An Open Letter to Office of Special Affairs (OSA)


This letter is directed to OSA executives and staff – at Int, Cont and DSA levels –  for a number of reasons.

You all are most familiar with Il Dulce’s penchant for stage managing himself into stardom on the backs of others’ efforts.

You all are more in tune with the outside world and what is really going on than anyone else in the management structure of the church. With that privilege comes responsibility.

You all have to work for a living while the other members of management do nothing but Reg, stat push, or wither in confinement.  Il Dulce has confined leaders of your network –  Heber and Kurt Weiland  – and would do the same to you in a heartbeat if his future cushy survival did not depend on your network. You know the pattern: when life is hot for the little dictator, he puts on the charm with those upon whom his survival depends. The moment the heat is off, you all go back to being a “pack of ex-GO, Mary Sue infested, criminal scum….”

 You also try to operate on the Data Series and the LRH intelligence orders the Data Series is based on. Of any one in the church you can spot a situation, a why and a who. For this reason there are no more informed staff than you on where this train is headed. You are aware that we have gone past the tipping point.

Because it is beyond doubt who is fighting to save the legacy of LRH (the technology of Scientology) and who is dead set on usurping it, sundering it, and replacing it with his own, any support you give Il Dulce is an overt against LRH and every man, woman and child on this planet.

Do not (as DM loves to accuse others but does incessantly himself) buy your own bullshit.  We know the hype that is bandied about there concerning us. Let us assure you that what you are being told is possible as to our fates, in fact,  is a virtual fait accompli with respect to  Miscavige.    

You know for a fact we are completely capable of keeping anyone of you under the radar should you decide to do the right thing. As we assume you are by now aware, every spotting of JB since he left was deliberately set up. When you lose him for weeks on end, that is by design. If you don’t realize that, then perhaps you all have become far more duped than we even imagined. We – as DM likes to fantasize about his own N.W.s – are virtually everywhere.

Our timing is not arbitrary. We are rapidly approaching the point where continued support of Il Duce takes on far graver implications for you.  That is not because we are going to do anything about it. It is because overts from this point forward will be very difficult to wash your hands of.  And that is because, by this time – setting aside the hard core justifications that keep you running – you know in your heart of hearts who are the friends of L. Ron Hubbard and his legacy.

There have been recent allusions to the fact that things are going to get uglier over the next few months. That is because we know the pressure you are under already, and can predict just how insane they will become knowing what is in store for the future.  That right there is telling; wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predict the future, to be able to exercise a causation role in the way it unfolds?  We are making the future. Miscavige is desperately clinging to the past.

Because of events that will happen over the next few weeks, now is the time to honestly complete your doubt formula. After approximately mid-July it will become increasingly difficult for you to find your way to the just, honest, and right side of history.  After that date, the insane orders you have received to date will look like models of sanity by comparison.  And your complicity will become your liability.

If you consider this message a tad too explicit and in-your-face, realize it is done primarily to let you know that you are not alone. Perhaps this metaphorical work of art will help you follow:

Remember: You’re not alone.

Marty and Mike

317 responses to “An Open Letter to Office of Special Affairs (OSA)

  1. With all due respect OSA people, please search your heart and listen to the 800lb gorilla in the room, whispering….no….screaming at you to step away from David Miscavige.

    There is a bright, beautiful world full of good food, health, sleep and abundant productivity for you just outside of the ever-shrinking church/prison.

    The trap is on the inside.

    Being duped is on the inside.

    Your Bridge and your actual eternity count on your doing the right thing, right now.

    Right now!


  2. All right…thats how i like it!
    In your face!
    The screws are tightening and it is the independants who are holding the wrench.
    I know some you OSA guys and consider several of you my friends. Wake the hell up!!!
    Since when did `command intention` usurp standard ethics,tech and policy…
    You are all hereby ordered to cramming on KSW1

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  4. Virgil Samms

    And add me to that signature.

    I told OSA before to count the outpoints and to add them up. You either use Scientology admin or you don’t. If you don’t use the Data Series then don’t claim to be a Scientologist. Christ, my grandaughter can count the oupoints better than you guys have.

    Believe it or not I have a lot of friends in OSA and I care for you guys. I care for all my friends in the Sea Org. I want you guys to survive. We can all survive together. We just need to do it.

    Seriously, look at the actual intentions of Marty, Mike and the rest. What are the actual intentions? As a hint, take a look at the actions.

    ML Tom Martiniano

  5. becomingAware

    Those that are monitoring this blog with the intent to harm LRH’s legacy and the tech have just been given a way to come clean and raise your personal integrity.
    Don’t miss this chance for a brighter future or you as a being may end up in the caves for a long time.

  6. Walk away. It looks hard. It looks lonely. It looks like it’s going to be a struggle. It looks like you are going to lose everything, but that is a lie. You leave and you will be regaining your world back. You will have freedom. You will be able to sleep. You can rest. You will have friends in us Independents. No one is asking you to give up your kids, your life, the real tech. You will find it here. In the arms of people who care, who are here to help you, who already love you and are waiting for you to join our family. Do not be afraid. You are not alone.

    We are here. Waiting for you. Come home.



  7. Brilliant. By the was OSA guys – it IS nice out here. Nobody to throw you under the bus or stab you in the back. Real friends who will stand up for you. No more torture, you will get much needed rest and much better food…

    But the most important factor is: you will get yourself back. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do what YOU know is right? Wouldn’t it be great to stop doing what you know is wrong?

  8. Hehe! Poor old Davey is going to have to go regging again for the money to pay for the paper to wipe his ass with after that one!

  9. WALK ON – by U2, lyrics by Bono

    And love is not the easy thing
    The only baggage you can bring…
    And love is not the easy thing…
    The only baggage you can bring
    Is all that you can’t leave behind

    And if the darkness is to keep us apart
    And if the daylight feels like it’s a long way off
    And if your glass heart should crack
    And for a second you turn back
    Oh no, be strong

    Walk on, walk on
    What you got, they can’t steal it
    No they can’t even feel it
    Walk on, walk on
    Stay safe tonight…

    You’re packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been
    A place that has to be believed to be seen
    You could have flown away
    A singing bird in an open cage
    Who will only fly, only fly for freedom

    Walk on, walk on
    What you got they can’t deny it
    Can’t sell it or buy it
    Walk on, walk on
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    And I know it aches
    And your heart it breaks
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    Walk on, walk on

    Home…hard to know what it is if you never had one
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    That’s where the heart is

    I know it aches
    How your heart it breaks
    And you can only take so much
    Walk on, walk on

    Leave it behind
    You’ve got to leave it behind
    All that you fashion
    All that you make
    All that you build
    All that you break
    All that you measure
    All that you steal
    All this you can leave behind
    All that you reason
    All that you sense
    All that you speak
    All you dress up
    All that you scheme…

  10. I’d like to add a personal note to Linda Hamel if I may. Linda, I remember you as a very strong and theta person, despite all the entheta you were handling at the time we worked together. I know you have done so much good for the church these many, many years. But things have changed and I know you know that. Now could be a good time to really step back and take a good look at which side of this rebellion you want to be on. Clearly there are a growing number of us who feel we need to DO something to help preserve LRH’s legacy and to remove a dictator who came to power while we were all apparently sleeping. I don’t know one public in the field who is happy with the way things are going with the church. And the discontent is gaining momentum and intensity. We grow stronger every day. You would be a valuable asset to making things right again and getting this church back on track of what LRH intended. You have friends out here…

  11. I get the feeling that what is coming will make the 1993 “victory over the IRS” look like a cotillion.

    I have always thought of the OSA people as a praetorian guard. I remember how the praetorian were instrumental in seeing that Caligula was replaced with his uncle Claudius, once a seperate cast of army officers dispatched Caligula while he was attending an event. All of you dedicated OSA staff – you have more power than you think you do.

    Save Scientology, and our planet, from Caligula.


  12. Ne Obliviscaris

    Hey! Nobody acknowledged, interpreted or critiqued my poem from the last post.

    So, in a craven bid for attention, I submit to you once more…

    Lonely man, never alone.

    Footfalls unheard in the howling halls of insanity.

    Someone approaches.

    If I can just…

    I will finally have…

    The answer!

  13. martyrathbun09

    Ne – brilliant.

  14. In one of the CLO Briefings DM threatend to mow down people with a machine gun. I am actually taking that threat quite serious at this point. Let’s face it, der Fuhrer has come to an impasse and will take down with him as many as he can in his last attempt to remain right. I strongly urge those working close with DM to be very careful and leave as soon as possible because I think their lives are at risk.

  15. Bravo….


    Centurion and the crew at the coffee house at Vth and Via Apia

  16. war and peace

    There are many cryptic warnings in this post, beautifully written. A Leather Bound autographed edition.

    OSA are masters at deciphering codes and connecting the dots.

    There is a fixed idea, uninspected that is a computation or Ser FAC of “saving the church” from outside attack. This stupidity needs to be examined from a 360 degree view, by OSA staff, because, OSA staff have been indoctrinated in the adversarial “THEM vs US” since the birth of OSA.

  17. crashingupwards

    Drawing the line. Starting to count heads. Its time.

    The bleeding of Scientology’s reputation and LRH’s legacy needs to stop. Much depends on it.

    Who wants to be the last OSA guy to reach out,

    The last OSA guy let his conscience be his guide,

    The last OSA to live up to their oath,

    The last OSA to keep faith with a tradition of guardianship going back to the sixties,

    The last OSA who stays aligned with the philosophy of Scientology,

    I dont think any of you want to be in that position. Being last to answer the call. Its time to make your move. There is nothing to loose, and everything to gain. Its time to act.

    As LRH said of the old GO, “their feats are the stuff of which legends are made”. You are the heirs to that tradition and reputation. Many eyes are upon you. Many lives depend on you.

    Your responsibility here is greater than most, as your more capable than most.

    Do what you can. Now is the time.

  18. Good Job Guys!! Looking forward to see what you have planned and how it plays out.

  19. Terril Park

    Very interesting post. Intuitively I feel its the right time to make such a post. I thought the tipping point for COS was a month or so back.

    I like that its pointed out that its the independants/ Freezoners who are the supporters and preservers of LRH tech. This should be obvious now to those in OSA, and its a good time to specifically point that out. They may have missed it!

    I don’t have the comm lines of former top execs particularly but have many others.
    Here is a public quote from ESMB:-

    “Then we had one of those magical breakthroughs. One of our team, who wishes to be totally anonymous, discovered that the reason that the COSRECI in the UK got tax exemption was it had tax exemption in Australia. This person then discovered that COSRECI in Australia did not have tax exemption. BINGO!”

    Note also that all European and south african orgs are affected by this and authorities are investigating. Looks like decades of tax excemptions may need to be refunded in
    all countries affected.

    I wasn’t around for this but dosn’t COS hound members to keep tax payments up to date?

    Then there is the australian senate enquiry into
    whether religious ORGANISATIONS deserve tax excemptions.

    There are I gather other investigations related to both these areas.

    Jesse Prince formerly second in command of COS has started posting on ESMB and commented that many countries intelligence agencies were at a seminar he attended in Germany.

    Then there is the “rumoured” BBC program to come which I suspect will be the most devastating blow to COS that the media has so far presented.

    There is much in ethics/justice tech which one may wish to criticise, however to my mind a key point is that if someone, or some organisation
    dosn’t get its ethics in, society will eventually
    persue matters in justice mode. Larry Brennan
    was the chief architect of the current corporate structure and ” religious cloaking” of COS. He has posted details for anyone to use.

    What is happening is that justice type actions are being initiated by Independant/FZers,
    ex scientologists, critics, anons, polititions,
    civil servants, lawyers [ Marc Headley’s for example] , the Vatican, and the media. And possibly inteligence/ governments which as yet little seems to be known about.

    Then there are the ongoing revelations here.

    The current storm is building to enormous proportions.

    So yes OSA members. You will be welcomed and sheltered. And documents would be cool!

  20. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks, Marty. Props to you, Bro.


  21. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Yes my friends… Please heed the R-Factor. I know there are MANY out here you yourself would love to simply talk to, laugh with, catch up with, go to a ball game with, “actually put your hands on and help another person be a better them” life experience with. I thought you should know that – that is something I really didn’t experience until I arrived where I am. I took what I learned, knew always to be workable and true for myself, helped many many people and continue to do so, and saw RESULTS. I didn’t have to disrupt my helping of another by having to run off to “muster”, answer a phone call from my seinor and report up, “get” my stats up by Thursday at 2 to avoid yet another wrongly assigned condition write up or ethics penalty. In fact… if and when I do “commit an overt” I don’t have to worry about it being announced to the group allowing myself to be further humiliated for “what I have done” and then spend weeks/months making everyone else happy enough to luckily sign a liability formula of mine. Nope, I simply do what I know to be right, correct it, take responsibility for it and move on. This actually can take only a few minuets. The freedom out here to share Scientology and use Scientology on YOUR OWN DETERMINISIM is beyond awesome yet simple. Just imagine that great comfortable feeling one has in life when you experience things in their simpleist forms. Example… We all look forward to waking up each day calm, unstressed and not petrified with the unnecessary or self generated headache’s you have to deal with DAILY. Imagine getting enough sleep and when done doing so you realize – Getting enough sleep will no longer be a short lived moment of peace and joy for yourself, you will beable to do it DAILY on your own determinisim! The exerciseing of your own “FREEDOM OF CHOICE” is POWERFUL and soothing to the soul. I live this DILY and I love it. I can talk to anyone I want at any time. The stories I could tell you about the wins I’ve had in life through helping others whenever and wherever I wanted is endless. Come join me and the others out here who are exercising thier own “FREEDOM OF CHOICE.” You know my numbers and email so please feel free and I WILL offer you a SAFE place to stay, rest your tired body and soul, feed you, entertain you and connect you up to what YOU YOURSLEF are missing out on and that is REAL APPLICATION of Scientology. I look forward to your scream, call or email! — Jackson

  22. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    I have to add also, Thank you SO MUCH Mike for opening this topic up. I will be right there with you when “it” arrives and takes place.
    Boo Ya! — Jackson

  23. OSA

    As Marty & Mike stressed, you owe your allegiance to LRH and his legacy (Scientology) not to David Miscavige.

    Most of you know the crude methods Miscavige used to gain his position and you certainly know how he has so thoroughly abused it. And how from day one his heavy handed tactics, abuse and wrong targets have caused more enemies for and attacks upon LRH & Scientology than any other source.

    Your job is to protect Scientology and hold it harmless from attacks. Well, it’s not too late to do your job and handle the source of untold attacks on LRH and the church — Miscavige.

    Come and help those who are currently doing your job.

    After many years if intentional privation from Miscavige, those of you in OSA Int may feel there is nowhere to go, no wherewithal to get there and that you have not a friend in the world. But that’s just the way it appears.

    You have lots of friends out here but it requires a leap of faith — faith in real Scientology.

    Make the leap.


  24. Marty and Mike , right on . If I were you OSA I’d start now! you have been warned, heed it.

  25. white hot holy rage

    loves & protects all life

    burns off all chaff

  26. I did but I didn’t tell you! I liked it very much!

  27. rory medford

    geezzzz… just walk away stop making things soooooo hard for yourselves go to STAPLES and buy the THAT WAS EASY button.. its that EZ to just get up and go… why suffer through the conditions when your dealing with a bunch of insane unfriendly miserable people.. This is your personal wake up call

  28. peace love and happiness

    Thats the greatest song for everything that is occuring.
    Simply amazing.

  29. Dear OSA Execs and Staff fellow former GO staff,

    The following excerpts will open your eyes, especially if you believe that LRH somehow endorsed DM as the Leader of Scientology and thus, you owe him your allegiance:

    If you have not read the complete St. Pete Times series, then you should.

    With your knowledge (especially if you’ve been around a while) you will see the ring of truth in these articles and you will want to know more.

    I would never have thought I could ever support such a position as Marty’s and Mike’s – never thought I could have been on this side of such a blog. As an OT, DSEC, trained, fully post-hatted (on LRH PLs, EDs, advices, pgms) M9’d former GO member who is in good standing, who had no criminal involvement, who had fantastic personal case gain with correct tech and study, I have come to the conclusion that David Miscavige is egregiously harming Scientology. It appears to me that he has conspired to commit crimes and abuses against long term loyal Scientologists, including many close to LRH. DM is not adequately trained or hatted or of suitably noble character to lead the Church. His stats for the delivery, acceptances, and establishment of Scientology are atrocious.

    With all my hatting and training and knowledge and observations, I believe DM’s takeover was Machiavellian and included intentionally discrediting individuals and networks (including MSH et al) who would have been in a position to see that he was removed from position before he could do so such harm. Even the IRS win he solely claimed was set up by other people some of whom came before – some of whom he vilified in the next breath.

    There is no virtue in supporting a false leader who commits constant overts. What would LRH do/say if he were here?

    If you cannot do something about the situation, take care of yourself and your other dynamics. Don’t give your support to a false leader. The original definition of Ethics (ref. book of same title) is : “Reason and the contemplation of optimum survival.”

    Do what is ethical!

    Best wishes,

  30. Yeah, thats a control mechanism. I was trapped by it for many years.

  31. Not questioning the possibility of the statement, but time and place and form are really warranted on the statement re mowing people down.

  32. Ne Obliviscaris

    W & P,

    How about they look at it from a spherical viewpoint whereby they can triangulate the relationship of any point within or without of the sphere to any other point within or without of the sphere?

    I can write them an algorithm for that.

    Then, using geometric logic, heuristics and pretertranssubstantiationalistification, they’ll pin us bastards into a corner!

