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How Miscavige Killed Church Management

In January 1996 when I returned to the Int Base after two years of tech training at the Ship and Flag, Miscavige was well in progress on annihilating church management.

First, Miscavige was in the process of  busting Marc Yager off CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman and spent three years attempting to turn the man into a mouse.

Second, Miscavige had nearly all those who remained in Int Managment working on an evolution as massive in content and as destructive in result as Golden Age of Tech.  In his Stalinesque style Miscavige dubbed it New Era of Management. Like GAT, NEM consisted of endless binders of  Miscavige written and/or directed and approved material. Just as GAT forever altered and replaced LRH tech, NEM forever altered and buried LRH admin.

Miscavige had teams of key executives for Upper Middle Management (Int Liaison Office which he had previously dubbed Flag Command Bureaux which was originally back in the day of LRH called the Flag Bureau) and for every Continental management office up at Int Base for months preparing to fire to implement his grand NEM scheme in one, sudden, implant-like fashion.   Those involved in that evolution are well represented here and I am sure can fill in some of the details of their engramic several month Q and A “briefing” period.  If the “trainees” or “Missionaires in briefing” learned anything it was these two lessons that were implanted with an atomic branding iron:

a)  Miscavige and his NEM issues were senior to LRH and his virtual books (in the form of Flag Orders and Central Bureau Orders and OEC) on management.

b) Scientology did not exist at the International Scientology Headquarters.

 Third, the international tech heirarchy was effectively made leaderless by the busting of Ray Mithoff from the post of Senior C/S Int.  Oh,he retained the title, but he was made a mere figurehead (just as Heber had been made as President CSI and Guillaume as ED Int as early as the eighties).  Dan Koon was put on as Snr C/S Int Chief – administrative head of the Snr CS Int Office. Once DM effectively dead agented Ray with all Int tech terminals (including his own Snr CS Int office) Dan was posted elsewhere – and Ray from thereon out was nothing more than a figurehead (Note: Dan had no knowledge and played no part in the Miscavige Op – Dan is the last person in the world who would engage in denigrating a person into oblivion).

Next Miscavige appointed Mark Ingber as CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman.  Through continual barrages of verbal cross orders to not only LRH, but even to his own NEM, plus beatings and invalidation, Miscavige soon destroyed Ingber. 

Miscavige replaced Ingber with Jenny Linsen Devocht.  Through the same methods that he had destroyed Yager and Ingber, sans the beatings, he destroyed Jenny.

Miscavige replaced Linsen with Wendell Reynolds of Int Finance Dictator fame.  But Wendell soon went the route of the other who preceeded him.

By the time Miscavige had made mincemeat of that troika, Yager had graduated the RPF (1999) and he was thrown back into the fire.  By then,  CMO Int and Exec Strata were choked by so many restrictions (such as no evals allowed; no programs that did not push NEM and Golden Age of Tech allowed) that International Management had become a mere functionless title.  To ensure no management would emanate from Int, Miscavige assigned the entire Int Base lower conditions from which they never were allowed to emerge.  Yager was declared SP, as were a number of Interntional managers, as were Mike Rinder (while WDC OSA) and I (while on the post of IG), as were a number of other Int base execs; all ordered by Miscavige, all while we continued to occupy our posts. 

By the year 2000, Scientology Management was dead.

The proof of the pudding is the current scene.  Here it is in a nutshell:

Marc Yager is still holds the title CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman.  But there is no CMO INT nor WDC, with the exception of Angie Blankenship who holds WDC Ideal Orgs. But Angie doesn’t answer to Yager; she reports and answers to Miscavige.  Yager has been reduced to being a preps boy (culling pc folders and ethics folders at Int to find lurid details on the likes of us) for Dan Sherman (LRH Biographer) to write “freedom mags” and the myriad anti-Marty sites OSA has its operatives pretend spontaneously appear.

Yager does not even report to Miscavige, because Miscavige cannot look at him without leaping at him and pummeling him to a pulp every time he is in his sight. So, Jenny Linsen (whose post title is D/CO Production CMO INT) actually forwards and all communication between Miscavige and her nominal senior Yager.

Miscavige bypasses whatever is left between Int Liaison Office (Upper Middle Management) and Continental Liaison Offices and orgs by directly running every CO CMO Cont.  That is right, he receives weekly reports routed directly to COB RTC from each CO CMO.  The reports report on stats for each continent and org (as in Ship, FSO, PAC) where each CMO unit is located.  Miscavige then whips out his dictaphone and rattles off weekly orders to the CO CMO’s on a purely stimulus-response basis.  And that is what he calls management. Anyone with the slightest training or understanding of LRH FO and CBO and HCOPL tech recognizes that I do not exagerate when I say that management has long since died, and there is no such thing as management any more.  There may be bodies at the CSI Management building at Hollywood and Ivar, and there may be bodies in CLOS, but per HCO PL Danger Conditions, Why Organizations Stay Small – with such long term and thorough bypass, they do not in fact exist.

