russ Bellin) ASI (norman Starkey) and COB RTC (DM ) each and every week. the weekly reports consisted of Pictures of the progress with captions explaining the work being done. While I was there TOM Vorm was the D/COE and Jim Issacson was the D/COI.
    there were about 20 people total that staffed CST, this included all the external vault sites.

  193. Jim,

    Knew about Annie’s assigned post and wondered how DM could bully her out of it. Thanks for the details.

  194. DM is a MEST being. As such, his target is the destruction of THETA. What is a MEST being left with in the end? More MEST. So be it.

    Thank you, Marty, for this article. Fills in a lot of holes. And THANK YOU to you and all the other THETA BEINGS helping to bringing the truth to light.

  195. Note regarding Jim Logan’s notes 15 of June 2010 mentioning Annie Broaker Tideman The Mother is Jean Tideman last known to be at AOSHDK as HCO Ethics years ago not sure if alive still her husband was Don Tideman
    worked in Publications Denmark .

    Where isPat Broeker and Annie now ? what efforts to get the truth and get them to speak out they are the only ones that would know the truth what happened amongst conversations with DM in the stages of placing MSH in exile and getting LRH off the lines and the Falsehoods.

    D Mayo certaintly knows .He was hounded in England back in early days of the VERY FIRST WAVE of people leaving the Church and when he and others were throw out for challenging DM. Bill Roberston being one of the first to be declared SP because he challenged DM on requesting to see Mary Sue and his comm line got cut to LRH.Having proof of falsehood in the stages and unable to get to talk to LRH, as he use to do on a regurely basis.

    One has to ask ones self why was DMayo sworn
    to remain secret and have little or nothing to do with Scientology offically ?? after Santa Barabara . One has to ask for answers, althow we are alert enough to openly know its mighty obvious something was seriously in question .

    Help speak out .

  196. Theo Sismanides


    thank you for posting this. A search into the past of DM might not help as much as it would help if we would apply what we know of thetans and whole track stuff and DeMons (I am not kidding now, folks, no matter how many ARC Xs I may cause with this).

    What we are talking here is a DeMon.

    Nothing more nothing less.

    DM definitely needs to be investigated but we should have in mind that there are operations going on right now in the world unseen by lay-man.

    We are against homo sapiens who can only believe and think in Earth terms.

    DM definitely couldn’t do it alone. I am also amazed how he did what he did. When in TU I thought people would follow LRH HCOBs and revolt on the obvious high crime (HCOBs not being applied).

    That taught me a lesson. It’s what Haile Sellasie was quoted to say in some thread I saw somewhere on Marty’s blog today: those who should have acted, and the justice that should have prevailed and… Some things like this.

    At least people speak up now.

    We knew the Golden Age of Tech. We fought it.

    I never did one drill from them.

    We had New Era of Management. I never did one thing out of it.

    Why all this happened?

    It is because of US. We didn’t do anything. We didn’t know what to do. We were not organized enough, determined enough to get others and wreak havoc. We were TOO reasonable with suppression.

    I hope this time we are NOT going to be reasonable again.

    I take no reasonable explanations about DM. There is none.

  197. Wow! Victoria, who the hell are you? I’d love to get in comm, you’re posts are always interesting and insightful. My email is if you ever wanna talk.

  198. Theo Sismanides

    Oh, and one other thing. Don’t expect a DeMon to have the same conciense like you and me. This is hard for some to understand as they cannot confront Evil and DeMons.

  199. Lookingin,

    disappointment in me – I thought a lot about that, too, lately.

    And on your side note: the fate of getting old in a meat body will catch up with that punching muscle blob at the helm as well – probably that will be the only thing that will make that guy think ?

  200. Theo Sismanides

    Well, guys the Condition below Confusion is SHEEPINGNESS and the formula is

    Find out who you are working for.

  201. Climing a 9' Hgh Board Fence

    Check the recent version of Science of Survival. It is no longer dedicated to Dianna Hubbard

  202. Amazing post, Jim.

  203. Why the invalidation Kirsi?

  204. Haydn,

    even the public was told derogatorily that Sea Org Members wanting and getting children would be considered as “baby boomers” having “other fish to fry “by indulging in “the 2Dy being an aberration of such depths”….”DBs” since it’s just the GE “which is a family man”.

    So much to stigmatizing. Very sad “culture”!

  205. I would totally iron his underwear for him. As long as he’s wearing it at the time.

  206. “Check the recent version of Science of Survival. It is no longer dedicated to Dianna Hubbard”

    I’d like to smack that little fucker in the mouth.
    Man, I’m burned up now!

    For many years I have admired those that stayed behind despite how unbearable it had all become… many of them were the toughest of the tough, I imagined them overthrowing this evil from the inside.

    It looks like a pivotal point has now been reached, sort of a hundredth monkey phenomenon.

    Many will coming flooding out now… the hopleless robots will stay on until later when yet another push is made to clean them up too.

    Wow, maybe that light at the end of a tunnel ISN’T and implant…this time! Haha.

    Thank-you, thank-you Marty. What happened to that hidden agenda I was SURE you had when I first encountered you? Surely I could not have been mistaken?

    I don’t overuse that hero word, but I have to say you’re looking like the real thing. A sight for sore eyes would be an understatement.

  207. Debrief: David Mayo 8 December 83

    “Miscavige and Broeker had busted Dede Voegeding as CO CMO INT for “security reasons” which later turned out to be because she was considered a threat to their authority.) Although these reports to LRH were falsified, it was usualy quite some time before I discovered the fact – partly due to the time before a reply came back and partly due to the practice at that time of simply passing on the LRH reply and keeping what went up in files (so unless one got access to and went into these files one wouldn’t see what went up, just what came down).”

  208. Wow, great insight. So true.

    Interesting also that he has converted “Int Managment Headquarters” into a concentration camp setting. It looks like these places the Government is actually building:

    Marty, don’t go inside the front gate!

    This wreaks of Shutter Island!

  209. Jim, My friend you continue to WOW me!

  210. ” This term was used in writing by Marc Yager to deny a women promotion because she wanted to have a child back in the 1980s.”

    I guess we know why Marc Yager is running into some “Can’t Haves” of his own.

  211. I concur – Bronwyn Bolger & Danny Dunitagain.

  212. Thanks Rory.

  213. He may be a “material” guy but on some level he understands what loving people aspire to. He promisses heavenly treasures like worldpeace and sanity for all but all his actions are counter to that.

    The cold heart of a psychopath, no feelings just a mind ready to manipulate others. A grass roots understanding of the urges within man. All of this obscured by putting on the biggests show on earth.

    David Miscavige envies LRH, he truely hates him.

  214. The tape sounds more like Danny Woolard and his sister Linda talking.

  215. Thanks a lot for this post. Very theta and no nonsense at all.

  216. WomanSetFree

    So for me this is the epicenter of it all.

    I was at Int Base, I saw how Suzette, Guy, Tyson, Diana and Roanne were treated. I did not know details, I was too low on any totem pole. BUT even I could see something was not right.
    Do you hear me OSA? DM? Mr. Davis?
    You have the blood of the innocents on your hands. There is no hiding from the repercussions of this, NONE. Even I noticed something was wrong, with NO DATA until now, I saw it!
    I knew that getting pregnant would force demotion of myself and my husband. I wanted a family soo badly and never discussed it with him, because I knew the problems it would cause. THIS is why I routed out at the first opening I could find. The SO was no place for families and children and anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together could see it then & now.

    Whatever you may personally believe, it is the creator of the universe who makes man in his image, marriage and children were His idea and it is He whom you will have to come to account to for these atrocities in the name of “the greatest good”

    I can tell none of you have read Dianetics or the Bible if you had none of this could have come to pass. Truth is the Truth, there is no escaping it.

  217. Jim, Well said! Thank you for your thoughts, presented lucidly, well written, well perceived. Thank you for your great company.

  218. “2D Oriented” has long been a term of disparagement at the Int Base, meaning a person who wants to spend time with their spouse, children or parents. Family photographs were banned from offices.

  219. J Swift, vital questions. Answers needed.

  220. Yes, specifically, he never intended nor stated in any place, or to anyone, that DM was to assume control of the entire structure or that there was to be any such post as ‘COB’ or any such beingness as ‘ecclesiatical leader of the Scientology Religion’. That much Annie made perfectly clear.

    I consider that as close from the horse’ mouth as it could possibly get, save legal documentation to the contrary.

    The structure he intended is described in the Articles and Bylaws of CST, RTC and CSI and the org board extant at that time, with all the policy and administrative materials to operate it and even refine it according to the basic KRC gained.

    And I venture to guess that refine it came to be known as “Miscavology”.

  221. I am so enjoying that picture! LOL!!

  222. Marty …lol! you are truly amiable! In the greatest sense of the word. It’s not social nicey nicey machinery. In the human experience, as our tears forgive us, we pull through with our innocence intact…only more powerful and wise. And I admire your integrity, your combination of utter keen gluteus maximus-kicking savvy and vast heart. Beautiful and unbeatable.

    Even if you didn’t have that twinkle to you that gives your amiability away 😉 your auditing skills and desire for people to have the Bridge are telling, (and your willingness to take the brunt of those consequences). Marty, thank you for loving LRH and for loving people, thank you for auditing me!