    What d’ya think? Good advice?


  33. And may I add, everything is OK.

    Just follow the truth.

    Feel what you feel like now, and spot that on the tone scale.

    Watch this video if you can, draw the obvious parallels.

    The very stuff you are in there determined to deal with, needs to be handled out here.

    It’s not getting done by the hijacked church.

    Lets get this road on the show.

  34. OSA: I hope Marty’s words have gotten “in there”. I know you cannot dare show your true feelings to anyone else there in OSA. You don’t have to.

    Go ahead. Make contact. That weight on your shoulders will ease. That tension in your jaw will relax. The storm of thoughts that keep you awake in the middle of the night will begin to calm.

    Save your eternity.

  35. As my grandpappy used to say…DEW WHUT:)

  36. Cotillion!
    Great word Centurion!
    Look it up if you don`t know it guys!

    Your friendly neighbourhood word clearer!

  37. What I don’t understand is that approx. 15. July date. Did I miss something? What will happen on that day?

  38. Cured Robot

    I can tell this is a VERY IMPORTANT posting, OSA bots take heed.

  39. This was a briefing around 6 years ago to one of the CLO crews and it had to do with the State of Clear and “how saviour of all” DM found out about how some C/Ses were Q&Aing with the Clear cognition and having falsly attestest people on Clear. He basically threatend the C/Ses who would “Q&A” with that Clear cog that he was going to pull out a machine gun and start mowing some of them down. He went on to say that he was “sorry to break the news but some of you did not make it to Clear” (Paraphrasing) After this briefing tons of People were pulled in by C/Ses around the world and given their “Non-Clear” r-factor.

  40. Another Layer

    Nice! Creates big space.

  41. To OSA staff
    (To be read with a Scottish brogue)

    If ye canna see and know the trooth
    When it`s plain before yer eyes
    The there`s naught that I
    can say or do…
    To pursuede ye otherwise.

  42. Ahhh a mystery sandwich….
    Sticks thetans like glue…
    Stay tuned quick wit.

  43. Virgil Samms

    EXILO – let’s have some time place form and event on this please.


  44. Virgil Samms

    Right on Hadn – And this is the point – the Church of Scientology is making ENEMIES almost on a daily basis. Is this what you want? LRH did not want to use Scientology to MAKE ENEMIES. Can’t you get this?

    Please defend LRH’s legacy. It is your duty.


  45. Virgil Samms

    I can supply a place for people to go to that is safe and secluded and provide security as a jumping off place. Just get a hold of me at;


  46. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks for the ack’s guys!

    My first poem in a long time!


  47. Jackson, you is real people…. feet on the ground, wide heart, soul irrepressible.

  48. war and peace

    LOL Ne Obliviscaris LOL

    Did you know that I actually write computer algorithms ?

    Random algorithms and advanced algorithms.

    Perhaps you are me and I am you ?


  49. Meanwhile googling Scientology AU brings up this jewel.

    Press articles about Scientology in Australia
    “This is correct procedure: 1. Spot who is attacking us. 2. Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using our own professionals, not outside agencies. 3. Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them. 4. Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.”

    Ron may have assumed a couple of things when he wrote this, this first one being that the church itself was not criminal.

    Wonder why he mentioned NOT using outside agencies and why would the church post that part, demonstrating their own outpoints?

    More and more I feel those on the inside are on to DM and manage to outwit him.

    Or is it just that annoying way the truth has for shining through when you have eyes to see?

    I hope this is cleaned up before LRH pops back in to take a gander on how things are going.

  50. Mark Fisher

    There is a true Underground Railroad out here for you to take advantage of.

    Join us in real freedom.

    Things can be reformed the way LRH intended them to be.

  51. Ne Obliviscaris

    Here’s what I’m feelin’ right now. And I am thankful.


  52. Now, personally I believe that for the sake of SCN all you OSA guys and INT guys as well as most staff member better stay in.
    Personally I do not believe that you guys are just victims of the SP called MR. Mismanage.
    As Ron says a thetan must have had some agreement with suppressive groups for joining them even if he later finds out they are suppressive and leaves.
    Maybe, maybe Ron is right, maybe not – who cares, but anyone who is as close to the truth as you guys are, and cannot see the cries for help from your parishioners , the ones you supposed to help, and cannot differentiate between the writings of the “master” and the actual happenings IS in fact suppressive.
    And oh did I mention that suppressive are also quiet stupid?
    Kirstin, that does go for you too.
    And no, I do not agree with Centurian on this blog who mentioned that you are more powerful than you think. YOU ARE NOT more powerful than you believe – you are a lot less powerful than you believe.
    Look, you could not suppress any of us and your empire (not SCN) is faltering.
    You only had “power “because no one was permitted to hit back – well that time is gone
    You have been hunting sitting ducks, but now the ducks have guns. (Ok, it’s just the internet- but close) Hmm how does it feel?
    So, one more time: STAY IN, as we need people like you to really screw things up and all idiots and suppressive (not all idiots are suppressive but all suppressive are idiots) will give themselves the kiss of death sooner or later.
    Go for it !!!
    You will step over the edge and it will be to the advantage for all the people who want to ably SCN in their life. After you helped crashing the church from inside (keep in mind you are not only an SP ,but are also supper PTS to Mr. Mismanage and thus will make major mistakes on top of the calculated ones you are making on a daily basis) you can work your way up(slowly I suppose) as there will be auditors available to help.

    But first you might as well help finish the job form the inside by by doing something really crazy.
    Sure you will be punished for it somehow,(manly by Mr. Mismanage and maybe the courts) but so what, you deserve it – don’t you think?

  53. No more CSWs for a day off – can you imagine? No more sweating by the CO’s office so he could sign that paper so you could get just a few hours off!

    I ain’t doin’ that again, not ever!

  54. OSA,
    There are people out here who genuinely care about your well being. People who will not invalidate you but rather welcome you with open arms. Take that leap, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

  55. D-Damn!!

  56. Use it in a sentence now. 🙂


  57. Nightmares Getting Less


    I would like to hear from Jessie.

    I have heard from reliable souorces that he has hit rock botttom, but we were friends way back.

    I would like to hear directly from him, to get his current view, hopefully.

  58. Wow Meisha!

    What a wonderful post! Beautifuly written! One of the most heartfelt I have ever had the great fortune to read, ever! Thank you!

    We ARE the friends of Scientologists everywhere, and we ask nothing from them but to maintain their own sense of personal integrity. To do what you know is the right thing to do.

    Scientologists, end the abuse. Walk away. You are not alone.

  59. Nightmares Getting Less


    I have always respected your post and your video on St. Pete Times indeed struck a nerve that I will not forget.

    Thanks man.

    An angel that you know can and will give a way to contact me if you wish.

  60. War and Peace

    Magnolia ::::

    In my opinion, Linda Hamel is a DM devotee.
    She also seems to be a DM PET.
    As CO OSA INT, she, unlike Mike Sutter, Kurt Weiland, Mike Rinder has NEVER had to do the decks. She has never been abused.
    She has never been assigned to SP Hall.
    Linda Hamel has never had to live out in tents out in the fields and shower with garden hoses and eat Oliver Twist slop .
    She has been CO OSA INT since 2007 (since Mike Rinder left)

    Linda Hamel has never been RPFd Never been removed.
    What is this special relationship ? How can anyone escape DM’s demonic wrath and temper tantrums ? Is it really possible that DM can have a stable and steady relationship with no ups and downs with a junior? Really ?

    Linda Hamel, former Guardian Office (GO) programs Ops, supervising many TOP SECRET GO programs~~ even at the time GO was off the rails, continued her SO career in OSA in Investigations and Intelligence , straight from the GO without a blink of an eye.

    Even though DM greatly disparaged former GO, Linda apparently was not included in the adjectives used on former GO.

    And she is directly on DM’s lines ALL the time as CO OSA INT handling the most sensitive intelligence and clandestine stuff. Summaries of all deeds route through her to Office of COB.

    Nonetheless Mike and Marty have given an OPEN invitation to all…..including Hamel.

  61. What troubles me is the elephant in the room. .

    There is one thing that needs attention, upon which all else rests. Perhaps Marty can lend some insight to this;

    Who ‘controls’, ‘own’s’, the works of LRH?

    Is it DM?

    No matter what transpires, no matter what ‘enlightenments’ occur, no matter how many ‘wake up’ and recognize the outpoints, no matter if every Scientologist on the planet shifts position, it all means nothing if the tyrant holds the keys. We cannot copy, transmit, disemm, any LRH, hell, we cannot even use his name. If DM controls all of LRH tech, then even if he is alone, he still has control and all we have is skirting the laws of the land as our ‘inheritence.’

    My question is this; if DM has control, and per a previous post by Marty that CST is DM’s bitch, what do we really have? Nothing?

    Is the dictatorship absolute? Is ‘death’ the only remedy? Even if ‘death’ is the only remedy, per the legal documentation, what follows next? Hayden, do you know? Does anyone know?

  62. There are enough of us out here free to help you in any way you can think of.

    I promise you won’t be a burden and you won’t be looked down upon, but admired, like you should be for so many good things.

    The people around me are HAPPY people. There are lots of HAPPY people out here!

    Best of all, you CAN apply standard LRH from the second you leave and for the rest of eternity, no ifs, ands or buts…

  63. Marty,

    Yeah, now that’s a wake up call!

  64. OSA,
    How many more veteran SO members have be declared or blow?
    How many more OT 3’s – 8’s have to be delcared or withdraw?
    How many more class 4-12 auditors have to be declared or leave?
    How many more families have to disconnected from each other?
    How many more Public have to go bankrupt?
    How many more new “discoveries” or “why” have to be introduced into Scn since LRH the founder moved on?
    How much more “correction” to LRH tech needs to occur?
    Are the STATs you hear real and visable? Where?
    Besides money and number of SP’s declares, are any other stats trending higher? Are they MEST stats or Theta stats?
    Why is there NOT ONE mention of the IAS in the OEC vols?
    Where are these orders, actions ideas coming from?
    Where is ED Int?
    Where is the President of Scn?
    Who are the WDC members and where are they?
    Why all the musical chairs?

    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

    Just honestly ask why and answer.

    Then step down or step aside.

  65. If I had any messages to OSA, or any SO member, it would be this;

    ‘When was the last time you were happy, incurably happy?’

    ‘When was the last time that you felt the joy of being involved in the creation of a new civilization?’

    Be honest.

  66. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t Scientology.

  67. Great post !

    We are on our final steps to get out of the Church.
    It will affect lots of Scientologist in our Country and we will know how many true friends we have.
    I can’t await it. Finally be free, free, free…dancing in he sun having a bright future with real LRH tech. My god, I didn’t believe I’ll achieve it this Life-Time and have so many years left with that Body.
    I’ll be forever yooooouuung……….
    Times are changing at lightning speed.
    Yesterday I’d a call-in from my AO. The guy called me and asked when I’ll come for my NOTS. I told I’ll not. He meant you’ll propably not come this life-time ? I said yes. He meant I wish you the best and you’ll be welcome any time.
    Bye ! 30 Seconds, no more.
    Never experienced such a thing. They know it !
    Thanks to all here for lightning the torch of truth !

  68. Gigi Scidellari, Gloria e Gavino Idda,
    avevate deciso di aiutare LRH a chiarire questo pianeta, ma guardatevi ora, state lavorando per proteggere un uomo solo che ha portato Scientology verso la distruzione.

    State proteggendo un uomo violento, egoista, dittatore che ha rovinato le vite di migliaia di persone tra staff e pubblico. Una volta Scientology era theta, era divertente, era verità e libertà. Ora Scientology è MEST, è sec checks, è ricatti, è disconnessione, è denaro preso senza consegnare Scientology in cambio.

    Vi eravate impegnati a mettere l’etica in su questo pianeta così che la tech potesse aiutare tutti. Tornate sul vostro impegno originale, mettete in la vostra etica (che è personale e non è ciò che ordina Miscavige) e tornate ad aiutare Scientology e il mondo smettendo di proteggere un dittatore violento.

    Non potete continuare a mentire a voi stessi.

    La verità vi renderà liberi. Miscavige no.

  69. M&M: Brilliant. And about time…or maybe right-timed. No matter.

    Hey OSA, here’s the deal. The bottom line is these guys here have faith in you, faith in your abilities, faith in LRH. All they do is Scientology; is that what you are doing?

    So look around. Confront what needs confronting. Assign the Condition.

    Here’s what you don’t want: you don’t want to be the last one who figures out you are on the wrong side of this game.

    Right now, that is exactly where you are.

  70. Beautiful, veritas. Thanks

  71. I’m fully with you on this Marty.

  72. ” You´re not alone “. Marty and Mike


    You know, having been out here for few years there are no signs of horns growing through my skull – I did check, especially during the first few months of freedom, not a joke. I know you are suppose to believe only degraded beings leave the Sea Org, I bought that to a degree. But in my hearts of heart it did not hold water because I am friends with myself and know where I stand about LRH´s legacy. Hey – I joined for the duration and wanted nothing more than help LRH accomplish his (and mine) postulates. I did that for 20 years straight and it saddened me no end that I felt compelled to leave. It was not crystal clear to me why I felt that way, well, now we know.

    I was shocked to learn about Mike´s departure in 2007, he was/is my hero. I trust my life with that man. So it just confirmed what I had been thinking – that someone IN the church is pushing dedicated staff out the door. Then Marty starts speaking…OMG! I was so damn happy – and let him know it, too.

    The perceived danger of leaving could be just a phantom, a shadow, DMs crazy control trick. Letting go of him does not mean you are turning your back on LRH. The opposite. Doing so demonstrates to yourself that you know what you know.

    Complete your Doubt. You are not alone.

    Love, Kirsi Ojamo

  73. Ne,

    When I read it last night I immediately loved it, especially the first two lines, which are highly poetic. Sorry I didn’t ack you, as I always like to ack good work. I guess it had just gotten a little too late!

    L, T41

  74. And you can rest assured, there are no evil psychs or anons kidnapping any of us and hauling us off for PDHing. There is a life out here and it’s wonderful. Wonderful to live by one’s own personal integrity, wonderful to be able to communicate freely, wonderful to be connected to whomever we wish, wonderful to be able to have and raise children, wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family, wonderful to be able to sleep in once and awhile, wonderful to enjoy the beauty of nature and this planet. And so much more. Life is good. 🙂 Come share.

  75. Ne,

    I love hearing about algorithms, heuristics and logic. What do you do, anyhow (if you can say)?

  76. This message is exactly right. True Scientology is out here. The squirreling is in the church.

    Out here there is theta, in the church there is punishment, duress, make-wrong, heavy ethics, and false justice. Out here there is freedom, in the church there is totalitarian control of members’ lives and the treatment of staff as slaves. Out here there is true help and true friendship, in the church there is uncaringness, enforced realities, and the severing of comm lines and affinity lines. Out here family units are respected and admired, in the church they are sundered apart by enforced disconnection. Out here fair prices are charged for Scn services, in the church members’ bank accounts are cleaned out and members sentenced to a life of heavy debt by insane prices and constant begging for un-exchanged-for donations. Out here tech is applied with great results, in the church tech is altered and releases overrun by an institutionalized bypass of F/N’s.

    Any of you OSA staff who are reading this should realize that you will have a lot of friends right here, instantly, the moment you join this true group and help clean up the mess DM has created.

  77. Dear OSA,

    Seven years ago I was a dedicated Int base staff member who was convinced that no matter how many people were removed, shot, offloaded, etc. I would be one of the few remaining. I truly was performing what I considered was my hat in life and I was applying the Power Formula as much as I could.

    I did everything I could to flow Power to DM. I was part of the team that comprise his personal service staff — and I did everything I could to deliver Condition 4 products on a daily basis.

    My products were commented on, and I felt somehow that I was safe from the continually building wrath of DM, which esculated daily on Int Base staff.

    In an instant, that security was gone.

    In an instant those upstats (long term affluence) meant nothing.

    In an instant my recourse to justice was cancelled.

    In an instant I found myself a clay pigeon being forcefully removed from the property for something I did not do, and was not even my hat. And I was not even being able to talk to my husband of over 20 years before being taken away.

    The next 6 months proved to me that the LRH policy on job security is nul and void under DM. Either you are on his team, or you are not. And it takes just a moment for him to change his mind about who he wants around.

    You may feel that you are safe.

    You may, like me, think that all will come to pass, and you, in your OSA post somewhere, will still be there — as heck — your post functions have to be handled (right?). Wrong!

    The house of cards that you are living in is about to come down.

    The solid foundations you thought were there(consisting of LRH policy, ethics and tech), have been corroded and altered to a point where the entire tower is going to come down.

    Taking the step to not support this dying organisation does not mean that you are abandoning your original postulates, decisions, agreements or contracts.

    It actually means you are STICKING TO THEM.

    Keep your personal integrity.

    Take the step before it is too late.

    You have MANY friends out here.

    Take the step.

  78. Robert Biasotti

    Hi, Marty,

    It’s “Il Duce”
    “Duce” is Italian for “leader”, and the root word for the titles “Duke” and “Doge”, as in “the Doge (chief magistrate) of Venice”.
    “Dulce” is Spanish for “Sweet”.
    Just a heads-up.
    (or maybe there’s a joke there that I missed!)

  79. Ref Openletter to OSA By marthy and Mark
    Wel done, I also like the acknowledgment to
    You and also from Terry Park to Indepts and Free Zone , stcik to gether and will win this .aswell add my signature to this battle

    Any assistance if need ask

    Great work

  80. bastille day

  81. Hello OSA,

    LRH wrote about the reduced attention span of a being. He stated that a neurotic is fixed on present time only. And history proves him right.