To exacerbate matters Miscavige utterly bypasses Snr CS Int Office, Tech and Qual bureaus Int and Cont, and even tech heirarchies of orgs such a FSSO and FSO and AOs by virtue of running all tech matters through his RTC rep NW.  They too write weekly reports to Miscavige and he replies to each one – when he is not too busy skiing, scuba diving, or attending premieres with celebrity pals.  Most of those reps have never audited a single grade on another person, nor even C/S’d a person up a single grade or level of the Bridge.

RTC at Int is reduced to nothing but service facilities for Miscavige – communicators, secretaries, mail clerks, stewards, maids, chefs, etc – and Warren McShane who handles “Legal”.   Incidentally, some wonder why OSA has become a toothless shadow of a network.  That too is answered by HCO PL, Danger Conditions.  DM and Warren have bypassed them, directly hiring and running an outside intelligence apparatus to “monitor” my “activities.”   And they are incompetent beyond belief.  Meanwhile whenever OSA does through blood, sweat and tears establish an intelligence line in my general vicinity, Miscavige blows it by ordering some knee-jerk (completely stimulus-response)  “expose” on Marty and Mike; expose’s that are so thoroughly chock-full of embellishment and lies they have zero impact.   And so,  the last thing Miscavige used to be able to rely upon (a network that at least could make people afraid of him) has also been decimated by Miscavige himself.

By the way, since the late nineties the one corporate and ecclesiastical post that could anything about this state of affairs technically has been usurped also by Miscavige. The CO Church of Spiritual Technology (CST, which holds an option to shut down and take over RTC’s function in the event of this level of departure from RTC purpose and function) Russ Bellin had been Miscavige’s project manager for such important matters as the Mark VIII E-meter that has been rotting in a warehouse for five years (and will likely remain there forever), and building unbelievably expensive CD and transcript productions lines (which are largely superfluous in this day of downloadable audio and video).  That all ended a couple of years ago when Miscavige (as is his habit) decided everything Russ did (that had been heavily promoted by Miscavige as being the only competent products on his lines) were all Overt Products (even though Miscavige publicly basks in the glory of them to this day).  Miscavige busted Russ to Int Finance Director, after he found out the previous IFD (Wendell Reynolds) had secretly financed the blow of an Int Staff member (God bless Wendell after all).

Russ got tired of  two years in the hole and this past spring made a break for it.   Unfortunately, his foot kicked the fence on his way over, and he was quickly apprehended and returned by Gold Security.

Miscavige has kept CST in check by a loophole he found in LRH’s estate planning that sought to guard against Miscavige’s type of destrcutive dictatorship.  That is, CST officers and directors must remain in good standing with the mother church CSI in order to qualify for remaining in CST.  DM controls CSI with an iron fist, and the moment anyone in CST shows the slightest sign of stepping out of line, why, Miscavige simply arranges their dismissal from CST into a lower corporation like CSI – as he did with Bellin.

Perhaps all this sheds more light on why I have no hesitancy in pronouncing the church’s death.

This true state of affairs is why I have been directing my attention more and more towards the future.

Worrying about the church, or hoping for its salvage, is a collossal waste of time and energy.

It is dead.

Man’s Search For Meaning – Recommended Reading

Viktor Fankl survived several Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz.                

Only one out of twenty-eight so imprisoned survived the ordeal.  Frankl closely observed for the common denominator of those few who did survive. He did not find a single physical, physiological, cultural, or religious factor in common. 

Instead, he discovered that those with a strong enough purpose (he calls it a meaning) to carry out were the ones who made it.  There was no common purpose shared among them all.  There was not even a  predominant commonality of purpose.  Some simply  had a purpose to see a loved one again.  Some felt work they had begun prior to incarceration was so important they found a way to endure what for others was certain death.  Frankl himself fell into the latter category, and it so happened that the work he wanted to complete paralleled the observations he wrote about.

I recommend the book for former SO members who survived long-term oppressive conditions; or those wanting to understand what they were subjected to. 

Anyone who survived the Hole and other similar Miscavige tortures will appreciate this short passage demonstrating the sadistic Nazi concentration camp guard menality, and its effects:

Beatings occurred on the slightest provocation, sometimes for no reason at all…

…The most painful part of beatings is the insult which they imply…

…Then he began: “You pig, I have been watching you the whole time! I’ll teach you to work, yet! Wait till you dig dirt with your teeth — you’ll die like an animal!  In two days I’ll finish you off!  You’ve never done a stroke of work in your life. What were you, swine? A businessman?”  I was past caring. But I had to take his threat of killing me seriously, so I straightened up and looked him directly in the eye. “I was a doctor — a specialist.” 

