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LRH-trained Class XII C/S Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch

We’ve told Miscavige time and again, do not mess with a mother’s nature. Try as we have, he just won’t listen.

He now has Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch to deal with.  Karen is an empire  builder; she excels at acquiring territory and turf .  She is a true friend to LRH and a legend from the early years of the Sea Org. Today, she is a very successful and influential businesswoman, internationally recognized as a leading expert in her field.  We consider Karen one of our dearest friends and a highly valuable player in the Independence movement. 

 – Mike and Marty


I have done a huge amount of soul searching and given a lot thought to exiting DM’s “church”. It is not easy to make such a decision to walk away from what has been an integral part of your life for decades.  I had planned to withdraw my support (and stop the considerable flow of funds I had poured into the Church) and remain relatively quiet behind the scenes. But then everything changed, when once again, the Church of MEST decided to try to destroy my family.

Let me provide just a little background to put things in context.

Flagship Apollo

In the early 70’s I traveled to the Flag Ship Apollo as a public. I took just one suitcase, for a planned 10 day stay. I had trained up through Class VIII at Saint Hill in the UK and decided to celebrate my  graduation with a Mediterranean Cruise and some auditing. And I also really did want to meet LRH.

A ship is a tight knit group and everyone gets to know the comings and goings.  I had barely been aboard 3- 4 days when one of the first LRH Watch Messengers (someone who was with LRH for 8 hours a day), Janis Gillham, found me in the bowels of the ship. She had a message from the Commodore.  I looked up at her startled that she knew my name.  Her message was: “The Commodore asked if you have finished your auditing, and if so, would you like to join the Sea Organization?” I was silent for a moment. I felt a rush of excitement. My life was about to change in one second. I told Janis to tell the Commodore I would be honored to join his team. About 20 minutes later I met LRH on the Promenade Deck and received his congratulations. Janis told me later she knew of no other person who was invited to join the Sea Org personally by LRH.

And boy, I sure have some rare LRH stories to tell.  I must tell them on this blog.  The LRH Biography staff  spent 2 days debriefing me for these stories about 3 years ago.  Of course they will be deleted now that I am a Proud SP.  So I will preserve these anecdotes for posterity on Marty’s blog.  And based on the track record of Miscavige, the Biography will never be completed anyway as the person who is supposed to be writing it is instead his personal speechwriter. 

I soon discovered that a “Field Class VIII” did not mean a Flag Class VIII.  And so I re-did all my internships and then trained up to Class XII with LRH as the CS overlooking the folders and giving final TR passes. I won several “Auditor of the Year” awards and was personally commended by LRH 9 times.  I was a high producer as part of LRH’s Flag technical team. I am the last LRH trained Class XII that belonged to Church of Miscavology.  All other XIIs died, left the Church, or were declared.  And now, I will proudly join the ranks of those who have been declared for withdrawing their support for the SP that is destroying the life’s work of LRH.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

I am sure you can imagine my reaction first to the “Golden Age of Tech” and then to “The Basics” events where DM in his infinite arrogance put down and invalidated all prior training and auditing. A relative handful of us kept the delivery high and the Gross Income rolling in, month after month, year in and year out.  Half a dozen Class XIIs were the main source of income for the FSO.  We kept the ship afloat with delivery of the Ls and other auditing, so LRH could continue his research and overlook and guide Scientology’s growth and impact. I sat at those events and literally watched Miscavige assume the (false) position of the new Messiah. HE WAS GOING TO IMPROVE ON LRH!  

Those of us who worked on LRH lines knew very well, that LRH did not sell botched overt products.  Every single facet and characteristic of LRH was to improve and upgrade the quality of life as best he knew. Now, in strutted Mr. Arrogance to inform everyone that they were incompetent, out tech, unknowing fools and that he had slaved feverishly to correct all the mistakes LRH had made (of course, there was a lot of PR and hype, but read through the bs and this is what he was saying). I audited 1000s of hours under LRH.  I called FNs the way LRH wrote the definition. Not the David Miscavige definition.  All those Ls and special Flag Rundowns delivered throughout the 1970s and 1980s did not incorporate the DM definition.  In those years, I do not recall a single request for refund, missed withhold or trouble made for the pc in all the people I audited.