  223. ✩!!

  224. Theo Sismanides

    Good point Victoria,

    Now I see why Marty spoke like that about the media. So the BBC…

    Yes they would have taken down DM if they wanted but he serves them well…

    If you go to links regarding the Ideal Orgs inaugurations like the one in Brussels and Canada, Toronto (not sure about Canada, which one it was) you will see officials being invited who are in bed with One Worlders.

    I always was sure about this. Scientology is like a hoax now and has no impact on this planet. People cannot be taught simple data, it takes some organization, takes time and money (actually creation but we live in an age where creation is substituted by money).

    Only creation can do things. And we have creation by LRH, we have creation here in the web. Something out of nothing, almost.

    In the CofM they need something BIG (money) for some little wins which do not even make OTs, real OTs.

    So DM and the C of M are being right now sponsored and supported as the future religion. Christianity does not do any good mind control anymore, it is outmoded. Scientology can do mind control and so it is being left to “expand” but rather under control.

    Now with its teeth taken out it’s promoted to the whole planet.

    I want to know what happened with BBC. Why the don’t do the show. Marty and Mike you should let us know what is the deal. Not that we need them, but just we should be the first to know.

    I am not going to be reasonable anymore. I do not trust the one worlders and I don’t know who is behind them. This obviously is not something a naked or even not naked eye could see.

  225. Haydn,

    Too true.

    The only use Dear Leader has for family members is as a control mechanism. They are used as a method of keeping people in line by threatening disconnection. They are used to cover for his bungling Keystone Kops (my brother, daughter, ex-wife sent with his attempted intimidation mission “it was just a family matter” is what they told the SP Times). They are used as a way of testing loyalty (“divorce her or be transferred to another org, she doesnt qualify” or “you can onlyfraternize with people in your org.”)

    Miscavige is a Menace to Society.

  226. martyrathbun09

    V, You are more than welcome. I am not as gifted in the use of words as you are. But, the feelings are mutual.

  227. martyrathbun09

    Jeff, they are also banned from the new berthing building spaces. It is 1984 at Gilman Hot Springs.

  228. Mike,
    I’d hazard his comment is directed to DM, in response to the opening piece.

  229. Julie Gillespie Mayo

    “When I escaped from Gilman Hot Springs in 1983 I hitched to Hemet and caught a bus … barely had the correct change, any change, for that matter, and two security guards at my heels.

    This was after several months of being falsely imprisoned — we were under guard and weren’t allowed to communicate with the outside world. It had started in August 1982 when I was awoken early by Marc Yager, who was the CO CMO INT, I believe, at the time. He told me that there was a special meeting that I was to come to — this was the first time that the CO CMO INT had ever offered to ride me on his moped anywhere. He took me to the SNR C/S INT Office where David Miscavige was waiting for me.

    Miscavige, who was the boss of ASI (for profit company) and also “Special Project Ops” and Trustee of RTC at the time, told me that I was being assigned to the RPF. I asked him why. He said, “You know why, Miss Natter Box”. Miscavige told me I was being assigned to “hard labor”. This was the desert and it was August and it was hot.”

  230. enlighten me please

  231. Foremost,
    I meant ‘refine it’ as covered in basic policy, such as The Structure of Organization: What is Policy.

    It’s OUR 3D, surely.

    Miscavology, similar to fascism, Naziism, Stalinism, and various others suppressive tyrannies, well, that’s hardly ‘refinement’ now is it.

  232. Thought Provoking

    Good point, Haydn. I remember well the anti GO stigmatism. As far as I know anyone who ever worked in the GO is still considered to be less than. Similar to the ex SO members, CL V staff would look down on them.

  233. Quicksilver

    I guess I should have communicated more clearly … I meant since LRH dropped it and since DM’s total control.

    No doubt that DM was very good at doing what he did and this had been planned for a long time – well, before Ron’s death. Cutting comm lines to family, etc – unfortunately, a very ‘smart’ moveon DMs part, similar to cutting comm/supply lines in a war theatre.

    @lookingin You mentioned ” I certainly didn’t do anything to arrest the takeover, and I had the overwhelming thought we had been taken over …”

    Same here … a lot of confusion & back room manoeuvring. I think this is true for all of us … outpoints were spotted & nothing done. I remember a number of fellow staffers & I getting together at the time – very difficult to figure out what to do – lacking a tremendous amount of data … just felt helpless at the time.

    A big outpoint was the promotion of the idea that Ron elected the Broekers’& DM as the main men … who’s to argue that point when so much was going on behind the scenes and little information was being let out. What else to do but go on rumour & dub-in. One big mystery.

    But, here we are now with some excellent blogs that can fill in the gaps and weed out lies from truth.

  234. Yes, a MEST beings’ goal: The destruction of THETA.

  235. Dear Marty

    What you write confirms my and many others assumption that Hubbard didn’t die in 1986. No family member there, but all those bastards!

    He was “kept alive” because Miscavige controlled the comm line anyway, but for some reasons LRH had to “die” – it would be highly interesting to know why LRH had to “die” then.

    But most probably LRH died 1982. Knowing Miscavige I wouldn’t be surprised he killed LRH!

    Max Hauri (Ron’s Org Bern) (Stichting True Source Scientology)

  236. My sister just told me that 2 days ago one of the lead aol headlines was the Saint Pete times forced abortion story.

    Scientologists still in even if they refrain from reading the article are again exposed to the horrific truth – there are certainly some who have aol as their email program.

    dm can’t possibly stop the waters from breaking through his weakening dam.


  237. Thought Provoking


    Your post cracked me up and I laughed for the first time in 2 days. Love the picture…I’d pay to see you di it!

  238. Quicksilver

    … and pardon my terrible typing – I use 2 fingers and it IS bad. I thought of trying 3 fingers but decided that would just make things worse 🙂

    I even noticed I added a comma above which totally changes the meaning arrrgghhh

  239. You silly moonbat. You are restimulating a dramatization of an constructed reality to ease the confused minds of the freezone Scientologists.


  240. This would also have been the night LRH did the photo shoot of MSH as was to be the last time he was to see her before she was to be taken to prison. He was little a kids all excited at the thought of seeing her again and was having a great time testing out his camera getting ready to photograph her. And as mentioned by JB,
    it had been such a pleasure for ;him to spend that time with her and two of the kids, he kept talking about it for the next several days and his concerns for her future.
    Prior to his leaving with Pat and Annie, LRH wrote MSH every day, yes, we did edit the letters to remove any bad news that could be enturbulative to him (per his request) that he
    didn’t need to know. But his and her love for each other shone through in each of their letters.

  241. In 1979, 1982 and 1983, Mr. Hubbard executed various testamentary instruments and trust agreements making certain provisions for his family, among others. Subsequently, David Miscavige severed all communication between Mr. Hubbard, his wife and family and orchestrated the execution of a new will and trust, purportedly signed one day before death, and its subsequent improper administration, which resulted in a fraud on Mr. Hubbard’s wife, family, this Court and other Courts.

    … neither Mr. Hubbard’s wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, nor any of his children were present at the
    time of his death, were not advised of his ailing health and imminent demise, and the Hubbard Successors purposefully deprived the Hubbard family of the opportunity to be with him at his death bed.

    … David Miscavige had previously removed Mary Sue Hubbard as Controller of Scientology and had in effect placed her under house arrest and constant surveillance through three household staff members who report to David Miscavige.

    … fearful that Petitioners would manage to contract Mary Sue Hubbard, David Miscavige and/or others of Hubbard’s Successors had her telephone number changed. Surveillance was increased and Suzette Hubbard was moved from her home to Scientology’s Celebrity Center where Hubbard’s successor would be able to more effectively prevent Petitioners from contacting her,

    Its all about money and power.

  242. But how to reach the 5000 ? SO

  243. rory medford

    The perverters of truth, the twisting of facts and the ability to create falsehoods and false impressions (LIES) is what the current represenatives of scientolgy does. That is what they do and will continue to do to protect their cultish empire of money and greed. TIME was right in 1991 and they would be correct in PT if they wrote the same article EXCEPT its 19 times worse. (Multiply each year since 1991) little by little the empire will crumble just like many many factions that were created from the early christians. How many different churches are there now from the original writings of JC? Well same thing will happen with Scientology. Although SCN has labeled thousands of suppressive groups and individuals the problem is they left out the #1 SP on the list. We all know WHO it is and when that is really isolated, made known and removed only then can LRH be vinicated, until then suffering, abuse and crusg regging will continue on the people who are not allowed to visit the internet or visit entheta sites.

  244. According to various testimonies, DM never personally saw LRH from 1980 until his death.

  245. Theo Sismanides

    Gandiguy, anyone who is willing to talk should be given space to do that. Scientology is not anybody’s property.

    We should discuss all this somewhere here.

    Marty, it would serve all of us if you provided space for that and an appropriate topic.

    It can be something like a forum of people who want to do something and can propose things.

    Otherwise all these comments and intentions pass by as normal comments and it’s not like that at all. We should have a space to discuss on solutions. Practical and coordinated solutions.