    Once upon a time a guy calld Hitler decided to grab Austria. He did it. And got away with it.

    Next was Checoslovakia. He got away with it again.

    Then Poland. Danmark. Norway. Netherlands. Belgium. France. Jugoslavia. Romania. Crete. Tunesia. Lybia. And some more. And he always got away with it.

    Even a gambler knows that a lucky streak will end. Hitler didn’t.

    He continued. And then came one blow after the other. Failures without end.

    Hitler never woke up. The US invasion in France should have told him to end his regime, at least for the well-being of his people. But no, he remained blind and star-struck of himself. Thus inflicting the greatest possible destruction to his own country.

    And some 150 years earlier the same story occurred in Europe : Napoleon. High rise – long series of victories – deep deep fall.

    The mock-ups of Hitler and Napoleon were truly powerful. But they permitted too little survival for too many people. And they failed, much to the shock and awe of those who would have given their lives for these mock-ups.

    History uses to repeat itself. Right here. Right now !

    LRH wrote a policy letter called “orders vs. responsibility”. This one should be a guide to every being that is truly alive.

    Could it be a guide for you ?

  82. Kraut “Anon” on ESMB

    “The “Il Dulce”-thing is interesting.

    You see, originally it was “Il Duce” = The Leader.
    “Dulce” does not exist in the Italian language. It does however though exist in the Spanish language “dulce” = sweet

    M&M are using the “Il Dulce”-term repeatedly, so it most likely isn’t just a typo.

    My knowledge of Spanish is limited, but “Il/El Dulce” would likely be a belittling title for a gay person.

    My take is that “Il Dulce” is the under-the-hand OSA term for slappy, given the repeated use of that phrase in the letter.

    Edit: hm, unsure now, there is also the “Il Duce”-version in it. They are using the term 4 times, 3x Il Dulce, 1x Il Duce. Lame spell checking or number code?
    Can an exOSA here tell how OSA usually handles simple crypto?”

  83. The mock-ups of Hitler and Napoleon were truly powerful.

    Powerfull but in Hitler’s Case OUT-HUMANITY

  84. Alsoo blinded by our old friend GREED.

  85. Theo Sismanides

    OSA staff, we all know that most of you are doing their best for Scientology.

    However, there has been things which are going on since a long, long time which have gone undetected.

    One example that I have picked as a stable datum since it is so self evident and it got me out of this confusion is what happened with the Translations Tech.

    We all agree on HCOPLs and HCOBs being the top of policy and tech.

    Well, even that has been not-ised, suppressed and destroyed as a stable pillar for Scientology.

    I find that gross, a High Crime of magnitude.

    In the Translations it is easy to see for all since there are the HCOBs (and HCOPLs by the way) of the Translations Series.

    Those were not implemented in 2000 when a “research” was done uplines under DM.

    I communicated as TU Dir EU before and after the fact. They were never applied. I was persecuted for insisting on HCOBs.

    Can you understand this? An SP talking about HCOBs not applied? Insisting on them?

    And this brings us to the most important point. It’s not the Why and the Who did not apply the HCOBs? It’s just that that piece of LRH tech WOULD HAVE DISSEMINATED SCN PLANETARILY and in the Academies not as books but as courses. ALL COURSES would exist in the Academy in the form of Tapes for students to listen to.

    This alone has gotten us 20 years behind and now YOU are facing a GLOBALIZATION (because this is who you are working for ultimately) of Planet Earth. The One Worlders are doing a fine job, enslaving the people of earth, and we cannot EVEN agree if SOMETHING IS A HIGH CRIME or not.

    Stable data IS stable data. We cannot argue on STABLE DATA. We cannot just keep on condoning such invalidation of OUR OWN stable data.

    LRH put SCN in such a way that it is possible for any person who has a certain IQ and knows basic SCN to see such High Crimes.

    OSA staff. Are you aware of other High Crimes? Have you done anything about them? Have you forgotten about them?

    I am not even getting down to GAT, disconnection, taking staff off post to do other things like regging, New Era of Mgmt, abortions etc.

    I am sticking to my stable datum. Why was I declared for insisting on the application of HCOBs?

    I am not alone now. There are hundreds of Scientologists (I am not going to call them Independents because a Scientologist is Independent by definition, to hell with the rules) who now see what me and my wife saw 10 years ago. And amongst them are people who have been high in the Hierarchy of SCN and no matter how much black PR is thrown against them those people now do something about those High Crimes.

    What are you doing? Do you know of any High Crimes? Now, you know of at least one. The non application of the HCOBs on translations. And to be by the book since you call us Suppressives, you show me an HCOB that cancels those HCOBs. Otherwise there is none and that non application was a High Crime. We know the Who and the Why we are discussing it and finding out about it.

    Don’t think of your neck, anymore. You are a thetan, you don’t have any neck. think of your integrity and the High Crimes you have seen committed which you have condoned or forgotten about.

  86. Can someone explain what is meant “Il Dulce”? Obviously it refers to Miscavige, but it was repeatedly mentioned in the open letter like we should already know what it means. Some of us English-only readers don’t.

  87. 14 th July (mid july) French National Holiday to celebrate the French Revolution.
    ” Le jour de gloire est arrivé ! ”
    ” Aux armes citoyens ! Formez vos battaillons ! “

  88. “When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. The most trouble in the past two years came from orgs where an executive in each could not assimilate straight Scientology. ” – LRH KSW 1

    “An auditor that doesn’t know his business opens the door to ethics. If tech were perfect, ethics would be unnecessary.” – LRH
    Certainty of Standard Tech 1 Oct 1968

    Your choice. The legacy of tech, or the debacle of DM. And you know what hang-up at doubt indicates….

    Over to you.

  89. Solace, dear Lana,

    what a mighty wake up call. I very much wish that many will follow.

    With respect,

  90. MostlyLurker

    OSA people

    You owe your alliance to your own (as individual) and nobody else. You may chose to help the sane goals of LRH for a better and honest world, or keep working to hide Miscavige’s crimes, violence and suppression of people and truth.

    You have no obligation to fulfill anything, you have to deal with your own ethics and integrity only.

    Miscavige can do nothing to you. Your only prison, is the prison in your mind, created by the use of lies, force, fear.

    A better freedom for you and all your dynamics can be envisioned: it takes only one decision to step free.

  91. Terril,

    very exciting what is going on downunder!

    And yes, to OSA personnel: Pull back any power from DM – there is no way and NO reason to stop the fall of such a criminal who let you down anyway long long ago and from his very beginning.

  92. Your Humble Servant

    Yes, pressure is increasing. It is pressure against you, the dedicated members of OSA. We do not want war. We do not want casualties. Strangely, war has now come to the subject that can end all wars, and there is no esaping it. Friends of LRH will not let the subject die, and they will not let it continue to be corrupted. It is too important for that.

    This fellow Miscavige is a madman, a fellow who, while he succeeded in maintaining a reasonably good public face for years, has committed crimes against those around him which are almost unbelievable to those on the outside. You have seen it yourselves.

    Under different circumstances, if he had military force at his disposal, there is no doubt he would have employed simple murder as a tool of control and terror. Possibly he has done so already. In a few years, if he manages to remain in power, I forsee a threat that he will find a way to do so.

    Look at Solace’s post. How is this guy different from Stalin, who is said to have murdered twenty millions for the greater good of Russia with the help of his loyal adherents, many of whom became personal victims themselves?

    When Ron says, “Do not employ lies in PR,” and Miscavige’s orders are to lie, step back and take a deep breath.

  93. Jackson,

    what a BIG soul you are! Admiration in tons to you!

  94. >You either use Scientology admin or you don’t. If you don’t use the Data Series then don’t claim to be a Scientologist.

    Ne’er a truer word said.

    And that’s really what it comes down to in the end.

    You either apply Scientology or you don’t.

    “Most errors in observation are made because one has no ideal for the scene or no familiarity with it. However there are other error sources. ‘Being reasonable’ is the chief offender. People dub in a missing piece of a sequence, for instance, instead of seeing that it IS missing. A false datum is imagined to exist because a sequence is wrong or has a missing step. It is horrifying to behold how easily people buy dub-in. This is because an illogical sequence is uncomfortable. To relieve discomfort they distort their own observation by not-ising the outpoint and concluding something else.” — LRH, HCO PL 18 May 1970 Data Series 7 FAMILIARITY

  95. OSA,
    There’s a lot of respect for you and your purpose here in these comments.
    And Marty’s poignant words to you are an act of mercy, really.
    Seems to me, the choice is a Redemption or a Reckoning.
    Make the right decision.

  96. Terrific, Ne. And I oh so enjoyed the craven bid for attention, too. 🙂

  97. martyrathbun09

    Robert Biasotti, Well, you are very close. Incidentally, the letter applies to you – and all other OSA operatives.

  98. martyrathbun09

    Notsaware, Veritas, Mr. T, or other Italian friends, tell me if this Simona comm is off color.

  99. martyrathbun09

    Bobo, No one owns the works of LRH. They are virtually all out and available in open source form. As long as you do not attempt to sell it for a profit, there is not a single thing Il Dulce can do to you for using it and sharing it.

  100. martyrathbun09

    War and Peace, Linda is spared the treatment, because ALL intelligence flows through her. She is a brilliant woman. Dumping Linda in the hole would be like Miscavige plunging an ice pick into his frontal lobe.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Kirsten may be a lot of things, but let me assure you she is not stupid. If she ever got out and spent 6 months to a year reading books and familiarizing herself with the world, she would be one dynamic individual.

  102. martyrathbun09

    Ne, you have a way of making my day.

  103. martyrathbun09

    war and peace, You are not too far off. However, it is not identification and the association is that you are both incredibly creative, unique people.

  104. martyrathbun09

    Heart as big as a barn!

  105. Should be Il Duce (see Wikipedia). It was the title Mussolini gave himself. It might have been mistyped, or maybe a deliberate alteration to add further significance.

  106. OSA, Remember what moma said?
    ….’stupid is as stupid does’…….Gump

  107. Golden Phoenix

    I forwarded this letter hardcopy to my local OSA people. That way hopefully they will all get to read it instead of one or two that filter the internet for the rest. I’d suggest others do the same.

    Anyone who knows anyone still in CoS, do whatever it takes to get them out now. This train wreck will not be pretty.

  108. martyrathbun09


  109. Theo Sismanides

    I attempt a translation since I am close to Italians as Greek (LOL).

    Gigi Scidellari, Gloria and Gavino Idda,

    you had decided to help LRH clear this planet, but look at yourselves now, you are working to protect a man who has just brought Scientology towards destruction.

    You have been protecting a man who is violent, egoist, a dictator who had ruined the lives of thousands of people on staff or public.

    Once upon a time Scientology used to be theta, used to be fun, used to be truth and liberty. Now Scientology is MEST, is sec checks, è ricatti (I don’t know this word), is disconnection, is money taken without giving Scientology in exchange (translator’s note, not fully sure on that last sentence).

    You were burdened with the task to put ethics in on this planet so that the tech could help everybody. Go back to your original duty, to put in your own ethics (which is personal and not what Miscavige orders) and go back to helping Scientology and the world by stopping to protect a violent dictator.

    You cannot continue a mentire a voi stessi (translator’s note: I have 2 MUs here, knocked me out).

    the truth will set you free. Miscavige won’t.

    (Marty, that was the best I could do without a dictionary on line, I am sure those Italians could clarify the 3 words I missed and get the full thing translated).

  110. Theo Sismanides

    “a mentire a voi stessi” maybe means “to lie to yourselves”, but I am taking a guess.

  111. TheEmperorIsNaked

    (not the best translation, but a tool you can use in the future to get some idea)

    Gigi Scidellari, Gloria and Gavino Idda, you had decided to help LRH to clear this planet, but guardatevi now, been working in order only protect a man that it has carried Scientology towards the destruction. Been protect a violent, egoist man, dictator whom the screw of thousands of persons between staff has ruined and public. Once Scientology were theta, were funny, were truth and freedom. Now Scientology is MEST, is sec checks, is blackmails, is logoff, is taken money without to deliver Scientology in exchange. You had engaged yourselves to put ethics in on this planet thus that the tech it could help all. Returned on your engagement originates them, you put in your ethics (that he is personal and is not this that orders Miscavige) and returned to help Scientology and the world being stopped protect a violent dictator. You cannot continue to lie to same you. The truth you will render free. Miscavige not.

  112. martyrathbun09

    Thanks very much for this.

  113. martyrathbun09

    Theo, thanks a lot man.

  114. You know, duty tops the scale for motivation.

    And dedication is an admirable thing. You’ve put in sixteen, eighteen, twenty hour days week after week, month after month, year after year. You’re not a quitter. You’ve signed up for the duration. Your duty is to clear the planet and bring sanity to this insane world. And if you don’t, what will there be to born into next life but more insanity–if the planet even survives?

    In “Cool Hand Luke,” Luke is just getting the shit kicked out of him, but he keeps getting right back up. No matter how hard he’s hit, he manages to rise, slowly, painfully, inexorably. Much to the awe of all of us.

    Luke wasn’t a quitter.

    And neither are you.

    But what have you dedicated yourself to accomplishing? What is your purpose? What is your goal?

    You’re not a quitter. And no one here is suggesting that you change your purpose. (And by that I mean the actual contributors rather than detractors.) No one here is suggesting that you relinquish your goals.

    If you have been reading, you will probably have noticed the number of people who eventually say, “I’m finally getting all the gains I joined Scientology to get.” Individuals are actually applying standard tech out here–by the policies and bulletins as intended by LRH. Actually, Keeping Scientology Working. Policy number one.

    Isn’t that what you joined up for?

    How many staff are getting those gains? How many public? Look at the nearly empty buildings. Where are the public?

    Could they be here?

    Making gains that you’ve dreamed of providing for the rest of humanity.

    You’re not a quitter.

    We don’t want you to quit.

    We want you to continue to pour all of your resources into achieving your goals and purposes. We want you delivering pure, unadulterated Scientology. We want you performing your sense of duty with the dedication that makes you so admirable.

    Overts are not just what you do, but what you don’t do. If you help a master chef cater a party and you know he’s used spinach tainted with salmonella, wouldn’t it be an overt to just serve the stuff because the menu sounds so good? Would you let the attendees get sick just because you didn’t want to raise a fuss?

    That’s just people getting sick.

    Surely you believe that the eternal salvation of a thetan rests in the technology of Scientology. Are you going to allow your “master chef” to continue to serve tainted tech? Are you going to allow all of those thetans to be cheated out of a chance to go free?

    Surely you’ve studied the tone scale. What is the tone of your environment? Fear? Despair? Antagonism? Anger? When was the last time you were filled with joy? When was the last time you were elated?

    Heard any four-letter words bandied about in fury lately? What tone is that?

    What tone will it take to clear the planet?

    That is the tone at which we wish you to operate. We wish you to operate with all the power and skill that you can muster. We want you strong and dynamic and honest. We want you operating at Cause with full Knowledge and Responsibility.

    We really do.

    Does that sound like a bunch of suppressives?

    I won’t try to evaluate the ethics condition that all staff of the church run by DM are in. Wouldn’t do you any good unless you are willing to look, be honest and cognite.

    Isn’t that the essence of auditing: to honestly look and understand? That’s what we want you to do.

    Honestly look.

    And understand.

    Is that really the aspirations of a suppressive?

    We admire your dedication. We admire your sense of duty. We admire your purposes and goals.

    And we offer you an opportunity to actually use all that for the benefit of all mankind…

    Rather than the aggrandizement of one man.

    Very sincerely,


  115. Theo Sismanides

    war and peace,

    so you write computer algorithms! Great! It just struck me that if anyone here involves him/herself with programming on the iPhone we could do some work.

    I have an ongoing project on the iPhone for Mykonos.

    By the way the iPhone has already a Scientology dictionary by some independent (not our Independent but generic) production and it has some books of LRH.

    It’s a field that is new and we might be able to upload some application for iPhone users who are more than 75.000.000 around the world and there is also the iPad coming which has sold more than 2.000.000 devices in the US and some countries around the world (has not arrived yet in Greece).

  116. Nightmares Getting Less,
    Jessie has not hit rock bottom. He is doing well You can find him on Facebook

  117. V, WOW! Simple yet beautiful. I Love it and you!

  118. very inspirational but they won’t listen they are too brainwashed by the cult of scientology

  119. One should always play fair when one has the winning cards. -Oscar Wilde

    I mention this quote because as the TA increases in Miscavige-land, so too will the desperation to “handle” the Independent movement.

    So remain ethical, honest but don’t forget as well what LRH had to say about Security, starting with the definitions in the Admin Dictionary.

  120. Terril Park

    Nightmares Getting Less // June 24, 2010 at 5:22 am | Reply


    I would like to hear from Jessie.”

    You could join ESMB [ easy to do] and from
    there write a private message to him. He hasn’t
    left an e-mail address there.

  121. Michael,

    What a great message! Really great!

    Just Me

  122. In addition to being”grabbed” by Marty’s open letter I was taken by Solace’s post. “In an instant…” This is so painfully,painfully true. Some 15 years ago, everything that I thought I had and knew,after some 25 years of selfless service was gone “in an instant”. Like Solace and many others, all my commendations, my production history, my “friends”, my comm lines were gone. Even those whose lives I saved’not to mention that the “church” has made millions off my products….so OSA people: take serious heed to this open letter. It will happen to you as well. (And note if you feel that this is not so and that certain inhumane practices have ceased, keep in mind that it is due to the fact that the Independents are your true Watch Dogs and putting enough pressure on the lines to keep you from more devasating harm. But we are not there to stop the daily abuses and mental degradation.) Should you decide to leave, rest assured you have many friends.