This is not to say I did not live a life of dread. The registrars David Light, Sonia Jacques etc. would get the Tours to sell huge blocks of auditing to No-Case Gain pcs. They were all dumped in the Class XII HGC for a miracle cure.  I was the Class XII C/S.  Jeff Walker, the Senior CS and I lived a life of daily combat over this.  The stats of Flag Service Org were climbing nicely and Jeff wanted all pcs handled in the Class XII HGC.   I was concerned about the well-being of LRH’s org and not to create a disaster with an illegal pc. I saw the future YEARS and YEARS before Lisa McPherson happened.  It was just a matter of time. I cared very much to protect the Flag Land Base and on my watch, there was no death, no suicide, no one in my HGC under my CSing or auditing hit the skids.

Miscavige orders Heber to divorce me

Karen and Heber's wedding day

From early 1982 to 1987 I worked at OSA International.  I had married Heber in 1978 and when he became President CSI in 1982 and was located in Los Angeles I transferred there to be with him.  I had the grandiose title of “Presidential Aide” (Heber’s Assistant)   One day I was summoned with Heber to INT base and it did not sound good.  Upon arrival, Mike Sutter (then CO OSA Int) who had the previous week presented me with OSA “Staff Member of the Week” award,  questioned me about a sentence I had told someone in FSO about Vicki Aznaran and Jesse Prince’s removal from RTC (Vicki was Inspector General). Even though this fact was Broad Public Issue a few days later, distributed in everyone’s in-basket, I paid for that goof dearly.  I had committed out-security and this was used as a justification to destroy our marriage.

I was confined to the Int base and not allowed to return to Los Angeles to pick up a change of clothes. I did heavy deck work in the same underwear and dress for 10 days. It was humiliating. One sweats on the decks.  It is HOT in Gilman Hot Springs.  I was not “trusted” to return to Los Angeles to pick up clothes and toiletries.

At this point, I spoke up.  I went to Jackson, Security Chief (who posts here — Greetings Jackson!)  and announced that nobody had the right to keep me against my will. I called it kidnap. I said they were breaking the laws of the land.  I tend to speak up and meet things head on — I am not the silent suffering type.   Well, that caused an explosion.  My car keys were promptly taken away and I was put on  increased hours of sec checking.  And no surprise, that sec checking became wilder and wilder.  Was I a psychiatric case?  Had I been institutionalized? (LOL I had been in the Church since I was a teenager) Had I been implanted?  Was I sent in by the FBI? Was I an IRS agent or plant?  ROFL!  Yes, I can laugh now.  But it is not funny when this is run on you for hours, days, weeks and you cannot leave the base.  It was 6 months of hell.  Someone wrote on another site: “Under the totalitarian regime in Russia those that objected to the program were by definition ‘mentally ill’ as only a person who was mentally ill would be against the people’s paradise.”   What a great quote.  I was not “with the program,” therefore I must be psychiatric…….whoa.    This is DM’s “Church.”

The years of performance, the stellar products, the Auditor of the Year awards year in and year out, all wiped out in one nanosecond.  I did not agree to be kidnapped against my will at Int Base, therefore I must be psychiatric — even though I was one of 6 people on planet Earth that trained to Class XII CS. On reflection, those 6 months of kidnap and being imprisoned against my will at Int Base should have been reported to Law Enforcement at that time. But it would not occur to an SO member to do that.   You just could not think that way when you are in, even though kidnap is a felony.  I know now that was an overt because the same brutality has been repeated and even expanded in the 23 years since; witness the horrors of “the Hole” where Heber still resides.

I later learned from other sources that the whole 6 months incident was carrying out the DM order to get Heber to divorce me.  Either get the evidence through sec checks that could be used to show him I was a plant or a psych case, or break me and make me act in a psychotic fashion that would prove it to him that way.  Heber was sent to Germany and I was forbidden to use the phone, talk to Heber or talk to anyone other than my “handlers.” Lockdown.