  246. martyrathbun09

    take with grain of salt

  247. Mike Hobson


    We have posters on this blog who *were* at Creston Ranch at the time of Hubbard’s death – in 1986. I’m sure they will comment on this shortly.

    Michael A. Hobson

  248. To the day MSH died, DM has had spies living in MSH’s home. MSH could never be alone with just her kids and grandkids without DM’s spies also being there. Neville Porter reported up on
    everything MSH did or said to DM at ASI while she trusted Neville as a friend and auditor.

  249. Telepathic communication from LRH is sometimes quite a charged subject.
    Some have abused it considerably. I recall one lady who insisted that LRH accompanied her to the supermarket every week to help her find the bargains (not PC data).
    I sometimes think of LRH and get a warm encompassing sense of his presence. Sometimes I get some data or message that goes along with it.
    LRH said that there were lower tone mockeries of high tone states. So telepathic communication from him could be the high tone awareness or a lower toned mockery of it.
    If the message that someone gets from their communication is very high toned, open and loving then I tend to accept it.
    If the message they receive is one that appoints them as the new Messiah then I tend to just acknowledge it and leave them to destimulate in their own time. If they try to enforce their “message” on others then I’ll put in ethics gradients.
    To suggest that all communication from LRH is invalid is a total invalidation of our beliefs as Scientologists.
    We have observed that some sociopaths have entered our groups who will seeek to denigrate us and the technology LRH gave us.
    If people are truly open to give and receive communication from LRH then that is a very great thing. I think we can freely and openly acknowledge such communications.
    I would expect such communications not to include any statements as to what we should believe.

  250. Thought Provoking


    Thank you for sharing this. I am glad that he had such a wonderful time that evening.

    Later, you mentioned editing his letters to remove bad news. Did you verbally relay the letters to him? And, if so are the original letters still intact and without edits?

  251. Theo Sismanides


    You always speak to say something meaningful. I have heard the song, never knew what it was all about. It takes a new meaning now.

    Thank you for being here. We are stronger than ever now!

    The theta coming out of this blog is immense!

  252. If it does turn out to be murder, remember there is no statute of limitations.

  253. That was so incredibly stated!! You got tears in my eyes!
    For anyone who wants to know LRH’s views on the 2nd Dynamic please read DMSMH again and his comments about abortion therein.
    LRH loved his family.
    It seems that fundamentally this is a 2 terminal universe and that beings survive optimumly when they have another thetan close to them whom they trust. I never saw LRH detract from that. But DM is a lone sociopath. He cannot survive alone but dares not trust another.
    What can he possibly do when the Independent Scientologists with real friendships and love take their stand?

  254. Davis told the Times that the policy that now prohibits having children evolved out of respect for families and deference to children.

    Maybe all of society should take a cue and stop having children and follow DM’s model of a more ethical existence as practiced by the Sea Org:

    1. Get sterilized so you can work 18 hour days.
    2. More Gov’t savings by eliminating the 2D.
    3. Keep husband and wife apart to save the planet.
    4. Cut family ties when the Gov’t can’t expose your crimes within 72 hours after quitting.
    5. Elect Tommy Davis to set Gov’t “Respect” standards.

    What a wonderful world we’d have, eh?

  255. “He used Creation to Destroy.”


  256. I was told recently by a recent xSO that he got in trouble because it came up on his sec check that he had thoughts of wanting to be a father.

  257. Max,
    It is refreshing that some saner people have entered the Independepent Scientology scene who don’t buy Bill Robertson’s delusions.
    As I said in an earlier posting Bill had a vested interest in convincing people that LRH died earlier otherwise they wouldn’t have believed his BS about LRH being on the mothership and sending him telepathic approvals for his nutcase “OT levels”.

  258. LMAO THAT I could have! SSSSSSZZZZZZ

  259. Legal disputes over money … yeah.

    Here we see DM getting awful comfy breaking up LRH’s family and he’s never stopped since. He certainly feels he has the god-given right to adjudicate on the 2D of the SO, when LRH never issued “No-Children” policies. Its his own designed suppression & perversion to save a few measly bucks.

  260. Wow – had no idea as the edition I have is the leatherbound one from the early 90’s.

    I don’t think DM can say it was an editing, or transcriptional error, in proper sequence or easier read. That is pretty blatant, how many drinkers have a question on that?

  261. Being practical I am trying to get my head around the problem of disseminating the truth to the rank and file Scientologists.If they can be enlightened to confronting evil and reading Marty’s blogsite and Jeff’s, a big hunk of the battle will be won as they will no longer support with $ the out exchange and altered tech.

    The first thing DM did was put out a third party campaign against Marty and associates. Those rank and file folks are operating with third party and won’t look because they believe the lies.

    Does anyone agree with me as to the problem or is this a no issue? It would seem if we had a solution to this we would be able to reach a lot of folks with the networks each indi has. If you want to keep this discussion fabian my email is

  262. Theo,

    There is a space recently created for such discussions. It can be found at this link:

  263. Jackson,

    I love “Ramblin Man”. “Beulah Booth” for those who wonder was a Guard booth at a bend in an internal base road right near the Horwich house, where Jon and Roanne lived.

    Beulah was the name of Suzette’s dog and she used to hang around at that location as Suzette had a little cottage in that area and thus the name of the booth (as a security code). The booth was taken out some time ago and doesn’t exist now. Suzette moved when the LRH Music Studio got built adjacent to her place & her place got converted to a restrooms for staff working at the studio, as I recall.

    The back internal road was where a US Post Office was located long before the property was purchased.

  264. For those of you who don’t know, you just got the story of LRH’s last meal with his wife and family from 3 people who were all there – JB, Sinar and Janis. It was very nice to get this kind of detail from such honest and reliable sources and friends to LRH.

  265. Ahhh yes, the ‘westerner’ likes to strike a hard blow, whereas the east plays the long game. Pull out Shogun again.

    An idea may take longer, but sure enough, the walls of the citadel will come down. That’s in the PDCs Marty quoted just the other day.

  266. Jackson,

    I think you’re talking about Tyson on your second line. His baby sitter used to bring him around to the dining room at MCI and that’s where I first met him.

    In about May ’78, Diana and Jon who were working at Flag brought Roanne to meet LRH & MSH in La Quinta. I remember making barley formula for her at the time and having to feed additional family. LRH customarily had dinner with Archie and $uzette daily and they had their own menus & likes/dislikes.

    Roanne came with Jon H when Jon became posted at the Int base as Snr RAV (LRH Audio Visual) in about ’82 and brought Phyllis who was her nanny with them. Correct me if I’m mistaken.

  267. martyrathbun09

    Correct, except to assume Mary Sue did not know for whom Neville was working. I know for a fact she sent DM a number of red herrings through Neville. She was more crafty than some folks gave her credit for.

  268. Max,
    I mentioned earlier, LRH was gone in 1954 (some imbecile revealed it was 53) and since that time it was Laroquette Ronald Hubbard, a doppleganger, that took Lafayette’s place. You will notice, the last time any signature that used Lafayette was in 54 (53). Since that point it has always been L. Ron Hubbard. That is: Laroquette.

    Unbelievable yes. True…well, NO. But that’s a whole other story.


  269. Jim Logan, your analysis of DM attacking the 2nd Dynamic was an eye opener.

    One “itchy” question I have is this: Do you really think DM is this bright or has another SP thetan taken over this body?

    How in hell can a high school drop out in his early 20’s have this high level of skill to take out LRH?

    Will someone please answer this question before I get SUDDEN.

  270. martyrathbun09

    stayed tuned.

  271. Max,

    Those assumptions simply aren’t true – how did they come about?

    My buddy Sarge was with him till the last at Creston (83-86) and probably post a story about those days. That is hard fact!

  272. I’m listening alertly and love your comm!

  273. Gut-wrenching. 😦

    Not sure what else to say. Put Enigma’s “A Posteriori” album on and lost myself for a while…

  274. Read Science of Survival.

  275. So true. Wow.

  276. (my swampland internet makes it hard to watch streaming videos sometimes so the lyrics meanwhile)
    “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next”

    The future teaches you to be alone
    The present to be afraid and cold
    So if I can shoot rabbits
    Then I can shoot fascists

    Bullets for your brain today
    But we’ll forget it all again
    Monuments put from pen to paper
    Turns me into a gutless wonder

    And if you tolerate this
    Then your children will be next
    And if you tolerate this
    Then your children will be next
    Will be next
    Will be next
    Will be next

    Gravity keeps my head down
    Or is it maybe shame
    At being so young and being so vain

    Holes in your head today
    But I’m a pacifist
    I’ve walked La Ramblas
    But not with real intent

    And if you tolerate this
    Then your children will be next
    And if you tolerate this
    Then your children will be next
    Will be next
    Will be next
    Will be next
    Will be next

    And on the street tonight an old man plays
    With newspaper cuttings of his glory days

    And if you tolerate this
    Then your children will be next
    And if you tolerate this
    Then your children will be next
    Will be next
    Will be next
    Will be next

  277. I always like to know my communications arrive, so thanks for the acknowledgment …

    …but I disagree with your comment about your gift of words. Gauging by your power to communicate truth, convey the beacon of actuality to various publics amidst maelstroms of confusions (often intentionally fabricated by the Co$), you are making mighty theta! Your writing sifts through, perceives, organizes and presents invaluable actualities –with it, you inspire courage (the heart!) and the embracing of factual observation; your writing has many thousands (millions) addicted to the theta line and honest comms of this blog. Write on, Marty!!!!!