  123. Mike Lemeron

    Scientology as itself, as the tech, as the wins and gains it creates, is Theta. Theta is senior to MEST and therefore separate from it. Due to the current MEST orientation of the “Church”, Scientology has moved. There is far more Theta outside the “Church” than there is within it. That is the hugest outpoint ever. I used to go to the local mission to get some theta, get some space and get keyed out. These places now have a theta level below that of the level of the streets in many cases. OSA staff, you need to get outside and smell the roses.

  124. martyrathbun09 // June 24, 2010 at 12:44 pm | Reply

    Bobo, No one owns the works of LRH. They are virtually all out and available in open source form. As long as you do not attempt to sell it for a profit, there is not a single thing Il Dulce can do to you for using it and sharing it.


    I have read you using the words “open source” before and I must confess that I don’t know exactly what that means. Are you saying that every single written word and audio lecture by LRH is available online?

    Or, does it mean that already printed copies of writings and audio lectures (in whatever form, cassettes,CDs, VHS, etc.) have to be carefully saved and used?

    I have seen Freezone videos insisting anything printed after 1986 is not to be trusted. If that is the case, all these materials already available are definitely in a finite quantity. So, how exactly does someone get the “Keys to the Kingdom”, once the present COB is ousted from his position?

  125. If this were a game of chess, OSA would be the Queen.

    But unlike Chess, it doesn’t feel like a capture. More like the Queen is walking over cuz she misses her friends, wants a hug and is tired of illegal moves…

  126. Ha! I noticed that too, and thought perhaps you meant Mr. Misc. was just a candyass! Italian for “sweet” is” dolce”, but you were close…

  127. Hey FOS,

    Funny you should mention Oscar Wilde.

    A current Koolaid, veteran Scientologist who’s had lots of auditing and is (or was), a friend of mine before I left the church, told me in no uncertain terms that he WAS Oscar Wilde.

    Ain’t life grand.


  128. Marty & Mike,

    Thank you! You are truly getting some major Ethics in.
    I wish that I could physically be there with you guys on July 4th. I know it is going to be the most stellar & theta gathering. I am always there with you in spirit.

  129. Cowboy Poet

    Knuckle Bump!

  130. Virgil Samms

    “What we got here, is a failure to communicate..”


  131. It sounds fine and pertinent to the issue.

  132. Marty – I think what you are doing is very brave and I commend you for it. You also seem like a very intelligent, articulate man.

    Do you ever have moments of scepticism about Scientology in general? It just concerns me that you are quite so invested in it. I feel that it always pays to be sceptical even about your most cherished beliefs and maintain a level of serenity about these things. Would you be able to cope with a reality in which Scientology was invented by a sci-fi writer?

    I wish you all the best on your life’s path.


  133. I am not in session but this was a briefing that was on video shown to ILO crew on the 6th floor dinning room of the HGB, Los Angeles. (About 500 people saw it there). As far as I can remember the briefing was to AOSH EU and CLO EU execs. (Could also be another cont such as UK. (I don’t fully remember) Maybe there are others on this blog who have seen this video who could help get a better time place form and event.

  134. Sorry but open source re. scientology doesn’t exist yet.
    Open Source has to do with software, but the basic concept of it could be applied to Scientology but has then to be defined what it exactly means and how it is applied.
    I suggest Geir writes an introduction to open Source for beginners and then works out how this could be applied to Scientology in simple words.
    Geir ! 🙂

  135. martyrathbun09

    I’m using the term generically to mean it is all abundantly available electronically across the internet.

  136. If every single word of LRH is not freely available online (with warnings about which materials are confidential and where on the grade chart they should be read), it would be an overt of omission to possess material and not upload it. It would also be an overt to NOT download everything available through the anon leaks etc. for safekeeping. The only protection for the tech is to spread it so widely that it cannot be altered through a single source like RTC.

  137. But she is NOT doing it(out there reading books and getting familiar ) but keeps being “important and suppressive ,thus by definition she is stupid.

    She buys into DM’s shit, the she is stupid.
    Her actions ARE contributing to the demise of the church and good people, staff and public’s freedom is taken away by her actions.
    A strong personality and basic smartness if used the way she and her boss (DM) are using it means real,real stupidness. (if such a word exists )

    Of cource she has potential, but that is then and now is now !!


  138. Dear OSA friends, as it is very trendy now to speak about Basics, here is a fundamental data from LRH:
    HCOPL 18 sept 1967 Complexity and confronting:
    “Mental mass accumulates in a vast complexity solely because one would not confront something. TO TAKE APART A PROBLEM REQUIRES ONLY TO ESTABLISH WHAT ONE COULD NOT OR WOULD NOT CONFRONT.

    The basic thing man can’t or won’t confront is evil.
    These people who always rationalize evil behavior—”He wasn’t feeling well which
    is why he murdered the policeman”, etc., can be counted on to voice some
    theetie-weetie (goodie-goodie) justification for somebody’s thoroughly evil conduct.
    Mr. X wrecks a house and you remark on it and Miss Theetie Weetie will feel compelled
    to say, “Oh, Mr. X had a poor childhood and he didn’t mean any wrong . .. .” She
    can’t confront the simple but evil fact that Mr. X is a complete dog. One feels his hair
    stand on end when Miss Theetie Weetie does this because one is observing a complete
    non-confront on the part of Miss Theetie Weetie. She is too unreal to do other than
    make one feel he has had an ARC Break.
    One will also find that Miss Theetie Weetie leads a horribly complex life—adjusting
    her thinking to agree with “air spirits” and leaving her family because there might
    be mice in the basement.
    When no-confront enters, a chain may be set up which leads to total complexity
    and total unreality.”

    Up to you, guys.

  139. Means that DM has been living La Dolce Vita.

  140. eyeswider – Thanks for explaining “IlDuce”. However, what I still don’t get is the deliberate alteration of it to “Il Dulce”. The word “Dulce” generally means “sweet”, hardly a word you’d want to use to refer to Miscavige. Still confused.

  141. I just saw the promo for the maiden voyage. Interestingly, OT X-XII is on the main logo. I am sure that this is being presented as a counter to Marty’s exposure of no materials available for these levels. I have noticed long-term that dm will “fix” something after it is brought to view broadly; not because it is the right thing to do, but to calm the herd.
    Also, being referred to as an OT Global Alliance. I am sure he will be enlisting people to handle those bad guys saying all those bad things. July should be an eventful month, as predicted.

  142. Nicely said Meisha

  143. Truth, That is exactly how I feel. Thank you
    for saying it so well. Love

  144. Tara,
    I had written you a few weeks ago and did not get a chance to reply back… I am an indenpendent in your neck of the woods, and I would like to get in com. Please email me again:

  145. Thanks Sinar. The lyrics of this song get me every time. It’s exactly what it feels like when you stand up for something important and as a result you lose your family and friends and everything….. but you have to be strong, walk on, and leave it behind and you will find a new place to call home. That’s at least what I take from it. 🙂

  146. I just posted this under Lisa’s posting, but it is also very appropriate here:

    I remember how funny and ballsy you were…I was so sad when I heard about you being declared because I really liked you. Now I have the full picture. Good for you.

    Unfortunately, Kenny S. was subjected to the out-tech dm-style RPF, same as Ken Hoden. Both of them looked like victims of Auschwitz when they were finally routed out of the RPF/SO. A couple years later, not in the S.O., I saw Ken Hoden walking in Los Feliz. That is a beaten being; he looked like a step up from a street bum, thin, haggard, lost looking. I was crying with tears streaming down my face to see him like that. He merely glanced up and gave me that little smile of his and kept walking. I was speechless and couldn’t move. When I was writing my final Doubt Formula that is posted for all to see, I had that face in front me, encouraging me.

    There is so much to be paid for.


  147. Well put, and the comments are amazing, too.
    Great point re get out *now*.

    I worked with the “Top Secret OSA Int Internet” gang—-that my auditor and then good friend then got me into. Once I honestly realized what they were doing (Stopping free speech on the Net), I left shortly after, forever.

    MM: “Because it is beyond doubt who is fighting to save the legacy of LRH (the technology of Scientology) and who is dead set on usurping it, sundering it, and replacing it with his own, any support you give Il Dulce is an overt against LRH and every man, woman and child on this planet.”

    I didn’t know “Il Dulce”…but I was suckered into the OSA game–thinking (of course) I was helping Scientology. Once I realized truly and honestly the ONLY person I was “helping” was David Miscavige, I began to realize the depth of the delusion I was living, as were and are they who do it, to this very day. It’s very scary—as suddenly, in a moment, SO much became true.

    All the people I’d believed were “SPs” –in the flash of a light second, came into what I call 3D.
    The con became bright, the hype even darker.
    “Oh the web we weave”…..yes, I was in it, until
    I finally got it, in July of 2000. Granted, it took me up to OT 7, and much more to finally wake up–but once I did, I got it.

    I think often that is what it takes: SEEING that what you thought you are “in”, really is NOT it any more. As M&M and many others have said, this is one sick man’s game-run by “Policies” they pick, and choose.

    The person who was my auditor was and is one of the key people running the ‘distraction’ program, on the Net.
    He is 100% dedicated to L. R.H.—but is *totally* caught up in the very trap he is fighting. Even if he does see “Dave” as the evil creep he is, his opinion is he’ll still stay, as he is “doing it for Ron”. Here’s the deal, and I believe this to be true: If L. Ron Hubbard himself could return, I have no doubts he would look at Miscavige and the OSA ops running this, and say, “What the F*** are you all doing??”

    If you are reading this, to any of those ‘monitoring’ this site–look around you, please. LOOK. Listen. Do you hear the words of ‘Freedom”, or the words of BS? You know the difference. We all know what you’re hearing. The only difference between you, and we out, is we LOOKED, and we finally took back *our own* lives.

    Just think of ALL the people who have been thrown under the bus by your ‘church’ for years
    and years and years. Do you think you’re extinct to that? Is that honestly even remotely what you joined Scientology for? Come on….yes, come home.

    Your friends, your real friends, are out and freely speaking. Here’s the proof: I dare you to come and talk, openly, with any of us, as I have for 10 years, now. You can’t, you know it, and that’s the opposite of why you got into Scientology, wasn’t it?

    My love to all,


  148. To Marty, Mike and so many others contributing here – a soul-felt thank you for all you are doing. I left the SO in 1986 in a defeated state, no longer able to really apply Personal Integrity . I was seeing things and being told things that were no longer true for me, and I could no longer pass this on to my juniors and fellow-SO members. I had dedicated a fair chunk of my young life (14 years) to the Church, and this was extremely confusing and spiritually debilitating. While I was never at Int or any Church management level, I can imagine that in some way, there are those at Int now who might feel the same way I did then – who might look around and see LRH policy and tech not being applied, and know that it is not right. And who might realize, as you said, that he or she is not alone. We are all here. We love the tech and LRH, and we know Scientology works. Thank you again for rekindling this in me – and I truly hope your words and message are duplicated by those at OSA.

  149. Tony DePhillips

    I like your viewpoints Helmut!!

  150. PS: I’m not sure if this is true for others, or not….but one last thing I think is important to mention is how many, many Scientologists are OUT.

    When I left in 2000, literally for months and months I’d say to my friend, an X-Sea Org Member who had left in the 80’s: As a name would come up (just about any name) I’d say,
    “Well, they’re still in, right?”

    She’d say, for every name I’d mention:
    “Hell no! They left____years ago”.
    (Often 10-20 years before myself)

    This is a FACT that is kept hidden from many people who stay “in”. Look around you. Where *are* all those friends you used to have? (Granted, thankfully, now many more are speaking out–and this IS a huge blessing!)

    I remember Renata St. Lawrence and I stood up at a Flag event in the late 90’s. We both used to know **tons** of people, both Sea Org, Staff and Public. There were hundreds in the Hall.
    We both looked at each other, unable to find *one* other person we knew, and we said:
    “Where IS everyone?”

    That was in 1997. I didn’t escape out until July of 2000—-so that’s what I mean about the delusion being deep.

    Best 🙂

  151. “We – as DM likes to fantasize about his own N.W.s – are virtually everywhere.”

    N.W.s ? definition please.

  152. Li Po

    SPOT ON!!!


  153. Jackson, you be one of the BEST!

    Love ya

  154. Eileen,

    Thank you! I just read your post, here. I know *exactly* how you felt about Ken Hoden. I experienced the same with John Woodruff.

    Anyone remember him? For those reading this, (and I know there are varying opinions about JW)—but he did run the first —ah crap–he was a successful mission holder for years in Orange County, for anyone lurking or who aren’t familiar with him.

    When DM couldn’t get LA Org going, he dragged JW away from his mission, to “handle” LA Org.
    It was a disaster. No one came.

    That wasn’t due to JW—that was due to Dave’s insanities he’d run, for years, re “opinion leaders go to Celebrity Center”. (due to $$$, of course). So all that was left were the “Downstats” to go to LA org, and who wants to hop into “those” shoes?

    After Davey boy (I know he *hates* not having his titles or respectful names used) Declared John “SP” and I met him, briefly, in the parking lot of LA org—after he was “Back in good standing”. He looked just as you say, re Ken.

    I asked, “What are you doing?” He said quietly:
    “Selling pictures”.

    OH MY GAWD. This was ALL part of my own waking up. What kind of “Church” does that?

    Love to all 🙂


  155. martyrathbun09


  156. Marty & Mike-

    Thanks for “hitting another one out of the ballpark” with this posting. Although I don’t have the specifics on what’s coming down, I feel it/sense it to my very bones.

    By the way, sorry I was a little “sudden” with the above without comment. (I had never posted a youtube before. It’s easy!)

    My favorite lines:

    “If I go there will be trouble.
    If I stay it will be double.”

    Sort of like you spelled it out.

    Take care,


  157. Tory, you continue to fight the fight and I say well done to you! When you step back and look at this you have to shake your head and look at the fact there is a little creep who used LRH’s tech to create a slave camp that produces a weathly lifestyle for himself.

    I’ll tell you what the shift in the universe is being felt by many today!

    Love Carol

  158. rory medford

    well put Solace..and yes the castle built on sand is slowly but steadily eroding and will be washed into the sea like all the other dead and dying crustaceans

  159. Gary,

    I am with you! Having the freedom to determine your daily life and causation is INVALUABLE.

    I’ve known some wonderful S.O. and other Staff that I consider true thetans and heros. I miss them greatly (even if just seeing their determined and happy faces as they walk by).

    I want MY Scientology back!! A truth-point for us all.

    How many thetans does it take to make something wonderful and true? Just one with the help of rest. DO YOU GET THAT OSA?!

    Look around you. Look at your fellow staff and the public you’ve SWORN to help. What do you see? Good Indicators? ANY?

    What is your hat? Wear it, NOT stomp on it!

    My hand and heart is open to everyone – as is everyone’s here. Marty helped create this safe-point of truth. LOOK. LISTEN. THINK for YOURSELVES.

    To everyone here I love what you’ve done with this place!! 🙂


  160. Veritas – May your infinity be forever! 🙂


  161. becomingAware

    If anyone knows where Ken Holden is, could they get him connected to this blog?

    The description of him is upsetting, very upsetting.

    I am very upset . . . The destruction of Ken is also happening to so many good people. This is not OK.

    If he needs a place to stay I’ll provide him a safe sane one for as long as he wants. Marty knows how to contact me.

  162. crashingupwards

    Solace, I love the way you communicate. Your so real. You make duplication easy. Your good intentions come through. Your examples are tangible and so helpful. I cannot imagine anyone who is still in can read your post without being moved to act.

    LRH said a person is as alive as he/she can communicate. That certainly puts you in the here, the now, and the light.

    You are able to help others with your good intentions and words. Your a valuable person.

    So glad you are here.

  163. Also to OSA,

    From ghoulies and ghousties,
    And short-DM-leggeded beasties,
    Good Lord deliver us!

    Θtater – Boo! 🙂

  164. There is not one person in OSA, anywhere, who has not personally experienced or seen the outpoints noted above or on postings any other day. I have many friends in OSA that I care very much about on a personal level. My ex-husband, who blew because of his own experiences at Int and in OSA, refuses to look and take responsibility for any part of this sordid ravaging of LRH’s Legacy. Why are your necks so precious? Look again, the bell is tolling for thee.

    I would like to remind you all who are still not confronting what IS:
    Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.
    Never withdraw allegiance once granted.
    Never desert a group to which you owe your support.
    Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength of power.
    Never need praise, approval or sympathy.
    Never compromise with your own reality.
    Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.
    Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.
    Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.
    Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.
    Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you can make your tomorrow.
    Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.
    Don’t desire to be liked or admired.
    Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.
    Be true to your own goals.

    This code is not enforcable “simply because it is a way of life which can exist as a way of life only as long as it is not enforced.”

    My question to my friends in OSA is: “When was the last time you felt free to follow this code as your way of life? I do not intend for that to be a listing question. I intended it to reach into your heart, from me to you. All of you have such star high purpose to change and improve the lot of yourselves and those on this planet. You are charged with defending and protecting LRH, Scientology, and Orgs. Look, don’t listen, and see honestly and truly if you have been doing that or following someone and something else. There is no shame in looking. It takes courage and integrity to be that honest with yourself. Choose your loyalty…will it be to LRH or to DM? I assure you, they are NOT the same thing. Which one leads to sanity and freedom…for all. This is NOT about joining Marty or Mike. It is about LRH or DM. None of us here started that game. We merely chose whose side we are on. We choose LRH, hands down, no holds barred, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. In the end, Truth will win out over lies, trickery and slavery.