“What?  A doctor?  I bet you got a lot of money out of people.”

“As it happens, I did most of my work for no money at all, in clinics for the poor.”  But, now I had said too much.  He threw himself on me and knocked me down, shouting like a madman. I can no longer remember  what he shouted.

Frankl even aptly answers the oft-repeated questions we hear about former senior executives, such as “why don’t they arise and revolt?”

The prisoner who had lost faith in the future — his future — was doomed. With his loss of belief in the future, he also lost his spiritual hold; he let himself decline and became subject to mental and physical decay.

I recommend the book to anyone feeling he or she lacks a driving, meaningful purpose in life. 

Frankl recommends that everyone find their own meaning.  It is a life giving process that rises folk above the dwindling sprial of do-nothing boredom, monotony, and the deathly lower harmonic of apathy.   Frankl stresses that the meaning-finding process can be assisted, but not directed.  Every individual must find for himself or herself that activity which fullfills his or her destiny. 

There is nothing in the world, I venture to say, tht would so effectively help one to survive even the worst conditions as the knowledge there is a meaning in one’s life.  There is much wisdom in the words of Nietzsche: ‘He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

I could not help noting the parallels between Frankl’s observations and some fundamental prinicples L Ron Hubbard wrote of.   So much so that I would suggest any highly trained auditor could easily come to the conclusion Hubbard had to have read and incorporated Frankl, particularly when one considers Frankl’s book was  first published in 1946.

Italian Battalion – leaders emerge


Today, on the day Moving On Up A Little Higher hit two million visits, I happened to receive the following good news from our friends in Italy. Incidentally, it took just over nine months in service to reach the first million visits, and just under five months to reach the second million. Realize in reading the Italian report that Italy is already the third most active country on this original English language blog, behind only Australia and the United States. And now Gary Baldi informs us his Italian language blog – which largely reflects this one, while also creating an expanding independent Italian field – is in a several month affluence. In the face of suppression, flourish and prosper indeed.

Ciao Marty,
I am writing you to keep you updated on the “INDIPENDOLOGO” progress.
The Blog is really going ! And the ripple effect is strong. A few
days ago we hit the HE for a single day with 882 hits. The months
progression is also “straight up and vertical” (joke)
MARCH        780
APRIL        2.199
MAY          5.425
JUNE         6.819
JULY          9.215
AUGUST  14.253 with 3 days to go!I think the italians were ready for it,
but the data was not there in their native language , so even if
some sites were already exposing the situation they were not
differentiating between DM and Scientology and so the real WHO and
WHY was not given – so when we translated your videos , CNN, the 31
factors, and lots of your posts I think we gave them the real
thing! This thanks to you and the other Indies over there . I think
that what impinged was also the approach that was taken, a
“serious” one , without HE&R but mostly data and no confidential
ones. I think also that your view of the “great middle path” helped
a lot to differentiate with the extremisms that are also present in
sites over here. So I guess the TRUTH was given out and they
responded.In the beginning we had a “how to reach” problem , but
we started with a few emails, we collected a few addresses and
started mailing, that gave result. Then I got in comm with one
girl whom is running a site over here since 13 years , in where she
also has translated lots of material , she is on the “Scientology
is wrong side” but is an intelligent lady so I was able to keep a
comm line with her and she posted a link to our site – as a note I
refused to exchange the link favor with her since she has
confidential material on her site , but she understood my point on
it and went ahead and posted the link, so another flood of people
started coming in.In our group we basically followed Steve Hall lead with the fathers of the constitution names, and it worked. We used the Italian Risorgimento ones and we have:

Gary Baldi
his wife ANITA also a major military figure

Camillo Benz (the name of The Count Camillo Benso),_conte_di_Cavour
plus we have Max Zini (for Giuseppe Mazzini)

and Jo Berti for (Vincenzo Gioberti)

also a number of others unnamed are cooperating with the Blog.
Plus the TIZIANO declaration was a major push and recently

GIOVANNI BONZANI a major leader in the Novara
area OT VII has been declared and his declaration also brought
attention and we posted his comments and article on our site.
But as a said above I think there is a thirst for DATA but for the

We have now from 300 to 400 steady followers and to be honest
I do not think any ACADEMY in Italy has so many “students” on line
every day.

Also I did a post on our standing on ALEXA and we beat the
wwwscientologyit traffic !!!