  278. Hey, would someone go by MSH house in L. A. and check it out if you are in the neighborhood? Ring the bell, take a photo, see you is living there now?

    2345 Chislehurst Dr. LA, CA 90027

  279. The first thing DM did was put out a third party campaign against Marty and associates.

    DM sidetracks hard facts by focusing on personalities, no different than his “Look at Me” PR website. Even his Mouthpiece Davis does little else but peddle twisted lies.

    If they can be enlightened to confronting evil and reading Marty’s blogsite and Jeff’s, a big hunk of the battle will be won as they will no longer support with $ the out exchange and altered tech.

    Snail-mail newsletters

  280. becomingAware

    Follow the money. Not the pretty and empty buildings, not the Luxemburg bank accounts but to the persons he is paying.
    Easy for me to say as I do not know how one would go about this but it would lead to the Sherman tanks.
    Of course I could be all wet . . .

  281. Thank you Marty for writing about this! You have opened the door to clearing up many questions that I have had about these events.

    LRH in all his tapes, lectures, books, etc spoke so fondly of Mary Sue and his children. To hear how the comm lines were completely cut like this is heart breaking. Also thank you to JB, Sarge, Sinar and Janis for your insight as well.

  282. I was looking back at the letters LRH sent me back in the seventies recently.

    I didn’t know whether to believe he really answered them or not. I still don’t know.

    I’m going to go back through them, I was such a kid then. I had to laugh when the first one I picked up said; I am glad you enjoyed RJ67… we have a very bright future indeed!

    That wasn’t the funny part, the funny part was “I don’t know Bill or Betty, but I am sure you will handle the situation with them just fine.”

    Had I been whining to LRH? I think so! Haha.

    Re-readin Ass-guards comment it may have been rude, I didn’t see it that way the first time through.

  283. Pingback: Top Posts —

  284. If I got this straight OT you recognized DM as an SP in 84, but stayed in until 1990(a full 20 yrs ago). So don’t go pointing any fingers around here, because as MR pointed out… what the Hell have you done about it?
    Of course now that you’re here your help is appreciated but making others wrong is typically handled well before OT VIII !

  285. Sam, Too funny! And my daughter got a big laff as well -thanks!

  286. “What can he possibly do when the Independent Scientologists with real friendships and love take their stand?”

    Only love can conquer hate.

    This will make the Independents an unbreakable force in itself. This is why we have to be there for one another and support each other. Trust and friendship is a handicap in the Sea org. It has led to much heartbreak and in the current culture, is a handicap. Your spouse and children can be taken from you, you can be ordered not to talk with someone you care about, so why care at all?

    Real trust and real friendships mean the opposite to us. Not that I mean to suggest to trust anyone out here, we have all had the rugs pulled out from under our feet. But for every one person running behind your back trying to unmock you, there are fifty more pushing you up and standing by your side. That gives us an enormous advantage, say against a culture where anyone is willing to cut you down on order whim or just out of urges toward sadism.

    You have honed in on our greatest strength Ralph, civility. Caring about the guy in front of you. Mercy. Pushing one another up. We are all important to one another. And our intentions are up into desire on the CDEI scale. Not down into the enforcment band.

    This is the time when action counts, and more important, this is the time when every person counts.

  287. HJust quoting someone else’s post and making an observation.

  288. Thanks for that Jim…
    and for your patience. 🙂

  289. Superb post Ralph. Really. Superb.

  290. It’s called eugenics and I imagine it is still very much on the agenda in and out of the church.

    That Davis statement is so incriminating, it’s a little like me saying I wouldn’t want children because I care about them and woudln’t want to subject them to the horrible fate of being around me.

  291. Ralph,
    “What can he possibly do when the Independent Scientologists with real friendships and love take their stand?”

    Not a Goddamn thing.

  292. I’ve been saving my surveys and return envelopes from the church.

    I’m waiting to pounce as soon as I can find the jewel of information that rings true, even through the nerve gas cloud of lies.

  293. Love the Fudd!

  294. Jack A,
    Do stay tuned for Marty’s relentless truths. Man, is it nice to see this guy on his game or what!!!

    Other than that, and conceding that this is far from the truth that will hopefully eventually be told by DM himself one day, to his auditor, I’ll remark on my ideas on this question.

    ‘High school dropout in his early 20’s’ is WAY to ‘Western earth’ a view. This isn’t some minor game we’re playing here in Scientology. This is THE SHIT dude. So, all sorts of guys are diggin’ in and pulling up all sorts of abilities. Amazing things are accomplished daily by such beings. That some are playing the ‘black’ side of the cards, well, that’s just a fact. All angels, that’s us, have TWO faces.

    Somebody posted a quote on Granting Beingness the other day. That’s the idea. Where does evil originate? From the same source as good. What the hell for?

    The Game.

    DM, when this is all said and done, has every potential natively to be just as good as he is bad.

    Who knows that the actual being, when freed from this case he’s inflicting on the rest of us, won’t be the most able statesman to ever walk this or any planet. Or the best plumber, or the inventer of ice cream that doesn’t melt and lasts for an hour – one scoop!

    Give it to the guy, admiration that is, that he managed what he did. It ain’t right, and that’s what we’re all about. Deep, maybe very, very, very deep, so is he. We’ll see soon enough.

    Right now. This ‘DM’ shit is done. Thanks, good drill. NEXT!

  295. Fantastic Video J Swift and so damned true!
    Johnny Cash is like a lot of us here it seems. He just got better with age!

    What a collection of artists in the video! Even Iggy Pop!

  296. Jack, He wasn’t just a HS dropout. He did study Scn tech and I daresay he has a high IQ. Study the info on Potential Value in DMSMH, just a couple of paragraphs. There is an equation that I think will explain his mutual cleverness and insanity.

  297. Hear hear Veritas, I’m with both you , and Marty.

    Art. Comm first, technique only to the end of better comm. You are both artists.

  298. Watching Eyes

    The dwarf can get his GED in prison. Just think, then when he gets out of the pokey he can get a job at Burger King.

  299. Haydn,
    I’ve been crying off an on since the Laura D video with all that has come up and run out in the last couple of days. Lots of tears of joy too. Maybe all of them.

    So, I can’t respond to your post. I can express my deepest respect and joy at knowing you, and will, in a couple of weeks it looks like 🙂

  300. Sarge,
    And the Fudd is mutually feeling in return.

  301. Concerned Citizen

    The names have been removed, not just the families, but many close friends etc. From lectures and even FOs

  302. Another Layer

    Jim Logan,

    Brilliant, inspiring post. Thank you.

  303. Out of almost 280,000 new posts from close to 300,000 WordPress bloggers this post is in the top 100 ! (#82)


    I’d say someone’s tuning in!


  304. Mike Hobson


    You said:

    “LRH really got tripped up trusting this psycho [McSavage].”

    Not exactly.

    He got tripped up trusting Pat Broeker, who had been compromised by said psycho.

    Michael A. Hobson

  305. MSH was initially assigned to a rather harsh prison. I believe it was Heber who worked tirelessly with Willy B. Wilson (who Heber knew from early CC days) to use his high government comm lines to have her moved to a better prison. She was able to receive auditing there.

    Certainly no paradise but everything was done to ease her time.

    I might be wrong about Heber’s role but I knew Willy B. and he was very active on this.

    Just wanted to concur obliquely that LRH was very much concerned for MSH.


  306. Holy moly, Jim when did you become a Buddhist?

    🙂 🙂

    Love this post!

    Hugs to you!


  307. I remember walking into Mike Rinder’s office in LA when he was the CO OSA and seeing a photo of his wife and kids on his desk. I literally had the thought, “Hey, why can HE have photos of family and WE can’t”. I even pointed it out to the person I was with, who said “Mike has to have it there as he’s on public lines and it would be out-PR if he didn’t have it.” This was literally the idea at the time. Family is nothing – just a prop when needed to “keep in PR”. Cathy was even invited to attend some PR function with Mike. She had to get a dress for it and told me she hated these functions, but had to go so it didn’t seem like he didn’t have a wife. Note: Mike was in LA for years while Cathy was at the Int base, so these functions seemed to be some of the only times they spent any time together. Mike can correct me if I’m wrong, but this is what I recall.

  308. Gawd that makes me SICK!
    I haven’t seen any new materials since ’99 so wouldn’t have a clue.

  309. Cured Robot

    In our culture when a man/woman dies, the final tribute/funeral/memorial is well planned out for 1-2 weeks in advance, family,friends and artists are lined up to speak/sing at this occasion and is considered a great honor and privilege to pay tribute to their memory. This is normal however when you are talking about a GREAT MAN man/woman, it is even more prevalent and great care is taken to honor this person, note Princess Diana’s funeral and other well known people, celebs or not. Although there was an event announcing mandatory attendance (at a moment’s notice) to us on post in the SO, we were’t even told what it was about, just that it was a mandatory VERY IMPORTANT briefing and were ordered to shut down whatever we were doing on post and to get on buses to go – a complete mystery as to the urgency (it was only SO members who attended as only we could be ordered up at a moment’s notice like that). No wife and children spoke, just some little midget and co, who none of us knew. We were told afterwards, if you feel need a session, let us know…how fricking cold is that!!??$(*(&* A HUGE OMITTED – thanks midget, he didn’t even honor LRH at the most important time of all.