    I love you all, with all my heart. Do what you know is right, per HCOB and HCOPL 2 May 1985 RESPONSIBILITY, DEFINITION OF.

    Much love,

  165. Tim,
    Jesus was a carpenter. Does that mean he could not find/know truth and challenge popular religious and social habits, or be a leader of men?
    Siddhartha Gautama was the son of a tribal chief, he was a major challenger of current Vedic beliefs and practices and a leader of men, only because he questioned.
    The early Science Fiction writers were harbingers of what we take for granted now in many areas of our lives.
    Oops!! Your intelligence is showing.


  166. Fellow Traveller


    Incredible. Simply incredible.

    What can I do to help?

    Bruce Pratt

  167. OSA if not listen to me than listen to this man ! Especially 6:45 in. (Part 1 of 6)

  168. Mike and Marty,

    You wrote:

    “Because of events that will happen over the next few weeks, now is the time to honestly complete your doubt formula. After approximately mid-July it will become increasingly difficult for you to find your way to the just, honest, and right side of history. After that date, the insane orders you have received to date will look like models of sanity by comparison. And your complicity will become your liability.”

    Were I still on staff reading this then I doubt this implied threat would have much effect on me. To me it sounds a bit desparate and it makes one wonder how many are reallying going over to the independent field as a result of all these postings.

    The indi 500 list is growing very slowly — a few every week at best. And now you felt compelled to post this letter. So it makes one wonder. Yes, I am sure 100s read this but that is heardly a stat for the indi group. The real stat for the indi movement, it seems to me, is the number of people who declare their allegiance to you openly, and those are just a few every month at best.

    Every evaluation starts with a stat analysis. And here is a stat for sure.

    A lot of the comments on your post today make it appear as if this is a black and white situation: One is either with DM or one is with your group, and if you are with DM you are not a Scientologist and if one is not backing you and your group openly and whole heartedly then one is not a good Scio either.

    This just ain’t so.

    I was in for a long time and I have been out for a while. I personally know of 100s of good people who use and practice the tech but do not want to be in either one of the two groups. I have seen them happy, healthy and successful. Life has a lot more shades, colors and facets and pleasures to give then the balck and white that is being presented here.

    As you so correctly state — pe0ple like Linda, Kirsten, KO, Kurt, Gavino, Gigi, Karin, Farney etc. are all smart people. I doubt they will be impacted by this letter. Knowing them, as I do, my guess is that this kind of tone will just increase their resolve.

    By now they have seen and heard and analyzed all the evidence you and Mike have to give and I believe you have given it your best shot, and yet none of them is tempted to join your camp. How come?

    These are the staff — and they are the core of OSA — who have been defending Scn tech long before DM, you and Mike got onto the scene and got onto GO and then OSA lines in the 80s. They survived under you when you were in the SO and ruled over them; they survived when you and Mike where off doing the RPF; and they are surviving now that you are on the other side calling them names, poking fun at them and now urging them with today’s post to come over to your side.

    I know them all to be tough and smart and I am quite sure they will keep doing what they have been doing a lifetime — defending Scientology.

    Just my humble opinion.

  169. OSA guys and gals…

    “If you start in at the bottom of the Tone Scale and you’re way down at the bottom of the Tone Scale, you start into other people and you start to merge. See, you don’t know who you are. You don’t know who you are. You must be Joe or you must be Bill, and ‘Gee, I feel like Agnes today.’ You know, back and forth, back and forth.

    As you go up the Tone Scale, don’t think that you merge, because you don’t! You become more independently alert as ‘I’. And you get up to a point where you’re never anybody else but you.”

    -LRH Route To Infinity, Decision: Cause and Effect

    Independence means that you are free to really be YOU. And not in David Miscavige’s valence.

  170. Victoria,

    OMG! Thanks for posting this vid, I’d not seen any of them before. Brilliant!!


  171. Hi Tory,
    I knew you at CCLA back in the 70’s and 80’s. A chilling story about John Woodruff, but sadly not too surprising given what the current regime does to so many dedicated staff. I first met John at Santa Clara Mission in 1970 – yes there are varying opinions, but he was a fire-breathing upstat all the time that I knew him.

  172. JW was decalred?
    That’s as huge as Mike and Marty leaving. He’s about as “upstat” as you get. And got declared?

    I can’t even THINK with that.
    OMG… I’ve been gone a looooooong freakin’ time.

    LOL My mind is a car wreak wrapped around a telephone pole right now! Just when I think I’ve heard it all. I ain’t heard JACK yet.

  173. Thought Provoking

    Attention OSA:

    “You are an immortal soul. Through lies, treachery, deceit and pretense you can destroy yourself.

    By seeking truth and living a life of helping others, by being honest and decent you will be strong and achieve your power and immortality.” – The Meaning of Scientology

    Each and every impulse of freedom is an impulse towards sanity, toward health, toward happiness.

    Every impulse toward slavery is an impulse in the direction of , misery, disease and death. – Dianetics 55

    LRH’s legacy will live on despite DM’s attempts to destroy it. YOU, the protectors of this legacy have long since abandoned your original purpose.

    A beacon shines on the future of Scientology. It is here, on the outside.
    You have been offered love, support and a chance to rekindle that failed purpose.

    Don’t be misled…LRH is SOURCE.

  174. We are all here. We love the tech and LRH, and we know Scientology works.

    ♥ ☼ !!!

  175. Marty, Mike,

    I just read on a natter board that Scientology BELONGS to David Miscavige because LRH left it to him in an affidavit. What would you both reply to that?

  176. Lana,

    I could not put the message in better words and is my sentiments exactly, though the last straw for me occurred years earlier.

    One similar thing and I’m sure many experienced is the totally illogic “snap” from one day to the next. No matter how upstat one is, there is just no explanation of orders or actions – which totally defies GGGND – greatest good for greatest number of dynamics.

    Do you want to live at someone else’s off source flip of the coin, whims? He does not control your or anyone’s Eternity!

  177. It would be hard to figure out just where Linda Hamel falls in all this. She is a very strong, smart and able woman, capable of strong emotion. She has always had a special place in my universe since I first met her many many years ago.

    In the end, I would expect Linda to come down on the side of what she knows is right and true.

    Linda, once you gave me a big hug and thanked me for something I had done, despite personal danger and against the prevailing winds of the time; you had tears in your eyes. Later that day, you called me at home to make sure I was alright. I see you and know you for who you are.

    Once again, I have acted against the prevailing winds of the time, for the benefit of LRH and his Legacy. We were there at the beginning of all this mess and will be there to be part of the ending of the mess. I am looking forward to that hug you owe me and I will give one right back at you.

    I trust you to do the right things to make sure it comes out alright in the end.


  178. Great quote! It’s not hard to spot where the evil is and is emanating from!

  179. martyrathbun09

    Like Gossmar, I believe is the phrase uses to describe the 1.1. Sonny boy, it is as black and white as it can be. Take off your rose colored glasses if you cannot see that,

  180. Well I don’t think you needed to be insulting about my intelligence…especially when I was arguing for a dispassionate objectivity about things.

    I’m quite happy for people to laugh about and disagree with my most cherished beliefs. I don’t find it threatening in the slightest. You might want to look at why you felt the need to reply like that.

    Like I said, I commend Marty for his actions in standing up to such an aggressive organisation. My issue with Scientology as a whole is that it seems conveniently egoic: “We’re going to save the universe, clear the planet, etc”. It seems to me like a seductive role to enter into: being a messianic saviour. I just think you can be a wonderful, amazing person without having amazing powers and a role in clearing a planet.

  181. Wow OSA, this is all a far cry from decades ago when it seemed like it was us against the world, when we all rallied around the idea that Scientology had the right to exist and we would protect it from anyone that thought otherwise.

    How did we get from that to this — lying, threatening, black PRing and hurting others to protect Miscavige’s fiefdom? Really, we’ve come to this?

    Kirsten I can only imagine what you and other OSA staff must be going through having to lie, black PR, threaten and hack the computers of Scientologists to protect Miscavige. Kirsten you lied and black PR’d others to both Lucy and me. Our friends and relatives have been threatened and their computers hacked and the information used to black PR further (all quite recently). And you are run by Miscavige’s personnel rep — seen it with my own eyes.

    But in a weird twist of circumstances, if you Kirsten or other OSA staff came out now you could redeem yourselves, easily. But if you wait until it’s too late you will be known in history only for what you became – DM’s secret police. And as history shows, as a natural consequence, secret police that hang on to the end protecting their dictator are usually despised and shunned beyond belief. Being human nature I’m not sure anyone could do anything about that and if you wait too long I’m not sure anyone will want to.

  182. It’s developer-speak; it doesn’t make sense because it’s not supposed to 🙂

    There’s no corners inside a sphere to pin points into 🙂

  183. All about choices.
    Great vid.

  184. War and Peace

    Marty ~~
    When you get in a post in another language, cut and paste into ~~

    Immediate translation.

  185. OTater, I used to pray ‘God save me from
    stupid people’.

  186. Hi Chris!
    I hope I get to re-meet you here in LA sometime.
    Yup–those were the days, re Scientology. I love telling people stories from back then, it was all SO exciting, so much expansion—truly an amazing time, for me.
    For both you and Buzz—yes, sad but true, re John Woodruff. Hopefully he’s one of those many people lurking and will see this, and realize he lost his group years and years ago, but IF he walks across the white line in the street, he’ll meet up with most of them. It’s that simple.
    My best 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  187. Tory,

    As you may have known , John Woodruff was the ED of a Class V, Saint Hill-size org. I knew he got pulled out of OC to go to LA Org, but I didn’t know he had been declared and then worked his way back. I saw him a few years ago, only from a distance, and he seemed quite different. Now I understand.

    What a great, big being. I liked him very much. What a waste. And what a crime what was done to him. Obviously any sign of talent and ability makes you a target in dm’s church. And just as obviously, close proximity to dm is highly toxic to a good being.

  188. LO,

    I’m not Geir, but I can answer the question.

    “Open Source” is indeed a computer term, and applies to how it is licensed to the user using it. It means that you get it in the original form – the “sources”. This means you can (usually) adapt, change and modify it to suit your needs. Or, if you don’t see any reason to change it you can read the sources and verify that they actually do what the programmer claims. For instance, I can’t guarantee that Windows doesn’t do weird stuff with your password when you enter a new one – you just can’t be 100% sure because you can’t read the original sources. But I can absolutely guarantee that my notebook running Linux doesn’t do anything like that – every password-related piece of software on it was compiled right here, as well as every tool used in the process. This is an incredibly powerful feature – it’s what let WordPress build this entire blog without having to pay a single cent for the software. It also lets them fix bugs in a few hours if need be (without having to wait for a vendor to get around to it).

    It’s also the way DMSMH was intended to be used as LRH described it at the end.

    The book is out there, it costs a measly few bucks. Or you can borrow one from a friend or from the library. And you can read it, all of it and see how it works.

    Then you can use it to change conditions for the better, and not have to jump through endless hoops getting “permission” from some “authority”.

    Marty has applied some poetic license to make the term fit his usage. That’s OK – he’s not talking about computer programs. But it’s a good fit.

    There’s another related term – Free Software – which is similar to Open Source but also quite different. It doesn’t fit here though because it explicitly encourages the program to be modified any way the user feels like. It’s not a good idea to do that to auditing Tech.


  189. becomingAware

    I’ve been seeing and meeting people that have been declared by DM’s church of greed and have made the following observations:
    1) Being declared by DM means that the person is GUILTY OF SUPPORTING LRH AND THE TECH AS WRITTEN BY LRH. In other words it is proof the person is not an SP and is actually a Badge of Honor if anything the little weasel wrote or said or ordered could be considered to be worth anything.
    2) Sadly this also means that the SO members, many of whom I know, are guilty of altering standard Scientology, supporting and associating with a known SP, destroying the tech, crossordering LRH, etc. In other words THEY HAVE BECOME SUPPRESIVE.
    3) For any that have enough self determinism left to support LRH’s goals, there is time to make a change.

  190. IMHO, the correct message to OSA is not to leave. The message is PUT IT RIGHT!!
    That is your job actually, to protect, to safeguard. Okay, haven’t done that properly? Fine, do it now.
    Easiest thing for a thetan to do is change his direction…… ……….. (>>>right way)
    . ^
    . ^
    / ………^
    _ _
    ( ) ( ) <<<rocks, wrong way

    It is all about choices, right ones or wrong ones.
    They take you toward survival, or not.


  191. my cute little graphic demo didn’t come out right… :/

    anyway, think my message did.


  192. Revenimus,

    What you describe was a long time ago. Now they don’t get a day off. They don’t even get Xmas day off.

    They are paid very little (a few dollars a week), the food is lousy and for their pains they live in a slum (Anthony building) because the little dictator ordered it NOT to be renovated even though he has close to a billion dollars in the bank.

    Sometimes they get health care, usually on the government’s dime.

  193. One of the first ones mowed down was Andy Kitt, he was still on the RPF when I was routed out in Sept 07. He is one of the kindest and gentlest people one could ever meet. Not sappy, but truly kind and respectful of others.

    This did happen.


  194. It was OK.

    Just Me

  195. War and Peace

    Beautifully written and spoken Solace.

    In an instant, that security was gone.

    In an instant those upstats (long term affluence) meant nothing.

    In an instant my recourse to justice was cancelled.

    In an instant I found myself a clay pigeon being forcefully removed from the property for something I did not do, and was not even my hat. And I was not even being able to talk to my husband of over 20 years before being taken away.

    End of Quote

    This is how he will treat a valued RTC Sea Org member. OSA is lower on the food chain.

  196. Gary,

    Let me second Nightmares’ big ack on your St. Pete Times video. I felt the same way when I saw it last December.

    Here, I felt, was a man who had seen it, lived it, and maybe had the photographs to prove it. You were so real. You were guileless.

    Without guile — what a nice thing to say about someone, eh?

    Thank you,

    Just Me

  197. crashingupwards

    Ex-OSA, you said

    “and none of them is tempted to join your camp”.

    You cannot possibly know who is tempted and who among them is undercover already. Can you.

    You also said the indie list is growing slowly but you have hundreds reading here.

    Don’t you see the outpoint. If there are hundreds here and yet they are not publicly listed, that in itself is evidence to the suppression existing in the church. And there are new pseudonyms here daily, JUST LIKE YOU, only they dont have your agenda.

    Your attempt to shore up the ranks and morale of the OSA is pretty obvious. If you think for a minute your post is pouring oil to calm turbulent waters, think again.

    Dont be afraid of the truth and don’t decieve yourself into thinking you can stop the truth from being duplicated by the OSA still left.

    It is about defending scientology. And they will continue to defent it as they have for a lifetime. I agree with you on that. And isnt that what your afriad of, after all.

    “just my humble opinion”, oh please.

  198. Tim,
    I am passionate about what is right.
    I am passionate about injustice.
    I am passionate about abuses.
    I am passionate aboutbeing told lies.
    I am passionate about putting things right.
    I am passionate about being a player.
    I am bored to death by spectators.


  199. crashingupwards

    Ex-OSA, just one last thought.

    If placing this text for some handler was allowed to be a step on your liability formula(effective blow), forget about it.

    I suggest you go back to doubt and “inform oneself honestly as to the actual intentions and statistics of the group”. Who knows, you might be the next one on the indie 500 list.

  200. War and Peace

    Ken Hoden has been in the RPF for YEARS, YEARS. To my knowledge he was in PAC RPF from INT RPF. Eileen, are you saying he is out ?

    Someone no longer at INT base told me he was assigned to the RPF by DM “for not getting Highway 79 shut down.”

    Ken Hoden goes back in time practically as long as Heber Jentzsch.

    DM’s invention of assigning a veteran to the RPF for Years is a DM invention.

    Believe it or not the sec check questions in the RPF that the needle has to swing 3x for include unkind thoughts on DM, overts on DM, witholds from DM and so on.

    You cannot graduate the RPF unless you can produce 3 needle swing FNs on the DM sec check questions.

    Imagine that.

  201. Pingback: Top Posts —

  202. Bastille Day!

    Good connection — I didn’t get that one before.

    Just Me

  203. OSA’s Dilemma

    I wanted this post, I sought it
    I scrambled and worked like a slave
    Whether devotion or duty I fought for it;
    And sent my youth to its grave
    I wanted this post, I got it-
    But started reading Marty’s blog last fall
    And somehow life’s not what I thought it,
    Can I betray LRH after all?

  204. Tory,

    I totally know what you mean.

    I am sorry to say that Renata St Lawrence is not the same person we both knew and loved. When I sent her my Doubt Formula she replied back by erasing everything I had said to her in my email and only changed the subject line to say “YOU ARE PTS”. She didn’t even bother to try and get in comm with me.

    When I was married to Jon Olson in 1981, Heber was the minister. Renata was Declared SP at the time. I insisted that she be my Matron of Honor and Heber agreed. The declare was bogus and was lifted shortly after, don’t know if Heber had anything to do with it.

    My point is, “1. Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble. 2. Never permit your affinity to be alloyed. 3. Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.”

    Renata has betrayed LRH, herself, me and Heber, Ken Hoden, and many others. When times get tough, the tough get going. The self-protectors hide. I love Renata, we have a connection that goes a long way back, but I cannot count on her. Funny how that didn’t change even after she made it to OT VIII. Wonder what ‘freedom from’ means to her?