Eventually the strategy worked. There was no way of fighting it.

Now, this was more than 20 years ago and DM has gotten progressively worse since. The Hole is a reflection of the insane deterioration of DM’s ability to see the value of a Staff Member.  Especially a dedicated SO member.

In 1990 I routed out of the Sea Org.  I endured months of Sec Checking but did all the right things on the route out.  In 20 years it never occurred to me to be hostile towards the Church. I remained a “good” Scientologist, funding libraries, buying all the new releases, showing up at events, giving AOLA $250,000 in the space of 3 years, and even embroiling myself in things of a more confidential nature to support the Church. I’ve had 20 years since my departure from the Sea Org to step out of line. I never did. And when the inevitable doubts crept in, I would think of my time track with LRH and just keep on going.

Karen, after recovering from Int and succeeding in the business world.

Alexander Jentzsch and Office of Special Affairs

Heber and I had a son in 1984 — Alexander Jentzsch.  He was born and raised in the Sea Org.

When Alexander was 11 years old (he had left the SO with me in 1990 when he was 6 and had then been regged to return to the SO when he was 10), Heber and I were both located in Los Angeles and Alexander was at Flag.  He was being used as a child slave laborer at the Fort Harrison, with no schooling or study time – instead cleaning toilets and floors in the Fort Harrison lobby 10-12 hours a day.  I called OSA multiple times to tell them this violated the laws of the land.  Finally I threatened that if it was not handled I would fly to Clearwater and extract him myself. OSA put him on a plane to Los Angeles within 24 hours.

Alexander was born in Scientology and knows nothing else. The culture is deeply embedded in him.

Fast forward to 3 years ago.  Alexander is now married and his wife Andrea is pregnant. Pressure is brought to bear for an abortion. It is done skillfully – no heavy threats, but both are both taken off post and made to look at “the greatest good”.  The message was loud and clear. Alexander called me multiple times a day as this goes down. All of the while his father, Heber, is uncontactable in lockdown in Miscavige’s Hole.  In the end, Andrea had an abortion and they were returned to post. But she never gets over it and feels she has committed an overt of magnitude.

3 years later she is pregnant again.  She really does want to be a mom. But now, times have changed. Claire and Mark Headley and  Laura Decrescenzo’s lawsuits, media and the internet have caused the Church to re-think their enforced abortion policy.

This time Alexander and Andrea are routed out with ” love”.  Kirsten Caetano, in charge of External Security at OSA, befriends Alexander in an unnatural, unheard of way. She arranges for his apartment rent to be paid. Helps arrange and approves him working for a Scientologist owned company at a very high wage, and gives him lots of sympathy and compassion. She strokes his feathers every way she can.  He is given $3500 after he signs a bunch of documents on video. God knows he signed his life away, though of course the documents are worthless and Alexander was not given a copy of what he signed.

Psych Ops.

I keep hearing from Alexander how WONDERFUL Kirsten is. She gives him all her phone numbers: berthing, cell and work, and she is just a click away on email. Ahhhhhhhh.  Feel the love….

Then Marty and Mike posted the blog on Heber ( Alexandar has a huge ongoing upset that Heber has not seen him in 6 YEARS.  Even though he is a dedicated Sea Org member and can put up with a lot “for the cause”, it makes no sense to him (it shouldn’t) that he cannot see or talk to his father. It is a BIG  button.  Heber was born on October 30th 1935. He is 75 years old. And he is incarcerated at Int Base and he has been for years.  Miscavige has not permitted any family time for Heber to see Alexander.

But the magic of Marty’s blog. Within 36 hours of that posting, Heber comes down to Los Angeles and spends 8 hours with Alexander for the first  time in 6 years. Heber has a cell phone number he gives Alexander and promises to attend a family re-union of his brothers and sisters in August with Alexander.

Wow, what a change! Thanks Marty and Mike!

Scroll forward to a few days ago. I ask Alexander if he wished Heber “Happy Father’s Day”. He said he had called but could not get through.  Heber no longer has a cell phone. And when he calls Alexander back he informs him that he will not be going to the family reunion, but will see Alexander next… at Christmas!! 