  310. Agreed!

  311. I feel the same way Jimbo, totally understand. I thought I was through this in 98, then I absolutely thought I was in 2009 but am re-experiencing it on the 3rd and 4th Dynamics and it’s a very good thing!!!

  312. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    That really makes one wonder just how contrived the whole situation really was.

  313. Jim Logan, nicely written and so much truth.

  314. Talk about revitalizing my desire to help and love that used to be soooooooo strong and all-encompassing. I’ve regained so much theta since coming here and revitalized my purpose to audit.
    I’ve loved pretty much everyone I’ve encountered out in the non-LRH world, but really the world is an LRH-world, because no matter what I know each and every one out there has theta and 8 dynamics and my being there automatically makes me part of their dynamics and them part of mine. This was such a HUGE win on my LOC! OMG! I was ext for days walking around L.A. loving all those immigrants and street people and Scns alike. I actually affected them by my presence. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    Since ’99 I’ve been so “cut off” from LRH, protecting myself from the entheta that I now realize is exactly what Daveydoodoo wants! He thrives on that entheta keeping ME away, keeping me from creating. Theta begets theta~I know it now~I’m here.
    I can’t thank y’all enough for granting beingness to me and to all that is theta here.

  315. Perhaps it is an important aspect to confront. Last January I recorded my observations on this subject which the notorious “Webmaster” (Steve Hall) was kind enough to publish on The article was entitled, “Have we known him before?”

    I think one of the more positive steps anyone can take is to step three feet back of the fray just for a moment to observe the phenomena of this struggle.

    We as an OT group stand in opposition to an evil being… so devious he attacked LRH, Mary Sue and even LRH’s own family. He has derailed Scientology itself, right under our noses for three decades and turned it into something the world at large perceives as ghastly, offensive and repugnant as rotten meat.

    Of course the situation is not all black. On the other hand, to call this anything less than a “PTS situation that is serious and lasting” would be a massive understatement. DM has stolen Scientology itself, the very thing that identifies the characteristics of the suppressive person.

    There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of casualties who, in the wake of this one man’s sphere of influence have perished from disease, debt, Black Dianetics, betrayal, heart break, psychological warfare and suppression.

    I’m telling you, David Miscavige may be a punk, may be a coward, but about this man swirls a vortex of death.

    Who else has an influence so corrosive it literally turns people into mindless sheeple or industrial grade “DM bots” who will not and cannot be reasoned with?

    Not to elevate him, but simply to help people muster the correct estimation of effort to be effective:

    This is probably the most serious and lasting PTS condition any of us have ever faced this lifetime. And in every such circumstance, LRH said the victims have known the suppressive person before this life.

    Spotting that is key to lessening his power over each one of us and the group as a whole. No one need stand by in fear or paralysis. This is the time to ACT.

    This is not an ordinary PTS situation so I submit we are not dealing with an ordinary suppressive person.

    Many are stepping up to the plate to deal with him now. No doubt that many of us have stepped up to the plate in past ages. Perhaps in past wars. Perhaps in struggles that are recorded with variable degrees of accuracy in the Bible. Perhaps in events at the root of cultural legend.

    Having met him, I do know that in trying to assemble the jigsaw puzzle of David Miscavige, words like “demonic” and “biblical” and even “666” all strangely seem to fit.

    And also “ass clown.”

    I’m also sure we have everything we need to deal with him yet again.

    There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.


  316. Hi Jim;

    Thanks for the heads up. I read it. Quite revealing. Looks like LRH had a blind spot and DM moved in on it.

    A very great lesson learned.

  317. Rant alert: As I was being berated and degraded for my oh-so-horrrrrrorrrrrable overts (the ones I’d then gotten off in O/W writeups, FPRD, then sec checks on top) by supposed OTs~I couldn’t help but think and shoulda said….Hey, I’m a product of YOUR tech now! (not LRH’s)
    I’d gotten the charge off, worked on conditions to handle the situation completely and totally and was NOT caved in…but they wanted me caved in. Why? I was the highest trained auditor in a huge area down here. I sold whole Grade Chart packages. Delivered them. Got people up the Bridge the way I was trained to, like LRH said.
    They barely even tried to recover me. Telling.

  318. The letters from her were retyped so he could easily read them. Her original letters were always included with the edit incase he decided to read the whole thing.
    His letters to her were verbally dictated to us while we typed them – we were not allowed to retype them, and had to correct typos as we went and still keep up with his dictation! So her letters had typos and all.

  319. I can feel it Marty. That one is correct. I just looked at DM as a thetan and it’s my opinion that theres really something to Archers statement.

  320. Oh, and in case you’re wondering yourself, Oh My Gawd, what the hell’d she do?!
    Believe me, nothing near worth losing a Grad V auditor over…not even close.

  321. Hi John. I think Tom is probably a really great guy, in his own valence. Unfortunately, he’s been molded into “the Ideal Scientologist” by DM. He’s like a Frankenstien monster unleashed on the world, and the world didnt like it.

  322. Freedom Fighter

    Good point, CR. Very good point.

  323. Hello Mother Nature. Big Title you got there.
    Since I am talking to the namesake herself, I’d just refer you back to judging the tree by it’s fruit.

    I think you know the answer.

    You know that old saying, they never should have given the NDN’s synthesizers… or Scientology;)

    Consider doublespeak.

  324. Cured Robot

    No offense about the Princess Diana comparison as she in no way contributed to the foreward advance of mans spirituality as LRH did but just saying….he deserved much much more.

  325. Sort of like “Raul” McCartney

  326. Correction: The public were invited to attend or rather told it was mandatory.

    Many in the field speculated that it was the release of OT VIII. Public were called at 2AM …

    My ex and I suspected that LRH had died – because NEVER before that we were aware of, were Orgs closing.

    Then when we heard the music — obviously a requiem we knew. My ex — a rather man’s man type — started to cry.

    It was horrible. Afterwards, I asked him what he thought and he said something was really wrong. He didn’t like Broeker at all.

    And here’s a secret. We took off that weekend for San Luis Obispo. It was mentioned during the Pallidium service by someone. My ex was determined to find where LRH spent his last days and pay his respects.

    After a bit of good detective work (at no cost to anyone) – we found that he actually had lived in Creston. We headed there. AND thanks to running into a local, asked about LRH’s ranch.

    He was all smiles and said — just up the road, turn left where the big sign is (for some camp) – you can miss it — it’s the place with all the improvements.

    So – up the road we drove — while I was freaking out that we’d get in a LOT of trouble (which others did later but we kept it a secret – until today! – actually, I think I told Diana) — my ex relaxed a bit … was happy to see that LRH’s last years were spent on a lovely piece of property, with beautiful fencing, horses.

    We drove back home.


  327. CORRECTION — you CAN’T miss it (LRH’s ranch)

  328. You’re speaking my language Jim

  329. This part of the case is undeniable. Look at the results. The end results are undeniable. LRH’s family, if the correct management had taken over would still very much be part of it or atleast held in respect.

    That LRH’s own family and so many able theta SO members have been removed and often destroyed by COB is some really damning evidence. It’s undeniable.

  330. Absolutely correct. He loved his children. Even that irritating Nibs – (L.Ron Hubbard Jr) who would correct his father during lectures — you could hear him but LRH would NEVER slap him down – ever. He would say something kind and just continue.

    And believe me Nibs were completely obnoxious. Later proved even more so.


  331. Siwwy Siwwy Wabbit!

  332. Thought Provoking


    Thank you for answering my question about MSH’s letters. I am glad to hear how well it was handled.

    I realized the thing that has been most helpful in today’s blogs has been that communication from people who worked with Ron intimately sharing his pleasure moments and also those of the family. It helped me reinforce the idea that LRH is a thetan and despite the huge amounts of suppression he had on his lines he still took moments to share love and affection with his family.

    Thank you Janis and everyone else who shared their little piece of LRH history today. It has made me feel better and certainly more determined to push through with handling DM and making Scientology freely available to anyone who wants it. For the first time since I started reading the blogs I moved up from a hope to a real certainty that this will be done.

  333. Teeny Pol Pot? I just had another cog — if you have kids you probably know Spongebob. DM is like Plankton!

  334. Hey Marty – well this is just another plug for getting that book done. I was at the Int Base for most of all the time track listed here and yet you have so much more data/facts about each of the events and thus are able to stand 3′ back and nail the exact contemplated and deliberate timing of his acts ie. the no-children issue and the canceling of family time.