    Sorry, still hurts.


  205. ExOSA,

    1, Mike was never in the GO, he was on the ship with the old man.

    2. I’ve seen the way Farney and co are forced to live — I wouldn’t call that surviving, degrading would be a better description.

    3. OSA are little more than DM’s secret police which, per your own words, you want nothing to do with.

    4. You’re sure they’ll keep doing what they’re doing? Lying, black PRing, hacking computers, being the enforcers for DM. Sounds more like you h-o-p-e they keep doing what they are doing.

    5. You doubt they’ve been impacted by this letter? They were impacted long before this letter and that’s a fact. This letter is simply last call.

    I don’t see how it could be any more black and white.

    Perhaps you are not so ex after all.

  206. John and Claire Woodruff are in the same situation many of us old timers are in: they have two sons (Shane and Todd) in the Sea Org. Last time I talked to John was in ’07 when it became known I’d been reading the “internet” and John was the designated handler for that. During our 5 hour conversation I felt I got him more to my point of view than he got me to his. At some point he really attempted to humanize DM but he didn’t convince me. And at that point in time I was sooo very willing to be convinced/hoping all I read was a “pack of lies”. At some point I asked him where he thought Scientology would be at, had he been COB. He brushed it off, but I sensed an incredible sadness.

    Back then (in 07) John and Claire were living in OC and running a successful business. He was still absolutely the dynamic, compassionate person he’s always been. It is my take that he is very much in tune with most posters on this web site.

  207. “”I was in for a long time and I have been out for a while. I personally know of 100s of good people who use and practice the tech but do not want to be in either one of the two groups. I have seen them happy, healthy and successful. Life has a lot more shades, colors and facets and pleasures to give then the balck and white that is being presented here “”

    Amen !!!
    to all scientologiest (people actually) out there — as long as you make some type of progress towards YOUR goals — you ARE on the right track !! And ARE ethical !!
    as someone on this blog said “a scientologiest IS by defention indebendent.”

    OSA and litterly all staff is NOT !


  208. CD,

    You never cease to amaze me.


  209. Is this Snow White in a new costume?

    By the way my name is Thomas E. Gallagher and no I don’t show up on any indy list.

    And I was in the SO. (FSSO)

    God Marty and Mike this kind of shit pisses me off.

    I lived it. I saw Demented Midget in action (for example) against his father on the ship in 1991. Yelling/Screaming/Entheta I had never witnessed.

    Yeah, it’s all coming down.

    But not here.

    Some of us are going to have to pick up the pieces. My sister and I have a spare room we can offer to someone who needs to get out NOW. A sort of waylay. Wrap this around your head: a modern Under Ground Railroad.

    Whew! Thanks for letting me get that off.


    (p.s. Dean Blair – I fondly remember you from the mission in Cincinnati. And Linda)

  210. Ne Obliviscaris


    You make my day, every day.

    W & P,

    I thought you’d like that!

    Tone 41,

    Grease Monkey.

  211. exOSA,

    “A lot of the comments on your post today make it appear as if this is a black and white situation: One is either with DM or one is with your group, and if you are with DM you are not a Scientologist and if one is not backing you and your group openly and whole heartedly then one is not a good Scio either.”

    Sigh. Some people just never get it right.

    Marty and Mike have NEVER EVER NEVER written one word or said one word like you just lied about in your paragraph.

    Nice try.

    The choice is, has been and will always be between LRH and any idiot who tries to take his place. We are very armed and warned now. Won’t happen again, but just in case there is any speck of doubt about it…it is LRH we give our loyalty to. Mike and Marty just happen to be doing a good job and we like them for that. Stick that in your….pipe.

    btw, how come you are no longer in OSA? HUH?
    Do you miss it? Were you having a good time?


  212. I wanted to share a phone call I got late last night from LAO.
    I asked why he was calling me and he said “he was trying to update my info.” I told him I am tired of “updating my info every time they call. Don’t they put things in a computer?”
    Trying to not make this too long…
    When he couldn’t tell my why he needed to know my ethnicity and my occupation. Which I refused to answer. He fast forwarded to asking me if I was a member of the IAS. I asked him why I would want to be a member of an out-exchange organization such as the IAS? Furthermore, that LRH never spoke or wrote that Scn should start such a ponzi scheme. And, in fact, had actually said the we should NEVER try to raise money in that way. He said, infatically, ” yes he did!” I asked him to site where and when. He said, “He told us to clear the planet!” I asked him if ” he personally knew of any clears being made out of mest? Particularly empty org mest.”
    At this point he went ballistic. ” I don’t believe an OTIII would criticize the IAS!” He just kept yelling this over and over. I finally managed to say, “calm down. Your hysterical . How much sleep are you getting?”
    At this point, he hung up on me.
    I feel so sorry for the poor bugger. Being hung-up on by a “church” member is a first for me. I can just imagine the amount of pressure the staff are under these days.

  213. Watching Eyes


    I don’t think you’re ex OSA at all. I think you are OSA. You showed your hand with your comment, “By now they have seen and heard and analyzed all the evidence you and Mike have to give and I believe you have given it your best shot , and yet none of them is tempted to join your camp”. How would you know? Ha!

    I think you were trying to goad Mike & Marty into giving you more data. Guess what? You ain’t getting any more info. Gotcha!!

  214. OH! GOODY!!

    I have been having such a fun time on here today.

    Thanks, M & M. This was a marvelous blog.

    I love surprises. Bastille Day. Has a nice ring, that.

    L, Eileen

  215. Gee, SCIE-NO-MO, maybe John W. is posting here already. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

    (Hi, John!)

    Just Me

  216. Another Layer

    I couldn’t agree more with you about Andy. He audited me at CC. It’s a crime that someone so competent–Class VIII no less–would be so misused!

    To Everyone,
    Does anyone have additional information about Andy Kitt?

  217. Victoria, now that is a video. Thanks for posting it.

  218. MotherNature

    I know this situation within/outside of CofS is restimulating and enturbulating for many. For some reason Ceileen, it was YOUR reaction to Tim’s post that caused me to be restimulated and a bit reactive.

    Religious Freedom…and room for all opinions, without taking somone’s differing opinion as an attack, and an opportunity to attack them…isn’t THAT one of the reasons we are all here? Tim is not the enemy. Seems like an intelligent & congenial enough young fella. People with different beliefs than ours are not always our enemy. Perhaps just uninformed, but not bad or wrong…or even boring.

    Thanks to Marty, a true ‘Braveheart’ for all he is doing to try to set things right. I appreciate that he has created a forum for ALL to voice their opinions, and have never seen him attack anyone here. Including spectators, which may include OSA. We hope so!

    I feel restimulated and a bit reactive, being newly ‘out’ ! Sure could use some auditing!

    I am enthusiastic and passionate about what is right too, as so obviously are most of the poster’s here.

    I am determined to seek justice for a young man with the initials AGW…and others who have been harmed under DM’s reign of terror.

    I am passionate about the Survival of Scientology…and the survival of mankind…and all creatures great and small on this planet…

    I am passionate about TRUTH!
    …and putting things right too.

    I am glad for Tim’s participation and spectatorship…and hope there are many more spectators here than we know…expecially OSA…as it is the only way for them to be informed about what is really going on within…because they are too close to see it…and are not allowed to ‘look’.

    Locate boredom and ‘sorry’ on the tonescale…and don’t go there!

  219. Quicksilver

    ExOSA …

    I think you should look up the definition of ‘Independent’ … and while you’re at it, read the Few paragraphs above the Indy 500 list …

    The opening line is : “Your life belongs to you.”

    Independents are groups/individuals who apply Scientology, not some off-beat version such as is sold in the current church.

    I don’t remember anyone proclaiming he/she was the new Pope.

  220. Seems to me a translation of Il Dulce could be “Dear Leader” — where “duce”=leader and “dolce”=sweet or dear.

  221. Thought Provoking

    Very poignant.

  222. W & P

    Sadly, that is correct. He looks like he was literally thrown out on the street.

    Ken H, Ken S, Doug Fiandaca (OSA bot), there are probably others that I will think of later, are all out of the Sea Org from the RPF.

    I don’t think I would pass such a Sec Check…LOL!!
    I have bad thoughts about him sometimes, imagine that.

    If there is anyone in the area of PAC base who would like info about where I ran across Ken Hoden, for the purpose of finding and helping him, please email me at Bots need not apply.


  223. OSA Execs and staff,
    I don’t think your “buttons” are time off, being able to sleep in, go to a movie if you like, call your relatives, eat well, or what not. You’ve been doing without these things for years and years (some for decades and decades). It’s a life style and you’re doing it because you have purpose. The passion of it is what carries you through. You are passionate about Scientology — and well… having it now and into the future. You very mistakenly think that blowing puts an end to your eternity. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    If over the years, you flinched, or squirmed, or titled your head at something said or done, you cannot ignore those reactions — because you KNEW and you KNOW. Those flinches, squirms, things you thought, but couldn’t mention to anyone are all truths you know. Ignore them at your peril, because the road DM is taking you down is destroying what it is you are working so hard to preserve. You are disposable to him. Buck up and admit that unless you do something effective to put an end to his reign of terror, you will be contributing to the swan song of Scientology as it was meant to be. Marty, Mike, et al are not seeking to destroy Scientology and you know it. They – and all of us, are working to preserve it. It can be rebuilt. We can get in new people to sell and deliver to and make them sane, not bankrupt. It’s too simple.

  224. Hi Kye. I wrote before and now again. Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

  225. Virgil Samms

    Oh John, if you are reading this I want to tell you I am sorry that I did not save you from the tyranny of DM.

    I was your terminal for a short while when you were ED LA Day. You used to get sent to me for handling and I did not help you. It was then that you told me that PAC is nothing but a “life support system for DMs ego” and that you refused to turn LA Org into a call-in center for DMs “off policy events”. Unfortunately, for Int, I was not wearing my hat like they would have wanted me to because I agreed with what you were saying so I was of no use to you.

    But you were ahead of most of us. You had the first St Hill Size org and you were skewered for it instead of listened to. Then came the sec checks and the invalidation from Hansuli.

    Forgive us all John, you should have been lionized for your contributions.

    John, you know how to build an org and you are a good leader. Please speak out. We would love to hear from you.

    Tom Martiniano

  226. Marty and Mike,

    Beautiful post, and very moving video!
    I have always admired Sea Org members for their dedication.

    This thetan, Eminem, is one to be admired also. A brilliant and talented artist able to get his ethics in. No tech, a wild drug case and he has made a decision in spite of it all to do the right thing. He is not afraid.

    So OSA guys….Why are you?

    I found this tech when I was 16 years old. That was 40 years ago, so do understand that leaving scientology for me was a very big deal. I had many wonderful wins and later, some not so wonderful total invalidations. I made a decision and am pleased to tell you it was the correct one. I have learned much since that time and the entheta and suppression I have read about that is and has been enforced on SO members is without a doubt, comparable to the Nazi regime.

    I sent my letter of resignation recently to the Advanced Org in LA after 5 years of living with the problem of having the one source of suppression in my life coming from my former place of refuge. I didn’t even know there were others out there that were dedicated to ensuring this tech survives or any other place I could go to get squared away, but decided with nothing; that the wins I had had earlier on, were enough to take me forward…to possibly another time and place, if that was how this game was going to be played out. I was done compromising and had to confront what I was seeing and experiencing was WRONG and a violation of all that I had learned, experienced and loved in this body of knowledge.

    After I found myself screaming on the phone about my disagreements with the basics [for having every win I had ever had reading LRH books invalidated down to nothing] by a 16 year old call-in person from Bridge that had probably been in the SO for a whole 4 minutes, I was repulsed, beyond the point of redemption!

    The question is: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, TODAY?
    I think you guys need to read: HCOPL 23 Dec 1965RB, REVISD 8 JANUARY, 1991

    This is LRH, pure and simple and he does not mince words.

    The only power a suppressive person has is the power you grant him. I’m sorry, I could not find the reference for that. Your leader is really just a paranoid coward, like every other psychotic and delusional SP on the track. Big voice, no guts, no courage, no confront, no truth. At this point it is all machinery, if you get my drift. Delusional is the watchword…how can this guy accuse me of this? DELUSIONAL, antisocial personality, suppressive person, abberated personality, merchant of chaos, also totally narcissistic. There is no reasoning with this being. Don’t waste your time. He is the only one in the universe and ALL are his enemies.

    Eminem’s lyrics:
    And I just can’t keep living this waySo starting today, I’m breaking out of this cage
    I’m standing up, I’ma face my demons
    I’m manning up, I’ma hold my ground
    I’ve had enough, now I’m so fed up
    Time to put my life back together right now!

    Do what you can to save yourself now or meet your fate. Reread Marty’s and Mike’s post. The criminal never wins…Oh yes, some apparent momentary points of thrill but in the end, NEVER. Ever audit anyone?

    Hope this helps someone.

  227. OSA and it’s various agents,

    Here is an assignment for you:

    1) Write up all overts and withholds of omission and commission against LRH
    2) Drill TR 0
    3) Word Clear the Data Series
    4) Read Marty’s blog from beginning to P.T.
    5) Apply the Data Series and do your own eval of the current church scene
    6) Do a Doubt Formula, actually doing each step fully (stats, etc.)
    7) Continue up the conditions
    8) Flourish and Prosper

  228. I fully agree Haydn & Tom.

    If you were to apply Data Series 40 Ideal Orgs
    HCO Policy Letter 12 March 1975 which seems to be very heavily pushed currently by DM it says:

    “…One could look at this ideal org and know that this was the place a new civilization was being established
    for this planet.

    “The thousand or more actions that made it up would dovetail smoothly one with another.

    “And the PR Area Control would be such that no one would dream of threatening it. …”

    It sure doesn’t seem that way does it? What does that tell you of the current application by current Leader?

  229. It’s sad but your experience is so common these days. I’ve had Sea Org members call me who were surprised that I didn’t hang up on them, or were surprised that I was so “uptone and in comm” despite my “ARC breaks with the church.

    It saddens me to know these good hearted people are being treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark while being fed a bunch of shit.

    They have no idea what is really happening in the C of M or the real word.

  230. Darla,

    You are absolutely right; none of the OSA staff are in it for the money or a cushy life style. But I’d just like to add a few comments.

    The interesting thing about the poor food, no time off, living conditions (25 people to a bathroom), lack of moving on the bridge, lack of pay etc, is that each and every one of these points is also a violation of one or more LRH Sea Org or general policies.

    As a Sea Org officer Miscavige is by firm LRH policy responsible for the pay, food, living conditions and case progress of his men and women so each of these points is evidence of his betrayal of OSA staff.

    The quality of the food may seem like a minor point but the fact that “Captain” Miscavige has a whole string of personal chefs while his troops (OSA Int) eat slops means he has no right to carry a rank — on that point alone. And the fact that Miscavige ordered the Anthony building not to be improved shows how much he cares about the “engine room” that produced what he PR’d as his biggest win not to mention the fact that it also shows he is a lousy officer but a clever slave master.

    A few years ago Miscavige made a comment on a tour of the management building (in which OSA Int also work) regarding Sea Org staff cases which was: “what, you think it’s my job to get you up the bridge?” Well, per LRH, as the man who has put himself in charge, yes it is. But the state and level of cases in that building would shock most Indies. When I returned after being away from management for 14 years, it was like the place has stood still in terms of staff training and auditing. I was shocked.

    Since I am sure Miscavige knows better — he’s done his basic Sea Org training — one can only assume the poor conditions are by design and another point of control. If OSA Int staff have to spend their own money to augment their food or buy furniture or their own supplies to renovate own rooms (improving Miscavige’s building for him), it keeps them poor, competing or fighting with each other but more importantly, it keeps them tied to the farm.

    Such techniques of slavery are not new. Miscavige just put a new twist to them. And it’s been going on so long the OSA staff just accept it. But they shouldn’t.


  231. Nightmares Getting Less

    And let us not forget Dan Feeny, look where he is at now.

  232. Haydn thanks for filling me in on the time off. I guess it is self-complementing to have gotten out before, when I did when I started to read the writing on the wall. And what Helmut says also makes some sense – but hopefully there is one or two souls left in OSA NW who still have some shred of self determinism and the capacity to get out. I know they all must be under horrendous pressure right about now seeing what is coming on down the pipes. This thing about the Aussie inquiry is a Big deal, the BBC thing – big deal, the Headley suit – also a big deal, the press are slowly starting to smell blood in the water and smug Tommy looking and acting like a New York mob Gambino lawyer, I said it before and I’ll say it again he is the embodyment of “J. Warbler Madman” from mission earth (the PR man from hell) who does far more damage than good – but I digress, it would be great if one or two beings were salvaged from OSA. I would never have thought that Marty or Jackson or Mike or, or, or and so on would hold the positions they do now so if anything, I learned to never say never…

  233. Re: J. Woodruff,

    John is a good man, but he is unfortunately quite PTS to DM and has been for years, Debbie Cook is a carbon copy example of this.

    JW was after making amends to dear leader successfull, till 2007, but his reliance and long term PTSness to DM finally got the better of him.

    I am sorry to see such.

    Reference the earlier post of him mentioning from the poster that talked to him in LA Org parking lot, he is selling “pictures”.

    Man, that sucks.

    I hope he pulls his ass out of DMs -I really do.

    JW, if you are reading this, just move onward and upward.

    Your Friend.

  234. I meant it when I said it. If YOU need a place of refuge, just ask.

    Marty I’ll forward specifics privately.

    It’s our duty. And an honor.