I am outraged and try to communicate about this but Alexander shuts me down. I feel Kirsten’s presence in the comm cycle. How dare I question authority or hint that there may be something wrong in the world of Miscavige!  The Thought Police scrambled into action.

Last night, Alexander was directed by his OSA handlers to guide me to an entheta site on line (entheta about Marty, Mike and even me).  He actually tried to get me to read entheta about myself!! I will not tolerate my son being manipulated against me and when he began screaming at me to “get my shit squared away with OSA or lose him as a son,” I knew that the body snatchers had him firmly in their grasp. For any that think I am in error airing private mother/son stuff on the web, the scene of the church infiltrating and turning my son against me is something that must be exposed.

Mike Rinder went through this when 7 people assaulted him in that parking lot. His own daughter, Taryn, was screaming at him for being an SP.

The internet backlash as a result was enormous. People found the behavior of the C of M appalling and horrifying.  But, the leopard cannot change his spots. Just another OSA op.  Seems the latest ploy is a new twist on “family leverage” that would make Terl proud.  But, once again, they have delivered a massive footbullet.  I was content to withdraw my support at the start of 2010 and remain relatively quiet. All that changed yesterday. If OSA thought they would control me by using Alexander as a pawn, it backfired.

Every time Alexander is used by OSA I will faithfully post every detail on the web, so that the “Office of COB” can see that the world knows and understands their dirty tricks. 

Sometimes it is fun to be underestimated.

But we live in a world of instant digital communication.  Marty’s site gets 50,000 hits a WEEK !

We can let sunshine disinfect.

My life is good now. I am highly successful, healthy, wealthy and wise. I have no doubt who my true and dear friends are – they are the people who read this blog every day. And I have no doubt that I will dedicate myself to preventing the destruction of LRH’s legacy by the SP David Miscavige.  This is my Doubt Formula announcement.

Anyone who wants to contact me privately can do so at:  Home page:

What goes around comes around

  from An Essay on Management:

Power, and very real, forceful power it is, can be sustained only when it deals with theta goals and is derived from theta principles. Authoritarian power, held by breaking or perverting ARC, enforced punishment drive, brings to management certain destruction and brings to the group reduced efficiency or death. One, in considering these things, is not dealing in airy philosophic impracticalities but in facts so hard and solid they can worn and eaten and used as roofs. We are dealing here with the basic stuff of management and group survival. It is to be commented upon that management has succeeded despite its use of punishment drive and because of existing theta goals whether management knew it or not. This sums up not particularly to the discredit of managements of the past but to the highly resistant character of theta goals. Management, failing to understand the true force of its power and the source of that power, seeing only that if it cut and perverted ARC it had power of a sort, has been the yoke around the neck of mankind in most instances, not the proud thing management thinks it is or could be, keeping the wheels turning. Where wheels turned in the past it was usually because of highly vital theta goals and thoroughly despite management. Management, being a needful cog in the scheme of things, has been kept around by a hopeful mankind on the off chance that it someday might be of complete use. A punishment-drive management is the spoke in the wheel of an action being conducted by a goal maker and a group, not the grease for the wheel which management sincerely believes itself to be. A goal-maker—group combination action is only enturbulated because of lack of a good management or the existence, much worse, of a punishment-drive management. Man would run better entirely unmanaged than in the hands of an authoritarian management for the end of such a management is group death. A group would run better theta managed with real theta power than a group entirely unmanaged.

Management derives power most swiftly by acting as interpreter between a goal maker and a group. The power of management is effective in ratio to the cleanness with which it relays between the goal maker and the group on ARC. Management loses real power in the ratio that it perverts or cuts lines between the goal maker and the group. When the goal maker exists now only as a printed code, management can continue to prosper and can continue to serve only in the ratio that it keeps that code cleanly interpreted between archives and group. Management deteriorates and grows unprosperous in the ratio that it perverts or cuts the lines from code to group.