I think that if you and the Indies there continue to provide us
with the TRUTH and we keep translating it and giving the message
and rebuild the hope , I am sure we will win. That also is because I feel
that there are MORE disaffected Scientologists in the field than
online Robot Scientologist – so we can win the numbers match. But we
have to rehab the delusions , the losses , the no-results
situations that DM brought into existence by his Reverse

To end I liked what you posted in the “Legacy of the Tech ” post:
“For those upset that I am not issuing orders, realize I am not
trying to create followers. I am trying to create leaders.
Originated, effective action that aligns with shared purpose is
what is called for.”
I think we are doing that and I am sure the same can be done in
every EUROPEAN COUNTRY and we will win EUROPE.


Valley vulture culture

Anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of Green on White can divine quite a lot from simply studying the promo that is put out in Miscavige’s vulture culture.

The following two pieces speak volumes as to the health and direction of C of M in Los Angeles.

The first piece indicates that apparently the Valley Org has for some time now out-sourced the subject of Ethics. Instead of putting an Introduction to Scientology Ethics book in folks hands, or even having them do Ethics light with, say, a div 6 course in Ethics, Valley is promoting public to instead pay for some outside consultant to tell them what Ethics is about.

The second piece is a natural progression from the first. Once you stop using books as the first line of dissemination, stop delivering courses, and start promoting some ESTesque interpretations of LRH tech, well you then dwindle down into the types of corny shifts the following piece evidences.

Idle Orgs: vampire locust training

They finally found a use for the new Idle Org Pasadena; and for its “1,000” seat auditorium.  And it ain’t training auditors.  They are going to reg public for $300 for the privilege of listening to an outside professional (along with the Jensens) teach them the tricks of the trade of getting people to depart with their monies for no exchange.  I kid you not. It is promoted in their own slick promo:

Know your rights


To: Executives and staff of Int, Gold, OSA, etc

Know your rights.

I know you have heard horrific things about how former staff who left the church with evidence in their possession will be prosecuted . You should know that that is propaganda.

That propaganda is directed to one public and one public alone: YOU.


The intent of the propaganda is the same intent behind forcing you to periodically sign five year employment contracts which make you think you have signed your rights to free speech away.

The purpose is to keep you in a state of electrified fear of ever even thinking a negative thought about David Miscavige and his rein of terror, let alone ever doing anything about it.

Now, let’s get to those rights of yours that you probably don’t know  about.

In the United States of America, and in most civilized nations, one cannot sign away his or her freedom of speech. The fiats of David Miscavige do not trump the Bill or Rights nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Miscavige’s bloviating does not even have the slightest effect upon settled California case law.

So, no matter what you have signed or been told to the contrary, recognize it has no effect upon the following settled law:

If you harbor intentions to leave, and you have a reasonable belief that the church might pursue you in order to coerce you to return to some form of environment where you lack the freedom of movement, speech, or association you have the right to take with you evidence that supports that belief.

If you believe people who were once in your position, who have already left, are being attacked by the church in order to coerce them into giving up any of their rights to free movement, speech or association, you have the right to take with you evidence of infringement of such rights.

If you are leaving because you reasonably believe you have witnessed crimes against persons or acts that have denied people their God-given rights to freedom of speech, movement, or association then you are within your rights to take with you evidence of those crimes and/or denials of Civil and Human Rights.

If any doubt exists as to whether you will be protected should you choose to exercise these rights, I personally guarantee you protection. The legal minds available to protect your rights on the outside make Miscavige’s overpaid criminal cover-up artists look like the pikers they are.

Miscavige is less and less seen by the average staff member because he is figuratively burrowing himself further and further into his Hitlerian bunker. He has good reason to choose his ground hog strategy.

His rein of terror is under intense scrutiny by people who make their lives’ work to end effective slavery and mafia-like intimidation tactics by dictators.

Which leads to the next bit of propaganda you would be ill-served to heed. That is the notion being broadcast within that Miscavige is being hunted by the forces of evil on the planet. Quite the contrary, those investigating him firmly hold to the view that Scientology is a religion entitled to its own protections under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The fact of the matter is the biggest threat to the viability of those protections for the future is Miscavige’s continuous crimes committed in the name of the religion.

Think about it.

Or, if you cannot confront thoughts along those lines, try not to think about it.


Survey: What Impinges — Results

by Mike Rinder

 I recently posted a survey designed to discover what caused people to stop supporting the Church of Miscavology and what current Scientologists are disaffected about.

 Many responded on Steve Hall’s website, many more sent private emails. Thanks to everyone who participated. There were enough sordid stories to keep a horror movie fan occupied for nights on end.  

 The responses may be helpful in reaching out to others. They are summarized below.

 First, what impinged on you to start looking (there were 3 questions designed to get these answers and I have combined the results – of course this totals more than 100% as there was no limit on the number of things anyone could mention).

 Not too surprisingly. OUT TECH was the most common response. Of the 68% who answered with this, most said it was problems with Clear or being sent back to re-do steps on the Bridge.