  335. Quicksilver

    Let’s lynch that imbecile

    Who said ’53?? We must alter it to ’54 so it persists

    And what’s wrong with John Laroquette?? 🙂

  336. Doc "Smith"

    Marty, this is an amazing post, and follow up comments. Lots of truth coming out. Bon and I have been reeling for the last few days. This whole evolution of entering Scn, becoming enturbulated, withdrawing with new data is right out of SOS. We are all learning, not just LRH’s research on life, but our own reality on any of it we experienced. We will now have the datat not only on how to spot SPs even major ones like DM, but how to handle such.

    Thanks for your work and for running this process for us.


  337. And just to make sure there is no misunderstanding, the reality is DM is a sniveling little clinker exactly how LRH describes an SP: fighting long dead enemies, trying to survive by keeping others down, wrong targeting everything, unable to learn from his mistakes, and who is decidedly mortal and in some respects even frail. Did you know Hitler was a hypochondriac, a narcotic junkie? He had constant problems with gas, constipation, and diarrhea. He had Parkinson’s disease (his left had trembled). His private doctor injected him daily with methamphetamine, cocaine, and other heavy narcotics. Miscavige will not take a piss if anyone else is in the men’s room. I know because in the mid ’90s at the Int base, Shelley Miscavige came into the men’s room when I happened to be in there and ordered me out. I came out and DM went in. Shelley stood guard at the door with hand’s folded across her chest. Weird? Yeah.

    So, evil? Yes. Devious? Yes. Known him before? Yes. A PTS item to the human race? Highly likely. But powerful? No. LRH says The only “power” an SP has is the power to enturbulate. And yes, confronted by someone who knows the tech, he will shatter and is already doing so — in all directions.

    SPs do not turn into fire-breathing creatures with big heads and pointy ears. That’s all facade.

    If you sweep aside the curtain, there you will see the real DM — sitting on his junior-sized toilet passing gas unable to poop, while Lou stands guard so no one can smell the stink.

  338. In a word, DM is vulnerable. Our weapons to him are lethal. Among them: truth, confront and understanding.

  339. Archer, I just read your article. I’ve had thoughts along those same lines for several months. We have definitely known him before.

  340. Mike Lemeron

    Archer, your writings ring home to me as a pure truth.

  341. Mark Fisher

    I was thinking tonight after reading this and making my last post what a great story this is from people like JB, Sinar and Janis.

    The book I would like to read is one of stories about LRH written by the people who were closest to him. His Messengers and Personal Staff.

    I’ve been after Janis for some time to write her stories. I always am entertained to learn something new about what it was like to be around LRH.

    There are plenty of former Messengers and personal staff out here who could tell some very heart warming stories about the man we all dedicated our lives to.

    I think it would be a big big best seller.

    (Of course can’t wait for Marty’s book too!)

  342. I recall the call-in patter well.
    It was “All I can tell you is this: Scientologists have a right to be the first to know.” Pretty hard sell, and very convincing. It got a spectacular tunr-out on such short notice. Thank goodness, at least for that much.
    But (they) really botched it in Europe and ANZO – who heard it over the radio the next day.

  343. Someday it might even beat touchdown Jesus.

    I was encouraged to see this was number one;

    The Taoist concept of “Wu Wei” involves knowing when to act and when not to act. It’s also the name […]

    Really, that is pretty good!

  344. Janis, I recall reading at one time all LRH’s letters to Mary Sue when he was in Algiers and Las Palmas researching OT III. He wrote her just about every single day, even when he was not feeling well. and she responded frequently. His affection for her shone through strongly. He often signed them “your Sugie,” which I took to mean “sugar.”

    Dave, Dave, Dave, do you have any idea what you’ve done?

  345. A lesser woman than me would say “DM can still suck my dick, regardless”… but of course I would never be so crass.

    Yeah, I know the big picture is out there somewhere, I’m just not looking at it right now.

    Glad you are though;)

  346. Pat,

    Can you tell us who Katie is?

  347. Nobody all that clever or big Beeber, but I’d love to get it comm!


    I’ll send an e-mail.

  348. becomingAware

    Okay! The Man told us about SP’s, gave us the courses and the data. It seems that I and others said OK, that happens sometime somewhere but NOT in the SO. We’re all here on purpose working for LRH. Well . . . Reality sucks and slaps one upside the head doesn’t it.
    Cram time and condition assignments to US.

    Now for the #$%& treasonious bastards in the SO that have edited LRH on the orders of an SP – What the hell were you doing? Apply the conditions. Yah find a book pre-DM and START.

  349. Theo, your country has been done wrong…can see why you wouldn’t trust the media or a whole bunch of other stuff.

    I love the Greeks, their culture, and of course their damn islands with white houses and blue doors, I’m enchanted with that;)

    It’s an offense that money has become such a via on our comm lines all round. And that the lesser qualified think they have any right to speak about your culture.

    But gee, I can’t help but feel thrilled that everyone seems to be seeing it now.

    One step closer to home.

    I think that hijacking the tech plan was going along just peachy… but just as it was really picking up speed on the runway, there
    seemed to be this equal and opposite reaction. One I am very relieved to see.

    Christianity still has some pretty good mileage left on it, but they will never be as dangerous as they were in the past.
    I’m thinking nothing will be. We’re moving forward through the thick of it.

    And Archer,well done . The as-is is almost palpable at this point, exciting times.

  350. Tara,

    What a beautiful post! 🙂

  351. Haydn,

    Yep, that’s the tech of fascism. That’s the tech indeed. Thanks for writing about it so that people can recognize it. It was the tech of fascism and totalitarianism in Hitler’s Germany, in Stalin’s Soviet Union, and today in N. Korea and Iran. And it’s the tech of fascism in the Sea Org under D.M. Only by knowing how it works can mankind become free of fascism from any of the above sources and from all who would be fascists in the future.

  352. Concerned Citizen

    I agree with this too. And would only add that l the 2 best weapons to deal with suppression are shining the light of truth on them, and flourishing and prospering.

    We need to do that, and more over, we need to clear people, get in session, read, understand and apply Scientology, permeate our immediate circles with success and survival.

    I think that though brilliant as he might have been, his overts have gotten him to an unsurpassed level of stupidly in the history of the Church. Just look at the Rebuttals in the last 2 articles.

    He has been painting himself into a corner and he knows that real OTs are dangerous, (Why he has tried his damnest to un-mock them) and he now fears real OTs who are able who get real Scientology into use. The more Scientology we apply, the more theta we free up, the tighter that corner gets for him, but not because we attack him or anything else, but because we flourish and prosper- Which drives him insane and he will take himself out.

    I really want to put emphasis on this, if we get into a “WAR” with him, we lose just by being distracted from the real task.

    So let’s not play his game, let’s play LRHs game ( making, auditors, Clears and OTs) and shine the truth his way.

    Marty is so brilliant in his approach, like someone else here said DM has finally met his match. And if you notice Marty is doing just that, making the data available for those who seek the answers, (Shining the truth on him) and auditing people – making clears and OTs and going up the bridge himself. (Flourishing and prospering)
    Another good example – there are many by the way- is Jim Logan, he is training, he is auditing, he is moving forward and each little step is a giant chunk off DMs steam. Should we need to defend, we will but the above has priority.
    I feel the best gift, the best justice for LRH is to play his game and win with it in spite of DM and his suppression.

  353. Jack, Please do not mix skill or smarts with greed and ambition. Hitler ran germany into the ground after he looked like a Genius for making it into a world power.

    dave saw the opportunity and took it. He saw the riches and position involved and let nothing get in his way. How do we know this? try questioning just a little bit how he got there and why he is paid so much and you are on the black list for life.


  354. I’ve done my own test on this one using a perfectly working E-Meter. Boy that read like hell!!! It most definitely is a Known Be4 Item. Find out for yourself.

  355. Concerned Citizen

    I have always considered that I have a personal comm line to LRH, through his works and this interesting phenomena that when I’m in a pickle, the right datum seems to find its way to me. Just open a page and the it is the right page, or find a quote on the wall, or in a magazine etc.

    I have sometimes directed a theta comm to the general concept of him and felt that huge ARC and presence. Once when I went extremely out ethics, I felt the disappointment, I just felt it. Funny enough, when I manned up and confronted my out ethics, I felt that ARC again, the same flow you get when someone smiles warmly.
    I personally believe “telepathy” is not really some esoteric thing, It is just an ability to perceive or be perceived, further I think everyone has this ability to one degree or another. Have you ever seen someone you were in good comm. With and knew just by seeing them that they were sad, or in pain, or overjoyed when others missed this? Is this not the same phenomena on a smaller scale?
    With LRH, I never have “received instructions” or “heard his voice” it is just a general sense of his presence and yes a duplication of his intention, it is all very conceptual and abstract,

    Whether this is really me and him communicating as or me and my own concept of him communicating is a very mute point to me.

  356. Theo Sismanides

    Go Jimbo! After the storm of 10 or more years there is the sunshine coming. The sun never sets in Scientology. Let’s keep it shining guys!

  357. Awesome, Jim. Just awesome.

  358. Concerned Citizen

    So true, all of it

  359. Theo Sismanides

    Thank you Old Cuff for letting us know about that time period.

    We would like to hear more on that. It would be interested.

    I am 100% sure LRH loved children and he treated them as thetans.

    No man on earth has developped such a tool for kids, the Study Tech. M7 alone can help children tremendously.