There is an intriguing factor involved, however: ARC lines. When they are slightly interrupted they deliver power to the individual that interrupts them. True it is authoritarian power – death power. But a very faint tampering with a line gives authority to the tamperer since he is obscuring to some slight degree a section of Theta. His group is trying to see the Theta and reach it and if they can do so only through the tamperer and if they are convinced that the tamperer or tampering is necessary (which it NEVER is), then the group tolerates the tamperer in the hopes of seeing more Theta. Mistaking this regard for him as something he is receiving personally, the tamperer cannot resist, if he is a narrow and stupid man, tampering a little more with the ARC line. He can live and is tolerated only so long as the Theta he is partially obscuring is not entirely obscured. But he, by that first tampering, starts on the dwindling spiral. Eventually he is so “reactive” (and he would have to be pretty much reactive mind to start such an operation) that he obscures the Theta or discredits it. At that moment he dies. He has put so much tension on the line that it explodes. If it is not a very theta ARC in the first place, he is relatively safe for a longer period. The pomp and glory he assumes are not his. He makes them enMEST and entheta and eventually corrupts them utterly and corrupts himself and all around him and dies as management.

L Ron Hubbard – from an Essay on Management 9 January, 1951

Idol Org Dallas

It has been about a year since DM’s smoke and mirrors presentation at the new Dallas Org. Fleecing public of  30 million to construct a gaudy morgue, tucked away in an industrial park out near the airport where there is no foot traffic, Miscavige has virtually wiped out Scientology in Dallas (would be literally, except Steve Hall is keeping the flame burning).  You think I’m kidding?  Check out their latest promo.  This is what they are doing for GI these days:

Commenters from last night who defended the integrity of high rolling donations to Miscavige’s programs: No, you are wrong.  Each one of those contributions is another nail in the coffin of Scientology.  Don’t worry though, we’ll revive the corpse, gratis of course.

Idle Orgs Update


The proof that in order to qualify as “OT” in Miscavige’s church one must act arrogant, illiterate, and oblivious to the history of this planet:


These Humanitarians worked a lifetime for Freedom . . .



Humanitarians in History


These HUMANITARIANS are ensuring that freedom for eternity.






 Craig and Sally Jensen, New OT VIII Ambassadors and La Canada residents,

achieved Humanitarian Honor Roll status for the San Diego Ideal Org. Noted

world-wide for their generosity and mega-donations to Scientology’s leading

causes and groups (IAS, SuperPower, Author Services), the Jensens

distinguish San Diego as an up-and-coming highlight on the Scientology

world map.

Why do we contribute? Because we have benefited from Scientology beyond

our wildest dreams.  We chose the path to OT over the dwindling spiral. We

made the decision to follow the Grade Chart to Clear and OT, to total freedom.

And with that goes a responsibility to LRH and to our fellow man.

Scientology is not a luxury; it is a vital necessity for existence. As the heart of

Scientology in our area, the org must be woven into the very fabric of our lives.

It has to be part of our financial planning, part of our strategic planning, even

part of our estate planning. This is not a Thursday at 2:00 cycle, it is a long-

term commitment. It is an investment in our third dynamic. It is our legacy.


Craig and Sally Jensen



Craig and Sally Jensen


Call (619) 239-2091 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (619) 239-2091      end_of_the_skype_highlighting to become a HUMANITARIAN for the San Diego Ideal Org.


Join the San Diego Humanitarian Club  

David Miscavige wants to be like Mike

Or, does he just want to be Mini-Me? 

 I guess you all can weigh in on which way it is.

Miscavige is so hard up for valences apparently that he is attempting to buy the identities of  Mike Rinder, Michael Rinder, Marty Rathbun and Mark Rathbun.

According to documents lodged with Wikileaks, the C of M has purchased the following domain names:

I am not going to connect all the dots at this point  for strategic reasons, but I predict this type of over-reaching is going to wind up biting the greedy one in the posterior in a big way, a little further on up the road.  He doesn’t get it, because criminals cannot conceive of the consequences of their acts. 

In the meantime, maybe he’ll start up another half  dozen anti-M and M sites – their presence has done wonders for our visits;  just as his inane Freedom magazines and videos did.