 64% said it was the VULTURE CULTURE that shoved them out the door. More horror stories of late night reg visits, money being taken off account without permission, absolutely no concern for Bridge progress – just relentless and incessant “Give me your money. All of it. Now. Take a loan and give me more.”

 The next highest percentage (36%) was squirrel ETHICS/INJUSTICES. Many mentioned being on the other end of an ethics cycle where the Church protected a big contributor in direct violation of standard policy.

 35% said they saw Tommy Davis or the wicked witches LYING on TV or read the over-the-top Freedom Mags. Its always good to know what a great job the C of M PR machine does to swell the ranks of those who see the real truth.

 And Dear Leader’s IDEAL ORG strategy apparently only fools some of the people some of the time because 33% said they saw the lies as they had been in the orgs and knew they weren’t expanding, in spite of what the Chairman of Bullshit was trying to shove down their throats.

 25% also said they saw the INTERNET and various write-ups/KRs from Mary Jo, Jason Beghe, Haydn, Jeff, Sherry, Geir, Paul Haggis etc usually after seeing a MEDIA report

 And the other main answers were — the disappearance of management terminals in the church, seeing Dear Leader pretending to be Source or just being himself up close and personal (“unlikable” is the polite term), being forced to read “the Basics”, forced disconnection, mistreatment of staff, and the Glittery Age of Tech Alteration. And just one other noteworthy point – one in twenty said the behavior of Tom Cruise made them start looking for the truth.

 Now, these responses were interesting, but the real eye opener was: “What things do you know from personal experience are sources of upset from on-lines current Scientologists? (What have you heard others say — not just suspect).”

 This question may have gotten the single most uniform response I have ever seen on a survey.

  90% (the other 10% were people who said they didn’t speak to anyone currently in the church so had no answer!) said current Scientologists are upset about the VULTURE CULTURE.

 This broke down as follows:

 Crush regging/IAS creating dangerous environment/no interest expressed in Bridge progress only where is your money/endless phone calls – 62%

 Prices (mostly cost to do endless OT 7 sec checks) – 17%

 Mandatory events/briefings which are actually just reg events – 11%

 There were other answers about out tech, disconnection, injustices, Ideal Orgs, no delivery, GAT/Basics, the impossibility of reporting outnesses internally, lies at events and how it doesn’t add up to what is seen in the orgs – but there is a button that is guaranteed to hit home with current church members: REGGING.

 And more specifically, regging for the IAS/Org Buildings.

 This opens a BIG door. Many have commented in the past that the way to get someone in the church to look is give them an LRH reference. Of course, there is no LRH reference for the IAS or the Ideal Org “strategy” so its hard to show an omitted.

 But there is one LRH reference that is exactly on point.  It is something you don’t see referred to in the C of M these days, though it used to be broadly promoted. It is a magazine article LRH wrote in 1970 entitled What Your Fees Buy (title was changed later to What Your Donations Buy because fees sounded too commercial). Because this is such an important issue, the full text is made available on Steve’s website at You will not find it in the OEC or Tech Vols.

 To summarize the salient points – LRH says he knows Dianetics and Scientology services should be free and wishes they were so. But what you pay for SERVICES has to cover all manner of expenses as Scientology receives no government handouts. Your fees cover the cost of providing the services (the buildings and staff), the support for Sea Org Management, legal defense and PR, eradicating psychiatry and planetary suppression and implementing 4th dynamic programs to help society. You can now show to any Scientologist what LRH says your fees for SERVICES cover.

 Of course Dear Leader, finder of lost tech and stalwart of On Sauciness, has thrown this LRH reference out the window. What the hell, its “inconvenient” to current plans. So, let’s lose it – after all, I am the lost tech king, and it’s good to be the King!.

 Today Scientologists are expected to pay the IAS, the Ideal Orgs, CCHR, ABLE and WISE before you buy services. And even if you run that gauntlet and make it to a normal reg, they will try to sell you another set of Basic books or ACCs for your garage storage or to donate to libraries before they show any interest in actually moving you up the Bridge.

 But, the picture inside the Vulture Culture is even grimmer. While Scrooge McDuckage sits on his ever growing mountain of gold the subject is going to hell in a handbasket.  That mountain is well in excess of a billion dollars – and if someone wants proof of the orders of magnitude, see the IAS 25th anniversary Impact Mag listing ONLY those who  attained new Patron statuses just for the event – it totals $92 million. That does not include anyone who has ever become a Patron Gluteus Maximus or any other status at any other time, or annual or lifetime memberships. How much do you think the IAS has sucked out over 25 years?  

