Daily Archives: July 14, 2010

The Headleys

 I had the privilege of spending a couple days as a guest at Claire’s and Marc’s home not too long ago.  I got to spend some quality time with them and other friends.  I learned something that I did not know before. After talking to a number of people I learned that Claire and Marc only ever got into a confict with DM’s organization because of an RTC retaliation campaign conducted against them. Their crime?  Assisting a friend to escape from imprisonment where she received some of the worst kind of mind manipulation I have ever heard of Miscavige performing.   Once again, DM created a state of mind in others that the only way to survive his persecution and harrassment was to turn to the courts.  I generally advise people to stay away from the courts if they can avoid it; it is too costly and has uncertain results, particularly when one is up against a corporation with unlimited financial resources and run by a sociopath. 

Accordingly, I did some study on their legal case.  I saw the most patent, wall of sworn falsehoods being thrown at them by an army of well-heeled lawyers (and perjury-willing church “witnesses”). I decided to do what I could to help counter-balance the fraud RTC is attempting to pass off on the court.  The link below is a copy of the declaration I drafted and later signed in support of a critical legal issue being litigated at the moment. 

I suggest to anyone who knew Marc or Claire during their years in the church to contact them to share any facts that might be relevant to their case. They stood up alone and have sacrificed much to stay standing as long as they have. 

Rathbun Declaration – Claire 3