An Open Letter to Office of Special Affairs (OSA)


This letter is directed to OSA executives and staff – at Int, Cont and DSA levels –  for a number of reasons.

You all are most familiar with Il Dulce’s penchant for stage managing himself into stardom on the backs of others’ efforts.

You all are more in tune with the outside world and what is really going on than anyone else in the management structure of the church. With that privilege comes responsibility.

You all have to work for a living while the other members of management do nothing but Reg, stat push, or wither in confinement.  Il Dulce has confined leaders of your network –  Heber and Kurt Weiland  – and would do the same to you in a heartbeat if his future cushy survival did not depend on your network. You know the pattern: when life is hot for the little dictator, he puts on the charm with those upon whom his survival depends. The moment the heat is off, you all go back to being a “pack of ex-GO, Mary Sue infested, criminal scum….”

 You also try to operate on the Data Series and the LRH intelligence orders the Data Series is based on. Of any one in the church you can spot a situation, a why and a who. For this reason there are no more informed staff than you on where this train is headed. You are aware that we have gone past the tipping point.

Because it is beyond doubt who is fighting to save the legacy of LRH (the technology of Scientology) and who is dead set on usurping it, sundering it, and replacing it with his own, any support you give Il Dulce is an overt against LRH and every man, woman and child on this planet.

Do not (as DM loves to accuse others but does incessantly himself) buy your own bullshit.  We know the hype that is bandied about there concerning us. Let us assure you that what you are being told is possible as to our fates, in fact,  is a virtual fait accompli with respect to  Miscavige.    

You know for a fact we are completely capable of keeping anyone of you under the radar should you decide to do the right thing. As we assume you are by now aware, every spotting of JB since he left was deliberately set up. When you lose him for weeks on end, that is by design. If you don’t realize that, then perhaps you all have become far more duped than we even imagined. We – as DM likes to fantasize about his own N.W.s – are virtually everywhere.

Our timing is not arbitrary. We are rapidly approaching the point where continued support of Il Duce takes on far graver implications for you.  That is not because we are going to do anything about it. It is because overts from this point forward will be very difficult to wash your hands of.  And that is because, by this time – setting aside the hard core justifications that keep you running – you know in your heart of hearts who are the friends of L. Ron Hubbard and his legacy.

There have been recent allusions to the fact that things are going to get uglier over the next few months. That is because we know the pressure you are under already, and can predict just how insane they will become knowing what is in store for the future.  That right there is telling; wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predict the future, to be able to exercise a causation role in the way it unfolds?  We are making the future. Miscavige is desperately clinging to the past.

Because of events that will happen over the next few weeks, now is the time to honestly complete your doubt formula. After approximately mid-July it will become increasingly difficult for you to find your way to the just, honest, and right side of history.  After that date, the insane orders you have received to date will look like models of sanity by comparison.  And your complicity will become your liability.

If you consider this message a tad too explicit and in-your-face, realize it is done primarily to let you know that you are not alone. Perhaps this metaphorical work of art will help you follow:

Remember: You’re not alone.

Marty and Mike

Scientology Idle Org Strategy: a sad tale

by Mike Rinder.

Following are excerpts from a recent Church of Mest promo piece:

In 2006 we purchased the former Santa Ana Performing Arts building in downtown Santa Ana for 6.2 million dollars as the new expanded home for our central church in Orange County.  It is a home to service us and our families, friends and neighbors up The Bridge to Total Freedom and a new golden civilization for Orange County.


Thus we do have a building. But it is incomplete. It needs to be renovated to our Ideal Org standards. Why is renovation not started and completed?

At the time we purchased the building, it was stated that funding for our building was complete. Why? The plan was to sell our current building, This would provide the money needed to renovate the build to our ideal standards.

Times do change. Since then, the real estate market has crashed and the valid and available buyers reduced with the economy. The current church facility has not yet sold. Thus our purpose in creating a new ideal church facility is slowed due to a lack of funding. Also the Public Division spaces have been re-designed based on upcoming releases and testing of designs in current Ideal Orgs.

The evolution is complete and we have the go ahead. We need to go straight up and vertical and occupy our building so we have not an Ideal Org building but an Ideal Organization and all that it means. 