    The Gallaghers

  235. War and Peace


    Thank you for this good information.
    I did not know that.
    I am attached to Blackberries…..
    Mine buzzes me to tell me I have a new Email when I am 30,000 feet up in the air crossing the Atlantic…..(Blackberry Global phone).

    I like that.

  236. Ne Obliviscaris

    Lucy J,

    I like it. Wonderful flow and poetic syncopation.

    Sums up OSA staff’s dilemma in a nutshell.

    I wonder if any of them have made the “Valkyrie” connection yet?


  237. Defending DM is defending DM – not defending Scientology.

    Some of these long term OSA/ex GO staff may be intelligent, but they are folks who have proven that they “go along to get along,” meaning they are chameleon and do what they think they must to survive for themselves. Nothing really wrong with wanting to survive first-dynamically, but turning a blind eye to real abuses, to what look to me to be real criminal (felonious) acts, to real suppression, usurpation of LRH’s authority – that’s complicity with destruction of Scientology! That’s not defending Scientology.

    Better to walk away. “ExOSA” probably won’t read this anyway.

  238. March On! MARCH ON!
    Their Impure Blood
    Will Irrigate Our Fields!

    (I’ve always loved that line in the French National Anthem…does that mean there’s something WRONG with me?? )

  239. OSA,

    It ain’t working, man.

    I hate television in general because it seems to be very low quality with a few rare exceptions. But, every now and then I force myself to run through the cable news networks just to see what’s up.

    Well……during the commercials I see more psych drug commercials than I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Heber’s own son told a group at my org last year that the psychs are abundantly winning on this planet.

    This, of course, was followed by hard fund-raising to “fix” the problem with MEST buildings.
    A wrong WHY in the extreme!

    Miscavige is so busy spending money and ultra-paranoid focus on Marty and Mike, as well as hoarding IAS money for future legal battles, he has all but forgotten about the psychs.

    Or maybe….just maybe….he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. Psychs in affluence equals more fund-raising, pretty much eternally, for DM.

    Surveys on the net get swamped with unfavorable views of Scn. Generally over 90%. The CNN one was downright scary.

    Under DM, we’re desperately losing.

    C’mon guys. Let’s go.

  240. Take it easy on “Ex-OSA” guys. They’re totally freaked out about the Independents, that’s WHY it was posted.

  241. Il Duce was Benito Mussilini who was a fascist dictator. I took it to mean that Marty was calling DM “Il Duce” to mean a fascist dictator similar to the tags we have given him such as “dear leader” which is what they call the president of North Korea who is also a facsist dictator.

  242. Tim. I can’t speak for Marty, but for me it’s not a belief. It seems you think Scientology is a belief- a “faith”. It isnt really.

    You study it and DO it and it works. If you do it correctly it works. You can run a process on ten PC’s and they will all have similar and fantastic, life changing wins from it.

    “Faith” in Scientology comes from application and seeing it works. This is different than other religions.

    I’m not sure what the intent of your posting was.

  243. TEG / Thomas E. Gallagher,

    I cross-posted your kind, generous and important offer of a rest stop on the Underground Railroad to the Ex Scientologist Message Board (ESMB) and Why We Protest (WWP), the home of Anonymous on the web:

    ESMB: Thomas E. Gallagher is out of the COS and offers rest stop on underground railroad.

    WWP: Thomas E. Gallagher is out of the COS and offers rest stop on underground railroad.

    I did so in order to help spread your message and because some of these people have comm lines to people feeling the C of M who are still underground.

    I quoted and linked back to your comment here so people can get in comm with you if you so wish.

    Thank you.

    — Kha Khan

  244. Chris Johnson

    Can anyone shed some light on how many members are currently in the SO, Church Management, RTC, etc?

    I still don’t really get how big these organizations are. Is the Sea Org hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands?

    The RTC can’t be much more than dozens, right? At best a few hundred?

  245. ExOSA, the critics reached critical mass in 2005. OCMB and ARS were the two major boards working. Then came ESMB. Then BFG, Little Bear Victor, BTs2Free started posting. Then came Anonymous and WWP.

    ExOSA, the larger data you are omitting is that Western Culture has repudiated the Church of Scientology in its present form. If you think for one second that this is just about Mike and Marty and the Indies, you are goddamn wrong. What this is about is Western Culture dismantling a sleazy, fraudulent organization that preys upon people. Western Culture took away Tom Cruise’s movie star, exposed David Miscavige, and now the judicial systems are more involved than ever, particularly in Europe.

    ExOSA, you miss the big picture because you are so stuck monitoring this one blog. This is a great blog, but it is just one part of gigantic movement. This onslaught, this Karmic Vortex, has been steadily happening since 2005. The Vortex will culminate and its result will be produced: CoS will be dismantled in its present form.

    OSA lost the fight against the internet and David Miscavige has been indicted in the court of public opinion. COB will not even give an interview because he has no confront.

    Real spiritual leaders step forward and speak for their people and movement. That is what Gandhi and Martin Luther King did in their lives. That is what the Pope and the Dali Lama do.

    David Miscavige is not a religious leader. He is not out in front leading by example. He only speaks at self-aggrandizing events — and even then it is only to sell merchandise.

    Ex-OSA, you have to know how to look at things and connect dots out in Culture and not just at one blog. You need to get the big picture.
    BTW, it is immense to see major name SO alumni speaking out, blogging, traveling overseas, writing books, and serving as terminals for people who blowing everyday.
    What are the OT’s in CoS doing to counter the Indies? Nothing. They are too afraid. Mighty OT VIII’s?! Gimme a break! Flag has their heads too spun up to do anything.

    ExOSA, coffee is for closers only and that is why you ain’t gettin’ no coffee. You are not closing anyone on your DA here, Here is the bottom line for you as I see it:

  246. Thank you meowmeowmeow Cat Daddy! Every time I see LRH in all the redheaded panache and grace of human form he animated …well, like James Brown sang “I feel good!”

    Don’t you love how LRH talks about putting Man in a position to solve his own problems? I love it! Scientology is a tool to be used. LRHs research and constant perfecting of gradients so that anyone can do it is evidence of the devotion this thinker had to freeing and enabling people.

    And that — free and thinking individuals who can help themsevles and who have a tech they can apply toward that end — is exactly what terrifies the likes Managing the Organization pretending to be Scientology.

    The “Church” micromanages how many squares of TP a day its parishioners use, who they can speak with, and what they are allowed to think! Anyone getting “too blown out” is brought down a notch to obedient “tamed down” “wins”. People who own their post and create it into Power are considered dangerous (why else are power produces take off post?)

    Thanks for posting this video of LRH.

  247. ExOSA …you sound so”calm” — but I know you’re not. You speak with forked tongue.

  248. TheEmperorIsNaked

    I like your posts (and your passion). I would advise avoidance of the non sequitur or any attempts to introvert. 🙂

  249. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Brilliant question:

    “At some point I asked him where he thought Scientology would be at, had he been COB. He brushed it off, but I sensed an incredible sadness.”

    A lot of people could ask themselves that question. Might produce some interesting results. Nicely done.

  250. Marty, just seeing this. Bravo, Theo, for the translation.

    ricatti means ‘ blackmail.’

    mentire a voi stessi means to lie (or pretend) to yourselves.

    For continuity, English reads as follows:

    Gigi Scidellari, Gloria e Gavino Idda,

    You had decided to help LRH clear this planet, but look at yourselves now, you are working to protect just one man who has brought Scientology toward destruction.

    You are protecting a violent and selfish man, dictator who has ruined the lives of thousands of persons, between staff and public. Scientology at one time was theta, was fun, was truth and freedom. Now Scientology is MEST, is sec checks, is blackmail, is disconnection, is money taken without giving Scientology in exchange.

    You had committed yourselves to put ethics in on this planet so that the tech could help everyone. Go back to your original pledge, put in your own ethics (which is a personal thing and not what Miscavige orders) and go back to helping Scientology and the world, ceasing to protect a violent dictator.

    You won’t be able to continue pretending to yourselves.

    Truth will set you free, not Miscavige.

    Simona, Grazie per questo lucido e eloquente appello alla coscienza.

    (Thank you for this lucid and eloquent appeal to conscience.)

  251. Theo Sismanides

    ex OSA, as I say to all those who just disagree instead of putting up their name on the Indie list or even telling us their real name, still claiming they are Scientologists:

    Come back here and confront the comm cycle you opened.

    That you and everyone comes here telling us it’s just black and white and then disappearing is not Scientology. Your responsibility and perception is too low to tell us we are just not moving basically as fast as we want. What have you done to put in some shades of grey into the situation?

    come back and confront the comm cycle.

  252. Thank you Heather, Sarge & ΘTater. Even f you didn’t love me, I love you, but it is always an unexpected joy to find your acknowledgments & comms.
    To Infinity and Beyond ∞

  253. Sci-No-Mo—glad to hear this:

    “Back then (in 07) John and Claire were living in OC and running a successful business. He was still absolutely the dynamic, compassionate person he’s always been. It is my take that he is very much in tune with most posters on this web site.”

    So it’s your take he’s staying “in” more for his kids? Ah that’s so sad, isn’t it? I hate that abuse of C of S, most of all.(Scientology breaking up families as part of C of S–I don’t care what Tommy Davis says: We all know the truth).

    Hopefully soon, for their kid’s sake, and their own, they will shake things off and bring in the light. If you want out, go. If your kids are trapped “in”, it’s even more reason to leave, connect up with your many friends out here, and figure out how to get your own kids out, too. To all parents: Please don’t let your kids lives be wasted away. Trust me, I’ve been speaking with families for 10 years–I know how difficult it is. However, I also know of many successes, so hope is in the air 🙂

    Glad to hear they’re doing fine otherwise., and Hello to John, if you read this.
    Best 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  254. lunamoth,
    That’s correct….re John’s org. I’m so used to trying to keep things simple for the many who were never Scientologists–remember many people may read these threads who were never “in”, including media. Thus I try to keep it as simple as can be, but you are totally correct and his was the first “St. Hill- Sized Org”. (Which means, for anyone not familiar with this, he won a game to get ALL of their statistics up to the standard that was at St. Hill in England, back in the day when it was booming).

    I liked him a lot, also. I did a few Book One Seminars (Dianetics, for anyone new) there, and enjoyed him very much. Seeing what “Dave” did to him was truly gross, also watching how they’d driven LA org into the ground, and then expected him to pick it up. Shame, Davey boy, Shame! (And VERY true about how he creates toxicity to a good being). Tick tock, Tick Tock, Time is on *our* side!

  255. Eileen,
    Oh good God I know what you mean. My view is a bit different. As long as people are “in” what I call the Scio-Truman Show (The Truman Show is a great movie, which just happens to mirror C of S very much in many actions, thus the name)…of course they cannot be counted on.

    If I had a dollar for every time people called me “PTS”–literally I’d be able to retire! So her actions are just those of a “True believer” as I was, when I was “in”. I know it hurts, and I’m sorry she betrayed you—but you have to know that isn’t her. We need to get her out!

    I’ve been saying this for 10 years. When I left, there were about 4-5 Scientologists willing to speak out, publicly. Imagine how exciting it is for me, now! There aren’t words to express my gratitude for every single person who helps expose the abuses of C of S–“Dave” being the man ensuring each abuse is continued.

    I’ve said for years, expressly *to* David Miscavige “Tick tock, Tick tock, Time is on *our* side!” Why? Because even though he was running programs of Fair Game on myself and others, even though I’d wake up and find my tires flattened, I KNEW Karma was on OUR side, and *that* he could not avoid. I’d always said to him, on-line (knowing he probably wouldn’t read it, but then I thought he probably would): “Karma is going to bite you in the ass, in some way you least expect”.

    So when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s Couch,and then was such a moron on The Today Show with Matt, I sat back and said, “BINGO! THIS IS IT!” Guess what happened?
    TV and radio began doing interviews with myself and about 5 others. It was exhausting, but we knew IF we kept at it, the curtain would be fully pulled open. Sure enough …that was a major cracking point.

    Also, the more people that leave, makes it that much easier for others to leave. Ever since I escaped out, in July of 2000—I’ve thanked ALL who came before me, knowing the road to true freedom I walked on was built by many who came before me. Some have died since, or even before. Some are names no one will ever even hear. Never forget these people. Many didn’t have the luxury of the Net. They were all alone, and they did it, anyways. No doubt there are some here who read this who know *exactly* what I mean…you may be one of those people who did begin the road, many years ago. I thank you.

    Knowing Renata, she’s probably reading this right now, or will tomorrow. So Renata: Stop wasting your life. The Rainbow you hoped you were riding on has long ago turned brown. There is no more color in C of S….and don’t tell me you cannot see it. I know you. Your friends are out, too. I know when in, it FEELS Like you’ll be jumping off a cliff 1,000 feet high, totally nude. (It did for me).
    As I looked down, 1,000 feet, I could see an itty bitty, tiny sign that said:
    “You *might* make it if you leap”

    Make the leap~! 🙂

    That’s my wish, and I hope for she and many others trapped “in”, that they realize you don’t have to jump 1,000 feet. Literally it’s no more than walking across a street. Just step over the white line—and come home.

    Love to all 🙂
    PS: If that was too long for some, I’m sorry.

  256. Dear Alan

    Thank you very much for your well written explanation.
    This is a good definition for “open source Scientology”:
    “Then you can use it to change conditions for the better, and not have to jump through endless hoops getting “permission” from some “authority”


  257. Robert B – you won’t be losing Scientology if you leave – you will gain it. You won’t be losing your integrity – you will gain it. You can’t do it from inside anymore. Not anymore. It is too far gone. You KNOW Mike Rinder is not an SP. You know it.

    If you ever need a thetacommline, if you ever need help on the outside, I will be here. Genuine offer, if you need it.

  258. Ex-OSA my ass! Kiss DM’s ass for more practice confronting the real shit where it comes from!

  259. martyrathbun09

    TEG, Thank you folks.

  260. martyrathbun09

    Cliff, my response: that’s why I call them the natter boards.

  261. Marty,

    You’ve created a very high toned place here. The comments are a joy to read. While people have mixed feelings about filtering, the results are palpable here… this place has an energy to it, like a taut string that has been plucked and is vibrating. I’ve been reading various forums related to Scn since ’01-ish, and “each place to its own” is kind of how I feel about it… if that makes sense… Sometimes a lot of sludge to get through to find the occasional gem…

    Here you have the right synergy of the moment, the reality you’ve created, and the people. It’s making for a very “high vibrational” place, with the occasional touch of .. hmm.. .je ne sais quoi… insouciance? 😉

    It simply feels right, and needed.

    After you posted the Eminem song a few posts back, I heard the “Not Afraid” song of the radio and thought of your blog. Was tempted to post it to you, but here you went and posted it anyways. Very evocative stuff… and the video imagery itself.. breaking through a wall… tipping over what’s perceived as an edge, and finding out that one can soar…

    It’s all coming together.

  262. earthmother

    Ceileen, and Eileen
    As of a couple of months ago, Andy was still in the RPF.

  263. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Maxim, Marty, NGL, Just Me, Fidelio, Carol, OTater… Thank you all for the very kind and heart felt words. Totally unexpected. — Jackson

  264. Brilliant!

  265. FABULOUS Post, Inspiring and Rehabilitating
    Thank You

  266. I tell you Rev., I wouldn’t have even mentioned it but I too got out early (sent to a Clas V org) but went back 14 years later.

    It reminded me of the time shortly after the wall came down and I travelled from West Berlin to East Berlin which was clearly a mess, still ravaged and stuck back in 1945. Well, management (including OSA) was clearly stuck in 1990 (or earlier). Nothing had moved on, nothing had changed but things had sure decayed in that time.

    Misavige took people who volunteered and
    turned them into slaves.

    Compare the lack of training and processing in that time and Miscavige’s attitude towards it with an earlier time. 1979 I got my grades because Mary Sue Hubbard was concerned about the case state of GO WW staff so ordered, as a first step, that all staff who hadn’t had the grades get them. And they did, including me.

    My personal opinion is that Miscavige wasn’t and isn’t fit to clean Mary Sue’s shoes.

  267. Tom, thanks for filling in some background on John. I always admired him as one of the finest Scientology execs I’d come across, with not just an impressive command of policy but also genuine compassion for his staff and public.

    At the time I couldn’t grasp how his career could have taken such a nose dive, but knowing what I now know, it makes complete sense. Nothing would be more threatening to DM than a leader of John’s caliber.

  268. Cliff, There is no such affidavit !!I KNOW LRH

  269. >Were I still on staff reading this then I doubt this implied threat would have much effect on me.

    Awww c’mon, let’s not kid ourselves; you are still on staff. And clearly this letter has had some effect on you, for here you are.

    That said, thank you for communicating here. That takes some confront.

    One of the things I particularly love about this blog is how much beingness is granted to others, and how one can hold differing viewpoints without penalty.

    So if you are open to it, perhaps we can start discussing the current stats, how DM pulled in this blog, and indeed the Indie scene as a whole.

    Thank you, once again, for being here.

  270. crashingupwards

    Hi Boyd. Your right about them being totally freaked about the independents. But I cannot agree on letting ex-osa’s comments go unanswered or going easy on it.

    Omission begets consent. It called for a response.

    And that post under the name of ex-osa was a carefully crafted, and reviewed statement full of generalities and innuendo intented to undermine the truth. I am glad it was met with the determined and thoughtful responses from so many.

    Anyone trained in PR or Intelligence matters knows what was behind it. It was totally misleading, devious, and intended to muddy the waters.