    So there we go. It’s good to know you have been an exec in the 70s. Just amazing to see how many people here, have had so much of experience about LRH. Please let us in on more stuff. thank you.

  360. Dear all,

    how can you still trust a single word what Miscavige has said? Since the big schism 1982 it is known that DM is lying, beating, cheating, breaking up 2D, nothing is holly for this guy.

    Maybe he hast not killed LRH, but maybe he just hushed up the fact LRH died and finally he needed somebody instead of? For example he never announced publicly that MSH died! This is disrespectful and irreverent.

    The coroner certificate – haha – have you been there? See what else all have been cheated by this gangster! To get a corner cert falsified was probably the easiest thing for him.

    I don’t have facts, I have also not been there. But that the family member has not been there says more then thousands books.

    Miscavige has cheated you, us, me, LRH and his family and a whole planet! Wake up! Stop protecting him! Get it investigated!

    Max Hauri (Ron’s Org Bern) (Stichting True Source Scientology)

  361. Concerned Citizen

    How about the fact that SOS is no longer dedicated to Diana Hubbard?

  362. Concerned Citizen

    Wind Horse

    Jim did not become a Buddhist, (Not that there is anything wrong with that) He simply is a true Scientologist who really gets this.

    I cognited recently that war, whether physical or “cold” is the trap, it is the game that has sunk mankind into disastrous lows. It is also known as a Goals Problem Mass. It is the upset that result from 2 opposites colliding.
    Joe B was happily building something constructive, he is attacked and he reacts to the attacker and “fires back.” Not only has he been sidetracked from whatever he was building, but he also has now to one degree or another, become the person that attacked him (Joe is doing what the attacker did – duplication) next thing you know Joe is what the attacker was…
    That is the trap, hate is the trap and Greatness, the ability to love in spite of all, is the immunization, auditing and training are the antidote, or Buddhism for those who follow that path of enlightenment.

  363. Concerned Citizen


    Take a look at these links

    By contrast, I bet you know at least one college graduate who cannot read – functionally illiterate. I can think of at least 10 off the top of my head.

  364. Ok, so why did Hubbard not do anything about this?
    Why was he tricked by an SP?

    Yes, DM is manipulative, but why if Hubbard was so advanced…unable to see this?

  365. This post and all comments here about Rons family are awfully valuable but MR and Axiom38: Please, this is not a place to tell OTVIII what state he has attained or not attained.

  366. WH, Thank you for this story. When the property was purchased it was a run down neglected ranch. All the improvements were
    LRH ordered. To him it was improving on
    an investment. He saw the potential and
    wanted a show place. Well, he got it.

  367. (oh boy – another long one)(but the poem is why I said that Jim had become a buddhist 🙂

    Jim Logan said about dm:
    “Who knows that the actual being, when freed from this case he’s inflicting on the rest of us, won’t be the most able statesman to ever walk this or any planet …”

    Thich Nhat Hanh (renowned Vietnamese Zen Monk – nominated for a Noble Prize by Martin Luther King in 1967) wrote a poem —

    I’ve copied a few stanzas –

    Call Me By My True Names –

    “I am the twelve-year-old girl, refugee on a small boat,
    who throws herself into the ocean after being raped by a sea pirate, and I am the pirate, my heart not yet capable of seeing and loving.

    I am a member of the politburo, with plenty of power in my hands, and I am the man who has to pay his “debt of blood” to, my people, dying slowly in a forced labor camp.

    My joy is like spring, so warm it makes flowers bloom in all walks of life. My pain is like a river of tears, so full it fills the four oceans.

    Please call me by my true names,
    so I can hear all my cries and laughs at once,
    so I can see that my joy and pain are one.

    Please call me by my true names, so I can wake up,
    and so the door of my heart can be left open,
    the door of compassion.” Thich Nhat Hanh

    WH — Jim’s second cousin
    (LRH said buddhism and scientology were 2nd cousins – once again — he’s right!! 🙂

  368. martyrathbun09

    Maria, I’ve addressed this in different ways before, will address it once more soon with my final answer.

  369. martyrathbun09

    Max, you know the moon landing never happened? It was all staged on a back lot at Warner Brothers.

  370. martyrathbun09

    Doc, thanks; I am really glad to hear your Theta-MEST theory paradigm. I have been operating along the same lines myself during the entire process over the past year and one half. I dive in and tackle, exteriorize and withdraw, learn my lesson and tinker with planning as necessary, and then it is back in with both boots on. You and Bon and I seem to be tracking here.

  371. Actually, I find nothing “brilliant” about restimulating whole track incidents in others and then leaving them stuck in it.

    It is the opposite of “intelligent” It is brutish, artless, degraded and evil. But then, some people “admired” Stalin…..

  372. Miss Bridgett

    Someone brought up the question ‘How did LRH not know DM was an SP’…I remember from a very good counseling session in Ethics about my own connection to an SP that was causing all sorts of difficulty in my life…The Ethic’s Officer is someone I am very fond of, and she handled me with such finesse that every single thing she showed me made complete sense and was VERY clear on this matter

    …I cannot properly quote the tech she had laid out right in front of me to read (alot was on the topic of LRH’s findings about ‘1.1’, covertly hostile individuals, and Anti-Social’s.) My understanding was that even LRH did not want to give up on ANYONE…including 1.1’s for a while, because he wanted to believe everyone could be helped on this planet…all they had to do was want to be helped…but there evidently came a time when he decided that those who are 1.1…or ‘anti-social’ cannot be saved, don’t really want to be…and one should not keep trying to help and keep hoping for them to ‘wake up’…let them go and get them out of your life!…

    He also hade it clear that these types are not always easy to spot…! An SP or Anti-Social can masquarade as a very charming and seemingly well intentioned person…so much so…that often you can only tell when you begin to add up the percentage of good v. bad that they cause in their lives…They are entirely capable of fooling experts, this is a known fact. They also like to get themselves in positions of power…and use these positions for their own gain.

    Perhaps there was not enough data on DM at the time of LRH’s ‘transition’ for ANYONE to know what he really was, or he ‘cloaked’ himself’ with such a faceade that no one could recognize him for who and what he IS…now it appears eveyone is beginning to add up his ‘good v. bad’ list and figure it all out…

    Seems like mutiny is brewing and DM may be forced to ‘walk the plank’ soon…right into a very stormy sea!

  373. Maria, I’ve wondered this also. Having personally witnessed how low tone this idiot was, it is a totally valid Q. Data Series applies…

  374. Max,
    Dude, I like ya and I’ve never met ya but I’m afraid this whole idea of LRH murdered and such just isn’t true. You have to be willing to let go of data when you gain new data. Read Scn Axiom 54 again.

    If this datum of LRH being murdered, suggested by Capt Bill, turns out NOT to be a factual datum that very well may disturb more data. It may disturb the choccy-moco-latte stuff all to hell in fact. Tolerate the confusion and keep looking and you will with good confront get closer to as-ising the area.

    You’ll be better off in the long run. I knew Bill, I also knew he turned left one day, and just kept on driving and it was a ‘left’ turn, i.e. ‘gauche’, not ‘right’.

  375. “Man is good.
    Take away his basic aberrations and with them go the evil of which the scholastic and the Moralists were so fond. The only detachable portion of him is the ‘evil’ portion. And when it is detached, his personality and his vigor intensify. And he is glad to see the ‘evil’ portion go because it was physical pain.”

  376. WH,
    I like your hugs 🙂

    Answering your question – ummm, (not as in ‘om’), just after Siddhartha. Before Christ.

    Then, well then came LRH. It took one observation of a ‘facsimile’ at his indication and all of what preceded made sense. It was clear.

    I’ve been scrambling to catch up to him ever since. Boy, that guy moves fast!!

  377. Marty

    Why Miscavage went to Las vegas??? who approved his CSW? to take vacations?.

    If LRH did not want any treatment how come he had the drug Vistaril in his body?? , who gave him the drug if his doctor was in las vegas???

  378. martyrathbun09

    Miss Bridgette, Very sage observation. I am going expand on that theme soon when I get some breathing space.

  379. Maria Abian

    Thank you.

    I have not seen the earlier replies to this question. I await more info when you provide it.

  380. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Done and in maintain. Been boycotting Tom Cruise movies for 23 years and getting others to do the same.

  381. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Sinar, yes… you are correct. It was TYSON whom I would visit regulary at the Lodges. Gosh the memories the get sturred up around this place… I LOVE IT. Recalling Beulah also reminds me of other great base dog’s Babe – Janis and Pauls, Bo – Roanne’s, Wiskey – Matt and Mary’s, Max – BD’s, …. Anyway budd.. thanks for the correction and more importantly, thanks for the great contribution to the great stories we are now sharing! — Jackson

  382. WH, I agree!

  383. WH,
    My cousin, I understood your post. I replied too. But with these stanzas…well, that is just too nice a hug not to return. Huuuuuuggggg!

    I know the poem’s author would allow what follows.

    I went to a specialist doctor some years back for the ‘man’ exam (youch). He was telling me about doctor stuff and care of the body and blah, blah.