Of course, the outpoints are legion.

First – Orange County was one of the first SAINT HILL SIZE CLASS V Orgs. The decline of Scientology orgs – even the biggest on the planet – is clear for anyone to see.  Once, one of the showcase Class V orgs in the world , in one of the most affluent regions of the United States, Orange County is now incapable of generating enough funding from delivering services to RENOVATE the building they purchased 4 years ago!  4 YEARS to make the money the way LRH said to do it – with Dianetics and Scientology.  

And according to this promo, they just got the go ahead to put in the DM robot Div 6 system now that it has been “successfully piloted.” So, I guess that has been the hold up on all those other “Ideal Orgs” that have been shown at Dear Leader briefings over the years that have never materialized. Anyone remember Harlem? Sacramento? Stuttgart? Brescia? Cape Town? Auckland? Birmingham? Battle Creek? Kansas City? Vancouver? Caracas? ITD? Atlanta? Bulawayo? etc. etc. etc. Hype and forgotten.   

So, let’s get this straight:    This org has a 6.2 million dollar building in the perfect location in Orange County (according to them) that gives them double the space they currently have. And in 4 years they haven’t needed more space in the existing org, nor have they managed to set aside money to renovate the new twice as big building.  This is not management of orgs according to any LRH tech, with evals that find right why’s and programs that expand reach, sales and delivery. This is another Dear Leader patented “one size fits all executive C/S” that is so clearly an epic failure and yet so ingrained into the think of the sheeple that its all they talk about. And if you speak to existing public (and I have), they robotically tell you the wonderful success of this incredible program implemented by COB – and when you say “Have you been to any of the orgs – they are empty?” they respond with absolute certainty “that’s just black PR.” And yet its right in front of their faces. Like this promo piece!  But they are so packed with false data (lies) about the massive expansion created by COB that they are blind. 

Dear Leader said the why of Golden Age of Tech was “the blind leading the blind” – well, if that was true then the why for the current state of Scientology is “the liar leading the blinder.”  

But sadder still is how short the memory of the sheeple is.  Orange County is one of the orgs DM proudly showed at one of the first Maiden Voyage events where he began to hammer in his false data Idle Org campaign. Orange County’s new org was shown as a fly through with all the spaces depicted in computer graphic images to show how this was “really happening.”

Make no mistake, it would be wonderful if Orange County (and all these other orgs) was expanding and actually needed to move into new premises in order to meet the needs for delivery.  It would mean they were delivering standard tech and Scientology WOULD be expanding.  Today, no org on the planet can do that – they are so dispersed selling Basic Book packages to people that already have 2 or 3 sets, regging for their new building or renovations (“so you can attain your next status level” – Dear Leader believes status is the major motivating force on planet earth and he speaks from his reality) or regging for the IAS (next status level in the theater of the absurd – diamond studded excelsior maximus brown nosus) that they don’t put attention on getting in new people and delivering. And even if they did, the doors are blocked into Div 6 because they cannot handle the public individual in front of them, they HAVE to walk people around and show them videos and remain muzzled as part of Dear Leader’s brilliant handling for getting new public in. And if by a miracle they get someone in who wants to go up the Bridge they only have robot GAT auditors who chronically bypass F/Ns . And that presumes they can get them beyond the blanket orders to study the basics, or do 1000 hours of Objectives on every case or whatever the newest fad is that is presented as the newest “brilliant breakthrough from Dear Leader.”

And they really have been led to believe they “will expand” when they get a nifty new building so if they just get that done then all will be OK.  And like new OT IX and X – the promises this week are no better than the promises last week, last month, last year or last century. And the “future” is a false dream that has been sold to the sheeple with “something new” will handle the problem – “just wait for what COB comes out with next.” How long can you go on hoping?And how long can you continue to ignore what LRH says – solve it with Scientology. And do what worked before – because it WILL work again. And the Ideal Orgs and GAT and Div 6 videos – these are all Dear Leader’s NEW INVENTIONS. And they are epic failures. But they are presented as fabulous successes.  Wake up people!