    Marty likes a game and he allows these posts. But it wasnt a genuine comm from a genuine person. It was a target on a program. Most of us have been there.

  271. martyrathbun09

    Crashingupwards, it is great having a lot of super intelligent folk like yourself communicating here.

  272. Sam, I own ‘Sudden’ again!…your turn……

  273. There’s the policy going over Div head stats at St. Hill being up or down directly in proportion to the amount of div head case gain. It’s all over the place in policy. You don’t turn it into a staff clinic and you don’t do the other extreme. It’s so obvious. I got up the Bridge more than just about anyone in the CLO although it wasn’t much. Maybe 1 or 2 people got more, out of 40 or 50 people. There’s 15 year veteran TR’s and Obj case levels on average. You get about 1.5 steps up the Bridge per decade at the CLO on average. It was only after I got up the Bridge a little ways when I started to wake up and push back. This rolls back to COB getting what he pushes and making himself the only decision point on the org board, in my opinion. In this instance, it’s not that he ordered something from Int to the CLO re: auditing, he just never bothered to push it. We had three people who would audit, but no staff staff auditors. They’d rarely take people in though. Anyways, Leah M. deserves some recognition for attempting to get this handled at the CLO, and Vanessa and Frank.
    I don’t know how it was elsewhere, this is CLO EUS.

  274. Actually I just remembered, DM in his briefing to CLO AF said that “you should all twin up and run objective processes” or something like that. Again, don’t listen to his WORDS, watch his actions. But what’s with him and objectives anyways. Each step of the Bridge is important, and I don’t know of an LRH ref saying it’s the “make-break point of the lower Bridge” -DM quote. How about just getting staff up the Bridge instead of twinning them up during part of lunch time, which is what he implied. He said something like, “grab a partner and do it”. When? Just do this any old time during production hours or something, which is all day?. Let Div 4 and 5 handle cases.

  275. What are the wins you get with Scientology? I’m curious, not necessarily doubtful. I mean if you could teleport into my room to tell me or levitate with it, I’d sign up immediately. If it’s a sense of self-esteem and clarity or purpose, I’d say that Scientology doesn’t have the monopoly on that.

    Anyhoo I think Kathy Griffin says it best:

  276. Fellow Traveller

    For those of us who know not Dan Feeny, where might we look to fill in some missing data?

    Bruce Pratt

  277. Mr. Paine,
    You are absolutely right; none of the OSA staff are in it for the money or a cushy life style. But I’d just like to add a few comments.
    And correct comments they are. With many of the old timers gone, secluded, declared or relegated to the laundry room, the current staff don’t understand that LRH set things up for the staff to survive comfortably and well. Any deficiencies in this area are designed and is all the more reason for these guys to abandon ship.

  278. Cliff – Do you believe in affidavits?

    There are tons of them, some in binders plastered in the “Truth Rundown” series and, AC 360 and etc. If you believe in that, then DM has a bridge to sell you.

  279. Fellow Traveller

    I like the mid July reference.

    Our gracious hosts are widely read, well educated students of history IMHO.

    Mid July was also the start of the Spanish Civil War (17 July 1936) noted for among other things “The First Media War”. There are other characteristics that may also be applicable because like most all civil wars, it was rife with intense and violent conflict of priorly cohesive groups.

    My 2cents.

    Bruce Pratt

  280. MotherNature

    With the reports and exposure coming out in he media, it is more than likely that many people will be interested in what is happening, both within and outside the CofS. I am certain Scientology and DM are being googled all over the planet by non-Scientologists too.

    Thus there will be people looking for the truth, and some may even want to participate by asking questions or expressing themselves here…after all…isn’t this blog all about TRUTH! By the way we act towards them…either welcoming..or invalidating…we have the potential here to give them the impression of what is real & pure Scientology! Right?!

    So Tim, who is not a Scientologist, ventured his way here on the internet seeking TRUTH, and felt safe enough among us to add his own thoughts,…should we not conduct ourselves with a friendly response?…Who knows…he may be someone, who, when he finds out the TRUTH…and also finds us as a group of positive Scientologists…become a real Scientologist one day…Just hope not to invalidate him or scare him off. Or anyone else…except SP’s…the real ones.

  281. Tim,

    Everyone has their own unique personal wins with Scientology, but magic teleportation isn’t on the list. Besides, that violates the fundamental laws of physics.

    What people get out of it is very personal to them and their lives. Take Grade 0 for example. The End Phenomena is “a willingness to speak to anyone about anything” or words to that effect. Everyone who completes Grade 0 gets to that point, but it means different things to different people. For an accomplished artist or performer it might be a “Hey! this is neat!” feeling, but for someone who is still working at a lowly job and is lonely at age 40 because he never worked up the courage to talk to people it could be a total life-saver of monumental proportions.

    And so on through the various Grades, each with it’s own end result.

    A “sense of self-esteem and clarity or purpose” is part of it because those things are part of life. But don’t minimize those things, they are probably the most important aspects of your life.

    A good question for you to ask would be “What is the one thing you most want to improve in your own life, the one thing that you can’t quite get a handle on? Define it for yourself. Scientology can probably deal with that – it won’t fix it for you; it will give you the tools you need to fix it yourself. When you’ve done that, you will know that you did it, and only you will really know what it is worth.

    For me, the big win was communication and ethics. I’m a computer geek and like most geeks it was easier to talk to the machine than to real live people. I learned to have conversations and not give a flying hoot what people might think of me just because I opened my mouth 🙂

    I think you meant the levitation bit as a joke, but in 25 years I have yet to see someone learn woowoo magic parlour tricks in session. Sorry ’bout that 🙂


  282. Ex-OSA,

    You said:

    “The indi 500 list is growing very slowly — a few every week at best. And now you felt compelled to post this letter. So it makes one wonder. Yes, I am sure 100s read this but that is heardly a stat for the indi group. The real stat for the indi movement, it seems to me, is the number of people who declare their allegiance to you openly, and those are just a few every month at best.

    “Every evaluation starts with a stat analysis. And here is a stat for sure.”

    Your choice of statistics is incorrect and not per the Data Series. People on that Indie 500 list have nothing to lose (or are willing to lose it) by declaring openly they have left the church. The majority have Church of Scientology connections with family, good friends or even their sole source of income threatened by coming out in the open. I don’t need to clarify how that is the case to you.

    Here is the applicable reference. Word clear and False Data Strip this and then put it in clay.


    (Applicable excerpt starts below):


    Situations and DATA trails are supported by statistics.

    Where statistics are not in numeral form this may be harder. Where they are outright lies, this
    is an outpoint itself.

    A person or nation without any statistic may be a puzzle at first but statistical approximations
    can exist and be valid.

    Statistics of CIA would be very hard to dig up. They don’t even let the US Congress in on it.
    But the deteriorating overseas influence of the US would show that CIA was not batting any high average and that its data fed to policy-makers (its avowed purpose) might well be false or misleading causing policy errors that cause a deteriorating scene.

    So statistics can be estimated by the scene itself even when absent in numerical form.

    England has lost its whole empire in a quarter of a century, without a single defeat in war. This
    gives an adequate statistic for the government’s good sense or lack of it. It is at this writing losing even parts of the homeland and is itself joining what might be called the Fourth Reich and so will soon cease to exist as a political sovereignty. This statistic can even be drawn as a dive-bombing down curve.

    A deckhand’s statistic may not exist on a chart but the areas he tends do exist for view.

    One either has a numerical statistic or a direct observation. One can use both.

    I once answered the question, “Why are paid completions high and gross income low?” by
    finding that the “paid” completions stats were false.

    So one statistic can be compared to another.

    Three or more stats can be compared to each other and often lead directly to a WHY.


    After a fine data analysis, one may well find the stats are quite normal and there is NO

    One may have a great PR PR PR data analysis and collide with statistics you’d need a
    submarine to read.

    And one may have data that says the whole staff of Keokuk should be shot without waiting for
    dawn and then discover that, by stats, they’re doing great.

    And one can also do a data analysis that shows somebody should be commended and prove it
    by stats and then discover belatedly the stats are false and the guy should have been shot.

    However, if one looks at all available stats after doing a data analysis one may find they look
    good at a glance but are sour as green apples. One could see a high lot of stats, GI, etc., and then see a cost stat that shows someone is making $2 million at a cost of $4 million and that the place is going straight into the garbage can.

    DO NOT give a Why or recommend handling without inspecting the actual stats. And DO
    NOT be thrown off a situation you are sure exists without looking at ALL the stats. (Example: High
    hour interns’ stats throw one off interfering until one sees NO interns graduating and NO programs completed by them.)


  283. martyrathbun09

    splog, Wonderfully stated.

  284. Let me fill you in. Why are people reaching for these over the counter (America for you) drugs.

    Because nobody takes time for eachother.

    And these over the counter drugs are long lost for Psychiatrists to control. It are bigger players that own the companies.

    Believe you me . In my country you it is very different.

  285. MotherNature

    WOW! splog…what a validating, inviting and informative comment. Hopefully Tim will read it and get some of his questions answered about what a ‘win’ is and what is real Scientology.


  286. Boyd,

    You mentioned CLO AF.

    A fellow Seff Efriken[1] perhaps? I’m in Joburg.

    [1] An in-joke. Only Seff Efrikens get it 🙂

  287. Theo Sismanides

    Black Dove, it’s all coming together, yea!

  288. Thought Provoking

    [1] An in-joke. Only Seff Efrikens get it

    Not so hard to get the CS from the mission I started at was fro SA. Beautiful language!

  289. Kathy Braceland

    Nice. Straight from the hip….

  290. Hey Kathy,

    Hi ! I used to Co-audit FPRD with your now x- husband, Tom, way back in the day–remember? How are you? Is Tom out also? I think of him often and hope and pray he found his way out, also.

    Best wishes to you, 🙂

  291. Freedom Fighter

    Man, that Eminem song gives me goosebumps!

  292. What is the purpose of Religion? Is it not to Illuminate on a Spiritual Truth? Did Scientology do this for you before or during Miscavige? Why does D.M. pervert the “tech?’ Any answers?

  293. It is quite likely that the church will end up paying back taxes for their operationj in the UK since it has now been discovered that the UK oeration was registered as a non profit status in Adeklaide, Australia. The homeland of Senator Xenophon who is pushing like crazy tfor the chruch to be made not tax exempt and seems, at this popit, likely to be successful. It is possible the Souoth Australian State Government will null the CofS non profit status resulting in the possibility the church will have heaps of heavy back taxes in the UK and Australia.

    Looks like MD is goign to reap what he has sown

  294. Tim, Mother Nature, Emperor…anyone else I might have offended with my post…

    My humble apology.


  295. I’m with you Crashing, I wasn’t being serious about not answering.

  296. I mean ‘taking it easy’

  297. Mike Hobson

    “ExOSA” – Tell your program ops we’ve already seen the OSA playbook for handling freezone and independent Scientologists (no tm) including the target to try to drive everyone downtown by preaching doom, gloom and futility on the various comm lines we use (forums, blogs, e-mail lists, etc).

    Sleight of hand tricks no longer work when the audience has been shown how they are done, you poor soul.

    Michael A. Hobson

  298. Theo Sismanides

    Veritas, La Verita, I didn’t know you are Italian/had Italian origins or what. thank you, I made an attempt, hopefully I coveyed the essence of the letter.

    Alora (=s0), grazie tanti (thanks a lot)! Hahaha, hey guys I am not going to go into Greek now, let’s keep it Italian for the moment.


  299. Theo Sismanides

    WP, oh Blackberries, OK! Anyway, if you guys happen to know any programmer on iPhones please let me know.

    I am opening up a new field and business with iPhone Applications, like Guides for Greece, the islands, the City of Athens and we see what else.

    So, we stay tuned.

  300. Marty, I just think it’s funny that you are writing to OSA ordering them to jump ship, you mist be desperate. I sure hope OSA is going to put your ethics in. I am glad OSA is there to defend Scientology against turncoats such as yourself and Mike Rinder. Good luck to you and I sincerely hope you won’t turn into a rock your next lifetime.

  301. Hello Mary,

    Tell you what, print off the bit of this web page with your post in it and attach it as the evidence for OT27445 of whatever program you’re following.

    There’s a good girl now 🙂

  302. Mike Hobson


    “drive everyone downtown” should read: “drive everyone downtone”.

    Michael A. Hobson

  303. Hey thank you very much, Carol! It’s been a wild ride, and I’m seriously thrilled SO many people are now out, and speaking out. Happy week-end 🙂 TLC

  304. Tory Christman

    Hey Chris,
    Sorry—I’m still learning how this site works. I think I responded to you farther down the line.
    Anyways, fun we knew each other back at CC–those were wild and woolly days, eh? Back then, SOOO many new people, CC getting more and more artists in, along with the so many friends (Now most, happily, out).

    John was a “Firebreathing upstat” all the time I knew him, too. I was surprised to hear some didn’t feel the same, but I guess in any ball game you’ll find that, eh?

    I know there’s a crew who hate me, and I’ve lived through a few waves of that (with almost the *exact* same program each time. I always keep in mind Bill Yaude created and ran 10 different identities from his house–all “Critics” of Scientology, and he’s “in” and working with OSA–so go figure. I know, for some who aren’t BY—here’s my take: If you have a beef with me, tell ~me~).

    OH WELL, is my opinion: Take a number, get in line 🙂 And meantime: Have a great day!

  305. IQ test:
    If Mary is anti Marty
    And Mary says Marty is anti-OSA
    And Marty is trying to help OSA wake up and wear their hat
    Then Mary is
    A. anti-Marty
    B. anti-OSA
    C. dazed and confused.
    D. is a talking head.
    E. Needs to find a blog to post her confusion on

  306. It’s scary to have that knowingness that all is not right, trapped by your loyalty, afraid to make a move that may forever backfire on you (so you think) but until you take that step you may never know. Caught in a trap, which way do you go? It takes great courage that you already have within you, otherwise why would you be doing what you are? I walked for preservation of my family, you having none (albeit friends which are in abundance out here, little did I know), you should consider preservation of LRH and his legacy as that’s what it’s all about in the end which DM is relentlessly chipping away at and perverting more and more and more and more. Did you notice that he took out the dedication of Science of Survival to Diana Hubbard, his own daughter? What a blasphemy! Do you actually want to be a part of that? If you do, I don’t have any sympathy for what may come of you as what comes around goes around. The Code of Honor, “Your integrity is more important than your immediate life.” Now that takes real courage. Is your immediate life more important than your integrity? Screw the wog attorneys, spies and what not, they could give a shit about LRH’s legacy, they are strictly in it for money, money, money as it appears so is Dear Leader.

  307. Marty and Mike,

    Possibly you should both use the “tech” to turn Linda, to the right side then.

    I for years realized helping others speak up, so that you two had a backing to corroborate you, well now, I think you two should focus on who inside YOU wish to be spit out, and come out and detail whatever you feel needs to be exposed!

    I suppose the best anonymous street protesters in LA could do, is hold up signs saying

    “Linda Hamel, come on down! Get out, speak up about what is going on! Marty and Mike blew, you LINDA HAMEL, can too!!!!!”

    Let’s get that ice pick moment happening!!!!!! Fguratively, DM trashing blasting Linda Hamel, getting HER doubted by DM!

    I think Mike’s successor as CO OSA needs to slip up, and see the writing on the wall, namely DM’s wrath and insane distrust reign down on her, and her get the hell out of there, as her far more experienced successors, you both, had to do.

    I think mainly she’s pegged for NOT rising any higher, that she’s “protected” in her position at OSA. Like Kirsten, who similarly is sort of pegged in her position as “handler” of the troublesome ex members (to an extent, since Kirsten was NOT your two’s handlers, but Kirsten is pegged where she is).

    Focus, I suggest, on those, like Linda, who SHOULD get the hell out, and help to undo the mess.

  308. Mary, your sincerity is solid like a sandcastlle when the flood comes in.

  309. EMINEM says it well. Take a stand DON’T BE AFRAID. Great lyrics and it makes a point. Listen to the lyrics again if you did not get the point Marty is making.

    I took this action in 2000 – got out – saw the insanities and how the execs at FLAG were at each others throats – saw how the ethics officers at such a young age were screaming at each other to make a point regardless whether a parishioner was in earshot. Problem here is that most parishioners are in fear and justified the action. Instinctively knowing it was an outpoint but assuming that the “group” knows best. WAKE UP !!! please !!!

    As a crew member one hour you were the HERO of the hour and in the next hour you could find yourself being called “a piece of s**t” and on the decks, with no LRH to back the action. This is called insanity.

    I made the decision – I WILL NEVER help this group – it is insane and has been PUSHED off the rails by dm and his robots who continuously commit atrocities on staff and parishioners. Blown for Good and Abuse at the Top are accounts that occurred – if you have not read these books – get them.

    There are others who will not contribute to the madness they are out, independents. That is termed INTEGRITY.

    EMINEM says it well. Take a stand DON’T BE AFRAID. Great lyrics and it makes a point. Listen to the lyrics again.

  310. TheEmperorIsNaked

    You didn’t offend me. My response was for you, not to correct you. (I would have left off the last sentence though).

  311. A point that continues to come up over and over and over…
    Screw the wog attorneys, spies and what not, they could give a shit about LRH’s legacy, they are strictly in it for money, money, money as it appears so is Dear Leader.
    They’re all ridin’ the GRAVY TRAIN!!!

  312. Kye~I wrote again with no reply back from you. Is there a problem with your hushmail?

  313. Mary is ordered not to respond. They’re going to have to add an operating target. Guaranteed she won’t respond.

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