 Now, here is where the depravity really comes in. Dear Leader has become a broken record about how his “Ideal Orgs” are the only thing that will accomplish planetary clearing. In fact, he has conditioned the release of the mythical OT IX and X on all orgs becoming “Ideal”. And of course, an “Ideal Org” is a MEST item, not a Saint Hill size org. A lavish building. It’s why all the vultures circle – to get the MONEY to buy and renovate the building in order to make another “Ideal Org”. You cannot be an Ideal Org unless you have a new fancy building including the “Fully Automated Robot Television™ Public Divisions” (FART).

 So here is the burning question every Scientologist should be asking.

 If you could actually handle this planet and move people on to the highest OT levels (people who have been waiting for 20 years) by creating Ideal Orgs everywhere – why not BUY THEM FROM THE BILLION+ DOLLARS YOU ALREADY HAVE? (Granted, Dear Leader doesn’t let on how much money he has, but any blind bat with a calculator could read the IAS glitzfest mags and see the orders of magnitude)

 If there are 100 orgs needing buildings (and there are certainly NOT more than that as there hasn’t been a new org in 20 years) and you allocated $5 million to each (which will buy and renovate a palace in most cities where there are orgs all the most expensive cities except Tokyo and Paris are done), that’s only half a billion? Wouldn’t even use half of McDuckage’s mound of gold (and just think of the massive income those orgs would generate, flourishing and prospering as they would be AND Dear Leader would still own all the property!) So, why not do this to save the planet?

 Because it is predicated on a HUGE lie. These buildings do NOT make an org that flourishes and prospers. They send 50 Sea Org Missionaires to force some stats out of thelatest ones for a video and the majority languish below make-break point. Invite anyone to visit the original pilot Ideal Org – the one everyone else is supposed to pattern their expansion on: Buffalo. It’s a small and failing, empty org in a lavish, oversized and now rundown building. Or stop by San Francisco where teenage bodyrouters in Girl Guide uniforms will entice you into the org to give you free energy saving lightbulbs and then try to convince you to take a FART tour. Or, or, or.

 But, I am afraid, it is even worse than this. Dear Leader is seeing that his sales pitch is starting to wear thin. It is becoming obvious as more and more “Ideal Buildings” are bought that this is NOT clearing the planet. So, what’s the new line of the vulture culture?  Donate to the IAS so they can make a stable planet so we can build Ideal Orgs!!! Whatever happened to making a safe planet through delivery of Scientology? That’s what LRH said.

 So, you want to impinge on those who are still blinded by the bs?  Hit them where THEIR BPC is boiling. And give them an LRH reference, and some logic that cannot be denied, because it all comes right out of Dear Leader’s mouth and his publications.

 And hopefully enough people can be woken up before what was formerly known as the Church of Scientology becomes just a bunch of empty palaces with the only sign of “life” being the hollow sound of videos reverberating off the perfectly decorated walls.

Louis Farrakhan gets L. Ron Hubbard


I highly recommend that you dial into and watch and listen to the Louis Farrakhan’s Sunday 22 August, 2010 sermon, titled Put On The New Man. It is approximately 1 ½ hours long.

I watched the live webcast of the sermon this morning.

Farrakhan does not mention the words Hubbard, Scientology, or Dianetics – but his sermon is so throroughly strewn with LRH’s nomenclature, there is no doubt to what he is referring to. He announces that at a smaller gathering of more trusted people scheduled for this Tuesday he is going to connect the dots and speak in more particulars to that which he not so vaguely refers.

Farrakhan clearly gets LRH. Ironically, he gets him more thoroughly than Miscavige, any church managers, or even church public, can ever get him. The reason I say this is because Farrakhan paints a beautiful picture through reference to the Bible and Koran through which he introduces LRH (again, without reference to LRH’s name). Farrakhan is able to do what we independents are free to do – but which is prohibited within the church. That is, to study wisdom as passed on by whatever sources, to think freely with it, and thereby understand Scientology in its context and with the breadth where it is most effective.

Farrakhan clearly refers to LRH (without mentioning his name) as a man who developed some ideas that can take a person closer to God. It is this distinction too that makes his understanding far superior to what Miscavige followers have been lead to believe.

Farrakhan makes the realization of the Eighth Dynamic (God or Infinity) the goal toward which his followers practice Scientology. In the current church, of course, that is impossible since they thoroughly implant that LRH is God, a position that Miscavige’s PR machine has been covertly, though steadily having DM replace LRH in. I don’t care which man they elect as their God, to worship a man – as has become the C of M’s lot – results in an “arrogance and vanity” and “know-best” that Farrakhan very rationally and clearly demonstrates is not a place to aspire to. His grasp of the Know to Mystery scale is impressive.

Farrakahn makes reference to the Admin Scale, org boards, engrams, auditing, and a host of other LRH concepts. He announces the fact the Nation has created a new org board that includes a department that is concerned wholly with getting members up the Bridge.