    Hey, I was there and that was ‘care of the body’ enough right. OK, so I says to this fella, ‘I like this body, it’s been pretty handy so far, but, if it goes then I’ll just have to get another as I’ve stuff to do yet’.

    He became very alert and for the first time in our conversation looked at me directly, in present time.

    He said ‘You believe in past lives?’

    I replied ‘Yes, of course, but more to the point, I know there are future lives’. He smiled as broadly as I’ve ever seen.

    Shortly thereafter he stuck his finger in my arse.

  384. Theo Sismanides


    I am so happy that I visit this site and see comments from people like you. Comments that remind me of LRH, the free spirit that he was.

    We are all in this now. A new free path, on our own as Marty said, but with a lot of Theta Endowment.

    Thanks again for this tip of Fascism. It is so good to be aware and keep one’s freedom, a commodity so scarce today. I am glad we speak the same language here and a scientific language it is. It’s called Scientology.

  385. WH,
    I should have added, still smiling too!

  386. On the post I made on ‘create-destroy’ and the 2D it must be understood I meant the entire 2D as creation.

    For those of you in CMU for instance, your creativity was as much a target. Why do you think he rejected and berated it so much? He did the same thing to the musicians, notably Peter Schless. The contagion spread. I participated to the point of invalidating Tamia Arbuckle and his creation.

    It is the entire 2D, embracive of its meaning, that is the target. Any creation.

  387. cst is irs related and dm is most certainly the “bitch” This is a true A=A=A dm=perverted tech=slaves

  388. Max,
    We have at least two personal eye-witnesses to LRH’s final living years at the Creston ranch until Jan 1986, right here on this blog — Steve “Sarge” Pfauth and John “JB” Brousseau. Sarge even signed as a witness to LRH’s last will on January 23, 1986.

    Also, we have the former husband of Annie Tidman — Jim Logan — on this blog. Annie is very well-known to have been right there with LRH for several years until his (body’s) final days in January 1986 at the Creston Ranch.

    As Jim just wrote a couple days ago: “I can’t speak for LRH and his personal decision to bring that life to a close. I was told by one who was there, Annie Tidman, that it was a self-determined decision, fully aware and very much ‘compos mentis’. ”

    These are firsthand, eye-witness accounts to LRH’s final years from multiple individuals — I’m afraid anything of the “telepathic” variety to counter these simply does not hold a candle to them.

  389. WH,
    If I had been in the LA area at the time, I would have done exactly the same thing. In fact, if I had not been on staff at the time on the east coast, I likely would have taken off for a week or two to do exactly that. Kudos to you and your 2D for the adventurous spirit!

  390. I was on staff at a Class V org, and we were told we could tell Scientologists over the phone … which we did. It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad we got the news to them before they learned about it on the airwaves and newspapers. (Though the Challenger disaster the same or prior day, pretty much took over the headlines anyway.)

  391. EXACTLY, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Sculptures

    Or an Executive with a good bussinessplan

  392. Ouch!

  393. Greed , Ambition and Selfisness.

    And a rather sharp and fastworking brain, mind of a shark.

  394. Mike Hobson

    The Tech applies to Ron Hubbard as much as to any of the rest of us. For whatever reasons, he was himself under very heavy suppression from various government entities who factually were “out to get him”. I will not debate to what extent he may or may not have caused a great deal of this suppression himself.

    The point is that under suppression, people’s awareness becomes depressed – they make mistakes and have accidents (see HCOB “Mistakes, Anatomy of”).

    With his attention stuck on the dragon outside, trying to eat him up. He overlooked the poisonous snake in his own house.

    What happened to Ron Hubbard is only a mystery, if you make the mistake of thinking he wasn’t human, too – and that the Tech didn’t apply to him as well.

    Michael A. Hobson

  395. to add to all those comments:

    the Book
    Talk about getting rid of the Tech to create our future.

  396. I think he always had been ready to seize oppurtunity even when he did not know it yet himself.

  397. Anonymous used it too for that purpose

  398. Dear Jim

    I didn’t really want to say Miscavige has murdered LRH, but I have to say DM is really heavily criminal. But if any investigation would reveal such a fact, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    But let me point out, there are outpoints about the death of LRH, and we can extrapolate quite something but not the full truth. Read the Jesse Prince tapes

    As I mentioned before I don’t know what happened really, but give me one person I can give my trust and who is confirming that he has seen LRH 1986 alive, and I will shut up.

    Much love Max

    Dear Marty

    What about the moon landing here in this conversation? Why do you bring that up?

    Much love Max

  399. “To be happy, one only must be able to confront, which is to say, experience, those things that are. Unhappiness is only this: the inability to confront that which is.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  400. martyrathbun09

    Max, only because I know you are out there with your shoulder to the wheel – and for long doing it alone – do I allow this comment with its link. THere is so much bullshit out there, and FACTnet is one of the best places to find bullshit. Jesse, bless his soul – I love him personally, said a lot of stuff when he was making the circuit in the 90’s that was just embellished beyond belief. I am cutting out future links to pages (such as IRSology, Facnet, etc) that I know to be about as reliable as a C of M website from hereon out. I am not censoring. I am just not going to assist in the spreading false data.

  401. Back in the day when Slappy was still King

  402. Max maybe as an Anon I should applaud the confusion you bring.

  403. He has a mobster mind

  404. This breaks my heart the way MarySue and family were treated. I had no idea.

  405. NOTSaware thank you for this. I am laughing!

  406. At some point, I really hope we get an honest, balanced, well-documented DA pack (or whatever you want to call it) put together about all of this.

    My hopes for anything thorough and balanced from the LRH biographer nose-dived months ago.

  407. Max wrote:

    “how can you still trust a single word what Miscavige has said? Since the big schism 1982 it is known that DM is lying, beating, cheating, breaking up 2D, nothing is holly for this guy.”

    If you are addressing the blog membership, I doubt you will find anyone here but a couple of OSABots who believe anything McSavage says or has said.

    Michael A. Hobson

  408. Marty,

    maybe I am fully wrong with what I wrote and think. It is a bullpen data. Yes, it is true, I, we, had to dream up some stable data in that confusion. But please tell me the truth what really happened.

    In the article above you wrote yourself that “… none of LRH’s family – including Suzette – were invited to attend his final days by Pat Broeker and David Miscavige. Nor were any of them invited to his funeral and the spreading of his ashes days later.” How to explain that? Was it too punish LRH’s family only or could they have asked critical questions or find out anything which would have brought some light into the dark?

    What do you know? Have you been there?

    See, we know since decades that something goes terribly wrong in the church, we have been attacked and intimidated by every chance. In our org we had in 1-2 month a OSAbot who tried to come to our lines, many of the Free Zoners quit because they couldn’t stand the pressure of legal attack anymore. You get now attacked as well and you know what it means, but when we started 1984 we had no internet we could get infos from, we could organize us, we had not such easy comm lines as you have today, and the church was much stronger in regard of money and manpower.

    So we know and knew the church cannot be trusted in any kind whatever what they PRed about LRH and his death. We had to assume the worst. And this vacuum is still not really filled, and I doubt today it ever will be filled with the correct data.

    The last real facts we have are that LRH has been seen 1980 – of course by someone who can be trusted.

    “Facts” like “you felt when the old man has written it” or “I got a personal telex by him” do not count.

    And to be honest I am not very liable to believe stories like “LRH was happily writing Science fictions and developing tech, happily separated from his wife and children.”

    And if you depend on second hand knowledge then just say so. It does not lower my respect to you. I am afraid anyway that those having first hand data are gone or shut up like a partisans.


  409. MotherNature

    Thank you Victoria, very revealing comment. There was no judgement intented, just an observation and a question.

    Perhaps NDN’s would be better off if they DID have Scientology…properly applied. Would do them a world of good…at least better than what they have. N’est pas?…

    Yes, I can answer my own question. It was a rhetorical question. I know better, and should have been more straight forward and clear.

    Double-speak is full of innuendos, and a good place to hide negative intentions, too much room for misunderstoods. Not my intention at all.

  410. Mother nature, I was unclear too.

    I didn’t mean you were doublespeaking, I just meant that DM fruit is rotten and yes, when they say the do anything out of reverence to the family it means the opposite.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding!

  411. MotherNature

    Victoria! You have nothing to apologize for! But thank you so much for clarifying. I know exactly what you mean! My fault as it was my original post that was unclear. I was a lttle concerned with posting here, but see I am among friends. I guess I did not come through clearly b/c I was afraid of OSAbots here and didn’t want to be recognized, but I always give myself away anyway…HA…I probably should just stand out in the clearing and smile as big as I can. Would be just as effective. 🙂

  412. Good, glad you saw my second post. It’s hard to keep up with all the comments:)

    I’ve been out so long, am so tucked away, and not important enough (I hope) to bother with by the bots;)

    I do remember that paranoia though, it’s a terrible suppressed feeling to fall from grace of someone you knew was your enemy all along.

  413. God I love it when I talk like this 😉

  414. Everything you point out here, Marty is covered in the points of “The Golden Balls” that were deleted, by someone who knowingly didnt want it known that the leader would be cut off, off in a desert, etc. LRH wrote that in 1950. Besides myself, whoever edited it knows what LRH truly said.

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