I learned of the broadcast through someone forwarding me an email circulating amongst gung-ho public Scientologists who have been working on a project to get the Nation of Islam introduced to Scientology through delivery of Book One auditing. It was clear to me in the context of the message that this is all being done on the hush, hush so that Dear Leader at the appropriate time can package the conversion of the Nation of Islam as one incredible Fourth Dynamic product of his own. This, predictably, in a word, is a con in the making.

First, I will say that this is no product at all – and in fact a potentially disastrous one – should we not follow this very closely and do what we can to educate Minister Farrakhan and his people where the C of M intends to lead them.

Second, as with any great potential advance of the legacy of LRH, this one was not conceived nor executed by Miscavige nor even by the church.

In fact, this is really a product of the late-great Isaac Hayes. Isaac was a personal friend of Farrakhan and introduced him to Scientology in long meetings they had while both were staying at the Celebrity Center hotel in the last nineties and early 2000s. Freedom Medal winner Alfreddie Johnson worked with Isaac on this and carried on Isaac’s work of enlightenment. Only Alfreddie could have pulled it off. And that is because of Alfreddie’s understanding of Scientology in the broader context of his first chosen, and never abandoned, philosophy – Christianity. Anyone who ever saw Alfreddie riff on Scientology with reference to the Bible, will appreciate his influence when they hear Farrakhan’s 22 August sermon.

Farrakhan’s depth of understanding is apparent by his lack of reference to teleprompters and notes. Which incidentally, makes him a severe, 5-alarm threat to Miscavige. And while I am certain Miscavige has not shown Farrakhan one single sign of jealously (what with his honed, 1.1 skill), I am just as certain he is already plotting the man’s demise, covertly of course. And so I beseech Minister Farrakhan and the top members of his security forces (Fruit of Islam or FOI) to read LRH’s Science of Survival as soon as practicable.

A couple of particularly heartening notes in Farrakhan’s sermon that indicate he has not become a DM bot, and can avoid that pitfall, were as follows:

Farrakahn made an impassioned, poetic argument for his followers never to become material oriented. He said that once a person goes that route, “life force is compromised.”

He also spoke of applying Scientology in the direction of “purging oneself of all arrogance and vanity.”

Finally, he said he is leading the Nation of Islam toward investing all it has toward service rather than into facilities. Striking an LRH chord we are all familiar with, he said:

“I don’t care nothing about buildings. Stop being fascinated with buildings. Start being fascinated with your development and growth into your valuable final product.”

One discordant note that may spell a crack in the door toward Farrakhan going the route of Miscavige was his final words. In them he made it crystal clear that all current Ministers of the Nation of Islam must sign papers agreeing to partake in Scientology training, and those that refuse “will be thanked for all they have done” for the Nation and told to “sit down.”

I want the Minister to know that I – and I hope I am not speaking out of school by saying this – all of us here (hundreds who are highly trained on the writings of L Ron Hubbard and experienced in their application) are here for you and your people when you start recognizing the slippery slope Miscavige will inevitably lead you down. And that means, we can help you continue your progress up the Bridge, without financial or PR motivations, when you recognize these are Miscavige’s only motivations for facilitating your best of intentions. We are also there for those individuals within the nation who suffer from being forced to convert to Scientology against their own determinism, a subject that by definition cannot work when practiced against one’s own self determinism.

And, worst case scenario, if the good Minister is already joined at the hip with Miscavige, and is skillfully misleading his own flock, we will be the ones to clean up that calamity like so many others the C of M has created. While his event warm up and wrap up is suspiciously similar to C of M attempts to deify Miscavige, Minister Farrakhan’s extemporaneously expressed understanding of Scientology is so far superior to Miscavige’s I am inclined to take his words at face value. He is quite evidently thrilled when making reference to the wins some of his disciples have experienced with Dianetics – something that has never, ever been evident with Miscavige.

As Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You)

Scott Campbell and the Ring of Fire

I mentioned recently that I don’t believe any of us will truly make it until we travel through the valley of the shadow of death alone.  Scott is one of those special individuals who has done so and has greatly enhanced my life by sharing his experience with me.  Please read his words carefully and contemplate them.  In my opinion they are worthy of our thoughts.

Scott during his early days in the Sea Org


“Death, insanity, aberration, or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently effected by the use of Black Dianetics.” — LRH

To me, stories like Jorge Arroyo’s and Valeska’s bespeak the “slavish obedience” that can be brought about by the use of Black Dianetics. It should serve to warn us against the dangers of indoctrination and mass hypnosis inherent in any secretive group.

Only fully indoctrinated “true believers” can be subject to this type of treatment for long without objecting. Oh, we may rationalize it away with protestations about “wanting to help” and such, but in the end, let’s face it, we became the hypnotized members of a cult.

I too was witness and subject to the same type of treatment as Jorge and Valeska in the Sea Org. Although now it seems that it has been cranked up to a ridiculous level of intensity to ensure “obedience”.

It was when I started to question and protest the goings on at the ship that I was torpedoed with a healthy dose of Black Dianetics.

I wasn’t very obedient, so someone determined that I was to be driven insane.

Keep in mind that Black Dianetics only works on people who are fully indoctrinated into a belief system. That was me. I was fully committed to solving any problem in Scientology in order to ensure it’s expansion, that was my goal.

The goal of Black Dianetics in bringing about insanity is to turn the person’s stable datums upside down, thus shocking him into a “highly suggestible” state.

The operator then continues to give the subject data about highly upsetting, unsolvable problems that are occurring in PT. As the subject attempts to communicate with the operator about solving the apparent PTP’s, the operator is all the while insisting that there is no solution.

During this “Solve the GPM” phase of the operation, the operator is sprinkling the comm with phrases like, “You don’t understand, (the problem) it goes back too far”.

Upon further questioning by the subject, the problem goes “back, back, way back” and “deeper, deeper, much deeper” etc. This serves to drive the highly suggestible subject deeper into and further back on the track and deeper into a hypnotic state.

And he is just left there…

It works just like LRH says it does.

Later, (possible paraphrase) “A familiar sound, a dog barks, a horn honks, and off he goes…”

I know from first hand experience. It was done to me.

But you know what? After I was fully “into” this induced psychotic break, I was secretly glad.

I knew it was my way out. And it was. Grim details of the road out to come.

I, like many of you, came to Scientology looking for solutions to my problems.

Soon, I trusted that those problems would be handled in due course, and joining a group that was helping people like this seemed like a good idea. So I joined the S.O.

To me, the fact that my experience in the Sea Org has been so similar to others’ experiences illustrates the reason why Scientology cannot be trusted in the hands of the few, or the one.

The independent movement is the right handling. The institutional church is becoming increasingly marginalized. We are just witnessing the attendant phenomena of its death throes.

In reference to an earlier post, the fact that Scientologists are being bonded and “briefed” on data taken from other Scientologists PC folders, Life History and Ethics files necessitates that we prepare ourselves for this tactic. It is also clear that we are being labeled as members of “anonymous” in order to create a negative association or force us to “out” ourselves.

OK, I’ll bite. I am not anonymous.

My name is Scott Campbell. I have been a Scientologist since 1984. I was in the Sea Org from 1985 to 1994, first on the Ship Project before purchasing the ship, then as a crew member on board the ship after that.

My wife Karry and I were in the Sea Org on the Freewinds together from the beginning. We have been married for 24 years and have 2 wonderful daughters.

Scott recently with Charlie Tuna

We have been living a lie by promoting and defending the righteousness of the church of Scientology and the Sea Org to our friends and family (despite all evidence to the contrary) for 25 years.

By the way, it would seem to me that anyone agreeing to such bonding and briefing would be able to be named as an accessory in a lawsuit to any violation of “Priest/Penitent” privileged information rules.

Note to Scientologists getting briefed: Sure does seem like a lot of SP’s are around these days, doesn’t it? Far more than two and a half percent!

None of us “asked for” or deserves this type of treatment. No one does.

If man truly is “basically good” then he deserves to be helped – not harmed. By using these tactics, David Miscavige and anyone under his orders in the Church of Scientology are harming all of us.

Go ahead, vilify me. Tell everyone how bad I am. Hurt me. Hurt my family. I deserve it. Don’t I?


Scott Campbell

Ne Obliviscaris (“Forget Not”)
The motto of the Campbell Clan.

JB adds to the list of lies from the bunker

by JB 

One of the items of “evidence” collected is “Apple I-Phone, #G, Model 16 GIG, Serial #82011479A3NP with charger and headphones.” However, I took my iPhone with me when I blew and absolutely did not leave it behind. What does this mean? Are they saying they have my iPhone? Did they load it with some “manufactured evidence”?

It is described in more than one place that the “RTC Administration Building” is a locked building. Sorry, not true. I was the RTC Estates Manager and I would have known if the building was ever kept locked. Never. Maybe now, but never while I was there.

It says I departed at approximately 0730 hrs on 22 April, 2010. That is approximately correct, but I think it was earlier. However it states that I then returned at around 0900, attended a roll call, and then exited again at approximately 1030 hrs. Never happened! I left early and never returned for any roll call. There was a morning roll call regularly at 0930 hrs. I never went to this ever. Is Warren McShane trying to cover his ass with DM by saying I was being somewhat controlled? Why would he lie about this?

Warren McShane also states the motorcycle picture was taken by Yvonne Gonzalvez, using my personal camera. Sorry, I took the photo. See the attached photo from the same series where I (oops!) caught my reflection in the motorcycle mirror.

Why all these lies?